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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm poppy harlow in for ashleigh banfield. we begin with raids an arrests and criminal charges aimed at taking down interlocked terror cells. also, a half dozen others were picked up by authorities in 13 raids yesterday. they were questioned at length and released. we have just learned authorities have released the only suspect to date who had been tied though bombings in brussels and charged
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with "terrorist murder." the federal prosecutor's office says the clues that had led to the arrest were not conclusive. frankly, the evidence was bt there an they had to release him. earlier today, jerusalem's minister of health said the more people have died and the death toll is at 35. that does not count the three known suicide bombers. let's go to alexandra fields who is joining us from brussels. i want to get to this man charged with terrorist murder. he was accused of direct involvement, questionsed and suddenly released. >> these weren't charges. these are serious charges he was facing. attempted terrorist murder, terrorist murder, terrorist related activities them most serious charges that we have
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seen. authorities never release much information about the suspect identifying him and lijing him to the brussels attack but didn't define his role. a lot of people are wondering, what evidence did authorities think they had to slap him with such severe charges. the charges were presented to a magistrate and found not to have sufficient evidence to hold him. he's been released. under belgium law, being charged mes you are under investigation but if there isn't sufficient evidence the case does not go to trial. we return to the severity of the charges. they brought anymore to custody on thursday. after they executed the raid they did not find weapons or explosives. >> what about the video released by belgian authorities video of the wanted airport bomber. where does ta stand in terms of
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the hunt there? >> right, keeping your eye on the ball. a massive manhunt for the third bombing suspect at the airport. we had seen only a still picture of three bombers, two killed in the blast. and the man in the hat. we are seeing video of him in the airport. taken shortly before the bombing in the airport. he's one person that police have been looking for. they have been looking for a potential second bomber at the metro station where so many were killed. that's why so many raids have been executed around the city. they are looking for people directly involved and people who had knowledges the attacks were going to happen or could be planning future attacks. >> thank you so much. we have learned at least eight suspects believed to be linked to the isis attack in brussels last week and the paris attack last fall are sout by
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counterterrorism forces across europe. let's talk about the big picture with paul cruickshank with me in new york and phil -- a former counterterrorism official with the cia. paul, to you first. let's talk about your reporting on this. the fact they are going after eight more. >> you are understanding is that a day after the brussels attacks there was a security bulletin shared amongst european security agencies and it lists eight individuals still at large, wanted. wanted, the document says, in connection with the terrorist attacks in paris. and brussels. among those, is an individual who's named. one possibility is that he was that third bomber who ran away but it is possible he was the man seen in the brussels metro or was involved in some other
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way. we are told by a source close to the investigation, he is expected to be involved in the brussels attacks. he's on the run. he's believed to come from syria, through the greek island where the other attack aers in paris came through and then picked up. from a refugee center in olm, jer imanny. by one of the paris attackers. this tied him much more firmly than perhaps other suspects we have mentioned in recent days to the paris and brussels conspiracy. another individual believed to be connected posly is a brussels resident of belgium nationality and traveled to syria in early 2014. and then few months later isis posted a picture of what appeared to be his dead body but investigators now believe it is
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possible he faked his death and may be involved in some way. he's on the wanted list too. >> it shows how interconnected this is. phil, to you. you have isis losing on the ground. they lost palmyra. and a finance officer was killed. but in terms of europe they are having success, success in their minds of the attack in paris, in brussels. what's going on if they are losing on the ground, on the battlefield but executing these attacks? >> a couple of things to think about here. when you look at the growth and decline, there are a couple of characteristics you need to focus on. a loss of leadership and geography. we have seen them lose space in syria and iraq. they are looking to europe and
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the united states scene saying the people who are helping remove us are not just them. i wouldn't take them as a sign isis is succeeding but isis is lashing out against forces trying to eliminate them. terror plots are not that hard to hatch. you need three, five, ten people and one weapon. an then you have a terror plot. regardless of how quickly they are damaged in syria, building one of these plots as long as they have any space in syria is not hard to do. >> as long as they have the motivation and will to carry it out. what fascinates me and is a sad reality is in the last nine days alone we have seen four separate terrorist attacks in four countries. belgium, turkey, iraq, and pakistan yesterday. not all carried out by the same terrorist group but all terrorizing innocent civilians. what does it tell us about the
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changing nature of terror and the global response needed? that's stunning. that's the last nine days. >> if you look at the attacks motivated, particularly from isis and that is western europe and in to turkey, there's one thing that's changed in this world that is significant. it's changed since the days of a a we are in plain sight and if you want to live a pure life, a according to the holy book only one place you can go. that is revolutionary. >> to paul, do you agree with that? is that how your intelligence sources see it? >> what is happening is isis is ratcheting up territory as it
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loses territory in syria and iraq. lost 20% of the territory over the last year or so. i think we can expect as i continue to lose territory the terrorism will surge even more. >> thank you very much for your reporting. appreciate it. coming up, he will turn to pakistan an the horrific sunday attack. specifically targeting women and children, christians who were celebrating easter. who are the terrorists behind the attack next.
