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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  March 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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on the trail and today a big day for a couple of states around the country. david chalian, thank you so much. thank you so much for being with me here. i'm brooke baldwin. continuous breaking coverage with anderson cooper starts right now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. . two separate isis attacks timed an hour apart, kill 30 people, and injure at least 230 others. now, a massive global manhunt is under way for the man in this
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picture, ongoing raid in belgium, a helicopter flying overhead. police already uncovered a bomb with nails for shrapnel, chemicals and isis plag. i'm anderson cooper, in for jake tapper. we start "the lead" with breaking news. video inside the brussels airport. belgian prosecutor say these are the men who unleashed terror. the twoen 0 the left, according to the prosecutor, probably suicide bombers. now european police asking for help identifying the man on the right in a hat and light colored jacket. they think he survived the attack. cnn is working its sources on both side of the atlantic right now. fred pleitgen and atika shubert in brussels. fred, you're in a suburb of brussels. raids in just the past hour. 's going on? >> there's been a big raid going on here, anderson. when we got however over an hour
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ago there was police activity near the cordon behind me. there was a police chopper that showed up and it hovered above the area for i would say at least half an hour and there was definitely someone with a rifle who was in the open door of that helicopter, repeatedly pointing at some sort of area. also had a search light on. we've also seen a lot of police vehicles going into the cordon, a lot going out. the military has been around as well. the latest we have from the authorities, that is apparently they have recovered some chemicals, some explosives, some nails, as well as isis flag. so, clearly the raid here has netted something. it's unclear whether anybody has been taken into custody. but also, the entire area inside the cordon has been emptied of people. they've taken all civilians inside into buses, all out, waiting here for hours, as they conduct these search operations inside. there are a lot of cops around, a lot of activity with police
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vehicles going in and out of the area right now. >> fred plik tin, thanks very much. atika shoe bart at brussels airport the scene of the start of the terror attacks this morning. all of this comes four days after the capture of one of the world's most wanted men outside the same city, salah abdeslam. he's the sole surviving attacker behind november's paris attacks. are belgian security officials operating under the assumption the events are connected to his apprehensio apprehension? >> reporter: well, that is one of the possibilities they are looking at. trying to see whether or not any of the suspects you see in that photo from the surveillance video may be connected to abdeslam. what analysts and experts have been saying this is not an attack that could have happened overnight, however. this is something, especially with the explosives used, must have taken a lot of planning. so this is gone at least several
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weeks, possibly months of planning in the work. to build the kinds of bombs used in both the airport attack and the metro station attack what happen we know happened at the airport was that there were two explosive devices at least, possibly a third, two of them detonated, however, and they -- the prosecutors and police believe they were detonated by suicide bombers. in that photo, you see two men dressed in blacking each wearing one glove. police are looking at now whether or not that glove actually hid a detonation device. so this is the line of investigation that police are looking at, trying to identify the men in those photos but also specifically what kind of explosives, what kind of detonation device was used than will tell them who was the man who actually made these bombs. >> also, what sort of explosive, whether it does have any connection to the suicide vests that were used in the paris
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attacks. i want to bring in pamela brown in. >> reporter:ing me in washington. she has the latest. >> i can tell you, speaking of bombs, right now the residue from the bomb is be being tested in the laboratory. authorities are trying to identify the man in the white jacket. the belief is there are more people connected to that man's network. the concern right now to prevent follow-on attacks. >> reporter: this airport surveillance picture shows three men suspected in a terror attack in brussels today. belgian officials say the two men in black carried out the suicide attack at the airport, and they believe the black gloves they're wearing on their left hands may have been to conceal detonators. a massive manhunt is under way for the man in the white jacket on the right. the first explosion ripped through the crowded brussels airport at 8:00 a.m. sending people running for their lives. the halls of the terminal filled with spoke.
