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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  March 29, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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fruit. we can prevent so many of these deaths. so it's a tragedy what is happening with opioids, heroin. we know that 80% of new heroin users start off using pain pills. so, again, this is a manmade thing, we can fix it. >> we'll have live coverage, sanjay, thank you so much for doing it. that's it for me, thanks very much for watching. the news continues right now on cnn. hello, i'm pamela brown in for brooke baldwin on this tuesday. just hours before the republican candidates face voters during a cnn town hall, donald trump's campaign in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. his campaign manager turning himself in to police in florida. he's charged with simple battery from an incident with a reporter earlier this month. i want to take you through some new surveillance video.
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in the highlighted circle, you can see report michelle fields in a yellow jacket. she's standing right next to donald trump as you can see. and then campaign manager corey lewandowski then appears to move closer to her and she appears to be pulled back with his hand firmly on her arm. there's this too. take a look. this is the photo that miss fields posted on twitter showing bruises she allege came from that incident. the trump campaign spokeswoman says lewandowski is, quote, absolutely innocent and looks forward to being exonerated. cnn political reporter sara murray joins us now. how is trump himself responding? >> i just want to walk you through first before we talk more about that. how donald trump is handling all of this today. it should be no surprise he is taking to twitter to weigh in on this and his first tweet about it was, wow, corey lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very
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decent man was just charged with assaulting a reporter. look at the tape, nothing there. obviously, you were just showing the video. you can see corey does appear to grab her but apparently trump in this tweet thinks it's being overblown. he sent out another tweet saying why airport people's looking at this reporter's earliest statement as to what happened? that is before she found out the episode was on tape. i asked the campaign for clarification about what he's referring to there. we know michelle fields tweeted those pictures and what she said were bruises from the incident and the police report refers to her reaction where she seemed shock that she was just grabbed and is talking about how hard she was grabbed. we're waiting for the campaign to offer clarification on what that second tweet might have been referring to, pam. >> in that second tweet you showed, he sort of insinuated that she changed her story, right, is there any indication of that? >> so that's what we're trying to figure out, is what they might be referring to there.
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she did sort of put this out. in the beginning, pictures of her bruises would indicate she had this run with corey. when you look at the police report in the audio, she apparently says, you know, was that corey, wow, he grabbed me really hard so she did seem to know what was happening in the moment. we will see if the campaign for some reason believes she changed her story, what she might be referring to and of course we'll bring you the latest if they get back to us on that. >> thank you so much for that. and needless to say, this is not the headline that the trump campaign had been hoping for. especially just one week before the next big contest in wisconsin. so let's discuss all of this with cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin, arizona state chairman of the trump campaign jeff dewitt, cnn national political reporter maeve whitman. and jeffrey, first to you, from the legal standpoint, lewandowski has been charged with simple battery, right, how big of a deal is this?
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>> it's a misdemeanor. the legal rule, as i'm sure you know, is you can't be hitting people. this is not a complicated legal case. it's unlikely this would ever go to trial. there's usually some sort of resolution of cases this minor. but it's certainly embarrassing. the video -- everybody can draw their own conclusions from what happened there. but it is yet another spectacle from the trump campaign. >> right, and you sort of point out, it's already getting political. and it is a big deal politically. we've heard it from the campaigns already, maeve weston with ted cruz a short time ago. >> it's a very sad development. and this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign.
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the abusist culture. when you have a campaign built on personal insults, attacks and now physical violence. that has no place in a political campaign. it has no place in our democracy. i think it is a really unfortunate development. i do think it helps clarify for voters what the trump campaign is all about. >> all right, jeff dewitt, i'm going to get to you in just a second to get to the trump side in all of this. i wanted to first look at the big picture of the other responses from campaigns. what else have they said, maeve? >> john kasich's campaign also came out and said something similar, that this was not the kind of response or the kind of action that any presidential campaign should be taking. that it reflects the culture at the top. and that is why this is really such a big story. as jeff just said, you know, this say misdemeanor. it's very unusual that you would have a campaign manager involved in this kind of alleged
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altercation with a reporter. but this is a big deal because it builds into this larger narrative around trump. that there is violence at his rallies. that he's encouraged it with certain statements saying that he'd pay for legal bills. and it's so interesting because trump's instincts have been to defend lewandowski over and over again, to question the reporter's story, and standing by lewandowski in this when most crisis managers would just tell you fire your campaign manager and move on. it shows us a lot about trump's leadership style and the way he would govern and i think voters will be looking at this in the broader sense in that way. obviously corey will deal with this in court as a legal matter. >> it really goes to what we've seen the trump campaign to sort of not back down, don't apologize. your boss, donald trump, says look at the video, nothing
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happened. do you agree when you look at that video? >> well, yes, when you look at michelle fields, her initial statement, and that's what was being referred to earlier, her initial statement was that corey tried to yank her to the ground. and i don't think you see anywhere in that video where anyone's trying to be yanked to the ground. and i think what's being left out here, there is a picture that you can find online that is taken from the front right before this happened. you will see michelle fields, you know, donald trump is walking by, trying to exit the building. she lunges into his private space to try to stop him to ask a question and she has a circular object. i don't know if it's a highlighter or something weird -- >> she had a phone in her hand. >> yes, she's touching to donald trump. when you lunge out of a crowd towards a leading presidential candidate who has secret service protection and you touch him with object, think it's safe to say that you might get your arm grabbed -- >> can i just say something as a reporter --
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>> yes, maeve, jump in. i think a lot of us have -- >> in that kind of situation, that is the reason that secret service is there. that is their job, to see if there's any kind of threat to the candidate and secret service agents, you know, having dealt with them in multiple campaigns generally have been well trained, well disciplined on how to hold reporters back. usually by putting their arm in front of them. it's the secret service you would expect to step in if there was a threat to the candidate. that's why this is so unusual. it's not like there wasn't a correct service agent there. but obviously this campaign feels that they've been under attack and they have a very different way of dealing with reporters than most presidential campaigns. >> right, you see the secret service agent on her left. go ahead, jeff. and then jeffrey toobin after that. i see him raising his eyebrows. >> there's a misstatement. a lot of misstatements. this is the campaign or this in general. keep in mind the secret service protection is only a few months old.
