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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> terrorists have struck belgium. >> at the airport two explosions which authorities believe were coordinated suicide attacks. >> are you hearing explosions? >> the second explosion went. and then everything is black. >> people were shouting and running around. people were on the floor. people were injured. >> an hour later, an and a few
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miles away another explosion inside of a busy metro. >> there was smoke. we heard and saw the blast. >> the metro immediately stopped. power and lights turned off. >> they lifted the terror threat level to four. the second time since the second world war this has happened. the first was in the immediate aftermath of the paris terror attacks. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. our breaking news on "legal view" comes to us overseas. this is "legal view" but hours after devastating explosions and the defacto capital of europe, isis now making a very bold claim. that they are responsible for what has happened and has played out on television sets all over the world. in an on-line statement, just claiming that several islamic state fighters carried out
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suicide attacks at the main international airport in brussels. a subway station near the headquarters of the european union. belgian authorities now put the death toll at 28. with almost 200 others hurt. among them, three mormon missionaries from utah. before we get in to the latest developments, i want to take you inside of that smoke-filled departure hall. a pitch black train stuation maalbe maalbeek station moments after the blasts went off
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[ screaming ] [ crying child ] >> before this claim by isis, investigators said least one of the two near simultaneous explosions at the airport was in fact the work of a suicide
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bomber, but that the other bomb, the second bomb may have in fact been hidden in a suitcase. belgian media reports that a rifle was found at the scene at that airport. hours later security forces blew up up what they said was a suspicious package at that airport. brussels itself is on virtual lockdown with its terror alert level raised to the maximum and police conducting raids in search of suspects and evidence of curt plots. it was just last friday, you'll remember, these pictures when the raid was underway in the brussels suburb of molenbeek. salah abdeslam, a suspect in the paris attacks which happened last fall. security is being increased visibly and otherwise across western europe and across this country, as well. we have also learned that two belgian nuclear power plants
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have been evacuated of all but what are called the essential staff and personnel. for his part, president obama, who is in the middle of a visit to cuba, he got his briefing here, this morning from his national security adviser susan rice and homeland security security adviser lisa monaco after he addressed the attacks in a speech on u.s.-cuban relations. >> the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium. we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting
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against the scourge of terrorism. >> sadly have this update. no sooner had i reported the death toll, it has gone up. we're now learning from the belgian government the death toll is 30. those who were injured in these twin attacks, 230. i can break that out for you this way. at the airport, ten people lost their lives. in the metro station, 20 people lost their lives. of course these numbers may end up up changing, but you can see from the map the distance between those two terror sites, the time simply about one hour. as always, cnn is covering the story like no one else. our cnn international correspondent is joining us and evan perez is live in washington, d.c. and here in new york our cnn terrorism analyst paul cruickshank is here working his sources. he grew up in brussels.
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i want to go to you at the location. we heard so many developments have been happening from raids around that city, patrols and also transit stations closed and nuclear plants evacuated. take me there and give me the latest. >> well, this heavy traffic behind me, ashleigh, are people who have been rerouted by police officers around the airport. these are commuters trying to get home and stay home as the belgian prime minister has asked all of the residents in this city. he said, if you are somewhere safe, stay there. if you are moving, than please do not leave your home. allow for the deployment of soldiers on to the streets. they are also shutting down schools. they have evacuated shopping centers today. i want to bring you up to date. as you said, sadly, because of the real critical state of some of these injuries, that death toll is changing almost moment
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by moment. the toll here at the airport is at ten any longer. it is 14. the expectation is that could continue to climb. the red cross has asked any of those who can come forward to give blood to please do so. this is a city that is really still reeling and throughout in the operation to try to tighten the noose around the people who carried out this attack is ongoing. house raids investigation. the security sources we just spoke to said at the moment their working assumption is this is part of the same broader network that carried out the paris attacks. they are searching through familiar names, some of the same people and the same conspiracy they have been searching for throughout the last few months. i want to caution it is early on in the investigation and that network is extraordinarily broad. not only that carried out the paris attacks but they believe
