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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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it. if they want to suspend their campaign they should do that. it is up to them to decide whether or not to do that. >> tuesday will be a big factor in that decision and even before that. tomorrow night's cnn debate here in miami. that's going to be huge, as well. thank you so much. john bermen will be joining me tomorrow. so prepare yourself. our coverage continues now with ashleigh banfield. ♪ hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, welcome to "legal view" and once again the voters, not the pollsters, pundits and certainly not the candidates have told us what is going on in this presidential race. sweeping three out of four republican contests, making up this week's super tuesday, donald trump gained another 72 delegates with 57 to ted cruz
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who won idaho yesterday and 17 to john kasich who hasn't won anything but came in a close third in michigan. marco rubio didn't get enough votes anywhere yesterday to win anything but that big zero. for trump, this puts to rest, least for now talk that party elders might be getting some traction with their kitchen sink attempt to bring that front runner down. that's not to say that trump's rivals are letting up any. in fact, this morning ted cruz showed off his newest endorsements in the way of a former gop candidate carly fiorina. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are two sides of the same coin. they are not going to reform the system. they are the system. so when the establishment says ted cruz is too conservative, he's too much of a fighter. he won't get along, i say you go, ted.
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>> on the democratic side, these numbers don't tell the story. hillary clinton picked up 88 delegates in michigan yesterday. and in mississippi n those primaries, bernie sanders won 72. counting those uncontest ed super delegates, secretary clinton is now past the magical half way point in the race for the nomination. mississippi vote was a blowout. those are the numbers she really likes to see. these are the numbers she does not. this is michigan, folks. michigan was a bombshell a close yet stunning come from behind win for bernie sanders who says coming from behind is his specialty. >> we started this campaign, as many will remember, ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls. yet, what we have seen is poll
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after poll, state after state, what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. >> so now all eyes are on super tuesday number three with almost 700 democratic delegates up for grabs on that day. republicans will fight over 367 delegates. still pretty super because many of which will come from rubio's home state of florida where trump is leading in our latest polls and not by just a little. in kasich's home state of ohio, guess what, yet again, trump is leading in our very latest polls. joining me in new york, senior adviser and spokeswoman for the hillary clinton campaign. i am sure you have been deluged with questions since midnight last night. what happened in michigan? you did not expect that? >> we knew this was a make or break state for senator sanders.
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they have been talking about that for sometime. they outspent us and had more folks on the ground. of course i will they fought hard and we congratulate them for that. i think it is important to point out we still are -- as you pointed out in the opening, we are quite far ahead when we talk about a pledged delegates. at the end of the day the nomination is about winning delegates. >> you are right and you have the numbers on your side. >> i don't want to lose sight of that fact. >> i'm going to come in with a little push back here. you may have the numbers now and those are great numbers. i guarantee they are more than half way but things can change and bernie says he is the come from behind kid. when i say that mrs. clinton went hard on the bailout attack and does she need to retool her message when it comes to states like ohio. >> i don't know if we know that to be honest with you one thing we saw, i think there were some
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differences between who made up their mind two weeks ago and who made up their minds in the last few days. it is an important issue. we think it is important that people know when it came to allocating the money to save the auto industry, he wasn't there on that vote. >> he didn't like the connection to wall street. >> that's fine. that's a case for him to make. he's made on the crime bill for example he said he voted for it but things he didn't like. he can make that case. one last point, the second part of the question, obviously there is more to talk about in terms of our economic message and how to create jobs and increase income and a you are going to hear of that as we go in to the next days. >> i'm assuming you guys are looking at our numbers closely when we put them on the screen. and exit polls are mana. in regard to how bernie sanders outperformed secretary clinton in michigan, when they were asked if they were worried about
