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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is high noon in the east. super tuesday from vermont, all the way to america somoa. the polls are open on the biggest single day of presidential nominating season. john kasich is about to speak in one of those states. virginia.
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while gop front-runner donald trump is stumping in kasich's home state of ohio. that's the picture on the right. we're going to dip into both events when they get underway. first, the big picture. and i do mean big. at stake for republicans, 595 delegates. almost half of the number that they need to win the nomination. democrats fighting for 865 delegates. that's more than one-third of that party's requisite number to nominate. cnn colleague jim acosta, traveling with trump. he is in columbus, ohio. wait, columbus, ohio. that's not a super tuesday state. what are you doing in columbus? >> reporter: you know, i'm in columbus, because donald trump is in columbus, and that tells you exactly what the mind set is of the donald trump campaign right now. they are riding high in the polls. he is leading in the delegate count. he is poised to win big here on
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super tuesday. and so he can afford to do things like go to states that aren't voting today, which is the case here in ohio. they're not voting until later on this month. donald trump trying to make the point that he is going to go to john kasich's background, home turf and win a primary that occurs later on this month. he is doing the same thing later on tonight. they're down in florida, the home state of marco rubio, who has been tangling with over the last couple of days. ashley, the story line we're going to hear over the next hour or so, when donald trump comes out and speaks is whether or not the gop front-runner speaks to this growing chorus of chriscrim from the party. mitt romney on twitter, really savaging donald trump and sharply criticizing donald trump for his comments, not releasing his tax returns over the last couple of days. now you have paul ryan in the
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last cycle saying a little while ago up on capitol hill that you can't play any games when it comes to reputing the talk from the k. k kk and white s-- ashley, you know from, covering these elections for a long time as well, you know, when a candidate is this far ahead in the polls, this far ahead in the delegate count, that's usually when the party rallies around the front-runner, but that's not happening with donald trump. there a civil war inside the republican party right now. the question is, how does donald trump handle it and does he start to do that later on today. >> you can't always get what you want, that's what is playing behind you. some people think donald trump is getting exactly what is he wants. it remains to be seen. jim acosta, stand by, if you would, we'll dip in live as soon
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he talks live. the bane trust in here, alex is a long time republican strategist and commentator, jeffrey lord, political director under ronald reagan and cnn analyst of the daily beast. so three fantastic minds to weigh in on the dynamic today. gentlemen, i'm going to start your engines with this one. jim acosta just referred to it, paul ryan speaker of the house just said to reporters up on the hill regarding this whole issue of donald trump for disa vowing and not disa vowing and david duke not getting out of the news headlines. listen to what he had to say. >> if a person wants to be a nominee of the republican party, there can be no evasion and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not prey on
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people's prejudices. >> okay, so i guess i would have to start with you, jeffrey lord. that's tough talk from a very influential person. a person who is reveered among republicans and independents alike. do you think that this is going to change things for donald trump? will he take heed as to what the speaker has just said. >> first of all, ashley, he has renounlsed david duke at least four times by my count. one after that jake tapper interview, at least three times before that in forceful terms. let me just speak directly to speaker ryan. of a column in the american spectator today about mitt romney playing the race card. in 2012, when a group of republicans wanted to run a commercial against jeremiah wright, who is the black equivalent of david duke, both racist, he personally refused to do that. paul ryan was part of that
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ticket. they refused. we worked for jack kemp. if he understood that paul ryan refused to take on thebigotry. oh to see these people lecturing donald trump who has many times over gone after david duke and dissociatived himself from david duke, and i might add, donald trump's daughter, son-in-law are jewish. the implication he would be consorting with him is bizarre. >> that's why it was so surprising. that's. >> jake tapper thought wait a minute, you just said i don't know david duke. i don't know about this white supremicst. you can't blame this on an earpiece. the polls are showing donald trump is poised to sweep right across these super tuesday states. maybe not texas, but that remains to be seen. a lot of people want to know if this changes the dynamic for him
