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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 1, 2015 11:30pm-1:01am PST

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our viewers from all around the world, and hello to our viewers just joining us from the united states. i'm rosemary church. let's update you on the main stories this hour. the british parliament will start debate wednesday on whether to expand uk air strikes into syria. david cameron supports the move, but thousands of protesters voiced their opposition. uk war planes are already hitting isis targets in iraq. a vote is expected wednesday night. president obama says he doesn't expect russia to change its strategy in syria any time
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soon. he is urging vladimir putin to focus on fighting isis rather than supporting syrian president bashar al assad. >> the u.s. is sending more special operations forces to fight isis in iraq. they will join about 50 commanders already authorized to fight isis in syria. the defense secretary ash carter says they'll be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture isis leaders. carter testified tuesday before the house arms services committee where he faced some pointed questions. >> it puts everybody on notice in syria that you don't know at night who's going to be coming in the window, and that's the sensation that we want all of isil's leadership and followers to have. >> are we winning, mr. secretary in. >> we will win. >> are we winning now? >> we're going to win.
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>> now, if the united kingdom votes to begin air strikes in syria, they would become the 10 th coalition country to do so. britain and eight coalition countries have launched air strikes against isis in iraq, including australia, belgium, jordan, netherlands and the u.s. canada's new prime minister says his government is ending air strikes but will remain in the coalition. some of those same countries are also conducting iraqs in syria, along with baa raun, saudi arabia, trrurkey. separate from the coalition russia is conducting air strikes in syria in support of the asaad regime. iran has also sent more than 1,000 of its elite revolutionary guard forces to support troops. in syria, kurdish fighters have been on the front lines.
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many are poorly equipped but are determined to keep fighting. ben wedeman meat met a female unit. >> reporter: she's part of an all female kurdish unit on the front lines on the war on isis here in north eastern syria. we met her and her comrades at a forward position. when i asked her if isis ever gets near their position, she responds with a laugh. if they do, she says, we won't leave one of them alive. at the hands of what in the past was called the gentler sex, isis may have met its match. they think they're fighting in the same of islam says a 21-year-old, and they believe if someone from daesh is killed by
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a girl, a kurdish girl, they won't go to heaven, so they're afraid of girls. she uses the word girl, but these are tough women. her name, by the way, means revenge. at the moment, this position on the front line is quiet, but the commanders say it's just a matter of weeks before they intend to push forward against isis. a few years ago, this man traded in construction material and now he leads the so-called syrian democratic forces, a coalition of kurdish, syrian, fighters. the u.s. defense department announced it's deploying additional forces boosting the less than 50 president obama authorized in october. that should be welcome news to him, who feels the assistance until now has been modest. the help we've received, he
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says, has been ammunition for heavy machine guns and mortars, but we haven't received any weapons. his forces including these women fighters, recently drove isis out of the nearby down of ahule. for more than a year, isis was here. signs of the rule remain in the police station. he points to room where complaints could be filed. in the small prison, pieces of foam were the only comfort for the unlucky inmates. in front of a wall to bed with the words islamic state still stands the platform where isis publicly whipped people. the town's arab inhabitants have yet to return. some fled with isis, others wanted nothing to do with isis and ran away and are eager to move back.
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rasaan lived under isis rule for over a year. his family fled but he stayed with his flock. you couldn't do anything, he tells me. smoking was forbidden. women had to be completely covered. you couldn't go anywhere without permission. he can smoke again, and hopes to soon be reunited with his family. ben wedeman, cnn, eastern syria. back in the united states now, the mayor of chicago has forced his police superintendent to resign. garry mccarthy's dismissal comes after a video was released showing a white officer shooting a black teenager to death. the illinois attorney general wants a federal investigation of the chicago police department. we'll show you what's led up to this. >> reporter: six seconds. that was the time it took for the officer to leave his vehicle
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and open fire on laquan mcdonald, killing him on the spot. it is these six seconds that have rocked the city of chicago with protesters citing a lack of transparency within the chicago police department. the dash cam video released last week revealed discrepancies regarding what happened the night mcdonald was killed, including the initial claim by police that the 17-year-old lunged at officers. >> going at one of the officers, the officer defends himself. >> reporter: it's a claim the family says the video does not support. >> the video shows him walking away. he was not threatening anybody. he didn't lunge at the police officer. this was originally presented as an act of self-defense. >> reporter: the police department initially claimed he was shot in the chest. he was shot a total of 16 times, nine of which were in the back. another issue, there's a gap in
