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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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primary. if you are not already registered to vote in new york, you can not vote in that primary. that's a big draw back, a difference compared to other states like wisconsin that as an open primary here. that's why the clinton campaign feels better in new york. >> great to see you. thank you so much. we're keeping an eye on that event. thank you for joining us at this hour. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. ♪ hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." right now with we are serious politics for you. donald trump speaking live in wisconsin. ted cruz at an even in madison, wisconsin, with his wife heidi and alongside carly fiorina. bernie sanders for his part live
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in wisconsin. hillary clinton about to speak live in new york. just so we are clear, trump is a you knowny fier as long as republicans nominate donald trump and he hates nuclear proliferation but thinks japan and south korea may need nuclears of their own. the wisconsin primary, trump and his two surviving opponents address issues, huge and small, weighty and petty. last night cnn town hall, my colleague dana bash hits all the high points. >> nice to see you. >> things have gotten so ugly, all three remaining republican candidates went back on their promises to support the party nominee. >> do you continue to pledge -- >> no, i don't anymore. >> you don't? >> no. >> that came after ted cruz refused to backdrop, despite being asked three times. >> i'm not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and family.
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i think that is beyond the line. >> trump said he understands if cruz won't support him. >> i don't want his support. i don't need his support. i want him to be comfortable. >> reporter: and renewed a warning to party leaders. >> i have been treated very unfairly. i won the state of missouri. no, i have. from the cruz people i have been treat unfairly. i will give you an example. >> by who? >> i think basically the rnc, the republican party, the establishment. >> reporter: john kasich went so far as to say he never should have made the pledge in the first place. >> if the nominee is someone hurting and dividing the country i can't stand behind them. >> reporter: donald trump came to the town hall eager to defend his campaign manager charged earlier in the day with simple battery against a reporter. >> based on what i heard, i don't think he really knew who she was. >> he calls the distraction, the ugly back and forth about their wives, trump was vintage trump.
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>> i didn't start it. i didn't start it. >> sir, with all due respect. that's the argument of a 5-year-old. >> no, it's not. >> you would say that. that's the problem with our country. >> every parent knows a kid that says he started it. >> no. that's the problem. exactly that thinking is the problem this country has. i did not start this. >> reporter: cruz denied knowing anything about the anti-trump super pac ad featuring melania trump and doubled down on him planting a tabloid report accusing cruz of infidelity. >> "national enquirer" in its history never endorsed a candidate for president until donald trump. >> reporter: at cnn's town hall, he went further. >> can i be honest? maybe it will have to be time to change. you have pakistan, china. at some point we have to say we
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are better off if japan protects itself against this mania in north korea. >> reporter: cruz defended his national security idea to patrol muslim communities in the u.s. >> if you want to stop radical islamic terrorism, the answer isn't to go hang out in random neighborhoods. it is to focus on community where radicalization is a risk. >> reporter: kasich called it ridiculous. >> if we polarize the entire muslim community how will we get the information we want? >> reporter: what may have been the most revealing moment of night where a simple question that candidates had trouble answering. >> what would you regard as your greatest personal failure and what did you learn from it? >> you know, those are always -- whether in political campaign or a job interview, those are always tricky questions. >> when was the last time you apologized for something?
