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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  March 23, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. just minutes ago belgium's federal prosecutor giving us brand new information. authorities are now telling us they only know who one man is in this picture. the man in the middle, they know who he is. his name is ibrahim bakraoui. and the man on the left were the suicide bombers. they died at the airport by they are not brothers as previously believed. the man on the right in the hat with the light colored jacket is still unidentified. authorities say he is on the run and as you might expect an intense man hunt now under way.
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khalid bakraoui is shown here on the left. he carried out the bombing at the train station ab hour later. both brothers had ties to the paris terror attacks. authorities updated the death toll last hour too. it rises to 31 and the wounded rises to 271. we're covering all the angles to the investigation. let's begin with cnn's nima elbagir in brussels. that news conference was pretty surprising last hour. >> it was. it really broke down the detail. we're only just past the 24 hour mark. so there is a lot of information we had bln hearing earlier that now appears authorities had initially presumed but turned out to be incorrect. so let's break this down for everybody.
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7:59 a.m. yesterday police believe when the first detonation happened. the first suicide bomber detonated. 37 seconds later the second bomb. then the third man, the one they are currently seeking, he left a bomb to be remote detonated and that horrifyingly seems to have had the largest amount of explosive. this was the bomb that was intended to cause the most damage. mercifully it didn't detonate. it was then detonated by authorities in a controlled explosion. while ibrahim bakraoui was detonating himself in the airport husband brother was moving towards the train station. and an hour later is when he detonated himself in the metro station. and identifying him is the key to link between the him and the
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paris attackers salah abdeslam. last week the address that was raided salah abdeslam's dna was found and he is placed there post the paris attack. authorities believe that was represent rented by khalid bakraoui. throughout this of course police are hunting for the third suspect. the man who left the bomb. the man whose picture we showed you the light color coat and hat. he's believed to be extremely dangerous. and to give you sense of how much big they are possibly could have been, police said when they raided the apartment in schaerbeek yesterday, they found 15 kilos of explosive, nail, acetone. so much more that could have gone horribly wrong. they also found the last will of ibrahim bakraoui.
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in it he talks about feeling the need to hurry this operation, feeling unsafe. and that really brings into play the horrifying foreshadowing of authorities the sunday of capture of abdeslam when the foreign minister was speaking out saying his worry was that this capture while crucial is and so necessary could accelerate the networks that were plotting to strike here in brussels, carroll. >> so nima, that means abdeslam, the man responsible for the paris attacks, he knew of a plot and police could got net the information from him in time? is that what it seems like to you? >> well the authorities only started speaking publicly about a plot after salah abdeslam had been captured. and they do say he's been collaborating. so clearly the sense is that he's bringing together pieces of this puzzle and that is what the prosecutor said. but they also said at the time this is far from over. we still don't have as they
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characterized it, the complete puzzle. and that is sadly what led to the unfolding of the circumstances, the tragic incidents we saw here yesterday morning, carol. >> so the paris attacks and the brussels attacks appear to be connected. that means there was this cell operating within both countries. how big do authorities think this cell is? how many more people are they looking for? >> authorities believe there is an overlap between these networks as you see with salah abdeslam and the bakraoui brothers. but they believe they are largers because they are two networks and this is really what's been really starting to hear authorities talk about. almost this lattice work of islamist radical networks operating in europe. in brussels. and that salah abdeslam, while part of the paris attack conspiracy, while he was on the run had also been part of this other network that had built up around him they believe to be implicated in the brussels
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attacks of yesterday morning, carol. >> so other countries have been put on alert. so there's probably this massive man hunt in, i don't know, france? in germany too? where are they looking? >> well authorities say they are giving increased scrutiny across europe. of course they are not giving out any details of exactly where they are raiding because they have been so cautious post paris about potentially putting that information out there that could allow any of these suspects to evade capture. but we do know that the french police have deployed an extra 1600 officers onto the streets and other countries are looking careful at their borders. there is just this state now have hierp vigilance here in europe carol. at the same time here in brussels we're actually overlooking just behind us here the memorial for those injured and those who lost their lives in the attack. people seem to be very consciously choosing to come out
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onto the streets in spite of the threat level. some i've been speaking to just said we want to try and snatch back some normalcy from those who did this to us. because if we stay at home, if we stay afraid then we feel that they will have won. >> one of the oddest turn of events this morning out the news conference was one of the the brothers left a will but it was like part will and part suicide note, wasn't it? >> it definitely wasn't the kind of will that we've seen from militants before, especially isis has claimed responsibility for this. authorities haven't confirmed that but with isis there will tend to be very flashy and this is why we did this and you will suffer. this seemed to be like you say a
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tinge of regret. a fear. he speci-- he didn't want to en where salah abdeslam is. authorities were combing the computer trying to see what else there is in there. it definitely gives you real -- an insight into his thinking. >> thanks so much for your reporting. lye from brussels this morning. i want to bring in frederick pleitgen now. he's near the place where explosives were found earlier. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah where a lot of the things that were found that were talked about in that press conference that just tack place. where is ever this is where the main raid took place yesterday. we're in front of this residential building and the top floor is where most of the raids took place last night.