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surveillance video. the police cam shows him running through the restaurant's parking lot. the burger king manager alleges the video was reviewed by police and they erased it. a top prosecutor says the video was not tampered with, but the manager says i was just trying to help the police with their investigation. i didn't know they were going to delete it. garry mccarthy quickly swatted down these allegations. >> it's not true. i think the state's attorney addressed that today. there were apparently technical difficulties, but there is no evidence that anything was tampered with. >> reporter: perhaps the darkest cloud of controversy continues to be how they went to great lengths and cost to try to make sure the public would never see the video. first, there was the $5 million settlement paid to the family. critics say that was from
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keeping the video from being released. then the questions about why the chicago police department continues to employ officer van dyke for a full year before pressing charges. he had 20 complaints against him, so for use of force. a judge's deadline for the release of the dash cam video. >> i felt compelled in the interest of public safety to announce these state charges today. >> reporter: for some in chicago, that was too little, too late. cnn, chicago. now to a mystery on japan's shores. at least a dozen wooden boats have been found over the last two months carrying decaying bodies. the coast guard is trying to figure out where the boats came from and what happened to those on board. some clues are pointing to north korea. cnn's paula hancock joins us live from seoul, south korea
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with the latest. paula, the big question is who were these people in the ghost boats? presumably from north korea? >> reporter: well, there are some clues that we've heard from the coast guard. one of the boats, for example had some korean writing on the side which said korean people's army, which is the north korean military. so that's a sure fire way of knowing that the boat at least was from north korea. there was a piece of cloth that was believed to be part of the north korean flag, and also the point that the boats a wooden and basic, and they're not really seaworthy. that would point to north korea as well. and the fact that it is so geographicfully close to japan. it is from the north, but why are the boats coming now. from the past couple of months, we've seen an influx of these boats. 34 this year. 65 this year.
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80 the year before. it's not a new phenomenon. and a gruesome task for the japanese coast guard. they say on some of the boats the bodies may have been dead from a week ago, but others they may have died up to three months and the boats have been drifting on the ocean. >> and paula, i know you have had an opportunity to speak with north korean defectors on this issue. what have they been saying about this? >> reporter: well, there's a split as to whether or not these are defectors that haven't made it to safety or whether or not they are potentially fisherman who just strayed too far from the coast. one defector said that the north korean leader has a real push on at the moment for an increase in fish production, an increase in the amount of fish that are being caught, not just for domestic food and production, but also they can sell the fish.
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they export it to china for hard cash which north korea is in need of. the fact that the boats, few of them have decent engines or gps systems, it would be easy for the fisherman to get lost, and they feel pressured to try harder to get more quotas and to fulfill their quotas. it could push them to more dangerous waters. that's one of the scenarios being tallied. the other option is there may be defectors on board these ships trying to escape the hardships of north korea. there have been defectors that have escaped the coronet untry boat. >> paula joining us from seoul, south korea. >> it's just after 8:30 in the morning in paris. day three of the cop 21 climate summit. most of the heads of the state have rushed home leaving thousands of representatives to
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hash out details and figure out just how to limit global warming, and not rise above 2 degrees celsius. barack obama says he's optimistic a binding agreement can be reached. >> if you add up all the pledges and they were all met right now, we would be at a estimated 2 .7 centigrade increase in temperature. that's too high. we wanted to get two centigrade or even lower than that. but if we have these periodic reviews built in, what i believe will happen is that by sending that signal to researchers and scientists and investors and entrepreneurs and venture funds, we'll actually start hitting these targets faster than we expected. republicans in the u.s.
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congress are pushing back. they passed legislation to block the president's latest environmental measures. mr. obama says he will veto their resolutions. we want to turn to africa where oscar pistorius's appeal will be read in court. he's the double amputee olympian sentenced for the shooting death of his girlfriend. he was released from prison in october and is now under house arrest. david mackenzie was taken on a tour of pistorius could potentially return to. >> reporter: we're heading into south africa's most notorious prison, once home to oscar pistorius. they say they want to set the record straight. >> with us, everybody is treated equally. we don't have a famous offender. we don't have a famous person. >> reporter: prison officials cannot remember when they last
11:45 pm
took a group of media through this maximum security facility. it's the first look at oscar pistorius's private cell and the bathroom they modified in his block. he spent nearly a year here for killing his model girlfriend. he was released under house arrest. if he loses his appeal, he could be heading back. the prison boss told me they wanted to show us this because it's not exactly five star accommodation, but the truth is, south african prisons are hugely overcrowded. in this part of the country alone, prisons are over capacity by more than 10,000 inmates times up to 50 squeezed into a cell sharing one toilet and a basin. they wouldn't let us show the prisoners. you've had a famous inmate. what do you think of him being in the prison? iss did oscar pistorius get special
