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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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well, this morning, we've got new audio from the scene of yesterday's mass shooting at planned parenthood clinic in colorado. of course, investigators want to know why, they're searching for the motive here. also, we're learning more about the officer who was killed this hour. also in a trip, covered in secrecy this morning. presidential candidate ben carson surprised an awful lot of people. he's visiting a refugee champ in amman, jordan. and the protests continue to chicago. more planned for today. some arrests overnight. angry now over the shooting death of a teenager. they stopped holiday shopping. they're calling for the oust offer several city officials. you're in the "cnn saturday." we want to wish you good
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morning. i'm victor blackwell. 9:00 here on the east coast. this morning, we're starting with a picture. a picture of the suspected gunman in the attack on a planned parenthood facility in colorado springs. police released this mug shot of robert lewis dear just minutes ago. >> dear is in jail this morning, after he allegedly shot and killed three people. again, this is our first look at him. one of those people who died is an officer. wounded nine ours. this is a six-hour -- nearly six-hour standoff. >> yeah, we know this morning, police in colorado are mourning they're fallen colleague. officer garrett swasey, you see him on the screen. killed after he responded to the scene from his post at the university of colorado. that school's football team will honor him today with a moment of silence during the game. let's bring in eric singer, he's a reporter and news anchor for the "colorado springs gazette." first, i want you to tell us
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what you know about this officer who is being remembered fondly this morning. >> well, victor, he is officer garrett swasey. he's a six-year veteran of the school's police force in colorado springs. he's a sworn peace officer, much like someone isn't atlanta would be or the colorado police department. what we learned about him he leaves a family, his wife rachel, a young son elijah and a daughter faith. garrett was an elder in hope chapel which is a northeast colorado springs church. he was overseeing care groups and he participates in this teaching team who played guitar. officer swasey grew up in massachusetts. he competed with his partner rachel mayer, with a skating championship. and the wayne highland learned,
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they won the junior dance competition. he and hilly tompkins finished 13th in the 1995 u.s. figure skating championships and later performed in ice shows in northern maine. he was an interesting man. he was a man of faith, victor. >> and i know you mentioned he was a family man. his daughter was 6, his son is 10. and his wife rachel wondering what kind of support are they getting today? what kind of outreach for that family? >> reporter: well, christi, they're get evening nonormous a support. two vigils will be, one at all souls universal church in colorado springs. and the other at of the church in colorado springs. one thing that touched me, which was a sign taped to the door of the public safety office at the university of colorado, colorado springs, where, of course, he worked.
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and it says, ucf police, rest in peace, officer swasey, we love you. >> eric singer, thank you so much. we appreciate you bringing all the latest to us there. >> thank you, christi, victor. >> and certainly thinking about that family. investigators are moving forward, as victor said earlier, they're trying to determine what the motive yesterday at the planned parenthood clinic. so far there has not been a link found between this man, the accused killer, robert lewis dear. stephanie elam is live in colorado springs. for us, what are you learning specifically about the investigation, stephanie? >> reporter: we're still learning about robert dear, he's 57 years old. we don't know why he did it. that building in the distance that is planned parenthood. and that's where the terror happened. where people were fleeing
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through the streets and trying to get away from the drama. as you can hear how people are saying were heroic efforts to get dear to surrender. >> we did get officers inside of the building at the planned parenthood. and the officers were able to shout to the suspect and make communication with him. and at that time, they were able to get him to surrender. and he was taken into custody. there were 11 people that were transported to local hospitals. of those 11 people, five of them were police officers from various agencies that have responded to date. >> and what's worth noting here, too, those five officers that were injured, we understand that according to police reports, that this individual is allegedly shooting through walls and that is how he hit so many people. we do know that the nine people
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who lived, they're said to be in good condition. three people losing their lives, two civilians. as well as officer swasey. and officers intervening, watching closely on television cameras inside, they were able to see where dear was and able to go in and negotiate and bring this situation to a resolution. >> stephanie, do you know, are you getting any gauge when we'll learn about the other two beam killed, and about the other five officers who were shot? >> reporter: we still don't know much about the other people who were injured. but we do know there are some people talking about their experiences and the terrifying face-to-face encounter. that one individual had, just listening to it. take a listen to it yourself. just imagine this scary moment if you had to encounter that on that friday afternoon. >> we saw officers fly into the parking lot with their lights on and everything.