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>> oh, wow. no. i don't know. can i think? i apologized to my mother years ago for using foul language. >> eventually trump thought of another time he apologized when apparently more recently to his wife for not being presidential enough here on the campaign trail. where i am in wisconsin, this is the next political battleground. six days from now on tuesday, 42 delegates are up for grabs on the republican side, which is crucial whenever single delegate matters right now. as donald trump tries to seal the deal before the convention and his opponents try to stop him. ashleigh. >> dana bash in wisconsin. you know, wisconsin is a battleground because look where everybody is today. there's donald trump on the left and heidi cruz is speaking for her husband ted cruz in madison on the right side. both trump and cruz are holding
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duelling rallies because in this state it is worth 42 delegates. those to be award next tuesday. phil math mattingly is following trump. i will start with you, phil if i can. i'm guessing there maybe cheese heads in the audience. any fall out from what happened last night? >>. >> i think what you saw last night, there's no shortage of them to get in to. what has happened here has been strange, ashleigh. he's had a decidedly different tone, almost sounding luike a commencement address and then foreign policy. take a listen. >> just with one example, nato, the billions of dollars that we spend, all of that money that we spend and other countries are taking advantage of us. they are taking advantage. they are not putting up their
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fair share. you look at the united nations, same thing. what do we ever get out of the united nations. do you ever hear the united nations solved a problem? it is a political hornet's nest. we spend a forge chun on it. it is never disproportionate in our favor. >> nato, the u.n. we have seen donald trump really challenging corner stones of u.s. foreign policy and international norms in foreign policy and continuing to do that again today. donald trump going in to what happened with his campaign manager making the point he defends him and he does not believe he dig anything wrong. corey lewandowski is staying in his campaign. >> i will talk about that later on. thank you for that, phil. we will dig in to what prosecutor ares may have to decide on next. we will let phil get back to covering and i will pull you out of your rally for a moment. i know you have to keep your
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voice low. last night ted cruz made his a comment about his respect for strong women and take me there. >> this is an stroent with woo women voters. ted cruz coming out on stage declaring this is a celebration of strong women. she trotting out strong women he sees in his life, his mom, eleanor cruz, his wife heidi cruz. he had his daughters on stage briefly and carly fiorina who has been campaigning with him. we heard a round table discussion about balancing work and family and issues that are important to the women in his life. we heard personal stories from his mom, as well. almost a softer side to him and his family. it is certainly interesting, this event comes after a fierce back an forth last week between donald trump and ted cruz over
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their spouses in this discussion about donald trump's treatment of women. i asked the cruz campaign about that timing. you know, they say it does serve as a clear contrast between ted cruz and donald trump. very interesting going forward how they are trying to use certainly members of his family to demonstrate and potentially provide an opening to demonstrate he is a candidate that cares about women. >> thank you. we will let you get back to covering the event. stay with cnn as we bring these events to you. i want to bring in ron brownstein, the senior magazine editor. i want you to dig deep down in the political acumen of yours, and help me get my head around the notion these republican candidates are not going to honor the pledge to support. it appears that way, if you listen to question after question, whether they will
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honor the pledge tone doris one another if he does not get the nomination. they are not doing that. do you recall anything like this in recent history? republican politics? >> not to this extent and not this explicitly. often times in primaries there's a lot of speculationinthe heat of the competition whether the parties can come together in the end and always they do. especially modern the polarization is so wide between the two sides. there's enormous pressure to line up with your team against the others. wa we saw last night was remarkable because not only did you have trump, cruz and kasich not explicitly commit to supporting the others, but you had donald trump affirmatively saying he test didn't necessarily want or need the supporters. that is unprecedented. i don't need ted cruz and i don't need scott walker or jeb bush. underscoring the extent to which
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his candidacy that is an insurrection within the party that is much as against the leadership as the democratic party. >> he talks about how loyal his followers are. i think we are getting a clear picture of how loyal they are. when it comes down to brass tacks, it is critical to get your facts right. his reporters think security is important. i get that. when he talks about nato and saying nato doesn't cover terrorism, that's just plain wrong. let's go to september 11th. at this point september 11th, nato countries sided with the united states. it wauds genesis for the coalition of the willing to fight against terror and there are several examples of patroling the mediterranean after that. the question i have is what is off the table? what does matter to his supporters? the things they care about he flouts and makes egregious errors in a very public setting.
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>> i think donald trump is in the trump treadmill. he has basically identified a piece of the republican coalition. his piece is bigger -- his portion of is bigger than his rivals but not a majority. that's the important point. i think he's attracting a group of republican voters who are deeply alienated from many trends in modern american life, both economic and culture who, feel they are culturally marginalized and ignored by elites in their party an the more outrageous he gets the more he convinces them he will do whatever it takes. the problem is the same behavior that deepens his hole on his supporters causes enormous resist tant tans and backlas-- and backlash.