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within the past hour the prime minister of pakistan announced he cancelled his trip to washington. he was set to come for a nuclear security summit on thursday. the reason he cancelled the trip was yesterday's horrific bombing at a park in the city. 72 killed, a third of them children, 300 injured. a taliban offset group was targeting christians, specifically on easter sunday. christians make up barely 2% of pakistan's population and it appears most of the victims actually turned out to be muslims.
9:14 am
nic robertson is following this for us. not only were they specifically targeting women, children and christians, they set off this blast right next to a children's swing set. in the middle of the ideal soft target for them, a public park. >> it couldn't have been an easier target or more callous. we don't know particularly why they chose the swing set area. but it is an area people would have been sitting down and taking their food and enjoy a sunday evening off with their families. perhaps a few more people there because it was easter sunday evening. perhaps why they chose this area was because they wanted to cause an utter outrage by killing so many children. because there were so many people there, that's why the casualty and death toll we are seeing is so high. and the fact it was an open park, a busy park. a park that attracts a lot of
9:15 am
people in the evening. there wasn't strong skrt on the gates of the park. it would have been a soft, easy target for this group and utterly callous, cold-blooded calculated attack. >> also, when you look at this group, this is a splinter group of the pakistani taliban. what do we know about them? other attacks they have carried out? >> they have targeted christians in the past. one of the reasons it appears potentially why they targeted in the city is because this is where the muslim league is strongest. this is a message they are trying to send to the government as well because they have been cracking down harder on terrorist organizations like this. since the horrific killing of 154 school children in december
9:16 am
in 2014. the government started to hang terror suspects. this is one of the reasons. there have been arrests and other reasons, as well. this group hasn't specifically singled out christians in the past. in the past few weeks, in the early part of this year, they targeted two u.s. state department officials, local nationals, working in the u.s. consulate close to the tribal border region wp afghanistan. they tar get them in a road side bombing. it was a fatal attack. this group not just going after christians but also clearly has an interest in attacking american interests inside of pakistan, as well. >> absolutely. carrying it out is the home of the prime minister there. sending a clear message to the pakistani government, as well. nic robertson live in london, thank you so much. delayed reaction to president obama's historic visit to cuba. it seems while cuban president
9:17 am
raul castro was hosting the first family of the united states, the former cuban president was fuming. he took out a full-age ad, a full-page plant cuba's communist party. he writes he almost had a heart attack listening to president obama describe americans and cubans as friends, neighbors and family. fidel goes on to say in the newspaper, "we do not need the empire to give us anything." big story today, the race for the white house and politics. up next, donald trump's foreign policy plan including shaking up nato. does his world order make sense? the outline in a 100-minute interview with the "new york times." and by turning on each other, are ted cruz and donald trump turning off voters? what happens if the math is rejected the gop establishment gets fed up with anti-establishment front runners? we'll discuss ahead. e sales eve. [sportscaster vo]
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donald trump and ted cruz battle moves from twitter to the debate stage. that will happen tomorrow night as both candidates join anderson cooper live at cnn's town hall in wisconsin. it's already a bruising batle. one that turned personal as the two trade accusations. but each has hit the other's wife. we look at the trump-cruz feud. >> i don't think america is a safe place for americans if you want to know the truth. >> reporter: donald trump claiming americans are unsafe. the day after laying out his
9:23 am
