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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  December 4, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PST

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at's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. happening now, breaking news. act of terrorism. the investigation into the california shooting massacre ratchets up to a new level with new evidence of a possible isis connection. officials say the female shooter pledge ed allegiance to isis before being gunned down by police. were others involved? inside their lair as the home of the married killers open up to reporters who tour the townhouse on live television. we'll sort through the chaos, clutter and clues. and lady killer, as we learn
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more about the mysterious woman behind the attack, isis is actively recruiting other women to join their jihad. tonight, the mass shooting on u.s. soil is giving isis propaganda more ammunition. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get to the breaking news tonight. new evidence that isis may have inspired the san bernardino shooting massacre as the fbi is now revealing its investigation of the attack as an act of terrorism. it's investigating that attack. authorities now say the female shooter tashfeen malik pledged her allegiance to the isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. three u.s. officials now tell cnn she's believed to have posted the pledge on facebook as the attack was happening before she and her husband syed farook
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were killed by police. also breaking, a surreal first look inside the couple's rental home. their landlord inviting cnn and other news outlets to enter the townhouse after it was searched by authorities. reporters saw lists of items seized by the fbi as well as the family's personal belongings including toys for the couple's 6-month-old baby. i'll ask congressman andre carson what he's learning. he's a member of the house intelligence committee. our correspondents and analysts are also standing by to cover all of the breaking news. up first, let's go to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto for the very latest. jim. >> wolf, today the fbi said it has good reason to investigate this shooting as an act of terrorism. we learned new details today as to why that is. cnn first to report that the female shooter posted a pledge of allegiance to the isis leader as the attack was underway. we learned earlier that the male shooter had been in contact with known terrorism suspects abroad. both of those worrisome signs.
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the fbi says it has no evidence yet that this attack was directed by international terror groups, but they are investigating it as being inspired by international terrorism. tonight the fbi says it is investigating the san bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism. if confirmed, it would make it the deadliest on u.s. soil since 9/11. cnn was the first to report that as the attack was happening investigators say the female shooter tashfeen malik made a facebook post under a different name, pledging her allegiance to isis leader abu bakr al baghdadi. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. and the reason for that is that the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalization by the killers and of a potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. >> u.s. officials believe the attack may have been inspired by isis, but not directed or organized by the terror group.
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and today many isis supporters have praised the shooting online calling it a heroic lone wolf attack. police found two smashed cell phones in a garbage can near one of the crime scenes. they also found a computer at the shooter's home with a missing hard drive. investigators suspect it was removed and possibly destroyed. >> we have retained those cell phones. and we do continue to exploit the data from those cell phones. we do hope that the digital fingerprints that were left by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. >> there is precedent for isis sympathizers pledging their allegiance to the terror group online during or before attacks in the past. when isis inspired gunman assaulted an event publicizing cartoons of the prophet mohamed in garland, texas, one tweeted
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allegiance to leader of the faithful and refers tots isis leader al baghdadi. tonight the sister of syed farook still can't believe he was involved. >> if i had just called him, if i had any inclination maybe i could have stopped it. >> today the fbi director james comey says there's no evidence at this stage that this group was part of a larger cell. no evidence it's part of a broader terrorist network. and also, wolf, no evidence of an additional attack under way. but that's said if this turns out to be a lone wolf attack, that is exactly the problem because often there is no warning in advance when these potential terrorists are operating on their own, they come up with plans on their own. extremely difficult to detect in advance and therefore prevent. >> they keep saying the fbi director and others at this time, key words. hold on for a moment. i want to go out to california right now. the attorney for the foarook family is speaking with reporters. let's listen in.
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>> who's the brother-in-law? terhan. >> get close to the mic, please. >> how many brothers and sisters are there? >> there's two sisters. and there is one brother. syed, yes. >> is it syed? >> syed, yes, farook. >> so essentially the message that we want to give is that what we'd like to say on behalf of the families and the muslim community in general is that just as late as 1:00 p.m. today the fbi chief james comey came out and said that there was no sign that the alleged shooters belonged to a larger organization, a larger organized terrorist group or terrorist
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cell. so, i mean, they're trying to -- or they have come up with some things where they're trying to say that they were inspired by some groups. but there hasn't been any clear smoking gun evidence that they were part of any particular cell or any group. they're pointing to things that they saw on facebook under different account names in the case of tashfeen malik. she supposedly had a facebook account set up under a different name that they say visited some group that may have been -- had ties to, you know, to more -- >> and as more information keeps coming out, we're going to be able to identify which facts are accurate and which facts are not. that is the whole point of us meeting with the fbi. we've been in open communication with the agents of the fbi.
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we've been at their offices in riverside. we were there for about four hours yesterday. and we'll be finishing up on monday, hopefully, with some of the other family members. as more facts come out about the types of relationships that each individual family member had, we're going to be relating that to you guys as well. >> yeah. >> what can you say right now? what do you know about what inspired them? >> what we can say from our four-hour interview or the investigation that took place with the fbi yesterday is that none of the family members had any idea that this was going to take place. they were totally shocked. that is raheen, syra and iba, the brothers and sisters of the alleged shooter. had no idea to the point where when they got word that there was an incident that had taken place, they were worried about the health and safety of syed and tashfeen because they had so -- it was just -- there's
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never been any evidence that either of the two alleged shooters were aggressive, had extremist views. they were totally shocked that this could take place. as shocked as anybody else was. >> and the family members knew tashfeen as a sister-in-law. they had a basic relationship with her. it wasn't overly close, but it wasn't too distant. so the information that we have right now is shocking and surprising. they found out the information that actually came out. there's no official determination of what the reason was. when we actually were discussing with fbi yesterday. and they're still going through their facts and their diligence as we are as well. >> if there's anything remarkable about the investigation that took place yesterday, it is that no ties could really be established to the point of frustration on the part of the fbi. i mean, you know if there's -- if the most evidence there is to
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any affiliation is a facebook account under another person's name that supposedly just visited some site, then that's hardly anything at all. and throughout the whole process the investigation yesterday it got to the point where the fbi actually said, look, let us explain ourselves. we're trying to find evidence or information that could cause us to believe that syed farook was in some way affiliated with this incident. like something inspired him to be involved in this incident. but the problem we're having is that we're not finding any evidence of any behavior that would show us that this would be the alleged shooter. and so, you know, why is that happening? we were like, well, we don't have any explanation for you other than that there is no evidence. none of the family knew of him as being extreme or aggressive
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or having any extreme religious views. >> and i think what the media should also be cautious about is just because he had a religion that he was muslim, it had nothing to do with these acts. islam does not agree and does not support any type of actions that occur like this. it does not support killing. it does not support murder of innocent individuals. and the family would never support anything like this. and they're giving their hearts and their prayers and everything else that they can do to assist and the victims who lost their life that day as well. [ inaudible question ] >> if the two of them indeed did not have any ties -- may have been sympathetic to -- >> the media's not making these allegations. it's the fbi who is. >> the fbi actually hasn't made -- the media is leading with just assuming that this is a terrorist situation. >> -- the fbi is making is that there's an investigation into this as a possible terrorism --
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>> i think anything the fbi does when involving a muslim will involve some type of terrorist investigation for it. [ inaudible question ] >> we're just relaying the information -- what do you think the motive is then for the shooting? >> i mean, there's -- there was information about the fact that his co-workers kind of made fun of him for example in his beard. he was a very isolated introverted individual with really no friends that we could identify. like maybe one friend or no friends. and so i guess what we would say is that when an incident happens like this, when a christian goes to shoot up a planned parenthood, or an extreme catholic goes and bombs an abortion clinic, all the headlines don't say extremist radical christian, catholic, christian, catholic, christian, just like right now every headline is saying muslim and attaching muslim to it. i think there's a tendency to take a cookie cutter version or
