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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  March 23, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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been modest. let's talk about where we did see reaction from what happened in brussels. travel related stocks posted some of the biggest declines yesterday. booking site trip adviser fell 2.54%. carnival cruise lines dropped about 2%. marriott lost 2%. and american airlines almost 1.75%. it takes an average of ten trading days after an incident before markets return to normal, that's according to bank pnc. you had some support in markets but also some concern in travel related areas. >> our breaking news coverage continues on "early start" right now. happening now, an intense manhunt for this man, the surviving brussels airport attacker, police are revealing the identities of the suicide bombers in the airport and
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revealing their ties to the paris attacks. these two brothers who were involved in these attacks that killed dozens, wounded hundreds, bringing a city to a standstill. >> and breaking news in the race for president in the united states. four separate candidates winning in different states on western tuesday what does that mean for the election ahead and how the candidates are discussing the brussels terror attack. welcome to "early start," i'm john bermenman, i'm christine romans. let's begin with the breaking news this morning. a manhunt underway for a surviving suspect on the attacks at an airport and the subway in belgium. these two brothers, police across the country say
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responsible for the two bombings at the airport. they have been identified as khalid and brahim el bakraoui. the man in gray put his bomb down and left the airport alive. a series of raids uncovering the terrorist bomb factory. investigators found a nail bomb, chemicals, isis flag. isis claimed responsibility for the attack which killed at least 20 people at maalbeek metro station, ten killed at the airport. 230 others injured. we are covering every angle of this dropping story. let's start with senior interflash nall korptinte international correspondent nima elbagir. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. in the aftermath of the raid on the premises where they found the dna of paris attacker, salah abdeslam, police say they found
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a cache of weapons and detonators, they led them to believe that abdeslam was working with a network that was planning new attacks. now we understand from a senior belgian security source that that apartment was rented by khal khalid el bakraoui, he and his brother, brahim, carried out the attack on the brussels airport. police are looking for a third man in the attack. they have not yet released his name to the public but are asking for any information that anyone in the general public could have, that they come forward with it. the manhunt for him continues. they're also searching for another suspect linked to the train attacks, the metro attacks in which 55 people were injured, and which the heavier parts of the death toll here came from. across the country the pell january pm says homeshi
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hideouts are being searched. yesterday in scarback, that's where chemicals were found, the nail bomb and the isis flag. those searches continue. life here is returning to a bit of normalcy this morning as people try to get out. some of them coming here to the memorial. as you can see behind us, there is still a police presence. still a real sense of watchfulness as the investigations and the raids continue here. >> nima, thank you. nima said homes and apartments are being searched but they were being searched prior to these attacks as well, including perhaps homes and apartments where these two brothers now identified as the suicide attackers at the brussels airport were living at one point. khalid and brahim el bakraoui now identified. fred pleitgen is live for us right now outside an apartment they were renting. fred? >> absolutely.
