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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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nominee has to cooperate with that. has to provide all sorts of financial records, business records. by the way, just because someone is vetted doesn't mean they'll get the nomination. she's been someone that i and others mentioned as possibility. >> thank you so much. thank you for being with me. thanks, brooke. donald trump's domination dividing the gop. "the lead" starts now. breaking news in the race for 2016. we're told that mitt romney has something major to say about the state of his priority after donald trump had a pretty super tuesday. it could be the moment when the war against isis shifted. the pentagon's hope, anyway. american commandos on the ground capturing their first isis operative. whom could that operative be giving up.
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a major discovery in the search for mh 370. what washed up on shore? what can it tell us? >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. major developments in politics just in the last couple of hours. presidential nominee 2012 mitt romney is going to give a major speech tomorrow. it's anticipated something as a last-ditch attempt by the republican establishment to try to stop donald trump's march to the nomination. second, one of the remaining five republican candidates, dr. ben carson just announced he doesn't see a political path forward for his campaign. he's not going to attend tomorrow night's republican debate. for the four republicans on the stage, a rapid fire primary and caucus schedule in the next few days four states vote saturday, four more tuesday, and cnn will host a debate with all the republican candidates left in the key state of florida a week from tomorrow next thursday night.
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cnn political reporter sara murray is live outside of miami. this is interesting. trump won seven states last night. ted cruz won three. the delegate count is closer than that. trump got 250 delegates last night. cruz got 213. >> reporter: that's right, jake. there is no doubt that donald trump was the clear winner coming out of last night and he appears to be marching toward the republican nomination. the republican establishment is pushing sharp opposition to the idea of donald trump as the nominee. [ cheers and applause ] riding high on a string of seven super tuesday wins -- i feel good. >> reporter: donald trump now with a wide lead in the delegate fight may be on the cusp of locking down the republican nomination. >> it's only too bad if winner took all. >> reporter: as he steals himself for a potential general
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election fight. >> i'm a unifier. people will find that hard to believe, but believe me i'm a unifier. once we get all of this finished i'm going to go after one person. that's hillary clinton. >>. >> reporter: trump is vowing to cut deals and work more closely with the washington establishment than president obama. >> does he deal with congress anymore? does he speak to the senate? >> reporter: the establishment isn't having it. >> i will not support donald trump now or should he move on. >> reporter: republican leaders are still hoping someone can mount the challenge as some suggest ted cruz who won three states last night could be the trump alternative. >> i'm anybody but trump. ted and are in the same party. donald trump is the interloper. i don't trust him. >> reporter: and ohio governor john kasich facing increasing pressure to step aside including from supporters of marco rubio. >> there's no honorable mention in the nomination. there's no path to victory for
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him. >> reporter: the field appears to be whittling. dr. ben carson put out a statement saying i don't see a political path forward adding he will not attend thursday's debate. rubio trailing trump and cruz in the delegate fight insists there's time for a come back. >> usually in a race like this, you have a frontrunner. at this point people would be saying you need to drop out. they're saying the opposite now. there will never come a time in this race where our supporters are asking us to rally around donald trump. >> reporter: as trump takes aim at the florida senator. >> i know it was a tough night for marco rubio. >> reporter: hoping to finish rubio off here in his home state. >> you know we're going to go to florida. we're going to spend so much time in florida. >> reporter: jake, we're hearing a lot of blame game going on now. rubio supporters who want say kick to get out. cruz supporters to get rubio out. all of these folks want to fight
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until the finish. they have to find a way to win on their own. >> thank you so much. many republicans in congress have grave concerns about donald trump as their nominee. this week they are starting to go public. joining me now is republican congressman scott of virginia is warning that it would be nothing short of catastrophic. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you called donald trump a reckless dangerous bully with a void in his heart. he keeps winning including in virginia last night. is it possible your quarrel is not with with donald trump but republican voters? >> not at all. i believe that republican voters have got a reason to be upset and angry that i'm submitting to them that the solution is not donald trump in any respect the. if i look at who would be our commander in chief, represent a district with a highest number of men and women in uniform of all the 35 congressional districts. to think we would put our young men and women under the command
