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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 7, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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described it. she was very protective. she knew him well. she understood him well. she devoted her life to him. i rarely saw them together because i was there to see her, but when i had the chance to meet him i found him congenial and funny. i came back and told my friends i've never met a funny person who wasn't smart. forget the idea that this guy isn't bright. >> thank you for sharing your memories. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. thank you all for joining us at this hour. >> hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view" after a fairly rewarding weekend for the top two presidential contenders in both parties and one more feisty democratic debate the sprint is on to another super
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tuesday. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and john kasich all have live campaign rallies today. right now, we are waiting on donald trump to take to the stage in north carolina. north carolina votes on march 15th. we will listen in as soon as he gets busy up there on the stage. tomorrow, well, let's call it nothing to sneeze at tuesday. maybe not a super as last week or next week, but you can say this, on the republican side, four state contests offering a total of 150 delegates. that's more than 10% of the number that is needed to get that coveted nomination. democrats are holding two contests in mississippi and in michigan with 166 delegates up for grabs. as we speak, cnn estimates that hillary clinton has 1,147 delegates to bernie sanders 498.
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senators won weeke senato senators weekend won weekend caucuses in maine. ted cruz has 302 delegates. he won caucuses in kansas and maine. marco rubio has 149 delegates after his second win of the season yesterday in puerto rico. john kasich, well behind with 37 delegates. he is pinning his hopes on ohio for his very first victory in this contest. front runner donald trump is set to speak at a rally in concord, north carolina at any moment. we have live pictures here on the right side side. we are joined with the latest. set the scene for me today specifically because this was not the walloping this weekend that maybe donald trump was expecting. >> that's right.
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we saw donald trump and he did okay. he picked up two wins. he won louisiana and kentucky but ted cruz came roaring back with wins in kansas and maine and even donald trump said that cruz was born in canada and basic his home turf. he is already aiming at ted cruz. rubio hanging in with the big win in puerto rico. he won by such a large margin he takes all 23 delegates. that's important going in to florida. florida the big enchill lad da on march 15th. marco rubio trying to win his home state. all 99 delegates. the establishment looking to rubio to take the state and slow down donald trump. but of course donald trump leading in the polls there. what we are seeing in north carolina is a crowd that is very unhappy with the establishment. i will tell you, they are cheering against mitt romney and cheering for donald trump. so i think that when you look at
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the delegates here, that's what is key. ted cruz is picking up a number of delegates. he did better on the delegate side than donald trump did on saturday, 302 delegates to donald trump's 389. ted cruz is becoming that trump alternative that marco rubio was trying to -- rubio hanging in with 149 delegates. so half of what cruz has. >> we have seen so much bluster from donald trump when he comes out of a big win. this was not that. this weekend showed he has some chinks in the armor. i'm wondering if his treatment of anybody along the way has changed. his speeches are different when he doesn't do as well. he tends to treat the media differently than in rallies. you guys are pigs in rallies but more respectful during news conferences. are you sensing anything today different with donald trump than last week? >> certainly the question that we will be watching for when he
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takes the stage is what is the tone? did he lose a little bit and did ted cruz gain because marco rubio and ted cruz ganged up on him the last week. they took donald trump on hard telling voters he's a con man. hitting him for trump university which there is a civil lawsuit against him by former students saying the degrees worth worth the paper they are printed on. donald trump saying that is not true. he's going to win that case. is that starting to resonate. when i talk to supporters as i did, they are only more embracing 0 of donald trump after those attacks. we heard from mitt romney. i talked to voters here who said if the establishment is trying to tell us what to do we are with donald trump more. that is not hurting him with supporters but the question is will it resonate with independent, undecide voters and that's what we have to watch for. we will see what happens when he
