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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 7, 2015 11:30pm-1:01am PST

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a warm welcome back to our vil around rosemary church. >> and i'm errol barnett. here are the top stories. donald trump is calling for a total pan on all muslims entering the united states. the republican previously has called for a registration database and surveillance and possibly closure of some u.s. mosques. rival candidates reject his new proepsl. >> the fbi says the couple that murdered people at a holiday
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party were radicalized before the attack. they say there's evidence the massacre was preplanned and that the shooters practiced at a shooter range ahead of their attack. >> oscar pistorius is in a court right now. these images from just moments ago. this is a bail hearing. he follows his new conviction in the murder of his girlfriend. his new sentencing date may be set at this appearance. a live report coming up. >> now, we told you about donald trump's proposal to prevent muslims from coming into the country. it has deepened the controversy over his stand, and it brought nearly universal condemnation from republican and democratic presidential rivals. >> this comes on the heels of a mass shooting and president obama's plea on the country not to turn against each other. the executive director of the
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council on american islamic nations, said trump sounded more like the leader of a lynch mob than a presidential front runner. >> this is outrageous, coming from someone who wants to assume the highest office in the land. it is reckless and simply un-american. he and others are playing into the hands of isis. this is exactly what isis wants from americans. to turn against each other. >> now, while the political backlash was immediate, not everyone opposes trump's proposal. >> and as randi kaye is about to shows, there's approval among many of the supporters. >> reporter: as supporters waited in line to hear donald trump speak tonight in south carolina, word started to spread about his latest idea, banning all muslims from entering the u.s. >> donald trump is now saying muslims should not be allowed to enter the united states until
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the u.s. figures out what's going on. do you agree? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> who knows what they're going to bring into this country. bombs, isis. they have to go. >> reporter: he's not the only one supporting this. in fact, no one here we spoke with had a problem with the plan. >> that's a very prudent idea, and i think he's done due diligence when he makes that statement. we have to protect the american citizens, and is vetting process lacks integrity. >>. >> reporter: that's not true. the vetting process is vigorous. some folks here saying not all muslims are bad when pressed but they don't want to take any chances even if somes are coming to terms with it slowly. >> i think they should go through screening, extensive screening. we just let terrorists into that country that did the california
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shooting. >> he's not screening. he says no muslim should be entering the country. do you agree? >> yes. >> reporter: trump's harsh words have energized hsupporters. he shared part of his plan, including targeting terrorist families. >> you have to wipe them out. it's the only way you'll start terrorism. >> reporter: are you in favor of bombing terrorist homes? >> absolutely. people will continue to reproduce, and they will raise children in their believes. somebody just needs to go in there and take control of this. i think it's going rampant, and i'm worried about america. i'm worried about our sate. they're getting in. they need to be stopped. >> reporter: after a november rally, trump had some of his strongest words yet. >> we have to knock the blp out of these people. >> reporter: why do you think
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he's the guy to take it on? >> he can build a coalition of people to take them on. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, south carolina. >> u.s. homeland security is urging americans not to vilify muslims and to fight extremism by having faith. >> we spoke to the muslim community at a civil liberties round table. >> one month before my grandfather died in 1966, and this was in the era of jim rowe, the segregated south before the civil rights movement and laws, he said something that i believe today. quote, bitterness grows out of hopelessness, and there is no hopelessness in this situation. however uncomfortable and menacing it may be at times, faith in the ultimate strength of the democratic philosophy and code of this nation as a whole has always been stronger than
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the impulse to despair. >> johnson went onto say any discrimination against muslims in the u.s. would be un-american and counter to security efforts. we shift to another story we're watching. and right now oscar pistorius is in a south african court. >> we're looking at live pictures coming to us. this bail hearing comes after h his conviction was upgraded last week to murder for the death of his girlfriend. a new date for sentencing may also be set here. let's thereon the representative of the defense. >> one sixth of his sentence, and then the remaining part of his sentence in terms of conditions under correctional super vision, the accused was released after 12 months, and he has his sentence in terms of the correctional super vision at the end of october, 2015.
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for the purposes of the present application, and you'll see this from the affidavit, the accused has offered to proceed with the house arrest, but on stricter conditions. previously in terms of the correctional super vision conditions, he was allowed to leave the house at between the hours 7:00 and 12:00. he has agreed that he would abanden that right that he had in terms of the previous sentence, and the previous conditions, and that he would accept that he should remain in house arrest at t should he, for whatever reason need to lever, he would do so with permission of the investigating officer or his advocate. that's also subject to your
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sanctioning. he also agreed subject to the sanctioning that he would submit himself to electronic monitoring to be monitored. a probation officer in the department of correctional services. >> this condition in respect of the house arrest that he could leave between 7:00 in the morning and 12:00 midday. why is it necessary to change it? >> the state insisted on it. in order to get to an -- to an unopposed bail, it's for that reason. >> okay. yes. you may proceed. >> it was solely for that reason. there was no other reason. >> thank you. >> just so get some agreement. it is also that the accused would subject, and all subject to your direction, of course, my lord, that fixing the amount of 10,000 to be paid on friday.
