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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 1, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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if everybody knows their status, we can know. >> get tested, get tested. such an important message on world aids day, and any other day for that matter. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. thanks, brooke. a paris-style terrorist attack here in the u.s.? a former top intelligence official tells us it's only a matter of time. "the lead" starts right now. taking the fight to isis. president obama announces he's sending more u.s. special forces into iraq. but what about the its sis threat here to the homeland? former head of the defense intelligence agency's here with some alarming candor. chicago's mayor fired chicago's top cop, saying trust in the force has been eroding saying it took 400 days to release the tape of the murder
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of laquan mcdonald shot 16 times. plus, putting his rubber stamp on the race, ted cruz says there's no republican war against birth control. proof? condom vending machines. good afternoon, welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. dramatic, new mission in the u.s.-led war against isis. ash carter making the announcement hours ago, send elite troops to battle isis jihadys in iraq, rescuing hostages, gathering much-needed intelligence on the terrorist group. right to barbara starr at the pentagon. the pentagon not saying how many troops will be ai part of the mission or when deployed. >> reporter: very much so. perhaps a surprise was that defense secretary ash carter put it all out in public. there is a sense around the pentagon that he wanted to offer this up in part to show u.s.
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muscle against isis. >> reporter: hundreds of u.s. special operations and support forces heading to dangerous ground in iraq and syria. >> these special operators will, over time, be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture isil leaders. this force will also be in a position to conduct unilateral operations in syria. >> reporter: the announcement so send more forces coming after attacks in paris. the military will now do more risky missions, such as special operations hostage rescue raid in october where master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in action. >> we're good at intelligence. we're good at mobility. we're good at surprise. we have the long reach that no one else has. and it puts everybody on notice in syria that you don't know at night who's going to be coming in the window, and that's the
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sensation that we want all of isil's leadership and followers to have. >> reporter: the new force will number just dozens of command doughs. but they will have massive backup. helicopters to get to their targets. rescue forces if they run into trouble. potentially, some 200 troops in all, officials say. all of this, as a separate group of 50 special operations forces are to aprive at any time in northern syria to assist an tie isis forces there. the chairman of the joint chiefs underscoring, the u.s. needs better intelligence. >> our effectiveness is in obviously linked to the quality of intelligence we have in our assessment as the force and operations of this force will conduct will provide us additional intelligence that will make our operations much more effective. >> reporter: a raid in syria that killed top isis operative
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in may provided an initial trove of intelligence, leading to improved information about isis. two operatives still in the u.s. crosshairs, isis' leader al baghdadi and adnony. so few details on the new effort that u.s. officials are telling us it could be days or weeks before these u.s. troops arrive. a lot of details still to be worked out. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thank you so much. this all comes, of course, as tension between russia and turkey over the downing of a russian fighter jet shows no signs of calming. as president obama is forced to play referee between two world powers who support in the fight against isis, the president considers vital. let's get right to cnn's senior white house correspondent, jim acosta, in paris.
