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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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the strongest economies in the world, and he will try to calm people's nerves and try to get them focused on what is going well. that is not going to happen in one speech. >> and michael waldman, i'm embarrassed that the president does not have a time limit tonight, but we do. thank you, michael waldman. >> you can catch the president's final state of the union address tonight on cnn starting at 7:00. thank you for joining us this hour. >> "legal view" with ashleigh >> "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. >> i'm ashleigh banfield, and what was once a sure thing, that is one time ago, because the race to the democratic presidential nomination is anything but a sure thing n. new hampshire, brand-new evidence that hillary clinton is in trouble. in big trouble in the granite state. a new poll released just last hour from monmouth university showing that bernie sanders has a commanding lead over mrs. c n
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clinton, and 53% to 39%. and hillary clinton is campaigning in iowa, and just spoke to a crowd at iowa state university pointing out that she is going to be fighting the gun lobby harder than bernie sanders. >> we do have differences, and i think it is time and very important for people to understand what those differences are. we have a big difference over gun guns. you know that. and i think it is a telling difference, because if you are going to go around saying that you stand up to special sbe interest, well, stand up to the most powerful interest, stand up to the gun lobby and bring people together, and let's have some common sense gun safety measure measures. >> and hillary clinton dispatched chelsea clinton today to push the mother/grandmother side of hillary clinton. >> i certainly know that the becoming a grand mother has onl
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deepened my mother's resolve to work on issues like those related to early learning and early childhood that have brought us here together today and also one of the real reasons that she decided to run for president to help ensure that every child would have the opportunities that we will be blessed to be able to provide our daughter. >> joining me now live from washington, cnn political director david chalian and we go right to the director the ask the big question. what happened? good god what happened in iowa or new hampshire where the numbers are are running away for bernie sanders. and these are the not the numbers for last month? >> well, we had seen some numbers like this early in 2015, ashleigh. this is always his strongest state where he would make his stiffest challenge to hillary clinton inside of this democratic nomination race. he is from the neighboring vermont which has, you know, been exposed to bernie sanders for quite some time, and he has
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spent a considerable amount of time there, and yes, 53 to 39% is a big leap for him. that is is commanding which makes iowa all that more important for hillary clinton. now, you will see the november number numbers there when it was a closer ra race, and that is coming off of the heels of what was probably hillary clinton's best month in the campaign. she had a strong debate performance in las vegas in the c nsh cnn debate there, and spent hours and hours testifying before the benghazi committee to good reviews and joe biden did not get into the race which is a big shot in the arm for her since many of his supporters drifted toward her. so we saw a moment where she was closing in, but much of 2015, we had been seeing sanders having real staying power in new hampshire. but like i said, in is why now, iowa which has narrowed, and they are neck and neck there is so much more important, because hillary clinton does not want to be in a position where she is going 0 for 2 in the first two contests of new hampshire and iowa. >> show the numbers of the n
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nbc/"wall street journal" numbers for iowa, because they are well within the margin of error, and i would call that neck and neck, 48/45 even though she is ahead. if there is any psychological for having your name on the top, it has to be here, david, because having sanders here at 53 over your 49 today has to be painful. >> and you have to remember what iowa means to hillary clinton. this is where it all started unraveling for her in 2008, the end of 2007 and when they voted in 2008 and catapulted barack obama, and had that long battle between then senator obama and then senator clinton. so she is trying to the learn the lessons from that past election cycle, and apply them in iowa with a much stronger organization, and a much more row bust field operation, and she said it herself as recently as yesterday that she didn't ap really appreciate what the iowa
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caucus process was, and her whole team has tried to focus on that this time, because they understand how important it is with her and that sanders' strength in new hampshire, and coming up in iowa so they don't let iowa slip away. >> so go a little rainman on me here, and go through the the nu numbers if we can a week from the first caucus and primary, and how long do things reverse or slip or shift or change course? >> well, so, i think that ashleigh, we have to be careful here as we will be seeing a slew of polling coming out for the next three weeks leading up to iowa. this is is a snapshot today, and this is a dynamic thing, and so in looking at the polls, they are not trying to predict what is happening three weeks from now, but in is where the race stands right now, and it is a snapshot in time. we will best judge if the polls are ak a rat when we see the final polls the day or two before the voting.