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the reason was the it was not part of the informal agreement. it came up this morning. >> how much did he pay? >> it was 1 million, but the it was a guarantee. he hasn't got that money. and the guarantee was then cancelled. the it was not a cash amount. we'd also ask the court to consider that the amount be paid on the friday before 1600, but the court would order he be released -- >> listening to the oscar representing oscar pistorius discuss changes in pistorius's house arrest conditions. they would recommend. let's bring in our cnn correspondent who's watching and listening from just outside the courthouse in south africa. describe to us what exactly we're hearing and what we might
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also learn today as pistorius faces this bail hearing. >> well, what a dramatic turn of events. just last week, a homicide conviction overturned to murder. what you're hearing, is the defense lawyer making his case to ensure that bail is granted for pistorius, in other words, to try to get the judge to agree to allow him to spend the next while at home and under house arrest. just to remind you, and we heard from this morning, saying that oscar pistorius had been serving house arrest and adhering to the rules and regular lulgss. now he's saying perhaps he can sweeten the deal by saying i'm not coming out and i'm going to ensure that i'med adhering to stricter rules and even electronic man or thing. to ensure that the state
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prosecutor does not see him as a flight risk, but also just to remind you, over the next half hour, we should also be hearing a bit of detail as to whether the sentencing is going to come through in the next year. remember, the courts go to recess on the 18th of this month and return on the 25th of next year. this could take quite some time. >> so a few details still to hammer out there today. and just broaden out the picture for us. this case was watched so closely with the man formally known as the blade rubbenner. falling from grace. how have people in south africa raektded to his charges being changed this past week to murder? >> reporter: remember, this has been a very sensitive issue for south africans, because there's a lot of worry about violence and violent crime against women.
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in fact, the conviction has come through during the 17 days of activism in south africa. it has been welcomed, specifically by women groups. more importantly, we've also seen a lot of concern as to whether he's going to be allowed to stay at home over the next while or if he's going to be forced to go to prison. we've talking about a convicted murder. a lot of people asking what's now. how many convicted murders are able to stay at home under house arrest. one of the things that could come forward and could be mentioned today is whether the defense team is going to want to take this to the constitutional courts. that is the highest court in south africa, and that will mean that pistorius might be thinking about an appeal. whether it will be heard in the constitutional court remains to be seen. he basically needs to prove that it was an unfair trial. one of the big things surrounding this is the fact that we've had a lot of
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international media scrutiny, local media scrutiny. a big spotlight on the judge, and the former judge was told she made fundamental mistakes and ignored evidence that brought her to the decision of culpable homicide which has now been overturned. >> it's incredible, and this continues to be a fascinating case to watch. we got a few glimpses of oscar miss tore ya showipistorius sho emotion. we'll continue to watch this. thanks a lot. >> and we shift pack to the united states. chicago police are facing federal scrutiny as they release video of another police shooting death. questions are also being raised about a possible coverup in the shooting death of laquan mcdonald. ryan young has the details.
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>> reporter: after two fatal officer involved shoot gts, the chicago police department is the digit of an investigation. >> i am joining, the same systems this fail community members fail officers by creating mistrust between officers and people we're swosh to protect. >> reporter: the reports reveal discrepancies between the responses of responding officers and what's seen on video. mcdonald is seen walking in the treat with a knife after authorities say he punctured the tire of a police car. the are on the left-hand side side of the screen with weapons drawn as mcdonald moves away from the officers. according to van dyke, he raised
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the knife across his chest and over his shoulder, pointing the knife at van dyke and attempting to kill van dyke. the teen is walking away. that's when van dyke starts firing. according to the police reports, in defense of his life. then van dyke fired his hand fun to stop the attack. as mcdonald falls, van dyke keeps firing. the police report says he appeared to be attempting to get up. the partner wrote mcdonald swung the knife toward officers in an aggressive manner. >> the third officer saying mcdonald raised his right arm toward officer van dyke as if attacking him. even the sergeant who reviewed
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the video found it consistent with the accounts of all the witnesses. van dyke is out on bail. his attorney maintains he acted in self-defense. >> ryan young, cnn, chicago. >> what's interesting is the video of mcdonald's death is. >> ronald johnson is shown running from police officers off camera. an officer shot johnson twice. >> at the time of the shooting, mr. johnson was armed with a handgun and had run from an area where shots were recently fired. he resisted arrest and ran into a public park and toward an occupied place vehicle arriving on the scene in that park. based upon an objective review of the law, we determined that
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the prosecution could not establish that the actions of officer hernandez were not reasonable under the laws of the state of illinois. >> ronald johnson's mother who pushed for the video to be released has said it proves her son was murdered. >> "cnn newsroom" continues after this short break. so get this, at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch live sports on the go. live from the edge of your seat. or that seat.
