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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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attacks in paris. investigators have evidence those attacks may have been inspired by isis indeed. the president will speak from the oval office. it's very significant location. he has only done this twice in his entire time in office, to announce the end of u.s. combat operations in iraq, that was the first time, and then following the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. let's get to cnn at the white house. chris, what can we expect from the president tonight? >> hey, fred. the i think the president is going to try to reassure the nation. the nation on everything what the fbi is investigating as terrorist attacks in california and he's going to use this oval office address to put the weight of the whole white house behind this reassurance. so let's look for three things tonight. the number one thing on the top of the agenda, talk about this fbi investigation in to the terrorism attacks. will the president call it terrorism? certainly as we know the fbi is saying it's investigating it as terrorism. does he say it's terrorism?
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we also will discuss -- the president will discuss more broadly the threat of terrorism, how has it evolved since 9/11, and what's the american government doing now to keep americans safe? thirdly, he's going to reiterate this firm conviction that the u.s. will destroy isis. and we heard from attorney general loretta lynch earlier today and she said to expect to hear the president talk about specifically what the u.s. has done since the paris attacks that first put the nation on edge that was only compounded after the california attacks. let's take a listen and hear what she had to say. >> i think he'll talk about the actions that we've taken not just since 9/11 but since paris, to help keep the american people and american interests safe. you may hear him call on congress to review measures and take action as well. but i think what you're going to hear the president say is to call on the american people to call out the best in themselves and not give in to fear. >> there you have loretta lynch saying he may call on congress
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to take some action. we've heard from the white house on a couple things the president would like to see congress take action on. reforming visa vaifer e waivers. another thing is more airport security. and of course the president, fred, has called on congress to authorize a use of military force against -- he said that's something they're welooking fors well tonight. let's see if he uses this big moment to take action on congress. >> how much pressure is there on the president to say the right things, do the right things here? >> i mean, there's a tremendous amount of pressure on the president. echos back a little bit to how he has characterized isis in the past. right? he says that they are a jv team. he said they're a bunch of killers with a good social media. he said that isis has been contained. and clearly he's taken a lot of heat, particularly from republican candidates who are looking to take his job for that. mitch mcconnell, senate republican leader, came out this
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afternoon and said that americans are starting to understand that the tret has evolved and that isis is not contained. and you saw even before these attacks in california. his approval ratings, not so good. he's looking at about 40% right now in people who approve of how he's handling terrorism right after osama bin laden was killed. that was up near 69%. so this is a high stakes gam but for the president. that's why we're seeing that the oval office, this rare event. to reassure a very, very -- a nation that's very much on edge, fred. >> chris frates, thank you very much. let's talk more about the president's response to combating terror with cnn political comment taters maria cardona and buck. this is not the first time we've heard from the president talking about isis, terrorism, the threat to this nation. here's how the president's
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response has evolved over time. >> as i've said, rooting out a cancer like isil will not be quick or easy but i'm confident that we can and we will. we will degrade and ultimately destroy isil. in iraq, in syria, american leadership, including our military power, is stopping isil's advance. and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq. and in syria, they'll come in, they'll leave. destroying isil is not only a realistic goal, we're going the get it done. russia is going to recognize the threat that isil poses to its country, to its people, is the most significant and that they need to align themselves with those of white house are fighting isil. isil is not going to pose a e
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existentiexo sten shall tlit to us. we have hardened our defense, our home land has never been more protected. >> all right. maria, how does the president frame the situation tonight? >> i think tonight he needs to frame it so that the american people can feel reassured that the administration and the government and the country is doing everything in their power to keep americans safe and to make sure to underscore what he has said in all of those clips that you just showed, which is that we are going to not just degrade but ultimately destroy isil. he's got to really lay out the plan of what the administration has been doing thus far but also how they are stepping up their game, especially after paris and especially after san bernardino, to again reassure americans of the plans that we have in place, the fact that we're not in this alone because i think that's a very important part of what
