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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 7, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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hello there, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we are live today at george mason university in fairfax, virginia, where hours from now president obama will face critics and supporters of his executive actions just this week on guns. it will happen during a town hall right here in this very bulding live tonight on cnn. but let me add this. both the nra and gun owners of america have declined cnn's invitation to take part tonight. we should also note that despite
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that, there will be many nra members and gun rights advocates in the audience. we'll make sure we get both sides during the show in just a moment. but first, breaking news from several parts around the world here. i want to begin in paris where schools there are on lockdown. shops are closed, streets are blocked off after what police are calling a new attempt at terror in a city already on edge. here's what we know. a man wielding a butcher knife with fake explosives strapped to his body tried to rush this police station. officers responded in a flash, shooting and killing this it unidentified man. here's what they found on his body. they found a piece of paper with the isis flag printed on it. all of this happening one year to the minute after "charlie hebdo" was attacked killing 12 people and also in the wake of
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terror attacks in paris in november. my next guest was one of the first to arrive on the scene at "charlie hebdo" a year ago today. let me bring him in. stephon, nice to see you, my friend. before we talk about that day one year ago, i want to ask you about this thwarted attack. from what i've read, it it awe peers to be this individual acting alone with some sort of fake exloplosive device. what's your interpretation of this? >> there's been a new development on this story about an hour ago. the person has been formally identified. it's a a 20-year-old moroccoen. he was not known to the security services. he was arrested in 2013 for theft, but he was not known at all or linked to any radical movements. so this about the identify of the attacker today. it shows that paris is still on the very high alert level.
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actually the highest level already since the "charlie hebdo" attacks a year ago. it also shows that paris is under very high pressure from police stations in paris since "charlie hebdo." there's always two armed police officers protecting the police station and it's also the reason they were able to shoot down this terrorist that was arriving towards police officers. so it shows that the danger is still here and it's still very, very real. >> take me back a year to "charlie hebdo" those first few moments as you arrive d. what was that like? >> reporter: well, my office is very close to the now former office of "charlie hebdo," about five minutes. i received a text message of a colleague who said something is
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going on at "charlie hebdo." at the very same moment, i heard a lot of sirens on my street where hi office is. so i put on my coat and started running. i arrived there at the same time as the emergency services. it was very unclear what was going on, so i tried to get information from the police officers. at first, they said two people are injured, there's been a shooting. then a couple minutes later, they said there were three people injured, maybe one death. . showily by surely, this story began developing and got more details. an hour later we learned that 12 colleagues were killed inside the office building where i was just standing outside. so there was a very difficult moment because my colleagues were killed, but at the same time, i had to do my work as a journalist and i started working for days and days because it just kept developing what happened with the attack on the supermarket as well. it was a very strange time, but i remember it vividly and all the images that we're seeing now
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and the tv e shows smcommemoratg these events brings everything back. it's so rl to try to give it a place. then in november, it all happened again, but much worse. ten times more victims than in january. so you can understand this city is very nervous, the people are very nervous in the streets of paris and there today on the 7th of january, they are mourning "charlie hebdo" and everything that happened in the last year. >> having just been in paris and being with you, talking to one of the city's key therapist offices saying a lot of the "charlie hebdo" eyewitnesss and victims still seeking help one year later. stephon, thank you so much. burlington, vermont, is a small town facing a very large
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problem all buzz of one man, donald trump. in less than hour five, the front runner will be holding a rally there and the lines are already forming. perhaps these folks know that trump has sent out 20,000 free tukts for a venue with just 1400 seats. do the math. his campaign told police that 6500 people have con if you remembered they are coming. let me go to the police chief now. chief, nice to see you, sir. sounds like you have a big night ahead of you. staring at the people behind you, how is this supposed to work? >> hey, brooke, thanks for having us. we're not sure how many folks are going to show up for this, but we're the police. we'll handle it. as long as folks treat each other with respect and as long as folks who don't get in don't overreact, the night will go smoothly. we preferred some more advanced
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notice about 20,000 tickets being issued for a 1,400-person venue. >> on that, you would have preferred advanced notice and i'm sure you'll handle it just fine, what kind of notice, if anything, did you get from team trump? >> well, we know that campaigns overbook their venues because they need to account for opponents who are going to book seats and not show up. that's a common practice. we found out fairly late in the game they were overbooking by a factor of 10 to 15, 15 to 20, upwards of 18,000 tickets. that we found out about 36 hours beforehand tops. . we asked the campaign what they were going to do to manage a possible overflow. the message was that the inside was their responsibility but the outside was ours. we issued an advisory to people saying you can come but don't expect to goet in. when you come here, be.
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respectful. >> reading about what you said, i u read something to the effect of you said listen, if the band fish was giving away 20,000 free tickets like this, you would have shut them down. why not shut this down? >> that's exactly right. if this was a music concert, we would shut it down. this is the first amendment. . this city sets the bar very high for first amendment speech. this is a political campaign. this is an opponent. it's no secret that the hometown senator running for president here has a lot of political believes than trump. . we have to make it clear this is not about shutting down speech because the town's politics isn't congruent with the visitors. the bar is high, so we're going to make it work. we're going to invite trump supporters and opponents and everybody to engage in the the first amendment. that's why this is going on. this is politics. >> final question, for any other
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campaigns perhaps listening and seeing what's happening in. your beautiful town of burlington and they get ideas about inviting over capacity crowds, what would your message be to them? >> i mean, listen, the message is the police department is always going to put the safety of citizens first and anybody is welcome to come here to spread their political speech. otherwise i just hope they have the afore thought to work with the police department to keep it safe. that's what this is all about. >> i will let you go. you have a big night ahead of you. thank you pr your time, i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. thanks. just ahead, staying on donald trump, his campaign has just released this new instagram video linking hillary clinton with everyone from monica lewinsky to bill cosby. we'll have that for you. also ahead as trump's rival dealing with new concerns about his eligibility to become president of the united states,
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we have more on that and ted cruz. and the two faces who you saw earlier this week right there over president obama's right shoulder as he shed a tear, they too were emotional standing in the east room given the fact they have both lost their sons to gun violence. they will be part of the town hall tonight. they will join me live here. what will they ask the president? i'm brooke baldwin live in virginia. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. you're watching cnn's special live coverage here at george y
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mason university in fairfax, virginia. i'm brock brook. this is where president obama in just a couple hours will participate in a special cnn event. it will be a town hall to get to @ heart of the issue which is guns in america. both the nra and gun owners of america have declined cnn's invitation to appear with the president tonight. we should note that despite that, there will be many nra members and gun rights advocates in the audience. this comes on the heels of the president's announcement of his executive actions to expand licensing and background. check requirements for certain types of gun sellers. in detailing his plan, the president was surrounded by survivors and relatives of victims of gun violence. >> from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun.