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jim, the president said, at this point, we shouldn't dill lewd ourselves into thinking that russia is targeting isis but clearly propping up the syrian dictator bashar al assad. >> reporter: that's right, jake. president obama was very candid today, that he hasn't made much headway in convincing vladimir putin to change his tactics in syria that shift could take months as isis grows stronger. >> reporter: they've met face-to-face twice the last month. but they still don't see eye to eye. president obama told reporters at a climate summit in paris, expect russia's vladimir putin to continue to go his own way in the war on isis. at least for now. >> mr. putin, i don't expect that you're going to see a 180 turn on their strategy over the next several weeks. >> reporter: that means the u.s. and russia will keep on bombing different targets, with washington taking aim at isis, moscow hitting u.s.-backed
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forces fighting putin's man in syria, al assad. >> i don't think we should be under illusions that russia starts hitting only isil targets. that's not happening now. it was never happening. it's not happening in the next several weeks. >> reporter: still, is based on their conversations the president is convinced putin may be changing his calculus, away from supporting assad to landing russia in another military quagmi quagmire. >> for him to get bogged down in inconclusive and paralyzing civil conflict, is not the outcome that he's looking for. >> reporter: but it's more complicated than that. moscow is still outraged over turkey's downing of a russian warplane last week, angrily accusing turkish leaders of trying to protect a black market
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oil supply from isis terrorists. turkey's president denied that, vowing he'd resign if it's true. he fired back, russian bombers are slaughtering ethnic turkmen in syria. mr. obama all but told both sides to cut it out. >> we all have a common enemy, that is isil, and i want to make sure we focus on that threat. >> reporter: now, russia news agency said moscow had evidence that turkey was importing oil from isis across the syria/turkey border. while the president didn't weigh in on that claim, he did say he has had repeated conversations with turkey's president about gaps at that border. as we know, gaps at the border have been exploited repeatedly by isis terrorists and foreign fighters. >> jim acosta, thank you. let's talk about this all. joining me, retired lieutenant
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general,ic moo ii nikle flynn. thanks for being here. appreciate it today. the pentagon announcing u.s. will be deploying more special operations forces to syria and an expeditionary force to iraq that will conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, capture isil leaders. will that be enough to disman e dismantle, defeat, destroy isis? >> i think the first thing that we all have to sort of take a step back and really understand what is the long term, strategy ex-objective that the president's trying to achieve, and i completely endorse what this step is because i know, to a degree, what it is that they're talking about doing. and i think that this is action on the battlefield that will be necessary, but i think there has to be a longer-term strategic campaign plan that has to be
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laid out if we're going to achieve what the president wants to achieve, destruction of isis. >> what i'm hearing is you don't think this is long term enough. >> no. >> what's needed, then, you think? >> i do believe there has to be some type of arab nato-like structure formed. there has to be recognition that the arab community in that particular region, actually the transregion area to include some countries from north africa have to be part of what i describe as nato-like organization that gets after this problem. >> general flynn, stick around. i want your thoughts on the terrorist attacks in france and what the u.s. should be doing to make sure nothing like that happens here. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the world lead, fight to defeat isis. back with us, retired lieutenant general, michael flynn. i want to ask you about this war
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of words between turkey and russia which has escalated dramatically. russia's accusing turkey of intentionally shooting down the russian jet to protect turkey's oil trade with isis. is there any credibility to that idea that turkey's actually getting oil from isis? >> you know, i don't know. i don't know specifically, you know, factually, if that is the case. there has to be some transit of oil, you know, sort of on the black market, if you will, that is going through turkey. there has to be pause it's not all going out through the mediterranean and coastline of syria. >> is turkey doing fluff to stop that? >> i think that turkey could do more. i think they could do more along their border. when we talk about isis being able to achieve roughly the numbers are about 500 million a year in oil sales, i mean, that's something that we should be stopping. i think that they are under
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pressure to do more. in terms of this latest downing of this aircraft that violated turkish airspace, you know, that's really interesting tactical dynamic that occurred. you have an aircraft that violated airspace, they have violated airspace before, was there sufficient warning. >> do you think there was? >> i don't know. something like this could happen again, and if it happens again, does it draw us into a larger conflict that we don't, frankly, need? >> right. a lot of americans look at what happened in paris a few weeks ago, november 13th, and they're scared something like that could happen here in the united states. how likely is it, do you think, we'll have a paris-style attack in the united states? what more should the u.s. government be doing to prevent it? >> i think, first, our fbi, they are the best law enforcement organization in the world bar
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none. the fbi, i know, is working overtime today to prevent this kind of an attack. paris was eight guys, attack in mali at the hotel was ten guys. two guys, three guys, four guys could raise absolute havoc in a mall, somewhere else -- >> do you think it's a matter of time. >> i do believe it's a matter of time. i believe that there's going to be where our luck is going to run out and they're going to be able to achieve something along the lines of what we saw in paris. >> 2012, your agency put out a new-declassified report that seems to have predicted the rise of isis, deteriorating security situation could lead to an islamic state with our organizations in iraq and syria which will create grave danger in regards to unifying iraq and protection of its territory.
