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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 23, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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and about in brussels. they are not letting anything, you know, make them afraid. in fact, the restaurants are crowded with people, including children. people are just trying to live their lives as normal as an intense manhunt continues for the suspects in the terrible terror attacks that went down yesterday. thank you for joining me. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john is off today. we're following breaking news out of brussels today. a manhunt is under way for the suspected third terrorist in the brussels attacks. authorities there are also warning of a larger terror network still within belgium that still poses a threat. this possibly includes a bomb maker still at large.
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here's the very latest that we have. belgian authorities are searching for the man shown here in this airport surveillance image. he's the man where you see the light-colored jacket and he has a black hat on. a federal prosecutor says that suspect left the heaviest explosives bag at the airport and then ran. his bomb failed to detonate, thankfully. the two men in the black sweaters that you see, they were the suicide bombers. their explosives went off within seconds of each other. the one on the left has not yet been identified. the one in the middle is ibrahim el bakraoui. his brother has been identified as the attacker in the subway that occurred an hour later. also new this morning, the death toll is rising. the belgian prosecutor says 31 people are now dead, 20 killed at the metro station, 11 at the airport and 270 injured. he said, unfortunately, that
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number is expected to continue to rise. let's get the very latest. let's get straight to brussels where senior international correspondent clarissa ward is joining us. there are a lot of moving parts here as this major hand hunt is under way still. what's the very latest? >> reporter: that's right, kate. well, this is very much an unfolding and developing story. we did get a lot of information from the belgian prosecutor. let's go through it once again just for our audience. they have now identified two of the attackers. they are brothers. khalid and ibrahim el bakraoui. one of them was involved in a suicide bombing at the airport and the other involved in the suicide bombing in the metro. now, we also had some more information about exactly how things went down at the airport. according to the prosecutor, at 7:59, the first explosion ran out -- rang out. a mere 37 seconds later, the second explosion rang out.
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one of those bombers yet to be identified, one of them we know, is ibrahim el bakraoui and a lack top was found dumped in a trash can and on that laptop, a will from ibrahim el bakraoui explaining that he needed or felt the need to hurry up with these attacks because he didn't want to end up in jail with him. with him, possibly a reference to salah abdeslam. he was captured here in a raid last friday. now, we do know, kate -- it's a lot of moving parts and it's a lot for our viewers to piece together but there's a definitive link between the paris attacks and the belgium attacks. we know the house where salah abdeslam was living or hunkered
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down was rented by one of the el bakraoui brothers. there are lots of overlap but still some very real security concerns here on the ground with the prosecutor's office warning that there are still a number of people at large. they could be armed, kate, and they could be dangerous. >> saying that this threat is still very real there in belgium, as you well point out. with all of that in mind, i can't but notice all of the people behind you, clarissa. this memorial that has continued to grow. all of these people coming out in the face of this continued threat. what are they telling you? >> reporter: kate, it's actually pretty extraordinary. we were here earlier as a moment of silence was commemorated and hundreds of people just began pouring into the square which might not seem like a big deal but actually at a time when you know that there are potentially terrorists on the loose in a city like brussels, i was quite surprised to see people having the courage, having the
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solidarity to come together in a crowded public area and essentially take a stance. and after a few moments of silence, which were quite beautiful and profound, there was this eruption of applause and people began cheering. they are cheering and lots of chanting going on. they are chanting, "we are all together" and the people of brussels are attempting to show that they won't be cowed by terror, that they will continue with their normal, every day lives. at the same time, underlying this, kate, is a powerful sense of anxiety here. we know that there are still men on the loose, including potentially a bomb maker. so the threat level is still very high, kate. >> government saying that they are keeping the threat -- the alertness level at the highest still today. that sense of anxiety is understandable. clarissa, thanks so much.