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paradigm of a terrorist type event and superimpose it on a situation just because that person is a muslim belief or muslim tradition. and i don't think we should jump to too many conclusions. in particular because we need to protect the muslim community. and right now we're seeing a lot of infringements upon rights that are important to all of us. by this i mean we're talking about political candidates that could very likely be our next president who are saying things like we should register all muslims and that mosques should be investigated and looked into, or that the families of terrorists should be killed without due process, or the latest thing that was said was that it was known that it was a terrorist act that was committed simply because the person had an islamic last name. and i think any of us sitting here could say, look, if somebody said that they knew a heinous criminal act had been committed due to religion just because it was a person of a certain last name and let's say
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it was committed -- it was alleged to be committed on behalf of christians and you had a christian last name, or alleged to be committed on behalf of jews and you had a jewish last name. and your faith was constantly being attacked. i mean, there is -- i have so many muslim friends and so many people that i work with that are muslim and no one -- every muslim community around the world has been in a state of remorse and condemnation of these acts. no one supports it. just as i think no christian or catholic would say, oh, yeah, that's a good catholic that bombed that abortion clinic or shot up that planned parenthood. but it's not even -- we can't even use that example because as of yet like the fbi chief james comey said there has been no evidence that they found yet -- this is his words in "los angeles times," as of 1:00 p.m. today, that they are linked to a larger organized terrorist group or terrorist cell. all there is, and this is much the frustration i think of the fbi and everyone because we all
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want an answer. we all are angry. we're all frustrated. we're all sad. we want justice. but unfortunately some things in life aren't as clear cut as that. and all there is thus far is some nebulous thing that somebody looked at something on facebook. i mean, any one of us may have looked at something on facebook. it doesn't mean we believe in it. i've checked out a britney spears post and i hate britney spears music. it doesn't mean that you condone whatever you look at or read or you fully believe and you're acting on behalf of whatever you look at or read. so we just have to be protective of religious freedom in our country, of our fourth amendment rights. you know, just recently the landlords let journalists into the apartment of syed farook -- >> there's media outlets going through it there taking pictures of people who were not either one of the suspects. they're invading their personal
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space, they're sending some inappropriate pictures as well. i think this is the whole point of the fbi's investigation. it's to determine what level and what actually caused this. you know, as david said, "los angeles times" has reported what james comey has said. and we're waiting to get more information as well. [ inaudible question ] >> -- what should people make of that? >> what do you mean favorable attitudes? >> well supposedly expressed sympathy towards isis. >> what evidence is there of that i would ask. what are you pointing to? in what ways did they express sympathy? >> the exact quote is the investigation so far has developed indications of radicalizations by the killers potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. he did say there's no indication part of a local cell or a bigger cell, but these are his words. >> he's trying to say it was inspired by. but what i've read so far, i mean, we're all learning because the investigation's ongoing. we're the attorneys for the family, not the investigators.
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so none of us have all the information right now. but from what i've read all i've seen is that somebody looked at something on facebook. there was another thing -- there was another article i read that said that the fbi had investigated people who syed farook allegedly spoke to. but even those people that the fbi had investigated, nothing came up for any of those people. and this is the danger we're getting into. >> are you saying that you do not believe that there will be any connection a foreign terror organization? >> i think what we're saying is we still have to wait for the investigation to be done before we make any type of determination. >> isn't that what the fbi is doing? >> i don't think that's what -- i think the reports coming out now is it's linked to a terrorist group or some type of -- >> they're investigating. >> they're investigating it, but until an investigation is done there cannot be made any type of determination if there was a group, if there was a connection
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to anybody. and the moment that we start doing that -- >> -- we should not be pursuing these developments as they emerge. because the fbi is going through the process. and it is a process. >> yes. >> and as they get information and as they find out, we're reporting it. >> i think the idea of terrorist has been reported since this incident happened. so i think as the more information comes out then the media can start making reports. >> shouldn't report this? >> no, i'm saying you shouldn't be making reports or statements concerning there's a connection to a terrorist group until there is a factual link. >> i mean, we're criminal defense attorneys. we look for actual evidence. so we can't jump to conclusions is what we believe. >> we listened to what the fbi says because the fbi is -- >> yes. >> we consider the fbi a credible source. >> right, yeah. i mean, i just think that what we're looking at is -- like i
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said when the fbi chief has literally come out and said that they've found no link to a larger terrorist group or terrorist cell, i think people need to listen to that and consider that. and every headline until there is absolute clear evidence, every headline doesn't have to say muslim massacre or muslim shooters because it's going to cause intolerance. and what we need right now is forgiveness. i think although this is -- they were muslim people and muslim families involved in this incident, as a primarily christian nation, i think we're people of mercy and forgiveness. and i think we need to avoid bigotry, stereotyping, anything that we would be uncomfortable happening to us as christians, we should try to avoid doing that to muslims as well. >> -- some of the reports you've
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heard that link these acts to terrorism prematurely. >> i don't think we're here to criticize. >> we're here to protect the clients. and they happen to be muslim. and the muslim community. and also to stand up for the victims and grieve the victims and to say we're remorseful for what took place. and the muslim community doesn't support or condone what took place. no muslim does nationwide. every single muslim leader has come out and said this is not a muslim act. when someone goes crazy and commits an act that could totally be work related, it doesn't make a statement on behalf of an entire religion. we're trying to protect people. and at the same time we're still in mourning for both the family and the victims. and it was tragic. it's horrible. and we're trying to heal the nation, i think, as a whole. >> if the family didn't see any evidence of terrorist sympathies, did they see any evidence of disgruntlement in the workplace, of unhappiness in
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his life? >> there was a mention of where he got teased about his beard. but there was nothing else about that. he usually shrugged off any type of jokes that people might have made about his facial hair or appearance. >> that's what the family said. not what you read. >> that's what the family said. >> -- did they mention at all these two people ever discussed isis in just a general conversation? >> they never did. and that's -- you know, that's why we're just -- we're just making sure that we're not overzealous in our characterization of these events one way or another until very -- until strong evidence comes out showing that this was indeed affiliated with something. and -- i mean, i guess the frustration comes from we sat through this four-hour interview with the fbi. >> and the investigation is not done yet. we still have more interviews that we will be conducting with the fbi. and that's why i do caution on making any type of judgment
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before everything is done. >> but also during that investigation i would say we as attorneys -- as criminal defense attorneys practicing for ten years, we're looking for evidence. we're looking for things of substance to substantiate a link or tie to something just as the fbi was. and when we sat there for four hours, being in that interview with the family members no one could identify any links or any radical or extremist behavior, any attempt to be forceful or hostile or aggressive in any way to force people to adhere to certain religious beliefs, any odd or strange or angry behavior before the time of the shooting on behalf of the alleged suspects, nothing was there. so it's not so much i'm siding with someone one way or the other, but i'm just being objective. that's been my job all these years. and i'm just reporting to you what i've seen during that investigation. there was no evidence of anything. and then what we're hearing now from the media, i'm just saying from an objective perspective
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has been very tenuous. that's my feeling. i don't feel like we ought to be overzealous in our characterization of the events until we have additional evidence. >> these were family members who obviously were in the home presumably, a brother, sister -- >> in what home? >> the suspect's. >> okay. >> did they ever see any evidence of what's been described by police? bomb making, large caches of ammunition -- >> no. the family members knew that syed had two handguns and knew he kept them locked up. they were aware of that and also knew he was licensed for them. the family members would have get-togethers on occasion, but they wouldn't be going through the rest of his house and inspecting the house. this was a brother they had no idea something like this could happen. >> there was never anything like -- there was never any evidence of any of these pipe bombs that we're seeing around. in addition i would also just
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say, i mean, you know, it has been horrible. and, you know, as americans we all want to protect one another, make sure we're living in a safe and secure society. but, you know, statements made about for example the number of rounds that were there. as a gun owner myself, i myself probably have 4,000 or 5,000 rounds of bullets that i keep at home. the reason why you buy them in bulk is because it's cheaper that way. and the government keeps on outlawing different types of bullets and different types of guns at different times. and then they'll be shortages of bullets that occur very commonly where homeland security will order 2 million of a certain kind of bullet. and you can't get that bullet. it's not available for many months. so especially if you're target shooting, it's not at all uncommon to own 2,000, 3,000, 4,000 rounds to have with you when you can get them at a cheap price, you stock up. and, you know, one of the main things i want to make sure happens is that not only is
