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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 14, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> france under a state of emergency today and just in, the country's president says isis is to blame. >> paris is grieving this morning as 128 people were killed in the second terror attack in less than a year. one of the things trending is social media, prayers for terrorists. >> i'm victor blackwell, cnn is using our world wide resources to cover this story from every angle today. we want to get you straight to
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paris. hala gorani is there from the theater which saw the worst of the carnage last night. first, i want to talk about what we heard from the french president moments ago, saying isis is, indeed, behind this attack. >>. >> reporter: all right. ooimt i'm outside the concert hall where the carnage took place. the wrench president hollande declared isis terrorists where responsible for yesterday's attack. he called tear actions in this city, quote, an act of war. here's the latestest death toll. it is likely to increase. at least 128 people have been killed. eight of the attackers are dead. officials are scouring the video
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trying to find anyone who may have escaped or helped them, of course. this is going to be critical in the investigation. the worst of the carnage as i was mentioning at the top of the hour, happened at the see this ter. two police vans are in front of the concert hall. i spoke with one of the police officers here. is he told me forensic vehicles are taking them away to the medical examiner's office, eventually to the morgue. this is where four gunmen held people hostage, brutally firing into the crowd, slaughtering some 80 people on the ground, those running shot in the back, shot while they were laying on the floor and incredible new images are coming into cnn by the way. it shows concert-goers fleeing from a back exit. can you hear gunfire ring out. let's take a listen, take a look at some of this footage.
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this is the first time we are seeing it on c nnn. >> there you have it. five other sites. in the heart of paris were targeted. they were packed with friday night revelers. a suicide bomber saw them blown up. president francois was in attend anls. he has been removed from the stein and taken to a secure location. the suicide bombers is blowing themselves up. it really turned into a war zone overnight. let us turn to the investigation him because now the big challenge is going to continue
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to figure out who is responsible, who organized it. who armed, who bought. who financed these attacks. the situation is extremely tense as you can imagine. residents are told to stay inside. let's bring in our senior engineer correspondent mellissa ward. she is not far from where i'm standing, near the concert hall. what are you learning? what is the latest on the investigation in. >> reporter: well, hala, you heard president francois hollande saying there is an attack by isis. isis has come out online and released a statement. it bears all the hallmarks of other isis statements. and they talk about the battle of paris. they say eight suicide bombers struck at the heart of france's crusaders. they call them soldiers of the caliphate. it says they were sent to act on
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behalf of god and the messenger of god, the prophet, they targeted specifically locations. isiser hoo, we have not seen the likes of this before. isis taking responsible for something of this nature this country is still reeling, intoday, the city is still reeling from the massacre of charlie help dou"charlie hebdo" you look alt the weapon rip, suicide bombs, automatic weapons, grenades, there are still a lot of questions as to how did these men get these weapons, where were these men from? we know the bodies of the attackers are interesting examined, trying to get more clues as to their identity, as to who they are. as to whether they spent time in paris, according to one eyewitness in that theater, at least one of the men speaking in
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french says this is what you get for what you have done in syria. so certainly, a lot of questions now. i think french police will be looking at criminal elements. they took that kosher grocery store. they had spent time together in prison. so a lot of elements that will be explored. isis officially claiming responsible for this brutal attack. hala. >> reporter: right. we heard from the french president just minutes ago. he blames, of course, isis as well. it was organized from inside of france. it's starting to sound a little bit like perhaps what happened in january with "charlie hebdo" which to remain viewers it was only nine months ago this is taking it to another level. what can you tell us about the claim of responsible by isis? >> well, it's a typical clachl
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it's very much the same sort of claim that we've seen before. there is really the first time we are seeing a plane like this with an attack in the heart of a european capital. while we have seen people from isis or claiming to act under the guidance of isis, carrying out attacks in the west, in europe, be every they have not been on this level. and they have not been of this nature. even though "charlie hebdo" attacks you reference, there appear to be more of an alliance with al qaeda. those brothers says they have spent time in yemen. we are looking at syria, iraq, isis and no doubt all torts in france france will be asking themselves some tough questions here. have these men spent time in syria and iraq and, if so, why weren't they being followed? did authorities know that they had gone to join the jihad? all sorts of questions that we have already heard they were asking tems, nine months ago as you mentioned after the "charlie
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hebdo" massacre. >> reporter: right, i mentioned the weaponry. we are talking about sophisticated weaponry. it's not something you improvise, suicide belts, automatic assault rifles. these are not things readily available. they have to be bought on the black market. they have to be found. this is a operation with six separate attack sites. so it has to be organized and quite a sophisticated way. explain to our viewers what would take to unfold the way it did. >> reporter: that's why i emphasize the criminal element here. france, some of our viewers in france and europe have extremely strict gun laws. it is incredibly difficult to get your hands on a semi automatic weapon here, the people that have access or criminal elements. after the "charlie hebdo"
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massacre, i spent a lot of time in the suburbs of paris, where a lot of these criminal and radicalized elements are coming from. i spoke to a group of young men. i said to them, tell me how hard it is if i wanted to go and get an uzi, is that possible? they said if have you the money in paris and have the connections within those criminal elements, you can get those weapons. so i think authorities will definitely be focusing on what some criminologists will be calling the hybrid models of terrorists. these are young guys with criminal background, in a sense, they formed this deadly nexus. because they have the criminal know-how from their time on the streets. but they have the deem of a radicalized individual. >> reporter: all right. in the case of the "charlie hebdo" attacks, we saw that as well. it was isis. certainly, they will be looking at the criminal attack records. stands by.
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we'll get back throughout this day. joining me now, cnn law enforcement analyst, tom fuentes and military analyst rick francona. tom, let's talk first about the poishl criminal element. what is the first thing investigators will do looking at here in terms of the background of those who committed these attacks to get them to the source of who ordered this carnage? >> reporter: well, they have all kind of vel cells in europe, particularly in france, for decades as a matter of fact. the wake of 9/11, there were al qaeda cells in several countries that were going to commit attacks, they were thwarted by arrests, including an attempt to proceed up the united states embassy in paris. so these cells, many of them were convicted, members of those cells. they got minimal sentence, they're back out on the street. in fact, one of the individuals coordinating that attack on the embassy helped in the "charlie
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hebdo" attack. he was back out at jail. back out there. so i think the law enforcement element there is going to have a good start at identifying not just criminals linked to them for years. many of the countries have been in denial that their strict gun control laws will keep guns out of the lands of bad guys and it doesn't. gangsters and terrorist versus no problem getting all weapons, grenades and other equipment to use in these attacks. i think now we are seeing that more and more, where a lot of people didn't believe that before. >> reporter: all right. through criminal network, yes, they are able get them. although, just ordinary people have a much, much harder time, of course, as they intend on breaking these gun laws. rich francona, i will ask you about possible inspiration from abroad, possible isis, whether in syria or iraq organizing the
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attacks on many, many countries away. what do you make of what unfolded here in paris? >> well, given this sophistication as a plan, six simultaneous locations, are these kind of weapons and this kind of timing. they would have had to have done reconnaissance, they would have done test runs. so this is not something they did on one night. so there was a lot of effort that went into this. this is very typical of what we've seen from isis in the past. but i'm thinking, we're also looking at these people that have gone to syria and france is overwhelmed with the numbers of their citizens that have gone to fight with isis in syria and iraq. they have gained the weapons training they would have needed to pull this off. they've returned to france. the french cannot keep track of all the people t. sophistication of the planning. yet the simplicity of the attacks. suicide gre faye, that doesn't take a lot of sophistication.
