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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  December 23, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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this could go on for a very long time. there is no better strategy at there point than to just fight this for a very long time. the syrians did it in the '80s. they beat it. we'll be doing the same thing. >> we'll see what happens. guys, thank you so much. that's it for me. the news continues right now on cnn. thank you, wolf blitzer. i'm don lemon in for brooke today. we'll begin with donald trump. we've seen his unconventional. here's a new cnn poll out today showing the presidential candidate with 39% of the republican vote. these the third poll to put him at or near 40%. the iowa caucuses just 40 days away. you see trump is all by himself in the lead. a second tier is led by ted cruz at 18% with ben carson and marco rubio tied at 10%.
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i want you to notice in the bottom tier, rand paul has overtaken jeb bush. we'll turn to cnn political correspondent dana bash. good afternoon. this poll shows more voters have made up their minds. >> there's so many fascinating things in this poll. you're right, that is a key issue because it's not just that donald trump is doing so well. it's that he's doing so well and we're getting close to the time where people go to the polls or caucus uz in the case of iowa. you're right, people are getting more comfortable with the field. check out this part of the poll. asked whether they prefer one or two candidates now 60% say that they do. that's up a lot from july. only 40% say they believe from their perspective the field is wide open. again, it's that donald trump is like so far out ahead that the people behind him can barely see him. but it's also that the voters who are telling us that are saying that, you know, they're
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kind of comfortable where they are. >> i was going to say this is a comfortability poll. it shows more republican voters are comfortable or more comfortable with the idea of donald trump possibly being the republican nominee. >> to me, this is fascinating because you hear a lot from the democrats saying, oh, kind of rubbing their handzus together saying, we hope donald trump is the nominee. because if he is, the democrats will be thrilled and a lot of republicans anecdotally saying, it would be terrible for party. but this poll suggests that that's changing as well. check it out. the whole question about whether or not republicans' chances would be better with donald trump at the top of the ticket now 46% say yes, not trump say 50. more say no than yes but it's a big difference from just in august where it was 38% who said that they thought donald trump would put republicans in a
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better place. so again, things are changing. things are solidifying for donald trump. at least when you're looking at the national level. we'll see what happens when the voters go to the caucus, what, 40 days from now? >> i think 46 days. 40 days. there we go. getting pretty close. dana bash, happy holidays. you look gorgeous by the way. >> thank you, don. merry christmas. >> appreciate it. trump has been leading the national polls, but remember in iowa and "des moines register" showed ted cruz winning that state's caucuses february 1st? and cruz may well win over more supporters as well. after what many are calling a low blow from "the washington post." the paper depicted ted cruz's daughters as monkeys. it was a response to a parody ad ted cruz produced which he reads to his 5 and 7-year-old daughters. cruz today slammed the drawings. take a look. >> i have to admit yesterday
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when i saw that cartoon, not much ticks me off. but making fun of my girls? that will do it. i typed th tweet i typed out on iphone. all of us learned in kindergarten don't hit little girls. it's not complicated. don't make fun of a 5-year-old girl and a 7-year-old. it used to be for a long time the rules across the board that kids are off limits. that should be the rule. don't mess with our kids. don't mess with my kids. don't mess with hillary's kids. don't mess with anybody's kids. leave kids alone. and if the media wants to attack and ridicule every republican, that's what they'll do. but leave our kids alone. >> let's talk politics now about bon cusack editor in chief at the hill. i hope you got some sleep. you were on with me last night. a republican strategist joining us as well. bob, you run a newsroom. a cartoonist put ted cruz's kids
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in an ad. i want to ask if that is a fair point. we've said for years with almost every presidential candidate that the kids are off limits. does he have a point here? >> ted cruz is right. "the washington post" made a mistake. news organizations do make mistaigss but this was out of bounds. i thought cruz's remarks afterward, whether it's rubio's kids, hilalary clinton's kids, they're not running for an office. sure, you are going to use kids in campaign ads. that's been done before. but still portraying them as monkeys, it gives the media a bad name. of course it helps ted cruz because once again he's bashing the media and he has a very valid point. >> talking about this cartoonist. kaley, ted cruz used this cartoon and e-mailed his supporter list asking for an emergency donation as he hoped to raise $1 million in the next 24 hours.
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if he's redistributing it as a campaign letter, what gives here? >> i think he's pointing out an important him okypocrisy we see "the washington post." they treat republican candidates differently than republican candidates. a year ago "the washington post" was criticizing a republican communications director for making fun of obama's children. now they did the same exact thing except it was acceptable because it was a republican candidate that they were attacking and it wasn't a democrat whose kids were being attacked. there's this hypocrisy that ted cruz has pointed out brilliantly in some media organizations. we saw him do that at the cnbc debates, doing it at the "washington post." >> but my question is, i think everyone agrees here that it is's a mistake far the cartoonist. i think's wrong. i think most people believe that. but by him e-mailing it out and
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raising money, my question is, is he the one who's keeping it alive at this point? when he said, look, my kids are off limits, all kids should be off limits, i think everybody agree was him. but by sending it out to raise money, you know? >> i think the point that he's trying to make is, look at how the media treats republicans. look how the media has attacked me. >> so give me money? >> he's not perfepetuating the . he's pointing out a hypocrisy within the media. he's not perpetuating it. merely showing his supporters, this is how i've been treated. come to my support. the media is scared of me. this is an example of why they don't want me to be the nominee. >> do you understand what i'm saying here? he's saying don't use my kids but is he usie ining his kiddin well? >> don, i think it's a fair question. i've seen a lot of chatter on that on twitter. whether it's people in
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washington with congress or certainly on a campaign trail, there are people on campaigns who are thinking, how can i use this controversy to make money? this is one of those situation wrz that's the political system, that it's all about the money and he certainly using this to make more money. maybe he thinks, they've already done it, but is he bringing more attention to it by seeking money? of course he is. >> let's get to the polls now. donald trump 39% of the gop vote with 40 days until the iowa caucuses. many establishment republicans i just spoke to one yesterday think gop voters will come around to who they think is a more viable candidate. but that doesn't look like it's happening, kayleigh. what is a gop to do? >> the gop is coalescing around donald trump and historically we see that the front-runner in december ends up being the nominee. republicans are getting to the point where they're accepting trump. really the only way -- >> wait, hang on, kayleigh. not to be argumentative, you
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think the gop is really -- the republican establishment doesn't appear to want donald trump as a nominee. the gop voters seem to, but the republican establishment doesn't seem to want him. >> sure. but the republican establishment, they're a small contingency with a very loud voice. they're going to have to accept the will of the american people. donald trump has a 21-point lead now. when you average every poll together, it's 17 points. they have to accept donald trump or they're criticizing their voting base. when jeb bush came out and said trump is not a serious candidate, that is directly insulting republican voters. that is directly insulting the people who you purport to represent. the establishment needs to back off because donald trump will be the nominee most likely. if not him, ted cruz. if they don't coalesce around him, they'll be expelled from the party. >> speaking of jeb bush, bob,
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he's now behind rand paul. is he going to get booted from the main stage at the next debate? >> it's a real possibility. that's what trump prediced during the last debate. bush had a decent debate the last time. certainly his best debate. but we're not seeing it in the numbers. bush will have to do very well in new hampshire. he won't do well in iowa. he's not doing well in new hampshire right now. the pressure is really picking up on jeb bush. listen, if you look at trump's numbers, it 'twas the summer of tru trump, autumn of trump and now a trump christmas. he is dominating the field and the establishment is freaking out. >> yes, they are. i'm not sure if you're on my show tonight. but listen, merry christmas if i don't see you between now and then. >> merry christmas. >> appreciate it. up next, happening right now, demonstrators from black lives matter converging on the nation's largest mall this after the group's organize hes were hit with a restraining order barring some of them from taking part in that rally. also, disneyland strtrip
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denied. two muslim families from the uk saying they suspect that their plans to fly to los angeles were reswrekted because of their religion. and suggests a tone of american politics may have play aid role. a woman accused of running down pedestrians on the vegas strip makes her first court appearance. her attorney intimating it may not have been intentional. we'll hear what they have to say when we come back. gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them. right at home's professional team thoughtfully selects caregivers to provide help with personal care, housekeeping, and of course, meal preparation.
