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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  December 18, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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them. >> see, that is what we can do by helping others. we don't have to have thousands or millions to help somebody. >> i will say i hope the compassion and outreach to the homeless continues jond just christmas. >> me too and i hope they have learned their lesson. >> hey poppy. >> good morning. newsroom begins right now. i'm poppy harlow for my friend carol costello. in just a few hours president obama will hold his year end news conference. weigh heavily will be the nation's deepening concerns over terrorism. also the president travels today to san bernardino california, the sight of the terrorist attacks and will meet with the
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families of those killed in the shooting rampage just two weeks ago. the attacks at least inspired by isis, investigators are now charged the killer's former neighbor enrique marquez s. he says he unwillingly supplied some of the assault rifles used in the attacks. you have been been digging into this. now he's got three major counts against him. >> he does. and one of the things really interesting about this case is the material support for terrorism charge. really focuses on a 2012 not palat that -- plot that marquez and farook never carried out. they have been cooperating the fbi and marquez for over a week providing all sorts of information. one of the things they had was
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to attack a library or cafeteria at the community college where the two were former students and they would use pipe bombs and guns to t guns to attack and maximize the casualties. the second plan was to attack a highway, they even chose a stretch that had no exits. and the idea was for farook to throw pipe bombs to disable cars and then go down and shoot people driving inside those cars. and marquez should sit on a hill and shoot at law enforcement or rescuers as they were trying to rescue people. >> very detailed. >> and no red flags and this was back in 2010, 2012. >> right. >> this criminal complaint you got on hands on last night also details how he reached out to authorities the day after the san bernardino attack? >> he did. just sever hours later he was at work and then went home
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apparently. and that's when the attacks happen and calls 911. and one of the things he mentioned is he wants to commit suicide and that is the reason. and he describes how he knows who carries out the attack and he says how farook is using his guns. and you can see the exchange there with the operator and says he was the shooter and describes how he had given farook the ability to hold his guns for him. >> and the 911 operator says how do you know it is your gun. >> they can trace all the guns back to me. >> so clearly he knows now he is in trouble. so he checks himself into a mental health facility, and that is where the fbi finds him shorlt after. >> and he's been talking. >> right. and the center of the charge is the fact that he's bought the two military style rifles used to carry out this attack. >> right.
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if you know someone will -- >> the reason why is he bought these knowing farook didn't want to go through a background check. >> i want to bring in another guest. when you look at the radicalization here, this is what's fascinating to me,ive p has pointed this out as well. do we have any sense of the turning point for his radicalization? as it appears now, farook, his wife didn't have any direct contact with terrorist groups. the neighbor didn't have any direct contact. so what was the turning point? >> well, for enrique marquez it appearance the turning point was meeting farook all the way back in 2005. farook introduced him to islam, he was an islamic convert and then radicalized him, brainwashed to be his sidekick over the years. farook already radical for many years and then radicalizing this
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neighbor enrique marquez and bringing him in it seems as a junior partner into all of this plotting stretching all of the way back to 2011, 2012. one big factor we are finding out from these court document, the deceased american terrorist killed by a drone strike in september 2011, who inspired and radicalized a generation of americans and westerners to launch attacks just like the boston bombers -- >> who was also an american. evan, when you look at this you say this will be a fascinating case study in radicalization. why? >> especially because marquez is one of these guys, he's kind of rare, frankly. someone who goes right up to the precipice. plots this extremely detailed
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attack. it is fascinating to see how they got in their intention and then he backs away. he gets cold feet. and then from what we know he appears to have become less religious. he appears to have a turned away from islam in more recent years. so we don't have a lot of these guys. usually when people get to this stage they go and they do something. or the fbi locks them up, gets them into a sting. so we don't know the rest of the story. this guy, i think behavioral specialists are going to want a lot more about what happened to him and i think that is going an interesting study the next couple of years. >> and just yesterday we saw a number of federal charges filed against two men. one in california, one in pennsylvania. unrelated cases. both accused of again just like marquez is accused of now trying to provide material support to terrorists. what do you make of the fact that -- and i know the fbi has open cases in all 50 states. but now we see two more of these
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people accused of this. >> yeah. and we've seen fifty people being arrested this year on terror charges, most of those cases relating to isis. there is more and more energy in this radicalization-terrorism system in the united states. isis are usual social media to put out their propaganda, a clarion call for people in the united states saying it is their religious duty to launch attacks. and also directly instigating attacks over social media. the attempted attack in garland, texas in may turns out as one as been reporting, that morning exchanged 109 encrypted messages with a british isis terrorist in syria who later flagged the pledge to al baghdadi.
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isis itself, its western and english speaking operatives, directly in touch almost every day with westerners trying to get them to carry out the next terrorism attack. that is an alarming reality that the fbi and other law enforcement agencies are facing. >> no question. paul cruickshank in london. evan, thank you very much as well for your great reporting on this. raising concerns across europe in terms of security. officials say that the number of people entering by land and sea, entering europe, will reach one million by the end of this year. this comes as investigators look into whether the ring leader in the paris attacks took advantage of the refugee process to cross into europe. investigators firmly believe
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abdel -- was on the greek island of. live from lesbos another island there where a number of refugees are coming through every single day. i think sarah you have been so right to point out that although the focus is on laros right now because of abaaoud's travels, still you are looking at every day hundreds of refugees pour in looking for safety. >> that's right. every day, five boats yesterday afternoon, filled with refugee, women, children, men, families all coming here to be able to move on hopefully to europe to a better place. we're seeing a lot of people with family member os who are hoping to make their way to a different area. but this is where hundreds of thousands of o refugees come through on their way.
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and we're seeing volunteers from all over the world as well including the u.n. but of course there is the sense of a worry about security. europe is looking at that. especially with the new details coming out about abboud. what we don't know is exactly how it happened. we do know according to investigators two other of the paris attackers also did the same thing. ended up on the greek island of laros. in order to do that they would have most likely had to have come from syria into turkey and taken just the same route as refugees and the question was whether or not they were infiltratings those seasylum seekers and using them to their advantage so they could attack paris. but the truth is all of them here just want safety just like
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the people in greece, in the eu. in the united states. they are looking for a place to live because their country is being bombed and there is a war that just seems unending at this point in time. this is not going to stop regardless of what europe does. people are going to keep coming. even as europe is looking to try and slow this by shutting its borders a little bit more stringently. people are still going to come and that is the story really we are hearing here. and this place is sort of the center of that. where hundreds and thousands of people are coming and this village here, this small small village in lesbos is taking the brunt of it. and they are dealing with it with a lot of grace. there is a lot of calmness on this island. >> reporting live from the greek island today. thank you very much. still to come three days after the gop debate, these two
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a major blow more democrat presidential hopeful bernie sanders. the dn krrkc suspended his camp from the database after at least one staffer did access information belonging to his rival hillary clinton. the staffer has been fired.