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takes the stage. does he come out combative against lying ted cruz and marco rubio or moderate the tone as you point out to be more unified. we will see how hard he took the loss with what he says today. >> don't forget the disgusting reporters, too. that's the standard on the stump speech, too. >> that's a staple. >> great. >> thank you, we will watch behind chris and see when donald trump takes the stage. what chris said, anti-establishment, feeds his supporters, but listen, there's a swath of negative advertisements about to hit the air waves that does not come from establishment but from veterans. these things are ugly. you will see that in the program. will his supporters feel the same way when they hear veterans talking about dplump a negative way opposed to saying mitt romney or other politicians. in the meantime, the debate last night in flint, michigan common ground the sense that hillary clinton and bernie sanders say they are disgusted
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at the political actions and inactions that tainted that city's tap water with lead. secretary clinton reversed her earlier position and called for michigan's governor to resign or face a recall. on a world of other topics, the rivals found a lot to argue about. as my colleague scrambled to keep up. here's her report. >> it's raining lead in flint. the state is derelict in not coming forward with the money that is required. >> reporter: with michigan's primary looming, contaminated water and lost jobs dominated. >> children in america should not be poisoned. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders and secretary hillary clinton sparring more aggressively than ever before over wall street ties an the economy. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you are tausking about the
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wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> if you are going to talk, tell the whole story, senator sanders. >> let me tell my story. you tell yours. >> i will >> sanders supported a stand alone auto bailout bill that failed. sanders cutting clinton off a second time to make his point. >> i said let the billionaires themselves bail out wall street. shouldn't be the middle class of this country. wait, can i finish. you will have your turn. >> clinton optimistic about growing the economy. >> we're going to stop this kind of job exporting and start iming and growing jobs again. >> only to be slammed by sanders over trade agreement she supported two decades ago. >> i'm very glad, anderson, that
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secretary clinton has discovered religion on this issue. but it's a little bit too late. secretary clinton supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements, written by corporate america. >> reporter: butting heads again other gun control. >> essentially your position is there should not be any guns in america, period. >> that's -- >> can i finish, please. >> clinton's campaign chair saying sanders performance was a disappointment. >> he said he wants to run a positive campaign. in recent days it is more negative and desperate and i thought his tone tonight bordered on the disrespectful. >> the sanders campaign dismissed it as a distraction. >> they don't want to talk about her bad trade record or her record of taking wall street contributions. they don't want to talk about
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these thing. it was a bad night for the clinton people. >> i want to get other insights now. nina turner, a former state lawmaker in ohio who supports bernie sanders for president. peter dowd a political strategist for hillary clinton. and he supports hillary clinton for president. i want to play a radio ad fresh cut from the stuff that happened last night. hillary clinton's campaign capitalized on the auto bailout questioning from that stage and turned it in to a radio ad. we will listen it to and hear it on the other side. >> it wasn't long ago the auto industry was on the verge of collapse. major american companies about to be liquidated, millions of jobs at risk. michigan's economy teetering. america's auto companies asked for help and president obama came through. now in sunday's debate, we learn only one candidate for president supported him -- hillary clinton.
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>> when it came down to it, you were either for saving the auto industry or against it. i voted to save the auto industry. >> reporter: she was right. today the auto industry is thriving, and millions of people have jobs who could have lost them. jobs in manufacturing, technology, jobs up and down the supply chain. on tuesday, march 8th, vote for the one candidate who stood up for the auto industry and came through for michigan when it really mattered. hillary clinton. >> i'm hillary clinton, candidate for president and i approved this message. >> paid for by hillary for america. >> okay. that is some powerful stuff. i kept thinking last night, i know the story of bernie sanders voting record when it came to the auto bailout. he actually did support a bill that didn't pass and then later didn't support it because it came attached to wall street money. he didn't make that clear on that stage. why? he had to know this was coming. this is in flint. >> i think he did.
