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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  March 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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unicorn. it looks more like a shaggy rhino. fascinating. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. john is off. on wisconsin and so it is. every candidate running for president in that state today ahead of the primary exactly one week out. we're hours also away from a critical stop from the republican candidates. all three will take the stage in milwaukee tonight and face the voters in a live cnn town hall. ted cruz picking up a key endorsement a short time ago from scott walker. listen here. >> we want people who are principled, common sense conservatives who are people who do what they say, who stick to
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their guns but also people who can both win the nomination and go onto defeat hillary clinton in the fall, and for that reason, i am proud to endorse ted cruz. >> so there you have it. he'll be campaigning with ted cruz after this. phil mattingly is joining us now in milwaukee at the site of tonight's cnn town tall. phil, this is a state with 42 delegates and it's become a key prize for the republican side of this race. lay it out for us. >> no question about it. look, no shortage of issues for the candidates to get into tonight based on the last week of what we've seen, whether it's personal attacks or donald trump's foreign policy or whether, perhaps, even delegate lawsuits. i think what's most interesting when you look at this state right now is it's even. when you look at donald trump and ted cruz and even john kasich, as the delegates are allocated by this state, there's an opportunity to do well for all. scott walker's endorsement is more proof that everybody is
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consolidated behind him. donald trump has wasted no time attacking scott walker and saying he's the candidate people should be going for in wisconsin. what will be really interesting to watch over the next couple of days and tonight is how the candidates deal with one another. no love loss between cruz and trump, but even john kasich really going after donald trump on foreign policy as well. again, trying to target this state, pull off some delegates an get in the way of donald trump on his march who has looked unimpeded to the nomination. >> in the effort to stop trump, this state has become key and possibly make or break in that effort to hold him off. let's discuss it. phil, thank you so much. let me bring in kailee macaninni, bill crystal, alex burns, and van jones. it's great to have all of you. a very important day ahead of
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this cnn town hall, but also this endorsement from scott walker, i think we can all agree endorsements have meant much less in this cycle, but he's as big as it gets in wisconsin. do you think it impacts in the state? >> i do. wisconsin is not seen as a state that's a natural fit for somebody like ted cruz. he's much more of a conventional evangelical oriented, more southern politician. that's not necessarily the person you see winning the wisconsin primary. walker is a validator for those conservatives. particularly in milwaukee, they don't like trump, walker getting behind cruz is a signal to them that this guy is okay for people like this. >> this guy is okay, but also it's interesting, bill, let me have you weigh in on this. walker, last week, i think he also said that if this goes on the republican side to a contested convention, he says none of the three of the guys running are going to lock in the
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nomination. what's he saying there? >> i think he's saying what's true which is if trump falls short and cruz falls short, it will be a deadlocked convention and open convention, something we haven't seen in our lifetime. it would be interesting and fun and maybe produce a good result. maybe not. trump did not win in either iowa or minnesota which are both neighboring states to wisconsin. i think this is a state where trump could lose. it could be important. there's a week off after wisconsin. it's kind of a reset or the second half, like 40 % of the delegates, 40 % of the states have to vote. wisconsin has become a little bit like new hampshire was add the beginning where trump did well and launched himself into a winning streak in the first half of the states. if trump loses with wisconsin, i think you could see a similar kind of momentum here in the final 40 %. if trump wins wisconsin, i think it's close to over. i never want to say it's over until it's over. it's a big moment a week from now in wisconsin. >> so kailee, bill is talking
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about a reset. it seems that donald trump needed a reset. he was largely off the trail. he called into sunday's shows. he was largely off the trail last week, and now he's back in it and hitting the trail in wisconsin. and it started then with an interview with a very well known conservative radio host in wisconsin, charlie sykes. he hammered him between trump and cruz with regard to their wives. he called trump a 12-year-old bully on the playground with regard to this feud. listen to what he said. >> i expect that from a 12-year-old bully on a playground. >> i didn't start it. he started it. if he didn't start it, it would have never happened. but he started it. >> remember, we're not a on the -- we're not on a playground. we're rurching fnning for presi