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at all. if he needs to listen to any whiff of the sounds coming from heretofore very, very important people. alex? >> well, i don't think it changes the dynamic for this, these primaries today. donald trump's support, his core is going to stick with him. what it does do is it limits trump's ability to grow beyond his base and unify the party after this, and that's important. you know, these trump rallies have 10,000 people burning bright, intense passion. if they're going to be there hell or high water. the hottest campaigns in american history were barry gold water and george mcgovern. the heat cap pureed the nomination, but look what had happened in both cases. trump has to make a decision here. does he grow. does he explain how he something go to make america great again. he can evolve into something that unifies the party like a
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ronald reagan. that's the next challenge for donald trump. >> okay, so look at the challenges head to head, guys, and john, specifically to you, i want you to focus on these numbers. i know you've seen them, but popping them up and looking at them head to head, it's astounding. when you put him up against hillary clinton, when you put marco rubio up against hillary clinton and when you put cruz, it's trump that comes out the loser. by a margin of 52-44. if we could put the numbers up on the screen. registered voters, hillary clinton 52% and donald trump, 44%. that is a loss, and it is not a small loss. and i can only imagine that the guys who are on the second and third tier of that the rubios and the cruz folks are going to be screaming these numbers from the top of their lungs all
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throughout today and the rest of the race. but does this change anything for donald trump, john avalon, seeing these general election possibilities? >> why in the world would we think it would change anything. he has been successfully in the republican primaries. these numbers are not surprising. rubio has done best against hillary clinton. cruz is one point off. donald trump loses the electoral implication would be much bigger. that's because, you know, alex just said maybe he hopes donald trump pif pivots. we know what he stands for. he is a bridge, wall builder, not a bridge builder. essence of his campaign. his campaign is all about playing to an incredibly narrow base that does not translate to the changing demographics of this country. when you hear jeffrey lord trying to deflect away from the comments on the kkk and others, that's a dog whistle game that goes way back. while jeffrey can point out it
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wasn't under the republican panter, it was always the republican populous banter and you need to own that cancer at the heart of the conservative movement, that's we're reaping what you have sewn for decades. >> the klu klux klan is a -- >> there you go again, buddy. that's what is emerging in the demographic turnout today. >> read your history. >> the one thing -- >> your last word? >> the one thing we know about donald trump is a salesman, deal maker. if he wins the nomination, what's he going to do, the last deal again? no, he will do the next deal. you can hear him now say how are we going to stop hillary clinton. if we don't do that we accomplish nothing. he has a chance to unify the party, but the clock is ticking. needs to start working on that now. >> gotta be a pony in there somewhere, alex. >> he needs to work on his
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machine. something that he struggled through in iowa, and he lost iowa. he really didn't even know a ground game meant in many of the inn interviews, and a bigger issue when it comes to ground game in a general election. a lot of criticism he does not know what he is doing, and people don't want to join that campaign, because it could, you know, ultimately end up black listing them if he doesn't prevail. guys, stand by, because that live picture is still up with donald trump and we want to see if anything is changing on super tuesday, if his message in ohio of all places is different all the way along. he is out there at the airport. at some point, the big trump plane will land and the candidate will come out and speak. coming up next, so many delegates up for grabs today, big wins by trump and clinton, would seal the deal, you would think, right? but don't count on it. there is something called delegate map that muddies up those waters a whole lot. so quick lesson coming up in the delegate allotment, and how
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other guys can still survive. up next are thee behemoths.
