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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, i'm kate bolduan joining you live from new york. >> i'm john berman live in paris for cnn special coverage of the hunt for the attackers and the masterminds behind the horrific terror attacks that rocked this city. just moments ago france president -- french president francois hollande said, we are at war. france is at war. but he says, it is not a battle of civilizations because isis represents no civilization. here are the latest details in the paris terror attack investigation. an urgent international search is under way right now for the brother of one dead attacker.
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belgian born french citizen salah abdeslam. ops failed to catch him in a raid this morning. police tell the public he is dangerous. do not approach him. they had him. they questioned him on a highway on the way to belgium not hours after the attack but let him go. we have more information, also, about the isis connection. two members of the terror group are thought to have masterminded the paris attacks. they are believed to be in iraq or syria right now and have french and belgian connections. cnn's french affiliate reports six attackers, six of the eight people believed to be primarily responsible for the attacks on friday spent time in syria. as i said, french president francois hollande addressed a french session of parliament a short time ago. he calls syria the biggest terrorism factory the world has ever known. he promised more air strikes
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there. that on top of the 20 bombs dropped overnight. within the last hour, just a few minutes ago, president obama addressed the g-20 summit in turkey. he spoke to reporters there shortly after. he talked about what the paris attacks mean for the u.s. campaign against isis. cnn's jim acosta asked him some pretty tough questions. >> reporter: and i think a lot of americans have this frustration they see that the united states has the greatest military in the world. it has the backing of nearly every other country in the world when it comes to taking on isis. i guess the question is, and if you'll forgive the language, is why can't we take out these bastards? >> this is not, as i said, a traditional military opponent. we can retake territory. and as long as we leave our troops there, we can hold it. but that does not solve the underlying problem of eliminating the dynamics that
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are producing these kinds of violent extremist groups. >> the president was very defensive, also very angry at the round of questioning which suggested he will not do enough or is not tough enough against the battle of isis. the president said, what i will not do is pose, he says, he simply does not have time for that. i want to bring in our clarissa ward here in paris for the latest on the investigation. clarissa, all sorts of leads being followed, not just here but in buelgium as well. >> reporter: that's right, john. authorities are really pursuing every lead. they're knocking on every day, overnight and early this morning more than 150 raids. those raids resulting in more than 100 people under house arrest, 23 people now under arrest. weapons were found, including a rocket launcher, military clothing was also found. but it's not clear how specifically these raids relate to friday's attacks. the main manhunt that is currently under way is very much
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about finding that eighth attacker. and the primary suspect in terms of who that eighth attacker could be is salah abdeslam. he is the brother of one of the men who blew themselves up at the bataclan theater. in fact, he was actually stopped by police a few hours after the attacks, john. he was questioned and then allowed to continue on his way. it's believed he was driving toward belgium. we saw a series of raids also this morning in belgium. so far, though, no word on where he might be. john? >> and there are french media reports, clarissa, that six of the eight attackers had spent time in syria. you report of the 150 raids that took place overnight are still presumably ongoing. you said not clear how they are connected to the investigation of the terror attack on friday, but some of these raids have turned up things like a grenade launcher, not to mention serious weaponry and arms like the
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kalashnikovs. >> reporter: absolutely. this a very serious situation. the police don't want to leave anything to chance. they're going and knocking on the doors of anyone who might be related to this attack or who else might be related to a broader network that helped these attackers facilitate and orchestrate these attacks. this was as complex and sophisticated attack, the likes of which europe really has not seen before. and you heard president hollande there, john, he said this was planned in syria, organized in belgium with complicity from inside france. that's why you're dealing with such a challenging atmosphere for security officials, not just here but across the continent. there are free borders all throughout central europe. people go and fight jihad, french nationals inside syria. and then they come back. but they don't come back directly to france. they go through latvia, they go through belgium, making it almost impossible to track all these different moving parts.