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so you have a candidate who's basically a plurality front runner who's not grown in to bag majority front runner ands through the resistance is deaning rather than dissolving as the process goes through. >> recent poll had 60% of republican primary voters saying they were embarrassed about their campaign. i want to play something last night that a transpired. it was telling and great question from one of the audience members for donald trump about the priorities of the federal government. have a listen. >> you look at that as security for our nation. i'd say health care, education, many many things, but i would say the top three are security, security, security. we have to have security for our country. >> ron, i said it before, trump supporters care a lot about security and terror. he went even further and said the three things that he thinks
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are the top priority for him, for the federal government are security, education and health care. the last i checked those two were not in the republican platform. they were states issues and now i'm trying to figure out if the supporters are republicans or trumplicans and are there enough of them to carry him to the white house? >> it is a reminder of how many fronts he shatters the orthodoxy of the party. trump's agenda is a blue collar, skeptical of foreign influences and domestic elite. that leads to harsh on immigration. tough on trade. also in contra vengs wo to where paul ryan have been. to oppose entrenching retirement programs for the elderly. 80% of retired seniors are white. that side is resistant to
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changes in social security. in those ways he's been in touch with what his base has been to go a step further on education and health care takes him in conflict with those voters and a reminder of how much of this is happening on the fly, whether on the domestic or foreign policies. >> a lot of on the fly because he's in conflict with his own statements, as well. again, it doesn't seem to matter to his fierce supporters. always good to have you, thank you, sir. coming up next, donald trump not backing down, defending his campaign manager against charges of grabbing a reporter. is trump right insisting the charges won't stick, or is there more to this case than you have seen yet? we will lay out the evidence. the same evidence the prosecutors have on their desk as they decide whether the man on the left of the screen is going to have to face a trial for this. i'm there for bessie.
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so come try the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year, like lobster lover's dream or new dueling lobster tails. it's a party on every plate, and you're invited. so come in while it lasts. firing his campaign manager,
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corey lewandowski, would have been the easier route and he is defending him instead. this is a day corey lewandowski was charged with simple battery in florida and stems from this video. we showed it to you yesterday. believe me, trump has had a good chance to look at it, too. he said what happened is so minor, lewandowski should fight this charge. >> i think he should. i told him you should never settle this case. go all the way. i think they have hurt a very good person. i know it would be easy for me to discard people. i don't discard people. >> after the initial incident, lewandowski tweeted this, michelle fields you are delusional. i have never touched you. in fact i never met you. never met maybe. never touched absolutely false. one of his attorneys bradford cohen conceded that issue on "the today show" this morning that lewandowski did in fact touch michelle fields.
9:21 am
>> the video shows contact. what i'm saying is in corey's mind, the next day, if someone says i was almost pulled to the ground and you don't recall the incident or the individual, if you look at the video, he isn't even looking at her. >> the fact that lewandowski actually touched her is a big deal because here's the legal definition of battery in florida statute. the offense occurs when a person actually and intentionally touches or strikes another person against the will of the other person. it's a misdemeanor in the first degree. if lou went do you ski is convicted he could get up to a year behind bars and $1,000 fine. what are the odds? i want to bring in judge alex ferrer, and paul callen criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. as you well know, police do their job and hand it over to the prosecutors and they sift through and decide a couple of
9:22 am
things. number one, do we have enough to meet our burden and is there a possibility to get a conviction here. to that end we got a list of what is sitting on the desk in florida at this time. they have the video we just saw. they have witness testimony of a person there at the moment. they have corey lewandowski tweets where he said i never touched her. they have pictures of my shell fields' bruises sent out immediately and most significantly audiotape of michelle fields initial reaction as told to ben terris who happened to be rolling tape. that tape is significant. you don't typically get a list like that in a battery case. >> are they running out of crime in jupiter, florida? when i started out as a prosecutor we had the 20-stitch rule. if an assault resulted in 20
9:23 am
stitches or left we dismissed the case at arraignments. the crime rate was three times higher than now. it was a violent time. however, simple battery cases are rarely brought to the criminal justice system because nobody really gets hurt and usually it is resolved individually. it is rare that you see one. here with this compilation of evidence being prosecuted like a serious felony. i don't know. it strikes me aztec nickly they can prove it but should they be prosecuting? >> judge alex, the initial response from the trump campaign was she probably made it up. and even donald trump himself reiterated she is probably making it up. so the critical issue here is the immediate reaction. that's caught on tape. i want to play the audio that ben terris recorded the moment this happened, the moment after michelle fields had been pulled backwards. have a listen. >> yeah.