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we've been telling you about what's going on at the mall of america. the protests will go today at the mall of america but without three black lives matter leaders. a minnesota judge granted the mall's restraining order request
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against the activists but she would not order the group to cancel its protest. the rally is now getting under way. cnn cameras were not allowed inside. i should tell you the east side of the mall is shoulding down. it's not clear what additional steps the mall has taken to kpur tail the protests but we're getting report that's other parts will be closing. one of the managers at the stores says following the mall's instructions to close her doors until the protesters are over. i imagine several stores there are getting ready for this. the scene, check it out, this is last december, when nearly 2,000 protesters took over part of the mall at the height of the holiday shopping season. they with were rallying against the police killing of several unarmed african-american men. this year's protest revolves around the recent shooting death of a minneapolis resident. the mall of america says it's satisfied with one of the rulings but one the black lives matters leaders who was banned said there are plenty more
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organizers to replace him. >> we are very pleased with the ruling. the court yet again said the law of minnesota protects private property owners such as the mall of america. >> there's so many of us that are stepping up and dog the work, you can take ten of us out we have ten more to take the place and do the exact same thing. >> cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney mark o'mara is with me now. mark, just as we hear, they're taking precautions. we're being told some of the offices were searching bags upon entering the mall. they said that the traffic in the mall today is down. and again, they were shutting some of the doors. my question to you is, i want to say cnn did invite the mall to join us. they decline. also we invited some of the black lives matter folks on. they declined as well because i guess they're concerned now about getting in trouble for doing this. what's your reaction to the
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ruling, mark? >> well, first of all, the ruling was a nice way to try and split the baby in half. allowing the protest to go forward was i think tantamount. they had to do that -- paramount. they had to do that because we do have the right to protest and we do have the right to speak. it's that first amendment that is one of the foundations, cornersto cornerstones, of who we are and the way we get to zmademand reds against the government. with that as a premise, this isn't yet a question about black lives matter, do they get to protest. we've had cases in the u.s. supreme court and other courts about the nazi party being able to protest, the klu klux klan being able to protest. we've even had a situation where people wanted to protest against veterans at veterans' funerals and we had to allow a certain amount of that. so this is a question of our right to freedom of assembly. now, does it happen on private property? i'm a little concerned about the
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judge's decision, respect it but i'm concerned with it to say a mall is now private property. granted, it is owned by one person and one conglomerate. i get that. but a mall has now taken the place of the town square in american life. so if you're going to have a conversation, you're going to talk to your peers, our citizens, you're now not going to do it in the town square like we did 200 years ago. you're going to do it at the mall. i like they allowed the provo test to go forward. i'm sorry people don't like the fact of what the black lives matter has to say or what they say. this is a conversation you and don we have talked about. these are difficult conversations. everybody wants to hide from them. we don't want to talk about it, around christmastime. this is exactly when we need to talk about it, today. >> you read my mind. i was just thinking about that last night, that when you go home to your family, probably when you should talk about it. otherwise you won't get the chance to talk about it. i know it's uncomfortable.
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being the legal person here, i have to ask you, given the judge's limited ruling, what does that mean for the mall security? what does it mean for the protesters? are they confused in a way? yes, we can protest? or we can't protest? it's a little confusing. >> it is very confusing. and i'm only hoping that confusion is going to be dealt with with a better perspective than was dealt with the request for a tro. >> should they let them in? >> i think they should let them in. here's what i think should have happened. the mall of america should have said to black lives matter and by that matter, anybody else who wants to protest, let's have some ground rules. here's the area. here's how to do it. not too much limitations but a cooperative agreement just like we did in every other protest we've seen. there laes a place to do it, a place not do it, a way to do it
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a way not to do it. saying thou shalt not come here is stupid. i think it was ill-advised. they have a lawyer who said, let's try to keep them out. not only do they focus the nation's attention on it, now we make mall of america who could have been a positive influence in this occurrence look like the bad guy that's they didn't have to. this is an event, a protest. a conversation that has to occur. they could have said yes instead of no. >> i wonder if this -- you said that the mall is now the public square in many ways. does this set some sort of precedent when it comes to how we can gather and protest? >> well, i think it should. it certainly is a compromise. this is not well settled law. there's no way that that mall is private property. but it's private property that they invite everybody to for the hours they invite them to it. why is black lives matter, don, much different from the salvation army when they are
11:21 am
there with their bell saying, please give to our christian organization? much less controversial, but the idea of free speech not dependent upon the message. it's dependent upon the fact that we allow the messengers to say this stuff even if we don't like what they say. that's where the mall missed the ball in this case. >> mark, you know as an attorney the salvation army probably got a permit, they asked the store's permission, mall management and they gave it to them. but in in case, nobody is asking for permission here. they just want to come in and do their thing. that's one of the distinctions. i've got to go. >> agreed. the rules should be followed on both sides. thanks. >> merry christmas. see you soon. up next, tragedy on the vegas strip. the woman accused of mowing down dozens of people on a busy vegas sidewalk appearing in court today. why her attorney says it's too early to know what her motivations were. plus, the nfl playing defense today after espn reports
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welcome back. the woman accused of intentio l intentionally plowing her car into the las vegas strip, lakeisha holloway, charged with murder with a deadly weapon, also with child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident, faces a judge. one person was killed, 37 others injured. i want to turn to krn legal analyst and defense attorney joey jackson.
11:26 am
also with me stephanie elam in las vegas. outside of the courthouse in stephan vegas, what happened in court? >> reporter: she was not in there long at all, don. i was in the courtroom when lakeisha holloway made her first appearance in court. she was in there for probably two minutes. she was very quiet, reserved, answered yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am, i think i heard her say it twice to the judge. that was it. what they've decided to do is go ahead and ask for the preliminary hearing to not happen until after the 30-day status check, which means the next time she'll be in court will be in january, january 20th, when we may hear her plea. we haven't heard what she'll say, but what we have heard is from her lawyers after her time in court. giving a perspective of where her mental state might be. take a listen. >> she's distraught. i mean, this is tragic for everybody involved, and as the days go by and the gravity of what happened sinks in, i expect
11:27 am
that she's going to be in a very difficult mental state. we want her family to reach out to us. we want to try to get the best picture we can of who this young lady is and what the circumstances are that put her in this position. >> she's under surveillance. she's got guards. there's medical personnel, mental health personnel nearby. she's in a unit where she can't hurt herself. >> and they also said she is distraught about the fact she can't see her daughter. they say she's a loving mother and she is concerned about this, but they also acknowledge the fact that her life is going to be different from here on out. they also said it's likely she will plead not guilty when it comes time for that, don. >> what a bizarre story. still so many unanswered questions. her motive remains a mystery. this crime is clear, and it is brutal rieshgts? >> absolutely. >> how would you defend her? >> i think attorneys, don, have to take one of two tacks, the
11:28 am
first is to explain what happened the second is to justify what happened. in tierms of explaining what happe happensed, they're going to say this was an accident. it was simply negligence, which is carelessness. we see the illusion of that because he was talking about that she was distraught. that backs up sort of, she's distraught, not paying attention. if it's an accident, that misdemeanor because speaking in english that's six months jail, vehicular manslaughter, which is a misdemeanor versus intentional murder. if you explain it, which they could do, that's what you're looking at. whether that fly was a jury is another matter. the the second way to go about it, don, is to justify it. obviously this is not justifiable. but when you go to someone's mental state. if her mental state is such that she didn't appreciate the consequences she was catatonic, that gets you into insanity and sla gets you out of criminality.