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americans need to understand, that this is a fight that america is going to take to isil but we're not in this alone because it has to be a world coalition that is going against this terror group. and i think ultimately again to show that this is his number one priority, to make sure that americans feel safe in their own backya backyards. >> loosely, it's a coalition of more than 60 right now. so, buck, how do you see it? what does the president need to say and how does he need to say it today? >> well, this is an administration that has lost a tremendous amount of credibility both with regard to its strategy or lack of strategy in dealing with the islamic state as well as in the aftermath of what was obviously a clearly a jihadist terror attack in california, the ability to defend the homeland. so tonight's address is about politics. it's not about reassuring anybody because nobody honestly wants to hear about how the president has been staying the course and he's been all right along about the islamic state, which is wrong, and a new
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solution to defend the homeland when it's tough for the president to admit it's a continue use jihadist threat against this country and that's what happened. we were hit at home by the terrorist attack and the president is finally maybe tonight going to come around that to that reali treality. even the white house own recommended gun control measures would have done nothing to prevent the attack in california. nothing. those of white house look at it from a perspective is this about counter terrorism? no. this is about politics and administration that's losing credibility on the issue of dealing with radical islam abroad and home and browbeat republicans into passing non-sense and meaningless gun administration. >> is it an issue, as buck said, a lack of strategy, or is lack of an effective strategy, or is it simply an issue of everything has to evolve? what has been carried out is not enough? >> yeah, i don't quite see at
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this time same way buck does although he makes some very good points. i suggest the president is going to m come on and attempt to reassure the american people that the events of last week were an anomaly. he is then likely going to review this strategy that he does have in place. there is a strategy. it has seven lines of effort. you can debate whether or not those lines are being effective or not. but there is a strategy. some of them have been working, not as fast as the american people would like. but as we've said from the very begin, fred, this fight against isis, this ideology, is going to take a very long time. as he reviews those lines of effort, if that's what he does, you'll see that some of them have advanced, some of them have not advanced. then the last thing i think he's going the do, he may petition the american people to influence congress in one way or the other to try and pass different legislation, particularly gun laws, because even though it is not a direct contributor to the
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attack, it is an effect of the attack and all of these things, if taken separately, could influence the way terrorists conduct operations in the united states. the last thing i think he will do is urge restraint. so you're talking about three rs. the restraint to the american people of saying you cannot react against what our american values are by treating all muslims the same. we have to realize that this is a bizarre ideology with very limited number of people participating in it who take action and conduct violence. >> maria, this white house has been very careful about language and the use of certain words or the absence of certain words. i just jotted down a few. terrorism, radicalization, muslim or islamic, extremism are words that this administration, particularly this president is incredibly mindful of. do you see in his address this evening a change in his rhetoric or his dialogue or the use of
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words in order to get a message across? >> i think that you will hear him use the word terrorism probably much more definitively than he has in the past. what i don't think you will hear him say is connect the words islam with radicalization or jihadist because i think he has been on point all along and i know he's been criticized for this, but we are not at war with islam. in fact, there is nothing more that isis fighters would want to hear than america saying that we are at war with islam. this plays directly into their talking points and into how they actually recruit fighters to their cause. i think another thing that is incredibly important about tonight, fredericka, this will give the president room to really speak directly to the american people. there has been so much noise around all of these issues because of the presidential election, that republicans and buck just proved this, they will
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go directly to the politics of this and criticize empg thveryt that he has done. but that's fine. but guess what, this is not a president that has ever looked at poll numbers. me is focused on doing what he thinks ask right. it's actually interesting and ironic that the republican presidential candidates have not been able to voice one thing that is different from what this administration is doing, except going in there with guns ablazing, with hundreds of thousands of american troops. >> avalanche of falsehood going on and -- i would like to respond to her. fred, there are a number of things that people say should be done differently. for example, taking realistic measures against the islamic state to try to degrade and destroy them. no serious analysts who has served in the middle east and countless people have thinks this president takes this problem seriously at this point. he's saying things about terrorist groups that are completely at odds with reality. it just took in an attack.