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>> reporter: and tom fuentes this happened in january, something quite similar. nine months later, this horrific attack at six different sites across the state capital takes %-p. in fact, i'm right here in front of the concert hall just to remind our viewers of where we are. bodies are still inside being removed and forensic trucks and tone to the medical examiner's office here, a few kilometers away. does it surprise you to hear that french authorities that this happened, that this was organized, a sophisticated attack in multiple sites so soon after harley hebdo? >> no, it could have happened again in the day, weeks and months ahead. a actually, this attack reminds me of several different attacks. it's similar to the 2002 take of the opera house in russia, where
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133 hostages were killed by chechen terrorists and about 40 terrorists themselves were killed in that attack. so a theater takeover is very similar to that. and also the attack in mumbai where you had 12 individuals with automatic weapons, grenades and gps' go to several locations and hold mumbai, the entire city hostage for about three days, a city of 20 million people. so those elements of many different attacks that have gone into this particular coordinated attack. >> reporter: all right. tom, really quickly, how do you broke yourself against? we are saying sophisticated. in the en, it's a guy with an ak-47 pulling a trigger, possibly a lone wolf from some inspiration from abroad, law enforcement officials trying to protect the city against this, the challenge is huge. >> right, it's almost an exercise in futility to try to
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protect everyone e everybody, especially soft targets, at movie theaters or pop ra houses or athletic stadiums. i think the crowd would agree with me, had this been a sophisticated. well trained attack. you have numbers of heads nearing a thousand. as terrible as 1 dwe20 or 30 gi what they had a target-rich environment. >> that has been a trained group of individuals, well trained, that toll mtv a thousand. i think we are at least fortunate. it could be much more horrific if these people knew what they were doing. >> all right. tom fuentes, rich francona, thanks very much. it is a city in shock in paris, in six different locations, including the big soccer stadiums. the concert hall here, where a concert was taking place over
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100 possibly almost 150 kill. the death toll rising, back to victor and christy in the studio. see you in a bit. >> we will appreciate it. information we are getting live if paris this morning. in the wake of these attacks, obviously, major cities in the u.s. are stepping up security. everything from sporting events to pass transit. we will tell you what we have learned. >> president obama calls it outrageous and vows to stand with the french government, the french people in the days ahead. >> the campaign trail as the 2016 presidential candidates learn about the attack. >> dear lord, we keep the families in paris in our prayers. the children who have been frightened to learn of the death
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of maybe their lom mom or their dad or their brother or their sister.
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>> i believe there was more than one. it sounded like there was more than one. they stopped to reload and they reloaded again and more gunshots fired the second time around. >> all right. we are following our breakb news out of terrorist. a city in shock a. still still reeling. isis has now claimed responsible for the attack.
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at least eight terrorists attacked multiple sites last night, killing at least 128 people in what were highly coordinated and well planned attacks. france's presidents is blameing isis. he's calling these attacks, quote, an act of war and he's promising that his country will be ruthless in its pursued of those responsible. all right. we are here outside the concert hall. >> that is where the massacre took place. the big soccer stadium outside of paris is where there was a friendly soccer match between france and germany and their explosion took place. it is unz stood that suicide bombers blew themselves up there. take a look at cell phone video
3:22 am
taken a moment after the blast. they slow down. they realize something is going on. they suddenly look around to see where it came from. take a look. >> better now. all right. cnn's nic robertson, our international diplomatic ed core is outside the stadium. he joins me now with more. talk us through what happened yesterday. >> what we understand is ittime seems likely one of those first suicide bombers that targeted the stadium here was perhaps initiating the first of the strikes against, you know, against the stadium. isis has come out on one translation of the statement
3:23 am
says they targeted a football match because it was between two in the country. that's the first indication of what happens why they chose this venue or claim to have chosen this venue. al qaeda in the past has said football stadiums, football matches were something to target. isis saying they targeted this stadium. three suicide bombers. the first one at about 20 past 6:00 in the evening t. french president, francois hollande was there. isis in their statement say they were able to target the location while he was there. the french president was escorted away very rapidly from the stadium. the next suicide bomber went back 20 minutes after the first one. the third 20 minutes after that. carefully coordinated as we see suicide bombings in the past. one bomber detonated explosives
3:24 am
as paramed you cans people rush out and another former attack the three sites attacked here at the stadium were three separate locations. one at the main entrance of the system. one about three or 400 yards away from the stadium outside over a mcdonald's restaurant. then another one at the west entrance of the stadium here. recoordination of trying to maximize the casualty account, the confusion, people exiting in a hurry, while they were being taken away t. death toll is all people killed we are told from three suicide bombers. >> all right.
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nic robertson is reporting on the late, what unfolded in the evening during that friendly soccer match and also the security situation today. three suicide bombers in france outside the concert hall where almost 100 people were killed. we will have a lot more a. quick break. we'll be right back, stay with cnn. we continue breaking news coverage. ive high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. 11,000 local activities right from our app. it's even harder to believe it took you this long to come here. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter.
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but mattress price wars and this special financing offer - ends sunday. - ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> i want to get you the latest on what's happening in the situation in paris. we know that right now we are waiting for a press conference.
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we're going to hear from the mayor of paris, anne hidalgo. president francois hollande has declared three days of mourning as people grieved in that terror attack. military reenforcements are brought in. >> the city grappling with last night's events. france says they're ready to fight back. who lande declaring the country will be quote ruthless in calling the attacks quote an act of war. president barack obama called it not an attack on paris or the people of france, but the universal values we share. >> we have more reaction from leaders in walk. chris, what are you hearing there this morning? >> hey, good morning, victor, christy, president obama spoke
3:30 am
with president hollande hours after the horrific attacks. obama reiterated the united states support for our oldest allie. he offered to help the french investigation anyway the united states can. obama pledged to work together and with all of their allies. >> the french people and the occupation time and again, we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight ray begins terrorism and extremism. terrorists, itself, represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think they can terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life,
3:31 am
liberty. >> so secretary of state john kerry, he expressed outrage and said quote these are heinous, evil, vialing as. those of us who can must do everything to fight back over an assault on our common humanity. the secretary spoke this morning from vienna. he is meeting with foreign minsters there on syria. he said, we are witnessing a kind of medeival and pass theism at the same time. which seeks to destroy and create chaos and disorder and fear and the only thing we can say to those people is stiffen our resolve, all of us to fight back, to hold people accountable and which is exactly what we are here to do. the u.s. embassy is working to account for americans there. he echoed to provide whatever help the french government needs, victor, christy.
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>> thank you so much. >> we want to let you know new this morning, we have a formal claim of responsible from isis. >> one of three explosion at the football stadium. we are awaiting minutes to go live right here on cnn. believe it. at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch in the house, in a treehouse, or even in miss pepperpie's house. pause in your pjs and hit play during a pb&j. nice! and enjoy some cartoons instead of listening to dad's car tunes. (dad) ♪meet you all the way! get directv at home and 2 wireless lines for under $99 a month. from directv and at&t.
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>> i'm ha la gorani. we are reporting outside this concert hall. where almost 100 people were massacred by terrorists. france on alert. the borders still closed. internationally. flights and trains are coming in, but with very long lines at immigration. isis is claiming responsible for a series of horrific and shocking attacks that left more than 100 people dead. 128 is the latest death toll. but it is still rising. the french president has vowed that france will be ruthless as it needs despite to combat terrorists who committed these murders across the french capital. we are expecting the mayor, by the way, of paris to speak to reporters. we will bring you that live when
3:37 am
it happens. here is what we know right now, police are confirming 128 people have been killed in six separate attacks acrosses the capital. 180 people wounded. 99 of those are in correct, al conditions. the french president francois hollande is directly blaming isis for the attack. he spoke on television an hour ago, he called it interestingly, an act of war, isis for its part officially claimed responsible saying that eight brothers quote/unquote carried out these attacks the country is the zefbing the first of three days of national mourning as security enveloped the city and we have some incredible new images and chilling images coming into cnn from newspaper's showing concert-goers fleeing from the back exit when the firing started. take a look at this.