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terrified passengers dropped to the floor and huddled together. >> i heard an explosion, that was the first one. >> reporter: minutes later, a second blast inside the airport. >> i hear an explosion. the ceiling is coming down. i go under the sink. and the second explosion went. everything is black. >> reporter: an hour later, just a few miles away at the maalbeek metro station in brussels a third explosion, tunnel filled with smoke as passengers trying to fine their way through the dark to safety. >> i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's really hard. >> reporter: brussels is put on lockdown. >> we feared a terrorist attack would happen and this is what happened. at the airport and at a metro station in brussels, terrorists have committed murder. >> reporter: the metro station is just one mile from where police raided an apartment and
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captured salah abdeslam last week. one of the suspected ring leaders in the paris attacks. investigators believe the same terror net work is responsible for today's attacks. as victims in brussels, some wrapped in blankets, are transported to safety, police fan out across the city searching for anyone who was involved. >> so scared. i feel like it's the end of the world. >> the investigators believe attacks were already in the works before abdeslam was arrested and they were accelerated after his arrest. investigators said, over the weekend, abdeslam was cooperating but the question remains, how much he knew about these attacks this morning. >> the fact that the investigators said he was cooperating, did that then encourage any of these attackers to accelerate their plan. >> right. and the squeeze has been on, we saw raids happen over the weekend. one official said, the more you put the squeeze on, the more there's going to be a reaction. >> pamela brown. joining me, adam schiff of
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california. thank you for being with us. >> you bet. >> you just got the latest briefing. what can you tell us? first, about the people in the photographs, do you know anything more about them? >> all i know at this point is there's reason to believe they may have come from that location where the search was conducted and there may be witnesses that are knowledgeable about their transportation to the airport. so they i think are connected to the location. but still a lot we don't know. we don't know, for example, whether communication at some point with abdeslam. whether part of the same facilitation ring connected to paris. a lot of mow does on pperandi ls the same, nature of the targets, potentially explosives. again, still waiting for the specifics. >> so, the neighborhood that's being searched right now, it's believed, at least one or more of the people in that photograph, the airport, came from that neighborhood? in certainly believe to think
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that the attackers may have come from that location. i don't know that they know for sure that it's connected to the people in the photograph although that photograph, given you have two people with one glove certainly looks like there's reason to believe they may have been imcomplicated. >> is it clear to you whether that person who is believed to have gotten away, the person in that photograph, is a coordinator in a elizabethkingia meningospeticaer sense? we knee no the attacks abu on the ground coordinator took part we know in some of the attacks. do we know if grouping at airport is directly connected to the group at the subway station. i think we all assume that's the case. this is one cell operating that attack mult. >> targets at the same time. but there could be others that are out there now which is why brussels is on heightened state
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of alert. a lot of people have come back from the fight, as i'm sure you pointed out. belgium produce more per capita to the fight. a lot of people at large and the extent of the facilitation ring we don't know. people in paris, berlin, elsewhere can't afford to rest a an attack leike this requires a fair am of planning. it couldn't have been ginned up in the last day. >> the arrest of salah abdeslam, it may have caused other plotters to say we need to move now. it may be the attacks could have been far worse had that arrest may not been made, it may have accelerated the timetable. >> in terms of cooperation, so much concern in wake of the
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charl"charlie hebdo" attacks ab cooperation within europe. has that gotten better? data sharing, information sharing? >> only marginally better. europe has this predicament, they are have to decide to let people move freely. they have tried to break down some stove pipe but sometimes it requires legislative or parliamentary action. there's a lot of suspicion in the european union, criticism. you can see french authorities criticizing the belgians. >> in terms of logistic, it seems like belgian authorities are overwhelm by the sheer volume and capabilities. >> belgium ramped up capabilities and personnel but it takes time to train those people. when they ramp up to the degree they have planned, there's still going to be inadequate to the
1:12 pm
task because you have so many foreign fighters come back. given the refugee and migrant flows, keeping tr ining track o come back into the country is enormously difficult. if you don't have enough information to arrest those that have returned, if you can't prove they have material support to terrorism you have to watch or try 4/7 which is manpower intensive. >> congressman adam schiff. more breaking news, law enforcement around the world on high alert, what's being done in the united states to protect soft targets all of that and more ahead.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back to "the lead." i'm anderson cooper in for jake tapper. breaking news. two senior u.s. officials tell cnn they believe the deadly terror attacks in belgium are tied to the paris cell that massacred 130 last year, the same network with salah abdeslam was a part of. abdeslam was arrested this past friday after months of being on the run. the terror attack in brussels is also raising the alarm here at
1:17 pm