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treatment? >> no. >> reporter: the commissioner says as far as he can remember, pistorius is the first double am you tee they've had to deal with and required protection. david mackenzie, cnn. >> we'll take a short break here. when we come back, facebook's billionaire founder and his wife plan to donate most of the stock they own in their company to charity. see what major event inspired the couple to give it away. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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grammy winning singer pink is unicef's newest am bass sor, and she was in new york city on tuesday. unicef provides humanitarian assistance to children in countries. and pink will raise awareness about the critical mission. >> being a mom opens up your heart. it opens you up to being able to feel more, and wanting to help more, and it's easier for you to look at your own four-year-old and imagine the devastation that goes through other mom's heads
11:51 pm
when they can't see their children. >> and british actor, orlando bloom was among the celebrities at the gala. he told cnn about a recent trip that opened his eyes to the desperate situation many refugees are facing. >> i was in the former republican of macedonia about six weeks ago, and it was a very painful experience to website and almost biblical exodus of hundreds of thousands of people who are in desperate need of our support and are fleeing for their lives. they are also a brave and courageous people who many of them have left a middle class income type family situation that we can all relate to, and, yet, you know, are literally turning their back on their homelands which they love. it's not something they want to
11:52 pm
do. they have to do it because they fear for their lives, and that is a difficult thing to witness. >> all right. we shift now to an extraordinary announcement from one of the richest men in the world. in a social media post, facebook co-founder, mark zuckerberg and his wife told their followers they expanded their family, and are giving away a large chuck of their fortune. cnn money digital correspondent paula monica explains. >> reporter: the facebook ceo announcing unsurprisingly on facebook that his wife, pri s l priscilla chan has given birth to a daughter. they are also planning to gift 99% of their facebook stock worth currently about $45 billion to charitable causes over the course of their lifetime. here's how it's going to work. in a separate filing, facebook
11:53 pm
said that zuckerberg is going to sell no more than $1 billion of facebook stock over the next three years. he will control the voting power for that stock, so investors don't have to worry that zuckerberg is stepping away from his other baby, facebook any time soon. he said he plans to be the ceo for many, many years. $45 billion, the current market value could go up based on how well facebook stock is doing. this is a very admirable move by zuckerberg. it will be interesting to see whether or not other tech executives decide to do something similar with their massive fortunes. >> all right. well, in it quest to be thinner, smarter, and sleeker, apple's iphone may have to drop one of its key features, samuel burk tells us what could be the phone's next casualty. >> apple is going to do what? >> reporter: the latest iphone
11:54 pm
is just 7.1 millimeters thick. if the next iphone is going to get any skinnier, it'll have to go on the indica diet. that might mean eliminating the audio jack. how will we listen to our music? people who don't want to get tangled up in problems use cordless. it creates another problem. you have to keep these charged. if you don't want to fork out the money for new blue tooth headphones, you can buy an adapter that allows you to connect your existing headset to the charging port. sorry, no listening while charging. apple does have a history of making drastic changes to its devices and then the rest of the tech industry follows suit. in 1998, they launched the i mac
11:55 pm
without a floppy disk drive. and then without a disk drive, and this year the newest mac book eliminated the standard usb port we all use, on thing for the new smaller and faster usbc port. >> earphones aren't your only option. this comes with speakers inside and connects via blue tooth eliminating the need for audio jacks and cords all together. samuel burke, cnn, london. >> very cutting edge, and thanks for watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. we'll have more news just ahead.
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confronting isis, iraq's prime minister rejecting the idea of additional u.s. ground troops while britain's david cameron urges a yes vote on military action in syria. bring it on, donald trump dares his rivals for the white house to attack his front running campaign. and the u.s. feds are asked to
12:00 am
investigate the chicago police department amid growing calls for the city's mayor to resign. hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." >> and we begin this hour with a war on isis as germany, the united kingdom and the united states are stepping up their efforts. the pentagon says it's sending more special operations forces to help fight isis in iraq. the defense secretary says they will be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intention, and capture isis leaders. thousands of protesters in london are urging the british parliament to vote against a proposal for uk air strikes in syria. lawmakers will begin a marathon debate in just a few hours from
12:01 am
now with a vote later on wednesday. >> it is part of a broader strategy. it's about the politics and the diplomacy and the humanitarian aid, all of which we need to bring peace to syria and to make sure we protect our national interests of fighting against this appalling terrorist organization. and in berlin, lawmakers will start debate on a plan approved by the german cabinet for expanded military assistance in the fight against isis. it includes up to 12 00 troops. atika schubert is following things in berlin, but we start with max foster in london. max, parliament set to hold an all day debate on whether to support air strikes in syria. how likely is it that they will vote to expand air raids against isis in syria?