3:38 am
>>. >> all right. there you see some of that video amateur footage, of course. it is blurry. it gives you a sense of the absolute panic that took place and chaos that took place here behind me at this concert hall. all right. and take a look at some of this video. this is one when one of several suicide bomber explosions took place at the soccer stadium in the south of france. take a look. apology, bo those were actually soccer friends singing the french national anthem as they evacuate the paris stadium after the suicide bombings took place, you see them sing the anthem in
3:39 am
defiance. 80,000 fans were in the stadium when multiple blasts were heard outside. fans essentially in a state of panic bush u rushed onto the field, itself, trying to get away from the danger on the outskirt of the stadium. cnn's nic robertson is live outside of that system right now. nic, it has to be said these suicide bombings took place when the french president was inside the stadium. he had to be hurried out. tell us what is going on in morning. >> well, right now, hala, in the last minute quite literally, a mort wear band has crossed the line into the stadium area. clearly, there is very likely at the moment forensic work going on. we can't see it. this is one of the principle entrances into the stadium. the main entrance was targeted
3:40 am
by a suicide bomber, that was the third a around about 9:20 in the evening. it seems to be the third of the terrorist attacks last night. about 20 minutes later, another suicide bomber went off about 3 or 400 yards where i am down the road, close to the stadium him the other bomb went off t. suicide bomber detonating his explosives. about 20 minutes later, the western entrance to the stadium t. card nation appears to have been to try to maximize the number of casualties through the confusion of having crowds rushing out moving away from what they thought was the danger zone and targeting them where they were expecting to begin to find some safety. the fact that the french president is here, is something that isis has already commented on. they appointed out that they were able to target where he was. they say he targeted this soccer match. because it was between two christian countries, france and
3:41 am
germany playing a match together. so it seems to be, although this is isis, taking a leap out of al qaeda's playbook. the target matches in exactly the way, hala. >> reporter: all right. quickly, before we get to clarissa ward the death toll on the scene, does that include the suicide bombers or are those victims? >> reporter: it's fought clear at the moment. we know that there were three suicide bombers. four people died. we haven't got a breakdown yet of the figures or the casualty from the scene here at the stadium. >> nic robertson, tanks very much. we are awaiting a statement by the u.k. prime minister, david cameron. also the mayor of this city, city still in shock this morning after these horrific attacks, he is going to be all the making a statement. we will be going to that live as
3:42 am
well. let's turn to the latest on the investigation. our correspondent clarissa ward is not far from my position. not far from the concert hall where the worst death toll, the worst of the carnage took place behind me. clarissa, what are you learning about exactly what happened? we were telling our viewers, isis is also claiming responsible. >> reporter: that's right, isis sass claimed responsibility for the attack in an online statement. it bears all the hallmark of ordinary statements. i wanted to read you a few line, they said this is the first of the storm. they said the smell of death will not leave their noses. we heard of a spat thing on isis-affiliated accounts, it is in french, an islamic song or
3:43 am
chant about the quote heroic works of these eight suicide bombers. it threatens the french people and europeans in general. if you think you are safe in your fortress, essentially, think again. it's interesting, hala, that's in french. not in arabic. underscoring the point here, while this may have been an isis plot. it was many believed. we still don't know, entirely possible that it was likely perpetrated by french nationals. >> that is what has so many people here on edge. now we don't know the eight known attackers, i should add, the french prosecutor's office says there are more than that. there is a much larger new yorker. one would have helped it would facilitate an attack of this nature. according to french media, the bodies of those eight attackers are being inspected.
3:44 am
there are dna samples taken. essentially, investigators can find out who these men were, what their nationality were. what their background was, how they were able to pull off this unprecedented attack? >> all right, clarissa ward is near the concert hall where as we were saying, the worst attack took place, you just saw four vehicles, several of which were, in fact, forensic, vehicles there we believe carrying some of the bodies. many bodies still inside the concert hall, being processed, being removed behind me. a really grim and tense scene. a sad and tragic day in paris. we will have a lot more to come after the u.k. prime minister david cameron. he's going to be making a statement and holding a news conference and the paris mayor as well. >> that and a lot more after break. stay with me.
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. >> all right. welcome back to our breaking news coverage from paris. we were mentioning and reporting. this morning, france is waking up to more details on these terrorist attacks that happened across the french exam we have, of course, it's possible it might still rise. 128 people dead, 1 "others injured. just to recap, if you are joining us, we also welcome our
3:49 am
viewers around the world. terrorist attacked six locations in paris. isis is being blamed for the attack t. french president is calling what happened in the french capital quote an act of war. let's bring in a manager of a global firm to get a look at what can have many fears that french citizens might travel abroad, become radicalized with weapons training in iraq or syria and come back here. do you think that's the first avenue for investigators to look into at this stage? >> actually, there are a couple. what's been very interesting is in the past few weeks, french investigator said the "charlie hebdo" attack, the supermarket store, where remotely controlled
3:50 am
from the jihadist in syria. so you are correct. they have been looking at returning jihadists. but you have to remember, since september of last year, islamic state time and time again in different videos and audio tapes, made the case for a westerner not to come to syria and iraq any longer, to attack the homeland. that's one thing the islamic state has also advised the operatives or followerrings, if you will, in europe to basically travel to another country and attack this country rather than attacking their own homeland because of the fookt that they could go undetected by their own security services and the time that two countries will allow them to pass through that as l well. >> all right. interestingly, you are saying
3:51 am
isis online is encouraging attackers perhaps to go to other countries. now, also our viewers as you know and as many of our viewers knowch this is a passport free zone. can you go freely from one country to the next country. this is something considered by investigators. >> very much so. look. we know of several countries, especially belgium that have troubling person there and various attacks in europe. there will be a lot of french authorities. we seen in the case of the spanish authorities that warn the french about the perpetrator will have to be rethought totally after what happened last night in paris.
3:52 am
>> all right. >> thanks very much. the passport free zone, perhaps a cause for concern and how easily people planning attacks can travel from one place to another. it is a founding principle of the european union, one very difficult to tinker with at this stage. but one concept and one notion that authorities are being forced to look at very carefully. we will take a quick break while waiting for information from the u.k. minister there as well. stay tuned for more on our breaking news coverage from paris.
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>> right. welcome back. we are live if paris with special coverage of the terrorist attacks in the french capital. i am here outside the concert hall where the worst of the massacres took place. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack, calming what happened in the french capital an act of war. he is promising to quote lead the fight against the terrorists. the death toll is staggering in modern times. france has not known an attack of this magnitude. 128 people were killed. the death toll may well arise, because so many of the injured were critically wounded. this morning, officials are urging people to stay indoors. the investigation is under way. we'll have a lot more from paris here in just a moment. christy, victor, for now, back to you at the cnn center. >> hala, thank you so much very. we want to point out u.s. governments want to clarify, there is no known threat to the
3:57 am
american homeland in the weak of the terrorist attacks there in paris. however, major cities across the country are placing units on high alert and many at events you may be planning to attend. >> they are deploying security teams to crowded areas. in new york, there are a lot of emthis. over an abundance of caution. first, let me say that we're waiting to hear from british prime minister david cameron. if one steps in front of a camera. we will interrupt. are you seeing evidence of this heightened security? you know, victor, that's an interesting question. we haven't seen an increase, we have been here where a coordinate aid tack will renew.
3:58 am
we are still seeing a sophisticate presence or can expect significant presence now what you expect could be potential targets and the places people may be, fight club the bar scene as well. we heard from new york mayor de blasio, gathering so much intelligence overseas and here in the u.s. we are covering this story all morning long here on cnn. >> the next hour of your "new day" starts right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> these are some of the
3:59 am
stunning images coming to cnn. concert-goers running out that back door running for their lives. four gunmen firing into the crowd. dozens killed at that location. good morning for our viewers joining us around the world. i'm victor blackwell. >> cnn is using its world wide resource, obviously, to cover this attack in parys. we want to begin with our colleague hala gorani in paris outside the concert hall. we heard the president tell everybody to stay off the streets. are you finding people will be heeding that warning. >> it's about a couple of hours ago, driving from the north of paris to this location here
4:00 am
outside the concert hall. we are here. many of the world media are gathered behind us, that building, which is the concert hall chillingly minutes ago, we saw forensic vehicles carrying out the bodies of people who fell victim to some of the attackers yesterday. we believe several attackers with semi automatic ak-47s barged in and burst into that concert hall, started mowing people down. we want to get you caught up on what we know at this hour. i believe we have the terrorist mayor who is now briefing reporters and holding a news conference. let's listen in on what she has to say about what happened in paris yesterday. >> a part of this paris which we all love, this opened paris of
4:01 am
this happy city, happy to par tis might in all the cultures of the world. it is strong and diverse. this is paris which was attacked no doubt because this model of living together which is so ev dent in our city is unbear abab for those who want to reduce the whole of man kind to silence a message you want to got over here, thank you for being here, for the support she has given at this moment of coming together.
