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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  December 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." to all of our viewers here in the united states and around the world, have a very merry christmas and a happy new year. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next, breaking news, a deadly tornado in december. just days before christmas. warnings across the south tonight. one person dead. the death toll is expected to rise. plus, a new warning from donald trump to hillary clinton, why is he telling her to, quote, be careful? and a muslim family barred from entering the united states. they wanted, they say, to visit disneyland. why they are blaming donald trump tonight. let's go "outfront." good evening, everyone.
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i i'm kate bolduan in for erin. a large and extremely dangerous storm system fueling multiple tornadoes on the move tonight with 45 million americans in its path from mississippi all the way through the ohio valley. a huge tornado touched down in clarksdale. just look at this video. this is clarksdale, mississippi, earlier today with reports of major damage in the surrounding area. a tornado emergency meaning significant damage and a high likelihood of fatalities. this was issued for the town of holly springs, mississippi, the next town in its path. a large tree was uprooted killing an 18-year-old woman and injuring a child in the house as well. the tornado watchers called it a particularly dangerous situation and issued for parts of a. saw, louisiana, mississippi and tennessee. let's get kind of a whole
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picture of what this looks like right now. let's go over to jennifer gray. jennifer, where is this storm? where is all of the focus? where is the storm headed right now? >> well, the focus has really been mississippi. that's where we've seen the most powerful storms and where we've seen the storms producing the most tornadoes. in fact, we still have tornado warnings in northern portions of mississippi. this looks like it's going to pass to the south of ripley. the wider view, look at this, all of the red boxes are tornado watches and, in fact, they go on until about 8:00 central time tonight. zooming in, the one that you were talking about, the particularly dangerous situation, that is this red box right here in effect until 8:00 central time. where we saw that tornado warning, the tornado in middle of that in the - so the storm prediction center was spot on when they issued that particularly dangerous situation. here's the path of it and you can see how far it traveled, not
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certain, because we haven't been out there -- the forecasters go out there and they assess the damage but it looks like it could have been on the ground for about 100 miles or so, give or take. we've had ten tornado reports so far. 119 wind reports and 26 hail reports. we've had reports of hail the size of golf balls, even bigger for tonight. it has been really dangerous and is going to continue to stay that way for the next couple of hours. we have very warm and humid air in place, cold and dry air to the west. we have the perfect ingredients in place for damaging storms. and the bulls-eye right there in the red and there is that large hail and wild weather is going to continue throughout the early evening hours and we are going to see that line develop even through atlanta in the next 12 hours or so and there are major
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delays. and we'll have a domino effect, not only on the road and in the skies but this and two days before christmas, we're in december. i don't remember a tornado hitting in december. it must be extremely rare. >> it is pretty rare. we have more of a springtime pattern in place with temperatures running 20 to 30 degrees above normal, and we're going to see travel coming home from the holidays on sunday. we're looking at a snow system impacting portions of oklahoma,
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even texas as we go into the latter part of the weekend. after today, it's not over. >> jennifer, thank you so much. >> uh-huh. "outfront" with us now, a storm chaser who has been on the ground following this rare and deadly storm system. mike, are you there? >> yes, ma'am, i'm here. >> thank you for getting on the phone with us. while we talk, i want to show some video that you shot today. this is a tornado that you were able to capture. it looks enormous. can you describe what you saw? >> it was pretty impressive. it was very large and violent, like i said earlier, on the ground for a very long time. we were on it for at least 30 minutes and we could see it, see some debris and actually hear it. we were close enough to hear it as well. so, yeah, it was pretty extraordinary thing to see.