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of like someone donald trump who is reckless and devoid of judgment, i cannot in good conscious vote for him. i will not. >> you will not vote for him map will you do if he's not the nominee? >> i'm not going to vote for hillary clinton. i'm going to have to go write in someone. this is troubling to me that i'm here and having to talk about this topic. i didn't think i would see the day, and this extremist moment we're in in our country, the solution is not donald trump. when a person is seeking the highest office of the land and the party that i have been a part of all my life and that i love, yet he says he admires putin. he quotes muse lee knee. he can't get his way out of a kkk david duke reference. he struggles with this. what is missing in the mind of a person who doesn't just immediately reject the kkk and david duke? he doesn't represent who we are as a republican party. >> do you think the party needs to coalesce around an alternative one person instead
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of four? >> i'm a marco rubio fan. i have been. i'm in for marco. any of the other candidates, i believe, would unify us. that's why when i sent my letter out to virginia to the republicans i was deliberate in not -- i didn't mention marco. because i didn't want them to think it was about me pushing marco. it was about me with my best judgment as a businessman, as a father, husband, and public servant. everything i have learned in life says that donald trump is -- he would harm -- i truly believe he would harm our country. i've got to speak out about this. i am. >> are more members of congress going to be speaking out? >> i saw another friend there on the monitor speaking out. i appreciate bob dole doing this. i get stopped in the hallways and all kind of places over there at the capitol and they're going thank you for what you're doing, scott. i think yeah i could use a little help. >> congressman rigell, thank you. joining me now mary
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catherine hamm and kaylee mcenerny. let me start with you, if you look hard enough you can say that the trump movement had a good night. trump lost four states even if donald trump won seven. you just heard the congressman. are you concerned at all about this anyone but trump movement? >> i'm not concerned. the men who have stood besides trump, who have embraced him. chris christie who stood alongside him and sparred with donald trump has come out and endorsed him. mike huckabee, today, came out and said it's time for people to get behind donald trump. he called it a peaceful revolution. and mike huckabee, i think, has been on to something since long before this since 2008, since 2010. he said there is a strain in the republican party of a leadism of a country club mentality that rejects candidates like christine o'donnell and sarah
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palin and donald trump and mike huckabee. the republican party, for the last eight years, and probably before that, has been picking winners and losers. as mike huckabee said today, fortunately we have an election. this isn't a decision of the republican establishment. this is a decision of the american people. last night the american people spoke. donald trump won seven states. he won the three states before this election. i think that he will go on to win the nomination. there's nothing the establishment can do about it. it's the american people's turn to speak and they're angry. >> mary catherine, you're a republican voter in virginia. you heard congressman -- i have to say i've never seen anything like that. he was obviously very emotional. but i don't see any way that the establishment can stop donald trump, do you? >> there are real concerns here. that's why he was emotional. many people -- there are many people for whom this is serious and they're not necessarily establishment conservatives. i think we're at a point where
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mathematically the consolidation didn't happen earlier to beat trump outright. there's a movement that would encourage them to stay in and beat donald trump. i think you're reaching a point where it's tough. that being said, i don't want to take away from what trump did last night. it was much less he was expected to do and those delegates matter. >> neera, there was a report in the new york times talking about how the democrats in the clinton campaign a lot of people are excited to face trump. they think he's going to be easy to beat. i do not think he's going to be easy to beat. i think he's going to be a formidable contender. >> i agree with you. >> tell me about the clinton kpa campaign. >> we still have a primary. a primary that we'll have plenty of states. hillary is focussing on that. you know, he's obviously had a remarkable ability to shape the republican race. seeing things in the republican race no one else saw. he's a formidable candidate.
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seeing, you know, how he deals with other republicans is very different from how he's going to deal with the democratic candidate who is tough. and who will give back. she's done races in new york where we've seen people like rudy guiiuliani who had similar tendencies to bully folks. i think she's focussed on the race she's in now. she has a message that is very different. it's inclusive. it's inclusive of all americans. that is an answer to trump. >> all right. stick around. we'll have more with you all. first, sticking with our politics lead. hillary clinton is looking down the road after her big wins on super tuesday. after winning four states as well, is there a path forward for senator bernie sanders? we'll ask one congresswoman who gave up a leadership position in order to endorse bernie sanders. t peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients.
