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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 5, 2015 1:00am-3:01am PST

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♪ mass murder in the name of faith. investigators say the woman behind the deadly attack in california was inspired by isis. what american muslims warn about aligning terrorism with islam. and flooding in southern india and there's more on the way. and you may want to stay clear of this german commercial. we'll hear from the man behind the most depressing ad campaign. i'm lindsey kin kkade and ts is cnn newsroom.
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u.s. investigators say they're treating wednesday's mass shooting in california as an act ovte of terrorism. the fbi has uncovered evidence from syed farook and his wife, tasheen malik that showed extreme planning. and that malik pledged allegiance to isis just before the attack on facebook. some members of farook's mosque suspect his wife is the one who radicalized him. they say they didn't know about his wife but say they believe the man they worshipped with was a good guy. >> reporter: investigators are honing in on the wife of syed
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farook. and they say as the attack was happening, tashfeen pledged allegiance on facebook to isis. >> the service was in this room? >> yeah. >> reporter: and so the women were up there? >> yes. >> reporter: women are separated from the men in this mosque, so even the director of the islamic center never met malik. she is a mystery to many here, including many who knew her best. sy syed's brothers never saw her face. >> the brothers have never seen her face because she did wear a burkau. >> reporter: farook had joined dating websites and came across malik, a pakistani citizen. >> he said i'm comfortable with
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this person. i believe she's a good woman, a decent woman. >> reporter: he travelled to saudi arabia to meet malik during the pilgrimage. and she often visited over the years to saudi arabia from pakist pakistan. and documents show she entered the u.s. a month after the second viz tosit to saudi arabid they were legally married in august of that year. members of the mosque first met her in the wedding ceremony here. >> when she come here, he looks good. he was looking good. >> reporter: and then he disappeared? >> he disappeared, yeah. >> reporter: after coming to this mosque every day for two years, farook stopped. >> how can this happen?
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a guy that was very good? you don't hear talking about those mad men like those crazy terrorists. he never talked about those kind of people. >> reporter: did marriage change him? >> i suspect. i suspect there is something wrong. >> reporter: a co worker says he's certain the marriage changed farook. >> do you believe that he was radicalized? >> yes, by the wife. i think he married a terrorist. >> he married a terrorist? >> yes. >> reporter: most puzzling, says friends, he would have been a good father and would have wanted to live with this man. >> how does someone leave their child and do crap like this?
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>> back at the couple's home, the media got a close look. the landlord let the media in after the fbi released the crime scene. here with that part of our story. unfinished food on the counter, broken glass on the living room floor. this is the town house shared by san bernardino mass shooters. sign of a former crime scene mixed baby toys for their six month old daughter. >> i was the first person to walk in here and saw how it was before everyone started touching it and you can see police looked at many things. i don't want to show you the ids but i do believe they belong to the mother of farook based on the ages. and there are prayer books. when i first walked in this group of prayer beads was sitting on the edge of the bed
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bh i wa when i walked in as well. several prayer books. business cards and plenty of normal trapings you would expect to see in a bedroom. i see lotions and creams and that sort of thing. one of the things that you can see here is this and this is what i was telling you about before is this right here. you can see where they smashed up into the ceiling. to see what was up there. it does appear, based on the debris on the ground, that there was an effort to get up there and make sure they checked every crevice of this back bedroom. i've seen pass ports, driec dri licen
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licenses, social security cards and a lot of signs of faith. you see a lot of signs of these being people who believed in their faith and a lot of paperwork and a lot of luggage up here as well too. but it looks like it's been stashed in the corner but definitely signs this is a room that has been ran sacked, not before the media got here, but by the police as well. >> reporter: a surprising move because the investigation is still in the early stages. >> i need assess the damage. it's a lot worse than what i thought. >> reporter: but the fbi under fire for allowing the landlord into the home saying they released it last night. >> we executed a search warrant on that apartment and once the residents have the apartment, we don't control it it . >> reporter: we understand there are reports that the couple may have been building pipe bombs
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inside of the garage. there was no way to get in it and no signs of that activity in the house hold. >> as we've been reporting, several pieces of evidence forced them to push forward a terror probe. and here is managing director at global strat and he's written extensively on geopolitical and security issues. thank you for joining us. as we've just seen in that report, the media were allowed to enter the home of the attackers just four days after the attack. is it possible that investigators seized everything they could possibly need or is that crime scene now contaminated? >> as much as i can tell, i
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would trust the fbi when they tell us that they released a crime scene and they're confident that they got everything they wanted. so, obviously they're very professional. they're one of the best law enforcement agencies in the world and i wouldn't suspect them to be so amateurish. >> looking at the couple, the attackers. this was a married couple and i can't recall a shooting like this anywhere in the world and this couple had a six month old baby at home. what do you make of it? >> it's very worrisome but that's what islamic state is very good at doing is brain washing people and the fact that they were following quote on quote the orders of the head of the islamic state group and a couple of the spokesman that they called in november twice
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for followers to attack the u.s. is very troubling at this point. >> what makes that isis propaganda so effective? >> look, compared to alkied a a islamic has been very good from the get go to be, if you will, a dual kind of terrorist organization. as we've seen in paris, they have the where with all of pulling off attacks. they're ordered from the center in syria but as well they're very good with social media at pushing people to attack the homeland and that's exactly what they're doing to basically have different threats against our countries. >> and the fbi, as you mentioned, the wife posted an allegiance to isis on facebook
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but oddly it happened during the massacre and not before and she used a different name. it seems quite bazar. >> as much as i can tell because i'm not privy to confidential information, i would tend to believe the fbi following the track s of what she was doing. i don't know if it happened when she was on her way there and she could have done it over a phone but i have no reason not to believe the fbi at this point. >> and this seemed like a premeditated act given all the guns seized and the detinators from the home that were found. what do you make of the fact that this was a seemingly planned attack? >> it fits in the whole threat game that islamic state is putting together.
