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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 1, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. hi there, i'm brobrooke bal. we have breaking news out of chicago after that video was released showing a police officer killing an african-american. the top cop is out today. in announcing a a new task force, the mayor of chicago said moments ago that he has asked for superintendent's resignation. he's been on the job for four years leading that police force for the third largest city. the decision comes with the public's trust in the department
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clearly shaken and eroded. >> superintendent mccarthy knows that a police officer is only as effective as when e he has the trust of those e he serves. after this weekend, after sktively handle the protests that followed the release of the video last week and the arrest of the killer, superintendent mccarthy began a discussion on sunday about the direction of the department and the undenial fact that the public trust and leadership of the department has been shaken and eroded. this morning i formally asked for his resignation. >> the superintendent's firing comes a week after the police officer was arrested for first-degree murder in last year's shooting death of the 17-year-old. he posted bond and here he was walking out of jail last night. his bail was set at $1.5
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million. hours after the arrest, the city released vud owe of show iing h shooting 16 times. protesters and other critics allege a cover up by city officials. it took them 400 days to release the video after a judge ordered them to do so. let's begin our coverage with our national correspondent there live in chicago ryan young. ryan, you have been all over this from the get go. you have been talking to folks saying, listen, this is not enough. >> reporter: there's so many people here who don't think this is going far enough. they also want the state's attorney gone. anyone who had a chance to seat video before it was released to the public has something to do with this. overall people kept telling us over and over again they believe there was a cover up going on. when we woke up this it morning, you had this out there. the sun times calling for mccarthy to step down. that was an editorial that was
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written. and then several hours later the next thing you know he's being fired. people want to see a systemic change. . they believe this has been going on in the city of chicago for quite some time. there's another family that's already saying that they want video released from another shooting. so you have people who are having conversations out loud in. public saying something needs to change with the entire system here in chicago. . these are questions they are asking, especially after the young man was shot 16 times, two of which while standing and 14 while he was on the ground. a lot of questions being asked not only about what the video shows, but there are questions about what happened with the video after all this investigation began. why did it take the 400 states for the state's attorney's office to press those charges against the officer. an officer that got bond. you heard from community members questioning that. but the bond was put up and he was out and now there's a a conversation about what happens
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and who moves it forward in the future. >> ryan young, all excellent questions, thank you so much. we're going to bring a voice in to hear some other questions as well to shake up at the top of chicago's police force comes less than a week after mccarthy stood in front of reporters and told them the mayor had his back. >> what i will tell you is the mayor has made it very clear that he has my back. if people peel away the onion on what's happening right now in the policing world, you're going to find a police department that's doing an exceptional job and i'm not going to quit on the people of chicago. >> and now we know the news of the resignation today. let's talk more about what's going on in chicago and the accusations that the city is involved in a cover up. steven green is the national college and youth director. he was among. a group arrested in chicago yesterday in protests of la-quan mcdonald's death.
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and some students there as well. also joining me here in new york is cnn law enforcement analyst harry hall, so thank you both so much for being with me. steven, to you first. you heard the conversation i just had with the correspondent there in chicago. with the news today of superintendent mccarthy's firing, is that enough for you? >> absolutely not. this is a one branch falling in our pursuit of citizen to really uproot from the car, from the soil the system of corruption that's permeated throughout the city of chicago. you may change the dancers, but still listen to the same tune. so we're persistent and calling for a remix of the entire song. . we're calling for complete overall and complete reform in the city of chicago with this police department. >> harry, your response to the fact that now we know we have seen gary mccash thi be emotional over a lot of
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shootings we have covered in chicago. he's the face of the police department as the top. cop. now that we know he's out, what now? >> i'm not a fan of gary mccarthy at all. but the fact that he's being fired because of rahm emanuel oes policies, every time i see him on with the mayor, he's acquiesce sent to what the mayomayo mayors want. they don't know how to police the inr city. we had a 9 yoorld that was killed by thugs. he was ait issass naughted. when is enough enough? i am sick and tired of seeing small children being killed, assassinated on the street. they can't go outside and play. you have a mayor sitting here saying that it's the police commissioner's fault when it's the mayor's fault. this mayor should be impeached. s he should resign. the national guard should go in and take the city back and let kids play on the street again.
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>> steven, u don't know. if you listened to the news conference today with rahm emanuel, but those reporters were asking can some tough questions. not just about the trust with the police department but also with the mayor's office as well. i'm wondering and really the question and ultimately someone will need to get to the bottom of this because there was a reelection for rahm e manual this past spring is could there have been a political cover up? >> e we believe that we are intentional a about finding the true answers. if it was a cover up, why did it take so long? these are questions we are asking and really seeking the justice department to come in and do a complete top down investigation to the overall pattern and practices of the chicago police department. this isn't new. when you have a police department with its own domestic guantanamo bay. we have a neglect on the south side of chicago when you have cases that go unheard as it relates to young black children.
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we have a prab problem in the city of chicago. we need complete overall reform. we're seeking a demand. >> specifically iy on what harr called for an impeachment for the mayor, can you respond for that? >> we're not going to get into the semantics. >> do you agree with that? >> i don't appreciate that. >> but it's true. >> you can call for a resignation of the mayor and still get. someone else that looks just like him. we're not asking -- >> aren't you tired of dead black children on the streets of chicago? not from cops but from thugs shooting at each other? >> of course, i'm tired. i'm tired of the neglect and economic disparities in chicago.
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i'm not asking for a new face. i'm asking for a completely different song. we're asking for people and the justice department to completely intervene and give us an e overhaul investigation of this entire practice and policies. >> harry, let me ask you that. we have been hearing from folks the last dcouple days to the notion of entirely removing city leadership from the mayor to here we have mccarthy to these police officers. does that not sound a little farfetched? >> how bad has chicago been for a long time? a long time. >> what do you propose? >> first of all, police officers are the catch 22 situation now. they are damn ed if they do police work and damned if they don't. the only way to take back the city of chicago is for police to go on aggressive police work. you have to do that.