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president obama referred to isis as the jv team. do you feel your warnings were ignored? >> i think they did not meet a particular narrative that the white house needed, i'll be candid with you. i have said, and i believe, that people that were around the president, inner circle advising him, advised him incorrectly. >> what was the narrative. >> that al qaeda was on the run, bin laden was dead. >> the election. >> they were dead, these guys are, you know, we've beaten them. we knew that. we have killed more leaders in the al qaeda/isis/aqui, boko haram, more leaders than we can say and they continue to multiply. we have to get more realistic on what it is we're facing. we're not facing a bunch of criminals. these are not criminals. these are hard core radical islamists who have a deeplyheld
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belief, well organized, well led, they have a vision of the world that is complete opposite to what the vision of what you and i would want for our own families. >> the pentagon, as you know, the inspector general is looking into whether or not any intelligence wassing cooed, people on the ground saying one, up the line people were finessing it to make it sound a, b isis was weaker than it was. what can you tell us about that. >> i believe the role of intelligence and the importance of intelligence begins at the very top of our government, the president sets the priorities. if he feels like he's getting poor intelligence, then he needs to either, you know, find different people or he needs to figure out what's the matter with the system that is in place, because that is a huge system. it's the best in the world if it's focused properly. and i believe that, you know, whatever they find in the investigation at centcom with
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the great analysts that have complained about the sort of abuse of the system, i actually think it all goes back to the white house. >> how so? >> the white house, the president has to say, hey, i need the best -- whatever it is that you have, i want unvarnished truth. that's what i want. and if i am not getting unvarnished truth, i need to basically find it from other people that will give it to me. if he's getting something that he -- that those that are around him want him to hear versus what he needs to hear, he's going to make poor decisions. he's at a place where he's got to decide, this is an ideology that we're facing. ideology that we're facing. and that ideology has to be defeated and it has to be changed. >> general michael flynn, thank you for joining us. in our national lead, chicago's top cop fired today, after killing of a teenager by a police officer caught on video.
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new video is raising even more questions. plus -- republican front-runner donald trump is usually one with the colorful language. senator ted cruz is letting loose, talking sex on the campaign trail. that's ahead. famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. national lead now, stunning news out of chicago this afternoon, where mayor rahm emanuel fired his police superintendent, garry mccarthy, outraged has overtaken the city and nation after this chilling police shooting of laquan mcdonald, seen here from
1:25 pm
an officers of dash cam, was finally released. the video, after a year. the teenager, shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke, and the video kept from the public for 400 days. right to cnn's ryan young. protesters have been calling for the police chief's resignation. will this move be enough for them? >> reporter: jake, i can tell you, people that we talk to said this is not enough. in fact, some say one down, two to go. hoping the mayor and the state's attorney also disappear because they think there needs to be a change in leadership in the city. >> he has become an issue rather than dealing with the issue. and a distraction. >> reporter: in response to the fury over the city's handling of the shooting death of laquan mcdonald by a police officer, mayor rahm emanuel announced that he asked for the resignation of police superintendent garry mccarthy. >> i have a lot of loyalty to what he's done in him, but i have a bigger loyalty to the
1:26 pm
city of chicago, its future, and strength of the future, and no one person trumps my commitment and my responsibility to the city of chicago and its future. >> reporter: dash cam video of 2014 incident in which mcdonald was shot 16 times by police officer jason van dyke, inspired protests and calls for reform in a city struggling to curb gun violence. officer jason van dyke charged with first-degree murder before the video made public. monday, van dyke walked out of the jail, released on bond, the same day mccarthy appeared on local television to defend his handling of the indicate saying it was being handled by another investigative body. >> it's a very high-charged political atmosphere we're living in now. i couldn't fire him. i couldn't put him in no pay status. i couldn't discipline him. that's the law. it was not the chicago police department investigating this incident. >> reporter: chicago police also face intense scrutiny regarding