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it was intending to carry out fresh attacks. you can only imagine the scope of the challenge that's ahead of authorities here today. >> i am just looking at the numbers that you recount from your location, 14 dead at the airport. obviously a lot of communications gaps still. i want to welcome our viewers around the world who are joining our network broadcast. the government originally updating the figures to ten dead at the airport and 20 at the metro station. we are hearing now from our correspondent that the death toll at the airport is 14. we will keep up-to-date on the death toll and those injured. and in the meantime there's been a robust response so far domestically speaking. i'm looking at the number of alerts that have come out about amtrak screenings, airport security changes and cities, all around this country beefing up their various different security presence at all of these
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high-traffic areas, depending whether they are tourism or whether they are airports or transit. walk me through the government response from the nation's capital. >> one thing on the mind of officials across the country is the fact that the targets that were targeted in belgium today are the softest of targets. we are talking public transportation, the airport, the metro. these are assets that are almost impossible for authorities to secure. so that's when of the reasons you are seeing an increased presence because least perhaps they can secure this they can show an increased presence it may discourage any copycat attacks. again copycat attacks is foremost on the minds of u.s. counterterrorism and intelligence officials. there's no indication or intelligence indicating that there's any plots here in the united states, but one of the first things that happened this morning was conference calls
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among counterterrorism and fbi officials to try to make sure they check in on some of the high-profile targets they have. people who are there monitoring, known extremists on their list who might be motivated to carry out a copycat attack, or something simply because of what happened in belgium. that's also going on behind the scenes. we have seen increased checks at train terminals, such as penn station, union station in washington. the metro is doing additional security screenings. with ve seen increased police presence in prominent locations in new york city and cities across the country. again, there's no indication or intelligence of any possible plots here in the united states, but because these are the softest of targets, very difficult to secure, officials want to make sure they have increased their vigilance. >> as you say that i want people to know that new york city no stranger to one of the worst terror attacks in this country of all time.
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also, beefing up not only with its counterterrorism response command but strategic response group, the hercules team, they are all dispatched and there will be a heavy presence of security seen visually seen to send a message through crowded areas, transit locations, all around new york city. all of this, as we said before, isis has put out a claim of responsibility. perhaps no surprise, the political candidates were already talking about islamic terror before any claim of responsibility. we will get to that later in the program. but paul cruickshank, there's a working assumption with belgium security officials at this time that this maybe the same cell that was operating in the paris attacks last fall. >> right. rewind it a week ago. belgian security forces went in to an apartment in a district of brussels there expecting the property to be empty. inside were three isis gunmen who were part of the paris
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attacks. one of those were salah abdeslam. sam sal g salah abdeslam got away and eventually was arrested. they found a rifle, ammunition and detonators. all suggesting there was an active plot in the works by those very same cell that carried out the paris attacks. one of the isis terrorists killed in that raid a week ago in brussels is believed to have been the coordinator of the paris attacks, communicating with the attacks in realtime from brussels during the paris attacks. this discovery of weapons and explosives suggest there was a new plot in the works. obviously they were able to recover those weapons and explosives, but there were other teams of terrorists elsewhere in brussels, ready potentially to
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strike. one of those is an individual by the name of najim lashrali. his dna was found in the bomb factory used in the paris attack suggesting he could have been the bomb maker, somebody able to put together a suicide vest which may have been used in these attacks. >> as you were talking we had other breaking news that we are receiving here. that is the u.s. european command, designation within the american military forces, has put out a statement saying that one u.s. service member and his family were, and i'm going to quote them, caught up in this tragedy. we're not being told yet the circumstances of this u.s. service member, whether that service member and the family members were at the airport or at the metro station. those two sites of the twin bombing in brussels, belgium.