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saying he was only trying to see badly they were exposed. saying quote we were just trying to understand it and what was happening. to my knowledge anything that would have given the sanders campaign any benefit saying that we didn't take anything that would have benefitted the campaign. this data breech happened after a error that essentially dropped the program's fire wile tamp rarely. the database is often used by campaigns to strategize their next move to see what the voters want to hear. they will have to provide information about what happened and proof the information has been discarded. marco rubio and ted cruz going head to head again over wh what else? immigration. they the cruz campaign came out
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swinging. rubio now accusing cruz of muddying his own political record for political gain. cruz out with a new ad hitting back. >> securitying our borders and stopping illegal immigration is a matter of national security. that's why i fought this plan. the plan would have given obama the authority to admit isis terrorists. that's just wrong. >> i think we need to rediscover ronald reagan's strategy. we win. they lose. >> and on the campaign trail, the fight certainly taking center stage as well. >> he's going to have a hard time because he's not told the truth about his position in the past on legalization. what's happening is clear. i think he wanted to leave the option open. he wanted to get through the
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primary without wanting to discuss it. i know he never brings it up but he supports legalization. and i think his hope was once he got into the general election was to then start talking about legalization as a way to attract more voters. >> rubio publicly admit ahead still supports amnesty and today. -- >> with me now to talk about this. cnn political reporter. this is not only critical to voters, it is critical when you talk about the key latino vote for gop candidates and the fact that both of these men have a background that i think the "new york times" fascinatingly contrasted this week. >> that is right. these are both cube americans. they are both 44. they are both first term is that rights but couldn't be more different in terms of how they are trying to go about their
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campaigns. you see them going at it. they are really trying to differentiate themselves. we saw ted cruz come out yesterday and really try to clarify what he thinks is marco rubio's attempt to muddy the waters on terms of his stance on illegal immigration. and here it is. >> i oppose amnesty. i oppose citizenship, i oppo oppose --. i always have and i always will i i challenge every republican candidate to say the same thing. or if not to stop making silly assertions that their records and my records on immigration are the same. >> these two men obviously fighting in the shadow of donald trump who still looms large thoefr field. upover this field.
6:20 am
up and these and these two men have decided to duke it out for second place at this point. and if donald trump actually implodes, as some think he will, then they feel like they will be there to take some of those voters from trump. we will see this. i think this is the contour of this campaign. and in cruz' ad you see what he's trying to do, tie illegal immigration to national security. those are the terms he want this is debate on. >> absolutely. since that is clearly at the fore of voters minds right now -- national security. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> consider this. too much talk and scared of donald trump. that is the message from a pro clinton superpack in a new web ad just released. the group knocks the entire republican field saying they are not doing enough to stand up to trump accusing them of being,
6:21 am
"weak and afraid." in the meantime did you see my colleague's interview with jeb bush last night? well bush dodged questions about whether hillary clinton would make a better president than donald trump. >> i don't think hillary clinton is going to be elected president of the united states. he's not trust worthy and her proposals are not much better. >> -- >> no i've learned not answer questions now. that is what you do now in political discourse, you answer with what you want to say. >> thank you both for being here. >> good morning. >> where do i begin? robert, on strategy there by jeb
6:22 am
bush to not answer that question. because it went on for a good minute back and forth. >> sure. >> and john kept pressing. he kind of loses which ever answer he gives. >> it is interesting right now the environment where approximate republican front runner is being praised by putin. and what jeb bush is trying to do, he wants attack donald trump and dismiss his credibility. at the same time he is shifting farther and farther to the right to try to appease the trump conservatives. >> wait isn't every politician try to have it both ways? we're also seeing i think ted cruz really shifting far right, hoping he can pick up those
6:23 am
votes. >> sure. i don't think anybody should put themselves where anyone is going dictate what their message of the day is. so i have no problem with him deciding not to answer questions. however he wanted to answer is up to him. >> actually it is really not up to him. they have an obligation to try to answer the question directly. >> some do. and some don't. and it is their choice to take the hits or get a lot of love if they do do or don't. so he made the decision. and that's fine. i this i you have to make the decision for the campaigns. and with regard to ted cruz, yes he wants the trump supporters. and the cruz problem and he's a good man. but he's been tripping all over himself in the past week. not appearing to be that trust worthy. he's been caught in a little bit of a fib with saying he's never supported legalization.
6:24 am
only videotape and another in numerous videos in 2013 and saying his amendment was not a poison pill amendment. it was just all a trick, a type of thing that voters really don't like. >> so he's got a bit of a problem there. he definitely wants those trump supporters. the problem is you have to get rid of trump to get the supporters. >> the bigger problem is that they are so desperate to play to the trump support. where cruz is now advocating carpet bombing for example, and jeb bush is advocating religious tests for letting refugees in. christians are not muslims or for that matter look at the extreme measures -- >> you call them extreme as the democrat. clearly they are polling well. a majority of republican primary voters say they agree -- >> but that is the point. the republican party has become so extreme that in fact this rhetoric polls well with republicans. but two-thirds of americans and
6:25 am
most -- all -- last three national polls are strongly opposed to trump's strategy about temporary ban of muslims. >> we're not in a general yet so -- >> we have a president. >> -- but a majority of americans think it matter what is the voter base thinks. >> -- we have no leadership. the fact he is so out of touch with regards to our own security, in terms of what isis is doing. first calling them j -- and then so americans are scared and when there is a knee jerk reaction -- what donald trump said is a knee jerk reaction but americans are concerned for example about vetting refugees. and i think most americans when they look at the details probably would -- zblu let me -- >> butt -- [inaudible]. >> let me pose this on hillary clinton and you can jump in. when you look at hillary clinton's stance on isis. and we're going to have some of ore supporters on also later in
6:26 am
the program. she wants a no fly zone in syria. she wants increased air strikes as we've seen the u.s. ramping it up. isn't it hard to differentiate substantially jeb bush, some of the republican's take, on how they would combat isis and iraq in syria right now from say hillary clinton. >> well the probable is hillary clinton lacks -- >>s that's not what i asked. i asked what is different from some of these republican candidates the one that say no ground troops -- >> the difference is hillary clinton was secretary of state to barack obama. hillary clinton -- >> that is not a difference in strategy. >> to my earlier point it is about trust. >> new talking points for christmas -- i mean. >> to my earlier points a about the trous trust. and when you have lowest tst th have a long way to go. and that is the problem with this new president. >> i got to get you in.