controversial foreign policy world view in a lengthy interview with the "new york times." he calls in to question traditional alliances, including nato describing his approach as not isolationist but america first. he said, if elected, he may stop buying audi oil unless they commit ground troops to fight isis and opening the door to the notion that japan and south korea developing nuclear arms of their own. >> he started it. i didn't start it. >> attacking spouses and children is off limits. it has no place in politics. >> reporter: this ass he, rival ted cruz ramped up the war of words over their wives. >> he attacks my wife, heidi, it is inappropriate, wrong and disgusting. >> the front runner accusing cruz of knowing about a super pac add targeting his wife melania. >> i him lying ted because no one i have known, i have known a
9:24 am
lot tougher people over the years but nobody that lied like ted cruz. >> trump threatening on twitter to quote spill the beans on his wife heidi. >> there are things about heidi that i don't want to talk about. but i'm not going to talk about them. >> cruz calling the accusations a distraction. coming down hard in the tabloid the "national enquirer" which earlier this month endorsed trump. >> he is pushing these attacks and has been pushing them for months on-line. these are made up lies and garbage. >> trump blasting cruz i for courting additional delegates in the march 5th primary. issuing this threat on twitter. just to show how unfair republican primary politics can be can, i won the state of louisiana and get less delegates than cruz. lawsuit coming. >> we will watch and see if that lawsuit does come. phil mattingly, thank you.
9:25 am
talk about his world view, his words america first. he sat down for this 100-minute interview with the "new york times" and said i'm not an isolationist but my strategy is to put america first always. he said he will largely accomplish that through economic bargaining chips. and also with me david gergen. two things that stood out to me, saudi arabia, what he would do with saudi arabia on the oil front and israel. because he said one thing in the first half of the interview of the new york times and something else when it comes to a two-state solution with israel. >> first of all, it is striking he sat down with the "new york times" for almost an hour and a half or more than that. this is a candidate wanting so badly to be taken seriously. he has a lot of criticism for not having foreign policy advisers. and he wanted to make the case he's ready. >> he needs three generals.
9:26 am
>> that's right. what you pointed out. the headlines, on saudi arabia he said the united states if he were president may stop buying 0 oil from saudi arabia and other arab countries if they are not willing to put ground troops in to fight isis, or the other alternative is they start to pay the united states for its effort in fighting isis. basically the idea fits in to his broader world view which is something the united states is being ripped off. the country is always on the hook to help other countries and he doesn't want that to be in place anymore. it is a way of looking at foreign policy through the lens of businessman, business negotiations that interaction. i give you something. you give me something back. >> he also said, david gergen, on israel, two things. i mean, first he said i don't want to give away what i would do on israel so i'm not going to say anything. later in the interview he said, yes i would be in favor of a
9:27 am
two-state solution. the expanded his broader thinking on foreign policy. here's a quote. we're not going to be ripped off anymore. we will be friendly with everybody but not taken advantage by anybody. when you look at that, is that a concrete foreign policy that will resonate with voters on the campaign trail or more of the same, loyal supporters don't care? >> i think it will play out with voter on the trail for a while. but it is rattling the windows of foreign ministries all the over the world. in fairness to trump, it's worth pointing out a major piece of president obama's foreign policy thinking by jeffrey goldberg that appeared in the atlantic and has everybody buzzing, in that interview, barack obama makes the same argument. he said i'm tired of free riders. people riding on the coat tails of the united states and not paying up and he angered --
9:28 am
president obama angered the saudis in particular by making -- i just came back from the middle east and what they are talking about they are accused of being free riders. trump with much the same sentiment, much more cruder, lacks nuance, and that has people really concerned about is the united states going off the track. are we going to be a thoughtful leader of the world? >> m.j., you just came back from the critical rust belt states for the voter and they were talking about this. what were they say something. >> i was traveling the rust belt when the attacks in brussels happened. it gave me an opportunity to feel out the trump supporters and how they look at his views. the striking thing, they don't care about what in the details of his foreign pomcy are, but the strength he exudes.