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the united states. >> we talked over the weekend about this during election coverage. you want this to go away. you want to move onto other policy conversations. doesn't look like it is. >> i think it will move on. i think tonight's town hall is going to be a big night for donald trump to talk about the issues. he does need to move on from this. i've said that, and i think he will. with regard to the interview yesterday, that was completely unfair. that was a got you interview. donald trump called in, and the host almost took glee and joy in the fact that donald trump didn't know that he was a never donald trump supporter. to donald trump's commendation, he goes and talks to the new york times or goes on a radio program who is a never trump host. no one in this race has gone into this hostile territory. for him to take glee in tearing down trump, i think it was unfair. >> trump admitted he didn't know when he went on with sykes that
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he was part of that never trump movement. isn't the campaign a little bit at fault for not doing their homework? >> he didn't know. but i praise him for that. unlike others who strategically say i'll go on this one but not that, he goes on. he wants to take his message on the american people. that means going to unfriendly places and friendly places. i think we should commend him for probably being the most open candidate in this case with regard to making himself available to all platforms. >> when you see van, coming from the democrat, you can sit back and let this play out. but hillary clinton when she's been out in wisconsin, she doesn't look like she's running in the primary to some anymore. she seems focussed and in tune with what's going on on the republican said. >> absolutely. donald trump has proven to unite the republican and democratic party against him. the economist magazine says he
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would be one of the top ten threats to world peace and security. another magazine says he'll destroy the stock market. he's uniting a lot of people against him. one thing that's interesting, the situation where you had trump zilla going through the village, and the villagers fighting among themselves. finally the republican party is trying to stop this guy. from our point of view, trump is going to help if hillary clinton is our nominee, he will be her running mate. she's going to say the name to help her with her own numbers. >> i want to talk about the effort to stop trump in a minute with bill, but alex, you've been looking kind of at the glee or kind of the strategy the democrats will have, not just in a general, but the impact of a trump nominee down the ballot when we're talking about the balance of power.
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in wisconsin they are targeting, and that could impact where the majority lands in the senate. what are you hearing about how real the trump effect is in terms of ballot races and how candidates are handling it? >> i think it has the potential to be transformative. you already have the national republican senatorial committee taking polls to test the power of a message that assuming democrats win the white house and tells voters you need a republican senate as a check on president hillary clinton. wisconsin is the rare state where they think trump would bring out republican voters. not western voters but overall, when you look at the constituencies who trump has turned off sort of most intensely, women, college educated voters, hispanic and black voters and you look at the senate map, it's tough to see
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how you hold pennsylvania. >> how do you respond to that idea that trump could be a drag? could be a weight, a bad weight on the ticket as a nominee? >> you know, i take issue of the wisdom that this will hurt senate candidates. something is happening. reason turnout is unprecedented. turnout we haven't seen in decades. this is because of donald trump. this is because he's moving people to the polls and yopd just looking at turnout, he's expanded the platform to make the republican party amenable to workers who don't want to lose their social security and afraid of free trade deals of taking jobs of husbands and wives. he's saying he wants people to have health care, not die on the streets. i think when he takes that message to voters, it will be popular. the wisdom of him being a drag
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on senate candidates, it's the opposite. >> it's true that trump is bringing people who are not typical voters, and not typical republican voters. she's right. the turnout is higher than it's been in republican primaries. a lot of people turning out are also voting against donald trump. he's driving turnout on both sides of the race. bringing people who wouldn't vote for kasich or romney also turning out who might not show up for cruz except as an opponent for donald trump. >> we know that there is a whole lot of attention and hand ringing in the halls of congress with these membersing of congress, especially in the senate side on how they handle a trump candidacy and how they handle ate handle it as they're trying to save our seats. tonight you'll hear from the republican candidates in a town hall as they take questions from the voters of wisconsin tonight at p.m. eastern.
