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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 8, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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donald trump's new proposal is being called dangerous, unhinged and un-american. that's just by the republicans. "lead" starts right now. step one, say something completely outrageous. three, watch your poll numbers rise. then repeat. this is donald trump's campaign strategy. did he finally push it too far with his stunning call to ban all muslims from coming into the united states? and while trump feeds off controversy, many of his republican challengers have e
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denounced him. ben carson not among them. e we will ask ben carson what he thinks of trump's plan and find out how he plans to hang on to conservative voters as we approach the first real test of 2016. plus a year's long path to terror beginning well before she received the visa and not one apparent red flag. new details on how a married couple turned their extremist views into president deadliest terror attack on america since 9/11. good afternoon, everyone, welcome to "the lead." from the very beginning of the post 9/11 war on terror, american leaders have taken great pains to emphasize the nation is is at war with a small group of terrorists twisting what the muslim faith teaches and not a clash between the west and islam. to do otherwise national security experts insist only helps recruit more terrorists while alienating potential allies in the fight. other experts point out that
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most of the worls 1.6 billion muslims want nothing to do with terrorism, but the republican presidential front runner donald trump has made it clear he would be different for both president obama and president bush. trump says until the president can figure out what the hell is going on, he wants a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. legal experts say trump's pitch would run head first into the first clause in the bill of rights. congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prevent pg the e free exercise of. we should note this was not an off the cuff remark, rather it was a a carefully designed roll out of a policy proposal, one that will no doubt find supporters in the primaries in this year of isis where so many people aren't so scared. especially after the slaughter
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in san bernardino. but is religious discrimination the answer to this problem? former vice president dick cheney says no. he says that the proposal, quote, goes against everything we stand for. jeff zeleny is here with me in washington. you were in trump's rally in south carolina where he announced this or talked about it publicly and the crowd seemed to have been with him and not with vice president cheney. >> that's true. this crowd was fired up. there were cheers and applause. it came at the end of a long rift where trump was railing against the media. some said afterword they didn't know the extnt of the proposal, but that's what was unusual. it was a a rare are instance where he released a policy proposal first. and a full day later, the condemnations keep coming from all corners here and around the world. defiance from donald trump. >> we need intelligence in this
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country. we need a certain toughness in this country. or we're going to end up like a lot of other places and we're not going to have a koun tru left. . >> in the face of political backlash, trump defended his proposal on "new day" seeking to block muslims from coming to the united states. >> you can have many more world trade centers if you don't solve it. and probably beyond that. >> an overheated campaign season even hotter with republicans rushing to join democrats in condemning trump. >> this is not conservatism. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for. and more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. >> trump said his ban on muslims would be temporary. he called it a modern day version of fdr's actions towards world war ii. he announced his proposal last night to loud cheers on the deck of the u.s. >> donald truis calling for a sf
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muslims until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> his comments drew instant fire from kbrksgop rivals. . >> he's a religious bigot. he doesn't represent my party. he doesn't represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for. >> what we shouldn't do is to just say all muslims aren't coming into our country. it's not about the blow hards just saying stuff. that's not a program. that's not a plan. this is serious business. >> across the world was the talk on the street. like here in india. >> i don't think it's intolerant. those people shouldn't become president. >> the british prime minister denounced the comments as divisive and unhelpful. the white house called them misguided and dangerous. >> the fact is that what donald
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trump said yesterday disqualifies him as serving from president. >> trump brushed aside the criticism today saying his supporters are tired of plut call correctness. >> and got standing ovations as soon as this was mentioned. >> sheryl was among those in the south carolina crowd. we asked her about trump's plan. >> until we can get a handle on who should be here and who shouldn't, i think something has to be done. >> that's what we heard over and over again. something has to be done. now there's no question that many americans are frightened in the wake of the shooting in san bernardino. and that's the sentiment trump is trying to appeal to. but despite all this political criticism spanning the spectrum, there's little reason to believe this will hurt trump in the primary. so far nothing he has said has. >> it's only helped him. thank you so much. let's talk about trump's proposal with one of the two muslim-americans in the united states congress. congressman carson, thank you for joining us today.
