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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 23, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we're following two huge stories tonight, the urgent manhunt in europe and what the presidential candidates say they would do to fight terror. "this is cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. investigators say two of the suicide bombers were brothers, both with criminal rap sheets. how would the final five candidates handle the war on terror? we'll discuss all of that. let's discuss now with hugh hewitt. are you doing okay?
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>> i am. it's a grim night but i'm glad to be with you. both donald trump and ted cruz came out strong. >> i would say the egg heads that came up with this international law should turn on their television and watch cnn right now because i'm looking at scenes on cnn right now that are absolutely atrocious. i'd be willing to bet when i see all the bodies on the floor, including young, beautiful children, if they watch that, maybe, just maybe they'll approve waterboarding and other things. >> here's ted cruz, hugh. >> it's an example where democrats are more concerned about political correctness than they are about keeping us safe. and that's why people are so fed up. we need a commander in chief whose priority is keeping the american people safe. that's what i'll do. >> so what is the line here between national security and
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discrimination? >> well, there's a front page "new york times" story today, don, on what brussels did not do over the last 20 years, which was to attempt to integrate neighborhoods, which became unto themselves little neighborhoods of jihadism, so what i think senator cruz is speaking to is a pro active policy to prevent that from happening. the other clip you didn't play is of hillary clinton. i've got a saying now, every liberal really seems so sad. that stands for egypt, that stands for libya, that stands for the reset button, that sa s stands for syria and it stands for the server on which she
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compromised national security. ted cruz is serious about this stuff. i'm not sure about donald trump, the polls have him falling. the political correctness is not going to cut it against the abysmal record of her fighting terrorism. >> and experts on security and experts on terrorism, they head up new york city, they both disagree with ted cruz. >> i would send everyone to read "black flags," and mike morel, the former deputy director. i don't know what the commissioner is talking about. he is an expert on domestic policing. but the volcano that is isis and the ideology that gave rise to it that metastasized into libya now because of hillary's failure has a very specific nesting
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ground in brussels, molembeek and others. you have an argument with the "new york times," don, not me. it's detailed that not-go zones are real, and maalbeek is a no-go zone according to the norg"new york times." if you want to come on the network and call them -- >> i'm not calling them anything.
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let's move on. >> brussels and belgium is the biggest problem of no-go zones. and that's where the returning jihadists are going to. ted cruz speaks to that every day he will go up and the more that trump addresses it maybe more calmly. >> the question we have been talking about is integrating neighborhoods. that's when commissioner bratton is talking about and our other guests were talking about. the problem to a large extent is the integration of neighborhoods and perhaps if there are any things that resembles a no-go zone, maybe that's the problem. >> i'm a right to life catholic. if i found a right to life catholic verging towards violence, my first move would be towards the authorities to say this person is crazy, you have to do something about it.
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there are thousands in uniforms that are loyal, patriotic americans and i think ted cruz's way to encourage them in every way possible to make them feel safe that if they do go to the police, their names won't be blasted across web sites. in gaza, people are summarily executed for suspicion of cooperating with authorities. we have to get ahead of the problem or we'll have a belgium on our hands. >> do you think the way that the americans view immigration has been forever changed by these recent attacks? >> no, no. in fact, i had a person on the radio show tonight who is running an effort to bring especially the christian refugees who are suffering from genocide, john kerry called it genocide against iraqi christians last week. i will applaud the secretary of state for doing so.
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there are ways to vet people who are fleeing genocide, christians fleeing sunni killers in isis. i don't think it changes it forever but do i think caution is the order of the day and ted cruz and donald trump are talking caution. hillary clinton is talking nonsense. >> thank you, hugh hewitt. i appreciate that. see you next time. >> now i want to bring in ryan liza and bob bezel and kayleigh mcenany. >> the father of senator cruz escaped for america, the land of the free. the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes
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absolutely no sense. >> ryan, why do you say cruz has been pushed to a place that he doesn't believe? >> it doesn't seem like a serious strategy that we're going to come out and patrol news li muslim neighborhoods? is there any evidence that our muslim communities are anything like what they are facing in belgium? no. unfortunately there is a pretty serious anti-muslim sentiment in the republican party right now and, you know, i can't help but think that that's what cruz is doing here. it's a little bit of donald trump-like demagoguery. i don't think -- as you pointed out to hugh, i don't think any
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serious national security experts think the key to defeating isis or dealing with islamic terrorism is, you know, racial profiling or some kind of extra constitutional monitoring of the american muslim community. it's just not any of the -- none of the experts point to that as a solution. >> kayleigh, i want to bring you in here. michael hayden said in a showtime documentary if some future president is going to decide to waterboard, he better bring his own bucket because he's going to have do it himself. does donald trump realize if he's becomes commander in chief, they may refuse his orders? >> first he said they have to expand the law, like the bush administration did, elicited
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it's an enhanced interrogation meth method. yesterday 31 people lost their lives. and i think most people aren't worried about inconveniencing salah abdeslam with the pain of waterboarding if that means gaining valuable intelligence information. i don't think that's the first concern on people's minds. they want to make sure their family members don't end up dead. >> bob, your reaction to that and to what cruz and trump have been saying. >> waterboarding now is illegal. it was a form of torture and it was decided we had do away with it as a form of enhanced investigation. i listened to bratton today, the police commission are of new york and he was very interesting. he said the idea that ted cruz is going in and monitoring these neighborhoods is insulting to me.
