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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 2, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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not the other way around. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. top of the hour, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news now, this new extraordinarily savage execution video has just been released by isis and the implications for this killing could be bigger than anything we've seen thus far in the war. the victim this time is a russian, an apparent spy, or at least that is according to the unmasked, as you see him standing above the victim here, isis jihadist who delivers a message in russian directly to the people of russia and specifically the president of russia slid myrrh pvladimir put promising to kill your sons for each son you killed here, before
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beheading the kneeling man with a hunting knife. joining me now is cnn's ian lee, who is tandi istanding by for u istanbul. obviously we can't show it, ian, but tell me what more you know about the video. >> brooke, it's a brutal video. the runs about eight minutes of the the majority of it you have this man sitting in a chair talking about or confessing, rather, what his alleged crimes are against isis. he says that he was recruited by russian intelligence and then was blackmailed, according to him, saying that they were going to charge him on drug offenses unless he went and spied for them. he was given a little bit of training and what he says was his admission was really twof d
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twofold, one, to look for isis leaders in iraq and syria but also report back to russia on my sort of operation that's could be planned to take place inside russia. now, this man was from chechnya, a region of russia where there have been militant whoz have gone and fight for isis. so this man was caught after a little while inside of their territory, and when you're watching this video the one thing that really strikes you is thatxecutioner, as you've mentioned, his face isn't covered. jihadi john most notably, his face was covered. this man very much making a statement to the russian people, threatening not only the president of russia but also the people saying they're going to kill their sons, destroy their homes, that they wanted to fight russia for a long time. a very direct threat also because they're saying because of russia's support for the syrian president bashar
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al assad. >> ian lee in istanbul. thank you. we'll talk more. ben judah, first to you, i think ian hit on it, but, again, the fact that this executioner, unmasked, speaking in russian, he's taunting russians and vladimir putin. >> yes. i wouldn't overestimate or underestimate russia's pain threshold. russia has had a huge culture of violence and terrorism. per capita rate, the terrorism is equivalent to front line states like israel, pakistan, not in any way comparable to the united states or britain which have frankly very few deaths despite the current levels of fear about this. but also i wouldn't overestimate russia's military pain threshold. it's worth remembering what happened in ukraine and at the moment that sort of fighting and
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economic sanctions really started to eat into russia's military adventure there. forces were in fact quickly pulled back. >> so, then, if you're saying underestimate but don't overestimate. cut through the middle then for me or explain this for me, then, how putin would possibly respond. >> well, russia is not a democracy, doesn't have a media like we do. it doesn't have anything comparable so there's noting to be hysteria in the russian media because they control it. we won't have a situation in any way comparable to the situation around jihadi john. you can just sort of forget about that. will russia really be worried that a spy got decapitated? no. this happens all the time to russian spies all around the world. they get caught, and they lose their position. will they be worried that there
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are lots of chechens now inside isis territory or lots of other kind of fluent russian speakers? we know they're there, and russia actually actively encouraged jihadists from central asia to make their way to the islamic state to make it easy for them to leave so they wouldn't be in russia's territory in the first place. >> so on that place, if ian is staying the victim is chechian and to your point about -- we have this executioner, i haven't listened to the video. i don't know if he's speaking russian. sounds like a native russian speaker or not. but if he is, then what group or where would you suspect he would have come from? >> it's hard to say. the russian speaking world over 300 million people strong. he could have come from any numerous muslim communities or non-muslim communitiesor or convert from that whole world or beyond. he could have learned russian. we don't really know. the important thing is -- would
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even concentrate on this story for more than five or ten minutes. it's just part of the course of war. russia is engaged in war and russia doesn't have the democracy or fears or the ability to cope with high casual casualties. several wars beginning in chechnya at the turn of the century, this is by now his fourth major war. >> what a different perspective from the russians. ben judah, thank you so much, as always. meantime, more breaking news now. it took only three days to seat this jury, and now opening statements are under way in the first trial in the case of freddie gray in baltimore. a jury of eight african-americans, four white people seated this morning, eight of the jurors women, four men. baltimore police officer william porter is the first of the six officers to be tried in gray's april 19th death. also in that courthouse, you
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have baltimore state's attorney marilyn mosby. gray died while in police custody from a spinal cord injury. according to prosecutors he was injured a week earlier while riding in a police transport van. let's go to miguel marquez. we know that the prosecution has already finished their opening statement. what kind of case are they laying out here? >> reporter: a very -- look, they spoke to the jury about ten minutes after the jury was seated. the judge instructed them. then the prosecutor started in. a very somber and serious hour, laying out their entire case of what they say happened in that van. interestingly, they do not say that mr. gray was injured at the time of the arrest. they say that that now world-famous video of him being arrested and being put in the van, it showed he could move his neck and head, shows he could stand and put weight on his feet. at some point during the six stops that mr. gray made in that
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van, he says william porter was at five of those stops, at some point mr. gray became injured to the point that it threatened his life. at the third stop, he says that william porter opened that door after being called for assistance by goodson, the driver, officer porter opened the door and the first thing frady gray said was "help." porter asked him, what's wrong? he responded, i can't breathe. he said, do you need a medic? gray said yes. he said, do you need to go to the hospital? he said yes. this is the first time we're hearing this firsthand back-and-forth between porter and gray. all those words will now come back to haunt him in this case because the prosecution is saying, despite all of that, not only at that stop but at others, they never got gray the help he needed. as for how his neck got injured, they're saying the forth and fifth cervical, it was crushed like you were diving into a pool and your head hit the bottom and
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it caused your spine to be crushed essentially. and that gray could speak because everything from his neck down was basically inoperable but he was still using his neck muscles basically to breathe, to move his lungs just enough so he could breathe shallowly. basically, though, gray was slowly dying because he couldn't breathe. he was hang cuffed. he was shackled. he was in a van. they say at one point he was laying up on the seat of the van, up on the right seat, barely moving, not able to speak. he was -- and his legibreathing more and more shallow until the final moment they opened up the van, he was unconscious and not breathing and basically dead at that point. he was rushed to the shock trauma center here. he was in a coma for a week but did not survive it. they say all of it could have been avoided if officer william porter had just gotten medical help for gray. brooke? >> aloft new details coming out today in the opening statements. we'll hear obviously both sides.
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miguel marquez is on it for us. we'll check back in with you. thank you so much. meantime today, donald trump has a new strategy for isis. he says take out militants' families, bomb the human shields. we'll discuss that. also just in to cnn the pentagon admitting a case of mistaken identity at gitmo. and did the white house ignore warnings about isis? because it didn't fit the reelection narrative? the stunning accusation from president obama's former military intelligence chief. keep it right here. you're watching cnn.
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you're watching cnn.
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i'm brooke baldwin. new poll numbers and new shock waves in the racer for the republican nomination. leader donald trump is surging, look at that, now at 27% among likely republican voters. but here's really the story. it's who's running second that has our attention. marco rubio has taken over that spot with his support at 17%, ben carson who just last month was really in a statistical tie with trump is fading to third and tied with cruz, all from quinnipiac university. more voters also seem to be digging in with just two months before the primary season kicks off. 46% of trump voters say their mind is made up, trump is their man. joining me now is cnn correspondent m.j. lee. we know trump is leading. that's not the headline to me. that's the number two spot, rubio and krufz. >> that's right. for the longest time the field was completely frozen witrump a the top, carson at the top but
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none of the other establishment candidates pulling through. i think we're finally starting to see the beginnings of that, a rubio at 17%, obviously good news for him, carson at 16%, a drop for him, ted cruz at 16%. so i think the question for the party going forward is, will any of these candidates -- and this is we're talking about the sort of 70% of people who do not want to support trump or are not currently supporting trump, will they coalesce around one of these other candidates. >> i think that's fascinating number one. number two, let's talk money. some other interesting numbers. from nbc news, trump has spent 2 $217,000 on tv ads. maybe some think it's a lot. not when you look at the rest of the numbers, jeb bush, $30 million. we're aware that trump gets a lot of airtime. what does that say you about campaigning? when you look at the numbers, how it's changed? >> looking at those numbers, if i'm jeb bush's adviser, i am very concerned. he has spent so much money,
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especially compared to the other candidates, and he is right now at 5%. he has tried to do a reboot. he has a new slogan, jeb can fix it. nothing seems to be working. clearly this is a situation where dollars is not turning into votes or support. donald trump, meanwhile, has spent $2 million of his own money, which is nothing. he has raised $4 million, at least in the last filings that we saw, from people who want to give small dollar donations. so this isn't to say that he is self-funlding his campaign, but compared to some of his rivals he's not spending a lot of money. but his support is sustained. >> it's like chump change compared to all of this other money. >> yeah. >> yet he is on top. m.j., thank you. let's talk more about this here with cnn political commentator ryan liz zoe writes for the new yorker and jay crusoe, a contributor for red jay, you're the one i want to begin with. we all read your piece. here you have the column, five
11:18 am
reasons i will not vote for trump if he is the gop nominee. of your five, give me your favorite three points. >> the top three points would be number one, he is not really a conservative. i said he's not even really much of a republican if you look at his stances on issues like taxes and abortion, medicare, social securi security, private property, single payor. he's been all over the map. there's not a lot of trust there with what he's going to do. second, his big push has been on immigrati immigration, promising to build a wall, promising that mexico is going to pay for it, and he's promising to deport 11 million to 12 million undocumented immigra immigrants. but he has not come up with any kind of plan to show how he's going to do that. and third, he's going to be a big drag on the gop ticket. there are a lot of gop senators who will be defending their seat
11:19 am