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>> thank you for having me. >> what was your reaction when you first heard of trump's proposal? >> of course, i was -- but his statements concern me. i think that mr. trump has proven himself to be a modern pt barnen. . he generates a lot of skpi excitement, but he hasn't presented a real agenda to lead this country. i was in agreement with the president's speech the other day and the president understands that we have to deal with the terrorist threat that exists right now. however, in dealing with that threat, he's wise enough to know there are muslims like myself who serve in our law enforcement communities, who serve in our intelligence communities keeping our country safe each and every day. and anyone who is seeking the highest office of the land wanting to be the commander-in-chief and ceo must know we live in a multiracial, multiethic and multireligious society. that person has to lead millions
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of people who have different views and opinions. >> i want to ask you a couple questions base d on your membership in the house intelligence committee. the chairman said yesterday that intelligence officials told them that, quote, individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the u.s. refugee program. have you learned anything similar in your intelligence briefings? >> i think the facts are clear. whenever you have huge groups of people, there will always or possibly be a minority of people who have ill intentions. that that can be represented through different careers. you're going to have bad cops, as we're seeing evidence now with a growing number of police brutality cases. you'll have bad educators, bad firefighters and attorneys and so on and so forth. i think what's important to know is that most people who come
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here from other countries come with good intentions. they want to live the american dream. ta is not to say we don't address the real terrorist threat that exists internally, but we should not become a nation of bigots and go. against the principles of our founding fathers. >> the question is has there been evidence that -- those who would do americans ill and have have they tried to use the program to get into the united states. have you heard anything concrete from intelligence official ace long those lines? >> no, but that does not say that folks have not tried to use the program. it takes a year or two years. there are at least 12 or 13 steps under review from the department of homeland security, the fbi, the state department and other agencies. it's a rigorous screening process. that doesn't concern me.
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what concerns me is you have the demagogue ri taking place from people seeking to become president of the united states. you have other politicians joining the bandwagon and who are fanning the flames of bigotry. we're putting people into the line of fire exposing them to death threats, discrimination in the workplace and assault. i just received a death threat yesterday of my own office and it's largely in part to this environment, this toxic environment politicians are fanning the flames. it's unacceptable. >> thank you so much. donald trump's new policy idea has been taking heat. we'll ask ben carson if he supports trump's proposal. you'll not want to miss that. new leads in the san bernardino terrorist attack. two u.s. officials now saying the female shooter seemed proficient with the ar-15 she used during the attack.
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new details about the terror ties of the san bernardino killers and whether any others knew anything about their terrorist plans. the fbi says the terrorists syed rizwan farook and his wife tashfeen malik took target practice at a gun range in the days before the massacre. but their twisted terrorist plot to kill may have been inspired much earlier. let's get to cnn's panel of authorities trying to retrace this couple's history and anyone else with whom they may have interacted. >> the more they investigate, the more investigators seem puzzled by this. a lot of this is not adding up, we're told. we're learning the facebook post was full of errors raising questions about whether it was hastily sent. today investigators continue to look into whether the couple
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received any outside financial support. the path to radicalization for this california couple began long before they committed mass murder in san bernardino according to the fbi. in fact, two u.s. officials tell cnn there are indications their transformation began even before isis emerged on to the world stage in june 2014. it's difficult to determine who might have helped them. >> had this couple carry ied ou this attack two years ago or a year ago, they might have gallon ed on to another organization. it happened to be that isis is the biggest, baddest on the block so they carried o out in their name. whether they were a part of that is unclear. >> a law enforcement official tells cnn syed rizwan farook at one point explored reaching out to another affiliate. a facebook post pledged
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allegiance to isis and used the word we indicating the message represented both attackers. just days before they killed 14 people, farook went to this firing range in riverside, california. a firearms instructor tells cnn farook brought his own ar-15 assault weapon to practice. >> you can't tell who comes to the range. he presented a valid i.d. came in and acted the way he normally does, the way normal people act. come in and use the range. >> the fbi is now reviewing surveillance video from the gun range and looking into this man, farook's friend and former neighbor. investigators say the two assault rifles the couple used in the attack traced back to marquez. . he has not been charged with any crime. >> right now our major concern is determining how those firearms and the rifles in
1:18 pm
particular got from marquez to farook and malik. >> two u.s. officials say malik seemed proficient with the ar-15 she used during the massacre and believed she received some level of training. the family says they had no idea they were jihadis, even though her mother lived with them in the house. >> the couple was very isolated and honestly the family was completely surprised and def sta devastated, but no one had any knowledge. >> tonight the investigation into marquez continues as well as the other associates of the couple. no arrests have been made. it's still a very active investigation. but i think what is partly thrown investigators off is this doesn't fit the track record of what past terrorism attacks we have seen. there's still a lot more work to be done. >> we are as president obama pointed out the other night in a new era of terrorist attacks. thank you so much. in pakistan a former cla
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classmate of tashfeen malik says she's shocked that the girl she once knew turned into a radicalized killer. what that classmate is telling us about tashfeen malik's love of gossip and boys, next. plus donald trump says he wants all muslims banned from entering. the u.s. what does ben carson think? he will tell us, live, ahead. ♪
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the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california. welcome back, a major part of the san bernardino terror investigation is now focused on the wife behind the attacks and her previous life in pakistan.