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we want to take you back inside the courtroom in south africa where oscar pistorius is listening to the defense and the prosecution discuss with the judge possible new bail arrangements. let's listen. >> i think it's quite educated. >> okay. thank you. >> yes, sir. you may do so. >> if the court considers the radius that we have an airport that we would not want him to get close to. and so if that would fall outside that radius, that would be so much better. i've just been informed we would be able to monitor the radius if
11:52 pm
we have all the gps coordinates of such an area. we would be able to monitor that. if he would leave that particular radius, there will be an alert sounding at the control room. >> can you repeat the last mission you made? >> if the court indicates the radius, we will be able to do that electronically, and to monitor it electronically if question have all the gps coordinates. if he would leave that radius and move beyond the radius, there will be an alarm sounded at the control room, and we would know that. that is a fact. >> so you don't have any admissions to make in this
11:53 pm
respect? mr. pistorius, can you stand up? do you confirm that you voluntarily made this affidavit which has been handed to court? the affidavit by the accused will be labeled exhibit a. and the court will adjourn for about 15 minutes to consider this submissions made by both counsel. court adjourned. >> court adjourns there, and south africa after you heard the representative of the defense speaking with the judge, and the prosecution. it all seems to center around his house arrest, the terms and what distance he can go. the prosecution mentioning a local airport. they've adjourned for now. we'll reject with our correspondent there in the next hour.
11:54 pm
they may set a new date for sentencing now that he faces a murder charge. we'll keep track of this story for you in the hours ahead. >> we will. let's move onto the weather. in the u.s., historic rainfall inundated paths of portland, oregon, putting roads in parts of the city under water. pedram javaheri joins us with details on that. tell us what it's looking like going forward. >> monday was impressive. we saw rainfall that is about 1400% of what is normal for the day, coming in at 2 .67 inches in portland, oregon. doesn't sound like a lot. for this region, not typically that much rain. officials over this region are saying just about every single mode of transportation, expect that to be delayed over the next couple of days because of the
11:55 pm
rainfall. an onslaught of one and another storm behind it, and a third storm by the middle of the week. easily picking out the pineapple express. moisture originates in areas out of the hawaiian islands. how about this. rainfall accumulations as impressive as they come, up to six to ten inches in a few spots. northern california into areas of the olympic rain forest, maybe 20 inches of rainfall in the next seven days. that remarkable. a lot of times people think the northwestern u.s. is a gloomy place. it is among the cloudiest places from seattle to portland. about 220 cloudy days. rainy days are about 150. come to the southern u.s.,
11:56 pm
mobile, alabama, twice the amount of rainfall, in less rainy days. it shows you what we're talking about when it's the amount of rainfall. and if you think it was gloomy over seattle, it was the gloomiest day since 2000 across the region going back 15 years. >> didn't i hear you say atlanta gets more rain than seattle? >> twice as much. it's incredible, but it all happens quickly. >> right. all right. thanks so much, pedram javaheri. appreciate it. >> and remember, you can always follow us on social media. we'll have more from the "cnn newsroom" after a quick break. the top stories from all around the world. >> and we'll get you live to the vatican where the pope will kick off the holy year of mercy. stay with us. why put up with that?
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> donald trump draws outrange with a call of manning muslims sprg the united states. >> the rising from the ruins, a syrian town is slowly returning
12:01 am
to life after a month's long siege by isis. >> pluoscar pistorius is in a sh african court right now to apply for bail. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm errol barnett. >> and i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." >> donald trump is deepening the controversy over his plans for muslims in he gets elected. he's calling for a total ban on all muslims entering the country. >> the plan brought immediate condemnation from rival candidates, but as dana bash reports, it hasn't put off supporters. >> reporter: a total and complete shut down of all muslims entering this country. that, donald trump's new policy prescription for dealing with terror threats in america.