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anyone discriminated against as a result of this incident, but that we continue to protect our freedom of religion and also our second amendment rights to bear arms. we can't have this announcement by the president every time there's an incident like this that we need to ban all guns. those rights are important to us as americans. we died for those rights. and they shouldn't be denied. >> does the family have anything to say about tashfeen's education? do they know anything about her education? >> all we know about tashfeen's education is that she grew up in pakistan. about the age of 18 or 20 years of age she moved to saudi arabia. she was educated, but there was nothing to show -- i've read some reports she was a v.p. or pharmacist. there's nothing from the family other than education. >> she's not a pharmacist. >> she is not a pharmacist over here. >> i mean, she was -- >> she spoke english or anything like that? >> she was a housewife. she took care of the child. the mother lived with them at the house, so she was primarily a housewife. she had only come over here in
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2014. >> how would you characterize her as a mother? >> i'm not really one to be -- >> i mean from what the family had to say. >> she's only been a mother for about six months. so the family just knew her as, you know, she was caring, she was soft spoken, very basic information what they've seen of her. >> she was a typical housewife. >> she spoke english and did speak -- as well. broken english. >> how was she simulating into the country? >> well, for the year she was here she was assimilating fine. >> she did maintain certain traditions from what i understand in terms of fasting and prayer five times a day. she chose not to drive volunt y voluntari voluntarily. but these are all benign. you know, these are things that, you know, many muslims do. it doesn't mean anything necessarily. >> we're just trying to get anything new about her from a good source, which is the family. >> i think what we're seeing is
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like there's -- she was a very, very private person. she kept herself pretty well isolated. she was very conservative. and i think one of the dangers since everyone does know so little is that she's easy to pin things to or stigmatize with. and she's been the one that the media has done a lot of that to because there's no picture, or there's not a lot of information about her. so i think we need to guard against that, but unfortunately i wish i could answer the question better. there's very little information we have about her other than the fact she was a caring housewife. >> one of the things i can tell you guys i had discussed with the family about the housewife is that they're very traditional. in the sense the family would go over to the house, they wouldn't all be together in the room. the women would sit with the women and the men would sit with the men, but that is a very traditional way of acting. it wasn't anything that was different. the men did not interact with her. and the brothers did not actually ever see her face. they've never seen her face
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because she did wear a burka. she was totally covered. they knew her as syed's wife. >> did she speak english? >> she spoke broken english. >> looking back at the explosive devices that took a long time to make those, planning to get whatever they were wearing, vests or whatever they were. paint a picture for us for the family are they looking back and saying, you know, when they did x, y and z now that makes sense? >> no, the family to be honest they thought syed's hobbies and still were was building cars. he liked to go in his garage and work on things. they never used to invade his personal space. that was his man cave of sort. he used to go into the garage and work on things. he used to build shoe racks for his sister instead of making her buy one. so the family was taken by shock. they're very remorseful. this is something that took them and just hit them as hard as anybody else. >> did the family -- in the garage. >> the family would just go in
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there just to see some of the things he might be working on, like his car. but one of the brothers even explained he wouldn't really go in there because when he would go in there it would be for play dates. their daughters would be playing together but that would be it. >> they never noticed any of the guns? >> well, they were aware of the guns at the house. but they were also aware the guns were locked in a case. >> i mean, when we talk about guns we're talking about like from what i understand there was two .9 millimeters and two rifles. but what we know that was for target shooting before then. but there was definitely never evidence of any of the other things. >> could you characterize the level of syed's mechanical ability? i mean, he had this hobby -- >> it wasn't something that he had gone and gotten a formal education but something he picked up by watching his father, reading books. he read books about, you know, cars, mechanics. it was mostly car books that he was reading. and he was learning as he went along. >> you said he had been made fun
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of -- >> teased. >> teased by his peer. is that something he talked about a lot? i know there was a man interviewed yesterday who had very strong religious beliefs and his wife talked about that. did he say, you know, there's a guy at work who's been harassing me? >> i think it was just a general conversation that he had with the family. when he explained somebody just made fun of my beard. >> but that's part of the concern, i think, is that we can't lead some intolerance to lead to further intolerance or in addition there's times when these things happen in all sets of american culture where someone is disgruntled or gets made fun of or is uncomfortable or is an antisocial person and lash out and do bizarre things like in columbine or wherever, you know, in colorado recently. it's hard to attribute just to the religion of islam or muslim people and all muslims, like i
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said, are condemning this act. and we're all praying on behalf of the victims. and we all feel terrible about what happened. >> -- also say this was a workplace type shooting. there's always some sort of sign leading up to it. you're saying the family did not see any sign whatsoever. >> the family just knew he was made fun of the beard. there wasn't anything else. he had just told the family, oh, somebody made fun of my facial hair. in his job he had to keep his facial hair kind of trimmed up a little more because of the type of job that he had. and the county. so that's why he had told the family about this situation. and mind you he was a pretty private person. so for him to share some information, you know, that's why the family had conveyed that to us of what actually happened at the workplace. >> there's been some conflicting information out there about how the couple met. do you have any idea about their personal history? >> yeah, the coup l met through an online dating website, it was a marriage website. they had met. they had interests that, you know, they matched up.
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>> was it a muslim website? >> we don't actually know what kind of website. we were trying to find more information about the website with the fbi as well. it's still ongoing. it was about 2013. >> so how do you know about this? >> the family and us have talked about this as well as the fbi. >> in the investigation yesterday. >> excuse me? >> do you know when they met in person? they met online some time in 2013. >> they probably met about end of 2013 and ended up getting married closer to the 2014 time period. >> did they meet in person any time before that or would that have been the first time? >> he had went out there for a hodge and then they met and got married a short time after that. >> so that's two separate trips. went there, came back a second time -- >> that is our understanding. >> did he meet with her personally when he went to the hodge? >> i think at that time he might have met with the family, is what we understand from the family members themselves. >> the wife could have been
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radicalized and somehow involved the husband unsubstantiated but i'm wondering if any family members saw anything that she was perhaps more dominant than submissi submissive. >> she was very soft spoken from the conversations we've had from the family members, she was a very soft spoken individual. the women were the only ones to communicate with her. syed did not want anybody else to talk to her because of the tradition he was focusing on. they only knew her about a year and a half or so. >> what do you know of her? >> nothing. >> nothing at all? >> they live in saudi arabia, that's all we know. >> are they concerned of the family do they have any threats? >> the family members in saudi? >> no, the family here. >> oh, yeah. they've gotten threats. it's been a consistent kind of thing. they've gotten phone calls, they've gotten people threatening them through facebook. they've deactivated everything. the brother was identified -- the brother was misidentified as syed. it's a bad situation to be
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misidentified as an active shooter while he was working in l.a. county. >> [ inaudible question ] >> who's family? >> her family. >> pakistani. >> they're pakistani and moved to saudi arabia? >> yeah, when she was 18 or 20 she went to saudi arabia to get married with syed. >> yes. >> did the family see them wednesday morning when they dropped off the grandchild? >> i think there's been some confusion about what they did with the grandchild. the mother lived with syed and his wife. so they were going off to a doctors appointment and left the child with her. they didn't actually drop off the child anywhere. since the mother lived there, she was taking care of her grandchild at that time. >> did they have any strange behaviors that morning? >> no, they actually had the stomach flu earlier. so he had told the mother they were going to go to a doctors appointment and he was going to take his wife to the doctors appointment. >> if the mother lived with them she never noticed anything going on in the garage or anything at all? >> i guess what i would say is
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this is just so -- this is just the stereotypical situation of what takes place every time there is an event like this. most of the time no one knows that much about the shooter. the same thing was the case here. the mother stayed to herself. i think she stayed upstairs. and so she would have been separate and not really known much about what was taking place in the rest of the house. and everyone is always surprised by these incidents. and the same thing is true here. everyone was in shock. there was a tendency to look for a network, a religious affiliation, an imam, an extremist group, friends, lists of, you know, people that went to the wedding, anything that could be there to find some type of a terrorist network. and the fbi was doing their job. we're all angry. we all want answers. we all want security. we all want to be protected.