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basically having people organized on their own attacks against a homeland being completely under the radar and that's one of the only times in recent years all over the world that you had people not monitored by security services and it just turned out to be radicals and pulling off terrorist attacks. >> we appreciate your perspective on all of this. thank you very much. we've been hearing the words "learning to be strong" more and more. those in san bernardino, using those words to try to cope with wednesday's massacre. >> reporter: they were cherished family members, best friends, parents, 14 people between the ages of 26 and 60 who spent their final day celebrating together. kissing their loved ones good bye in the morning, never
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believing they wouldn't come home. >> the thought that was running through my mind was no, no, this isn't true. >> daniel drove kaufman to work, he ran a coffee shop. he was taking a break on a bench outside when he was killed. >> he meant the world to me. he meant the absolute world. >> reporter: many of the victims were parents leaving behind at least 18 children whose worlds are now changed forever. >> she was an amazing person because she was so nice. she always supported me in everything i did. >> and this woman came from iran at age 18 to escape religious extremism. >> we find it sadly ironic six
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wife, renee. >> they told her that if he wasn't in there, he was gone. >> reporter: a friend posted quote, he was 100% in daddy land. his family says he cherished every moment with his daughter. 27-year-old sierra claiborne and yvette were cherished daughters as well. yvette was a talented motevaded and beautiful young woman. and sierra's sister writing my
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heart is broken. completely devastated. this community and the families of all the victims will need tremendous strength to move forward. a trait many learned from their loved ones. i'm doing okay because what else can i do? i have to stay strong. >> reporter: cnn, washington. now for the latest on the paris terror attacks. officials in belgium are looking for two more suspects. they may have had connection to the suspect known as "the eighth attacker." >> and authorities are now looking for two men traveling with abdesalam before the attacks. all were stopped at the u.s.a.
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re -- austrian border with false ids. police later found a house with an identity card and another one was used to wire money to one of the woman killed in the police raid following the attacks. she's the cousin of the person widely regarded as the ring liderlide leader of the attacks. and abdselam fled before police realized who they were looking for. a friend says he dropped him off in a brussels neighborhood. in paris, alexandra field, cnn.
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still to come, one of the first responders in the california mass shooting carries bandages and an assault rifle. up next, the meet the so-called s.w.a.t. doc. and a look at the toll. the devastating floods are having in southeast india. so, is there any relief in site? we'll have a live re start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help
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. welcome back. indian prime minister says he is pained at it it devastation caused by flooding in the south of the country. more than 270 people have been killed so far and 120,000 have been rescued. it could get worse, more heavy rain is forecast around. and here with the details. >> reporter: much of the city of 9 million people is under water after weeks of heavy rain. the worst flooding here in a century. some residents are waist deep, some ankle deep. after a few breaks in the rain
1:22 am
have let some of the waters reseed. these are the scenes from india's fifth largest city, the commercial center. many people are being forced to upper floors of building and the life is making life miserable. >> translator: we are facing lots of problems due to this flooding. there is also a power short age. we can even see snakes in the water. >> reporter: they rescued more than 120,000 people on wednesday and thursday and operations are ongoing. >> now we have all the boats with our personnel and along with meals and water. supplies will be deployed in the flood effected areas. >> reporter: many flights being
1:23 am
canceled and some are flying out of an airport 100 kilometers west. and the prime minister flew over the flood hit region and pledged $290 million for relief funds. >> in their hour of need. >> reporter: even if the rains ease up and waters reseed, many people are still going to need help. meteorologist is standing by at the international weather center. derrick, put this in perspective for us. >> we can talk about another city like london, which is typically a very rainy spot in the world. well, they actually received more rainfall than a six month period in london just since the
1:24 am
beginning of december. that's five days they received that much rainfall. and they were stranded on roof tops. some of the worst flooding in over a century and there have been up to 120,000 people rescued from all this flooding. virtually turning roadways into rivers s rivers. you can see people having to navigate some of the flooded streets. this is in the state in the southeastern sections of india, which is located right about this area. again, putting this into further perspective, into the region just south of there, we would normally experience 146 millimeters of rainfall in the entire month of december. and over 900 already accounted for and there's more to come all thanks to a slow moving area of low pressure fromtia relaungau.
1:25 am
and in december, we've broken our average rain and chanai, even though there's a brief lull, there's persistent rain, especially for sunday with more thunderstorms expected from monday into tuesday and wednesday we would experience an additionalal 50 to 100 millimeters on top of what already has fallen. i'm going to leave you with this. an incredible site out of europe's most active and largest volcano, creating what is called volcanic lightning. this takes place when volcanic ash is spewed into the atmosphere, creating a separation of charges and this is mother nature's way of
1:26 am
balancing charges and creates that lightning bolt. and this is the mount etna actually erupting at night time. >> people had to be evacuated in nearby area. >> that's right. seeing something like that out of your front window, i'd take those evacuation orders quite seriously. still to come, two countries trade accusations after turkey shot down a russian jet. coming up, a look at the two clashi clashing egos at the center of that dispute. stay with us for this touching tribute.
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♪ welcome back to cnn newsroom. here's an update on stories we're following at this hour. and officials in the mass shooting in san bernardino are calling it an act ovtef terrori. and they say the wife posted a pledge of allegiance to isis. and they believe these men are connected to the eighth suspect and one transferred money to the woman who wasila lr
1:31 am
killed in the apartment in saint-denis. and an explosion killed his mother and niece and sister, as well as a number of lebanese soldiers. if you were watching our coverage of the california mass shooting, you probably saw s.w.a.t. teams running in and what you may not have known is one of them is actually a doctor and carries tactical gun along with medical supplies. dr. san jay gupta explains. >> from airway to stapling in the field to israeli bandage. >> reporter: he's a new kind of first responder.