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every time i think about those kids it it gets me mad. >> as some tears stream down the president's face, two parents behind him stood out. rick martinez who lost his son in the rampage in santa barbara. both lost their sons and through their suffering these two have taken an active roll in growing the survivors network. they are more than 750 people strong and includes parents and survivors and children who face the grim reality of mass shootings. just a couple months ago i had the honor of speaking with lucy and rich at a town hall here in washington, d.c. about 40 people involved in every town for gun safety network. here is just a piece of that town hall. >> i was visiting with my family
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for thanksgiving in chicago. i had just talked to jordan thanksgiving day. he was really excited about going to the mall the next day and shop iping with his friends and he made phone calls to all of his friends on thanksgiving day to tell them that he loved them and that he was so thankful to god that this were his friends. then the next day, i received the phone call that jordan had been murdered simply for playing loud music in his car. and every fear that you have as a parent, every fear that you have that they will be hurt while driving or be in an accident, it all comes crashing down when you have one time. and i remember i was just completely numb. >> when you heard about what happened at that church in charleston, lucy, what was the first thing you did? >> i was weeping. i weeped literally on my knees
11:17 am
for a good hour and a half, two hours. because i felt like the last bastion of safety was a church. it's church. the next day when i was asked what are you going to do. do you want to go to charleston, i was like, yeah, i need to go to charleston because i know firsthand what those people are feeling and i wanted to go there and i wanted to pray for them and i wanted to offer them the very same support that i know those family members in that church prayed for me and my family when jordan was murdered. >> how did you meet her? >> i received a bag full of cards. and ufs going through things and i came upon this envelope that had the address and then had my name written on the side. so my curiosity says open this.
11:18 am
and i open it and here is a a two-page letter from lucy. she left me her phone number. i didn't think about seasoneding an e-mail. . i jumped on the phone. and we started to cry. and it just seemed like our souls came together in a commonality that i can't even explain. as far as the question of peace, it will only be three months. so i am raw, i am new to this cause. >> talk to me about when you got the call. >> my son christopher was shot and killed in california on may 23rd at about 9:27 p.m., 2014.
11:19 am
his mom was talking to a detective. she was asking him whether he was alive or dead. the detective didn't want to tell her. and she insisted, and i could tell from her e reaction that she was dead. it's bad to lose a child, but it takes you down to a place you have never been before. >> rich and lucy are with me right now. every time i see those clips, it's like it's stuff every time to listen to your stories. but to see both of your faces over president obama's shoulder, i know everyone ls was watching the president and i was watching the two of you. and i'm just wondering in that moment when you embraced as he was talking about those first graders in connecticut, what was that like for the two of you? >> well, you know, i consider
11:20 am
rich kind of a kindred spirit. we travel together quite a bit and talk about our boys all the time. and so knowing how many miles we have travelled and how many interviews we have given and how many doors we have knocked on for the legislators to hear our plea for gun safety measures to be taken in this country so no more children die, for us, it was just a really compassionate, wonderful moment that i knew he was feeling exactly the way that i was feeling and thinking the exactly what i was thinking that our boys did not die in vein and everything we're doing is making a difference. >> what was it like in the east room o that day? >> it was a privilege to be there and to listen to the president speak to powerfully and eloquently about our
11:21 am
experience. and ui was moved by what he sai. every time one of these things happens again, i remember what it was like for us. as he's talking about the kids at sandy hook, as he's talkingu personal for us because we have live d it. the only people that really understand what it's like -- you know it's bad and people sometimes say you should get over it. i'm 62 years old. chris was my only child. i'll never get over it. it's not possible. there's not enough time left in my life to get over it. to lose him as the center part of my life in a situation that was preventable, and it should have. if we as a country done what we could have done and should have done after sandy hook, so many lives would stul still be with
11:22 am
us. every day in this country that we don't address this problem, more people are dying needlessly. we need to take common sense measures in our country to reduce gun violence consistent with second amendment rights, but in keeping with our traditions with balanced rights, safety, we have made driving safer. >> i know what you were talking about and those massive changes that the president wanted to push through and some members of congress after sandy hook. that didn't happen. you skip to this week and executive actions. i talked to smart legal minds saying no one will probably challenge the president because in their u opinions it's really quite minuscule what he did. and critics would say what the president has done as far as clarifying background checks would not have prevented your sons' deaths. your response to that? >> maybe not, but it's a beginning. and we have to find some common
11:23 am
sense solutions and begin somewhere. so this is a giant leap forward towards gun safety. >> you feel like it's a giant leap. >> absolutely, and we absolutely believe this is just the beginning. we have a long way to go. there's a lot more that has to be done. a lot more amending the laws in our country. but there has to be a beginning. this is the start. . and so every time for gun safety, all the gun sense coalitions, we're committed to expanding upon what we're beginning to do now with the president's initiatives and moving forward. >> the president himself said he realizes that this is not going to end all gun violence. there's not one single solution or thing that the president can do that's going to end all gun violence that will address every situation that's arisen or likely to arise. but we haven't even started to address the problem. it's going to take research. one of the things the president is committed to do is more research and to things we can do
11:24 am
to improve gun safety. it's an about of leadership and courage and woor grateful. >> thank you so much for taking the time. it's wonderful seeing both of you. we'll see you at the town hall this evening. thank you. >> thank you. again, just a reminder, president obama will be joining and rer son cooper for this live town hall on gun violence in america. both of the sides of the gun debate will be in the room at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. happening right now, former president bill clinton stumping for his wife in cedar rapids, iowa. . will he respond to a new attack ad? that's next, stay right here. this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously.