12:02 am
asked if muslims posed a danger to the u.s., earlier, here was his response. >> i love the muslims. they're great people. >> reporter: now he says our country cannot be the victims of horrendous attacks by people that believe only in jihad and have no sense of reason or respect for human life. trump presidential rival, chris christie quickly dismissed it. >> this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about. we don't need to resort to that type of activity. >> reporter: lindsey gram tweeted every candidate needs to do the right ring. >> bush said his policy proposals are not serious. cruz distanced hymn. -- himself. >> that's not my policy. i have a three year mother tore yum on refugees coming from
12:03 am
countries where isis and al qaeda control a substantial amount of territory. >> this poll shows that 33% of iowa caucus goers say they support donald trump. that's an eight point increase from last month. >> the u.s. people are looking for a commander in chief who will keep us safe. >> reporter: ted cruz is in second place. ben carson tumbled seven points, now the third choice of iowa republicans likely to vote. what unites gop voters is disdain for president obama? and republican candidates spent the day competing to criticize the address on isis. >> we don't need a president who goes on national television and lectures the american people and says the problem we have is islam phobia.
12:04 am
>> as for trump's new proposal, his gop rivals are uniformly opposed to it. even ben carson to said he couldn't see a muslim being president. he said everyone should be registered and monitored, but he doesn't advocate being selective on one's religion. >> ben ferguson joins us from dallas to talk about all of this. ben, we all know muslims are a popular target for donald trump. that aside, the concept that the complete banning of one demographic entering the country is outrageous, and it's un-american and unconstitutional. yet, we are talking about the republican front runner here. how can this be explained? >> well, i think there's two things. you've seen virtually every republican candidate come out and condemn this, and says it's another example of donald trump going too far.
12:05 am
he's also filling a void where others don't feel president obama has gone far enough. he's filling the void where there's nothing that's changed from this maradministration, he he says i have a big bold idea. it's not well thought out. it's also an issue of can you have a test to come in and get into this country that if you're a muslim, we're going to say no to you? there's a lot of questions about batesic issues? what if you were in the military and now you're out as a contractor. i would think legally you would have the right to come back. >> the concept is a slippery slope. you have cruz also running and frequently described as least liked by democrats and republicans in capitol hill. even he says this is something he cannot support.
12:06 am
but will be any establishment voice louder than donald trump's that will denounce something like this? it appeals to the sliver of the republican base. >> i think you're going to see a big us against donald trump moment on the 15th when you have the next debate. virtually every campaign that i've talked to tonight as said the same thing. this is out of step with reality. this is out of step with the republican party. this is donald trump going off the reservation on his own, and this is also going to be a point i think they'll use to say this is what we've all been warning you about. you may like him because he says he's going to go after isis and make america great, but the devil is in the details. for him to be able to defend this on stage, when every other republican will disagree with him in a big way, i think that will be harder to overcome. >> before this statement, donald
12:07 am
trump was up even higher in the polls. he's been the teflon don, nothing he's said has changed that. do you think that will continue, and at what point will you get a conservative voice to jump up and say this will cost republicans the election, and it really is enough by now in. >> i think you're seeing a lot of this, and also candidates like rubio and cruz doing well in the polls. i think when you see them unite behind this idea we're talking about, it's probably going to hurt donald trump, i think, in the near future. he's been surging because he's been opposite in foreign policy. many americans are concerned about the lack of focus on dealing with isis. and the lack of focus of dealing with terrorism, especially after paris, but also this attack in san bernardino. so that's why he's done so well. the question is did he overstep on this statement? i think you going to see voters
12:08 am
say yes, he said. some will support him because they love him. the other thing, his supporters are fanatics for him. they absolutely love him. and they're going to love him. the more he's criticized by anybody in the media, the more they'll stand by him regardless of what he said. the question is can he add to the number? i'm not sure he can. >> thanks, ben. >> absolutely. >> want to get some international reaction now. we want to go to sara sidner who joins us from istanbul in turkey. as people across the middle east and the world wake up to this news of what donald trump has been saying about his plans for muslims if he becomes president, what's been the reaction in that part of the world?