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you have to be able to point the fingers at the bad guys. more people -- when i call the guy. s that shot that 9-year-old thugs, i'll get tweets and calls from people saying why do you call them a thug. can't they see that that's is the problem in the inner city? >> you're pointing fingers. what the problem of the system of chicago is a system and it's gone on for generations of oppression and neglect. you want to talk about policing, let's talk about education, poverty, housing, it is more than one issue. so we're asking for complete and over all reform. your message is very singular. >> i'm just tired of the police getting the brunt of everything that's going on. the people who live in chicago should start voting for another person. maybe a republican to see how a republican can come in there. >> i'm not going to get into
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partisan politics. >> there's a generation that's in this face that says we're willing and we're ready to mobilize and engage to put people in office a who will represent our ideals and practices. time is up for the corruption in the city of chicago. so we're asking the justice department to come in and do an investigation. we're asking for a police review board with subpoena power. we're also asking for the city of chicago to implement the president's task force policies. we're asking for transformation and change in the city of chicago and we're not silent. much to your dismay and upset. >> thank you both. the doj is investigating. >> appreciate it, thank you. coming up next, breaking news. a bomb. exploding near a subway station in turkey. we'll e take you there live. also ahead, breaking details on the ring leader of the paris attacks and plans to attack
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again. hear what he wanted to look the part in future plots. fascinating details coming out today. and the pentagon announcing it will be sending more special forces to iraq and syria to carry out more raids and rescue more hostages. but does this put american troops at risk. i'm brooke baldwin and this is cnn. in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast:
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. an explosion has just rocked a a subway station in istanbul. the mayor of the district happened saying the surveillance video footage shows a bomb detonated on an overpass near the station. five people were injured. as you well know, this is just the latest in a string of terror
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attacks in this country still on high alert after more than 100 people were killed outside of a train station in the country's capital. joining me now is ian lee. this happened close to rush hour there your time in turkey. tell me more about what you're learning about this bomb. ing. >>. broo brooke, it happened on this off ramp just behind me next to this major artery that goes through istanbul on the way to the airport. we heard from the local mayor saying that he believes it was a bomb saying that at least five people were injured. now the police still haven't confirmed if it was a bomb or not and the governor of istanbul still hasn't commented. they say it's unknown. but what we're hearing also from the official news agency is that when you look at that video, the grainy video of that explosion,
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you can see a truck or a bus that is moving up the off ramp and there they say that is a bus that's carrying police officers. and police are investigating if that bus was the intended target of that explosion. a lot of unknowns at this hour. but as you mentioned, turkey is in a tense state. in october there was that major bombing in the capital that killed over 100 people and in july there was another bombing on the board. er that killed over 30 people. the turkish government has blamed isis for those attacks. no one has claimed responsibility for this. this investigation still very much underway. >> thank you so much. this bizarre new revelation about the mastermind behind that paris massacre. wooe here's what we have. abdelhamid abaaoud had wanted his female cousin who was kill
11:19 am
ed alongside him in the police raid a couple weeks ago, he wanted her to find him an expensive suit so he could look the part. his words. let's go live to paris to fred pleitgen. the fact he wanted the suit would back the theory he wanted to blend in in the financial district of paris. >> yeah, that's certainly what it looks like. apparently he wanted to give his female cousin $5,000 to get him two suits and two pairs of very expensive shoes for himself and also an accomplice. we do know that one of the places that apparently he planned to hit, this is according to the paris prosecutor was a place in the financial district. i was there just a little earlier today. that's the way people look
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there. so apparently this was him trying to blend in for future attacks. one of the things we also have to keep in mind with that is this is something that fit into his pattern. after the "charlie hebdo" attacks in january of this year, the belgium police busted a plot that he was behind as well where he was trying to accumulate belgium police uniforms to dress up as police officers and then kill as many people as possible. so certainly it seems like this is something that will fit into the pattern very much and also when you listen to investigators, it wasn't just that one he was try ing ing to but jewish areas and a transport network. >> fred pleitgen, thank you for the latest from paris. the united states fight to take out isis got bigger. now more americans will be heading into the war zone. we heard from secretary of defense ash carter announce iin
11:21 am
troops will be sent in to not only iraq but syria as well. thank you for being on, gentlemen. we talked last month the pentagon announcing that 50 commanders would be sent to syria to advise forces battling isis. with the announcement from secretary carter, how is the mission expanding? >> it's not a big expansion numbers wise because they are talking about a few dozen u.s. special forces going into. iraq. but what is big is the expansion in role. this force in iraq will be involved in things like freeing hostages, going after the high value targets. isis leaders, these are two of the most dangerous kinds of missions you can get involved in as a war fighter. so put that in the context we have been following this for more than a year.
11:22 am
u.s. military action against isis, the administrate said dozens of times there would be no combat role for u.s. forces there. this is clearly a combat. role. and it was when commanders were with the kurds to free hostages. a delta force was killed in the operation. these are at the tip of the spear so now you're seeing in in iraq and syria. >> to jim's point, if we're talking about raids and putting more troops in roles, that absolutely ups the vulnerability of them as well. >> brooke, great to be with you. being a soldier is a dangerous mission. and our soldiers sign up. for this and do this for us so we can be free.
11:23 am
what the president and secretary of defense are doing a taking a play out of the afghanistan playbook where a a few teams of special forces were able to work with air power to get the taliban to flee across the border. it's very much the same type of play. z they have never won any war anywhere. it looks good on tv and all those videos. but this needs to be followed by a step where the president leads nato to get nato to activate article v to get the 28 member nations and the political piece involved here so we can have the support from other nations and then hook in the middle east nations that were outraged at the paris attacks to have a 40-member nation coalition that is trying to crush this enemy
11:24 am
that has sanction ware. they have hydroelectric power. they have a couple million daily in oil revenue from the turkish black market. so they are a nation state for all practical purposes. this is a a first step in cutting off and getting after their communications and logistics. >> thank you both so much. want to move along because next a big story here. we're following jury selection underway again today for the first of those six baltimore police officers facing charges in the death of freddie gray. one thing the jurors have in common is they are all aware of freddie gray's death and the unrest that followed. can these officers get an impartial jury in the city of baltimore? we'll discuss that, next.