6:27 am
>> poppy pointed out. lieutenant general and others on the network have condemned the republican strategy of carpet bombing and this strategy against the muslim community. -- these are the republican front runners. brigadier general mark kenneth thought they were playing on the fears of the american people. hillary clinton's agenda has been praised by republicans as well as foreign policy experts who served in the administration. >> we're going to debate it together after the show. i have to get a break in here. thank you very much. important debate to keep having. >> merry christmas. >> still to come, st. theresa. the pope's plan to give this famous none the catholic church's highest honor. you want i fix this mess?
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good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow in this friday
6:32 am
for my friend carol costello. thank you for being with us. president obama is just hours away from his final press conference of the year and his seventh year in ouchs office is coming an end. terror expected to be a focus this afternoon in his remarks before the president heads to san bernardino tonight. he'll meet privately with the families of those killed earlier this month in the terror attack. joe johns live at the white house with more. what else are we expecting? >> i think you hit the nail an the head there poppy. a lot of nervousness out there in the country. and we've been seeing this again and a again over the last week or so. the president getting one last chance to make his case to the public. about why this administration is on the right track when it comes to international terrorism. then he flies off to the west to go to san bernardino and have private meetings with the
6:33 am
families of the victims of the san bernardino attacks. the president yesterday of course visiting the national counterterrorism center, once again repeating that his experts found no credible, no specific threat against the homeland. he also announced that he has instituted a review into the controversial now k one fiancé visa program that allowed one of those perpetrators of the attacks to actually get into the country. after he goes to san bernardino he's on to hawaii where he has a vacation for the next couple of weeks or so. he won't be back here in the united states until after the new year, poppy. >> joe thank you very much. i do want to point out cnn has special coverage ahead this afternoon of the president's press conference that begins at
6:34 am
1:40 p.m. eastern time. checking top stories for you. secretary of state kerry is heading up a u.n. security council meeting in effort to help end a four year civil war still raging in syria. - kerry hoping his trip to russia was enough to make some serious change. yesterday vladimir putin did say he support the constitution in syria pointing out though it still does need work. resolution proposed by the two countries. the resolution would slap sanctions on isis the same as al qaeda but isis took in 2 billion dollars last year alone. that makes it the richest terror organization in history. and the catholic church will
6:35 am
soon have another saint. pope francis recognizing now a second miracle attributed ed d theresa, paving her way to sainthood. i would say it is about time. >> well yes, great celebrationing happcelebration is today happening. the pope approving the second miracle required in order to make mother theresa a saint. the vatican is not releasing the details of that mierkal but it has do with a brazilian man who back in 2008 was apparently spontaneously cured of several brain tumors. this is in addition to an indian woman in 2002 who was also apparently cured of tumors on the abdomen. that was the first miracle approved by john paul ii who fasttracked mother theresa.
6:36 am
you remember the process at the vatican has taken some time because it has to be along lasting and proven and that's why the processes sometimes take a while. pope francis said he met mother theresa as a cardinal. and he really admired how she spoke her mind. and he even said he was a little bit afraid of her. and spoke in admiration. and she's probably the most visible face moreover towards the poor so it makes sense that he would want to make her a saint, poppy. all right. quote, coming up we are going to find you. that is a sheriff's message for a missing texas teen who got only probation after he killed four people.
6:37 am
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the fbi and u.s. marshals right now joining in the certainly for a teen and his mother what have dwoen miss. the teen, ethan couch, received probation two years ago following a drunk driving crash that killed four people. his attorneys made head lines after they argued he suffered from affluenza, meaning, he was a rich killed who was less culpable because his parents didn't set limits for him. and it worked. all of this resulted in him just getting probation. this also comes as a texas sheriff that is tracking him. and his mother and period on cnn last nig -- appeared on cnn last night with a very clear message.
6:41 am
>> we're going to find you wherever your. the fbi t u.s. marshals and all are going to be looking until we find you. you rest easy a day. you will always be running. and we're going to come get you. and we're going to do everything we can to hold ethan finally accountable. >> cnn has been tracking the story from the beginning. here is the latest this morning. >> look closely at this video. >>. [ laughter ] >> that young man with the blond hair may be ethan couch. and if it is, he could be in big trouble. that is because couch is on probation and isn't supposed to be drinking alcohol. two and a half years ago at sixteen couch drove in a drunken haze, crashed and killed four people. >> really need some ambulances. it is bad. we flipped and -- oh god. >> someone posted the beer pong clip on twitter earlier this month and the county da got
6:42 am
wind. they went to talk to couch but it seems his disappeared. his probation officer hasn't heard from him in days. no one knows where he is. >> i hate to say i told you but i told you. >> the county sheriff wanted him locked up in 2013 but one defense witness changed that. >> in one of the most bazaar defense strategy we've ever heard attorneys blame the boy's parents all because of how they raised him. psychologists testified the boy suffered from something called affluenza, a lifestyle where wealth brought privilege and there were no consequences for bad behavior. >> the so called affluenza defense touched off outrage around the country. after all his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit and four people were dead. be thank you court bought it. couch pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter. but instead of going to jail the
6:43 am
judge sentenced alcohol reh rehabilitation and ten years probation. >> we had over 180 years of life taken -- future life. not 180 years lived but 180 years of future life taken and two of those were my wife and daughter. >> abc news obtained these deposition tapes from one of the civil suits against couch. listen as ethan's mother admits letting her son drive illegally. >> you understood if he was at any time he was under 16 he was never to be driving by himself. >> yes. >> nevertheless, you allowed that behavior to happen, correct? >> yes. >> when is the last time you recall disciplining ethan for anything. >> i don't remember. >> and now the authorities think couch might have fled the
6:44 am
country with none other than his mother. the boy's attorney would not discuss the case. if authorities do find couch a judge will decide if he violated his probation. a spokesman says couch is allowed due process adding cases are not prosecuted or revoked or modified based on haes ed od on based on a grainy video that we can't identify someone in. this time ethan couch could wind up behind bars for a decade. >> still to come in the newsroom, in the movie "concussion," you have probably heard about it. it is yet to hit theaters but the controversy already brewing. rachel nichols went won on one with the star, will smith. hear what he said next. feel a cold sore coming on?