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small town. in five hours a rally is being held for donald trump. we talked to the police chief saying they are going to work it out. it's first amendment rights to take part in a rally. still it's a lot of people. perhaps folks know trump has sent out 20,000 tickets pr a space that holds 1,400 seats. police are stressing they will turn people away once this center hits capacity and as police work on how many can fit, trump is figuring out what they will hear. will he mention ted cruz and repeat the doubt that he has cast on whether cruz can become president because he was born in
11:29 am
canada though his mother is an american citizen. they say he should be in the clear because his mother is american. wolf blitzer offered a tip to it resolve the question but not before saying the question may be a problem for the republican party. >> how do you run against the democrat, whoever it may be. and have this hanging over your head. i don't want to win on this point. here's what i think i'd do. i'd seek a declaratory judgment. >> what does that mean? >> it means you go to federal court to ask for what's called a declaratory judgment. you go in seeking the decision of the court. without a court case. you go right in before a judge and do it quickly. it can go quickly. declaratory judgment. i have used it. >> and guess who jumped on the birther bandwagon is john
11:30 am
mccain. just a day ago ted cruz used mccain to defend the position that his birthplace is a nonissue in the race for the white house. senator mccain was born outside of the country and we know he became the republican normmineen 2008. but mccain does not agree with a comparison. listen to what he told kfwi raud owe. >> i do not know the answer. it came up in my race because i was born in panama, but i was born in the canal zone, which is a territory. barry goldwater was born in arizona when it was a territory when he ran in 1964. it's a u.s. military base. that's different from being born on foreign soil. i think there's a question. i'm not a constitutional scholar on that, but i think it's worth looking into. . i don't think it's illegitimate to look into it. >> with me now is cnn political correspondent brianna keilar, live in california at a rally
11:31 am
for hillary clinton. also with me today is cnn national reporter maeve reston. let me begin with you since we heard the words from senator mccain. worth looking into. this is a man who donald trump cast doubt on whether or not he was a war hero. it soubnds to me that john mccan is siding with donald trump. >> yes, it's incredibly ironic that we have come to this place. it shows you how little love there is in the republican party in some sectors, particularly in the senate with folks like john mccain for ted cruz. you're not seeing a lot of people come out and defend ted cruz here. what donald trump is trying to do is raise eligibility issues for ted cruz. he's looking stronger and stronger in iowa. donald trump is trying to knock him by raising questions about his background in this way. it's just fascinating that folks like mccain are coming out and siding with trump who went after
11:32 am
mccain himself not too long ago. >> so there's that percolating on the trail today. then a as we have been talking about as we're three weeks away from the iowa caucuses, all these campaign ads heating up. here's a new one from the trump campaign. this is an instagram video, brianna keilar, targeting hillary clinton had. . let's take a look. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. so you see images o of monica lewinsky, bill cosby, anthony wooeiner and hillary clinton. what is this about and has the clinton camp responded? >> they have not responded at this point actually, brooke. they are sort soft trying to figure out how to respond or if
11:33 am
they should really elevate this at this point. but basically what you have is donald trump saying that hillary clinton started all of this in an op-ed with the des moines register saying he had a pension for sexism. donald trump has returned fire in an exponential way. the latest thing being that ad that you just saw. but at this point, the clinton campaign is not commenting on this. bill clinton was just asked about this on the trail. specifically he was asked if his past alleged sexual with improprieties if he's worried this is what's going to affect his wife's campaign. i think we have that sound if we can go ahead and play it. e we don't actually have that sound byte. he's been asked about that and basically u what he's say iing that he's there as a messenger for his wife and this isn't something that he or the campaign wants to elevate with a
11:34 am
response. at the same time as he has gone out for the first time campaigning for his wife monday in new hampshire and today in iowa, these are the questions that he's being asked. so this is certainly something that's taken up some of the oxygen that the clinton campaign does not want to discuss. >> brianna keilar. thank you. maeve reston, thank you as well. let me move on to this one. i don't know if i can keep a straight face. he's a friend of mine. he swears he did not rob a bank. take a look at this picture. i'm talking about mike rowe mistaken for a a bank robbery suspect. he's shaking his head already. i know where this is going to o go. we have the videos. we have mike rowe himself. . i'm going to ask you about your alibi. you better have a good one. have you bought your ticket yet? we'll talk chances and probability coming up, next.
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break out the rabbit's foot, the lucky charm, favorite socks, whatever float yours boat here. the largest powerball jackpot. it swelled overnight to $700 million after no one chose last night's winning numbers. so ask yourself, are you feeling lucky today? we are tracking your odds of winning. paul, no offense, i kind of hate these segments because you're about to rain on my parade. >> the odds are not very good
11:39 am
for you, for me or for anyone watching right now because they are 1 in 292 million. you have a better chance of dying by being struck by lightning while also drowning than winning the powerball. you have a better chance of being hit by an astroid. these grim. things could happen instead of winning the $700 million. >> despite the scary statistics you're putting on. my tv screen, are you going. in on an office pool? >> not sure. i might selfishly do one for myself and my wife. . $700 million could climb even higher. . . there are reports it may get to $800 million before saturday. if no one wins again. they changed the rules to make it tougher. you could see a billion dollar jackpot if no one wins this saturday and we're talking about this again next week. >> okay. speaking of odds, and i'm going to move on with this.
11:40 am
thank you. i u can't say i have ever reported on anything like this before. cnn host, friend of mine mistaken for a suspected bank robber. here's the deal. police in medford, oregon. say this man, i do kind of e see the resemblance though, sorry, this man held up a chase bank on monday. i'm not laughing about the bank robbery. that's serious and need to find this guy. after these pictures were released, people noticed e he looked very similar to the profile to mike rowe, host of cnn's "somebody's gotta do it." you have the bank robber on the left and here and mike rowe on the right. so mike took to facebook to squash the confusion. . true, i am often in a sweatshirt and ball cap and share a resemblance with the culprit. however, i am not 5'6" with a
11:41 am
small to medium build. the last time i was 5'6" i was in the sixth grade. and small to medium ship sailed some time ago. mike rowe joining me from his beloved baltimore, maryland. i mean, come on. you really do start to look at the. ictures yourks like, hmm, what's your alibi? >> i don't see it. i was in kansas. i was in kansas shooting at another brand new fascinating someone of "somebody's gotta do it." i went back on facebook. if you check the page, i have been vindicated and exxoneratin and dismissed as a person of interest by the medford police, so i have that going for me. >> but roll with me. when you look at this guy and his ball cap, and by the way, nice choice of wardrobe today because you're wearing what he
11:42 am
had on. >> i'm always wearing this. >> you kind of look similar. i know you are. but come on. >> my theory is this guy, he's been roundly dismissed on social media as kind of an idiot for not wearing a costume or some sort of disguys when he robs a bank. >> maybe he was dressed up as you? >> i think he's got a mike rowe mask on. i have seen these things before. they are frightening and there it is. people should not be looking for my dop l gapelganger around med. they should be looking for a shorter, slightly less attractive man with a slight build. >> slightly less attractive, that's lovely of you to say. let's read what police wrote. this just in, mike rowe has been alibied in monday's bank r robbery. this is a real bum. er, but it's just as important to free innocent people from suspicion as to identify guilty
11:43 am
parties. you know i have love for your parents. we have had your parents on my show in a special exclusive interview. obviously, it was a highlight of my career and yours. i have to imagine that they were a tad concerned. >> deeply concerned, brooke. the first call came from my mother as ufs running through the airport. her question was, did you do it. please tell us you didn't do it. your father and i are very concerned. if if you need money, just ask. we have a room upstairs. . the one you grew up in. we left it exactly as you did. you're welcome back a at any time. why and how did it come to this? >> what did you do with the money? >> under advice of my counsel, i can't get into that kind of thing right now. >> good. answer. mike rowe, thank you, happy new year. >> i will give baltimore my regards. we miss you. >> thank you, my friend.