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day two of jury selection in baltimore. william porter is one of six officers facing charges in the death of freddie gray. gray, as you well know the story, he he died in april a week after he was injured while in police custody. so the fresh pool of 75 potential jurors is being questioned today. so let's go through some of them. that includes 29 african-american women, 15 african-american men, 15 white men, 12 white women and 4 people who are listed as other or unclear. now officer porter was in the courtroom as potential jurors were questioned. he took notes, he attended every single side bar with husband attorneys. miguel marquez was in the courtroom and is in baltimore today. also with me is mel robins. so miguel, beginning with you
11:30 am
here, let's walk through some of these potential jurors. just like yesterday many of them said of course, they are familiar with the freddie gray case. the unrest that followed two said they actually knew him. >> they did indoed. so we have a jury pool much like we expected for the second day in a row. mostly african-american, everybody knew about the freddie gray case. they all were affected but their curfew and all except for one knew that the gray family settled for $6.4 million with the city. clearly this is is going to present a huge problems for the prosecution and for the judge in trying to get a jury sat. yesterday he came on the bench and said we're going to have a jury and a trial will start today. today he came on the bench in front of the 75 potential jurors and said in a few days we'll have a jury. so my sense is that this judge is now realizing it may be more difficult than he even thought
11:31 am
to get a jury in baltimore city. >> miguel. stay with me. you have been covering baltimore since the beginning. i want you to join in the conversation. i have questions as far as why this case is the first case. first on the questions, what sorts of questions are these jurors getting. >> everything you can imagine. first of all, if you know freddie gray, you're off the jury immediately. you're not allowed to know the parties. secondly, you want to know how did the riots affect you. what do you think about the case. what are the things that you know about the case. the more open ended questions the better. the reason why is because when you get somebody talking you get them speaking in. their own words. they are going to start sharing things that they would never share in a yes or no question. what is the prosecutor looking for and the defense looking for. they are looking for people that can be impartial, that are not predisposed to think that the police are bad or freddie gray was somehow not killed.
11:32 am
that they can look at the facts of the case and make an independent determination. the more they talk and answer open-ended questions, the more likely you're going to hear something that will allow you to challenge them as a juror. >> when we were there in april, i remember it as these officers were charged and one of the thoughts from smart legal minds was maybe one of the officers will turn on the others and that would help the other cases. that said, as they are trying to select jurors, is it too late for this first case to reach a deal? >> absolutely not. so first of all, this is my personal opinion. they typically in a case where the cases are tried separately with multiple defendants, you pick the strongest case you have first. >> better probability for conviction. >> the reason why is if you get a conviction, that sends a message to everybody. in particular, it sends a message to the other five defendants that there's a strong case against you.
11:33 am
that might make certain defendants turn on the other defendants and might make them plea and a whole host of things happen. it also allows you to know by trying your strongest case first what's the best way to lay the case out? who are the best witnesses? what's the most compelling way to lay the timeline out. this is a a kpcomplicated case with multiple actors that happen over a period of minutes. these are officers, some of whom who knew freddie gray. there are so many nuances in this case. so you better believe they picked the strongest case first. and by the way, as they are try ing ta case, the other five officers are watching intently. and there may be somebody that is thinking, oh my gosh, i can't risk this. i can't risk this. they said if i testified against everybody else, then i wouldn't kbo to jail or won't charge me or give me a deal that keeps me out of jail. so i'm sure that everybody on the prosecution side is still
11:34 am
work iing that angle to try to turn somebody's state evidence. you have to believe even though there has to be a lot of pressure to not turn on the brotherhood of the fellow police department, you never know in those moments what somebody is thinking. >> thank you very much. we'll be back at this tomorrow i'm sure. coming up next, back to our breaking news. chicago today, the police chief has been fired just a week after that dash cam video has been released showing a police officer shooting and killing 17-year-old la-quan mcdonald from last year. days before that shooting, another young black man was shot and killed by police in chicago. and the mother of that young man is is now fighting to get that dash cam video released. . she will join me live with her story, next.
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chicago's police chief has been fured over the fatal police shooting of a chicago teen. mayor emanuel has asked for his resignation because the trust has been shaken and eroded. it follows the release of videotape at last year's shooting death of la-quan mcdonald that took more than a year for the video to come out publicly and now the mother in another chicago death says was also killed by police. she's accusing the city of sitting on this tape. the 25-year-old was gunned down just eight days before mcdonald in october of 2014.
11:40 am
>> and just got the stop. it's been over a year that my son has been murdered and has time to convict of murder. shouldn't nobody have to go through this pain over their kids because i'm quite sure they loved theirs just as much as we loved ours. >> his mother joins me now along with her attorney. so welcome to both of you. and ms. holmes, i'm so sorry for the loss of your son. if i may, just begin with you and ask you what happened to ronnie? >> he was killed by cpd in o 2014. >> can you tell me more about what he was doing at that time, that day, what led to this?