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controversy surrounding the new film "concussion" just days away from opening. the movie stars will smith who are plays the doctor who discovered the link between head injures on the football field and brain danger later in life. >> i found a disease no one has ever seen. preventive head trauma chokes the brain. the. >> the nfl does not want to talk to you. >> you turned on the lights and gave their biggest boogeyman a name. >> you're going to war with a
6:49 am
corporation that owns the kay of the week. >> no proof was presented today. because there simply isn't any. >> they have to listen to us. >> cnn's rachel nichols interviewed will extensively and joins me now. when you hear will say we're going to war. >> i love that line. >> it speaks to the power of the nfl. here is will smith. huge football fan. son plays high school football. was it hard for him to decide to make the film? >> yeah. right and he's a great avatar for all of us who love football. the reality here is difficult. it is more than just a game. it is about fathers and sons and mothers and family traditions and what you guys do on thanksgiving. and i know people the only way they can talk to their dad is about football. so you are taking that very precious thing and challenging that. and i asked will smith about that. and it has a personal connection
6:50 am
to him too. take a look. >> i grew up in philly and loved football. i did not want to be the guy who said to the world that, oh guys, there might be a hidden danger that we're not seeing. but after i sort of understood the science of it. as a parent, i started to feel impelled to tell the story. my son was playing. i didn't know. i knew if i didn't know, other parents didn't know. it became important to me to be a part of the delivery of the information. >> now, the million dollar question is, now that you know what you know, you said educating parent, would you let trey play football now? if he came to you and said, i want to play high school football, what would you say? >> i would say, son, listen, i love you and if it were up to
6:51 am
me, you could play, but your mother said no. >> that is an excellent strategy. i love it. the nfl in this movie is not exactly looking good. they're portrayed as willfully obscuring the truth about something that is causing physical long-term harm to their players. do you think that's an accurate portr portrayal? >> that's something we debated heavily in this film. i like to chalk things up to a lack of knowledge and a lack of clarity about what's real and what's true. >> how do you think the people in the nfl office feel about you these days? >> you know, i probably won't be getting my free super bowl tickets this year. >> don't worry. i don't think roger goodell sent me a christmas card this year either. we're in good company. >> good point, rachel nichols covers the nfl extensively,
6:52 am
poses the hardest questions to commissioner goodell. what did will smith say to you in the aftermath of making the film, he might change what he does? >> you heard him talk about his own relationship with football, but on a completely different note, the character he plays is a nigerian immigrant. he said living in that skin for a year, and now listening to the political rhetoric he hears and the anti-immigrant conversation going on, he says, i start thinking, do i want to get in politics? he has not ruled out running for a position himself. maybe president. we've heard kanye west talk about 020. maybe fresh prince versus west in 2020. >> i want to get more perspective with punt eer chris
6:53 am
>> played for my team, miami dolphins. i want your sense of all this. the nfl did put a statement out but they didn't address the film specifically. the nfl said, the nfl has made numerous changes to the game to enhance the health and safety of players at all levels of football. these include nearly 40 rule changes in the last decade, strict concussion protocols and better training and sideline medical care. are things better? >> no, not really because the problem with football is you can't pad the inside of someone's skull. you're never going to be able to stop concussions from happening in a head-to-head violent collision. what the nfl needs to be doing is performing a longitudinal study on players by taking either mris or c.a.t. scans over the course of entire player's careers. we're talking a 10, 15-year long
6:54 am
study so we can see if there are actual physical changes in the brain. we can see are players changing as they go through their career? we should be doing it in college and high school because the main thing is we're only finding out now what it is we don't know. this movery is just the first of what we don't know. it's like cte, now we know that's a thing. we need to know more because parents of young kids and the players themselves, they need to be able to make an informed decision. and if the nfl hides daylight that or doesn't make available studies like cte, then how can you possibly make an informed decision? >> we've been talking about concussions, if you're in this business for years, but it's very dry, right? it's a bunch of numbers, medical terms. when you see a movie like this, a narrative handled so well, it dramatizes it for people. it gets them emotionally involved and just how serious this issue is. you talk about the brain not
6:55 am
being padded. there's a great scene in the movie where will schmidt has a human brain in a jar of liquid and he starts shaking it back and forth. that's very arresting when you see it. >> right. it really brings the human element, i think, into the story because for a lot of people it's easy to brush off concussions, oh, you got your bell rung, you'll be fine. things will be okay. once you start seeing the long-term effects of cte, of what it actually does to people, then you get that visual element of, this is how it changes people. it's a permanent change. >> chris, look, when you join the league, and granted, you were a punter, every position is at risk, you didn't know what we know today about cte. i know you're a proud father, a stay-at-home dad with your kids, doing the most important job. are you letting them play the game? >> unfortunately, i have two daughters so i don't think the league will let them in anyways. maybe as kickers. >> another segment.
6:56 am
that's a different discussion. >> would you, chris, if you had little boys? >> that's the thing. i wouldn't let them play until high school. i think dr. amalu just wrote an op-ed on kids shouldn't play contact football until they're 18 years old which makes a lot of sense. you can play flag football, you can develop your athletic skills. once your body has stopped developing, then you can start practicing tackling. for the nfl, you're going to lose a couple years of guys in their prime. that 20, 21-year-old age range where they're still learning how to tablg, at the end of the day, if it makes the sport safer, then that might be the only thing that actually saves the game of football from descending into kind of like horse racing and boxing levels of popularity. >> that's fascinating it is the most popular sport in america right now. chris kluwe, thank you very much. have a great weekend, great holiday. you can see more of rachel's interview at
6:57 am
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. good morning. i'm poppy harlow in this friday for my friend carol costello. in just a few hours president obama is holding his year-end press conference, weighing heavily on the president will be
7:01 am
this nation's deepening concern over terrorism. also later today, the president will travel to san bernardino, california, he will meet with the families of those killed in the shooting rampage there just a few weeks ago. the attacks, at least inspired by isis. investigators have now charged the killer's former mayor, enrique marquez. he said he unwittingly supplied farook some of the weapons because they planned their own terror tax years ago. it's been days and days we've been attacking and authorities have been questioning marquez. why the charges now and what are they? >> the charges are material support for terrorism, gun charge especially lying on a federal application to buy the handgun. >> why you -- >> why he bought the two rifles that were used in the attack. and then the third charge is for essentially visa fraud because
7:02 am
he married a woman, got paid money to marry a woman who is part of the extended family of farook. really the reason the charges came is because he's been talking to the fbi for over a week. cooperating, providing all kinds of information and they got to the end of that process. they got as much as they could get out of him. really trying to figure out if they can -- he can shed light on what these two people were up to, farook and his wife. this criminal complaint is fascinating because it describes this new information about this 2012 period when he says he and farook came up with this plan. >> do we know why, because at the time when they met, marquez was a teenager. it appears he was radicalized by farook. >> by farook. >> how? >> they become friends. farook introduces him, it looks at this point farook is already radicalized. he's already become a lot more religious. he is immersed in the lectures
7:03 am
