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tv   CNN Special Program  CNN  March 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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poppy? >> thank you so much for that. do not miss john's show "inside politics. must-watch television here on cnn. it is 7:00 p.m. eastern on sunday night and what a night we have for you here on cnn. welcome to cnn special coverage of the cnn ohio democratic town hall. i'm poppy harlow live with you here in new york for the next hour. then i will hand it over to my colleague jake tapper, who is moderating this evening. in just over an hour, bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be face-to-face with voters in ohio. they may get grilled and they will make their final push ahead of tuesday's crucial primaries. the results in ohio, those results could very well decide the next president of the united states. why? because of history. in fact, this is a bell weather state that has voted in the winning candidate in every single election since 1960. add to that no republican has
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ever been elected to the white house without the buckeye state behind them. for the democrats tonight, the number one issue is the economy. a new cnn poll confirming that this is where voters care the most about. and in fact the second biggest city in ohio, cleveland, is the number one most economically most depressed major city in america. as we saw in the rust belt state of michigan, where sanders shocked perhaps himself and his team with a win, we could be about to witness what could be the biggest shake-up of the race so far in ohio. i'm joined by the best team on television, covering every candidate, every angle. brianna keeler. brianna, when you look at this and the race we have ahead, what could be the biggest surprise, do you think tonight, on this stage? >> well, you know, having watched the last couple of debates you probably noticed that candidates are very testy. very fiery. this is a town hall, so it is a
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different situation. they're not going head to head. i think that you can certainly expect sharp contrast and that some of these arguments that they've been formulating over the last couple of debates are going to be out there for sure. hillary clinton has been hitting bernie sanders on the auto bailout. some people thought that back fired. how she framed it a couple of debates ago. but her team feels she figured out how to do that now, saying if everyone voted the way bernie sanders had, because of the auto money encased in wall street bailout money, he voted no. the car industry would have failed. so i think we will hear that from her. i expect we will be hearing him, poppy, hammering hillary clinton on her past trade positions. that played very well in michigan where he bested her by a couple of points in such an upset last week. he think that will play well here in ohio as well. >> what about the fact we heard bernie sanders say this morning on state of the union with jake
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tapper, brianna, that he thinks the clinton cap is getting quote nervous. what is the strategy behind that and you know, you know the clinton camp well. you have covered them in-depth, are they getting nervous? >> i would say they are a little nervous about what the outcome will be in ohio. and missouri and illinois. these are industrial states. and they want hillary clinton to have a very good showing because they want it to be clear that she is far and away the front-runner that it is definitive is she nervous she won't clench the nomination? i think they are looking at the map. they see bernie sanders behind by hundreds when it comes to just pledge delegates. so are they nervous that he is going to best them? i don't think so. but i think they are nervous certainly that he could damage them in some key states. >> especially ohio. brianna, thank you so much. brianna live in columbus where we have the town hall tonight.