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we appreciate it. let's get over to senior international correspondent fred pleitgen live from the most recent raid location in brussels. fred, what's happening there right now? >> reporter: well, what happened here, kate, overnight is that there was a major raid that went on by the authorities here. it involved several police helicopters. it involved a lot of police operatives as well. and what they uncovered here is exactly what clarissa was talking about. they uncovered 15 kilograms, about 30 pounds of tatp explosive, which is very powerful stuff. they also uncovered screws and an isis flag here. it was interesting because we were here throughout almost the entire night as this operation was going on. and you could see the police officers go in and out and explosive ordinance disposal crews going into this place and now we know why. it's because they had all of these explosives still here on
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hand. it was interesting what clarissa was saying about that laptop that was found which allegedly had what they call the will, if you will, of one of the suicide bombers. if we zoom into the garbage can, that's exactly where that laptop was found, right in the garbage. that's also the place where the attackers were picked up by the taxi that then brought them to the brussels airport where they conducted those attacks. it was the taxi driver who in effect then said they recognized these people because their pictures were shown on media. he then called the authorities and led them straight to the building that you see right behind me, which the police then raided overnight, an operation that went on for at least eight or nine hours. kate? >> eight or nine hours of manhunt still under way, possibly a bomb maker still at large. as you point out, it's pretty amazing, fred, is where they found that message from ibrahim el bakraoui. fred pleitgen is following that for us as this moves very
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quickly as we've seen in the last 24 hours. let's bring in and continue the discussion, senior terrorism analyst, paul cruickshank. and mitch, a former intelligent official who oversaw terror investigations for the nypd. he's also senior managing director of consulting. paul, you were sitting here with us when this unfolded yesterday and you were watching as this continues today. what more do you know, what more are you picking up about these two brothers? the only two people that have been identified so far? >> well, kate, they were known to belgian police for violent crimes in the past but they were not on their radar screen for any links to terrorist or radical activity. but one of these two brothers rented the safehouse, the hideout of salah abdeslam where he was hiding in the weeks and months for a period of that time
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after the paris attacks. so that definitively ties the paris attacks to the brussels attacks, kate. and a senior belgian counterterrorism official tells me that investigators now suspect that salah abdeslam was slated to be part of these brussels attacks, that he was going to participate. but the attacks were brought forward by this cell because they discovered salah abdeslam's hideout in brussels last tuesday and then, of course, arrested him a few days later. they thought their hours were numbered. that suicide note found on the laptop in that rubbish bin that fred was just showing you, that really indicated that they feared capture, that they wanted to accelerate the plans, that they -- one of the brothers, they didn't want to go to prison
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like him. and like him, belgian officials believe, was salah abdeslam. now, at that safehouse that was raided eight days ago in brussels, there was an algerian terrorist, mohamed belkaid who provided fire for salah abdeslam to escape and was killed by a sniper. now, belkaid was the overall master behind of the paris attacks and belgium attacks, providing direction to the other attack teams in paris. he's now dead. but the potential bomb maker is now at large. a person who worked closely with belkaid is still at large. it's possible they believe that
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he built all of the bombs in all of these attacks, a very, very dangerous man that he is still on the run. and one last thought, kate, this attack could have been just so much bigger than it was because they managed to take out one of the nodes of it. fewer terrorists available to launch these attacks and they had a huge amount of explosives that according to the taxi driver, they couldn't fit all of their explosive bags into the taxi car. this could have just been tremendously worse. >> it could have been absolutely tremendously worse but it was tremendously horrific. as we continue to look at some of these videos of the aftermath. mitch, let me bring you in on this. as paul is pointing out, officials are saying that salah abdeslam was supposed to be part of this attack which means he very must knew what was in the works, what was being planned out, what they were working on. he's in custody and is being interrogated. that was not information given up in time for them to catch
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them. and then you have this will on a laptop where ibrahim no longer feels safe, that they felt that they needed to rush. when you take all of this together, what -- how do you add that up into what clearly seems we're starting to understand a little bit more the motivations of why now for this attack and what happened? >> sure. well, one of the biggest concerns that we always had at nypd is when you rolled up a terrorist cell, did you get the entire network? >> right. >> because if you didn't, if you left someone on the fringe off of it, there's the potential that person could come back and hurt you. so with salah abdeslam, you have a person who stood as a pivot point between two networks that overlapped, he and belkaid. four months passing since the terrorist attacks and him being able to live in belgium allowed him time to reconstitute and really activate the belgian side
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of the network and once he was arrested, his attorney mentioned that he was speaking in cooperation. >> wasn't that a message more to his cohorts than inside information about what was going on in the interrogation room? >> you know, it's possible because time was starting to slip away if they were going to act. there's only so long that salah abdeslam could keep the information away from law enforcement. when you look at the sequence of events, friday was the arrest and attacks yesterday morning, clearly there's a connection to them. the note on the laptop only supports that. it really talks about the fact that there are these overlapping networks in france, in belgium and there are more networks. just the vast number of belgians who have traveled from iraq and syria and have come back.