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nothing came up. that's what's shocking to all of us i need to emphasize that so much because we just have a ten den tt tsi to characterize it i that way. it was bizarre to sit through interviews for four hours and not find or see anything, but that's exactly what happened. there was nothing linking this to religion or terrorist related activity. >> they have their own investigation. not necessarily -- >> but they're the fbi and they're damn good at getting this information and they asked everything they could. they had the mother under pressure for seven hours or so. they basically took her into custody. and at one point they had the mother in custody and they said we're not letting your mother go. they said this to syra, the sister of syed, we're not going to let your mother go until you and your brother and your sister come in for questioning. and i get the feeling that that was a really traumatic experience because her son had
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just died and not to mention she was totally distraught over how that happened and the victims. she's been crying all these past couple days. she hates what happened. she's very mournful about over the victims. but i guess what i'm saying is that they're not new to this game. i mean, one of the fbi investigators we sat down with clearly looked like he would be a plant in a mosque. he had a beard. he looked like he just walked right out of pakistan or saudi arabia. and these are very shrewd, you know, smart individuals. and if there was any information there, they would have gotten it or found it. i mean, the entire world is digging for information. and the most we've gotten so far is somebody looked at something on facebook. >> well, that's all they're telling us. >> that's all we got so far. so far. >> what about the information the digital media they destroyed? >> yeah, well, all we know or what we know is the sister eva went back to pick up the mother and when she went back the
2:38 pm
computers in the house were unplugged, she had said. but i haven't read all about the digital information. there's a lot of -- yeah, i won't go -- >> there's more information that we're going to be getting once we go back on monday to discuss the different media that they claim was destroyed as well. the family has been more than cooperative with giving up any of their sources or multimedia they might have to assist the fbi in the investigation. >> what do the family think happened then? do they have any theories? >> the family is in complete shock. they have no idea whatsoever. this was their brother by blood. but they weren't too close to him. everybody had their own families. everybody had their own children. everybody had their own life. they weren't as close as they were when they were 15, 16 years of age. the family's in complete shock. they're very sad for all the victims. they have two losses of their own as well. >> can you talk about the two ar-15 style rifles? it was reported that syed did
2:39 pm
not own them, they belonged -- do you know anything about that? >> well, that's an ongoing part of this investigation that we're finishing up with fbi. so once we finish that up we'll give you more details about that. we're not going to be able to discuss that right now. >> can you tell us where the baby is now? >> it's in child protective services from what we understand. and i guess -- we've been trying to get the baby back, but it looks like we're probably not going to be able to get the baby out until at least monday. >> there is a hearing set for the child. we've been in open communication with child protective services to get this child released to one of the family members. and the fbi has been willing to release to one of the family members. >> do you know which family member is looking to raise the child? >> it's most likely his older sister. >> which one? >> his oldest sister. >> okay. wh what's her name? >> syra. >> basically what you're saying whatever motive there was for
2:40 pm
this is very, very hidden. >> yeah. >> there was a motive, you just don't want people to jump to conclusions as to what that motive is. >> it's been very hidden. as you can see from the statement of the fbi chief, you know, that there isn't any connection. and i guess we're all wanting justice. and we're all wanting to make sure we find out anyone who may be affiliated with it. so we'll be protected in the future. but at the same time i guess we've just been saying that we all need to be protective and respectful of one another's religious freedoms and due process -- freedoms of due process. that's what i would say about the motive. the motive is unclear. it could be a disgruntled worker. at this point -- >> this investigation is ongoing could be disgruntled employee, it could be information that's coming out about their connections to different types of groups.
2:41 pm
we're still waiting. and until we make a determination, until we finish with the fbi on monday and tuesday, that's when we're going to be able to really see what this is kind of painted as. >> we will be doing interviews on monday and tuesday. >> do you know -- you said the wife was not allowed to practice -- >> no, we didn't say she wasn't allowed to practice. we said she was not a pharmacist. >> did she get a degree while in saudi arabia? >> no, there's no type of degree in saudi arabia that she had received. okay. we will be finishing this up addressing more questions on monday once we finish on monday and tuesday with the fbi, okay, guys? thank you very much, guys. >> david -- >> pretty extraordinary news conference. the two attorneys representing syed farook family. he was the husband, the male shooter involved in the san bernardino mass killing that resulted in 14 deaths, 21 people injured claiming that there's no
2:42 pm
evidence of any inspiration by isis or any other terrorist organization for what was going on even though the fbi today, the fbi director says this is now a formal terror investigation. lots to discuss. jim sciutto, you and i were listening very carefully to these two attorneys, making the case the family members of farook were totally shocked. they had no idea. totally surprised. some co-worker had made fun of farook's beard. that may have been some sort of incident. we learned the mother actually lived -- the mother of farook lived with this couple and the 6-month-old baby. it was very, very unusual to put it mildly. >> unusual particularly 48 hours after you had 14 people killed and 21 injured by this shooting. one thing they tried to do is undermine the case that this was tied to terrorism. for instance, the lawyer chesley
2:43 pm
was saying all the fbi has presented is he checked out a certain website. in fact as our reporting is is that the wife made a posting pledging allegiance to the isis leader as this attack was unfolding. so you have that. but it was a flip description of that because he said, well, just because i -- this is the words of the lawyer, check out a britney spears website doesn't mean i'm loyal to her. an odd comparison to make 48 hours after a mass murder. you have that. but you have them in effect questioning that it's terrorism in addition to saying that the family had no idea that this was going on. now, to be fair i know that my colleagues out in los angeles have heard at local mosques for instance, and this is a broader view, that in the wake of an attack like this many muslims feel and clearly his family feels as well that muslims are being accused here. muslims in general. as opposed to just the shooters. that's the way they were taking it there. listen, it was an odd tone, i think we can say at least so soon after all these killings.
2:44 pm
>> they certainly were not denying that these two individuals had gone there and murdered 14 people and injured 21 others. >> well, the odd thing is they didn't even talk about that. it was sort of like that was kept over here and talking about these other things. they did say, you know, the family is sorry and that their thoughts and prayers, you know, go out to the victims, et cetera. that was a minor part of the conversation. >> yeah. standby, we're going to have much more information coming in, we're following the breaking news. representative andre carson of the house intelligence committee, he listened to that news conference as well. he's standing by. we'll get latest on what's going on when we come back. music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub ♪ ♪ ♪ most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime.