home, local state and federal law enforcement officials stepping up security measures of transportation hubs and landmark sites. right to cnn's rene marsh live at reagan national airport in washington. the attack happened in the departure area before anybody went through security. it's traditionally the most vulnerable part of an airport. authorities worried about this attack for a long time. >> reporter: after the brussels attack it is a deadly reminder to show how difficult it is to protect soft targets areas outside security checkpoints, airport entrances like where i am, train stations. although the federal government is saying there is no credible thre thre security response we've seen the attack overseas stoked increased concerns for the u.s. transit system. >> reporter: this scene in
1:18 pm
europe has led to this scene in the united states. new york is adding police and national guard with heavy weapons to locations around the city. high visibility, anti-terrorist patrols can be seen in the subway system where officers are checking bags for explosives and the city's three major airports has seen stepped up security. >> expect to see extraordinary nypd presence out over the coming days as a sign of our readiness to protect people at all times. >> reporter: airports and cities across the country, including atlanta, boston, chicago, miami, and los angeles, have also ramped up the security presence, police chief patrick gannon overseas l.a.x., one of the world's busiest airport. >> we never want to be predictable. we also feel if you're predictable, you're vulnerable. >> reporter: soft targets like train stations and u.s. airports have been a security concern. areas like passenger drop off,
1:19 pm
airline ticket counters, baggage game, and all other areas before the security checkpoint are potentially susceptible. >> we employ our own intel analysts that provide us with airport specific and transportation system specific information that helps us in our daily deployment of our officers. >> canines are trained, i think best in the country. >> reporter: in the nation's capital, bomb sniffing dogs and s.w.a.t. can be seen on patrol. amtrak police are conducting random bag collects and ongoing show of force around the country. we just got word that tsa will deploy viper teams to major airports across the country. these are specialized teams using everything from canines to advanced screening technology to further enhanced security already in place.
1:20 pm
all taking this seriously. >> understandable. right to our panel or terrorism experts and talk about what they're learning about the attacks. senior editor at "daily beast," michael weiss who co-wrote isis inside the army of terror, and cnn national commentator mike rogers. chairman rogers, start with you. if it's true that what we're hearing from some u.s. officials that this is linked to the cell involved in the paris terror attacks,s that an extraordinary development, the fact after months of a massive manhunt in belgium, even in france, that a cell was able to be operational and carry out another deadly attack? >> absolutely. they weren't able to penetrate the electronics of the cells' communication, that's a very important factor. the very fact that the nine districts in belgium, neen din police districts don't cooperate well, they don't have good information sharing, don't even have the same language in some
1:21 pm
cases, made it very, very easy for a group of individuals who wanted to protect the people around them to do just that. so, these cells, and my fear is they're looking for one person. you have two suicide bombers that have a logistics trail to them. everybody from the development of the materials needed to the training needed to the radicalization process meaning you've got to go through a process if you're going to be a suicide bomber and in their mind get to heaven, all of that means there are a lot more than three people you're talk here. all of that, you see the heavy reaction in belgium. >> michael weiss, to the chairman's point, we know in the paris attacks there was a greater level of central coordination than we had thought in the initial days and weeks after the paris attacks. it wasn't just na guy who was controlling things there were calls made by the attackers and text messages sent to phone numbers in belgium, in brussels, so the likely hood that this
1:22 pm
involves more than just three people in that photograph and whoever was involved directly in the subway attack is gray. >> absolutely. i've talked to a counterterrorism official in france who told me the network originally thought to be 15, 20, meaning the perpetrators of the paris attack, now looking at something more along the lines of 30, perhaps greater, 40. there united states and a guy, in the safe house that was raided when salah abdeslam was captured. bellcade was killed himself but he was seen to be the senior-most isis official with respect to the network. doesn't due to call them the belgium or french networks. it's a frank aphone network and you have a mix of different nationalities. he was algerian by dissent, 35, 36, lived in sweden and transgressed through multiple
1:23 pm
countries in europe, including france, germany, perhaps austria, and we know this, by the way, his name was listed in that isis documents that sky news published a week ago showing foreign fighters and the meticulous bureaucratic. they want to know what the background is, country of origin, married, they have phone numbers in the documents for family members of the foreign fighters. and there were phone numbers miss listed for the next of kin. he's dead. but there's no question this was interlinked and coordinated and absolutely u.s. intelligence are thinking this is related to the paris attacks oop sis will have accelerated imminent or prospective attacks planning in the last several months. >> in the wake of the pair russ attacks, there was -- there was a hunt, trying to figure out who the bombmaker was who made the
1:24 pm
vests. as far as i understand he was never apprehended, even identified the question is, is it the same bombmaker made in the production of these explosives which will be found out through forensic examination of the devices themselves of the type of explosives. but is that person still out there and operational? >> well, if the forensics match, the answer is yes, one has to assume, and picking up on what was said earlier, the idea we're only focusing on one guy in the photograph is ridiculous. the reason why belgium is under lockdown and press lockdown is that there's a massive sweep going on right now. it's going to be over include in, they're going to arrest many more people likely guilty of anything until they can either lower the temperature a little bit and also in the hopes that they catch someone that they couldn't otherwise get absent this attack. and that is going to unfold.