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>> and what you're talking about is from the prosecutor and there is still more people out there that still pose a threat, a very real threat to the people of belgium. and when you talk about there is still this network out there, in belgium specifically, how many people do you think that they are talking about? >> well, a significant number of people potentially, including the potential bomb maker. also, mohamed abrini, living in molenbeek and drove them from belgium to paris, he's still at large. so there are an unknown number of individuals who could become suicide bomber as he could launch kalashnikov attacks on the streets of belgium and the streets of europe. the fact that the bomb maker appears to still be at large is of gave concern, somebody who is skilled in making tatp, a very
8:15 am
high-powered explosive. and they had industrial quantities of this explosive. 15 kilograms found in the one bag at that safehouse, which they had to leave behind. and that's just a huge amount of tatp. this is vastly more than in a suicide vest in the paris attacks. that kind of quantity, if you can make it, and they had all of the materials there to make it, the acetone, oxygenated water and so on, you can get the substances from the high street. >> yep. and that's what obviously is -- well, there's so many troubling parts about this but the fact that this possible bomb maker is still out there is high on the list. the manhunt is under way. you can expect more raids to be happening throughout the coming days. we'll be watching it close. mitch, thanks so much. paul, thank you as always. we're talking about new
8:16 am
rai raids searchers under way. a terror cell remains at large. plus, explosives expert is going to come in here and talk about the bomb factory that officials have found and what that says about this network and their capabilities. and two american siblings at the brussels airport talking on the phone when the line goes dead. now their family back here at home is begging for help to find where they are and what happened to their loved ones. this is cnn's special live coverage. we'll be right back. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from nasal allergy symptoms, all day and all night. try new rhinocort® allergy spray.
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hmmm... for those who take safety seriously. like we do. the volkswagen safety in numbers event... is happening now! get a $1,250 volkswagen reward card and 0% apr on new 2016 passat models. the fbi and new york city police department sent officials to belgium to help in the investigation into yesterday's attacks in brussels. and moments ago, vice president biden said the united states is ready to offer belgium whatever they need to fight and prevent more attacks like these. cnn's justice reporter evan perez with much more on this. what help the u.s. is offering. he's live in washington. evan, what is the help that the
8:21 am
u.s. can offer in this ongoing investigation and in this manhunt still under way. >> kate, these are members of the joint terrorism task force and they are there because of the dozen or so americans that were injured and still missing. back here in the united states, counterterrorism analysts are providing other assistance, they are helping investigators dig into the background of multiple people believed to have a role in the brussels attacks. the belgian authorities provided the names of people of interest in the past day. and now those names are being run through databases that are run by the united states of suspected extremists. investigators really want to know everything they can, including past travel, their friends and their associates. it's really a race against time to find as many members as possible believed to be part of this large network connected not only to the brussels attacks but also to other terrorist plots, including the paris massacre. in the last few months, we heard from u.s. intelligent officials.
8:22 am
they say that they are expecting a major terrorist attack in europe. now even after what we've seen in brussels, there's still tremendous concern about more attacks that could be coming elsewhere in the continent. kate? >> absolutely. evan, great to see you. you can believe that the belgians can really use that right now. >> absolutely. >> seems like they are overwhelmed. and this network that is out there, evan, thank you. great to see you. we've been talking about these two bombs that ripped flew the brussels airport and went off within 37 seconds of each other. that's what we've learned this morning. but the third, according to belgian officials, the heaviest of the bombs did not explode and this is, of course, before we're talking about the other explosive device that went off in the metro about an hour later. let's discuss the elements of these bombs, what they -- and their capabilities and let's bring in retired atf explosive officer and a certified international post-blast investigator. anthony, thank you so much for
8:23 am
joining me. if we can, i want to put up the picture that we have, the picture from the airport surveillance images that were sent out by belgian officials where you can see these three men, two men on the left and the third -- all three of them pushing these heavy carts. these three guys pushing suitcasestogether. how big of a bomb, simply, can you get in a suitcase that size? >> good morning. those roller bags could contain a large quantity of explosives. the two individuals on the left, i believe they have been identified as the suicide bombers and if you look at their clothing, you know, they are dressed exactly the same. there is -- they are wearing gloves on one hand, possibly to hide the detonator. but what also is interesting is in their cargo pants pockets, there seems to be a large item. maybe that's the power source. it's undetermined at this point. but the suitcases themselves,
8:24 am
you're getting large quantities of explosives in there, upwards of 10 to 15 to probably 20 pounds of explosives depending on the produced. >> the prosecutor said this morning that they found in one of the raids 15 kilograms of tatp in the raid as well as other chemicals and materials needed to make a bomb. what kind of a bomb can you make with 15 kilograms of tatp? >> roughly 33 pounds of explosives. and with that, you do the math, you can make large quantities of suicide vests or you can use that bulk product in a roller bag to do extensive amount of damage. >> so that's ten times over what you'd see in a typical suicide vest? >> oh, absolutely. >> that's amazing. and this third -- with all of that in mind, you have the third person, the man who is wearing the light-colored jacket and wearing the black hat.