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then we saw them pass our shop and go behind next door. there were officers everywhere on the whole perimeter. then we saw one of the officers behind the chase bank. we heard several gunshots and we saw one of the officers go down behind his car. >> reporter: but when you listen to that knowing that the after is getting hit and people are watching this, obviously very scary here. a lot of people in the country are thankful for the police officer's intervention, because it was not worse than it may have been, had they not fillinged out a way into the building and stop dear from more tragic events. >> stephanie elam, we appreciate it. a warning now, don't play with fire. the turkish president sends that message to russia, as moscow making a series of moves to ratchet up tensions between the two countries. also, take a look at the thousands of protesters in
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and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums 11 minutes past the hour right now. russia wants economic reverngs so to speak, on turkey for downing a fighter jet. and today, moscow is expected to release a list of possible economic sanctions that they'd like to take. a move that could drive them into a war. the president is asking for a meeting with vladimir putin but he's also warning him not to, quote, play with fire.
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cnn's ian lee live in istanbul with the very latest. ian, help us understand. i've heard turkish officials are asking their citizens postpone any trip to russia, is that right? >> reporter: yeah, christi, it's all par of the tit for tat that we're see here. russia cancelling any movement wean the t 22 end the two communities. t will also hurt the turks. the turkish government, telling their citizens not to go to russia unless it's urgent. there's a lot of turkish businessmen that go to rushy. these two economies are really intertwined. the second largest trading partner for turkey is russia. they get about 60% of their gas from russia. russia is going to build a
6:13 am
multimillion-dollar plant. they have a lot to lose in this, if that's ultimately declared. we are hearing from president erdogan in turkey, that he does not want to see this happen. it will ten the turkish economy, but then the russian economy. >> as we understand it, all of this talk about economic sanctions just comes down to the demand for an apology? >> that's what it appears to be. putin says that he wants an apology from erdogan, but as we've heard over and over again, erdogan says they were just defending their national sovereignty. they say that the russians are the ones that should be apologizing to them. neither president looks like they're going to back down anytime soon, which could draw
6:14 am
this out. and really cost millions, if not billions of dollars, in damages for both economies. >> yeah, we'll see how it plays out. ian lee, appreciate it this morning, thank you. all right, we're joining by terrorism expert se jan, and we're see something of the economic decisions, but what do you glean from the introduction of this s-400 that's being introduced into syria? does it bring to you some level of concern? >> absolutely, victor what it does, puts the turks on notice next time they shoot at any aircraft, they're going to shoot at the turkish aircraft. that's what we're dealing with, he the ratcheting up of military
6:15 am
presence in syria. and with that being the case, we're going to find they're going to do a lot more, i think, of those close to the border flights and we may even see more cross border incidents. in essence, the russians are going to dare the turks to fire at them again. >> there's this meeting in paris that both presidents putin and erdogan there be will. they've asked for a meeting with mr. putin. russia says there's no progress there, do you expect they will? or what likely will that solve? the will that be beneficial? >> you raise a good point, victor. especially in light of what happens, the atrocities in paris it's very important, there could be a coalition moving forward,
6:16 am
despite working differences. there say belief that french president francois hollande is going to try to work behind trying to get them to alleviate any. with the downing of the jet, potentially, it's not a one-up. you can see incidents like that lee peting itself. >> as we asked you about the coalition, the french foreign minister made news on friday saying the coalition that needs to take the fight out is not one of the best. it has to do with sunni forces, the free syrian army. and then clarity later, saying after transition for syria. is that realistic, even considering there may be some transition of al assad out of
6:17 am
the power that they will take on isis? >> not a problem. i think that could very much be the case. because in situation, in the past, you've seen forces that have been opposed to one minute one minute. joining forces with each other the next. now, it's going to take some doing to get there. but that is going to be a situation, i think that will require a lot of diplomacy. i think it's exactly right to say the french are heavyfully involved in this. they're going to be the key mediators. but that kind of environment where the forces are going to join up together. we can possibly see that maybe as close to a year or so. >> thank you both. we'll, of course, continue this conversation throughout the man. still to come now, we're going to take you to chicago. protesters not backing down over the shooting of a teenager la
6:18 am
kwan mcdonald. we're going back to chicago, where protesters say this is not over. there will be at least another day of demonstrations. and presidential candidate ben carson visited jordan. why this could be a strategic campaign move. and why the secrecy around it. i have asthma...
