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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 23, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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...two more ways to breathe happy hello to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is 5:00 a.m. here in brussels. a major manhunt is under way as investigators are looking into tuesday's deadly bombings say this may be the beginning. country terrorism officials say more attacks are imminent and isis operatives have already picked out their targets. they believe the bomb maker on the left was one of the two suicide bombers at the brussels airport. they say the other man is the man in the middle is ibrahim el
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bakraoui and prosecutors say his brother khalid was the subway suicide bomber. authorities don't know who the third man is in the picture, but they're searching for him. u.s. president barack obama says the bombings have only stiffened resolve to defeat isis. >> the united states will continue to offer any assistance that we can to help investigate these attacks and bring attackers to justice. we will also continue to go off isil aggressively it will is removed from syria and iraq and is finally destroyed. the world has to be united against terrorism and we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security not only of our own people, but of people all around the world. >> cnn has a complete coverage of the attacks here in brussels. this hour we'll here from the
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hospital that's working to identify victims and we'll have reports from the rest of our team of correspondents throughout the next several hours. now, investigators say they believe najim laachraoui is the one who made the bombs in the brussel attacks and in paris in november. tim lister has more on that. >> reporter: this man has become the most wanted in europe, najim laachraoui. now officials say he was the second bomber killed in brussels airport, the day after he was named as wanted in connection with the paris attacks. he had been caught on video in brussels back in november. he and another man sent money to the cousin of ababdays before they were killed in a raid in an apartment in paris where they were hiding and planning other attack. but then he was named by an
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allis. he's emerged as a key figure in the paris plot. traces of his dna were found on clo clo explosives. his dna was found at an apartment where bomb making equipment was found in december. and in another property used by the paris attackers in the belgian town which he rented under a false name in october. investigators believe he was a key figure in the paris attacks, not only as the likely bomb maker but coordinating the attacks in november. >> he was born in belgium and studied engineering in brussels. it's not clear when he came back to europe, but he did travel in
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september last year with salah abdeslam, the only surviving member among the paris attackers who was arrested in the belgian capital last friday. most troubling he at some point managed to reenter belgian. >> can we now assume that one network was responsible for both the brussels attack, but also the paris attacks at the end of last year? >> reporter: i think it's looking increasingly likely that these are two connects attacks. the question is how big is the netwo network. we know for example they're looking for at least one suspect here, possibly more and there could be a support network behind it. the big concern here is that even though they were able to
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arrest salah abdeslam who engaged in the paris attacks just a few days ago, clearly they weren't able to root out the entire network. it's not even known if they know of the entire network. this is the big challenge here. >> and how's the reaction been here in brussels? i kn i know you're at the hospitals that had to deal with this. >> >> reporter: i think it's a city in shock. at the hospitals you feel it the most. that's where so many of the victims have been brought and where many of the families are gathering to try and find their loved ones. the hospitals are still coping with the influx of victims. we're standing outside of the royal military hospital here in brussels and this is where at least 80 of the victims from the airport blast were brought to suffering from multiple burns
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and shrapnel wounds. the entrance was transformed from an emergency ward. many have been transferred to the specialized burns unit, though the hospital is working with investigators to identify the dead. this man was among the first medics at the airport. what was the first thing you saw when you got to the scene? >> choodust chaos, chaos. people shouting crying, people shouting help here, over here. i've never seen it before. it was a war zone. >> for 20 years he has served as a military medic but he has never seen anything like this. a bomb that investigators believe was packed with nails and bolts. >> i saw a lot of people with holes in their body. the people were hit by pieces that flew around. i saw children with penetrating