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it took him days to say that it was possibly a jihadist terrorist attack. he's saying thing that doesn't even the rest of american people watching what's going on on television. >> i'd wonder, buck -- >> for all of the president's handling over this in terms of islam and radical islam we just got hit. clearly it's not like mere placating the islamic state to make shoe ure we're careful abo our language. if there's supposed to be consensus building on this, instead of hyper politicizing this address tonight instead of being about gun control it would be about identifying the enemy and he's not willing to do that. >> you have no idea he's going to make this about gun control. >> if i could ask you, buck, to clarify what you say. the president is not taking this seriously. >> the president of the united states is hoping to push this on to the next president. he views this as a huge liability for his political legacy. he's been making decisions all
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along that are way behind what he should have been doing in terms of the timeline. he has not sees this as an issue. we talk about coalition of 60 countries. what are the countries doing so much to fight against the islamic state? a handful of them you can name. you cannot name 60. very few viewers can name three or four. this is all just a pr exercise. he mortgaged his entire middle east foreign policy to get an iran deal. >> i think -- >> in the meantime, islamic state is hitting us in the homeland if california and president is saying it's workplace violence. >> general, i'll let you have the last word on that. >> your own credibility when you focus on the fact that you think the president is not taking this seriously. so i would just stop saying that. >> his strategy -- >> i would suggest that's true, fred rick a. i think that is counter -- to buck's krerncredibility, to say. this president is attempting to lead the nation. i'm apolitical, not democrat or republican. but i don't think it's fair to
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say a president, a leader of the -- of america and a leader of the free world is ignoring this for either poll number or politics. and, buck, i'll counter your argument by suggesting that you said any serious person who spent time in the middle east. i think i've spent a significant amount of time there and i think the strategy is right on track to what we need to do. >> you think the strategy against the islamic state is working. >> i would go with general's word over yours, buck. >> i colluding the largest sunni arab city in iraq. you're telling me the strategy is working? >> i think the general's word over yours, buck. absolutely. >> all right. thanks so all of you. we're going to -- >> we're just in complete disagreement. >> we'll hear this evening from the president on whether the strategy is working, whether the strategy will evolve and this evening some of your questions will be answered. buck sexton, maria cardona, lieutena lieutenant. our special coverage begins tonight at 7:00 eastern with wolf blitzer. the president is speaking at
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8:00 eastern time. then after that, at 9:00 p.m. eastern an all-star tribute to our cnn heroes. all right. ahead, the father of one of the california shooters says his son supported isis. that plus reaction from a california congressman, next. it takes technology, engineering and coordination for pga tour professional rickie fowler to hit the perfect shot. at quicken loans, technology, engineering and coordination come together to deliver a customized mortgage experience. quicken loans: home buy. refi. power. official mortgage sponsor of the pga tour. ♪ if yand you're talking toevere rheumyour rheumatologiste me, about a biologic... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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new developments in the terror investigation in san bernardino, california. the father of the male shooter syed rizwan farook is speaking out telling the italian newspaper his son, quote, said he shared the ideology of al baghdadi to create an islamic state and he was fixated on
1:19 pm
israel. joini joining me now is former fb federal agent. bobby, how concerning is this that the father is now speaking but he's reflecting on hind site? >> well, it's concerning but it's not something that was unexpected i think at this point in the investigation. i think our people on the ground in pakistan and other places in the middle east have been working leads that were generated here in los angeles in the minutes after the shooting and certainly in the hours and days since. the leads that have been developed leading us over there and leading to this ideology. i don't think that is all that unexpected, at least from the investigator stand point. >> four days into the investigation, they're looking into the digital footprint because so few people suspected very much at least that's what we're hearing from a number of those who have had contact with this couple four days into the investigation, what's your expectation about how much more federal gars have be investigat
1:20 pm