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one thing that's stunning to many people following this case, first of all you always seem to come back to the same sort of group of suspects and also that the police apparently had these two men who now conducted these suicide attacks at the airport in brussels cornered at one point in time. it was last tuesday that police went to check out the apartment or the building that you see behind me, going to an apartment in there. they believed that apartment was empty. that's the reason why they didn't go in there with heavy fire power or with a whole lot of police officers. instead of finding the empty apartment, they were met by fun fire. people opening fire with ak-47s, they were able to take out one of the people who then turned out to be one of the main plotters of the paris attack, someone who had been in contact with the paris attackers as they were conducting those attacks on november 13th. two people got away, at least. it is now believed they could be potentially the bakraoui brothers, one of which rented
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this apartment and who blew themselves up in the airport at brussels. what they also found in the apartment was the dna and fingerprints of salah abdeslam. they believe in turn that led them to the apartment where they found and apprehended abdeslam. it seems like the group of people involved in this is very big but also limited. we need to keep coming back to these people. the police right here last tuesday were very, very close to apprehending the two men who later blew themselves up at brussels airport. >> that has to be very, very frustrating for investigators. now they can make these direct connections between these attacks. >> for months belgian authorities have been raiding homes and trying to tear down local terror networks that brought together the el bakraoui brothers and abdeslam. for more on law enforcement efforts to break up that terror, let's bring in max foster live
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in brussels. it's clear this is a network that is bigger, that is deeper and more dangerous than authorities feared. what's frightening, you consider one of these attackers left a major airport in europe covered in cctv, going through a city covered in cctv, and he's still on the run. you have a situation that the apartment they're staying in, they found an isis flag. the two networks are clearly linked, a senior belgian security source confirming that to us. everyone involved in the paris attacks, the belgian attacks were known to police in some way. somehow these attacks still continued in a major european capital. also on a transport network they were expecting. so a great deal of disillusionment that we're fighting a battle that we can't win in the western countries, where isis have made it clear the sorts of attacks they want
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to carry out. they're managing to do it. not just from home grown terrorists, from people they're sending in. people they trained and sent into europe. that's a frightening situation. there's a lot of questions already being asked of security agencies. why they're not picking up on intelligence earlier, not monitoring the right people perhaps. though lots of cases have been thwarted as well. and crucially why agencies across europe are not coordinating and sharing information better. we have a problem that there are national jurisdictions and they want to keep some intelligence to themselves. p if they did coordinate, perhaps we could thwart more attacks. >> these are not lone wolf attacks, these are coordinated attacks with bombmakers,
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communication, and hideouts rented under false identities. it's difficult for these authorities to keep on top of. >> it's almost as if isis are one step ahead. they called for lone wolves at one point. now they're calling for attacks on major european center attacks on brussels, the capital of europe in many ways, the center of bureaucracy. they are training people, sending them here and carrying o out military events. that's a dangerous situation. >> max foster, thank you. we learned over the last several hours two brussels suicide bombers, two of the attackers at the airport have been named. they've been named and tied to
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that's why you drink ensure with nutritious calories, 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. come on, grandma! giving you the strength and energy to get back to doing what you love. from the #1 doctor recommended brand. ensure. always stay you. happening now, the manhunt for a suspect in tuesday's terror bombings at the airport in brussels that killed at least 30 people and injured 230 more. there's a manhunt for that man there. these two men, the two suicide attackers seen on that video with him, they have been identified as khalid and brahim el bakraoui. men believe ed d to have been connected to at least one of the paris attackers, salah abdeslam. isis claimed responsibility for the blast in brussels showing it does have capability to strike in europe at the relative time
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of its choosing. >> can this tikind of attack be stopped, joining us is cedric leighton and tim lister. tim, i want to start with you. draw for me, i guess, the flowchart of these guys, these two brothers, the paris attacker who was captured just last week. this is not two separate cells. we now know that the paris cell and the brussels cell, they are intertwined here. >> yeah. you can say intertwined, interconnected, loosely connected. one thing investigators across europe would love to know is what is isis' motive operandi. does it have a big man directing operations or are these almost autonomous cells who have the
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vaguest realization that other cells exist? that's a big part of the question. how much in the way of resources have isis put into europe? how many people? how are they organized? i don't think european security agencies are anywhere close to knowing the answer of that. the evidence of the last few months suggests not. in one instance, one of the people involved in the paris attacks goes under a supseudo name, he goes on trial in belgium, and they just connected the dots to say this man is the same as this man. a lot of problems there. >> cedric, given the fact these two brothers had been in custody and in prison before. one had been shooting at police with a kalashnikov, given they had connections to salah abdeslam, did the belgians miss an opportunity here? or what are the challenges they face given all these things and preventing these attacks?