11:44 am
just ahead, the dow plunging today off to the worst start of the year since 2008. why the concerns are not short lived. plus breaking news today out of paris. this new terror attack thwarted a after a man holding the isis symbol and a weapon threatened police there. new details about him ahead. you're watching cnn. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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on the heels of the executive action, president obama will host a town hall on guns in america tonight at 8:00 eastern right here in this bulding. i'm joining you today from george mason university in virginia. both. the nra and gun owners of america have declined cnn's invitation to appear with the
11:48 am
president, but there will be many nra members and activists and advocates in the audience. the president will be taking questions. no matter what you stand on this had issue, right, left, less regulation, more, tonight's conversation is for you. if you don't believe me, here are 40 reasons why. i had the opportunity and honor to speak with the so-called loneliest club. these are members of a club they never thought they would be joining. these are family members who lost loved ones to gun violence or they themselves have survived a shooting. their stories, their tears, their anger, remind us that politics aside, something has to be done. >> you are all connected through great, awful tragedy. i'm honored to be in a room with you all. i wanted to begin, i know a lot of you brought photos of people. this is the reason you're here. i want to take a moment to see them all. would you hold the photos up for
11:49 am
me. all these faces, all these faces, this is why you're here and why this conversation is so important. you can put the photos down for now. show of hands, how many people were affected by aurora? how about sandy hook? virginia tech? how about how many of you, show of hands, were affected by a story that wasn't the front page of the paper the next day? how many of people in here lost someone near and dear to them? how many people in here own a gun? how many people, final question, believe and hope for change? in that charleston church, you lost your mother and two cousins. >> yes, i was at work when my
11:50 am
nephew called and said aunty, there was a shooting at the church. and i said, what church? my niece said granny's church. and nobody had heard nothing. i call ed my mama's phone. i did everything i could. no answer. so i knew she was gone because there would have been no other place in the world she would have been. so i knew either my mother would have witness ed this terrible thing or she was one of the people that died. i couldn't even drive home. i didn't know yet officially but i knew in my heart i had to stop my car twice because i was so nervous i couldn't even drive.
11:51 am
and to then find out everything, it was just too much for two days i'm in dallas, texas. two days i wandered around in my pajamas watching the news because i couldn't take missing anything because i was hoping beyond hope that somehow they got it it wrong. but i knew it wasn't wrong. i knew that she was gone. >> after newtown, i stood in front of the television camera saying to myself, oh, my god, something is got to happen. i knew as a child what those children had been through. i knew. and u thought something is going
11:52 am
to happen now. we're not going to have all these children mass murdered and we're not going to do something a as a nation? >> you all are 700 plus strong, is that right? >> over 750. people think that this conversation we're having is really about taking gun. s from everybody. >> that's a huge misconception. people think u you people think people should photo have guns. >> it's finding common ground. but the nra cannot defeat us on background checks. they have to associate it with an extreme end point to muddy the waters and make people confused. because when they do have a genuine background check conversation, the average american thinks this makes sense. this ought to be done everywhere. [ applause ] >> my husband was killed by a ban who was diagnosed with
11:53 am
schizophrenia. he sent his girlfriend to buy the gun and cukilled my husband. right away you have to ask how can a mentally ill person who is a felon on top of that get away with sending his girlfriend to buy the gun and they still haven't found the guns. and his death has been d devastating for me. he was the love of my life. >> we are club members that no one wants to join, but. i think there's a purpose here. i think we're all singing off the same sheet of music and we're going to get something done. >> that was the most extraordinary interview i have ever been a part of and that's why it's so important to have this conversation tonight here
11:54 am
at george mason university. anderson cooper and the president tonight at 8:00 eastern to talk about gun violence in this country. coming up, we'll talk live with a gun rights adds vo indicate who totally disagrees with the president's actions. i want to hear his side. also tonight anderson cooper and the president at 8:00 eastern live. do not miss this. breaking nauz, on the one year anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attacks in paris. a new attempted terror attack. a man with a knife, fake explosives, police shot and killed him, but what was found on his bound was a poos of paper with the isis flag. donald trump today handed out 20,000 tickets. this venue holds 1400. right now we're hours from the event. look at these people in line. it's get. ing bigger.
11:55 am
law enforcement is getting nervous. how is this going to work? we'll take you there live, next. . it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. don't even think about it. cough if you can hear me. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this.
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11:58 am
want to come up here on live pictures. texas, left side of your screen, wait for it. this is the transport van. you know the story. this affluenza teen ethan couch who killed four people in a drunk driving accident a couple years ago. he was 16 at the time. judge said he didn't know the difference between right and wrong, so he was put on probation and never served time in jail. broke that probation. he and mom fled to mexico. . he's still in mexico. inside the van is the mother.
11:59 am
she's now being extradited as you can see the location there. she's back in fort worth, texas. as i mentioned, ethan couch still fighting that return trip home. since he was young jake olson has been a huge usc football fan. when he lost his sight, he thought his dreams of playing the sport were sidelined but he refused to give up. dr. sanjay gupta has his story in this turning point. >> jake olson doesn't look at football like his teammates. in fact, he can't see the game at all. the long snapper for the university of southern california is blind. >> when i was 8 months old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer. when the doctors found my ka cancer, it was e completely taken over my left eye. the fear is the cancer spreading to the brain. >> to save his life, doctors removed that eye.
12:00 pm
jake endured e chemo and laser treatment to save the right one. but the cancer kept coming back. >> after about eight times of that happening, the doctors finally said, listen, we pretty much exhausted all treatment options. >> he was 12 when he found out he would lose his other eye. . but former usc head coach pete carroll heard jake's story. he knew the boy was a huge lifelong fan and invited him to meet the team. >> that team was there for me in the darkest hour. it's something i will always be grateful for. >> jake played football in high school despite losing his sight. >> a lot of it is just feel. >> he brought that talent to usc as a walk on player for his beloved team. >> i went in to playing football that i had nothing to lose. life is unfair and taught me to keep fighting. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn.