1:32 am
a hibrid of healer and soldier. ready to defend as well as save lives. >> a good guy should be able to defend himself and help everybody else. >> reporter: not only does he need to carry medical equipment but he has to carry a gun as well. a gun much like the one used by the shooters. >> i don't want to get hurt. if someone really have that intention like that yesterday when wr here he was coming and shooting everybody, i want to be able to defend myself on those civilians down there. >> reporter: that's dr. nicki on the right. today, just one day after the shooting, we followed him to this training facility. >> and this is another part of being a brand new sort of doctor, going through training like this with other members of
1:33 am
the s.w.a.t. team to make sure he can defend himself in situations where he's taking care of other patients. >> and we're now going to this assault rifle type where it takes apart vessels and even our tactics are changing right now for law enforcement. rather than sideway, we go to the front to expose less organ injuries. we go sideway and the bullet goes through here and from the front, now you have a plate to protect your heart. >> that's fascinating because you always see people approaching a lower profile. >> reporter: he grew up in iran and served in the military there. so, guns and combat are not new to him but he never thought he'd
1:34 am
have to use those skills in america. >> never in a million years but now that i'm here, this is one of my duties. it's a privl ilege to work here and serve the community out there. it's the least i could do. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn. and how does america compare to other countries in homicide? 31 annual homicides by gun per 1 million people and compare that to germany and france. the u.s. does fall below several developing countries but has a higher rate than russia. the couple involved in the san bernardino shooting used
1:35 am
rifles and semiautomatic weapons that were legally obtained. and here a distinguished scholar and author of five books on u.s. gun pall as, including guns across america. and the current political environment makes it nearly impossible to change gun laws in the u.s. but believes a strong grass roots movement could help bring about change. >> it's an abundance of a wide range of weaponry that goes to the easy availability of too many types of guns and too much in the hands of people. >> lotf of people are pointing o australia and they've seen no mass shootings. >> in 1996 after the port arthur
1:36 am
massacre, the australian government enacted a serious campaign to bring in all assault-type weapons and they've had no mass shootings since that time. that kind of effort would be very difficult in the united states but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do. there's many steps, policy steps that overwhelming majority of people support and where the congress is firmly controlled with the republican party which is closely aligned with the national rifle association and president obama, a democrat. it's clear they're not interested in any proposals on almost anyway policy matter of president obama's but the deep partisan divide and poles aration that gripping the
1:37 am
national political environment. >> reporter: so where, does that leave us? >> well, it lever leaves us wit number of things. california where, the shooting took place, will be holding a refer endm later this year on new measures to tighten gun laws in that state. down the road, we see pro gun control groups for the first time in history have matched and exceeded the political spending of the nra. if those groups can maintain their effort and if more average citizens can take a deeper issue in the gun issue but that's a long term strategy and would span a number of years but if these new groups ones called every town for gun safety, if they continue to work as they
1:38 am
have been, it's possible that this balance may begin to shift. fewer and fewer americans own guns, less than 1/3 own them. the demographic trend also works against the gun rights political movement. >> thank you for joining us. >> you bet. and despite president obama's plea for tougher gun laws, there's very little he can do on his own and this is why. the second amendment of the u.s. constitution protects american's rights to keep and bear arms. and there are many state and local gun laws that vary widely across the country and any change would likely need approval from u.s. law makers who are reluctant to take on the
1:39 am
powerful gun lobby lead by the national rifle association. nine men and five women were killed at the department's public of health. they all had families and were all loves. here's a story about one of those victims, shannon johnson. >> i'm going to miss him terribly, everybody will. >> that's a broad question but tell us a little bit about shannon. >> shannon hillyard johnson was covered in tattoos but he was a kitty cat. he was the kindest person anyone has ever met. made friends very easily. he was always great at sports.
1:40 am
he loved people. and animals. just everybody. he loved telling stories. >> do you remember what he said about syed? >> he liked syed. syed's religion was very important to him and shannon just wanted everybody to know that every religion is important. i knew he was there; that was his group and you know what, this kind of thing happens often enough that he and i have had discussions about what we would do in an event like this and i'm always, i'm ducking and covering and he said, no screw that, i would charge, i would go after that gun. so, i knew if there was a gunman, shannon went after.
1:41 am
he wasn't hiding anywhere. and his brother knew it, everybody had that feeling. he had an incredible soul. it's a loss for humanity. he gave out good vibes. so, i hope through talking to you and other people that we can keep those good vibes going and reverberate. sometimes it became uncomfortable how much love he was showing me. i wasn't totally used to it but i got used to it and he let me know that he loved me very much and i let him know in the last few months together. how lucky i am to have the time with him. he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and he did. he's a man of his word.
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welcome back. iraq is demanding that turkey remove its forces currently stationed near the city of mosul. turkey says they're there to provide training for iraqi soldiers in an area that's been over run by isis since 2014. iraq's prime minister tweeted this on saturday. the unauthorized presence of turkish troops in mosul province is a serious breach of iraqi soverei sovereigntry. russian president and turkish president continue to trade barbs over turkey's downing of a russian fighter jet last month. putin warns that turkey will regret its actions while
1:46 am
erdogan. >> reporter: it was a bro-mance destined not to last. and both unwilling to back down or lose face. russia and turkey had long been at logger heads over syria but this was the moment now defining that relationship. the shoot down of a russian plane by turkish interceptors setting putin and erdogan on a collision course. and putin demanded an immediate apology which never came. instead, brisling at the kremlin
1:47 am
insult, the turkish leader who called for russia to say sorry, it was, afterall, turkish air spaces that was violated. that apology was never going to happen either p. and their refusing to be pushed around is fuelling the crisis between the two countries. the clemgline has banned food imports and charter flights and freezing a multibillion dollar pipeline deal. and president erdogan firmly in president putin's scythes. it's the turkish leader, says moscow, that's benefitting from this. in a rare briefing to the international media, russia's defense says they found evidence
1:48 am
of the amazing family business. it's an allegation president erdogan has vowed to resign if proven true. but it's really the crime of disloyalty that putin will never forgive. >> once you show disloyalty, and he was disloyal to putin and russia and the two are inseparable in this situation. and he had to be punished. >> and that may have only just begun as the two leaders, once seen as close, even similar, lock egos and test each other's resolve. cnn, moscow. i have asthma...