8:25 am
he had -- authorities say he had the biggest explosive device. he had the largest bag, the heaviest bomb, if you will. he ran. he was not a suicide bomber. it didn't detonate. what are the range of possibilities of why? >> in the manufacturing of the material and now it's not the detonating chain or the timing sequence or whatever they used, whether it was remote control or whatever, bottom line is, their firing train is there may have been something wrong with it. something as simple as a wire not connected properly. you know, there was a lot of speculation yesterday that this individual was their handler but, you know, it's quite clearly, if he was just a handler, he wouldn't be pushing a luggage cart with a large item on it. you know, it's been undetermined at this point and there's been very little information flowing about the type of device, the type of initiation system, whether it was remote control,
8:26 am
most certainly the suicide bombers were commanding that type of a system. >> one thing i do want to ask you, one thing we know about the device and what they found in one of these recent raids is that there was another nail bomb. there were these nails and screws that they used to put in the bomb. everyone can assume that obviously nails and screws are put into these bombs to cause catastrophic injury and death, if possible. what is the point, though, from your perspective, of it? >> well, anytime you see something like that, nails, bbs, ball bearings, even marbles, that's all anti-personnel added fragmentation to the device. it's specifically put there with the sole purpose to injure or kill people. when they are looking for large gatherings of people, airport departure areas, shopping malls,
8:27 am
they are looking for large casualties and they will incorporate mails to cause that effect. >> we did hear from the health minister speaking to christiane amanpour, we know they are getting some kind of an idea of what kind of catastrophic injury these bombs created. anthony, it's great to see you. thank you very much. still ahead for us, a family here in the united states is begging for help. they can't find a brother and sister who are at the brussels airport. someone was on the phone with them when the bomb went off. plus, president obama is going to be holding a news conference moments from now as he faces criticism about his reaction following the attacks in brussels. we'll bring that to you. stand by for that. this is cnn's special breaking news coverage of the attacks and the aftermath and the massive manhunt still under way
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the state department fold cnn approximately a dozen americans where americans were injured. there are two siblings from new york at the brussels airport
8:33 am
yesterday. there are pictures of them right there. they were getting ready to fly home when the bombs went off and no one has heard from them since. miguel marquez has been following all of these details and a lot of people are unaccounted for today. >> in the hours and days after this, this is always the case and hopefully they will be found eventually. they were living in new york. it's not clear that they were u.s. citizens but they had been living here. she worked as a caterer as an intirn and had a great future ahead of her. they were at the airport. they were coming to new york. several people we know are in that similar situation. >> a lot of folks at the airport unaccounted for now. one couple a lot of people are asking about is a young couple -- i think we have a picture of them as well -- they had moved to brussels from nashville. what are you learning about them? >> moved to brussels from nashville. stephanie and justin schultz.
8:34 am
they had dropped her mother at the airport. they were at the security line. mom was about to go through. that's when the bomb occurred and they haven't heard from stephanie or justin since. they have heard from carolyn moore, stephanie's mother. they have been going to every place that they know to see if she can find them, but so far they still have not been able to hook up. justin's brother has texted that he woke up to text messages from his mother, call me, urgently, knew it was going to be a bad day. >> this drives home something we understand. it's just a matter of feet, really, that could be a deciding factor between life and death. >> two bombs went off in quick succession. it's hard to know. one bomb goes off, people rush to another area. the other bomb goes off and even more people get injured. >> 37 seconds apart.