2:45 pm
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now lelts go inside the shooters' home. it was a very strange scene as journalists crowded into the townhouse with the permission of the landlord and no supervision from the fbi or local law enforcement. cnn's victor blackwell was one of the reporters allowed inside. victor's joining us live. tell us about that experience, victor? >> reporter: wolf, it certainly was an unexpected invitation inside the shooters' home. in larger part what we saw there was what you expect inside the home of a young family with a small child. but there was certainly evidence of that intense raid, the gashes in the walls, the broken glass, the beginning of what we now know is a terror investigation. dramatic scene as a crush of reporters and camera crews were
2:50 pm
allowed inside the townhouse rented by syed farook and his wife. the landlord invites the media to look inside the home with no objection from the fbi. >> we executed a search warrant on that apartment and turned it back over to the residents. once the residents have the apartment and we're not in it anymore, we don't control it. >> when did you get notice to come in here? >> last night about 8:00, 9:00. so this is unreal. >> reporter: around the apartment, signs of life familiar to families, clutter in the kitchen, toys belonging to couple's 6 month old daughter scattered on the floor but here in the couple's bedroom close set you find a sign of the intense investigation as stephanie discovered. >> you can see they smashed up in the ceiling to look up there. it does appear how much debris is on the ground, that there was an effort to get up there and
2:51 pm
make sure that they checked every crack of this bedroom. >> reporter: personal identification and other documents belonging to farook's mother were left scattered on the bed. evidence of the couple's devote faith are seen. a prayer rug on the wall, various subject books on islam and prayer beads on the end of the bored. in the corner, the crib belonging to the 6 month old baby girl left with her grandmother on the day of the shooting. after about an hour, a bored was sealed over the front door not by the fbi or local police but by the owner's wife and a few friends, wolf? >> victor blackwell, thanks very much. joining us a democrat and former police officer. congressm congressman, what did you make of that, the fbi local law enforcement allowed the media, didn't prevent the media from going into the townhouse with
2:52 pm
all that stuff inside. how unusual was that? >> first of all, let me say my heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families. i think that the fbi being the lead investigative agency on this has done a fantastic job and local law enforcement and we command the law enforcement officers for the thankless job they are doing. it is a bit unusual and curious but what is most important is now at the time for us to very seriously think about strengthening our gun laws in this country and addressing the radicalization and extremism taking place in pock its of our society. i think a great point was made earlier, wolf, in that we've seen mass shootings almost it seems like weekly now for the past at least couple of weeks and we have to make sure that we are not demonizing one group, in
2:53 pm
this situation, muslims, there are muslims in the law enforcement agency and communities helping us solve crimes and prevent terror acts. going forward, we want to make sure we aren't exposing innocent people to discrimination and suspicion unnecessarily by showing family photos and those things but at the root of it, this lone wolf attack was simply unacceptable. >> certainly was unacceptable. 14 people murdered and 21 people injured. we just heard the lawyers for farook's family, he's the husband, the male shooter suggest that people were getting way ahead of themselves because these two individuals, the husband and wife both muslim. what do you make of that and i ask you that question in part because you're one of two muslims in the u.s. congress. >> well, i think it's always challenging when you have these acts committed and these, you
2:54 pm
know, the perpetrators of these crimes happen to be or at least claim to be muslim and you have a whole group of people, billions of people who are then tagged as being terrorists or having a faith that encourages terrorist activities. for us, we want to make the distinction and muslims are vocal condemning the actions and i think more has to be discussed about the violent extremism, efforts that have been initiated by the administration and we hao bring in local law enforcement and federal agencies and faith community, pastors, rabbis and so on and so forth and bring in mental health professionals. we have to bring in educators and have a whole lia approach t
2:55 pm
prevent these incidents and have groups that are working on counter narrative strategies to push back on a lot of the online extremist rhetoric we're seeing taking place now. >> have you seen evidence, you're a member of the intelligence committee, the woman in this case tashfeen malik posted a statement of allegiance to the isis leader al baghdadi. >> a directive wasn't given from d.a.s.h. or isil to those folks. we're seeing people become more and more self-radicalized by looking at content online or
2:56 pm
troubled for that matter mentally. their thoughts and views are solidified by what they are seeing online and our hope is that our law enforcement community, the counterterrorism center, state and local law enforcement and fusion centers can work with mosques, churches, synagogues, so on and so forth and having a village approach and ultimately eliminating the extremist threat. >> andre carson joining us from indiana. he's a member of the intelligence committee. congressm congressman, as usual, thank you very much. >> thank you. the women of isis, did the terrorist recruit her in california? did she get radicalized on her own? were she and her husband inspired to go ahead and kill these people? we're digging into that story.
2:57 pm
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2:59 pm
happening now, breaking news, pledge to isis, officials believe the woman who went on the san bernardino shooting rampage with her husband declared allegiance to the isis leader. the fbi investigating the case as an act of terror and saying the assailants tried to erase digital fingerprints. killers home, the landlord lets the news media take a tour of the condo the couple shared with their infant daughter,
3:00 pm
where they plotted their attack and build their homes. do their possessions shed any new light on what led them to mass murder? the investigation, the fbi taking over the probe now in charge of multiple crime scene locations and trying to uncover connections between two killers and other possible extremists. did they come to terror on their own or were other people radicalized along be them? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're "the situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news. we're following the breaking news, a flurry of major developments in the san bernardino shooting massacre. the fbi saying it's investigating the case as an act of terror and information about the husband and wife that killed 14 people under scoring an apparent terror connection. cnn learned that officials now
3:01 pm
believe tashfeen malik posted a pledge of allegiance to al baghdadi on facebook during the rampage and the terror group is praising the attack but not claiming responsibility. also, a first look inside the killer's home. the landlord allowing cnn and news media organizations access after law enforcement wrapped up their work. attorneys representing the couple's family at a news conference. they knew nothing of it before hand and are totally shocked. we're covering more with our guests including senator james risch, a member of the senate intelligence and foreign relations committees and correspondents and expert analysts standing by. let's begin with cnn's justice correspondent pamela brown in san bernardino for us. pamela, major new developments in the case tonight. update our viewers. >> reporter: absolutely, wolf. the fbi saying today new
3:02 pm
information has come to light which has moved the dial for the fbi to say this is a terrorist investigation. one of the key pieces of evidence this facebook post by farook's wife pledging alliance to al baghdadi, wolf, this could possibly be the worst terrorist attack since 9/11. >> as of today based on the information and facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> for the first time, the fbi is calling the attacks in san bernardino terrorism. surrounding the chaos, investigatiors say tashfeen malk was on facebook pledging allegiance to abu backer al baghdadi. >> we uncovered evidence that these subjects attempted to destroy their digital
3:03 pm
fingerprints. >> reporter: cnn learned two smashed cell phones believed to be the couple's were recovered from a garbage can and a computer found at the shooter's home was missing a hard drive. investigators suspect it might have been destroyed. authorities hope the digital fingerprint they can recover will reveal more about the motive. >> that will take time but i truly believe that's going to be the potential golden nugget but we just don't know yet. >> reporter: inside farook's house, police found a virtual bomb-making factory. they also found nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition and they had tools to alter the ar-15s they had, including one that was turned into a fully automatic weapon and cnn learned farook's former roommate legally purchased the guns several years ago. >> is there someone detained that gave them the rifles? >> there is a person -- we don't
3:04 pm
know -- okay, let me go back on that one. there is differentiations there. there is a person we know of their location who purchased those weapons, but i'm going to let atf answer the questions on the guns that's what they are here for. >> is this person in custody? >> person is not under arrest at this point. >> reporter: tonight investigators are looking whether the couple was self-radicalized since there are no indications they were part of a larger cell. >> so far we have no indication the killers are part of an organized larger group or formed part of a cell. there's no indication that they are part of a network. >> reporter: and today, the police chief addressed these concerns of a terror cell saying there was a suspicious incident on monday night where a person that appeared to be from the middle east approached a security officer and raised
3:05 pm
alarm bells but police say there doesn't appear to be a connection with this couple. also important to note while it does appear they may have been inspired by isis, officials we've been speaking with say there is no evidence at this stage in the investigation they were directed by the terrorist group to carry out the attack. wolf? >> pamela brown reporting for us. thanks very much. let's get more on the extraordinary news conference you may have seen live here on cnn. attorneys representing the shoot er's family sharing details about farook and his wife. listen to this. >> she was a housewife. she took care of the child. the mother lived with them at the house. so she was primarily a housewife. she only came over here in 2014. >> how would you characterize her as a mother? from what the family had to say. >> she's only been a mother for about six months so the family knew her as she was caring and soft spoken. very basic information what they have seen of her.