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tashfeen malik lived in pakistan much of her life before becoming to the u.s. and getting married. after the terrorist attack last week, pakistani police raided her family home seizing books and documents. but there are conflicting pictures emerging about her background. some describe her as extremist in her religious views. others saying she is wasn't very religious at all. cnn is on the ground and has looked into all of this. what are you learning? >> intelligence officials have raided a home here believed to have been owned by tashfeen malik's father. they took away a number of documents, academic documents, religious documents and cds. we don't know who they belong to. we do know that tashfeen malik spent some time loving there while she was studying here. her professor where she studied pharmacy has told cnn that she
1:25 pm
appeared like an ordinary girl like any other student. not too religious. she also studied at the institute. i spent some time there today trying to piece together more information about her to try to bring the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together behind the mystery u of tashfeen malik. when, where and how was she radicalized. i spent to the institute to speak to them. i conducted a telephone interview with a spokesperson who said tashfeen malik was a normal student who was confident, hard working and positive minded. nobody at the institute could have imagined that she could be behind what they termed a horrible attack that is 100% islamic. do they hold any allegiance with isis. they said absolutely not. ist ist is un-islamic and only teach islamic scripture at the institute. they wanted to distance
1:26 pm
themselves from violence and extremism. so how then did tashfeen malik become so radicalized to become the killer that we know to have participated in the shootings. we're still trying to piece that together. jake? >> thank you so much. fresh airstrikes taking out several isis terrorists in their home base, but is it enough for the first time most americans are saying no. what the pentagon is saying a about escalating this war, coming up. ( ♪ ) ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪ ♪ and a little more ♪ before ♪ he knows his own ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪
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welcome back, i'm jake tapper. as isis attacks outside the middle east, the mission to destroy the terrorist group from the skies above syria and iraq is not letting up. the pentagon reports more than 30 strikes in iraq and syria including on the capital in raqqah. should those attacks be made by u.s. ground forces in addition to fighter jets in the air?
1:31 pm
president obama told the nation sunday night he will not send combat troops to fight isis, but for the first time in a cnn rc poll most americans say they want u.s. combat troops sent to the region. 53% saying the u.s. should send troops to iraq and syria to fight isis. let's bring in correspondent barbara starr. ash carter is going to face a tough crowd on capitol hill tomorrow. lots of folks who say the u.s. is not doing enough about the terrorist threat and they are backed by many in the public. >> that's right, jake. he's going to appear before the senate armed services committee. its chairman john mccain has been one of the white house's strongest critics say iing that the u.s. military simply is not doing enough. >> reporter: iraqi security forces say they reclaimed 6 o 0%
1:32 pm
of ramadi from isis after they ran away in the face of a brutal isis onslaught. another sign of progress, up o to 1,000 turkish forces are now near mosul, iraq's second largest city. they believe they are ready to help kurdish forces try to retake that city in the coming weeks. all of this as u.s. special operations forces are getting ready to move into northern iraq and syria. a a lynch pin of the new pentagon effort to increase the fire power against isis. >> we hope to have these forces in a position to carry out their work as quickly as possible. and again, their job, their mission will be to put even more pressure on isil and particularly i'll particularly im isil i'll leadership. >> a skeptical congress to defend the military strategy. >> if we're going to be serious
1:33 pm
about, the president needs to assign the military a clear mission and allow the military to carry it out. >> the russians already stepping up their strikes warning the u.s. in advance their u warships, submarines and bombers were attacking an isis stronghold in eastern syria. it's u.s. aircraft doing most of the coalition bombing. >> we have been striking in earnest all sorts of targets from the high value human targets to command and control centers to training sites. you name it, we have been striking it. >> some partners like the saudis are reducing their participation in. the coalition. now only conducting an airstrike every few weeks according to a u.s. official. keeping arab participation now crucial. >> what happens the day after? once isis is pushed out and there's another political government put in, who is going to run it? if it's not arabs, then it's
1:34 pm
nobody. then it's going to be isis again or the son of isis. >> the u.s. and russians may be picking up the pace, but tomorrow morning on capitol hill, don't look for the defense secretary to make any fundment l changes in the u.s. strategy. the pentagon has absolutely no plans to send in a large number of ground troops. >> barbara starr, thank you so much. our politics lead today, donald trump says ban all muslims. ben carson says register and monitor every single person coming into the country. don't discriminate against religion, just everyone. how will he plan to do that? we'll ask him, next.