8:35 am
>> two others missing. bart and andre adam, a former ambassador to the u.s. and then several people were injured there, including someone from michigan, three mormon missionaries from utah, lieutenant colonel serving in nato. we don't know his name yet. >> we heard from the health minister that these were war-like injuries. that's what they are looking like and dealing with at these hospitals. we're still awaiting word and we'll stay close to it. >> we're trying to keep everybody up to speed as quickly and as definitively as possible. >> absolutely. thank you so much. good to see you. right now, security teams across europe. they are on the hunt for the terrorists and their associates who helped suicide bombers unleash these terror attacks in brussels. new information on the manhunt and donald trump and ted cruz offering up their plans of how to prevent another brussels-style terror attack and it may be one of the few areas
8:36 am
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turning now to the race for the white house on the republican side in utah, ted cruz, he won the voting there with 69% of the vote. passing the ever important 50% threshold taking home all 40 of that state's delegates. now, trump, he came in third there behind john kasich with only 14% of the vote. now, in arizona, a very different picture. a winner-take-allstate, of course. trump won big, capturing all 58 delegates. this brings trump's delegate count up to 741 putting him closer to the magic number of 1237. ted cruz is at 461 and john kasich is at 145, picking up no delegates yesterday. and ted cruz picks up an
8:42 am
endorsement from his rival jeb bush. neil bush is also part of ted cruz's finance team. neil, thank you very much for joining me. >> kate, it's my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> thank you. this was a big surprise this morning. your brother endorsing ted cruz. pretty amazing after the race that they ran and how they were pretty bitter rivals. he could have endorsed john kasich. he could have endorsed a guy who he was friends with many years before florida and marco rubio but he held out until now to endorse ted cruz. is this about ted cruz or is this more about beat trump? >> i think it's both. i think it's both. it's clearly about wanting to have conservative government. we have a speaker of the house and a senate majority leader ready to make reforms to our system to end the gridlock and ted cruz is a clear-minded, principled conservative leader. and so my brother jeb admires and respects that, i'm sure, and
8:43 am
wants to see us make the reforms that will help move this country forward in a great way. but clearly, he along with rubio supporters that have dropped out see that donald trump, he's a flawed candidate and he's such a a flawed candidate, he has -- clearly he's raised an army of devout followers. he's had $1.8 billion of free p publicity and the fox and cnn networks. he's got the highest negative ratings and you can't take back what you said. it's as though he's running for eighth grade class president and we're looking for leadership at a critical time in our country's history and ted cruz represents the best hope for that kind of leadership for winning the nomination potentially going into the convention. at least having more delegates than donald trump at the convention. so that we can use our convention as a positive, you
8:44 am
know, benefit to the republican party message. >> got a long way to go -- you've got a long way to go until then, neil, it sure seems. but on the road to the convention, what are we going to see from jeb bush? is he going to be out there campaigning for ted cruz? what role is he going to play? >> i really honestly don't know. if i were ted, i'd get him out there for sure. my brother had a track record that -- >> you know what, neil, let's hold -- i'm sorry to interrupt. i do though want to get right now to heidi cruz, ted cruz's wife speaking to the media. let's listen in. >> the more they learn about him, and learn about our family, they vote for us. it was a big day to have the endorsement from mike lee and nia love, a congresswoman there, we're really excited this morning to have people working here. >> what was your reaction when
8:45 am
you first saw that tweet that he was saying about you? >> as you probably know by now, most of the things that others say are not based in reality. so we are excited to be campaigning -- i have one job on this campaign and that is to be helping ted on this race and it's the easiest job in the world because all i have to do is speak the truth. what i know about my husband, my family and myself. we are just really gaining momentum in this campaign to win the 1,237 votes. >> and you have had an incredible career and still do. can you send a message to the women of wisconsin what your reaction is and what you hope people of wisconsin learn from this or what you have learned from that? >> absolutely. what i think most women want is a better future for their children and that's certainly what i want and why ted and i are running for this -- for ted to be president of the united states, because i think women
8:46 am