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also next, word of a secret effort involving mitt romney to broker a deal between ted cruz and john kasich. we have the details. plus the clinton campaign told us if bernie sanders wants more debates, he needs to change his tone. what's really going on here? we'll discuss. and more on the breaking news. a man hijacked a passenger jet and says he has explosives. hear how he did it and video showing what happened moments before he boarded the flight. if you have allergy congestion, muddling through your morning is nothing new. ...your nose is the only thing on your mind... ...and to get relief, anything is fair game. introducing rhinocort® allergy spray from the makers of zyrtec®. powerful relief from your most frustrating nasal allergy symptom* ,all day and all night. hasn't your nose been through enough already? try new rhinocort® allergy spray. muddle no more®
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a live look right now of hillary clinton. i think we're going to be seeing her any second now. hillary clinton, she will be speaking to voters in milwaukee, wisconsin. until next week you can call it battle ground wisconsin. hillary clinton is looking for obviously a win after a weekend sweep by bernie sanders out west. sanders is looking to build on his momentum of the moment. something that i heard him say several times saturday night in his victory speech. let's go to jeff zeleny. he is at the clinton event. as we've waiting for it. lay it out for us. how is it looking there right
8:17 am
now in bat ftle for wisconsin. >> reporter: 18 is the number hillary clinton lost by to here in wisconsin in 2008. the state of wisconsin has a progressive history. a deep progressive and liberal roots here. that's why bernie sanders believes he can do well. it's hard to imagine that he could beat clinton by 18 points like barack obama did, but the clinton campaign remembers that well. it's one of the reasons she's campaigning here in milwaukee. we're at an event on gun violence. like you said, it's going to start any minute now at a community church here in milwaukee. she's really trying to emphasize the differences between these two candidates on gun violence in particular. it worked during the south carolina primary. hillary clinton talked about it a lot. she'll be campaigning here with some mothers of some high profile shooting and gun victims here. one of the things they're trying to do. bernie sanders is having these big rallies all across this
8:18 am
state. all those big rallies he had last summer started here in wisconsin in madison, wisconsin. he had some 10,000 people here last summer. he's been planting the seed here for a long time. the next seven days is in wisconsin. it's true in this democratic party primary race. >> and my high school fight song was on jeff zeleny. i wanted to throw that out there. we'll be keeping an eye on that event. let's talk about the state of the race on the democratic side. it seems there's more and more to talk about right now. let's bring back in kailee macanini, bill crystal, alex burns, and van jones. van, before we get to wisconsin, because i know it actually is quite important. let's jump ahead of wisconsin. i want to ask you about new york and the new york primary.
8:19 am
bernie sanders challenged hillary clinton to a debate in new york. yesterday a chief strategist for hillary clinton, he said, before we can talk about more debates, bernie sanders needs to change his tone. listen here to joel bennenson. >> because we agreed to debates up to a certain point. we're now out campaigning in these states. >> what's the risk? >> there's no risk. she's done well in the debates. the debates have been good. but senator sanders doesn't get to decide when we debate, particularly when he's runing a negative campaign against us. let's see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early. if he does that, we'll talk act debates. >> van, i want to get your take on what you think is going on. first, do you agree with joel bennenson that bernie sanders has turned decisively negative against hillary clinton? >> compared to what? certainly not compared to the republican debate and not compared to what was going on between obama and hillary clinton in 2008. the reality is that the -- we're
8:20 am
in the middle of a second sanders surge. that's the reality. you look at the polling numbers, and they're beginning to close between sanders and cloininton. i think there was a hope after the michigan miracle that when she then put him away in ohio and illinois that the rationale for his campaign would begin to fade. he was saying i could go north and beat her there. sanders never got that memo. his supporters never got that me memo. they are charging forward. she can't hit him too hard because she doesn't want to chase his voters out of the party, but she figure out how to wrap this thing up to she can turn it to donald trump. new york is the place where this will finally get resolved in important ways. if he can get to 30 %, 40% in her home state, this thing is going to go to the convention. if she can stop him in new york, then maybe this race can settle down to a hillary clinton donald
8:21 am
trump match earlier. listen, don't count out bernie sanders. people keep trying to count him out. his supporters are passionate. he's not going away. >> bill, what do you think is going on. what is the calculation within the clinton campaign. he says there's no risk for him. hillary clinton is a great debater. >> it's a classic front runner strategy of trying to run out the clock, do pretty well, mobilize her base voters and bake it to the nomination. she's a weak candidate. bernie sanders is running an impressive campaign, but to do this well against hillary clinton is pretty amazing. people did not predicted this six months ago. which is why republican congressmen and senators are panicked. it's not as if hillary clinton has had a great two or three mont months. she's run an uninspiring campaign. she was ahead in iowa. she's now ahead by average of
8:22 am
11 points. it's not that she's won over a ton of voters. that's that donald trump has alienated a ton of voters needed to win the general election. which is why the republican convention was never opposed to donald trump. they were going to accommodate him and appease him. i argued with senators and they said they could do well. now they're shuttering and they're seeing trump could hurt them at the top of the ticket. that could change. i don't know if voters care about that. i think the dynamic could change a little bit as people look up at polls and see cruz is trailing hillary clinton by three or four points. kasich is ahead of hillary clinton. the republican party is not in terrible shape. hillary clinton is not a strong democratic candidate. the problem is donald trump. >> alex, there's an interesting thing that is going on in terms of strategy. not having to do with -- we were talking about strategic voting,