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>> you're absolutely right. there are significant challenges with this. as tim pointed out, there are so many different pieces of this that have to be brought together. the challenges involve not only finding out who the suspects are, but how they're connected with each other. in this particular situation you have so many disparate cells, and the key question is how interconnected are the cells, how often do they interact with each other? who is the person in control if there is one, and how do you work that? if you're a police investigator looking at these kinds of things, you have to look at when are these people going to strike? you don't have that type of information unless you can infiltrate the group or have access to their communications. failing any of those you will have a difficult time anticipating these attacks and preempting these attacks. >> they did have salah abdeslam in custody. so he has been in custody for
2:18 am
some number of days now. do you think he knew there was this attack imminent or do you think his capture triggered or hastened this attack? >> i think he did know about this attack. the reason i say that more definitively now than i thought earlier is because the fingerprints that fred pleitgen mentioned in his report. the fact that those fingerprints of abdeslam were in the same house as the brothers were. this is a key indicator to me that there is a connection. there are also ways in which these people are focused on committing these attacks but also dangers in being able to find out exactly what they are up to. i think the police did miss an opportunity because they should have been able to piece these differentundofortunately they w
2:19 am
able to do so. >> tim, i was with you in paris covering terror attacks that isis was connected to in that city. isis is fighting a war in europe right now. they have a front, a very active front on european soil. >> in a way, they're becoming more like your classic terrorist group. they are under growing pressure and have lost a lot of territory. in a way that explains this new european front. it's to take revenge, lash out but also raise moral back home. they would dream of creating a religious war in european muslims and christians, even senior officials in isis have said they look forward to the day where europeans walk down the street looking left and right in fear of muslims.
2:20 am
they've come out and said that. it's all part of a strategy. we can expect that to become more central to the group the more pressure it feels at home in the caliphate. >> we'll talk to you again soon. a lot of breaking developments in that big story. also breaking news in the race for president. new elections overnight. we'll tell you who won which states. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors, plus locks clumps tight.
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. back to our breaking developments in the brussels terror attacks. turning to politics. another big night for the party front-runners. hillary clinton and donald trump each winning the big prize in arizona on western tuesday. clinton beating bernie sanders while trump topped ted cruz. both impressive victories. arizona was winner take all for the republicans. trump gathered all the state's 58 delegates. ted cruz won the utah caucuses,
2:25 am
exceeding the 50% threshold there. he took all 40 utah tell gats. delegates. on the democratic side, there were also two caucus races. bernie sanders takes utah and wins in idaho. the updated delegate count, clinton still solidly ahead, 1,711 if you include the superdelegates, 939 for bernie sanders. 2,383 needed to secure the nomination. >> serious bragging rights for bernie sanders with those wins. >> but she has the delegate lead. >> indeed. breaking news out of brussels, the two suicide attackers in the airport attacked identified. these are men who have ties to the paris attacker currently in custody.
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we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. from brussels, this is "new day" that you're watching. we have major developments in the terror investigation. chris and michaela will have more on the u.s. election results. we want to get to the two suicide bombs who detonated the powerful bombs inside the departures hall at brussels airport. a massive manhunt is underwaylu after his bomb failed to detonate. we have this story covered only
2:31 am
the way cnn can. we begin with cnn international correspondent nima elbagir. great to have you here what is the new reporting? >> the new reporting is the naming of the two men in the attack, brahim and khalid el bakraoui. i wanted to remind viewer house this all unfolded. >> reporter: this unidentified man, a key suspect, remains at large after coordinated terror attacks that rocked brussels on tuesday. two of his accomplices captured on airport surveillance cameras are presumed dead. a senior belgian security source tells cnn they are brothers known to police. suspected to have ties to the paris attack. the pair thought to be suicide bombers detonating two bombs inside the departure hall at the brussels airport. the horrifying moments after the blast captured in this cell phone video. >> we saw doors flying, glass
2:32 am
ceiling coming down. smoke and everything. >> reporter: officials say the man at large left behind a third bomb, concealed in a suitcase that was later detonated by the bomb squad. now investigators want to know if he then traveled just a few miles away to carry out the second attack at maalbeek metro station an hour later. that blast charring a subway car, survivors desperately fleeing in the dark. >> i felt the explosion, the train stopped in its tracks, the lights went out, everybody dropped to the ground screaming. >> the train just a few blocks away from the european parliament. isis claiming responsibility for the attacks. the first victim to be identified killed during the attack during the airport. originally from peru, she lived in belgium for six years.