1:25 pm
you hope you can get one bombmaker but the apparatus, that planned paris, belgium and kept people hidden for the four-month gap in between is an extensive apparatus. that's why the u.s. has to respond. you don't know where that apparatus is. people are honervous in the unid states. the ratcheting of the homeland security apparatus that i was a part of on the local, state, federal level. what you're seeing is the light switches going on in the u.s. and a lot of deployment of assets of mass transportation and public areas. >> it's incredible to think that abdeslam was able to stay out and hidden for all of these months in an area in a city like brussels which is not an enormous city. we'll have more from our panel in a moment. more also on the brussels bombing, details as they're coming in, as law enforcement continues raids right now.
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>> welcome back to "the lead." i'm anderson cooper in for jake tapper. i want to talk to the panel of terrorism experts. mike rogers is with us. where things now stand, has there been enough changes among law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies in europe, belgium, france, to share information better between countries? >> it's always easier said than done. you still have the old cultural institutions, especially in
1:31 pm
brussels, belgium, because they had a very different system. it was very bifurcated. certainly france has gotten better and even with the encryption on phones they've passed a law, said give us encryption or break encryption or you're considered an accessory. they have ramped up their ability to react to abconvenient like this. not so much in brussels. this will clearly change it. this will accelerate all of the changes that have been talked about, some have done it. but it was personality-based. now you need institutional changes in brussels if they keep up with the threat. >> the sheer number of people who have fought in syria are returned to belgium itself makes it very difficult for authorities to keep track of everybody. >> exactly right. you wouldn't have enough resources in europe to be able to follow everyone. so what you are going to see is both focus on the border, remember after the paris attacks
1:32 pm
terrorists were able to move across the border. what you're starting to hear in the united states, and secretary jeh johnson did a briefing on this, greater focus on the visa waiver program as it relates to people from belgium. in other words, because you have a visa does not mean you're automatically allowed to come to the united states from belgium. there's a further review. we saw this debate play out in december as well. you'll see that focus. we don't know how the numbers that we are dealing with and whether they want to travel to other countries in europe and certainly to the united states. >> i have to take another short break. stick around.
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>> welcome back to "the lead." the deadly explosions that ripped through the heart of brussels, all five candidate reacting, donald trump, saying this is just the beginning and ted cruz calling for law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods in the united states. want to bring in sunlen serfaty. in the wake of the attacks the candidates were quick to respond and also criticized. >> that's right. for each of the candidates, this is a real chance for each of them to show how they would lead in the same sort of situation. and what we saw is a real contrast among them in their approach and how they potentially would respond as president. >> reporter: the terror attacks in brussels turning into a commander in chief test for the 2016 candidates have what we stand today with the people of brussels. >> today, of course, a sad day for the entire civilized world. >> many presidential hopefuls x
1:38 pm
expressing sympathy for families but varying in responses how to confront the threat from isis and terrorist groups. democrat hillary clinton calling for increased surveillance in the u.s. in an interview with cnn's wolf blitzer. >> we have to also toughen, as you say, soft targets with greater police presence. there is no getting around that. >> reporter: her rival, bernie sanders, also talking up the idea of bolstering intelligence gathering. >> we need to have significantly improved intelligence and that intelligence cannot just be done within the united states. >> reporter: donald trump offering a blunt assessment. >> brussels is a total mess. it is a city that used to be one of the finest, one of the most beautiful, one of the safest cities in the world, and now it's a catastrophic, very dangerous city where the police have little control. >> reporter: ted cruz repeating his calls for the u.s. to stop accepting syrian refugees, even going as far as to say police
1:39 pm
need more power to quote secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. >> we need to immediately halt the president's ill advised plan to bring in tens of thousands of syrian muslim refugees. >> reporter: while trump doubles down on his proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the country. >> i would close up our borders to people until we figure out what is going on. >> reporter: clinton today rejecting that approach. raising questions about trump's temperament. >> we need steady, strong, smart minds and hands in the white house. >> reporter: trump's gop rivals also looking to draw contrast. cruz and john kasich both touting stronger ties with nato. >> the day after donald trump called for america weakening nato, withdrawing from nato, we
1:40 pm