11:41 am
>> he was at a party over there in their neighborhood. and the car that he was in had had got shot up and e he jumped out and ran in the process of him running, he was murdered. >> and you are accusing chicago police of not only you say killing him, but sitting on the tape. tell me why you think that. >> because this happened a year ago and i've been fighting suns then to get. the video released and they still haven't released it it. >> what's the reason they have given you as far as why they haven't released it. >> if i can jump in on that. we filed a federal civil lawsuit after the shooting and the killing of ronald holmes. immediately the city went in and obtained the protective order from the federal judge asking that the video not be released. i filed a freedom of information
11:42 am
request to get the video that was denied by the chicago police department and the city. we have since filed a freedom of information act lawsuit to get the video released. the city and the police have been blocking us at every step. they don't want this video released. they sat on this prior to the mcdonald shooting and here we are again same old story covering this up. and all they have done is tried to keep this quiet so the public can't see it. >> so here you are both of you fighting to have the tape released. and to you, now you see this video of the death. have you watched the video? >> have i watched which video? >> not the video of your son you're trying to have released
11:43 am
but the video of la-quan that was killed after your son. when he was shot 16 times. >> i couldn't watch it. >>, plain the emotions you were feeling after what you were going through with your own son. >> it brought back a lot of memories and it brought back memories to what i had seen on the tape of my son. >> michael, we want to get the chicago police's side. we have gotten nothing from them so far, although their spokesperson has said since their shooting that dorothy's son that he had a gun and he pointed his gun at officers before he was shot. i know you disagree. you tell me your version of events. >> she had a statement through
11:44 am
their spokesman and turned and pointed their gun and the officer fired for his protection and the protection of others. that was before they saw the video. the video is very clear in the number one he does not have any weapon in his hand. he is running full speed away from the police. the officer got out of his car, took three steps, aimed towards ronald's back and fired five shots. two of those struck him. one went through the back and severed the jugger vein and out through his eye socket. the police say when he fell, they recovered a gun from his right hand. first of all, he never turned and pointed anything. he never even turned and that's clear on the video. since then the police have changed their story. they have been caught in a bundle of lies. there's no way u that that gun was in his hand. there was nothing in his hand. we are alleging and we believe and it's clear they planted that gun after he was executed by
11:45 am
officer hernandez. >> dorothy, if i may end with you. from a mother's perspective, you're trying to get this video released publicly, but now knowing that the top cop is out today, what do you want? what does justice look like for your son from your city? >> we got mccarthy out of there. we want alvarez gone. and we want rahm emanuel gone because it shouldn't have took a year for them to look at the tapes to see that these cops are not good cops, as they are supposed to be. and i'm going to keep fighting until i get this dash cam footage of my son being murdered released. >> dorothy holmes, let's talk about again when that happens. thank you so much. turning next here to politics.
11:46 am
donald trump claims he saw thousands and thousands of people in new jersey cheering after the attacks on 9/11, 2011. we ask for rudy giuliani's response, next. and ted cruz says most violent felons are democrats and he doesn't stop there. what the rising republican said about condoms, birth control and what he did in college. ♪
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. why is donald trump allowed
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to say things that had you said that when you were running for president, what would have happened? >> i would have been thrown out of the race. he is judged by different standards. maybe it's because of his br background on "the apprentice" and the fact he's been a big personalty. he almost speaks in headlines. he gets your attention. and then a lot of the points aren't very substantiative. >> rudy giuliani reacting to claims, some of which are free of fact. while trump remains on the top of the polls, two candidates have been a slow but desteady rise. they are both cuban american. but that's just about where the similarities end. they are taking aim at one another. so to discuss this, let me bring in jamie weinstein.
11:52 am
so great to have you on. the glove. seems to be coming off. >> campaign manager out there when they look at the total field here, the establishment believes that at the end of the day, cruz and rubio are going to be two of the final republicans standing in this contest. i think if you talk to both of those campaigns, brooke, they are keenly aware of that and keeping a very watchful eye on each other and they are doing this shadow boxing that's now e getting more engage. ed as e we head to the end of the year and two months away. if you look today, they are taking on marco rubio over what he calls rubio's military adventurism. in an interview, he's going after rubio for being hawkish on foreign policy.
11:53 am
that's just one place they are fighting on. >> they are fighting over immigration, national security, their records, but when you look at the polling and lock state specific, cruz is searching in iowa, rubio, not so much. why? >> he has cultivated that in iowa trying to cultivate that community. rubio is is his first extended stay was last week. but what we're seeing is what david said. these contenders have run excellent campaigns and see them emerging as that second tier right below donald trump and ben carson and believe they have a chance to really take this thing. so they are trying to differentiate themselves on immigration, foreign policy, spying programs, to try to appeal and paint the other one as moderate or out of touch with the republican base. they see a real battle for the nomination. it will come down to them or
11:54 am
maybe them and donald trump and ben carson. >>. to you, it would be some of the final few standing. if cruz is doing well in iowa, where and how does rubio really break out? >> it's a great question. obviously, not all things are exactly equal when you look at each candidate's strategy. ted cruz has bet everything on iowa as the catapult for him. marco rubio placing bets more evenly. i will say this. marco rubio doesn't necessarily need to outright win one of those two first early states. what he needs to do is win the establishment lane. if he is the guy that comes out on top of john kasich, jeb bush, chris christie and is seen as the establishment lane winner in those early states, that will propel him forward in this contest. >> so if you have on one end and cruz in the middle. and trump on one end.
11:55 am
they have been vying for the similar base. if donald trump wins the republican nomination, some of the most prominent conservative voices say they would find it difficult to support him. if they can't bring themselves to vote for trump and aren't voting for hillary clinton, what's their plan? >> the weekly standard says you have to find someone to run as a protest candidate, a maybe a third party candidate because he can't support donald trump whether it's over his kind of nasty rhetoric on the campaign trail, his positions which in many ways are to the left of center and has been historically. they can't support a guy that goes around act pg the way he's acted, calling john mccain not a hero. there's a lot of guys. the question is whether these elite opinion makers, these kind of washington wisemen who write columns and magazines will matter in terms of republican
11:56 am
voters, will they abandon trump if he's the nominee. that's a different question altogether. >> that will be a whole other conversation we're having in a couple months. thank you both very much. on politics today, coming up next, has been found dead. police say he did not commit suicide and now they are trying to figure out what happened and why in this mystery. ♪
11:57 am
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. got to start with break news out of chicago. the city's top cop is out. this happening after days of protests and outrage on the city streets following the release of that it graphic video showing a white police officer killing a
12:01 pm
black teen in announcing a new task force today on police accountability. the mayor rahm emanuel said that he is asked for superintendent mccarthy's resignation. he's been on the job for four years leading the chicago police force. the may r your says the decision comes with the public's trust in the department clearly shaken and eroded. >> superintendent mccarthy knows that a police officer is only as effective as when he has the trust of those he serves. after this weekend, after effectively handling the protests that followed the release of the video last week and the arrest of the killers, superintendent mccarthy and i began a discussion on sunday about the direction of the department and the undenial fact that the leadership of the department has been shaken and eroded. this morning i formally asked for his resignation.