12:02 am
>> it's pretty likely. david cameron said he wouldn't bring this vote to parliament if he didn't feel confidence that it would get through. so they've been doing all the work behind the scenes and adding up the number of mps that would support this syria vote, and he seems confidence he'll have enough votes. there's a big debate on the opposition side about whether or not to support david cameron. just to explain, the leader of the opposition party is against it. he has allowed a free vote for his mps, but they're under a huge amount of pressure to go with him on the vote. david cameron feels confident he'll get enough to support him. lots of questions about the war, and concern about it. we understand that some mps have been under the sort of pressure that you get on twitter or on e-mail that they are supporting a war which will kill women and children, so they feel this
12:03 am
pressure, but they also feel that isis does need to be confronted in some way, and david cameron is giving that option on his side as well. david cameron's conservative mps, not all of them are going to vote for this. the concern is have they thought about what's going to happen after the war and will it work without a ground invasion. lots to debate. more than ten hours of debat. after that the vote will come. we expect it to go through. >> you mentioned the pressure. they're also feeling the pressure from the streets with the protests against britain's further involvement. what more are planned for today, and talk more about what the major concern is about going forward on the possibility of these air strikes in syria. >> reporter: i think on the left, it's basically is war a solution to changing regimes. perhaps you should be going for more economic sanctions or political pressure. but on the right, on david
12:04 am
cameron's, it's is it working as well. david cameron gave the figure of 70,000 or so rebel fighters in syria who are effect ily ground force. that raises all sorts of question. can they work together and can he unite them against isis. they're fighting the asaad regime, not just isis. whether that will work. cameron has convincing to do, and you remember after the iraq war, tony blair was under huge amounts of pressure and was seen to have messed that up because they didn't think about what would happen after the war. so he's also going to have to explain who's going to be in charge of syria after this, what sort of support is the syrian people going to get after this. all the debates happening in other countries as well about whether to get involved in the convict. david cameron needs the support of parliament. he doesn't want to make the same
12:05 am
mistake as tony blair who is now seen as making a huge mistake. david cameron wants to share the decision. >> many thanks to max foster. let's go to atika schubert. she is in berlin, and atika yar, let's talk about what germany is planning in this fight against isis. >> reporter: well, the cabinet has approved a one-year mandate for up to maximum, about 1200 german troops going in to help the fight against isis, but the key here is that none of these troops will be in a combat role. these will simply be really logistical support for the french flights, for example, striking isis now. what germany is sending in is tornado jets, midair refueling jets that will allow the french strikers to extend their range,
12:06 am
for example. there's a navy frigget involved as well. it's been approved. now it needs to be debated in parliament. what they will be having is having the debate in a few hours. that debate will continue on friday, and that's when we are expected to get a vote. >> and while it's being debated, what about the public in germany? how do they feel about all of this? >> reporter: well, i think the public is going to this with a bit of caution, but there doesn't seem to be much controversy about it as there is in the uk. it's expected to pass pretty easily. there's not much opposition from parliament. angela merkel's grand mission generally supports her in this. if n the general public, there are questions about whether it
12:07 am
will expose them to the possibility of more terror attacks. as we know, germany has also received its fair share of terror threats. we know a football came in hanover was cancelled on concrete information of the possibility of an attack, so for many people here, they feel we're already being threatened. this may be the best way to go forward to prevent further terror threats. >> many thanks to atika schubert live in berlin has the debate goes forward in germany in how to push for the fight against isis. appreciate that. >> iraqi prime minister says there's no need for foreign troops on the ground, and any military operation must be coordinated with his government. that comes after the u.s. announced plans to send additional special operations forces to fight isis in iraq. the pentagon correspondent,
12:08 am
barbara star reports. >> reporter: hundreds of u.s. special operations and support forces heading to dangerous ground in iraq and syria. >> these special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture isil leaders. this force will also be in a position to conduct unilateral operations in syria. >> reporter: the announcement to send more forces coming after the attacks in paris. the military will now do more risky missions such as the special operations hostage rescue raid in october where master sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in action. >> we're good at intelligence, mobility, surprise. we have the long reach that no one else has, and it puts everybody on notice in syria that you don't know at night who's going to be coming in the window, and that's the sensation that we want all of isil's
12:09 am
leadership and followers to have. >> reporter: the new force will number just dozens of commandos, but they will have significant backup. helicopters to get to their targets, rescue forces if they run into trouble. potentially, some 200 troops in all, officials say. all of this as a separate group of 50 special operations forces are to arrive at any time in northern syria to assist anti-isis forces there. the chairman of the joint chiefs underscoring the u.s. needs better fes intelligence. >> our effectiveness is linked to the quality of intelligence we have. our assessment is that this force will provide us additional intelligence that will make our operations more effective. >> reporter: a raid that killed a leader in may provided an initial trove of intelligence,
12:10 am
leading to improved information about isis. two operatives still in the u.s. cross hairs, isis's leader, al baghdadi and another said to be involved in plotting future attacks in the west. u.s. officials telling cnn, it could be days or weeks before the u.s. forces arrive. barbara star, cnn, the pentagon. >> and we want to get more on this. want to bring in our military analyst who is joining us live from california. rick, u.s. special ops forces will be heading to iraq and syria to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intel and capture isis leaders. how significant is this shift in u.s. policy, and what impact is it likely to have on the fight against isis going forward? >> reporter: i think it will have a good impact. instead of being in a train,
12:11 am