8:23 am
now it's about how to block donald trump from 1237. others have done fascinating reporting about conversations that kasich's campaign is trying to have with the ted cruz campaign even going to mitt romney getting him involved to try to have him broker a deal of how to play it smart, they think, in states where one or the other is going to do better in order to use their resources, work together, coordinate to stop trump from getting the nomination. it seems cruz's campaign is having nothing of it. it sounds like a fabulous movie plot, but -- >> it reminds me a little bit of the scene we had right before florida where the rubio campaign was trying to say to the cruz campaign, back off my home state. let us live to fight another day. we'll divide up delegates and let each man try his best at the convention. cruz's response is you're on your own, buddy. as far as cruz is concerned, a one on one race with donald trump leads to cruz being nominated, and a fractured field
8:24 am
leads to an convention where maybe trump gets nominated or somebody who's not in the race gets nominated. that's also a fear for cruz. for somebody like john kasich this has to go to a convention. for cruz, there's always the risk. he's hated by the republican establishment. he is seen as almost as unelectable as donald trump. if this goes to a convention, they pull in somebody virtually off the street, politically speaking and give them the nomination. >> bill, that's something you would like if they did that. do you think in this kind of -- it almost seems like a bit of a fantasy that campaigns would coordinate in good faith to try to block a third candidate from getting the nomination. would this ever work, do you think? >> yeah, i think de facto it might be happening a little bit with cruz and kasich. wisconsin is winner take all. new york is mostly by congressional districts.
8:25 am
they could divide them up. and i think they should. cruz should campaign up state in new york, and i think they could do more damage probably together than separately. cruz is convinced to want to win races in his interest. i'm not sure that's necessarily true if kasich and cruz can defactor coordinate against trump. >> i want you to stand by. we are getting some breaking news in about the donald trump campaign, and this is coming in just as we speak for this. let me bring in. j. lee and brian lee. mj, this is about donald trump's campaign manager. what's going on? >> that's right. it sounds as though he has been charged and arrested. remember this is coming from several weeks ago when former now former reporter michelle fields accused him of having grabbed her at a press conference and filed a criminal compliant. >> she said she was man handled
8:26 am
and assaulted in some ways. the yanking of her arm. there was a dispute about this with the trump campaign initially denying. >> you're learning that he's charged and arrested? >> that's right. and this is the statement that i want to read a portion of from the campaign spokeswoman coming to us just a few minutes ago. she writes that he is absolutely innocent of this charge. he will enter a plea of not and looks forward to his day in court. he is completely confident that he will be exonerated. remember, kate, that trump himself has really stood by cory even after the charges first surfaced, even having him stand right behind him at a press concerns a f conference a few days after the allegations signaling to the public and the media that he is someone that he's going to stand by. i don't know if this changes anything. but you see that the statement says that they are feeling confident that he is innocent and will be proven innocent. >> we're looking at the
8:27 am
arrest -- >> the ramifications in a second, brian, but you closely tracked how this played out. it wasn't just that michelle fields said that this happened to her. it was then she's now no longer a reporter for are an. >> that's right. the chronology here is comply kalted and important. when it happened, bright bart is a favorite of trump supporters. the idea that she was making the allegation was significant. the website didn't initially support her. after a day they did support her strongly. she felt it was not appropriate for her to remain here. it was a lot of chaos behind the scenes. she resigned. she went to the police and asked them to look into it. the arrest warrant says the charge is battery, according to the arrest report we obtained from police. we haven't heard from her this morning yet. she's remained relatively quiet since she went to the police and initiated the investigation. therein other reporters who
8:28 am
supported her account. one in particular of the washington post who spoke to her right after. there was an audio recording of that exchange. so there was some evidence at the time that she was and felt she was man handle. however, the video was conflicts. it was a complicated case and very much in dispute with the trump campaign not only standing by the campaign manager but suggesting she had a history of these kinds of allegations. a lot of people felt she was being smeared by the trump campaign. >> i'm hearing from the control room we're getting in some new video from the police of this incident. let's watch this. play it again. i'm going to tell you this. you can clearly see a mass of people. you see donald trump in the lower part of your screen. he's walking from left to right on your screen. i'm going to have to watch this closely again to see what we see. let's play it one more time. it looks like michelle fields
8:29 am
right there. you see michelle fields, and it looks like she does get grabbed. i wish i could circle it for you. i hope you can see it. let's look at it a couple more screens. donald trump is in the middle and will go to the lower right. michelle fields will be with him to ask him a question. it looks like she gets pulled some direction and you see cory is in the mix. >> that's a version we haven't seen before. there are other tapes there were unclear but did suggest in various cases that she was pulled. now, one of the arguments cory's side made is this is a busy situation after a press conference. a lot of people here. donald trump trying to exit the room. at the time michelle fields was trying to ask trump a question. in the audiotape released after from the washington post and from this moment, it was pretty clear that she was disturbed by what happened. she felt she was accosted.