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and we were there yesterday and there was a lot of forensic work being done. and we were wondering why there was an explosive ordinance crew there for a very long time. several eod trucks were in front of this place. and there were some 15 kilograms of explosives they found inside that apartment. also a lot of screws. they said yesterday they were talking about a nail bomb. also one of the other things was the will that was found. apparently it was found on a laptop computer in a garbage can right outside of this building. and turning aroundky actually see a garbage can outside the building where the computer may have been dump. the authorities say that is where they found that will where apparently one of the two brothers there said that he felt he was on the run and things were getting close and he was afraid of going to jail. so this certainly seems to be one of the focal points where at least most of the explosives for the terror attacks that happened here in brussels yesterday were
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manufactured. where the lab to manufacture them was and also of course where the screws were put in and also an isis flag was found at this location as well carol. >> as for the materials they use to make these bombs, where did they come from? >> reporter: well that is a very good question. a lot of materials they used appear to be stuff you can basically buy in the pharmacy. you have to go of course probably to several different places. but it is essentially homemade explosives. and judging by the press conference that took place by the belgian prosecutor just a couple minutes ago, the definition for the explosive that was used, tatp, is the same kind of explosive that was also used in the paris attack. it is not necessarily something that is very easy to make but it is something that with the knowledge of how to make bombs is something that can be manufactured in somewhat of a homemade lab like this one was. now remember this is also the
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place where these people were picked up to then go to the airport to conduct the bombings there. and the taxi driver who picked them up said first of all they had a lot of luggage with them. that some had to stay behind here. that might explain why a nail bomb was found here at this location. but also that when they goth the airport the man there were there refused to allow the taxi driver to handle their luggable and that seems to indicate obviously that something very unstable was inside that luggage and that of course could explain the tatp would have been inside those pieces of lunggage. so a lot of what authorities are telling us seems to originate here from this residential building in the schaerbeek area of brussels. >> and that tatp frederick mentioned is important and i'm going to get into that in a second. we still don't know who exactly police are arrested in part. but i want to talk now about najim laachraoui.
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i want to talk about laachraoui for a moment. allegedly isis's chief bomb maker. one of the most wanted men in belgium. days ago he was named as the new suspect in the terror attacks and they are also trying to figure if he's linked to the brussels attacks. we know he traveled to syria in 2013. and isis claimed responsibility for the bombings. and put out a statement. the big question, one of the big questions this morning, is isis in syria or iraq directly orchestrating these kind of terror attacks? let's talk about that side of
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the story. paul crook chang shaq is here. >> paul. some media has been reporting the man in the light coat that he was the bomb maker but apparently he is not. who do you suppose he is? >> well they don't know at this point carol. he was suspected to be the third suicide bomber at the airport with a large amount of explosives, tap explosives in his suitcase which he placed on the trolley. for some reason it didn't work or he backed out. and according to footage he runs away from the scene. the other two blow up their device. but the key new piece of information we've just received in the last hour or so is that
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the bakraoui brothers, one at the metro station, one at the airport, wented salah abdeslam's safe house where he hit after the paris attacks. that definitively ties the paris attack cell and the brussels attack cell as part of the same network, same isis cell carried out both of these attacks. we are also learning from the federal prosecutor that one of the bakraoui brothers left a last will and testament which was found near that residence in schaerbeek which was searched yesterday, saying i don't want to go to prison. we need to speed this thing up. senior belgian counterterrorism official tells me that belgian security services believe the cell accelerated their planning after abdeslam's safe house was raided in brussels last week
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after salah abdeslam was brought into custody. they accelerated their plans. they did not want to be arrested. and therefore they carried out this very large attack. now this is very important. they do not have specific evidence yet that salah abdeslam was going to be part of this attack. that played out yesterday in brussels. but salah abdeslam, part of the same cell as the attackers yesterday. you were referring to laachraoui who was still at large. this is an individual who played a key role in the paris tarbgs. he was on the phone in real time to various teams during the night of the attacks. now his dna was found at the paris attacks bomb factory. but his dna has not yet been matched to the schaerbeek
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property which was raided yesterday which was the bomb factory for this attack. the fact that his dna at this location suggested he might have been the bomb maker. i think it is premature carol to call him isis's chief bomb maker. we don't know that for sure. but certainly he is a very skilled bomb maker and still at large. belgium authorities very keen to arrest him. he may be the most dangerous man in europe right now. >> okay. so all of these people are apparently connected though. and that is really the point. and i think that many americans are wondering, general, is isis in the form of al-baghdadi directly ordering these kind of attacks? because we know this bomb maker went to syria. we don't know who he talked to or anything but that is what many americans fear? >> well i think there is a command and control element to all of this carol. but his terms of directly
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ordering it as to the details of the plot, the timing, the place, the location, no. he is not doing any of that. what you were talk about with nima before in these large networks throughout europe that have smaller cells placed all over the countries in europe, it is critically important to understand that there are some key and important people. there are leaders. there are the financer, there are the bomb makers. there are the communicators and then there are the pawns that carry out the attack. when it was reported that the man in the white trench coat, accompanying the two suicide bombers was the bomb maker yesterday, i shook my head and said no that is not the case. they would never send someone as important as the bomb maker on an attack. he is back considering ways to make new bombs and execute more missions. so that is the kind of things you have to concern yourself with. the various cells that are part of this network actg on their own at many times. they may have general guidance
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from the cells in syria or from the network in syria. but they are doing this on their own. hence the letter that says hey we've got to do this right away because i don't want to spend time in jail with abdeslam. they wanted to execute these fast to make sure they weren't caught up in this collection of individuals as the various police agencies in europe were conducting their operations. >> up next the brussels attack front and center in the 2016 presidential election. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair.