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>> there is rushing wind and almost like a waterfall-type sound. >> it looks like it was moving quite fast. did you get any sense about how fast it was moving? >> it was coming right at us and when it's doing that, it doesn't look like it's moving at all because it's getting close to you and when it gets closer, you can really see how fast it is going as it was paralleling and i guess it was 40, 50 miles per hour. >> wow. and so this is all in mississippi. that's kind of where the big focus is. this is this big tornado. did you see damage? are you seeing damage where you are right now? >> we're actually heading back to the town of clarksdale where we initially saw that. we did not cross the damage path ourselves. we stayed just ahead of it. it finally outran us. we're heading back now and we're going into clarksdale to see if we can help out. >> i was talking about it with
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jennifer a second ago, our meteorologist. how often are you chasing storms in december? >> not very often in december but it's certainly not unheard of. we were here the first week of january so it's not unheard of. >> not unheard of. scary nonetheless. this is a very scary storm and they are still in the middle of it. a lot of these warnings not expiring until about 9:00 eastern. mike, you're on the ground. stay safe. thanks for calling in. let's go "outfront" now to mike carr in mississippi where a lot of the damage has been seen. where is all of your focus throughout this state but where is the focus in mississippi? >> that's a great question. right now we are sending staff up to marshall county near holly springs and there was damage in macomb.
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really, everywhere that we're getting damage reports, we're trying to get boots on the ground to see what the state can come in and offer, what kind of assistance is needed in that area and to help out with assessments. it's getting dark so damage assessments will be hampered but we'll start doing that first thing in the morning. >> what kind of damage reports are you getting in right now? it's getting dark but you're not in the clear yet. what kind of damage are you hearing about and what kind of injuries? >> that's right. we still do have active tornado warnings in mississippi. we're trying to remind people that they are not out of the woods yet. there are still storms coming through and there are still severe storms. as far as damage goes, we know that there is damage to homes in several counties, some businesses, cars have been pushed off the road. our number one priority is safety. we're trying to make sure that search accounted for and that we can get out and make sure that there's no one that has any needs. if there's a shelter that needs to be open, we're working with the department of human services
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to get those open. right now, the number one priority is life safety. we want to make sure that everyone is accounted for and we can move forward and start cleaning up the mess. >> absolutely. that is for sure. this storm came with quite a bit of a warning. the storm system was huge. there are 45 million people in the path that could be affected by the storm. what do folks in mississippi really need to know tonight? >> well, that's right. the big thing is, we're not out of the woods yet. this is not something new to mississippi. one year ago today we had a tornado that went through the small town of columbia and into lowell, mississippi, and actually killed five people. that was one year ago today in december. unfortunately, mississippi is et going used to this kind of weather in december and around the holidays. but we want people to know that there are still active storms and there could be flooding and they are not out of the woods yet. everyone needs to be weather aware. keep a close eye on the weather and know how you're going to get an alert.
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how will you know there is severe weather in your area even after you've gone to bed. make sure that you've gotten that alert even if it's in the zeeng when do you think your state will be in the clear? >> we sure hope it's sooner rather than later. we still have strong storms that have come over the mississippi river and are moving across the state now. so it's going to be several more hours. hopefully none of these are as severe as what they've seen throughout the day today and more of a rain event. but with that brings flash flooding and lots of other issues, especially if people's homes were damaged. it's not something that people need to take lightly and they need to remain vigilant and keep an eye on the weather overnight. >> absolutely. especially when you see images and how big the tornado is barrelling through. brett carr, good luck tonight. >> thank you, kate. "outfront" next, donald trump's warning for hillary. plus, trump with a huge lead
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in the latest cnn poll as more republicans are now saying he's the party's best chance to win in 2016. and more breaking news tonight on a muslim family barred from entering the united states. they say they were headed to disneyland. why did u.s. officials then stop them just before they boarded their flight? when emergency room doctors choose an otc pain reliever for their patients muscle, back and joint pain. the medicine in advil is their #1 choice. nothing is stronger on tough pain than advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today. donald trump warning hillary clinton in a tweet posted just this evening. trump writes this. "hillary, when you complain about a pension for sexism, who
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are you referring to? i have great respect for women. be careful." and this is the second warning from trump just today towards clinton after clinton called him out for sexism, bigotry and hateful speech. dana bash has the latest in this growing back and forth. >> we're going to win so much in so many different ways that you're going to get tired. >> this will be a very merry christmas. donald trump is so far ahead in cnn/orc's new national poll, he has more support than the next three gop candidates combined, ted cruz, ben carson and marco rubio. his leads are even bigger on the question of voter's confidence on the economy, fighting isis and illegal immigration. but the best news for trump may be that republicans are settling and as formidable candidate to
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take the white house. 46% say since august. >> that is trump's war of words and hillary clinton. >> the tone of his campaign and the inflammatory rhetoric and to divide people. his bigotry, plus sistbluster h her campaign. and on his use of a certain part of the male anatomy to describe
4:17 pm
clinton's 2008 loss to barack obama -- >> she got schlonged. she lost. >> trump pushed back from the idea that he meant anything vulgar, insisting that "schlonged" is a common political term. it meant got beaten badly. the media knows this, often used word in politics. >> i've been covering politics for a long time now. i can't recall hearing that word in any political context. but kate, maybe i missed it. regardless, this fact between trump and clinton, it only helps each other's constituencies because they need them at this age. they are the ones who are going to start voting in iowa in just about a month and a half. >> it does seem that now there's a new word added to our political dictionary. thank you very much. dana, great to see you. "outfront" next, katrina pierson and david brock.