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before that, corey is what's callmillion politics the body man. we need to travel with somebody who needs to protect us in case there are crazies. he's been in a protective role before secret service. she's lunging with something in her hand and that keeps getting forgotten. you have to see what was in her hand. now she says i was almost forcibly yanked to the ground. remember, she was served with a cease and desist and let go from her former employer for this very incident. even her former employ, another media outlet did not believe her. >> jeffrey toobin, lewandowski, would this be a defense for him to be exonerated from the charges? >> if it's true he's protecting trump from a vicious assault from a reporter from brightbart,
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which seems extremely unlikely, that would be a defense. look, there's sort of a -- let's step back. there's two ways this can be approached. one is to say this is a misunderstanding. we hope everybody's feelings aren't hurt. let's move on. or the trump campaign appears to want to turn it into the o.j. case. it just seems like this is a classic example of a combative response as opposed to a conciliatory response. >> matthew, i want to bring you in. we don't want to leave you out here. we heard from the cruz campaign saying this is key flective of an abusive culture within the trump campaign. do you think that's fair? >> ted cruz has a primary to win. let's not forget about that. he hasn't reached the magic
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number of 1,237. the problem for him this michelle fields scandal represents is that it feeds into the idea that donald trump's campaign is a circus. think we've just started seeing that, last few weeks. remember, the previous controversy we were arguing over before this latest news broke was the fight between trump and the cruz camps over who insulted who's wife first. that's a circus. republican voters, especially the ones in wisconsin who have that kind of midwestern nice sensibility, they're going to blanche at it. i think this is a political problem for donald trump. he has to get to 1237 delegates or he's going to face a contested convention where his nomination is not guaranteed. >> the primary in wisconsin is a big deal -- go ahead, maeve. >> i'm sorry, i was just going to say there are donors who feel this particular story line is their most effective path against donald trump. you know, you remember that when
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there was violence in his rally in chicago, one of the anti-trump groups put out an ad around that. they definitely want to create this kind of narrative and get those people in the midwest thinking about it, in wisconsin. this is definitely not something that's going to go away. this is going to be with us for some time until this campaign. >> if i could make one point about the political side of it. how many times in this campaign have we said, oh, this controversy, this thing he said about john mccain or megyn kelly, this is really bad? and every time one of these controversies has come up, trump's popularity has gone up. i don't see any reason why this one is any different. especially since it's a minor side show not even involving trump himself. >> a tipping point has been reached. normally i agree completely with jeff. look, i know a lot of
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republicans and the republicans i know are saying what happened here. and so here we just feed into another news cycle where donald trump's campaign is extremely combative. you have accusations of violence. you have accusations of harsh actions and language towards women. eventually, it catches up with you. i think, i think, we may be starting to see it now. >> no doubt about it, this will all be addressed tonight in the cnn town hall. jeffrey toobin, jeff dewitt, maeve, matthew, thank you for that lively discussion, we appreciate it. that town hall with the final three republican candidates will be live from milwaukee tonight. moderated by anderson cooper. it starts at 8:00 eastern, only on cnn. and just ahead, a group of women explain why they're supporting donald trump and whether his comments and this behavior impacts their vote. plus, hillary clinton's campaign says if bernie sanders wants a debate, he better change
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his tone. the sanders campaign reacts to this up next. and a man hijacks a passenger jet, says he has explosives. hear how he did it. and new video showing what happened moments before he boarded that flight. we'll be right back. there's always a cause for celebration. [sportscaster vo] with extraordinary offers on our most exciting lineup of suvs ever. including the stylish, all-new rx... and the dynamic nx. [sportscaster vo] because thrills like this... only happen during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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bernie sanders supporters have a new call to taunt rival hillary clinton. #tone down. after a campaign official told cnn sanders needs to change his tone if he wants to debate her. >> senator sanders doesn't get to decide when we debate particularly when he's running a very negative campaign against us. let's see if he goes back to the kind of tone he said he was going to set early on. >> so no chance of a new york deba debate? >> i didn't say that. i said we're going to talk about it. >> all right. tad, thanks for coming on. i want you to respond to that. bernie sanders has challenged clinton to this debate.
11:19 am
the clinton campaign says they want until your guy changes his tone because the sanders campaign has gone to negative. is that fair? >> no, it's not. when hillary clinton was trailing in new hampshire after almost losing iowa, she decided she needed to debate new hampshire. bernie said fine, we'll have the debate in new hampshire. but let's agree to three more debates. bernie believes in debates. we thought there should have been many more earlier as well. the clinton campaign agreed to have debates in march. we had one in michigan. they wanted to have it after the michigan primary, by the way. and we think we should have a debate in new york. it's the biggest state. it's hillary clinton's home state. she represented it in the united states senate. so we think we should have the debate in new york. they previously agreed. now they're trying to have new conditions in saying we should change the tone in the campaign, whatever that means. just take a look at the republican campaign.
11:20 am
if this was going on, the democratic side, i could actually understand what they were talking about. >> just to look at their side. the clinton camp has said the sanders campaign has spent millions of dollars on attack ads and they had this recent statement over the weekend asking for this debate. the clinton camp says that's a publicity stunt. all of this after sanders has vowed not to be negative. do you think the campaign's tone has changed at all since the beginning when sanders made that vow? >> no, i don't. we spent millions of dollars on ads, it's true. so i don't really know what she's talking about. listen, they've had ads about bernie sanders which we totally disagree with. in michigan, they said that he voted against the bailout of the auto industry. it was untruthful, it was wrong. they put it on anyway. so sure, we have talked about differences on issues like fracing where bernie says we
11:21 am
should stop it. he believes climate change is real. he opposes fracing. we have ads that talk about differences on trade. but our campaign, particularly the advertising campaign, which i'm in the middle of, by the way, so i know something about, has been an incredibly positive campaign, talking about bernie sanders, his experience, his vision for america's future. so for them to characterize it that way is just simply not true. >> okay, so you guys are saying that you're trying to convince superdelegates to switch sides now. what is going on behind the scenes to sort of jump start that process? >> well, we're reaching out to superdelegates. there's still a couple hundred superdelegates that haven't picked a candidate yet. hillary clinton has a substantial lead with the superdelegates. but hundreds haven't picked sides yet. we're finding in states like the states we went through last weekend and in other places where bernie has -- >> let me just quickly -- >> -- and i want to support bernie -- >> earlier today on cnn, a cnn
11:22 am
contributor was on our air who is in favor of hillary clinton but she was saying that sanders supporters have been reaching out sometimes saying nasty things about clinton in this bid to have superdelegates switch over. is that true? >> well, i don't know if it's true, but i will tell you this, we certainly do not encourage that. any outreach to people, our party leaders and elected officials from anyone in our campaign. that's the only thing we can control. we can't control what every supporter says and does. the people in our campaign, we want them to reach out to superdelega superdelegates. what we're asking superdelegates to do, and we're going to ask more of them to do this later. is to do the right thing. to support the strongest candidate who can represent our party in the general election. all of the data right now, if you look at all of the polls of bernie versus trump shows that he is the strongest -- >> we're going to talk about susan sarandon because she says
11:23 am
she doesn't think she can vote for hillary clinton if she's the nominee. >> i think a lot of people are sorry. i just can't bring myself to do that. >> how about you personally? >> i don't know. i'm going to see what happens. >> really? >> really. >> i cannot believe it -- >> well, some people feel donald trump will be the revolution immediately. if he gets in, things will really -- >> you're saying the leninist model of fighting -- >> yeah, some people think that. >> don't you think it's dangerous? >> if you think it's pragmatic to shore up the status quo right now, you're not in touch with the status quo. >> if clinton is the nominee, would you vote for her in november? >> me personally? >> yep. >> yes, of course i would. listen, bernie sanders, let me just speak on his behalf, because, you know, he is someone who respects and admires hillary clinton, her service and her leadership.