3:06 pm
[ overlapping speakers ] >> let's bring in our chief national correspondent jim sciutto. jim, we watched that news conference, new information did emerge among other things, his mother, the grandmother of the 6 month old actually lived with them in that townhouse. >> that's right, lived with them but said was often separated from them so had no knowledge of the activities that were alleged to have gone on in the house including bombs in the backyard and this enormous arsenal of ammunition and weapons et cetera. they say the family in general did not know what was going on. they are shocked and surprised by this but in addition to that, you heard from the lawyers, the lawyers for syed rizwan farook to undermine the fbi's argument that they are now investigating this as an act of terrorism, sometimes making the argument, sometimes bizarrely. here is what some of the lawyers had to say. >> all there is and this is much the frustration i think of the
3:07 pm
fbi and everyone because we all want, we all want an answer. we all are angry. we're all frustrated. we're all sad. we want justice. but unfortunately, some things in life aren't as clear cut and all there is thus far is some thing that somebody looked at something on facebook. any one of us may have looked at something on facebook. it doesn't mean i believe in it. i checked out a brittany spears post and i hate brittany spears' music. it doesn't mean you believe everything you read. you have to be protective of religious freedom in our country, of our fourth amendment rights. >> to be clear, u.s. officials telling cnn not that one of the shooters checked out a website on facebook but rather posted a pledge of alliance to the isis
3:08 pm
leader abu backer al baghdadi and the fbi told us farook had been in touch with known terrorism suspects. those are signs the fbi is looking at that make them investigate this as an act of terrorism, not just checking out a website but the collection of sides. to be clear, they haven't made a definitive judgment. >> because the lawyer is making the point that yes, there were thousands of rounds of ammunition in the house but he would like to do target practice and if you buy thousands of rounds of ammunition, that's useful because you can get it at a lower price. they didn't explain why there were 12 imp viced devices or pipe bombs being built in the garage. >> they said other members of the family had been in the garage and lawyer play dates that have taken place in the garage but the shooter and his wife concealed the activity.
3:09 pm
that is at least possible. we've certainly seen that with other shootings whether terrorism or not where the family members did not know what was happening. >> right. that's totally understandable, maybe family members had no clue. he did suggest maybe this wasn't terrorism but workplace oriented because someone at that county health facility where he worked made fun of him because of his beard. >> that's right. that's not the only example of religious tension in the office that we heard about. we heard colleagues talk about angry discussions about the state of israel between farook and one of his jewish colleagues there so and to be clear, the fbi and others have not eliminated that as one driving force and there is president for there being more than one driving force but to be clear, they are certainly investigating terrorism as an influence, as well. >> the lawyers made it clear forcefully as you just explained, the family members
3:10 pm
were totally shocked, had no idea these two individuals could commit such a heinous, heinous crime. thanks jim sciutto for that. let's talk all of this and more with senator james risch. tashfeen malik the wife declared alliance to isis but authorities believe it was she who did that. do you know how she and her husband were inspired if not formally directed by isis? >> you know, wolf, there is really interesting aspects of this. i think first of all, this last piece you did about talking about workplace violence, we need to set this aside. look, america has been visited by isis either directed or inspired. i know there is people saying there is no evidence of this being directed.
3:11 pm
i don't doubt that there is no evidence, hard evidence at this moment but you and i both know that over recent months, all terrorist communications have moved to the dark web and that is not penetrated by the intelligence committee and as a result of that, it's hard to believe with all this having gone on, these people weren't communicating with somebody and in addition to that, the suspicion it adds is the missing hard drive. we need to set that stuff aside, call this what it is. it's a terrorist attack and it was done by two people who have been radicalized. interestingly enough, a number of us when we saw this unfold were immediately hit by the possibility that the female in this had an oversized role in it and the more this rolled out,
3:12 pm
the more it became apparent that she had a major role, if not the major role in this and it's frightening because it doesn't take a large leap of the imagination to think that it's possible that isis found a backdoor and using the type of visa that she used, you had a man here who by all accounts had spent almost three decades here without getting into any trouble, without being radicalized and without visiting sites that are radical sites and then all of a sudden, he hooks up with this woman and more and more and more is looking like a black widow and comes here ayear ago and a year and four months later, a house full of bombs and ammunition and rifles that are used for this sort of thing and they go out and do this. i mean, it's just -- there is some aspects to this that are
3:13 pm
very troubling and are going to be studied closely in the coming days and weeks. >> senator, are you significaug perhaps she was sent here -- is there any indication she was actually sent to the united states to do what she did? >> wolf, there is no evidence to that effect direct evidence but the circumstances are very, very suspicious where she gets hooked up through either the internet or the travel that this gentleman took and comes over here as his fiancee and slightly a year later, this unfolds. it doesn't take much of an imagination to think if you had people that wanted to do this, that they could train her in bomb making and a paris-type attack and get her hooked up with a type b personality
3:14 pm
individual who was easily led, put her in a position to do this and away they went. >> senator, we're getting new information from the government of saudi arain ra arabia about visits. i'm going to share that information with you and viewers when we come back. stand by for a moment. the killer's home the news media given an extraordinary look inside. we have more on all the breaking news coming into "the situation room." ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
3:15 pm
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we're back with republican senator james risch of idaho. we're following breaking news tonight, the fbi investigating the san bernardino shooting massacre as an act of terrorism and an extraordinary move cnn and news organizations were allowed inside the killers' home. the landlord invited journalist inside after law enforcement officials finished their search there. cnn's victor blackwell is joining us from redlands, california next to san bernardino and we got an amazing up close how this couple lived. >> reporter: yeah, wolf. i really never seen anything like what happened today much less been a part of a moment
3:20 pm
like that. the landlord invited us inside the home of the san bernardino shooters to see the evidence, of course, of the raid but also the life they left behind. as the door was pried open, a dramatic scene as a rush of reporters and camera crews were invited inside the townhouse. the couple's landlord invites the media to look inside the home with no objection from the fbi. >> we executed a search warrant on that apartment and last night we turned that over back to the residence. once the residents have the apartment and we're not in it, anymore, we don't control it. >> when did you get notice to come back in here? >> last night about 8:00, 9:00. so, this is unreal. >> around the apartment, signs of life familiar to families everywhere, clutter in the kitchen, toys belonging to the couple's 6 month old daughter scattered on the floor but it's
3:21 pm
here in the closet you find a sign of the intense investigation that took place. >> you can see where they smashed up into the ceiling to take a look to see what was up there. it does appear based on how much debris was on the ground, that there was an effort to get up there and make sure they checked every crevice of this back bedroom. >> reporter: personal identification and other documents belonging to farook's mother were scattered on the bed and evidence of the couple's devote faith, a prayer rug on the wall and prayer beads left on the edge of the bed. in a corner, the crib belonging to their 6 month old baby girl left with her grandmother on the day of the shooting. wolf, there were more than reporters and photographers inside the home. at one point i saw a woman with a baby and another walking through with her dog but after about an hour, the door was sealed again by friends of the owner's wife and the owner was
3:22 pm
taken off in an unmarked law enforcement vehicle, wolf? >> victor, thanks very much. senator risch and i want to get your thinking on tashfeen malik. the governor of saudi arabia told us she visited twice in 2013 she was there in early october for 20 days and the following year for a few days in june of 2013 and she left to go back to -- she left to go back to pakistan presumably awaiting to get married with her husband, syed rizwan farook. walk us through once again your thinking on her role if this was in fact an act of terror inspired by isis. >> wolf, like i said, it doesn't take a lot of imagination, if
3:23 pm
you're on the other side of this and want to weigh into the united states. in february i said they had moved from the aspirational stage to the operational stage and if you're on the other side thinking how will you do this and reach out and touch the united states, we've seen efforts, there is over 50 people already arrested this year for many of them making plans, taking steps towards hurting us. if you're on the other side of this and looking how am i going to do this, really a very easy way to do it is find a woman who has a deep commitment to this and is willing to make the full sacrifice and put her in a position where you train her for bomb making and paris style attack and get her on the internet or at a place where people congregate for religious tourism in saudi arabia and hook them up with a person that is -- that they could influence. this does not stretch the
3:24 pm
imagination at all, and it's relatively easy to get a fiancee visa to get into the country. that's exactly what happened here. it just strikes me that this thing, the way this happened, it just came together so neatly once they came to america back in july of 2014, it just came together so easily there had to have been some prior thought on this. this business of being workplace violence is just nonsense. you don't leave the workplace after an argument with somebody and go home and say honey, put on your assault clothes and grab a few bombs and some assault rifles. this was thought out and planned and obviously they had somebody else who was advising them, inspiring them at the very least
3:25 pm
if not directing them on the dark web as to when and how to do this. >> that -- if that is in fact true, it may explain why the fbi says cell phones were destroyed at the scene of that townhouse. also hard drives were destroyed inside, as well. they retrieved those cell phones, that hard drive from the computer and they are going through it to get information. do you have any information to believe they will get the information out of the hard drives and cell phones. >> i don't know that at this point. they don't know that at this point but if they do get it, the difficulty of course as we've talked about before is the dark web chexists for these kind of communication. it may not make a difference which all of those people involved in those enter praipri are using today. >> thank you.