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welcome back to "the lead." the outrage over donald trump's most out there proposal yet to ban all muslims from traveling into. the united states until our leaders can figure out, quote, what the hell is going on. lindsey graham is telling him to go to hell. ted cruz is refusing to criticize him.
1:39 pm
let's check in with the candidate who is number two in many. polls, dr. ben carson who is in atlanta for a campaign rally. thanks so much for joining us. take a listen to former vice president dick cheney talking about the trump proposal. >> it goes against everything we stand for and believe if. >> do you think dick cheney is is right? does it go against everything you stand for and believe in? >> of course, we do not discriminate on people based on religion. that's constitutional. that's in the first amendment. e with would never want to do that. at the same time, we must recognize we have to be responsible. and we need to be looking at what kind of people we are bringing in. i think anybody of any race, creed, color, religion is welcome to come to america if
1:40 pm
they want to be americans. if they want to adopt our way of life. if they come here with a plan to change it to something else, in my opinion, they are not welcome. >> i think one of the things donald trump was talking about, though, was people who were visiting this country in addition to immigrants. . i know you said yesterday and maybe clear up if i have it wrong, i believe you said what we should be doing is that everyone who comes into this country should be registered and monitored. are you talking about all people or just people who are trying to immigrate? >> anybody who is going to be coming to our country, we need to know why they are coming. because we're living in a very special time right now. there are people out there who want to harm us who want to destroy us. therefore, we need to know. when you go and visit another country, they always want to know what's the purpose of your
1:41 pm
visit and where are you going to be staying. i don't think it's unreasonable to ask of people. >> i think u.s. customs and immigration officials do ask that. are you not talking about monotarring all the pop who come here in our country. that's 75 million. >> we can't do that. >> so let me ask you as a general principle. what should the u.s. government. be doing to be more proactive to prevent the kinds of attacks like the one we saw in san bernardino, which was after all of committed by an american citizen and his wife. >>. sure, i think there are a a number of things. first of all, we have to begin to emphasize to the population that they must be vigilant. they must pay attention and must be willing to report things. even if it's a false positive. still, it's better to have several of them that are false alarms if you can catch the one that is not. i think we also really need to
1:42 pm
monitor the internet much more carefully so that we get early warning about radicalization and also we need to be count erieri some of the messages that are being given. they frequently seek out disaffected people and take advantage of that. e we need to be spreading a different message to those people and we also should be using our cyber capabilities to disrupt what they are doing. some people say that's dirty cool, but if they are doing dirty things, dirty pool is okay in that situation. i think we should be in contact with the clerics talking to them about how they need to help us identify people who are becoming radicalized or who are radicalized and how do we distinguish that. because if they can't distinguish them, how are they expecting us to distinguish them. if we can't distinguish them, that obviously is going to affect a lot of things.