9:24 am
>> i can't believe he just did that. that was so hard. was that corey? >> yes. like what threat were you? >> that was insane. you should have felt how hard he grabbed me. oh, my gosh. i've never had anyone do that in a campaign. >> if you are a prosecutor and looking at that moment and you have that moment actually recorded, is that significant to you or do you default to what paul said and that is come on it was a couple of bruises, no big deal. let's move on. >> put it this way, battery in florida is defined as unlawful touching of a person without their consent. that ranging from tappingen on the shoulder to to punching them in the face. so prosecutors have to make a decision whether to prosecute. that evidence is powerful because it's what we call presence sense impression. it goes beyond the here say rule and is admitted and shows it is not something she made up after the fact.
9:25 am
she was feeling and responding to it at the time. if you have an individual, a victim, who says i was hit, taken out of this context and put it in the context of a domestic violence. police show up at the house. the woman has a bruise on her face or arm and says my husband hit me. he is arrested and taken to jail. they have the evidence, bruise and her complaint that some physical contact happened. it probably would have never happened or gone further had corey picked up the pho and said i'm sorry. >> i overreacted. >> in the heat of the moment. >> there were bruises, by the way whenever i see bruises, i am not happy. i know your 20-stitch rule and understand what it means. >> when have you seen a reporter in a situation like this prosecuting a candidate's campaign manager? any other presidential campaign ever. >> never. >> i remember dan rather being beaten by the chicago police in
9:26 am
to submission. he didn't prosecute anyone. >> donald trump did suggest he may look at pressing -- do we have the photograph of michelle field's hand. you can see almost her ring finger, the back of her hand brushing up against his arm. that's a far cry from a grab. that's what they do so they can't be accused of grabbing or groping. >> he needs to let the legal system handle it. a battery like this in the grand scheme of crime we try in florida. >> this is pretrial diversion. he may say he will fight it all the way until he gets to the election because he doesn't want to concede but i think they drop it because he does a program or something. it isn't that much. probably wouldn't have been filed if he called and apologized.
9:27 am
>> do you think the prosecutors will go ahead with this? >> if they do they will lose the case. >> they will lose it? >> jurors hate the press and this guy will come in and say there have been death threats against donald trump and maybe i over reacted a bit. i thought she was going to do him harm. >> you think the prosecutors, not the jury. >> i think the prosecutors will punt in the end on it. i agree with the judge he will be offered pre-trial diversion and maybe he will take that and make it go away. >> appreciate your insight. coming up next, the truth, the whole truth. if you heard some things in last night's town hall that did not seem to add up to you, guess what, you are you are not the only one. our candidates had fact finders working over time. and we can't tell you how many truths and falsecies we came up. has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day.