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>> and you would not expect anything less from the pollster s than to try to cement in their findings, because they ask questions about being concrete in your answers, and in that respect, the new hampshire poll that came out, the monmouth poll shows that sanders' voters are committed to him by a 55% agreement rate compared to clinton's 49. are they telling the truth when they say, i absolutely know what i am going to do and i will not change my mind in the next three weeks? >> well, they are telling the truth, but does it mean they will all not change their mind? no, they may get new evidence that causes them to shift. but you are right, that is an important finding, and that is not a huge margin that you were say saying, but he has the advantage of stickier support, and this is part of the enthusiasm gap, and he has engendered such enthusiasm, and big crowds and when you see his supporters, they are more committed to him,
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and less likely to be peeled off than her supporters, and that is an important thing. it does not determine the elections, but it is a a e key f factor to watch. >> all right. david chalian, thank you so m h much, and we will be talking to you a lot in the days and weeks to come, thank you. >> and vice president joe biden is weighing in on the race for the white house and especially the battle for the democratic nomination, and he sat down with our chief political analyst gloria borger to help explain why he believed that hillary clinton is having a hard time tole seal the deto tole -- to seal the deal. >> and i am not sure they are completely right, but the pundits in iowa and new hampshire are hardly ever correct. >> well, you said that she is an overwhelming favorite. he he is a democratic socialist. >> and if bernie sanders never said that he was a democratic socialist based on what he is
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saying, that is not what people would say about him. that is how he characterizes himself in the democratic parties in europe, and so -- >> why is she having trouble? >> well, bernie is speaking to the yearning that is deep and real. he has krcredibility on it. that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth in a small group of people with the middle-class now being able to be shown being left out. there used to be a basic bargain, if you contributed to the profitability of enterprise, you got to the share in the profit and as to be broken and the productivity is up. >> well, that is not new? >> well, it is relatively new for her to talk about that. >> i am going to be talking about that comment in a moment, but if you want to hear gloria's full interview with joe biden,
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it is a great one, and i recommend it, and it is going to be airing with wolf blitzer at # 1:00, so stay tuned for that. and donald trump not missing a a chance to rip into the hillary clinton quoting that new polls are showing her trailing bernie sanders. and so this is donald trump on the "tonight show" last night. >> i think that she is having a tough time, and she has some guy that he should be easy to beat. i mean, how can you lose like this? he is not really a democrat. he said he is a socialist, and he may be a step beyond, and she is not doing well in iowa and tied in iowa and losing new hampshire which is sort of amazing. >> i like that last comment she is about tied in iowa, because there is a brand-new poll coming out, quinnipiac poll which does say, ready? sa sanders is leading over hillary clinton by the margin of 49% over 44%, and i don't know the
9:10 am
margin of error, but it is right there. and the psychology of this, that it is, and it is iowa and not the new hampshire one a moment ago, this is brand-new, sanders 49%, and clinton 44%, and again, with on the margin, but there's the name again. i want to talk to you about this cnn former political commentator and strategist tara set meyer, and also joining us dean rejoining us. since you are the dem, go ahead. >> and as david said, there are going to be rises faced on the artificial favorings, and they are political viagara and then you get to the reality of the process, and it is about how well you organize on the ground. you have seen people behind in
9:11 am
the polls trend up. iowa and new hampshire are not about the delegates, but who gets the best spin. bill clinton lost iowa to paul tsongas, and he was the comeback i kid. and forgive me, he lost to son gus in the new hampshire, and then the comeback kid. and now, there is the first two contests are about spin, and we won't know up the ill the result s are in >> h i don't often quote donald trump suggesting that he might be right, but this is the guy that should be easy to beat, tear rashgs and he said, how could you lose, and here, the numbers showing a tight race, and she might. but isn't the issue for her, and not necessarily winning the two, but it is going to give you the momentum to come n and she has lots of money, doesn't she? >> yes, i give robert credit, because it is a valiant effort to tamp down the expectations. >> and political talk? >> no, the clinton campaign
9:12 am
cannot be happy about this, because she is constantly on defense, since the scandal of the e-mails, and the constant nipping at her throughout the campaign, and the re-dos, and how many times has she reinvented herself or tried to and the inconsistent campaign in that they cannot seem to take a message which is taking hold which is why you have been seeing bernie sanders who is very consistent, and joe biden was very slick there in the p b problem of the authenticity problems and the fact that she has no credibility -- >> and now, tara -- >> wait a minute, and she does not have that credibility quality as bernie sanders does. >> i have never seen her so enthusiastic for a democratic socialist. >> and speaking of the truth. >> and now, only one democrat has won that primary from a border state, and you have the advantage. that doesn't mean that hillary clinton can't, because she can. >> and she is not some regular
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candidate, but the heir apparent. and she is losing with women to bernie sanders for goodness sakes. >> i need the camera in the flats when is is over, because fay are not going the end until midnight. >> and then we will go out the lunch and argue. >> that is a table i want to the lean into, robert zimmerman and tara set myer. >> and then seven years after moving into the white house promising hope and change, there are several things that he wants to change in the coming year, and we will hear about it tonig tonight. the president's final state of the union speech. we have a preview of what to expect next. your heart loves omega-3s.
