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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  December 17, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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you heard jeb bush say this tonight about donald trump. [ inaudible ] >> but is tough talk enough to turn his campaign around. also tonight you know the words from the declaration of independence, words that define america and promise the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. but where do you draw the line between liberty and safety? where do you stand? metal detectors at disney world, government reading your text and e-mails, shutting down the
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internet itself? what will it take to keep the nation safe? i want to start with jeb bush and what he told john berman. i know -- we were there and saw him take on donald trump in the debate. what is he saying now? >> it's clearly a new jeb bush. and you can tell by watching him on the debate stage and on the stump. i talked to him some about donald trump. it's a subject that jeb bush seems now after several months excited to talk about and excited to hit hard. listen. >> this guy's not going to win the nomination. that's the basic point. he's not going to win the nomination because he's not a serious candidate. and all the other candidates seem to be intimidated by him but i'm not. he's a bully. he's not a serious candidate. we need to change direction as it rilts to national security.
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>> it's interesting. you saw his superpac backing jeb bush put out a commercial today, a video that has been on the air waves talking about donald trump, it says that jeb bush is the only candidate willing to stand up to the bullies. >> we don't usually see jeb bush doing interviews and people have been complaining. why does donald trump get so much coverage and press? he agrees to a lot of interviews. jeb bush i imagine is feeling he should do primetime and cable and not just fox news. >> he is out there more for sure. i think it is part of the new push that he is trying to, do going into the holidays and new hampshire and iowa, he's going to be in new hampshire more than half the time leading up to the new hampshire primary. they are doing this thing called project new hampshire. but this focus on trump poses problems because his campaign is saying they are doing due
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diligence to look into whether or not jeb bush could back out of the pledge. >> what did they say? >> jeb bush told me he didn't know his campaign was doing due diligence. i pushed him. what about that do you think he could be the nominee? would you support donald trump over hillary clinton? would he make a better president than hillary clinton? >> i don't think hillary clinton is going to be elected president of the united states. her proposals aren't much better. >> would he make a better president than hillary clinton. >> i learned not to answer questions. that's what you do in political discourse. you answer what you want to say. >> so you're just not going to answer outright? don't republican voters deserve to know. you are attacking donald trump every day now. so do you think he would make a better president. >> i don't think he is
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qualified -- >> i would be a better president than hillary clinton. >> what about donald trump? >> my point is -- he is not qualified to be commander-in-chief of the united states of america's greatest fighting force. and he's had a chance to bone up, god willing he'll start doing it. but it looks like this is all about him and not about creating strategies to keep us safe. the world is turned asunder and up with side down because of the lack of american leadership. >> was that a weird attempt at a joke or did he believe he didn't have to answer your question? >> you have heard him say that in print before. he has to learn better to shift the answers he gives to the questions and not answer directly. i was taken aback to hear him say i learned not to answer questions outright. you can tell that jeb bush thinks he is more qualified to be president of the united states than more than anyone on the stage and he is disgusted about the lack of knowledge that
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trump has on certain issues. >> he's the sober candidate, donald trump likes to call it low energy. he's the adult in the room. donald trump's attacks on jeb bush have been a feature of his campaign, pretty much difference day one. listen to what he told jimmy kimmel last night. >> do you think jeb bush scared of you or just scared in general? >> i think he's scared. he is having a hard time. >> do you think he wants to run for president? >> no. he was a happy warrior but he has never been a happy warrior and he is having a hard time running. he was supposed to be because of the name he was the odds on favorite. and i defined him. i gave him the this term low-energy. i said he is a low-energy individual. we don't need a low energy -- >> we don't need me for sure. >> let's discuss now.