across this continent, across this country want to elect a leader that is optimistic and plan for the future of their country and to turn this country around. and that is why i know we're going to do really well in this state and why we've been gathering the momentum to beat the front-runner. >> [ inaudible ]? >> you know, as i said, you probably know that most of the things that trump says has no basis in reality. so we are not worried in the least. we are going to continue with our campaign. >> miss cruz, are spouses fair game in this election? >> like i said, we have run our campaign with the principles that ted and i believe in and a lot of the things that are done from time to time are not from our campaign and so i want you to focus on what our campaign puts out, which you'll find is a positive and hopeful agenda for this country. we need to show this country the
8:47 am
principles of the left have not worked. we've had eight years of a failing economy, of a great recession that we've never recovered from. this is an incredible opportunity for a republican to elect a leader who understands the constitution, understands free markets that will turn this country around and the economy around and focus on the issues of the day. >> last question, what is your message to donald trump after seeing that? what message do you have for him? >> i have the same message to this country and to all of the candidates from day one, that ted cruz is a great person to be leading this country and he's ready to be commander in chief on day one because he knows the issues that are most important to americans. he has the experience of winning over and over and we have issues like the richest liberty, freedom of speech, the second amendment. these are issues facing this country. there is one person left on that stage that has a track record of actually winning the arguments and defending over and over and
8:48 am
i think the american people need that. >> thank you, miss cruz. >> you're listening right there to heidi cruz in wisconsin. something pretty unusual. let's give the context for this because i want to bring neil bush back in. the context for this is, we don't often see the spouse of a candidate holding a solo press conference and heidi cruz coming outhis morning feeling compelled to do so to speak to the media. the backstory on all of this, she was asked to respond to a slam coming from donald trump over a super pac ad put out that was aimed at donald trump's wife, melania trump. you're seeing the tweet from donald trump where he said, "be careful, lying ted, where i will spill the beans on your wife." neil, i don't need you to respond to donald trump specifically but what does this say? i mean, this is a place that people hope that politics does not go. when you're taking on the spouses of candidates. what does this say about the state of the race, that donald
8:49 am
trump does this? ted cruz did respond to it. he did engage and it's compelled heidi cruz to come out and speak to the media about it. >> well, first of all, one of the reasons my wife maria and i are enthusiastic backers of ted, we know a thing or two about great first ladies and heidi cruz would make a great first lady. secondly, i'm frustrated that this dialogue doesn't address critical issues. for constantly to be getting into the twitter world or reality tv world, for donald to continue to bring it down into the gutter the way he does is really discouraging. i'd like to talk about the math. people say he's got all of this momentum. well, there's no way that the people that are talking heads for donald trump can normalize a guy that's been on the record saying crazy things, including, i'm going to get your wife kind of statements. there are 20 contests left. many of them are winner-take-all contests and as kasich people
8:50 am
realize that there's only one hope of you know, clearly between donald trump and ted cruz. ted cruz wins. yesterday, with all the advantages trump had in arizona he only got 45% of the vote. 55% of the people voted against him and that's going to be the case as you go around the country. so, ted really has a chance to bring the party together and ultimately beat hillary clinton so we can have a congress to make the reforms necessary in the gridlock, to keep us strong to do all the things we need to do in this great country. >> let's talk about the policies. >> i'm enthusiastic about it. >> of course, you're enthusiastic, when you want to take a state, a win is a win for donald trump. let's talk about what ted cruz is talking about. in the aftermath of the horrific terror attacks ted cruz has called part of his response to make sure an attack like that doesn't happen here like that at
8:51 am
home. ted cruz is calling for this, that police should be securing and controlling muslim neighborhoods in the united states before they become radicalized. i want you to list ton what the new york city police commissioner bill bratton, how he responded to that proposal this morning on cbs. >> he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. quite frankly, i took great offense at that statement. i have almost 1,000 muslim officers in the nypd, ironically when he's running around here, we probably have a few muslim officers guiding hill. >> he doesn't know what the hell he's talking abouabout. that's from bill bratton. a very well respected law enforcement official. what do you say? >> i think he took ted's words out of context, quite honestly. ted is making a pragmatic statement, we need to be diligent as a nation. >> do you think he needs to dial back that language, he's doubled
8:52 am