4:02 am
also, and the radical left as we have all come to say that this mod ep is a way of living. yet, it is where we like it. it's a democracy that does not deny humanity of others. we don't want to kill people. we will be stronger than those who want to reduce us to silence so that our way of life is
4:03 am
weakened or anilated. and i want to say to the victims and their families, that all our thoughts are with them and approaching families, suffering, they have lost loved ones often and they're young people and this pain is something we share. i also want to reach and thank our followers. >> all right. you have been listening to the paris mayor. i'm saying essentially that multi-culturalism is a way of life here in paris, bringing people together. it's unbearable for fanatic, also saying that paris will be stronger than the terrorists that want this violence, people who live here, clarissa ward, not too far away from my
4:04 am
position here near the concert hall where the worst of the attacks took place. here you have a mayor as well. we heard from the french president. we have been hearing from opposition policies all vows that they will not be silenced by the terrorists and i believe we are looking at live pictures now of people tying plaque ribbons around the french flag. we continue to see, by the way, official security vehicles leave the site of the place right here behind me. talk to us a little about the official french reaction. what night might come next? >> well, ha la, you said the mayor there trying to emphasize that the french will not allow their system of living peacefly, different people, different religion,co existing. cohabittateing, that it will not allow that to be threatened. obviously, isis' motivation
4:05 am
here, you heard from that fiery statement, saying this is just the beginning of the storm. francois hollande calling this an act of war. this is really a declaration of war against sk secularism. in france. you are hearing a lot of rhetoric from the government saying they won't back down. beat the same, there are a lot of questions to be answered. at this stage, we don't know the identity. who are they? according to some eyewitnesses, they were speaking french, some of them. some of them mentioned this is what you go ahead if syria. certainly, that was reflected in the isis statement as well. threatening more attacks of this nature, as long as france the a part of this coalition that is bombing isis targets inside syria and iraq. we heard from french media reports the remains of those
4:06 am
eight attackers are being forensically examined. they will be looking for dna for some clues as to their identity. how we discussed earlier, this is nine months after that terrible massacre, "charlie hebd hebdo", the world was shocked by that. we are talking much higher numbers. isis saying they chose targets deliberately and special and what the french authorities will be wanting to know now is how much of it was funded and organized by isis and their leadership in shiria and iraq. how much was done here in france on the ground what network facilitated the orkstration of this attack. >> right. clarissa ward, thanks very much. who financed this? who organized this? who got the weapons? where were the individuals
4:07 am
trained? did they receive training? did they travel outside of france? all questions we do not have. >> that story not just in paris this hour. we turned to london where a major airport terminal is under evacuation after a suspicious article was found, unclear what's going on there. but our international correspondent phil plaque, what can you tell us, phil? >> reporter: yeah, again, we are south of london at a major airport at heathrow. this could be a precaution. if so, it is a significant one. we are told that all of the forth terminal, two key remember the also in there, the north an south, the north terminal has been evac weighed. they have moved into nearby
4:08 am
buildings. the area is being expanded. we don't know why this is the case just yet. we haven't condpirmd that information. it could be precautionary. it points to the nervousness that i think anyone with the things in the city this morning. that is why the prime minister here is cheering his emergency committee here. effectively at the top of that agenda to determine if there is any risk, heightened risk or heightened threat to the rick of the terrorist stret threat here. the terrorist threat level remains clear. his intelligence and defense departments will be assessing intelligence to determine whether or not that needs to
4:09 am
change, whether or not any other proportions need to be adjusted as well. what we are seeing here is certainly evidence that know that the cre cautionings taken here at least and the evacuations for the entire north terminal. we're on our way there now to try to determine what the reasoning for this was. >> all right. phil plaque, thanks very much. saying perhaps just a precaution. with a large part of gatwick in london evacuated. a terrorism expert as well, managing directr. thanks to both of you. i want to start with you here. when you heard of these coordinated attacks, six of them the fact that they were suicide
4:10 am
bombers. seven out of the achlth what went through your mind in terms of what happened here? >> we have seen maraud trim before such as in mumbai 28. on the stroots, hotel, similar ma manifested if paris. what is also interesting is that suicide bombers. i think it is illustrative of how shocking this whole attack is him. >> reporter: if i turn to my right. someone rolled a piano, right, a piano in and started playing. i can't hear him or her play anymore. but i did out of the corner of
4:11 am
my eye. there they go again. perhaps a showing that you know, civilization, those targeted here alt a concert hall in their memory and honor this person is playing a tune on a piano that has been rolled in. question will explain the world media gathered here. i want to ask you a little bit about home grown terrorism as well because we saw individuals who commit these crimes don't necessarily travel outside of france. he took so many hostage at a supermarket had not traveled outside of france. what do you make what happened here yesterday? >> you are critic. this is the big question to know if the terrorists were directly
4:12 am
imported from syria and came in or it was just the debris behind the attack, we are asking the foot soldiers in france to coordinate an attack. you are correct out it was not really for the time being, there have been links between people that have the experience of having traveled in theaters to be some kind of mentor to some others and there was also a mentor in jail and helps you get norad calized. >> thanks very much. >> i don't know if our viewers could hear this, there was a grand piano in the middle of
4:13 am
this group of journalists. someone playing" imagine" by john lennon, quite loudly perhaps you watching us all over the world can hear us. we will take a quick break on cnn. stay with us.
4:14 am
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4:16 am
>> right. back to our breaking news coverage from paris. we are hearing from the u.k. prime minister now, david cameron reacting to the attacks. let's listen what he had to say. >> when confronted by evil. shocked, resolute, in sorrow, unbound. my message to the frepch people is simple. [ speaking french ] we stand with you, united. while the full picture of what happened is still emerging, we know there were multiple terror incidents across paris and 1 dwent people feared dead with many more injured. we must be prepared for a number of british casualties and we're doing all we can to help those
4:17 am
caught up in the attack. these were innocent victims enjoying a friday night out with friends and pham lip. they were not seeking to harm anyone. they were simply going about their way of life. our way of life, and they were killed or injured by brutal callous murderers who want to kill everything our two countries stands force peace, tolerance, liberty. but we will not let them. we will redouble our efforts to wipe out this pow sonnous idea ojology, towing with our french and allies around the world stand up for all we believe in the threat level is already severe. which means an attack is highly likely and will remain so. our police and intelligence agencies will work around the clock to do all we ask to keep
4:18 am
us safe. ever since mumbai if 2008, we have been working toke to make sure we could respond to such an attack. this summer. police and other services carried out a major excercise to test our response and in light of last night's attacks, we will, of course, review our plans and make sure we learn any appropriate less softens, it is clear the threat of isil is evolving. last night's attacks suggest a new degree of planning and card nation and a greater ambition for mass casualty attacks. we must recognize however strong we are, however much we prepare. we in the u.k. face the same threat. that's why we encourage the public to remain lidge lant. we will do all we can to support our police and actions with the resources and the terrorist aim is clear. it is to divide us and to dry
4:19 am
our way of life. so more than ever, we must come together and stand united. carry on with a pay of life that we love and we know. and will never be moved off. i hope to speak to president hollande later today. i'll make clear we will do whatever we can to help. your values is our values, your pain is our pain. your fight is our fight and together we will defeat fees terrorists. thank you. >> all right. you heard it there from the u.k. prime minister, david cameron, expressing solidarity with the french people, expressing solidarity as well in the region, also telling his country men and women his own country is in a heightened state of security of anticipation saying that a terrorist attack in the united kingdom is highly likely
4:20 am
there. as we have been reporting over the last several outings in france, there were six coordinated attacks, one happened behind me here at a concert hall. we understand almost 100 were gunned down by a group of terrorists, highly symbolic. three suicide bombers blew themselves up a at a soccer stadium, where a friendly soccer game was taking place between france and germany and a soccer team which the french president was attending. literally, hundreds of metres away from this country. that's where we find our nic robertson. he is standing by there. tell us what is going on where you are now, nic. >> reporter: well, forensic teams, hala, have been going through the area behind me. this is the location of where one of the suicide bombers targeted the game. it's not clear if it's heightened security because of the presence of president
4:21 am
francois planned to get closer into the crowdssh that's not clear. but the first suicide bomber detonated explosives behind me about 20 past 9:00. about a few hundred yards down the road from me in this direction. past the end of the stadium another suicide bomber. 20 minutes after that another suicide bomber. a clear efforts on planning and coordination to try to target people as they were fleeing the scene to get away from the this spreex precisely to what david cameron talked about here and quite alarming terms, if you will and evolving, planning and card faegs, a new degree of planning and coordination that is evolving if isis. he says, that is now looking more than they have the
4:22 am
intelligence authorities said before, looking for mass casualty attacks like this one. what they perpetrated at the stadium alone is a complex attack. of course, that appears to be coordinated in time with the attacks elsewhere in paris. here the forensic teams continue to work their work t. area is still locked down by the police. security in place the in the buildings we seen around this location. >> all right. nic robertson. thank you so much. a city in shock still today. one of the worst terrorist attacks in modern history across europe certainly the worst here if france. 128 people killed. i will be speaking after the break no a witness who saw several people murdered in front of his own eyes. he will tell us what he saw and what he is thinking on this day. we'll be right back. stay with us.