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let's talk about bernie sanders. he is making his pitch to voters in columbus. this is less than an hour from cnn's democratic town hall tonight. donald trump accused sanders of being responsible for the protests over the weekend at trump's rallies. jeff zeleny is there in columbus. you have been listening to sanders make his appeal. what stand out to you the most? >> poppy, he is wrapping up his speech. you can see behind me the crowd really cheering him on here at a college campus. college campuses are one of the key strategies to his hoping to win on tuesday. i can tell you the crowd is resonating and responding to his message about super pacs. he points out in every turn i does not have one. hillary clinton does have one. he said she is tied to wall street. of course she says that's simply not true. she's been tough on wall street. but he is making a very big trade -- [ inaudible ] and he is saying he is the candidate who can best defeat
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donald trump. that perhaps got the loudest applause of all. speaking of donald trump, he opened this rally talking about donald trump and specifically the protesters and violence that's been going on. let's listen to what he had it say. >> -- is that donald trump is prepared to pay the legal fees of folks who go around beating up people. [ crowd booing ] a candidate for president of the united states should condemn violence. not encourage violence. you don't go around saying it's okay to beat somebody up and i'll pay the legal fees. that is not what this country is about. >> now a lot of back and forth
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between donald trump today and bernie sanders. . y poppy, quite simply, bernie sanders firing back saying he can take on donald trump. >> what about the fact that a judge just voted in ohio, 17-year-olds can vote this weekend. is that enough to tip the balance in sanders' favor? looking at recent polling, he is behind in ohio. but look at michigan. these are young voters he energized, how much does that matter? >> it does matter. the sanders campaign moved aggressively. t judge ruling in the favor of 17-year-olds can vote. in particular the fact that this week is spring break for some of the colleges across ohio, that could help offset some of that. but again, that's only on margins. bernie sanders knows he has to win among the white working class voters in ohio and he has
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done well in other states. but the clinton campaign has a strong connection to ohio as well. this state resurrected her, gave her new life in 2008. i expect a close race on tuesday here in ohio. >> jeff, zeleny, live in ohio. thank you. battling hard it take those delegates in ohio, remember, winner take all. they have a huge opportunity to make their pitch directly to the voters tonight. right here live on cnn. let's talk about all of it. cnn political analyst are here with me. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> let's start with you michael. what is the must-do, mu must-accomplish for hillary clinton on that stage tonight? >> i think secretary clinton has to continue to demonstrate why she is the choice, make sure she is clear about her record and contrast for --
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>> she has done that. she did that in michigan. what do you do of that? >> the michigan quote unquote loss i think was 2, no more than 3 points. again, this is the voters' race. you cannot ignore that aspect. you get enough delegates, you get the nomination. >> i'm just laughing because the big win in ohio is 0.25%. so a win is a win. >> what do you mean -- michigan? >> ohio, sorry. i think bernie's margin will be higher than that tomorrow. >> i think what senator sanders has to do is go to his home turf, strong issue. what worked in michigan. he said all along, okay, i know i got skunked in the south. but my best territory is coming up in the rust belt, industrial
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states, particularly on the issues of jobs and trade. i think that's what he will emphasize and he will emphasize that he is there. he is consistent. he opposed the trade deals. which have cost millions of american jobs. he opposed every one of them from the beginning. i know that secretary clinton has her position. he's got his. there's a difference between them and people have to choose between the two. and by the way, if i could just finish, 60% of democrats in michigan said trade was number one issue. democrats, trade was number one issue and trade cost american jobs. >> it's fascinating to watch. and i'll get new here next. are you are surprised at all how much trade and free trade and nafta et cetera and tpp is resonating with voters right now on both sides of the republican party in the democratic side? >> no. because if you go to these cities across the country, you go to cleveland, manchester, you go to flint, michigan, people
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can look around their neighborhoods. look on main street and the jobs aren't there. and houses are in foreclosure. you can see the empty shutter had factories. in the homes where people aren't living any more. i think bernie sanders has been smart to tap into this. i said at some point that bernie sanders speaks on a ninth grade level and people attacked me. but i think that's what people want to hear. he speaks in in a simple way and he connects with people. i remember in our flint town hall, i said, what would you do for the people? he said said, bring in the cdc and check all of the children. make sure flint residents don't have to pay water bills. it is those things that people would say bernie sanders would make an immediate difference in my life. that's the challenge for hillary clinton to speak more simply. >> while the language may be simple, we know that gov yearning is very, very complicated. when you talk about what happened in detroit or a number of other places we know that the
4:11 pm
auto industry was on the verge of collapse. the senator whose position is not totally clear. i was against it, then for it. >> actually i do want to clarify that for voters. when there was a bill he voted for. he voted against tarp. just to bailout banks. president obama then used it on auto. so it is clear, his record. >> and a couple ofity id ragss /* /-ity racings for it. so secretary clinton clear over what she has done over a period of time. ern governing is hard. we have seen. but to govern, it is a very complicated process. >> and mayor of one of america's biggest cities. >> it is complicated. but you also have to tell the truth. i like secretary clinton. i will support her if she is nominee. to not support bernie in the
4:12 pm
auto is bailout is dishonest. he voted against tarp. i'm sorry, mayor, my turn. >> yeah. >> he voted for the auto bailout. when president obama in 2009 said i want it keep -- i want to save this industry, which he should have, he went back and got t.a.r.p money and put it into autos. bernie sanders voted for the auto bailout. he hillary clinton should stop saying it, it makes her look dishonest. >> and bill. secretary clinton, not in office that time, was charged with issues of the 1994 crime bill that her husband did. >> let's get the auto bailout settled. why do you keep raising auto bailout? >> i gave you your time. now let me have my time. he never explained or apologized -- >> he voted for the bill. i accept that. >> we will keep talking about this.