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>> not confined to france, not confined to iraq or syria as well. clarissa ward, thank you so much. kate? >> thanks so much. a huge part of the focus of the investigation right now is in belgium, as john and clarissa were just talking about, where a manhunt is under way for the eighth attacker. and just a moment ago, to reinforce what clarissa was just saying, french president francois hollande, he said the paris attacks were planned in syria and organized in belgium. let's go to belgium where cnn international senior correspondent is there right there with the latest. the raids this morning in belgium, they did not turn up the man they were looking for. what more have you learned about the investigation and where things go right now there? >> reporter: well, there was a pretty extensive raid, heavily armed officers, bomb disposal squads, in fact, a number of control detonations. but not the eighth attacker. not the man they were looking for. not yet, kate. but what we have been seeing
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over the last few days, it really does reinforce everything we're now hearing from the french president, that all roads in this investigation are leading back here to molenbeek. you have one of the three brothers who were involved in this, investigators believe, was living here in molenbeek. the third is on the run. you have belgian authorities say out of the seven arrested this weekend, five have been released. two have been charged with terrorism-related offenses. so, finally, there does seem to be some movement. but obviously given the scope of this investigation and given what is at stake here, it doesn't really feel like it's moving fast enough. belgian authorities are very keenly aware of that. we've had the justice minister only today talking to cnn and he admits that they really haven't been able to keep the kind of focus and attention on these
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they should have been. these jihadis are moving to syria and moving back in. while they're aware they're going to fight in syria, there's not enough awareness when they move back into belgium or france. the investigation is ongoing. there isn't a sense yet how deep this network extends, but everything we're hearing, kate, brings the story back here to molenbeek and brussels. >> nima, as they look into the backgrounds of these men involved, there's also the most immediate and urgent focus right now in belgium of trying to find, locate, track down, bring in this eighth attacker. obviously, that did not happen this morning when special ops tried to get him. but do they have a sense that he's even still in belgium? do you know how far this has gone yet in trying to pin him in? >> reporter: what we're hearing from the prosecutor's office is they really don't have that much of a specific sense about a location or even about a search
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parameter. they're trying to narrow it around known locations, known accomplices. given his brother lived here, given the man that those authorities in france dealing with the investigation believe was the mastermind of this, he lived only a few streets away from where i'm standing now. they feel quite comfortable in focusing their investigations on this neighborhood. parameter.a very narrow there is so much at stake. one of the concerns we're hearing time and time again and seeing with our own eyes with the heavy presence of those anti-explosive squads and anti-bomb robots is this concern that given the way this attack was carried out and the use of suicide vests that prosecutors, authorities, the police officers on the front lines of this, that they're having to go very slowly and tread very carefully, kate, because there's, of course, a lot of fear about what they might find when they do find that eighth attacker.
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>> absolutely. nima there in belgium for us where a huge part of this investigation is focused right now. thank you very, very much. let's head back to paris where john is on the ground. john? >> kate, thank you so much. we just showed president obama at the g-20 in turkey. he was giving a press conference with press there. that a big moment. also a very big moment here in france today where the french president francois hollande addressed a joint session of parliament. just the third time, essentially, in 100 years where he has done such a thing, address a joint session. he had remarkable language. i think we have a sound bite i'd like to play you right now. let's listen. >> translator: france is at war. the acts committed in paris on friday evening, these are acts of war. they cause at least 129 deaths and many injured. and they constitute an aggression, an attack against our country.
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>> i'm obviously joined by christiane amanpour right now. that language there, very stark. france is at war. language, by the way, somewhat different tonally than we heard from pb. >> >> incredibly different. from president obama, you did not get this. from france, because this happened on french soil, you get a sense, but what does that mean? >> he asked for a three-month extension of the state of emergency, which is remarkable. france hasn't been under this situation since the algerian attacks way back when. a three-month extension which allows for warrantless searches and the raids we saw last night. in addition to that, he wants the power to strip suspected terrorists of french citizenship. so he's asking for more power now to fight terrorism here now. >> that's exactly right. what we're hearing from a lot of people is that there have been a lot of failures. failures of intelligence,
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failures in terms of budget cutbacks, in terms of just pure policing and security and military operations. but we're also hearing, and this dovetails with president obama, that certainly from french officials, there needs to be a double downing of the strategy to eradicate isis in syria and end the syria war. even president obama said that this really won't be finished, we cannot reclaim territory from isis in syria until the war is over. the question is, how do you do that? president obama says the strategy is working. most strategists say, no, it's not. president obama says, isis is contained. most strategists say, well, actually, how can you say that? because you have isis now against russia in the aircraft. you have isis in sharm el sheikh in the sinai, isis in europe. isis again in a taped message threatening washington, d.c. by name, and all other members of the coalition. so, many analysts are saying, now with russia, you have to
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divide and conquer in syria. you know, take different areas of the country, smother with air strikes and go into those specific areas and eradicate isis from raqqa and other places where they are. that's the only way it's going to happen. >> you said you talked to analysts who say the strategy is not working. for some, that's charitable. some analysts say, what strategy, which is different to begin with. what other notable thing french president francois hollande said, the french president said, this is not a battle of civilization because isis represents no civilization. >> i think that's right. again, that's a very, very different tone and different words that were used after "charlie hebdo." then they were saying, isis is attacking our way of life, our civilization, declaring war on our civilization, also al qaeda. isis and al qaeda back in the "charlie hebdo" attacks. now they're saying they are attacking us. and, again, using language like this is an army of terrorists, jihadis and we need to destroy.