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total is 606 delegates, still 200 measure sanders. today her campaign acknowledged that sanders has an an opportunity to win two upcoming elections. jeff zeal my joining us live in miami. sanders is not giving up. not taking the clinton campaign's advice. >> in fact, far from it, jake. he called last night an extraordinary night. he took a jab at pundits today saying he'll win in a landslide. he does say for anyone calling for him to leave the race to look for the fit -- exits he said why should i? >> i'm so delighted to be here with you in florida. >> reporter: hillary clinton is eyeing the florida primary in just two weeks as one of the key
1:17 pm
contests that wind down the democratic campaign. >> what a super tuesday! >> a big night sending seven states and nearly 500 delegates clinton's way. bernie sanders path may be narrowing. after winning four states tuesday night he said any talk of clinton locking up the nomination is premature. >> it's not a general election. it's not winner take all. >> the democratic race is sounding more and more like that. a general election fight. >> america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. fill in what has been hallowed out. we have to make strong the broken places, restitch the bond of trust and respect across our country. >> the patriotic cheers show she can fire -- >> i watched hillary's speech.
1:18 pm
she makes to make america whole again. >> reporter: before any match takes shape, she has sanneders contend with. with friendlier contests coming. >> the clinton campaign released a memo saying the rival might win more states but it called it mathematically impossible for sanders to catch up. it's a delicate dance for clinton who eight years ago had calls for her to step aside. >> people say all the time, well, are you going to keep going? yes, of course i'm going keep going. >> reporter: most presidential candidates leave the race when they're out of support or money. sanders is out of neither. so we're about to enter a very busy stretch of this democratic campaign here. there are contests throughout the weekend in nebraska, kansas, maine, louisiana, and, of course, that cnn democratic debate in flint, michigan on sunday that is going to set the tone for the final two week
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stretch. what could be the final two week stretch of this campaign. these next few days, keep an eye on sanders. >> all right. thank you so much. joining me now is congressman gabbort. she recently endorsed senator bernie sanders. thank you for being here. the first question is why now? wouldn't it have made more sense to do it a few weeks ago? >> i took my responsibilities of vice chair of the dnc seriously. part is remaining neutral in these presidential primaries and other democratic primaries. i tried my best from that position to be able to talk about these issues but you and i have talked about before these issues of foreign peace and on both democrat and republican ticket. what kind of qualifications do we as a country want in our next commander in chief? i've got very frustrated because that conversation just was not happening. candidates were not being pushed to answer for their record and
1:20 pm
their positions and strategies, which is why i took that step. the stakes are so high. i think it's important we have a commander in chief who can exercise good judgment and foresight fight strongly against our enemies and those who threaten us and stop these interventionist regime change wars that our country has been stuck in for over a decade. >> is that really the crux of the matter. in your view hillary clinton as secretary of state and senator supported too many interventions whether libya or the war in iraq. is that the main issue here? >> it is the central issue. i think we can tell what kind of commander in chief we'll have in the future by looking at their records and what they have stood for and done in the past. it's about the vote for the iraq war and then senator clinton championing that. it is about her being the architect and major pusher in the administration to overthrow gadhafi in libya which the new
1:21 pm
york times laid out what the consequences. failed state, loss of state, isis and al qaeda have a stronghold in that country that they didn't have before. and to the present day of syria. this is something we're dealing with now that the next commander in chief will have to deal with as well. and the contrast between secretary clinton and senator sanders on this are stark opposites. secretary clinton saying, yes, we need to get rid of assad. condemn other regime change and put in the so-called no-fly zone which will put us directly in conflict with russia. that has military aircraft in that area. >> how do you respond to the criticism that you seem to think that strong are preferable to an intervention. that gaffe ddhafi or assad stay power. that's the position of donald trump. >> from my own experience of working in a medical unit in
1:22 pm
iraq in 2005. every day i saw the costs of war up close and personal. i lost some of my friends there. i saw what happens when our country takes this regime change policy to war. taking our country and our men and women into war without foresight for what the consequences truly are. secondly, does that serve our best interest? does it serve the safety and security of the american people? as we saw in iraq the argument was saddam hussein was getting rid of a bad guy. the same argument was made in libya. the same argument is being made to get rid of assad in syria. but the argument for what is actually going to make us more safe and secure nation? what will weaken our enemy and allow us to destroy them? those questions are not being asked or answered. when you're talking about these regime change policies. and if you look at each of them, and each instance iraq, libya, and syria the islamic terrorist
1:23 pm
groups have become stronger as a result of the regime change interventionist action rather than the opposite which should be our objective. >> all right. thank you so much. hopefully you'll come back and we'll talk about these issues. you can watch hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders make their pitches to voters in flint, michigan sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. sticking with our politics lead, members of the republican establishment say donald trump is dividing the party. could the super tuesday results show he's unifying the base? for the first time a u.s. special ops team captures an isis operative. who is this detainee and what could american forces be possibly learning from him? hi i'm kristie.