assist, advise role, these are combat forces going to conduct direct operations. this is no longer are we going to put boots on the ground. we are putting boots on the ground. this is not going to be in a standoff role. these are going to be combat forces. i don't know how the -- if the u.s. administration is going to spin this. they're going to say it's not a combat role. i don't know how they can do this. this represents a shift. i think it's an admission that what we're doing so far hasn't worked, and this is the next step. a lot of people are concerned that the next step, of course, is what we call mission creep. we're getting more involved. what if this doesn't work? will we beef up the presence further? >> in a way they can't win. if they don't do this, they're accused of not doing enough. if they do, then it's mission creep. how do you deal with that problem? >> i think the administration is going to have to come out and
12:12 am
address just what their goal is here. i listened to the secretary and the chairman's testimony today, and they were quite -- they didn't want to come out and say exactly how big of a step this is, but i think this is major, and when the secretary said they will also conduct unilateral missions into syria, this is a sea change from where we are today. i think it's a good step. i've been arguing this for all along, and i still think we ought to continue more the special ops controlling the air strikes. what we're looking at, i think is a shift in the american attitude in what it's going to take to defeat isis. obviously the iraqis aren't getting it done. i don't think the kurds have the combat pour to get it done. it looks like we're going to do it yourselves. >> michael flynn told cnn tuesday that the white house ignored reports warning of the rise of isis in 2011, 2012
12:13 am
because it didn't dpit thefit t reelection narrative, his words. what's your reaction? >> i was a little surprised to here that. he was part of the whole operation at the time. his advice, obviously, he felt was being ignored, but those of us on the outside, all of us retired, still watching what was going on, it was pretty obvious to us that there was this power vacuum, especially in syria, being created by the lack of the west help to the syrian rebels. and al-qaeda in iraq, spent people over there. they created isis. i thought it was pretty easy to see. i don't think that the administration wanted to deal with it at the time. >> all right. thank you for joining us from california. pakistan has executed four taliban militants tied to a deadly school attack. you may recall at least 145
12:14 am
people, mostly school children, were killed in the december 2014 massacre. seven people were given a death sentence and another got life in prison from a pakistani military court in august for their roles in the attack. donald trump, the man who wants to be president of the united states has a message for his rivals. bring it on. hear why he thinks even the the nice guy in the race will come at him swinging. and chicago's mayor forces the superintendent to step down with a controversy over a deadly police shooting. that story still to come.
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welcome back, everyone. in chicago there's more fallout over a video that shows a white police officer shooting and killing an african american teenager. the mayor has forced the police superintendent to resign. and now the illinois attorney general is calling for a federal investigation of the police department. we'll show you what led up to this. >> reporter: six seconds. that was the time it took for
12:19 am
officer jason van tydyke to lea his vehicle and open fire on laquan mcdonald. it is these six seconds that have rocked the city of chicago. the dash cam video released last week by order of a judge revealed some discrepancies regarding what happened. including the initial claim by police that the 17-year-old had lunged at officers. >> going at one of the officers. at this point the officer defends hymn. >> it's a a claim the family says the video does not support. >> the video shows him walking away. he was not threatening anybody. he didn't lunge. this was presented as an act of self-defense. >> reporter: the chicago police department initially claimed mcdonald was shot in the chest. he was shot a total of 16 times,
12:20 am
nine in the back. there's a gap in video. the police cam shows mcdonald running through a parking lot. the manager of ttop prosecutor chicago says the video was not tampered with. the manager says, in part, i was trying to help the police with their investigation. i didn't know they were going to delete it. a former chicago police department quickly swauted down the allegations. >> it's absolutely not true. i think the state's attorney addressed that today. there were apparently technical difficulties, but in no way is there any evidence that anything was tampered with. >> reporter: perhaps the darkest cloud of controversy is how the chicago police department went to great lengths and cost to try to make sure the public would never see the video. first there was the $5 million
12:21 am
settlement paid to the family. people say it was to keep the video from being released. then the questions about why the chicago police department continues to employ officer van dyke for a full year before pressing charges. van dyke had 20 complaints against him. ten for use of force. the police only suspending him without pay a day before the judge's release of the video. >> i felt compelled in the interest of public safety to announce these state charges today. >> reporter: for some in chicago, that was too little, too late. cnn, chicago. >> yahoo may be looking for a buyer. "the wall street journal" reports that yahoo's board will meet several times this week to talk about selling the core internet business, and the stake in alibaba. a spokesman for yahoo has not
12:22 am
responded yet for a request for comment. >> mark zuckerberg and his wife are celebrating the birth of their baby daughter max by pledging to give away a fortune. this a letter to their daughter, the couple said they plan to donate 99% of their facebook stock to charity during their lifetime. they say they want to leave the world a better place for their daughter and all children. their shares are currently valued at $45 billion. republican u.s. presidential front runner, donald trump, is telling his political rivals to hit him, but he warns he hits back. attacking his opponents has been a staple of trump's presidential campaign, and as our
12:23 am
correspondent reports, he has some new targets. >> reporter: donald trump is urging his rivals to bring it on. >> so far christie hasn't hit me yet. he will, at some point. rubio has to hit me. >> reporter: bravado from the republican front runner before the iowa caucuses. even i think cruz is going to have to hit me, because he's a nice guy. >> reporter: after defending trump for months, cruz is on the rise and may not be a nice guy in trump's i eyes much longer. >> at some point he's going to have to hit me. it's going to be a sad day. we will hit back. >> reporter: hitting back has become a trump trademark. cruz is running neck and neck with trump in one iowa poll, and already making a bold prediction. >> let me be clear. i don't believe he's going to be our nominee or president.