8:30 am
however, the trump campaign said that was not the case and denied that. >> the trump campaign said things like there's no footage. there's no evidence that this is an incident that happened. i don't know if this video which is shown from a totally different angle all together changes that narrative at all. >> and the source of this video is the police where she filed the complaint. let's talk about this. if you think of the headline, campaign manager for the front runner in fact republican race arrested now and charged with battery. >> cannot think of the last time we've heard that about any campaign in the presidential race. >> right. first, kailee, you're a cnn commentator and trump supporter. what do you say to this? >> you know, this is not donald trump. this is an allegation against his campaign mrpg. i think first and foremost, that's the important thing to point out. secondly, this is why we have courts of law. this is pending litigation. it's something that's important
8:31 am
and should be vetted. no woman should be touched or bruised or man handled, and that's what court is for. innocent until proven guilty. cory deserves the presumption of innocence. we afford that to the worst of criminals in society. i think it's worth giving him his day in court and allowing it to play out. the audio the reporter says i don't see who grabbed me. we need to examine it and take the claim seriously. we need to take cory's claim of innocence seriously as well. >> that's true. there is a presumption of innocence, and the campaign manager to reinforce what mj reported from campaign spokesperson says that he is absolutely innocent of this charge. here's the thing, though, crystal, and you know this well from your years following politics. the political court of law moves much quicker than the legal court of law. >> yeah.
8:32 am
one reason michelle fields if i'm not mistaken filed the claim is a trump supporter said you're just saying this. if you were seriously assaulted you'd file a complaint. she waited but then she filed the criminal complaint, and now the jupiter authorities have decided there's enough to go ahead and charge which they don't always do. they sometimes say it's an unfortunate incident but there's no crime. they didn't say that in this case. we don't know what will happen in court. if you put this together with the disparagement of heidi cruz and the treatment of megyn kelly and the attack of carly fiorina, i'm the last person to kind of charge feminism when one woman is attacked and criticized. they should be attacked and criticized like men are. but if you put this attack together, i think it's hard to say that the trump campaign and trump himself doesn't have a problem with strong and assertive women. >> alex, how do you imagine this
8:33 am
playing out? i'm telling you to do instant analysis, but does this have an impact and how? what does this mean? >> we've seen this pattern in this campaign over and over. every time it seems like donald trump has gained a strong and maybe permanent upper hand in the race. he or a member of his staff will go out and do something that gives the party establishment one more reason to sort of balk at rallying around him thinking of that sort of disastrous interview by david duke, the messy cancelled campaign event in chicago. the original incident with michelle fields. this is the kind of thing if that if you're a republican positional looking for signs of the trump campaign, as raineign in their impulses, this is the kind of thing that raises eyebrow. i couldn't tell you what trump is going to do next. i could tell you that in a typical campaign when a staffer becomes the story, that person is typically sidelines in some way. that's now how trump has chose
8:34 am
ton handle this incident or any other in this campaign so far. >> an van jones, do you think donald trump will stick true to form? he has stuck by cory. cory has stuck by trump at every turn. can cory weather this storm? >> you look at how he usually is, i would imagine that he is not going to distance himself. he may even embrace him more. the problem is it's not just the issue around gender and women, although that is a major issue. it's also just this whole patina of violence that is surrounding this campaign in a way that i don't think we've seen in at least one hundred years in american politics. the idea that you have this sort of violence at his rallies. people being sucker purged at t -- punched and he says i'm going to subsidize people who sucker punch people at my rallies by paying their legal bills, and then you have this
8:35 am
situation and others. all of this stuff begins to bring the air out of balloon, i think for normal people. there may be some very, very large hard core segment of trump fanatics who will defend him and apologize for anything. who will excuse the inexcusable, but normal americans after a while, just a drip of this, you think do you want people getting sucker punched in the rose garden? at what point does ordinary common sense set in and people say there's top of this nonsense going on and there are too many who could be president without this type of stuff going on and people begin to back away from trump. >> kailee, i see you're shaking your head at all of this. i want to ask you, though, if this becomes a distraction, even as you said, it's not donald trump. it's his campaign manager. he's innocent until proven guilty. the fact that you see on the screen, trump campaign chief