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i've got to get a break in. i promise this is just getting started. stay with me. we'll be right back.
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sunday morning talk shows today to take swipes at one another. at issue, trump claims that sanders camp is responsible for escalating violence and protests at trump rallies over the weeke weekend. bernie sanders puts the blame squarely on trump's shoulders. these guys aren't even running against each other yet. friday night, such chaos. there was a lot of protesting at the event last night at trump's rally in kansas city, missouri. what is it like tonight ahead of trump taking the stage? >> that's right, poppy. this rally here in boca is more tame. we did see a handful of protesters outside but there was nothing particularly physical and cops were monitoring it closely. here a couple of protesters were escorted from inside the event. but not big groups like places like chicago and places like kansas city.
4:18 pm
it does seem more tame here tonight, poppy. >> what is the main message from trump when he takes the stage tonight? he could respond to the protesters who rushed him on stage in ohio yesterday. that just talked to our martin savidge explaining why he did that et cetera. any insight from the trump camp? >> reporter: it certainly is possible, if there are protesters here tonight that will crop up. but in terms of speakers that are warned about the crowd. they have been hitting heavily on immigration. heavily against marco rubio. and we should expect to see that from donald trump. i think his main issue is not even here in florida. it is ohio. he switched up his schedule tomorrow to add another event in ohio. it sends a signal he is more worried about john kasich in ohio than he is about marco rubio in florida right now. but i do think he will come out here tonight and try to put the final nail in the coffin of marco rubio's campaign.
4:19 pm
and ensure he does notch another win here in florida. >> it is interesting when you do look at the ohio polling, right? you have a lot of polls that have trump ahead. you have the fox news poll that has kasich ahead and this new nbc news wall street journal poll out this morning. not surprising they added the extra rally. thank you. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are about to take the stage there tonight live in columbus, ohio. cnn democratic town hall. fighting for every single delegate. clinton with heavy lead and the polls. but what does that mean in this race? we will see, can sanders pull off another michigan surprise come today. much more on that next.
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bend me shape me, any way you want me... shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. right now, hillary clinton has a hefty lead when you look at the delegate count. that could change in less than two dayes. senator sanders surprised clinton by snatching the michigan primary last week. now the stakes are higher. heading into the polls to make their choice known on thursday. merely 700 delegates up for grabs. our panel is back.
4:24 pm
former philadelphia mayor michael nutter. cnn senior political reporter malika henderson. and "meet the press," thank you for being with me. let's begin with you, nia. what will it take for sanders to get that ground? the numbers he has with the momentum? >> i think he has to win something like 60% of the votes going forward. 60% of delegates. now he is doing 40 or 50 and she is in the lead. and she is further ahead at this point than obama ever was in 2008. so it is just hard. and i think -- >> everything changes the demographics of this. she does well in the south, more minorities, african-american, and sanders doesn't do as well there. but that changes soon. >> right. and we saw some of that in 2008
4:25 pm
when obama did well in southern states and hillary clinton did better in bigger states, texas, california, ohio, pennsylvania. >> east and west. >> yeah. >> and all of those reasons. >> what does your candidate, hillary clinton, have to do to make sure bernie sanders doesn't have another michigan night on tuesday? >> we talked about michigan. she continues to collect delegates. that process will continue. and you have a more serious discussion of the super delegates. it is arithmetic. more map. whatever you want to pick. the lead is too great. you can't make up the ground. >> do you want a candidate going into the general election with the backing of the people, not just the super delegate win. you do because you don't want them crossing over, especially to potentially a donald trump. i say that coming from your camp. you don't want them to say, my guy didn't win. my bernie sanders guy.