of anwar alaki, the young star cleric who influenced jihadis around the world, especially westerners. he was killed in a u.s. drone strike, you remember. marquez and farook appeared to be taking all kinds of influences, including propaganda from al shabab, the somali radical group. it gives you a picture because by the time this attack happens two weeks ago in san bernardino, now farook is onto isis. it really gives you a picture of how radicalization in western countries happens. >> remarkable there were no red flags. how we know how far back this went. >> no red flags whatsoever. >> law enforcement had no idea. evan, great reporting throughout. now to politics and the race for white house, senator cruz and rubio throwing punches back and forth when it comes to immigration. you saw it in the gop this week in las vegas. cruz came out swinging at rubio
7:04 am
for supporting an amendment. cruz now out with this attack ad hitting back. >> securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration is a matter of national security. that's why i fought so hard to defeat president obama and the establishment of gang of eight plan of amnesty. it would have given president obama the ability to permit terroris terrorists. >> i think we need to rediscover ronald reagan's strategy. we win, they lose. >> on the campaign trail, the fight certainly also taking center stage. >> he's going to have a hard time because he's not told the truth about his position in the past on legalization. what's happening here is pretty clear. i think ted wanted to leave the
7:05 am
option of legalization open. he wanted to get through a primary without having to discuss it. he supports legal sdwlags. and i think his hope was, once he got into the general election, to then start talking about legalization as a way to atrack more voters. >> for the first time in five debates senator rubio publicly admitted not only did he support obama and schumer's amnesty but he still supports it today. he avoided doing that in the first four debates. he explicitly admitted it in this last debate. >> with me now to talk about all of it, cnn senior political reporter nia-malika henderson. when you look at the critical latino votes, specifically for the gop contestants here, who is playing better with that group of voters? >> well, it depends. if you look at the primary, the gop primary, not a lot of latino voters are going to be voting in these states. particularly those early states. but when you look at a general election, of course, they're
7:06 am
going to be a lot more latinos in crucial states like nevada, colorado, florida and oeven virginia. if you look at that, i think rubio is playing a little better. again, here is a person who was very much for amnesty, which is what the gop folks and primary base voters call it, for pathway to citizenship and very much a part of that bill, but seems to have walked away from at least that bill. and there you have rubio also arguing that cruz is also trying to play it both ways. on the one hand pitch himself as something of a purist and very hawkish on immigration reform and illegal immigration on a general but then in a general election would pivot from that stand. here we see the contours of this campaign. also i think cruz has definitely tried to lay down the gauntlet. we have him here yesterday trying to clarify and we can toss to that sound.
7:07 am
>> i oppose amnesty, i oppose citizenship, i oppose legalization for illegal aliens. always have. and i always will. i challenge every other republican candidate to say the same thing, or if not, then to stop making silly assertions their records and my records on immigration are the same. >> this debate is going to continue with these two men, very similar backgrounds, but obviously they see a very different path to this nomination. and in terms of what they would do in the general as well. a preview of what's to come over the next many weeks. >> absolutely. nia-malika henderson, thank you, live from washington. wanted to tell you what is a major blow for berpy sanders' camp. the dnc has suspended his campaign from a database after one staffer accessed
7:08 am
confidential voter information belonging to hillary clinton. that staffer has been fired. the staffer insists he wasn't doing anything wrong. he said he was only trying to see how poorly sanders' datd that was exposed. he said today, quote, we were just trying to understand it and what was happening to the best of my knowledge, nobody took anything that would have given the sanders campaign any bene t benefit. the data breach happened after a software error that essentially dropped the program's fire wall. that database is considered a gold mine of voter information. it's often used by campaigns to strategize their next move. the campaign will remain on suspension until it provides the dnc with an explanation of what happened. also until they're able to prove that accessed data has been discarded. stay with us later this hour, larry koehn, will join me. rival hillary clinton taking aim at the gop candidates for what critics say is outright
7:09 am
fear morning after this week's debate in las vegas. in a new web ad, clinton accuses her rivals of spreading fear instead of facts and says, shallow slogans are not enough to make you qualified to be president. >> the threat we face is daunting, but america has overcome big challenges many times before. and i'm confident we will once again choose resolve over fear. >> everywhere in america is a target. >> shallow slogans don't add up to a strategy. >> we win. they lose. >> we want to make america great again. >> we will take our country back. >> promising to carpet bomb until the desert gloes doesn't make you sound strong, it makes you sound like you're in over your head. >> saturation bombing. >> donald trump mentioned -- >> with me now to talk about all of this, former michigan
7:10 am
governor jennifer granholm, also with a pro-hillary clinton group and super pac and joined by republican political consultant and president of empowered women, mindy finn. thank you for being here, ladies. let me begin with you, governor. the ad we just saw, is that a preview of what we can expect from clinton tomorrow night at the democratic debate? >> certainly i think all the democrats will be pointing to how the republicans are trying to gin up fear. they're selling fear. they're not selling security. and i know that she, as well as the others, have been saying that the contrast between the depths of the plans she's offering and the bumper sticker solutions the republicans are offering could not be greater. that contrast is really important for the voters. i would just say, too, what they're trying to underscore is that the fear-mongering the republicans are engaged in,
7:11 am
particularly against the muslim community, is dangerous to our troops, dangerous to the business people serving in islamic countries, dangerous to our diplomats. islam is the largest religion in the world. 50 countries are muslim majority countries. 2.1 million people. do you really want the united states to be seen as the anti-islam place, which is what trump's posture has made america -- trump's brand is now the republican american brand. that's not helpful. >> to be -- almost every other candidate on that stage on tuesday night condemned what donald trump had to say regarding banning muslims temporarily from this country. mindy, to you. let me read a quote from candidate ted cruz about carpet bombing isis saying, i don't know if sand can glow in the dark, but we'll talk about hawkish rhetoric. what do you say to governor granholm and those who accuse
7:12 am
those in your party to their benefit and fear-mongering. >> the clinton group is good at looking at polls. they're right, american people want resolve. they've lost faith and trust in the plan that the obama administration has put forth because it has not worked. hillary clinton as the head of the state department could be seen as the architect of that plan. i'm not surprised she's concerned at this point. the number one issue in this race will be terrorism and who can keep this country safe. who do the american voters trust to keep america safe? that will trump a lot of other issues. that's a vulnerability point. >> new monmouth university poll shows it unlike republicans, democratic primary voters pick the economy and jobs as their top concern. but, jennifer granholm to you, can you respond to her criticism, is it going to be
7:13 am
difficult for hillary clinton to differentiate herself from the obama administration's policy on isis? >> the obama's plan on isis is not different from those that have any plan. yes, you want to intensify the air strikes. yes, you want to take out the leaders. they're doing that. for hillary clinton, in particular, she wants to have a no-fly zone. the republicans, many of them are suggesting that as well. but what she's doing and the obama administration is doing is suggesting you need a 360-degree strategy. it is not just war and war only. it is also on online. it's what you do with the muslim community here and making sure they're your allies and making sure muslim allies overseas. if you are insulting them, and it's not just donald trump insulting them, but if you are insulting them it's very difficult to create a sunni army which has to be the bulk of the boots on the ground over there. she's not vulnerable.