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you are absolutely right. i appreciate the fact that you and the reporter previously were being fair about this. senator sanders voted to support the auto industry. that bill did not make it. what he wasn't willing to do is to trade off, trade the working poor and middle class of the country for wall street. he's made that clear. he has been consistent on that argument. the clinton campaign is a little desperate with that commercial. they know good and well that senator sanders has always been supportive of the auto industry but not supportive of bailing out wall street while we need main street languish. >> he was clear about that today. i want to play a piece that he was playing at one of his rallies on the heels of last night. let's look. >> i will release all of the transcripts of the speeches i gave behind closed doors or open doors to wall street. here they are. [ cheers and applause ]
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hammering away at that issue about secretary clinton releasing them and then went further and said turnout, we need turn out in michigan. right now if you look at the polling clinton is 55% in michigan and bernie sanders at 42. do you think that bernie sanders can make a dent and maybe take michigan and there by keep his race alive against your girl if michigan really comes in to play for him? >> good question. speaking of numbers, if you look at what the voters are saying in response to candidates making their case, hillary is ahead in the popular vote. she's ahead in the delegate count, pledge delegate count. she has won more states. i tend to judge, trust the
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judgment of the public. they have watched the candidates make their case. we have two amazing democratic candidates an the contrast could not be more stark. i look at what the american people are telling us and they seem to be excited and energized by hillary's arguments. >> what about those ads? they are tough. do you think they are fair, peter, given the fact it is not the whole story. he didn't just vote against it. he was actually for the auto bailout when it was in the purest form. when the big attachment from wall street came along he stuck to his guns and said i can't vote for that. is it fair to go after him when it is not 100% true. >> having done politics since 2004 when i worked for john kerry's campaign i have seen tough campaigns. this is not nearly as tough as they get in this stage of the process. there have been personal attacks against hillary clinton from sanders' campaign as well.
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she referenced in part a smear. which is implying she is corrupt with these speeches and releasing the transcripts. rightfully, hillary clinton said, we would say the same about president obama who got a lot of donations from wall street. in the end this was a hard-hitting process. we need to look at where are we heading right now? the math is difficult for senator sanders. hillary's winning. she has energized voters. the question is what do we do to face an extremist republican party. >> let's switch gears and ask about the tone of the debate. it seemed to have a more aggressive tone. bernie sanders was rough. several times where he pulled a play book page from donald trump, excuse me, excuse me. some people took that to be rude. some thought it was dismissive, some thought it was sexist, although i think you can argue against that. if you are up there you are up there no matter what sex you
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are. do you think it will hurt bernie sanders in the long run if he is aggressive. people like him because he is a good guy. >> he's still a good buy but has to be aggressive because he wouldn't have gotten in a word edge wise. i will take a page from "a league of their own" when tom hanks said there is no crime in baseball. he was being interrupted with which is unfair. let's be real here. they are trying to distract from her record. the real issue here is consistency and who's in the best position, not only to beat the republicans but who has the best plan moving forward for americans? who is going to lift the working poor and middle class in this country. we talk about a smear, let's not forget the hillary clinton campaign tried to erase the great work that bernie sanders has done in the civil rights movement. he was arrested as a young man fighting against segregation at the university of chicago. what do they do? they try to dismiss his record. both sides have been really
9:17 am
playing hard ball. i think that's the only thing i agree with peter on but we have to continue to push this. we are not fighting against the republicans right now. this is the primary election against two democrats and whoever is the winner of that will then go head to head with republicans. >> i have to wrap it here. i will have to give it to you, nina because you were able to evoke no crime in baseball. anyone that can come out with that. >> good to have you both. appreciate it. breaking news to bring your way if i can right now about a u.s. drone strike on terrorists. i will tell you who was targeted and what happened and where ahead. stay with us. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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9:22 am
i wonder if this is a direct response with an explosion at an airport. luggage apparently hidden, laptops that were bombs. we had a flight out of the airport in somalia that blew up because a laptop exploded. a lot of al shabaab claims of responsibility for this kind of terrorist action. is that what this is following? >> well, it certainly is following it. there have been a number of very resurgent attacks, as you say, by the al shabaab group in somalia in the recent weeks. what the pentagon announced to reporters a short time ago is that on saturday they did a drone strike against a suspected al shabaab camp, north of mogadishu. they say there were about 200 fighters there, and they were in the final stages of an imminent attack against u.s. troops and african peace keeping troops in somalia. the u.s. keeps a small number of troops at an airport in