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live pictures right now. we like to call these ballot cams on the left. ashburn, virginia. not so busy yet, but wait, the day is young. on the right, houston. houston, you do not have a problem, but you have lot of delegates. holy cow. the big one for both parties today. a dozen states up for all of the folks running to be the nominee of their party. the words of the front-runner, the stakes are huge. millions of people across the country right now, at the polls. hundreds of doelegates up for grabs. no one expected to clinch the nomination today. hillary clinton and donald trump project today have massive, massive victories. someone very good with numbers, excellent with math, and the implications from today's vote. in fact, you know what, i want to get you to wait for a second,
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christine, because ted cruz just took to the mike whether i hali houston. that's what happens with live tv. the camera goes wobbly, they make christine romans wait. tell me, from the cnn money perspective, tell me what the significance is, the delegate math. >> it's a math problem, a big math problem. the math favors donald trump. so let me walk through this here, and let's begin with the delegates on the board right now and start with the gop ashleigh. 125 delegates have been award heading in today, 125, look at this. because of his three big wins, 82 are in the trump pocket. new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, a super tuesday now. you've got a dozen states up for grabs here. arguably the most important day of the election season today. why, because half of the 237 republican delegates needed to secure the nomination, half of
9:18 am
them are at stake. polls show donald trump is dominating. dominating. cnn's most recent poll, trump 49%, up eight points in just a month. the biggest prize, you just showed that live picture from houston, where ted cruz is. the biggest prize is texas. here is why. it's senator ted cruz's home. 155 delegates at stake. he has been campaigning there hard. those delegates will be award proportionately. he needs a big win here, because even just a narrow win for cruz still means trump runs up the delegate numbers, and look at what the numbers look like right now. cruz ahead, but trump right there, at 26%. let me show you the biggest one for the night. that will be georgia, with 76. 76 delegates. the latest polls, still favor trump. you see this again and again. ted cruz and marco rubio, they're tied for second, ashleigh. marco rubio needs his first win. he needs it. where? i don't know. maybe virginia, his folks would
9:19 am
like to see that, maybe arkan s arkansas. ted cruz hopes arkansas is good for him. you have to get on the board if you are marco rubio. okay, so let me show you quickly who is at stake for the democrats -- >> before do you that, i just want to make sure people are aware of what they're seeing on the right-hand side. in houston, he is heading to his polling place, because he gets to vote, of course, in texas. he brought his family. i wanted to people to realize, stakes so high as you put the map out there. there is that threshold there in texas, too. you don't get 20% of anything, you don't get anything. so go ahead. >> he would like to have a big spread between donald trump and him. you know, it's a tight spread, donald trump can still sort of run up the math. he has already got 82 delegates. let me look quickly at hillary clinton. she has six times the as bernie sanders. team clinton hope thes can sweep
9:20 am
the south. all of the states so good to her in the past and so close to south carolina, she wants to continue that. sanders hopeful for oklahoma. showing a bit of an edge in the polls, leading clinton by 5%. team sanders looking to minnesota, 77 there. massachusetts, 91 delegates there. you've got hillary clinton opening up an eight point lead in massachusetts, but it is bernie sanders' backyard, and then there is always, of course, vermont, 16 delegates there. but the big one, as you say, is definitely, definitely texas today. >> texas, texas. everything is big in texas. all right, christine romans, thank you so much. math again tomorrow as well. live in the meantime. senator bernie sanders is really hoping today is going to be a turning point for his campaign. earlier, he did the same thing as ted cruz just did. cast his ballot ahead of a rally in his home state of vermont. there he is in burlington, smiling away. i love the people right ahead of
9:21 am
him, might not even know the candidate is behind them. he's looking to bounce back from a crushing defense in south carolina. joining me now to discuss this is charles chamberlin, and happens to be the executive director of democracy for america as well. charles, thank you so much for being with me today. christine just flashed the numbers up in massachusetts, so close to vermont. kind of supposed to be bernie sanders' territory, but clinton has got him, 50 to 42. polls looking somewhat bleak going into super tuesday. what does he have to win today? what does he actually going to win today? >> yeah, well, you know, i think that what we're looking at it a very tight race. the bottom line is the super delegates don't matter. historically, they've never overturned the vote, rank and file around the entire country. and so what this is really is a fight for pledge delegates. we're going to pick up a bunch
9:22 am
today, win a few states. but we have to remember, you know, barack obama lost a lot of states to hillary clinton, including delegate rich california. and he still won the nomination. so even if today ends up being tough for bernie, we've got time. 35 more states voting over the next several months. a lot of races ahead, a lot of delegates to pick up for anyone to win the nomination. >> i hear you loud and clear. but i also recall barack obama had a very tight hold on the african-american vote on the min minority vote, and i know this will sting, but the south carolina exit polls had black voters choosing hillary clinton 80 versus 16, your candidate. that's uncomfortable. a lot of people thought he would do better. a lot of southern states coming up today. >> right, well there is definitely a lot of work that sanders has left to do when it comes to attracting the
9:23 am
african-american vote and clearly, south carolina makes that clear. but you no, from the cnn poll that was released today, bottom line is we see bernie sanders beats donald trump by more than hillary clinton. that's a ten point spread between bernie sanders and donald trump. and at the bottom line is, we're trying to figure out who should be the democratic nominee who is going to go on and beat the republican nominee and get the white house. when you look at poll after poll, it's bernie sanders. he is the strongest candidate. he beats trump, rubio, cruz, hillary in your poll today, doesn't beam oo beat be rubio, trump, and i think the bottom line as we see this contest continue to go forward, with 35 states to vote after today, and we're going to win a couple of states today, after today, as we continue to move forward, we're going to keep winning states and we have a path to victory to win the nomination. >> they popped up magically as you were saying that. charles cham berl
9:24 am
chamberlin, you have career in broadcasting. thanks. >> you bet. thank you. >> coming up, after today, today, such a big day, democratic contest moving to the midwest. one of my favorite places. don't miss the next debate this sunday, 8:00 p.m., flint, michigan. only here, on cnn. coming up next, everything is bigger in texas. i've sid it before. i'll say it again. the delegate count is no different, which is why hometown senator ted cruz is counting on a big win here to get his campaign back on track. live look for you, right there. allen, texas. voters in the lone star state, will they come through for senator cruz? take a look at him there. i think know what he and heidi are doing. his little girls will have to watch. they're too young to vote. they're adorable. we're also expecting donald trump to speak soon in columbus, ohio. but look who is at the mike first. new jersey governor, chris christie, who came out days ago after dropping out of the
9:25 am
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want to take you live back to texas. peekaboo view. official word for what it looks like when you have camera lens up to a window and the other side of the window is texas senator ted cruz milling about other voters who are casting their votes in the texas primary today. 155 delegates at stake in that whopper of a state.