a lot more than democrats in the 2016 election. i think it's going to be a disaster. if he is the nominee, he will lose and the gop will likely lose control of the senate as well. >> that is a huge point, jay, that has been echoed by other writers, the trickle-down effect. ryan lizza, i know you've talked about this before, but there's this notion of, what can these in the upper echelon republican party, the folks with a lot of the money, what can they do to stop trump? and from what i've read there's a real fear that if they try there could be this true backfire effect. >> i think the biggest thing they fear is that if they go after him too hard, that he'll run as a third party candidate and ensure that hilary clinton, the likely democratic nominee, is the winner in the general election. i think that's one thing keeping a lot of money and a lot of elites in the republican party on the sidelines. and the main thing, though, has been they just assumed, like frankly a lot of people who look
11:20 am
at politics, that he would implode because of all of the kind of nutty things he has said this year. the kind of things that in previous cycles and for traditional candidates would have exited the race if they had said some of these things. so, look, it's still only early december. there are two more months. at this point in 2012 newt gingrich was at the top of the national polls and he did not become the nominee. but if you're going to stop trump and the republican party, it's got to be done by republicans, conservative voi t voices. his supporters tune out the mainstream media, the establishment press. it's got to come from conservatives and republicans, and putting their money where their mouth is if they want to take trump down. >> the list is growing, as you both well know, of who trump has phon offended. but let me just get to this. jay, trump was on "fox and
11:21 am
frien friends" this morning, he was talking about, quote, bombing the hell out of isis. he was asked what he would do with innocent syrian civilians. this is what he said. >> they're using them as shields. but we're fighting a very politically correct war. the other thing is, with the terrorists, you have to take out their families. when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. they care about their lives. don't kid yourself. they say they don't care about their lives. you have to take out their families. >> listen, a lot of insults don't shock a lot of us anymore. but killing civilian families? what, jay? >> yeah. well, you know, that's just something that is -- that trump is known for. and because he hasn't -- like ryan said, because he hasn't suffered from anything outrageous he's said so far, why stop? that group of supporters you
11:22 am
talked about, that's going to kind of solidify them. they're very supportive of him. they're going to tune out what other people are saying. that will just kind of -- that will just embolden them a little bit more. so as long as there's no consequences to what he's saying he's just going to continue to say things like that. >> it's like the line keeps moving and moving. >> there is a collective action problem here, right? if you were running against trump, if you're jeb bush or christie or cruz or rubio, you want to be talking about your own campaign. you want to be talking about your own biography, introduce yourself to the voters. up until now, you've basically been arguing, you know, pulling trump down from his 30% polling is someone else's problem, right? someone else will eventually come in with a super pac or a lot of money and do it. and at some point, you know, the leading candidates are going to have to realize that it's been six months and that hasn't happened, and there's no sort of -- there's no one to rescue them. some of these candidates are
11:23 am
well-funded. they're going to have to do it themselves. >> i just feel like we're going to blink and it will be november. jay crusoe and ryan lizza, thanks so much. coming you next, this stunning revelation out of guantanamo bay, cuba, a case of mistaken identity involving a prisoner who has been held there for 13 years. details just in to cnn, next. plus, rahm emanuel firing back regarding a cover-up over the shooting death of an african-american teenager in chicago. hear what rahm emen w memen you and what happened when a rotor challenged him. .. need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. if you're on medicare, remember, the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th.
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honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. just in to cnn, the pentagon now believes a detainee, one of the 107 remaining at the gitmo prison has been held there now for more than 13 years, now
11:28 am
saying it could be the result of mistaken identity. our justice correspondent evan perez joins me with more on this case. what do you know? >> it's quite surreal, brooke. you know, this detainee's name is must sauf at that al sha merry, 37 years old. the pentagon for all these years thought that he was part of a group that was perhaps involved in plotting the bombing of the oi uss cole" in 2000. according to new documents they've now filed with the periodic review board, the board basically looking at every case of gaun opportune mow detainees, determining whether they shoulding released or sent home or kept here, they've now decided that it was a mistaken identity case simply because he was at one point staying at a home that was a safehouse for some of the plotters of the "uss cole" bombing. but they say it appears that all evidence indicates that he had nothing to do with this. now, it's not clear what happens to him now because it is -- the
11:29 am
pentagon still believes that he was a fighter who was -- who fought in bosnia, in yemen and tooks weapons training with al qaeda groups in afghanistan. he's one of like 48 or so yem i yemenis who cannot be sent home under current law. so it might be easier said than done for him to go anywhere, even though he might be there under mistaken identity. he's not going home yet anytime soon, brooke. >> evan perez, thank you so much. now we turn to this. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. here we go. again, breaking news in to cnn, reports of an active shooter in san bernardino, california, just about 60 miles west of los angeles. listen, we don't know a lot. here's what we do know. the san bernardino fire department is responding to reports of multiple victims in a shooting incident, multiple victims. you can see we drew the line
11:30 am
there from east to west. you can see where san bernardino falls on the map there in california. i have art roderick on the phone with me, former u.s. marshal, cnn law enforcement analyst. art roderick, here we are again. you know, wer just talking about an active shooting situation at a planned parenthood center in colorado springs, colorado, on friday. here we are san bernardino, california. and as we sadly are familiar with active shooting scenarios, we know, what, priority number one is establish a perimeter and safety for anyone in the area. >> yeah, brooke. unfortunately we're getting quite used to this. another sad incident here. especially with reports of 20. that number is highly unusual. you're right, they have to set up a perimeter. it sounds like because they've called the fire department in early that possibly they might have the situation under control at this point. it's hard to say. of course, this just occurred.
11:31 am
i know info is kind of sketchy iext been trying to find information on the internet, but there's not much out there yet. i think it's a pretty good sign if they're calling in the fire department right away that they might have at least a perimeter securer or the rescue and fire department to wait outside of that. >> and los angeles, again, on the map, san bernardino east 60 miles from l.a. i have, as we're all -- welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world, as we're reporting on yet another potential mass shooting here, this one in san bernardino, california. not a lot of details as this is truly a fluid situation. let me read as we have to do in situations like these. we go to twitter and official accounts of these specific jurisdictions. here's what i got handed from the san bernardino police department. they have confirmed an active shooter in the area of orange shell road if you know the area,
11:32 am
waterman avenue near park center. that's from the police department and from fire units responding to reports of 20 victims in the shooting incident, 1300 block of south waterman. police department working to clear the scene. harry houck has been seated next to me here, former nypd. sadly, all too familiar with covering these active shooting scenarios. listen, we don't know a lot. as art was just discussing and we were discussing recently, you set the perimeter. and we don't know where this is happening. i don't want to say anything that's not accurate. we're hearing reports where this possible i could be, but walk me through what police are doing right now. >> well, the first thing they're doing is trying to find out where exactly the shooter is. and at the same time talking to witnesses, to see if there's more than one shooter. the report is there are 21 people possibly shot here. it hasn't been confirmed, but the fact that if there is, there's a good chance there's a second shooter with that many
11:33 am
people. how long has this been going on? we don't know. how many calls have come in is this a shopping center? why is this a specific target? are there a lot of people here all the time? is that why this area is a specific target? you have 20 people shot here so you can definitely say this isn't somebody going into a location who has a personal vendetta against one or two people. this is definitely looking like one of the bad active shooters we've been very afraid of happening here in the united states that we've been saying, you know, this hasn't happened in the united states. this could be the bad one. >> again, reports of 20 victims, a shooting incident. this is the south waterman area of san bernardino. looking at the clock, it's 2:30 in the east, 11:30 in the west, about lunchtime for folks there in san bernardino. we don't know a lot. if it's more than one shooter. we know it's an active shooting situation in san bernardino, california.
11:34 am
and we don't know exactly where this is happening. we don't know as we talked on friday at a separate active shooting situation if there are hostages in this case. i've got art roderick, former u.s. marshal and harry houck here with years on the police force here in new york. beyond setting a perimeter, what else? >> first of all, when you see this many injuries, you know, we've got probably a long gun we're talking here also. >> why do you think that? >> because there's so many injuries. i don't know how long this has actually been going on. we don't have the exact time. >> we don't know when the call came in. >> right. but when you've got 20 people that they're talking about right now, it's going to probably be like it might be more. what they're doing is cordoning off the whole area. they're going to make it a large crime scene, an area they believe the shooter is somehow trapped in a specific area, they're going to cordon off the whole area. they'll put a perimeter around
11:35 am
that. they're calling police officers and federal agents. everybody will be coming in. i'm sure the atf is there now because of this. there could be possible explosives. we don't know yet. they're going to take every precaution possible to protect the people in that area. >> and i am squinting at the screen. just crying to see, obviously we're pulling up google map. this is the 1300 block of south waterman. to try to understand what sort of buildings are in this part of san bernardino. thanks, guys. i can't tell exactly what the structures are. don't know if that's a park on the left or some sort of golf -- san bernardino public golf course, there you go. on the other side, some sort of structure, building. i don't know if it's a shooting, a shopping complex. we don't know. i'm sure we have folks in the control room working to get people on the phone who are familiar with this area of san bernardino. art, to you, because immediately when i think of at least 20 victims here and still an active shooter, the word that comes to
11:36 am
my mind is "triage." somehow police have to get in and access and treat these people, at the same time they're trying to neutralize the shooter. >> right, brooke. harry is correct, that's a lot of casualties being reported immediately. a high number of casualties is unusual. what's happening is, if they can identify where the shooter or shooters are coming from, you've got police responding. you've got perimeters set up. and as everybody starts responding on a lot of these tactical units now, they have what's called a tactical paramed paramedic. they will immediately start administering first aid. most law enforcement officers have basic first aid. but the first crew is going to be going toward where the danger is. the first group of law enforcement officers show up, going to be going right toward where the shooting is occurring. and then those coming in from behind will start triaging all the people who are injured,
11:37 am
tactical units will show up. this is the beginning. as we see here now, ambulances are just starting to show up, and we've got some choppers in the air. >> let's also be really precise on our language, everyone, because these are reports of, first of all, 20 victims in the shooting. we don't know if that means fatalities, injured. that's the number we have from san bernardino fire's twitter page. that said, do you want to jump in, harry? >> that's right. there's a fnew protocol with police departments. they're going right after the shooter. >> what do you mean by that? >> we learned from columbine that the police officers, once they arrived at that scene, they staged themselves outside, got themselves together, then they went into the school. that's bad. that's wrong. we learned that police officers have got to go in. so probably when the call came in, police officers had to directly confront the shooter. step over the wounded, get and knock the shooter out.