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utah. but in the arizona primary clinton gained the upperhand big time. as for donald trump, the road to the white house hit another hurdle as senator cruz wins big in utah. trump posted a big win of his own in delegate rich arizona. but cruz says his victory has trump running scared. citing this tweet from the gop front runner. liein' ted cruz just used a picture of melania in a goal kick shoot in his ad. and cruzzen responded, if your try to attack heidi you are a coward. more of a coward than i thought. hashtag classless. cruz talked about it on cnn this morning. >> last night donald threatened my wife. he went directly after my wife. and i got to tell you that number one, heidi my wife is the daughter of missionaries in africa. she's by best friend in the
6:24 am
world. and if donald wants to get in a character fight he's better off sticking with me because heidi is way out of his league. >> all right. joining me now to talk more about this and more mark preston, good morning. >> good morning. we certainly have got into the gutter of american politics with donald trump and ted cruz. but let's talk about the numbers right now. the delegate tolds at this point. as you said there was a split. donald trump picked up 58 delegates by winning the state of arizona. ted cruz picked up 40 by winning the state of utah. overall now you need 1,237 dlgts to win the republican nomination. right now donald trump has 741, he is in the lead. ted cruz has 461 delegates. now carol, another big bit of news for ted cruz this morning. he received the endorsement of jeb bush, the former florida
6:25 am
governor, bush as you recall left the race about thirty days ago because hoyis campaign was unable to pick up traction. he described ted cruz as the principled conservative. but listen this biting remark about trump. we must move to overcome the divisiveness and vulgarity has brought into the political arena or we'll certainly lose our chance. so yet another establishment republican lining up behind ted cruz as we move towards this republican nomination. >> mark preston, reporting live for us this morning. thank you. the terror attacks in brussels are very much in play in american politics. trump, cruz and clinton all appeared on morning television shows as authorities comforted the wounded in search for suspects. here to talk about that, larry sabado, the director of the university of virginia center for politics. welcome larry. so much to talk about this
6:26 am
morning. >> absolutely carol. always too much to talk about. >> you are not kidding. >> let's start with this. plit ko's digital editorial director tweeted america may be one more terrorist attack away from donald trump as president. do you agree larry? >> no. i like blake, but i think that is an oversimplification of what's likely to happen. nobody knows whether there will be other terrorist strikes. it doesn't take a crystal ball to predict there probably will be more before the november election. but presidential elections don't run on one track. national security is one track. the economy is another. the popularity or unpopularity of the incumbent president. the comparison between the two party nominees. i can go on and on. you can't oversimplify something as big as the presidential election. >> but still. i mean there was some strong rhetoric out there yesterday.
6:27 am
senator cruz for example called for patrols of muslim neighborhoods. mr. trump called for more torture. mrs. clinton called an all out fight against isis. who's message resonates? >> the truth is the message from each of those candidates resonates with their own constituency and their own partisans. and we are in the partisan, purely partisan phase of this presidential election. so trump is scoring big as he did. after the paris attacks and after the san bernardino attacks. because at this point republicans want to hear tough rhetoric. there is an authoritarian strain to this. they like the way trump is going after both illegals and also terrorists. on the democratic side i think the fact that hillary clinton's a former secretary of state gives her a clear advantage over bernie sanders world health organization has very little experience in foreign policy.
6:28 am
so both clinton and donald trump are benefitting. >> let's move to the bush endorsement of senator ted cruz. will it matter? >> it may mean more in terms of money than in votes. with all due respect to jeb bush, he didn't have a whole lot of votes to transfer. and his moment of greatest influence might have been prior to the florida primary and he chose not to endorse at that time, probably for some good reasons but this is kind of late. it is for many of these people who all of a sudden are awakening and endorsing candidates. you know, were well along in the process. >> yes we are. >> although senator cruz says this all means -- actually he says mr. trump appears nervous and he can prove it. you know, it was because of that tweet where mr. trump went after senator cruz's wife. i had to ask you larry. do you buy it? >> not really. carol, i'd like to put a claim,
6:29 am
be the first i hope to put a claim on the word "class leless for the title of a book for the 2016 election. if i could have just that one word it would be that. classless fit this is campaign to a tee. >> thanks larry for stopping by. still to come a massive memorial grows in belgium. if you are planning on visiting any time soon, well the state department has a warning for you. don't. ifor all the wrong reasons.gical
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. a travel warning has been i should for americans heading to europe. in the wake of the belgium attacks, the state department says terrorists may try to strike again in europe in the near future. u.s. citizens are being told to be cautious in public places and while using mass transit. in the meantime here at home soft of the country's busiest airports are on heightened security alert. and so are train stations. congressman turner, welcome. >> thank you carol. >> and i want to also mention you are a member of the armed services and intelligence committees and also the chairman of the u.s. delegation to nato. so you have a lot to say this morning and i'm glad you are hear. belgian authorities seem to know kind of terror plot was in the works and some say they should have been able to stop what happened yesterday. is that fair? >> not really. because obviously we can't be right all of the time. even though we try to chase down
6:35 am
every lead. however the belgians do have a particular difficult situation in that they have not been prepared for these types of attacks or organization. the security services are not coordinated. they are trying to play catch up. which is why of course they have been a site that's been chosen interest which other attacks in europe have been coordinated. so they just need our assistance right now. they need the assistance of europe to make sure they penetrate this network and take it down. >> i want to talk little bit about nato. that is a military alliance that includes 28 countries including belgium. donald trump thinks we need to rethink nato. senator cruz comes out and said donald trump's idea is a bad one and here's why. let's listen. >> that is so hopelessly naive. and what donald trump is saying is that he would unilaterally surrender to russia and putin. give putin a massive foreign policy victory by breaking nato
6:36 am
and abandoning europe. do you know who would agree with that? barack obama. >> so nato troops are protecting ukraine. so my question so you congressman, is nato vital to keep the world safe? >> nato is absolutely viable. and essential. it is the most successful military alliance in history. and it isn't just directed at russia. it really is the platform by which the united states coordinates our national and international security and brings together our allies. it is the strongest block voice in the united nations to insure that our security interests are advanced. it's from which we base troops so we are able to forward deploy to make sure the united states can execute military initiatives. for example the ones directed at isis trying to lessen the security threat to our country right now. >> tell us how nato is helping us fight isis. >> the bases there allow us to
6:37 am
take to the military operations. in addition is intelligence operations and intelligence sharing, pulling together the pulled resources of all of our alliance so we have their plane, their weapon, their assistance. it really is the coordinating place, it really is, if you would consider it the central operations for the united states off shore. >> some people say that nato should send ground troops to fight isis. should it? >> well i think we need a much more coordinated and intensive battle against isis. i think people are beginning to see that isis sees itself as war with us. and so we need to take the war to isis. the people that are effectuating these attacks in europe are being trained in syria and iraq. we need to take down their logistics, their funding sources. their ability to train. we need to -- >> -- do that? >> i think it takes everything. it takes both our air weapons and i our special operations. the real thing it takes and this
6:38 am
is why the administration has been throw to act is it needs a coordinated plan. we need a coordinated plan to take down isis or they will continue to taattack. >> so you are saying president obama should engage nato and urge it to send ground toops to the middle east to fight isois. >> i said he needs a coordinated plan which includes all elements and he hasn't included nato and really all of our military advisors as to how to take this down or we would. we could be successful at taking down isis. the fact that has languished as an action on indecision on approximate part of the admission. >> still to come in the "newsroom," stopping isis here in the united states. why it is not just about beefing up security. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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as authorities ramp up security in the united states to try to prevent a brussels style attack here the national security is taking center stage in the presidential campaign. ted cruz says police need to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. donald trump agrees. hillary clinton wants more surveillance on soft targets but cnn national security analyst peter burgen rights this.