able to learn about their motivation, who may have helped them, if anyone? >> well, i think that they probably have a good start on some of that, both here in the u.s., those gentlemen that may have been seen leaving the house in the days and weeks preceding the attack. i'm sure that there are some solid leads running who those individuals were. and may have assisted in the day-to-day or on the ground planning of the attack here. i think they probably also have generated some good leads to our offices in the middle east who are tracking down and getting a better picture of the female suspect in this case and where she was radicalized and how she was radicalized and to what extent she was trained over there. so i'm sure those leads are being run out and being developed as we speak. >> syed farook's brothers are weighing in now saying that the wife there, tashfeen malik, was a mystery. the father even now telling the
1:21 pm
italian newspaper this, quote, do you know i never saw her, not even all covered up with burqa? would he introduce me to her? i only know that she was born in pakistan and lived in saudi arabia but i never spoke to her. she did not want to see her in-laws. i told my son that this was destroying our family but he did not care. so are you able to kind of rationalize or help people explain how this person, malik, may have come between this family, that the brothers, the father felt like they couldn't even communicate with this young man. >> sure. i think this is something that we see. we see this with the radicalization process. there is often a step away or a swaying away from the traditional family values and their family connections. and in this case it seemed that we don't know the extent to which he was radicalized or self radicalizing on the internet before he came into contact with her, whether she was a preplanned set-up by people over
1:22 pm
there to set her up and be the catalyst to his further radicalization or the final phases of his radicalization. clearly when these two got together they started down this very quick path a year or less of planning and carrying out this attack. she clearly, in my mind, was the moving catalyst to take his radicalization to the next step, which is the actual attack. >> all right. bobby cahcon, thank you so much. coming up, former president jimmy carter making a stunning announcement in church today. some are even calling it a miracle. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed. except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira
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just four months after revealing cancer had spread to his brain, former president jimmy carter, who was 91, made a stunning announcement today in church. >> i went for a -- for an mri of my brain. the four places were still there but they were responding to the treatment. and when i went this week, they didn't find any cancer at all. so i have good news. >> wow. you can hear the congregation, wow, they are stunned. our nick valencia has been covering this for us. today you spoke with some of the church member who are calling this miraculous.
1:27 pm
>> they are saying this is a miracle. they've been pray for this today. jimmy carter taking the start of sunday school service to announce he is cancer free. he said earlier he went in for an mri earlier this week at which point the doctors told him the original spots of cancer were gone and there were no new signs of cancer. as fredericka mentioned this happened four months ago he announced that he had been diagnose with cancer. removed a small mass but the cancer had spread to his brain. he was using an experimental drug called primbro that may or may not have contributed to the cancer free diagnosis. we did not expect to get the news this morning. i know a lot of people in that church series were completely caught off guard calling it miraculo miraculous. >> otherwise you would have been there four months ago with the bible study with the kids after he announced that his -- his cancer was terminal and malignant at the time. that was the announcement. >> he was very scared that this
1:28 pm
would be the end of his life. he had that moment and trying to reflect that this could have been the end of him really. but he remained positive and some doctors we've spoken to said that positivity and that reason that he had so many reasons to live could have contributed to his recovery. in fact, we spoke to a doctor earlier and we asked him also about how carter's age could have played a roam in his coverry as well. >> sometimes when you see older patients the cancer does grow more slowly and in the present situation that has been the case. but that still does not negate the fact that he's had an excellent response. reality is that they can no longer find any visible evidence of cancer and in a situation with melanoma, that is the best possible outcome that one could ask for. >> carter did release a statement saying in part that he will continue to receive regular
1:29 pm
three-week immunotherapy of that drug. president carter, whether you agree with his politic or not, very happy he is cancer free. >> we can't wait to hear more about this incredible journey he has been on. nick valencia, thanks so much. >> thanks, fred. we'll be right back. hit every mark. thread every needle. turn every ride into a thrill ride. the power and precision of the lexus performance line. now available with turbocharged engines for even more exhilaration. including the new 2016 gs. once driven, there's no going back.