4:23 am
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256r7b8g9sd world we continue our breaking news coverage of the horrific attack that took place yesterday in paris. france woke up this morning to scenes like this, what you are seeing behind me here, forensic vehicles. security officials as well, lead e leaving the concert hall, where bodies are still inside being processed. some loaded on to vans and taken to the medical examiners here a
4:27 am
few hundred metres away. the location as well. while forensic teams are inside processing the concert hall. a man went through hell yesterday by allk, he joins me on phone. mark, i ujs you actually saw people murdered in front, tell us what you saw yesterday. >> yeah, we saw a gunman killing three and five individuals, maybe 20 metres in front of us. >> what did you? where were you and tell us, at what point did you realize what was going on? >> a friend of mine and i were walking towards one of the cafes where the gunman hits. what we initially saw, we thought it was either like a
4:28 am
swat team doing something, upholding law and order. it was a single targeted attack. then we realize when the gunman killed people outside and had gotten into a car as well. we knew it was an attack on civilians. >> you thought it was a member of a swat team. because of why, was it the way he was dressed in was it a inc. isle gunman? >> yes, the way he was dressed. it lacked like he was dressed in military attire, plaque boots, a rifle up to his left shoulder. the way he was shooting was a very professional stance. he was shooting short bursts, short-controlled bursts. so i thought he was a special part of the police, something
4:29 am
like that remember. >> then you realized this was an attack when essentially he started gunning down people outside the cafe, is that correct? >> when he moved inside the cafe, after he had killed the three individuals outdoors, one or two in the white car. when he moved into the cafe and began shooting inside the cafe. that's when i knew this could neither be a swat team or illegal. >> were you able to see his face? he he say anything? >> no, we saw his build the way he was moving. we didn't see clear facial details at all. >> when you witnessed all of this. these people gunned down, murdered in front of your eyes. what did you do at that point?
4:30 am
>> my travel companion and i froze completely. it wasn't until we saw him into irinside the restaurant or cafe, we few this was an attack on civilians and our stunned silence broke. we ran in the opposite direction and sought cover. >> you had just a few hours to process all this. i mean, are you okay? >> i think we are going through a delayed period of shock. i'm trying to arrange for us to go home and get some counseling or some then, some crisis intervention of some kind. >> all right. what is your plan now? where is home for you?
4:31 am
>> we are civilians. we are not prepared for the impact, watching people gunned down 20 feet in front of us. right now, we are talking perhaps we'll be talking with a skolgsz here in paris i imagine. >> so you went through this tragic event. describing a horrific scene. he saw several individuals gunned down. we understand eight individuals targeted six different sites across the city. thanks very much for sharing your story. and i also want to we have our you viewers another story. a terminal at gatwick airport. that is after the break. we'll be right back. do stay with us. we are continuing our breaking news here on cnn. we'll be right back.
4:32 am
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4:35 am
. >> we continue our breaking news coverage. the country is under a state of emergency. its borders remain closed today. the continental quarters in the free zone. president hollande has been speaking with world leaders all morning, including the german chancellor angela merkel who pledged her country's support after these attacks. isis is claiming responsible and promises more assaults at each venue, including the one minds i behind me the concert hall, was
4:36 am
precisely targeted. francois hollande has promised his country will be quote ruthless as it fights back. listen. >> if elected. >> it's an act of war committed by a terrorist army. an army of jihadists against france. >> reporter: all right, paris' mayor spoke earlier this morning. she said the city was quote united in pain and suffering and being here. it is something that you feel as well. president barack obama called it not just an attack on paris or the people of france but an owl of humanity and the universal values we share. we have new reactions in washington to what happened. we heard from barack obama. tell us more as well about what the secretary of state john kerry has been saying. >> hey, good morning from washington.
4:37 am
remember, president obama did speak with french president hollande last night. that was hours after these terrible attacks in paris. obama reiterated support for the oldest allie and offered to help the french investigation anyway the u.s. can him the president and hollande pledged to work together to defeat terrorism. here's the new reaction today from secretary of state john khiry. he expressed outrage and sadness and spoke this morning from vienna, where he is meeting with foreign minsters on syria. here's what he had to say about the attacks. >> so we are witnessing the kind of medeival and modern fascism at the same time. which has no regard for life, seeks to destroy and chaos and disorder and fear. the one thing we can say to those people is, what they do is
4:38 am
stiffen our resolve. we fight back, to hold people accountable and to stand up for rule of law, which is exactly what we are here to do. >> reporter: so kerry says the u.s. embassy if paris is working to account for all americans there. he echoed obama's pledge to provide whatever help the french government needs, hala. >> all right. thanks very much. let's go back to clarissa ward, our senior national corner. she has a major update on one of the attackers. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, we are hearing from french media reports a syrian passport was found by the body of one of the attackers at the football stadium or at the soccer stadium. now, we don't know any more details other than that, but they're allegedly reporting a syrian passport was found by the body of one of the attackers.
4:39 am
this could mean many different things. a lot of people have falsified documents. it's not clear why, indeed, someone perpetrating this attack would be carrying their passport with them. i have to say, it did remain me after the "charlie hebdo" attack after the karachi brothers, his identity card was left in the get away vehicle. so this is not unprecedented. but at this stage, we are working to confirm him these are french media reports a syrian passport was found by the body of one of the attackers at that stadium. >> all right. thanks very much. we will get back to you shortly with more on the investigation. the lt. col. bob mcginnis joins me now from virginia with more analysis. let's talk about the possibility here that you have european
4:40 am
nationals travel to countries like syria, areas like rocca inside syria, the self proclaimed capital of the islamic state. the big concern they might come back and carry out these types of attacks, do you think that's going to be the primary sort of avenue of investigators looking into what happened here in paris? >> well, there is no doubt there have been many hundreds of europeans sort of travel to rocha. syria, iraq. i know they cracked about 250. when these people return they come back with skills, mentalities and the willingness and perhaps they're on a trigger from those sitting in syria to do the attack. i found it interesting president hollande mentioned in his statement, declaring this an act of war. he said this was prepared. it was organized and it was planned abroad.
4:41 am
the implication is someone that pulled the trigger was in syria and those in paris were just conduits by which they used their kalashnikovs and used that to kill people for the purpose, of course, the strategic purpose we finds more evidence by what isis is doing across the region. >> now, we in some ways, these attacks are sophisticated, of course, because they're coordinated. because the weaponry is more sophisticated than we saw in january in "charlie hebdo." in other ways, it's bake, it's a man with an ak-47 pulling a trigger. right. so you have two aspects here of these attacks and it's not that complicated. when you look at it. you think it requires the level of sophistication a military mastermind put this towing or can this be carried out by people with a lot less strategic
4:42 am
skill? >> well, motels ago, you were entering mark, a live witness to the shooting. he driebd somebody totally dressed in black, very casual. very deliberate in what they did. people that carry out a suicide attack or do what these people did at the concert hall. they don't demonstrate epose. they go in and do their terrible deed and then they withdraw if they're not dead. you know, this is indicative of significant training and coordination. so this is well planned, well coordinated. it's not a bunch of jv people out there trying to demonstrate to the world that they can kill people. no. there is a strategic point here. i believe isis clearly, who has already claimed responsibility is doing exactly what they want. and, okay, you know, i would track this to other events we see elsewhere. programs even the russian
4:43 am
downing, the plane downing is evidence of a new strategy that is beginning to emerge, not only in here in paris, elsewhere in the world. so that's yu have capitals in london as you heard, in washington here. people are beginning to think, are we facing a few change, a strategy that isis is going to employ abroth broad? after all, they have been sending people across the world for years. now they've planted them perhaps where they want to, are they going to call into action that trigger having been pulled perhaps in rocha as you indicate. >> all right, leiutenant kernlg bob mcginnis. thank you very much. we will stay in touch. thank you for your analysis. we'll be right back. and a man has been arrested, an entire terminal has been evacuated. we will bring more on the breaking news out of paris coming up. i have type 2 diabetes.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> right. welcome back to our breaking news coverage from paris. today france is showing resillians. it has to be said and unity as well after some horrifying terrorist attacks last night. the worst in french modern history. 128 people killed. people are coming out to lay flowers at the attack t. latest toll is 128. 180 others are injured, some very seriously. isis is claiming responsibility for these attacks. french media is reporting a syrian passport was found on the
4:48 am
body at the soccer stadium t. french president is calling this an act of war on his countries. leaders around the world are expressing condolences as well as solidarity with the people of france. we'll have a lot more in a moment in paris. an update on breaking news in lon. an arrest after the evacuation of a terminal at london's gatwick airport. phil black joins me with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: they haven't -- [ inaudible ] what is a suspicious item. now the british say they're instigateing it. so they are taking this very seriously. as a result, they have evacuated all of the terminal t. two terminals the north and the south, the north have been
4:49 am
removed from the terminal area, itself. we have spoken to passengers there on the ground. they say they have been moved yet again to another location. they were moved from one building. we are just now on the perimeter of the airport, itself. there are police vehicles, road blocks at all the entrance points. they're not letting anyone in at this stage him so that north terminal remains on lockdown. police admit they have arrested someone at the airport, passengers saw, discounting what they saw as a suspicious item. >> reporter: phil black at fat wick airport. thanks very much. i want to tell our viewers some strong words from pope francis. the pontiff is calling it a part of the third world war. the attack in paris were a part of the quote piecemeal third world war, according to pope francis. quote, there is no religious or
4:50 am
are you man justification for it. this is something he said in his television network with the italian bishops conference. so the pope at the vatican calling the attacks in paris a part of the third world war. very strong words coming from the pontiff. we'll be right back with a lot more. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at is a really big deal.u
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4:54 am
in the united states and all over the world as we continue our breaking news converage of the attacks in paris. we are hearing from pope francis. he's using strong words saying these attacks are part of the third world war. our credit correspondent joins me live from rome. julia, what goes into choosing these words when it comes to describing these attacks as part of the third world war? >> let me put that comment into context. he called it a peace mill third world war. this is a phrase he's used before in reference to a number of smaller conflicts we see going on around the world. he says it's not the same thing as the traditional wars we use to have where you had a clear combat and countries fighting
4:55 am
countries. we have a peace mill third world war which means different conflicts are happening around the world. he made the comment talking to the italian bishop's television statement. that in itself unusual for a pope to do, a phone interview on a tv station and he added that there's no religious or human justification for it. he said he's close to the people of france, of course, and he said i am saddened and i do not understand these things. these things are hard to understand. again, how to put it into context when the pope speaks of the peace mill third world war, he's used it in conflicts to the middle east and in reference to the violence we see around the world. he's now including the attacks in paris as part of that vision he has for this world in
4:56 am
confli conflict. we know he's spoken out on behalf of peace and encouraged on a number of levels peace for these conflicts. the media would condemn the attacks last night and the pope adding his personal voice to the c condolences from around the world today. >> all right. julia in rome with more on the pope's statement about the paris attacks that they are part of a peace mill third world war. our coverage of the terrorist attacks in the french capitol continues after a quick break. stay with us. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance.