3:26 pm
>> you bet. we're continuing to following breaking news and we'll go back live to san bernardino and what is being treated as an fbi lead terrorism investigation and details about that mysterious woman that took part in the killings. officials believed she pledged allegiance to the leader of isis. there you see him abby bakr al baghdadi while the shooting was taking place. a penguin loaded a toy car onto a racetrack. zoom! it took off... ...going faster and faster, and twisting and turning, until finally, it stopped... ...right in our driveway. but dad, penguins live in the south pole.
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3:31 pm
we have breaking news, we're about to show you the first photo of the female shooter tashfeen malik. it has just been published. let's go to our justice correspondent pamela brown. all of a sudden, we now see the actual woman, her image, the photo of this 27-year-old woman from pakistan. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. there is so much mystery surrounding her, even the relatives of her husband say they rarely ever saw her face because she wore a burka. we're seeing the picture of tashfeen malik. this is one of three pictures i'm told by a law enforcement source that confirms this is her
3:32 pm
that's in the databases at dhs because as you know, she came here on a fiancee visa, wolf. she was living in saudi arabia, a pakistan, born in pakistan and moved to saudi arabia and came here believed in 2014 where she was -- came here with her husband on this fiancee visa and later obtained a green card and become a lawful permanent resident. i'm told this is not the picture she would have taken in the consulate but taken through this process of her becoming a lawful permanent resident. right now i can tell you, wolf, the fbi is trying to dig up anything they can on tashfeen malik. all we know right now publicly is she apparently posted on facebook right before the attack pledging allegiance to the isis leader al baghdadi. the fbi has agents over in pakistan trying to learn more about this woman because so far there has been very little.
3:33 pm
she wasn't on the fbi's radar and the relatives of her husband didn't know much about her and officials want to know one working theory is whether she had any influence on her husband at all. lots of unanswered questions but this is the first time we are seeing what she looks like. wolf? >> this photo first made available by abc news. pamela, thanks very much. i want to bring in brian todd who has more on the family and a disturbing new trend, the radicalization of women potentially as terrorists. what are you finding out? >> investigators are trying to determine if the female attacker tashfeen malik influenced her husband to becomrade kill or the other way around? we have information on the increasing number of isis sympathizers inside the united states and on the important roles that women play in their ranks. during the shootings, she pledged alliance to abby backer
3:34 pm
al baghdadi and now officials are investigating. >> i think he married a terrorist. >> reporter: the 27-year-old female attacker was born in pakistan and moved to saudi arabia according to an attorney for her husband's family. she met syed rizwan farook there. farook family lawyers say she was a typical housewife but traditional. >> she did maintain certain traditions from what i understand in terms of fasting and prayer five time as day. she chose not to drive voluntarily. >> reporter: in online dating profiles, farook expressed his desire for a jigirl that wears head dress. >> i don't know whether she
3:35 pm
influenced him or not. >> i very much believe it's possible she influenced him. when we look at female fighters, female recruits to the islamic state, we tend to read her through the men around her whether a boyfriend or husband or a cousin, you know, that is a reason for her support for the islamic state or any other political movement and with this case, we're being forced to sort of reexami-examine that. >> reporter: the couple wouldn't be the first bonnie and clyde. the widow of paris supermarket gunman was according to his former lawyer the more radical one in the couple. she is now believed to be with isis in syria, as is sally joan, the widow of top isis operative believed to have inspired the only isis instigated attack on american soil. jones is now believed to be a key recruiter for isis n. a sobering new report on isis sympathizers inside the u.s.,
3:36 pm
lorenzo at george washington university say many supporters are women who are adapt at social media. >> means paradise in arabic. you see women are more prolific and tend to write more and post a lot of things and invent a lot of accounts. >> those accounts are often used for propaganda and recruitment or other women. tonight it's not clear who might have radicalized tashfeen malik. a source says she was not on any sadui watch list. >> that picture first made available by abc news. thanks very much. let's dig deeper with the cnn justice reporter evan perez and cnn security and intelligence analyst bob baer and director of
3:37 pm
the cnn analyst tom fuentes. paul, senator risch well briefed just on our show suggesting this may not be this complicated, this woman tashfeen malik may have been sent over here to the united states specifically with an isis or terrorist related mission to under take what they did. >> well, that is very interesting indeed. i wonder if he's been briefed on that because it totally contradicts what the fbi director was saying, what the fbi in general was saying there is no wider network -- >> they know at this point. >> that is different information stream he has got. he's giving us compared to what the fbi publicly told the american people at this point. >> bob bear, we know women are a top recruiting target for isis given what we know about this woman or lack of social media
3:38 pm
presence or travel history whatever coming from a conservative hard line family, could she actually have been groomed by isis to find some american, get married to that american, come here to the united states and plot some sort of act of terror? >> well, wolf, right now that's the way it looks to me. she comes from the very radicalized saudi arabia, the whole education system is radicalized even if she may not have taken arms or come to the attention of the saudis, the whole education system will turn somebody like this and you look at his background and it's not as extreme. it's a good -- you know, the islamic state is very smart. they can get on the net and troll for somebody looking for a wife or a husband and prepare them and somebody learned those tactics. i still maintain that was a military assault on this facility. i've seen nothing to suggestion that he was the one that learned
3:39 pm
these tactics and the question is was it she? just because the fbi hasn't found proof of this, let's go back to the smashed telephones. it was simply a lone wolf attack completely inspired here, why would you smash your telephone? the only reason to do that is hide the network you're in touch with. >> you're also learning, evan, that the weapons that were discovered were altered to make them more powerful in this townhouse. >> well, wolf, the ar-15s, the rifles that were used in this attack were legal when they were bought in california couple years ago, 2011, 2012 and altered in someway before this attack took place. we don't know by whom. we don't know when this occurred. the weapons were actually bought by someone else who the fbi is looking to talk to today and one of the things done, the ar-15s in california have a bullet button that makes it difficult for you to remove the magazines
3:40 pm
and found tools in order to change that and also they found magazines extended magazines that basically allowed this weapon to be shot almost fully automatic style and that's one of the things they were clearly doing to prepare. >> clearly that requires skill to do that. >> absolutely. >> tom fuentes they found at the townhouse pipe bomb type devices, thousands and thousands of rounds of ammunition and there is obviously suspicion this couple may have been planning another attack. when you hear that information, what do you think? >> i think that could be true but i think their original intention a bigger attack and he got angry at the function and decided the heck with it. unless they find digital media obtained but we just don't know
3:41 pm
it certainly they didn't need that much equipment, that much armorment to go into a holiday party and shoot it up. to me they might have had another attention first and got diverted. >> stand by because we're getting more information to take a quick break, more breaking news right after this. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour then i slowly feel it start to kind of wrap itself around me. then the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress then it also adjusts to my body. my cloud feels so comfortable. it feels like somebody's hugging you. how can a bed do that? (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. find the feel that's right for you. give yourself the gift of your best night's sleep.
