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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. the rooms are packed. we're going to show those to you in just a moment. 2016 presidential candidates are now back on the campaign trail. the final weekend before the iowa caucuses. cnn live in des moines with a look at the final 48-hour push to sway voters before monday's caucuses. also a snowstorm could arrive in iowa just in time for the caucuses, though some forecasts say maybe it will wait until tuesday. the iowa department of transportation is already making plans to ensure that
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caucus-goers will be able to cast their votes. the candidates are up back on the campaign trail two days before voters head to caucus. we have the candidates there are -- well, the rooms there waiting for the candidates. kasich, marco rubio, jeb bush. we've got john kasich, an event as well. we'll show you the maps as well, the republicans and democrats all over. ted cruz will be hitting multiple stops as well, with you event beginning in moment. front-runner donald trump holding three rallies. these candidates are everywhere today. let's check the democrats. two hours from now hillary clinton will rally with gabby giffords and her hurls mark kelly. bernie sanders holds a series of canvassing events, ending with a rock concert in iowa city.
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phil, good morning. >> reporter: chris christi is probably walking in in a matter of moments. ram spire weekend, killer mike, all of this, victor, underscore the -- under voters here in iowa go to their caucus sights. it's very close, close on the democratic side, and bernie sanders hillary clinton really going back and forth. on the republican side, donald trump looking like he's extending his lead, but what you're watching right now is ted cruz and marco rubio really battling it out, and then people like chris christie walking in here in a few moments, trying to set the bar, they have an opportunity to go to new hampshire on a bit of a roll and hopefully ride to bigger show us there.
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>> phil, what is the expectation today for christy. we know he essentially has moved to new hampshire. i know, he said he was bringing his wife, mary pat christi, but what is the expectation for christi? >> there is a recognition also with the governor himself. they have to finish as the first governor in new hampshire. that's john kasich, jeb usual about, chris christi, all fighting for the same money, recognition and that establishment lane. this last couple days in iowa has been a big push for chris chris christi, but new hampshire is what will make and break the early stage of this campaign. they're willing to admit that. that's why on caucus night, he will be in new hampshire, talking to voters in town has there. that will set up that last push. if he does well in new hampshire, in others state down
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the line, if he doesn't that would be the death nell for a campaign. >> to be the top finishing governor. phil mattingly, thank you so much. let's talk about senator cruz. he has five campaign stops today, one at a middle school in the small town of hubbard. population, 839. cruz has campaigned in all 99 iowa counties hope to wind over voters while fending off attacks from front-runner donald trump, who last night hammered cruz again about the canadian birth. >> they didn't even mention that he was born in canada, right? when you're born in canada, you're not supposed to be running for the president. prime minister of canada -- no, no, no, he can run for canada. prime minister of canada. no problem. >> cnn's sunner lynn sis what i
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the strategy? we've seen the attacks, coupled with other strategy and criticisms have dug into the lead we sat in is september. that's now gown. >> reporter: that's absolutely right. pushing back on donald trump is a core part of ted cruz' closing message here, the argument they've been drilling down, is that not a sflf really laying down the stakes of what a potential trump win here would mean. we've heard cruz say he would be unstoppable if he won here,
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trying to paint the picture of an unstoppable train, really the meaning behind that is ted cruz trying to communicate if you want anyone other than donald trump, then stop him here in way, and top him with a vote for me. victor? >> the cruz campaign that is tried to frame this as a two-man race. now we know that shifting resources to go after marco rubio, after the momentum, partially from "the des moines register's" endorsement and thursday's debate, how are they concerned about the possibility of a cruz third-place finish? >> reporter: there is definitely some growing concern and anxi y anxiety, but i think that's more about an eventual threat that he poses right here. right now it's all about the cruz campaign, really trying to blunt the momentum of rubio
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coming out of iowa, trying to hit at his support, make shirr that moment mum sent him to the -- what we have seen a shift in focus, resources, now the super pac are redirecting resoars from those negative attack ads, usually devoted towards attacking donald trump, now attacking marco rubio, and this keeps in line with what we have seen. yesterday unprompted he brought up many times marco rubio really laying into his record on immigration, very clear they are looking ahead trying to top marco rubio gaining any momentum than they really wants. >> sunlen ser ffaty, thank you.