1:43 pm
>> everything you said sounds perfectly reasonable. i think that the u.s. government is trying all of the things you just said, all of the steps you outline. maybe not doing it enough or as effectively as they should be, but i don't think there's one thing i haven't heard the bush administration and the obama administration announce they are trying to do. >> right, and it's a matter, i think, of us really emphasizing it. emphasizing to people that you're not being racist, you're not being islam phobic if you're doing this. that's something we need to emphasize. i think we really need to emphasize to the clerics and e moms that we need them. the majority of muslim people are not out to harm us. if you look around the world, the isis and jihadist movement so people these are victims too. and what happens is they tend to
1:44 pm
be afraid to say anything because they think they will be targeted. we've got to give them some assurances that they are going to be protected. and i believe that many of them will be able to, at that point, feel a little more comfortable. obviously, americans will feel a lot more comfortable when they hear instances of muslims turning in radicals. i think that's going to change the equation tremendously when we see that starting to happen. >> i have heard from a lot of republicans that said donald trump's proposal is not only bigoted, as you suggested and contrary to the pibill of right but it's not smart. it would turn muslims against the united states, would alienate muslims, in this country. what's your take on that? >> well, of course, it would.
1:45 pm
besides that, it's just not who we are. we are not a people who react in a fearful way. when you talk about prejudice, prejudice is generally born out of fear and ignorance. that's not who we are. we have learned a lot over the years. this doesn't mean that we just turn a blind eye and just let anybody in and say it's okay. obviously, the vetting process for the terrorists who carried out the attack in san bernardino was not effective. that tells us there's more that we need to do. but as long as we understand that, we can be compassionate and we can be smart at the same time. and speaking of that, there are alternatives to bringing syrian refugees here. i've talked about that. >> go ahead, i know you recently
1:46 pm
visited a syrian refugee camp. i believe it was in jordan. what did you take away from that experience? >> i actually visited more than one refugee camp. i made it a point to talk to the syrians who were very friendly and very open to me, which i just want to make the point that some people said they wouldn't be because they said i called them dogs, which i didn't and they know i didn't. but at any rate, i said, what's your real desire? their desire was to be resettled in syria. and i said well what could america and orr countries do to help? they said support the efforts of jordanians and others who are trying to provide safe haven for us. there was a lot of access capacity there, but there wasn't money to take care of people. there was a brand new hospital, but it wasn't open because there
1:47 pm
wasn't money to open it. a lot less money it would take to resettle people. we could be providing what they need. we also need to be looking at syria itself. if you look at the northeast segment of that country that is controlled by the kurds, they have hospitals and hotels and airports and all kinds of things there. i believe that they would welcome many of their patriots who are in that area of the country if they had the means to protect them. we seem to only want to work with the kurds when we have a specific project. we can give them a lot of military equipment. they are very trust worthy. i believe they could be tremendous allies if we would put a little more trust in them. >> let me turn to politics in the last few minutes that it we have left. donald trump said of you this morning, quote, i think he's
1:48 pm
finished as a normminenominee. that might be a little premature, but it is true that in early november you were neck and neck with trump in iowa and the latest poll shows you have dropped to third place there. why do you think your poll numbers are sliding? >> well, polls go. up and down. when people were asking me when i was polling at the top spot was i excited, i u said, no, because polls go up and down. i think you will see them continuing to rise at this stage of the game. very few people can sustain the kind of attacks that i have had and still be at this level. so that tells you there's a very strong base of support there. and as people continue to listen carefully to what i'm saying and recognizing that it's perfectly reasonable, the other thing is i'm not a highly partisan
1:49 pm
person. the things i talk about, they are not democrat or republican issues. they are american issues. and there comes a time when we as americans have to recognize that our strength is in our unity. and we have to reject all the divisiveness and let's talk about what actually works for this country. we're at the precipice and we're going to go one way or another. are we going to be an america that is of, for and by the people that embraces the principles that made us great? or are we going to turn into a european-style nation? we have to make that decision. that's coming up verien soon. >> a lot of republicans have been fearful for a long time that donald trump would leave the party and run in a third party independent bid. donald trump tweet ed today tha a large majority of his supporters would vote for him even if he left the party to run as an independent. it seems a direct threat that he might leave. how much would that hurt the
1:50 pm
party, do you think, if he didn't get the nomination and he was running a as a third party candidate? >> well, i believe that the party has pledged to be fair to him and to be fair to everybody. so i don't see wherein that would be necessary, quite frankly. obviously, if the people choose him, i think we have an obligation to respect the will of the people. >> dr. ben carson, thank you so much. appreciate your coming on the show. >> thank you. >> donald trump says he will tell muslims trying to enter the towse fwo. back home. his rival says trump should, quote, go to hell. what side are republicans on? we'll ask our panel, next.