11:29 am
those are the two ways-her background, mental state, stephanie said her mental state will come into play obviously. also her circumstances probably surrounding where she lived, whether she was homeless. there was back-and-forth about whether she was homeless. was that talked about today at all, stephanie? >> reporter: no, it was not talked about today. today's session inside the court was literally two minutes long. but we have heard that police believe she was living out of her car here in vegas for about a week before this incident happened with her young daughter in the back of a car. they think going from parking garage to parking garage. they don't believe she had an address here, that she came from oregon. why she came here is still not clear. many questions and many gray areas. also, remember, she left the scene but immediately drove around the corner to another casino where she parked her car, went up to the vallette, told them what happened and asked for the valet to call the cop. she has no criminal record beforehand. this will play into how they
11:30 am
build the case, saying this is not someone with a history of doing this. how this works. we're seeing more of how the defense is looking to build their case. >> quickly, you mentioned the daughter. she is distraught about seeing her daughter. what's happening with the daughter? where is she? who's taking care of her? >> reporter: our understanding is that she is in protective custody, that family members are looking to try to get in touch and see if they can take control of her welfare. but from this point, we understand she's a ward of the state at this point. and we'll see if we can reach out to the fathdaughter's fathe >> sad story. thanks. up next, the nfl playing defense after espn reports the league backed out of paying for a research study of traumatic
11:31 am
brain injuries.
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right now tornado warnings and watches in effect as a system of severe storms moves across parts of the u.s. let's get to jennifer gray in the cnn severe weather center down in hotlanta. what's the situation now, jennifer? >> things are going from bad to worse especially across the south. the next couple of hours is when we're going to watch it closely. we have a very warm and humid air mass in place across the south, cold and dry in the west. those two air masses are colliding and we're getting a lot of storms. what we're looking at, this red, bull's eye right here, portions of arkansas, mississippi, up through even louisville,
11:35 am
nashville included in that, tornadoes, some strong, throughout the afternoon today. we've already seen damaging winds and even hail the size of golf balls and even tennis balls across portions of arkansas. so this is what we're looking at. these are the tornado watches in effect. these go on some of them until 5:00, this one in particular until 8:00. and the storm prediction center has labeled this one as a particularly dangerous situation. that is basically the highest level that you can place on one of these watch boxes. it means we are going to be looking for the potential for very dangerous supercells to start firing up and also tornadoes. here are the thunderstorm warnings in place, we also had a couple of tornado warnings in place. i don't see them now. most likely they've expired. but the forecast over the afternoon, you can see this line starting to develop, pushing through nashville. we're going to see strong storms, don, throughout the afternoon, not to mention the travel delay that's are going do be in place across the eastern
11:36 am
seaboard and the south. >> tomorrow is the big day for travel. am i okay, i'm going to baton rouge? >> let's hope. >> i've got to go through atlanta. >> uh-oh. it will be better than today. >> all right. thank you, jennifer. appreciate it. the nfl is on the defense today again over head injuries. espn is reporting that the league pulled funding from a research study on brain disease. the study announced yesterday will focus on diagnosed a disease known as cte. right now it can only be be diagnosed after death. the disease has been found in the brains of dozens of deceased former nfl players. let's break down the story now with cnn's sports anchor rachel nichols. thank you. cte, right? it can only be diagnosed in people once they have their brain -- after death. >> this study would be a game changer. if you could diagnose it in people while they're alive, you could start treating it. if you don't know someone has
11:37 am
something, you can't start treatment. >> espn says the nfl pull the funding. nfl and nih says that is not what happened. what happened? >> the nfl fired back almost immediately with a very strongly worded tweet from their public relations official. it says, espn's story is not accurate. nfl did not pull any funding. nih makes its own decisions and we can actually just go over to the nih statement. the nih statement says, the nfl funding commitment to their study remains intact. nfl is willing to contribute to this particular study. nih made the decision to fund the study in its entirety. now, i just want to break both of those statements down a little bit. the nfl coming out and saying, espn reporting isn't true. i obviously was not privy to the espn source reporting, nor am i in the nfl offices so none of us can tell you which version is true. i can tell you that the reporters on this espn story are the two most respected reporters in this field. they wrote a landmark book on
11:38 am
the subject, a front line documentary on the subject. they are very well sourced. you have to take what they say into account. the nih coming out and sayingtion we're still funding the study, they still have $30 million coming from the nfl. so they're not going to rock the boat one way or the other. regardless of whether the money was pulled or whether it was just never committed and some of that might be instasemantics, ts not a story the nfl needs coming out right before the movie "concussion" comes out. >> you did a very lengthy interview with will smith i. commend will smith for bringing this story to life. we've been talking about it even before you were here on espn. we've been talking about it here. sanjay gaupt at that has been talking about it. now will smith doing that. buff the timing, they don't want all of this coming out especially when the movie is coming out as well. >> absolutely. look, when you see this movie and people can see it on christmas day, seeing it dramatized, it's so different than all of these more dry studies and funding and things we have been talking about. and i asked will smith about
11:39 am
that because, look, he's a football fan. he is a tie die-hard eagles fan. his son played football for a long time. i asked him about that. take a listen to what he had to say. >> as a parent, i started to feel compelled to tell the story because i didn't know. while my son was playing i didn't know. i knew that if i didn't know, other parents didn't know. so it became important to me to be a part of the delivery of the information. >> and what was so interesting after i said, so knowing what you know now, would you let your son trey play football? he said, well, you know, it's tough, that bond between a father and son. you don't want to be the one to tell them they can't play. i'd sit him down and say, son i really want you to play but your mother won't let you. >> good answer. in all seriousness, do you think the nfl is doing enough to get the league to change when it
11:40 am
comes to this? >> that's the big question. and the question is, can the nfl do enough? is this sport too dangerous? we still don't really know the answer to that. we have players who are now seeing the movie, a bunch of early screenings, the conversation is happening a lot more. and at least the nfl is donating some money to the research of this. now, people who are skeptics are saying they're just doing that to limit their liability. but either way, it is a lot different than it was even seven or eight years ago when they were pushing research that said there was no connection between football and brain injury. they were very aggressive in that. this is a definite change. they've made 39 rule changes to try to make the game safer. and the question is, can it be safe enough? you watch this movie, you're not sure. >> every time i see a story whether it's fictionalized in a movie or it's a real-life story, it's just heartbreaking to hear what they're going through. we'll be back on at 10:00 p.m. talking with someone who has dealt with this. thank you very much, rachel.
11:41 am
next, a british family blocked from boarding a plane from london to los angeles. the family suspects it's because of their religion. we're getting more details on why this happened and we'll hear from the dad next.