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renew by unitedhealthcare remember, medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare today about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. or visit us online. don't wait. call now. ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. tonight president barack obama will give a rare address from the oval office on terrorism. this picture just in of the podium there that is there in the oval office, the speech comes in the wake of the mass shooting in san bernardino, california, that killed 14 people. investigators have evidence those attacks may have been inspired by isis. the president is expected to provide an update on the fbi investigation there, discuss the threat of terrorism in the u.s., and reiterate his pledge that isis will be defeated. tonight's speech will be only the third time in his entire
1:33 pm
presidency that president obama has addressed the nation from the oval office. you can watch it right here live beginning at 7:00 eastern time. so terror is the number one issue with registered voters according to a new cnn orc poll. that issue outranking the economy, health care, foreign policy, and illegal immigration. presidential candidates spent their sunday saying what they would do to fight isis. a key topic should people on the no-fly list be allowed to buy guns. >> because the majority of the people on the no-fly list are oftentimes people that basically have the same name as somebody else, who don't belong on the no-fly list. former senator ted kennedy said he was once on a no-fly list. there are journalists on the no-fly list. others involved on the no-fly list that wind up there. everyday americans that nothing to do with terrorism. they wind up with the no-fly list. no due process or a way to get your name removed from it on a
1:34 pm
timely fashion and now they have a second amendment right being impeded upon. >> we have to take into account the fact that the gun laws and the easy access to those guns by people who shouldn't get them, mentally ill people, fugitive, felons, and the congress continuing to refuse to prohibit people on the no-fly list from getting guns which include a lot of domestic and international terrorists, those are two parts of the same approach that i'm taking to make us safe. >> all right. our political panel is here. donna brazile, buck sexton, good to see you both. buck, how do you balance the argument, people on the no-fly list who still have a second amendment right to bear arms. what do you want to hear from the president? >> i hope the president doesn't make tonight's speech about gun control. i have very serious concerns h we will do that. i think in part i think he knows it's going nowhere because republicans control the congress this has become a common tactic
1:35 pm
of the white house, to distract in the aftermath of the terror attack by the islamic state. perceptions of president bcobams policies are in free-fall. we have about 10,000 refugees for a week,out don't hear about that anymore. and then we're hearing about gun control, despite the fact they passed background checks and the guns were purchased legally. there are 8-year-olds on the no-fly list, journalists on the no-fly list. you either believe in a due process rights as a function of law or you don't. if you believe there is due process to abrogate somebody's second amendment rights there has to be a process to go through the legal system for that. you can't just say you're on this list and it's a giant bureaucratic mess. it's a distraction and meaningless. >> donna do, you see the president's message may be double pronged, about terrorism and gun control? >> i don't know what the president is going to say tonight. i heard the outline of what
1:36 pm
would be, i guess, a reiteration of what the country is doing to ensure that we're defeating isis, isil. i also heard that the president is going to discuss other steps that the country will take with our allies to ensure that we're doing our strategy as effective and defeating isis. with regard to the gun control conversation, yes, we need to have a conversation. there's nothing wrong with having a conversation about, you know, guns. i support the second amendment. if the no-fly list is flawed, yes, have a conversation. congress get paid a hell of a lot of money and there's no reason why we shouldn't have a hearing at least to make sure that no one is coming into this country and have the ability to purchase guns and those who are here who are on various lists have the ability to purchase these military style weapons. and i know in california they
1:37 pm
have one of the strictest laws. look, at the end of the day, the presidential candidates, there are 16 of them, fredericka. they are all out there today telling us what they would do differently. and i think tonight the president has an opportunity to tell us what he's been doing since august of 2014 when we began to launch military strikes against isis. so i think this is a very important speech. i hope the american people tune in. and i hope the politicians also tune in and tell whus thus what would do differently. >> among those presidential candidate, donald trump was asked today if his idea of tracking muslim-americans and giving every american guns would go too far in effect create more terrorists. here's what he said. >> they're killing people. what's too far? whether it is what we just saw the california or in paris. they're killing people, nrnlt people, people without gunning. you look at paris. no guns. nothing. you look at california no, guns. i can tell you one thing.