1:27 pm
handling of the case and evidence. the manager of a burger king near the scene accuses of police erasing 86 minutes of video from a camera that captured video prior to mcdonald's shooting. the video was seized by the fbi and a chicago state official says after reviewing the video, it did not appear that any material had been deleted. outrage over the shooting has grown steadily since the video was released last week. monday a 21-year-old man arrested, accused of threatening to kill students and staff at a university of chicago. reportedly in an attempt to avenge mcdonald's death. as part of a plan to restore the public's faith, mayor emanuel detailed a new task force on law enforcement accountability that will review how the city trains and oversees its police officers. of course, mccarthy told me, he
1:28 pm
cannot fire police officer. it has to go before a review board. there will be other steps going forward soon. body cameras on officers. and that should expand throughout the city. people are hoping for more changes throughout the city. >> ryan young, thanks so much. politics lead. drip, drip, drip of hillary clinton's e-mails continues. state department just released another batch of work-related e-mails that clinton sent from her prichlt e-mail server while secretary of state. they included e-mail to chelsea who used the pseudonym diane ray nolds. she publicly blamed anti-muslim video privately e-mailing chelsea it was terrorism. brianna keilar read through the e-mails. no surprise, clinton and her team focused on her political image throughout her time at state department. >> very concerned and, at times, out of touch with repercussions
1:29 pm
of some testimony. it's not surprising that clinton's aides and friends were looking out for her. but it is fascinating to really pull back the curtain as they assured her she never firmly committed to the notion of the attack on benghazi was born out of a protest over a video depicting the prophet muhammad. >> reporter: the most memorable moment from hillary clinton's 2013 testimony on the terrorist establishes in benghazi, libya, that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. >> because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night who decided they'd go kill some americans? what difference, at this point, does it make? >> reporter: e-mails newly released by the state department show denial among top clinton aides that controversial moment in her testimony was damaging. as congratulatory messages from clinton supporters poured in, mark penn aired this concern, i don't think the emotion in the hearing works to your advantage.
1:30 pm
looks like they rattled you. a top aide dismissed assessment, e-mailing the secretary, give me a break. you do not look rattled. you looked real. there's a difference, a big one. also in the batch, e-mail sent hours after the attack, from clinton to diane reynolds, a pseudonym used by her daughter chelsea, telling her two officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. in a public statement, that same night, clinton raised the possibility that, inflammatory material posted on the internet, a reference to video portraying muslim prophet muhammad, was a precursor to the attack. five days later, u.n. ambassador susan rice expanded on the inaccurate assessment. >> they're saying that some people involved were from outside the country, there might have been al qaeda ties. what's the latest information? >> this began as a spontaneous, not premeditated, response to
1:31 pm
what had transpired in cairo. >> reporter: republicans have seized upon clinton's e-mails to claim she was covering up the cause of the attack for political reasons, less than two months from presidential obama's re-election. >> you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. you can live with the protest about a video. that won't hurt you. but a terrorist attack will. >> reporter: clinton later explained the discrepancy as confusion during a chaotic time. the fog of war is what she called it in october. republicans say she was lying to protect the administration's narrative that terrorists were on the run right before the president's re-election. >> that's the second time narrative of terrorists on the run have come up during the show. politics lead, it not something you generally hear on the campaign trail, a candidate talking about his own romantic life. sex life, if you will. but rising