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nice to see you. katrina, two tweets now -- not just one, two tweets coming from trump, both of them warning clinton and says both times, be careful. what is donald trump warning hillary clinton about? >> i think it's obvious that he's the only republican candidate that would be willing to take hillary head-on. no one really complained using the same exact word for a woman and a congressional race and all of a sudden it's horrible. hillary clinton has some nerve to talk about the war on women and the bigotr towards women when she has a serious problem in her husband. >> david brock? >> let's not talk about hillary clinton for a minute. unhinged pretty fascist.
4:19 pm
i think the strong statement is, what kind of a man -- let's forget the pardonship -- what kind of man does that? somebody who is frightened, who is insecure and is a woos who has to act like a bully to make him feel like he's a big man. we're not going to be bullied in this campaign. >> let's distinguish between the people he's talking about, the quote/unquote republican establishment who happens to be losing handedly. i can think of quite a few women who would be bullied. so we can actually go there but the thing about hillary is, she does need to be very careful. in the new cnn poll, it shows that not only donald trump, but ted cruz and marco rubio are statistically tied with women. this is a campaign that was not going to run on the issues.
4:20 pm
hillary's was going to try to run this way on being a woman and it's failing. >> david, i know you lost audio for a second. again and again, this is the warning, the be careful coming from donald trump, we're hearing it from katrina. they are going to take on bill clinton. >> right. let them take on bill clinton. look, this is not a democratic problem. it's a republican problem. you have a republican front-runner who is sad and pathetic, is a racist who talks about mexican immigrants as rapists, who is helping the terrorists who want to kill us. this is a really dangerous situation and it's a terrible problem for the republican party. because donald trump, at the end of the day, is an opportunist, doesn't care about the republican party. to him, it's just a casino. >> actually, a liberal problem, aaron. what you have on hillary clinton's side is liberal women who want to talk about the war
4:21 pm
on women, burn their bras and complain about equal pay and the second they get criticized for anything, they start acting like 9-year-old little girls. >> it's terrible to advocate for equal pay, isn't it? >>. >> we're not calling. it's what it is. don't tell me it's politically correct. it's just decent not to walk around saying racist and sexists things. >> david, in your response from hillary clinton, first, the campaign was silent. then you have the clinton campaign official who sent out a tweet saying, we're not going to respond. fast forward no time at all, almost the same day. hillary clinton did respond in that very emotional way. what is the change? what is the decision behind that strategy if she's not afraid to take bill clinton -- if she's not afraid to take donald trump on, what was behind that strategy towards the response?
4:22 pm
>> honestly, i don't know. i'll just say that the things that were said the other night, i was watching live. they were so shocking that the first thing you'd say is i'm not going to dignify it. look, he's the republican front-runner. your own poll shows that. he's surging on the basis of a radicalized republican base and he is giving voice to their bigotry. i'm glad hillary clinton is doing it and we're going to continue to do it because certainly the republicans, who are his opponents, are too weak to do the job. >> neither hillary clinton among her base of women -- she doesn't have a problem with women in her base. donald trump doing very well with women in the republican base. so in terms of the primary, this doesn't hurt either of these candidates. but what about if they make it to the general, katrina? you can see the war on women that has been a somewhat successful charge in the past against republicans. is that a problem for the trump campaign and in the general?