6:44 am
what is really needed in stead are more credible voices point ought isis is not creating an islamist utopia here on earth as so much of its english language propaganda claims but rather a liling hell. glad to have you here. so you say, instead of going to those more extreme measures maybe a simpler approach might work better. >> well, you know, carol we have lots of surveillance. and surveillance wouldn't have stopped the couple in san bernardino world health organization carried out the most lethal terrorist attack in the united states killing 14 people. they weren't making the kind of phone calls that could be surveyed. patrols through muslim neighborhoods would be subject to all sort of constitutional objections and also it wouldn't have stopped san bernardino. so what we really need are
6:45 am
american who've joined isis who have defect eed who can tell thr story. that this is really creating a hell on earth not the utopia that iscsis is presented. >> what should authorities make him do? >> well the department of justice has an interesting question here. they can throw the back at him. he could get up to 20 years in prison. by the by a that is a lot of leverage. you want to hear everything from -- who was recently arrested and defected from isis. you would want to hear everything from him about that he knees about isis. but you could say he's already given interviews to kurdish media saying isis is against islam, isis is really ruling in a despicable manner in the areas
6:46 am
it controls. these kind of messages are very powerful from somebody who actually joined isis. and i think that is the kind of thing that will dissuade people who are on the fence thinking hey, maybe i should join isis, maybe i should not. more surveillance. we have plenty of surveillance. that doesn't necessarily stop people, what people's thoughts can't be surveyed. you know, that would be unconstitutional and impractical. so i think the more voices you have, credible voices, people who've joined isis who can go out there publicly and say, you know, this is very different from the way that isis has presented itself. that is the kind of thing that can persuade young men and women who may be contemplating should i go or not go to syria to join the group. >> so the government i know has been trying to flood social media with its own kind of propaganda. even if the government did this and put these people out there, believers out there, would be believers out there believe
6:47 am
these people were real? >> well that is a very good objection. you would have to, of his own volition is already starting to give interviews to local media to say thatiasis iasiiasi iass group that presents itself. the opportunities a defector has like this, rather than just putting him this prison for 20 years, there is an opportunity here. because by the way a lot of the things for the government has done in the past in this area haven't really worked. you mentioned alternative messages the government's put out on social media. i don't think those are worked really well. and this we now have a concrete example of an american who's as american as anybody in the united states who's joined isis
6:48 am
who defected because he objected to what they were doing. i think that is a powerful story. >> definitely. peter bergen, thanks for stopping by. still to come when terrorists attack, the world shudders. look at some of the ripple effects of the tragedy just head. we stop arthritis pain,
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global markets were immediately shaken by news of the terror attacks in belgium. the dow closing slightly lower but already today european
6:53 am
markets and travel stocks are beginning to recover. is it a sign terror attacks have become the new normal or are we just all so courageous? christine romans is joining me now. >> good morning, carol. you can bet terrorism and national security is top of mind after the attacks in brussels and the heartbreaking loss of life there. the two issues are related, terrorism and the economy. it's a goal of terrorists to sew fear and disrupt the economy. the u.s. state department warning americans traveling abroad of travel-related stocks fell initially but countries do and bounce back quickly. even if travel and tourism decline in the immediate aftermath and business and consumer confidence suffers a temporary knock. the key word is temporary. tourism is resilient. they move quickly to accommodate travelers and encourage travelers and have created better crisis and communication
6:54 am
tactics. international tourism grew by 4%. nearly 1.2 billion people made journeys last year. hotel arrivals in paris fell 14% after the attacks last fall but it's expected to be back to normal within two months. the bombings in 2005 had no impact on tourism or the economy. none. after the attacks in paris, the impact wasn't long before personal economy and jobs and economy were back. >> that's god fod for us, right? >> i think personal resilience is the key. >> people were in the cafes in brussels. >> bringing their children, business as usual. the heartbreaking loss of life, the emotional impact of this clearly is there. there are those scars. what is interesting is the resilience of those economies and travel in the wake of these
6:55 am
things. >> christine romans, thanks. the next hour of "newsroom" after a break. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go onliand switch to x1. only with xfinity. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. breaking news out of brussels this morning. authorities are now telling us they only know who one man is in this picture. they know the man in the middle, his name is ibrahim el bakraoui. bakraoui and the man on the left were the suicide bombers who died at the brussels airport.
7:00 am
they are not brothers as we had previously been told. the man on the right with the hat, he's still unidentified. he left the airport and is now on the run. a manhunt is under way. khalid el bakraoui here shown on the left, he carried out the suicide bombing at the train station an hour after the attacks at the airport. both brothers had ties to the paris terrorist attacks so they are all linked now. the death toll last hour, it rises to 31 and the number of wounded is 270. extensive security checks are under way as people in brussels are returning to day-to-day life. a big memorial is going on right now outside of the belgium embassy. let's watch.