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welcome back to "the lead." staying with the politics lead. the conventional way of looking at donald trump is to say he's beating a divided field. the other way of looking at the runway republican frontrunner he's winning in a way no frontrunner has done. the divide seems to have been undone by trump. let's take it up with our panel. let me start with you, neera. i want to give you a moment to respond to the congresswoman. >> i have a lot of respect for tulsi. i think our experience in the middle east is one that is a very difficult region. to say that hillary is an
1:29 pm
interventionist like any other neo con is inaccurate. i think our experience in syria shows a complicated region. not acting has a lot of factors. we're seeing huge challenges with refugees around the world. it's a complicated region. that's why we need people with some degree of experience to take on these challenges. not people who have no experience whatsoever. >> all right. i want to talk about the divisions going on in the republican race right now. in all of the states where republicans voted last night with the one exception of vice president, there was record turn out. record turn out. i imagine that you would say to mary catherine that means that donald trump is unifying the party and bringing in new voters in a way that no other candidate has or could. >> yes, i would say that. here is the thing, we've been told repeatedly that donald trump has a ceiling. at first it was 30%. then it was 35, then 40%. then all of a sudden it's edging on 50%. we saw the cnn poll, the national poll come out a few days ago showing donald trump
1:30 pm
commanding 49% of gop support in a field of five people. this ceiling keeps on getting raised and raised and along with that we see the turn out, as you mentioned, greater in every state with the exception of vice president. these are record turn outs. i have to think that donald trump is driving that. when you couple the turn out with the poll numbers we're seeing. >> i want to play for you an interesting moment from last night's speech by donald trump. >> i'm going get along great with congress. paul ryan, i don't know him well, i'm going to get along with him. if i don't he's going have to pay a big price. >> what's the price? >> i don't know. i'm asking you. >> casually authortarian dictates from donald trump. i'm concerned about the powers of the federal government. how do i know he's not going to
1:31 pm
punish people left and right. he's not a huge fan of the first amendment, he's said that. these things are real concerns about the basis of america and what we believe. >> neera, donald trump's argument -- i asked him a couple of weeks ago about minorities and trying to appeal to minorities who anticipate it will be 30% of the electorate this november. and he said in addition to the fact he would win minority voters. not win them but enough of them. he said he was going to bring in more people in states like michigan and pennsylvania and ohio, new york. are you, as a clinton supporter, concerned about his ability to bring white, largely working class voters, maybe who would have voted democratic in the past to the polls to vote for him? >> yeah, i think he has the potential to polarize on both sides. we're seeing record latino voter registration early in the race. that's surprising to a lot of folks. he's bringing a lot of folks into these primaries.
1:32 pm
we should recognize that before it's true. we have to say, though, that people who perform in a primary is different zpr a general election. even on the republican side it's still a fraction of what a general election will look like. i think he will polarize, also, white women who voted for romney in the past election will reconsider their choices in a different way. and i think, you know, i think it's amazing we're discussing donald trump in a serious nature. but, you know, the republican party will have effects on both sides. >> thank you so much. great stuff as always. it could be the biggest decision on the supreme court on abortion since roe v. wade. without justice scalia there, there a chance on the supreme court ruling on the texas abortion law could end in a tie? what would it mean? for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better
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welcome back. i'm jake tapper. internationally the supreme court is taking up what could end up being the most significant abortion-related case in decades. with the death of antonin scalia, the eight remaining justices will consider a texas law that regulates hospitals and clinics that perform abortions. they argue it's meant to protect women's health. supporters say it will shut down all but ten abortion clinics in the state of texas. they say that's the point of the law. pamela brown, what son the line here? is it focussed exclusively on the texas law? are there national implications? >> certainly national implications. today centered around the texas law. it could impact more than a
1:38 pm
dozen states that have laws with similar provisions. because the stakes are so high you have vociferous crowds out in front of the supreme court making their voices heard on both sides of the issue. and the stakes are particularly high with the death of antonin scalia. [ chanting ] >> reporter: outside the supreme court, demonstrators made their voices heard on the most significant abortion case in more than two decades. it sided with justice scalia's seat draped in black, the eight justices seemed divided on the texas abortion law that has two controversial provisions. requiring doctors to get privileges at nearby hospitals and clinics to upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standard. opponents say these onerous requirements are a vailed attempt to put abortion clinics out of business but supporters say the law makes it safer for women to get abortions.