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the u.s. economy, 56% of them went for sanders, instead of 41 for clinton. when they were asked if they believe international trade takes american jobs, 58% voted for sanders, next to clinton's 41. and most important priority, whether it was being honest and trustworthy, sanders ran away with that one. 80% of them went for sanders opposed to 19% for secretary clinton. so i know you have seen numbers somewhat like this before, but now you have seen them in the place where you are going on tuesday, this is really the same geography. >> michigan yesterday. >> are you going to have to take in to account this kind of thing and start to tool the message directly to fight those numbers? >> a couple of things. obviously trade is an important issue and senator sanders spent time about the '90s and attacking hillary for her husband's record but he didn't talk about what he would do now
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and in the future. we think that's an important conversation to have. and he didn't talk much about her record as senator when she actually had a vote. she did vote against trade agreements and cafta. but that is one part of the picture. we will talk about things like how to create jobs, increase incomes. the other piece i want to talk about here, when you have the amount of money sustained money being spent against you, under mining, attacking you, you are going to see -- you might see those kinds of numbers. that's a factor we have to take in to account and i think the sanders campaign should ask when they have that kind of attack at them are they going to be able to be sustain that? most importantly as we go in to next tuesday's states the sanders campaign had the opportunity. they need to know they can put together a winning coalition of voters. they say they are coming from behind, great. see if that bears itself out
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next tuesday. one thing that is so important about last night, not just in the landslide in mississippi, but still again in michigan, as well. again, it was very close. hillary has been able to put together a coalition of voters, and that's how you win an a election. both in the primary and general. you can not win the presidency in this country and -- i know donald trump likes to say otherwise without african-americans, latinos, women, you simply can't. he still has a show but he se capable of putting the coalition together effectively. >> book your calendar for wednesday right here. >> you got it. >> thank you. karen finney, thank you. >> absolutely. from the university of miami i'm pleased to welcome jonathon with the other side of the argue ament, a political strategist and author from the essential bernie sanders and his vision for america. i think by the motion of that we can assume he supports bernie sanders for president. thank you and nice to have you on the program again. i guess you weren't expecting to
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be on the show with me today talking about what happened in michigan last night. >> well, we might have been talking about a different result but i'm not that surprised ashlee, forrer a few reasons. i will tell you why. i want to start, first of all, by repeating what bernie said last night and congratulating the thousands and thousands of activists out there because you are the backbone of this campaign. they are the people that deluge michigan with phone calls from all over the country, trying to basically put forth to the voters there that bernie sanders an the reason i support him is the most authentic politician we have had in my lifetime and that resonated with the voters. the second thing that happened and i felt this at the debate when the clinton campaign lied about bernie sanders' position on the bailout, it gave bernie a chance to talk about the -- >> it wasn't a lie. that is unfair. it wasn't a lie, it perhaps done appropriately. >> i would say it was a lie
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because i think they absolutely knew what the facts were about the auto bailout. in michigan and ohio, industrial states people care very much about the question of trade and hillary clinton has sided with corporate interests all along the way. wait a minute, let me finish. >> i'm listening. >> it has cost people tens of thousands of jobs and depressed the middle class livelihood. i think people saw on one hand a man named bernie sanders, authentic, a man of principals and you pointed out that hillary clinton is not trustworthy. in the wake of the victory in michigan, they have to retool their campaign. the problem is they can't sell their product because it's not based on principles. >> i have a couple of polls i want to read right now going forward. i know you are going to probably say polls sc hmo lls, look at what happened in michigan last night. >> go ahead.