7:01 am
>> i apologize. it's kind of hard to hear. you can see joe biden and jill biden inside the embassy in brussels, belgium. i'm sorry. this is in washington, d.c., and now he and his wife will soon sign the condolence book. authorities there are guarding the train stations. they are really keeping a close eye on things for obvious reasons. phil black is at the train station right now. he joins us live.
7:02 am
hi, phil. >> reporter: hey, carol. yes, we are standing in the center of brussels, very close to the european union's leading institutions. just to my right is the european commission, the executive body of the european union. just around the corner is where the attack was and police are still going over the devastating scene on the ground. what we've heard from authorities today for the first time is who they specifically believe was responsible for that suicide bombing. you mentioned two brothers took part in the overall operation. one was involved -- one was a suicide bomber at the airport. the other one was a suicide bomber here at the metro station. the brother's names, ibrahim and khalid el bakraoui. these are two brothers who were apparently, according to reports here, were known to authorities through their criminal
7:03 am
activities, links to organized crimes, we're told. not throu they went separate ways, ibrahim to the airport with two other people and khalid here to the metro station where his body was by far the deadlier of the two. at least 20 people died underground here in central, brussels. as i say, in this area, so close, such an international area, so close to these european institutions. it is why one of the reasons that many people -- european leaders in particular are saying this isn't just an attack against brussels but an attack against all of europe and all that europe stands for. today, the city is starting to get back to normal. there are more people on the streets, buses are running and the metro system is only partially reopened. two lines, a handful of stations but there is enormous security,
7:04 am
both on the streets and underground on those metro lines as well. carol? >> phil black reporting live from brussels, belgium. thanks so much. overnight, police raids wrapped up -- police raids wrapped up in the neighborhood where the suspects hired a taxi to take them to the airport. among the findings, explosives. fred pleitgen is live. tell us more, fred. >> reporter: it seems that this location where i'm at right now, this schaerbeek district, specifically, the house that you see behind me, appeared to have been a makeshift weapons lab for the people who conducted those attacks at the metro and also as the brussels airport as well. i want to step out of your way here, carol, and then maybe we can pan up to this building. you can see the apartment on the top floor of this building. that appears to be the one that the searches were focused on. last night, there were a lot of forensic workers in there.
7:05 am
they kept bringing out some form of evidence and brought them to some of their vehicles. the other thing that was on hand pretty much the entire time was explosive ordinance disposal squads. they found some 15 kilograms of tatp explosives inside the apartment where those people stayed. they also found screws, an isis flag as well. and that certainly explains why the raid that we watched unfold here last night happened the way it did. with police snipers and helicopters with sniper in them as well and special d.o.d. squads coming through the department. the other thing that was found was a laptop that had apparently the last will of one of the bombers on them. a man who said he was under threat and he felt he needed to act fast.
7:06 am
otherwise, he would be arrested. carol? >> something came out of the press conference earlier this morning and maybe you can expound on this. one of the el bakraoui brothers left a suicide note or a will on a laptop. what can you tell us about that? >> well, from the information that we're gathering, it appears that he may have written down his thoughts on that laptop and then dumped that laptop in a garbage can outside of the building here. and if we pan a little bit again, in front of this building there is a garbage can right in front of it which is incidentally also the area where these men were apparently picked up by the taxi that brought them to the airport. later, it was a taxi driver who said that he saw the mug shots of these people on tv and then notified the police and that's how they were able to find this apartment as fast as they could. he also said that they had a lot of luggage on them and refused to allow them to handle their luggage which seemed to indicate that there was something
7:07 am
volatile inside. yes, they found this laptop and, yes, it appears as though at least one of these men felt like he was very close to being captured and, therefore, felt that they needed to rush this operation as fast as possible. they did manage to get those bombs going, as we saw, and they still had some explosives that were left over inside of the apartment that you see behind me, carol. >> fred, there is a theory about why he felt he was going to be arrested. why was that? >> reporter: well, i mean, they were implicated in the larger web, if you will, of the people who were behind the paris attacks and now, of course, the brussels attacks as well. these two brothers, one of them, rented an apartment where -- which was raided by police last tuesday and where the dna of sala abdeslam was found. it was, of course, the man who was still being searched for in conjunction with the paris attacks. he had been on the run for four
7:08 am
months and was apprehended two days later and it was then that apparently theseen felt that -- >> frederik pleitgen, live from belgium, thank you. i'm looking at joe biden. let's try to hear what he's saying. >> begin to crack down on and eventually eliminate these terror cells. they will prevail. they will prevail. and you have to remember, there is incredible courage of people during world war ii, the incredible stamina and nothing has changed. but on behalf of the president i can say that we are prepared to provide any and all information capability, technology, anything we have that can be value-added
7:09 am
to their fight and they will prevail. backbones like -- they are going to school, they are not letting terrorism win. what they really want to do is change the way we live and you are not going to let that happen. >> thank you. >> thank you all very much. >> all right. vice president joe biden talking with the belgian ambassador in washington, d.c.. let's head out to brussels, the memorial there. because it is huge. joe biden was right, clarissa ward, people are out and about and they are living their lives. >> reporter: yes, carol. it's actually been quite surprising, i have to say, given that there are still a number of men on the loose. police have warned that these men are armed, that they are dangerous potentially. but earlier today, we saw a large group of at least one or
7:10 am
2,000 people gathering behind me. some of them are still there. we're in the center of town at the place de la bourse there was as mixture of resilience and they are going about their daily lives, that they won't be cowed by these acts of terrorism. at the same time, it's fair to say that people here are on edge, there is anxiety and that's precisely, as we heard from belgian's prosecutor earlier today, a number of men are on the loose. most prominently, the third man that we've seen in the surveillance video. he's wearing the light-colored jacket, wearing a cap and glasses. police do not know who he is or if they do, they haven't shared it with us. they have warned that he's out there and dangerous. they are also looking for the
7:11 am