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we have 2,000 muslim police officers in new york. and the idea that somehow you would take -- i think you're exactly right, that it is not going to do anything. that's not where your problems are. now, with trump, i mean, trump i think probably gets a little bit of a boost out of this because he says don't let muslims in until we've got this all worked out, whatever that means. and i think that the american people really are frightened by this. they're looking at it and saying if it happen in brussels, it could happen here. i don't think it quite that easy but it is something that is a political issue in this presidential campaign. and trump comes out particularly very hard as being anti-muslim, and i think that's horrible. >> there's a poll regardless of who you support, which do you think would do the best job
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as the manhunt in belgium spreads for a suspected bomber on the loose tonight, the state department is warning americans over the risks of traveling to europe. back with me, ryan lizza,
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kayleigh mcenany and bob beckel. >> it would be a serious mistake to begin carpet bombing areas into oblivion. proposing that doesn't make you sound tough. it makes you sound like you're in over your head. slogans aren't a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. what america needs is strong, smart, steady leadership to wage and win this struggle. >> so that was a hit on ted cruz and trump. but if you look at this poll just before the break from just a few weeks ago, americans are divided on who they think would best handle terror. mostly they said 33% for donald trump, right behind, 30% for hillary clinton. does that surprise you, ryan? >> it does a little bit. you know, there was a guy named bill clinton who after the 2004 election when john kerry lost to
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george w. bush, he famously said that strong and wrong always beats weak and right. and i think that's a good lesson in politics. that is something that a candidate like hillary clinton will have to think about if she faces donald trump, is how do you deal with someone who is very good at sort of instinctual politics and understanding people's fears, even though when you look at the actual details of the policy, they doesn't add up to a whole lot. >> bob, here's what trump tweeted today, a response to hillary clinton's speech. says "just watched hillary deliver a prepackaged speech on terror. she's been in office fighting terror for 20 years and look where we are." did donald trump actually point out one of hillary clinton's strengths in that tweet, the fact that she has so much experience as former first lady, a senator and a secretary of
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state? >> i certainly think he did. trump has an amazing at to jump into these issues first and then he forms a debate and he got into brussels first. both he and cruz are shameless in trying to scare the american people about all this. they're trying to make national security a domestic issue and blame the muslims about it. when hillary clinton gets on a stage to debate ooeeither one o them, i think she's going to show them what experience means in this. you're going to carpet bomb? you kidding me? turn every muslim against us. >> we are ten years from becoming europe. i'd say that's probably being generous. the associated press reported today, a very respected news wire organization said there are 400 isis fighters in europe or going into europe. they got there because of lax
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immigration policies. we have loose borders. the fbi has said isis is in all 50 states. this is a reality. they're saying we have to control our borders. if that means shutting down the borders, so be it. we're not doing ourselves any favor by playing this politically correct game and not calling it what it is. >> it's not politically correct -- you can't compare europe to the united states. this is close borders. you got muslims coming across through turkey. you've got all kinds of potential for these kind of terrorists to get into europe. that's not the same as the united states. now, if you want to say you want to go over and protect europe and our allies, that's fine. but if i'm not mistaken, donald trump said we were spending too
8:21 pm
much money on nato. here's the bottom line. be afraid america, we're going to protect you, monitor these people in their nakeighborhoods and not going to let any of their family in. >> what is hillary clinton going to do? >> is it fair to say barack obama's policy on isis is failing? >> well, we haven't, you know, isis has been a festering problem for years now. everyone agrees it's going to remain one for quite a while. it's not like he has solved the isis problem. his view is you have to keep it in perspective, right. >> is that a roundabout way of saying yes, it is failing? >> i don't know if it is failing. the question is what more could
8:22 pm