7:14 am
when terrorism is raised, there was a washington post poll a few days ago that said among all americans, who do you trust more in the war on terror? hillary clinton is up 50% to 42% among all americans. there's a reason. her experience gives people confidence. >> mindy, when you look past the primary and you look to a general election and you consider some of the numbers that the governor did throw out there in terms of the number of muslims in the worl, the number of muslims in this country, are you concerned at all about some of this rhetoric, how it plays in a general in? >> i think it really depends on who republicans nominate. we have a couple candidates. marco rubio, ted cruz and others who polls show could beat hillary clinton in this race. so, while i think donald trump's rhetoric, anti-muslim rhetoric is quite dangerous, i don't believe he'll be the nominee. and i think the fact president obama has infamously said isis is the jv team and hillary clinton said she couldn't have
7:15 am
predicted its rise, republicans are the ones that will come out on top when we get to the general election and showing they take this threat seriously and they're not going to hold back in putting forth a plan to go after it and defeat it. >> jennifer granholm, mindy flynn, thank you very much. we'll be watching. again, the debate is saturday night. thank you both. in a bipartisan vote on capitol hill this morning, the house has just passed a $1.1 trillion agency to fund them through next week. it moves to the senate for approval. want spending bill was one of the final items before they leave for holiday. the president will sign this legislation. still to come, a loading fortress. cnn gets a first-land look at russia's naval might off the coast of syria.
7:16 am
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off the coast of syria a huge warship looms near latakia. the ship also sends a sobering message to a key u.s. ally. cnn's matthew chance is on board. he brings us an extraordinary view from inside the kremlin's military offense. >> reporter: off the syrian coast, a rare glimpse of the naval power behind the kremlin's air war.
7:20 am
we were ferried offshore by the russian military. this really is extraordinary access that we're getting to russia's military operations in and around syria. you can see we've been brought off the coast of syria. now we're in the east of the mediterranean. we're about to go aboard that ship there, a missile cruiser and one of the most important russian vessels in this entire region. on board we're shown why it's such a formidable symbol of russian power. after the shootdown of a russian warplane, the kremlin vowed to destroy anything that threatens its aircraft in syria. the captain told me his ship, bristling with anti-aircraft missiles, was sent as a warning on the direct orders of a furious russian president, vladimir putin. >> translator: it is in itself a threatening weapon.
7:21 am
with its rival in the region, we've noticed a significant decrease in the activity over the skies in syria. >> reporter: other countries bombing syria, in other words, have taken notice. well, this is an extremely impressive bit of military hardware out here in the eastern mediterranean. it's a missile cruiser. you can see it has enormous missile launching tubes which can carry a nuclear missile, although we're told there are none on board at the moment. it has a big gun to defend itself. most importantly, this ship, the moskva, has very sophisticated surface-to-air missiles, that's why it's off the coast of syria to provide defenses for the russian warplanes to carry out air strikes back in syria. already russia has used its naval power to strike targets across syria, firing cruise missiles from ships from the caspian sea and from a submarine
7:22 am
in the mediterranean. so far the moskva has yet to fire at shot in anger, but its presence in syria has is delivering a powerful message. matthew chance, cnn, on board the moskva missile. president obama hours away from his final press conference of the year. in his seventh year in office comes to an end as many americans are gripped by terror fears. terror is expected to be a focus of the president's address this afternoon before he heads to san bernardino, california, tonight. cnn special coverage of the president's address begins at 1:40 p.m. eastern time. still to come, a terrorist in paris made his way through through the greek islands with other refuse geese. what's being done to weed out the ones that need help from the
7:23 am
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7:27 am
we want to take you now to chicago where former city police officer jason van dyke will appear in court today. he's charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of last year teenager 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. dash cam video shows it contradicts the report. he shot mcdonald 16 times. most of those bullets struck when mcdonald was already down. rosa flores covering the story for us today. i know he's made that initial court appearance. he got out on bond. what do we expect today? >> reporter: jason van dyke expected to be in court at 1:00 p.m. eastern after the release of a grand jury indictment. now, this shows six counts of murder and one count of misconduct. it is receipted to the laquan mcdonald shooting. he's the teen shot and killed by jason van dyke in october of last year. now, like you said, van dyke is
7:28 am
on $1.5 million bond. let's be lear here, his attorney from the get-go said van dyke used proper use of force. we're expecting him to plead not guilty to all of these charges. now, there's going to be something very different about this particular hearing. a select number of cameras will be allowed inside the courtroom to capture the entire proceeding. that's very rare in the state of illinois. but the media requested it and the judge granted it. the laquan mcdonald shooting triggered a usdoj investigation, which is still under way with the u.s. doj sending out a release yesterday with a status update saying two days of meeting have occurred, both with the chicago police department and also with the mayor's office. the mayor also sending out a release and a statement saying that he is working with the usdoj and hopes to restore
7:29 am
public trust and integrity here in the city of chicago. jason van dyke expected to face a judge today at 1:00 p.m., poppy. like we've seen for weeks now, we are expecting more protests throughout the holiday season. >> rosa flores live for us in chicago. thank you very much. good morning again. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. we have new details on the refugee crisis that are raising concerns across europe. officials now say the number of refugees entering europe by land and sea will reach 1 million by the end of this year. so, in just a few weeks. this comes as investigators look into whether the ringleader in the paris attacks took advantage of the refugee process to cross right into europe. a cnn source says french
7:30 am
authorities firmly believe abdelhamid abaaoud was on the greek island of leros weeks before the attack. we're live from one of the other greek islands that has been a major focus, the island of lesbos. you're seeing the refuse geese pour in. how is that tying in with the security concerns? >> reporter: that is tying in very closely. the refuse geese terrified that europe is going to start shutting down its borders, making it harder and harder for them to try to find a safe place to be, once they cross through syria, into greece and then into europe. many hoping that doesn't happen. but it already seems to be happening. and that is partly because of the security concern. it is a real and present security concern from the eu and the rest of the world, frankly, including the u.s. where you are there. really what people are concerned about is whether or not these paris attackers were able to use
7:31 am
the the syrian refugee crisis to end up attacking paris, attacking paris. we learned from an investigator talking to cnn that the ringleader abaaoud was able to make it from syria, potentially to turkey, then to the island of leros, an island not where we are, but south of where we are, and he was able to make it from there to europe. we have to be clear, poppy, the attackers were european citizens so they could have very well used their own legal documents at some point to get back into the country. we do not have the details of exactly their route. we know if they came from syria and were to have been found with fake syrian passports, they may have been trying to use asylum seekers as cover. the vast majority of these refugees that come through here are children, mothers and a few
