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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  December 24, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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attention to what they want. they want to draw attention to some of them want rahm emanuel out. they want to draw attention to black lives matter movement. you see it there. the police right behind you. folks right behind you. they continue this negotiations. ryan young has been in the middle of it. we'll continue to monitor this throughout the day. thank you all for joining us. "the lead" with jake tapper takes over right now. >> thanks, kate. the calendar says christmas eve. but in tom partsst country, it looks neither silent nor holy outside. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news. the death toll rising as a vicious storm tears through homes and sends big rigs tumbling. the latest on a tornado that may have lasted for 150 miles with more tornadoes possibly on the way. u.s. warplanes pounding isis as iraqi troops navigate fields of ieds and take out some isis terrorists in a fierce battle
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for a key city. plus, be careful. be careful. that's donald trump's new warning to hillary clinton. is his trump card allegations about her husband's past? >> very simple. very simple. >> welcome to "the lead." merry christmas. i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin with the national lead, a tornado disaster and state of emergency on this christmas eve. at least 11 people now confirmed dead and dozens injured across mississippi and arkansas and tennessee. unseasonal weather unleashed a barrage of twisters, one this terrifying staying power. forecasters say this tornado may have barrelled aacross the street ground fwor 150 miles tearing apart homes and lives across two states. unfortunately, the trouble is not all now behind us. there is new danger tonight. millions of americans facing the threat of severe storms across a wide section of the east and
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southeast down to the gulf coast. our severe weather expert has more on this deadly weather system and the damage it has done. >> this christmas eve, hundreds of people are facing utter devastation. >> holy mack relevant! >> the destruction caused by a deadly tornado outbreak cutting across the south and midwest. >> i've never seen this kind of devastation having hit this close to home and especially at this time of year. we're just now praying that everybody can kind of recover. >> i see debris. >> the tornadoes claiming multiple lives, including a 7-year-old boy. residents desperately try to hide in their cars and homes. >> many, many homes have severe damage. it's just unreal. you'd have been to be in the air looking down to see it to really realize how bad it is. >> reporter: in north mississippi, this tornado tore through a busy highway. watch as the massive twister tosses this tractor-trailer as it barrels through traffic.
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the winds in southwest tennessee roaring 75 miles per hour as officials declare a state of emergency. we walk out the storm shelter, everything was gone. >> it looks like a waste land. waste land. there is nothing left. >> two people were killed east of memphis. their bodies found under debris. chad myers, cnn. >> chad myers and our severe weather team are mondaying to are the storm threat on this christmas eve. we'll break in with any major developments. let's turn to the politics lead. he's either the conserative savior or the grinch who stole the republican party. either way, donald trump is heading into christmas with double the support of his closest opponent senator ted cruz of texas. a few days after trump brought a fallic image into the presidential race, he's tweeting a warning right now to hillary
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clinton to tread lightly. he is the one who knocks. we have all the latest in the headlines. many candidates hopped off the campaign trail for the holiday much that's not going to last long. >> there is a rare moment in politics. candidates really do hit the pause button. but five weeks to go until first contest in iowa and so many duels still on going, this respite will be just a blip on the radar. today the candidates bringing good tidings, holiday cards and christmas play lists on their break from the campaign trail. >> merry christmas! right? >> not without taking a flurry of parting shots first. after this moment -- >> she was favored to win and she lost. >> trump campaign now trying to turn the table onz his on hilla clinton after she said he has a pension for sexism. >> she was nerve to talk about the war on women whether she has a serious problem in her husband. >> i can think of quite a few
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woman that have been bullied by hillary clinton to hide her secret. >> trump firing a warting shot too, hillary, when you complain about a pension for sexism, who are you referring to? i have great respect for women. be careful. trump taking fire from bernanky sanders, blasting trum's rhetoric. >> trump is very smart. he knows that media is not so interested in the serious issues facing this country. they love, you know, bombastic remarks. they love silly remarks. if he says that somebody is sweating, my god that, is a major story. all that silly business. the personal attacks. that kind of works. >> this comes as ben carson spiralling downward in the polls is hinting of a staff shake-up. carson in interviews saying that personnel changes could come saying, "every single thing son the table." i'm looking carefully. but then only hours later distancing himself from those
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comments on cnn. >> he may have to add some people. we may have to change some people. the key word there is may. we're always going to be looking at, we're always going to be evaluating how people are performing. >> some campaigns prepare for adjustments, others are preparing for the post holiday onslaught. ted cruz will come back from his christmas break to face an aggressive push against him in iowa. nearly $600,000 from five independent groups lined up and at the ready to stop his momentum before the first contest. >> and right after the new year, ted cruz will be hitting the road for a 36-county, six day bus tour across iowa. for the past week he's been exclusively been looking ahead to super tuesday. so no doubt this will refocus on iowa, get a little momentum. >> coming up, february 1st. thank you so much. joining me to talk about the race is rick tyler. he is national spokesman for ted cruz's presidential campaign.