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>> i'm going to hit you with them. as we look forward to states like illinois, ohio, florida, it looks bleak, if you look at the polls and more so than michigan. clinton is over sanders 67-25 in illinois, 63-33 ohio and then florida the most critical, that's a winner take all as well, it is republicans, i beg your pardon, she is leading bernie sanders 61-34. that says 33 right there. but it was 61-34. there it is. you have to admit while michigan was a huge upset last night do you expect to have upset after upset in other landslide like polling places? >> so, because it's florida and spring training is in this air. let me quote yoggi berra. it is deja vu all over again. if you look at the contests going back to iowa. we started 25, 3, 40 points ge
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beseshl /* /- -- behind. it is astounding for someone to make up that ground but the reason is and what jeff weaver said on your show on cnn, every time people hear -- every time voters hear bernie's message, about the corporations taking over our livelihood and billionaires controlling the election process the polls narrow. do i think we can win florida in seven days, absolutely yes. i will tell you right now. i have been meeting with people and will go to the office in a little bit. there are hundreds of thousands of people around the state and outside of the state making calls in to florida, doing voter contact. that makes a difference, not the polls. >> let me ask you this, i'm curious, cnn money sits behind me in the newsroom and i hear them talking about how things are going 0 so well. gas prices below $2 a gallon in most places in the country, dow is up, unemployment way down and
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yet i'm curious as to bernie sanders message of your life stinks economically and the exit polls show people are most concerned about the economy. there is a disconnect here. why is this happening? >> well, there's not a disconnect. because we are making a lot of stuff in the country does not mean the average person is doing well. if you are making a lot of stuff and the gdp is going up, most of that wealth has been going to the top 1%. the average person who's working one or two jobs with very little health care, no pension to look forward to, they are very worried because at the end of the day, at the kitchen table when they look at trying to pay the bills they can't do it. they are in deep debt, young people particularly have flocked to bernie's campaign are burdened with student death. the real life reality of wall street, not reading the dow it is difficult and bernie has a clear cut plan on how to solve those problems. >> nice to have you. so appreciate you in baseball land coming up to join us live.
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take care. >> good to be with you. >> always good to be with you. sanders and clinton go head to head tonight. big reminder, one night after what happened in michigan is likely not to stay in michigan. less than one week until critical koouz tuesday, another critical tuesday. it is a univision democratic presidential debate tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. can you say awkward. i can't imagine what the opening shots will look like tonight. i will be watching onchts on the republican side a huge night for donald trump. that means the math is getting tougher and tougher for any other republican to get the nomination. next, the battle between trump's supporters and the people spending millions upon millions to stop him. also this hour, live pictures coming in from santa monica, california, where family members of former first lady
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donald trump gaining steam as he sets his sight on next week's big contest, winner-take-all states of florida and ohio. all of this comes after super tuesday part two last night which saw trump gaining big wins in hawaii, michigan and mississippi. trump pushed his delegate total to 461. maintaining his lead over closest rival senator ted cruz. trump is reacting to his trio of victories by urging republicans to get behind his candidacy. take a listen to his interview on cnn's "new day" this morning. >> i am a -- you know me well and your family knows me well. i am a uniter, but i have to finish off the project. i can't all of a sudden stand there and let people -- marco was very nasty to me, i have to tell you, he was very nasty to me and i guess he made a
9:20 am
mistake. i was more nasty to him. you have to finish off what you have to finish off. i can't say all of a sudden let them make statements. i think the debate tomorrow night will be a softer debate. i really do. i believe it will be a softer debate. i hope so. i can tell you i go in much more as a uniter than -- i think the wins last night were big wins and decisive wins. >> many look at you as a person that set the tone of negative ty in the race. it is time for you to say enough with the negative. stop attacking me, i'm not going to attack you. we need to unite and do something better. >> i didn't set the tone of negative. what i did is i fought back. they attacked me viciously and i fought back. we started with 17 people. i have been doing this now for a while. the nice part is everybody that's attacked me so far as gone down. wouldn't that be nice for our country because we don't win anymore as a country. wouldn't it be nice to have somebody that can do that?