9:23 am
mogadishu and they go other places in the country to conduct assistance efforts, working with the african forces there. that presence is very well known. what the imminent threat was against those u.s. troops, the pentagon isn't saying, but they are saying this was a drone attack, unmanned drone, firing missiles at a training camp killing, they believe, 150 on the ground. this would be unusual and striking. drones carry precision missiles that go against very pinpoint targets. training camps, as you know better than anyone, to be dispersed personnel out in the open, moving around or sleeping in dispersed areas. sos it's not clear in this initial report from the pentagon how they used drones to kill 150 people at a dispersed training camp. we hope to learn more about this, but ail shah bab is a real signal the u.s. believes al shabaab is a target they have to
9:24 am
go after, that it does pose an imminent threat in this case to u.s. troops in somalia. >> a lot of attacks they claimed responsible for. they have been a force. let us know when you find out more. thank you for that. >> while we are waiting for donald trump to take to the live microphone we showed you earlier, the guy over on the far right and not just in the picture, ted cruz gaining momentum. he had a heck of a showing this weekend. it was not the trump trouncing everyone thought. what about marco rubio? he picked up his second state. does it mean he's still alive, or is there a big message for him to drop out? we will get you caught up on everything after the break. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
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just moments ago, the president met with financial regulator on the implementation of protection and stabilization rules. i know that's a lot to take in but he spoke to reporters after that and had poignant comments about nancy reagan passing. let's listen. >> i had an opportunity to meet mrs. reagan once. obviously she was already advanced in age but could not have been more gracious and charming to myself and michelle when we first came in to office. i think it as been well documented the extraordinary love that she had for her husband, and the extraordinary
9:30 am
comfort and strength that she provided him during really hard times. as somebody who's been lucky enough to have an extraordinary partner in my life, as well, i know how much she meant, not just to president reagan but to the country, as a whole. he was lucky to have her. i'm sure he would be the first to acknowledge that. so she will be missed. >> thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> so there you have it. those comments just coming in to us live and we turned them around for you obviously. the tributes have been pouring in as the world mourns the loss of nancy reagan. the flags are now flown at half staff on capitol hill and at the white house. live picture for you there. also at the reagan national
9:31 am
library where she will be buried beside her husband ronnie. former first lady being remembered not just for her devotion to him but for her influence on ronald reagan's presidency. she was a political force in her own rite, in addition to being a fierce protector of her husband. she was also a mother and an actress and a breast cancer survivor and a crusader of the just say no anti-drug campaign. nancy reagan died at her home in los angeles on sunday of congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. she will be very much missed. a lot of people have asked questions of how nancy reagan would have regarded the race we are in today, particularly when a candidate like donald trump on the right side of the screen invoked the size of his manhood during a republican speech. it has a lot of people talking,
9:32 am
some for and some against. donald trump is speaking live in concord, north carolina. let's listen in. >> come here, mark. mark martin, everybody. come here. >> hey, guys. donald trump has my vote. >> donald trump has mark martin's vote but i know you want to hear from donald trump. so we will try to get in a quick break if we can and come back to donald trump. he's been rallying voters in north carolina and he has been preparing for another pivotal day tomorrow. that's when four states are expected to hold contests. the biggest surprise, superer tuesday part two, michigan. 59 delegates at stake in michigan. a new monmouth poll shows donald
9:33 am
trump is holding a double-digit lead over his closest rival in that state. all of it taking place at several outside groups move in to deploy millions in new trump attack ads in state s like florida, that's a winner take all state and illinois. one of the ads from the american future funds. i'm going to show it you in a moment but right now donald trump has taken to the mic again. scrap the break and let's listen to donald trump. >> brian francis was with us last week and got up on behalf of nascar. he's an amazing guy and for them to endorse me was a great honor. a lot of things have been happening. a lot of polls have come out. the latest one, national poll, cnn trump 49 -- [ cheers and applause ] little marco rubio, you know,
9:34 am
he's a no-show in the u.s. senate. he never goes to vote. i'll tell you what, that guy, he couldn't be elected dog catcher in florida. the people in florida. i'm in florida. that's my second home and i will tell you, he's not very popular. he got elected an then said i'm not ever going to vote. he has one of the worst attendance in history, in the history of the u.s. senate. you have rubio at 16 and cruz at 15 and kasich at 6. i want to tell you, that's pretty good stuff, right? one of the polls just came out. isn't that a beautiful sight? beautiful. one of the polls -- you know, i only use the ones where we are doing well, but we are doing well in most of them. so -- one of the polls just came out and number of them came out and i'm beating hillary clinton quite easily, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] honestly, we really haven't even started on her.