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we are getting confirmation that u.s. service member and his family or her family, we're not clear either one, also caught up in this tragedy. we will continue to follow that. by the way, the fbi in this country has boosted its surveillance of current members that are suspicious in this country who have been under surveillance up until now. they have boosted the surveillance of suspected extremist. a lot of frenetic activity following the pictures on the screen. what happened earlier this morning in brussels, belgium. both the airport and a metro station, as we mentioned, were bombed. me metro station in the heart of brussels. perhaps, a signifying message from isis because there's a very important strategic building close by. and that is the european union. we're also after the break going to speak to the secretary general of nato. the member nations of nato
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liberty mutual insurance. digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. around the world as we look at the death toll. 30 killed and 230 wounded. each of these attacks about one hour apart. you can see the distance between the airport and the maalbeek subway station in the heart of brussels proper took place. i can tell you this as well, belgian authorities are telling cnn they have provided u.s. officials with the joint terror
9:20 am
task force surveillance photographs. surveillance photographs from the airport. those photographs, which we are working to clear and bring you right away, are possibly of the suspect involved. there are three people pictured in the photograph, thought to be involved. they are pushing very heavy luggage carts in the airport. investigation clearly ongoing, but the notion there's this sharing of information between the belgian authorities than joint terror task force officials here in the united states critical to this. worldwide investigation of what is increasingly a worldwide problem. i want to bring in nato secretary general who is joining me live from brussels. thank you for being with us today. first and foremost, i want to make sure you and your family members and colleagues are all safe. i understand a lot of these offices are close to the maalbeek metro station that was attacked. is everyone okay in your general
9:21 am
vicinity? >> yes. everyone in nato headquarters are okay. the nato headquarters is very close to the airport. we have been very focused today to make sure that are safe and they use the airport often and also use the metro system often. so, the people here at nato headquarters are very much affected by what happened in brussels today. >> you are the former prime minister of norway. so you know full well what it is like for each of these countries, and i'm sure the european union and those in proximity as well of belgium of what every nation is going through. the politics, logistics, security and all of that. but mr. prime minister, if i can ask you from your nato position, the 28-member nations themselves are all part of the global
9:22 am
coalition fighting isis, but nato itself is an entity is not. is there anything that may change that? is there a need to change that? >> the attacks in brussels today reminds us of how important it is that we stand together in the fight against terror across nations, ethnic groups and religions. all nato allies are part of the coalition fighting isil, but in addition nato has alliances also playing a key role. we have to remember, our biggest military operation was a response against the attacks in 9/11 against the united states. also working with countries like iraq, jordan, and other countries to enable them to fight terror and start training of iraqi officers this month to
9:23 am
step up our efforts in the fight against the terror. >> mr. prime minister, does today's attack in brussels change anything in terms of the robust nature of nato's commitment to fighting isis? might there be more pressure on member nations of nato to step up their commitment, be them personnel, be them military equipment, be it money. is there anything that might change right now because of what's happened in brussels? >> we are constantly assessing how we can fight terror in the most effective way. this is not the first terrorist attack we have seen over the last years. we have seen several. so we have done a lot and continue to mobilize in the fight against terror. nato allies work very closely
9:24 am
together. it's about using military means, as we do when we fight isil and terrorist organizations, but it is also about exchanging intelligence, cooperation, police and the ideological fight against the message, the values of the terrorist organizations and isil. so we have to do many different things at the same time. in addition nato is working with turkey. we have surveillance planes and other assets along the turkish-syrian border to help protect and augment them in their efforts to fight terrorism. >> again, mr. prime minister, if i'm not mistaken, you have some high-level meetings last month with the united states secretary of defense ash carter. i'm not entirely clear what was on your entire agenda, but did
9:25 am
you discuss the possibility of further attacks within the european borders, and what nato commitment might be or how they might change? >> we had a meeting with secretary of defense ash carter in brussels some weeks ago. there of course we did discuss how we can work together fighting terrorism and also increasing cooperation with nato allies, and partner nations. that's partly about helping countries in the region, like for instance iraq, to enable them to fight terrorism themselves. that's the reason why we are stepping up our training of iraqi forces this month. but it is also about how we can
9:26 am
do more when it comes to exchanging information, intelligence, so we are better able to defend ourselves against terrorist attacks. the fight against terrorism is going to take time. it's going to cost -- it will require a lot of effort. but as long as we are able to stand together. as long as we are able to work together, we will win because this is not only an attack on innocent people, but also an attack on the core values of our open free societies and we have to stand together in defending 0 our open free societies. >> so many world leaders are weighing in with exactly those same sentiments. i thank you so much. navy secretary general soltenberg, thank you. we appreciate it. some of the pictures you are seeing on the screen right now, if you look closely you will see children and mothers huddling together amid strewn about
9:27 am
luggage carts and even closer baby carriages. this is what witnesses were seeing. the witnesses who were involved. in their own words, coming up next, you will hear their account of the carnage and chaos. two separate locations, so many wounded, so many dead. that's coming up. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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state of alert following the explosion in brussels. isis claimed responsibility for the twin terror attacks in
9:32 am
belgium. as a result, 30 are dead. more than 230 are injured. two of those took place at the main international airport and the other happening at a subway station near the headquarters at the european union i may add. they have raised the terror theft to the highest level. we are hearing from witnesses, including one woman who describes what she experienced at the airport the moments the explosions occurred. >> after five minutes i heard an explosion and the ceiling coming down. i go under the sink and the second explosion went and everything is black. when i go out i see a lot of people with -- they run out of the airport.