4:23 pm
>> well, kate, i think you're right. this was a problem in the past mainly because any other republican would be the quiet, soft person and not want to push back against the liberals or even the media, for that matter. that's why this is very different. just like i stated in the cnn poll, they are statistically tied right now with women. i don't think this is going to be an issue for mr. trump and, more importantly, when we're looking at donald trump and hillary clinton, we have very big policy differences, number one. number two, we're talking about moving forward. we're not going to be stuck in the '60s. anytime a republican says anything it's racist or bigoted if they don't like it and it's not going to work on the trump campaign. >> david, are you guys outdated? >> certainly not. in fact, trump is the one who is outdated here. this is a republican fight. we don't have any say over the republicans. if they want to nominate donald trump, go ahead and do it but they are going to alienate and he already has alienated
4:24 pm
substantial parts of the country. he's put our country in danger which, in my mind, is a disqualifier for being a commander in chief. if the republicans really hate their leadership and their establishment and what the policy stands for, donald trump has repudiated ideology on foreign policy. >> absolutely. >> and on economic policy. so we're seeing an implosion of the republican party right before our eyes. >> i'll tell you guys this much -- >> donald trump's policies are very different and hillary clinton oversaw the growth of isis and armed isis. >> yeah, he's a real, big, tough man with isis. >> let me point this out. if this does become a general election matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton, this is a perfect example of how lively that debate is going to be. >> look forward to it. ted cruz is slamming the media for a cartoon about his daughters. so why is he using the very same
4:25 pm
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tonight, ted cruz is gaining ground. a new cnn poll showing the republican candidate making a move. listen. >> a few days ago donald trump said publicly that he could see this race coming down to a two-person race and i think that's entirely possible. >> so is this now a two-man race on the republican side?
4:29 pm
sunlen serfaty is "outfront." it almost seems like ted cruz is wishing that it has become a two-man race but is that now where they are also focusing their campaign strategy? >> kate, i think for the cruz campaign, framing this race as a two-man showdown really plays into the certain narrative that they really want right now, especially as they try to consolidate republicans and it presents cruz alternatives to trump and outplays positioning in the race and that's the key here. rubio is the candidate that they have been focused on and still very much are but this declaration that it's a two-person race allows them to project all of that without having a say at all. >> that's exactly right. that's exactly what those campaigns are about. cruz is clearly happy about the polls that are out but also furious about a very different issue on the campaign.
4:30 pm
how has cruz responded? >> he's been out on the campaign trail all day today in oklahoma really blasting "the washington post" bringing it up multiple times depicting his children as monkeys and they are off limit on campaigns and election cycles and many candidates coming to his defense today. he point blank said, keep my kids out of it. "the washington post" has acknowledged really that they should have never posted it in the first place but, interestingly enough, ted cruz is now fundraising off of this controversy, including having an image. you can see it right there on the screen. that's his fundraising e-mail. using the cartoon and saying in that pitch, the media has hit a new low with the tasteless attack on his kids and their goal is to raise $1 million in the next 24 hours. >> we'll see how that turns out. sunlen, thank you so much.