1:38 pm
if i'm in there and i had a gun, we're going down, we're going to knock them out. okay? one way or the other. a couple of guns in that room, you talk about second amendment which i'm a big believer in the second amountment, in paris they have no guns. in california they have no guns. only the bad guys had no guns. they were like sitting duck, every one of them. >> i wonder how many more this moment compels candidates like donald trump or others to be more specific about what they have in find, donna. >> well, you know, i've heard a similar version of this from mr. carson as well, that if people have more of this or more of that, maybe we wouldn't have any of this. look, we've had what i call a rampage recently in gun shootings across this country and, of course, we saw the attacks in paris and lebanon and other places. we have to find a comprehensive way of dealing with the crisis that we're undergoing here. not just in this country but also abroad.
1:39 pm
so i believe that the president has every right to at least say a little bit about guns. i mean, after all, you know, thousands of people have been murdered since sandy hook and many of them innocent. again, i don't believe they're providing -- putting guns in more hands would solve the problem. >> okay. >> let me respond to ms. brazile for a moment. the moment we have a conversation is not what's being discussed right now by many democrats including martin o'malley advocating for the seizure of firearms, the executive order as of today. this is not an issue that should be legislative. the president should decide to take guns from people. as we know california has strict gun laws. so husbadoes paris. a conversation about guns would be fine. the reality is this president is trying to browbeat people into essentially giving up their legislative right and we're talking about the congress here to say that, no, these are not actually fixes that will work in a meaningful way. counter terrorism policy for the homeland should be a bipartisan
1:40 pm
issue. the president should stick specifically to how he's going to defend the homeland in a better fashion buzz we were just hit despite the fact we know isis was on the rise. if the president makes this about gun control he's just politicizing this. again, i i think it's mostly distraction. >> sir, with all due respect, it's been politicized. so we don't have to blame anyone for making all of these issues political. the fact is this -- from our children who are being murdered on campuses and murdered on our streets. we deserve to have a conversation. and martin -- >> no one is in favor of -- >> martin o'malley has his solution. donald trump has his solution. i don't agree with either solution, by the way, but the fact is there is nothing wrong with having a conversation. >> conversation, that's not what the president is offering. the president is saying they need to change laws. the president has been talking about this for days. >> i absolutely -- you can scream as loud as you want to, honey -- >> madam, i listen very
1:41 pm
peaceably during your speech. >> that is not a strategy. we have to have a strategy. too many of our families are having murdered in this country. >> okay. >> go ahead and finish your point. it can't hear both of you at the same time. one at a time. >> ms. brazile and i could have a productive discussion. it could happen. the president could deal with the american people. problem is the things he's been shopping for days now in the aftermath of a jihadist terrorist attack on the u.s. soil would have done nothing to prevent that attack or antagonize people. >> that's what we hear every team. >> are meant to demonize the gop and people who do not agree him when it comes to policies we keep talking about fixes or ending violence. they would have ended no violence whatsoever in the circumstance being used to justify the response. >> many republicans believe we need sensible gun control laws in this country as well. let's not smear all of them because many of them are calling for some of the same things the president is asking for.