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3:46 pm
the breaking news this hour, we're getting our first look at the female shooter along with her husband killed 14 people in the what fbi is investigating as an act of terror. this photo of tashfeen malik first obtained by abc news. also breaking tonight, the wall street journal says western officials believe the terror network behind the paris attacks have links to people in the united kingdom and may in fact by the next isis target. let's get more on what is going on with the former british prime minister tony blair here "the situation room." mr. blair, thanks for joining us. there may have been links in the u.k. with paris attackers, what do you know about that? >> we don't know whether this is correct or not at the present time but the fact is, all the countries in europe feel under threat at the moment and we've got a huge problem that isn't
3:47 pm
just confined to one individual country. the attacks in paris could easily happen elsewhere and that's why i've been saying i published, you got to have a strategy that deals with the immediate need to defeat isis and defeat them completely and e r -- the islamist extremism comes out of a set of ideas and propaganda with a much wider reach and this is what feeds these these people that will kill innocent people. >> it's been said isis is planning an attack in the u.k. right now. how seriously do they take that threat in the u.k.? >> really seriously. it's not simply attacks by isis itself but other terrorist groups and terrorist cells and
3:48 pm
intelligence agencies in europe, the biggest concern is people that have gone to syria and come back and they can be our own citizens, thousands have gone from europe and they come back, battle hard and trained and capable of killing large numbers of people. i think it's important we set this within the context of even if you eliminate one of these groups, you've still as i say, got this broader ideology where i'm afraid the reach of the ideology in different parts of the world is far greater than among a small number of fanat s fanatics. you have to defeat isis where they are in syria and iraq and deal with the broader problem. >> the fbi director here in the united states formally announced the mass killings in san bernardino, california now investigation could be it could be an act of terror and we're hearing from senator risch, this woman, the wife, tashfeen malik may have been sent over here to
3:49 pm
the united states by isis or some other for roar organization to plot and to under take this kind of operation. this could be a game changer potentially. >> yes, i think the anxiety is absolutely justified because any number of means these people can use and for the security services trying to deal with this, there is a limit to what you're able to do in order to protect people in this situation, which is why you've got to go to the origin and root of it and we'll find increasing numbers of terrorist attacks in the west and an increasing sense of insecurity and this could only be dealt with ultimately by dealing with the source and origin. >> you are not afraid to call this islamic terrorism, is that the phrase you used. >> it gives rise to the violence. if you simply focus on the violence and don't focus on the ideology you don't deal with the
3:50 pm
problem. >> because president obama is reluctant to use that phrase, as you know. >> i understand the reluctance because people don't want to let's be clear, true islam is a peaceful and honorable faith. the vast majority of people don't want anything to do with this type of terrorism. however, there is a significant minority and i think it goes broader than just a small group of fanatics. the significant minority subscribes to a world view in many, many of these countries around the world in which they see themselves as in battle with the vest, islam as a religion humiliated by us and this extremism which seeks to pose a view of religious belief upon the world has, i'm afraid, a broader reach than we want to admit. my point is very, very simple. yes, we've got to do everything we can to destroy isis. by the way, we've got to destroy not just what they are doing in syria, iraq, libya, elsewhere. but then we've got to work with
3:51 pm
those countries, many of whom are our allies to say you've got to root out within your education systems and within your society, the propaganda that gives rise to the -- >> the house of commons in london has agreed that the uk can start air strikes but air strikes alone is not going to destroy -- you say you've got to destroy isis. you need ground troops to do that, right? >> you do. they don't always have to be ours and we can do a lot in the supporting role and, by the way, what the americans have started to do in these last weeks has been really important in bolstering the campaign against isis and there's been success and parts of iraq are able to work with the iraqi government there and it can be done in syria as well. but it's going to have to be done over a period of time. it's got to be done to destroy their base and we can't, for example, leave what is happening in libya alone either. they control a significant part of libya. before 9/11, we had training
3:52 pm
grounds in afghanistan. we now have them in the northeast and middle east. >> tony blair, thank you very much. much more on the breaking news right after a quick break. our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. we're following the breaking news. we now have pictures of the killer in the mass san bernardino shooting. the female shooter tashfeen malik's photo was published by a abou bc news. the senate intelligence committee chairman says he believes the attack may have been directed by isis.
3:57 pm
14 people were gunned down during an office holiday party. cnn's jake tapper takes a closer look now at some of the lives that were lost. >> reporter: they were cherished family members, best friends, parents, 14 people between the ages of 26 and 60 who spent their final day celebrating together. >> the thought running through my mind was just, no, no, no. this isn't true. >> reporter: ryan reyas drove his boyfriend to the irc. kaufman was taking a break on a bench outside when he was killed. >> he meant the world to me. he meant the absolute world to me. yeah. sorry. >> reporter: many of the victims were parents. leaving behind at least 18
3:58 pm
children whose worlds are now changed forever. >> overall, she was like an amazing person. like, she was so nice. like, she always supported me in everything i did. >> reporter: bennetta bet-badal had three children and came to the u.s. from iran to escape religious extremism. >> we find it is sadly iron i can that a woman who came to this country under these circumstances would find herself gunned down by religious extremists. >> reporter: michael wetzel leaves behind six children and his wife renee. a friend speaking for the family told cnn how renee learned of his murder. >> the survivors came out and she wasn't in it. they told her, if he wasn't in there, then he was gone. >> reporter: robert adams had always wanted to be a dad. he and his wife welcomed a little girl just 20 months ago. on the fundraising page set up
3:59 pm
for his family, a friend posted "he was 100% in daddy land." his family says he cherished every moment with his daughter. 27-year-old sierra clayborn was a cherished daughter. yvette was a beautiful young lady. my heart is broken. i'm completely devastated. the family of the youngest victim is, too. aurora godoy was just 26. she leaves behind a husband and a 2-year-old son. this community and the families of all the victims will need tremendous strength to move forward, a trait many learned from their loved ones. >> i'm doing okay because what else can i do? i have to stay strong. >> jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> heartbreaking indeed. our deepest, deepest condolences
4:00 pm
to the families of these wonderful, wonderful people who were gunned down. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." cnn's special coverage of the san bernardino shooting takes place right now with erin burnett "outfront." next breaking news, the fbi investigating the shooting in san bernardino has an act of terrorism. did the female shooter radicalize her husband? plus, we'll take you inside the shooter's apartment where investigators believe they hatched the deadly plot surrounded by prayer brooks and their infant baby's toys. and new images of the mother of a 6-month-old who became a mass murderer. how investigators are now linking her to isis. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, the breaking news inspired by isis. the fbi now officially investigating the massacre in san bernardino as an


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