12:24 am
>> reporter: cruz appears to be taking a page from trump's play book, making attention grabbing comments. asked about birth control in iowa, he said he knows of no conservative no flat out oppose contraception. he says he and his wife do not. they were happy they had two girls, not 17. >> last i checked, we don't have a rubber shortage in america. look, when i was in college, we had a machine in the bathroom. you put $0.50 in. >> reporter: many religious organizations are opposed to birth control. he also told a radio host democrats commit for violent crimes in america. >> the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. >> reporter: and he took the media to task by saying no more baby parts as he was arrested in colorado. >> it's reported he was
12:25 am
registered as an independent and woman and transgender leftist activist. >> reporter: aids said he was trying to make a point. sorting out fact from fiction has become a full time task in this race. trump is standing by his assertion that he saw thousands of muslims celebrating in jersey after 9/11. no one has supported it with video evidence. and giuliani said small pockets of cheering took place in the city, but he accused him of exaggerating the claims. >> let him show the evidence. if it shows up, it will corroborate him. if it doesn't, it will make him look bad. >> reporter: so far nothing trump has said has diminished him. he's stepping up his campaign. he's heading to virginia, north carolina, and even iowa this week. a new aggressive phase as they
12:26 am
are weeks away from starting off the campaign. >> and there's some tough love advice for donald trump from the former governor of michigan who says he can can make america great again by dropping out of the race. >> a magazine has given an award to british singer and novelist, morrissey, that he probably doesn't want. the literary review gave him the bad sex in fiction award. it is supposed to draw attention to poorly written sex scene in otherwise good books. the part reviewers had problems with said two characters, i'm quoting, rolled together into the one giggling snowball of
12:27 am
full figured copulation. there's more. you'll have to read it yourself. i'm not going there. we'll take a break. while the angry rhetoric escalates, the u.s. president urges others to ro fus. and rumors are swirling after the new mayor of alaska's capital was found dead in his home. we'll explain why the death is such a mystery. our viewers here
12:28 am
12:29 am
12:30 am
states and all around the world. this is "cnn newsroom" and i'm rosemary church. want to check the main headlines right now. the british parliament will
12:31 am
start debates in a few hours on whether to expand uk air strikes on isis into syria. the prime minister supports the move, but thousands of protesters marching outside parliament voiced their opposition. a vote is expected wednesday night. the iraqi prime minister says there's no need for foreign troops in his country, and any military operation must be coordinated with his government. that comes after the u.s. announced plans to send more special operations forces to fight isis in iraq. myanmar's opposition leader has met with the country's current president to discuss the transfer of power. this is the first time they have seen each other since her party overwhelmingly won last month's election. though she is is party leader, myanmar's constitution bars her from being president. the russian pilot killed
12:32 am
when turkey downed his jet is being buried. he was killed after turkey shot down the war plane near the syrian border. turkey insisted russia was violating its air space, but russia argued it stayed over syria. relations between the two countries have deteriorated with russia imposing sanctions on turkey in retaliation. now, before he left the climate change summit, president obama urged both sides to reduce tensions and return the focus to battling isis, but they don't appear to be reaching any common ground at this point. and we are covering this from all angles with ian lee in istanbul, we want to begin with matthew chance. putin says he has evidence that turkey was protecting black market oil that it gets from
12:33 am
isis. where do things stand on this? and what's the likely next move? >> reporter: well, yes. that's an allegation that's been received in a particularly sensitive way in turkey. the idea that this russian war plane was shot down because the turks were trying to protect the very lucrative, illegal trade in oil from isis to profiteers inside turkey. even russians sayered wan's family is in that trade. it's an allegation which presidenter presidenter dejuan has denied. it's not something the russians have backed down on, and it's just one of the allegations and insults that moscow is hurling at ankara in the aftermath of the shoot down, which the
12:34 am