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last night's cnn town hall was just that. not a debate. nothing face to face. in fact the three candidates didn't appear on stage together. we don't know if they saw each other behind the scenes either. kasich, trump and cruz got an hour each to take audience questions and try to sway voters who may be undecided. that's the good stuff. more than once, these guys were a little fuzzy with the facts. that does not escape us. here's cnn's tom foreman with a few of those fuzzy moments. >> reporter: ted cruz went after both i barack obama and hillary clinton saying they promoted bad
9:33 am
policies in the middle east and effectively encouraged terrorism. >> egypt was handed over to the muslim brotherhood, mohamed morsi. the muslim brotherhood is a terrorist organization. that was profoundly harmful for u.s. security interest. >> there's no question the administration here was happy with the long-time ruler hosni mubarak were pushed out and a muslim brotherhood did for a period of time take control there. this is an islamic group that believes the government should be controlled by religious principles and some in the area consider it a terrorist organization, including the egyptian government. the u.s. state department has an official list of foreign terrorist groups, 59 of them and the muslim brotherhood is not on the list and never has been. so for mr. cruz to suggest this is an official terrorist group that is false. donald trump said he is not self-funding his campaign the way he said he was for a period of time but he did trivialize
9:34 am
the idea of any outside money. >> i'm in for 35 million. the small loans, $7.15, 200, $1,000. >> you solicit on your website. >> i sell hats. >> you solicit donations on your website? >> yeah, you do. >> i don't think so. >> it is peanuts. >> it is peanuts. that's the word he uses. this is nothing like the kind of money that other campaigns have raised. nothing like that, but the federal election commission said he has taken in $9.5 million from outside donors. that's a quarter of his funding to this point. i have had peanuts before. they don't cost that much. the claim about this simply false. john kich got to the point. he said if republicans want to win in november they better look at him closely. >> in virtually every national poll, i am the only one that beats hillary clinton consistently. in fact in the last poll that
9:35 am
came out i was up 11 points. >> we took a look at the numbers and sick national polls in the past couple of weeks say, yes, kasich can defeat clinton 4-11 points. our cnn orc poll found he would beat her by six points better than trump or cruz. that said he doesn't have a path to the nomination right now except a contested convention and a lot can change but for the time being we will say what he told us in the town hall meeting is true about that. if you want to find out more about the things we checked out, go to check. >> tom foreman and his team up all night doing fantastic work. i encourage you to check out "the reality check." it is awesome. hillary clinton live in new york right now. bernie sanders just wrapping up a rally live in wisconsin. it may seem like hillary clinton is looking ahead to the general
9:36 am
election with a brand new tv ad. guess who it is going after? you got it, the donald. new york's his turf, but does her focus on new york, a state where she is expected to do well tell a different story? why sanders says yes next
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and i recommend that every homeowner who qualifies consider getting one now. call one reverse mortgage right now! i want to take you live to the apollo theater in new york city, in harlem to be exact where senator hillary clinton, former secretary of state, is speaking in front of an extraordinarily fired up crowd. she's been talking about children and health and what her record was like when she was a senator in new york. let's listen. >> when any candidate comes
9:41 am
before you, that candidate owes it to you to be clear about how we are actually going to deliver. now, my opponent and i share many of the same goals, but some of his ideas for how to get there won't pass. others just won't work because the numbers don't add up. that means people aren't going to get the help they need and deserve. that's what this is supposed to be about. my opponent says, well, we're just not thinking big enough. well, this is new york. nobody dreams bigger than we do, but this this is a city that likes to get things done, and that's what we want from our president too. we want a president that will break down barriers to all
9:42 am
americans not just some. i take on a backseat to no one in taking on income and equality. i know how important it is to close the gap and rebuild the middle class. i will tell you this, it is also important to take on racial in equality and discrimination in all of its forms. >> the senator has had this crowd fired up for some time. before she took to the apollo theater, i think i shared mid commute with the senator, i saw a motorcade going by not far from the apollo and i think it may have been her. she has been busy. she had a campaign ad released and when you see it, yeah, she is running against bernie sanders for the nomination but when you see this ad it looks like she is running for president against donald trump. take a peek.