see brussels. >> i would make every effort i could to strengthen the nato alliance. >> both john kasich and ted cruz have called for president obama to return home from his foreign trip to attend to all of this. of course, going for it, most likely a sharp turn toward national security on the campaign trail as we saw in the wake of the paris taesattacks in bernardino. >> ted cruz will join me. i'll ask him what he means by law enforcement patrolling and securing muslim neighborhoods in the united states. we danced in a german dance group. i wore when i first got on ancestry i was really surprised that
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm anderson cooper in for jake tapper. there's the scene live in brussels, belgium. people gathering to pay respects, to pause, moments of silence. people showing solidarity in the face of terror. also at the white house, the flag has been lowered to half-staff out of respect for the terror attacks that we have witnessed earlier today in
1:45 pm
brussels, belgium. we're waiting for senator ted cruz who has talked about what he would do if he was president in a situation like this. let's get also reaction to today's terror attacks with our panel. also joined by cnn political commentator peter beinart. you've been watching the political response to all of 0 this, both from secretary clinton, bernie sanders, but also the republican candidates. >> yeah. what worries me about the response from both donald trump and ted cruz is that one thing we know about belgium they've done a poor job of integrating muslims into the society for a variety of reasons. one of america's great strength, one of the things that keeps us strength, america is an easier country for muslims to feel accepted into, we have a more embracing national i didn't than the belgium. when you respond to this by calling for torture and by saying we need to focus -- secure muslim communities suggesting they're not secure already, these are not patriotic
1:46 pm
americans, it seems you send us down the very road we don't want to go. >> chairman rogers? >> look, we have to separate two things. look across europe, integration of muslims is terrible. it doesn't happen in great britain to any great degree, france to any great degree and that has created this disen-f n disenfranchi disenfranchisement. i agree with peter. in america we do a better job in accepting muslims in our community and allowing them to be full part members. >> than you see in other parts of europe. >> i had muslim communities in my district in michigan who would talk about that, they could freely express themselves as a muslim only in america and it's powerful stories about that. i think, on the other side, there are security issues that we all dance around that we have to deal with. we have migrations of muslims in a large number, and a percentage of them are going to cause
1:47 pm
trouble. the trick is, how do you use intelligence, use law enforcement to try to find those folks and get the bad apples out of the barrel. it's proving very difficult. difficult in brussels. certainly difficult in the united states as well. you to have two conversations here. one about that assimilation but b also on the security lapses. we have real security problems in the way ware doing things. the visa problem, border problem, migrant problems, big population movements that get access to paper and bad passports, all an issue we have to deal with. >> a quick break. we'll be right back with republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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joining me on the phone to talk about the terror attacks, republican presidential candidate texas senator ted cruz. thanks for being with us. in the statement earlier today, you said that it's more important than ever to secure the border, defeat isis, you also talked about stopping the flow of refugees from countries with a significant al qaeda or isis presence. but you also said, i quote, we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. what do you mean by that, by patrolling a muslim neighborhood? >> it's good to be with you. thank you for having me. today's terror attack in brussels was heartbreaking and all of using our prayers go out to families of those murdered, those wounded and injured, including especially the three americans who were mormon missionaries from utah wounded in the attack. our prayers go out to their family. today underscores the need for
1:53 pm
commander in chief who is focused on, principal objective, keeping america safe. and we have seen for seven years the consequences of political correctness. this president refuses, even to say the words radical islamic terrorism, refuses to acknowledge the threat we face. we need a president that will squarely confront this, call it by its name and do everything necessary to defeat radical islamic terrorism and utterly destroy isis. >> the question, what do you mean by empowering law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. the anti-defamation league put out a statement saying demonizing all muslims is a counterproductive response to the threat, it's an irrational approach, harkens back to fear and bigotry that led to the dark and tranlic chapter in american history, relocation of more than 100,000 japanese to interment
1:54 pm
camps. >> we have seen for seven years that being afraid to confront what it is we're facing, being afraid to name it, radical islamic terrorism left us vulnerable to jihad, to acts of terror. we've seen that in paris, in san bernardino, brussels. that does not mean targeting muslims. it means targeting radical islamic terrorism. mayor bloomberg in new york had a very succesful program to engage with the muslim community and to prevent radicalization and to identify radical islamic terrorists before they carry out acts of terrorists -- terrorism. mayor de blasio came in and ended that program, said we're n no longer going to do so. that was foolishness, that was political correctness run amok, the same approach barack obama and hillary clinton follow, refusing to acknowledge who our