9:21 am
we are getting millions of people that have never voted before. millions from the democrats, millions from the independents. and honestly, i had such a great talk with paul ryan. he calmed the other day. he was so great. >> give me a taste. why was it a good conversation with paul ryan? >> it was conciliatory. we get along well. i like him a lot. i respect him a lot. i think he respects me. i think he respects what i have done. he said it's amazing. he said it's amazing. they are talking about it all over the world, chris. we are bringing in 65% more people than four years ago. you know how many people told me i have never voted before and they are 50 and 60-year-old people. they said i've never voted before and i'm voting for you and trump shirts and hats an these are people that were never proud enough. they said i've never had a candidate i wanted to vote for, mr. trump. >> let's talk more about the big night and gop race with jeff dewitt who's a trump supporter
9:22 am
and happens to be treasurer in the state of arizona. also joining us is stuart roy, the spokesperson for the american future dmund is a super pac behind the anti-trump movement. this should be good. i want to start with you, if i can, stuart. donald trump has been clear about the amount of money that is being spent to take him down. i think he takes -- he misses no opportunity to highlight the ugly campaign, especially in florida, the ad wars, millions spent to take him down. have a listen to what he had to say about that. >> i think what this shows, more than anything else, is advertising is not as important. it really isn't as important as confidence. there's never been more money spent on hitting somebody than spent on me. >> stuart roy, has it been money wasted? >> it's been money well spent.
9:23 am
basically no one has laid a glove on trump until recently. only the last couple of weeks people advertised and told the story of trump's business background and even though he used it to prop up a circus thaent is the trump campaign and no one focused until recently on the trump university and the victims of trump university where trump made millions off of the backs of regular americans. that story is only told now and effectively told and powerful narrative about trump. that's why you see his number s deteriorating these days. you see the numbers deteriorating in the country because people are not pleased with the story that is told about trump. a lot different than the one he told about himself. >> jeff dewitt, i know you feel differently about the guy you are backing. that's honorable. everybody has the right to choose his horse. but you cannot deny some of the polling out there. your candidate, donald trump
9:24 am
regularly says "i beat everybody, i beat hillary clinton in all of the polls. "i've heard him say it at least four times in the last few days but the truth is that isn't what the polls say. i will throw up a couple of head to heads from our cnn/orc polls. up against donald trump, hillary clinton walks away with it 52-44%. things are different when it is rubio and clinton, 50% rubio and cruz 49% over 48 for hillary clinton but you cannot deny that time and time again when these head-to-head polls hillary clinton beats donald trump but the other two candidates beat her. how does your candidate deny that? >> those polls are based on the fact that right now everybody has been attacking donald trump for eight months. he's been the front runner a
9:25 am
long time and the subject of a lot of misaligned attacks, quite frankly. if you saw his press conference yet, where he brought up the trump water and different products that mitt romney and others said didn't exist anymore. and said that is so weird because i have trump water right here. i drank trump water a week ago. these attacks are so off the mark. remember, that's what pays. when you look at the stuarts and others of the world they make money off attacking donald trump. that's the whole special interest is about and the super pac industry. when the time comes the only choice for that community is donald trump or hillary clinton, the tides will turn. the stuarts of the world will be paid more to support donald trump than they have been paid to go against him. then you will see donald trump's numbers go through the roof even in those polls. we have other polls that show he
9:26 am
beats hillary clinton hands down as is. >> let me talk to you about efforts to dissuade voters from voting for donald trump. this is the most bizarre thing i have come across in a long time but there were exit polls asking gop voters who ran the most unfair campaign and about kwa a quarter said cruz and closer to a half said trump. the weird thing with taking the cruz voters, the people that thought cruzzent as unfair in his campaigning as donald trump, 65 a% of those people ended up voting for donald trump. even though you put messages out there that may suggest he's unfair or whatever the message should be it doesn't seem to affect the voters. what why do you think that is? >> i don't appreciate the personal attack but i will tell you my young girls when they care about politics later in life, i will be proud to tell them how i did to stop donald trump to become president and ruining the republican party and
9:27 am
how he is not qualified to be president. i will be proud to tell how i stood in the gap and tried to stop donald trump. here's what we do know about polls. we do know that donald trump loses handedly to hillary clinton. we know that donald trump cannot get out of the 30s in the current environment in the republican primaries. and we know -- this is the most dangerous part of all, that 50% of republican primary voters don't believe donald trump is honest and don't believe he's fit or has the temperament to be president. those are the numbers that we know and seem to be consistent. the reason for that, if we are finally hearing the full powerful narrative about who donald trump really is, his shady business associates and the failed businesses ranging from trump vodka to trump casinos and how he has made money off the backs of regular americans. >> i have to leave it there. i will say he did do -- he
9:28 am
showed all of the products. his speech last night showing all of the products he's been aligned for having failed out and he had the water, et cetera. it is interesting to see how the voters take it in. thank you so much to both of you. i look forward to both of you coming back on with me. open up the calendars. we love having you. by the way, mitt romney made headlines last week for a speak that ka attacked the candidacy of trump but may have more headlines from last night. he did this appearance on abc's jimmy kimmel live an you may have seen the mean tweets thing that kimmel does but this time he got romney to read some of trump's attack tweets against him. it was priceless. have a look. >>@mitt romney equals loser. that is true actually. i lost. you may not have noticed. who are you, any way and where do you buy the shoe polish you wear in your hair?