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thank you for being here. we saw senator cruz and his wife, heidi cruz, their beautiful little girls. there was a big story this week with him trying to use the little girls in an ad. the cartoon took it too far by portraying to the little girls as monkeys which insulted the girls and offended a lot of people. senator cruz trying to fundraise off it. i understand that it is political malpractice not to try to fundraise off it. is it not now possible since "the washington post" is apologizing and taking the cartoon down that more people have seen this cartoon because of senator cruz e-mailing it out than saw it on "the washington post" website? >> well, first of all, about "the washington post," i don't understand how the editorial cartoonist could have put up a cartoon without an editor looking at it. he says he didn't see it. so someone is negligent or not telling the truth. how does a cartoon like that,
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papers like "the washington post" is supposed to be constructed so that they don't -- things like that don't happen. >> i agree. but my point is i can certainly understand why a dad would be upset about that. and i have young kids. he has young kids. i get it. but sending it out, more people may have now seen that cartoon because of your campaign. >> and about 1.7 million people sought original christmas ad which ran on "saturday night live." we couldn't possibly raise the money that the damage a car toob like that causes. i say that about that the media in general. that portrays a false image about the senator and his family. we have to raise money so we get out the right message about the family. the papers are doing this without any punishment at all. they get to do these kinds of things. of course we have to raise money. we have to get our message out. >> so let's turn to some of the
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attacks coming from your republican rivals, senator cruz in the des moines register poll. he's in first place in iowa and other polls he's close to first place neck and neck with donald trump. super pac backing mike huckabee has a radio ad playing right now attacking senator cruz. take a listen. >> as ted cruz traveled through iowa, he said he shares our values. truth is, there are two teds. listen to cruz raise money in new york city from liberal who's don't share our conservative iowa values. >> so what you're saying, it's like a top three priority for you, fighting for gay marriage? >> no. >> remember, the next time cruz tells you he shares your values, there are two teds. >> first of all, i have to say i really enzwli swijoy that swing nikt background. but more to the point, you knew as soon as you saw that recording come out that it was going to be used this way. what is your response to the
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people supporting mike huckabee and what is your response to people who hear this and say, wait a minute, that doesn't sound like what he told me on the stump in iowa. >> the ad is profoundly dishonest. second of all, kpem go look at ted cruz on seth myers. they can look at him on jay leno. they can look at him in delivering alpha conference with john harwood. they can read the transcript. particularly the seth myers transcript. if you take the tript on seth myers and colbert, the same thing. you take what he said on seth myers and lay it across what he said in the fund-raiser, they would play like an echo. he said virtually exactly the same thing. the ad is dishonest. i think people are smart enough to know where ted cruz stands and what it was doing there is he's reframing the question. the questioner was trying to get him to say, you know, don't you have an anti-gay agenda? he said, no, i have a pro constitutional agenda. one that protects the
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constitution. one that protects religious liberty and one that protects people from persecution because of religious beliefs by their own government. >> let's talk about persecution. right now, as you know, senator cruz is not alone saying he disagrees with the dool have syrian refugees come into this country. he called it -- he said it would be nothing short of lunacy to let them come n the image of a dead 3-year-old syrian board on a turkish beach who came an international symbol for the refugee crisis, now this week the boy's father issued a christmas message. take a look. >> translator: my message is i'd like the whole world to open its doors to syrias. that time of year, i would like to ask you all to think about the pain of fathers, mothers, eastern the children who are seeking peace and security. >> obviously, refugees need to be vetted. obviously, we need to make sure that dangerous people do not come into this country. but the 3-year-old was not a dangerous person. his family are not dangerous