4:26 pm
>> super delegates are super delegates. and campaign is focused on delegates. people who have run. i've been a delegate before. you pledge yourself. that's the way you win the nomination. everybody else plays their role. and we have no idea what happened on the republican side. but democrats will come together. and launch out of philadelphia, the 45th president of the united states of america, with our nominee. >> bill? >> i may be old-fashioned. but i think politics is about more than math. i think it has a lot to do with heart, i think politics has a lot to do with psychology. you can't deny the numbers. but let's say bernie won michigan, if he wins ohio or illinois, good for secretary clinton, she won the red states but we're never going to carry in november. but i'm winning the blue states that we must carry and he goes on to new york and he is going
4:27 pm
to do, if he is still in there, and i believe he will be, he will do very well in california, oregon, washington state. then the super delegates are going to take a look and say, these are the states we have to win. who won those states. that could be the scenario or hillary could sweep them all. we will find out tomorrow. >> if hillary clinton is the nominee, she won't do well winning blue states. >> she is doing well now, mayor. >> absolutely. and she has won many as we have seen. >> she lost michigan. >> he is going to hound me all night. >> what do you think the biggest sticking point is for sanders? he is behind in the numbers. there has been argument over and over about the pragmatism versus idealism. the bernie sanders isn't a like
4:28 pm
it put that way because they are hoping for hope and change like obama's campaign was as well. but this issue of can he do what he put out there, do you think that's a sticking point for him in. >> it is a sticking point. we have all these democrats witness the presidency of barack obama. someone who came in was both the math candidate and movement candidate in it 2008 and beat hillary clinton in the numbers and on the map. but wasn't able to get a lot of things done because he had the reality of an obstinate congress. >> they agreed in the beginning. >> they did. but then don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good and that's something that i think is a purrful message to a lot of these democrats that had a lot of hope for obama. >> so to his tune to some of
4:29 pm
these things? >> he won michigan and other states. he looks poised to do well tomorrow and he is hanging in there. his message is working very well with these voters. >> you will be back with me. stay with me. i've got to get a break in. bill press, mayor nutter, nia-malika henderson, thank you so much. >> bernie sanders about to appear on the stage. you are looking at a live image of columbus, ohio. in just about a half an hour, the cnn democratic town hall begins. a cnn tv-one town hall. we will take you live there next. long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon.
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less than an hour now until two democratic candidates for president appear on that stage, the same stage for the last time until super tuesday 3 as it has been dubbed. it is not a debate. it is a town hall and you learn a lot about the candidates in these town halls. it is fascinating. not only will jake tapper moderate, but the voters will ask their questions directly to candidates. it is hosted by cnn and tv-one. it is in columbus, ohio. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are focused on the primary states of florida. all those voters going to the polls on tuesday.
4:34 pm
cnn politics editor mark preston. thank you for being with me. i always love this format. what do you think are issue number one for both of these candidates. what does sanders have to prove? what does clinton have to prove? >> two things. one is bernie sanders needs to convince the voters not only here in ohio but into missouri, north carolina and some extent, florida. that his proposals can be done, they are not pie in the sky as hillary clinton has tried to portray him as as quite successfully. for hillary clinton, she needs to show a softer side of herself and try to show that she is more believable perhaps more truthful. she has been damaged by all of the questions about her private e-mail server and actions in and around the benghazi scandal.