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>> so we've got the crowd there waiting to hear from him in just a moment. he's there on stage, being introduced. we will go back to that in just a moment, as soon as we hear from marco rubio himself. we're going to go to jeb bush, we've got jeb bush in front of a crowd. let's listen to the former florida governor. >> we allow politicians to divide us. when judge and he lena walker bush fills out the census form at the age of 21, can i guaranty teeth you if we get it right, she'll say it's not applicable. the thing that defines us is the common purpose that we have. if we lose that common purpose f. we divide ourselves up, if we allow politicians to push down people to make themselves look better. if we have candidates who disbarrage people as if that's somehow a sign of strength, the
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result is that's not the mechanic -- you want to give a city wonkathon, i have it detail plans, we can talk about talks, regulation, how to restore economic growth. dealing and preserving with, and fixing the entire mess that's going to create debt, but first and foremost, we need people in public life that recognize the greatness of this country is the set of shared values that we have. it's the america people that define or greatness, not our government. that's why i'm running for president, because i'm sick and tired of people trying to push others down to try to make themselves look good. i had a chance to do this as a governor of florida. florida is a purple state. it's a swing state.
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i can promise you there's a lot of democrats and a lot of republicans, and we fight it out every year. if you win florida you have a pretty good chance of becoming president. i took conservative principles and applied them in a way that, now some of you may know this already, we don't have an income tax in florida, you have to be pretty committed to tax cutting when you can get to $19 billion without an income tax to cut. we introduced the government employee base by 13,000, because we reformed or civil service if system. you're watching here former florida governor jeb bush making his case on the final saturday before the iowa caucuses monday night. we'll go back to that event in sioux city with marco rubio making his case. let's dip into that one. >> on a powerful truth that our rights come from god, and that we have a government to product our rights, not to decide them.
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that's why we have free enterprise, that's why we have individual liberty and that's why we believe all human life is work the protection of our laws. and that very principle is now in doubt, because seven years ago a president was elected who was not interested in simply fixing the problem. a president was elected who wanted to change america. in essence, barack obama promised hope and change, but the change he was promises was to change the country, to make us more like the rest of the world. he views the constitution differently than you do and i do. he view it as an impediment, that's why he violates it lawlessly, ignoring it with executive orders, undermining the second amendment. he views free enterprise as a greedy economic system, have you watched some of the bernie sanders commercials?
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this is thousand he view free enter price, a greedy system, they don't believe that hard work is the way you've achieved the things you've achieved in your life. barack obama views america as an american global power, that our fault these countries don't like, it's our fault that jihadists are doing some of the things against us. so he wants to cut america down to size. that's why he gets -- that's why he apologizes for america. that's how you winter a noebel peace prize three month into office without doing a thing, you try to cut america down to size. the result is that our identity is now at stake. the result is that our identity is now at stake. and you know it. that's why you're here. you're not here just to hear a political speech, but you are
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feeling what millions are feeling, that is the worry, the fear that what makes america special is slipping away and no one is doing anything about it. >> senator marco rubio making his case to voters in sioux city, iowa. i want to bring in katrina pearson new york city. welcome. we've heard from the cruz campaign this is a two-man race between cruz and between donald trump. what's your concern about marco rubio? he certainly has had some momentum since the debate. i think it's a two-man race, but it's no second place. he has clearly been the front-runner and remains the front-runner today. we've seen in recent polls that mr. trump is ahead in.