8:36 am
charged with simple battery, and that is a charge involving a reporter covering the campaign. if he's become a distraction, do you think he should be sidelined until it plays out? >> if the reason is he's just a distraction, that's up to donald trump. if donald trump thinks it's a distraction that he wants to keep on board because he trusts him and believes the account of events, i think that's fair. but the larger narrative of calling donald trump violent and saying his rallies are violent, the reason we've seen it at the rallies is because leftist protesters have showed up. i've watched the videos of them trying to beat down doors at trump rallies that are peacefully assembled because they're trying to breach the door to enter. i've seen videos of the protester who lunged at donald trump while he's on the stage. this has been a coordinated effort to bring violence to the trump rally. no one deserved to be sucker
8:37 am
punched, but the larger narrative is left wing protesters are showing up with signs that media can't even turn their cameras toward for the fear of the words on the signs. children can't watch the protesters. that is the narrative. it's unfair to say that this is just trump supporters engaging in violence. it's the opposite. it's protesters blocking the path of entry to the events. >> i see it differently. >> hold on everybody. let's take a quick break. we'll continue to follow the breaking news and talk about the legal implications and what more we're picking up. we're getting new reporting about all of this. the breaking news, trump's campaign manager charged, arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery involving a reporter covering the trump campaign. we'll be right back after this. ? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so.
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built for business. we're following the breaking news right now. donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski turned himself in in florida on the charge of misdemeanor battery. the charges stemming from an incident involving michelle fields, a reporter covering the campaign. donald trump having to answer to it saying corey lewandowski is innocent of this charge. this breaking news all coming in. this is new video from the jupiter police of the incident. we'll analyze that in just a second. first, let me get straight to sara murray who is following the donald trump campaign. you have been following this campaign for a very long time. what are you hearing from them right now? >> reporter: well, the campaign
8:43 am
is maintaining that corey lewandowski was not arrested. like you said, he turned himself in and that he's looking forward to his day in court. they put out a statement saying corey lewandowski is innocent of this charge. he will enter a plea of not. and this is sort of what the campaign has maintained from the beginning, that it was not corey lewandowski. at one point they suggested it was maybe a security guard or a member of secret service who grabbed michelle fields by the arm. of course, like you said, you have more video. you guys can analyze that after. the campaign has maintained from the beginning that corey lewandowski was innocent of this. obviously they felt there was enough to bring charges. this will potentially move forward in court. we're waiting to hear from his attorneys. we've reached out and we'll give you an update on that when we get it. >> absolutely. we'll with coming back to you. as you get it, flag us and we'll bring you. let me bring in brian stelter and mj lee. they've been picking up new details on this. mj, you've been looking at the report, the police report that
8:44 am
eventually was filed. tell me what you're picking up. >> that's right. this police report shows that lewandowski has a court date of may 4th. that's important to note. it also states that the reporter involved in this incident came to the police department on march 11th. that's three days after the alleged incident. and the report details what she told him. she indicated after she tried to ask donald trump a question at the press conference, she felt someone grab her article and fell back but caught herself. apparent she she showed her arm to the police officer interviewing her. he says that he saw what appears to be several finger marks indicating a grabbing type injury, and, of course, now we know that the charge that has been given to corey lewandowski
8:45 am