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5:00 am
>> france under a state of emergency. isis claiming responsibility for the terror attacks that's left more than a hundred people dead across the city. we have live coverage for you from around the globe. good morning for you, i'm christie paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. we have a team of correspond nts
5:01 am
covering the attacks from all angles this morning. we're going to go to ground coverage live in paris. >> reporter: thank you. the pope the calling what happened here quote a peace mill third world war. it is a major statement that's been used before but he has used it to describe specifically what happened overnight in the french capitol. our correspondent is joining me from the phone. tell me more about the terminology, the expression the pope used to describe these terrorist attacks. >> the pope is including these latest attacks in what's he's called before a peace mill third world war. in other words, we are now in a situation where we don't fight traditional worlds but we had in world war ii for example,
5:02 am
countries on different sides. we are now in situations of conflicts around the world which may or may not be connected. it gives us a sense as the pope said in the past a sense of anxiety and insecurity and a sense of being in a third world war. it is peace mill. it is not a clear country against country. it's well defined in that sense. it happened in a lot of different places in the world. that's a reference he used to refer to the paris attacks. he was speaking in the phone interview in the italian bishop's phone interview. obviously, extraordinary circumstances this morning. the vatican had already issued their condemnation of the attacks in the early hours of the morning. the pope said in his comments he's moved and saddened and close to the people of france
5:03 am
and said i do not understand these things are hard to understand. sort of i think we've gotten use to pope francis being able to speak to the people and being able to speak in a common long. again, the peace mill third world war is a phrase that francis believes very much. these conflicts we are seeing around the world, it gives us a sense of being in a third world war. people being scared and frightened and indeed dying. he uses this phrase and is now obviously putting the paris explosions and the paris death into that context. >> all right. thanks very much. our vatican correspondent in rome. to our viewers we are bringing you live images of the people laying flowers not too far from our position here outside the concert hall where dozens and
5:04 am
dozens of people were murdered by several terrorist. these are coordinated attacks as we've been reported. six locations and a crowded concert venue behind me. crowded restaurants, bars, football stadiums. we don't know if other attackers are at large. police are searching for other attackers. french media are now reporting that syrian passport was found on one of the attackers. what can you tell us about the syr syrian i.d.s found? >> a syria passport was found near the bodies of one of the attackers that hit the soccer stadium here in paris during the france/germany game.
5:05 am
we don't know the name of the attacker and don't know if the documentation was genuine. all we know is some form of a passport was found near the body. i want to bring you up to speed with france's interior minister. he said france as you mentioned is now in a state of emergency. this is the first time france has been in a state of emergency since 1958. this is on charter territory certainly. he said it could be mean more restrictions on people's measures. when we arrived this morning at the airport, there were very, very, very long lines. longer lines than i've seen there before. he also said the people who work
5:06 am
for the defense ministry have also been placed on high alert. all markets have been closed. museums, schools, everything's closed. you know the french like to protest a great deal. there were plans for the protester marches. all protests and marches have been cancelled until monday as they try to get their head around everything that's going on. >> quickly, let me ask you. do authorities believe other attackers might still be at large? is that a real concern right now? >> i think it's certainly a concern. what we're hearing from french authorities, essentially they're being tight knit. they don't want to commit to saying there's other attackers at large. at the same time they can't say there are other attackers at large. the number of deaths, the level
5:07 am
of weaponry, the sophistication of the entire multiple targets selected, it's hard to believe all this could have been done with just eight men. this would have needed a facilitation of a larger netw k network. the french officials are focussed on trying to not drill down on the nose of this that nexus and that network. >> tell our viewers about claiming responsibility. tell us more about the claim. >> that's right. we've seen an online statement from isis that bares all the halmarks of the other online statements from them previously. they call these suicide bombers soldiers. they said that the locations and
5:08 am
targets have been specifically selected and essentially they were hailing what they call this blessed operation in paris and warning people here. i believe the quote was the smell of death will not leave their noses as long as france remains a part of the coalition okay t actively engaged in fighting isis in syria and iraq. we also heard isis affiliated social networks sites a french language which is like an islamic chant or song stoling the operation that these men carried out and we're still working to find out more information about who disseminated that french language chant or song. >> reporter: all right. thanks very much. it has started to rain here. it has gotten significantly colder and grayer. grim weather here to match the grim news overnight of france's
5:09 am
worst terrorist attacks in living memory. it's been reported terrorist also carried out attacks inside a paris soccer stadium where 80,000 fans including the president was watching the match. nick robert son is live outside the stadium. they're trying to wrap their heads around just a few hundred yards from the president of the country, three suicide bombers blew themselves up. it's remarkable this has happened only nine months after a massacre. >> reporter: people are asking themselves here as well were these attackers who appeared to be these three suicide bombers appeared to be waiting for the end of the soccer match.