11:24 am
and the differences between the two of them pale in comparison, the difference in republicans. listen what susan said, i mean, you know, she's got every right to her view. she's been a fabulous surrogate for our campaign. i heard her in mason city, iowa, and the introduction she gave to bernie sanders literally brought tears to my eyes. >> all right, we'll leave it there, thank you so much, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next on this tuesday, high anxiety as a commercial jet is hijacked. the plane forced to land in another country. hostages seen escaping through the cockpit windows. and now serious security questions are emerging as we learn more about the hijackers motive. and just moments ago, the first republican senator to break ranks with his party meeting with obama's pick for the supreme court. we'll have a live report. stay with us. your heart loves omega-3s.
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new information on the hijacker who seized an airliner terrorizing passengers with a fake suicide belt. escaping through a cockpit window and scaling down the side of the airplane. then moments later, the hijacker surrendered. the surveillance video showing the suspected hijacker going through security, even getting a patdown before boarding the flight that he hijacked. let's go live to cnn aviation correspondent richard quest. officials are saying this is not
11:30 am
terror related this that was motivated by issues the hijacker was having with his ex-wife. at the end of the day, this guy common de commondered a plane. >> an organized terror campaign versus, if you like, those who are mentally disturbed or those who have a particular issue. now, the effect is the same in the sense that obviously the plane is ground, a hostage situation ensues. in terms of the longer-term threat, i think there's a substantial difference. there will always be those occasions when somebody decides to do something unforeseen such as trying to commonere a plane. so far, it does not appear to have been a breach of security. everybody's piling in on the egyptians saying how they must
11:31 am
have let explosives through, but that doesn't appear to be the case, pam. in that scenario, you have to accept that whenever somebody says i have a bomb on a plane, it's always going to be treated very seriously and with graveness, even if the likelihood of it being untrue is high. >> particularly after that russian airliner went down in the sinai peninsula and the terrorist threat we're all facing right now. you have a passenger who said he stayed in the back of the plane through the curtain and the airline crew collected passenger's passports. and then told them the plane had been taken over. what do you think about that? >> again, you don't -- when the captain off p r the pilot turns transponder to the emergency
11:32 am
hijacking code, you don't second-guess what might happen next. now, authorities could say until they're blue in the face we do not believe he has explosives on board, but you've still got to land the plane and you've still got to treat it as if it's a real threat. i'll give you an example. after paris and the paris abe tas, there were number of hijacking or bomb threats against air france, against a whole variety of airlines. the chances of those threats being accurate and valid was highly remote. but the plane still had to land and be searched just in case. >> and it's scary how easy it is to call in those threats. richard quest, thank you so much. we appreciate it. right now, by the way, president obama is announcing new initiatives to combat the drug addiction across the country. cnn's own dr. gupta is moderating. let's take a listen. >> mr. president, i'm going to
11:33 am
start with you. you have a lot going on. this is a significant commitment. you're going to make comments here. why this particular topic for you, sir? >> because it's important. and it's costing lives. it's devastating communities. i want to begin by thanking congressman rogers for helping to put this together in the leadership he has shown. we very much appreciate him and his staff for making this happen. we want to thank unite and the organization that has been carrying the labor on this issue for many years now. we are very grateful to them. i just want to thank our panelists, especially crystal and, we obviously appreciate the work the doctor does, but part of what's important is being able to tell in very personal term whals this means to families and communities.
11:34 am
so i am looking forward to hearing from them. this is something that has been a top priority of ours for quite some time. you know, my job is to promote the safety, the health, the prosperity of the american people. and that encompasses a whole range of things. it means we're tracking down isil leaders. it means we're responding to natural disasters. and it means that we're trying to promote a strong economy. and when you look at the staggering statistics in terms of lives lost, productivity impacted, costs to communities, but most importantly, costs to families, from this epidemic of opioids abuse, it has to be something that is right up there at the top of our radar screen.
11:35 am
you mentioned the number 28,000. it's important to recognize today we are seeing more people killed because of opoid overdose then traffic accidents. think about that. we spend a lot of time and resources to reduce those. the good news is we've been very successful. traffic fatalities are much lower today than they were when i was a kid. we systemically looked at the data, looked at the science and developed strategies and public education that allowed us to be safe for drivers. the problem is here, we've got the trajectory going in the opposite direction.
11:36 am
2014, which is the last we have accurate data for, you see an enormous ongoing spike in the number of people who are using opioids in ways that are unhealthy. and you're seeing significant rise in the number of people who are being killed. and i had a town hall in west virginia where i don't think the people involved would mind me saying this, because their very open with their stories. the child of the mayor of charleston, the child of the minority leader in the house in west virginia, a former state senator, all of them had been impacted by opoid abuse. it gave you a sense this is not
11:37 am
something that's just restricted to a small set of communities. this is affecting everybody, young and old, men, women, children. rural, urban, suburban. and the good news is that because it's having an impact on so many people, as hall said, we're seeing a bipartisan interest in addressing this problem. not just taking a one size fits all approach. not just thinking in terms of criminalization and incarceration, which unfortunately too often has been the response we have to a disease of addiction, but, rather, we've got all hands on deck approach increasingly that says we've got to stop those who are trafficking and preying on people. we also have to make sure our medical community, that our
11:38 am
scientific community, that individuals, all of us are working together in order to address this problem. and i'm very -- >> president obama speaking here in atlanta, talking about a plan to fight drug abuse across the country. saying it's a top priority for him. making the point that more people are killed from opoid overdoses than car accidents. and just for transparency here, cnn accepted this invitation for sanjay gupta to moderate because not only is this an important and urgent medical issue in america, it's also a bipartisan event. more of this throughout the day of course. up next, more on our breaking news, donald trump's campaign manager charged with simple battery for an incident involving a reporter. trump has just reacted along with his rivals. this, as they get ready to face voters tonight during a cnn town hall. we'll be right back. oh. yes, hi. want to survive... ...a crazy busy day? start with a positive attitude... great. thanks.