11:42 am
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a family's plans for a disneyland vacation are on hold today. a muslim family from the uk says they suspect they were stopped from boarding a plane heading to los angeles because of their religion. two muslim brothers planned to take their seven children to american tourist sites including disneyland and the grand canyon. the family's bags were loaded onto a plane last week, one brother tells cnn officials did not explain why they canceled his family's travel plans. >> they wouldn't give us an
11:45 am
explanation. because the kids were asking, what's the problem? why are we not going? we actually asked, what should we tell our kids what's going on? we need to know a bit more than just a problem -- we have a copy that says it's perfectly fine. >> a source tells cnn u.s. customs officials stopped the muslim family norwegian air's statement, we can confirm that a group of passengers were denied the right to board a flight from london to los angeles on tuesday 15 december at the request of the u.s. department of homeland security. so let's bring in now our aviation correspondent mr. richard quest. he is in london for us. our justice correspondent is also evan perez, joining us from washington. richard, i'll go to uf first whaxt are your sources telling you about this particular incident? >> what actually happened here is that even though they had the electronic visa approval, a couple of weeks, six weeks or so, before, between check-in and
11:46 am
boarding, with every u.s.-bound flight, the passenger manifest is sent to washington. it's sent to the united states. and no plane can leave and depart for the u.s. until washington has signed off on it and given the approval. there was something about these passengers that washington didn't like, that hadn't been shown up in the database some weeks earlier. that's why they were refused. we are not told what that was. they claim, of course, it's a personal privacy issue. the british government is now involved, and the airline has said they won't reimburse the family the best part of $15,000 to $16,000 for the 11 tickets. >> wow, interesting. evan, they say it's privacy. but tell us about an e-mail address possibly linked to an 18-year-old family member. >> well, that is also altogether
11:47 am
not clear, don. let me stop for one minute to say that from the u.s. standpoint they believe that the fact that this family is muslim or their background apparently they are pakistani background played no role in this incident, at least that's what the homeland security department is saying. officials also tell me, don, that not all of these people with were barred from travel. some of them could have continued on the trip. that said, there is a couple of things that apparently have been revealed more recently, including a facebook posting that is associated with an e-mail that may or may not be related to one of the sons that's involved in this family. so it's not clear to me at least whether or not that played a role in this because, again, privacy reasons we don't know what the causes were for this. we have a list of things, 60 or so reasons, the u.s. says people can be denied access to travel
11:48 am
here. and that includes, for example, the paperwork not matching up documents not being exactly what the u.s. requires, failure to disclose previous travel, if there were any suspect countries, for instance. none of these things we know are reeltded. but we suspect that this family can go to the u.s. consulate there in london and perhaps get more of an explanation that we're not entitled to because, given the amount of attention this is getting, i think that's going to be demanded of the u.s. consulate there. >> go on, richard. before you go, tell us if you know anything about this facebook post. >> the facebook page, there's a page with an e-mail address with a same or similar name with one of the passengers that has a reference to al qaeda in some shape or form. and that is being raised as a potential. the only problem with the facebook page is, the father says it's not the son's, that the page comes from somebody
11:49 am
living in birmingham in london which is the equivalent of saying somebody living in pittsburgh versus somebody living in boston. so that ace question of whether it's just mistaken identity in terms of the page. >> right. and we don't know -- we have no idea whether it's related to this at all. >> absolutely not. and as for the idea of going to the embassy in london, there is a redress avenue that you can use when you're refused flight to the united states. depends on if they're on the no fly list. if they are on the no fly list, then it's a whole different ball of wax. it's a much more complicated deal. >> and they likely would not have gotten to this point if they were on the no fly list. >> they clearly think, though, that it is because of american politics and what's playing out right now, correct? at least the dad does. >> they do. >> i can see why they say that. and so far, there is only the
11:50 am
circumstantial evidence of the refusal of them to fly that actually justifies it. they're pinning it on them. the u.s. says it's not. >> richard, evan, thank you, gentlemen. appreciate it. up next, senator ted cruz slamming "the washington post" for running a political cartoon that features his children. he got very emotional today when he spoke to reporters. we'll have that for you. mris, for years he has visited children who think that santa claus doesn't look like them. santa d also known as the real black santa claus, we're going to start a mess today, aren't we? he joins me live next. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪
11:51 am
usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ don't even think about it. cough if you can hear me. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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okay, everyone, i know everybody is at home watching tv. it's a spoiler alert for anyone with children in the room. we all know how busy santa is in the room and how many helpers he has all over the world. to make sure the details of every child's holiday wish gets to the north pole, he's very bez zi, i'm giving you a warning. my next guest is a special assistant to the big man in red. for more than a decade he has spent the weeks leading up to christmas visiting children who don't see a santa who looks like them.
11:56 am
he's been my santa all my life. joining me from atlanta is santa dee known as the real black santa. >> good afternoon, how are you? >> ho ho ho, how you doing, black santa? >> i am doing great. ho ho ho, merry christmas! >> how did you become one of santa's helpers? and more importantly, why is it important for you to represent this particular version of santa? >> well, it happened about 14 years ago. i was actually doing an insurance sales class to renew my license, and the gentleman that was teaching the class was santa claus. his phone just kept ringing, constantly, during the training. i asked him, i said, is that a good, lucrative business? he said, yeah. last year i made about $28,000. i was like, wow, my beard is gray. he said, well, black santas are in demand. from may to november, i grow the beard out, started doing santd at that clause. at the time, my sister was my
11:57 am
manager. she got us a couple of gigs and we did santa claus. and i fell in love with the job, not the money, but the job. >> do you do it full time? >> i do it full time. i'm the type of individual if i'm working in the yard and i'm filthy and dirty, before i go out to home depot to get a part, i'm going out to clean up so i look like santa. >> before you go get gifts for adults, right? i know that you read letters year round. >> oh, yeah. >> i was going to ask if you did it full time because santa leads the letters full time and then decides if he's going to grant wishes. you already told me that my wish for this apartment i woant in nw york city is not coming true because of what i did on a tuesday in july, i understand that. i get it. you say kids don't see black or white. they just see the red suit, correct? >> that's correct. i'm a true believer that until kids debt get to a certain age where other people bring color
11:58 am
in into it, kids don't see color. when i started doing this job i was a mall santa. i was in one specific mall, and the mom came through and she saw the santa in the morning who was white and she saw him and came back in the afternoon and when she came in the afternoon with the kids dressed to the "t," ready to see santa, she saw me. not the santa she was looking for. she's like, that's not what we want. the kids were like, it's santa, let's go. so i always said and i've been saying it for years that kids don't see color. they see the fat man in the red suit. he's the one bringing gifts. that's all they see. >> i think that's great. i think you're absolutely right because i always thought santa looked just like you growing up because you were my santa. you know that song "at th"santa is a black man". >> that's right. >> james brown says santa claus goes straight to the ghetto. >> that's right.
11:59 am
>> i understand you're more in demand than white santas s. that correct? >> i won't say i'm more in demand than white santas. i think the fact there's so few black santas it make it's a little harder for folks to find us. right now i am still i guess you would call me the premier black santa in the country. i'm not saying i am or not. but i'm the one you can find on the web. i've had people kaim cacall me far away as ohio. i was supposed to be in baltimore in season, but unfortunately we were already booked up for that time period. >> you know there's a storm system going through so be careful in your sleigh, santa. we don't want anything to happen to santa. >> i've got rudolph and we're going to make it just fine. >> santa dee, you're a great sport. thank you and merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas. thank you very much. >> and it's settled. there you go. santa.