11:38 am
the longer he's out there, the more casualties might occur. that protocol has already probably been established. there's i very good chance, we don't know yet, that that shooter has already been taken out. >> right. >> we don't know. i'm home hoping it is because the amount of people that is reported that have been shot here is extraordinary. you know, we're looking at this as a golf course here. i would expect maybe some type of a shopping mall or something like that where a lot of people are in an area we're look at here, of course, we don't know the exact location where this is occurring. it might be a block or two away. >> we don't know. but what would be more problematicor or challenging for law enforcement, as they are seeking to neutralize the suspect, whether it was outside versus in a closed-in area? >> it depends. in a closed area, police officers are going to have to go directly into the scene, has this guy rigged some sort of bomb in the area? but it doesn't matter. police officer vz to go directly
11:39 am
into the scene. he could actually barricade himself inside if it is inside a location, if he's outside, he could be running around. many different -- there's a lot of wide spaces we can see here. he could be hidden anywhere. looks like there's some green area there that might be some woods. >> the green area on the map you can see it says san bernardino public golf course. i've been watching you with one eye on the right side of the screen. it does look like abernardino. i assume this is south waterman and some shops, some folks walking, police in the middle of the road. >> wherever it is, whatever it is, if it's true that 20 people have been shot already, it's probably in a very crowded area. >> yes. launch time on the west coast. joining me, another voice, what more can you add? >> just one more minor detail, something people might be concerned about following what happened in colorado just a few days ago. we've received word that this
11:40 am
was not at a planned parenthood. that he at least perspective on where the shooting may be taking place. obviously with what happened -- >> is there a planned parenthood nearby? >> that may be the case. joseph meadow called and made contact with the office. obviously there was concern that -- >> it was just around the corner. i was handed a piece of paper. there is a planned parenthood just around the corner from the location. there you have it. that's not what's been targeted. >> right. >> do we know where this is happening, whether it as at the golf course, the shopping center? we have no idea. >> not fre preciasly. we've just been tolding that people should avoifd the 1300 block of south waterman. residents have been warned to stay away. there's a hard closure in effect at orange show road and waterman avenue. but we don't know exactly, as you mentioned before, whether or not this is happening indoors or somehow outside, perhaps in the green area next to the road. >> so if you are just joining us, it is 20 minutes until noon on the west coast. we are looking at some of the first pictures coming in from one of our l.a. affiliates kabc
11:41 am
on the right side. we're talking specifically about san bernardino, 60 miles east of los angeles. on the left side of your screen, this is the area we're talking about specifically, again, according to pd and according to fire. there reports of an active shooting situation here, and to be precise using the language of the fire department they're responding to reports of a 20-victim shooting. this is the 1300 block of south waterman. we don't know where exactly this is happening because, by the looks of the map, you have a golf course, you have a number of buildings. let's listen in to law enforcement. >> what did she see? >> she said the guy came in next to her office, and i guess started shooting. they locked themselves in in her office. they seen bodies on the floor. she said by now ambulance are taking people out in stretchers. >> she was able to get out of the building already but there's still people inside. >> was she hurt? is she okay? >> no. she's okay.
11:42 am
she said s.w.a.t. is inside. >> did she tell you what the people, suspects, looked like? >> she said all she heard was shots. she didn't get a chance to see anything. >> what business does she work in? >> in the original center. >> what do they do at that business? >> she works with kids with disabilities. >> do you have any idea how many people are typically in the building this time of day? >> it's hey pretty big building. i don't know. probably a couple hundred. >> how did you first hear about what happened? >> she texted me. she said she was inside, that there was a shooter outside shooting, that she's locked in in her office. she said, i love you, and i came over here. >> i can't imagine when you got her on the phone she was said she was out how relieved you were. >> yeah. just a little while ago. >> what do you think about all of the -- >> i'm glad they came out right away. i called 911 right away and they already knew about it. i got here as soon as i could.
11:43 am
i work in downtown riverside. i left work and just headed out here. >> all right, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> we appreciate that. again, one of the witnesses in there describing what he saw. >> so we're going to move away from the live report. a couple of things there. obviously that was not law enforcement. that was a witness. i don't know if it was a husband of someone inside the building where the shooting was taking place. obviously a loved one. you heard him say she said i love you. just got this piece of information, that san bernardino police have confirmed they are looking for one to three possible suspects, multiple victims, and from that quick interview with that individual there in sanbernardino, he mentioned outside but also inside a building. he described this woman who was locking herself up in her office, describing bodies on the floor. and i heard him mention something about a center -- i don't know if this individual he was referencing works with children with disabilities, if
11:44 am
that is perhaps where this is taking place. that's what he mentioned, and that several hundred people work in that specific building. so as we're trying to get a little bit more information as far as where this active shooting situation is happening, these are some of the pieces now coming together, harry. >> listen, if it's more than one shooter, this isn't the typical kind of shooting we've seen where -- >> by the way, typical shooting? i hate that, but know what you're saying. >> you know what i mean. we see that there's one shooter, then we think it's a lone wolf doing something on his own. >> this may not be. >> now we have possibly three shooters here. you've got to start looking at this as maybe possibly some kind of a terrorist attack. you know, you've got three shooters. that is -- then there's got to be some kind of conspiracy, you know. three separate people out there with weapons shooting in a building where there are hundreds of people. i'm not looking at this -- i thought for a second it might be a disgruntled employee. but not with three separate
11:45 am
shooters. it's got to be some kind of specific attack at this location. it's a poobssibility because the are children are. >> cita wilson is on the phone. i understand she is a reception ist ist in the area. first of all, are you okay? >> yes, we are. we've locked down our school right now. >> so you're a receptionist at a local school? >> yeah. actually, we're -- we have a charter school here. we deal with young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. >> so explain to me where you and your school is in conjunction with this active shooting situation. >> we are actually five houses down from the corner of orange show road and waterman. >> can you explain to me what -- i just have a google map. i see a golf course and a couple of buildings.
11:46 am
what buildings are along that corridor? >> okay, we're actually on the east side. we're on east orange show road. so we're actually on the opposite corner of where this is happening. >> right. so that's where you are. but at waterman and orange show road, what else is in this area? >> there's a gas station on the corner. there's also empty warehouses, but we have a limousine service here and another medical warehouse on this street here. >> pretty busy this time of day, lunchtime on the west coast? what's traffic like? >> traffic right now is pretty heavy. i noticed that traffic has stopped at one point. we heard the helicopters and everything. we went outside to take a look. we thought it was an accident.
11:47 am
then our phones start ringing and relatives and employers calling to make sure that we were okay because they had heard about the shooting. we didn't know what was going on. >> so when you stepped outside -- i don't know how recent that was, cita -- what did you see? >> there was a lot of helicopters, a lot of police sirens going on, a lot of traffic, and that's all we can see and hear from right here. >> and what about the kids in your charter school? are they being told to stay there? >> yes, they are. actually, we have locked our front doors and our gates where the students would have to stay in until we get further notice. actually, no one has came by to -- we're just sitting here waiting until we hear from someone. >> you're waiting to hear from
11:48 am
law enforcement where they give you some guidance on what to do with your school. >> yes. >> all right, cita wilson, thank you so much for calling in, calling from a charter school as she describes five houses down from this area in san bernardino where this active shooting situation is taking place. you're looking at some newer video coming in from kabc, our los angeles affiliate, of law enforcement gearing up, s.w.a.t. teams and the like getting ready to potentially roll in and neutralize this shooter. let's listen to one more witness. >> text message. >> said that someone had come in and started shooting, and they ran into an office and she's hiding with some other people. our friend's daughter is in there, too, and she texted so they're both hiding. >> as we speak. >> that's all i know. that's all i know. >> is she still hearing gunshots? >> she didn't say anything about gunshots. but someone i think must have
11:49 am
told her because she never said she heard gunshots, but somehow she knew that -- she said 10 to 20 people were shot. >> and where does she work? >> i don't know the name of the place, but it's a government agency that helps people deal with health care stuff. >> has she seen any victims down? >> no, she hasn't said anything about that. she's been hiding. >> i imagine you must be really concerned right now. >> is this your daughter? >> yes. >> who's hiding in there? >> yes. >> what did she say to you? she sent you some texts? >> she did. >> what did she say? >> that -- shooting at my work.
11:50 am
people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> but she's okay? >> pray for us. i am locked in an office. that's it. >> what is your name? >> kerry petit. >> again, very emotional scene out here with some of these people -- >> pray for us. he was reading to a local reporter in san bernardino, california. that was a father whose daughter is holed up in her office describing the shots being fired, describing those injured. absolutely horrendous. our hearts go out to everyone here in san bernardino enduring an active shooter situation. evan perez is our justice correspondent. he is joining me now.