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van jones is here. and republican strategist sherry jacoby is joining us and john berman as well. van, clearly they have got under each other's skin. >> what is interesting you have a jeb that wants to talk about issues, trump has made this be about attributes. who has low energy or high energy and who is tough, tough, tough even if they don't know anything. bush is so frustrated he is beginning to take on the attributes of being tough and showing strength finally. even though he wants to be the issues guy he has to be an attributes guy and show more toughness. >> doesn't this only help jeb bush because jeb bush is polling at 3 or 4% and donald trump is in one poll in the 40s. >> i think bush is being strong
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and doing something he should have done this summer. the fact that donald trump is responding to him is not surprising. donald trump can't help himself. he has to respond to everybody. anything that he considers a sleight. but should he be responding? if he were a smart guy, probably not. but trump doesn't care. he says anything. frankly i think he is helping jeb bush because jeb did take a swing. he seems like a gentleman and he is not comfortable with it but he will do it and he got under trump's skin. >> that was the gist of my question. why would he do it? to joke about not answering a question. was it is joke? are we reading to much into this? >> the man is running for president of the united states. it is up to him to define his campaign. god bless you but i thought you pushed too hard on that question. why should a man say that he would vote for anybody other
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than himself. >> he took a pledge to support -- >> he took a pledge to support. >> he signed a pledge to support the republican nominee and his campaign is doing due diligence to see if he can get out of it. >> up donald trump has done and said things that are surprising to a lot of people and considered unacceptable. so because there are serious people taking a second look and taking the risk and take the criticism that may come their way by saying you know what i may not be able to stick to this pledge, that shows courage. >> do you see in any way jeb bush being the comeback kid. this is like no other race we have ever seen. >> jeb bush is in full kamikaze mode right now. it's a fool's errand and it's not going to work. the ad calls trump a bully. if trump is a bully, the people that trump is representing have been bullied by the gop
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establishment for the past eight years. they see mr. trump as a defender. calling him a bully is helping mr. trump and fortifying why people like him. >> you don't believe that, sherry? >> i don't believe that. i think that mr. trump's act is wearing thin. we are seeing the results now in iowa where you don't have a national media. mr. trump gets twice the media of all the other candidates combined. in iowa where there is retail politicking and local ads it's a more realistic view he is not doing as well. >> we have talked about that whole thing about getting more coverage because you know, that's a misnomer. donald trump says yes to interviews, other candidates don't say yes to interviews. if hillary clinton or jeb bush -- we would have them on. >> you cover his rallies wall to wall. you are not covering the event -- >> there was no other --
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>> we are not talking just the interviews. >> point taken. i want to get this in. we talked about this a lot. a jeb bush superpac ad put out today going after donald trump. >> one candidate tough enough to take on the bully. >> donald you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. >> one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis and keep america safe. >> the united states should lead a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. >> tested and proven leadership matters, jeb bush. >> even people who like jeb bush are saying it took too long to get to this point. do you think their minds are made up? >> you never know. i think it took too long. it's important to respect that jeb bush not only did he take on
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donald trump but took on an important issue saying you can't go out here and insult all the muslims. it's bad for american foreign policy and security. i thought that showed real courage. a lot of the republicans gave him a pass on that. jeb bush did stand up on that. it is important we respect that. when you have a national leader like a trump who is the most covered american in the world, more so than obama antagonizing 1.6 billion people and saying you are not willing to come to the country and no one stands up, that's bad. he is showing strength on an important issue. that is important to point out. >> it's interesting, that's what jeb bush told me too, he said he is the only one willing to stand up to jeb bush. his ad is the saying the same thing. i want to agree and disagree with everyone. i think it helps jeb bush and it presents himself as a strong alternative. i don't think it hurts donald trump. i think calling him a bully
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isn't going to hurt him. who it does hurt is everyone else in the establishment lane in new hampshire, chris christie, marco rubio, john kasich. it muddles the field there even more. if jeb bush rises, they sink, donald trump doesn't move. >> calling donald trump a bully, surprise. shocking. hang on. you'll get another chance after this. john, thanks for dropping by. i know you have to get up and anchor the morning show. >> it's a lot of pressure. >> we appreciate it. and everyone else stick with with me. six weeks to iowa. and arguments at the holiday table are as american as apple pie. why did one ivy league school give instructions on how to talk to their family about hot button issues? is it pc run amok?
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won't be long until the first voters have a chance to cast their first ballots and the crowded gop will narrow. okay, so i'm curious, we're about six weeks away from the iowa caucus. that is a lifetime in politics, i think. do you think the race has come down to a final four? trump, cruz, rubio, and maybe christie? >> i think so. i think we know it's probably trump, rubio, cruz, christie i think, carson is going to hang in there for a while but i don't see how he lasts very well. and the others will drop out. i wish they would drop out sooner taking up the time on the debate stage when there clearly was a main show. it's time to narrow down this field a little bit. >> you want to look at iowa.