5:10 am
were they getting closer to the stadium because of the increased security because the french president was there or did they have an idea he was going to be there? what we know is the first of the suicide bombers to detonate explosives happened near here at the main gate, the main entrance of the stadium. somewhere where they could expect a lot of people to be coming out at the end of the match. they weren't able to get in because of this heightened security presence. what we do know is it appears that was the first of the beginning of the wave of attacks across the city. 20 minutes later when people were fleeing the stadium, that's where the second suicide bomber de detonated his explosives. they tried to coordinate the chaos and confusion of people escaping the first blast walking directly into the next blast. the third and final bomber at
5:11 am
the west entrance to the stadium. again, the question that is being asked and we're hearing it the french media asking this question, the increased security because of the french president being here, did that keep the casualty toll far lower than it could have been. only four people reported killed here. one can only imagine if the suicide bombers had gained access to the stadium containing 80,000 people crowded and close packed in there. >> reporter: all right. nick robertson, thanks very much. tens of thousands of people and three suicide bombers, the death toll could have been a lot higher. right now, i want to play sound from the british prime minister. he spoke a short time ago about the attacks. listen. >> the events in paris are the worst active violence in france since the second world war and
5:12 am
the worst attack in europe in a decade. our hearts go out to the french people and all those who lost loved ones. today the british and french people stand together as we have before in our history when confronted by evil. shocked but residued in sorrow but unbound. my message to the french people is simple. we stand with you. united. while the full picture of what happened is still emerging, we know there were multiple terror incidents across paris and over 120 people are feared dead with many more injured. we must be prepared for a number of british casualties and we're doing all we can to help those caught up in the attack. these innocent victims enjoying a friday night out with friends
5:13 am
and family at the end of a hard week were not seeking to harm anyone. they were simply going about their way of life, our way of life. and they were killed and injured by brutal cmurders who want to kill everything our two countries stand for. peace and liberty. we will not let them. we will double our efforts to wipe out this poisonous extremist ideology and together with our french and allies around the world stand up in all we believe in. we just reviewed the security level here in england. a threat level is severe. our police and intelligent agencies work round the clock to do all they can to keep us safe. ever since the coordinated firearms attack in 2008 we've all been working together to
5:14 am
ensure we could respond to such an attack. this summer police and other emergency services carried out a major exercise to test our response for multiple firearms attacks and in the lights of last night's attacks we will review our plans and make sure we learn any appropriate lessons. it is clear that the threat in isil is evolving. last night's attacks suggests a new degree of planning and coordination and a greater ambition for mass casualty attacks. we must recognize however strong we are, however much we prepare, we in the u.k. face the same threat. that's why we continue to encourage the public to remain individual lent -- vigilant. the terrorist aid is clear. it is to divide us and destroy our way of life. more than ever we must come
5:15 am
together and stand united and carry on with the way of life that we love and that we know and that will never be moved off. i hope to speak to their president later today and make clear we'll do whatever we can to help. your values are our values. your pain is our pain. your fight is our fight. and together we will defeat these terrorist. >> reporter: the u.k. prime minister david cameron reacts to the attacks in paris. we'll take a quick break and talk to a witness from the attacks in paris. stay with us. stay with cnn for our breaking news coverage. the future belongs to the fast.
5:16 am
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5:19 am
welcome back everybody. we continue our news coverage of the paris attacks. i'm joined by an eyewitness. tell us what you saw and heard. >> just went to dinner and suddenly we heard gunshots on top of us really loud. we were told it was some sort of a.k. 47 and we were all under the table and the people who owned the regs restaurant were incredible. they ran to the door to lock it. we thought that the gunmen were coming through. >> reporter: did you realize they were gunshots? >> yes, it was all clear. everybody got under the table and it was a group of 20 people. we knew. >> reporter: how far from where you were did this all take place and unfold? >> it was right outside. 20 meters from the restaurant
5:20 am
there was a shooting. somebody went to investigate. we didn't know this was an isolated incident. >> reporter: we didn't know it was coordinated incidents across paris. how long were you in the restaurant? >> six hours. the people who owned the restaurant were incredible. about 20 minutes after the shootings, police officers did arrive. it took 20 minutes and the street was on lock down. >> reporter: for 20 minutes gun fire was still going on? >> no, there were victims came in and a woman came in crying. as she was fleeing the scene they shot at her car. we seen on twitter the stadium had been attacked and other things came to light. >> reporter: so you were checking your phone and twitter and realized this is one of several attacks across paris. >> right. we weren't on lock down at that
5:21 am
point and i don't think they knew whether the serve us or what to do. one of the photographers we were with took pictures at the restaurant and that's when we knew people were killed. he told us 4-10 people had been shot outside the cafe. gorgeous night and people were sitting outdoors. >> reporter: so people gunned down yards from your position where you were. >> it could have easily been us and it was an awful moment. i think we're all thankful and so sad for the city we love. >> reporter: how do you feel today? sometimes when an event happens you don't process it until the next day. how do you feel today? >> sad. to be honest, it was strange to be so in the center of things and weren't processing the news and so concerned about all our friends. i'm still in shock and really, really, really sad for the city and my friends here. >> reporter: and it was a close call. you're from new york, a city that's known, that had 9/11 that
5:22 am
was a traumatic experience for that city and country as well and here you are in paris going through as well. i don't know, would you, it's a question that's been raised. would this be the french 9/11? >> i wouldn't want to comment on that. i think after the attacks were so heart breaking last year and this is 10 months later and steps from where the march of peace took place. that is particularly poignant at this moment and i'm thinking of how we can come together and move forward and have this be something that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: do you consider leaving? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: you're staying in paris? >> yes. i want it to be known this is a place i would love to be. i love the people here. this has become my second home. i go back and forth for work so i would like to stand with paris by staying here. >> reporter: erin allweiss,
5:23 am
thank you very much. as you mention now the weather is matching the mood. best of luck to you. let's bring in danielle, the former deputy under secretary for science and technology for the department of security. both of them join us now live. danielle, you see the hallmarks of a typical isis attack here. isis is claiming responsibility. what's your analysis? >> we have to take isis at their word at this point. they said they were responsible for the downing of the russian airliner, the bay root attacks and now this. certainly, i wouldn't want to make another call. >> okay. danielle here mentioned three distinct but apparently related attacks, the downing of the russian jet liner, we had
5:24 am
suicide bombings and now this in paris. what's going on here. if this is indeed all isis ork straited it's a major shift in strategy. >> they have altered their tactics from the assassinations of individuals, they have now gone in for the al qaeda style of mass casualty attacks inflicting significant damage and creating political economic and social consequences. in many ways this is dangerous precedence being set for what could come in the future. i don't believe what happened in paris is an isolated incident. there will be others inspired by the propaganda that will want to do something similar in the future. >> danielle, u.s. officials are confronted with the reality that these attacks have happened in paris twice in the space of 10 months. how do you protect americans
5:25 am
against this type of assault? >> protecting americans doesn't just start when you have an attack or have a threat but it actually begins with trying to counter the violent extremism that's causing these sorts of attacks. for example, the department of homeland security had a program or has a program called counter and violent extremism which continues to work with communities and to identify people who might be prime for self-radicalization and trying to identify them before they would actually do any harm. the communities are very important. all of this as well. finally, we have to have law enforcement and emergency responders that are ready in the event that something like this occurs. >> all right. a multipronged approach, of course, it is the ideology in the end that drives these
5:26 am
terrorist to commit these acts. thanks very much to both of you. when we come back, we'll talk to a journalist who interviewed the syria president today and got his reaction. stay with us. inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad...
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syria welcome back everybody. i want to bring in the senior
5:30 am
national course spontaneous nt for the network. he had the opportunity to speak with the syrian president and you are joining us on the phone from damascus. what did the syrian president have to say about these terrorist attacks in the french capitol today? >> first, i offer condolences to the attacks. it was chaos in syria by supporting the rebels in paris and washington and moderate with the radical or terrorist. he said that he had longed warned the europeans three years ago it could become a meeting
5:31 am
land for terrorism. now that it happened, it's a consequence of the policy because there's terrorism. >> reporter: unfortunately, i think we lost our connection there. the french journalist who just spoke to the syrian president. isis has claimed responsibility calling them targeted. nick is on the frontlines of the fight against isis and live in iraq. he joins me now live. talk to us a little bit, nick, about this online claim of responsibility. does it match other claims of
5:32 am
responsibility? >> the timing is always difficult but yes, it's within this sort of adequately short period of time frame matching the act that it doesn't step away from previous plans of behavior. the actual claim itself doesn't contain any new shocking information you couldn't have deemed from watching the media or twitter. we are perhaps still waiting to hear from isis whether or not they have in details or a video perhaps of some of these eight attackers. they say all equipped with suicide belts whether they can yield any video of them speaking before this act. we've seen that in the past. it was al qaeda or isis behind the attacks back in january.
5:33 am
this does troubling mark a departure which many sense the downing of the russian airliner. while isis never began with a mission to attack the west, many presumed that would be what it would come to. isis may say in this statement, in fact, it is the air strikes of the west that is forcing them into this. this marks a troubling point in the revolution. on the back here, in the last 48 hours, two serious losses. the apparent death of juhadi john, one of their key figures and the loss of the town. many will ask now is this attack in paris related to those losses? is it part of a departure they would refer to their homeland and they're lashing out at their attackers in the west. it's always part of the broader
5:34 am
plan. >> reporter: all right. nick in iraq. thanks very much. a city in shock. paris waking up to the reality that six attacks, six coordinated assaults on soft targets across the city have left 128 people at least killed. we have new video right now for you. the cnn team on the ground shot footage showing saturday security around the soccer stadium with three suicide bombers blew themselves up. it is one of the six locations in paris under deadly attack on friday evening and of course, authorities are going to want to secure that soccer stadium. the french president was there for a friendly match between france and germany when the three terrorist blew themselves up. we'll be right back with a lot more from the french capitol.