he do and what would a president clinton or president trump do that obama hasn't tried that would truly destroy isis. unless you're willing to send 30,000 troops into the heart of the middle east and uproot isis from the cities that they've taken over and they occupy those areas for as long as necessary so isis can't come back, i don't see -- i don't see what the solutions are from any of the candidates that's really a whole lot different than obama. i'd be interested to see if bob or kayleigh can point to something that obama hasn't done a this one of the other candidates is go to do to sort of magically solve the threat from isis. >> short of that, the idea of putting troops on the ground in the middle east is a no-brainer for the american people right now. they just don't want to do it. and i think that what obama has done, look, 20,000 terrorists have been bombed to death in yemen and the middle east and
8:23 pm
beyond that, they've lost territory in both iraq and syria, which they were at at high point about six months ago and now they're losing territory so i think it's been effective. i don't think it's easy to say could you do a whole lot differently unless as you say, ryan, put troops on the ground. i would not want to be a president that suggested that 30,000 american soldiers should go to the middle east. >> i want to ask you, caylyou, that paul ryan said today. >> as i spent time listening. i realized i was wrong. takers wasn't how it refer to a single mom stuck in a poverty trap trying to take care of her on family, most people don't want to be dependent.
8:24 pm
and to label a whole group of americans that way was wrong. >> is that something you would normally expect to hear from a conservative? what's your reaction, kayleigh? >> no, it's not something you would normally expect to hear from a conservative. it's so pressuri refreshing to talk this way. one of things people really like about donald trump, why you see blue collar workers come out and vote for him he says, hey, i want health care for all, i'm going to fix these trade deals. he wants to expand the republican platform and that means most americans are hard workers, most don't want government benefits. >> ryan, that's not something you expect to hear from a conservative. is refreshing, correct? >> does donald trump really want health care for all?
8:25 pm
is that like a universal health care plan that you're endorsing there? kayleigh? >> no, he's referred to private sector means of achieving this. he doesn't want people dying on the streets. that's a refreshing thing to hear from a republican. >> bob, last word quickly. >> i think this was a very important speech by ryan. it does break the orthodoxy of the republican party, it's a challenge of the tea party. he's saying i was wrong. most politicians don't say that. this is the speaker of the house. he's a powerful guy. i think you're beginning to see trump drawing out among non-trump people in the republican party more compassion, more understanding and thinks that some of the things that trump was doing is going to kill their party and i think they will. >> the subtext of that speeches very anti-trump. >> up next, all's fair in love
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as if the war of words between ted cruz and donald trump isn't bad enough, now they're battling about their wives. okay, it's getting really personal between donald trump and ted cruz. the latest is over an anti-conservative trump super pac that shows an old photo of melania trump nude, strategically covered up. is this even normal? >> this is moderate in comparison to some other things that go on from super pacs, which have no affiliation with the official campaigns. so the issue here is, well, they took an actual photo of her, this is real, she did this photo shoot back in 2000, god bless
8:31 pm
her, she looks great. they took that, they turned it into a meme and said this could be your first lady, are you comfortable with this? given the tenor of this campaign, that's mild compared to the things that donald trump has done. >> you're saying that as a conservative. >> as a conservative. >> here's what trump said. lyin' ted cruz just used a picture of melania from a g.q. shoot in his ad. be careful, ted, or i will spell the beans on your wife. >> both of these women are model women. i look up to both of them for different reasons. so i hate that we've gotten to a
8:32 pm
point in this campaign where spouses are being gone after like this. they're not the candidates. let's focus on the candidates and not -- >> i actually agree on that. >> do you remember how much attention was paid to the now flirst lady? >> she said some things that concerned people -- >> for the first time i'm proud of my country. >> i think what's more instructive here is donald trump's reaction. that the fact that that is his reaction that he lashes out, this is a pattern for him. this is something that people like me are very concerned about. you're supposed to be running for the presidency. you don't go and start threatening people's wives as a reaction to this. he's got a women's problem. he likes to cite polls, right, kayleigh? in his reuters polls, over 50% of women have a very unfavorable
8:33 pm
view of donald trump. that's up from 40%. >> let me read ted cruz. he says "pi c of your wife not from us. donald, if you try to attack h heidi, you're more of a coward than i thought, #classless." >> does he have any responsibility for this? >> he has no responsibility for what super pacs do. >> i think if you want to elevate the rhetoric and get past this, it's time for both of them to come out and stop this and ted cruz should say that is completely unfair to go after melania in this way. i put the onus on ted to elevate the dialogue and likewise on trump to not engage on n these
8:34 pm