russians are extremely angry about. they lost the pilot who is being buried today, and then another russian soldier on the ground as well who was involved in the rescue attempt. it's something that's been a very painful episode in syria, and in relations within turkey and russia. >> and talk to us about this evidence that russia has, appare apparently. are we likely to see that in the days ahead? >> reporter: i'm not sure whether we will. certainly, the russians say that they've received information in that regard, that this is all about the trade in oil between isis and turkish business people. and what they've been showing us over the past several weeks is russian attempts to target isis oil facilities. it's no secret that isis makes a great deal of money from the production and sale of oil. we've seen lots of videos
12:35 am
provided to us of russian war planes striking convoys of oil tankers and other instralations as well in an attempt to degrade that oil infrastructure that isis controls inside syria. there's also no secret that much of the oil passes through turkey as part of an illegal smuggling trade. it's an issue of the leadership of turkey being involved in it which is controversial. as far as that's concerned, we're not seeing any evidence so far, for do i believe we're likely too. matthew chance live from moscow. let's get more reaction now from turkey. ian lee is in istanbul, and these are extraordinary things. you brought it live to us 24 hours ago. let's talk more about reaction. it is serious when you're talking about the turkish leadership perhaps involved because we haven't seen this evidence, these accusations coming from russia, but what more is being said about this on
12:36 am
the turkish border? >> reporter: well, rosemary, this has angered the turks greatly that they could be working with isis to smuggle oil outside of syria. turks have said that this is an excuse by the russians to bomb areas where the russians are saying this smuggling is taking place. the turks are saying, in fact, it didn't happening there, but the russians are using that excuse to bomb a group of people that is a very sensitive situation for the turkish government. they view them as their kin. these are people that live around the same area where the plane was shot down. and so we heard from yesterday, when the turkey president was speaking with president obama, saying that hundreds of civilians have been killed in these bombings, and that there is no evidence that their oil is moving through this area, and
12:37 am
the prk president has said show me the proof. they say if there's proof turkey is buying oil, he will resign from the presidency, and still, yet, russia hasn't been able to provide that proof, and russia has said that there is a long line of vehicles bringing or of oil terminal that is sending oil into turkey, and turkey wants to see this proof, wants to know -- wants to see these allegations, the evidence for the allegations, and so far, as we heard from matthew, the russians haven't been able to produce it. >> yeah. that is certainly the case, and we are seeing a rise in tensions. they are very far away between turkey and russia from any fence mending efforts. ian lee joining us live from turkey. word just into cnn that nato has invited montenegro to join.
12:38 am
russia has objected to any nato expansion. >> it's now day three of the cop 21 climate change summit in paris. most of the heads of the state have gone down. it's now up to thousands of representatives to hammer out a resolution. before leaving, barack obama said an agreement is important for the world environment and global security. >> if we let the world keep warming as fast as it is, and sea levels rising as fast as they are, and weather patterns keep shifting in more unexpected ways, then before long we've going to have to devote more and more and more of our economic and military resources not to growing opportunity for our people but to adapting to the
12:39 am
various consequences of a changing planet. this is an economic and security imper thetive th imperative that we have to tackle now. >> and cnn is in paris. it is day three of the climate change summit. what is on the agenda and what is expected out of discussions today? >> reporter: so, as you mentioned, world leaders incl e including obama have largely exited paris and that leaves the negotiators here to get down to wiz. they will be working on a draft agreement that hopefully will be signed at the end of the two-week process. they will be talking about money, some things countries will have to fight about. the developing countries want money to deal with the consequences of climate change. these are countries that haven't caused the climate change happening.
12:40 am
there's a question of financing on the table. there's also the idea of when they're going to review the process. we haven't finished an agreement here at cop 21, but one of the major sticking points is how often these commitments from countries to reduce the pollution will be reviewed, and how often they have to ratchet up their ambitions. that's important. underlying this whole process is the idea of a 2 degree celsius target for warming. if we cross that mark, we're in dangerous territory. the goals here won't get us to the two degrees, but we're hoping the process will set in motion a framework that could get the world to that goal over time. >> all right. 9:40 in the morning there in paris. john sutter joining us with the live report. we appreciate it. many thavpg thanks.