9:35 am
we only had one skirmish a month ago. you remember that little skirmish. i will tell you what -- who said that? he means it. so, we have been going around and it's been amazing. we won new hampshire. we won south carolina. oh, south carolina. we love south carolina, right? we love south carolina. we won nevada, georgia, tennessee, alabama, vermont, arkansas, massachusetts, we're going to have a couple of good ones tomorrow, i hope. let's see what happens. but we have some good ones. michigan is going to be -- look, i have been fighting hard for cars. cars are going to be made in our country, made in our country. we really have been. we have been fighting hard for that industry. i have been to michigan a lot. i think we will do well there and we have idaho. we love idaho potatoes, right?
9:36 am
who doesn't have potatoes from idaho? and we have mississippi, which i'm there a lot actually. do we love mississippi, yes? right. so we have hawaii. i have a big hotel in hawaii. i employ a lot of people in hawaii. it is beautiful. a lot coming up and the following week we go with florida and ohio and some others. it's going to be -- well, let me ask you most importantly, who's going to win north carolina? >> that is a great question. who's going to win in north carolina. the polls have shown he's ahead in many states, but what he just said may not be entirely true whether he wins head-to-head matchups with hillary clinton most of the polls say the opposite in head to head match
9:37 am
up hillary clinton does beat donald trump. i want to correct the record. he tends to say things off the cuff a lot at his rallies. here's one of the issues he's going to face. up until now he's been doing a lot of campaigning, using his celebrity, going to giant rallies filled with tens of thousands of people but the machines are turning ferociously against him. so some of those machines are pumping out extraordinarily negative ads, and they aren't coming from the establishment this time. no. this time, people in florida, people in illinois, are going to see ads like this one. >> when i heard donald trump insult my fellow prisoners of war from vietnam by calling us losers, that was the most infuriating comment i think i have heard from a politician in my entire life. trump would not have survived a p.o.w. experience, probably would have been the first to
9:38 am
fold. learn about donald trump. he is not what he appears to be. donald trump is a phony. stop him now. >> stop him now. super pacts are coming out with these ads. there's another one similarly produced from a lieutenant colonel in the special forces who calls him a draft dodger. they are very powerful, but will they have the desired effect? we will talk more to trump supporter jeffrey lord along with cnn political commentator and republican consultant margret hoover. jeffrey lord, you have to admit that is powerful stuff and it's not coming from the establishment which fuels his voters. how are they going to digest this? >> to two points. number one, one of the interesting things about donald trump in a political sense is that reagan and arnold schwarzenegger, sonny bono, other people who have been icons, if you will, of one degree or another in american
9:39 am
culture, they -- because they are so familiar to the american people, political attack ads don't seem to have an affect. they have -- the candidate has a teflon quality to them. i think that helps donald trump no matter who the source of the ad or what the ad. the second thing, i notice one ad there refers to him as a draft dodger. to be perfectly candid, that issue was more or less settled in 1992 and 1996. the same allegation made against bill clinton and in his case he was running against two war heros from world war ii. george h.w. bush and bob doldol. i don't think that it will go anywhere. >> the swift voting had a huge effect on jkerry when he was running. i wonder if they are true or not or have grains of truth. you have to admit, these are powerful messages from people
9:40 am
who tend to love them. >> yes. with due respect to jeffrey, i think jeffrey lord knows negative campaigning works. anybody in politics knows that negative campaigning works. that's why you see it. that's why it happens. everybody likes to stay above board. the democrats have done a better job until last night it didn't get ugly on the democratic side even though it maintains, it is still a match on an ideological and idea oriented fight on the democratic side right now. the reason it is so ugly on the republican side is because there have been personal attacks from the beginning from donald trump. we were never even able to have a policy-oriented, ideas oriented context on the republican side. the reason it works, trump has been leading because he has been hurling these attacks and nobody until very recently met fire with fire. i mean, that's the problem. we know negative attack ads