12:00 pm
oh, boy, it is the top of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm don lemon. brooke is off today. we're beginning with donald trump. we've seen his unconventional. now he's looking for untouchable than ever. cnn polls just out today shows the presidential candidate with 39% of the republican vote, at least the third poll to put him at or near 40% in the poll. the iowa caucuses are 40 days away. a second tier is led by ted cruz at 10%. notice in the bottom tier, rand paul has overtaken bebb jujeb b. let's turn to david. david, this poll shows more people have their minds made up now. >> yes. don, this is a really interesting statistic in the poll. nearly 60% of republicans in our poll now say that their decision is basically down to one or two candidates. when we asked that back in the
12:01 pm
summer, it was less than a majority of republicans saying that. i do think to use the christmas analo analogy, i do think that we see the shopping season coming to an end here and people are w winnowing down their choices and 6 in ten says this comes down to one or two did guys for me. >> this quinnipiac poll released tuesday showed a much closer race between it cruz and trump, four points. why the big discrepancy in polls? >> the way i look at polls is i look at the totality of the polls that come out in a given time t. is cliche but true. they are each an individual snapshot of when that poll was taken. i think if you look at all the polls since thanksgiving basically you see polls that look a lot like the poll that we have out today that fox has out that cbs/"new york times" has out.
12:02 pm
quinnipiac looked different, they may have caught slightly different interviewing at the time. i think the best thing to do is not look at any one individual poll but the totality to see where the direction is. >> as you say it's a snapshot in time. so ted cruz does top one poll question, and that's favorability. he as he's at at 74%. should trump even be looking over his shoulder right now? >> trump is looking over his shoulder. trump has improved his favorability number tremendously, as has cruz as you note. but when this race started, trump was upside down with republicans favorable and unfavorable. he has gone up 20 points there. ted cruz is also better liked by republicans as he's getting better known. no small thing in politics auz you know. if he can keep up that very favorable impression he has with republican voters, that will give him a very important hearing from them in the home
12:03 pm
stretch as he's trying to close the sale. >> i have to ask you about jeb bush, now behind rand paul 3% to 4%. if this keep us up, is he not going to be on the main stage when fox business is considering who to show at the top six candidates? what's your reaction to bush's standing? >> listen, in our poll also, not only his overall horse race number you're pointing out, but we asked republican view viewers of our debate last with week, only 1% polled said jeb bush won the debate. >> wow. >> we are not seeing any national traction for him in this new phase of him taking on donald trump more aggressively. now he's focusing a lot of attention in new hampshire. we'll see how he does there. remember fox business for that debate you mentioned are going to incorporate national polls as well as new hampshire and iowa polls. we still have a couple of weeks before their window closes before we know who will be on the main stage and who won't. >> david, how long can he last with this kind of polling?
12:04 pm
>> these are not good numbers for jeb bush. jeb is completely reversed. he went from being seen as a favorable guy when the race started to now a majority ever republicans hold him unfavorably. that is a very tough position to be in when you're trying to seek to be party's nominee. jeb clearly has money and support that he can go through some of these contests. but if he does not post some serious improvement when the voting starts, he's going to have a very tough time making the case to donors that this should continue on. >> lindsey graham dropped out. anybody else you see doing that before iowa? >> i don't see that happening before iowa. mike huckabee was on our air talking about how he has to become in the top three in iowa. if he's not it sounded like he may get out of the race. i think as soon as the iowa voting is over you'll see some folks leave the race. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. let ate's move on.
12:05 pm
primp has been leading in the national polls but in iowa, the "des moines register"/bloomberg poll showed ted cruz winning the state's caucus and cruz may win over more supporters after what many are calling the low blow from "the washington post." the cartoon depicts cruz's daughters as monkey cans. it came as a response to a parody ad that cruz produced in which he reads to his 5 and 7-year-old daughters. cruz today slammed that drawing. >> it's not complicated. don't make fun of a 5-year-old girl and a 7-year-old girl. everyone expects the mainstream media to be liberal, to be biased. folks want to attack me. knock yourself out. that's part of the process. i signed up for that. that's fine. but my girls didn't sign up for that. >> they certainly didn't. with me is senior editor and maria cardona.
12:06 pm
yaim jamie, ted cruz e-mailed the cartoon asking for a million dollars in the next 24 hours xs the question many people are asking, if he's so offended and i think he has the right to be offended, children are off limits, why is he redistributing this in a letter to raise money? is he keeping this alive? >> well, it seems to undermine his outrage, don. look, i'm a little bit at the center from the outrage industry. try as i might, i can't get as outraged as people have on the internet over this. i think the reeal concern is th double standard. if they did this to a democrat, there would be a lot of hell raised over it. but i look at the cartoon. maybe it wasn't wise, but i think they were attacking ted cruz for using his children. unfortunately, i think all politicians use their children. that's a general problem i think. the real problem i see is the double standard. i just can't get upset over the cartoon as it seems like everyone else on the internet is. >> is it a double standard,
12:07 pm
maria? >> i think ted cruz here is absolutely in the right to be outraged. and i don't think it's a double standard because i think as he himself said, that all pol tiksxtigss' kids are off limits. and have been off limits in the past. >> even if he used them in a political ad prior to that? >> yes. even if he used them in a political ad. he's their father. he can make that decision. i am the mother of two small kids. and when i looked at this, i thought about it. if i'm running for president and i want to use my kids in a political ad, that's my decision. that doesn't mean especially if they are young that they are then fair game for the media to use. and by wait, it was a parody. it wasn't a real political ad. i think he's absolutely in the right here. i do think that his outrage is perhaps a little bit blurred because he now sent this out as a fund-raising tool. but again, that's his decision. it does keep this alive longer
12:08 pm
so that's kind of on him. but i am with him on this. i don't think that the cartoon should have gone out. i'm glad the "post" pulled it. and politicians on both sides should absolutely come to his defense on this. >> i want to put this up so you can see it. just getting word from producers that ted cruz just tweeted this cartoon. seems like a better idea for a cartoon hillary and her lap dog. it's the "new york times" and "washington post" just tweeted from ted cruz. what do you think, jamie? >> i think this is a lot of political theater. the idea is, of course you don't want to attack politicians' children and make fun of 5 and 7-year-olds. but i think -- >> do you want to attack their dogs? come on, hillary clinton's dogs, one named "new york times," the other "new york post." she didn't put those kids out there. why are they doing that? >> it's a good point. but don, let me make my original point. i think it's unlikely that ted
12:09 pm
cruz's children or hillary clinton's dogs are after ivid r of the cartoon sections. i don't think either will be hurt. i think it was unwise but a lot of political theater going on and the outrage industry is in top effect. >> you can also argue that this completely plays into ted cruz's criticism of the mainstream media as he likes to say, they have a liberal bias. so by doing this, if "the washington post" was looking to criticize him and hurt him in any way, they've actually helped. there's plenty of other things to go after ted cruz on other than his children. >> i thought it was witty and funny. it's attacking an institution or an industry rather than a personal individual and it's not a clield. can we turn to the polls? let's do that. 39% donald trump is at 39%. jamie, my question is, should the gop accept fact that trump is going to be their nominee?