12:01 pm
we continue on, you're watching cnn's special live coverage from george mason university in fairfax, virginia, today. hours from now president obama will it face critics and supporters of his executive actions on guns this week during a town hall tonight here live on cnn. let me be clear both the nra and gun owners of america have declined the invitation to take part, but despite that, there will be many many nra members and gun rights ed a advocates i audience. i will speak live with both sides in a moment. first, let me take you to paris. breeking news out of france today where schools went on lockdown, shops closed, streets got blocked off after this man wielding a butcher knife yelled z he was trying to rush this paris police station. officers responded quickly shooting and killing this it unidentified man. but. here's what they found on his body. they found a piece of paper with
12:02 pm
the isis flag printed on it. this is all happening a year to the day after jihadists stormed the office of the si tier call newspaper "charlie hebdo" killing 12 people. the anti-terrorism branch of the office is investigating today's incident. . i have u terrorism analyst paul cruickshank joining me now. . paul, before we talk about anymore about "charlie hebdo" or new information you have on the paris attacks from november, talk to me about what's your read on who appeared to have acted alone, fake explosives, what's your interpretation? >> well, there's some very business say details that we're learning, especially about the fake explosives. it suggests that this individual perhaps wanted to die, welcomed being shot, but it has all the a attributes of an isis-inspired attack and literally to the
12:03 pm
minute a year after the "charlie hebdo" attack, which was 11:30 a.m. a year ago, this attack at 11:30 this morning here in paris. . surely that's not a coincidence given that timing similarity. but they are also learning that he made some pledge of allegiance it appears to al baghdadi. we have seen that in other plots. i have speaking to counterterrorism officials over the last few weeks. what they are very concerned about is attacks following the paris attacks here in november. that really inspired these radicals in europe. monitoring they have been able to pick up the fact that it's electrified that movement over here. there are a lot of concerns we may see more of these
12:04 pm
isis-inspired attempts in the days ahead. >> you mentioned the paris attacks happened in november of this terrorist attacks in the city. you have new information on that today. please share. >> really stunning new information. this comes from a senior belgium counterterrorism official. there are two senior members of the conspiracy still at large who the night of the attacks were communicating with the paris attackers from brussels. these were two individuals that were identified on december 4 by belgium authorities. but at that time, they did not disclose their senior role in the plot, but they were able to do wiretaps, able to find out the content to some of the communications. it suggested they were more senior than abdelhamid abaaoud in this conspiracy. they are still at large.
12:05 pm
they feel like they have now identified their real identities, their real names and they hope they can make arrests. but clearly, a lot of concern. they are considered armed and dangerous and could be plotting a new wave of attacks potentially here in europe. one other detail i have also received recently have from a senior official is thatti isis operatives from europe are increasingly faking their own death. this is very recent intelligence. the concern is that some of these individuals may come back to europe to launch attacks, real concerned about that tonight in europe. . >> that is indeed worry neisome that is the case. paul cruickshank in paris, thank you so much.
12:06 pm
to politics we go. burlington, vermont, a pretty small town though facing one large problem all because of one man, donald trump. in less than four hours from now, the republican front runner will be holding a rally there. nothing unusual about that. lines are already forming. perhaps folks know trump sent out 20,000 free tickets for a venue with 1400 seats. do the math. his campaign told police that 6500 people have con if you remember -- confirmed they are coming. they will turn people away once the center hits capacity. let's go now there to burlington to our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. i talked to the police chief earlier who said we've kbot this. people should be able to come and attend. how is the line looking? >> reporter: brooke, the line is grow. ing as we stand here. we're still several hours before this event here. i'm joined now by the executive
12:07 pm
director of the flynn center. . john, how many people can this venue hold inside here? >> 1400. >> reporter: so this line looks more than that. how are you planning to proceed in the next few hours? is this your problem or the trump's campaign problem? >> i think it's a good problem, but it's not a problem. we first come in, they will be seated and once we're full, the fire marshal will say we're done. >> reporter: you have a lot of events here. is this big for a political crowd? what's this line look like to you? >> we're a performing arts center that mostly has shows. we have had lines longer than this for some of the acts. we have done occasionally senator leahy did a fundraiser with us. we have five people running for governor right now. so it's a little atypical, but it's what we do as well because we're a civic institution. we're kind of glad to have the candidates running for president
12:08 pm
want i wanting to speak for vermonters. >> we're in the hometown of bernie sanders. . he was the mayor here. surprised there's big of a trump crowd in burlington, vermont? >> there's a crowd of vermonters who want to listen to this candidate. i'm not sure it's a trump crowd. i'm not sure it's a bernie sanders crowd. it's an interested crowd. that's the greatest thing. people are coming to hear somebody. by having them here, we're not endorsing anybody. when bernie wanted to announce, i was talking to his wife. i said, bring him to the flynn. she said, it's too small. they did it at the waterfront. >> reporter: thank you very much. we'll see you inside later. we're going to walk down the line and see people lining up for it. and ian, can i talk to you for a second. you are an undecided voter standing in this line. >> yes. >> reporter: tell me why you came out today. >> to see the comedy show. donald trump. he's a comedian.
12:09 pm
he's coming to the flynn here. claims he's a politician. i'm here to hear what he's got to say. i don't know why he's coming to vermont. >> safe to say you're not a donald trump supporter. >> i appreciate the ability for him to free speech, but i won't support him. >> reporter: you're standing in line a long time not to support someone. >> i live around the block. i've been here an hour and a half. it's not bad. it's a beautiful day here. >> reporter: to get a full picture, we have a trump supporter standing here. >> 100%. >> reporter: steve, why are you standing out here? what do you think of donald trump coming to burlingtoburlin? >> he's the man. our country needs a person that's going to stand up in order for our country. not for me, for the country. . >> when people think of burlington, people think liberal and bernie sanders. do you think there are a lot of trump supporters in the state of vermont and here today?
12:10 pm
>> no. >> reporter: but some? >> some. >> reporter: are you surprised that mr. trump is coming? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> he belongs here. >> reporter: on what issues specifically? >> this country needs change. >> reporter: vermont is is one of the states that actually has a super tuesday state. the voting is on march 1st. so are you confident that donald trump will be the republican nominee or do you think he has a tough road ahead of him? >> he will win. no doubt. >> reporter: good luck getting in. it looks like you should make it. thank you very much. >> reporter: the line is pretty long. it stretches as far as i can
12:11 pm
see. we have about four hours until it begins. we'll be inside throughout the day here. back to you in virginia. >> amazing, amazing hearing from the people. one is going for the comedy show. woun one is going because he doesn't have to think because donald trump is the man. jeff zeleny, thank you very much. we'll be watching you there in vermont. let's talk about this nasty day on wall street. amid-financial turmoil in china, the dow went into free fal today. started on the wrong foot only down 300 points on the stock market crash. the tumble was so severe trading was halted for the second time this week. let's go to alison kosik, who is live for us at the new york stock exchange. hl low, my friend. talk to me about the markets. this is the dow's worst three-day start to a new year since 2008. >> you got it. you got that right u. i have been sitting here all day watching the dow drift in and
12:12 pm
out of correction territory. that's a 10% decline from recent highs. the dow dropped 400 points. it's now down 358. the question is where is this going to close. it started with china suspending trading for the second tomb in four days. then the government taking about face. taking the circuit breakers away that spooked investors. so we could see more selling in china tonight and that could spread throughout the dploeb. a lot of the concern we're seeing on wall street has a lot to do with china's currency. china is in the process of t trying to stimulate the slowing economy. today it devalued its currency to make, ports cheaper and the worry is that this could spark a currency war. so to novice tors when you see china devalue yet again, the way investors read that, it it sends a message that china could be in worse shape than they may realize and makes investors nervous and are quick to hit the
12:13 pm
sell button. >> we'll watch to see how it closes in less than an hour from now. . thank you very much. just ahead on cnn, donald trump today from his campaign. . this new video specifically targeting hillary clinton and there are all kinds of faces in this video uncolluding monica lewinsky and bill cosby. we have that as trump's rival deals with concerns of his eligibility. talking about ted cruz. and president obama gets ready to face critics and supporters of executive actions on guns. both sides of the debate will join me live here. two days ago search crews found the body of a country singer who went missing during a hunting trip. his wife joins me live on what happened, what she messes, how she's mourning. do not miss this. you're watching cnn's special live coverage from george mason university. you know the symptoms when they start.