11:51 am
evan, what can you tell me? >> well, brooke, this is definitely not like the recent shootings that we've seen where you have single shooters. according to the san bernardino sheriff's department, they're looking for up to three shooting suspects here so that really tells us that this is something different. we expect that the local authorities are going to be looking for help from the federal government, the fbi, the atf. we're checking with them to see whether they're either on the scene or on the way. we know that they have offices right nearby. it wouldn't take long for them to be at the scene. right now we don't know where those suspects are, but if they're indeed up to three suspects as the sheriff's office in san bernardino county has reported on twitter, then this really separates it from some of the more recent shootings. obviously this is a country who's seen a lot of these indianapol incide incidents, way too many, but to have more than one shooter really puts it in a different
11:52 am
category, where you have to start thinking whether or not there might be some kind of terrorist angle here. you have to start thinking about what type of conspiracy that would involve multiple people to carry out this attack, and why did they choose this location. again, these are all questions that law enforcement is going to be asking. we're asking at this moment, checking with people we know. we'll get back to you with more information. >> evan, let me keep you quickly. you may not know the answer to this question. but when we just heard -- forgive me. this takes me back a minute. we're looking now for the first time at what look to be triage units being set up outside of i don't know if it's a park or a golf course, across the parking lot. a lot of blood. a lot of blood. evan, if you're still with me, we heard that father, that eyewitness, describing his daughter in this building. his father mentioned it was a government agency health care related where the shooting was happening. do you know any more about where this is happening? >> no, i don't know that area
11:53 am
particularly well, brooke. i've been in that region but not in that exact area. i'm having a hard time thinking of what government agency is there. we do know that there's a lot of federal agencies that are dispersed all over the southern california area partly because you want to make sure you have the ability of workers being able to get there so they're not all concentrated in downtown l.a. as you -- >> here's the building. forgive me for jumping in. here's the building. now we're seeing, harry, two dozen people hands up walking very carefully outside. what are we looking at? >> that's the typical protocol when you're evacuating a people, as people come out, that you come out with your hands up. we don't know if the shooter will try to escape pretending to be a victim. you come out with your hands up. police officers will identify them. >> look at the officers on the other side -- in the median. you see them huddled behind those car cars. you see armored vehicles. what's happening there/. >> they're probably looking for
11:54 am
cover here. apparently it looks like that's the building where the shooting occurred. >> yes. >> we can tell by all the police around there and the way people are coming out of the building. so the police must be in that building now and have him, the shooter or shooters, cordoned off in a specific area inside that building. >> what makes you think that? >> it's what appears. i can't tell you for sure. that's what it appears right now. and it looks like they're coming out of an area where they might not be ail to get shot by the shooter. if the shooter decides to look out the window and shoot. apparently police have made this a safe zone here. being inside there, there's a good possibility we may see the same thing where they pretend they have hostages inside and are trying to basically get a little more time in what they're doing there. this is all speculation. we don't know much what's going on. that's what i can see from what i see here. >> more and more people leaving the building with their hands
11:55 am
up, one or two dozen patrol cars and armored vehicle up there on the sidewalk. as we're looking at this building -- folks, let me just be totally transparent. we don't know where this is. until we get more information from the ground, from san bernardino, all i can tell you, this is according to san bernardino fire, this is waterman avenue, 1300 block of south waterman and orange show road. this is where this is happening. obviously no rask in the area. in these shooting situations they cordon the area off, establish a perimeter, get folks from within out to safety, triage those who are injured and try to find the shooter, in this case according to san bernardino police, they're looking for one to possible lie three shooting suspects. art roderick, let me bring your voice back into this. you've been listening to harry sort of walk us through what he thinks he's seeing. what about you? >> yeah, i agree with harry. this is scary when you're talking about multiple shooters.
11:56 am
this involves a conspiracy. when this first went down and i heard multiple shooters i thought maybe originally some type of gang situation. but it sounds more toward the terrorism angle where if they're holding hostages and they've injured that many people, we're talking some type of long rifle with a high capacity magazine that would do some damage like that. so it's good to hear that there's people coming out of the building. they've got get those innocent people out of the way as quickly as possible. and those buildings did look fairly large. i heard one witness say that those buildings probably hold a couple hundred people. so this is a nightmare law enforcement has, to get those people out of those other offices before they get hurt. >> and we're looking now, live pictures, this is presumably the triage unit, stretchers, fire, ems all responding, treating people on the streets there.
11:57 am
those obviously with the priority, the worst injured being taken to local hospitals there in dan bernardino. as you can see on the screen, harry, we now know in addition to local law enforcement, fbi and atf on the scene. >> definitely fbi will be on the scene stabtly, more than one shooter we believe occurring here. the fbi will come on the scene. atf will come on the scene. i don't know if anybody is hearing shots right now or not. it doesn't appear to me by looking at the scene here that any shots are being fired. now, the thing is, when the police responded instantly to the scene, were they able to engage the shooter? if not, if they could not engage the shooter, were the shooters at that time trying to either escape or did they kill themselves? we don't know. but you see a lot of police officers that aren't standing around in contact cal positions. they're all standing around, not behind cars. >> what does that tell you?
11:58 am
>> there's a good possibility that the shooters are taken care of. i don't see that in any of the pictures we've -- there could be another building. i don't know. we see them coming out of that one building. >> you don't feel a sense of urgency as you're looking at this. >> no, i don't at all. they're not taking defensive positions against this building. there's a possibility that this might be over. i'm not sure. >> let's hope it is. >> one thing i can tell you is that from the witness that said they spoke to a loved one who heard gunshots they mentioned this is a center where they handled disabled children. i can tell you at the 1300 block of waterman avenue there's a regional center, they're spread out throughout california, they assist people -- >> forgive me. that looks urgent to me, harry houck. >> that's definitely urgent there. >> all of them with their guns drawn. >> guns drawn, in defensive positions behind the vehicles. >> we want to pull away from that. those are live pictures.
11:59 am
wasn't to be careful what we show live here on cnn. >> we now see that the shooters have not been eliminated. you could tell by that action by the police. >> just saying as we've heard from several people that there's a government agency nearby. this may be the government agency, the inland regional center, where they handle people with disabilities. >> there we go. we heard somebody mention that. >> they're apparently spomt for the coordination of services and case management for persons with disabilities to parents and people at risk of having developmental disabilities. this is straight from the website. they are located at the 1300 block of waterman avenue. so even if this isn't exactly perhaps where the shooting took place, it's still nearby. so consider those who were in the area when it started. >> looking at, though, all these different cars, harry -- >> you see the way they're parked? it looks like a lot of police
12:00 pm
vehicles came to the scene, as if they didn't even know exactly where the shooter was occurring. maybe the first call happened here. we see all these cars here. maybe they didn't think they could go down the side block. >> look at all those cars. that is a tremendous law enforcement presence. >> you'll see that in situations like this. the more police officers you have there, the better. just as long as everybody is coordinating correctly and know how to respond to something like this, you know, it's a good thing for us. >> let's listen in live to an affiliate there covering this in san bernardino, california. >> those are different colors basing on the injuries they come in and what severity, whether they're critical, minor, or anything like that. you can see the triage center being set up right now. fire department is holding out right now as law enforcement is in the building trying to figure out exactly what they have, clearing the building as you mentioned earlier one by one. you can see to the right as we pan to the right, all of the people walking away from the location. these are all potential witnesses. they're going to get these people into some area of the park, debrief with everyone, try
12:01 pm
to figure out what they saw, who they saw, get an accurate number of shooters in the building. we've heard anywhere from one to three shooters. get a description of the shooters. the law enforcement agencies and those tactical interaction teams, those interactive teams getting in there right away, making contact with the shooters if they haven't already. they're going to bring them in, put them under this tree and interview them. we're going to pull out wider. we just got on scene. we have two helicopters on scene. we'll give you two pictures here. right now you can see this is the command post area, just a lot of fire equipment, a lot of ambulances trying to figure out what we have. we're going to push back into the interchange here, intersection and see if there's anybody being treated at the center right now. you can see there's a group of paramedics and the fire department in there. it looks like they do not have any victims. it's hard to see. we're at 3,000 feet. trying to stay out of the way of law enforcement. a very serious situation, multiple agencies, multiple fire
12:02 pm
departments all converging on this. this is a fog of war, trying to figure out what they have going on. you can see s.w.a.t. team members walking behind the fire engine. that's a good sign that they're all coming out and not rushing in. i don't know what it may mean, whether the suspects have been stopped or not, but it doesn't appear to be s.w.a.t. team members running in. uncertain what that tells us. right now we're hearing at least 12 fatalities, possibly one to three shooters. that's what's going on here. we're just trying foig out what we can see up here. we'll try to get more information. you can see people being treated there on the northwest corner of waterman drive right near the facility. the inland regional center facility, a facility that treats -- >> so you have been listening to the helicopter there of our local l.a. affiliate kabc describing the scene here. as you can see, a woman being taken off on a stretcher presumably to the hospital
12:03 pm
there. if you're just joining us here, we're just past the top of the hour, you're watching cnn. we're in the thick of breaking news. san bernardino, about 60 miles east of los angeles, this is an active shooting situation according to police, could be one shooter, could be as many as three separate shooters. you just heard that chopper reporter describe fatalities. those numbers cnn can't confirm. again, let me be clear we do not have numbers confirmed here at cnn. the latest we have -- this is from san bernardino fire -- is that they have been responding to reports of 20 victims in the shooting incident in the 1300 block of south waterman. when they say victims, i don't know if that's fatalities, injured. this new piece of information i do have as we're looking at live pictures on the scene, tremendous, tremendous law enforcement presence here, loma linda university medical center spokesperson telling cnn their medical center is expecting an unknown number of patients from this shooting. the spokesperson says it's
12:04 pm
unclear how many patients they will be receiving or the extent of their injuries. but it is a trauma level one center for the people of san bernardino. so, art, can you just walk me through, if you are this local medical center here anticipating who knows how many presumably gunshot victims into their medical center, how are they preparing for this? >> well, if they're a level one trauma center, then they've practiced these types of scenarios before. so obviously the triage is being done at the scene, going to be key to get those who are more seriously injured in first. i'm sure they're in contact with those rescue squads and ambulances transporting the injured so that they know immediately which ones have to be taken into surgery or treated elsewhere. so, you know, these trauma one units are fantastic with these types of scenarios. >> they will be ready to handle
12:05 pm
these patients as they come in. what you're looking at right now, we've been watching this for the last couple of minutes, presumably these are people who worked in this building or who were inside the building at the time of the shooting. they've been walking out one by one by one hands up in the air slowly, carefully, cautiously here being guided by local law enforcement. this is the area, if you're familiar with san bernardino, south waterman and orange shell road. so as they're getting these folks across the street away from the shooter or shooters to safety, lots of -- we've seen patrol cars, dozens of them. i've seen an armored vehicle up on the sidewalk closest to the center. and also ambulances, stretchers. we mentioned triage. a lot of times in situations like these when you bring these victims out they're color code ed depending on the severity of the injury.