2:33 am
she was at the airport with her husband and twin 3-year-old daughters. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those responsible. this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> reporter: the world lighting up in belgian colors, vowing never to let terrorism win. >> reporter: it's still very much early hours here in terms of the investigation, in terms of the information we're getting. the belgian prosecutor is saying he may be speaking out later this morning. >> nima, stick around, we have more questions for you. also this major break in the terror investigation about these two brothers came from a taxi driver. the driver recognized the men in that airport surveillance picture released because he had driven them to the airport. he alerted investigators who then raided a home and found more evidence there. cnn's senior international
2:34 am
correspondent fred pleitgen is live from brussels outside the bomber's apartment what have you learned? >> reporter: one of the frustrating things for the investigators must be that last tuesday it appears they may have had the two brothers who then went out to conduct these attacks cornered right here in the building that you see behind me. they raided this place. they found three people inside who immediately opened fire at them. they killed one of those people who also turned out to be a senior operative implicated in the paris attacks. two people got away. they now believe those were the el bakraoui brothers who escaped from here. they found the dna of salah abdeslam who they later captured. a taxi driver after the bombings yesterday said i recognize these people and i can show you where i picked them up. he took them to a suburb called schaerbeek where they found a
2:35 am
nail bomb, chemicals, an isis flag. they believe that apartment in the district of schaerbeek could be the place where the bombs were made that were at least used in the attacks on the airport. as you can see, the group of people who appear to be implicated in this appears to be narrowing down. on one occasion, it appears the police in belgium may have had the two people implicated in the airport attack cornered but they got away. >> just amazing, fred, thank you for that update. europe is on high alert after the brussels terror attacks. nearby netherlands tightening checks at borders. france says it is beefing up security at all public transportation hubs. jim bitterman is live for us in paris with much more. jim, what's the scene there? >> well, they have put another 1,600 security officers on at various transportation hubs and
2:36 am
airports around france. quite a nervous situation for authorities here. the illustration of that took place this morning. the airport was shut down and evacuated for a few minutes but a suspicious package got people rattled. it's the kind of thing we see happening quite a bit. there's something else is that at some train stations around, bag searches are taking place at the entrance to the train station, not systematically but occasionally. they canceled all french school trips, for example. the education minister canceled all school trips to belgium and school trips that would pass through belgium because of this worry. the prime minister of france on his way to meet with the prime minister of belgium. they will talk about security and meet with the head of the european commission to talk about security. what more measures can be taken. what better cooperation they can
2:37 am
achieve because, in fact, one of the things that's been criticized from the beginning is this lack of cooperation across borders. >> jim, it's so interesting to hear other countries canceling school trips, adving people not to travel to belgium, when you're here it feels bustling and you wouldn't know that there's any sort of lockdown, people are out in the streets. we'll talk more about that. first we want to discuss the massive manhunt that is going on now. cnn's senior international correspondent clarissa ward and fred fligpleitgen are here to t about that along with nima elbagir. >> at present, the man on the right in the surveillance video in the white jacket with glasses and the hat is still at large. he could be a real threat. belgian authorities are keeping extremely tight-lipped about the details of the searches. they asked media to refrain from reporting on a lot of the raids
2:38 am
that have been ongoing. there are questions as to the whereabouts of the bombmaker, a man called ma jenajim laachraou. there are questions about whether he is involved in these attacks. you heard nima talk before about the overlapping networks between paris and brussels, certainly this is an ongoing fluid situation. we also heard france's prime minister say they now know at least 30 people were involved in those paris attacks. many of them have been arrested of killed. some are still on the loose and may be connected with these attacks. >> you spent a lot of time in brussels. when you're here it feels as though it's active. you wouldn't know they suffered a terrible terrorist attack yesterday. you see parents out with children walking to school. commuters heading to work today. yet there's also an undercurrent here of tension. explain how that works with the
2:39 am