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welcome back, we're live here at george mason university because in fewer than five hours from now, president obama will sit down for a very candid conversation about gun. s in america with anderson cooper. and earlier this week, the president made huge news announcing new executive actions to expand lunsing and background check requirements for certain types of gun sellers. both the nra and the gun owners of america have declined cnn's invitation to appear with the the president this evening here at george mason, but despite
12:18 pm
that, there will be a number of nra members and gun vierights advocates in that audience. the conversation will consider arguments from both sides. let's talk about what needs to be said. both. sides here joining me. michael nutter, promoted firearms legislation to the u.s. senate and former attorney general, also a partner at the second amendment law firm. nice to have both of you here. i appreciate you taking the time. mr. nutter, to you first. did the president go far enough? >> it's clear that the president has had virtually the entire executive branch taking a look at what can be done under the authority of the president of the united states of america. obviously, the real action, further action truly needs to be taken by the congress, but if the president is doing what he can do under the law, then he's
12:19 pm
doing what he can do. the congress needs to act. >> critics saying with it won't even be challenged. >> everything that president obama does that tries to advance the interest of safety, health or a variety of other issues have been challenge d. another bill. was just passed trying to repeal the affordable care act. that's no surprise. you can't escape the fact that 30,000 people die a year, 20,000 or so by suicide, 10,000 by guns and violence on the streets of america mostly with illegal ep weapons on our streets. that's what we're talking about. i believe in the second amendment. i have a first amendment right not to be shot. what we're talking about is sensible gun safety regulations, which even gun owners support. >> your perspective? >> the overwhelming proportion of deaths with guns occur in
12:20 pm
relationship to mental health problems. . and i will say that some of the positive things the president did in these executive orders was several of them focused on advancing where we are in mental health. in some very small ways, but in some that are specifically federal like health care information law, which is boring to most people, but it gets in the way. it's part of how the virginia tech tragedy happened nine years ago. and so i'm happy to see those. the aspects of the orders that an effect are hitting in the rg toir arena for licensing of dealers. some of them look like down right harassment. however, i would agree with the mayor that to the extent this conversation tonight is going to be meaningful if it's going to result in change, it's going to have to happen in congress. a branch of government this president hasn't shown a lot of interest in working with very well. >> i want to play u a piece of an interview. i know you have endorsed ted
12:21 pm
cruz. but this is a piece from donald trump, who just sat down with wolf blitzer in the last 24 hours. i want you both to listen to this. >> we have to protect the second amendment. we have no choice. we have to do that. it's very important. >> the president believes in the second amendment too. >> i don't think he does. hillary is a disaster. hillary wants to take the guns away from everybody. hillary is going to be worse than obama. >> hul illary clinton wants to e guns away from everybody. before i talk to you, do you agree with that? >> i don't know -- in her dream world, she probably does. but i don't think in her policy world she would go that far. she is where she feels she needs to be. if you look at where she was in 2008 and where she is today, it's a brand new world for hillary clinton. >> what about this hrhetoric ou there? the fact that the president wants to take everyone's guns away.
12:22 pm
>> the rhetoric is completely different than where she was a few years ago. she's altering her positions based on what she thinks the left of her party wants to hear. and that goes in the direction of gun confiscation. >> you can't get away from the fact that what donald trump has said or what maybe ted cruz has said, i haven't followed him that much. he's not as bombast. ic as the other guy. but secretary clinton is where she is -- we don't want to talk about dream worlds. we're talking about people who are diagnose on the streying on city. you have to deal with the fact that two years ago, 247 people killed in the city of philadelphia, 80% by guns. the year before 248. last year, 270. this is a a scourge on america. we need to take action. so if people want big action, let congress get off their butt. s and do something. the president wants to do
12:23 pm
something. no one is stopping congress from doing anything. . they don't want to do anything. when you're the executive, you do what you can to protect the american public. that's leadership. >> thank you both so much. both per spespectives will be reflected at the town hall. president obama joins anderson cooper during this live town hall on guns in america. 8:00 eastern, right here on cnn. coming up next, the political war is heating up weeks before the iowa caucuses. donald trump posting this attack ad on instagram linking hillary clinton with face like bill cosby. what's happening here? what's going on? chelsea clinton announces she'll be on the campaign trail next week. we'll dig into that strategy. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever?
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12:27 pm
just into cnn, a militant described as the spokesperson for isis has been wounded in an airstrike. this is according to the iraqi military. the spokesman was taken to the city of mosul for treatment where he remains under isis protection. a bounty was put on his head last year. donald trump is living up to at least one campaign promise. he said he would bring out bill clinton's past indiscretions. trump's new instagram video does
12:28 pm
precisely that and much more linking the former u.s. secretary of state two other men known for sexual improprieties. here you go. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. once and for all. let's keep fighting for opportunity and dignity. >> so that was the trump campaign video. i can tell you this. moments ago reporters asked bill clinton stumping for his wife in iowa about this latest attack from donald trump. >> with me now is sara murray
12:29 pm
and gloria borger. gloria, where to begin. the faces of monica lewinsky, bill cosby and talking about hillary clinton. >> you think it's any coincidence that this instagram ad came out while bill clinton was on the campaign trail for his wife? donald trump is smart. don't you think he wanted reporters to get bill clinton to respond to it and get something going? this is what donald trump does. >> it worked. >> it does work, absolutely. he is smart about this. he is stirring the pot and nothing works with the republican base like reminders of why they are so fatigued over the clintons. which is what he's trying to do with his own base and taking on the clintons, which is pretty easy target if you're a conservative republican.