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have a look at this video out of california. a small plane had to make an emergency belly landing in palm rr springs after the pilot had landing gear problems. it landed safely friday afternoon. fire trucks were on hand to hose down the aircraft when sparks
1:53 am
flew. luckily no one was injured and just a couple of flights were delayed. well, when you think of the heart warming holiday spirit, deceased relatives probably not the first thing that comes to mind. well, one german chain is getting aattention for trying just that in its holiday campaign and what some are calling the saddest christmas commercial ever. >> reporter: it's not exactly bringing joy to the world. it left at least one host prostate on her anchor desk. a german supermarket commercial shows an older man left alone at home on christmas by his family and family members get the news he has died. and in the grief, the family
1:54 am
gath izat his home. surprise. to some it was a cruelly manipulative twist ending because there's nothing that says great holiday dinner like faking your own death but others were moved, and riley even changed her flight to spend more time with her family over christmas. >> i was in the corner a big mess and my husband was like, what is going on? i've probably watched it four times and every single time it gets me. >> the creative director of the ad age ans says they set out to maken emoti ean emotionsaal mes
1:55 am
>> reporter: it reminded some viewers of an episode on "the little house on the prairie." she shows up at her own wake, eves dropping on her own children. >> what a pity it took something like this to bring us all together again. >> amen to that. >> reporter: and she ended up doing a jig around their revived mom. did you tell them it was because of a german supermarket commercial? papa gives his daughter an actual heart attack with his resurrection. cnn, new york. finally this hour, you might be familiar with the adventures of paddington bear, an orphan
1:56 am
bear from peru, taking in by the kindly brown family in london. and this was discovered wet and shivering in the middle of a highway earlier this week. he's the same species that inspired paddington bear and believes to be about three or four months old and he's on his way to plenty more adventures, hopefully will w eth equally ha outcome. i'll be back with another hour of newsroom all across the world after a short break. stay with us.
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. new details emerge in security. what authorities are learning about the ties to terrorism. they are searching for two men who may be linked to the dangerous terrorist attacks in paris. the latest republican presidential polls are out. is donald trump increasing his lead as a front runner? we'll have a report just ahead. welcome to cnn newsroom.
2:01 am
the fbi is now treating the attack as an act of terrorism. it says prove of extreme planning was discovered at the home of syed farook and tash mean malik. authorities searched and released the crime scene. reporters saw lists of items seized by the fbi as well as a family's personal belongings. officials say tashmeen malik has more on the investigation. >> reporter: tonight the fbi is investigating the san bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism. if confirm, it will be the deadly et on soil since 19/11. they say the female shooter made
2:02 am
a facebook posting under a different name pledging her allegiance to abu bakr al baghdadi. >> this is now a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi. and the reason for that is the investigation so far has dropped indications of radicalization by the killers and of a potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. >> reporter: u.s. officials believe the attack may have been inspired by isis but fought directed or organized by the terror group. and today many isis supporters have praised the shooting online, calming it a heroic lone wolf attack. miss found two smashed cell phones in a garbage can near one of the crime scenes. they also found a computer at the shooter's home with a missing hard drive. investigators suspect it was removed and possibly destroyed. >> we have retained those cell phones and we do continue to exploit the data from those cell
2:03 am
phones. we do hope that the digital fingerprints that were left by these two individuals will take us towards their motivation. >> reporter: there is precedence for isis sim pa thiedzers pressing their allegiance online or before in the past. when i seiss inspired beginmen showed car toovns in garland, texas, this may, one tweeted his pledge which means the leader of the faithful and refers to the isis leader al baghdadi. tonight the sister of farook still can't believe he is involved. >> last night i kauls called him that morning or asked him what he was doing, what he was up to. if i had any inclination i would have stopped it. >> it was the killer's landlord who invited them inside their apartment after law enforcement officials finished the search.
2:04 am
we have an awkward look at how the two lived. >> reporter: as the door was pride opened, a dramatic scene as a crush of reporters and camera crews were allowed inside the townhouse rented by farook and his wife. the landlord allowed them to look inside without no objection from the fbi. >> last night we turned that over to the residents. once the residents have the apartment, we aren't in it y5er78, we don't control it rovmt when did you get notice you can come back in here? >> last night, 8's, 9:00 this is unreal. >> reporter: around the apartment, signs of life, clutter in the kitchen. toys longing to the couple's six month old daughter scattered on the floor. but it's here in the couple's bedroom closet where you find a sign of the intention investigation that took place as cnn discovered during a tour of the home.