12:02 pm
>> his firing comes exactly one week after chicago police officer was arrested and charged with first degree murder in last year's shooting death of la-quan mcdonald. the officer posted bond and here he was walking out of jail last night. bail was e set at $1.5 million. hours after the arrest, the city released video of him shooting this young 17-year-old 16 times. protesters and other critics alleged a cover up by city officials. it took them 400 days to release the video after a judge ordered them to do so. >> so here we have mccarthy out, but folks say u that is not enough. >> that's what they want. what a difference a week makes. we have heard over and over again from protesters they wanted to see a change at the top and now that has happened. they are not just wanting that to happen.
12:03 pm
they want to e see the mayor gone and the state's attorney gone. she's facing reelection in march so something could move there. he says he's putting on his hat every single day to go to work to make chicago a better place. there are people who feel like he's part of the problem. you talk about the cover up. why did it take 400 days after the first time this video was viewed a lot of protest ers think something should have been done a lot sooner. they believe the protesters that stopped black friday sales finally had a positive effect. they think that the removal of superintendent mccarthy is a good first step. they also talked about the task force that the mayor put in place. they want to know the benchmarks for success in terms of helping this community. they are all questions people want answered. we'll vo have to see what happens next. the city is paying attention to what's dpoing on behind closed doors. >> ryan young, thank you so much. the shakeup here at the police
12:04 pm
force comes a week after mccarthy stood in front of reporters and told them he wasn't going anywhere. >> what i will tell you is the mayor has made it very clear that he has my back and if people peel away the onion on what's happening in the policing world, you're going to find a police department doing an exceptional job and i'm not going to quit on the people of chicago. >> lynn sweet is joining me now, theashington bureau chief for the sun times. thank you so much for being with me today. i know that the editorial board of your paper called for mck mccarthy's ouster writing "chicago police superintendent michelle kosins mccarthy has lost the trust and support of much of chicago. he should resign. if he does not, the mayor should fire him. so lynn, we know the news today.
12:05 pm
he's out. now what? >> well, rahm emanuel is facing the biggest crisis in his career. i have covered him more than 20 years. i have never seen him look as distraught and unsure of himself as at this press conference this morning. he talked about trying to rebuild trust and confidence. having this task force come back in a few months with some recommendations, that isn't what people want to hear right now. clearly it will take time to get a new superintendent. you have to make sure there are no new cases in a pipeline and rugt now that's not necessarily the case. so this it crisis that emanuel may not be stopped at the moment by the firing of superintendent mccarthy. a but the next focus of attention will be on states attorney anita alvarez who took a long time as we all know in.
12:06 pm
bringing charges against this officer and this march primary. will focus on a lot of the theory because this is a case where even if she doesn't resign in a few months she could be out of office. >> mccarthy out, alvarez potentially out. back to emanuel. as you know, one of the questions was this a political cover up. was this video not released so as not to damage his chances of reelection. how will anyone ever really know the truth? >> how will anyone trust rahm emanuel again? there's no good answer to this, brooke. either he knew or did not know, which speaks to his stewardship over the city. so he's boxed in here. that's why i'm saying this is the worst crisis of his long career because he likes to talk about how he is in charge of city hall. he forced the superintendent --
12:07 pm
he fired the superintendent. how could he not have known. no matter what the answer is to the question you just posed, it doesn't bode well for trust and confidence in the mayor right now. >> let's throw another name into the mix. duval patrick, yes, he's a chicago native and most recently a governor. do you think that's a good move in your opinion or someone who doesn't eat and breathe in chicago? >> don't bill him as a chicagoan. he was very influenced by chicago. he grew up on the south side and wrote in his memoir about the influence growing up in chicago and having a break in life by going away to boarding school. but he has a resume that could be helpful here. he is familiar with the south
12:08 pm
side. but the idea of trying to sell him as a chicagoan, it's like, please, just don't do that because it doesn't help. my brother and sister are reporters at the chicago press conference raised that objection. and that's where rahm emanuel sometimes tries to just outspin his own spin. if you think he's a credible person with relevant experience to revise a task force, so be it. the name doesn't mean a lot in chicago politics right now. so i think if he thought this is just not a big name that will force instant healing. does patrick have a lot of skills that may be useful, sure. but i wouldn't oversell it and i don't know why he wanted to bring it up today because i don't see why this is something that will help him in the worst crisis of his career. >> that's why i asked of all people you, lynn sweet, a great voice on all things chicago.
12:09 pm
thank you so much. come back, we'll be talking about this for au while. breaking news, a bomb exploding near a subway station in turkey. we'll take you there live. plus the ex-wife and daughter of the leader of isis have been freed during a dramatic prisoner swap. we have video and the story behind that. and just weeks after being elected, a mayor has been found dead. police say it was not suicide. so now the race is on to solve this mystery. made a simple tripvere chto the grocery storeis anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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an explosion has just rocked istanbul. the mayor of the district of where this happened, this it shows a bomb detonating on an overpass. five people there were injured. joining me. on the phone is ian lee there live. this country is still on high alert after that string of terror attacks. many of which claimed by isis. has anyone claimed
12:14 pm
responsibility tr what happened there? >> so far no one has claimed responsibility. we're hearing two things at this it hour. this bomb is being called a bomb happened in a neighborhood with a local mayor saying it was a bomb. at least five people were injured. now the police here are still saying it's unknown as well as the governor of istanbul. we went there and saw the investigators on the scene looking for clues of what happened. the official and news agency said that it could have been targeting a bus that was going by. if you look at this video, it's grainy and you see the explosion. right before you can see what looks like a bus going by. they are saying that that bus was carrying police officers. it could have been targeting them, but at this hour, no one claimed responsibility.