12:30 pm
>> so as you mentioned bill clinton is out on the trail today. we have sara murray here who just learned chelsea clinton will be stumping in new hampshire. >> chelsea clinton is hitting the trail. i think people will like to see her on the trail. i think she is sort of a fresh face for the clinton family. obviously, she was very young when her parents were in the white house. so this sort of gives another person to be passing along the clinton message. especially where woer seeing every time bill clinton is on the stump he's getting asked these questions about monica lewinsky. he had just talked to cnn and said these are questions that were asked and answered years ago. but every time bill clinton is out now we're seeing this sort of trump trolling effect. he's having to answer these questions. not such a problem for chelsea clinton. >> here's one question that trump has sort of brought to the forefront about his rival ted cruz, about whether or not he had could, should be president
12:31 pm
since he was born in canada although his mother has american citizenship. now this is an interesting twist today. john mccain, you laugh, but you know where i'm going. john mccain was someone who trump initially saud he was disgrace graced and this war hero and discredited his status. mccain is agreeing with trump on that. >> so how much does john mccain have to dislike ted cruz in order to side with the man who said that he wasn't a war hero? i would say an awful lot. i think this gives you some indication of the way mccain feels about ted cruz. he doesn't like him, as you point out. he's called him a wacko bird and all the rest. but i do believe -- by the way, this same issue came up with john mccain because he was born in the panama canal. so this came up with him as well
12:32 pm
when he was a presidential candidate. so if you put that altogether, just look al the em anity that he's got for ted cruz. which is shared by many colleagues in the senate who just don't like cruz. >> yeah, so there's that. then there is this. the rubio campaign ad will start running in iowa beginning this weekend. here's a peek. >> our goal is eternity. the ability to live alongside our creator for all time to accept sl vags offered to us by jesus christ. the struggle as a christian is to remind ourselves of this. the purpose of our life is to cooperate with god's plan. . to those who much has been given, much is expected. we'll be asked to account for that. and to me, i try to allow that too influence me in everything that i do. i'm marco rubio and i approve this message. >> so before even this ad, we
12:33 pm
have all been watching marco rubio much more aggressive in tone. here you have this. seems to be moving more to the right. what do you think that's a sign of? >> talk about a play for evangelical voters in iowa. this is a realization in the rubio campaign that once you get to new hampshire, it is a very crowded lane of establishment candidates competing. one way is to surprise on the upside in iowa. if marco rubio can make this last-minute pitch to iowa voters on the stump and on the air waves and move enough of them so he does better than we have been expecting him to do in iowa, that puts had him in a good position when he shows up in new hampshire where chris christie and john kasich have been camping out. i think that's what's behind this ad and this push. >> you know cruz is looking really well in iowa. he's got a lot of evangelical support and rubio just wants to
12:34 pm
try to peel some of that away. >> chip away at that. thank you, ladies, very much. i want to take our attention to guns. president obama is preparing for this massive town hall. this live town hall preventing gun violence. they will be here at george mason university in virginia. coming up, we're going to talk with a mother. remember this story? 15-year-old chicago girl shot and killed just miles from where the president had lived. she will join me here to talk about her daughter's legacy and whether the president is doing enough. stay with me. ♪ ♪
12:35 pm
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12:38 pm
welcome back. special cnn live coverage here as we are four hours away from cnn's exclusive town hall with president obama here at george mason university in virginia on gun violence. two days ago as the president laid out new executive actions to curb this violence to prevent it, he mentioned it happens on the streets of chicago every single day. . and the numbers bare that out. on the same day the president spoke out there in the east room of the white house, 12 people in chicago were shot. since the first of the year, just a week ago, 57 people have been shot and 11 killed in
12:39 pm
america's third largest city. the story hits close to home for the woman you're about to meet. . her 18-year-old son was murdered nearly ten years ago after leave ing a chicago church. i talked to her just a couple months ago as part of my interview with what we call the loneliest club. this is a club of folks they never. would have wanted to join, all affected by gun violence. . take a look. >> i'm from chicago. on april 4th, actually that morning i had got up to give him a kiss before i went to work. and he went to church. the next call i got was from his girlfriend. she was screaming on the phone saying he had been shot. i'm like, shot, he had church. so right before i got there, i had spoken to the last conversation. a man got. shot at the mall so be careful. don't argue with nobody. he's like, i'm good, i'm at
12:40 pm
church. i ain't going to argue with nobody. that was my last conversation with hum. it was a phone call that changed my entire life and since then it tears you apart. it's nine years for me. and i'm still sifrg every single day. you don't get through this. you don't get over this. i don't care i have two more children. i u still don't have terrell. >> keeping our focus on chicago and the problem that city is facing with gun viviolence, it s three years ago that a bullet snuffed out the life of hadiya pendleton. her case gained national attention. . she was killed just days after performing at president obama's second inauguration. that same year her parents were in the the audience at the state of the union address when he said this about their daughter. >> one of those we lost was a a
12:41 pm
young girl named hadiya pendleton. she was 15 years old. she loved fig newtons. she was a a majoret. she was so good to her friends they all thought they were her best friend. . just three weeks ago she was here in washington with her cla classmates performing for her country u and my inauguration. and a week later she was shot and killed in a chicago park after school. just a mile away from my house. >> just a a mile away from his house. you have her mother here with me now. thank you so much for sitting with me and joining me. i know you're taking part in the town hall with the president. in listening to the president talking about how she loved fig newto newtons, you were sitting here
12:42 pm
and laugh iing about it. when i sat as part of that massive town hall, what everyone has in common is they remember the phone call. >> absolutely. >> tl me about the phone call. >> i was at work actually. and the phone rang. i interrupted the meeting to answer the call. and picked up the phone. i thought perhaps her friend had called me by accident. there was so much noise in the background. i kept saying, hl lello, hello. she said hadiya has been shot. i jump up and have all the reactions you expect to come after that. i'm like call the police. so i'm running around trying to get out of my job. i'm asking questions because the police officer you have on the phone was trying to tell me. she reassured me that hadiya had been shot but it's going to be okay. she's talking right now.