is battery. so all of this coming together pretty quickly. we also have new video that we're playing here. that really seems to show this incident from a new angle. we've seen different videos from that night, but i think this overhead camera, i don't think this is one we've seen before. >> and this is new today. this is another angle. we did not have access two weeks ago. when the first first happened, corey lewandowski denied it and tweeted at michelle fields and said i never touched you. i've never even met you. donald trump in interviews suggested that michelle fields made this story up. however, there was audio at the time. washington post reporter witnessed this and said it was lewandowski who was involved. you could hear michelle fields at the time saying i can't believe he just did that. that was so hard. that was insane. quote, you should have felt how hard he grabbed me. i've never had anybody do that
8:46 am
to me from a campaign. it sounds like she told a similar story later. >> maybe it was the same day she ended up going to police, there was, and as we go to twitter to follow -- that's where we get a lot of things, corey lewandowski tweeted from his account to michelle fields saying you are totally delusional. i never touched you. as a matter of fact, i have never met you. that plays -- >> for a couple weeks this was in dispute. this is the kind of story that was controversial quickly. people took sides quickly, and now after a couple of weeks, it's the local authorities in florida that have come to the conclusion that there's probable cause to charge him. >> this doesn't prove that cory knew who she was at the time. he may have touched her or grabbed her. he may have done so not knowing who he was touching. >> i'm going to go over right now to danny cevallos. we want to take a look at this video. we have a clearer view because
8:47 am
we were able to highlight the area. the question here is the legal implications. this is early. corey lewandowski, they strongly believe he'll be exonerated. he's innocent until proven guilty, of course. this is the video. what you see right here is donald trump. this is michelle fields. this looks exactly like corey lewandowski. if anyone knows him, this looks like him. what do you see? >> well, what you see here is him apparently reaching in. you see the reporter's body at the donald trump. that apparently is donald trump. shortly after this, because this is sort of a frame by frame video, you see her body move pretty significantly several inches c maybe even a foot or so back. >> can we play it back? >> that would tend to suggest that there was some sort of grabbing and americaing motion. the important thing to understand, florida like most states as a misdemeanor form of
8:48 am
battery and the fresh hold is low. any intentional touching that was without the person's consent is potentially a crime. and the law is very specific. you need not cause harm. you need not cause injury. so long as that touching was unpermitted, unconsented to, then you may potentially be charged with misdemeanor battery. >> so as the low threshold. it does look like she does jerk back, but this video is jerky in and of itself because it's a frame by frame thing. do you think this proves anything one way or another? >> it appears to prove -- remember, you don't just have the video. you'll have the testimony of a complain nant, and even that alone could be potentially be enough far conviction, and when you couple it with the throw threshold. with that in mind, then almost any touching is a strong case for a battery. what you might and as a defense,
8:49 am
and i'm sort of spit balling at this point. it might be that in a crowd like this, corey lewandowski may have perceived some threat to donald trump, may not have recognized her and he was only using the amount of reasonable force he saw necessary to protect a third party from some kind of force. that's just an idea going forward. >> what does a misdemeanor battery charge in florida, what kind of punishment? >> it will be under a year in jail, especially with somebody with no prior record. when we talk about statutory maxes, it's not going to get that. my misdemeanor conviction has a lot of collateral consequences, especially when you're a high ranking political official. >> that's when we talk about the politics. danny, let me walk back over here. let's talk about the political consequences. it's surprising to me that in just the unconventional nature of this race, alex, just that we
8:50 am
are going frame by frame now having to look and analyze exactly what played out and if the campaign manager did grab and pull back and man that's definitely one way to describe it. look, i think underscores really the unusual way trump has approached both staffing his campaign and managing his campaign. that there have been any number of complaints about either trump personally or members of his staff. another candidate may have taken as an opportunity to trim his sails or smooth out his operation, impose greater discipline. trump vows personal loyalty fiercely and no fiercest advocate than warrior than corey lewandowski. this is what happens and ultimately you paint yourself in to a corner as a candidate when you stand by people with this categorical language over and over again. there was no contact. they didn't even meet.