republican ted cruz, he did just that. what did he say? that's next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. politics lead. it's two months until iowa voters pick their nominees. a lot could change in that time. front-runner donald trump stayed on top this long, in part, by attacking or counterattacking any rival who threatens him in the polls. and now, the race may be shifting, trump maybe has new targets. cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny live from waterville valley, new hampshire, where donald trump will hold a rally this evening. trump is coming to new hampshire in the wake of a big endorse me ment. chris christie. >> reporter: right, chris christie won the coveted endorsement from the new hampshire leader, the key newspaper, and that's put him in trump's crosshairs. with 61 days to go before iowa voting begins the field is increasing trump, and the rest of the republicans. but the rest of the republicans
1:37 pm
are getting restless. ted cruz is trying to break out. >> reporter: donald trump is urging rivals to bring it on. >> so far, let's see, christie hasn't hit me yet. he will. some point. rubio's got to hit me. >> reporter: bravado from the republican front-runner, exactly two months before the iowa caucuses kick off the 2016 campaign. >> even, i think, cruz is going to have to hit me, because he's a nice guy. >> reporter: after defending trump for months ted cruz is suddenly on the rise. and may not be a nice guy in trump's eyes much longer. >> he's been supportive. but some point he's going to have to hit me, right? i sad day, but we will hit back, i promise. >> reporter: hitting back is i trump trademark. few republicans have escaped his buzz saw. cruz is running neck and neck with trump and making a bold prediction. >> let me be clear. i don't believe donald trump will be our nominee.
1:38 pm
i don't believe he's going to on our president. >> reporter: making attention-grabbing comments of his own. asked about birth control in iowa, cruz says he knows of no conservatives who flat-out oppose contraception. he said he and his wife do not, sharing they were happy they had two girls, not 17. >> last i checked, don't have a rubber shortage in america. like, look, when i was in college, we hat a machine in the bathroom, you put 50 cents in, voila! >> reporter: but many religious organizations are opposed to with control. he also told radio host hue et democrats commit more crimes in america. >> overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. >> reporter: he took the media to task by reporting the suspect in the colorado planned parenthood shooting reportedly said, no more baby parts, as he was arrested. >> it's reported that he was
1:39 pm
registered as independent and a woman and transgender leftist activist. >> reporter: cruz trying to make a point about rushing to judgment. sorting out fact from fiction has become a full-time task in this presidential race. trump is still standing by his assertion that he saw thousands of muslims celebrating in new jersey on 9/11. even though no one has produced video evidence to support that claim. on cnn's "new day," rudy giuliani said small pockets of clearing took place in the city but accused trump of exaggerating claims. >> let him explain, let him show the evidence. if it shows up, it will corroborate him. if it doesn't, it's going to make him look really bad. >> reporter: but so far, nothing that trump has said actually has made him look bad. he's campaigning aggressively this week. georgia last night, new hampshire today, off to virginia, then north carolina and iowa. but, jake, two months out from
1:40 pm
the beginning of the campaign, beginning of december, four years ago, newt gingrich was ahead of mitt romney by 17 points in national opinion polls. it's a clear sign anything can change. but this year, we're not sure if it will. >> we're not sure about anything. jeff zeleny, thanks so much. joining me, 2008 hillary clinton campaign manager, and the senior editor of the national review. iowa caucuses, two months coming up is donald trump going to win? >> you know, i -- if i had to bet now i would say he's not going to win iowa. i would think he is more likely to win new hampshire than iowa. i don't think his profile is great for the social conservatives, evangelical conservatives who dominate the iowa caucuses. as you were saying, anything it can happen. i suspect his people will be less motivated to show up and vote. >> why do you think that? >> i just think that he's picking up a bunch of voters who are relatively low propensity,
1:41 pm