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right now on capitol hill, a republican senator is breaking rank with his party. moments ago, president obama's supreme court nominee merrick garland walked through the cameras here as he went into a meeting with republican mark kirk. as we know, most republicans are refusing to meet with garland. they want a nominee next year chosen by whoever wins the white house this fall. i want to bring in cnn senior political reporter manu raj ju for more on this. manu, kirk is the first republican to go against his party's leadership and meet with garland. is this a sign that gop blockade is weakening? >> well, right now, we're not really seeing any evidence beyond mark kirk and two other members who have called for
11:44 am
hearings. mark kirk of course is in a very difficult re-election race in his blue state of illinois. he's doing whatever he can to separate himself from his party leadership. and that position of saying we're not going to consider the nominee, he does not think it plays well back home. clear in his meeting just now with judge garland. when he actually was very critical of his party leadership and the rest of his caucus for taking this position, calling them close minded and not acting like adults. >> we need a ration nale adult open-minded consideration. he's been duly nominated by an elected president of the united states to fill a vacancy which we know exists on the court. we need that open minded rational responsible people to keep an open mind to make sure the process works. >> now, i also asked mark kirk, would you consider voting for garland. he said obviously, that's why
11:45 am
i'm meeting with him. by far, going further than any of his colleagues right now on this issue. i should also caution, again, he is just one senator, there are 54 republican senators. the party leaders have refused to schedule hearings, has refused to take this nominee to the floor. democrats hope there will be a growing pressure, more defections. right now we're not seeing any evidence of this. i should add one other thing. we talked to senior leadership officials. they're happy he's doing this because they want him to show independent, they think it will help him in his re-election back home. >> all right, manu raju, thank you so much. donald trump's campaign manager facing battery charges with this new surveillance video that was just released. corey lewandowski appearing to grab a reporter. governor kasich just spoke to reporters in wisconsin and he responded to this incident we're looking at here in the video. let's take a listen. >> i don't know this guy. i don't know exactly what happened. mine understanding is that the report is he grabbed somebody.
11:46 am
and that's frankly totally and completely inappropriate. it could have been one of my daughters for that matter. look, i think i've said what i have to say, which is if it was me, if i was in this circumstance, i would take -- i would take some sort of action. either suspension or firing. i mean, i just have to think about any time where i've seen anything where i've made an exception to that. i mean, there's an exception to every rule, but that's the action that i would have taken. and, see, if i spend a lot of time on this, i'm kind of going down into the ditch here. nobody likes what we see. i've commented on his language about, you know, go to a convention, you can have a riot, i mean, these are bad things, and i've been very clear about them. in regard to this circumstance, i can tell you what i would do. so maybe you odd to ask mr. trump his thinking on this.
11:47 am
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he's best known for playing a vampire on the hit show vampire diaries. but it's his work saving elephants that's really making an impact. here's this week's impacting your world. >> a number of years back, i was staying in zimbabwe in the bush. at this incredible conservation institute. with a young orphaned elephant. both of her parents were killed by poachers. i wish people had the experience that i had to hug this beautiful intelligent loving creature. that encounter inspired the actor to help save elephants from the deadly ivory trade. >> i think people would really feel differently about what it
11:50 am
means to kill these beautiful animals. >> ian partnered with wild aid for its year of the elephant campaign. >> wild aid's goal, it's all of our goal, to make this the year of the elephant where more elephants are born than killed by poachers. >> 33,000 elephants are killed every year for their ivory. within seven years, the african elephant could be extinct. jud >> this whole thing is about getting people to come join the herd, stop this senseless slaughter of these beautiful animals. when the buying stops, the killing will stop. whewhat does it look like?ss, is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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11:53 am
jacket. the cultural cornerstones of the 1980s. the 80s kicked off thursday night. joining us now is a survivor of the 1980s, thank you so much for coming on. in fact, you wrote for the village voice in the '80s. let's talk about television. >> and i not only was there for the '80s but i remember it. >> you remember it, wow. >> i loved it, i loveled it. >> something to be said for that, michael. a lot of people loved it. great shows, great music. you sent us a list your most pivotal moments of the decade, what you think were the most pivotal moments. the first one on there we have is dynasty. tell us about that one. >> dynasty was a prime-time soap opera by aaron spelling and this involved a rich oil magnet played by blake foresigsythe bue focus was on alexis carrington
11:54 am
played by joan collins and crystal played by linda. it's very politically incorrect to look back on that right now but at the time we loved it. i used to go to dinner parties where people dressed like the characters and watched the show breathless to see each new plot twist including mull dave ya. remember mull dave ya? >> i can't say i do. but i do remember miami vice, that was a very popular show in the 80s as well. why was that on your list? >> that was a very sexy show which had great '80s music, '80s fashion. don johnson and phillip michael thomas play two detectives undercover in miami uncovering all kinds of drulg ags and murd and they wore a lot of white, very sleek, no socks. the show started a lot of trends. it is a very watchable show, very influential. >> the show with beloved
11:55 am
characters of course golden girls, betty white, who's still going strong. why that one? >> i still watch it. it's on three channels it reruns every night. i'm addicted to this so many years later. it was a groundbreaking show about mature older women creating a family. it was a mother, daughter, and two roommates. really zinging each other and putting each other down. being there for each other and nurturing each other. i just love the groundbreaking subjects it covered. if they did the show now, it would have to be living in their 90s. 90 is the new 50 and 60. >> i totally agree. another show -- we don't have time to get through all of them. one of my personal favorites was full house and of course seinfeld which i don't think a lot people realize started in the '80s, 1989. michael, thanks for breaking it down for us. really fun talking to you. you can relive the '80s with us. the series kicks off thursday
11:56 am
night at 9:00 right here on cnn. up next, brand-new reaction on the arrest of donald trump's campaign manager over his incident with a reporter. we'll also do a little fact checking on the campaign's response. (ricky gervais) verizon is the number one network in america. i know what you're thinking, they all claim stuff like that. yeah, but some of them stretch the truth. one said they were the fastest. we checked, it was fastest in kansas city and a few other places. verizon is consistently fast across the country. you wouldn't want to hear from the bloke who packs your parachute, "it's good over kansas." do you know what i mean? so that's, you know... anywhere else, splat. only verizon is the #1 network for consistently fast speeds. and now if you buy a samsung galaxy s7 edge you get one free.