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you might say this is a year of lasts for president obama, and tonight, it is a biggie. the clock on the screen is counting down the seconds to mr. obama's final state of the union address and typically a wish
9:18 am
that congress typically ignores and it is a type of valedictory/victory lap. the president, himself, set the tone this morning. >> it is sometimes important for us to step back and take measure of how far we have come. the economy right now is doing better than any other economy in the world by a significant margin. we remain the strongest nation on earth by far. and there are no existential threats facing us, but if we make some good choices now, whoever the next president is, and whoever is controlling the next congress, there is no reason why we shouldn't own the 21st century. >> our chief political correspondent dana bash is joining us from d.c., and this is a big night, and everybody is waiting to be the. and there is a new face over the shoulder of the president paul ryan, the speaker of the house,
9:19 am
and he is doing some preparing of his own, so walk me through it? >> well, there is the performance preparation, and the policy and the message preparation. i was at the breakfast that he held for television news reporters and anchors who are going to be covering this tonight, and he was joking that his wife, jana, warned him that he is going to be in the picture a lot because he is the speaker of the house, and by tradition, he is sitting behind the president, and so he is pr practicing the poker face, and he is an irish guy who likes to express himself with his face, but he can't do that tonight. and he talked about, ashleigh, the expectation, as you can imagine, this is is the republican speaker of the house, and he said sort of the headline was that he anticipates that the president will give a glossy view of the past seven years and not unlike what he perceives barack obama told matt lauer and he thinks that he is going to continue to set up what ryan called the strawmen to make republicans from his perspective look like angry reactionaries
9:20 am
and set the stage for his predecessor, and he hopes his predecessor hillary clinton, because we talk about the legacy and where we are in the obama presidency on a night like tonight, the last state of the union, and for somebody to keep a legacy going, you have to have somebody to take over in the white house who is like them, and that is a lot of what we will hear tonight. >> and you have a late night, and lot of of work to do today, so i will let you go, dana bash. thank you. >> thank you. and now, coming up no stranger to the state of the union speeches, e edith childs was there for president obama's first address, and she is going to be there for the last one, too. she got the special invitation last week. and take a close look. this is her. she played a pivotal role in the president's campaigns in '08 and '12, and her chant that became a rallying cry at his events. let's listen.
9:21 am
>> pride up ♪ ♪ ready to go >> there is a little lady standing there with a big hat, and she is smiling at me, and she says, fired up! ready to go! are you still ready to go! >> ready to go! >> do you believe these folks are fired up and ready to go? >> i do. >> and so we want to know one thing. are you fired up? are you ready to go? edith, hit it. >> fired up. >> firedup. >> fired up. ready to go. >> fired up. ready to go. >> fired up. ready to go. >> and i am only believing it is an internet remix, and edith is joining us now. and i loved you in those videos an it is hard to believe that
9:22 am
you met him nine years ago, and you were coming to join the president and the first lay date the state of the union, and what is your reaction? >> well, my first reaction, i was just shocked, but yet, i was overjoyed to get the invitation. >> i can imagine, but you know, there's so much that you can read into the guest list. when you sit with the first lady, and you are going to be seated besides a lot of very significant people as well. there is the ceo of microsoft. there's the u.s. service member who stopped a terrorist attack along with an empty chair to represent all of the victims of gun violence, and so, you are in pretty important company, and lot of people say this is the narrative of the president's entire administration in all of the years that he has spent. how do you believe that you fit in that, edith? >> well, i am just an ordinary person who has done extreme
9:23 am
ordinary thing, and when i think about it, that is what the lord wants you have to be, to be an ordinary person. and when you are an ordinary person, everything that you can imagine will happen, and that is what has happened to me. just being that person. >> and so we will be watching for you, and as i understand it, you are planning to wear the big hat, so i hope it clears through security, and enjoy yourself tonight, and thank you for coming on with us. >> thank you so much, and thank you for having me. >> edith childs live in washington, d.c. and getting ready for the big night tonight. and the president is not the only one who can bring guests to the speech, and the lawyer for kim davis say ths that he and k davis are going to be in the house gallery, and the invitation coming from a congressional member whom the lawyer is declining to identify. she is the county clerk who went to jail rather than issue the same sex licenses in kentucky,