12:06 pm
harry houck is with me, former nypd detective and current cnn law enforcement analyst. boris sanchez is with me on the desk in new york as well as we've been covering this for the better part of the last hour here. harry, as we're watching these folks walking out, your assessment. >> well, this looks like this is the safe zone. this is the safe zone where people can actually stand around and not worry about getting shot. apparently the police there have the location where the shooters might be, have that area cordon off. so they don't really have to worry about what's going on right here. what's really important here is, interviewing these people who were inside the scene because what you need to do is to get the stories from the people. and the stories that are consistent with each other are the ones that the police are going to have to follow. we need a description of the shooters. what did they wear? are we going to find out if there's one or -- you might have a couple of witnesses that saw one shooter and another couple who saw another shooter. we find out the description of the clothing and maybe the weapon they were using now we'll be able to identify, yeah,
12:07 pm
there's one shooter, two shooters because somebody is said the guy was wearing a green shirt and jeans, the other guy way red shirt and jeans, now another person said yellow shirt and jeans. now we know we've got three shooters here. that's what the police are going to be looking for. they're going to want to find out exactly where inside the building the shooting started, what they saw, and how many more people might be locked in rooms. they might have safe rooms inside this location that we saw over in colorado. >> that's right. >> hopefully we'll see that. the police are going to have to try to get to the locationsen and get those people out of there. >> thank you, harry. stay with me. i'm being joined -- joe? former fbi? >> new york city police department. >> forgive me, sir. thank you for jumping in on the coverage. now apparently the shooting has been confirmed happening near the inland regional center. it is a nonprofit there in san bernardino that works with individuals with developmental
12:08 pm
disabilities. staff members provide services to more than 30,000 people with developmental disabilities and their families in the san bernardino and riverside counties. that is apparently confirmed where the shooting happened at or near. joe, i don't know how much you've been watching here. we've been in this for about an hour and we've heard from two separate eyewitnesses. we don't know, this could be one, two or three possible shooters. pd describing them as suspects. we've been watching people walking out with their hands up from within this facility. we heard from two eyewitnesses describing their loved ones holed up, locking themselves in offices within this building, describing hearing shots. how does that factor, that variable, change if you're fbi, atf, police, trying to find the shooters? >> well, unfortunately you don't know who the shooters are. as law enforcement you're responding to the scene, it's chaotic, hectic. you've got people maybe running out towards you. i mean, this is where some of the training comes in in respect of not only the police but also
12:09 pm
with the mass shootings we've had talking to people in all the organizations about what to do, what not to do in case this happens. so you hope that this facility had some of this active shooter training and they know to either strie to escape first, hide out second and the last thing they have to do is fight. that's basically what you're going to hope for happens in this case. i know hope is not a plan for law enforcement, but this is the only thing they have right now so they can sort out through this whole chaotic mess about what they actually have here. >> joe, stay with me. i know i have kristin krauth on the phone now. kristin is the co-director of a charter school here just around the corner from this active shooting situation. kristin, how are you doing? >> i'm good, thanks. >> i spoke with someone else from a charter school just around the corner as well. don't know if you're from the same place. but how close are you to where this is happening? >> from the golf course, we're a little bit off of waterman.
12:10 pm
we're probably about a mile, mile and a half away. >> so you have how many children at your xoschool right now? >> we have about 450 students that are k-8. >> and what are you being told by law enforcement? are all the kids at the school right now? are you on lockdown? >> yeah, we're on lockdown. honestly, we don't necessarily have lots of conversations with law enforcement so the moment we found out there was a situation we called dispatch. they say that we should be on lockdown. so we go on lockdown. we don't ask a lot of questions. our number one priority is to protect children so we have been doing our best to keep updated. obviously our phones have been off the hook, but we're just here to reassure parents and our kids that we're fine, that we're protected, and that we're doing everything possible. our school is pretty secured. and really we have all gates locked. we're doing everything we can to make sure our kid s are protectd
12:11 pm
and calm is the main thing. >> absolutely. good for you for taking matters into your own hands and calling dispatch and locking down the school. you well know sadly school around the country are prepared for this kind of thing. let me ask you this, do you know this area we're describing? i understand the shooting happened at or near the inland regional center? it's a place that works with folks with developmental disabilities. do you know that place? >> correct, yeah, we do. we actually have kids that go to that center. when the kids have special education needs, sometimes they belong to that. yeah, we're somewhat familiar with that. >> can you tell me more about the center, what they provide people in the community? >> mainly they're just providing services. i know just basically what impacts our school. when we have kids who have special needs, they provide extra services in their home to give them those services that sometimes the school can't provide. but it's mainly for support of
12:12 pm
families in town that they provide services through -- i don't know exactly what money, but that's just kind of how it works. they just provide support services for people in town. >> sounds wonderful, what they're able to do for it sounds like san bernardino and riverside counties. >> yes. >> have you ever been in the building, kristin? >> i have not, no. >> okay. and in this area, what's nearby? looks to me like there's a golf course. >> there is a golf course. then if you head south, there's kind of like all the restaurants. the main row of restaurants and shops. then we're actually north of where the incident is taking place. so at that point -- we're in an industrial area so there's not a whole lot around us. waterman is one of the main
12:13 pm
thorou thorou thoroughfares through san bernardino. >> kristin krauth, i'll let you go attend to your children. keep them safe. kristin, thank you so much. do i have lee on the phone now? >> yes. >> lee vanoker, american college of emergency physicians are medical director. lee, i wanted to bend your ear as we're covering this active shooting situation in san bernardino, police looking for as many as three different suspects. as we're looking at this these pictures, tremendous police presence, ems, fire on the scene as well. let me ask you from a medical perspective, if you are this loma linda university medical center anticipating an unknown number of patients presumely gunshot wounds, how are you preparing? >> well, there's disaster plans that are always in place with emergency rooms, and they coordinate with local ems. we do practice that time and time again. so they have a plan in place.
12:14 pm
they call in surgeons. they'll usually cancel elective surgeries that were scheduled that day to clear out all the operating rooms to get ready. the emergency physicians are called in. extra emergency physicians are called in. and it's all part of a well-coordinate ed disaster pla. we then triage the victims as they come in according to, you know, who's the sickest, who needs to go immediately to the operating room, who can be treated in the e.r. >> right. and as we've been watching the sort of setup triage unit in the middle of the road by this building, can you explain to me just quickly, too, i know in situations like these you have color coded victims, priorities, as far as severity of injuries. walk me through how that works outside the facility. >> yeah. according to color coded, red is the most severe. sometimes surgeons and e.r. physicians are called on to the scene to help triage in mass
12:15 pm
casualties from accidents. sometimes they have to extricate patients. with shootings they usually don't. but they're all planned 57bd coordinated through the ems, sometimes triaged right at the scene so they know who's going to be brought back to the hospital first. >> lee, thank you so much for jumping on the phone with me. as we know, specifically this loma linda university medical center spokesperson, they are expecting an unknown number of patients from the shooting there at the inland regional center in san befrn dino. thank you so much. as we're trying to put the pieces together of this active shooting situation, again, police saying they are looking for one, two, possibly three different suspects in this situation. we're hearing now from folks from the ground, folks who have been in this building who have gotten out safely. here are some witnesses. >> you're telling me that your wife is in that building. >> she just got out of the building right now. >> what did she see? >> she said the guy came in next to her office, and i guess
12:16 pm
started shooting. they locked themselves in, in her office. they seen bodies on the floor. she said by now ambulances are taking people out on stretchers. she was able to get out of the building already, but there's still people inside. >> was she hurt? >> no. she's okay. he she said s.w.a.t. is already inside. >> did she tell you what the people, the suspects, looked like? >> she said all she heard were the shots. she didn't get a chance to see anything. >> and what business does she work in? >> inland regional center. >> and what do they do at that business? >> she works with kids with disabilities. >> and do you have any idea how many people are typically in the building this time of day? >> it's a pretty big building. i don't know. probably a couple hundred. >> how did you first hear about what happened? >> she texted me. she said she was inside, that there was a shooter outside shooting, that she's locked in, in her office. she said, i love you.