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so they believe -- he's using different language than president obama. he says, this is not an army. these are insurgents. hollande is saying, this is an army. >> the raids overnight, in syria with the bombing raids overnight. christiane amanpour, thank you so much. coming up for us, france making good on its vow to destroy anyone plotting to harm its people. they dropped bombs, as we said, 20 bombs on targets in syria. but were the terrorists prepared for that? did they have time to get away? and then what's next in the war against isis in france, in syria, in iraq, in europe and, frankly, in the united states as well? this is cnn special live coverage. al. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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york. and france is striking back. french president francois hollande is declaring -- he declared very firmly today, france is at war. let's discuss all of this. joining me now is the cnn military analyst lieutenant colonel francona, joined by cnn military analyst and former member of joint chiefs of staffs and nick paton walsh, still in erbil, iraq, with the latest on the air strikes that france has now been committing in syria. nick, first to you on the air strikes. france hit back almost immediately. 20 bombs dropped. i want to get your take on what is the very latest on the air strikes in syria and their impact, especially in light of what we just heard today from president obama, saying that their strategy, his strategy is the right one in taking on isis and that it is working. >> reporter: here's what we know happened last night. the french launched 12 aircraft, 10 did the bombing, 20
8:20 am
explosions, a number of targets hit. mostly in the suburbs around raqqa but two key buildings in the middle, basically headquarters and jails for isis. a total of 30, 24 explosions, depending on who you're listening to and the coalition, too, evidence in the air over raqqa last night, hitting targets far from it and also close to it as well. so, a lot of air power being used and the french president francois hollande saying, more will come. you heard president obama justify strongly that air strike policy. they're not dealing with a conventional state. they're dealing with an insurgent group. they may seek to try to take out specific targets, weaken their infrastructure. frankly, at the end of the day, no matter how long you listen to the same justifications for what people say is a nonpolicy out of the white house, there is an undenial truth to the fact that a large ground force of foreigners isn't going to fix the problem in syria. there are a number of different groups in there who have local support, who are not pro-western
8:21 am
by any stretch of the imagination. as we've seen in iraq, often a foreign military force is a lightning rod for insurgent activity and focuses minds against the outsiders. there are no good military strategies here. it looks like a focus now of different nations trying to use air power. perhaps getting turkey to seal that border more effectively. frankly, without crossing that porous border, isis are in a much tighter spot. that can begin to turn things around. while it's ridiculous, frankly, to say isis is contained, there's untruth that the territory around syria and iraq has gotten smaller. we were in sinjar has peshmerga take that down. they're in afghanistan, increasingly in libya. they're not a global phenomenon shrinking. >> you saw firsthand in iraq as you saw them retake sinjar. colonel, i want to get your take on what you heard from the two world leaders.
8:22 am
you hear from president obama. he very strong defense of u.s. strategy, coalition strategy. he's not proposing a change in strategy. he's saying we have the right strategy and it is working. but then almost at the same time, you hear from the french president declaring very definitively, france is at war. >> well, there's such a difference in the way these two presidents have looked at this, kate. and i think the big issue here is that if we are actually going to degrade and defeat isis as the president -- our president has originally said, you really have to change one major element of the u.s. strategy. and that major element is, in placement of ground troops. we have to do so in an organized and coherent fashion. what we're seeing right now is a very piecemeal strategy, if it is even a strategy at all. that is really what we're dealing with. this piecemeal approach is not going to sofl tlve the problem. no matter how hard president obama tries to defend this, the piecemeal efforts are not going to defeat isis.
