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  Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 21, 2015 4:34pm-4:41pm PST

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real chance at the whole election, not just the gop. >> we're going to dip in here just for a moment. listen to him. he's talking about the democratic debate and hillary clinton. >> but every single poll, who won the debate? who won? and it's sort of interesting because the fox poll, which came out -- and it's a big one and a good one -- which came out three or four nights after the debate, had me up 11 points. 11. and i was already leaning. so i guess i won that debate. 46%. that is 46% of the vote. out of 50 people.
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that's a lot. i would honestly take right now 46% of three people. but this is 15 people. by the way, sadly, i guess you heard, lindsey graham left the race today. extremely sad. he was nasty to me, wasn't he? you see how everybody that goes against me is like "x," "x." so we started off with 17 and everybody -- wouldn't that be nice? that should happen with our country. everybody who goes against me, down the tubes. sort of interesting. right? sort of interesting. so i -- this is on the debate and the night of the debate, hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people voted. who was number one in the
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debate? i was. i love you, too. so who is number one? trump drudge, 41%. "time" magazine. they didn't even give me person of the year. they should have. that's why it's heading down the tubes, folks. they gave it to a woman who has not done the right thing in germany. it's not doing too well over there. nice woman. i like her. i better like her. i may have to deal with her. hey, putin likes me. i want her to like me, too. right? >> we were on 60 minutes together, not together but together. meaning, i had a segment, he had a segment. there were tremendous ratings. i took full credit. if it weren't for me -- but we were stable in the sense. it was he and i on "60 minutes"
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like five or six weeks ago and it was great. he came out of nowhere two days ago and said, "trump is brilliant. he's great. he's the leader. he's the leader of the parties." and he said nice things. i don't know. i had never met him so i didn't know. he said nice things. all of a sudden i'm hearing things like, oh, isn't it terrible that putin is saying that? that's not bad. that's a good thing. he can't stand obama. obama can't stand him. wouldn't it be nice if we could get along with people, you know? it's unbelievable. you know it's russia, after all. somebody said, are you at all offended that he said nice things about you? i said, no. no. they said, trump should have been much nastier. that's terrible. and then they said, you know, he's killed reporters and i don't like that. i'm totally against that. by the way, i hate some of these people but i'd never kill them. i hate them.
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no. these people, honestly -- i'll be honest. i would never kill them i would never do that. let's see. no, i wouldn't. i would never kill him. but i do hate him. nobody said he killed -- he says he didn't. other people say he didn't. who did he kill? we don't know but we hear that. i say, tell me, who did he kill? it would be so great if we could get russia on our side and other countries on our side and knock the hell out of isis. right? right?
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so stupid. just knock the living hell out of them. remember, i said take the oil. for years i've been saying that. for years. look, we have people running this country who are stupid. i went to an ivy league school, best business school. someone said he's plain spoken. i have this incredible vocabulary. but honestly, how can i describe our leaders better than the word stupid? really. right? there's no word. there's no word. i used to say grossly incompetent. but stupid is stronger, isn't it? i don't know.
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>> bye-bye! bye-bye! [ cheers ] >> aye, ya, aye. >> usa! usa! usa! >> so unbelievable. but i'm really trying to be neutral. to one guy i said, get him out
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of here now! and they said the next day, it was horrible, horrible the way trump talked to him. >> you're hearing donald trump talking about the polls after the last republican debate and also doubling down on the vladimir putin compliment, vladimir putin calling donald trump brilliant. donald trump saying he's not ashamed of that at all and doubling down on his defense