1:55 pm
enemies are. our enemy is radical islamic terrorists or the jihadists that seek to murder us and it is the heart of law enforcement and national security to prevent those who were waging war on you from actually carrying out their attempted acts of war. >> beyond just having relationships with mosques, having law enforcement have ongoing relationship with mosques which happens in many cities with the fbi and local police departments in many cities in the united states, are you saying going beyond that? it does sound like in your statement empowering law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods i don't understand what that means. >> it's very simple. it doing what law enforcement does in any circumstance. if you have a neighborhood where there is a high level of gang activity, the way to prevent it is you increase law enforcement presence there and target gang members to get them off the street there talking about muslim neighborhoods not
1:56 pm
radicals particularly. >> i'm talking about any area where there is a higher incidence of radical islamic terrorism. if you look at europe, europe's failed immigration laws allowed a massive influx of radicals in europe and now in isolated neighborhoods where radicalism fessters. it fessters and grows and sadly that leads directly to the attack we saw in brussels, the attacks we've seen in paris. we need to prevent radicalization, and that is by targeting it. and i'll give you an example. sometimes, yesterday i was on with wolf blitzer on cnn and wolf asked me, well, what difference does it make if you call it radical islamic terror. ? it impacts the policy dramatically because if you won't identify it, and obama won't identify it, hillary won't identify it, democrats won't identify it, you don't combat it. for example, president obama is
1:57 pm
advocating and implementing a policy to bring tens thousands of syrian muslim refugees to america than makes no sense. the fbi has told us they cannot vet the refugees and isis has told us they intend to infiltrate the refugees to send in jihadists to murder americans. >> can you name a neighborhood now that you would like to see these patrols in, a neighborhood you believe has been radicalized? again, it seems like what you're saying right now is different than what's in your statement. your statement -- >> not at all. >> is there a neighborhood now that law enforcement currently is not doing what you suggest or would like to -- >> listen, a classic example was mayor michael bloomberg's successful program, cooperating with the muslim xhaunt community to door get and prevent islamic terrorism. mayor bill de blasio ended that
1:58 pm
program, said, no, no, we're not going to do this anymore. and that is foolishness. it's the same foolishness that governs barack obama after every one of the attacks he goes on national televised address and lectures americans on islamic phobia we need a president that targets the bad guys. another example of the consequences -- >> but one of the points that many make in the united states, law enforcement makes, is that it's critical not only that muslim communities in the united states assimilate and are part, feel part of the fabric of the united states and to a great degree do already much more so than we're seeing in belgium other other countries if europe, but they are the front lines and information has to come from them and we have seen many cases where muslim families or muslim community leaders have come forward to identify potential trouble spots in their communities done you worry about alienating more people than
1:59 pm
you're actually discovering? >> anderson, of course we should be working with the muslim community to target radical islamic terrorism, to prevent radicalization. that is entirely consistent with active and proactive law enforcement. when you have a neighborhood that faces an increase incidents of gang involvement, effective law enforcement works with the community. and it's the community that pays the price. it's the community who the law-abiding citizens are put at risk by that increased criminal activity. with radical islamic terrorism it different from criminal activity. it radicalization's war. they are waging jihad and these are not isolated lone wolves as the obama administration insists. rather, it is a coordinated war effort. here's one -- >> how would you identify community that nides these patrols, that needs securing? are you talking about every mosque in america there needs to be a police involvement?
2:00 pm
how would you decide? >> anderson, it's not terribly complicated. it is typical law enforcement practice, national security practice to focus where there is an increased incidents of radical islamic terrorism. >> in the united states, is there an increased radical islamic terror ump not being addressed? >> look, new york city, mayor de blasio shut down the program designed to prevent it. that is indefensible, it is political correctness run amok. another example, the san bernardino terrorist, the female terrorist posted on social media public call to skree hjihad. the obama administration thought it was politically incorrect. we should not be admitting people calling for jihad and we need a president focused on keeping the country safe. on the visa application she