12:09 am
>> reporter: we've been looking on social media and hearing from different leaders of different countries that are predominantly muslim. turkey has not yet responded. people are saying things like well, perhaps trump is okay with taking money from rich muslims but apparently he's also okay with being a racist. we should also mention, there's a trump towers here in istanbul. it's the only one in a p predominantly muslim country. people saying maybe he should take down his ugly towers here. as far as indonesia goes, their ministry spoke out saying he is not an official from the united states. he is simply a candidate. normally we don't comment, but they wanted to put out that islam is a religion of piece, and they feel like there is a few people who have co-on theed
12:10 am
the religion, and he is responding to those people and coloring everyone with the same brush, and it's unfair. you also heard from islam supporters in thailand saying this is completely and totally gbs the american way, what is happening here, hearing it from a front runner who was a candidate for the presidential position there in the united states. i think it's given people a lot of worry. there are people who are simply angry and disgusted hearing these kinds of words from a presidential candidate who has people know, quite a bit of support from some of those folks in the united states. >> of course, it has to be said that even former vice president dick cheney is not in agreement with donald trump's plans, but how uneasy has this made muslims across the world? you talked there about some of the reaction. is there a fear going forward, but is there also realization
12:11 am
that in a sense, donald trump stands very much alone, away from the republican party machine on this? >> i don't think that distinction has yet been made. when somebody in his position known around the world who is doing very well in the polls, who is a presidential candidate, who is vying for this top spot, it's hard for people to make that separation to say well, these other people are saying this. it's an extremely bold statement. a lot of people looking at that and saying is this the person that's going to represent america, and what does that mean for us? let's not even forget tourism as well. especially women, they may be those who suffer the most after this for fear of sort of xenophobic ideas. there is concern on that front that there will be more discrimination because of
12:12 am
comments like this. >> sara sidner bringing us some reaction there to donald trump's proposals regarding muslims. she joins us live from turkey. many thanks to you, sara. >> and in south africa, oscar pistorius is back in court right now. these pictures were from earlier. right now the hearing has adjourned, and the judge is considering the bail application. >> and this hearing follows pistorius's upgraded murder conviction last week for the shooting death of his girlfriend. a new date for sentencing could also be set at this hearing. >> our cnn correspondent joins us now from south africa with the latest on this. just bring us up to speed on what happened last hour, and what we're expecting to happen next. >> well, oscar pistorius's
12:13 am
lawyer outlined stricter bail conditions for pistorius. but remember that pistorius is currently under house arrest at his uncle's home, and a previous and lighter conviction of culpable homicide. that all changed last week when it was upgraded to murder. many asking the question what now. can a convicted murder stay at home under house arrest until his sentencing? that is going to be very important. they came out and said that we agree to any kind of electronic monitoring. he won't be allowed to leave the premises without having police present, and also saying that they can offer up $750 in bail. they cannot afford any more than that, because oscar pistorius has basically ran out of money. meanwhile, the state has come pack and said that they concur with all the stricter conditions put forward by the defense, and this is the point where the judge has now taken the decision
12:14 am
to adjourn the court. also of importance here, airler is the fact that the defense has noted they're going to the constitutional courts. that is the highest court in south africa. they will be appealing this murder conviction. >> and it continues to be a fascinating case to watch, because the judgment made in changing pistorius's charges essentially said the previous judge didn't acknowledge all evidence put in front of her. we all remember watching closely day in and day out, those proceedings. so we're hearing here a discussion on how bail will be changed. will they also set a date for additional sentencing? what else needs to be done to follow the guidelines of now the fact that he was charged with murder rather than culpable homicide? >> well, this is the interesting point, because you have a sentencing that needs to occur sometime next year.
12:15 am
courts go to recess. they come back on the 25th of january. we have a court that is full. are they going to prioritize it so he's sentenced as soon as possible, or do you think there's going to be some kind of delay which will give the defense team an opportunity to put forward the appeal to the constitutional courts? there's a sense that perhaps they're going to try to delay it as much as responsible so pistorius can stay under house arrest until the appeal goes through to the constitutional court. there's a lot of different elements that are at play right now, and remember, we've got very different circumstances that have played out for this case. firstly, and the spotlight of the international and local media. in fact, this is being broadcast live to all the local media as well. you also have a disabled person that needs to be treated a special way in prison. there are circumstances taken into consideration by all judges. the judge that's presided over
12:16 am