1:52 pm
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welcome back to kwlt the lead." donald trump's proposal to bar muslims from entering. the u.s. until congress can figure out what's going on. democrats and republicans across the presidential field are condemning the front runner. i'm joined by s.e. cupp and katrina pearson. that plan is not who we are. that it's contrary to the bill of rights and that we are not a nation that reacts in a fearful way. how do you respond to ben carson? >> ben carson has been walking his comments back since he got
1:56 pm
in the race considering he was the one that said he wouldn't have a muslim as president. he's a very nice man. he's just simply not a wartime commander. >> s.e., what your thoughts on trump's comments yesterday about this blanket ban? >> i think, as you pointed out to ben carson, it's pretty dumb. there's really no way to ensure that people coming to either visit or move here are telling you the truth about the religion or as carson suggested what they plan to do in the country. i'm sure no one is going to come in and say i'm going to be a terrorist in your country. so it just doesn't make a will the of sense. i think it gives isis exactly what it wants, which makes us less safe. i also think it's pretty morally repulsive and i think it's unconstitutional and un-american. i don't see a shred of what donald trump is suggesting that is conservative by nature at
1:57 pm
all. i'm not really sure what his supporters are turned on by here. he can't deliver on happen of the promises he's made because they will either need congress to go. bananas and go crazy or to change the constitution. i think he's beginning to be a disappointing president if he get. s elected. >> speaker paul ryan of the house not only condemned donald trump's proposal saying it's not who we are as a party or a nation. e he also privately said that if republicans follow trump's lead on this it will sink the party. how can he get congress to go along when that's the kind of language coming from paul ryan? >> speaker ryan and the rest of the establishment haven't really been pushing republican values to begin with. but just in response to s.e., there's no constitutional requirement to allow anyone to emigrate to the united states and there's already u.s. laws on the books giving congress the authority to ban immigration
1:58 pm
from nations that are hostile towards america. this is really nothing new. and mr. trump doesn't really care what isis thinks or isis wants. all he cares about is the american public. since we're talking about paul ryan, we're talking about reforming the visa system. we're talking about stopping the refugees from coming because the fbi says there is no way to process or vet these people appropriately. homeland security director says we know for a fact through the counterterrorism center that the refugees have been infiltrated. he's saying we need to put a pause on bringing more people into this country until those things are put into place. it's just that simple. >> it's not that simple. that's why so many people on both sides of the aisle have come out and denounced this. it's not nothing new, as you say. there really is something new to the idea of banning an entire religious group from entering the country as a pause or a temporarily as it may be, that is new. that's not who we are.
1:59 pm
that's not what we do. >> we have done that before. >> it's completely illegal. it would conflict with parts of the constitution involving due process and parts of the constitution involving the freedom of religion. so it would be a big hurdle for donald trump to convince this congress or any congress to allow the united states to ban people base d on the religion from entering the country. and pedaling this un-american, unconstitutional garbage has got to stop. we need republicans to win again and he is making that impossible. >> yes, this country has done it before. never in united states history have we ever allowed insurgents to come across these borders. >> no one is talking about allowing insurgents. you're talking about not allowing muslims. no one is talking about insurgents. >> yes, arab nations. so what, they are muslim. >> so what?
2:00 pm
that's not the america we live in. >> it is. but it is. simply because you have people coming across through the refugee system and the visa system including the woman that came in san bernardino on a visa system as well as some of the 9/11 hijackers. we have to put a pause to better vet these people. >> thank you both. that's it. i'm turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room" right now. happening now, breaking news, outrage donald trump drawidraw ing criticism for proposing a ban on muslims. a new cnn poll shows him with a kmabding lead in a key primary state. can he maintain it? cnn is learning new details about the online message posted by the san bernardino terrorists. unable to spell the name of the isis leader and leaving investigators baffled by what they omitted. tonight