investigation. >> part of that is conscious. people are choosing to come out on the streets, choosing to be seen out on the streets after yesterday's lockdown. definitely a message. those we've been speaking to have said we're still here. we're undefeated. we lived with the potential for this to happen in our city since the paris attacks. it's happened. the worst has happened. we're still standing. there's part of that. you're right. when you walk through these picturesque squares, just in front of the national theater here, it comes as a shock to realize what's going on in the neighborhoods that police are failing to get penetration into. we were here on investigation, it took so long to get team to speak to us. so many people refused to. >> why is that? they don't trust the authorities or they're scared? what's happening in these neighborhoods that are so insular? >> i think it's a combination. one man we spoke to who has been very vocally anti-isis and
2:40 am
anti-radicalization and working in the communities against these networks, he travels with a bodyguard. the belgian authorities need to get a handle on this, otherwise they will not get one step ahead of these networks. >> fred, investigators have been trying to connect the dots between paris and the terrorist attack that happened here. the apartment, the raid where you are. that helped put some of the pieces together. >> yeah. they have been trying to do that. you know, one thing that is frustrating for investigators is that it really is always the same sort of small group of operatives that seems to pop up in all of these places. if you look at the raid that happened here. there was a senior operative of the group that apparently conducted the paris attacks. he was on hand here. in a firefight with police. the police when they got to this location, they didn't even know
2:41 am
that there were going to be people here. they thought the apartment would be pretty much empty. they didn't come with heavy fire power or a lot of officers. when the firefight ensued, two people were able to get away. it appears likely those may have been the el bakraoui brothers. yesterday we were in the schaerbeek area where apparently the bombs were made for at least the attacks in the airport. that same neighborhood was also one where there was a bomb factory that was used in the paris attacks as well. it is difficult for the authorities here to connect the dots between these many places. again, it seems as though at this point in time, the group of people who keep popping up and connecting these various places is one that is not very small, but it is limited. yet the authorities are having trouble tracking all these people. >> yes. clarissa, that's what is so frustrating. actually these brothers were known. >> they were known. they had extensive rap sheets,
2:42 am
extensive involvement in petty crime. they knew how to source guns. they know how to evade detection. this is a model we've seen replicated over and over again. it's petty criminals who become radicali radicalized. they have the zeal to carry out thesetor r horrifying attacks ae criminal know-how to make it happen. >> that was similar to the abdeslam brothers, they were busted for drugs and alcohol in m maalbeek and then went on to do this. >> we will have continuing coverage from brussels. now we want to get back to chris in new york. >> big election action here. did clinton and trump gain? did the races get closer after the primaries in three western states? who's up?
2:43 am
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we have new developments on the belgium terror attacks. we want to go to the u.s. elections. hillary clinton and donald trump scoring major victories in arizona. there were five contests in three western states. voter turnout huge. lines of voters stretching for a mile or more in some places. one polling site did run out of ballots. >> let's break it all done. ted cruz takes all 49 delegatde. trump coming in in third place, he gets 14% and receives no delegates in that state.
2:48 am
in arizona trump gets 47%. he gets all the delegates in that state. trump has 741 delegates. ted cruz, 461. and 145 for john kasich. we turn to the democrats. vermont senator bernie sanders picking up two states winning in idaho by a massive margin, 78% to 21% for clinton. he also took 79% of the vote in utah to clinton's 21%. the biggest capture for clinton was arizona. nearly 58% of the vote here for hillary clinton to bernie sanders almost 40%. it's worth noting while sanders won two of three democratic contests, they are smaller states with far few delegates and none of them were winner take all. the grand total brings the count
2:49 am
to 1711 for hillary clinton and 939 for bernie sanders. a big weekend ahead. a primary in alaska and two caucuses in hawaii and washington. the democrats will have a busy weekend. >> every vote counts. let's break down what happened last night what it means going forward. we have ron brownstein with us and mark preston. good to have you guys. mark, you have some insight, intel on what we will hear in terms of endorsements. >> big news coming out shortly. jeb bush will be endorsing ted ted cruz this morning. jeb bush who just got out of the race about a month ago will be getting behind ted cruz. another sign now, chris, that the establishment is trying to line up behind ted cruz to try to derail donald trump's runs for the nomination. the question is will it be a little bit too late at this point?