12:10 pm
look at the percentages. >> i think he certainly has a much better shot than almost anyone believed when he first got into the race. i'm not sure it's a fatal done deal. ted cruz and marco rubio in my mind might be the likeliest one to win the nomination. i think he'll start to campaign in new hampshire and try to make that the state where he wins and becomes what you might call the establishment favorite even though i think he bridges the establishment anti-establishment divide. then he'll go toe-to-toe down the stretch. >> maria, let's start with hillary clinton. a girl asked her about bullying on tuesday. >> more love and kindness in our country. i think we are not treating each other with the respect and the care that we should show toward
12:11 pm
each other. thand's why it's important to stand up to bull withies wherever they are and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the presidency. because that is not who we are as americans. >> so, maria, some people would say that hilalary clinton needs to have more moments like that showing her personal side where she doesn't look so sort of polished and robot-like. >> i think that's exactly right. i think we will continue to see more moments like that. i think right now when she talks about this issue of having more love for each other, having more acceptance of each other, this is something that she started to talk about on her campaign and she feels very strongly about. i think this comes to her much more naturally now as she is campaigning as she likes to campaign. she talks about being a mother. she talks about being a grandmother. i think that this really does
12:12 pm
bring out her more real self and it really does connect with the audience. and i liked how she really did turn that around to focus on the importance of the words that our leaders talk about. i think this was a really good moment for her-jamie, i have to run. even though we know those events are set up and they -- i don't know if the girl was preinterviewed but usually they know what's going to happen. >> yeah. no question about it. this is kind of manufactured to try to make hillary clinton look more recognizable or humanize her to the public. but the reality is that's a problem with her. people don't necessarily see her as someone who likes to have fun and can relate to her. they're going to keep trying. >> she's seen as a person who will fight for everybody. i think that's the most important thing. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you, don. up next, happening right now, demonstrators from black lives matter converging on the nation's largest mall after the
12:13 pm
group's organizers were hit with a restraining order barring some of them from taking part in the rally. >> also, the woman accused of running down pedestrians on the las vegas strip making her first court appearance. and then later, atlanta rapperrap er gz joins me to talk about the black lives matter movement. how he's influencing his followers on twitter. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts?
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she'll use that educationing to get a job. she'll use that job to buy a home. this is lilly baker. her mom just refinanced their home and is putting an extra $312 a month toward lilly's tuition. lilly is about to take over the world. who's with her? buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power. the woman accused of intentionally plowing her car into a crowd on the las vegas strip has appeared before a judge for the first time. lakeisha holloway is charged
12:17 pm
with murder, child abuse and leaving the scene of the accident. one person was killed, 37 others injured. >> she's distraught. i mean, this is tragic for everybody involved. and as the days go by and the gravity of what happened sinks in, i expect that she's going to be in a very difficult mental state. we want her family to reach out to us. wasn't to try to get the best picture we can of who this young lady is and what the circumstances are that put her in this position. >> she's under surveillance. she's got guards. there's medical personnel, mental health personnel that are nearby. she's in a unit where she can't hurt herself. >> so joining me now, cnn's ryan young. ryan, what happened inside that courtroom, ond could she be facing even more charges? >> reporter: even more charges sound like they're coming, don, from what the d.a. was telling us. attempted murder charges could be headed her way. we really watched her in court. court was short. we've been to these first court
12:18 pm
appearances. i would say it took all of seven minutes, her saying yes, ma'am yes, ma'am to the judge and it was all over and done. but one of the things you're watching for is you're wanting to see if people fael family is courtroom, anyone who loves her in the courtroom. does she look into the crowd to make any acknowledgement. it didn't happen today. no one had that conversation with her during any of these court proceedings. we can see her hair looks different from when she was initiallyarrested. she was a lot taller in court than what a lot of people thought she would be. we didn't get any sort of mental picture of what was preexisting, no one said anything about that. of course, this is one of those first court appearances where we heard they're going to take 30 days to do an evaluation and go here. the d.a. talked about the idea that more charges could be coming. we did expect to hear from the family today. we thought they would be here in court. that did not happen. they did not show up. we believe her child, the 3-year-old, is still in the custody of the court system. right now, there's a lot of questions in terms of what
12:19 pm
happens next. we've reached out to the family, the number we had before. no one is answering that number at this point. honestly, people are wondering, hey, in the next 30 to 40 days will we learn more about this young lady? did she have a cloudy mental history? did something happen? you would like someone to shed some light on what was going on. >> ryan young in las vegas. thank you. a highly publicized black lives matter protest is under way inside minnesota's mall of america. these are some of the first pictures posted on twitter by our affiliate wcco. these pictures the first to be posted on twitter. that is that protest at the mall of america in minneapolis. attempts by the mall to stom the planned rally were curtailed yesterday by a minneapolis judge. she issued a restraining order against three protest organizers but would not force black lives matter to cancel the entire demonstration. some retailers were asked to close their doors about an hour before the protest began. i want to bring in cnn's sara
12:20 pm
sidner. sara, beefed-up police presence there, including state troopers. >> right. we've seen this before. the reason why black lives matter chooses venues like this because they do not want to be ignored. they won't be ignored if they do it in the largest mall in america. you know the deal. they want the attention. they're saying, we won't protest and we'll stop our protesting if you do two things. one, release any videos they have of the shooting of gentleman march clark, the 24-year-old killed in november, and, two, that they appoint a special prosecutor in this case instead of going to a grand jury. those are the two commands. until they are met, the black lives matter movement is going to continue to protest in many wrays. this is a big one because we're all talking about it, and that is the point. >> the concern was with this particular ruling it was confusing because some people were allowed in. butt bulk of the none strairts, but some of the black lives matter leaders, organizers, were
12:21 pm
not allowed to come in. and also we were supposed to have some of them on our show. they decided not to come on because maybe there's concern they would be defying the judge's orders in some way. >> i think one of the big ways the black lives matter movement have been telling people who want to protest, number one, they tried to stop us mall of america to use our legal right to protest via social media. one of the things the mall asked for is they rescind their idea of borrow testing and let people know about it on social media, that the protest was canceled. they demanded that. they lost. that didn't happen. but that really enflamed people's emotions and people felt like, wait, you can't tell us what not to say and you certainly can't tell us what to tweet and what to put on social media. i think support for them amongst the group that is looking at the situation in america has gone up for those who have been involved in this and more and more people may come out because of the suit which was intended to do the opposite. >> we will be watching.
12:22 pm
again, we're getting first pictures posted on twitter. thank you, sara. appreciate it. i have to tell you this is just in to cnn. into the newsroom. some big changes in airports all across this country just in time for christmas travel. despite controversy about full body scanners, as of right now, the tsa will no longer allow people to refuse the body scanner and choose the pat-down instead. that's big news. rene marsh our aviation correspondent joins us. rene, talk us through the changes. now you can't say, hey, listen, i don't want to go through the screener, i want to be patted down? no, that's not going to happen any longer? >> that won't happen for certain people. we want to be really specific here. we know the tsa is indeed making changes to passenger screening
12:23 pm
procedures at airport security checkpoints. here's the thing. if they have some sort of reason of concern about a certain individual who has requested a pat-down instead of going through the body scanner, the tsa, this is the change, now can mandate that an individual indeed must go through the scanner and would not be able to get that pat-down. again, they would use this power where they feel they have some question about a certain passenger, perhaps some security questions about a certain individual. here's the benefit of going through the body scanners. the body scanners are made so that they can detect non-metallic explosives. you don't want a situation where someone asks for a pat-down and they're able to hide a non-metallic explosive perhaps in their underwear. we saw 2009 the underwear bomber. so it is possible for a pat-down to miss that. and in this current climate where there are constant threats
12:24 pm
or the concern about threats to aviation, commercial aviation, they don't want to have any loopholes. that's why this change is being pet in place. so again, if you or someone who raises concern for tsa at any airport across the country and you say you want a pat-down, expect that the tsa now has the power to say, you are not entitled to one and you do have to go through the body scanner. >> rene, this is at the agent's discretion. it used to be if you said no they would have to pat you down. the agent can now say, no, you have to go through the machine. if you want to fly, you have to go through. >> absolutely. that is the change here now. >> rene marsh, thank you very much. get ready as you are traveling this holiday season. you're going through an airport, new rules. new rules. thank you. next, an american hero is coming home to u.s. soil right now. staff sergeant chester mcbride was one of six americans killed in afghanistan this week.
