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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 11, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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united states has begun. new questions mount over his secret jungle meeting with actor sean penn. a cnn exclusive in north korea. our reporter speaking with a man who says he is being held by the government there. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. breaking news this morning. one of the world's great music performers has died. david bowie. a true legend has died of cancer. his publicist released a statement hours ago saying bowie had been battling an unspecified issue of the disease. just friday, brian, he dropped his -- i don't know. 20 something album. >> "blackstar." >> no one, his fans did not know
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he had been suffering from cancer. >> not only the album came out last friday, a carnegie hall event celebrating him. last night, it was announced it would take place in march. his son said i'm sorry and sad to say it is true. i'll be offline for a while. prime minister david cameron tweeted i grew up watching david bowie. he kept getting it right. a huge loss. and ricky gervais wrote, i just lost a hero. rest in peace. he was in just one word, cool. in every definition of the world cool. everyone wanted to have some of that cool factor that david bowie had over the decades. always reinventing himself. one described him as the picasso of pop. >> so cool and for so long. from 1969, "space oddity" came
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out. his first hit. the stunning success and reinvention. in everything he did. not only set new standards in music and art and entertainment. you can see him right there from the ziggy stardust era and in the '80s with "let's dance." out and out pop star. so creative. >> through collaborations and reinventing himself and solo work. reinventing himself all along the way. a testament to his creativity and lesson for other artists. >> he invented the cool. he was cool in a way that no one else was. unique cool. one thing that people kept saying he was a chameleon. a chameleon fades into the background. he did not fade in the background. he popped in every sense of the word. >> watching the clips. you say he is cool and
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progressive. he merged after the beatles and after the rolling stones. he delved into androdgny. the persona as so strange. the music was phenomenal. ♪ young man waiting in the sky and told us not to blow it ♪ ♪ it was worthwhile ♪ >> brian, any tributes? anything that will happen? >> we will see that this morning for sure. i think sometimes the tributes are the most personal these days. people log immediately to the spotify accounts and they want to listen. both to the most successful songs and to the deep tracks. there are so many dozens of them that are just a click away. i have seen that this morning. go ahead and naming their
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favorite songs. >> brian stelter for us this morning. his family asking for privacy this morning. the world really loved this man. there will be a lot of discussion about his life and legacy today. thank you, brian. breaking overnight. extradition papers served at the mexican prison where el chapo is being held. the u.s. is seeking el chapo to be tried in seven drug related indictme indictments. this morning, there are so many new questions surrounding el chapo's interview with sean penn for "rolling stone." the interview was set up through mexican actress kate del castillo. authorities say she kept in touch with guzman with his months on the run using disposable cell phones.
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nick valencia has more. >> reporter: we are getting contradictory information if they knew about the meeting with sean penn and el chapo guzman. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: for the first time, we hear from the drug kingpin himself. despite being on the run, the drug lord, el chapo guzman agrees to an interview with actor and activist sean penn. a plot twist to the surreal story. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: in a report for "rolling stone" penn writes they met face-to-face in october of 2015. three months after the prison escape. the meeting happened in the middle of the mexican jungle and
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included tequila and tacos. his fear of watched by armed drones and surprised by el chapo's chivalry. these are follow-up questions sent by penn to a guzman representative asked off camera. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the meeting penn says was brokered by actress kate del castillo. it was 2012 when she developed a friendship with el chapo after a series of tweets. while celebrating the drug trafficker. she has not commented since publication of the article saturday night. cnn has reached out to her. with the world's drug trafficker behind bars, the next step is extradition. a source tells us that could
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happen as soon as this summer. john and christine. nick, what a story. breaking news. claims that north korea is holding an american prisoner. a few hours ago, pyongyang allowed cnn to interview a man who said he used to live in fairfax, virginia and is a naturalized u.s. citizen. this comes as tensions escalate on the peninsula. following the claims of north korea testing a h-bomb. we have the latest from will ripley in pyongyang. will, what did this man tell you? >> reporter: well, he confessed and we should say we don't know if it was made under duress or not. we know our conversation was likely monitored from outside the room where we conducted the interview.