believed bomb maker in the attacks, najim laachraoui. authorities here are being very tight-lipped. they don't want to give away any information. they have asked people to stop tweeting and covering the searches and raids in realtime because they are concerned that it could tip off people iolved and they are very keen to try to get investigators out on the ground and bring in the suspects before they can do any more damage, carol. >> clarissa ward reporting live from brussels, belgium, thank you. as that manhunt intensifies, authorities are combing through evidence in a place many say is a hotbed for terrorism. michael weise writes this this morning "angry at belgium's
7:12 am
inability to tackle isis terror cells that are successfully plotting murderous attacks on the west from inside the country's tiny capital city." expound on that for us, michael. >> so we wanted to find out what u.s. intelligent officers who have been dealing with the al qaeda threat and isis for almost a decade in a half have to say about the european officials. a ci officer, a veteran of the agency, pulled no punches, described not just the belgian security forces but said this is kind of a pandemic across the european union. the word used is that they are like children. when we go over there and try to liason and share information with them. there's a sense of frustration because europe has been dealing with the infiltration of not just the jihadist operatives but
7:13 am
the ideology, the sort of moral -- these kids self-radicalized or are radicalized by older generations. they have been dealing with this for generations where in the united states 9/11 was a wake-up call. >> michael, why aren't they up to speed? >> well, this is the $6 million question. they are either so frightened and don't know when the next attack is coming, don't want to rock the boat or do anything to offend social and political policy that goes back even beyond the terror and suggests that the proper way forward, when dealing with large immigrant communities, is to create an ethnic salad as opposed to the famous u.s. melting pot where asimulation is the norm. and this is the reason that you have the proliferation of urban
7:14 am
ghettos that are pockets of -- i mean, it's one thing to have ethnic or racial communities and it's another when they become outposts of very dangerous parts of the third world where, as i say, actors looking to do harm to the society that is hosting them in which they even were born and grew up, are allowed to just kind of preach hatred and violence. i mean, to give you an example, abdelhamid abaaoud, he went to prison. by the way, this all comes out of central casting. anytime you have an attack and look at the perpetrators, it almost writes itself with a crayon. well-educated, was born in the european country and in that case, belgium, went to a fairly good school, dropped out of school, devolved into petty crime, goes to jail, meets the
7:15 am
brothers in prison, gives him a jihadi ideology. a man named santa claus, why, he was giving out 3500 euro cash disbursals to anyone who wanted to go to syria and join isis and that was taking place in broad daylight in a major cosmopolitan city in central europe. this is why the americans are so upset. >> all right. i have to leave it there. michael weiss, thank you for joining us. still to come, the front-runner scored big victories in the western use states. so why does ted cruz say trump is so scared? the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. all right. fast-moving developments out of
7:20 am
brussels, belgium, and the terror attacks that went down yesterday. paul cruickshank is here and has new information to share. >> carol, this is critical, new information coming from a senior counterterrorism official. salah abdeslam was slated by the brussels cell to be part of an attack being planned on brussels, an attack which was accelerated by the cell when salah last week and he was brought into custody. they suspect salah abdeslam was to be part of that attack team. you'll recall that at his safehouse, belgian police found kalashnikov detonators and an isis flag, suggesting that an attack was in the works, an
7:21 am
attack linked to salah be a -- abdeslam was going to be part of this. when he was arrested, he didn't reveal any of this to belgian interrogators. it was said that he was co cooperating but clearly he didn't cooperate fully. this also suggests that the attack that was carried out yesterday in brussels, that was accelerated, the plan was going to be much larger than that. the belgian security services managed to neutralize at least one half of this network in brussels when they raided that safe house. they killed a senior algerian in that case. they believe he was the overall commander of this brussels cell and also the overall commander
7:22 am
of the terrorist attacks. the terrorist killed in that gun battle last week was providing orders and coordination for the attackers in paris. so this very same cell that carried out the paris attacks also then carried out these brussels attacks but it could have been much larger indeed. and now all of this fits together because, as hln, a belgian media outlet was reporting yesterday, when the taxi driver came to pick up the three brussels airport attackers at the airport, they had so many suitcases filled with so much explosives that they could not fit all of them inside that taxi cab. they had to leave some behind. that was the explosive that was subsequently found by belgian counterterrorism officials at the safe house in schaerbeek. and including 15 kilograms of tatp, acetone, all sorts of
7:23 am
bomb-making materials found. they had so much explosives, they could not fit it into one taxi. they prepared this explosive for a much larger attack team. if the officials had not discovered salah abdeslam last week, this could have been much worse than what tragically occurred yesterday. the belgian security forces thwarted at least half of the plot, carol. one more note here. one more note here. at large, still being searched for is a potential bomb maker in both the paris and brussels terror attacks. they found his dna in the bomb factory for the paris attacks but have not yet definitively said that he was the bomb maker in those attacks. this is a fast-moving investigation and critical new details we're reporting now on cnn. >> paul, another question, do you have -- is there any way to
7:24 am
know how large this cell is and who is directing it? >> reporter: yeah. they suspect that the director of this cell, of the paris and brussels cell was an algerian that was radicalized and came back from isis and syria recently. he was, as i said, killed in that shootout on -- last week, last tuesday when the belgians went in to that address that they had intelligence suggesting was linked to the paris attacks. they weren't expecting to find anybody inside that residence. but that night of the paris attacks he had been in touch over the phone with the various attack teams in paris. he is now dead. he's gone. how many other attack teams are out there? they just don't know. it's possible there could be other members of this network still trying to launch attacks
7:25 am
in brussels and europe. very concerning times indeed, carol. >> paul cruickshank, thanks for the information. i'll be right back. [eerie music] i am the ghost of cookies' past...residue. gross. well, you didn't use pam. so it looks like you're stuwith me! bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam. so you don't have to stop., tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. a split decision for republicans or democrats on tuesday. bernie sanders crushing hillary clinton in the idaho and utah caucuses while clinton had a victory in arizona. even with the wins, the math is still a challenge for bernie
7:30 am
sanders. he trails clinton by nearly 800 delegates. cruz's big win in utah earned the senator all of the delegates but donald trump had his winner-takes-all moment. joining me is david gergen and patricia murphy, a columnist for "the daily beast." good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with the juicy stuff first, for lack of a better term. ted cruz and donald trump are now at a war of words over their wives. trump tweeting, "lying ted cruz just used a picture of melania from a gc shoot in his ad. be careful, lying ted or i'll spill the beans on your wife."