8:23 am
>> but the president, obviously he was asked about the criticism that the u.s. has the krong strategy and not leading in this fight. he said very firmly that putting in a large amount of u.s. ground troops would be a mistake. >> i and i agree with him. i don't think we need a large number of forces, american forces on the ground, but we do need ground forces. they could be the kurds. they could be iraqi troops once they're better trained. but there has to be a ground component to this. we can't do this alone from the air. and what the french did last night in raqqa, what we're doing every day and every night in syria and iraq is trying to contain isis, but it doesn't degrade or destroy pem. so, we've got to move beyond where we are. where we are right now, isn't working. there needs to be a morrow bust presence. also, the air attacks are anemic, at best. 20 bombs? that's not -- i know the french
8:24 am
papers called this a massive air strike. 20 bombs is not a massive air strike. >> real quick, colonel, i want to get your take on this, francois hollande said he's going to be meeting -- he just announced he'll be meeting with president obama as well as president putin to discuss joining forces. what does that announcement mean? what does that look like in a week, in two days? >> well, in two days is probably looks like we're starting real discussions between the u.s. and russia, probably at the operational level of the military. in a week it looks like they're going to be perhaps even combined operations between russian and american forces. >> that would be a huge change. >> that is a huge change. what we're seeing is the merging of the russian and american efforts in syria. and that's something that we had thought would never happen. but that's exactly what i believe is happening right now. >> wow. we'll see as the changing -- as it seems that this paris attack has changed a whole lot beyond even just changing the lives of so many in paris and beyond.
8:25 am
thank you. nick paton walsh, great to see you. thank you. coming up for us, a brother of one of the paris attackers, he is still on the run. now investigators warn that he is dangerous and should not be approached by any stretch of the imagination. new details in the international manhunt to find him and anyone else that helped unleash terror in europe. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung.
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i'm john berman live in paris. want to welcome our viewers in united states and all around the world. this is the plaza de la republique. this is the gathering point, for thousands of parisians they've been coming here to light candles and leave flowers.
8:30 am
there are more people on the streets here today. it's 5:30 in the evening here. people now headed home from work. most did return to work today. kids returned to school. but this city, this country in no way returned to a state of normalcy. happening right now, there is an international manhunt under way for a french citizen suspected of being involved in the deadly attacks here in paris. antiterror forces in france and belgium staging raids, bringing in suspects, confiscating weapons and computer equipment. according to affiliate bfmtv, they believe six of the paris attackers, six spent time in syria. joining us now to discuss the efforts to find these terrorists involved in planning and pulling off these attacks, cnn contributor and terrorism expert jean-charles brisard, and associate editor. jean-charles to you first, six of the eight attackers known or believed to have spent time in
8:31 am
syria. this is exactly what people fear. this revolving door between french citizens and syria. people going there and coming back. >> yes, this is no surprise. we experienced the first wave of jihadists or terror plots conceived by sympathizers from inside europe. now we see the returnees, same way, he returned from syria. we see now the returnings. this is what we must fear over the last two years, is the return of people who have been trained to use weapons, explosives. very much trained to carry out terrorist attacks of large scales here in europe. >> a scale that in the united states that we don't have to deal with. 1,000 people are believed to have gone from france. >> we're speaking of 2,000 individuals involved in the jihadi networks, whether in france or abroad. and 600 of our citizens
8:32 am
currently fighting alongside terrorist organizations in syria and iraq. >> last night we saw something remarkable. more than 150 raids, could be more at this point because they're still ongoing, around this country. not clear the exact connection between these raids and the terror attacks on friday, but it does show that french authorities have a list. i mean, they have their eye on a lot of people. they have a lot of doors they want to knock down and go inside. >> well, of course, you know, they have, you know, the now famous notes, you know, that a number of people are having around the country. you're talking about the raids that -- some raids, of course, happened in belgium. no surprise, like my colleague said, that these two countries, belgium and france, france has the biggest contingency of jihadists in syria. regarding population, belgium has the biggest also. >> per capita -- >> so, those two countries, of
8:33 am
course, there's no surprise. unfortunately, there's no surprise that such a horrific act, such a horrific attack happens in france. >> what is it about belgium? i'll ask you first and then you. was it easier to plan in belgium, do you think, this attack? is there less scrutiny there than there would be here? by the way, our american viewers should know, there's effectively no difference between traveling between belgium and paris. you can drive right across the border. >> of course, there is no border, the schengen environment. i covered the 2003 bombings in casablanca. the madrid bombing in 2004, same connection with belgium. there seems to be an easiness in belgium to get weapons. probably it's more easy to have weapons in belgium than is in the -- the legislation in france is probably a lot trickier. and also, you know, i think the police force and intel in
8:34 am
belgium is probably, you know, limited. more limited maybe than in france. that's my take. maybe jean-charles has -- >> what about that? what about the borders? we talked about schengen, the open borders in western europe. do you think there will be any tightening there? >> let's be clear on this. it's now ten months since france and other governments, since the "charlie hebdo" shootings, have had to reinforce and to be able -- simply to be able to control the passports of schengen citizens, meaning our own citizens when they enter the schengen zones. because it is impossible today to do that on a systematic way. we just -- we just can't check the foreigners. not our own citizens. the problem is today, the threat is from our own citizens returning from syria and iraq. we've also asked to create a real platform to exchange information on these individuals between all the european countries. we've also asked for european
8:35 am
p&r to be able to exchange passenger information between countries, including for internal flights. this is not done ten months later. >> it's an enormous problem. the scope hard to grasp. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up for us, isis now warning that the united states, other countries could suffer the same fate as france. the terrorist identify the american city that it plans to hit next. also coming up for us, the terrorist attacks add a new layer of complication to a growing, huge international refugee crisis. despite an appeal from president obama, some u.s. officials now vowing to block syrians seeking refuge in the united states.