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we photographed his american passpo passport. he said he became a naturalized citizen in 1987. he claims he has been acting as a spy within the south korean government and university system as well trying to get information about the nuclear program and military secrets as well. the timing of this, of course, very important as you mentioned, christine. it comes less than a week that north korea claims conducted a nuclear bomb test. the north korean regime presented this american citizen to cnn and listen to how it all worked. >> how did it work? how did you pass on the information you collected? >> translator: i bribed a local resident and had him gather important materials considered national secrets in the country. military secrets and nuclear related materials. i got the materials and hid them in my car and secretly brought them to china where i handed
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them over or go to south korea and deliver them directly. >> reporter: south korean government calling the claims groundless. the state department not commenting at all. telling cnn, speaking publicly about purported cases of detained americans can thwart our efforts to free our citizens. the swedish embassy in pyongyang received a cable from the state department alerting this after cnn broke the story overnight. this was on nobody's radar. we found out after arriving in the country. this is the first the world is seeing and hearing from the man. >> we should point out and i want your take on this, everything the north koreans do is incredibly stage managed. what do you think they are doing here? are they trying to talk to the u.s.? are they trying to open some sort of diplomatic, you know,
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channel with the united states? we do not have south korea and north korea diplomatic ties. united states and south korea do not have diplomatic ties with north korea. >> reporter: you hit the nail on the head, christine. i had a meeting with north korean officials who reiterated that point. their goal is to sit down and have a discussion with high level u.s. officials. the u.s. with the policy of patience in the obama administration, has ignored north korea hoping they would choose to denuclear ize on thei own. the united states sent a b-52 bomber to the demilitarized zone. shortly after that happened, we have an american citizen presented to us. so, they want to sit down and
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talk to the united states and their end game is lifting of sanctions and normalize relations. the two countries are far apart from that. >> will ripley in pyongyang with that. really incredible story. thank you for that, will. 11 minutes past the hour. china in trouble again. stocks in shanghai dropping 5% overnight. european markets are trading higher. u.s. stock futures are up as well. the dow coming off the worst start to the year ever. looking at the broader market, investors have a hope of a turn around this year. since 1950, when stocks fall during the first five trading days, a 45% chance the market will end the year with a loss. the entire month of january is a more accurate predictor. it predicts the full year 87% of the time. the old wall street saying, as goes january, so goes the year.
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this morning, a new endorsement for hillary clinton that she hopes may help her in the early votes states. planned parenthood says they are backing hillary clinton. this comes as new polls show that gosh, things are super close in iowa. super close in new hampshire. let's bring in tom lobianco in the washington bureau. tom, thank you for being with us. let's show how close it is. in iowa, hillary clinton up by
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just three. she had a much bigger lead there over the last month or so. in new hampshire, the other side, bernie sanders is consistently ahead there. both polls in the marin of error. this is so close. just three weeks until iowa voting. >> that is right. iowa is interesting. depending on which poll you are looking at is closing a gap of 20 and 30 points. the clinton folks a couple months ago said we don't have that great a lead, but strong lead. you see it reflected in the tone of the race right now. take a look at everything that is happening with the guns. hitting sanders on guns again. this is where we were in october and november. the first and second democrat being debates. those polls explain exactly why.
2:17 am
>> tom, let's listen to clinton hitting bernie sanders on guns. let's play it. >> i think he has been consistently refusing to say that he would vote to repeal this absolute immunity from any kind of responsibility or liability. president obama and i and bernie sanders were in the senate at the same time. two of us voted against what the nra says was the most important piece of legislation in 20 years. bernie sanders voted with them. >> not wall street reform. not banking reform. not minimum wage. not income inequalitinequality. >> coming with the obama gun town hall that we just had, of course, and that note that obama
2:18 am
said he would not vote for a candidate that was not voting his way on guns. it did not say bernie sanders, but it did say sanders. that was pointed at sanders. >> and the white house chief of staff came out and said it seems as sanders is coming along and is moving. that shows there was room for him to move in the eyes of the white house. tom, let's talk about the republicans. ted cruz holding a consistent lead. we are showing you new hampshire. this is trump who is way ahead in new hampshire. 30% to 14%. the pack with ted cruz of 13% and 9%. we have iowa which shows ted cruz up just four on donald trump. iowa is very close which explains why donald trump keeps on talking about where ted cruz
2:19 am
was born and where donald trump wonders whether he is eligible to run for president. let's play the clip. >> here's the problem. it's called uncertainty. it is called you just don't know. what's going to happen is the other side will bring a suit. now, is he a natural born citizen? i don't know. honestly? we don't know. who the hell knows? you can't be running. >> honestly, we don't know. who the hell knows? despite most constitutional scholars say there is no problem here at all, but donald trump keeps talking about it. why. >> as you pointed out, we do know. we know the politics of it. again, the same reason clinton is going back on sanders with the guns.