9:41 am
work. the question is who they come from, whether it is establish ment, the issue is, is there time? >> the time. you are right. i have to leave it there only because i have so many live events i have to get to. otherwise i would have you on all day. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. reminder next gop debate is in miami, thursday, 8:30 p.m. here on cnn. at this moment, hillary clinton is talking to employees of atomic objects. that's an employee-owned software company in grand rapids, michigan. there are 130 delegates at stake as the primary voters cast their ballots. let's call it an awesome tuesday coming up. we will hear from hillary clinton after the break.
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. okay. there's this story. hulk hogan has won his share of wrestling matches in the ring, now he's hoping for what he can only call smackdown in a courtroom. opening statements starting today. in fact this morning in tampa. this is a is $00 million whopper of a case against a west side gawker website. it is gawker media. he is suing gawker after it published a portion of a videotape back in 2012. it was a portion showing him having sex with a friend's wife. he said that is an invasion of privacy. a lot people may agree but things could be different in a courtroom. because gawker says publishing the tape is protected by something called the first amendment. hogan's attorney -- >> one of the things you just
9:47 am
heard, and judge campbell was instructing you about the law. the law applies in this courtroom to decide this case is where the line is drawn. it's drawn where the publication ceases to be the giving of information for which the public is entitled and becomes a morbid and sensational prying in though private lives of others for its own sake in which a reasonable member of the public with decent standards would say that he or she what had no concern. >> boy, that's powerful stuff. as jury selection got underway last week the wrestler predicted he would have a victory and he tweeted out, time for the real main event. i'm going to slam another giant. hogan versus gawker. what you going to do, gawker, only justice, brother. hh. i can only assume hh is hulk hogan. hi goes by hulk hogan in a
9:48 am
courtroom, too. cnn legal analyst is joining me now. i never thought we were going to have this conversation about a sex tape and hulk hogan but that is effectively what they will be talking about. these players all getting involved in a sordid sex tape. when it comes down to it, what's the story about? >> the story is about hulk hogan's love life, his sex life. who he was sleeping with, people who were not his wiechlt it is from many years ago. it is a decade old sex tape that is in the news. hulk hogan wants it in the news and wants to have the fight. gawker tried for years to settle. it was unable to. it is unclear what will happen if the -- the three of us know because it is a manhattan media website, a gossip website. well-known in circles like this, not in tampa where the trial is
9:49 am
happening. some worry about what will happen to the site. >> when it comes down to it, anybody watching right now would say of course you should have a reasonable expectation of privacy when in a bedroom, even with someone who may not be your wife. y you close a door in a bedroom for a reason. why is that not litigated? >> you have two concerns that come head to head. the first is the idea that matters of public concern go to the heart of first amendment protection. in other words, if something is newsworthy the courts have to protect it. on the other hand, even first amendment freedoms are less than private facts of private lives. the issue will be to what degree, if any, did hulk hogan make this on his own doing or otherwise out in the internet. was it an issue of public
9:50 am
concern? was it newsworthy? if it was that is a strong point in favor of the defendant. >> he talks about it in his autobiography and howard stern show. >> news gossip news, it isn't fair to say that it isn't news because it is sexy. >> they have been won and lost in the past over topics like this. this isn't the first time that something lake this is creating a court battle that affects journalism. >> he's right. appellate courts protect the media and first amendment in general. remember, this is a jury trial. in a jury trial, virtually anything can and often does. >> i'm a big fan of first amendment issues. i don't want to have to talk about what he did. so instead, i'm going to say good-bye to the two of you. this is a live event. this is news i like to cover,