4:31 pm
>> sure. "outfront" tonight, eric and amanda, a former communications director for senator ted cruz. eric, great to see you. i want to get to that cartoon in a bit but first we have to talk about the polls out today. cruz is on the rise but you cannot deny that mr. trump has a huge lead here. just look at these numbers. more than double cruz. but do you think the poll -- you actually think the polls are underrepresenting trump's support right now? explain, please. >> well, it's true, kate. as amazing as it sounds, trump's commanding lead, it's possible that we're still undercounting his support. one is that the statisticians call it social desireability bias. the more people are uncomfortable with the question being asked, the more likely they are to lie in response and
4:32 pm
we have evidence out of europe that shows anti-immigration candidates doing much better in the more anonymous online and automated polling than they do in the live interviewing and polling. the second factor that may be underrepresenting trump's support is that he's bringing a lot of new voters into the republican party. voters who haven't previously participated in the primary or caucus system. >> uh-huh. >> and because of that, they are being excluded from these likely voter screens that pollsters use. now, it's possible these voters won't show up on a cold, snowy day. >> exactly. in iowa for a long caucus. that's right. >> but it's also true that they are being undercounted. >> amanda, you and i have talked about this, about this concept of not believing in the polls right now. if that's true, does that spell trouble for ted cruz? >> i agree and disagree with
4:33 pm
eric. in a sense, i think trump's support is definitely being overcounted. i think he has complete control, you know, of the twitter and the tv media in a way that gives him a lot more standing nationally. i also agree with eric that he is speaking to a different type of voter. when he goes to michigan, i don't think he's speaking to traditional republican audiences. i think he's addressing blue collar workers who have been abandoned by the democratic party. i don't think that support translates into winning iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. i think he's going to have trouble in that stampede but doesn't mean he doesn't have national attention from a new type of voter like eric mentioned. >> is this really the two-man race that ted cruz really wants it to be right now? that's to be debated but there's still lots of time to go for that to change. eric, we got late news this evening that the carson campaign -- ben carson's campaign is actually considering
4:34 pm
a staff shakeup in light of his falling poll numbers. he's now tied in a distant third at 10%. the campaign says they are not letting anyone go but you have been around this before. what does this tell you? >> well, ben carson has been doing the slow fade in the polling ever since paris and san bernardino and the resulting doubts about his ability to handle our nation's foreign policy. that's not only a problem for him, by the way. it's a problem for the establishment candidates because they needed two things to happen for them to make a credible challenge to donald trump. one is the field needed to thin out and carson needed to remain strong so he could divide that outsider vote. neither has happened. and so i can only imagine the panic that they must be feeling in the ben carson campaign as they try to right this ship. they thought maybe sending him on a world tour to israel and africa would fix it but that's been canceled.
4:35 pm
they seem a little bit adrift right now. they only have 40 days to go before the iowa caucus. >> jeb bush would be happy to take over that 10% right now in these national polls. that's for sure. amanda, i have to get your take on what is going on with -- as sunlen was explaining with this cartoon. mocking ted cruz for using his daughters as political props. that's the cartoon. we all know that kids are off limits and that cuts across party lines, young children in campaigns. ted cruz is now fundraising off of it. he's even putting that cartoon that he called sickening in the fundraising e-mail. does he, on some level, i don't know, lose the moral high ground for trying to raise money off of it? >> i don't think so. i think when something like this happens and it's so outrageous, you have every right to tell your supporters, this is what my campaign is dealing with and why i need more resources. listen, fundraising e-mails are
4:36 pm
one of the best forms of communication that a candidate has. and it was such a firestorm overnight last night i was sitting on twitter and the feed was completely and i think he needed to talk about it and, hey, he won this and very civil and restrained and he was in the right. he won, took it down. so, yes, i would think it's okay to talk about that. >> great to see you guys. thanks so much. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> tomorrow, big programming note, bernie sanders is going to be on "new day." that starts at 6:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. "outfront" still, breaking news. authorities stop the muslim family from boarding a plane to the united states. tonight, why officials stopped them and new details about one of the deadliest attacks against
4:37 pm
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breaking news, u.s. officials tonight, quote, categorically deny claims that a muslim family was barred from flying to the united states to visit disneyland because of their religion. officials say some family members were blocked after one of their e-mail addresses was
4:41 pm
believed to be linked to a suspicious facebook page. the family is not only upset, they are also blaming donald trump. >> i think donald trump's theory played a part in it because otherwise, why wasn't anyone else held up on that flight? just one muslim family. >> rene marsh is "outfront." what more are you learning about why that family was barred from getting on? >> nine of the 11 people within this family, this british muslim family, they were at the gait when they were denied boarding for a flight to california. the airline, norwegian airlines, says it was at the instruction of u.s. homeland security. there are a wide range of reasons beyond terrorism why someone would be denied boarding from open criminal cases to full -- to not fully disclosing past travel, to incomplete travel documents, even
4:42 pm
health-related issues. now, the family says they haven't been told why and that's what's fueling the frustration overseas. we know that this family includes seven children. they say they all had valid u.s. immigration documents and they had been planning this trip and saving for this trip to disneyland for months. they also say that more than $13,000 that they shelled out, it will not be refunded. now, we reached out to u.s. customs and border protection, which is under department of homeland security and told cnn the rblg, faith or spiritual plefs of an international traveler are not, are not determining factors, kate. >> you wonder if they will ever figure out what caused them to not be able to get on that flight. joining me is a former counterterrorism analyst and a former navy s.e.a.l.