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wounds so it has to be some explosive device. things are floating around with great power. >> reporter: outside the hospital soldiers stand guard. the belgian flag flies at half staff. do you also have a pictures of your girlfriend? 25-year-old jonathan is searching for his girlfriend. they have a 1-year-old son. what kind of person is she? >> she's very shy. she's short and she's strong. >> reporter: she's a strong person? >> she's a strong person, yes. >> reporter: he has set up a facebook page for information. he says she was studying to be a botanist and on her way to school when the bomb ripped through the train car. her last iphone location was near the metro station. are you worried maybe she's been
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injured and unconscious. >> i don't think. i don't think. i don't want to think about that. >> reporter: hospitals across b brussels the heart breaking search for answers continues. unfortunately because of the nature of the explosion many of those killed have been very difficult to identify. their bodies are simply -- have simply been dismembered by the blast and that's why it's taking so long for investigators to figure out who was killed and notify their families. >> thank you. as she was saying, the more investigators dig, the more connections they're finding to those paris attacks last year in november. there's a growing concern that more attacks are now in the works. joining me from los angeles is cnn's intelligence and security bob bear. the reason people are thinking the two sets of attacks are linked, the security services had no specific intelligence
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that the brussels attacks were in the works so we can assume there will be more in the works right now. >> i think it's almost inevitable and i think britain is to follow, maybe more attacks in france. these communities, north african origin are very tight knit. it's difficult to get inside of them and a lot of those people in those communities simply identify with the people dying in the wars in iraq and syria. so getting sources inside these groups is nearly impossible. i know the americans don't have them. we gave this to the europeans. i think the fact they're finding so many bombs in the more apartments they take down, i think they're shocked by the number of followers and how big the network was connected to paris and now brussels so i think there will be more attacks. >> theso many resources went in
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the investigations following the paris attacks, resources from the u.s. and across europe. surely they could have found some sort of connection with this latest set of attacks. i know they didn't know these attacks were coming, but clearly they're overlapping networks here and the security services seem to have no idea that they existe exi existed. >> i think one problem is they depend so much on data mining so they looked at the phones connected to the paris attacks and they didn't see the connection because these people are very good at hiding communications. they're communicating with couriers or whatever they're doing, apps, telegram and on and on and they can't get -- those messages erase right away so there's no reconstructing the network based on the data mining. it's over simplestic to say
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they're incompetent because it's not true. we had the same problems at the beginning of bagdad. the united states essentially ended the momentum in iraq by 2006 and 2007 by using commando operations where you're kicking down doors and you have drones everywhere and are we prepared to turn brussels and paris into militarized cities in the same way bagdad was? no. the europeans are between a rock and hard place. >> they could be using the resources better, they're not pooling their resources. and that's one of the issues here. if you actually got the uk resources to go with the french and belgian resources you could use them for effectively. >> a single database. exactly.
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even the united states databases are not confine d. they have to hand carry traces and that's what the europeans do and it's very inefficient. the europeans right now are not inclined -- the germanys are not going to share their databases with the french or belgians or the british. nor is the united states going to let the europeans into the national security agency which has a lot of these names. they have to suspect somebody. they carry the name to the national security agency. they look it up. it's very time consuming and inefficient. >> okay. bob. thank you very much. lots of questions being asked right now about how investigators are handling all of this and the follow-up of any -- how it plays into any future attacks. investigators are valuable evidence in a north eastern brussels neighborhood and they were first tipped off by a taxi
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driver who recognized the airport bombing suspects. fred is there and has details of what the police found. >> reporter: according to the authorities an apartment in this building was used as the main bomb making can factories. the police say that they have recovered some 15 kill grams or almost pounds of the explosive tatp as well as chemicals, screws which are used to mix into explosive devices to make them more deadly and also an isis flag inside one of the apartments in that building. we were able to speak to someone who says that he lived on the same floor as the alleged attackers and he says he barely saw them around. >> translator: i've never seen them except one time i came across one that was skinny. i said hello and greeted him, but he didn't respond and i