12:25 pm
i'm going to speak live to the former football coach who visited on his last trip home. make sure you stay with us. came out today thousands of people to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement?
12:26 pm
okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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we have breaking news to tell you about. we told you about the planned protest by black lives matter on the mall of america in minneapolis. but here's what we're hearing now. that the bulk of the protefster have left the mall because it went before a judge, the judge limited some of the people who could show up at the mall. the protesters did show up but not in mass as they did last year by the thousands. they have moved on we are told. this is the official tweet of the minneapolis/st. paul
12:29 pm
international airport that there are now black lives matter protesters at the airport possibly shutting some parts of the airport down or at least causing commotion. now you're looking again at these pictures, official twitter account. the first one was from the minneapolis/st. paul international airport. and these are from wcco reporters, our affiliate. this one is from the mall of america. you can see the sign there that says "mall of america," showing the police officers out in force blocking people from there. but again, we're told the protesters have moved on to the airt. as you know, it is a busy travel day. today among the busiest of the year, tomorrow even busier than today. we will keep you updated. moving on now, the body of staff sergeant chester mcbride is returning to u.s. soil, the 30-year-old georgia native and former football hero among six americans killed when a suicide
12:30 pm
bomber on a motorcycle detonated near their patrol in afghanistan. joining me now a man who knew just what kind of influence chester mcbride had on those around him, his high school coach steve pennington. steve, i'm so sorry for your loss. what kind of man was chester? >> oh, chester -- first of all, thank you, don -- was even for his age as a teenager was a very humble person. he knew his role, whether it be in the hall at the high school or on football field. he certainly was a great teammate to all the players that surrounded him. and i think the foundation was certainly laid by his parents at home. he never put on my fronts. he was as generuine as a person could be. very coachable from the stance where he respected authority.
12:31 pm
when things did not go well, his work ethic -- >> coach, you talked about -- you saw him the last time he was on leave. tell us about that. >> well, it's been a couple of years since i had seen chester. we were just getting ready to go to practice, and somebody knocked on the door. to my surprise, it was chester. he came in to visit with me, and we had about a 45-minute to an hour chat. he explained all that had been going on in his life and what he was doing. honestly, don, he really inspired me with the confidence that he had, the purpose he had, and the vision of what he wanted to do to make this world a better place. so, therefore, i just asked, i said, look, i don't know when you're going back, but would you
12:32 pm
mind addressing our football team with some of the things you shared with me? that's where it happened from the standpoint he did volunteer and the day he left to go back to afghanistan he did address our team. >> wow. how are your school and the community of states borough remembering chester, coach? >> well, i really hope that first of all i think that our community as well as our present players would like to remember him by what he shared the day that he addressed our team. first of all, as i said, he's a very humble person. he has a great compassion for other people. but he had a passion for what he did. and one of the things that he had shared with our football team that i think his classmates, the 2003 are
12:33 pm
certainly experiencing now and appreciating more because of what he exhibited during their time together was first of all, make the most of your opportunities. chester did that from his high school career, his college career and military service. and secondly, make good choices. what i've learned from him is that there is a boat load of good in this world, but there also is unfortunately a lot of bad in this world. and if yn the military service, sees too much of the bad. as i think he did during high school, choose those thing that's are good, choose friends that are going to be it good, too. and then thirdly, a lesson i think that we all can address and get better at is to respect authority.
12:34 pm
those characteristics certainly displayed what chester is all about. i do believe this community is benefitting for those values that he exhibited. >> well, you are a good representative for him, and we resh yappreciate you coming on. thank you, steve pennington. >> thank you. >> statesborough, georgia, just one of the areas in mourning. flags at half staff in new york, another victim lying to his parents about being sent to war because he didn't want to worry them. cnn's diane gallagher takes a closer look at their lives. >> reporter: staff sergeant peter tobb, the father of a 3-year-old, the husband of a pregnant wife. >> it's funny. he was thoughtful. it's a really good family man. >> reporter: his father spoke to him via skype a few weeks ago
12:35 pm
but didn't even know where he was. >> i had no idea until yesterday. i thought he was in saudi arraign why. >> reporter: he said his son didn't want him to worry. >> he seemed to be in pretty good spirits. a little melancholy because he wasn't home for the holidays, missing his family. >> he and five others died in a suicide bombing outsade the bagram air base monday. among them, a woman who fought for years against the military don't ask don't tell policy. she leaves behind a wife and son. the family of staff sergeant louis was on his fourth duty. >> it baz a blessing to have him in my life. he was a good man. a man's man, a gentleman. he loved his family. loved his country. he died doing what he wanted to do. he was a real soldier, a real hero. >> that was diane gallagher. we'll continue to follow the breaking news out of minnesota. black lives matter protest has moved from the mall of america to the minneapolis/st. paul
12:36 pm
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12:39 pm
the day before christmas eve, we have breaking news about people blocking an airport. this is out of minnesota. as a matter of fact, black lives matter protesters have moved from the mall of america to the minneapolis-st. paul international airport. that airport is now warning travelers over twitter to leave home extra early. here's video that's in. let's listen for just a minute. >> black lives they matter here. >> black lives they matter here! >> black lives they matter here!
12:40 pm
>> so these are a few of the protesters blocking traffic forming a human chain at the airport. again, the day before christmas eve this a very busy travel day. there was the issue remember with the mall of america, a judge had a ruling where some of the black lives matter protesters, at least the leaders of the movement, some of them could not come into the mall but did not stop the entire protest. mark o'mara is our legal analyst here on cnn. mark, you said by the judge doing this and the mall making this an issue, it would bring more attention, more attention than these proactivitesters tho they could garner. now we have this. >> that's exactly what happened, don. they tried to quell the voices of people who should be heard. again, i'm not just saying that black lives matter so we have sto give them peshl deference. this is simply free speech and the right to assemble.
12:41 pm
when the mall did what they did and not embrace the conversation that should be had but trying to quell it, close the doors on them, it was never going to work. the mall of america is causing what we are now seeing at the airport because you can't put this type of pressure on to a situation when you have voices that are concerted. don't forget the people involved in this movement are passionate, intelligent and focused on what they're doing and they have social media as the vehicle by which to get this information out to others who believe the way they believe. and it's not going to go away because of a poorly thought out temporary restraining order request. >> and let's keep this in perspective. if you are going to or from that airpo airport, you're probable apply going to be upset because you want to get home or you are going to miss your flight. this isn't hundreds or dozens of people.