9:29 am
i actually met mitt romney in a bank a couple of months back. i'm now working at a time machine to go back and punch him in the throat. i paid good -- crying in a ball pit at chuck e. cheese. >> that is pretty funny. tomorrow night the republican candidates will battle again in a debate live from chuck 8:30 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. i think it is only getting nastier. voters in mississippi and michigan had a clear message for everyone -- they say they are worried about money, the economy, their money, their economy and they don't know if the establishment candidates are the best to handle it. what that means for the upcoming primaries in ohio and florida next. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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as the candidates look ahead towards super tuesday part three, they are looking to focus on one of the biggest issues among voters, and that is the economy. based on exit polls in mississippi, i can tell you this, least 80% of gop voters were very worried about the economy -- very worried. among that percentage, a majority cast their ballots for the winner in that state, donald trump. in michigan, senator bernie sanders won the vote among those who are concerned about the economy, and in the meantime reports are showing something
9:35 am
odd. look at the screen to see the real facts and numbers. gas prices are the lowest point in six years, the dow dow jones industrial average up 38% and unemployment the lowest point in eight years sitting comfortably at 4.9%. joining us to discuss is cnn political analyst and editor in chief of "the daily beast" and the director 0 of the center for politics at the university of virginia. all right. i know that a lot of this campaign has had headlines with dirty words and dirty private parts and mitt romney reading tweets. by the way, those mitt romney tweets hilarious but the other people sending mitt romney tweets with donald trump's attached to them. they weren't actually donald trump's. there are serious issues that voters are concerned about the
9:36 am
economy being number one. why is everyone so worried about the economy with the numbers i just showed. >> you are right to point out the demagogues do well in economic downturns when people are anxious about the future and their economy. yet you have candidate donald trump running off resentment from the position of being a billionaire populous. the only way to square the voter anger in the primaries with the objective economic data is twofold. partisan media has a role to play in this. they have been selling up anger and resentment and anxiety as a way of keeping their listeners close. in partisan, in partisan politics, that is a disproportionate impact. more profoundly this recovery has been uneven. not only regionally. that creates a message for candidates like trump and sanders saying the system is
9:37 am
rigged by big money. that's one thing the candidates share. >> larry, let me ask you this and i don't want to get technical with the math here but the math is important. back from the '60s until around 2006, the economy used to chug along increasing by about 3%. now we're increasing by 2%. that's given a b grade. a lot of people are saying, look, our population is aging, our tax base and income tax base is getting smaller. we need to be satisfied with that. unless we want to open the door to immigration and get more people working in the country you have to be satisfied with the 2%. yet this seems to be the thing on the campaign trail that everyone is claiming their death nell over. does it make sense? >> it makes sense but i think it is more complicated than that. the second thing that john brought up is very important. the truth is that the middle-class population, and it
9:38 am
may be aging but it's a large population, really hasn't seen wage gains since the end of the 1990s. once you subtract the inflation, wage gains have flat lined. you know what the most disturbing piece of information that i've read in a long time has been, the middle class today buy and large thinks for the first time since polls were taken that their children will not be as prosperous, happy or success canful as they, the parents have been. that's very un-american. we're usually very optimistic. remember, ashleigh, this brings both parties together. this is a very hype poll, hyper partisan age but democrats and republican cans think alike on this. they are both worried about it. >> yeah. we can scream from the rooftop that the stock market is doing well. the truth of the matter is the