4:43 pm
jim, first to you. with all of this background, as rene was laying it out, you think this is an overreaction. why? >> basically, what happened is a couple days ago the president sent a spending bill. in it was a provision saying that individuals who travel to iran, iraq, sudan, syria, this might have something to do with why the family was denied boarding. it boils down to overheated rhetoric and when we get to campaign season, all of a sudden we're talking about barring muslims and all of these other things, we have to be conscious about what this does to moral american authority. the idea that we were founded to be this great country, this cultural melting pot that celebrates freedom and openness and all of these things, we have to take into account that when there is our laws, a little bit in the direction of intolerance. and so -- >> jim, you blame trump, too? >> yeah, absolutely.
4:44 pm
let's call donald trump what he is. he's a racist, a sexist and bigot. when we fail to call out this type of language, we're only encouraging it to continue. it's the rest of the republican field who has not done a good job of standing up to intolerance and saying, we can't talk like this because american's values are too much to throw by the waiyside. >> there are even british lawmakers who have weighed in blaming donald trump saying that he's to blame as well. why are they all wrong? >> well, anybody can weigh in and say that this is donald trump's fault. the fact of the matter is, donald trump has no effect on policy and anybody who says this is donald trump's fault or he had any say in this whatsoever is completely ignorant to the process. look at the people in the white house. they have more effect on this than anything that donald trump would say. this is not fueled by -- this is fueled by the u.s. government and their policies that are affected by the people in power
4:45 pm
right now. >> jim, to carl's point, i mean, this is all coming after the attacks in paris, the attacks in san bernardino. isn't this larger than donald trump? >> look, we're in a time of increased vigilance. everybody understands that. we have to continue to be syrin vigilant and do our best to keep the country safe. but when we let people like donald trump use inflammatory rhetoric and fail to say that it's wrong and it's not what america stands for and what we strive to be as a nation, we lose that moral high ground to be able to stand up to the agents of intolerance. we have to understand that when we use inflammatory rhetoric, we get yanked further and further to the right towards the phobic rhetoric that people like donald trump uses and that stands in our policy debates and legal debates that ultimately form laws and that's a dangerous thing to be playing with. so we have to absolutely be
4:46 pm
vigilant. we have to understand that there is an existing threat. but we also have to understand what the costs are to america's moral authority when we use insensitive and intolerant language like this. >> go ahead, carl. >> but you're sitting there saying that this is not the tradition -- not the american values and we can't let donald trump -- the american values rest in our constitution where we can say whatever we want and it might be offensive but you can't say fire in a crowded theater but we do have those values that allow people. >> i fully support donald trump's right to support whatever he wants -- >> do you not want to let people say stuff? >> that's a false argument. everything that he wants to say that messes with the first amendment to our constitution, however, it is my job to call out his intolerance and to make a better argument that the united states is a worse place when we let donald trump say the intolerant things that he's going to say and we don't call him out on it. >> let me ask you this, carl. there's a lot not known about this situation, of course, but do you think this is the system
4:47 pm
working or does it seem like it's exposing more flaws in this system that already exists? >> i think the government obviously is not actually any type of beacon of success or, you know, smooth running machinery. this happens every day. this happens to people that i've known that their chip got mixed up on their passport. this happens to every day, normal americans. this just happened to a muslim family coming over here to disney world, made a great sound bite, they blamed it on donald trump, it made sense for the liberal left to spin it however they wanted to but this is one of many instances that has happened to many, many people and means that someone is doing their job to do something. there's some reason why. we just don't know what it is yet. to speculate that it's donald trump is completely ridiculous. >> i wonder if that family will ever find out why they were barred from coming in. thank you, appreciate it. new details about the attack
4:48 pm
that killed six american soldiers on the deadliest day for u.s. troops there in more than three years. plus, miss colombia breaks her silence about the crown that she did not win. you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this.