12:15 pm
but this is a con country that is tense. last october there was a bombing that cull ed over 100 people an in july there was a bombing on the turkish border that killed over 30 people. the turk irk government has blamed isis for attacks, although isis didn't claim responsibility. but you have that neighboring civil war down in syria. you also have the turkish security forces battling kurdish militan militants. so it is a tense time, but they are looking into this explosion trying to figure out what happened and, again, as of now no one has claimed responsibility. >> ian lee, thank you so much. more americans are heading to the war zone in both iraq and syria. we heard from secretary of defense ash carter today. he announced an expansion of special forces operations and a new role that could put commanders face to face with is isis. joining me is jim sciutto, our chief national security correspondent. precisely from the secretary of
12:16 pm
defense, what role did he say the special forces would play? >> it's not a big expansion in numbers because we're talking about a few dozen special forces. that it becomes bigger because you have support troupes, an additional 200 in this force. but what this force will do, that's a big change. they are going to be going after high value targets, hostage rescues, raids, intelligence gathering, those are tip of the spear operations. they can be very dangerous high value targets. so not a big change in numbers. it is a big change in role. it's combat. the administration has said for months there will the will not be combat forces there, but that's a combat role. the fact is we have seen some of this already. we saw this a month ago, a u.s. delta force operator was killed in a hostage rescue. you're going to see more mission like that. >> jim sciutto, thank you. >> next chris christie says
12:17 pm
being lectured by president obama on foreign policy is, in a word, laughable. you'll hear his interview with us here at cnn. i'll be joined by new hampshire republican activist who just endorsed governor christie. later former star speaks to us about his revelation that he's living with hiv. why he went public and what he's ding to stop the spread of the disease. ♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to be president. governor bush, honestly, it's over.
12:22 pm
lindsey graham, disaster. christie hasn't hit me yet. he will. he has to. cruz is going to have to hit me because he's a nice guy. he's been so supportive. it's going to be a sad day, but he will hit back. you hear about bernie sanders. you know he had an operation today. i think it was a hernia operation. you know why? carrying out too much tax problems. >> one name mention ed by the front runner donald trump was chris christie. listen, he's also known for his blunt talk. while he's not doing so well in the polls, he's keeping busy. a pretty busy event schedule in the state of new hampshire. he sat down for an interview with a special correspondent and talked about a lot of things including trump's assertion that
12:23 pm
thousands upon thousands of people celebrated in new jersey when the world trade center towers came down on 9/11. >> did it happen? >> absolutely not. >> is so why don't you call donald trump out on this? he's doubled down, tripled down. >> everybody knows it didn't happen so what's the use? i'm about distinguishing myself and making myself different from everybody else in a 14-person field. not the is same. >> syria and the refugee crisis. you recently said we shouldn't take orphans under the age of 5. isn't it a little absurd to say that? do you regret saying that? >> i have to ask can the question directly. we should not be taking any refugees from anywhere unless they can be vetted. that's it. >> president obama responded to you to indicate he didn't say it by name, but he said republicans
12:24 pm
are scared of women and arkanor. >> i will tell you the widows and orphans i'm concerned about are those of 9/11 i still live with every day in new jersey. i want to make sure there's not. another generation of them created. maybe the president should spend his damn time worrying about that and less scoring political points with his u.n. crowd. what he said was insulting. i care more about protecting the american people than i do about scare canning points with his nobel peace prize friends. that's all he cares about. he has shown repeatedly that he prioritizes that over protecting homeland security. had he did it by getting rid of the metadata program. so quite frankly, being lectured by barack obama on foreign policy and national security is laughable. >> prediction today, chris christie could win new hampshire. >> sure, of course, i can win
12:25 pm
new hampshire. anybody who is up here and watches any of it knows that i can. >> governor christie put a lot of effort sbo winning new hampshire and is reaping benefits in the form of endorsements. one key backing is that of my next guest, a political activist and fushlly endorsing. >> thank you. >> so renee's political experts put it to win new hampshire, you have to win renee. tell me why. >> a few things. there are three things we look at. well, certainly i do. it's the debate. it's the way they are that candidates in town halls and how they are personally. and he has scored high for me on all three of those. i think the debates he's just fantastic. love the way he takes care of all the questions with the town halls. he's not one -- we don't hear
12:26 pm
from his campaign. you can't ask this of the governor. he's there and he says just ask me anything. i also loved what he did with the people in new jersey with hurricane sandy. i know that some people were very upset that he gave a hug to the president, but it shows me that this is the kind of man that took care of his state and certainly would take care of our country. >> here is a man who has been running for months and months, interview after interview, town hall after town hall. chris christie is not exactly a hermit candidate. he's not an unr familiar name either. he's yet to get the traction in the polls neither nationally on a state level. my question to you is why do you think that is? >> well, it's also the timing. the time iing is right now for people to start looking at these
12:27 pm
candidates seriously. you went through the summer and we had the fall and after the holidays before christmas, it's time now people are going to be looking and vetting these candidates and it's true. you can't see the candidates only once. you have to be there a few times. for us in new hampshire, we might see candidates three or four times. . >> but we have seen them multiple times on national stages doing these debates and i think he does well in debates, but no major blip for the gov. nor of new jersey. >> it's been huge for any candidate that comes to the first of the nation primary in new hampshire. you might have people that say it's not going to affect your candidacy, but those are the ones that did not get the
12:28 pm
endorsement. there's been endorsements today. the sheriffs endorsed him. it's going to start and start quickly. what the endorsements mean not that we're telling people that my husband or myself endorsed him that you shoulgd vote for him, but it might stop people and let them think let me go. back and listen to him again. i u had people come up to me seeing him yesterday at our lun con who said i didn't know what i was doing and after yesterday they are voting for him. >> but let me point out o the latest poll iing here. you see how trump is on top. and you see how chris christie has been doing. let's try to find him on the bottom rung of this two-tier
12:29 pm
polling here. donald trump, have you had him over to dinner? >> i haven't had him for dinner, but we had him come to the building for lunch. it was at new hampshire for lunch with 50 business people. and he was charming. he was a guest and it was interesting. we had 14 different candidates that have come through. >> quickly, i was talking to jamie weinstein last hour. he was talking to all these inside washington folks and they are saying, listen, if trump is the nominee and i'm not vote in for trump and if i'm not voting for hillary clinton, i will have to find some sort of third party alternative. what will you do if trump is the normminee? >> i'm going to vote for the republican candidate. if donald trump makes it to be
12:30 pm
the candidate, then i will certainly slovote for him. . >> renee plumber in new hampshire, thank you so much for your time today. turning now to this death investigation into capital where the mayor of juneau has been found dead in his home. a cnn affiliate reports that steven greg was found by his adult son and called 911. he was elected in october. there have been rumors that the 70-year-old had been assaulted. police say there were no signs of forced entry into the home. an official cause of death is pending the results of an autopsy. coming up next, a unique voice will respond to the breaking news that chicago's police chief has been fired. we'll talk live to a pastor who has called upon white people to repent for a system of racial injustice. he will explain his comments
12:31 pm
outside of that jail where that police officer posted bond. also ahead the ex-wife of the head of isis has been released in this prisoner swap. she now says she doesn't want anything to do with the terror group. details on how and why she was set free.