2:05 am
>> here you can see where they smashed up into the ceiling to take a look to see what was up there. it does appear based on how much debris is on the ground that there was an effort to get up there and make sure they check every crevice of this back bedroom. >> reporter: personal identification and other documents longing to farook's mother was death left on the bed a. prayer rug on the wall, various books on the subject of islam and prayer beads left on the edge of the bed f. a corner the crib belonging to their six month old baby girl left with her grandmother on the day of the shooting. >> we are reporting several pieces of evidence pushed authorities to launch a terror probe in the san bernardino shooting. the international security director for the asia information. they provide information for
2:06 am
political issues and is sfrooekt freakily consulted by governmental levels. thank you so much for joining us. now, you have written extensively ab radicalization and recruitment. what do you make of this couple with a young baby, a six month old baby and their path to radicalization? >> well, i know on the surface for many it will come as very disturbing what took place, potentially new in the minds of some. but unfortunately, it's all too common a trend now that we are witnessing where people, married couples, individuals who on the surface seem to be doing very well have become radicalized, recruited. they've walk into an ideology, even if they live in the west and get most motivated online to take parts in acts of terrorism. far too frequently now we are seeing more women play a direct role in terrorism. being on the periphery, they actually now are directing them. they are engaging in them. this is a new trend and
2:07 am
unfortunately, what took place inside san bernardino is not a one off incident. it will be replicated in the future. >> as isis clear liver speaks to some people. explain to us why it's so effective? >> well, isis has a motto, it remains and it expands. it has created this narrative that it is the only sunni muslim group that can continue to represent that branch of the caliphate superstate. it uses very powerful visuals to purport the agenda, the propaganda, and they also use a lot of new media platforms to get the message out. effectively an oxygen of publicity. far too often young people are fought looking at the hard print. the biggest mojo are isis themself, every day they kill dozens of iraqi and syrian
2:08 am
muslims. but it doesn't get enough attention. a lot of these individuals think carrying out attacks on behalf offal al baghdadi it gives them meaning. i that are totally brain washed by the death toll. >> you say potentially there could be more shootings like this one in san bernardino. some governments like france and egypt have a banned isis videos online. what else can authorities do to shoot down the isis propaganda? >> this is a very difficult challenge for the authorities, this is an uphead treadmill. you can try and bring down web sites and forms used by isis, but they will find other methods. they use the dark web, for example, on the internet, which is very hard for the authorities to monitor or to aser tain. ultimately, this is a battle of narratives. one has to be able to expose the grown-up for what they are. for the lives that they put forth or the fact that they are
2:09 am
in many ways an outfit that kill anybody that stands in their way. far too often they have been able to use new media. not swru just as a platform to get the message out to recruit, radicalize, kit out the middle man. >> that is different from the base to get physical training. it's all done through the internet. more needs to be done, the virtual communication from young minds. >> you say it's good to actually stop this propaganda online. what needs to be done, therefore, in march, where a lot of the radicalization would could happen, how could people identify people that might be led astray? >> well, improve 789s have been done in guiltying to religious leaders to progress that has
2:10 am
been made. a lot of counterterrorism have been dependent on the ammans an community elders. the problem now, unfortunately, is these individuals getting radicalized are not showing any overt behavior that would arouse suspicion. it's often done in front of the computer, parents' basement x where they have the internet running, or where they are amongst a small group of people. we are seeing more women recruited. >> that is a dynamic that needs more attention, more perspective. up until now, they were seen assisting behind plots, doing a part of the propaganda. what took place in san bernardino took a less precedent. they actually engage if i. far too often we develop a picture of young men in their late teens, early 20s, we need to understand the fact na women are getting recruited. that's another big difference between al qaeda and isis.
2:11 am
isis encourages women to take part in acts of terrorism. >> she was the mother of a six month old baby. we've seen women from britain who have grown up in a western country lured to syria to join isis. can you tell whaem people what attracts women to isis? >> again, it's similar to effectively online recruitment. similar to doing it through the virtual web. they groom them. they manipulate them. and they offer them promises that they have a greater mean income their life. they can serve to fight for a greater cause a. lot of the young women that get recruited, they ends up being the wife of isis fighters. many ends up regretting going there, because they don't necessarily realize what's happening on the ground. they don't see the dark message that isis use to subjugate
2:12 am
people, to hurt them. we seen a lot of places in the u.k., young women in their teens have abandoned tear family overnight without telling them and disappear. families into ed to pay more attention to what potential trickers could be arousing the radicalization. they may think that a fork at the dinner table where extremist views are expressed is nothing to be concerned about. it's a young angry teen showing their views. it could lead to something far more worse. this is a growing trend where isis are depending on westerners, not just propaganda but engaging in acts of terrorism. >> a fascinating analysis. thank you so much for joining us. >> a pleasure. well, the exact mode of the massacre remains unclear. the attorney representing the farook family says the current climbed is unfairly labeling muslims in a negative light. >> we're talking about political candidates that could very
2:13 am
likely be our next president who are saying things like we should register all muslims and that mosques should be investigated and looked into or the families should be processed or the latest said was it was known that it was a terrorist attack. it was committed simply because a person had an islaming last name. >> he says it is important to remember the latest in his community are actively condemning violence and promoting hate. >> it's really about these are all acts of terror that are happening in our country. so we should talk about not have you the labels, but the solutions him how do we stop farook and massive shootings crippling our nation. leadership matters. look at the leaders guiding these people in a certain direction, which is why we say look at case studies as an
2:14 am
example the islam, his holiness of the community who spans a lot of times makes an active role in millions of muslims on how to embody peace and love as opposed to brutality and justice. so there is something to be said there. >> the family says they didn't know the couple held radical views and they had no idea why they carried out that brutal massacre. 14 people died in wednesday's shooting. our randi kaye has been getting to know some of them through their friends and loved ones. sierra clayborn was just 27 when she died if san bernardino. on facebook, she had written, i am dedicated to enjoying my new life that god so graciously gave me. so i thank him all that i can. i love my life. she was a chemistry major that worked for the county a. friend called her a bright star whom he
2:15 am
could always count on for support. michael raymond wetzel, supervisors environmental specialist leaves behind six children. >> my name is mike. this is our gingerbread carley, a nut cracker this week. >> he loved his baby. he once coached a team of five-year-old girls learning soccer for the first time. in the chaos after the shooting, his wife posted, my husband was in the meeting where the shooting happened. i have not been able to get if touch with him. please, please, pray he is okay. wetzel was 37. this woman flew to america at 18. the persecution of christians following the iranian revolution. after a stop in new york city. she moved to california, they
2:16 am
have three children ages 8 to 18. >> everything she did for the county, there is no person that will say anything bad about her. >> the 46-year-old graduated with a degree in chemistry before joining the health department loved ones wrote, it is the ultimate iron my. at 52. nicholas is described as a very devout leader. his whiff told reporters they were jews and he became born again a couple years ago. she told the l.a. times her husband was outspoken adding i'm sure he went down fighting and protecting people. 31-year-old tim winn was reporting getting married, one cousin told the paper, you
2:17 am
cannot imagine how caring she is. she had such a big heart. days before the shooting. she was reportingedly trying on dresses. her mother saying they were planning a wedding. now they're planning a funeral. >> randy kay, cnn, sustain e assistant. nothing. romance. 18 inch alloys. you remembered. family fun. everybody squeeze in. don't block anyone. and non-stop action. noooooooo! it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating.