attacks. and i think it is despicable to pull her into this. >> but ted cruz doesn't have a history of this, calling women fat pigs, circling a face, calling it the face of a dog. your candidate has done these things. he has a 30-year pattern of sexism against women and lashing out against women if he doesn't get his way. you're going to have a tough time defending hill. this is mild compared to what's going to happen to him? >> the voters disagree with you. when you look at the various states that have voted, trump has won most of the women's vote -- >> in a republican primary. >> i think they look at his beautiful daughter, who is a
8:35 pm
huge part of his company -- >> who is employed to date -- >> they say this guy is not a misogynist. >> this is heidi cruz today. she said people always know the truth and they weren't going to go to donald trump's level. listen to this. >> this campaign is about a positive, optimistic agenda for this country. as you may know by now, there a lot of things that donald trump and his campaign say that have no basis in reality. so we're going to keep focusing on our positive, optimistic message. and because i know what ted stands for and what we stand for as a couple and what our family stands for and we know what voters care about. they care about what we will do for them. >> that's a strong statement from heidi cruz. >> she's a class act, unlike donald trump, which is why ted cruz reacted the way he did. donald trump has a pattern of this. megyn kelly, his very bizarre
8:36 pm
obsession with her, calling her a sicko, a whack job, low-rate journalist, a bimbo. he's done this repeatedly. we can say he's won women in a small subset here but in a general election, he's negative 33 points, underwater with women. that is the latest polling averaging. he's got a female problem moving forward. >> but, listen, they're not the only two engaging in this. last night at a republican dinner, mitt romney joked that donald trump has had several foreign wives. it turns out there there really are jobs americans won't do. even mitt romney is getting into these fights. what do you think of that, kayleigh? >> it's befuddling where we're at the point of a republican nominee who is fighting more fervently against donald trump than he did against president
8:37 pm
obama. i mean, we've gotten to this point where republicans are trying to take out other republicans. it's just unfortunate. and mitt romney has lost all credibility in the eyes of many, many republicans. it's completely unbecoming of him to react in this way. >> last record. thank you very. i appreciate both of you. coming up, the latest on the manhunt of an escaped terrorist. were there missed opportunities to stop this deadly terror attack? ♪look out honey... ♪because i'm using technology...♪ ♪ ♪ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ ♪ ♪soul radiation in the dead of night...♪ ♪love in the middle of a fire fight...♪ ♪ ♪honey gotta strike me blind... ♪somebody gotta save my soul...
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breaks news, the urgent manhunt. ibrahim and khalid el bakraoui, they're both dead. what does it tell you? >> intimacy of relationship.
8:42 pm
the tsarnaev brothers, they had a sense of abandonment by the parents. it's not unfamiliar in the history of terrorism. >> the question is why were they at large? because interpol had a red notice out on khalid el bakraoui. why were they still at large? >> there a couple of reasons why law enforcement and intelligence agencies -- they may not have been able to find these guys in time. also, they could have been following them to get additional leads. they a very difficult game to play because it can end in tragedy. sometimes they want to see who their contacts are. once they are in the pipeline
8:43 pm
or -- anybody they're involved with becomes a part of an investigation. if you're trying to find out who the rest of a cell is, you may not move on a person right away. do you have enough to charge a person, do you have enough to take -- you have to make sure you have the goods on somebody. that can be tough. i'm just saying i want to go to syria to engage in jihad. they have to take a step beyond that. and then there's the old possibility of incompetence here. unfortunately we've seen a lot of that with the security agencies in europe lately. >> unfortunately they say the timeline was sped up because the bomb maker, najim laachbaoui.
8:44 pm
>> there's going to the financial wing, the leaders and there's going to be the tech guys and then there's the cyber guys. the guy who is can make bombs are more limited in numbers. i view this, if it's him, as a significant moment in terms of disruption and also significant because you never want the bomb maker to die because he has such a unique skill. there might be others behind him but i still think this is a good -- at least some good news coming out of a horrible week. >> you have different skill sets even among a terrorist cell and they will allocate them,
8:45 pm
different individuals have different tasks. that's why the islamic state is operating, as we know, training camps and trying to teach trade craft to go back into europe. they can show people who maybe have radicalized emotionally and psychologically but to make sure they know counterintelligence, that's the stuff that isis can teach people. even if 300 or 400 people, they can enmesh and teach them to be more effective. that's the difference between a lone wolf attack and a mass casualty attack. >> laachraoui and ibrahim el bakraoui are in the black.