the original trial has been land based for not taking all the evidence into consideration, and the judge that overturned that conviction has come out and said that some of the evidence was ignored. >> stand by for us. we expect the hearing to resume at any moment. we'll take a very short break on cnn and bring our viewers back inside the courtroom in moments. , abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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this was one of two candle light vigils held monday night in san bernardino, california. one for county employees and another at a nearby university. >> five days have passed since the massacre that killed 14 people. the city reopened the street in front of site of the killings earlier in the week. >> investigators are digging deeper into the background of the couple who carried out the attack. >> the husband and wife apparently had become radical long before the killings. >> reporter: for the first time a picture has emerged to the attackers together. the photo was snapped as the
12:21 am
married couple passed but an airport in july 2014. >> as the information has progressed, we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> reporter: officials believe the wife wassed are calized before stepping foot in the u.s., raising alarm bells for her visa. the state department said she would have had to have an in person interview, but it shows she failed to show up for the interview. it's unclear if she ever rescheduled. >> the background check on her is extensive, as you would get on a visa or green card or employment situation here in the states. >> malik was born in pakistan and spent some sometime in saudi arabia. she won her degree in pharmacy. a professor there told reporters
12:22 am
she was quiet and reserved. >> there was nothing special to be noted by the teachers. she was an average student. she came, always came on time. >> reporter: we learned farook not only interacted with fbi terrorism subject but also looked into contacting terrorist groups overseas. like al qaeda, affiliate, al shabaab. farook's father said his son shared the idea of al baghdadi, and he was fixated on israel. farook lived with his mother in california where investigators found a bunch of ammunition and bomb making materials. the attorney general said investigators are interested in what she may have known about their activities. >> we want to find out everyone who profited from the planning, financed it. i'm not saying there is anything
12:23 am
like that, but we'll leave to stone unturned. >> reporter: it's unclear what started them on the path of radicalization, but tonight new indications of planning in the days ahead of the attack. >> we do have evidence that both of these subjects did some target practice in some ranges within the metro area. >> reporter: pamela brown, cnn, washington. >> that's year one syrian town became a symbol of the ground fight against isis. kabul was under siege for months but kurdish forces retook the town. >> kobani was left in ruins and much of it is a wasteland. the people who live there are determined to rebuild. >> reporter: a 17-year-old sends
12:24 am
his pigeons flying over his hometown of kobani, flying over a town of ruins and rubble, but where hope lives on. what makes me happy now is that i'm home despite all the destruction around us, he says. for five months from september, 2014 to january of this year, an intense battle raged between isis and kurdish fighters, accompanied by heavy air strikes by the u.s. led coalition. isis is gone. and many of the town's residents have returned to find homes damaged, almost beyond recognition. >> fighters were upstairs on the second floor, and the kurdish fighters came in from below.
12:25 am
there was a battle here. >> reporter: he lived here with his wife, married sons and their families, 19 people in all. now he's hoping just to make one room livable. but there is life among the ruins. co-ban kobani took a beating but some shops are open. a rocky playground where children reenact with stones the battles of a few months ago. more than 70% of the buildings were damaged or destroyed. despite that, there's a will to rebuild this town. the challenge is finding a way to do it. this man is the general coordinator for kobani reconstruction. we're building this new neighborhood for people who have lost their homes, he says, but as you can see, we've stopped
12:26 am
because we can't import any cement from turkey. turkey has closed the nearby border crossing as a result, desperately needed building materials are in short supply. rebuilding this town could take a very long time, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it will rise again. ben wedeman, kobani, syria. >> still to come here on cnn news room, we'll take you live to rome. in fact, we can show you live pictures right now as the pope gets ready to open the church's holy door and kick off a jubilee here. >> that and volunteers bringing a touch of wap warmth to refugees arriving in europe.
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12:30 am
welcome back to our viewers here in the states and those of you tuned in from all around the world. it's your last half hour with us. this is "cnn newsroom." >> let's check the headlines for you. donald trump is taking his controversial positions on muslims in the u.s. a step further with a call for a total ban on all muslims entering the country. most republican and democratic presidential rivals quickly condemned it. >> the fbi says the husband and wife who carried out the san bernardino attack were both radicalized and had been for some time. investigators say the pair prak the tised shooting at a gun range shortly before the
12:31 am
massacre. >> oscar pistorius is in a south african court for a bail hearing. this follows the upgraded murder conviction handed down by the supreme court of appeal last week for the death of his girlfriend. a new date for sentencing could also be set at this hearing. we're keeping a close eye on this. >> now, refugees and migrants arriving to the greek mas doced border. once found nothing but cold hungry nights, but now volunteers from around the world are setting up makeshift kitchens to help out. >> reporter: once a cargo train abandoned on the tracks between greece and macedonia. today a kitchen and a camp. for the volunteers of no borders, it's the perfect place to cook 2,000 meals a day for
12:32 am