9:51 am
hillary clinton and the politicians making their case to be president. i want to take you to grand rapids, michigan, just flew back from. beautiful. i spent time in flint and really enjoyed it. let's listen in. >> also i confess you have my vote. my question for you is i feel like there are a lot of people out there who would normally be supportive of you but they like bernie. i like bernie, too. i like what he is saying. i like a lot of his positions. however, i feel like you are the right person to take action and make things happen. so you get my vote. with that said, what can i do, what can i specifically do and say to people going in to november who are bernie supporters and saying, you know, i like hillary, but she's not
9:52 am
bernie? what can i say to people to help convince them to get out on november? >> thanks. thanks for that. thank you for your support. it really means a lot to me. look, i like bernie. i appreciate very much his passion, his incredible drive raise issues that have to be raised and people have to pay attention to. i'm impressed and excited about the people he's bringing in to his campaign. many for the first time who have either never voted before or who are very attracted by his message and just want to stand up for it because we do have to deal with in equality. we do have to deal with the deck stacked against most people in
9:53 am
our country and advantaging those at the top, both because of their financial standing or their political power. so, he and i are in rigorous agreement we have to take these issues of on. i'm hopeful that i will be the democratic nominee and i have said it publicly to work with him to work with him, to make sure that we are number one, keeping those issues front and center on the top of the nation's priorities. and number two to work with him the way that i supported president obama when i dropped out, back in 2008. we ran a really tough primary. at the end of it, he won. i lost. i had a lot of passionate supporters who did not feel like they wanted to support senator obama. so from the time i dropped out until the day before that election, in november, i worked
9:54 am
as hard as i could. i nominated him at the convention. i made the case because he and i shared a lot of the same views about what needed to be done and i worked as a hard as i could to get him elected and was thrilled and relieved when he was elected. i would hope to be able to enlist bernie in helping me reach out to his supporters, if i am fortunate enough to be the nominee. i also think -- we can look at the republican side. i said last night this the debate. whatever disagreements we have -- and we do have some. i raised one last night that i think is an important difference. when the chips were down and the vote was called i voted for the auto bailout. he voted against it because it helped some other groups like the banks but sometimes you don't get perfect choices in life for politics. so i voted to get that money flowing to save those auto jobs, to restructure the auto industry and if everybody had voted the way he did we would have lost
9:55 am
millions of jobs and the great resession would have been deeper and longer lasting. >> that's the secretary in a nutshell putting in to -- basically a paragraph, the hottest topic of the debate last night. where bernie sanders went off on her for her support of wall street and she went after him for not supporting the auto industry. both are right and both are wrong. how's that? but the decorum is good. thank you for watching the program. nice to have you with me. stay tuned because wolf starts after this quick break. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®...
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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 6:00 p.m. in london, 8 p.m. in jerusalem. wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. we begin with the race for the white house here in the united states. the fight for votes in michigan. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in the state today after a fiery debate we saw here on cnn last night. clinton and sanders faced off in flint, michigan. the water crisis was front and center. clinton went after sanders over the bailout of the auto industry here in the united states and that led to this exchange. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he


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