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people. is it not -- is there anything more christian than letting refugees desperate people come in if they need help. >> we do a lot of things in the united states. we do a lot of things for refugees closer to where the refugees are. it's too dangerous to bring over the refugees. something happened in the interim. isis said they would and have and shall successfully infiltrate the refugees. so that's -- it's too dangerous for america. one person getting it wrong, that is new. that's a new development. refugees being invaded by isis. tooz dangerous. the united states can do lots of things to help refugees in the region. i think they'll be open to that. what senator cruz said, he'll look at christians being persecuted, who are being b beheaded by isis in the middle east, he would be open to allowing those refugees to come in. i think it's very dangerous to have a broad -- >>persecuted, too. >> that's right. we don't know that christians
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are not the ones who are causing the atrocities. >> thank you very much for joining us. please tell the senator we say merry christmas as well. coming up, our political team on donald trump's teflon. will his new warning to hillary clinton score him even more points in the polls? and gather the kids. we have a christmas eve treat. we're going to track santa claus. take a look. he's on the radar literally as he makes the worldwide gift giving tour. that is later in the show. stay with us. give the gift of the better network. save up to 50% on our hottest android smartphones like the samsung galaxy s6. get the best deals and the better network.
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senior he haddor and contributing he haddor to the atlantic and national journal, peter, let me start with you. what do you think about that
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strategy, warning hillary? >> republicans don't like hillary clinton very much. i think also donald trump is by getting all of this attention, he's distracting from the fact that in iowa he starting to lose ground to ted cruz. i think he's -- with all of this attention he's giving to the immediate yashgs he is strakting from the fact that big political story of last few weeks i would say is cruz is gaining at his expense. >> daniel, what do you think? is this something that you think, you write for the "weekly stand order", is this something that the conservative media will want to cover? it's an opportunity to cover the scandals from bill clinton's past? >> a lot of conservative media hasn't gotten donald trump correct all along. >> perhaps not the best indication. there are a lot of americans. a lot of people who want these things brought up. and they are itching for a fight with hillary clinton. they're glad that donald trump will take it to hillary clinton in the way he's taking to a lot of the republican foes and been successful thus far. and there's no reason to believe that he won't have -- at least
1:18 pm
have a good fight on his hands and be able to generate a lot of attention for himself which he's already doing. >> is there a risk in this kind of attack? is there a risk in, a, people, god, i don't want to hear about the scandals from the '90s or that's bill, not hillary? >> i think for a normal politician there is a risk. i think that we are -- we should be careful in saying that anything donald trump does at this point is a risk to him. i mean, how many times have we heard people say and maybe even, you know, some of us have thought is this it? is this kind of big explosive comment that he's made or is this strategy that he's kind of gone down whatever road that he's gone down going to hurt him? it doesn't. especially something like this. this is like shooting fish in a barrel. donald trump appealing to conservative voters. >> right. >> loet let's talk about. that there was an unofficial
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talley how many republican rivals and others guess eed deme starting from there's no way he's going to run to the ban on muslims and turning the u.s. and the number they got to is 13. at this point, daniel, should pundits stop? >> i think they have. nobody is predicting demise. the weird thingcy think more people predict demise, the more it helps him, right? there is a george will column slamming him saying he's not conservative. i think that helps him among his supporters because their point is the conservative movement hasn't helped them. and they want somebody who speaks to them, who goes to their issues and donald trump, they think he does. >> and george will is establishment. that is the worst thing you can be if you're a voter out there who thinks they don't speak for them. >> peter, is there anything, do you think, anything that could stop donald trump from winning the republican nomination?