have demographic characteristics associated with not showing up to vote and alienated from the political process that is correlated with not showing up to vote. >> let's dive deep for in some things in mr. cruz has been saying. when he said the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. we reached out to the cruz campaign, based on a study from university of pennsylvania looking at three states, new mexico, new york, north carolina, in those states, ex-felons registered to vote as democrats. >> well, look, i think as you pointed out, the iowa caucuses are in 60 days and ted cruz is running for the anti-establishment nomination. and he's running against donald trump and ben carson. so he's amping it up. we have a short window before christmas where people tune out. next three weeks people are going to amp it up they're going -- i predict that this debate, that cnn is hosting december 15th, year going to see
1:42 pm
a lot of attacks, a lot of rhetoric, and ted cruz is amping up his rhetoric now. >> the language that we heard from ted cruz about sex, contraception, condoms, that could theoretically, though he has strong support from voters, that could turn some off, maybe, no? >> i'm sure that neither they nor voters at large want to hear him talking about sex all the time. but i think actually he speaks for a lot of conservatives who would say there's no crisis of contraceptive access in the country, why are we doing things like forcing the little sisters of the poor to cover it? that's the underlying point he's trying to make. >> clinton's e-mails, clinton, like many politicians, surrounds herself with people who are telling her flattering things all the time. >> brown-nosers. >> there seem to be a lot of
1:43 pm
that, a lot of brown in e-mails. but my question is, does she have anyone around her who can say, you know, that's not such a great moment or maybe you should stop linking wall street contributions to 9/11 or anything along those lines, or is it just a bunch of people who say, you killed it at the hearing? >> of course she does. you know, she wouldn't be where she is today if she didn't have people who spoke to her honestly and gave her their honest opinion of what happened. you know, like everybody, i mean, who doesn't kiss up to the boss every now and again. i think that these e-mails are very small window into some of that, i think when they're sitting with her in a meeting and right after it, they said, look you did well here, you didn't do well there, and she takes advice. >> i want to bring up something that's very interesting on campuses right now. we see a lot of discussion about protests and political correctness and all sorts of things on college campuses. here's everett piper, president
1:44 pm
of oklahoma wesley university telling students this is not a day care, it's a university. take a listen. >> this is no the a safe space. it a place to learn. sometimes learning is uncomfortable. sometimes learning involves being confronted when you're wrong and challenged to think higher and better ideas rather than accepting those self-centered ideas that lead you to narcissism. >> i haven't heard a professor or university president say something like that in such a way but certainly there are a lot of alumni who want people like that presidents to say this to students out there. >> i think so. and i think that it's worth saying, because there has been this attempt to suggest that, you know, if you're offended you must be right and whoever is giving you offense needs to stop saying whatever it is that he's saying. you can't run a college or university or any institution devoted to learning an education
1:45 pm
on that principle. >> patty, the struggle is, students and professors who want to rid their campuses of, you know, bigotry racism, sexism, anti-semitism, et. but where's the line between that and people who i don't want anything that makes me feel uncomfortable to be in front of me? >> you know, i -- i don't agree, actually. i think a university is a place of learning and a place of being with people from all walks of life, from different ideas, people with different opinions and i think it's very hard to say we are not going to talk about this or we are not going to express this opinion. i don't think you can do that in america. >> my kids are too young for college but i want them to occasionally be offended. it was a vital part of my college career, dartmouth college review and activists offended me all the time, that was part of it. >> it gives you courage to speak
1:46 pm
out. if you're offended, speak out and you you should be given opportunities to do that. do that in college. >> some foggies unanimous. thank you so much. cnn, as mentioned, will host the republican candidates for the next presidential debate december 15th, tuesday, in las vegas. should be exciting. national lead, police investigating the mysterious death of the mayor of a u.s. capital city. took office weeks ago. was foul play involved. an explosion heard near a subway station -- at a subway station in istanbul, turkey. now the mayor saying it's a bomb.