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never saw them again and i feel scared. >> reporter: the ride raid here lasted several hours. it involved a lot of police officers and police helicopters with who appear to be police snipers glancing through an open door of the helicopter and repeatedly pointing their rifles. afterwards forensic teams pretty much the entire night. they recovered a lot of things and they recovered something in a garbage can outside, a laptop that appeared to contain something like the will of one of the attacker's where he was saying that he felt the police were on to him and he felt if they did not come through this quickly this that they would wind up going to jail just like salah abdeslam. authorities fear that the people involved in the brussels and paris attack could be at large and could pose a threat to the society here in belgian and other places in europe, but they also hope that some of the things that they recovered from
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this apartment complex here could help them track down some of those people and bring them to justice. cnn, brussels, belgian. >> joining me now is a reporter for news week. she's reported extensively. you were there yesterday, weren't you? horrendous situation for people trying to live normal lives there. >> reporter: absolutely. it was very interesting. all the shops were closed. there was a school open, but it wasn't normal at all. i spoke to a local grocery story owner, he was the only shop that had opened and he said people were very scared. >> there's a great sense of despair there, isn't there, because they've lost faith in the authorities, they've lost faith in some sort of members of their community who seem to be giving up on that sort of
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belgian idea. so they feel as if they got very little people looking after them and carrying for them, is that right? >> reporter: i think there's a feeling across belgian perhaps that police and security forces haven't done as much as they could have. i think molenbeek the feeling is they're going to be continued to be targeted by the police and i think there's very much a sense of uncertainty and suspicion now towards authority figures. >> there's going to be a bigger crack down from the security services from around the world they are looking at that one neighborhood thinking we have a problem there. >> reporter: yes, there were raids going on. i went into a cafe and the men just said five minutes down the road a house was raided. so certainly they will be focussed on, but i think there needs to be a focus across europe as well because as we saw with paris they moved across countries.
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it's perhaps not -- perhaps they need to focus on france and belgian as well. >> how do you rebuild those connections with the community if you are the belgian security services and you desperately need to find out what people are thinking there? >> reporter: that's a very difficult question. i think if the community sees you as their enemy or feel that you aren't looking out for them, the trust there is gone. >> that's how you feel there, right. >> reporter: i think talking about molenbeek in particular it has youth unemployment of 40% and i think certainly as is the case in cities across the world where you have low income unemployed people there is normally a rift between them and the authority figures. >> i think what's really shown itself in that neighborhood, which is a european problem, you see the same in the uk where security services can't tap into the grass roots networks and how they're communicating with isis. that's the problem is that
9:18 pm
they're not tapping into the local community? >> reporter: i think it's very difficult. from what we've heard molenbeek, where salah abdeslam was found he was there for several days and no one would give him up. it's a close knit community and everyone knows everyone. so getting into that grassroots network that you talked about is very difficult. >> even families within the network don't seem to know what's going on. we keep hearing about mothers who don't see it. >> reporter: i think it's very much the case that islamic extremism is hidden. the average person in the community wouldn't know about it. someone says it goes around in whispers and it's not being shouted from the rooftops where it's preached and talked about is in people's houses. how can a parent always keep track of that? >> thank you very much. we're going to return to the
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airport and look at the frightening scene inside after the bombs xploded.
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i'm here to support all of them against the terrorists. it's a syrian hug. >> a free hug from a syrian refu refugee. support is pouring in from everywhere as people around the city mourn their loved ones and pray for the wounded we're getting a firsthand look at the devastation inside the airport just after the bombs went off. a taxi driver shot the video as he ran inside to find his son. john berman has more and we must warn you these image s are disturbing. >> the first thing you hear are
9:24 pm
the screams. presumably the wounded crying for help. debris is everywhere making it hard for rescue workers to get around. fires still burning from the blast, bodies buried under the rubble and this, a baby in the middle of the wreckage on the floor next to his mother who appeared to be dead. the horror doesn't end here.