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tonight a somber ceremony in delaware as the remains of six u.s. service members killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan arrived home. this as we're learning disturbing new information how that attack happened. barbara starr is out front. >> reporter: fellow troops mourn the lives of six u.s. air force members killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. the devastating attack happened on a security patrol outside of the air field. their mission to talk to local afghans in nearby villages looking for any signs of the taliban. a u.s. official tells cnn the suicide bomber used an old motorcycle instead of a suicide vest packing the internal spaces full of explosives. the motorcycle detonating as the troops were on a narrow path where surrounding walls confined the blast and made it even more
4:53 pm
powerful. the taliban taking credit. as the group makes a resurging where u.s. forces fought for years, afghan security forces are locked in an intense battle. afghan reinforcements have been sent to help. >> building the army is not the work of two years or four years. it's a young army that needs maturity. >> reporter: years of u.s. military training still may not be enough. >> it's one of those areas where during the daytime the government controls territory. during the nighttime, a lot of that same territory is actually being controlled by either the taliban or in some cases potentially even isis. >> reporter: isis has been making radio broadcast as a recruitment tool and some in afghanistan are listening. isis also has russian president
4:54 pm
vladimir putin's attention. moscow says it will share intelligence but not weapons with the taliban to counteragen, nearly 30 years after the soviet union pulled its troops out after a devastating nine-year war there. kate? >> barbara starr, thank you. after making the biggest mistake in miss university's history, why is steve harvey reportedly hosting the pageant again. be right back. i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments...
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4:57 pm
tonight, we are finally hearing up from the runner up in the miss universe coronation that was not. >> reporter: miss colombia speaking out about that mistake
4:58 pm
heard around the world. >> miss universe 2015 is columbia. >> reporter: she posted a lengthy message on instagram saying life continues and in the future we will find out why things happen the way they happen. the 21-year-old congratulating the real winner, miss philippines while showing grace under the pageant lights and saying nothing about the humiliated host steve harvey. >> the first runner up is colombia. [ cheers ] >> miss universe 2015 is philippine. >> reporter: it is a moment that will live in tv history, the host of "family feud" mistakenly reading the first runner up's name and corrected himsel with the whole universal watching. you can see his discomfort and harvey appears to complain to
4:59 pm
producers that the tell prompter had the wrong name and miss colombia was the winner but seconds later, harvey publicly took the blame. >> this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> reporter: the real winner, miss philippines printed in small type on the card showing the pearls of live television. harvey tweeted an apology saying i feel terrible and suddenly miss universe was trending like never before and maybe that's why harvey will be back. entertainment saying harvey signed a multi-year contract a few days before sunday's contest. the company is not ruling out his return next year saying we do not disclose any information on our contracts. now picture yourself in harvey's shoes, would you want a shot at redemption? i think if i were steve harvey, i would want another chance. you know, keep in mind donald
5:00 pm
trump sold this pageant to dwming a few months ago. that's a giant hollywood talent agency and one of the many celebrities it recentpresents i steve harvey. no final announcement about next year's host will be made for a long time. they do have almost 12 months to decide. thank you for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. good evening, anderson is off. i'm wolf blitzer. deadly weather hitting parts of the country. this funnel cloud caught on camera just outside clarks dale, mississippi. >> i can see debris. >> the same cell devastated a town of holly springs. one fatality, 7-year-old little boy and 40 people hurt and homes destroyed across the state. damage in at least six count


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