9:33 am
like chaos there. >> the witness accounts of the terror attacks today in belgium are absolutely heart breaking and give us a richer picture of the horrors that unfolded in the blink of an eye. a reporter for "politico" in europe walked two miles to get to the brussels airport so she could gather some of the stories of these eyewitnesses. julia, tell me some of the things they recounted to you. >> so, one of the witness i interviewed told me that he saw a couple that withdrawing cash and heard a loud booming and the second after in the woman had lost her legs. and the husband, which was next to her had lost one leg and
9:34 am
police officer which had run as soon as he heard the explosion also lost one leg. another person i interviewed, his hands were covered in blood said that he saw a man whose chest was completely open. another man with no head. whose body was still moving and shaking and third witness i interviewed was covered in blood and in shock obviously. he said he normally sleeps in the parking lot of the airport and he had gone to the third floor to use the toilet and suddenly all he could see was blood and dead people with no head lying around, glass everywhere. horrifying descriptions. people were very confused and in
9:35 am
shock. they gathered outside of the airport. >> jewel giulia a, can i ask you about the account of a woman you came across she was holding a baby and she was screaming where's my baby and you had a conversation with her. can you recount that for me? >> one of the witnesses i spoke to was telling me about this woman i didn't directly speak to her. but the story i was told is what this woman in the third floor where allegedly the second bomb exploded who was leaning over for her son. the person i spoke to said look, you have your baby, you are holding it. and she said i'm not looking for this baby. i'm looking for my other baby. she had lost it. she had no idea where it was, whether it was still alive. and yeah, that is what i was
9:36 am
told. >> i so appreciate you giving us the time. i know you had a terribly busy day. that you have encountered a lot of awful stories. i appreciate you helping us understand what the people that went through this what they were going through at the time thank you for that. as we mentioned at the top of the hour, the attacks in brussels have put american cities on heightened alert. we will look at what is being done to keep americans safe here in the united states, and what you are asked now to be on the lookout for. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. it recognizes pedestriansligent driand alerts you.ems.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. the terror attacks in
9:40 am
brussels are putting major cities in the united states under a heightened alert. airports across the united states from new york to washington, chicago, atlanta, philadelphia, all of them boosting their police presence. some you see, some you do not. but it certainly does mean more uniformed and plain clothed officers and bomb-sniffing dogs, k-9 units on locations. last hour, new york city mayor bill de blasio said this city is taking the threat seriously. >> we in new york city stand ready to fight against terror in every way. let me say at the outset, there's no specific and credible threat against new york city at this time, but we are in a high state of vigilance and readiness. >> cnn aviation correspondent renee marsh is live at reagan international airport in washington, d.c. i said a moment ago that some of
9:41 am
these security measures that are implemented today, you will not see, some you will. tell me what you are experiencing there. >> ashleigh, when i pulled up here at reagan international airport, first of all, all of the garages are full. that speaks to that this is a high traffic volume time as far as air travel. a lot of people here throughout the airport. they gave me a chance to see there is that visible presencism saw s.w.a.t. officers walking throughout the terminal. specifically in this area before the security check point. they got their long guns. there are also bomb-sniffing dogs. it's not just here in the nation's capital, the same scenario is playing out in many airports across the nation. specifically major cities, los angeles, new york city, atlanta, miami, they are all taking precautions, stepping up their presence. as you know, tsa isn't involved
9:42 am
in security in these areas before you get to the check point. this all falls on the airports and also falls on law enforcement. so, not only are they focused here by places like the ticket counters but also outside, the roadways, paying close attention to any vehicle that maybe there longer than it should be. depending on the airport set up you may have officers asking people who are pulling in to the airport grounds, asking them questions about whether they are going and where their destination is. the key here is really for them to be random because they don't want anyone to know what to expect. i was just speaking with a police chief at one of the major airports here in the united states, and he says, look, it's really difficult to protect these soft targets. they do all they can, but there's no way to predict who's going to do what. they can have the presence there, but i there's no way,
9:43 am