9:25 pm
frighten frightened bystanders still trying to make it out of the building. the taxi driver who shot this video reaches the food stand
9:26 pm
where his son worked only to find it deserted. outside the terminal survivors wait for help. those who are able lend comfort to the wounded. though many inside did not survive. amid the wreckage and debris, a single flower, perhaps a welcome home for an arriving passenger, now buried among the shattered remains of this terror attack. john berman cnn, new york. >> it really brings it home. the taxi driver was able to find his son who is safe. we'll be right back with more after a short break.
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and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. you are watching cnn special coverage of the terror attacks here in brussels. there's an urgent manhunt here. officials are concerned that tuesday's terror is part of a bigger plot. a federal prosecutor says the man on the right left his suitcase bomb behind at the airport on tuesday. he says it was the heaviest, but
9:31 pm
also very unstable. several intelligence officials believe isis bomb maker najim laachraoui blew himself up at the airport. authorities previously identified him as a suspect in last year's paris attacks. meanwhile european president wants quick approval on an ue database for all passengers traveling through europe. i have the brussels representative for the institute of economics and peace. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> what big questions do you think the authorities need to be looking at in order for this not to happen again? >> i think that you need to look at consequences. the first time -- why do our young people in belgian and europe radicalize. you need to target those who are not radical livesized yet and t
9:32 pm
approach to reintegrate them into society. you need to make sure this isn't going to happen in the future or at least limit the risk for this to happen in the future and you need to come up with better policies with better -- i would say more european union to exchange information and exchange intelligence and to exchange data about passengers. you need to reinforce your system. >> all of those things you're asking for have huge challenges, not least findings people before they're radicalized and working with them because from what we understand the communities where these attackers have been living don't have good relations with the security services or the police so they're not getting any information from them. >> the problem is when you look at the radicalization this is difficult to determine. when you look at it the young
9:33 pm
people not identifying with society, blaming their family not having succeeded in the immigration process. >> how do you build up those connections and get that intelligence. >> true local workers. we have radicalization units at the department within the city of brussels. >> we were told this after paris as well. >> this is a very difficult process. i mean, radicalization is a process that can be very quick. i saw this with salah abdeslam and other people from brussels. they started radicalizing in august last year and then committed the paris attacks. this is a very easy process for recu recruite recruiters. to go to target the heart of the religion, but to deradicalize this is longer to do. every time we do efforts, it
9:34 pm
takes one message from a recruiter to destroy this entire work. >> the other point you're making is agencies need to work more closely together. we were told that was going to happen after paris and clearly that's not working. >> i remember the belgian prime minister coming out of a meeting really stressed and disappointed about what has been said within the meeting. there is an urgent need to cooperate, but what do we see to the krocontrary in europe is th other radicalization is nationalism is rising up and i think this is a mistake. >> it discourages countries working together. >> exactly. thank you very much for your analysis. the belgian attacks has got the u.s. presidential candidates talking about all of this and how they would respond to a terror attack and we'll have that story for you just ahead. this is the all-new 2016 chevy malibu. wow, it's nice. let's check it out. do any of you have kids?