9:39 am
middle class is taking home about the same amount they did 20 years ago. i can tell you right now the price of a coke is not the same as 20 years ago. john avalon, and jerry sabato, appreciate it. >> thank you. a pastor in idaho was shot multiple times. it made headlines specifically because it was outside of a church, just after he had given a speech in favor of ted cruz. then it gets more complicated. the man suspected of pulling the trigger has been arrested but where he was found that is making headlines and what he was doing that has the secret service involved. also, we will take you live to the funeral home in santa a monica, california, where nancy reagan's family has been gathering to pay respects in private. this begins three days of the country paying their respects to the former first lady. we will have a chance to reflect on nancy reagan's influence on
9:40 am
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. i want to take a breath from election politics for something strange and serious. a turn of events that have a lot of people wondering what the connection between the west and east is. there's a man who's locked up in washington, d.c. after arrested for throwing things over the fens fence on to white house property. computer flash drives and other things tossed over the fence. that may not make national headlines but for this. turns out he is the same person suspected of nearly killing a pastor in idaho back on sunday.
9:45 am
allegedly shooting him seven times. this is kyle andrew odom, 30 years old. what's the connection between what happened in idaho and the white house? i want to get to athena jones live at the white house right now. tell us how it interconnects? >> well, the connection between odom and the white house is unclear. it is something they will look in to. it is a bizarre, serious storm and has to be alarming to the secret service and law enforcement on every level this man was able to get on a plane and fly to washington. a couple of updates for you. we learned he is expected in court this afternoon in d.c. superior court. we will be watching if that are and reporting on details out of that. also a couple of hours ago, we saw two dozen secret service agents and officers out combing the north lawn behind me. this incident happened on the south lawn last night. we're told they were doing their due diligence because this is
9:46 am
something that took place after dark. this all started last night around 8:30 when kyle andrew odom, 30 years old began to throw flash drives and other material over the fence. secret service arrested him and we learned this is the man suspected of shooting a pastor in idaho on sunday and then getting on the plane, flying from boise to washington, even though there was an arrest warrant out for attempted first-degree murder for him. the pastor, timothy reddington was shot several times and we we are hold he is expected to survive. the same pastor had to deliver the invitation at a rally on saturday for senator cruz. in a facebook post, odom wrote in part "things are not what they appear to be. the world is ruled by an ancient civilization from mars. pastor tim was one of them an the reason my life was rund.
9:47 am
i will share my story with as many people as possible. i don't have time right now. they are chasing me." bizarre story. >> i should an fest there is a machineny fest discovered listing senators, representatives, members of the israeli government on an alleged hit list. we will continue to watch the story. i want to take you back out west to a live look at the funeral home in santa monica, california. any moment now we expect nancy reagan's casket to begin its journey from the funeral home to simi valley, california, where she will lie in repose and be open for visitors and eventually buried beside her beloved husband ronald reagan at the reagan national library in simi valley. this is where her family has gathered for a private service. the final journey for nancy reagan beginsed ands at the reagan library. back in a moment.