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we're good to air it and then i'd like to speak with you about it. >> i really appreciate the support. my mother gave me this very bible many years ago, in fact it's her writing right here. she wrote the name, my address, and it's just very special. again, i want to thank the evangelicals. i will never let you down. all right. a promise to evangelical voters here in iowa, a very important
7:15 am
group here, but i do want to point out something i saw from ted cruz, poking fun a potential potentially. >> he said father god, please continue this awakening, continue this spirit of revival, awaken the body of christ we might pull back from this abyss. were here today standing on the promises of second chronicle 7:14. you know, two corinthians walked into a bar. >> citing donald trump saying twop corinthians rather than second. and questions some of the statements including something like that video we saw. >> i think it's that's kind of
7:16 am
theater that's having voters questions the all then 'tis of cruz' own faith. most christians don't go around saying who can be a better christian. senator cruz himself talks about you know them by their fruits. look at the empire that donald trump has created, the tens of thousands of jobs he's created. their family, they're wonderful. i have to give you an example. a young man from afc immigrated to this country and he said he's supporting mr. trump that no one in this race knows how important it is for a man to put food on his table. it was really that simple for a lot of people. we have people like phyllis schlafly -- >> i know that's an adeck dote, but i don't know necessarily that -- >> how important it is. this is what the young man told
7:17 am
me, how important it is, because he signs tens of thousands of paychecks and no one else has done that. phyllis schlafly, very much a pro-life christian and widely known, jerry falwell jr., a lot of people who knows mr. trump know his heart, and a lot of voters find it disingenuous for that to be questioned. >> i think we have the video, the question about abortion, and the time in which donald trump sat down with tim russert and talk about being pro-choice. we have that video, i think. this is part of the new ted cruz/new york values ad. >> hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. so my views are different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial-birth abortions. >> i am pro-choice in every
7:18 am
expert. >> what does he think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa. >> so you hear donald trump saying he's very pro-choice in every respect and the case is, of course, consistency and there's a contradiction. >> well, i think there's consistency a issues in most human beings 15, 20 years ago and he's been very candid, where he experienced friends who went through a situation where it changed his concept, and he's been outpentagon, and, you know, it's senator cruz using political tactics, but i'll also say that mitt romney was pro-choice before he was pro-life. rick perry -- >> did donald trump support the concept of partial birth
7:19 am
abortion? >> he never came out and said -- when he was asked the question, he says auld forms. a lot of men don't like to go into the details. >> would that include that as well? >> he supported a right to choose in general. >> katrina pearson -- >> but he's very much pro-life today. >> thank you so much. we're in the final hours. we'll have complete coverage all day monday, in fact all weekend. be with you here on cnn. coming up next, the controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails, the newsbreaking late friday that the state department is now holding 22 e-mails because they are top secret. will this hurt her campaign? being back to the live pictures, more campaign events happening right now, including chris christi's events.
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♪ final weekend here in iowa before the caucuses on monday night. we are watching all of the live events across the state. right now presidential
7:24 am
candidates new jersey governor chris christi is spending time in iowa city. >> we -- we need someone who seydou believe me or your lyin' eyes? we need someone to tell us the truth, deliver it straight, come up with solutions, and you can following that person or not. but that's leadership. leadership is telling the truth and trusting people to if listen to the truth. >> i don't even think the democratic party will nominate a socialist for the president of the united states. i mean, they might. we could get that lucky, but i don't -- but there's something that just tells me we're not going to get that lucky, that we're going to get hillary clinton and her husband and chelsea and the whole rest
7:25 am
of the band that will get put back together. they'll be coming at us one more time, as i said on thursday night, the inevitable relentless pursue of another stint in public housing. that's what they want. let's think about her this week. yeah, i know it's painful. hang with me. it won't be long. we heard this week 22 pages of e-mails the statement department refuse toss release them from her private server, because they are top secret. let's remember the things she told us. it's hard. you need a program to follow along, but hang with me. when we first out about the server, when by the way, she kept secret for seven years. let's start with that. let's start with we never knew about the private e-mail server until seven years had passed,
7:26 am
but then she told us at the time absolutely no classified informationer passed through that server, so the fact it wasn't secure should make no difference at all. then she said, well, maybe no material that was actually marked classified ever passed through even if it was classified. then we found out that she actually instructed people to take the classified markings off of certain documents and fax them to her over a nonsecure fax. now we find out there was top secret information, that's so top secret that even today the state department won't release it as part of her e-mail release. listen, you can't come to knit other conclusion than she lied to us. she just lied to us. she lied and the worst part is you found out in iowa just last week when she did her town hall meeting why she lied. they asked her, why the private e-mail server?