refugees. >> i'm from a very privileged country and background, and i feel like i can't turn my back on a humanitarian crisis. germans, australians, french, iranians, pakistanis, moroccans. >> reporter: for long stretches, there's nothing but the sound of chopping and the buzz of the generators. many of those cooking with asylum seekers themselves. >> reporter: we're inside the kitchen. it's quite an operation. there's about 20 volunteers cooking up the evening meal. and it's kind of like a roving soup kitchen. it moves wherever the refugees are trying to get across the border, wherever warm meals are needed. >> it starts in hungary. it moved to greece. there's no one person in charge. just a crew of volunteers
12:33 am
organizing by facebook and mobile phone texts. anyone can join in. here they deliver to both the syrians, iraqis, and afghans being allowed through, and the others left on the other side of the fence. a mixture of iranians and pakistanis. >> for me, i feel like we should open the borders, because these people deserve the right that they're born with. they deserve to be able to move freely, to be able to go find a better life when they need one, whether economic or asylum seeker from war. >> reporter: as we talk, the generator dies. a common occurrence, but the cooking never stops. by 6:30 p.m., there's a long line for dinner, and the steaming soup is a welcome break from the cold. it goes on until it's time to
12:34 am
unroll the sleeping bags. much needed rest for another day of kitchen duty on the front line of europe's refugee crisis. atika schubert on the greece macedonia border. >> heart warming stuff to see. and a celebration for catholics around the world. thousands are gathering for mass. >> pope francis is officially kicking off the extraordinary jubilee of mercy. it's a holy year for the catholic church. the last time it happened was in 2000. delia gallagher is covering the celebrations for us and joins us now on the phone. they're always fascinating to watch, but the pope has made a move to allow every catholic cathedral to do what few have done before. what rules did he change ahead
12:35 am
of this? >> the pope has a kind of new thing with this very ancient tradition, the opening of the holy door goes back to the 15 00s at the vatican. the pope pushes open the doors that are normally kept shut. he lets people walk through them for the duration of the year. it's a way to clean your slate, wipe the plate clean and you start anew. normally you have to come to rome to do this. the pope decided as of next sunday, all catholic cathedrals around the world can designate holy doors so they can participant from where they are. this is a rare event we're witnessing at the vatican. the last time was in 2000. holy years only happen once
12:36 am
every 25 years except for under the theme of mercy for forgiveness, hence walking through the holy doors to be forgiven. >> i apologize for the short interruption, but we know these are always grand events. we want to take a brief moment and get back with you shortly and listen in to this as it unfolds. ♪ ♪ ♪
12:37 am
>> i believe we can now see delia gallagher just over the event as we watch this unfold, and deliah, you were telling us about the fact that when the doors are open and catholics are able to walk through it, it's highly symbolic and significant. please continue. >> reporter: well, it's important, errol, because it relates to the idea of indulgen indulgence. some people remember that indulgence was a bad word that created the rift between protestant and catholics. but an indulgence for catholics is the idea that you can have some of the negative consequences of sin taken away. one of the ways you can do that is by walking through these doors. as we were saying, the pope in order to make this available to all people around the world, is dezing nating that all of the catholic cathedrals around the world -- >> thanks so deliah. we have to quickly pull away. we want to get you to a live
12:38 am
event in south africa, the bail hearing for oscar pistorius. >> is it necessary that he should contact advocate johnson? and a reason why. >> if -- i'm sorry. i forgot his name. he'll never forgive me for that. advocate johnson will be available at all times, and is willing to do that. >> advocate johnson is an officer of the court, and i think to put her name here, the investigator of this, if he knows he won't be available, surely you can get another official for the -- >> if that's order of the court, i understand that. just to make it easier, but i do understand it. >> i don't want to put unnecessary burden on the officer of the court. okay.
12:39 am
thank you very much. >> mr. pistorius appeared today in court after being served with a notice in terms of section 319 of the criminal procedure act 51 of 1977. the appearance was necessitated by the ruling of the supreme court which ruling is now public knowledge and is not necessary for me to mention it in this judgment. since the accused has now been convicted of the crime which may attract a direct imprisonment sentence of 15 years or more, if the court imposing sentence finds that the there are no
12:40 am
substantial in comparing circumstances, the court should look carefully at this application which has been brought by mr. pistorius. it was submitted that this bail application is brought on behalf of mr. pistorius as a desire to the agreement between the state and the defense. the state indicated to me that they are not opposing such application mainly because of the agreement that the parties entered into. i want to make it clear that it is the duty of this court to decide whether bail should be granted or not, and also as to what conditions should be put if bail is to be granted.
12:41 am
the applicant handed to the court an affidavit to support his application, which affidavit sets out his personal circumstances, the history of what happened after he appeared in court for the first time until now in respect of his appearances in court. and the affidavit on page five, thereof, states that the bail is made on the basis that the application for bail is made on the basis that the bail be granted pending an application to leave for the constitutional
12:42 am
code, and if leave were to be granted, pending the outcome of the appeal, and if leave to the constitutional court were to be unsuccessful, or if the appeal were to be unsuccessful pending the imposition of sentence by the trial court. in the affidavit, the applicant further stated that he was instructed by his counsel that an agreement was entered into, and he concerns to the restrictions that his counsel and the state agreed upon.