1:20 pm
>> yes. there was an interesting "new york times" piece that said he's not very well organized in iowa. it's not just a popularity contest. you have to be able to organize to get people to go to the places and spend several hours there. remember, howard dean was vog very well in the polls. he didn't have a strong enough organization in eye ichlt i think that what the polls may not be showing us is that trump's organization in iowa, remember, they're relying on a lot of new voters that have not done this before. they may actually be weak. if trump loses to cruz, you could seat bubble start to burst. >> your publicer, an editor bill kristol predicted that -- he's one of the pundits. he's not alone, that trump would and in fact he's now taking names, suggestions for a third party he will form if donald trump does get the nomination. you have submitted any names? >> i don't want to speak for him. i can't talk about internal deliberations at the "weekly standard."
1:21 pm
>> jay thought maybe it should be the wig party. >> he's not conservative, right? >> permanent war. >> the permanent war party. noo that's for kristol. >> new conservative party. the truth is we don't know what will stop donald trump. we have never seen a phenomenon like this before. we just have no idea what to deal with this or how to expect this. he's not conservative. he is to the left. he's a hillary clinton donor. he's a hillary clinton supporter. >> was. >> but voters know. this they don't care. they know that and they don't care. >> they don't care a lot of them do but there are a lot of conservatives out there that do care. it will fracture the republican party. >> he is conservative on the issues that matter for many conservative voters now which is basically hostility to mexican and muslim immigration. on those issues he's very conservative. >> listening to peter talk about howard dean, how his entire campaign ended with a scream, now in donald trump world,
1:22 pm
doesn't that just seem so quaint? >> exactly. a lot of things seem quaint from the perspective of december 2015. thank you so much. happy holidays. merry christmas. happy new year. an isis attack foiled. how suicide bombers would be stopped in their tracks. and we're keeping tabs on santa claus r your kids or grandkids wondering whether he's going to get to your house? gather them around the tv. we're monitoring the jolly old elf's every move. stay with us. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? ♪ ♪
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topping our world tleed day, major developments from the iraqi lead effort to overtake a local town. they foiled a police attack west of the city. the terrorist group is not giving up easily. they're planneding fields of deadly ieds throughout ramadi. let's get to cnn's barbara starr who is live at the pentagon. what is the pentagon's read on the state of the fight right now? >> jake, right now the iraqis say they liberated 70% of arer i ramadi. the pentagon watching very carefully. worried the worst of the fighting may be yet to come. iraqi forces moving through areas of eastern ramadi where they have pushed back isis militants. what is left is a city in rubble. the remains of a tough fight for u.s. trained iraqi units with more to come. watching it all unfold in real
1:27 pm
time, u.s. commanders from their operations center. >> this enemy set up defensive belts. so they use ieds, the very same ieds that we faced here in iraq years ago but now they use them in clusters as if they were minefields. they will rig entire houses to be -- to explode. >> u.s. warplanes are launching dozens of air strikes to back up iraqi ground forces. picking out isis fighting positions from the air and not inadvertently killing civilians remains a huge challenge. administration officials are talking about how to possibly loosen up the rules restricting air strikes so they can turn up the pressure on isis. >> what is being talked about out there is how much tolerance we should have for civilian casualties. and that's part of our american values, right? we say that we bring our values to war. >> reporter: senator ted cruz
1:28 pm
continuing to advocate massive bombings entering wolf blitzer's question this way at the cnn republican debate. >> would you carpet bomb the isis capital where there are a lot of civilians? yes or no? >> you would carpet bomb where isis is, not a city, but the location of the troops. >> reporter: u.s. military officials say indiscriminate nat bombing is not preductive and large groups of isis soldiers without civilians nearby rarely happens. >> isis are living in towns and cities add mist the same blocks as the citizens. so when you're talking about expanding the rules of engagement, i don't see how you do that without raising the risk that women and children will die. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chiefs warns the rules will stretch for a big target. >> i can assure you if we're going after baghdady's command and control network or some other critical known, then we'll go after it as aggressively as necessary. >> now for now, it does appear that weeks and months of u.s.