7:32 am
fathers that have made it from absolute devastation in their country. mixed in with them are afghans dealing with war for the past 40-odd years, trying to find refuge. they are extremely concerned how much this will impact them, as are people in places like the european union concerned about security. poppy? >> sara sidner live for us in the greek islands. thank you very much. want to talk about this with cnn intelligence and security analyst, bob baer. you heard that, 1 million refuse geese crossing into europe bit end of this year. as you look at that number and the plight of so many of them and quets of security, given abdelhamid abaaoud is believed to have come through the refugee process, really scamming it, intoou into europe, what confess need to be asked? >> poppy, it is a plight. it's a disaster really for
7:33 am
humanity. there's more than 60 million people this year displaced. that's going to go away, according to the u.n. countries like turkey can only absorb so many, other middle eastern countries if you let them move into them, they will destabilize them and the islamic state sees this chaos as opportunity. if you're the islamic state in libya and you want to send operatives into europe, you send them into lampdoosa, italians can't sort them out. we're talking about a handful of people that might sneak in amongst the refugees but it's enough to scare europeans. as chancellor merkel said, enough is enough. i don't have an obvious solution to this. especially with more and more refugees. >> here in the united states
7:34 am
when you look at tashfeen malik, how she got in. they have asked visa experts at the state department work through the holidays, scrub the screening process, do more on that front after especially the confess of how much social media is vetted before people come into this process. what's your take here in the united states? >> well, the social media checking, that is absolutely necessary. some of these people declare their allegiance to military jihad. they have to be excluded. they cannot come to this country, of course. the problem is, local authorities -- she was living in the state of pakistan near moltan, punjab, which is radicalized. what sort of contact did she have those groups? was she radicalized? did she get military training? we don't know that because we don't get the cooperation. we have to scrub the entire visa
7:35 am
system, especially from countries that support jihad, like pakistan. so, we really have to redo our policy. going back to the refugees, you have to immediately come to a political settlement in the middle east that stops this, this hemorrhaging of people. because there's no obvious way to fix it unless you fix the political problems first. >> bob baer, thank you very much. important insight. i appreciate it. coming up next, st. theresa, the pope's plan to give this famous nun the catholic church's highest honor.
7:36 am
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7:39 am
into sainthood. do we know anything about what this second miracle is? >> reporter: well, poppy, the vatican is not confirming detail but the italian bishop's newspaper says it involves a brazilian man who was cured in 2008 of multiple brain tumors. for the vatican in order for a miracle to be declared as such, the healing has to be spontaneous, long-lasting and medically inexplicable. you also have to pray to the saint after their death. mother teresa of course died in 1997 and this man's family apparently prayed to her for his recovery. it is the second miracle after john paul ii declared an indian woman healed spontaneously of tumors in the abdomen. this is the miracle that will open the doors to her sainthood, which the date has not been announced. it's expected to be in september
7:40 am
some time next year because september 5th is motherer are ressa's day. >> in terms of other people that this pope has sainted, if that's the correct terminology, have there been others? >> reporter: well, this pope's gotten all the big names because there was pope john paul ii in 2014. you'll remember at his funeral, pope francis was able to make him a saint. with his miracle, it's interesting, it was a kose kost reka -- woman, they brought the x-rays of the before and after, showing the aneurysm, showing the disappearance of the aneurysm and was able to see the process of how the vatican determines a miracle, because there's a lot of miracle skeptics out there. they have a whole office dedicated to this. it takes them year. they investigate it at the local level. they don't just look at the
7:41 am
miracles, they look at the whole life, heroic virtues and what dproerd things they've done. with mother teresa, many people think -- john paul ii thought she was already a saint, and someone for whom pope francis has personal admiration. he met her at the vatican. he said she was forthright, speaking out to the bishops and he was a little afraid of her. mother teresa and her outreach to the poor is one of the main messages of pope francis' papacy so he'll get to make her a saint some time next year. >> focusing on those on the margins. delia gallagher in rome with an absolutely stunning sunset behind her. a setback with democratic voter rules, a major union endorsement and a major debate on saturday night. bernie sanders' senior adviser live with me next. phil!
7:42 am
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. with just a day until the next democratic debate, a setback for bernie sanders. the dnc has suspended his campaign from a database after at least one staffer accessed confidential voter informati er his chief rival, hillary clinton. that staffer has been fired but
7:46 am
the staffer insists he was only trying to see how poorly sanders' data was exposed. all of this comes as sanders looks to make up ground during tomorrow night's democratic debate. right now the vermont senator is 33 points behind clinton in the latest national poll out of monmouth university. in iowa he is facing a double-digit deficit. joining us now to talk about all of it, larry cohen, a senior adviser for the sanders campaign. thank you for being with me. the staffer has been fired. he said, i didn't do anything wrong. the fire wall came down. there was a technical difficulty. i was trying to figure out how bad our campaign used for strategy was out there. others say otherwise. he's been fired. what do you know since you're part of the camp? >> i'm an adviser and a surrogate. i'm not a campaign staffer. but what i would say is the dnc
7:47 am
has a system failure on their hands. the staffer is gone. focus on the issues millions of americans wanted to talk about. >> a new monmouth poll found a majority of sanders' supporters, 59% of those that support your guy, would be okay with it if hillary clinton beat sanders, won the nomination. how do you turn that around? >> i don't think that is so much the problem. when you look at the republican candidates, hateful rhetoric. i think what they're saying is either candidate -- >> that number does matter, doesn't it, in a democratic primary? you don't want voters saying that. >> no. i think what we want voters saying is we need to win the election, number one. number two, there are key differentiators between bernie and hillary. those key differentiators are things like higher indication for our kids, health care for all. that's why we'll go out and caucus in iowa and that's why i think we'll win the iowa
7:48 am
caucuses. >> one thing i found very interesting from that monmouth poll is it showed democratic primary voters are most concerned with the economy and jobs over terror. republican voters are concerned most about terror. for your voters, it is economy, economy, economy. bernie sanders has made his campaign on income inequality, a hard line on wall street. how hard will he go after hillary clinton on that tomorrow night? >> we'll go after those issues. the real question is, is the debate going to be about those issues? bernie doesn't control the way the debate is frame. he certainly wouldn't have picked a saturday night before christmas. yes, in our mind, the people involved in this campaign, it's about the things we can actually control. and then we move on to the things that other people in the world control. we react to them. so, the things we can control are what happens in this economy. how do you give every kid a fair chance? how do you provide health care like the rest of the world does for every citizen? those are the things we can control.