7:31 am
>> last night, donald trump went after my wife. she's my best friend in the word. if donald wants to get into a character fight, he's better off sticking with me because heidi is way out of his league. >> i'll stand up for my little woman, patricia. thoughts? >> there is obviously no line that donald trump won't cross. absolutely unbelievable that he's threatening heidi cruz, who is a very well-respected professional, went to harvard, very smart woman and has been noncontroversial in this entire campaign. there's really nothing that donald trump won't do and i think there's no threat he wouldn't issue toward ted cruz. i think it does reveal a little bit of his sensitivity for donald trump, that ted cruz is not out of that yet. he thinks he needs to do, say,
7:32 am
tweet, threaten -- there's not a whole lot he's not going to do in order to get across the finish line. he wants to get ted cruz off his game, take out any positive news about ted cruz winning utah last night. >> well, actually, david, ted cruz said that this didn't throw ted cruz off his game. this only proves that donald trump is actually worried that he might have -- might not have enough delegates to clinch that nomination. >> he may not have. the truth is, the bandwagon rolls on for donald trump. yesterday in arizona, it was a much more important win than the caucus win was for ted cruz. i think very importantly, though, carol, this battle over wives, i think it will go away quickly. it's so overshadowed by
7:33 am
brussels. i think donald trump probably got aew york boost over brussels yesterday. foresaw and warned us that brussels is a hell hole, his words, a month or two ago. in the long term, brussels may benefit hillary clinton more and the speech she's giving today on counterterrorism is important. she's going to stanford and we're all going to see how she distinguishes herself around president obama. if she gives a very tough speech, which is seen as reasonable in the long term, i think that could help her campaign a good deal. so i think this question about wives should go away quickly. it's wrong to put it in the middle of the campaign. let's get on with really serious things. >> i agree. we'll no longer talk about that, david. i totally agree. let's talk about foreign policy for just one more moment, patricia. hillary clinton may give a great speech but that would probably only appeal to people who already like her.
7:34 am
you know, those independents and republicans who are for a donald trump. they want that really tough talk and that's certainly not what hillary clinton will deliver, right? >> i think when she has a chance to come out on foreign policy, this is her wheelhouse. i disagree a little bit. she can have a message that some independents are going to be very attracted to, when you put it in the context of a terror attack and in the context of what donald trump's response to that terror attack could be, he has rulolled out head-scratchin policies. just off the cuff, maybe we should scale back our representation of nato, maybe we should start waterboarding again. there seems to be a few things not considered a little off the cuff. is that really the leader that hillary clinton is going to be putting forward, is that the leader that you want in times of trouble and crisis and chaos. i think she has an opportunity here to show a different opportunity for some voters who
7:35 am
may be looking for that. obviously donald trump voters want somebody who is strong and goes after terrorists. he's giving them that. i think there's a big section of voters in the middle who are confused about what direction to go in and hillary clinton has an opportunity to win them over today. >> before i let you go, david, i want to get your input on jeb bush endorsing ted cruz and if that will matter. >> i'm fairly surprised. i thought he might have endorsed john kasich. ted cruz doesn't seem culturally or politically the person he would go for. it's an indication that he wants to do anything to stop donald trump before it's over. >> all right. i have to let you go. >> and i think it will make a modest difference. it just adds to the weight of the people trying to stop trump.
7:36 am
>> david and patricia, thanks to both of you. coming up next in the "newsroom," ted cruz says it's time to set up surveillance on muslim neighborhoods. zuccolis. through ancestry, vd through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at with extraordinary offersmance saon the visionary ls, the generously appointed es and the new, eight-passenger lx. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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7:41 am
as authorities beef up security on american soil, republican presidential hopeful ted cruz is sparking controversy by calling for police to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. >> it's very simple. it's doing what law enforcement does in any circumstance. if you have a neighborhood where there's a high level of gang activity, the way to prevent it is to increase the law enforcement presence there and you target the gang members to get them off the street. >> but you're talking about muslim neighborhoods, not radicals, particularly. >> i am talking about an area where there is a higher incidence of radicalization. >> and then this was tweeted "he's making trump look reasonable on muslims." and this tweet, "ted cruz wants
7:42 am
to secure muslim neighborhoods. how much shawarma restaurants does it take to make it officially a muslim neighborhood?" dean, what's wrong with checking out muslim neighborhoods? >> first of all, as a muslim myself, we're disgusted by what we saw in brussels. it's despicable. we stand with the people of brussels and that's the inherent problem behind ted cruz. the idea that we have less rights or should be targeted for our religious background, it's the same as racial profiling, ethnic profiling, it's unconstitutional and wrong. we have officers and lieutenants and a muslim captain working
7:43 am
together one against isis. by saying we're just going to target muslims, you're saying that they don't belong in this country and that's what isis wants, islam versus the west. >> bernard, do you disagree with ted cruz? is steve right? >> i think it was more of a political statement. the reality is, we already patrol muslim neighborhoods. the new york city police department patrols every neighborhood. there is -- the statement he made was sort of probably off the cuff. i don't defend it but we're already out there. we look at every neighborhood, everybody the same. i think the more important issue is intelligence. the acquisition, the collecting of intelligence, how we're going to do that, where we're going to do that, what we're going to do with that information, that's more important. >> okay. here's how the new york city
7:44 am
police commissioner bill bratton responded to cruz's comments on cbs this morning. >> doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, to be quite frank with you. i disagree with that statement. i have about a thousand muslim officers. when he's running them out, there's probably a few muslim officers guiding him. >> bernard, you took a more measured tactic. do you totally agree with commissioner bratton? >> listen, he's right. bratton is right. just as your other speaker said, we've got close to a thousand police officers in new york city that are muslim, out there protecting every community. you know, this is more -- this is a complete issue we have to deal with which is the collection of intelligence. it's going to be the success or failure of fighting and beating this enemy. and not something we have to
7:45 am
really focus on. >> dean? >> and i would say one thing added. ted cruz said to anderson cooper, it kept new yorkers safe and while in reality, the head of the police intelligence system said they got zero leads from that. i myself no doubt was surveilled secretly because i was at numerous muslim events that they were targeting. it doesn't help to make us an adversary. it's all of us versus isis. all of us versus isis has to be the talking point and ted cruz, as bernard said, it's dangerous and irresponsible. >> and just -- bernard, i want to clarify. you say police are already patrolling muslim neighborhoods. what exactly does that mean? does that mean they are targeting muslim neighborhoods to look for trouble? >> no. listen, carol, they patrol every neighborhood in the city. every neighborhood.