1:29 pm
training have given the iraqis the confidence to deal with those ieds in ramadi. the question snou can they build on it when they make their next move which may be an effort to retake mouz you will, iraq's second largest city still in the grip of isis. jake? >> barbara starr, thank you. from iraq to afghanistan. the u.s. is providing critical air support to afghan security forces. they are on the ground there. they're locked in a fierce fight against the taliban for control of parts of helman's province. this comes as just yesterday russian president putin announced that moscow was entering into an intelligence sharing agreement with the taliban in hopes of helping both sides fight their common enemy, isis. cnn's brian todd joins me now. russia plans to share intelligence with the taliban. i'm old enough to remember when the soviets were locked in a horrible war with the
1:30 pm
precurseors of the taliban, the mujahedin and now they're aligning themselves with them? >> putin was a chief enemy of the taliban shortly after 9/11. these days it appears putin is thinking more about the isis threat in afghanistan and that maybe the enemy -- and the enemy of his enemy he can work with. but this is not without significant risk for the russian president. one of america's chief an tag onnists, tonight begun reaching out to a top american enemy. putin's government is in contact with the taliban in afghanistan over the sharing of intelligence. that's according to a russian foreign ministry spokeswoman who sells cnn putin's doing this to help the taliban fight the common enemy, isis. the official says the kremlin won't be giving weapons to the taliban. but why would putin who's been a chief enemy of the taliban want to help them now? u.s. commanders say isis has gained strength in afghanistan in recent months with up to 3,000 fighters there. putin's long been worried about thousands of jihadists from russia's caucuses region who he
1:31 pm
says are inside syria. and he may be trying to cut off that pipeline closer to home in afghanistan. >> the fact that there are people from the north caucuses fighting in sear yashgs maybe not as many as the russian government says, but certainly a good number including in leadership roles means that russia does see isis and some -- and, you know, a lot of the other islamist groups as a particular threat and n. a way that maybe the taliban isn't. so the russians may think that they are the lesser of the available evils. >> reporter: but it's another risk for a russian president that's been boldly extending his reach from his escalations in syria to aggressive moves in europe and north korea. recently putin's military advisors were in pyongyang for a secretive meeting with kim jong un's generals. he'll construct a missile which could pierce the u.s. missile shield in europe. analysts say this is about putin projecting relevance and strength. >> he wants to go back to the 1970s when the soviet union and united states were equals as geo
1:32 pm
political leaders and cold war rivals but they still sat down and did deals. >> experts say by working with the taliban, putin's likely not risk a repeat of the soviet's grinding bloody occupation of afghanistan in the '80s. but there's concern about one possibility, if he keeps ramping up his campaign in syria. >> if i was putin, which frankly i'm not, i would be very worried about footage coming from syria of russian pilots potentially being kidnapped or burned such as happened to a jordanian pilot not that long ago. >> a he can kooe question, shou washington responding to russia and the taliban sharing intelligence? they don't see this as undermining the stability that they're working with the afghan government to achieve. but what would be destabilizing this official says, is any contact with the taliban that would legitimatize that group win the national recognition. jake? >> so rosey scenario. brian todd, thank you. joining me to discuss this all cnn counter-terrorism analyst
1:33 pm
phil mud. also here is cnn military analyst mark hurtling. thank you for being here. general, how concerned should the u.s. be that russia is sharing intelligence with the taliban? >> well, it was a great report by brian, jake. i think what you have to do just look at a map. russia has some interest in this area. the northern border of afghanistan bumps up against all the other stans. turkistan, uzbekistan and russia and mr. putin are very concerned about the passage of terrorists, insurgents, islamists between the borders. he's attempting to not only stop that but as brian mentioned in his report, there's a nice second order effect that he can embarrass america a little bit and his defense minister has done that by making rude comments about we wouldn't have this mess in our southern borders had it not been for america's misadventures in afghanistan. >> phil, as a former cia official, what is your take on
1:34 pm
putin's end goal here? i can't imagine he wants to engage in any sort of long term conflict in afghanistan. >> i don't think this is about conflict. there sb the restoration of the soviet union. after the fall of the soviet union, you had those independent states emerge, the states that general hurtling was referring to. those states were for afghanistan. what putin is doing now is telling those states i will work with the taliban to ensure that we have an agreement to collect intelligence about isis before they come across the boarder. whether i collect that intelligence, i will pass it back to you. jake, this saz much about restoring that -- those relationships and trust with the central asian republics and competing with the united states as it is about countering isis in afghanistan. this is a pretty serious power grab. >> much has been made about the u.s. strategy to defeat isis. congressman ed royce is chairman of the house foreign affairs committee. blocked from dropping 75% of