7:27 am
she said it was for her convenience. her convenience. of course, that's baloney, too, because let me tell you something, i have had worked in the federal government. i was the united states attorney for seven years. i had a public e-mail account, and it was on my blackberry at the time, and it was no more inconvenient than my private e-mail account that was on my blackberry. it was just a different account. remember in the beginning she said she did it because she didn't want to carry two devices. notice, like this is to the extent we're all really stupid, like we all don't have smartphones and you can have multipal e-mail accounts, and then we saw her, she was carrying two devices. ultimate. you're listening to new jersey governor chris christie there in iowa city. he'll be back in new hampshire monday night, but in iowa this
7:28 am
morning talking about the latest development in the clinton e-mail controversy, the announcement from the state department that 22 e-mails will not be released because they contain top secret information. we've had heard the characterization from governor christie, and let's now go for the facts from chris frates, who is in washington covering this is it story. >> good morning, victor. the state department announced it would know release e-mails, because they contain top secret. >> they contain a category of top secret information. they were not marked classified at the time they were sent. >> so the clinton campaign has long argued that same point that the e-mails were not marked
7:29 am
classified at the time sent and now it's argued that they're never over-classifying her e-mails and then news that some of those e-mails won't be released at all comes only daze before the way caucuses and could serve as a reminder of what many see as one of her weaknesses, that she can't be trusted. republicans not surprisably pounced on the news. >> hillary clinton put some of the highest, most sensitive information. maybe she thinking she's above the law or wanted the convenience to read it on her blackberry, this is unacceptable. this is a disqualifier. >> the clinton campaign says it opposed the state department's decision to hold back the e-mails. >> the facts are that i never
7:30 am
e-mailed anything that was considered classified, it wasn't marked classified. i think at the end of the day everybody is going to know that i asked to have all these made public, i would love them to be public, i would love people to see what i did and i hope that will happen. >> on a separate note, the state departmentfuls announced that it would not release 18 eplace between then secretary clinton and president obama, in order to protect the president's ability to receive what they called blunt advice. >> thank you, chris frates. let's bring in mark preston, now with us. we heard from senator fine sign, and she saw the e-mails and there was nothing marked classified when it was sent, the report or statement say it included "new york times" articles that were sent back and forth, but this plays into the narrative this is a problem of trust worthiness that she cannot
7:31 am
be honest. >> do as i say, not as i do. that's one of the stumbling blocks she'd had to face in this campaign. in a democratic primary will this matter? it casts some doubt over hillary clinton when caucus voters and new hampshire primary voters are looking at who they will pick, but it's not going to be that big of an issue. the issue is how does it play out if she becomes the nominee and we roll through the summer and the house and senate starts launching investigations as to pull her up to capitol hill to testify while she's trying to run for president. this goes right before march 1st, the super tuesday contest. what is the concern? if this drags into -- she and senator sanders? >> once in news came out they
7:32 am
said they want them released now. they said that these were not classified before, and of course they want to get this over with and to move on. they thought they had in some ways when she does so well and testified about benghazi, but the fact of the matter is she's still being dogged by it. it's not something that's helpful. let's talk about the campaign that's under attacked, attack from jeb bush, ted cruz as well. mark is staying with us. and the bad weather in iowa, could it keep voters away on mopped? i mean, i don't know. we've iowaen come up here without a jacket, so joe no if the snow will keep them from the caucus. we'll check on that. stay with us. we have an update just ahead. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement?
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iowa. the candidates are out trying to get the last support. this is the weekend somewhere the undecided finally decide. they have to. the caucus begin monday night. we're going to dip into john kasich's events. he's in new hampshire. he's showing some strength in the polls. >> the fact is, of course we want a good environment. we're no here to worship it. we're here to manage it. i think consistent and roernl approaching is -- we're beginning to see the price of solar come down dramatically. there's good things happening here. so my view is, and i speak as the governor we're going to
7:37 am
develop the renewables come hell or high water. okay? yes, right here, young man. >> you recently criticized governor snyder for his handling of the flint crisis. >> no, i haven't said too much about it. >> it was in the paper. i saw something very similar in the ohio papers about the water contamination crisis in sebring, ohio, so i wonder how -- >> they're not even comparable, can i -- can i answer the question? here's the situation. first of all, we had clean water intake into ohio, and once our top officials at epa found out there was a testing problem, they sprung immediately into action that day.