9:30 am
so live shots from houston, as we can be guaranteed ted cruz is casting a ballot for himself. you can guarantee, donald trump will do the same when it comes time to vote in new york. let's listen live in columbus, ohio, where they vote in two weeks. >> so this all began on june 16th, standing in new york city at trump tower, and standing with my wife, who did a beautiful job last night on anderson cooper, i have to tell you. she did a great job. and standing there, we're going to build a wall, don't worry about it. oh, we'll build it. that wall is getting taller with every interview these ex mexican presidents do. getting taller, taller. it's getting up there, i'll tell you what. did you ever see such anger? the ex-mexican president.
9:31 am
i like my plane better than that, right? >> well, donald trump, there is a lot of anger in this campaign. some of it from donald trump himself, and some of it coming from marco rubio, his challenger, who decided for some unknown reason that he was going to go for it and get ride down into the mud and start flinging it right back he has 11 opportunities today to do something different. that's to score. really score some first primary season victories. if he can't, in an already uphill kilometeclimb, it could steeper. >> chose not to support his home state senator, in favor, instead of the senator from florida. larry, thank you so much for being with me. >> absolutely, thank you for having me. >> first and foremost, what if he is wrong?
9:32 am
what if he made a decision to go no holds barred and use that language he is using and use the insults he is using, what if it doesn't work? >> well, you know, it's interesting, the whole tone of the campaign is not exactly kind of my style of politics, if you will. but i think the 2016 cycle is very different from anything i've seen before. the tone and the demeanor and how people are behaving is different now. so i don't know. i mean, we'll watch going forward and we'll kind of see what the reactions are, but. >> i'll say. >> it's unlike something we've seen before. that's for certain. >> you're right. and there is no better proof of that than seeing my colleague, jeannie mose who is known for these stories on cnn, none of which involve the hard news of the day, but i into he had to pl -- need to play you this story from last night and ask you about it on the our side. have a look.
9:33 am
>> little marco, that's what tess. little marco. >> always calling me little marco. >> little marco rubio. >> have you seen his hands? they're like this. >> little mouth on him, bing. >> you know what they say about men with small hands? you sca you can't trust them. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> that's right. >> what it makes me wonder, beyond the, did i just hear that, what do you do after this campaign is over? can you go back to being a florida senator? can you go back to standard politics as usual, or are you done? >> no. you go back to who you are. and what you believe rather quickly. the american people have picked on something we've known for a long time in this business, is that there is a performance kind of level to this, something that i think you've seen more candidates now more than ever play up to a camera. but at the end of the day, you
9:34 am
are oan elected official and yo go back to your role as senator, for me, state representative and you go back and build the coalitions and pass the legislation that needs to be passed for the benefit of your country and the state. >> representative gonzalez, let me ask you this. the technicalities of how this works today is that there are several states that have a it threshold that you have to make, texas has 20%. meaning if you do not garner 20%, you go home with an empty easter basket and the other guys can divvy up what's left over. do you think marco rubio can actually make in roads in texas by broaching that 20% and in some cases higher threshold. >> absolutely. i think you're going to see a tremendous turnout for senator rubio today. the last week has been unprecedented in kind of the
9:35 am
rally and support. the videos from the rallies, all across the country, have been remarkable to watch. it's truly amazing what has happened the last few days. marco rubio has done a very good job of closing strong, and many of the states where they've already had elections and i participate today will go the exact same way for the senator. >> and i'm just looking over my list. i think misspoke. i think 20 is the highest threshold. everything else is lower or not one at all today. representative gonzalez, thank you so much for being with us. it's nice to see you in austin. the shot looks beautiful behind you. >> great. thank you very much. >> take care. let's take you to some live pictures to chattanooga, tennessee. ashburn, virginia. after all, this is not just tuesday. it is super tuesday. about a dozen states voters just like these folks are casting their ballots. polls aren't even closed, but hillary clinton is already looking ahead to the general election, to november.