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12:00 pm
top of the hour now on this tuesday. i'm pamela brown in for brooke baldwin. we're just hours before the republican candidates face off during a cnn town hall. donald trump's campaign in the headlines now for all the wrong regions. his campaign manager turning himself in to police in florida because of this incident. he's charged with simple battery after he allegedly grabbed a reporter earlier this month. i want to take you through this new video now and the highlighted section you see, in the circle.
12:01 pm
you can see the reporter michelle fields in the yellow jacket. then campaign manager corey lewandowski. she appears to be pulled back with his hand firmly on her arm. it's not so easy to see but that's there as well. this is a photo posted on twitter showing bruises she alleged came from that incident. our white house correspondent jim acosta and cnn's brian stelter. jim, first to you, how is the campaign reacting to this? >> pam, first of all, the trump campaign is show nothing signs the backing away from its embattled campaign manager. trump tweeted earlier today basically he believes corey lewin clewandowski is innocent.
12:02 pm
he put this on twitter. look at tapes, nothing there. if you look at this security footage, it does clearly show corey lewandowski grabbing the arm of the reporter michelle field also as she's attempting to get a comment from trump at that event on march 8th. according to one of trump's top spokespersons, you know, she was on cnn earlier today saying, hay, this is what happens at campaign events. reporters get jostled. even campaign staffers. here's what she told wolf earlier this afternoon. >> this is no different, for example, when i am in the middle of the scrum and get smacked around by television networks. i don't go and sue the television network because i have a cut on my arm because of a camera. everyone knows at these type of scrum events there is some jostling around. the second you cross that secret service threshold, you will be moved away from the candidate. this is not new.
12:03 pm
corey lewandowski is going to beat this. we have to let this process play out. >> now, as you heard, katrina say there, the campaign did put out a statement that was identical to the statement put out by lewandowski's attorney saying he is innoce, he is going to fight these charges. for michelle fields, she is feeling so vindicated ped at this point after trump tweeted his amazement that lewandowski is being charged. basically retweeted this, that's because my story never changed and then saying trump, seriously, just stop lying. a quote from michelle fields. we should point out, according to the trump campaign, corey lewandowski was never arrested. the jupiter police department begs to differ. he appeared on his own and picked up a notice to appear in court that he was essentially --
12:04 pm
we should point out that trump is still planning to appear at this rally later on this afternoon and at the cnn town hall later on tonight, pam. >> i imagine this will come up. brian, to you, because shortly after this incident, lewandowski tweeted michelle fields was delusional and the trump campaign still insinuating she changed her story. take us through the time line. >> yes, that's right. there's the criminal stakes here. then the political stakes are significant because it does seem like the campaign did not take her allegation seriously. critics of the campaign say it was dismissed. let's look at the statement that came out on march 10. a statement that was issued by the press secretary for the campaign. she said not a single camera captured the alleged incident. of course, keep in mind, the video we saw today is
12:05 pm
surveillance camera. on multiple occasions, she has become part of the news story as opposed to reporting it. recall she claimed to have been beaten by a new york city police officer by a baton. felt the trump campaign was smearing her. and then trump himself told cnn he didn't think the story was real. here's what he said. >> we're surrounded by secret service. we have many secret service. we see some of them here. nothing happened. this was, in my opinion, made up. >> so he said he thought fields made the story up. and then lewandowski called her an attention seeker. he said, you are totally delusional. as a matter of fact, i've never even met you. a comment from corey to michelle fields. this story became very controversial because the sides were saying different things. but on march 11th, she did go to the police. now a couple weeks later, this
12:06 pm
charge. >> thank you so much. for breaking it down to us. the reaction to this development has been unapologetic from the other campaign, as you can imagine. here's what kasich said moments ago. >> when we see things that are disturbing, we then take action. that's what needs to be done. that's trump's call, not mind. because i face things like this from time to time. people that -- i've got a lot of employees. when we see things we think are impro prytys, we either suspend or we let people go, one or the other. >> let's discuss all of this with cnn chief political correspondent dana bash who is traveling with the cruz campaign. and political director for cnn david chalian. dana, i'm going to start with
12:07 pm
you. you've been traveling with the cruz campaign. how has he responded? >> well, we're waiting for him to arrive here in suburban milwaukee to shake hands with people at a local restaurant. before coming here, he did response. listen to what he said. >> it's a very sad development. and this is the consequence of the culture of the trump campaign. the abusive culture. when you have a campaign that is built on personal insults, on attacks, and now physical violence, that has no place in a political campaign and has no place in our democracy. >> so that was kind of the expected reaction, pam, from ted cruz, who has been railing on donald trump for the tone and tenureof his campaign for various reasons. you played with kasich said. i want to add he also suggested
12:08 pm
that people should think about whether or not it was their daughter. kasich has two daughters. cruz has two daughters. so those are the other kinds of things you're hearing from them. it also happens to play into the idea that trump is not necessarily good for women and that is a very important issue on the campaign trail, especially here in wisconsin which has its primary on april 5th. there was a big battle for republican women here. >> you brought up my next point. this comes at a time with donald trump under fire for what he has said about other women. yet clearly he is not backing down. in fact, david, he's only doubling down in his defense of his campaign manager. w what do you think about that? what kind of a strategy is this? when you look at the context? >> not just doubling down in defense of his campaign manager,
12:09 pm
but just moments ago, donald trump tweeted himself a different freeze frame from that video. this one of michelle fields, the reporter, reaching out to ask him a question and grabbing his arm and saying, hey, the press conference was over, and she's grabbing me to shout questions. should i press charges? so trump is now playing the victim as well in this scenario with this most recent tweet. listen, this is the kind of distraction and controversy that donald trump has gotten used to on the campaign trail now. just as his opponents kasich and cruz, they're going to try to use it to their political advantage, call into question the culture surrounding trump. he uses it to rally his supporters and saying, hey, guys, all these people who were worried about political correctness are against us. his supporters rally to his side usually in these moments of controversy. >> we see that time and time again. this seems -- correct me if i'm
12:10 pm
wrong, this seems to be unprecedented in a sense. it's rare for a campaign manager to be even in this position, particularly when a candidate like donald trump has secret service and as p as we saw him there, he just walks freely through the crowds. yet he's sort of putting the blame on her as a reporter. he's trying to ask him a question. what do you make of that? >> i mean, so much of of what we've seep from the trump campaign has been unprecedented, in terms of things that he said and things that he's done. so very much i think this is in keeping with that. but corey lewandowski does seem to have a very interesting and different and rare kind of role in this campaign. we've seen him in other instances, other campaign setti settings, where he seems to be mixing it up with protester. there's video of that as well. this seems to be similar to that. and has now risen to this level where there's an arrest out for him and he's of course going to be in court later on to deal with this.