7:17 pm
iowa is evangelicals, ted cruz is going to rule it. anyone who has looked at pat robertson and santorum knows cruz is going to be there. it's going to be three, not four in order for the establishment to survive the others have to stay out. but you add up the categories, they don't contend with the 39, 40% that donald trump has. >> the establishment versus the anti-establishments. i would say the moderates versus the extremist. you have a moderate lane who are more helpful in defeating isis. in that lane you have jeb bush and marco rubio. and then you have a wing that sounds more hateful and less helpful when it comes with dealing with muslims and you have ted cruz and a donald trump. there are two primarying going on. who is going to represent the
7:18 pm
helpful wing and who is going to represent the wing that sounds hateful. rubio is struggling. he cannot breakthrough because you're right, there is not enough of a clearing of the field for the moderates. >> we're not talk -- >> i love how you are on the other side defining us. >> and that helpful wing is what we've had for the last eight years and have lost with. i look at the other side, look at the left and they are also divided and they are the socialists or the progressives. but in the end they are all the same. >> what matters -- >> let sherry get in. >> we are looking at the polling in the states that has trump way ahead. really it doesn't matter. when you look at how it is in iowa, donald trump is going to lose iowa. >> iowa does not matter. the last two people who have won it -- >> you are going to -- >> let her finish. >> donald trump is going to lose iowa.
7:19 pm
>> he is going to come in second place. it's not losing. and -- >> we don't get along. >> there's only one winner. >> second place in iowa. >> there is another poll that has trump in iowa pretty much in a tie with rubio. so we'll see if -- >> third place, wow out of 13 candidates. where did you learn math. >> and we're looking at new hampshire, with trump coming off of a loss in iowa -- >> it's not a loss. >> that gives rubio or christie a shot to win new hampshire if trump does not win either of those two states, he loses his entire talking points and his mojo. it's going to completely change the dynamic. >> everyone gets a trophy here because you know, you come in -- one or two or -- you get a trophy. >> i love sherry thinking that coming in second place, they are
7:20 pm
all conservatives in new hampshire, trump is going to win. the south he does very well. she loves to pick and choose her polls but she doesn't like ted cruz either. she doesn't like him less than what she likes donald trump. >> i don't think you -- >> you're a hater, sherry. it's the truth. >> i think that ted cruz would be much more acceptable than donald trump. >> for now. >> and that is a widespread sentiment. he has misstepped in the last few days. i think he has made a mistake and he is paying for it and by digging in his heels he is paying for it even more. he got caught in a lie. he is lying in 2013 or he is lying now. i think he is a good man who has gone astray a little bit. i think he can clean that up. >> scotty, please stand by. i respect all of you but let's
7:21 pm
keep the name calling to a minimum here. >> ted cruz is the most hated man on capitol hill. fareed zakaria has a new piece now. all the republicans attack the president over not using that terminology why is it so significant it is called radical islam. >> radical islam because you want to separate saying there are good peaceful muslims. let's call the ones who are not radicals. you are quick to judge and say extreme conservatives. they still believe in the same god, they still believe in the same god but they have taken it to a different round. you want to separate them, the president needs to call them. muslims call them extremists, radical islamists. >> go ahead, van. >> this is very, very important to. call these -- this death cult
7:22 pm
islamic is to elevate them. actually what they desperately want to be called and the fact that the president refuses to honor a death cult is one of the most important things that he has done. part of what is interesting is if you know muslims and you actually -- we have 6 million muslims in america. dentists, doctors, people who own stores and restaurants. if you talk to those folks the tone and tenor coming from the republican party is making muslim parents very, very afraid for their children, afraid for their spouses, this -- you have to understand at a certain point, this president's tone is a good thing and the idea that we're going to be able to essentially cast dispersions against the entire faith that's what you do -- i get emotional about this. >> i'm running out of time. >> if i came on tv and said a
7:23 pm
bunch of white guys were shooting up stuff so therefore you are going to do something to all white people i would be seen as a racist. and that's why people are so upset. >> here's the thing, words matter a lot. and we have a president who refuses to call this what it is and a republican front runner says that muslims need to be banned -- >> please don't interrupt. >> make her tell the truth. >> let her finish. >> we have a president who will not call this what it is. it should not surprise anyone that the american people are scared and confused and don't trust their elected leaders. we have hillary clinton who refuses to call it radical islamic terrorism which is what it is, both sides are messing up on this. they deserve better from their president and the candidates running for president.