9:29 am
he says he wants to make america great again. that slogan is what resonates with them. i think for a lot of the people, the local issues, are they paying, not getting back from their communities, are potholes on the roads being fixed, enough jobs in small towns? those are the issue that's care about and feel trump can make a difference on. >> one thing that struck us in the "new york times" interview is what he said on nuclear arsenals. that he would be in favor of seeing japan, south korea build up their own rather than depend on the united states as umbrella protection against china and north korea. the ramifications for that globally diplomatically? >> well, remember, president obama won a nobel peace prize early in his term. many thought too early because fundamentally against nuclear proliferation and seeing other nations get the bomb.
9:30 am
frankly that's been the policy of the united states going back to the end of world war ii when we first got the bomb. we didn't want to see bombs proliferated and we wanted to see peace. i think the fundamental area, poppy, he is spouting off about foreign policy, making statements wildly inconsistent with past u.s. foreign policy without justifying or showing he thought it through, he carefully thought it out and i think it is -- can be destabilizing. when people think there is chaos, russia coming in the middle east and now maybe in europe which is destabilize aed and everything else, and now the united states, the united states becomes unreliable leader. that's going to have a destabilizing effect on the world. we do have to take in to account when the economists about a week ago came out and had a list of
9:31 am
the top ten threat faced by the world, if donald trump won the nomination they thought it would be in the top ten it is concerning. >> we appreciate the discussion. we thank you very much. >> thank you. donald trump, ted cruz, john kasich facing off with voters. taking voters' question wednesday night in a wisconsin town hall, tomorrow night, i should say. don't miss it 8 p.m. eastern here on cnn. up next, bernie sanders sweeping all three states up up for grabs this weekend. how worried should hillary clinton be? the delegate math is in her favor by a lot but momentum means something too. we'll debate next.
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sdmor bernie sanders may be feeling political win in his back after sweeping the western state caucuses this weekend. he took washington state, alaska and hawaii by huge margins. this is momentum win but is it a serious blow to hillary clinton who has large lead in the dell gats and the huge lead among super delegates. >> i think the momentum is with us. a lot of these super delegates may rethink their position with secretary clinton. a lot of them have not yet declared and you have super delegates in states where we win by 40, 50 points. i think their constituents will say support the people of our state, vote for sanders. >> let's talk to our cnn political analyst, john avalon, thank you for being here. john, let me begin with you.
9:37 am
i'm interested in your take. is this a case of improbable but not impossible for sanders? and reality of a path to that magic delegate number 2388 for sanders. what is it, john? >> that is fair in probable but not impossible. no question he has the activists base of the democratic party firmly in his camp. he's pulled out impressive wins this past week, in particular in washington state where the clinton campaign had been competing. it was a blowout. the underlying math remains daunting. dynamics daunting even outside of the super delegates an then the question of polls and what they say about who would be a competitive general election nominee. sanders camp has little reason to give up the ghost. they have money and momentum but hillary clinton is in the pole position. >> when it comes to the western states, yes huge market, yes,
9:38 am
caucus, only five left. yet white, largely rural voters. when you take wisconsin and the importance of wisconsin where's your money on whether she can pull off a michigan-type surprise in wisconsin? >> the rust belt states, including wisconsin, are where he has the most interesting possibilities. if he can do something like he did in michigan, in wisconsin. that's actually big. he was not able to transfer that win in michigan to ohio, however, which really threw up a road block. maybe that was a bit of a fluke. you are right about pointing out the idea they are western states but also caucus. two things happening are abhorrent. one this is that super delegates are allowed to endorse before votes are cast. that is undemocratic.