8:46 pm
what about the guy in the white jacket? >> officials are saying he had the largest suitcase of the three of them and abandoned it. either he abandoned it because it didn't work. most people believe this attack was sped up after the arrest last friday. but there a lot of cases in which at the last moment a bomber decides he's not going to go down and commit suicide. it appears from the taxi cab ride and what we know about how they got to the airport that they did not have a plan to leave the arirport. so he may not have plan to hide and that will make it easier for officials to find him. but the notion that this terror and that this case gets solved if we find the guy in the hat is ridiculous. it's just much bigger. >> people just want to know who is the other guy. what happened with the other guy, the guy in the hat. >> all right, stay with me. when we come right back, how a
8:47 pm
terror cell could hide in plain side and why brussels is such a hot spot. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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u.s. intelligence official say they're not surprised belgium was attacked. are belgian security forces up to the task of keeping their country safe? >> i don't know if any security forces are up to the task. when you look at the number of returnees from syria right now, these are the people the government thinks have gone there and probably have come back. it's at least in the high hundreds. it's probably in the low thousands. to do continuous surveillance on any of those individuals, especially if you can't charge them for joining a terrorist group in syria, it's a huge endeavor, and that's for one guy. the fact of the matter is, it's really just a question of when. when you look at germany bringing in close to a million migrants, even if there are four or five isis fighters and who knows how many, if they're trained, they're going to be able to go to germany.
8:52 pm
and isis has said they're going to hit the u.k. >> you feel a certain way about how belgian officials handled this, don't you? >> what surprises me is could they have stopped it and some of the problems with stopping the terrorist attacks. a lot of us spend time thinking what happens if there's a terrorist attack because you're not going to stop all of them. and most of the training has been if a place is targeted of mass transit like an airport, one, you assume there are other attacks, as we saw in paris, as woe saw on 9/11 and, two, you close down the systems. i can't believe someone in homeland security and on the response side the gap between a massive attack in the airport and a transit system still allowed it continue. they'd just shut down if something happens. that's why i'm very curious about what their training is like. >> could the u.s. and europe have done more to beef up
8:53 pm
belgian security? >> you can always do more but you're trying to put your resources in the right place at the right time. you're essentially hoping security services get lucky every time. even if they have a 90% success right in disrupting cells, you're talking about maybe 15 to 20 over the last ten years or so, something along those lines. we've stopped all of those and all it takes is one to go through. now you have a massive problem. i don't know if the europeans could have stopped this. even if they stop this one, there's going to be another one. that's why the political lead across europe have this blank look on their face. they had a no-nighttime raid law on the books, which prevented terrorism raids even from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., essentially because
8:54 pm
it's rude. i'm completely serious. you're going to see changes in legal, surveillance and intelligence agencies. >> you wrote on, you wrote an article and you sort of compared the u.s. but basically just saying open societies like the u.s. pyou said open societis that relay on the flow of people and goods can't possibly harden every place where people gather. as a result they are constantly balancing the need for counterterrorism efforts against the freedom of movement. it's impossible to -- we would be a different society. >> first of all, you're never going to get there. it won't happen. the reason why it won't happen isn't because of lack of resources or political will. if i told to you get down to your apartment in downtown manhattan you would have to go through a security line to get on the subway, that would increase it by -- your commute
8:55 pm
by two hours, you are wouldn't accept it. you'd move out of the city, you'd do something different. so part of what we have to did in this day and age given the threat we face is accept a level of risk that we're never going to get rid of. we can minimize the risk, maximize our defenses but part of what resiliency is about is to say, look, we've chosen vulnerability. not to say europe couldn't have seen this copping bming. >> liberty is a vulnerability. if you're going to live in a free society, terrorists have the possibility to strike. i hope right now the cooperation between the u.s. agencies and european agencies is strong enough to prevent the next big attack. >> there is a big attack being planned right now and it will kill a lot of people unless we
8:56 pm
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...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]... ...two more ways to breathe happy hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is 5:00 a.m. here in brussels. a major manhunt is under way as investigators are looking into tuesday's deadly bombings say this may be the beginning. country terrorism officials say more attacks are imminent and isis operatives have already picked out their targets. they believe the bomb maker on the left was one of the two suicide bombers at the brussels airport. they say the other man is the man in the m