12:41 am
>> the cop 21 summit has protesters. but brand alism found a way around it. they posted fake ads around paris. the spokesperson says they're targeting sponsors of the group which the group thinks are part of the climate change problem. some of the ads also feature heads of state. next, people in alaska's capital react to the death of their newly elected mayor. first, wednesday is international day for the abolition of slavery. we have been asking you to stop modern day slavery. many of you have made your pledges to fight slavery. here are a few of the pledges we've received.
12:42 am
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welcome back. just weeks after taking office, the new major of juneau, alaska was found dead in his home. stephen fisk was found with injuries and many people wonder if he was assaulted. randi kaye reports. >> reporter: about 3:30 in the afternoon the 9-1-1 call came in. the major of juneau, alaska was dead. >> at about 3:34 we received a 9-1-1 call from a man. there was someone who appeared to be deceased inside. offices were on seen at about four minutes. >> reporter: mysterious deaths like this one, let alone the mayor, rarely happen in this city. a community tucked away on
12:47 am
alaska's pan handle. the strange circumstances have many in town speculating about what happened. the detectives here are, for now, stumped. the mayor's son had gone to check on him monday afternoon after getting word that others in town were having trouble reaching him. after he looked inside the home where his father lived alone, neighbors said the son could be heard shouting. that's when he called 9-1-1. officers rushed to the scene, but the mayor was already dead. right now there are more questions than answers. the police say they found no sign of forced entry and they've concluded that the mayor did not commit suicide. what happened? some are already suggesting that the mayor was assaulted. the police are playing that down, though the chief did tell the newspaper that assault is one of the possibilities out there. but that it also could have been a fall or something else. meanwhile, juneau's department mayor will take over the duties.
12:48 am
she was a long time friend of fisk and taught his son. >> we are devastated. he was a wonderful person and a friend, and from the calls i've been receiving tonight, i'm not the only one who felt he's a wonderful person and a good present to juneau. >> reporter: a neighbor told us fisk was in good shape. he hiked and swim often. he had a great smile and was a great guy. he was elected mayor about two months ago. he won with 66% of the vote after running a positive campaign. he was looking forward to ver diversifying the market. all of that is on hold as mystery hangs over this town. >> it's just so devastating to have this happen. it's basically unbelievable. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, new york. an iconic holiday television
12:49 am
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welcome back, everyone.
12:53 am
well, this week marks the 50th anniversary of a charlie brown christmas. the special featuring the peanuts gang first aired in 1965. and late night kmeed comedian, jimmy kimmel marked it by how many times a candidate used the p word. >> the cost of the word is peanuts. >> that's peanuts. >> that's peanuts. that's peanuts. that's peanuts. peanuts. there's peanuts. peanuts, you know. peanu peanuts. peanuts. peanuts. col it's peanuts. >> he does use it a lot, doesn't he. we want to go to the southern indian city of chania where over 300 millimeters of rain fell on
12:54 am
tuesday. the airport was closed for several hours because the runways were closed. let's join pedram javaheri with more on this, and pedram, these are deadly floods, and there is more of this to come. >> more of it the to come the next couple of days. you look at the numbers, the amount of rainfall that fell over this region would equate to what happened in london over six months. you go past the last 40 or so days over this region of southern india, and i share with you some of the images as far as the airport and the runways there taking on water. this is a city with a metropolitan of almost 9 million people. we' the third largest metropolitan city in the u.s., the size of the city of chicago. the concern is the amount of rainfall that fell in this region in the short time period. in the past 40 days, it's rained
12:55 am
39 days. it would take los angeles to accumulate the amount these folks have gotten in four weeks. a foot of rainfall, doubling the month of december's average already on the first day of the month. another wave here. we talk about india and the dry season typically. that's the beginning portion of the year with the indian dry season. the monosons not in yet. october and november, now you're talking about the monsoon season. about 350 millimeters of rainfall come down in november. the wettest month of the year. look what happened this past november. the rainfall amounts staggering, through the roof with almost four times of what is considered normal just from those several weeks of rainfall. that's what's led to this 100 year flood in some of these areas. the heaviest rainfall since the early 1900s. the forecast continues to bring
12:56 am
in rainfall the next couple of days. again, it is the monsoon season in this part of the world, but you don't see as much as we've seen in recent days. the beginning of december, the monsoons withdraw over this word of india. unfortunately, the forecast continues to bring rainfall over this region of southern india. >> thank you, pedram. thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. early start is coming up for our viewers in the united states, and for earn else, max foster is up. have a great day. >> this is not going to ruin my christmas. ♪
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was there a coverup in a new investigation launched into the police department. a top cop is fired. the u.s. is expanding its troops in iraq. few ground troops head in, terrorists make alarming new ganci in libya. good morning, welcome to "early start." >> good morning, i'm christine romans, the search is on for a new head of the chicago police department after mayor rahm emanuel


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