ashleigh, for you to screen every single person before they get on the airport grounds. that's why the vulnerability remains and is a concern for them. >> yeah, those soft targets. in chicago they are asking staff members in the airport to be extra vigilant. every one of those airports i listed out as stepped up security and aren't necessarily saying what or why which is obviously another statement right there. the port authority here in new york, as well, stepping up presence at the world trade center for obvious reasons. rene, i will let you go for a moment. i want to skip over to penn station where deb feyerick is standing by. i'm assuming people there have heard the news and there's a difference as you walk around. you can probably see the evidence of what mayor de blasio was talking about. >> we can. we have been watching it all morning. when we first got here, we saw police officer was checking bags. there have been announcements to the affect they will be checking
9:44 am
bags. it is difficult to make out but there are heavily armed police officers just on the other side, standing under the 11 and 12 west gate there. national guard have been walking around, as well. there's a sense of an increased alertness and awareness. i come through a couple of times every month. there's always a presence, but the presence here is significant today in terms of the number of people and making sure that the k-9s are going through, sweeping the bags. we are hearing the same thing going on. we're told, miami, washington, massachusetts, as well. all of these main hubs are taking precautions. the mayor said there is no threat. what we do know is nypd intelligence authorities, as well as intelligence authorities across the country are making sure they scrub all of their information. again, you never know what sort of link maybe developed overseas that could be applicable here in the united states. so it is not just a question of adding some security but it is also a question of making sure they know specifically what is
9:45 am
going on and what's taking place. they are looking at that carefully. we are told that cia are also running this to make sure there is no threat to the u.s. or u.k. >> just this yes or no question if you could. our correspondent in washington, d.c. said the union station she witnessed police pulling random passengers and going through their luggage, doing random luggage screening. are you seeing anything like that there? >> no. we haven't. just the bags they are carrying on. we notice when there is an attack like this they have k-9s on the trains themselves and they are also not only checking sort of the passengers but also the bags. so that's something they do routinely. i can't help -- and you know as well, on friday, the french president francois hollande, during a press conference essentially announcing the capture of salah abdeslam made reference to airports and it is
9:46 am
not clear if that was protocol, doing it as a precaution or whether there was additional information he was aware of. it is very clear, no one in law enforcement, certainly in europe knew how extensive this network was until they began these sweeps, these round ups. some 700 people under arrest in provisional detention or at large. so they have been doing this and working hard. >> i will repeat the fbi has been stepping up surveillance of people who were already suspicious. people they had suspicions about, they have been stepping up surveillance after what happened in brussels. there's been increased presence of special forces in one of the neighborhoods not far from you, am i correct? >> a central brussels neighborhood, but police, we understand, are searching for a man they are claiming is the
9:47 am
third attacker. they put out his likeness in to the public domain. they are asking for information on him and there are ongoing searches in the neighborhood. eyewitnesss have reported to us seeing police special forces. one woman, they were searching the house next door to her. they also, we understand, have cordoned off the train station and are searching everyone going in to that station. now we are really starting to see evidence of that search, that manhunt operation that police have been carrying out since this attack this morning. >> i want to ask you, the belgian authorities -- i reported earlier on that they confirmed to cnn they have supplied the united states officials with the joint terror task force with a photograph and with intelligence about three men pushing heavy luggage carts through the airport. i don't know if you have been able to see the photograph, or
9:48 am
if you have a description. we are looking carefully to clear -- you would never want to put a photograph out until you have it 100% sure that it is the ak ray photograph. what can you tell us about those three people pictured? >> we understand from security sources it's the man to the right of that picture n the light-colored coat. he's the man currently being sought. this picture is going to be released in to the public domain here. police are asking people to look at it carefully and see if anyone has any information about the man to the right of that picture. we understand that that is really what all of these sweeps have been about. earlier today, the ministry of interior confirmed there was a controlled detonation of what appeared to be, to them, a third undetonated suicide vest. that man is wanted in connection with that third undetonated suicide vest. authorities here are asking people not to approach the man in that picture.