12:17 pm
and i came over here. >> i can't imagine when you got her on the phone she said she was out how relieved you must have been. >> yeah. just right now, a little while ago. >> what do you think of -- >> i mean, i'm glad that they came out right away because i called 911 right away. they already knew about it. i got here as soon as i could. i work in downtown riverside. i left work and just headed out here. >> we don't know where those shooters are. they are heavily armed, and they are possibly wearing body armor, things of that nature. it is not a safe area to be. it's very dangerous. and the fewer innocent people we have in here, the better. >> all right, if you are just joining us here, we are in the midst of covering this breaking story out of san bernardino, california. san bernardino just about 60 miles east of los angeles. you can see this tremendous presence of people all thankful to be okay right now because many of these folks have been able to get out of this facility
12:18 pm
where apparently the shooting has been taking place. again, you heard the woman from the sheriff's department say we're talking multiple shooters. we're hearing one, two, maybe as many as three shooters at this facility. it is the inlantd regional center. this is a place that works with the communities with folks with developmental disabilities. you heard the husband talking about his wife holed up in her office, locked in her office. i'm being told we have more witness sound. >> he works inside there in the facility, and he says that the alarms went off and they were all totld to hunker down and shelter in place and hide. he says eventually the police came by and took them out. he never heard any gunshots or anything like that. right now they're all by the railroad tracks. he says they're getting ready to -- police have told them they're going to load them into buss and take them off. i assume to be interviewed. >> did he call you or text you? >> we've been texting back and
12:19 pm
forth. >> what did his first text say? >> that something was going on, there was live shooters in the building, and that police were outside. they could see them out there, you know, running around trying to figure out what was going on. >> did he see anyone injured? >> he did not, no. >> what does he do in the building? >> he works on payroll for all the employees. >> what floor is he on? >> he's on the first floor. >> he didn't see anyone come in? >> no. they're kind of in an isolated little area because it's payroll. they're kind of away from everybody else. >> can you tell me once again about what you know about what happened in there today. >> from what i understand, there was three shooters that went in. he said he didn't hear or see any of them, but the reports i've been getting is that there were three shooters in there. they've left, taken off in a suv. supposedly they found a package that they believed might be a
12:20 pm
bomb. so they're investigating that right now. i heard that there were multiple wounded and multiple fatalities. >> what is he telling you about what is happening right now? he's sheltered in place, right? >> no. they've extracted him out of the building and getting ready to transport them off-site to some other place. >> was there an event there today? do you know any information about that? >> he said it was just a normal wo workday. everything was just normal. >> has he heard about any angry possibly employees, anything like that? >> no. no, he hasn't heard anything like that. >> did he describe whether he heard any shots or saw any of the suspects? >> no, he did not see any of them. >> what was the text meng yssagu received? >> that the alarms had gone off and they had received word that there were active shooters on site and the police were there. they were trying to get a handle on it. >> what did you do right away? >> i just happened to be over in
12:21 pm
the area so i just kind of swung by in case he needed a lift or something, you know. or if he needed to go to the hospital. >> do you know how many people might he be with right now? >> he said there was a a large group. the group he works with is only three, but he said there was somewhere around 20 or so that he has been corralled up with right now. >> as a father, what's going through your mind right now? >> now i'm at ease. i know he's safe. he's outside and with police. police have got him under control. i'm relieved at that point. [ inaudible question ] you know, they've got a good handle on it. it's not good seeing all the ambulances coming in and going out, you know. you see a bunch of them leave and then right now here's two more pulling back up to come back in. it's not a good situation. >> what was your name, again? >> paul lacroix.
12:22 pm
>> paul, did he share any feelings with you about this, basically fear? i can only imagine. >> yeah. he was pretty nervous, pretty upset, you know. worried. he didn't know for sure what was going on. i told him to just hunker down, make sure their cell phones were off, keep the noise, don't make shouz noise, and hide under the desk until you know that the police are there and ready to help them out. >> paul, this is something we've been seeing and hearing on the tv, but we never expect it to come to our city. what's it like? >> it's, you know, just not good. something that we're starting to have to learn to live with. i think we need to take better stands than what we're doing. >> so the text message, was it a few text messages you shared or did you just talk for a few minutes via text? >> no. probably 20 texts between us. he was sending group out to the
12:23 pm
family. so the family was being updated. >> how old is your son? how long has he worked here? >> he's been working here for about five years now. >> describe what they do inside that building. >> they help with handicapped personnel, people, you know. might be -- they do all different types of deals. they supply aid to them. they pay the contractors that actually supply the aid to them. they get them services. they interface between the state and federal on supplying benefits and assistance to people with handicapped children. and the children can go all the way up into adults because it might be a child that's newborn that has a handicap, then they -- they're in the system until they pass. >> so could there possibly have been children inside this building today? >> they have a facility where the kids and stuff come in, but
12:24 pm
generally there's not a lot of them. this is more of work behind the scenes that takes place here. >> so this isn't a facility where people would bring their children and sit around? >> not in mass quantities. there might be an appointment set up occasionally for people who they'll come in and interview and stuff like that. but generally no. it's not like social security office where you've got a ton of people sitting around waiting or something like that. >> do you have any idea how many people work with your son? >> there's several hundred. >> is it a large building? >> three large buildings. they're probably about the size of that one there, multi-story. >> easy access, walk in? >> that i'm not real sure. i've never been in there. i've come by once or twice, but it seems like it's mostly gated so there's controlled access. but there are certain areas that are open to the public to get into. >> paul, your son is on a bus getting ready to be shuttled to a safe zone. did he describe the feeling on the bus, what people are going
12:25 pm
through right now? >> no, nothing right now. >> when is the last time you spoke to him? >> maybe five minutes ago, if that. >> is there any way to shoot him a call right now to see if he might answer? >> i can try. last time it was pretty hard. >> maybe we can just see where he's at at this point, see how he's doing, the people on the bus might be doing. they're allowing people to talk on their cell phone? >> yeah. but it took a few minutes to get through because he picked it up but he couldn't talk because police were with him. >> just trying to get a sense, paul, of how your son is doing. what is your son's name? >> garrett. >> how old is garrett? >> it's not going through now. >> but at least we know garrett is safe, on a bus, headed to a safe zone. >> yeah. >> okay. well, if he picks up, we'd love to speak to him.
12:26 pm
had this is paul lacroix. his son was inside the building. he's trying to get in touch with his son. looks like he might be on the phone with his son garrett who was inside the building. well, paul is going to talk to his son. we'll send it back to you guys in the studio. as soon as we get any new information, of course we'll bring it to you. >> that was a local reporter there speaking with a father who provided a lot of information. listen, it's sickening, it is sickening to be covering this. it is sickening to know that these shooters -- you heard his son who is safe describing three people armed walking into this building. victims here are people who are helping the community. they work in this facility. they're helping the disabled, those with special needs. that is who was targeted at lunchtime. as you heard that father say, it was just a normal workday, and this is what has happened. a couple of notes, as i'm looking over to joe jack alone and harry houck here, my two
12:27 pm
former nypd detectives who have extraordinary law enforcement expertise. when i heard from i believe who was from the sheriff's department, a couple of notes, she described the shooters as heavily armed, described body armor and she used the pronoun "they." i'll ask you more about that in a second. we have more sound. let's go. >> hang on a second. >> let's see if you can put it on speaker phone and we can hear how he's doing, the how the people on the bus are doing. thank you so much for taking the time, paul. we appreciate it. >> i think i lost him. >> paul is trying to figure out his cell phone. he just spoke to his son. looks like they have 20 to 30 people. >> garrett? >> yes, dad. can you hear me? >> yeah, i can hear you. >> i'd say we have over a
12:28 pm
hundr hundred. >> over a hundred right there now? >> yeah. maybe two. >> maybe 200? maybe 200 waiting? >> yes. >> hi, garrett. this is crystal cruz with kcal 9 news. thank you for taking the time for us. how are you doing right now? how are the people around you doing? >> pretty shaken up. [ inaudible ] >> can you describe where going? >> let's let this father have time with his son. i can tell you that the president of the united states has been briefed on what's happening in san bernardino and i also have deborah feyerick who has some new information on what's happened at this location there. deb, what do you know? >> well, the reason that police
12:29 pm
think there may have been as many as three people involved in this shooting is that a source, several sources actually -- witnesses told police that they saw three men. apparently the suspects got into a black suv and then exited the parking lot. now, the sheriff's bomb squad found a suspicious package on the second floor when a s.w.a.t. team was clearing the building. so rate now you've got a bomb squad and an explosive ordinance disposal team which is basically looking at the device and they're going to deal with that device robotically. so although the building itself appears to be cleared of building, right now they're looking to make sure that no devices were left, though they do believe that one is suspicious. we do know that the sheriff's homicide unit is heading to the command post, and you've got a number of s.w.a.t. teams that are responding to this from san bernardino, riverside county, also orange county s.w.a.t.
12:30 pm
but the reason they believe there are three individuals is because witnesses told police that they saw three men with what appeared to be long rifles leaving that scene. and they're now looking for a black suv, brooke. >> so just so i'm clear, deb, when you're talking about these suspects in a black suv, are we talking about after the shooting, meaning they escaped? >> this is after the shooting. i'm being told by a source that this was after the shooting, they left after the shooting, and one of them may have left behind some sort of a device. that's what the bomb squad right now is focused on in the south building, is what i'm being told. >> wow. deborah feyerick with some new information from her sources, art roderick is also with us, former u.s. marshal current cnn law enforcement analyst. so, art, according to deb's sources, you have these, according to witnesses, three
12:31 pm
suspects leaving the scene in a black suv. that's number one. number two, that they left some sort of suspicious package, which would explain the atf's presence on the scene and also some sort of contraption being wheeled in, i presume some sort of explosive -- >> some kind of device that the bomb disposal unit utilizes to be able to check out a package. >> harry, thank you. art, tell me about those two points. >> what's scary about this is, what is the motivation for three heavily armed men being possibly wearing body armor, to show up at this facility and start shooting people and then leave a package behind? i mean, this is scary. whenever i hear one of these, i always pray that it's one shooter and it's somebody that's got mental health problems. when you start talking about multiple shooters heavily armed, possibly wearing body armor in a black suv making an escape and leaving a package behind, this sounds to me like it's very well planned, obviously a conspiracy, and could be somewhat terrorism
12:32 pm
related. >> at a center, art, that helps the community with disability and special need hes. this is who was targeted. >> easy target. >> soft target, exactly. that's what these individuals look for. they knew they weren't going to encounter any resistance whatsoever. they went in, they did a quick hit, had to have high-powered, high-capacity rounds to injure that many people in that short period of time, leave a device behind, and then split. this is not good. >> art is on the money here. they were able to go in there, do the attack and come out and escape and leave a package at the same time. this is definitely a well-planned attack. wearing body armor, heavily armed. art right on the money here. we're looking at some something that's totally different than anything we've seen in the united states. >> so now what? you have three inn an suv.