12:42 pm
there's about 20 people. you can count them. 20 or 21 people. but it only take a's few people to block the road and tauz a major traffic jam. that's what's happening now. mark, where do we go from here? >> i don't think that per any protesters should be able to violate the law to accomplish a peaceful protest. if they're blocking a street, that's a violation of the law. they should be on the sidewalk. i'm not giving them free reign. but what i didn't like and don't like is the idea of trying to quell the conversation that's going to have this type of fallout. >> so what should happen to these protesters who are blocking this traffic? >> well, if they are violating a law, then they should be told to leave. they should be put onto the sidewalk. if they violate that lawful order, then they are subject to arrest. i'm okay with that if you violate the law. it would have made much more sense for the mall to do it the right way. it may make sense for the
12:43 pm
airport in short order to allow a peaceful protest to be undertaken without unnecessary detriment to the flow of traffic and on christmas eve eve we want to try and do this in a way that makes sense. >> mark o'mara, thank you very much. if you're just tuning in, the left side of the screen is a traffic camera at the minneapolis-st. paul airport. to the right is video from black lives matter protesters blocking i'm not sure if it's an entrance or exit, a road at the airport. we'll continue to follow this and other breaking news stories right here on cnn. don't go anywhere. it takes technology,
12:44 pm
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12:47 pm
♪ jeezy and my girl jonelle monet. he's dropping a new song, his music always a powerful blend of spiritual and political elements. i was singing about unarmed black men killed by police nearly a decade before the black lives matter movement gained steam. he is a socially conscious rapper, and he has been for a long time. you must give him his due. there's jeezy, joining me now from hotlanta. it does look warm. >> what's going on? >> hey, the last time i saw you was in the greenroom at the wendy williams show. we both wanted to get on and talk about this. i'm glad you're here. >> yeah, yeah. >> i have to ask you about the black lives matter protests
12:48 pm
happening at the minneapolis airport right now. it was supposed to be at the mall of america but now it's at the airport, jeezy. your reaction to this moment and this movement. >> i mean, i think if it only took 20 people to get the tae attention of cnn and the rest of the world, i think they're off to a great start. i definitely support the black lives matter movement. i definitely think the mall could have handled it a lot differently. now you've got this. it's going to continue to grow as it should. we have to raise awareness. it's the holidays and they're still pushing this movement. you have to respect that. >> i do have to say, i have to give you your due because sometimes hip-hop and rap, the industry, get a lot of criticism because of things people deem superfluous that they talk about
12:49 pm
about women and drugs and all. that but you have been socially conscious now for years. i have to give you your due. >> right. >> let's talk about those issues. your views on gun control, prison reform and how those issues impact african-american communities. >> i mean, look, man, i just lost a friend recently here in atlanta. it hurt me to my heart, just to see his family have to bury him around this time. look, man, the reality is so many things going on in the world in the streets right now. you know, it's pretty much a war zone out there because you have people that can't really survive off of -- they don't have jobs. they have different opportunities so they result to what they know. that's either taking something or committing a crime to get it or even murdering someone. it's a reality that we face and we been facing since before i was born. i think now it only gets worse because they have no leadership. i think the music that we're
12:50 pm
making these days is actually helping kind of spread that word that black lives matter, these different movements. now you have hip op-hop and lea. and it's something that we don't want to see. and it's just like, you know, gun control, of course i don't want to come home and, you know, come off the road and hear about one of my friends or loved ones being murdered for no reason. so i'm all for it. >> yeah. >> any time. >> people always say black lives matter, but also black lives matter and i hate using the bla black-on-black crime because it's all crime. but you talk about the guns on the street and random crime, not necessarily police officers. both of them. you can talk about police officers killing people but you can also talk about people killing each other. >> right. what you know i'm going to say in the black community and to be honest see since the beginning of time the black-on-black violence. but i think when you have police officers or law enforcement
12:51 pm
officials, you know, gunning down children, that's when we draw the line. you know what i mean? we love our kids. we protect our kids. there's no different than the jungle. if you mess with the mother -- i mean the cub, the mother's coming. same thing here. when you have officers that are sworn to protect and serve killing children, there's a problem with that. i find a problem with that. even just on people in particular because you have a firearm. and you have, you know, mace. and stun guns. >> well, you're sworn to uphold the law. >> right. >> you're an officer of the law. there's a standard. >> correct. >> i want to move on. can we talk politic sns. >> sure. >> you have about a million twitter followers and you have an influence, here's a recrept tweet, hillary clinton is running for president, she is a g. def voting for her. bill is a real one. why do you support clinton for president and not say someone like ben carson who's an african-american? >> well, first of all, i
12:52 pm
wouldn't support anyone just based on their race. i will support someone based on what i know about him or the things i saw them do. hillary clinton and barry sanders right now to me they're class acts in my book. you got somebody like donald trump that's clearly, you know, whether he wins or loses, donald trump, you know, he's doing this for business. he's doing this for his brand. and we all know that. you're sitting back watching somebody that should have been put out of the race a long time ago by all his actions. and everything he does only puts him up in the race because people love it as america. they love entertainment. this is no different from his reality show. you know, to him it's all fun, he got his own money, his own everything. when i look at bernie sanders and hillary clinton, i see people that, you know, naturally care about the people is what i see. and that's only my opinion. you know, i can only speak for myself. >> i have to say to you, jeezy, merry christmas. i'm coming through atlanta tomorrow. if the weather's bad you may
12:53 pm
have someone else over for dinner. >> say no more. you're more than welcome, man. >> merry christmas. good to see you. thank you. we're going to continue to follow breaking news out of minnesota. black lives matter protests move from the mall of america to the minneapolis/st. paul airport. keep it on cnn. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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well, you know the saying when life gives you lemons -- you know i've heard the saying. you make lemonade. well, boy did this taco shop manager ever. his store gets burglarized so he makes a video, call it a comical crime stoppers. ♪
12:57 pm
♪ ♪ >> you've got to watch the whole thing. the video has now been viewed more than a million times in the span of six days. so joining me now is the general manager of frijoles, greg carlson who made the videos. those, i mean, those idiots, greg. we've seen people in the past put surveillance footage out
12:58 pm
say, hey, help us catch these guys. what was your inspiration? >> you know, i've got a background of making videos on youtube. i've done it for quite some time. so everything i put my hands on i try to have an element of comedy with it. we wanted to do something that was a little more light hearted even though it was a bad thing that happened to us. >> yeah. so did they get away with a lot of dough? >> they really didn't. they did some damage on the break-in and took a couple of cash boxes, but, you know, any restaurant owner will tell you there's nothing in those at night. so they really didn't get away with much. >> and didn't get any tacos either. what has been the reaction. your father-in-law owns the place, have you seen an uptick in business? maybe, you know, just to impress him? >> oh, absolutely. last week we posted the video late last week and we saw an immediate uptick of business. right before coming on the air today i checked the cameras and
12:59 pm
the place is packed right now. so we've definitely seen an uptick in business from this. >> yeah. so do you have any tips from police? have they spoken to you about it? you've had -- it's been viewed by more than a million people in six days. any tips? >> i'm sorry, could you -- i missed that question. >> any tips about suspects or, you know, an arrest or something? >> you know, i've tried to get in contact with the assigned detective to the case and i haven't heard anything yet. so i'm not aware if there have been any tips or suspects. we have had a lot of people comment on the video to try to help out with the vehicle and maybe some of the apparel that they were wearing, but nothing directly from las vegas metro police department. >> greg carlson, good luck. love the video. you've got some good shots of those suspects. if we can put them up real quickly, you can see them. thank you, greg. merry christmas to you. good luck. those are the suspects.
1:00 pm
you can help them find out whoever robbed the frijoles looking for some tasty tacos. you're going to get caught. that does it for me. merry christmas. i'll see you back next week. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, don. it's festivous today. behold our list of grievances. he's no frank kos tanza, but donald trump has a lot of problems with a lot of people, and boy have we been hearing about them in 2015. but now a brand new poll shows he's entering the election year in stronger position with the people than ever. a muslim family taking the kids to disneyland until they weren't allowed to board a flight from london to l.a. they are blaming donald trump, but were there legitimate concerns that kept some of the members of this


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