4:35 pm
they both have different things to prove. but this is a format where they could did that. there are no bells or timers. they are able to talk a little bit longer than they would during debate. quite frankly, it is not confrontation confrontational. this is an confrontational setting. >> sometimes voters ask very pointed difficult questions, mark. >> they do. questions can be tough and difficult. they can put the candidate back on their heels. what we won't see is in past republican debates and quite frankly in some of the democratic debates where you see the candidates clash and you see this ego power clashing against each other. you could actually see anger. but yes, they are asking questions sometimes that really catch them off guard. . it is interesting, i often get messages, where wow, we never thought that question was coming that way. >> when you look at the economy, this is an interesting
4:36 pm
predicament for hillary clinton. does she continue to embrace the obama economy? that got us from 8% unemployment to 9% and gas under $2 and top line numbers really strong but wage growth stagnant for the last 20 years or so, mark preston. does she embrace that more or try it walk the line while saying i will also be a change agent for middle class in america when it comes to the economy with kin to what bernie sanders is promising you. >> she certainly has embraced that agenda. in many ways she had to. if we look at the key voting block with african-americans, she has blown bernie sanders away. and that reason in many ways because of barack obama and his appeal to african-americans. but to your point too, she has been pushed to the left in many
4:37 pm
ways by bernie sanders. the clinton campaign never thought that bernie sanders would be where he is today. the fact that he is doing so well and winning states such as michigan, he could perhaps win in ohio or illinois. perhaps win missouri. that cost him by surprise so she has had to take on a more populous attitude when it comes to the economy. however, poppy, when she goes nootd general election, will she have to recal late that to bring in more independent voters, if she wins the primary. >> if she does. thank you, mark preston. live from columbus, ohio. you see the stage right there. where candidates will take the stage in less than half an hour. jake tapper moderates. many questions from the voters themselves. last chance for these candidates it make their final pitch to ohio voters before they head to polls tuesday. quick break. we're back in a moment. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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now to cnn exclusive, the man arrested after rushing the stage at donald trump rally in ohio yesterday is speaking for the first time to our martin savidge. look at this video. showing 22-year-old tommy dimossimo rushing the stage, trying to confront the republican front-runner p. he is charged with misconduct
4:42 pm
and inducing panic p. trump fired back saying the secret service did an excellent job stopping the maniac who ran on the stage. he has ties to isis and should be in jail. martin savidge was able to speak to that protester and asked him, what was he doing. watch. >> the dangers that exist in our country exist between donald trump and his people and whether or not i show up at a rally and try to do something you see that there is violence. there is violence when people just stand there and hold a sign. so the idea that they now feel like they are under attack is ironic and laughable because they are doing the actual attacking to the people. i in no way harmed anyone, intended to harm anyone. i'm an member of isis. i have no known ties to isis. i've never been out of the
4:43 pm
country. i only speak english. >> christian? >> yes, christian. i was raised in a southern baptist church. >> so given all that, what were you thinking? >> i was thinking that donald trump is a bully. and he was saying a lot of bold things, making a lot of bold claims. but i can see right through that. can i see that he is truly just a coward. he is opportunistic. and he is willing to destroy this country for power for himself. >> that's your motivation. but what were you thinking at that moment? why did you do what you did? >> i was thinking that i could get up on stage and take his podium away from him. and take his mike away from him and send a message to all people all in the country, who wouldn't
4:44 pm
approve what type of violence donald trump is allowing at his rallies and send them a message that we can be strong. we can find our strength and we can stand up against donald trump and this new wave he is rushing in. >> if you had made it to that stage, were you going to attack him? >> no. not at all. there would have been no point. donald trump is 6'3". i'm 5 t /* /- 5 doctor -- i'm 5'9" maybe. he is security and a lineman from ohio university. i thought my clanses chances o
4:45 pm
getting up on stage and to the podium would have been better. but he says scary things. lets his people do scary things. he has threatened mexico. islam. you name it. and yet i'm unafraid. and if i can be unafraid to take his podium away from him then we can all be afraid enough to not let this man into the white house. >> did you think that you could be killed? that the secret service would chute or do something that might harm you greatly to stop? because you are perceived as a threat. >> right. >> you look that video, looks like you are moving right on him. >> i would say that secret service is very well trained and they were able to immediately assess that i had nothing -- nothing in hi hands to harm him. >> did you have a weapon? >> no. secret service had metal detectors you today go through to go into the event. you had to empty your pockets. walk through a metal detector.