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united they stand, love and support are perform ating through b through brussels. we'll have more in just a moment, but we wanted to look at how the attack is influencing the presidential race as well. >> as investigators in europe search for suspects tied to the deadly terror attacks u.s. presidential candidates are responding to the situation with how they feel it should be handled. >> reporter: terror and politics once again linked. >> it's not about patrolling
9:39 pm
neighborhoods and shutting the boarders down. >> like the attacks in paris and san bernardino shining a spotlight on the candidates. donald trump says he will keep u.s. enemies guessing. >> we need unpredictability. i want don't the enemy to know how i'm thinking. >> going all in on the use of torture. >> i think with he have to change our law on the waterboarding thing where they can chop off heads and they can drown people in heavy steel cages and we can't waterboard. >> and consider the use of a nuclear weapon against isis. >> i'm never going to rule anything out. >> ted cruz under pressure. >> the statements he made today is why he's not going to become president of the united states. >> he wants to increase parole in muslim neighborhoods. >> it's that head in the sand political correctness that has
9:40 pm
made america so vulnerable. >> hillary clinton challenging both in california today. >> we cannot let fear stop us from doing what's necessary to keep us safe, nor can we let it push us into reckless actions that end up making us less safe. >> each candidate fighting for a position in the wake of the western tuesday contest. we saw hillary clinton come closer to locking up the democratic nomination. >> i'm very proud to have won arizona tonight. >> a delegate split in the gop with ted cruz winning utah and donald trump dominating in arizona. another primary night raising questions about the efforts of stop trump efforts. cruz being endorsed by jeb bush. >> what we're seeing all across the country is the momentum is with us and i'll tell you one of the things that shows that is this morning jeb bush endorsed our campaign. >> all coming after a night pung
9:41 pm
waited by a twitter exchange, introducing a traditionally off limits element into the campaign, candidate's spouses, sparked by a donald trump facebook ad. ted cruz defending his wife like a scene in the american president. >> you want a character debate, bob, you better stick with me because he is way out of your league. if donald want to get in a character fight he's better off sticking with me because she's way out of his league. >> she weighed in on the matter herself. >> you probably know what donald trump has no basis. >> that was bill mattingly reporting there. let's talk more about the brussels attacks and the impact on u.s. politics. always great to have you with us. political analysts have said the way to win elections is to prey
9:42 pm
on people's fears and go negative. how is the u.s. public, how are they responding to these comments by trump and cruz. >> certainly for members of both the trump base and cruz base i think they're responding to this in a big way which is to say that every single time a terrorist attack like this happens, whether it's brussels, paris, what have you, the fear among the american public kicks up. they believe we could be next. so they rally behind those tough statements and unfortunately in 2016 with the rhetoric being sort of as dramatic as it is, we're seeing some really aggressive rhetoric towards the muslim population in general, but for a lot of americans they're scared of another san bernardino happening, they're scared that paris or brussels could happen here. >> hillary clinton on the democratic side is trying to make this an argument about
9:43 pm
temperament and saying that these comments made by the republicans show a lack of appropriate temperament for being commander in chief. >> what hillary clinton has tried to do is be the grown up in the room. the fact that she's running on the other side of the aisle what donald trump and ted cruz who happen to be the only horses lef left in that race makes her job easy. when it comes to matters of national security it gets harder. she has to sound tough while upholding what i think many people would agree are the sort of democratic values that most american citizens stand for and so what she has do is she has to simultaneously sound like she has experience, but she can't drift into that sort of rhetoric that the republicans can so easily drift into which does prey upon the fears of many
9:44 pm
americans. >> president obama is among those who have criticized ted cruz for the comments he made about securing and patrolling muslim communities. i want you to take a listen to what he has to say and then give me your thoughts. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance which by the way the father of ted cruz escaped for america. >> the president is saying it's contrary to who we are, taking a stand in all of this. what do you make of what you said, but coupled with that, the optics that have emerged in the last day or so, in fact the last couple of hours, president obama as commander in chief in cuba attending a baseball game, doing the tango does it undercut the criticism? >> those optics do matter and
9:45 pm
going to a baseball game, dancing the tango at a time when there's a national security crisis, that doesn't look great. it wouldn't look great if george w. bush was doing it eight years ago. that said the message coming forward from both obama and hillary clinton is one that is consistent with american values going back for a very long time. the message coming forth from the likes of donald trump and ted cruz when you talk about monitoring neighbors of muslims sounds more like germany. yes, dancing the tango and going to baseball games doesn't look good but it would pale in comparison to what's coming on out of the republicans mouth. we're hearing from an australian government official from that plane. we have the very latest.