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peaceful and professionally protests in chicago paralyzing black friday shopping.
6:22 am
>> demonstrators packed the streets yesterday to demand resignations of several top city officials. after it took about 400 days to release graphic dash cam footage showing an officer fatally shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald, 15 shots in 15 seconds. >> cnn's ryan young is live in chicago. ryan, i'm wondering if those protests are something i'm going to see more of today? >> reporter: well, you know, talking to several large groups there are no large protests planned. sometimes, we see sporadic protests break out. last week, they were worried that the protests were going to be violent that didn't happen. and we have communication that protesters and police saying it's quiet. protesters locked their arms and
6:23 am
barred people from coming into stores, police officers handled it very well. in fact, they pretty much let the protesters doing what they wanted to do. standing in front of the store. if someone wanted to get out of the store, police officers surrounded the people and trying to get people go out. they were going about their business. this is seen for people with success. each time, they would stop at an interception and say "16 shots, 16 shots." that's what they did as they marched up and down michigan avenue, effectively shutting it down. >> ryan, i saw people on social media, effectively locking arms in front of apple stores. you say it was peaceful and we understand there are some reports are arrests. can you tell us more of those? >> reporter: we heard of four
6:24 am
arrests. we saw the first arrest taking place before the protest. one young man decided he wasn't going to get out of the street. there was a confrontation between an officer and that young man. something happened and he was arrested. with the other three, what the charges will be, we're not sure. did we see property to damage? we didn't see damage. did we see a scuffle where somebody tried to push their way through, yes, there was pushing and shoving. even the protesters we talked to thought this was a peaceful way to handle it. list ton this one. >> they thought we would respond by burning it down. the precious magnificent mile would be up in flames. but look at the city, we want peace, opportunity. to see people locking their arms together, a lot of these folks don't know each other and making sure they stop, how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel beautiful.
6:25 am
look at the diverse tishgs oity rich, poor. we love this city. >> reporter: the magnificent mile, a lot of people pointing out looks, this is the rich side of the chicago, and they felt the other side of the town was being ignored. they wanted to bring the poor down to congress. we've been covering protests this year, honestly, we'll tell you the tenor of the one out here was very peaceful. in fact, we didn't see that confrontation that so many people were worried about. it just didn't happen in the streets of chicago. >> ryan young, thank you so much for giving us a good sense of what's happening there. we appreciate it. also, we have new audio from police as they arrived on the scene at the planned parenthood. plus we're learning more about the police officer killed in that attack. t using your airline credit card miles.
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all right, new this hour -- president obama is speaking now about the deadly shootings at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado. here's part of the statement released by the white house this hour. mr. obama says this, quote, if we truly care about this, if we're going to offer up our thoughts and prayers again, then we have to do something about the easy accessibility of weapons of war to people on our streets who have no business wielding them, enough is enough. three people were killed ned when a gunman fired on a clinic in colorado springs, went inside and continued shooting. nine others were jurisdiction.