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>> welcome back. iraq is recommending their sources be stayed near mosul. they are there for soldiers in an area overrun by isis since july, 2014. the iraqi government says turkey's troops moved in without request. iraq prime minister's tweeted it's a serious breach of iraqi sovereign try. officials in belgium now have two more suspects they're searching for in the deadly paris attacks. authorities are looking for anyone that had connection to the suspect known as the eighth attacker. cnn's alexander fields reports. >> reporter: salah abdeslam is most wanted before the attacks him all were stopped at the
2:21 am
austrian-hungarian border. at the time two men presented falls identity cards. police later raided a house that was rented out using the identity card with his name on it. they now say the identity card was used just four days after the paris attacks to wire money to one of the woman killed in the police raids following the attacks. she is the cousin of abdelhamid abaaoud, who is widely regarded as the ring leader of those attacks. as for salah abdeslam, himself, authorities said he managed to leave france on the night of the attacks just hours later, crossing the border into belgium before police realized who exactly they were looking for. a friend said he dropped him off in the brussels neighborhood but officials haven't been able to determine where he went from there. in paris, alessandra fields,
2:22 am
cnn. the prime minister says he is pained at the devastation caused by flooding in the south of the country. over 270 people have been killed so far and 120,000 have been rescued. as unusually heavy rains lashed the state. roaren kur now has more. >> reporter: -- curnop has more. people are under flooding rain. some residents are waisttime deep. some ankle deep. after a few weeks, some of the what's recede. these are the streets of india's fifth largest city and commercial center. many people are being forced to go in building, the water is making life unbearable. >> we are facing lots of
2:23 am
problems due to this flooding. there is a power shortage t. flooding makes it difficult to survive. we can even see snakes in the water. >> reporter: emergency workers rescued more than 120,000 people on wednesday and thursday and operations are ongoing. >> now we have very few meals and water. supplies will be deployed in the affected areas. >> reporter: this is what the airport looked leak earlier this week. many flights have been cancelled him some are flying in and out of an airport about 100 kilometers in the west. earlier, they pledged 290 million for a relief fund. >> india stands by the people in the affected areas in their hour of need. >> reporter: even if the rains ease up and the waters recede,
2:24 am
many people are still going to feed help. robin curnow, c nnn. >> how much rainfall are we talking about? >> tonight, particularly that region, they received six times their monthly rainfall for december and what are reonly five days in? >> incredible. >> it led to these scenes on the ground. you can see the flooding people had to navigate around. there were plenty of people stuck on top of buildings because they simply had no place to go. there were people rescued from the tops of their billings, water is also inundating cultural fields as well, which is a concern. also concern, linda, this water stagnation, you can see it on your tv screens now. >> that could lead to the
2:25 am
spreading of disease. come back to my graphic. can you see how much rainfall we've experienced across this part of southern india. november was an extremely wet month. breaking records. that's over a meter of rainfall, folks. in one calendar month and so far in the month of december, five days in, we have beaten all kind of records. you can see the calamity that this causes at some of the railroad stations for that area. unbelievable unprecedented eventilatory, they're calming it the worst in over a century. you see the computer models indicating that an shore postal workers rainfall from low tore the south. hen na i you have a brief rainfall as we speak. there is a possibility of rain showers in this extended forecast. look at this, 913 millimeters accumulated and six times more than their average monthly rainfall rate for december.
2:26 am
so thanks to a low pressure system moving through. an additional 100 milliliters of rainfall. one last thing, social media is lit up with these photos of mount aetna coming out of sicily, this is itly's most active volcano. it's created a unique phenomenon that is called lightning, volcanic lightning, volcanic ash is spewed into the upper levels of the atmosphere creating separation in charges t. lightning bolt is there to connect the positive and negative. this is a many nighttime rupture in sicily at mount aetna. >> incredible. i read it was the strongest in years. absolutely incredible to see. >> incredible thing to see and witness as well. i wouldn't want to be anywhere near it. >> neither would i. so good to see you again.
2:27 am
thanks. news just na cnn isis claims a husband and wife responsible for the mass shooting in california with two of its supporters. the terror group made the announcement added they pray the couple will be accepted by god as martyrs. u.s. investigators have already said the said the allegiance in a facebook post during wednesday's shooting. authorities have said there is no evidence isis ordered the attack. >> still to come, panicked details of witnesses who were inside a california conference center on wednesday when that massacre happened. tell us what they experienced first hand. stay with us.