12:11 pm
but i think one of the things that's interesting about this, there is this cloud of controversy that has surrounded the donald trump campaign so far. he's thrived in this environment. i think over these last weeks, not only the dust-up he's had with heidi cruz but now this dustup with michelle fields, with his campaign manager facing these allegations. always seeing this kind of tipping point. just with kind of a trump fatigue setting in among the general population. his unfavorable ratings are really shooting up. if you look at where he was in january, they're about a 55%. they're at 67% among the general population. so i think, again, trump has been successful at navigating these choppy and controversial waters. but i think there also could be a downside for him. >> we'll have to see what that impact really is. all right, guys, stand by, i want to talk about a big endorsement today. of course there's the cnn town hall with three republican candidates tonight. plus a group of women explaining
12:12 pm
why they're supporting donald trump and whether his comments and this behavior impacts their vote. also, a man hijacks a passenger jet, says he has explosives, hear how he did it. and new video showing what happened. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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12:16 pm
my panel back here with me, just hours before the republican candidates face voters tonight, during a cnn town hall. david chalian, i want to go to you first. because we learned the governor of wisconsin and former rival scott walker endorsed ted cruz today, as we know, endorsements haven't meant much in this campaign. could this one carry more weight? especially a week out from the wisconsin primaries? >> well, listen, as with many endorsements, this is one you'd rather have than not have. you're right, pam, we've not really seen endorsements, even big political figures, have a massive impact. but scott walker is a guy who won three state-wide elections
12:17 pm
in four years time in this state and knows how to put together a winning coalition statewide in what is a really competitive state. so clearly it is a good shot in the arm for ted cruz and it helps him sort of win a news cycle. when you want to do that each day leading up to the primary a week from today. but to think it's somehow going to dramatically alter the landscape here is probably putting a little too much stock into the endorsement. >> you broke the news about a back door strategy the kasich campaign was using to try to defeat donald trump. what more can you tell us about that? >> well, it was an attempt. the kasich campaign has been trying very hard to coordinate with the cruz campaign. as you said, to try to take down their common opponent, donald trump. and so what john weaver, one of the top strategists in the kasich campaign, told me was that they were hoping mitt romney, the republican nominee from 2012, would be able to
12:18 pm
convince the cruz campaign, reaching out specifically to cruz's campaign manager, jeff row, to please talk to the kasich campaign, it's one of these kind of, you know, backdoor, behind the scenes conversations that you think may or may not happen. in this case, the kasich campaign tried. the problem is, that the cruz campaign is not interested. jeff row, the campaign manager, would not confirm the romney conversation. did say they speak. wouldn't talk about the private conversation. but did say, look, from their perspective, they have no reason to coordinate with john kasich because they feel he is a spoiler, that the votes he takes are not from anyone except ted cruz, and they feel he is insignificant when it comes to the delegates. however, the point that john weaver, again, the kasich aide, made to me, was in some states, it actually could make a difference, and they're looking
12:19 pm
way down the road to june, when the coalifornia primary happens. obviously that's a large state, very diverse, very expensive. they're hoping in that state they can coordinate. if nothing else, again, the main goal is to try to keep donald trump from getting the delegates he needs. again, the problem is for the kasich campaign, camp cruz is just saying, sorry, not interested. >> and what about camp trump, nia, because we know that the campaign made this big hire of republican veteran who is an expert on delegates. do you think this is in response to what happened in louisiana and trump threatening a lawsuit? >> absolutely. we've seen cruz, who already has proven to run a campaign that's very data driven, that's very focused on the grassroots, go good to louisiana and be able to possibly come away with more delegates than trump. so now we have trump reacting,
12:20 pm
bringing on paul matafor who was instrumental in the ford fight in 1976, ended up being successful against reagan in that fight, and subsequently helped reagan at conventions and bush and dole in following year. so here he is, bringing him on. we know that this is going to go to a very complicated process come convention time when there's going to be horse trading and votes of delegates bound and unbound in several different rounds of voting. there is trump learning this is a game that's not only about contests and racking up delegates in different states but also about the folks who sit as delegates and the folks you hire who know the system. >> what's the one thing we need to look out for tonight during the town hall? >> i would just look at how each of these three candidates now want to address the way the tone and tenure is of this race.
12:21 pm
do they want to also alter the back and forth, or are they comfortable sticking in the mud now? that's the biggest thing i'm looking for tonight. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. you won't want to miss the town hall where anderson cooper interviews all three candidates starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. coming up, cnn talkings wis wit group of women voters who explain why they're sticking with trump. >> i just find that what you see is what you get with this man and that is what i want. he loves people. he really has a respect for women. >> also, high anxiety as a commercial jet is hijacked, hostages are seen climbing out of the windows after landing. now serious security questions are being raised as we learn more about the hijacker's motive. we'll be right back. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back...
12:22 pm
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12:26 pm
it's not being called an act of terror but the terror on board an egyptian air passenger flight today is undeniable. a hijacker seizes an airliner. as he forces the pilot to change course with threats of an explosive belt that turned out to be fake. eventually, he surrendered, miles off course. this is one of the last hostages. take a look right here. you can see the hosta aage escag through a cockpit window. minutes later the hijacker gives himself up. that's reporterly him in the white shirt. the surveillance video showing the suspected hijacker going
12:27 pm
through security at the airport in egypt and even getting a patdown before boarding the flight that he hijacked. joining me now to discuss this is chris voss, former international hostage negotiator for the fbi and up more of the soon to be released book never split the difference, negotiating as if your life depended on it. one of his demands, chris, was that the plane be refueled so he could travel to istanbul which we know was rejected. authorities did, however, arrange for him to speak to his ex-wife. there was a peaceful end, as we know, but is there anything about the way this all played out that concerns you? >> well, i think overall, based on what we've been told so far, it sounds appropriate. i mean, somehow he cleared -- he cleared the metal detector. we don't know for sure what he was carrying and whether or not he actually had something that would have looked like a hoax bomb. just saying that he had a bomb all by itself, you'd ask for a little bit more assessment from
12:28 pm
the flight crew. it looks like they took appropriate precautions. i don't think they felt like their plane was ever in danger. and they had to protect the plane and the passengers as much as they could. >> it's tough, because we're in a time of a serious, you know, isis terrorism threat. you've got to take these things seriously. but at the same time, terrorists watching this can now know they can commendere a plane with just a bluff, right? >> we don't know what sort of unstable behavior he exhibited and how they would have assessed that, so you ask a flight crew, they're responsible for a multimillion-dollar airplane and passeng passengers. >> i'm just curious, because we know his ex-wife was brought in to talk to him.