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this is cnn special live coverage of the terror attacks in paris. i'm john berman. >> and i'm kate bolduan joining you from new york. let's bring you up to date on the very latest on the paris terror investigation. as much as we know right now. an urgent international search for the brother of one of the dead attackers. the man they're looking for is the belgian-born french citizen salah abdeslam. they are warning the public that he is dangerous and not to approach him. the u.s. director of the cia john brennan says that he expects isis has more attacks in the pipeline. at the very same time the terror group released another video threatening the united states. although the fbi and homeland security departments say there is no specific or credible threat against the homeland at this time. meantime, france's president, francois hollande, addressed a joint session of parliament a short time ago. a rare and historic speech.
8:41 am
hollande promised in that speech more air strikes against isis in syria and planning -- is planning to add 5,000 new positions to the paramilitary police force and also declared france is at war. a short time ago in turkey, president obama talked about how the administration is dealing with the terror group. the latest on u.s. strategy against isis. listen. >> we have always understood that this would be a long-term campaign. there will be setbacks and there will be successes. the terrible events in paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback. >> after all this, the investigation's still ongoing on how this attack was planned, who all was behind it. for that, let's get to cnn senior international correspondent fred mriken joining us from a suburb of northeast paris where raids have been going down. fred, latest we've heard is
8:42 am
there have been 150 raids since the attack. are they all connected to friday's attacks? >> reporter: well, kate, most were not connected to friday's attack. they do, of course, occur in that wider security environment of these emergency measures that have put in place, french authorities are raiding many places, looking for weapons, looking for suspects. that generally are part of the islamist scene here in this country. however, the raid where i am outside of paris, that was in direct relation to the attacks that happened in paris on friday. and this is because one of the attackers, his family lives here and he was identified today. his name is sami amimori, 28 years old, who was run that raided the bataclan theater, shot many inside and blew up a suicide vest to blow up himself. it shows how difficult it is for
8:43 am
law enforcement in france to deal with a person like that. he showed up for the first time in 2012. authorities noticed him because he tried to travel to yemen. authorities stopped him. in 2013 they put him on a watch list for surveillance. he didn't do what they wanted him to do so they issued an arrest warrant and he escaped to syria. his parents tried to get him out of syria. his father traveled to syria to try to get him back. his mother notified authorities and asked them for help. a couple days ago, obviously, they were informed that their son was one of the attackers in the paris attacks that happened on friday. so, this is certainly an individual where the writing seemed to be on the wall. where authorities were informed. at some point it as as they lost track of him. i was in his house, fairly nonscript area. police are searching through that area, seeing if they can find any clues as to the wider network behind this. >> really startling, fred. thanks so much. this one attacker, he was one of
8:44 am
those that traveled -- visited syria, news outlet bfm has reported all six attackers traveled to syria. let's head back to paris where john is. hey, john. >> kate, thank you so much. as you said, six of the eight terrorist traveled to syria. we'll explain more of why that is so important right now. want to bring in cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. jim, you literally just ran onto the set because we're getting new information about someone believed, perhaps, to have been a coordinator of this attack. a belgian citizen, now operating in syria. >> even more crucially than that, that it may go up to the highest ranks of isis, their leader al baghdadi. this is what i've been told by a counterterrorism judge who is still briefed, in touch with u.s. intelligence as well. french authorities believe that
8:45 am
abu is the ring leader, that he gave the orders, coordinated, et cetera from the base in syria, dispatched those attackers here to paris. what's interesting about him is he is extremely close to baghdadi, and it's the assessment of french authorities that he would not carry out a plot of this magnitude without the okay of baghdadi. in addition to that, and why this fits -- this is a credible connection for them is that baghdadi's grand plan has been, in effect, establish the caliphate, establish your base in iraq and syria, and then bring the war to the west, mimicking to some degree osama bin laden. he had his base in afghanistan, brings his war to the west. connecting those dots, in light of his chief role, they believe baghdadi would have given approval. >> this is the arc type of threats they threatened.