2:20 am
it's vulnerability. especially iowa sling shots you into new hampshire. for trump, a guy who has been talking about winning and being great and being the best, it wouldn't look good coming into new hampshire after losing. it just goes against the narrative they set. you have to do that. you have to hit him at the greatest vulnerability. for cruz, obviously, that's what they see. he is not hitting him directly. that is interesting. he raises the uncertainty. he makes the jokes where he says he is not a litigation expert. maybe you should try to get any sort of suit tossed out. i'm worried about you. it's obviously the politics we know. >> you see his emotion on the stump yesterday. he was enjoying everything minute of it. tom, thanks so much. the trial of baltimore police officer cesar goodson
2:21 am
gets under way this morning. he drove the van that carried freddie gray. gray emerged from the ride unconscious and injured. goodson's jury selection could take two days. four days after a state of emergency, michigan governor rick snyder is providing bottled water and testing kids to the people of flint. the city's tap water is polluted with lead since the city decided to go with a cheaper water source two years ago. star-studded night at the golden globes. leonardo dicaprio's "the revenant" was named best drama by the hollywood foreign press. dicaprio won as well. a lot of people think "the big
2:22 am
short" got shorted. "the martian" won and matt damon won as well for best actor. jennifer lawrence picked up best actress for her role in "joy." >> every time i'm up here is because of you. >> she is up there quite a bit. sylvester stallone got best actor for "creed." >> the hollywood foreign press is incredible. the last time i was here was 1977. >> back then, he thanked rocky. he did not thank the director of "creed." that caused a lot of people to raise eyebrows. he came back in commercial and thanked people. kate winslet won for best actress in "steve jobs." >> a critically acclaimed film.
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the breaking news this morning. david bowie dead at the age of 69. one of the great musical innovators of our time has passed away after battling cancer for months apparently. our phil black standing by in london with the tributes, phil, pouring in. >> reporter: that's right, john. this is brickston, south london.
2:27 am
david bowie's birth place. this is where only a couple hours after this news broken, the people are already coming laying flowers and tributes. someone left their portrait of him behind me as a way of sharing their grief. the key point is no one knew. his fans and generations of fans did not know he was unwell. in london, they are waking up to the shocking news he had cancer for the last 18 months, but he lost his battle with it. his family says peacefully. his family asked for privacy. they acknowledged they are not the only ones sharing in that grief. this mural behind me shows the glam rock in his hey-day. he evolved over five decades of
2:28 am
art and music and fashion. the loss is being felt not just by famous people within the music industry that were inspired by him, but fans around the world. this is one of the places they will show that grief today. john. >> phil black for on the streets of south london where david bowie was born. dead at the age of 69. we are getting reaction to the news as so many of us are waking up to. more when we come back. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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breaking news this morning. singer david bowie dead at the age of 69. breaking overnight. papers served to bring drug lord el chapo to the united states. this as the secret interview
2:32 am
conducted by sean penn. and inside north korea. cnn with an exclusive interview with a man who says he is being held prisoner. and welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. new reaction this morning to the news that so many of us woke up to. so sad. david bowie. one of the most influential performers in the last 50 years. a true legend. passed away overnight at the age of 69. friends and fans and performers offering up thoughts and tributes. joining us to discuss is brian stelter. since the '60s, david bowie was on the cutting edge. >> it was 1969 with "ziggy