9:49 am
they believe him to be dangerous, but they are asking for any information that anyone can come forward. >> just outside of brussels. when we come back, we will show you live pictures we are getting in to cnn from the subway station in brussels at the heart of the city where one of those coordinated attacks happened. coming up next, the significance of that target and the timing of today's terror attacks. why brussels, and why now? and what about the terror suspect who was captured just on friday? could investigators be squeezing new information from him? don't let dust and allergies get between you
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we want to welcome our viewers an the world and in the united states as we continue our coverage of the twin terror attacks in brussels, belgium. one at the airport and one at a metro station in the heart of the city. the death toll tragically we were at 200 -- let me get the update for you, if i can. we were at 230 at this point injured with a death toll of 30 at last count, but we are still watching that number as it is very fluid and those numbers are changing on a regular basis. a couple of things i can update you. as you look at your map of the maalbeek subway station there is a neighborhood with an active operation with a number of special forces members that can be seen in the area. i can tell you this, belgian authorities have asked for an effect blackout. it is extraordinary. almost rare to hear of something like this as they continue their search for what they think might
9:55 am
be a third operator who may have escaped after an attack in the airport. there's a photograph they are about to circulate publicly so they can ask people to weigh in and look at the photograph and identify one of the men. there are three men in the photograph, all carrying heavy luggage carts. it is possible the special forces operation is in search of that particular person. i can tell you that isis has claimed responsibility for these terror attacks. all of this days after the capture of salah abdeslam, one of the key members on the loose from the terror attacks in paris last fall. i want to bring in our international diplomatic editor nic robertson reporting from london. former navy intelligence officer and counterterrorism and author of "defeating isis who they are, how they fight and why they believe" is joining us. if i can go to you nic robertson first and foremost. something we are finding out about the architecture of the
9:56 am
airport and how it may have helped reduce td the number of casualties. can you explain. >> i have been to some of the places where suicide bombers have detonated their explosives and the force of the explosion goes upwards. we saw a lot of debris at the ceiling. we have heard reports from people who were eyewitnesses of the attack there who say how the debris of the ceiling went down. when you look at the ceiling it is very high. when we look at the death toll, staggering and horrible as it is and looked at the videos and heard the terrible cries of pain and children screaming, only ten and i say only ten but i use those words carefully, ten people were killed at the airport. even though we know there were two explosions there. but on the subway, where there was only one explosion, a contained carriage, a metal tube that had been the target of
9:57 am
terrorists from ail k terrorists fr terrorist from al-qaeda to isis. the way the explosion goes upwards perhaps saved some people in the immediate vicinity but we know a lot of people were wounded with leg injuries from apparently the suitcase bomb there and bolts found, typical of an isis and al-qaeda type bomb. >> if i can interrupt for a moment, i want to put this photo up. we have been waitingen the photograph. these are the three suspects at this point that belgian authorities suspect may have been involved in the explosion at the airport. the gentleman on the right side with the tan jacket is the person they are suggesting maybe on the loose. they are asking people in
9:58 am
belgium and farther to keep an eye out at this point he maybe wanted for questioning. they are not calling him a suspect at this time but they are asking if you recognize that person. again, we have an international audience with us right now. if you recognize that person there they are asking you to contact authorities immediately. they want to question that person. they have shared this photograph with all three of these men pushing the luggage carts with united states terror official and shared other intelligence, as well. our nic robertson reported earlier on that the report from last week, that the lawyer for salah abdeslam said he was cooperating after his arrest on friday in brussels in connection with the terror attacks in paris, france last fall, may have actually signalled to his terror cell out there step up whatever plans you have. accelerate whatever plans you have. they said he was cooperating and
9:59 am
that may have meant their window may have been closing. i want to bring in malcolm on that topic if i can. i know you have studied this so deeply as a former counterterrorism official as well. does that sound like a per feskt opportunity for them whether this plan was ready to go or not, do what you can, attack where you can and exact as much as you can. >> that's right. you have to understand, terrorist attacks are not dictated by your nation's counterterrorism forces, armed forces or political structure. they are dictated by the cell commander. when he decides to go, he will have a go, no-go sequence of checklist that he will go down. if he believes that something compromised the mission, like capturing of salah abdeslam, or that he believes the forces are moving in on them, he may decide since it is a suicide bomb attack execute now. >> at this point, was it thought that salah abdeslam may have become a cell leader? >> i'm not convinced of that at
10:00 am
all. i don't have the intelligence on that. french and belgium intelligence will be working that, but the way that salah abdeslam abandoned his mission, which was to attack stade de france and dropped his weapon system and cell phone led me to believe he had a moment of conscious and left the structure. went to molenbeek and holed up up. >> thank you for your insight. we appreciate it. we are continuing to watch this breaking news out of brusselss. wolf starts right now. >> terrorism as struck belgium. >> at the airport two ex


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