9:39 am
it tells the people who are about to vote this is what the establishment wants -- who the establishment supports. i don't agree with that. i also don't think that caucus are particularly democratic, particularly for people who work off hours, who don't have an hour and a half, two, three hours to stay in a caucus place. it's not -- it takes away anonymity of voting, which a lot of us prize. it adds peer pressure to the voting process. all of these things that do not speak to the most democratic way you can process votes. one part it helps sanders an the other helps clinton in that the superdelegates have tipped their hat. >> i had a sanders supporter on the show and asked do you feel your candidate has to cow tou to the party establishment and go after the superdelegates and do you see anything unfair in that?
9:40 am
she said nothing about wanting to change the system. she said, don't worry. we'll get them and turn them around. what's your take? >> i think charles makes a good point. one of the largest dynamics is the parties are more polarized than the american people and you don't get representative results particularly when you have caucus or closed partisan primaries, which is in many cases. the most representative sample set for primary would be open primaries in which the maximum number of people could vote by secret ballot at times that are more convenient than sitting all day at a caucus. those are larger election reforms we need to deal with as a nation. these primaries, we have to deal with the system as it is. when people find they are benefitting from a certain process they have no problem with it. where you stand is often a matter of where you sit. >> can i add one thing to that?
9:41 am
>>. >> sanders is making an interesting argument which is the super delegates should shift to him, even if he does not have the majority of the votes of the pledged delegates and even if he does not have the majority of the votes that because he polls well, the super delegates should shift to his side because polls suggest that he is doing better as a general election candidate that can be dangerous and strange a argument for any candidate to make. >> it is interesting because it is akin to what donald trump is saying, if i have flurlty and not 1237 i should get it. >> this will make good television that you will be with us fmpl john avalon, thank you very much. >> good election. up next, the most important thing. of course, thank you. coming up up, back to the
9:42 am
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> donald trump is threatening a lawsuit over the delegates in the march 5 ath primary in louisiana. he said just to show how unfair the politics can be. i won louisiana and get less delegates than cruz. lawsuit coming. >> maybe your time is better spend reading the rules than hate tweets. trump did beat cruz by 3.6% in the vote in louisiana. under republican party rules they each won 18 delegates and cruz's campaign is trying to sway ten more to his camp. this is according to the "wall street journal." those ten half would come from rubio and half from unpledged delegates. let's get the legal view with defense attorney joey jackson and cnn legal analyst and
9:47 am
criminal defense attorney paul -- >> let me begin with i yyou, jo. on what grounds would trump sue. >> if they don't recognize the popular will, you have rules but if they are unfair. if you are suppressing the will of the people and the popular will, this is larger than trump. >> how is that suppressing, doing anything to the will of the people who voted for rubio? >> because the delegates should have a choice. to your point you could say the delegates were for rubio. rubio is not here. why not designate the delegates to who got the vote to trump and cruz. to me it is larger than trump. it's about what the people want and could a candidate who didn't win by popular vote now take five delegates from rubio.
9:48 am
by the way, these five are undecided i. i will take your five too. it has to be more well thought out and be fair to everyone. >> a lawsuit hass to come. we'll see if that happens. because trump threatened a lot of lawsuits in the election so far. what's the likelihood if he does file one which wouldn't be against cruz but the process, would he reveil? >> it is unlikely he would prevail. trump is a lawsuit threat machine. he's constantly threatening to sue the press, sue political parties. in his own business history he's used lawsuits as an intimidation thing to help in negotiations. the threat of a lawsuit may help in louisiana because party leaders may look at the process and they could decide to reallocate in accordance with what he is saying. in other words, it should reflect the popular will with rubio having dropped out. in the end, the courts don't like to get involved in this.