8:46 am
they said the plan was conceived in syria, planned in syria, organized in belgium, carried out in france. now, we know, perhaps, the connection there might be this belgian man. >> who could be the brains behind this plot. there was already increasing circumstantial evidence pointing towards his involvement because of a belgian counterterrorism expert just told us, he was actually friends way back when with a guy at large right now on the run, abdeslam, salah abdeslam. they were friends back in 2010. they were even tried in the same criminal case together in 2010 in belgium. and he has some form of international terrorism because he was the ring leader of that major plot in belgium in january which was thwarted. >> in the wake of "charlie hebdo." >> he was in touch with that cell from greece.
8:47 am
he was the key point to the isis leadership, perhaps al baghdadi as jim was pointing out. he was making all these telephone calls to the cell in belgium. the police eventually went in. there was a big commando raid and they seized tatp, they seized -- >> tatp, which by the way the explosive used in the vests here in the suicide attacks among the attackers. >> this is another point to me made by french authorities. they believe, of course syria the home base, in effect, for these attacks, but belgium was, in effect, a staging area. >> operating area. >> although many of the attackers were french, two from the south of paris. french authorities say they believe that was intentional. that belgium doesn't have the capability, doesn't have the resources to monitor as france does. they took advantage of that, in fact, to stage the attack and come across the border here. >> one important fact from-b him, this is reporting from lemond, there was a french isis fighter who came back to france, arrested in august, and he backed out of plots to launch an
8:48 am
attack against a concert venue in france. when he was interrogated at le space monde, he said the same guy now supported to have been behind the paris attacks, he said was behind that pack. what did he say in that interrogation? more attacks are coming. the french has strategic warning there are a string of terrorist plots being hatched by the isis leadership in france. the concern is, there are more in the pipeline now. and i think that's why -- >> john brennan just said, there are more in the pipeline. ahmud, a name that may become increasingly important. jim sciutto, now reporting all eyes on him as a possible planner of this attack in syria, organized in belgium, carried out here in paris. these attacks here, putting a dark cloud over an already serious refugee crisis across this continent.
8:49 am
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. one of the world's greatest e fears in the face of the massive refugee crisis facing europe has come true. one of the terrorists had made his way into europe posing as a syrian refugee. we go the france where they are oare porting that 66 of the 6 -e
8:54 am
8 attackers spent time in syria, and at least one of the terrorists made their way into europe posing as a refugee. arwa, you have covered this massive refugee crisis in europe, but how did this man infiltrate the refugee, and what more are you learning about him? >> well, kate, the sad reality is that it is not very difficult to actually blend in with these masses of refugees and migrants making their way from turkey to greece and then onwards to europe. this individual, a passport was found at one of the scenes of the paris attack, and that passport is traced back here to the small greek island of leros, and the population is 8,000. this individual according to the greek authorities came through here on october 3rd on what the frenchp are saying is either a forged or perhaps stolen syrian passport. but here's the thing, with or
8:55 am
without valid identification, people can still come to greece to the various european entry point, and declare themselves refugees, because the scale of the crisis is so great, that many of those fleeing syria is fleeing without their documentation, and so what happens is that once an individual reach's greek greece's shores, they begin to be processed. if they have identification, it is faster, but there are others on site who are trying to verify their identities and stories to the capabilities and then everybody is fingerprinted and put into the system. the problem is that they are not fingerprinted and put into a global database which doesn't really exist. so if no one has any red flags raise at this stage, then easily they can move from here onwards to europe.
8:56 am
this is of great concern not only to the intelligence community, but the refugees themselves, because they are afraid of the blowback. >> absolutely. as you said, the crisis is not lessening at all, and how will the world respond in the face of this. thank you, arwa damon. our special coverage live from paris continues after this quick break. affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance.
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hello, everyone. good evening from paris where it is 6:00 in the evening. i'm poppy harlow live for you here tonight. >> and i'm ashleigh banfield here in new york where it is 12 noon eastern time, and welcome to a special edition of "legal view." france is at war and in a historic speech to both houses of


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