7:24 pm
you can't blame the american people. >> last word. thank you very much. coming up, the man who says the lesson of the debate is you can't outtrump trump. that's frank rich. he joins me. now more than ever america's electricity comes from cleaner- burning natural gas. and no one produces more of it than exxonmobil. helping dramatically reduce u.s. emissions. because turning on the lights... isn't as simple as just flipping a switch. energy lives here. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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terp report fears ramping up across the country. they installed metal detectors at disney world today. and in the race for the white house, the candidates are going head to head on the best way to keep america safe. let discuss now. frank rich is here. i hope you are having a great holiday season. we heard about carpet bombing and killing innocent family members, terrorists and trying to prevent muslims from coming to the u.s. i know you have a few thoughts on that. >> everyone is trying to outtrump trump. trump has said he would bomb the you know what out of isis and he would keep all muslims out of america. so the rest of the field is just trying to duplicate him. but you can't imitate the genuine jerk. in my opinion. >> i said no name calling.
7:29 pm
keep it to a minimum. >> a genuine bloviater, whatever. >> you don't do better than the original. but people do have legitimate concerns. you call it threat inflation. but the talk around the country, they are legitimately scared. >> they should be. we all have legitimate concerns and anyone traveling over the holiday has to think twice and i think you shouldn't have kids with toy guns anyway, perhaps but certainly not in disneyland where someone might mistake them for something else. but you can't have solutions that are not real solutions but just bluster and just basically carpet bombing the threat out of existence. >> how do you decide. disney was okay but some of the suggestions from the candidates are not prudent? >> i don't think you get
7:30 pm
anywhere vilifying an entire religion. you just support the propaganda of isis which says that's what the west wants to do. we have to have the same policing and intelligence policies as everyone else. >> that is tough talk and it happened a lot on the stage on tuesday night. are there any policies that are the best way to fight terror? >> the best way to do it is essentially what obama has proposed. to get a coalition and step up united. >> you didn't hear anything on the stage that is worthy? >> it was just generalities. carpet bombing. what does that mean? bomb isis, what does that mean? if isis was in one town and we could wipe it out of the face of the earth i would be all for it, but they are not that stupid. >> this is donald trump on jimmy
7:31 pm
kimmel live last night. >> you have guys like lindsey graham who has zero. they are on the children's stage. i call it the children's stage and they are talking. they have nothing going and at a certain point you have to get out. >> do you think he is right about some of the candidates? with extremely low poll numbers, should they drop out at this point? >> they should do what they want. they are not harming anyone. they have no votes. >> they have 18 million people to watch them up on the stage the other night. >> including the children's table as he put it? >> and not one vote has been cast. we haven't even had the first primary. >> it's the republican party's business. if people want to keep running they have the right of free speech and that is just trump doing an amusing comedy routine for late night television.
7:32 pm
>> his lead keeps growing. ann coulter says all of the rest should drop out. no unwith else is resonating. you think that is working at least as a campaign tactic, would that work? >> you have to have competition and he has to face the voters. >> everyone says that hillary clinton has no competition when you look at the poll numbers. >> but no one should say he should drop out. he is unlikely to vanquish her. >> and don't come after me -- >> me either. >> i mean the poll numbers. >> and he raises legitimate issues and forces hillary clinton to think about them and debate them. the same thing is happening in the republican party. >> yeah. so we've been talking a lot about terrorism. that's the issue now. it used to be the economy. now it's terrorism. we don't know what it's going to be in a year. >> politics can turn on a dime and anything could happen. weird things, bizarre things could happen and have nothing to
7:33 pm
do with either of these issues. >> i want to go to this, right? this is this harvard place card. and this was distributed by the harvard college administrators. a holiday placement for social justice instructing students how to answer questions. one question is about the yale student activism. why are black students complaining? shouldn't they be happy to be in college and here is what your response is, when i hear students expressing their experiences of racism on campus i hear young people uplifting a situation that i may not experience. if non-black students get the privilege of that safe environment, i believe the same privilege should be given to all students. and there is another question that was asked about islamaphobia. now, the administration has since apologized saying there is
7:34 pm
more diversity on our campus than that. but what is going on? >> i think it's insane. i'm a graduate of harvard. this is motorsportifying. here is where i degree with the fact that political correctness has gotten out of hand. >> here is some of the advice. it says listen mindfully before formulating a response. breathe, ask questions, affirm, clarify the difference between the good intentions and the impact. speak from a place of mutual interest sharing personal experiences and emotions. >> did this appear in "the onion?" >> that's what we thought when we saw it.