9:49 am
this is a political party. remember, political parties a essentially private organizations. and it has to be a serious oi fence ar court rt to say we're going to tell the republicans how to run their party. my prediction is it is going to be a big threat. you will never see a lawsuit won in court. >> we will be watching. >> big event trump, doet voter disenfranchisement. can you do it and if you can't the court should step in and say something about it. >> we will see if a lawsuit comes first. thank you very much. up next, we will stay on the legal view and talk about this. a big development today. georgia's governor vetoing a controversial bill that would have allowed businesses to deny services to lgbt customers. did the governor bend to pressure from business big? he says no. reality check next. ♪
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georgia governor deal announced he will veto a bill that would have given organizations the option to deny services to the lgbt community? a news conference this morning, here's how he addressed it. >> georgia is a welcomening state. it's full of loving, kind, generous people. that is what we should want. they choose to worship god in the way they see fit in a myriad of ways and a variety of different cities, i believe that's our best side. our people every day work side by side without regard to the color of their skin of their fellow mate or the religion that
9:55 am
their co-worker might adhere to. they are simply trying to make life better for themselves, their families, and their communities. that is the character of georgia. i intend to do my part to keep it that way. for that reason, i will veto house bill 757. >> cnn legal analyst paul callan is back with me and also brian setter. it was interesting to hear deal say this is not anything to do with big business, threatening to pull out, a lot of them did. this is about sound judgment and where we should fall. where it is right. >> there was tremendous pressure and you can see time warner, cnn's parent came out against the bill. disney, for example, their logo
9:56 am
said they would pull all movie production out of the state. that's a big deal because captain america, civil war, guardians of the galaxy have been filmed there and the possibility those would not longer be produced there "the walking dead" is produced there. virtually every major media company took a stand against the bill. today he is tweeting thanks to governor deal and everyone who made today possible. a day of equality for all. >> it is interesting because georgia had caterpillar building a huge building there. there's a big business push. there was a threat for businesses to pull out. >> it seemed to come to a head after the human rights campaign urged hollywood and other companies to take a stand. >> they came out with a
9:57 am
statement. thankfully governor deal listened to the voices of georgians. we hope north carolina governor's general assembly are paying attention to what happened in georgia and they undo that's disgraceful attack on lgbt people. what is that about to you? about the fact that north carolina passed a law that transgender individuals cannot use the bathroom of the sex they identify. they have to use the one they were born. and it stops state officials from passing anti-discrimination cases. t on what ground can they make the argument. >> on constitutional grounds. in the united states, generally it is illegal under the u.s.
9:58 am
constitution and a lot of other statutes. the construct of gender has changed. we are not talking about gay and straight people here. i want to make it clear. a lot of people mix up up transgender with that issue. this is an issue about people self identifying as a different gender. you are a man but you self identify as a woman. maybe you haven't had surgery to change your anatomy. should that man identifying as a woman be allowed to go in and use a woman's room. this raids haggles in a lot of places among ordinary people because women say will i be in danger in the lady's room if a man masquerading as a transgender uses the facility? i think ordinary people have fears about it. but in the end the courts will say if your gender is female and if there is scientific support for your self identifying as a
9:59 am
feel you have a right to use female facilities. >> what is interesting, consensus hasn't come out on this one. >> relatively quiet. perhaps this is because the bill seemed to sneak up. it was signed in to law rather quickly by the governor. there wasn't a long waiting period ast as in the case of georgia where the governor waited several days to take action. >> talk about precedents here. any other precedence in this or is this something going to the highest court. >> i see it going to the highest court. there's a move in favor of transgender people and the lgbt community aing their rights should be preserved but never resolved by the supreme court and you have this issue of -- i hate to get in to the weeds on this but how do you you know the person entering the restroom is a male or female? >> and has a physical change been made and should it matter? >> it maybe overstated.
10:00 am
>> do you force lgbt people to carry identification karsd. i don't think you want to do that. >> we will be watching where it goes. thank you so much. thank you for being with us. ashleigh is back tomorrow. wolf begins now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it is noon in wisconsin, 7 p.m. in brussels. wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. the manhunt son in europe right now. police are searching for at least eight suspects they believe are linked to the terror attacks in paris and brussels. this comes as federal prosecutors in belgium announce three men arrested in raids this weekend are charged with participating in the activities of a terrorist group. meanwhile, belgian police issued


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