9:24 am
and the lawyer says she represents the many americans who have had their religious liberty trampled on by this administration, end quote, to which i must point out it is the supreme court that recognized same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, and not the administration or congress, but it was the high body. i don't want you to miss the presidential address, and the final state of the union address, and coverage beginning tonight at 9:00:00 and the coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. her long day as anne. hair stylist starts
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don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the bomber was from syria. most of the victims were from germany, but the target, apparently turkey. at least ten people have died, and all of this because of a suicide bomber who died himself. a suicide bomber who struck at the cultural heart of the multi cultural, multi national
9:29 am
metropolis of istanbul. the turkish government say ths t isis is to blame, and retribution is not far behind. a arwa damon is live at the scene where it is just after 7:00 p.m., and arwa, bring me up to speed on the latest. >> well, ashleigh, that blast happening just a few hundred feet behind us. we are just outside of the police cordon, and this is what we know at this stage. the turkish officials are saying as you mentioned there, this is a person of syrian origins who had recently crossed over from syria into turkey, and not an individual who was necessarily one of the many, and i mean many that turkish intelligence is tracking. it just goes to show you how difficult it is to try to keep tabs on all of those continuously flowing across the syria/turkey border, and despite
9:30 am
the turkish authorities' best efforts. of the ten who died, all of them are foreign nationals with a official source telling us that nine of them were german, ashleigh. and turkish authorities do now say that this suicide bomber was a member of isis. and it is most certainly not the first time that eisis has carrid out attacks in turkey. the turkish government blamed isis for the twin suicide bombings that happened at the capital ankara that claimed 100 lives, and as well as the su side bomber who was in the border town over the summer. over the past few months, and lo longer in fact, the turkish government has been conducting the massive country-wide sweeps rounding up hundreds of individuals, and in some instances, they say preventing the attacks from taking place, and also not just rounding up the individuals, but suicide bomb, and explosives and
9:31 am
weaponry, and today's attack shows that the country is still incredibly vulnerable rg, and unable to shield itself from the violence. this this attack is not just an attack that was targeting the tourism industry, the economic core of the country, but one that happened as you were also saying there earlier in the very heart of the country's historic district, going after some would argue the very soul of this country, ashleigh. >> cnn's arwa damon reporting live for us from the scene of the blast that just happened within the last several hours. she is going to continue the follow that story for us. thank you, arwa. >> i want to take you to the re-capture of the mexican druglord el chapo. we have to show you some footage that was just released by "rolling stone" and they have just released the entire sper view. you remember it was conducted by
9:32 am
a-list actor sean penn, and in it, the kingpin talks about the evolution of the drug trade and as well, his prison escapes. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ]
9:33 am
hearing the rooster in the background, something else in the foreground, sean penn, and he is firing back at the critics following this secret meeting with el chapo, and in a brief e-mail he sent to the associated press he says, quote, i have nothing to hide. this is coming after mexico attorney general's saying that penn's interview was essential to capture el chapo and just how close sean penn may have been m monitored by the authorities, because these pictures show him arriving at the mexican airport in october before their meeting. i want to send it over to nick
9:34 am
valencia who is standing outside of that now famous prison where el chapo has gone behind bars and broken down once before, and ki only imagine there must be unbelievable security this time around. but before we talk about that, there is so much footage here from the interview released by "rolling stone." get me to the salient points. >> well, it is certainly, the article released by "rolling stone" with sean penn, and we hear from the drug kingpin himself, and he has been reclusive since he entered the drug world and rose to the top of the cartels here in mexico, and we hear more from him about the excuse of using the violence, saying he only used it when it is necessary, and also, as you were talking about it earlier, he talks about the two daring escapes, and one from this penitentiary here.