12:43 am
since the applicant attended court, he has proved that he is not a flight risk. initially the applicant was charged with an offense mentioned in schedule six, which offense, attracts a sentence of life imprisonment, and even if he was facing life imprisonment, he did come ply with the bail conditions that were put by the court. i have seriously considered part of the agreement between the defense and the state, that the applicant should not leave the
12:44 am
house at all should bail be granted. and further considered that is to be postponed to april of next year as it was doesed in chambers. i'm of the view that it will not be in the interest of justice that the accused or the applicant should not leave the house at all. having considered all the submissions that were made by both counsel, i made the following order. the case is postponed to the 18th of april, 2016.
12:45 am
applicant is released on bail of 10,000 grand, an amount of bail to be paid on or before the 11th of december, 2015, before 16 hours, and at the office of the registrar of this court. further conditions are the following. one, the accused should appear at 9:00 at this court on the postponement date, and every other date that this may be postponed to. two, that the accused submit to the house arrest and may leave
12:46 am
the house between 7:00 in the morning and 12:00 midday, and is only allowed to travel within the radius of 20 kilometers from the house. being house number 230 lowly straigh street. further more, the applicant should not leave the house without the written permission of the investigating officer, major mike who can be contacted on cell number 081-778-5604.
12:47 am
accused is further -- accused further condition is that he should not leave the district. four, the accused must hand over all his passports to the investigating officer and may not apply for a passport or travel document until the conclusion of this matter. five, the accused should submit himself to electronic monitoring to be monitored in terms of section 62 f of the criminal procedure act by mr. stoelts, the probation officer in the department of the correctional services.
12:48 am
>> the provision of the considered, that would be outside the hours 7:00 to 12:00? >> yes. >> thank you. >> do you understand it likewise? >> is that all for the day? court adjourned. >> all right. we have been listening there to the bail hearing of oscar pistorius, and we heard some bail conditions set out by the judge there. he also said that this case was postponed to april 18th. that would be the date that oscar pistorius would be expected to appear. that is one of the conditions. also he said he must submit to house arrest and can only leave the house between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and can only work within a 20 kilometer radius. he would have an electronic
12:49 am
device. the prosecution that be the case. we also heard the applicant would not leave the house without written permission. we have more details on this and a live report for you when we come back. you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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moments ago, oscar pistorius was granted bail in south africa. the judge deciding to resume a hearing on april 18th of next year. we'll keep you posted on new information coming out in the hours ahead. >> to another story we're following now. some sobering new numbers on the war on syria and the impact on children. the continuing conflict has turned more than 2 million into refugees, that's according to a new report from save the children. they estimate more than half of all syrian refugees are under 18 years old. also, that one in four children inside syria are at risk of developing a mental health disorder. 700,000 are not able to go to school. many have missed out on three years of education and are growing up without basic math and literacy skill.
12:54 am
save the children also spoke with syrian refugee children in lebanon. >>. [ speaking foreign language ] >> well, health experts say the exposure to violence j stress, and lack of resources are putting an entire generation of young people in jeopardy. for more on their plight, let's turn to a child protection technical advisor in lebanon. thank you for talking to us. going through aull the
12:55 am
statistics, there's some reason to be concerned, particularly when we consider that half of all the refugees are children. what can be done to alleviate their suffering and make their lives more bearable an maybe bring more education into their live so this doesn't become a lost generation? >> absolutely. i think there are many needs, for children. lebanon, specifically, we're looking at the approaches and child protection programming which i work in, but also other services, looking at shelter, education, and et cetera. i think what's specifically child programming, it's very important to look at creating stability among children who have been affected by the crisis in syria and have fled syria and now are facing a hard condition after three years of being
12:56 am
displaced in a foreign country with vulnerabilities increasing. looking at group base activities that can promote resilience in children. also, for the most vulnerable children, the ones at high risk, providing specialized support through case management services. and working with the care givers and the family as a whole to make sure there's a nurturing environment for these children and ensuring that development needs are met for them in the long term. >> all of that sounds wonderful if that can happen with all of these young children. it is such a challenge. marta, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. thanks for watching cnn. i'm rosemary church. >> and oierrol barnett. we covered a lot of ground today informal early start is next. >> and for those of you not in the u.s., stay tuned for more
12:57 am
from the cnn news room. . . .
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donald trump wants to ban all muslims from entering the united states. a proposal that is getting backlash this morning. new information about the san bernardino shooters. when they were radicalized. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. it is tuesday, december 8th. john berman has the morning off. an earthquake hitting politics after donald trump calls for a religious test banning all the muslims from


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