down on this about patrolling neighborhoods. >> i think it might be helpful to they've, saying, look, we're not racially profiling. he wants nonradical muslims to participate as well. get him on your show and ask him hills, but i'd presume he's also talking about extreme liists in christian faith and other faiths we need to be diligent in america to keep an eye out for a terror cell that's festering that could potentially blowup. i don't think ted is singling out the muslim neighborhood the way the good chief suggested. i think he's looking at a practical suggestion, we need to be more diligent in our country. what happens here in new york is likely to happen here. we have isis as an enemy. we need to call it like it is. if it walks like a duck and
8:53 am
aquas like a duck, it is a duck. >> thank you for your time. i do want to move quickly over to get the donald trump campaign of side of this. steven miller, a top aide to alabama senator jeff sessions. he's here with me right now. steven, thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the latest in the feud that's gotten nasty overnight. i kind of gave the context for the viewers, back and forth, showing the tweet that they send out calls ted cruz lying cruz, be careful or i'll spill the beans on your wife. you heidi cruz responded for herself. she said most of the things that trump says have no basis in reality. what are the beans that donald trump is threatening to spill? >> well, first, i'd like to respond to a comment from your
8:54 am
last guest who said that mr. trump would be a threat to the republican party. mr. trump is going to save the republican party because he is a threat to the special interests who controlled both parties in washington for too long. this special interest who offshored our jobs and left our border guide open. >> i get that. >> the only people threatened by mr. trump are the superb interests. we need to be talking about that. >> i think the one person that is not threatened is heidi cruz. >> there was obviously a very mean spirited ad put out by a super pac. and donald trump said if we're going to go there, we can go in that direction. i'm assuming we all hope that the cruz campaign is going to tell the super pac with a public message to stand down. >> what are the beans that donald trump is threatening to spill about heidi cruz? >> well, it's fougnot for me to
8:55 am
so, is it? >> but ted cruz did not. it was a super pac, anti-trump super pac. >> ted cruz -- we all know the game with the super pacs. if ted cruz comes out and gives a firm message the super pac ads are going to stop. what's really happening here that nobody is talking about is that all of the super pacs that you have, including the former super pacs from candidates who have left the race are now spending millions and millions and millions of dollars to prevent the front-runner from getting a nomination. the question is why. >> no, the question is are you comfort about with your candidate threatening to spill the beans on another candidate's wife because of an ad that that candidate had nothing to do with? >> of course, i'm comfort about with saying if we're going to go in that direction but then there's issues that can be addressed.
8:56 am
but the point is, we're hoping that ted cruz is going to tell his super pacs to stand down. this is not a story about donald trump. this is a story about ted cruz and dirty special interest money aligned behind ted cruz. >> steven, donald trump in his tweet where donald trump likes to communicate very much. in this tweet he doesn't talk about a super pac. he talking about lying ted cruz. be careful, or i'll spill the beans on your wife. >> we can play the game -- >> i'm not playing a game. >> no, not you. we can play the game pretending that all of these super pacs and the quote/unquote trump movement -- >> so what you're telling me you do believe ted cruz is behind this ad? >> i think ted cruz has the power to stop the lies that are being aired on tv and online and in print every sing daily by these super pacs.
8:57 am
remember, they're on the same team, the super pacs and their donors are all on the same team. and the team that they're on is the team trying to keep their policies in washington exactly as they are. they're trying to keep the trade deals that offshore our jobs. to keep our border wide open. to continue refugee programs and reckless foreign wars. all i can say is we can have this imaginary line that we think exists. it is ted cruz who should be apologizing. if we go in that direction, we can go in that direction. it's not up for me at this moment to say what might happen tomorrow. what is important to say, and to my original point is that the only people to whom mr. trump is a threat are the special interest bullies who have never been told before to stand down. and for the first time ever, the special interests who have been destroying our economy and wiping our our middle class are actually facing somebody who is
8:58 am
going to take away their power and give it to the people who are listening to your show today. >> i'll tell you, stephen, we had a whole lot more to talk to but it seems that this latest fact on twitter has taken over. >> thank you. >> thank you. also ahead, any minute from now, president obama holding a press conference that the president coming mostly from republicans that he did not return to the united states after the brussels attack. he's in argentina for an historic visit with the president there. we'll bring you that live when we return. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company.
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