12:43 pm
i said can i talk to her. they said get over there. the next thing i'm hailing a taxi trying to get to the hospital. i don't know how i ever got off that floor. it's a moment that i hate to ever go back to. you never fully recover from that. when i'm feeling low, i tell people i'm still on the floor. i'm walking around trying to prevent other mothers and fathers from dealing with this. >> what's so profound is how all of you have come together as part of the survivor network to help one another because people are joining all the time. . you were in the east room with
12:44 pm
the president as he was announcing executive actions. he said, listen, this happens in chicago every single day. e he said u that day 12 people had been shot. it's almost like his home away from home. are you disapounted he hasn't focused more personally on the violence in chicago. >> i think there's only so much that he can do. we have leaders of every kind. he has people that block the things that he'd like to do. i think he's done something small for something that will be effective. there has to be a begin. ing to get some place larger. i think i'm very proud that he's taking executive action to tighten the loophole to make it more difficult for people to obtain guns for people that shouldn't have them. that's one family that doesn't have the understand the position of the people who have already
12:45 pm
lost their children. it's one family that it can still remain confused as to why we're out here in this fight to try u to make it safer for the rest of america. >> finally, you talk about how some days you still feel like you're on the floor. how do you get yourself up off the floor? how do you talk to parents who are newly mourning the loss of a child? >> it's easy to talk to parents because i get it. and i talk to them about their desire to live. that's how i get up. i desire to live. it wasn't like i was of a particularly mature age when my daughter passed. i'm not going to say my age, but i was a rel livety young parent as well. there's so much life i have left to live. i'm serving a life sentence without the presence of my daughter. all the dreams that we had for
12:46 pm
her are gone. they are black. and we have to figure out how to live now. we put our focus on our son, but there's always a loss that's going to be there holding our hearts. >> we'll see you tonight at the town hall. thank you so much. i appreciate it. . don't forget to join us tonight for an important conversation here at george mason. the president will be joining anderson cooper for this live town hall on gun. s on america live right here on cnn. still ahead, his disappearance captured the attention of the country music world. craig strikland had died in a winter storm. his widow is speaking out for the first time since his death. we'll speak with hr, coming out next. you both have a
12:47 pm
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♪ ♪ i can love you baby, but i can love you more ♪ >> family and friends and really the country music world are still mourning the tragic loss of back road anthem band leader craig strickland. the 29-year-old's body was found monday after he disappeared during a duck hunting trip with his friend in oklahoma. both men were missing for a week. they took off in the midst of this monster winter storm. strickland's hunting partner was found in a lake beneath a capsized boat. officials say craig made it out of the water but search teams would later find him on a hill. craig's untimely passing has shaken fans and music
12:51 pm
colleagues. after his death his wife shared an instagram, a touching video he'd sent her actually on their wedding day. >> there will be times when we're sitting in the car and stuff where you don't know this and i'll look over at you and be like this is the person god has created for me. and that's really special to me. and i couldn't be more lucky. >> and craig strickland's widow, helen, joins me now. my condolences of course to you, helen, and your family. it's just been days. how are you doing and can you tell me more about your husband. >> we're doing better than maybe you'd expect. god has really helped us get through this. and i think everybody sharing their love for craig and telling us how much they loved him helps
12:52 pm
us get through this really difficult time. and so as we're dealing with this as a family it really comes down to just realizing it's all in god's hands and there's a reason for all of this. instead of letting it hurt us, we're going to try to do something good with that. >> do you know -- i mean, what happened? these two guys go out duck hunting and then what went so wrong? >> well, craig really had no sense of what not to do sometimes when it came to duck hunting at least. with duck hunting. not everyone knows about duck hunting, but winter weather is the best time to go duck hunting. and i think he looked at that time and he looked at that storm and as his friends said he knew the ducks were coming in. they knew they were going to be there. and it's more than just trying to shoot ducks or do anything like that. i think really what craig loved
12:53 pm
about that was he got to spend time with his friends or his family or whoever he got to take out with him. and so for him seeing that winter storm, he knew it was going to make an awesome story and spend that time with chase, who he was starting to mentor. and i think that was kind of what he was thinking when he saw winter goliath on the map. >> helen, as i was reading, you know, some of the details -- listen, i'm a dog person. so when i read about sam, you know, your black lab who went out with them and he, what, was found sort of sitting over craig? >> no, over chase actually. he wouldn't leave chase's body. the game warden in the area actually found sam and was waving him to come to the boat. and sam wouldn't move or he ran over a little bit ways down the bank and then came back and looked at him. and went back and pointed chase out to the game warden before he would even leave to get in the
12:54 pm
boat with him. and he actually had made a nest beside chase and wouldn't leave his body while he was there. >> wow. just finally, you know, what was your last conversation with your husband? what was that last moment you shared? >> well, we also have a black cat named salem that we like to make up songs about. so we'd just finished being at his mom's house and his dad's house, coming back to our apartment. spent a little time together before he was going to go on this hunting trip. and we sang songs and made up lyrics about salem singing santa baby, salem baby instead. and, you know, god really gave us an opportunity to be happier than we've ever been. i mean, those moments -- i can't look back for a single second and say that anything -- that i would take back anything or wish
12:55 pm
something had been better. i mean, we laid on the couch and i rubbed his chest and we talked. we talked about harry potter because i love harry potter and joked. he walked out the door and he looked at me and said i love you and blew me a kiss and said i'll talk to you soon. and he walked out. i wouldn't change anything about that. and i think the family would say the same thing. that entire time that we were with family, it was like he knew exactly what each family member needed to make them feel okay about his passing. and every person felt loved. they wouldn't change a thing. >> i admire your strength, especially in this time. again, my condolences. helen strickland, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
if you have money in the stock market, you might want to look away. "the lead" starts right now. also today, a man with a meat cleaver, a fake suicide belt and an isis flag, killed today by paris police on the very anniversary of the "charlie hebdo" attacks. but does this man actually have ties to the terrorist group? inside the most isolated and mysterious country on earth, cnn is the only american tv network reporting from north korea after that country rattled the world with claims it tested its first highly destructive hydrogen bomb. plus, hillary clinton said all victims of sexual assault deserve to be believed. and she also accused donald trump of sexism. critics therefore saying she has opened the door to past accusers of her husband. this is cnn breaking news. >> good afternoon everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. we're going to begin with some breaking news in our money lead.
1:00 pm
high anxiety on wall street, the dow off to its worst january since 2008 in the middle of the financial crisis. stocks tumbled yet again today as we fear the closing bell. we're joined by cnn global economic analyst, but i want to start with cnn's alison kosik live at the new york stock exchange. alison, how bad was it today? >> it was pretty bad today, jake. i've been watching the dow dip in and out of correction territory. that's where you see the dow off a recent 10% high. as the numbers settle i actually see them settling in correction territory. we'll have to see where the numbers settle, but overall it was an ugly day. but the selling was calm. i know strange to hear especially when you hear what a trader told me earlier today, that he sees the market close to capitulati capitulation, which is a fancy wall street term for extreme selling, where anybody who's thinking about selling just sells. now, the trader tells me that we're not there yet, but the selling could get a lot worse. now, one thing we'reng