9:36 am
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happy super tuesday, everyone. it is so super, we have three times the fun for you on the screen. on the left-hand side, you have to squint really tight to see the guy but in the light blue shirt, ted cruz having emerged from a polling place in houston, texas. that's his state, 155 delegates at stake. below him, donald trump is speaking in columbus, ohio. not a super tuesday state. they don't vote for another two
9:41 am
weeks. he was introduced by chris christie. on the right-hand side in the big box, arlington, virginia. john kasich holding a town hall at the law school. let's listen. >> we'll begin to drive the market into how health care works, which will have a downward pressure on health care in america and keep us from the problem of rashinging. how is your deduckable these days? it will continue to go up and that's not something we can continue to have. we have to have a system in place by rewarding quality at lower prices. that's about as market as you can get, all right. i want to go way in the back. i want to go to a woman now. go right here. >> hi, my name is tatianai
9:42 am
ukraine undecent. all over the world we're watching the election carefully, because we're worried about the victory of donald trump and. what is your position on that? what would you do if you become the president? >> i can tell you, in the first 100 days, would he would he provide the arms to ukraine so they can defend themselves, okay. you know i said that, right? >> john kasich getting the tough questions about foreign policy, and while that's fascinating, it does rank low on what a lot of voters are saying number one issues in the election. whether republican or democratic, by a resounding yes, you're saying the economy is number one in your books. 2 to 1 to the other issues as well. millions of voters heading straight to the polls. about a dozen states, including georgia, tennessee. they're both republican strong holds in the south. will be counted on to stay red
9:43 am
in november. george howell, that's a lot, no matter how you slice it, a lot of delegates. >> that is, ashleigh. when you consider the count, texas is very important, but georgia just as important. you have such a high delegate count. it really comes down to what happens right here at polling stations like this. the rules prevent us from taking you inside in this particular county in many of these counties here in george yeah but it is important to say that we know several hundred people have voted so far. this particular polling center has 3,000 registered voters that will be coming out to make their decision in this election. here is the other thing. georgia, the polls show donald trump is ahead, and they also show that hillary clinton is ahead. this county tends to sway conservative, so we're hearing a lot of support for donald trump so far. >> all right, our george howell live in marietta, georgia.
9:44 am
thank you for that. we're going to go around all the super tuesday spots and shore up some of those votes. margaret hoover, analyst john after lan avalon to talk about the three-prong strategy. i see it on the front page of the new york times. i think hillary clinton's people are busy. they're looking to november and strategizing something not to think that they had to do. try to beat donald trump. let me just, before i ask you specifics, let's throw out those three strategies so the viewers can get a clear view. it's this, portray him as a heartless businessman. degrading comments against women. highlight brash, explosive temper, and add to that, this is the guy that carries the codes and sends 21 year olds to war. they've been doing that already.
9:45 am
>> yeah, out of those three, the first two are really replays of things that are core in the democratic playbook. you know, the heartless businessman was the romney playbook. the play on woman. this guy, they will argue, is unhinged. he is not only brash, but bigoted and explosive and dangerous with his finger on button or making any decisions about the nation. the clinton camp on some level can't believe how lucky they've gotten. they've always benefited from enemies who overreach. on a deeper level, they would be fools to think this is in the bag. trump is a skilled marketer, and to take that for granted would be a big mistake. >> i'll take a little bit of different position here. the war on women, republicans hate it, but it works. that's why they do it. portraying him as a heartless businessman may not be fair, but it works. that's why they'll do it.