7:35 pm
and there is one about islamaphobia. we shouldn't let anyone in from syria. we can't guarantee that terrorists won't infiltrate the ranks of the refugees and here is your response. the u.s. has been accepting refugees from war torn areas around the world for decades. they had a very strict vetting and not one -- if -- sorry. then it goes on. i lost my place here. but it goes on to tell you about racial justice includes welcoming syrian refugees. is this sort of indoctrineating people? >> i am jewish.
7:36 pm
jewish refugees from hitler were thought to be hiding nazis. but harvard should let the kids think for themselves not give them scripts. it's a vote of no confidence in the university. >> that is a very mature person. to disagree with someone but allow them the freedom of thought. because that's what we are about. since we have been so hard on harvard. two harvard deans apologize for this. to suggest there is only one point of view on each of these issues runs counter to our educational goals. moving forward we will, with your continued input support the growth and development of independent minds. does that satisfy you, frank rich? >> it does. when i went to harvard there
7:37 pm
were almost no minority students. they should look at their own history rather than write scripts for their own students. >> merry christmas, happy holidays, happy kwan za, happy hanukkah, happy new year. thank you, sir. i appreciate you coming in as alls. up next, metal detectors at the magic kingdom. how far are we willing to go in the war against terrorism. this, i'm hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security.
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in the midst of the holiday
7:41 pm
season many americans, especially those who are traveling are worried about terrorism. i want to talk about this with rula jabril and alan dershowitz. i love the title so much i can't tell you how much. it's very clever on so many levels. >> i appreciate it. >> julia to you first. let start with what president obama said today after speaking at the national counterterrorism center. >> at this moment our counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. that said, we have to be vigilant. >> so the san bernardino attack came out of the blue. so how reassuring is that statement? >> it's not very reassuring but it's very honest.
7:42 pm
look, in these cases that we're now seeing the likelihood that law enforcement is going to be able to disrupt every single one of them is relatively low and the american public knows it. most americans recognize if they are radicalizing on their own and have access to guns and we have an infinite number of soft targets in this country we may not get to zero but we can try to be safer. the president is trying to reclaim a narrative about his counterterrorism efforts from the noise that you're hearing from the other side which is suggesting that if we only bomb more or not allow muslims in that there will be peace on earth. and no one practically actually thinks that. >> so listen, juliette, i said it came out of the blue but some would say we should have been expecting something like this.
7:43 pm
>> you know, don, we do expect it and people are working incredibly hard to stop threats we may not know about to make it harder for people to communicate and plan a massive attack like what we saw on 9/11 and people do actually know that maybe something is amiss but those people are not law enforcement. they are the community. they are the family, they are the mother who is living in the apartment, the friend who lives next door and if you think or anyone thinks that having law enforcement go at war with those communities is actually the way to get information from them or to get them involved with the homeland security, because it's their homeland too, it's delusional. everyone knows -- look, if you look at the urban riots in the 1970s, all white police departments learned that they had to integrate and go about working with communitying through something called community policing.
7:44 pm
they cooperate with the communities they are policing. that has worked for the most part. it's the same thing in counterterrorism. we don't need to do things that not only are un-american but anyone in counterterrorism knows they will be uneffective. >> a new washington post poll shows that 77% of americans doubt the government can prevent a lone wolf attack. does that feel like a reasonable assessment to you? >> it does and juliette is right. we have always had to strike an uncomfortable balance between doing too much to prevent terrorism and too little or not doing enough. it is a very difficult balance to strike. we'll never get to zero particularly with lone wolves. we overdo it. the pendulum swings very, very widely. but we have to take additional
7:45 pm
steps more than in the past. disneyland is a perfect example. yes, metal detectors but no racial profiling. >> ole, you and i have discussed this recently about how the terrorists use this telegram app to hide their communication. james comey says that tech companies should work with the government to unlock encorruption. do you think that encryption should be illegal? >> we should have this conversation in this country but also in congress. i mean, it should be lawful, whatever they decide it should be lawful. we dismantle our democracy in this process. so far it was not lawful and that's why the snowden files came out. but what i want to say about these attacks is there is a difference between what happened in france and what happened
7:46 pm
here. what happened in france was operational. the overwhelming majority of the foreign fighters went to syria or trained in syria or went to iraq. the people here in this country it was inspirational. they go online. this way it's hard to track down and to find out. the overwhelming majority of the people that were arrested, the kouachi brothers, they posted on social media. it was not encrypted. it was analyzing the data. that's why you need the muslim community, the idea of if you see something, saying somethin it's the most eloquent idea in terrorism. the fbi and the police managed to stop them because the muslim community managed to tell information and give -- >> but there were people not in the muslim community at least this is what they're saying to