2:33 am
stardust" came out. i was listening to "young americans." three seconds and you know that song. >> it is not just the sound. the soupnd and images. he changed the genre. the way he looked. he sounded. the cool factor for him was so high. >> kanye west was tweeting this morning as so many artists have been. he was fearless and creative. he gave us magic for a lifetime. magic and for a lifetime. he was reinventing himself so many times. in the most recent album came out last week. this album, don't know if he perceived it to be his last or not, because we now know he was battling cancer. that was not known until this morning. this is one of the songs off the
2:34 am
album. very well received just a few days into the release. >> you know, the music is so compelling over a long period of time. the persona, too, coming out of the '60s, where rock was a macho thing. rolling stones were popular and big. you see it here. david bowie projected the androgny. questioning the roles of sexual identity. >> for a while. there was an experimentation factor. he changed over the decades. he was changing with hard work and wide styles in the '90s and 2000s. he was away for a few years, but now back at it at the age of 69. >> you think of madonna and lady
2:35 am
gaga. he was the one who, i guess, charted that path for how a musician can stay relevant. >> you also have to be a good musician. he just did so much of that. i think the great documentary, hbo or showtime. forgive me. so many people playing with him in the '70s. they said they had to work so hard to figure out how to play them because they were so challenging. they were so advanced. the feeling of satisfaction they got when they finally cracked the code for david bowie. he was pushing them so much. >> we have seen people taking candles and flowers to his hollywood walk of fame star. he start in movies and starred on broadway. it was the music that everyone is remembering. >> everyone is surprised. no one knew. the public did not know he was battling cancer.
2:36 am
>> looking back. a couple of messages his wife posted about faith and about not knowing what you have until it's gone. maybe in retrospect, it was the last days he was with us. >> david bowie, dead at the age of 69. he looked like he could be in his 30s or 40s. brian, thank you for being with us. david bowie, 69 years old. breaking overnight. extradition papers served at the prison where el chapo guzman is being held. the u.s. seeking el chapo so he can be tried on seven drug-related indictments. they want him here because of his record of escaping from the mexican prisons. so many new questions this morning surrounding the interview and discussion that el chapo had with sean penn for "rolling stone." it was set up through actress kate del castillo, a el chapo supporter.
2:37 am
she kept in touch with guzman with his months on the run with disposable cell phones. nick valencia has more. >> reporter: we are getting contradictory information if they knew about the meeting with sean penn and el chapo guzman. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: for the first time, we hear from the drug king pin himself. despite being on the run the drug lord el chapo guzman agrees to an interview with actor sean penn. a plot twist to an already surreal story. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: in a report for "rolling stone" penn writes they met in october of 2015, three
2:38 am
months after the prison escape. anccording to penn, it happened in the middle of the mexican jungle. his fear of being watched by armed drones and surprised by his chivalry. these are questions sent to a guzman representative who asked questions off camera. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the meeting penn says was brokered by actress kate del castillo. it was 2012 when she developed a friendship with el chapo after a series of tweets critical of the mexican government and celebrating the drug trafficker. she has not commented since publication of the "rolling stone" article saturday night. cnn has reached out to her.