6:30 am
>> the suspected gunman is identified as 57-year-old robert dear. police radios have captured the scene. it was a chaotic. it was urgent, and it was inside this whole operation as police try to control that gunman. listen to this. >> there are three people riding in the bathroom at planned parenthood where they think they hear the suspects. >> is anybody in the safe room? >> we are in contact with three parties. one is hiding in the back. >> they're going to hide in the back closet and this is over. >> we are in contact with one party. >> i'm trying to find a victim in the back. we're kind of exposed. >> there's at least one, maybe two, one was shot twice in the chest. >> is that safe to do? >> yes.
6:31 am
>> if you need to drive that thing through any other doors, that's fine, too, just to get us in. >> all right. police say that that gunman exchanged gunfire with officers there for nearly six hours. and then he surrendered. tom foreman is going to give us a look at the colorado springs area, a lay of the land association we can kind of get some clarity in all of the chaos that happened yesterday. >> one of the big questions about all of is this how did this situation here in the middle of colorado -- how did this go on for so long? why was it so difficult for police to pin it down? part of the problem was potential threat to so many people around. in the beginning, police closed down this road, because it was not clear exactly where the sheeting was coming from. or where it was aimed. and if you add up all of the houses out of this main grid here of roads closed around it. 750, 800 different homes.
6:32 am
a lot of businesses down in here. businesses here. all of the people potentially affected. when there was this confusion, it was partiallily speared by the fact that the shooter, or suspected shooter, was over in this area, we say, but his shots were reaching out into other areas. so much so there were people inside the shopping center that say they could not go outside. they had to stay locked down. more businesses over here. all of that had to be protected by police until they figure out exactly what was happening. and then even when they narrowed it down to saying it really was about the planned parenthood building right over here, they still had a large building next to it that had had medical offices in it. they also have this building here that takes care of senior citizens. so there's dozens and dozens of people that have to be
6:33 am
protected. not just from the long rifle that police say he had. but also the propane tanks. yes, it looked like one incident isn't one building at the end of that time. but before then, an awful lot of people potentially affected. >> we have on the phone with us now, cnn law enforcement analyst jonathan gillian. jonath jonathan, you were part of this story when it was breaking on air. i'm wondering agency you're watching this man, and this man walked out in handcuffs, were you surprised by that? >> well, i have to say yes and no, the nature of the facility at which he was at, my first thought was when it started coming out that he was in planned parenthood, i just assumed this is somebody with an
6:34 am
ideological -- may be wrong. may just be a mad man. we'll find out. because it was so specifically targeted. he's somebody with an agenda that wants to be known. after he produces his certain amount of fear, he's going to want to have his day and his opportunity to talk. and that's where, i had say feeling it may end that way. and it turns out that it did. >> expound for us, you said because of where this happened, you expect it's ideologically driven. there are any other indicators that show this is politically driven. ideologically driven, and not just those who went on a shooting rampage who happened to be in a planned parenthood building? >> reporter: well, first off, you know he specifically was
6:35 am
starting this area. they were following him with the cameras before he came in. that kind of alerted people a little bit. the fact that he was specifically walking around this building. he went into this building, i don't think, from what i saw yesterday, as this was untodaying, that he was attacking something else and maneuvered into that planned parenthood. i think we have one or two outcomes as far as the motivation. he's very angry with people. we've had hospitals targeted. places of work where people are targeted because they're angry. or he has the vendetta and an ideology that goes against planned parenthood. so, i think we can look at it in that way. and people have to remember, granted, we don't know this, the mental capacity of this person, like anybody else, when we have a lone individual. and we're assuming that it's a lone individual, and not a
6:36 am
larger group. but terrorism is a tactic. it's not a group. we put the word terrorism with people of the fundamental or what we call radical islamic movement. but the reality is, terrorism is a tactic in which you use fear to change the political ideology of the community. or a group of people. and if his motivation is to do that, going in there and being very specific, we can call that terrorism. >> all right. jonathan gilliam, cnn law enforcement analyst, thank you so much. >> got it. >> next hour, we're going to take a look at the victims of this tragedy. ahead on "cnn newsroom," shrouded in secrecy as ben carson visits with refugees in jordan. also, could this fit be a game changer for carson's
6:37 am
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40 minutes past the hour. republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson is in jordan this morning where he's visited a syrian refugee camp in azraq. cnn's oren liebermann has more from jordan.