9:46 pm
is the debris from mh 370? what are we learning? >> according to the australian transportation ministry that debris found last month, two separate pieces of debris is likely to have come from mh 370. those the word we're getting. those pieces were transported to australia for analysis and it was today that australian officials issued this statement saying it's highly likely and it was shortly after that that we heard a statement from malaysia transportation officials in giving a little bit more detail they say that this debris has the same dimensions and materials and construction that conform to the specifications of a boeing 777 aircraft and the paint on both parts of these
9:47 pm
debrd debr debris used by malaysia airlines. the debris could be from the missing plane. as you might imagine that kind of news revertbrating from the families of those on board of that plane. we spoke to two families over the phone this morning. here's some of what they have to say. the first is steve whose mother was on board and he says i think all this information is useful for us in finding the plane. what family members have found so far is close to nothing. i think all information on the missing plane is crucial as long as it is carefully studied and proven. we're also hearing from another man whose mother was on board. he says finding the plane debris is not equal to finding our loved ones. a very emotional time here as more information continues to come in about this missing
9:48 pm
plane. >> it is an emotional time for people who want answers. we appreciate it. thank you so much. let's get back to brussels now with max foster. max? >> reporter: we're learning more about the victims of the brussels terror attacks. next we have stories of lives forever lost or changed, but plus the search for those who are still missing. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything.
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two people taking in the scene here. we're learning more about the victims of the attacks here in bus brussels. the past two days have been brutal for the families and the people injured and those who have relatives and friends missing are desperately holding on to hope. >> reporter: the stories are heart breaking. this was supposed to be an ordinary tuesday morning. people traveling, going to work, to school, but it turned out to
9:53 pm
be far from ordinary. the first fatality to be identified, is this woman. she had been living in brussels for six years. she was 36 years old. she was at the airport with her twin daughters on her way to new york to visit relatives for easter. suddenly a blast near the check in counter. her children and her husband had walked away. they survived. she did not. another victim was a law student from belgian. he was studying at the university and was killed at the metro station. they say his death was unjust. they described him as brilliant and kind. a third victim died at the metro station in brussels and worked for the government organization. he was on his commute when that fateful explosion went off this
9:54 pm
is a story of the missing. two sibles have not been heard from since the attack. they were at the brussels airport getting ready to fly home when the explosions happened. u.s. state department officials tell cnn that approximately a dozen americans were hurt in the brussels attack and several citizens are still unaccounted for. this man was on his way to the airport for a trip to the united states. his girlfriend and family have not heard from him since. his girlfriend calls his cell phone regularly, but there's still no answer. in terms of the injured, professional basketball player was seriously wounded in the attack. he was in line at the check in desk during the explosions and is currently in intensive care. a group of american missionaries survived the blast at the brussels airport. they have a gripping story.
9:55 pm
this man is 19 years old and it's the third terrorist attack he's experienced. he was in boston during the bombings and they were in the paris area during the november terror attacks. >> i think two is enough for a lifetime now. i am just -- i'm dumb founded to be honest. >> a cnn crew was at their home when finally hours of waiting by the phone hoping to here their son's voice the phone rang and mason was on the other end. >> tell me about your head, honey. >> it should be fine. >> i'm going to catch a dplifli over to paris. >> reporter: what was it like to finally hear his voice? >> pure joy to hear his voice. >> reporter: if you're concerned about loved ones in brussels you haven't heard from, go to c
9:56 pm >> we're live in brussels in the square which was an ordinary scene yesterday. there were thousands gathered for a minute of silence and now this morning it is quieter. it's pretty extraordinary as people try to come to terms with everything that's happened here, lighting those candles and laying the flowers. i'll be right back with cnn's continuing coverage of the belgian terror attacks. if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptom* ,all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more®
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this is cnn's special coverage of the terror attacks in brussels. investigators say the more they learn about the bombings here on tuesday, the more they're convinced these attacks won't be the last. authorities now believe isis bomb maker najim laachraoui on the far left in this picture was one of the suicide bombers at the brussels airport. they say the other is the man in the middle ibrahim el bakraoui. now prosecutors say his brother khalid was the subway