1:42 pm
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1:46 pm
and now police are investigating reports say hg yelled, this is for syria. phil black is in london with retails. >> police here in britain have publicly declared they are treating this as a terror investigation. that is not the usual response to knife crime here in london. video taken by witnesses at the scene uploaded to social media show the chaotic scene after this 29-year-old man is said to have slashed randomly at two people, threatened at least one more. he's then confronted by police. he still wielding the knife. they used tasers to bring him down. now that he's in custody the police are working to determine just what his motives were, his state of mind. crucially, whether or not he was in this doing this alone. witnesses say they heard the man talking about syria as he was taken away by police. >> altercation, told me as soon as i got there, this guy has just split the other guy's
1:47 pm
throat. i look over. i see a guy huddled on the floor behind the barriers. a guy bran dishing a knife. it was a small blade, about three inches long. and he's screaming go on and run and run. when i got back to the station the police had already arrived. put him in handcuffs. and then they took him out at the station. as they walk him past everyone, he's within an arm's reach of me, he u.s. just hear him say this is fost syria will britain's parliament voted in favor of esxpanding military. in addition to the air operations, britain has been conducting against isis in iraq. critics of the move, politicians and activists, argued that in doing so britain risked raising its profile, increasing the threat of terrorist attack against uk citizens either here or abroad. but the british government disputes this insisting the intelligence assessment says that britain is already within the top few targets isis
1:48 pm
inspires to hit and britain has already disrupted as many as seven terror plots in this country just in the last year. fredericka? >> thank you so much, phil black. the fear of terrorism, it's something one of the world's most pop familiar bands knows all too well. next we talk to bono of u2 about the latest wave of terror and how he is using music to try to change minds. >> it's poetry in music. and humor. a child since before it can speak. it's the very essence of our humanity. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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the rock band u2 returned to paris tonight. the show was scheduled for the day after the paris attack. on stage with them was the band eagle of death metal tonight. they were the playing the night of the attacks. fareed zakaria talked to bono and the guitarist the renledge asked what it was like to be in parisian th that night. >> it was chaos and you think of who you know, the crew. who is out in the city. that kind of mentality and of course we thought about our fell he troubadours, the eagles and death metal and what was happen ing there because they were still locked in at the time. >> this is the band playing at the bataclan where the largest number of people died. >> yeah. we tried to help them the next day, tried to find a plane for them to get out. turns out the best way to help
1:55 pm
them was finding them phones because their phones had been left in the venue and the venue had been sealed off. so they were the police station and back in the hotel rooms without communication. so it turns out that was the most useful thank that we did, was find them some phones. >> in a way this was an attack on the kind of life you guys represent, right? >> yeah. >> an attack on rock music. single largest place where people died was a rock concert. >> it seemed like the target was culture and every kind of expression of the best of humanity. great, you know, music, restaurants, french food, everything that was -- that we hold dear was the target. and of course france is also, it's the birth of the enlightenment movement which gave birth to america. it's like the place where the modern western world was born. so i think the thing that we
1:56 pm
have to hold on the now in the aftermath was that, you know, we are not wrong. the instinct to start doubting, you know, these values and these ideas is like we're right, we're right. and that's why we're so determined to get back to paris as soon as we can. >> did you think about even playing the next day? was it even possibly? >> we hoped we could play the next day. then it dawned on us just how serious it was and we had to just give up on that. >> all right. that's going to do it for me. thanks so much for watching. poppy harlow has much more straight ahead in the "newsroom" right after this. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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we are waiting now for a historic moment in the war against isis. president obama preparing to speak from the oval office tonight in prime time. insiders insist he has a plan to destroy this dangerous terrorist organization. while in san bernardino, people in this country touched by horrific violence mourn the death of their neighbors and they wait to hear what the president will say about their tragedy. it is 5:00 in washington, d.c. our nation's capital. 2:00 p.m. in san bernardino. i'm poppy harlow live for you in new york this sunday evening. we are just three hours away now from a very rare event, an event so rare it has only happened two other times during president obama's term. here's a live look at the white us


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