1:35 pm
their bombs because they can't get clearance to strike because of concerns about civilian deaths. isis operates for that very reason and high population areas. the pentagon now saying they're discussing possibly changing the rules of engagement governing the air strikes. do you it this rules of engagement are hurting the effort against isis? >> well, first of all, jake, i need to say congressman royce is about a year behind on his facts. they were prevented from dropping a lot of bombs early on in this campaign a year ago. and pilots did return with a large proportion of their bomb load. that has changed as we garnered more intelligence over the last several months. estimates now, and i talked to the centcom staff recently and they said they're dropping between 60% and 80% of the bomb loads now on targets because they have observation of those targets. they have better intelligence. they have knocked off the easy targets and are going after the more difficult ones now.
1:36 pm
but you have to remember, too, the laws of war and remind anybody that says we should indiscriminantly bomb, focus on the necessity to hit the target, the distinction between military targets and civilian and the proportion alt. those three words are very important when we're sending american air or ground forces into combat was doing anything other than those thing was violate the law of the land warfare. >> all right. thank you gentlemen. merry christmas and thanks for joining us. >> merry christmas, jake. >> still ahead, the star of the night. santa claus. we're tracking his journey with help from the folks at norad. we're minutes away from get a handle on his location. call the kids. keep the tv on. when we come back, that's our story.
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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all right. call the kids. kids across the country, around the world, really, anxiously
1:40 pm
awaiting for the annual visitor in a red suit. of course, as you know, santa claus is coming to town. if you're watching us from other partsst world, he may have already paid you a visit. accord together north american aerospace defense command, also known as norad, mr. clauss is currently dashing through the snow in europe. he's approaching croatia. so far santa delivered about 3.2 billion -- that's with a b gifts. since 1955, every year norad is tracking the movement of st. nick via the sophisticated radar system usually employed to track icbms. they also take calls from children who have questions or requests from sant yachlt joining me to talk about this is major beth smith. she's a spokeswoman from norad in colorado springs. lots of kids watching. what is the latest on santa and reindeer? where are they? are they on schedule?
1:41 pm
>> hi, jake! it's good to be here with you. i just want to let you know that santa's last location is in scandinavia. >> he moves quick. now you folks have been doing this for 60 years. explain how this all started. somebody said it all started with a typo of some sort? >> you know, it's a really great storey. 60 years ago they misprinted an ad and the children called in to try to figure out where santa is and they got norad's command center. got colonel there played along with them and said let's tell everybody where santa is. we use the every day system and let all the folks, all the good little girls and boys know where santa is in the world. >> i understand flou are volunteers manning the phones. each one gets about 40 phone calls an hour. what are the kids asking? >> you negotiation the kids just want to know first and foremost where sabta and what time issing going to be at their house. we couldn't do it without allst volunteers. we have thousands every year. each year the program gets
1:42 pm
bigger. it's fantastic and wonderful to be a part of it. >> i understand you have a faithous volunteer today, first lady, michelle obama. does she have the proper security clearance to do this for norad? >> she does. she's done it a few years. she's fantastic at it. and we're happy to have her again this year. >> i'm told that there are bilingual volunteers there hand to will any foreign language inquiries. >> yeah, we can speak most any language. we have eight to ten different languages. so kids can call in and talk to us any time. 1-877-hi-norad or find us online. >> so 877-hi-norad. and what is the website? it's >> thank you so much. merry christmas and thank you for the service that you provide for us. >> thanks. you, too. >> and our pop culture lead
1:43 pm
after shattering box office records left and right, "star wars "oit force awakens is set to make a run at the christmas weekend record books. >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> yikes. the movie expected to overtake "avatar" as the highest grossing film all time. if you have already seen it or if you're not really feeling the force, what are the other options at the movie theaters this weekend? joining me now is david edelstein. david, "star wars" -- >> may the force be with you, jake. and i hope to santa claus, too if, he has to dodge the russian bombers. >> one hopes that those two stories don't overlap. the force awakens, one assumes, is almost critic proof. i still want to know what you think of it.