2:39 am
with the drug trafficker now behind bars, the next step in the process is extradition. a source tells us that extraditio could happen as soon as this summer. john, christine. thanks, nick. breaking news this morning, claims that north korea is holding an american prisoner. just a few hours ago, pyongyang allowed cnn to interview a man who says he used to live in fairfax, virginia and is an american and naturalized u.s. citizen. our interview comes as tensions increase on the peninsula after north korea claims it tested an h-bomb. we have our own will ripley on the peninsula. will? >> reporter: his name is kim dong chul. the state department was not aware of his name until the overnight hours when he was presented and reported about right here on cnn. we are told the swedish embassy in pyongyang received a cable from the state department after
2:40 am
we broke the story several hours ago. this man who showed us an american passport with his name and birthday. he says he has been operating as a spy for conservative elements in south korea for well over a year. he has lived in china and has commuted back and forth to korea for business. it is during the trips that he confessed to us that he has been collecting information about military installations in north korea. you are about to hear him say how it all worked. we don't know if he made the statements under duress. we suspect the entire conversation was monitored by officials from north korea in another room in the hotel where the engive interview was conduc. >> translator: i bribed a local
2:41 am
resident and had him gather military and other secrets and materials. it got the materials and hid them in my car and secretly brought them to china where i handed them over or go directly to south korea and handed them over directly. >> reporter: the south korea government is calling the claims groundless. the state department not conf m confirming anything. speaking of detained americans can complicate our efforts to secure their freedom. we know through back channels, discussions are taking place to figure out the situation because it was really unknown to the world. we didn't know about it until after we landed in pyongyang and the north koreans said they had a citizen detained on the charges. this is all days after north korea's purported h-bomb test. a nuclear device tested creating a firestorm internationally. now north korea claiming an american is in their custody
2:42 am
accused of trying to steal secrets on behalf of the u.s. ally of south korea. >> thank you, will ripley. interesting. the north koreans stage managed all this. what is the message? they want to talk with the united states. >> will ripley has been there several times. great source of reporting. a new poll shows possible trouble for democratic frontrunner hillary clinton. we'll tell you what it says and more importantly where it says it. that's next. right now, all hp ink is buy one get one 50% off! office depot officemax. gear up for great.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. hillary clinton has picked up a key endorsement that she hopes will help in the early voting states. an endorsement of planned parenthood. she is in a statistical tie with
2:46 am
bernie sanders. tom lobianco has the latest for us. tom, within the margin of error of iowa and new hampshire, they are in a dead heat. sanders is holding in there. what pressure does that put on hillary clinton? >> it's tremendous. you know, look at the way she has changed the tone recently. in december, just a few weeks ago, she was already looking past sanders to the general. taking all her shots squarely at trump. now she's pulled back into an actual primary fight with sanders. it's all because of the poll numbers. what this reflects is the change which is drastic from a few months ago. in iowa, you know, new hampshire, it has been tight for a while. sanders holding that slight edge. iowa is just remarkable. she has been nailing him on guns
2:47 am
again. those numbers are exactly why. >> let's show you some of what hillary clinton was saying on the sunday shows. as you said, a few weeks ago, talking about donald trump and the general election. now she's talking about bernie sanders and guns. let's listen. >> i think he has been consi consistently refusing to say if he would appeal the immunity of responsibility or liability. president obama and i have bernie sanders why all in the senate at the same time. two of us voted against what the nra says was the most important piece of legislation in 20 years for the gun lobby. sanders voted with them. >> it is interesting. this dove tails with the message from the white house and president about gun measures over the last week. it really sets up the debate where hillary clinton is saying it's the president and me against bernie sanders.
2:48 am
>> right. obviously great positioning on her part when she does this. it's a continued vulnerability for sanders. it is interesting. you showed the planned parenthood endorsement there. she picked up an endorsement from mark kelly and gabby giffords. the dynamics of the race is true on the democratic side and republican side. there is a question of how much the endorsements matter from both sides. you know, it is very unique to 2016. >> let's talk about the republican side here. donald trump still hammering away at ted cruz who was born in canada, if you didn't know that by now. all legal scholars say it is not a problem. listen to donald trump. >> here's the problem. it's called uncertainty. it's called you just don't know. what's going to happen is the
2:49 am
other side will bring a suit. is he a natural born citizen? some people -- i don't know. honestly, we don't know. who the hell knows? you can't be running. >> we do know. he is, right? this is something that he is going to hold on to, you think? >> absolutely. this is -- it's so funny. trump is in the same place now where clinton is in iowa. slightly inverted though. cruz is beating him in a place he was leading for most of the primary race and he's picked out what he perceives is the greatest vulnerability. that is the cruz birther question so to say. and he is nailing him on it. repeatedly. the way he does it is amusing. i don't know. maybe he is. maybe he isn't. that is his style. he keeps on hammering this point rally after rally.
2:50 am
>> tom lobianco, thank you. interesting to see donald trump out there enjoying it as he is saying it. >> thanks. let's see what is coming up on "new day." michaela pereira joins us. >> good morning, guys. we will have the latest on david bowie. succombing to cancer. the influence on music. and a story too crazy to believe. the story of sean penn the actor interviewing the drug lord el chapo who spent six months on the run during an international manhunt. sat down with sean penn with an interview. we will examine that on the show. the 2016 campaign rounding a crucial corner. three weeks until the iowa caucus. polls show hillary clinton in the lead, but not by much. we are joined by the campaign manager for bernie sanders.