6:41 am
>> reporter: this has been a secretive trip tour dr. ben carson. it was not open to the media. in fact, we not allowed inside while carson was inside for three hours. we know very little of what he did. who we met, the conversations he had, what he said to the syrian refugees and more importantly, what he said back to them. we know he ledarned that he cam to learn about the crisis. we know he brought soccer balls to play with some of the kids, but we don't know what those conversations were like. of course, we don't know what carson actually learned. what he saw here. that's very important because carson, like many other presidential candidates said he would not allow syrian refugees in the u.s. he went as far as to compare syrian refugees as rabid dogs. this is an attempt to shore
6:42 am
himself up on areas where he seems weak, foreign policy and national security. it's a very short trip. he's just here for two nights. and a visit to the other refugee camp. but the message from here has been very, very controlled. we were not allowed in when he was here. we'll see what his camp puts out, and what, if any, policies will vischange from this visit here. >> let's talk with former united nations authority david tafuri and policy adviser. david good to vhave you back. and then senator obama and senator joe biden had to convince them that he was fit to take on foreign policies. we know that hillary clinton crystallized the questions in that 3:00 a.m. ad.
6:43 am
if you were advising ben carson's campaign, take the party out of it, what would be the perspective on the trip and what does he need to do? >> well, i think it's good that he took this trip, particularly to visit with syrian refugees. he made insensitive comments last week, compared them to rabid dogs. i think he had to explain that. and hopefully, what he'll get from the trip is he'll learn about the refugee situation and about the situation in syria. the comparison to president obama is very interesting because president obama visited jordan and iraq back in 2008. a little later in this campaign, july 2008, but he did that to try and show his credentials in foe foreign policy. but also to learn more about the situation there. he needed to be prepared for the general election. he was going up against senator
6:44 am
mccain who was very knowledgeable about those issues. hopefully, what he'll get off with the vote is to learn more and perhaps have policy. he's very late with policy, with respect to foreign policy. i think it's a good idea. >> let me ask you this, we've heard from the front-runner, donald trump, saying, you know, he gets his military advicadvic from the shows. i'm talking about political shows on division. he's had a few himself. why does donald trump get a pass here, when ben carson has seen double-digit tanking about his concerns about foreign policy. >> i'm not sure. donald trump seemed to get a pass on lots of different things. i think people's expectations are very low. they learned to expect sound bites out of him. not policy prescriptions. i think that's part of why he
6:45 am
gets a pass. but i can't imagine that's going to last throughout the whole campaign. he is going to be tested on foreign policy issues. he's particularly weak on foreign policy. he would do himself a favor and not just go to jordan. but if he can to go to iraq, visit afghanistan, to visit turkey. these are places that continue to be in the news where developments are happening. and he needs to learn more about the war with isis. just saying we're going to bomb the hell out of them is not enough. that's a sound bite. not a plan. >> we know, of course, after the attacks in paris and the investigation going on globally, that foreign policy and those matters are of the up most importance to voters. why aren't we seeing that reflected in the polls in growing support for, say, senator lindsey graham and rand paul. rand paul is on the formations
6:46 am
committee in the senate. why aren't we seeing their numbers grow as well? >> also very tough questions to answer. you're right, polls show foreign policy, terrorism and security of america are pretty much the most important issues to voters right now. so gravitating to the candidates that you mentioned that have more foreign policy. it's a little confusing. and marco rubio, his discussions about foreign policy are a little more detailed, more involved, so maybe that's why he's seeing a little bit of a surge. but then again, a lot of voters have not yet moved to rubio on those seem to be weak. >> and as they appear to care as much as foreign policy, they care about much about an
6:47 am
outsider. david tafuri, thanks so much. we've got information on nut security measures in france that are shaping up this morning. >> yeah, details on why officials have denied, we've learned, about 1,000 people, entry into that country. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪ when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better.