12:33 pm
>> they could be on their way somewhere else right now. >> now what? >> the type of facility, you know they'll have a good surveillance system. because of that, you know you're dealing with disabled children, probably a lot of different cameras so children don't leave without anybody knowing it. >> they could be punching license plate numbers on and the hunt could be on. >> checkpoints in the area? what are you doing if you're police in san bernardino? >> toll booths. putting all the information out there. everybody's cell phone is beeping right now, putting out an alert to look for the vehicle. i'm sure they've got road blocks in certain sections, depending on the amount of time they have been gone, they'll determine how far they could have gone. then they have to cordon the area off and get these guys. it's a good possibility these guys are on their way to another attack or they'll do one tomorrow or the next day, scary situation. >> entirely scary. lunchtime of what was a normal workday on a wednesday in san bernardino, california. we're hearing from more
12:34 pm
witnesses now. take a listen. >> you got a text message. >> said that someone had come in and started shooting and they ran into an office and she's hiding with some other people. our friend's daughter is in there, too. she texted and so they're both hiding. >> as we speak. >> that's all i know. >> is she still hearing gunshots? >> she didn't say anything about gunshots. but someone i think must have told her because she never said she heard gunshots, but somehow she knew -- she said 10 to 20 people were shot. >> where does she work? >> i don't know the name of the place, but it's a government agency that helps people deal with health care stuff. >> has she seen any victims down? >> no. she hasn't said anything about
12:35 pm
that. she's been hiding. >> i imagine you must be really concerned right now. >> is this your daughter? >> yes. >> who's hiding in there? >> yes. >> what did she say to you? she sent you some texts? >> she did. >> what did she say? >> she said, shooting at my work, people shot. in the office waiting for cops. >> but she's okay. >> pray for us. >> pray for us from one man's daughter holed up in this building. this shouldn't be happening. we know the governor of california jerry brown has been briefed and as i mentioned the president of the united states has been briefed as well. three suspects according to sources after the shooting and
12:36 pm
after leaving apparently a suspicious package on the second floor of this facility that treats those with disabilities and special needs in this community have left, have left in a black suv. also according to sources, they were using long rifles. here's more sound. >> i was just walking out and this lady and a couple others heard shots. then i started walking and all of a sudden i got into chaos. who knows? just boom boom boom boom. i'm just like, wow, right in the middle of it. she was right behind the building. so we're waiting for the bus. that's how i transfer. i have a brain disorder so i can't drive. >> paul, can you plug your phone number into my phone? hold on for one second. >> my daughter is in there right now. she works in there. >> it's just -- >> you don't know where the shots came from. >> hold on for one second.
12:37 pm
>> local reporters, we're dipping into other coverage. other pictures from the ground, fire, ems, law enforcement, local, atf, fbi all responding here to the scene, making sure all these people are getting out safely from this facility in san bernardino. do i have sanjay, guys? >> i'm shehere. >> let's bring in our chief medical correspondent, sanjay gupta. sanjay, here you now have the medical threat of this story, gunshot wounds. we saw the triage from the air. you can see the pictures of the triage area being set up outside the facility. how does this hospital loma linda university medical center handle this? >> this is becoming a situation that, unfortunately, many of these hospitals have started to try and train for. several things, brooke. first of all, how to basically try and take care of people or at least get people in a situation that is still active.
12:38 pm
i mean, typically -- in the past, people always talk about keeping first responder personnel in what are known as cold areas until they were secure. you can't do that. it can take too long to get to people who need help. second of all, i think, brooke, as you just mentioned, setting up triage areas on-site. there's always been this idea, get people quickly to a hospital. but again, sometimes that's not possible because there may be too many people that need to go there. or because the situation is just not secure enough to make that happen. so actually being able to take care of people on-site. you have a level one trauma center, a big hospital that can take care of a lot of patients. they are prepping. they're pulling people in, personnel i'm sure. they have some redundancy in the hospital they'll try to take advantage of in terms of beds and operating rooms and all of that. but that is an ongoing situation. that's what happens in these
12:39 pm
hospitals as soon as they start to hear about this. >> sanjay, let me get you to stand by as we're getting more eyewitness sound there on the ground from san bernardino. let's listen to that. >> i talked to the police. there are casualties. >> what did your daughter tell you? >> she told me that she thought it was a drill because they've been practicing drills. they went outside. they were told to go back in. she was shuttled into a room. police showed up. they were taken outside. thank god there weren't more casualties. >> did she text or call? >> she's outside with the fire department right now. >> did she text you earlier? >> she just text me right now. >> what did she say about what she saw and what she heard? >> well, she wasn't too clear. she's shaken up. i did ask a police lady, and she said that there were some casualties. >> what did she see? >> i haven't talked to her about
12:40 pm
that. she's pretty shaken up. >> and you said you heard something? >> yeah. we both -- i got the wrong bus. i was going home. i was racing over to go to the bus going up, and i turned -- boom boom boom. then all of a sudden, boom. >> it was rapid, boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. >> they said they're on the loose. >> yeah. i was right behind the building. and i heard all the shots. >> i tarted walking down by the outback, people out there heard. i don't know what's going on here, but i'm kind of scared to see people. >> you don't have friends, family? >> no. i have a disability myself. i just -- i know kind of where it was at. like i said, i was in the area and heard boom boom boom. >> what goes on at that facility? >> well, it's all -- >> it's an inland valley regional center. >> no. it's for disabilities. >> they coordinate bus rides and
12:41 pm
things? >> yeah. coordinate bus rides for people with disabilities. >> from what you know, your -- >> my loved one is safe. we need to do something. this is crazy. there's just too many shootings, too much bad stuff going on here. you hear about it. >> too much bad stuff. these shootings are happening far too often. what seems to make this different from some of the other shootings we've been covering is the fact that there are three, according to police, different shooters or suspects. and not only did they commit this heinous crime at lunchtime in san bernardino in a facility that treats folks with disabilities and special needs in the community, they left. that's obviously a concern. they were armed to the "t." they had body armor, long guns, and they left a suspicious package. i have elizabeth bendida, she
12:42 pm
works across the street with a school for the blind. elizabeth, let me just be the first to say, our hearts go out to all of you in san bernardino. i'm so sorry this is happening. tell me, are you okay? what are you seeing? >> we are okay. we are just across the street from where all the events are happening. but we are in lockdown by order of the police so all of our students are safe here. and all of our students are physically impaired. they can't see. they're blind. >> right. >> so we're trying to keep them calm so they can not get too nervous and then have medical issues in here. we're trying to do the best that we can and then listen to the police. a couple of our drivers did witness the shooting and a couple of the employees were able to run through our building and take protection. so we helped them out.
12:43 pm
and then the police, they took them to where they could be interviewed for more details. but as far as the school is concerned, it's on lockdown and we are all safe in here tore now. >> i'm glad you're safe in there, elizabeth. the children are blind. are you able to see? >> yes. i'm a driver. i transport the students. there's really no minors in here. most of them are senior citizens. >> oh, okay. >> they're all elderly, but they're all safe. >> so outside -- i don't know if they told you to stay away from glass or the front of your facility. >> yes. >> but can you just tell me more about this area here, this south waterman and orange shell road? >> yeah. park center is like a horseshoe street. it goes in one side and coming all the way around. so all the businesses that are on this street right here are basically locked down.
12:44 pm
we can't get out. waterman is closed at the orange shell all the way to hospitality lane. there's no traffic currently being allowed because the police, the s.w.a.t., the investigators, the detectives, they have taken over the whole facility so they're protecting every single business that is in this horseshoe of park center circle. >> i understand. i was talking to some women who work at the charter school just around the area. they were describing the 450 kindergarten through eighth graders that are currently on lockdown where they are. have you gotten any guidance from law enforcement, how long they anticipate? could this go for hours into the late afternoon for you? do you have any idea? >> i have no idea.