12:29 pm
that seemed to really help. clearly, there was an emotional aspect to that that made a difference. >> this isn't unheard of that someone would hijack a plane because they're emotional disturbed. fortunately, it's relatively rare but not unheard of. letting him speak to his wife is a way to calm him down so they can get him to surrender which is probably a good idea. >> and it's just so frightening i imagine for those passengers at the time and we're very happy there was a peaceful resolution. chris voss, thank you. up next on this tuesday afternoon, donald trump's campaign manager charged with simple battery after new video shows an incident with a reporter. this, just hours away from the republican front-runner's first campaign event in wisconsin. several protesters already arrested after staging a sit-in. we'll take you there live. id ar, and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a biologic...
12:30 pm
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12:34 pm
we are just one week away from the next presidential primary in wisconsin. every delegate counts. so of course all the republican candidates are there. so far today, the focus has been on donald trump. his campaign manager turning himself in to florida police today on charges of simple battery. and just moments ago, trump himself suggested on twitter that he himself might press charges against the reporter at the center of that controversy. all of this as a republican front-runner returns to the trail in the next few hours. it's his first campaign event in a week. his supporters and his protesters are ready. so is correspondent nick valencia. nick, what's going on there? >> hey, pamela, the republican
12:35 pm
presidential candidate donald trump is expected to arrive in janesville, wisconsin, at any moment now. he's here for an event, a rally held here at the holiday inn and convention center. for hours, his supporters have liked up to catch a glimpse of the candidate here and this event here which is supposed to happen in the next hour or so. you can see behind me, there are plenty of demonstrators out, largely peaceful. we have not seen any arrest so far. that certainly was not the case. however, last night, and we're joined by one of those six people who were arrested yesterday, you came out with your 9 month old. what happened? >> we want to show we're angry too. the real issues are the economy and racism and we're not going to let a billionaire dividelimm people. >> you brought your 9-month-old with you, what made you do that.
12:36 pm
>> i want to make sure my kids cab live in a world where they can express their full selves and not be taught to fear or hate other people. >> the message you'd like to send to the presidential candidate mr. trump? >> love not hate, yeah. >> thank you so much for take the time with cnn, kristin. a lot of the same messages are being seen here behind us. scenes asking for the wall not to be built. one of the main talking points of the presidents an candidate, there's about four or five groups that have helped organize this. i would say about 200 or so demonstrators. but by and large, it has been peaceful. i p the security presence here, very large security presence here, hope it stays that way. >> i'm not sure if you've had a chance to talk to any of the trump supporters who were already there. but curious to know if you know what their reaction is to the development today about trump's campaign manager being charged? >> certainly. i spoke to one of the trump supporters earlier who showed up
12:37 pm
here with his wife, drove about four hours from wisconsin, the state wisconsin. he said he wanted to show up to show his support for the candidate. he still is very much behind donald trump. he's really behind anyone running in the republican party, that reporter i spoke to. he said it's between trump or cruz, he'll support either nominee, whorve gets that nominee. come july, during that convention. he really wants trump in office. he says one of the big messages that resonates with him that he is a small business own, and he feels somebody who is a business man would be the best person to run this country, pamela. >> nick valencia, thank you so much for that. and donald trump often comes under fire for what he says about women. remember this? >> bimbo. >> dog. >> fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump. >> about women. >> a person who is very flat chested is very hard to be a 10. >> i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers.
12:38 pm
>> look at that face. would anyone vote for that? >> trump's words aren't turning off all women. cnn's martin savidge talked to some of trump's female supporters. >> who is for trump? >> i'm for trump. >> i'm in tucson with a group of conservative women. they meet every month to talk about politics. and they all support donald trump. so i'm going to go around and just say why. >> i just find that who yaw see is what you get from this man. that is what i want. he's not afraid to say what he thinks. he is a strong man with a strong personality. he really does love his country. he loves people. he really has a respect for women. >> to nontrump supporters, that may seem ridiculous given some the things trump has said and done. for example, the weekend twitter fight over their wives.
12:39 pm
okay, so you have all seen this, right? this is the tweet. this was a retreat by donald trump. have we crossed some sort of line here? >> this tweeting, it's quite ridiculous. we need to focus on the issues at hand and what's going on in our country and around the world and the problems. >> this latest incident involving the wife does not change your support? >> this kind of thing isn't new to politics. i mean, it's not nice. >> he's unfiltered, not politically correct. that's something these women love. even if they don't always love how he says things. >> i've cringed maybe on occasion when he's said a certain thing. i've wondered why he said a certain thing. but that's his personality. he's just -- he just lets it roll. >> nowhere has trump perhaps let it roll more than with his feud with fox anchor megyn kelly. >> you've called women you don't
12:40 pm
like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> he's been baited by megyn kelly. i can't even believe -- >> you really think that? >> come on. the first question that was asked by her at that first debate was to bait donald trump and to get him in a position where he would react. >> what about his reaction to that? >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> he did say it, but you don't know what his connotation was. i didn't take it that way. >> i would have thought that really would have gotten you upset. >> not necessarily. just because he insults men as well. because he insults men as well, i can't be upset that he's insulting women. >> i asked how is it that they didn't seem to think their personal values of honesty, respect and decency weren't compromised by supporting someone who seems to go against those principles. how do you balance that with your support of a man who seems
12:41 pm
to violate every aspect of what you believe? >> because the other side is worse. >> is there anything donald trump could do that would make you change your support? >> just going back on his policies and on the issues. >> martin savidge, cnn, tucson. >> up next on this tuesday afternoon, president obama takes on the media, blaming journalists in part for the rise of donald trump. why he says our democracy is at risk and why some are calling this hypocrisy.