1:44 pm
>> you know what i think of it? it's kind of interesting. this movie is beat by beat the same as the first "star wars." so you have a situation where the fans essentially took the series away from the creator george lucas and said, you didn't really understand what we loved about it. you went off on your own direction. and we're just going to repeat the thing, maybe get buffy the vampire sleigher in there and change the genders around a little bit. beat by beat, it's the same movie. the fans have turned out. what is really interesting is i don't know you about, but first two or three months leading up to this, i had that john williams "star wars" fanfare going through my head constantly. it's like an earworm that gets in. there i can't think of a better advertisement than something that really hooked us 32 years ago or whenever people -- 38 years ago whenever people have
1:45 pm
watched it since. that's the best kind of advertising there is. when something captures your imagination like that and kind of gets into your bloodstream and it's no wonder that it's like beetle maenaa now. >> so that said, there are other movies playing in theaters right now. >> really? there are? oo oh, okay. >> if you were to make a recommendation to a friend, what would you tell them to see other than "star wars"? >> well, i think they should see "the big short." if they forgot how angry they were back in 2008 at, you know, the colossal scam that essentially brought down the global finance system, all they need to do is watch this movie to get angry all over again. it really is a marvelous mixture of comedy, suspense and also the weird explanatory bars that they put in to make sure that we're all up to speed, delivered by celebrities. i think it's a miraculous movey.
1:46 pm
i don't know how can you pack so much information into a film and yet have it be so incredibly entertaining. we're object side of these people and making hundreds of millions of dollars by shorting the system. and we really root for them. we root for the winners always. it's at the end we realize it was our money that went down the toilet that they made off with. >> i have to ask you about the third teamup of jennifer lawrence, and bradley cooper. they did "american hustle". there is this new manufacture yoi "joy." i have seen horrible reviews. you liked it, though? >> i think it's a mixed effort. i think there's a lot of it that is really classic david'russell. she has this wonderful feeling. she is a graceful physical comedian. and when amid this family madness, she's trying to get center centered. she's trying to put this creation of hers, this
1:47 pm
invention, this mop and sell it and get out of this horrible family situation, she's wonderingful to watch. it's when david russell builds a pedestal to her and decides he wants to make it inspirational movie that i think the film gets a little bit dead. on the other hand, there are lots of people who see the movie and they'll want something inspirational. so the critic and the audience may diverge here. i think people are going to like it. >> it's a busy time of year for many people. so maybe, like me, they haven't gone and seen a movie in the theater in a long time. are there any movies out there that have been out for a little while that people should take an opportunity to see before they leave the theaters. >> if you haven't seen "creed," you really should. like "star wars," it's another example of going back to the original and doing a beat by beat remake, essentially. except where "star wars" flips the genders, this flips the races. you have a fatherless african-american guy coming to sylvester stallone. and there is something really
1:48 pm
transformtive and wonderful about changing that dynamic. it's also a very gritty film for all the hollywood qualities of it. it also has a lot of texture, a lot of real texture of those philadelphia neighborhoods and the bofrming rings that's been open sent from the rocky series until now. it's a really good director and star who previously collaborated on a film called "fruitvale station" which is a black lives matter movie. this say much more assimilationist, all embracing movie. and it's really perfect for this season, too. >> david, thank you so much. merry christmas. really, really appreciate the recommendations. >> may the force be with you. >> thank you so much. up next on "the lead" from the home office in sioux city, iowa, my top ten list of the best political stories of 2015. gifts for the tech-savvy uncle. and the 5-year-old. done and done. with up to 50% off our hottest tablets, like the ellipsis 10-inch tablet for $99.99. get the best deals and the better network.