9:35 am
and he talks about growing up in sinaloa, and the only option to get out of sinaloa, a very poor area, is to en thor the drug world. the most outstanding and outlandish thing is that he talks about distancing himself from the violence and the tens off thousands of mexicans killed in the drug war, and a lot of it is responsible at the hands of el chapo, and many innocents killed at the hands of el chapo, and he seem to distance himself from those killed. ashleigh? >> yes, i had it bad, so i made it bad for everybody else. that is the answer. >> and nick valencia, thank you for the work down there. and coming up next, the affluenza mom is out of jail. we will tell you how it happen and what it cost her, and what her brand-new fashion statement is. and before you criticize me for that, it is essential to the story.
9:36 am
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>> the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager ethan couch is out of jail, miss tonya. and she left the tarrant county lockup, and she has a brand-new accessory, and it is a bracelet and for the ankle and better known as the ankle monitor. and her son who is know tor theous for getling -- notorious for getting probation after a drunk driving accident that killed four people. and now, his mother is out of jail, and she was being held on a $# 1 million bond, because very nice judge lowered the bond yesterday to a paltry $75,000, which is paltry when you are wealthy as the couch family is. cnn legal analyst, and danny is a -- cevallos is joining us here
9:41 am
to tell us how a woman gets a bail lowered when she is known to jump over the border. >> well, the bail is known to get you the court, and so she is considered a flight risk, but they said, a, it is not a violent crime, and there are other conditions to get her back to court, and she has an ankle bracelet and restricting where she can live. they are taking her passport and other restrictions around the court is saying that the money is not going to keep her from fleeing again, but maybe the other restrictions will, and in lieu of the high bond, they will set other severe restrictions to stop her from leaving. >> and we have to remember that miss couch went to mexico and she did not break any laws herself, and she was not under a probationary term, and so -- >> well, helping her son, she did. >> well, you have a theory of
9:42 am
the whole idea of the son cool ing his heels in the mexican jail, and the talk of the deportation, and versus extradition, and you have a magical theory that he is running a clock? >> well, it is not a place for conjecture, but what if in this case, you are in the juvenile court, and you are under the jurs dick shup of the juvenile court, and ten years probation, but he may have to be mechanically transferred to adult court, because you can't send a 20-year-old to probation hall, and so maybe they ran if i just run out the clock until i am over the age of the juvenile court jurisdiction, and maybe then if i come back, the juvenile court can't do anything with me. so maybe that is what is the case, and i am not sure about the case in texas. >> and maybe they are think ing that we are dumb, and the
9:43 am
brethren is dumb, because it is not beyond those in texas jurisprudence to elevate him to adult court. check me? >> yes, but it is applying to the future violations, and not the current violation. the current violation, 120 days in jail under the juvenile violation, and even if he is trying to run out the clock, it is in a mexican facility, and so it is not that if he is free, and if you have to do juvenile probation, and have to do it in the mexican holding cell. >> well, two years compared to eight in texas. i still think they can do somethi something, and some kind of juryriging that you can do to work him into a different system, and maybe it is the -- >> well, for future violations. >> nothing with the current violation of probation? >> not unless he is in the adult court and runs out the clock. that is my theory. >> and that is the whole process that has been circulated in a poe tigs. and we are flat out of time on this, but, man, the thought that
9:44 am
she gets to walk. it is very frustrating for a lot of people. >> she will be back in court. >> thank you, danny cevallos and dan shore for that. and now, also, appearing before a military judge this hour is bowe bergdahl, and he is the taliban prisoner who is still facing the possibility of life behind bars based on what he did in afghanistan. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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sergeant bow with bergdahl is facing a judge today, again. this time it is a her haing on the charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. it is a process and several appearances in the whole process. you will remember that he disappeared from the post in afghanistan in june of '09 and la later captured by the taliban until he was released in a prisoner swap five years later in 2014. if he is isconvicted of the
9:49 am
charges against him, he could be held as a prisoner this time by americans for life. and his attorneys say that he has already endured torture during his captivity, and he has described it in vivid detail with writer mark ball, and they are part of a popular podcast. >> they put a burka over me, and then because, you know, anything i touch, because i'm an infidel or cuffer or whatever you want to call it, anything that i touch is dirty, and sthey would leave the dress or the burka in the room, and so i could use that as warmth. >> attorney a former j.a.g. steven razor is joining me. and the hearing has just ended, and still no plea in the case,