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
12:45 pm
president obama is once again speaking out about the vitriol of the 2016 presidential race, and this time around, he's also calling out the media's role in covering the campaign. during a speech given at a journalism award ceremony, the president lamented the current state of politics and called on reporters to do better. >> i know i'm not the only one who may be more than a little dismayed about what's happening on the campaign trail right now. the divisive and often vulgar
12:46 pm
rhetoric that's aimed at everybody but often is focused on the vulnerable or women or minorities. the sometimes well-intentioned but i think misguided attempts to shut down that speech. the violent reaction that we see. as well as the deafening silence from to many of our leaders. it's worth asking what each of us as politicians or journalists but most of all as citizens may have done to contribute to this atmosphere in our politics. i was going to call it carnival atmosphere but that implies fun. when our elected officials and our political campaigns become entirely untethered, to reason and facts and analysis, when it
12:47 pm
doesn't matter what's true and what's not, that makes it all but impossible for us to make good decisions on behalf of future generations. >> joining me now to discuss, cnn senior media and politics reporter dylan buyers and cnn political commentator erol lewis. i read your article where you lay out why you disagree. >> sure there seems to be some impression that any attention given to donald trump helps him. that is simply not the case. he is legitimate news. he has been from the time he
12:48 pm
announced per at least from the time he made clear he is really going to run and shot to the top of the poles. if anybody has some sort of directive about why we're not supposed to cover the republican front-runner for president, i would love to hear the rationale. but the reality is, he is newsworthy. he would actually be making history. we've never had a president who had ever served in president before and so to speak walked in off the street and into the oval office. sort of letting the voters know that he has engaged in misstatements of fact and vulgar petty and childish attacks and, you know, completely out of his depth in certain issues, especially related to foreign policy. it's our job to let the public know and that's what we've done, whether the president likings it or not. >> it's interesting you bring that up because what i heard from president obama it seemed like he was insinuating that the media doesn't fact check, that the media just kind of lets trump do whatever and say whatever he wants without look at what he's really saying and
12:49 pm
scrutinizing it. dylan, that's not necessarily, true, right? i know cnn for one does it all the time, especially after every major event. >> no, it's not true. there's actually a preponderance of fact checkers, fact checking organizations. every media organization runs some version of its fact checking outfit. in fact, go back and look, just two days before the last super tuesday, politically reviewed a week's worth of donald trump's speeches and told he basically told a lie or made a misstatement once every five minutes on average. two days later, trump went on to win florida and illinois and a host of other states. the issue is the facts just don't matter. they don't matter to the litany of voters out there who are so frustrated with the establishment and who view the media as being in cahoots with the establishment and basically advancing sort of pro-liberal,
12:50 pm
pro-elitist, pro-coastal, you know, pro-global what have you read about all of this anger directed towards the political establishment, cultural establishment by blue collar workers. they view the media as being part of the establishment. when the media says, look, here are the facts, donald trump is wrong, he's lying to you, they say we're not even going to listen. >> in your view, how is press coverage different now than when president obama was running for president? some would argue he was sort of given a free pass by the media. >> i don't know how much of a free pass he got. from what i remember being on the trail back in iowa and south carolinaing back in 2008, he was a phenomenon and he got the kind of coverage, frankly, reminds me of some of the coverage of donald trump. the mere fact that say, 10,000 people came out to certain
12:51 pm
convenients in the middle 0 the cornfield that is newsworthy. if the registration rolls spike up, if unprecedented numbers of people are coming out to rallies, coming out to vote in primaries and caucuses, that is news. while candidate at the time barack obama benefited greatly from a lot of that stuff. i've got to say something else, to hear the president talk about he wishes we would dig deeper when the administration has the record for denying freedom of information requests and issued secret subpoenas to track movements and phone calls of journalists and so forth, this not somebody who has a lot of credibility on the issue. on the campaign trail, 2008 all of the coverage was fine. once he made it into the white house, record number of die niall horans, freedom of information request and doesn't like the way the campaign's doing. it's like the media can't do anything quite right. >> imagine the media didn't
12:52 pm
cover the remarks. what is your view? >> well, look, i think, you know, we sort of want to see things in black and white. either want to blame the media for our problems, you know, or say it's just doing a bang-up job. truth is, is that it's much more nuance and much more complicated. we could have a much better media establishment in country. we could have a media that focuses purely on policy issues, that doesn't address sensationalism and gutter sniping that takes place in campaigns but addresses issues that people like. unfortunately people don't like that. the media business is a business and you have to give people what they want, as sad is that is. >> and it's taken on different form. interesting discussion. thank you. >> thank you. next, the allure of isis.
12:53 pm
a belgian man with one brother who joined the terror army and another brother about to the same speaks exclusively to cnn. how isis has torn his family apart and how he thinks his brothers were sucked in. at. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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belgium's face of isis a man suspected in beheading and crucifixions in syria was a normal belgian kid. huh praises the brussels bombings and seen threatening more attacks on the west. his actions have divided his belgian family. cnn anchor and correspondent michael holmes sat down for an exclusive interview with the terrorist brother. michael joins me live from
12:58 pm
belgium. ind india incredible interview. what more did he have to say? >> reporter: in an organization that revels in barbarity, there would be few people with more blood on their hands than the 34-year-old, isis executioner who has beheaded and crucified and shot countless people in his time with isis. he's 34 years old, born in belgium, of moroccan dissent. this week, after the horror of the attacks that took place here, he was in another video, praising the bloodshed and promising more to come. and then ends that video by shooting another unnamed prisoner in the head and killing him. we sat down with his brother today who spoke to us about the brother he used to know. have a listen. >> translator: someone who couldn't hurt a fly and went through life laughing. just disbelief and still family doesn't believe this could happen. >> brothers, sisters at home.
12:59 pm
so my mother -- >> what good memories do you have of him before all of this? what are your memory of him as a young man, as a child? >> translator: whem a member is an older brother who is always there, that's what i remember. if i had trouble, he was there. >> he comes from a family of 13, in all. his parents and 11 kids. you know, initially he was raised in a normal childhood, he had moderate muslim parents and then met radicals, they turned him to a form of islam he was not raised in, what his brother called cut and paste islam. 2013 disappeared to syria. that's when the killing began. he's appeared in numerous videos killing people. >> very disturbing. but important to learn about how
1:00 pm
these people get sucked in to the terrorist group. michael holmes, thank you for that report. i'm pamela brown. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, familipamela. arrest and new video of the grap, the one the trump campaign says never ever happened. "the lead" starts now trump campaign deny allegations then began aggressively smearing the woman making them. today donald trump's campaign manager is facing a battery charge for putting his hands on a female report, this occurs days before a crucial primary. will the trump campaign remain in its consequences-free zone? she found herself in the middle of a media storm over a tabloid story about ted cruz. today amanda carpenter joins "the lead" to respond to the es