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. welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm lynda kinkade. isis has just claimed the husband and wife behind wednesday's mass shooting in california with two of its supporters. this is not a claim of responsibility. u.s. officials had already said that the female shooter tashmeen malik prejd allegiance to isis in a facebook post during the massacre. authorities released this photo on friday showing to bhen men they're trying to seek in attention with the paris attacks. they believe they are connected to salah abdeslam. they say they sent money to a woman later killed in an apartment raid in sontene. australian surfers remains
2:32 am
were found last month. officials say they are still searching for two other people. . returning to our top story now, the mass shooting in san bernardino, california. days after the wednesday attack, new details keep emerging. the fbi has taken over the investigation from local police. now they say the shooting maybe inspired by isis. 14 people were killed and 21 were wounded. we talked with two women who survived the violence. >> how did you know what to do or? >> i didn't. it was just chaos. there was rumors that it was the active shooter training. it was just chaotic. we didn't know what to do. everybody were crying. i felt like i couldn't sit there because i wasn't sure what was going to happen. i needed to know if the shooter was still in the building. i needed to know for myself. i broke away with a crowd of two other gentleman. we ran to a farther office and
2:33 am
that's when we were able to see swat getting there. then we could see the bodies -- >> investigators think tashmeen malik the female shooter pledged allegiance to the leader during wednesday's attacks. cnn has more on this part of the story as well as a radicalization of women around the world. >> during the shootings, she pledged allegiance to abu bakr al baghdadi ag baghdadi, according to u.s. officials, now they are investigating whether tashmeen malik turned her husband into a radical. one of the husband's co-workers told "cbs news" she was to blame. the 27-year-old female attacker was born in pakistan and later traveled to saudi arabia, at
2:34 am
least twice. she met syed farook there and traveled with him to the united states on a fiancee visa. farook family lawyers say she was a typical housewife but traditional, often wearing a burqa. >> she did maintain surgeon traditions from what i understand in terms of fasting and prayer five times a day. se cozy not to drive voluntarily. >> in online dating profiles, farook said he enjoyed target practice in his back yard. the fbi asked directly if it was tashfeen malik that influenced farook. >> i don't know the answer, whether she influenced him or not. >> i believe it's possible she influenced him. you look at female fighters, we tend to have a cousin, that is the reason for her support for the islamic state or any other radical movement and with this case, we are being forced to
2:35 am
reexamine that. >> the couple wouldn't be the first bonn fiand clyde inspired by terrorists. the widow of a gunman was according to his former lawyer the more radical one in the couple. she is now believe to be with isis, as is sally jones the widow believed to have inspired the only isis instigated attacks on american soil a. filed attempt if may to shoot up a prophet mohammed cartoon in texas. in a sobering new report inside the u.s., they say many supporters are women adept at social media. >> it manes paradise in arabic. you see women are more prolific than men. they tend to write more. they tend to post a lot of things. they ten to have a lot of accounts. >> those rkts he says are used
2:36 am
for propaganda and recruitment of other women. it's not clear right now who might have radicalized tashmeen malik. a source tells cnn, she was not on any saudi watch list orb watch list of any extremist activity. brian todd, cnn, walk. >> tashmeen came to the u.s. in july, 2014. officials say she passed two rounds of criminal and background checks to get a k1 visa. we go through the process. >> reporter: if an american wants to marry someone from another country, they will start with a lot of paperwork-to-get what's called a fiancee visa. nine pages of instructions. six pages to be filled out. what does the government want to know? they want to know if the sponsors person is a u.s. citizen and if they plan to
2:37 am
parry in 90 days and evidence of a real relationship. these people have to at least have seen each other once in the past two years to avoid will full fraud or case of mail order brides. that sort of thing. beyond that, the immigrant coming in, will have to supply a valid passport, a birth certificate, a divorce or death certificate for a previous spouse. they have to prove this person is not a criminal, medical records to prove they are not carrying a communicable disease and evidence of employment or income, basically this couple can pay tear bills. beyond that, they will pay a $340 filing fee. there will be fingerprinting and background checks on everybody that this immigrant would know who they associate with. they are looking for any inconsistencies in the written information and this, and then if it goes beyond that, they go to a face-to-face interview where they're really probed about this relationship. are you really getting married because you love this person? do you really know this person?
2:38 am
are you actually doing the for the reasons this visa would be granted to a fiancee t. property says takes about a year, maybe more, maybe less, depending on the caseload and the individual specifics and it's not really successful that often if you think about it because 230 million people in the country. this is how many are approved, these fiancee visas in a normal year. there has been a spike last year. many say essentially that's not a tremendous number. it shows how rigorous this process is to try to keep people from coming in, improperly or illegally. >> tom foreman reporting from our washington borough there. if you'd like to help the victims of the san bernardino shootings, they impact your world website. they find out how to volunteer, give blood, simply do nate money to affect those by the tragedy. that's at world leaders are meeting in
2:39 am
paris for the cop21 climate change conference. they just received a special message from spain. .
2:40 am
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2:42 am
. welcome back. the cop21 climate change skaumps under way if paris. ladiers there are still negotiating the iraq for climate change deals. astronauts who have seen the earth change from afar gave their take on climate change. have a look. >> less than 550 humans have orbited the earth. those of us lucky enough to have done some work have not only heard about the neg negative impact it has on our planet,
2:43 am
we've seen it with our own eyes. >> the views of space are just breath taking and at the same time we have deforestations and wildfires and so on we relate to climate changes. >> from our van tage point, 200,000 miles above the earth, we see how precious the earth really is. >> the one thing we all wish, though, that groups like yours could be holding your meeting today and say, with the beautiful horizon, horizon view of our planet as your backdrop, it would be a distraction for sure, but there would be nothing better for enforcing the significance of what you are doing there today.
2:44 am
. well, the numbers are key when it comes to a discussion about climate change. they say 2 degrees celsius is when climate change stewarts get especially dangerous. denmark is going above and beyond to make that happen. >> right now everyone is trying figure out how to fix climate change. what if i told threw is a place that's already figured this out. when did you find out? >> just after the war. denmark needs to ditch fossil fuels completely. they're already on their way. how? four things essentially. first up in denmark you will see basically everybody's cycle, through members of the royal family cycle. ministers cycle. business leaders cycle. nurse's cycle. journalist's cycle.