1:39 pm
the three women on the bench, joined by justice stephen breyer hammered the state's lawyer whether the law is necessary and places an undue burden on women. justice ruth bade eginsburg sai the focus must be on the ones who are burdened. this is not a problem for women who have means to travel. one woman had to fly to california to get her abortion. >> getting on a plane and flying 1500 miles away is not an option for many of the women in our state. >> reporter: but texas says the requirements are necessary. and the majority of the women in the state will have access to an abortion clinic within 150 miles. >> it's a common sense health and safety standards being challenged by the abortion industry because, you know, they put profits ahead of health and safety. >> reporter: before the law there were about 40 abortion clinics in texas. opponents say the law will cause 75% of them to shut down. but the conservative justices
1:40 pm
seem skeptical the law was to blame for the closures. all ice were on justice kennedy who seemed careful not to tip his hand. >> with more liberal s intent striking down the law. justice kennedy is a swing. obviously his vote is critical. >> reporter: it was tough to tell which way justice kennedy was leaning, but at one point he suggested sending the case back down to the lower courts so more evidence could be presented about the kliclinic closures. it there is a 4-4 tie it could mean the lower court ruling would stand. >> to discuss more on what is at stake let's bring in jeffrey toobin. they answered questions from the justice. >> it was my first time in the court since justice scalia died. it's a different place.
1:41 pm
justice scalia was a dominant presence in the courtroom. and the four liberals sounded pretty cocky, to me. they sounded like, you know, we got four votes here. we may have anthony kennedy. you only have four votes tops anymore. justice sotomayor talked over the chief justice a couple of times. they were feeling it. i think it's a sign they feel as history is tending their way. >> the people who wrote this law in texas, how much were they motivated in terms of their stated motivations not suspensions but how much other stated motivations because they thought the clinics were not up to snuff in terms of standards and code. and how much do they think the abortion is a taking of life. >> there's plenty of evidence of both. you put your finger on what the case was about. what the liberal justices kept pushing the texas solicitor general. they kept saying why abortion.
1:42 pm
why is the regulation only in effect for abortion when lipo suction, colonoscopies are more dangerous. they don't have these sorts of regulations in terms of how they are conducted. and the solicitor general said texas is allowed to make its own rules as long as the intention is good. as long as it's not an undue burden on abortion. that's the key phrase. we think it's legitimate. but that issue of whether it was a disguised attempt to outlaw abortion, that's what the case is about. >> interesting. you heard pamela talking about if the court decides on the ruling is 4-4 and the lower court ruling is upheld that means the law would upheld. is that the only repurr kcushio of a 4-4 vote? >> well, that's not an only. that's a big deal.
1:43 pm
that would mean texas, louisiana, mississippi states that are interested in restricting abortions would be allowed to do it. >> okay. >> there are millions of women and men would be affected by that. it would not set a national precedent. it would allow a later challenge to the same types of law when there's a full compliment of nine justices. >> another big issue is the supreme court vacancy. the white house is now considering judge jane kelly currently serving in the u.s. court of appeals of eighth circuit for a possible nomination for the supreme court. >> she is 51 years old. she is a former public defender. a very respected criminal defense lawyer for poor people in the state of iowa. who h when she was nominated by president obama, she was confirmed overwhelmingly and in particular, she was supported by senator charles grassley of iowa
1:44 pm
who is, of course, now the chairman of the judiciary committee. he has vowed to block all nominees. no hearings. it would certainly put him in an embarrassing position to block someone from his home state that he has vouched for. she's also a harvard law school classmate of the president's. i adopt thidon't think they wer or anything. i don't see how her nomination would get the republicans to stop their blockade. there's no -- >> they've already said they would vote against. they wouldn't consider a republican governor. >> exactly. >> so i think the question about this nomination is, you know, is it mostly just political theater? or is there anyone who with a realistic chance of being nominated to be confirmed. >> thank you so much. isis operative captured by american commandos is being questioned. why it could be key in the fight against isis. a major discovery washing up
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." the pentagon claiming a victory in the fight against isis in iraq. delta force commandos captured someone the united states considers to be a significant isis operative. the mission part a escalation in the american-lead effort to decimate isis leadership and gather more intelligence on the inner workings of the group. barbara, what do we know about this captive and how the operation went down? >> this is somebody, jake, they had been watching. they believed from the beginning. he had information they urgently wanted. they sent their best to go get him. >> reporter: u.s. special operations forces have secretly held an isis operative in iraq for days after capturing him on a raid. the pentagon's new targeting force commandos with orders to