9:50 am
but arguing about the discovery, and some discussion about the classified material, and the protection order, obviously, discussed about that classified material. and then the awards that sergeant bergdahl wear, and my thought is that he want ts to wr those awards, and that is prejudicial as opposed to a jury panel instead of a bench trial. >> yes, that is something to discuss whether or not he is allowed to wear those, because the awards are in question at this trial. i don't believe they will be successful to having them remove remov removed, because they are not unduly prejudicial. and he is a p.o.w. and he gets those awards for five years enduring it, right? regardless of the circumstances. >> well, if he endured it, yes, but he could be discharged dishonorably which is the worst possible thing to happy to a
9:51 am
shoulder outside of the prison system, and he loses them as well. if you put yourself in a dangerous situation, and en dang the ter unit, there is consideration as to whether or not you would have gotten those awards if it were usual circumstances. >> that is the least of the concern here, with ten years to life potential. >> yes. >> i would love fit you could with your service background, and i know that it is tricky, because we don't have all of the discovery yet, but would you want to choose a jury of your fears or just a judge as the bench trial would indicate? >> well, it is difficult. and you have to realize if the judge is a good ally to your case, then fine, go with it. but he has had a lot of animosity from the fellow soldiers to what he did, and i do believe it is going to be difficult to pick an impartial
9:52 am
panel, so it is going to be a strong indication that avoiding the panel altogether is the best way to go. but of course, you have to look at that judge. >> we will have you back. i have an update from the supreme court, because the big nine have handed down a major ruling on the capital punishment in this country. by 8 to 1, the high court struck down the sentencing protocol where the judges make the definitive end decision of what happens to the defendant in the death case. the jury makes a recommendation, but it is a recommendation to the judge. this is a precedent from 2002 and makes clear that only the juries can identify aggravating factors that can justify execution. it is a little bit in the weeds, but it is significant as it does come from the supreme court. and coming up next, brace yourselves for the big
9:53 am
announcement, media mogul rupert murdoch and mick jagger's ex, and well, they were never married, but jerry hall and they are an item and i mean an item. i can't wait to see the guest list for this wedding. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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9:57 am
if you get only one wedding invitation this year, this is going to be the one to finagle. rupert murdoch, the thrice married and chairman of news corp. has pro poposed to jerry hall, the super model and the the ex of mick jagger, and they have announced their intention to wed. and i am joined with juicy details of this. and first of all, i didn't no they were dating, and so i felt very, very dumb, but it is only four months so i didn't feel so
9:58 am
bad. >> you should not feel bad, because it is three months that they were spotted together and then the next thing they are on the golden globes on the red carpet, and he has proposed. >> i didn't know they were there. >> and they did it in a charming way in that they announced it in a little announcement in the times of london which he of course owns. >> delightful, and huge age discrepancy, and in this day and age, there is always a couple of decades between people of fabulous ilk. and a lot of people say, beautiful lady with the older guy, and jerry hall is not needing the money. >> no. she does not need the money, and leaves you with two conclusions, one, more money is good, and they both want companionship. >> there is the adorable announcement, and it is tiny. no type face or anything. >> and three, which is the minority opinion which is that
9:59 am
they are actually in love. there is a interesting piece in the british "gq" from to a author michael wolf that rupert murdoch is a romantic, and we think of him buttoned down businessman, and curmudgeonly, and he has had four wives and running around the world dating models. >> and maybe it is a good old-fashioned whirlwind love, and that must be one hell of a prenup. and folks, the jackpot of the lottery has now blown to $1.5 billion with a "b" and going up until tomorrow night's drawing. the the ticket sales are growing, and so does the jackpot, and if you are omting for the cash instead of that
10:00 am
long payout, your lump sum is a whopping $930 million. and it and it is a world record, and i sound like a broken record, because it is a world record and continues to be so. good luck, and i hope that you don't win over me, but then again. and nice to have you. wolf is next. wolf is next. see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- i'm jim sciutto, and wolf is on assignment, and it is 12:00 p.m. in des moines, iowa, and 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 1:00 a.m. in istanbul. wherever you are watching us around the world, thank you for watching us. and we begin with the developments in the presidential race. new poll numbers released within the last hour show bernie sanders is pulling ahead of hillary clinton in iowa. the quinnipiac university poll shows sanders at 49%, and clinton at 44%,


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