12:45 pm
they just told utz s to lock al the doors, do not let anybody in or out unless it's an officer. and we are waiting for their call to see when they -- we've got to take these people back home. we have to wait on them to let us know it's safe for us to move the people. right now we're just waiting for more instructions. >> i understand. elizabeth, thank you so much for taking the time. i appreciate it. i want you to go back and please be with the people who are in your care. harry houck, go ahead. >> i look at this area here, talking about the escape, this area was probably picked for that specific reason. it looked like they knew they could get out of the area pretty quickly, on to a main road and get out of there. now, this is so well planned. i would suspect that we're going to find that black suv somewhere. they're going to switch vehicles. >> oh, you mean we'll find the suv without the shooters. >> it's so well planned. there's a good chance they've dumped the car because they know
12:46 pm
the police will stop every black suv you see within a 20-mile area. looking at the plan and exactly how theyconducted this whole operation, we're probably going to find that black suv abandoned. hopefully we'll find some evidence. >> hopefully they'll quickly find the shooters as well. kristin myrik is joining the conversation. she actually works at this center there in san bernardino where the shooting took place. kristin, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> kristin, let me get this straight. this happened at your workplace. you didn't go to work today. >> yeah. i think i'd rather be sick today than be there. i have been in contact with a couple of co-workers. i do hate they're having to go through this. but i'm glad i wasn't there today. >> can you tell me what those co-workers have shared with you, if you don't mind? >> they don't really know much
12:47 pm
either. all i know is they were evacuated and that there was an event going on in one of the buildings there on the campus. they think it had something to do or the person was somehow with the event. that's all we know. >> do you know about the event? any more about that? >> no, i don't. this time of year we have lots of events going on there. >> tell me more about the community you serve. i understand there's several hundred people who work at inland regional center. tell me more about the services you provide to san bernardino and riverside counties. >> we provide services for the developmentally disabled. we help them with housing and with programs, and we have clients that are from infant to elderly. >> in terms of this building, in order to go to work, talk to me
12:48 pm
about security. >> we have badges. there are gates. you know, we all have to swipe our badges in order to get not only into the campus but into each building. it's tight. >> metal detectors? anything like that? >> no, nodetectors. >> i understand there were alarms going off and there were drills, i was hearing from a father whose daughter works in the building, that you have been going through drills. i didn't know if it was for a case like this or something else. but is that the case? >> we always do. i mean, they're very, very good about staying on top of fire drills. we do have what we call active shooter training. >> you do. >> yeah, we do. >> when did that begin? >> it started last year. started last year. and i do think they are going
12:49 pm
through the rounds now with that training. >> so active shooter training happening at your workplace, and here we have potentially three active shooters at lunchtime on what should have been a normal day. what about cameras in your building, kristin? do you have cameras throughout your workplace? >> i don't know. i don't know. there are people that think we have cameras. there are people there aren't cameras. i don't really know. >> and how many people work in your building? >> it's hard to say. again, there are three buildings on the campus, and then there's another building in riverside. so i do know there are over 600 employees total, but i don't know exactly how many employees are in each building. >> and i don't know if you've flipped on the television, but we've been watching pictures over the last hour and a half of
12:50 pm
your co-workers wa er ers walki hands up in the air. i don't know if you've been able to recognize the specific building from where they have been exiting. can you tell me more about that? >> i've recognized >> i recognize some faces. >> you have? >> they have evacuated looks like all buildings. or they are doing all buildings. i don't know. i can't tell if everyone's out or not. but i recognize faces from more than one building, i'll say that. >> you have. >> yes. >> and this was, you know, lunchtime. what would people be doing on campus in these different buildings around 11:00, 12:00? >> some people like they walk around the campus. there's a nice trail around the campus. some people take walks. some people have lunch there on campus. some leave for lunch of course.
12:51 pm
this intersection -- i mean, you have to come out of this intersection to leave the campus. so anybody that would have done anything would have been effected by this. >> how many gates are there? >> i can't tell you right now. i mean -- yeah. >> just wondering if there would be different entry and exit points within the parking lot for the shooters to gain access. and so it's interesting to me that you're saying you have to have a badge to badge in. obviously someone could have gotten someone else's badge or who knows how someone could have -- you know, by force gotten through these gates. >> you don't need a pass to get into the parking lot. but from the parking lot into the building or into the gates you definitely need a badge. >> i understand. kr kritin, thank you for your time. sorry about your colleagues. glad you weren't at work today. thank you for your time.
12:52 pm
sanjay gupta is with us. i understand you have some new information, go ahead. >> we're hearing that one of the busiest hospitals sort of in the area is arrowhead regional medical center. this is a -- they have a busy er. they're a level two trauma center. what we are hearing, brooke, is they have taken patients into that hospital now. we're hearing from an employee of the hospital that eight victims have arrived there and that the hospital, which is several miles away itself, is on lockdown. okay. so eight patients taken there. several miles away. and that the hospital itself is on lockdown. we're just hearing this from someone who's employed at the hospital. trying to get more information about other hospitals in the area. but that's sort of the first that we're hearing of where the victims are going and how the hospitals themselves are reacting. >> so the fact, sanjay, that the hospital is on lockdown -- i was just talking to an employee at the center where the shooting took place and she said as
12:53 pm
recent as the last year sadly places across the country are, you know, these shootings are happening. people are, you know, undergoing active shooting training and drills as they have been doing. so what about a hospital? i mean, if we know that these three individuals, these suspects are essentially on the loose, what does that mean for a hospital? >> well, it means several things. sadly, brooke, as we're talking about the training that takes place in many of these hospitals oftentimes includes training for situations like these. the first responders going to scenes where as an active scene as they call it. they oftentimes have to try and get to the victims even during these active scenes. it involves learning and being trained to somehow protect themselves with the assistance of police in the area. but also the hospital themselves. this is a scene where they basically want to be able to take care of people but want to
12:54 pm
make sure they can protect the personnel, protect the victims that are coming in and obviously the existing patients. so they have protocols for these sorts of things, brooke. you don't think about hospitals needing these sorts of protocols. >> you sure don't. >> we haven't thought about this in the past, but they do. they need these sorts of protocols. you asked earlier about metal detectors, most hospitals don't have metal detectors. they're very open facilities. but a lockdown basically changes that at least for a temporary time so that you can try and best secure the hospital. make sure the staff, nurses, doctors can take care of the patients as safely as possible and that can be a place where victims can continue to come. we know that this particular area has good, you know, busy hospitals, trauma hospitals. they can take care of these patients if they can get to them if the patients can get there quickly enough in safe condition. >> sanjay gupta on the phone with us reporting that eight
12:55 pm
victims have been taken to the hospital. even the hospital itself on lockdown. sanjay, thank you so much. and i have joe and harry houck here with me, formerly new york police department. and this is what i want to hone in on with you two. because here we now have a situation. obviously hospitals are tending to the wounded. we still don't know if there are fatalities. we don't have numbers yet. this is all really truly still happening. you also have these three individuals according to police who use long guns, left some sort of suspicious package inside of this facility and left in this suv. so now you have the issue of finding these three. talk about what police are doing to find them. >> well, you've got two different investigations going on. you have an active crime scene in one place. >> in the facility. >> has to be cleared first before any bomb threats or anything else. and then you have the hunt. so you're going to have two separate investigations going on here. i mean, when you look at this place on the map it looks like it might have been chosen because it's pretty remote. and it's not too far from one of
12:56 pm
the parkways either. i mean, you have a golf course on one side, surrounded by water on the other side. so might not be much commercial area around there where other surveillance video or red light cameras might be at play. law enforcement's got their work cut out for them on this one. >> i understand i have kyung lah now standing by our correspondent on the scene. tell me what you're seeing? >> brooke, on our way here we are at the blockage where the police are not letting media go any further. we saw a number of police cars leaving the scene. we saw ambulances arriving. what you see over my shoulder is basically the scene down there. that is the roadway that leads to the irc. you can't quite see the building. we are told that the people who were inside clears that building and slowly being interviewed. we're just arriving and starting to hear from people who actually heard all of this happen. this is lelani and alan.
12:57 pm
tell me what you heard? >> i was sitting along the field on a rock behind us here. and i heard rapid shooting. just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. and honestly i thought, oh, god, somebody was hunting and i was frightened because i saw a chair, ice chest, oh, they're going to come out and start shooting at just random people. i was very frightened and i was right behind the building where the shooting was sitting the right along the field there. i heard everything. >> and you're still shaking there. >> yes. >> the sound, did it appear the gunshots were coming from outside or inside a building? >> it actually sounded like it was from outside the building. >> yeah, outside. boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. i was walking down from here -- >> to go to the hernandez center here in san bernardino. it's at third and sierra way. we will meet with the family members there and be able to
12:58 pm
determine where their loved ones are or their friends and try to get them reunited at that point. >> now, there's been talk about a shooting going on inside of the conference room in one of these buildings at the regional center. what was happening inside that conference room? >> i don't have information on that. i was only told that there was an event there today. and during that event multiple people entered the room and began shooting. there is one report that a sh t shooter or these shooters have left in a black suv. but i don't know that that's been confirmed. >> so based on what the witnesses are saying and have told law enforcement, it is now confirmed that there is more than one shooter? >> it appears there is more than one shooter. again, being down here i don't know all the intricacies, but that was the latest update that i received. >> and can you describe the attire of the shooters? there's been talk that they looked as though they might have had a uniform on but then others were describing it kind of as
12:59 pm
s.w.a.t. gear with body armor, masks, that sort of thing. >> that i don't know. i believe it was military style, but beyond that i don't know. >> what is happening right now as far as the people who are still hiding out in the regional center, and not only the employees but the clients there? >> that building the police department and several neighbors agencies have come to assist us. police officers are going through that building. i'm not sure how much they've done searching it. they will remove all of the people in that building and sort through them, victims, witnesses, and they will take them to another facility where they will be interviewed. >> sergeant, there has also been discussion about other regional centers in the area being closed as a result of what happened here in san bernardino. did threats come in this morning or do you know of any other threats to any other areas? >> i don't have information on
1:00 pm
any of that. >> so you're suggesting that family members go to this center in san bernardino, again, can you please repeat that information? >> yes, that's the hernandez center. and it's at third street and sierra way. it's a local park, parks and rec. they have a facility there they'll be able to take people in and sort through and hopefully get people reunited. >> as far as hospitals receiving patients, what sort of numbers have there? >> i don't have numbers on that. i know multiple ambulances have left through here but i don't have a count. >> there was also talk of explosives in the building. what do we know about that? >> i don't have any information on that at this point. >> what would you like the loved ones of thosee