1:50 pm
capture or kill top isis personnel carrying it out. >> at this point, i can't discuss the details of any missions. particularly when it comes to risking operational security. >> reporter: u.s. officials tell cnn additional operations are in the works. the man whose identity hasn't been disclosed is being held in northern iraq. he is talking to u.s. interrogators, officials say, and has unique information about isis personnel and networks, but officials will not reveal whether the interrogation has yielded specific intelligence about isis operations or attack plots. the head of u.s. military intelligence choice his words carefully describing operations on the ground. >> may have noticed an uptick in special operations intended to capture, interrogate, and gather materials that will give us greater insights into the
1:51 pm
network. >> the new effort puts the military back into the business of holding and interrogating suspected terrorists. u.s. officials say there will be no water boarding or so-called enhanced interrogation and no detainees will be sent to guantanamo bay. the plan, instead, is to turn them over to the iraqis eventually. >> any detention of isil leaders in iraq would be short term and coordinated with iraqi authorities. >> reporter: so this person, according to u.s. officials had skills and intent that deeply worried the united states. but officials right now will not say what those skills and intent were all about. jake? >> barbara star, thank you so much. could it be the piece of the puzzle that provides answers finally to those hundreds of families whose loved ones died when their plane vanished without a trace? the new piece of debris that might be from mh 370. lp staying in touch with customers.
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." a object washes ashore in africa, not far, relatively speaking from the search area focussing on the biggest aviation mystery in world history. it could be a piece of wreckage from mh 370 which vanished nearly two years ago with 239 people on board. so far the only confirmed piece from the jet is a small part of a wing found until the indian ocean last july. let's bring in renee marcia. >> i just got off the phone with the man who found the wreckage. he said it was light enough to float. it is believed to be part of the plane's tail. specifically this part of the tail. this is potentially a fresh new clue for investigators in what is the greatest, greatest mystery of our time.
1:57 pm
but is it enough to get answers about how and why this passenger plane fell out of the sky? >> reporter: new images of debris found along the southern shore of mozambique. a potential clue for crash investigators looking into the disappearance of mh 370. a source tells cnn it appears to be that of a boeing 777. the same type of aircraft as the missing plane. >> they'll see if there are any serial numbers on it. they'll be able to confirm whether it's from the plane or not. >> reporter: the debris appears to be a part of the plane's horizontal stabilizer, a piece of the the stale that helps control the motion of the plane's nose. american tourists blaine alan gibson said he made the discovery. >> caller: the local people told me that stuff tend to wash ashore there from the indian ocean. >> reporter: words written on one side. it also appears to be made of
1:58 pm
fiberglass, a material often used on-air craft. you don't see any marine life. it's almost two years. >> we don't know, you know, whether it was under water, whether it was floating the entire two years. >> reporter: it could be the first discovery since july when a piece of a boating 777 washed up about 1600 nautical miles away near reunion island. investigators determined that piece called a flap ron was indeed from mh 370. malaysia's transport minister tweeted -- >> there's no other 777s that have lost this specific part in that area of the world. >> reporter: aviation experts agree if the newly found debris does belong to mh 370, it may not make it any easier for searchers to find the doomed plane nor the 239 people on
1:59 pm
board. we want to stress there is no confirmation this piece is from the missing plane at this point. that said, the tough reality for families of those on board is that they may never get all of the answers, jake. we know they say the search is supposed to wrap up this summer. >> rene marsh, thank you so much. astronaut scott kelly completed something that no other american has ever done. he's back on earth after living 340 days in space. kelly landed last night in kazakhstan with two russian astronauts. kelly documented his journey 1,000 tweeted photos. one of the most stunning a sunset over norway on his way home. nasa captured a good picture of kelly's return to earth. that is his spacecraft just over the clouds. president obama tweeted kelly congratulations saying, quote, welcome back to earth.
2:00 pm
your year in space is vital to american space tragedy. hope gravity isn't a drag." he's heading to houston for physical and scientific testing and getting his body reacclimated to gravity on earth. thank you for watching. happening now the donald's day. donald trump wracking up huge super tuesday wins. sending another one of his rivals to the sidelines. is he the republican's presumptive nominee? all out war. republicans soul searching about what their party stands for and against. breaking news a counter attack from mitt romney and gop establishment wing. hillary's run. hillary clinton scores big on super tuesday as she begins looking ahead. is she in danger of overlooking senator bernie sanders should he keep on fighting? shocking video