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new this morning. france says it stopped nearly 1,000 people from entering the
6:51 am
country since the paris attacks. the people turned away were deemed, quote, security risks to a public order. he also said there are 15,000 officers currently stationed along france's borders. cnn's martin savidge joining us live from paris with the latest. after learning about these new arrests, i should say we are also learning about a new arrest in connection with the same attacks. what are you hearing there? >> hey, christie. first of all, france instituted a number of emergency powers in the immediate aftermath of that attack. part of the reason they have been screening people and preventing them from coming in. as to the arrests, six have been in belgium. they are all connected to salah abdeslam. he is believed to have carried out the attacks.
6:52 am
french authorities know he survived because they detained him for a short while in the aftermath of those attacks. they didn't know who he was or his relationships to the attacks at that time. he wasn't a wanted man. he was headed in belgium and apparently seen in brussels several hours later, the saturday after and then he has disappeared. no one has seen him since. it is believed that the only way he could remain on the run because of this huge dragnet is that he must be getting support. whether that is from friends or from associates, that's what authorities are deeply trying to figure out, christie. >> martin savidge, we appreciate the update. thank you so much. still to come, some pretty extreme weather across parts of the country today. we are talking about deadly flooding, icy roads making for dangerous conditions as well. coming up at the top of the hour, new audio from police. as they arrived on the scene of that mass shooting at planned
6:53 am
parenthood in colorado yesterday. we are going to play that audio for you. stay close.
6:54 am
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protests and anger in the streets of chicago. watch. police have arrested four people have demonstrations yesterday. the protesters alleged there was a year-long coverup of a police dash cam video that shows an officer fatally shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. the video was released this week. the protesters are demanding the resignation of the city's top officials. they want a federal investigation into the chicago police department. an alleged gang member lured 9-year-old tai shan lee into an alley as a retaliation against the boy's father. coin morgan has been charged with first-degree murder. police are looking for this man, kevin edwards, who is still out
6:58 am
there somewhere. they are investigating a laser incident reported by virgin america. wabc reported the laser illuminated the airbus four miles from jfk. all crew and passengers on board flight 24 did land safely at jfk fortunately. what a mess. look at the rain and what it is doing to north texas. at least three people have died. another person is presumed dead due to widespread flooding in the past couple of days. from texas to missouri, 11 million people are under flash flood warnings right now. another 4 million have put on a winter weather advisory for freezing rain. it is expected to stretch from amarillo to oklahoma city, wichita and kansas city. >> all of that mess, the rain, snow, ice, comes during one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. just a big headache here. a cnn meteorologist, allison
6:59 am
chinchar is tracking everything for us. >> we are looking at texas. this is where all of the systems started. it inundated them with a bunch of rain. with he show oklahoma and texas. no list of bull's eyes around dallas where they have picked up about 7 inches of rain in the last few days. some higher amounts in the northern suburbs of dallas. now, take a look at where they stand for the year. we have talked about texas going from drought to flooding, drought to flooding, back and forth. this is a flooding year. normally, they would be about 33 inches for the year to date for the average. right now, they are at 57 inches. again, the year is not yet done. very impressive amounts. we're also keeping an eye on what the weather is doing right now. you can see, still, very heavy rain stretching from dallas all the way up towards maine we have heavy weather in nashville, little rock. we have areas that have picked
7:00 am
up half an inch of ice. that is impossible to travel on whether by car or plane. more ice in oklahoma city. some of it beginning to transition in tulsa, wichita and kansas city. again, we still have a lot of these watching and warnings out for many of these areas. guys, if you have some flight plans in any of these cities, you may want to check with your carrier for possible delays or even cancellations. guys, back to you. thank you so much, allison chinchar. we have a lot more going on. a lot more news to tell you about. >> we sure do. the next hour of "newsroom" starts right now. good morning to you. we appreciate your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor black well. a ples yur to start this saturday with you z. >> police have released the mug shot. take a look at the accused gunman of that planned parenthood clinic. it took the lives of three people. officials say 57-year-


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