2:50 am
>> romney, cr/cruz that was fir. now bush/cruz, i thought he didn't want the establishment types on his side. i thought he was against that. how does this play? >> for him this plays in a way that he needs. he needs as much support that he can get. every delegate counts. every little support counts. ted cruz who is fighting an uphill battle against trump who had a big night in arizona, you have to do what you have to do. having jeb bush on your side may not be a bad thing. >> i want to put up the primaries calendar for the gop. you tell me what you see and what you don't see in terms of probabilities, not possibilities. >> right. >> it's up there now. you know the states we have north dakota, wisconsin, colorado, new york, connecticut what do you see? >> the challenge is for ted cruz, you're moving into the parts of the country where he performed the weakest.
2:51 am
ted cruz has been overly dependent on evangelical voters, on mormon voters, but among voters who are not evangelicals he has not won a plurality of them in any state, including his own state of texas. there's no precedent so far in this race for him being able to compete, which is why john kasich is hanging around in this race despite weak performances again last night. the challenge for all the republicans who are dubious of trump, the problem is ted cruz is not in a position, unless he dramatically expands his coalition to be the vehicle to slow him down. at this point, chris, the only thing we're talking about is holding donald trump below 1237. that's the only hope for republicans opposed to him. there's no real prospect of anyone else finishing ahead of him. the question is can you deny him
2:52 am
a first ballot nomination and then allow the -- >> we need empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized. this got heavy pushback from the commissioner of the police for new york city, mr. bill bratton. what is the plus/minus on it? >> the plus/minus, it's different in a republican primary than the general election. if you look at trump's two signature proposals, one about deporting 12 million immigrants, in 14 states the majority of republicans have opposed the idea. on the over hand, temporarily banding muslims from entering into the u.s. is becoming popular. the problem is so far at least
2:53 am
these have not been majority propositions for the public overall. as the threat of terror gets more real, and more -- the drumbeat becomes more ominous, there's the potential for the public to go for ideas it has not before. so far the republicans are in this dynamic where this is a popular idea within the republican electorate but not the country overall yet. >> mark whashgmark, what are yo? i'm hearing that's all they care about right now, finding a way through the nomination progress, that they're looking for ways to stop trump rather than embrace tru trump. what are you hearing? >> you can't fight tomorrow if you don't win today. anti-trum forp forces are tryin figure out how to stop him. it's denying him 1,237 delegates
2:54 am
and taking it to the convention floor. at that point they think if they get him to the convention floor that they can put him up there and get somebody else to be the nominee. ted cruz has a shot of getting the delegates. the guy continues to win. trump has proven to be a politician that is appealing to people right now at a time when they're very scared. he was on air with wolf blitzer yesterday and he was talking about his own views and ideas about interrogation and waterboarding. as he was saying his support for it, you saw the images of the airport in the aftermath. i got to tell you what, it was powerful for him to link where his thoughts were to these images, these ghastly images from yesterday. >> context is often a catalyst. we have to leave it there. i have to take a break and will get back to you in a bit.
2:55 am
coming up in the 7:00 hour, republican presidential candidate ted cruz joins us live to make his own case for what last night means and why he can win going forward. we will bring you up to date on the brussels terror attacks investigation. police are now identifying the airport suicide bombers. they are brothers and known to police. the latest live from brussels next on "new day." anything happen.make neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible." [eerie music] i am the ghost of cookies' past...residue. gross. well, you didn't use pam.
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i can't explain. it looked like war. >> i hear an explosion. the ceilings are going down. >> isis claimed responsibility for the attack. >> i saw many injuries. i saw people dead. >> there was another explosion at a subway station. >> everyone dropped to the ground. they were screaming. >> a massive manhunt is under way for the prime suspect. >> i feel like it's the end of the world. >> i'm also very proud to have won arizona tonight. >> the status quo is not working. >> the day after donald trump called for america weakening nato, we see brussels. >> if they can expand the laws i would do a lot more. >> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting, it's dangerous. this is cnn breaking news. welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are


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