1:47 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." our world lead, dramatic video coming in from turkey, officials say this explosion that rocked an intersection near a subway station in istanbul was a bomb. the blast came 6:00 p.m. turkey time, height of rush hour. cnn's ian lee joins me from istanbul. what are you learning about the investigation at this hour? >> reporter: well, jake, the bomb blast was heard across istanbul, we are learning that they believe it was a bomb that exploded. earlier they thought it could have been a transformer. if you look at this video, we're also hearing that they believe they know the target of this bomb. before the blast goes off, you can see a vehicle moving by. they're saying that that was a bus carrying riot police, they believe that is the target. one person was injured, they suffered minor injuries.
1:52 pm
police are also looking for a suspect. but this is a country that is very tense. last july there was a bombing on the turkish/syrian border that killed more than 30 people. october, twin suicide bombings killed over 100 people in ankara, no one has claimed responsibility for tonight's bombing. in the past two bombings isis was blamed by the turkish, very much still ongoing, jake. >> ian lee, thank you so much. also in national news today, a bizarre and tragic mystery as the brand-new mayor of a capital city is found dead in his home just weeks after taking office. now police are being forced to address rumblings that perhaps the mayor did not die of natural causes. cnn's randi kaye has been working on the story for us. speculation this mayor may have been attacked? >> absolutely. talking about the death of the mayor of juneau, alaska, and his death, jake, so sudden that, of course, people have a lot of
1:53 pm
questions. they are speculating about what happened. but the police are calling those rumors of assault, at least for now, purely speculation. detectives, we're told, actively investigating the death of mayor greg fisk, 70 years old. he was only sworn in five weeks ago. so they're carefully going over the scene, preserving any evidence they think might be key to the investigation. what we know as of this hour, the mayor's only adult son found him monday afternoon in his home, where the mayor lived by himself. makes described hearing his son screaming 3:30 in the afternoon, just before he called 911 to report his father was dead. juneau police and rescue teams raced to the home but the mayor was pronounced dead there at the scene. police, at this point, jake, have no idea how long the mayor was dead before found. what makes this case more bizarre is that police have already concluded that there was no sign of a break-in and this was not a suicide.
1:54 pm
the question remains, what happened? >> have police figured out who the last person to see him or speak to him may have been? any clue of any trouble? >> well, they're talking to everybody that knew this mayor, anybody who they can speak to at this hour about it. the deputy mayor, now overseeing things, told juneau radio station ktoo she had spoken with the mayor sunday night, hours before he was found dead. he asked her to lead monday's meetings and they talked about the agenda. she described limb as upbeat, he didn't sound strange in any way. that shows he was still alive at some point sunday night but it doesn't offer too many clues. the mayor's son who found him, went to check on him after people having trouble reaching the mayor monday. we could have some answers in the next few days. an autopsy authorized. hopefully will bring some answers. >> randi kaye, thank you. do not miss the full report this evening on ac 360 at 8:00 p.m.
1:55 pm
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happening now, more u.s. troops in the surprise announcement the pentagon reveals a special u.s. targeting force is going into iraq and syria. its ordered, go after isis leaders and rescue hostages wherever they are. is this a further escalation in the isis war, despite president obama's promise not to put more boots on the ground? matter of time. chilling words from a man who just left a top u.s. defense intelligence job. he says a paris-style terror attack here in the united states is just a question of time. his dire warning comes as we learn new details about the paris terrorists. coalition crumbling? russia's leader may be sending his jets to bomb targets in syria but president obama says he personally warned vladimir putin against getting involved in syria's civil war. will u.s. and russian
2:00 pm
differences crack that global coalition against isis? and releasing mrs. baghdadi, eb wife of the world's most wanted terror leader freed in a prisoner swap. is the u.s. losing a key conduit in the war on terror? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following important, breaking news in the war against isis. more u.s. ground troops are being ordered into the fight, special targeting force will go on risky missions like the october raid when a u.s. commando died helping kurdish forces free isis hostages. the pentagon's surprise announcement comes as an explosion near a subway station causes havoc in the capital of turkey. nato ally in the fight against isis, officials say it was caused by a bomb. man who just stepped down as the