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your home for the best entertainment this holiday season. i think it's safe to say that 2015 was anything but politics as usual. so we took a look back at the top 10 political stories of the year. >> number 10, after a quarter century in congress, speaker of the house john boehner declared he was done. pushed out many say by the tea partiers in his deeply divided republican caucus. >> i leave with to regrets, no burdens. >> after initially balking wisconsin's congressman paul ryan finally accepted the gavel. >> we need to make changes. starting with how the house does business. >> number nine, same sex marriage was deemed legal nationwide. though in some states county clerks such as kim davis refused to give their stamp of approval
1:53 pm
sighting religious convictions. >> under god's authority. >> davis spent five days in jail over the divisive issue. >> number eight, an anti-abortion group released videos they say showed planned parenthood staffers selling fetal tissue for profit. the heavily edited videos were hotly contested and the funding debate was on. >> planned parenthood must be defunded. >> i will defend planned parenthood. >> in november, three people were killed at a colorado clinic after this man opened fire. planned parenthood blamed heated political rhetoric for the attack. number seven, the obama administration negotiated with iran ending sanctions in change for promises of an iran free of nuclear weapons. >> it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> president obama vowed to veto any congressional attempt to block the deal.
1:54 pm
>> the majority of members of this congress do not support this deal. >> but secretary of state john kerry was also adamant. >> there is no alternative. >> number six, hillary clinton repeatedly defended her use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> everything i did was permitted. >> and fbi investigation into the matter notwithstanding even her chief democratic opponent said he had heard enough about the controversy. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> clinton was confronted for hours during a hearing about the 2012 benghazi attacks and about those e-mails. >> it was you and your attorneys who decided what to return and what to delete. >> number five, nine african-americans including a state senator were gunned down at this south carolina church by a 21-year-old white supremacist. >> the alleged killer could not see the grace surrounding reverend pittman. and that bible study group. >> the killer had posed for photographs with the confederate
1:55 pm
flag, prompting the question, was it time for the flag to be removed from the state capitol? debate was passionate. and in the end, the flag was history. >> number four, millions fled war torn parts of the middle east into europe. president obama vowed to take in 10,000 syrian refugees. >> those kun trays that can must do more to accommodate refugees. >> when one of the paris terrorists was linked to the masses entering europe, 31 governors vowed to shut their doors. >> embedded in those groups are people set to destroy us. >> donald trump said all muslims should be banned from entering the use promising a fierce backlash. number three, the black lives matter movement became ever present in politics. thousands rallied in baltimore and chicago after a young black man in each city died during police confrontations. after shocking video emerged of freddy grey's arrest in
1:56 pm
baltimore, and mcdonald shooting in chicago, police officers were charged with murder in both cities. chicago's mayor came under pressure to step down. >> number two, according to president obama, isis rose from a so-called jv squad last year to become a contained threat. but after two massacres in paris drew world leaders into the fight, an attack in california killed 14 americans, president obama was forced to revise his message. >> the threat from terrorism is real. but we will overcome it. >> and the number one political story of 2015, the donald. >> and i'm at number one by a lot. >> donald trump disrupting politics and redefining what it means to be a republican presidential candidate. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. >> his blunt, some say bigoted behavior was met with outrage and a seemingly unstoppable rise in republican primary poll numbers. >> and, frankly, i'm the most
1:57 pm
solid person up here. >> will he win the white house next year or will america say you're fired? >> after today's show, it's a special marathon of anthony bore dane parts unknown. we'll be right back after this quick break. merry christmas. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. do you like nuts? gegiving up all the thingsan she loves to do. it should just mean, well, finding new ways to do them.
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