4:46 pm
the idea i somehow had a knife is ludacris and untrue. >> you did not have a knife? >> no. i was armed with an iphone 6s. that's about it. and my voice and my power. i knew that by jumping the fence, i would create an immediate threat and the secret service who are well train woed would assess that, see i was unharmed and hopefully not harm me. now. >> what other others possibly hurting you? say they missed you and hit someone in the audience? how would you live with that? >> i wouldn't -- again, i wouldn't say that is my fault. when an officer -- >> you triggered the event. >> right. but the event was a trigger long ago. the event was triggered -- >> that's philosophical thing. i'm talking about the specific -- you took an action, there could have been a reaction. no one else was hurt.
4:47 pm
but i wonder fed you contemplated that? >> yes. and i was able to say this is a donald trump rally. if these secret service men were surrounded by 100 protesters acting out, maybe they would have been more trigger happy. but i knew that in daton ohio, they knew that they were going to have to deal with a few protesters but nothing more than that. so it would be relatively calm. >> you will see much more from the cnn exclusive interview with that man who rushed the stage at that trump rally yesterday. in just a moment. stay with us. dic cuddles better than my husband does... ...but that's just between you and me. it's really cool to the touch. at mattress firm, get zero percent apr financing. visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. a moto light up the runway.color schwarzkopf presents color ultime. it's color blend formula locks pigment in for brilliant, vibrant colors. discover runway colors that last. color ultime, developed with claudia schiffer, from schwarzkopf.
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before the break, you heard are from the man who rushed the stage at that donald trump rally in ohio yesterday. we now know that he is 22-year-old tommy dimassimo and he has been charged with multiple, multiple different offenses for the action, and he tried to take the podium away he say says are from the republican frontrunner, and our marty savage sat down with him today with an exclusive interview trying to find out why he did that. take a listen. >> was this a spontaneous thing, and you were sort of standing there on the sidelines and then made your move? >> no, for some time since even back in november i watched donald trump rallies and was
4:50 pm
terrified, and i was like, this man is basically having a klan rally lite, and i said, this is going to become a problem that these people have a safe haven to be as boldly racist and violent as they want to be. and as time went on, i was right, and things have gotten more and more violent to the point now where his people are attacking protesters and using violence and threatening their lives, and it was in north carolina that a man attacked another manx a black man and said h he might have to kill him. and so it is to the point now where i have said that i have watched it and thought about what i want to do and the image i want to create and he is in dayton and it is time to do this. >> so you knew in advance you would doing something like this? >> yes, and i tweet ed about it. >> and now, he has rights, too, and those there who listen to him have right, and in other
4:51 pm
words, free speech, and they have a right to assemble and share ideas and you may not like the ideas -- >> right. >> and clearly you don't, but he has rights. >> and i have the right to heckler's veto and right to nonviolent civil disobedience. >> and was it nonviolent? you make the move to the stage, and it could be perceived as -- >> well, what do we define violence as? running? because if we are defining violence as running, then yes, i committed violence, but that is all i did. you perceived that violence was going to happen. but it didn't. >> well, unfortunately in history, with we have seen it happen and not with you, but other candidates and other times in history people have done things. >> yes, inside of rallies are where there is metal detectors that you to get through. i mean, again. >> and not in this country, i think of, but in others, but that is not the point. i am just saying that it with was the perception.
4:52 pm
wh what's been the reaction? and let me back you up. tell me, how did you begin, because i see that video, and you are already moving and you are already over to the barrier, and was it a barrier or what was in front of you? >> well, it looked like to me sot of a gray barricade sort of fr freestanding thing, and they had them loosely attached at the bottom. >> so you obviously purposely got yourself in that area? >> yeah, i got there very early in the morning and i waited in line to make sure that i would be close to the front and i positioned myself close to the stairs, but unfortunately when donald trump finally got off of the plane, and he showed up an hour late, and when he finally got there he came in with ten maybe secret service or 12, and the two on many my side, one was standing directly in front of me facing me the whole time, and the other was right behind him with the foot on the stair. so i realized that i wasn't going to be able to go up that
4:53 pm
way, and to my left, there was a 6'0" guy between them and a small gap. and i said, well, i have to time-out the moment when these two, because they look around and when these two are looking that way, and the guy over here is looking that way, and i will have a sliver of a chance to run between them. >> and the moment was chosen not by a word that donald trump said, but by the actions of the secret service? >> yes, i intentionally wanted to run up on the stage when he was going the reference chicago, and that is my goal, but as the rally began and secret service spread out, i realized throughout the entirele rally that i would have to rethink how i would get up on stage. >> so, you step over -- physically, what did you do? >> i put my foot -- >> do you remember it? >> yeah. so it didn't go all of the way down ground, but it is maybe like half a foot on the ground and i put my foot on there, and it had slits so i had a foot up and then i just pushed up and lift mid legs off.