5:35 am
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5:38 am
welcome back. we continue our breaking news coverage of the terrorist attacks here in paris. it's a city in shock but also a city on high alert this morning. the minister says a state of emergency across the country says the government there can restrict people's movements. for now, they're being urged to stay in door, school is out as well. for its part, paris has rallied together. we have seen is scores lining up to donate blood, for instance, doing whatever they can to help the nearly 200 people who were injured last night. now, others have been coming to
5:39 am
a makeshift memorial outside the theater. this is where i am, in fact. right behind me you see police vans blocking the view but on the other side in the concert venue where dozens and dozens were ruthlessly murdered. people here are leaving candles and flowers. in the meantime, there's the investigation in the attacks underway. police are trying to find anyone connected. chris joins us now with new information about americans. we are learning americans injured in the attacks, chris what can you tell us about that? >> good morning from washington. the state department making news saying there are americans who were injured in the attacks there. a states department spokes person telling cnn the u.s. government is working closely with french authorities to identify american victims.
5:40 am
we are aware there are americans among the injured and offering them the full range of assistance. they will keep the news media posted as they have more information to share. also in washington this morning, reaction to the horrific attacks. president obama spoke to french president hollande last night offering to help the french investigation anyway they can. they worked together to defeat terrorism. meanwhile, john kerry expressing outrage about the attacks. here's what kerry had to say about the attacks. >> we are witnessing a kind of medieval and modern fashionism at the same time which has no regard for life that seeks to destroy and create chaos and
5:41 am
disorder and fear and the one thing we can say to those people is what they do in this is stiffening our resolve, all of us. we fight back to hold people accountable and to stand up for rule of law which is exactly what we're here to do. >> he said the embassy in paris, he reiterated the idea they're working to account for americans in paris and do whatever the french government needs. >> reporter: all right, chris in washington. thanks very much. we're going to take a quick break. to all our viewers in the u.s. and around the world, stay with us. we have a lot more on the isis claim of responsibility and what it means in the overall battle against the terrorist group. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade.
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5:45 am
welcome back from paris. images coming in from well wishers leaving notes and flowers at one of the attack sites as we've been reporting there were six coordinated attacks across the firemenrench capitol. worst terror attack in history in this country. i was mentioning that americans are among those injured in the
5:46 am
deadly terrorist attacks. all this as france has increased security around the areas assaulted. it has tightened border patrols as well which is a significant step. it's not something they would do lightly. they have declared a state of emergency which gives government many more powers to enter people's homes and to monitor some of their communications. let's bring in peter norman. he's the director of the international center. peter, let's talk a little bit about first, i want to get your thoughts overall on what happened in paris. what was your first thought when you heard six coordinated attacks including suicide bombers and this terrible horrific attack on the concert venue. what went through your mind? >> well, the first reaction was, of course, that a lot of people were studying this and expecting something like that. however, the scale and
5:47 am
complexity in this operation has surprised every expert. no one expected this kind of attack. we were all waiting for more of these so-called lone wolf operations which are small in scale which isis has been calling for for over a year. no one was expecting isis to be capable of directing and pulling off such a complex attack. i think to be honest that came as a big surprise to me. >> reporter: all right. so you, i mean, how did the experts get it wrong? because you're admitting and i have to say i was surprised as well. an individual lone wolf attack, maybe two coordinated attacks such as the ones in january, that is one thing. this is a strategically complex operation. >> yes and i guess we were listening to isis. isis was telling us and isis has been fairly expressive in the
5:48 am
past about what they were trying to do and where they were planning to go and their message to europe and their message to supporters in europe. we are encouraging our supporters to strike and do simple things. we've learned a lesson from al qaeda, these complex attacks are difficult to pull off. they never come together. the security agencies are smart enough to prevent them. everyone thought okay, this is the new strategy. they are simply wanting people to do small shocking polarizing things and that's fine. they're also capable of doing very complex things we didn't expect and isis never talked about this very much. >> do you believe they're for the commanding control for this operation was essentially a continent away in the middle east or do you believe some of it must have been planned right here on a strategic operational
5:49 am
lev level? >> well, this is really speculative. we've heard some of the attackers spoke very good french. this would point toward local attackers. we've heard the news about the passport which would point away from it. of course, what i'm absolutely certain of is that the eight people that carried out these attacks were not the only people involved in the planning. i would expect there to be more people uncovered. that's why the french president closed the borders because he is also expecting the other people were now trying to leave the country. i would expect a degree of coordination and planning that would involve other countries and indeed, we heard from germany earlier today that an arrest yesterday must have been linked to these attacks. >> peter action thanks very much. we appreciate your analysis. of course, authorities are now figuring out more information
5:50 am
about the attackers. the passport was mentioning that and found near the body of the terrorist outside the sports stadium. clarissa is following the latest. the significance, if indeed it is a genuine syrian passport because you can buy one for a couple hundred bucks just in case our viewer aren't aware of that. if it is a genuine syrian passpo passport, what does that tell us eventually? >> reporter: it's not clear what it tells us because it's important for our viewers to know isis territory includes strong holds that may have had facilities where they were able to make syrian passports and was it fabricated by isis within syria? it's just too early to tell. certainly, here is what we do know. we do know that eight attackers have been killed, that the authorities here are now trying
5:51 am
to determine forensically taking dna samples who they were to try to get a better perspective on whether they were french nationals, how old they were, where they were from and how they were able to pull off this attac attack. you heard peter talking about the initial reaction. maybe this was al qaeda because of the scale of this attack. the complexity of the attack very much in the position to what we've come to expect from isis which are these cheap shot low hanging lone wolf types of attacks. the other thing that's important this could not have happened with the eight attackers. there has to be a larger network at play facilitating this operation and supplying the funding, the weaponry. a lot of questions french authorities now really under the gun trying to determine how wide this network is and where it's
5:52 am
base is and you heard the french interior minister saying france is in a state of emergency and we won't hesitate to clamp down on those borders. when we arrived this morning at the airport, there were long, long, long lines simply because they were going through every single, even the european passports, going through everyone's paperwork trying to get a grip on who this network is and what can be done to track them down. >> reporter: all right. clarissa, thanks very much. she's just a few hundred yards away from me, behind me here. thank you very much. we'll stay in touch. let's go to nick robertson at the football stadium and i believe you have new information about a paris land mark that's closed. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, the eiffel tower, of course, iconic for
5:53 am
paris. we understand that is now closed. we were there just a couple hours ago. there were armed french police patrolling in groups. armed french soldiers with automatic weapons patrolling around the area of the eiffel tower. there were a few tourist there at that time. that level of security i haven't seen here even in the days after the attacks, that level, we didn't witness it. we also saw the unit of six french soldiers. they were patrolling the streets with their helmets on all in camoufla camouflage, of course, walking through the streets. so the level of security much tighter here than normal. much tighter. we arrived at the train station this morning, they got three
5:54 am
french policemen there. one of them with a long rifle. the sort of thing you would use to shoot accurately at something over a distance of a hundred meters away. now the eiffel tower, the iconic destination for the tourist in paris is now closed at the moment. >> all right. nick robertson, three days of mourning here across this country. a city in shock, a way of life attacked. six coordinated assaults across the french capitol. a lot more on the breaking news coverage after this. ♪ prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood.
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breaking news here in paris. one of the attackers has been identified as a french national by his fingerprints according to our affiliate bfm-tv. nick robertson is at the soccer stadium and joins me live with more on this. nick, it's not entirely surprising. >> reporter: umm, it's not. certainly given the level of
5:59 am
coordination. the number of people involved. certainly indication of their knowledge of the area of their preplanning. the fact that they were able to blend in here. so to learn that a french national is among the tackers does not come as too much of a surprise. obviously, the french authorities are concerned about the hundreds and hundreds of french men who have isis and other iz ma'am rancic groups come back. we know of the 300 are believed by french -- it seems to be, begins to put together some of the picture here. >> nick robertson, thanks very much. we'll continue our coverage of the terror attacks here in
6:00 am
paris. i'm in the french capitol. a lot more ahead after a quick break. this is cnn breaking news. i'm michael. the islamic terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks that unfolded in paris leaving 128 dead. another 99 in critical condition. the deadliest violence to strike france since world war ii. we know americans are among the injured and dead. they called it an act of war by a terrorist army and pope francis echoed that saying this is part of the third world war, this is not human. at least six coordinated attacks,


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