7:38 am
two days later they took the license away from the operator. the federal epa has come in and looked at what they had, and get what they said? ohio has done everything that could have been expected and a bit more, so we're on top of it and it's a completely different issue. okay? yes, ma'am. pretty tough questions there no kasich, asking questions about the water -- won't call it crisis, but concerns in ohio and the comments about flint, michigan. the governor is in new hampshire, but the candidates here are trying to cover as much ground as they can before the caucuses on monday. dozens of events over the next two days. the rubio campaign has just announced a new part the strategy for the homestretch, planning to air a 30-money town hall special in every market in iowa. every television market. manu raju is here with me about
7:39 am
it. on the other side of the camera, imsomeone from the rubio campaign. >> the rubio campaign clearly wants to solidify the third-place standing right now in the polls. right now they'll be fighting for the one and two spot, but the rubio campaign believes if they end up a strong number three, they'll be able to make the case to the one party they're the one candidate that can take on cruz and trump in the super tuesday states. they want some separation between them and the governors in the if race. what that really means, probably something in the high teens is a good night for them, something into the 20s, they would probably be ecstatic if they got there. if they were nipping at ted cruz' heels or donald trump's heels, that would be a big night, but the low teens that could be considered
7:40 am
underperforming for them so right now that's why they're spending very heavily. rubio has been crisscrossing the state from the northwest part to the eastern part of the state in just a matter of days. that 30-minute ad is airing in all of the markets in the state, clearly all trying to make sure they are that person who say i can take on cruz, i can take on trump. >> manu, stay with us. we know marco rubio that is called ted cruz the front-run r front-runner, is he signaling some other shift in let's talk with his campaign's communication director. alex koenig. summer a possibility your candidate will do better than a strong third? >> we don't see any evidence of that. we're running against the greatest show on earth, which is donald trump, and the greatest ground game that iowa has ever seen with ted trusses.
7:41 am
they were at 40% of the polls, obviously they feel very confident about. >> let's watch one of the newer ted cruz ads, casting senator rubio as the republican obama. let's watch that. all right. so we don't have that ad. >> that's good. [ laughter ] >> what about that criticism? that criticism this is another young senator who is a great orat orator, who has hopes and dreams, but -- >> it's ironic that a first-term senator is attacking another first-term senator for being a first-term senator, but that's typically of senator cruz. barack obama wasn't a bad president because he served in the senate. he was a bat president baas he
7:42 am
had bad ideas. marco rubio has an agenda to turn the country around, to create a new american century by growing our economy, by strengthening our national security, our intelligence programs that were gutted under this program with frankly ted cruz' help. >> you're not going to tell me the possibility that your candidate can come in second when a strong third would be good. where does marco rubio win? >> where does he win? it's a long haul. and so from here we go to new hampshire, with we feel good about our team on the ground there. we've spend el spent a lot of time there, i think his message plays well in new hampshire. in we come out of the here with momentum, we hope to finish in the top tier, and then we go to south carolina, nevada, and then into the march states. but until we have the winner take all contests in mid march, in ohio, in florida, you'll see the candidates -- it's going to
7:43 am
be hard for any one candidate to get a lot of separation. >> alex conant, thank you so much. we'll take a quick break. keep it right here on cnn. we'll be right back. "beth" by kiss ♪ beth, i hear you calling.♪. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more.
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she is pretty in the morning, the capital here in des moines. it could be covered with snow. there is a storm expected. timing is still up in the air, but it could start as caulk es goers go out to cast their vote. some forecast are up to a foot of snow. the iowa department of transportation already working on plans to keep roads cleared on monday so people can go out and participate in the caucus events all across the state. tonight "the des moines register" will release its final poll, the latest poll in the republican race shows donald trump leading ted cruz by
7:48 am
seven points, on the democratic side, it's a tight race. that's just a dead heat when you consider the margin of error. let's bring in lynn hicks, the opinion editor for "the des moines register" you've told me you haven't seen it, so we can't talk about the poll. >> i can't see anything, so i'm on the opinion side side, so we're not involved in the -- you can ask me for prediction and i will say the smart person waits until ann's poll comes out, because she has a great record. >> do you know if it was taking during or after the debate, the debate and trump's counter-event. dao we know if it included that time? >> my understanding is, and anseler would be the best person to talk about it, but i understand it caught a part of that.