9:48 am
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live pictures taking you to the west coast, santa monica, california. we are expecting, at any moment, the casket containing nancy reagan will be moving from this location, just a funeral home in santa monica to the presidential library, the reagan library in simi valley. we have seen people emerge from the funeral home right now. there was a private service. some of the reagan children had arrived earlier today. it had been scheduled for about 12:00 and the thought was approximately this time nancy reagan's casket would be driven to the final resting location. she will be in repose actually at the library before she is honored and then buried next to
9:53 am
her husband, ronald reagan at the library location. we are awaiting that at this moment. by the way, hillary rodham clinton announced she will be attending the funeral on friday. the public will have a chance to go to that library today from 4:00 until 10:00 p.m. local time for the public visitation. 2:30 local time will be an opportunity for the v.i.p.s to have a chance to pay their respects to nancy reagan. in fact, the house speaker, paul ryan, is expected to stop by the reagan library to pay his respects to nancy reagan. but we're expecting anytime between now and the top of the hour is when that motorcade will take her body. we are told it is somewhere upwards of eight vehicles. there's coverage of this, as
9:54 am
well as the library funeral which will be held on friday. so, i think we're just now watching as the casket emerges. i want to give you a chance to listen in and watch quietly.
9:55 am
>> as nancy reagan's casket is loaded in to the hearse, it is the final journey for nancy reagan heading from the funeral home where a private service were held. her children, we're told, were in attendance, to lie in repose at the reagan library in simi valley. interesting to note, as well, that michelle obama, current first lady and hillary clinton, former first lady will be on hand on friday to honor nancy reagan, former first lady. by all accounts, one of america's most famous first ladies. douglas brinkley is one of the country's foremost presidential historians and someone given
9:56 am
president reagan's personal diaries by none other than nancy reagan. i'm going to continue to watch this picture. if you can help me put in to context the meaning of the next three days as we head toward friday's funeral services. >> well, nancy reagan planned her own funeral. she was very cognizant of the fact that the public needed to participate. what you are watching right now as the casket moves to the reagan library, she wanted people that loved ronald and herself to have a public viewing. come friday, it will be a funeral for is 5,000 people and a lot of the former first ladies will be there and some of the children of former presidentsing, like lyndon johnson and richard nixon will be there. the big point she made, she wanted to be buried within inches of her husband. so when the casket is put in the ground she will almost be
9:57 am
touching ronald reagan's casket and that is what was most important to her. >> one of the most endearing love stories in american history quite frankly. the love letters that told the story between them. i was wondering if you could help me think through the legacy of ronald reagan and how she has helped to form it in the years since he died. no. >> i've never seen anything like it. once ronald reagan got alzheimer's, nancy reagan went in to overdrive, first helping, daily taking care of her husband and making sure his image, creating the legacy of ronald reagan that is celebrated around the country and
9:58 am
panache. she did work to help people at the school where ronald reagan went to school. and has been on a mission to make sure that americans embraced her husband as the great man she felt he was. key to that in her mind was the fact that he, as margaret thatcher said, ronald reagan won the cold war without firing a single shot. he said tear down the wall and the wall came down and the soviet union collapsed in 1991. she thought that alone would make him one of the substantive presidents in american history. >> how much of that comment you just said, to make him the great man that he was, how much of the great man that he was was actually because of her, was due to her? because of her involvement in her life personally and professionally. >> that's the key question.
9:59 am
i don't think there would have ban ronald reagan without nancy reagan. i say that because i've studied president reagan in such depth. he was the kind of person -- the great thing is he loved everybody, talked to everybody, the gardener, taxi cab driver, construction worker one to one and loved humanity. nancy was more cynical and realized people have personal agendas. she watched for fiery darts thrown at her husband or somebody who might be as james baker said paddling their own canoe. that's how you -- how you measure what that is, somebody which every day, ronald reagan would say nancy reagan wouldn't think and give her unvarnished opinion. >> good cop and bad cop. >> it truly was. it was good cop bad cop. that's what their relationship largely was. >> he does stick around if you would, your context is so rich given how much knowledge and
10:00 am
personal trust she placed in you. we are going to continue to watch these pictures as you watch the hearse containing nancy reagan body on the motorcade heading from the funeral home to the reagan library. that's all for me. wolf is going to take over the coverage now. it is 10:00 a.m. in simi valley, california, 1:00 at the university of miami. 2:30 in pyongyang, north korea. wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. ♪ we're keeping an eye on california at this hour. take a look at this, live pictures from santa monica where a private prayer


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