4:54 pm
>> and you were focused on that stage? >> yeah, focused on getting up there, and it is not even anything about donald, but i am e focused on the microphone, because the second i can get to the microphone and clutch it in my hands i can speak and i have robbed him of the power and his voice even for a moment, and even for a moment that will transcend moments on social media and time and even if for a moment you can be taken, your power can be taken away from you, that we can keep you from becoming the worse president in the historyf of the united states. >> but you didn't even get close? >> well, i got my hands on the stage, and that is enough to show people that will have people out there who are not afraid, and we are not afraid of donald trump and the fearmongering. >> well, there are people who are afraid of what you did. you sort of traded one fear for another. >> the people who are afraid of what i did are also afraid of the nation of islam throughout the majority of the world is peaceful. they have their extremists and
4:55 pm
we have ours and they afraid of mexicans. >> but you created a scary moment, and i'm not saying that you equate on the levels of these people who carry out horrific crimes, but for a fraction of a second, it is a scary moment to see somebody making a move to the stage. >> i disagree with you, because they live in the constant state of fear him and his followers and that is all he does. he gets them to be afraid of this person, the mexicans, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, socialism, establishment republicans, mexicans, whoever, and he has gotten the followers afraid of pretty much everyone that is not him, and so he has all of the power, and so it does not matter, and it does not matter if i hop the fence or stand there with a sign, they are ready to attack at any moment. they are ready to defend themselves, because he has them e legitimately believing that their entire way of life, and their bank accounts and their homes and their country are all
4:56 pm
under attack, and they are under attack from the government and under at a tack from isis and islam, and mexicans and it is not true, and it is simply not true. martin savidge with that exclusive interview, and thank you for that. coming back, we will come back live in columbus, ohio, and that is the stage set for a big, big event, the democratic presidential town hall. stay with me. havi
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
-- captions by vitac -- cnn's up to hall is moments away as voters are heading to the polls tuesday and saturday, and democrats are making a big play for ohio and florida, and so what needs to be done tonight as we talk to our panel? >> well, trade, trade, trade, and she needs a message to give to the ohio voters, and the
4:59 pm
sanders will hammer her with that. >> i think that the trade agreements in the clinton years there was a net increase in jobs, and tonight, we want to hear from senator sanders, how you are going to do all of the things that you say that you are going to do, and we have not heard an explanation in light of the current political environment, and how are you going to do these things, and i have not heard that. >> and senator sanders is going to say, yes, we can, and yes, we k and hillary is going to say no, we can't, no, we can't, and we will have more on jobs and trade, and hard to believe that we will have any new issues, but clarification on the topics already, and let the games begin. >> yes. >> and i always love this townle hall format and you have questions that you learn more about the candidate and the best part is that they can answer questions directly from the vote voters. thank you all. so nice to have you here. and a big night ahead h, and it is time for hillary clinton and bernie sanders to take the questions from the voters in
5:00 pm
ohio as they try to win support ahead of tuesday's crucial primary, and it is the democratic town hall and hosted by our own jake tapper and tvone's roland martin. i'm poppy harlow in new york, and do not go anywhere, because the town hall begins right now. we are live in ohio. the democratic candidates for president are here. >> and the voters have fewer than two days to make up their minds. >> announcer: tonight, the the democrats are in ohio answering directly to voters in one of the key battleground states. >> i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving. >> we have a long, long way to go to rebuild the american middle-class. >> announcer: hillary and bernie sanders sharing the spotlight and the scrutiny. >> it matters with what you say when you run for president of the united states of america. >> announcer: pressure is mounting as the the fight for delegates en


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