7:49 am
polling takes place. people should know that polls takes place over a three or four-day period, and it makes a difference. in 2012 there was a huge swing. ron paul was looking strong, and then you saw santorum surge. so we could see something like that happen again if somebody has momentum coming into the race. again it's taken with still three days to go. >> and there's a lot of movement on this last weekend historically. a lot of things happening, and i lot of iowans waiting to make up their mind. >> we know "the des moines register" endorsed marco rubio last week. i wonder if after watching the debate, and we saw the videos of previous statements that were made, that they are cutting into the narrative against ted cruz
7:50 am
more than they are against marco rubio. do you know why that is? why do you expect that's happening? >> i think part of it is the immigration question has been one that marco rubio has been trying to answer for several months. so i don't think there was anything really new there for a lot of people trying to consider that question. i think that -- and we said that, you know, he needs to continue to answer those questions for voters in our endorsement. we put out several challenges for senator rubio. it wasn't a glowing endorsement. we challenged him on the kind of candidate we would like to see. >> the opponents will say these endorsements don't matter, because they didn't get it. that's why they'll say that. is there evidence they do? what role do you think that the endorsement plays in that? >> well, i think it's one piece of a very large puzzle that iowans are putting together. i won't say it's going to make
7:51 am
the difference for anyone. i hope that people read it and give it due consideration. i know they're getting a lot of sustains. you know, i think it's the momentum we're seeing from marco rubio, i do believe it's real, and i think we've got a lot of notice from ours, and i think that sort of was one part of that wave that he's seeing. >> there's always a candidate in every signingle that says they are going to get out the voters who have never caucused before, they're going to bring young people in. those are historically unreliable groups. is there any evidence that for the democrats, for bernie sanders, that donald trump will be able to bring out new voters on monday night? >> there's plenty of evidence because of the people coming -- showing up for all the events. you know, we've seen lots of stories out there questioning the trump organization. you know, from what i have seen,
7:52 am
i think they're responding to that. i think their technology is there. if you go on the website, you can find out where your precinct location is, you can see a video. i think they will get out there, but it matters, too, where they go. if sanders most of his support is concentrated in the college towns, he still will not get enough delegates. he has to be across the board. he had a big event last night, with the des moines social club with foster the people. all kinds of young people showed up for that. and here in des moines, so who knows if they'll show up on monday. >> quickly, the big headline overnight, the declaration by the state department, they're not going to release the 22 e-mails, because they contain top secret information. >> on monday night i don't think it holds a lot. i think hillary clinton still
7:53 am
has a high trust factor among democrats, so, you know, there's always that undecided that could be considering it, but i don't think there's any huge news here. i mean, people have been waiting for these e-mails, they've known these questions. the general election democrats should be concerned. >> certainly will, we've heard from the republicans and we will hear that into the last hours. lynn hicks with "the des moines register" thanks so much. back to you in atlanta, christi. peru has been become the latest country to report the first case of zika virus. the world health organization estimating 3 to 4 million of us across the americaing will be infected by next year. doctor piecer hotez, president of saban vaccine institute is here with us, there's no cure, no vaccine, what can be done to combat this?
7:54 am
>> thanks for having me on. there's still a lot we can do. i always remind people that between 1947 and 1962, the mosquito was eradiated in 1 latin-american countries and several caribbean countries, done by brute force and being very aggressive in dumping out any kind of standing water. if we're willing to launch a military-style campaign, the war against the mosquito we could make a huge dent. >> is that what it's going to take? something that extreme? >> i think so, and i think the stakes are high. remember, this virus is aggressively marching through latin america. we've seen more than a million cases in brazil, colombia, now into the caribbean, probably on every caribbean island by the end of february. i think the other piece is the role of poverty in this, so people who live under poorhousing conditions have
7:55 am
degrade virges, garbage piled up such as a situation in haiti, haiti could get decimated. we're looking at 250,000 newborn babies here in haiti, and they're completely exposed to skeets, so we're looking at a potential catastrophic situation, and we also have the issue of poverty and the fact we have both quomosquito, we have conditioning, and here high income, but the gulf cost has a hidden level of poverty that's quite vulnerable. for those people in the u.s. who are watching this, is there a risk? we know there's a risk to people who are infected, pregnant and give birth, but to babies who are outside and might be bitten by mosquitos, to toddlers, is there a risk for them?
7:56 am
>> well, so far in older children, in adults, we don't know too much about babies, but we think after you're born, we think the impact of the disease is not very high, and many people it produces a rash, a fever, in a few it can produce more neurologic disease, but we think a high percentage of people bitten have no symptoms at all. this is what makes it so hard to track it. >> dr. hotez, we appreciate you being with us and airing your insight. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. sure, that is it for us here in atlanta. stay tuned. we have more on iowa caucuses. move more ahead with fredrick ha whitfield. we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2.
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. hello, everyone. it is 11:00 on the east coast, 10:00 a.m. in iowa. i'm fredricka whitfield. it's crunch time in iowa, two days until the very first caucuses the election, and the very first time actual ballots will be cast in this truly unprecedented presidential ways. the candidates are crisscross g i the state today.


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