7:46 am
they are out there. it's not like they are specifically targeting muslim neighborhoods. there's patrols in every neighborhood in new york city regardless of what color you are, what ethnic background you are. that's the reality of the new york city police department and every police department in this country. >> all right. i have to leave it there. bernard, dean, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," witness to terror for an american teenager injured in belgium. the aftermath of the attacks was all too familiar. osteo bi-flex,s taking and noticing a real difference in his joint comfort. the feeling originates in this area... spreads throughout the body... to here, inducing hilariously high levels of embarrassment in his son. he knows it's working by that look of abject humiliation on his son's face. you were made to dance, phil. so dance. shows improved joint comfort in just 7 days. osteo bi-flex. made to move.
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. all right. look at this beautiful sight. this is the memorial site in brussels, belgium. perhaps they are laying out the flags of their nations and surrounding them with candles and flowers and you can see hundreds of people paying homage to those who lost their lives. an american teenager serving his mormon mission was among
7:51 am
those accounts. mason wells and his family is no strangers to tragedy. >> every phone call, you've got to hope it's him, right? >> reporter: the call that might be from their son mason, 19 years old, 20 months into serving his mormon mission in france and he was with an elder richard norby dropping off fanny rachel clain at the airport. all of them were hurt but expected to survive. the wells, who live just outside salt lake city, haven't been able to speak to their son. they know he was close enough to the blast to be hurt, burns and foot injuries. what is it like being parents and having your son in the middle of something like this? >> i think the word is, you feel helpless. you feel scared because there's not a lot you can do. >> reporter: this isn't the family's first time in the
7:52 am
center of a terror attack. 2013, mason and his father had just left this block at the boston marathon when the first explosion went off. moments later, chad wells explaining what he saw to wolf blitzer. >> chad wells, are you on the phone right now? >> yes, i can hear you. >> reporter: how strange is it for your family to be involved in two of these? >> i think two is enough for a lifeti lifetime now. i am just dumbfounded, to be honest, and all i can hope is that the boston experience gave mason some peace because he was in the turmoil there where the blast happened and it was pretty chaotic, from what i have heard. i didn't expect him to be in belgium but he started -- >> reporter: the boston terror attack didn't quell his desire to serve his church internationally. they hope this holds lessons. >> i think it's a good wake-up call to not only the citizen of americas and belgium and france
7:53 am
but to the world that we need to come together as humanity and not pull ourselves apart. >> reporter: as we're finishing our interview, the call from mason. >> mason, i'm going to catch a flight over to paris. >> reporter: what was it like to hear his voice? >> it was amazing relief. pure joy to hear mason's voice to know that he's alive, he's okay. >> reporter: you heard chad wells there planning travel to brussels. he hopes to be by his son's bedside as soon as possible. as far as the other two utah residents, richard norby and joe empey, they were both wounded, shrapnel wounds and burns. kyung lah, salt lake city, utah. ramped up security after the terror attacks in belgium, we'll tell what you is being done and where.
7:54 am
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u.s. officials say there are no specific threats here on american soil but precautions are being taken. security measures are ramping up at landmarks and transportation hubs across the nation. cnn is at penn station with more on that. >> reporter: hi, carol. bomb-sniffing dogs are weaving in between the passengers checking out all of their packages and carry-ones to make sure that there is nothing suspicious with that. as we move around here, people are waiting for their next train. further off in the distance are those signs telling people, hey,
7:59 am
beware, we are going to use detection and make sure we're monitoring what's going on. this is just another layer. many layers that we've seen here, not just at penn station but in new york city as a whole. i had a chance to talk to commuters this morning and asked one gentleman, you know, what do you feel is different today than yesterday? and he said, quite honestly, there's nothing. this is the kind of security he's come to expect and he says, you know what, i don't expect anything less at this point, especially in the wake of what happened in brussels yesterday. carol? >> all right. brynn gingras, thanks so much. i want to take you to brussels for a second because the memorial is so touching. people have been chanting love, love, love over and over again. there's a big huge display right in the middle of the area and surrounding them with candles and flowers. as you can see, people are out
8:00 am
and about in brussels. they are not letting anything, you know, make them afraid. in fact, the restaurants are crowded with people, including children. people are just trying to live their lives as normal as an intense manhunt continues for the suspects in the terrible terror attacks that went down yesterday. thank you for joining me. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john is off today. we're following breaking news out of brussels today. a manhunt is under way for the suspected third terrorist in the brussels attacks. authorities there are also warning of a larger terror network still within belgium that still poses a threat. this possibly inclu


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