9:46 am
you'll get r-- here is a proble for republicans. >> don't his supporters like him because he is brash, he says what is on his mind? >> no, what they like is he is giving voice to anger, discontent and frankly, the failure of the republican party to answer the interest and the policy concerns of a large majority of our voters. the difference is, the republican primary electorate as you know, ashleigh, john, is different from the general election electorate. you can't run that play on the republican primary side, but you can are run it in a general. republicans need more than 64 million voters. 61 million in 2012. the party knows, not only do you have to get the 60 million, you have to grow the tent. >> i'm just seeing the statistic, there are nearly
9:47 am
20,000 massachusetts voters that have quit the democratic party since the beginning of the year, according to t according to the massachusetts secretary of state, out of that 20,000, 3,500 have declared themselves as republicans. you can't ignore there a trump effect there. >> there is. you have to appreciate one of nine states where registered independents, so we have a liberal massachusetts. it doesn't necessarily fit the mold. but remember, registered independents has been growing, not only over the last year, but over the past decades. trump hasn't been able to tap into that, for those folks in the wake of the tea party. republican party wasn't conservative enough for me. so there a larger die ma'ynamic can you sell anger and build a broader coalition. that goes against everything we've learned. >> your wife disagree.
9:48 am
>> you also can't tell me that donald trump is going to win massachusetts in a general election. no, that's a blue state. you go ask rob portman, running for reelection in ohio, blue states, whether donald trump at the top of the ticket going to help them, absolutely not they say. this guy is going to lose big time if he is our nominee. >> i have to wrap it there. i would like to have you on everyday. i would love to eat at yodinner table. >> any time. >> we're going to keep monitoring the polling stations as well. l live pictures all around. it seems about four minutes. up next, while we take a quick break, less than four minutes, big chunk of the nation focused on electing the next president. the current president, who is in that white house, is having some very high level meetings, like the highest. to try to figure out who the next highest judge is going to be in this land. supreme court justice seat is open. the people who could make it
9:49 am
very difficult are talking with the president today.
9:50 am
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voters, especially thinking abo supreme court justice scalia. both sides sticking with their points. joining me now from the white meeting lasted less than an - hour. i don't know if it was supposed to go longer. i don't know how long they talked about basketball or the topic at hand. any insight from what was said afterwards? >> you're right. it wasn't a very long meeting, but i don't think this is surprising to either side here. you heard harry reid talk about how it didn't last very long. they spent time talking about basketball. they didn't discuss any names of potential candidates that the president may be looking at, eventual picks. he also delivered the message,
9:54 am
at least the message that republicans have been delivering, they still do not want to meet with any nominee. they still want do what he says has never been done, which is not meet with a nominee, not hold a hearing or vote. take a listen to what senator harry reid had to say. >> all we want them to do is fill their constitutional duty, and do their job. at this stage, they have a decided not do that. they think that they're going to wait and see what president trump will do, i guess, as far as a nomination. >> so clearly, some frustration coming out of that meeting there. we'll hear from the republicans we believe when they talk to colleagues to reporters on capitol hill a little while from now. the bottom line, the white house and democrats are saying look, the senate needs to do its job. the president will fulfill his constitutional duty to nominate. the senate needs to give their advice and consent. both sides digging in, and the other point being made, since
9:55 am
1875, every single nominee has gotten a hearing or vote if they weren't withdrawn by the president. we expect to hear more of that, ashleigh. >> thank you for that. i do appreciate it, live at the white house, continue to wham. of course, cnn busy all day long, following all of the super tuesday states. live spot positions all throughout the polling stations, especially the big kahuna, when i say i'm spotting you, texas, that's a lot, 155 delegates. clearly a big state. a big day. my colleagues, wolf blitzer is going to pick up the coverage after this quick break. we'll see you throughout the day. i'll be back tomorrow. take care. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... 8 layers of wheat... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪
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hello, it's 9:00 a.m. in juneau, alaska. where ever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. we start with super tuesday underway. voters in 12 states get their say in the 2016 presidential race. on the republican side, we have 595 delegates up for grabs, while the democrats are fighting for 865 delegates. none of the candidates sitting back. they're all out there on the campaign trail. trying to squeeze out every vote possible. hillary clinton is meeting with voters in a coffee shop in minnesota right now. let's listen in briefly to hear what she is saying. >> organizations and individuals who hold deplorable views about what it means to


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