8:51 am
she's making the story up. we now obviously have information that complicates that story. it's not clear how you would, as donald trump gracefully extricate himself out of it? >> how should a candidate deal with this? >> what is revealing and you don't, he had secret service protection at this point. it is astounding for a staffer to take it upon himself to protect the principal from a rather small slight reporter. but maybe he got flustered or wanted donald trump to make it out of the room. for what me what is most revealing is the immediate reaction. it wasn't gee, i'm sorry if there was incidental contact here. i didn't mean to do anything here. it was the hubbub, the crowd. mr. trump wanted to leave the room and i'm sorry if i reached
8:52 am
out and grabbed her in a harder way than i expected. that's the reaction i would have inis assisted a staffer put out if it had happened when i was working for the vice president. instead what is the reaction, she's delusional. really? you attack someone who felt she was grabbed in a rough way and first thing you do is attack her and trump weighs in on the same issue, not just the staff. it tells you a lot about trump, the trump campaign and the spirit of the campaign which is not to run a normal civilized campaign and apologize if you do something but rather to attack anyone, who in this case seems to have told the truth. >> let me go to jim acosta. he's covering the campaign. he's in wisconsin right now. jim, you have heard the conversation that's been playing out around the table. you have seen the video, what are you picking up?
8:53 am
>> we can tell you the trump campaign is trying to limit the damage. the trump campaign spokeswoman is emphasizing that corey lewandowski was not "arrested," he was given a notice to appear in court. this as you were saying stems back to this incident that occurred march 8th. my shell fields, the reporter was touched or grabbed by corey lewandowski. it's not clear when you look at that c-span footage what happened, but she maintains that she was man handled, roughed up a little bit by corey lewandowski when she was trying to chase down donald trump after one of these campaign events. you know, i can tell you, we're here in wisconsin. donald trump is just somedays away from hoping to rack up a win in the wisconsin primary, than is obviously the kind of distraction the campaign doesn't need at this point. you know, we have watched donald trump throughout the course of
8:54 am
the campaign face these huge distractions and overcome them. it's not clear as to how much damage this will do to the trump campaign. i will tell you from dealing with the trump campaign for several months now and my colleague sandra murray can confirm this, corey lewandowski is donald trump's right-hand man. donald trump relies heavily on corey lewandowski, his political expertise. donald trump is a non-politician politician so he relied on corey lewandowski all this time, setting up these massive campaign events and racking up big wins in important states heading to the nomination. no question about it, this is the situation. obviously the trump campaign is saying corey lewandowski is innocent. this is going to raise more and more questions inside of the republican party, among women voters about what is going on with this campaign, what's going on with trump, and why is his
8:55 am
campaign manager facing this type of charge and being asked to appear in court. this is not what the trump campaign wants to be dealing with right now. but as i said he weathered the storms before. >> sure has. >> katlin, let me bring you in on a final word on this. additional note, corey lewandowski is also a former police officer. he knows the law. i think he was a police officer in new hampshire. who knows how that plays in to what role he sees himself in with regard to donald trump and the trump campaign. let me bring you in to have a final word on this with regard to the distraction factor. he's innocent until proven guilty. he believes he will be exonerated. but this is one week before a very important primary in wisconsin. you can expect that donald trump will be asked questions about this until that day. >> he will. you know, it is a distraction and i think donald trump will have to weigh -- he is a close
8:56 am
adviser he respects and cares about very much. the flip side of dealing with this lawsuit as a side story. the most important point is this will play out in court. we will see the fate of mr. lewandowski, but it shows it happened to donald trump's back. donald trump did not see what happened f. any of our close confidants, relatives or friends were accused of something, first thing we would ask is did you do this or did you not. if they said i did not do this, we would take up for them and be loyal. that's the point i want to put out. donald trump was being loyal to a close adviser. he didn't see what happened. at the end of the day, corey lewandowski is the defendant, not donald trump. i don't think this will have an impact going forward. >> corey lewandowski, donald trump's campaign manager charged with simple battery, misdemeanor bat ry following an incident with a campaign reporter covering donald trump. much more breaking news coverage
8:57 am
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hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." breaking news today. a stunning turn in this very wild political season. donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski, pictu pictur here, has turned himself in on misdemeanor assault charges. he's accused of grabbing journalist my shell fields at a news conference in jupiter, florida, back on march 8th. of course, there's video. it's hard to make out in this large crowd, but that is my shell fields in the light yellow jacket, next to donald trump, holding her phone and then you can see a man said to be lewandowski said to be pulling her away from donald trump and


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