7:49 am
that's why we're excited about working for bernie. >> so, you bring up the fact that this debate tomorrow night is a saturday night before christmas. we've seen the viewership of the democratic debates be significantly lower than the republican debates. fascinating opinion piece by in "the new york times" yesterday called the invisible democratic debate. he writes, what a shameful imbalanced primary season this has been. for all their flaws and fakery, the republican candidates have squared off frequently. the democratic candidates have in contrast hidden in a closet. he goes on to say the disparity in viewership is also a function of scheduling. and was thus predictable and obviously intended when the democratic debates were set up, party leaders assume that hillary clinton would be their best candidate. putting their chips on her and sought to make sure that some upstart didn't upset their plans or complicate things to a point where clinton would stagger into the general election all banged up. do you agree with him?
7:50 am
>> mostly i do agree with him. i think the democratic party needs to be a populous party, not a party that tries to control and manage how people behave. at the same time, this campaign will make the best of that debate schedule. bernie's fired up, ready to go. he'll be as authentic as he always is. yeah, we believe that a democratic party, to be successful, needs to be wide open, needs to attract young voters and rock 'n' roll and not try to manage. >> what are we going to hear? any zingers, any one-liners to come like the now famous e-mail line from the first debate? >> to be honest, that's bernie's authenticity. we could all coach him on great one-liners. those are his. if you know bernie, they're always going to be his. that's what we love about him. >> we'll be watching, as you guys try to make up sop numbers in the national and iowa polls ahead of the caucuses. thank you, larry. >> my pleasure. republican presidential hopeful donald trump dominates
7:51 am
in the polls, his rivals rubio and cruz, battling it out in the shadows. this time it is on immigration. the candidates continue to take swing after swing, accusing the other of muddying their political records for political gain. who is right? who is wrong? cnn's tom foreman reports. >> reporter: marco rubio attacking ted cruz on the campaign trail. >> he's the one that supported and legalizing people. >> reporter: cruz hitting right back at rubio. >> he still supports amnesty and citizenship today. >> reporter: both men are locked in a bitter battle over immigration, with dueling claims about each other. so, who's right? start with cruz's accusation. >> there was a battle over amnesty. and some shows, like senator rubio, chose to stand with president obama and chuck schumer and support a massive amnesty plan.
7:52 am
>> reporter: that's a amnesty plan in 2013 crafted by rubio and seven other senators, the so-called gang of eight. that did include a pathway for citizenship for those who came illegally. >> we have an obligation and need to address the reality of the situation we face. >> reporter: many conservatives never liked rubio's support for it and kroousz knows it. but rubio is counterattacking. >> ted cruz supported a 500% increase in the hb-1 visas, guest workers and he supports doubling the number of green cards. >> reporter: that's true, too. would have legalized the status of many who came illegally. >> i don't want immigration reform to fail. i want immigration reform to pass. >> reporter: cruz's camp now says the amendments were meant as poison pills, forcing democrats and others to abandon the plan, but listen to cruz in a radio interview back at the time. >> legalization is the predicate
7:53 am
of the gang of eight bill. and introducing amendments, what i endeavored to do was improve that bill so it actually fixes the problem. >> tom foreman reporting. thank you very much. quick break.
7:54 am
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checking top stories, a bank robber making his debut on live television just before holding up a bank in iowa for the second time. the reporter on scene did not realize what was happening until the bank employee ran out. >> he just 4 hours ago -- what? >> that's the robber. >> oh, that's the robber. have i to go and call 911. i'll talk to you later. >> police used the station's video to identify. robber as ryan liscow. they found him an hour later in a stolen car with illicit drugs. lebron james, crash landing, sending a woman to the hospital. he fell on top of her trying to save the ball from going out of bounds. the woman happens to be the wife of golfer jason day. she was taken off court on a skrecher in a neck brace. she's recovering and lebron
7:58 am
apologizing later to her on twitter. it happens to be one of the most bizarre beds ever. an earthquake-proof bed that acts like a giant mouse trap. only our jeanne moos could tell us this store. >> reporter: with the idea of an earthquake keeps you up at night, may be used like to sink into an earthquake-proof bed. we do mean sink. the building could come crashing down and you'd be snug in your -- >> coffin bed. >> reporter: coffin bed? as one commenter joked, quake provides free burial. seismic activity would activate the bed, seen in this animation created by a russian company. the details are sketchy. the bed also contains supplies, though it's unclear how you get to them. if this is an earthquake-proof bed, i'd rather take my chances, poopoo'd one headline. one kept an open mind.
7:59 am
>> currently, if you're able to be in a steel enclosure with supplies, that's not a bad thing. it looks very expensive. >> reporter: someone asks, does it come with tourniquets for those who tend to dangle lims over the side of the bed? some wondered if shaking triggers the thing. would you have to worry about the second most common thing people do in best? babe, did you feel the earth move? ♪ seismic activity was sensed by this chinese bed demonstrated in 2012. when a man whistles so rescuers can find him, his companion can't keep a straight face. to simulate the building collapse that dropped almost three tons of concrete on the bed, it remained intact. some say the latest version can become an oven if an earthquake caused a fire. quake and bake, wrote one commenter. at least there's a fire extinguisher underneath. thumbs up? thumbs down? >> thumbs up if you can afford
8:00 am
it. >> reporter: just keep those thumbs out of the way. jeanne moos, cnn. we'll leave you with that for the weekend. have a great weekend. i'm poppy harlow. chilling new details about the terror attacks that didn't happen. the friend of the san bernardino killer admits they planned a rush hour attack and a massacre inside a college, so how much more does he know? and could the centerpiece of jeb bush's comeback strategy be donald trump? hear bush's candid take and also why, oh, why, donald trump considers vladimir putin's affection a great honor. the homework that sent everyone home. an entire school district shutting down today over a geography lesson. hear why parents say the teacher wanted to convert their kids to


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