2:51 am
i will leave one point with you. $1.3 billion. have a great day. >> she wants to win. >> none of us is going to win. >> you can dream. thank you, michaela. happening now, a murder mystery in italy. an american woman found dead in her apartment. we're live next. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by my doctor once every 3 months. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. side effects may include allergic reactions, neck and injection site pain, fatigue and headache. don't take botox® if you have a skin infection. tell your doctor about your medical history,
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new details this morning as an american artist living in italy, florence, found dead in her apartment. 35-year-old ashley olsen was found with bruises and scratcher on her neck. they questioned the florida woman's boyfriend. let's go to rome and bring in cnn's barbie berdeaux with more. >> reporter: we are waiting for the autopsautopsy.
2:55 am
that is the road map to lead to what happened. it doesn't provide how she died, but when she died. when they know that time of death, they will look at the surveillance cameras active in the area the night or day she was murdered. right now, they have too much footage. once they can put in within a few hours of when she died, when she took her last breath, they can get more information on that death. that could provide a clue to who killed ashley olsen. the boyfriend with whom she had a fight three days before she was murdered was questioned into the night. he left the police station yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m. he is not being named as a suspect as of yet. they talked to her friends. they are trying to seek out her ex-husband who is potentially living in europe. all of these things are trying to lead police into who killed ashley olsen. john. >> so many questions. we should find out more with the
2:56 am
autopsy results. thanks. the trial of baltimore police officer goodson gets under way this morning. he drove the van that carried freddie gray to the western district police station. gray emerged from the ride injured and unresponsive. goodson is charged with second degree depraved murder. jury selection is expected to take two days and the trial two-to-three weeks. four days after a state of emergency, governor rick snyder is providing testing kids and bottled water to people of flint. the bottled water and filters will be distributed by five firehouses. let's get an early start on your money. the drop in china overnight. the shanghai dropped 5%. markets in europe shrugging it off. trading higher. futures in the u.s. here are up as well. the dow coming off historic
2:57 am
first week of the year. for the week, the dow dropped 1,079 points. >> nothing to sneeze at. >> if you filled up your tank, you paid less than $2 a gallon. the average is now $1.96. it is now 18 cents less than last year. drivers in missouri enjoying the lowest prices. prolonged slump in crude oil should keep gas low in 2016. a gallon of gas is cheaper than a powerball ticket. you will hit up the gas station for $1.3 billion jackpot. powerball making a lot more millionaires than billionaires. in the current run, 59 tickets matched all five numbers, but not powerball. eight tickets won $2 million. thousands have won smaller
2:58 am
prizes. the odds of winning the $1 billion jackpot, 1 in 292 million. >> $1.3 billion now sounds like a lot of money. >> your chances are so low. come on. i'm not going to get a ticket. >> it is not a retirement plan. if that is your retirement plan, you are in trouble. david bowie, rock legend, died overnight. 69 years old. "new day" starts right now. >> new questions mount over a secret jungle interview with sean penn. >> the meeting was brokered by kate del castillo. >> i will do the monologue and go into hiding. not even sean penn will find me. the race is tightening. hillary clinton is 48% and sanders, 45%. >> the child of a u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born
2:59 am
citizen. >> is he a natural born citizen? we don't know. who the hell knows? david bowie, a true legend, has died of cancer. >> newest album, "blackstar" released on friday. >> he had a quiet and private life which is how he wanted it. ♪ tremble like a flower >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." we are beginning with the breaking news about david bowie. just break the hearts of music fans around the world. musical genius gone after an 18 month battle with cancer. >> the death coming days after he released the latest album and marking his 69th birthday. joining us with more is brian stelter.
3:00 am
brian, his death surprised us. not manykre, it was a big surpr especially because he just released a new album last week. we've heard from artists even from prime ministers, so much praise for david bowie. if we could sum it up in one word, it would be "cool." ♪ >> reporter: renbritish singer david bowie who influenced generations with his groundbreaking sound, dead at age 69. after an 18 month battle with cancer. bowie s b bowie's


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