12:32 pm
12:33 pm
12:34 pm
12:35 pm
you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. in. the hours after a chicago police officer bonded out of jail on murder charges in the death of the 17-year-old, black lives matter protesters rally theed outside that jail and was a pastor by the name of pastor hill and. his wife.
12:36 pm
he openly prayed and confessed before the crowd to forgive his white brethren and sisters for devaluing so many black lives. >> to confess on behalf of my. brothers and sisters, for the history we have brought to this moment. our kind as the epitome of most valuable and of devaluing so many black lives and none of us want to say it out loud, but we show it in the ways that our systems play out every day in our country. we see it when brothers and sisters are made in your precious image are shot down and shot over and over and over. we think of the precious
12:37 pm
bloodshed in the city by la-quan mcdonald and by so many names who are precious to you. we repent of the violent acts done in the name of racism. we repent of the apathy that has caused so many of us to sit on the sidelines and watch in a behilderred state. we confess of everything that has gotten in your way of righteous injustice flowing like we confessed the ways that our white supremacy affected our judicial system and our police system. where it has minimized the lives of other people. >>. you just heard the powerful prayer. here is the man himself. pastor daniel hill, thank you for the time. >> it's great to be with you. >> take me back to to last night and tell me what moved you to pray light that. >> well, we're all just heartbroken overbroken the real
12:38 pm
there. when a group of us pastors work together to do this prayer rally, i was asked by them to do a prayer of repenitence. so i felt that was appropriate in that moment. >> when you saud we don't want to pay say it out loud, what were you getting at there? >> well, i'm coming at this from a christian perspective. one of the believes of christianity is repenitence is the key to god's heart. we believe in a god who is loving and gracious and is compassionate and wants to pour that out. we have to confess our sins and name it. i like that it word repent. it has an idea of at least in the biblical sense. you're supposed to change actions. but you're supposed to change the way you think. we have the same word from it. so i think brian stevenson does a great job on this. he talks about how going back to slavery when you see that we instituted this system of
12:39 pm
slavery in our country, it was horrific in every way. we all know that. human beings, every kind of human being knew how terrible it was. we had to do something to justify it and make peace with this horrible reality around us. we created a narrative that black people could be dehumanized and black people could be devalued and seen as less than white people. we confirm that narrative along the way. we put three fifths human into. the constitution for black people. and we're mourning and c confessing and repenting the fact that that narrative though slavery may have been overturned, that narrative is alive and well in today's day in age. it diseases every system and every structure and continues to perpetuate this lie that black lives can be devalued and denied personhood. that's something that i believe we have to constantly repent of. >> i think that you are speaking about something that a lot of people perhaps don't have the confidence to say out loud. so i appreciate you talking about this. let me read from your website
12:40 pm
today. you have written similar messages before. this was a blog of yours from july following the death of a black man. dear white people, i hope you will burn with outrage when exposed to the persistent racial injustice in our society. don't defend yourself, don't redirect the anger, just let it burn. here's what i'm wondering with these words. i'm wondering on the flip side do you risk painting an entire race of people as racists? >> well i'm much more concerned with the system in structures than individual behavior. this is where i get stuck in conversations with a lot of my white friends. they are so eager to show they are on the right side of this and they avoid anything to sound politically incorrect or racist. i'm like, great, i hope you do that. i hope that's only a small part of the problem. there's a narrative that's alive and well and diseasing the roots of our systems and structures. until we begin a redooting
12:41 pm
process of that, there's e never going to be a change. my goal is to help white people and others confess that we are all infected by this diseased narrative. until we root it out, things are not going to change. >> pastor daniel hill, thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up next, new details about the mastermind of the paris terrorist attacks and the expensive new clothes he was trying to buy for a future attack. stay here.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
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and have a winning holiday season.