2:45 am
>> that's no accident. >> it's all types of infrastructure that makes the accessibility for the cyclist comfortable. effective and easy. >> it's not just by checking the city. it's also a super unique heating system. and that's reason number two, this is one of the greenest places on earth. they're burning trash to do it. >> does it smell? >> yes. very much. as we say smell. >> you are taking basically all the trash from copenhagen, you are turning it into heat, essentially, right? >> heat and electricity. >> and no waste. next up, wind, which you can see pretty easily from 140 metres up. >> made it. >> this is the top of one of the most powerful wind turbines on earth. so what's the point of making them so enormous? besides massively impressive? >> yeah. this is one of the main things that will help bringing down the cost of installing most of the
2:46 am
turbines. >> last year we had 39% of all our electricity stemming from wind generated electricity. >> all of this wind power has created a new sort of problem, if you want to calm it that. one that denmark is trying to solve by checking its power system to other countries. denmark sometimes makes more wind power than it can use. that means all comb plants temporarily can be shut down. >> we are exporting 700 megawatts. >> they sell excess power to near country when the wind isn't bloi blowing, they buy hydro and nuclear. it taxes cars and puts a price on carbon revolution. it starts with a change in attitude. >> we have a responsibility to take care we leave this planet earth in a better shape for the next generation or at least we found it ourselfs. >> as the world talks about how
2:47 am
to fix climate change. politicians look at denmark. this is one of the happiest places on earth. the only difference between the danes and us, they've decided to do what it really takes to avoid disastrous warming. john sutter, cnn, coppin hakken. >> up next on cnn newsroom, the many controversys surrounding the trump campaign may settle down for the time being. we'll have a look at how it affected his poll numbers. >> that story just ahead.
2:48 am
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2:51 am
welcome back. u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton has regained a dominant lead in the democratic field. she is now 28 points among her head excepter bernie sanders. it has become a focal point in the upcoming elections. donald trump has a lead in his own republican field. >> that does not pre vent forecasters from interrupting his rally in north carolina ten times friday night. protesters waved signs and
2:52 am
chanted black lives matter throughout trump's speech, eventually getting on his nerves. dana bash report, the controversy surrounding the trump campaign has not slowed it down. >> my life has been about winning. >> reporter: donald trump is winning, big time, 20 points ahead of the rest of the gop's pack according to rnc new national poll and he leads by massive margins on how he's handled issues across the board. most trusted by republican primary voters on the economy, isis. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. >> reporter: ahead, immigration, foreign policy, the budget. >> would i approve waterboarding? you bet your [ bleep ] i'd approve it. >> reporter: the cnn/rnc poll was held before wednesday's massive shooting in california. an event trump predicted would pump his popularity even more. >> every time there is a tragedy, my numbers go up. we have no strength.
2:53 am
we have weak, sad politicians. >> reporter: in the last month alone, trump's lead increased by 9 points, jumping from 27 to 36%. a month of controversial remarks that could have crushed any traditional candidate. retweeting racist and wrong data about black crime. insisting thousands of muslims in new jersey were cheering on 9/11, seeming to imitate a disabled reporter. >> oh, i don't know what i said. oh, i don't remember. >> reporter: perplexed competitors are hoping to learn from trump's appeal while trying to knock him down. >> as being president isn't just about what's being in front of you. it's about understanding what will happen next in you don't do what is done. >> reporter: marco rubio, himself, is coming under fresh fire. juj governor chris christie saying of the first time florida senator, from is not a lot of depth there. >> he's running for president. he's not going to say nice thing about me. >> reporter: rubio is in a three
2:54 am
way race, ted carson and cruz, all registering in the mid-teen, as for carson. >> promise. >> he continues to struggle with foreign policy, like repeatedly mispronouncing hamas and talking to the republican jewish coalition. >> reporter: what about jeb bush the man that came into the race as the front runner, the favorite among establishment republicans, he has now fallen to just 3%. do you na bash, cnn, washington. >> well, just when you thought the world could not get enough of donald trump, if you did, indeed, think that. the billionaire now has his own coloringbook. it's coming out just in time for the holidays. cnn's jeanie most tries to stay in front of the most colorful presidential candidate. >> reporter: donald trump is used to beingparodied.
2:55 am
you can color him donald. donald is the statue of liberty on mount rushmore on the million dollar bill. donald with his wife melinia, donald arm wrestling hillary, done and as a beetle. i never thought i'd be coloring donald trump's fig leaf. i colored my way through the entire interview with the creator and publisher of the trump coloring book. do you think donald trump would be flattered or insulted? >> i'm not so sure he will sell this at his gift shop in the casino i think he would enjoy this. >> it turns out, cashing in on trump made sense. it's also the off color coloring book featuring notable trump quotes. >> mr. trump. >> yes. >> are you batman? >> i am batman. >> go ahead and cloer that quote. but who needs a whole box of
2:56 am
crayons? is there which is the beauty of this coloring book, you only need one or two colors. >> orange and yellow? smr that's pretty much i. you are good to go. >> we weren't good to go, will him from the get-go. oh, no. that's trouble . >> for the viewers in the u.s., "new day" is just ahead. for everyone else, cnn is done in just a moment. . d you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm.
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>> breaking overnight, a ups facility evacuated in san bernardino, california a. deliveryman has a package addressed to one of the shooters. the bomb squad urgently called to the scene. new images this morning of the one of the shooters, his wife, tashmeen malik. cnn is learning new information about her possible ties to isis. >> and it was that point in time, you know, when we all heard the


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