7:47 pm
news operations is they were afraid when they saw something to say something because they didn't want to be called xenophobic. >> so we need to create an awareness. i would not -- i would look at the data that we have. look, i study the middle east for a long time. i come from the middle east. i know what police state manage to do. whoever is endorsing banning muslim and oppression look at police state. do they work out well? they did not. egypt produced torture chambers and mass radicalization. >> i do think we cannot retain the status quo on the internet. you have donald trump and hillary clinton both trying to start a debate about how we can turn the internet from a weapon that is now being used both the encryption and the incitement
7:48 pm
and at least think about whether there are smart ways consistent with civil liberties of turning the internet into a weapon against terrorism rather than a weapon just used by terrorism. can we do that without unduly diminishing privacy rights? that's the hard question. and both of those candidates are asking that question. >> hold that thought. and juliette we'll get to you after the break. everyone stay with me. when we come back, why is the reaction to a mass shooting different when it is a terror attack motivated by islam? i want the group to weigh in on that. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours,
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and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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are we really willing to give up some of our freedoms to be safe? back with me is my panel. i think that is a very good question. juliette i want to ask you about enrique marquez who authorities believe bought to two assault rifles in the killings. he said farook was worried it would be a red flag if he bought too many guns. it was easier for marquez to buy a gun than farook.
7:53 pm
is that true? >> in marquez's mind that is true. this is a man who entered a mental facility on the day of the attacks. and the fbi doesn't want the judge to determine he is not a valid witness or defendant. i know a lot object these cases. these big terrorism cases, the fbi is charging him to find out the bigger picture. in other words whether there is a plea offer so he gets less time, that shouldn't matter to us. the smaller fish are less important than understanding the entire enterprise that led to this tragedy in san bernardino. i think this is just a move by the fbi to begin some plea arrangement. >> for decades in this country there have been mass shootings. that is an unfortunate truth. why is the response so different because the shootings were carried out by muslims and
7:54 pm
motivated by terror? >> because we are afraid it is art of a larger plan. isis has indicated it wants to come to american shores and destroy our freedom and kill our people. we worry more about a part of a large plan than isolated incidents. but if you think some of the great terrorist attacks in this country have been committed by white, quote, patriots who think they are doing the right thing. >> we will continue with this. but i want you to hear this. there is a debate on tuesday about how to keep the country safe. here it is. >> are you open to closing parts of the internet? >> i would certainly open to closing areas where we are at war with somebody. i sure at hell don't want to let people that want to kill us and kill our nation use our internet. yes, sir, i am. >> i think we defeat terrorism by showing them we do not fear them. i think if we ban certain
7:55 pm
religions, if we censor the internet the terrorists will have won. >> which is won? >> rand paul, absolutely. you cannot win it by shutting down internet and oppressing your own community. what happened today is the anniversary of the arab spring. five years ago, a man in tunisia set himself on fire and changed the arab spring. they were asking three things, freem do, democracy, and social justice. these are american values. we need to tap into those values and promote them in these countries so they can defeat isis and the islamic state. and internet will help us. in this battle of idea while isis is promoting images from babies killed in gaza and iraq we can promote other things to dismantle this ideology. >> every modern technology from the book to fire to electricity
7:56 pm
has both served the interests of democracy and the interests of our enemies. we have to learn how to harness the new technology to help us and not allow it to be used against us. >> we are out of time. we will have you back. we appreciate all of you. we'll be right back, everyone. o, and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? invest in your heart health, with kellogg's raisin bran. no crying today... at&t knows the best kind of holiday... is the kind where everyone gets what they wished for. make this holiday extra happy when you buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones... like the samsung galaxy s6. buy one get one free. so spread some cheer. and capture every minute of it. right now at at&t, buy one get one free on our most popular smartphones.
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tonight. that is it unfortunately or fortunately. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. "ac360" starts in just a moment. good evening i'm john berman in for anderson tonight. we begin with breaking news, the first arrest in the san bernardino terror attack and new details about the attacks, plural that one of the killers planned months before the shooting. enrique marquez bought the guns used. tonight he is in custody and facing three charges. the shooters were killed as they fled from police. what we are learning from court documents deeply disturbing. pamela brown joins me now with more. these attacks that enrique marquez is being charged with planning with syed farook a few years ago,


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