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cnn now has these incredible pictures of the moment when this ex-wife and daughter of the most wanted man on the planet is handed over to terrorists. this is the woman who was married to isis chief. just now released by lebanese authorities among 25 prisoners handed over to al qaeda. you can see there are black flags there with the white inscription. the terror group freed 16 l lebanese soldiers and the remains of one of their comra comrades. so cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank is joining many me with more on this. we know that lebanese security officials described the release of husband ex-wife as this high value catch. so why release her like that? >> well, it's not clear how high
12:47 pm
value she is because she was married to him only briefly and six years ago just before he took the top job within isis he was r already involved in a senior position in isis when they were married. it was quite some time ago. so not clear what kind of role she may have played. isis has basically had their women play roles a as wives and mothers rather than operationally. some of them have played roles as couriers or transporting money around, but by and large, it's a pate yar call group. so not clear how big a role she was playing. these days her family allegiances are more towards al qaeda, which organized this prisoner swap and wanted her to be free. her brother is a senior member of al qaeda in syria. and her current new husband also believed to be involve d with a
12:48 pm
group according to a lebanese security source. and so the allegiance is going more towards al qaeda these days. along with her, and we'll likely travel into turkey e eventually too. the 6-year-old daughter as well. >> let's move off the two of them and get to the other news about this paris terror attack mastermind. i know a source is telling you that abdelhamid abaaoud tried getting fancy clothes and shoes for, as he was hoping, an upcoming attack. >> this is extraordinary new information that he was trying to task his female cousin to go out and buy two suits and shoes worth 5,000 euros, extremely expensive suits so they they could dress the part to launch an attack in the financial district of paris, which is an
12:49 pm
upscale shopping mall as a follow up to the attacks on the friday 13th attacks. the ringleader in the plot who was going to be dressed in these suits had a previous track record of being involved in plots in belgium in january were obtaining police uniforms to obtain the element of surprise. they want ed ed to obtain that element of surprise in this follow on attack in paris. imagine you're shopping in this upscale mall and these two very well-dressed men suddenly open up against you or blow themselves up. it's that element of surprise they were looking to get so they could kill as many people as possible. >> surprise and blending paul, thank you so much. in washington for us today. coming up next, this controversial new drug promises to significantly reduce risk of
12:50 pm
hiv intersectifection. but some say it offers false sense. stay with me. this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. it begins from the the second we're because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. want to make sure we talk about this today. sobering number, globally, 37 million people infected with hiv-aids of those, nearly 22 million aren't getting any sort of treatment. so i wanted to talk about this today because today is world aids today. two celebrity disclosures put it in the public eye. charlie sheen announcing he's hiv positive and in september, former child star from the '80s sitcom, "who's the boss" told an audience he is living with hiv. the timing of the disclosures comes as controversy discloses
12:55 pm
over the promising new drug, it can reduce the risk of getting hiv from sex. by more than 90%. i have danny with me from los angeles but chief medical correspondent standing by to be part of the everything can, dr. sanjay gupta. danny, if i may begin with you, on the phone here, before we talk about this new drug, i understand you finished participating in this event, why we have you on the phone. on the event with elizabeth taylor aids foundation ucla. what has your day-to-day been like since you revealed your status? >> wow, that's a hard question, in the sense that it's been really great and really rough all at once. i keep saying the idea is that as a celebrity you talk about your movie or tv show and it doesn't have to get more interesting than that. when you switch over to becoming an activist, the conversations change completely. and you really have to sort of hone your words and guide the
12:56 pm
conversation, know what you're talking about and really become that pesh that people can go to for answers and questions. you know, empower people to want to make a difference. it's a whole other ball game, but i'm learning quickly. >> let me stay with you. i remember i was in middle school when, you know, magic johnson shocked the nation and announced he was hiv positive. i talked to him on tv about that and all of the questions to this day that he still gets. now that you have been so open about this, what are the -- what are the questions people ask of you? >> you know, the questions haven't changed, which is part of the unfortunate problem. the media is in some ways still sort of stuck in the magic johnson period time when it comes to their sort of knowledge on where we've come with hiv and what the right questions to ask are. you know, the last question that anyone should really be worried about is how i specifically got it. the question should be, what am i doing to fix it, what am i
12:57 pm
doing to take care of myself, and how am i doing things to help others and help the people i love. you know, that's the important question for sure. so it really starts with that. like that -- it doesn't matter, you know. i've got it, i'm dealing with it, let's talk about what we can do together to end the epidemic, because it is still an epidemic, 50,000 people a year are still contracting the virus. that number hasn't changed in 20 years. >> so, with that, danny, stay with me. sanjay, let me bring you in, i want your voice. you've talked a lot about this through the year. what are some of the -- i don't know if fix is the right word, as we talk about the epidemic, what is helping those who do -- who are hiv positive? >> one of the big pieces of news over the last couple of years a new medication, which is also called prep, preexposure prophylaxis, it's a medication, if it's a pill once a day, can
12:58 pm
limit the chance of you contracting hiv. someone considered high risk for hiv, there are doctors out there who may offer this as an option to those patients. what is striking, brooke, and danny touched on this, that's pretty big news. i mean, think about that. it can reduce the chance of someone infected by 90% in certain situations. that's a big deal. and yet there's a lot of people who aren't getting it because there's always -- there's always some conflict with these sort of things. if you give a medication that can prevent or greatly diminish chance of getting hiv, might it lead to higher risk behavior again? studies haven't shown it leads to higher risk behavior with this particular medication, but that's a good option for people if we can get beyond some of the fill lo philosophical concerns. >> what should we know? on world aids day, the open us in is on us, we should be, but what should we be telling people, educating people, in the 60 seconds i have with you,
12:59 pm
sanjay? you've talked so much about in is. >> funny thing ha happens, we can become victims of our success. we've developed wonderful options and treatments and as i just mentioned, possible preventative therapy as well. the idea that because of those successes, that can sometimes lead to complacency. that can sometimes lead to lack of urgency. we don't have a cure for the disease yet. and, as danny point the out, it's a large number of people contracting the virus in the united states and around the world. tens of millions of people still living with the virus. we cannot get complacent just because we've had some wins. that can't let people take their eyes off the ball on this. >> danny, 20 seconds, what do you want people to know today? >> get tested. we could end the whole situation if everyone knows their status. if you know your status, you're getting medications to take care of yourself if you're positive. if you're negative, you're doing what you need to do to take care of yourself.
1:00 pm
if everybody knows their status, we can know. >> get tested, get tested. such an important message on world aids day, and any other day for that matter. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. thanks, brooke. a paris-style terrorist attack here in the u.s.? a former top intelligence official tells us it's only a matter of time. "the lead" starts right now. taking the fight to isis. president obama announces he's sending more u.s. special forces into iraq. but what about the its sis threat here to the homeland? former head of the defense intelligence agency's here with some alarming candor. chicago's mayor fired chicago's top cop, saying trust in the force has been eroding saying it took 400 days to release the