9:43 am
>> when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion and turning on each other, this is new york and we know better. >> the ad is only running in new york. it doesn't show or even mention her democratic opponent senator bernie sanders. it didn't say trump either, but that was a trump rally where the guy got cold cocked. jeff zeleny is live in harlem right now. new york's primary is april 19th. that may seem like a long way off buff sounds like she is pivoting in to a general contest and not worried about bernie sanders. is that wise at this point? >> not quite, ashleigh. if you think of the sub text of that ad there, what the clinton campaign is trying to do is remind new yorkers of the state of the election. they are trying to show she is the strongest democratic
9:44 am
candidate against him. that ad is about bernie sanders. it doesn't mention him but that is the sub text of why she is running the ad. you heard her speaking a few moments ago. we took that live. she is drawing sharp contrast with bernie sanders. she still has bernie sanders on her mind here. talking about his plans don't add up, his free college and other things. no doubt they are operating on a dual track strategy here but it is true the clinton campaign has bernie sanders front and center on their mind. he is campaigning in wisconsin and thinks he may win. some clinton officials agree with him. that's why the new york primary is so important and that's why she is doing a trump ad to take on bernie sanders. to try to show democrats she is the strongest possible candidate. >> one of the biggest states. you know what happens between donald trump feels he is targeted by anyone. he turns his laser focus on that person. i can only imagine the clinton campaign is ready for some push back after the ad.
9:45 am
>> a few moments ago in wisconsin he pushed back but more in a mocking tone. he said hillary clinton can't win. he said regardless if he wins or loses, he's going to live on pennsylvania avenue in washington. you saw the clip as part of her ad about the hotel he is building in washington. he said i'm going to live on pennsylvania avenue in washington. of course that is a joke but he got some digs in on hillary clinton but that is just beginning. you are right, whenever he is provoked he pushes back. that is expected. the clinton campaign is fine with that. they are fine engaging him like that. that will show, what they believe that she is the two of the strongest candidates. >> not like they haven't been watching what is going on. jeff, i will let you get back to covering the event. looks energized. >> it is. >> by the way, jeff mentioned it
9:46 am
but bernie sanders is taking a poke at donald trump and other wealthy republicans a short time ago without naming donald trump. he is campaigning in wisconsin and asked voters to put themselves in the shoes of military veterans looking at the field of candidates they see right now. >> saddens me very much to see those men and women who put their lives on the line to defend democracy are looking at a situation where billionaires are able to buy elections. that is not democracy, that is a he turns his attention to new york tomorrow. he has a rally planned in the bronx. coming up next, convicted drug offenders getting out of jail and meeting with president obama today to talk about what the
9:47 am
transition in to reality has been like and dozens more who are behind bars just got some really good news. life no longer means life, at least for these guys.
9:48 am
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9:51 am
breaking news for you. president obama right now is meeting with people who were once incarcerated and previously received commutations of their sentences. today, while that is happening, white house announced it commuted the sentences of 16 more people. cnn white house correspondent michelle kaczynski is joining me. >> this was an unexpected announcement. it just popped up up. it wasn't on the schedule. the president one of his legacy items has wanted to focus on criminal justice reforms. it is something that has bipartisan support. one more item the president thinks he can work on in the time he has left as president. you look at these 61 non-violent drug offenders whose sentences he commuted today. a third of those people had been sentenced to life in prison.
9:52 am
look at possession with intent to distribute coe case, a lot of crack offenses. some of them had been sentenced, 10, 20 years ago, back when sentences for crack cocaine were inordinately long compared to sentences involving other substances. so the white house wants to target some of these what they call outdated sentences based on outdated laws, target some of these individuals. when you look at the people he's meeting with today at a local restaurant. these are seven people. not all of their sentences were commuted by president obama. three were. others were by other presidents but all have inspiring stories. one woman, for example, started college four days after she had her sentence commuted and now works as a public defender in atlanta. ashleigh? >> interesting stuff. working on trying to help them get more productive lives when they get out opposed to sink back in to a recidivist pattern as so many do. beautiful day at the white
9:53 am
house. look at that. first republican leader to meet with merit garland has a couple of things to say. he says the process needs to work and the senate should hold a hearing. should the message matter to those who are digging in and taking a stand? that's next. last saturday, she was shopping here. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ bulk from boxed didn't only save megan $33, bulk from boxed saved megan's saturday. [ pop, screech, doorbell rings ] boxed -- bulk-size shopping delivered easy with no membership fees. download the app and get 15% off your first order with code "bulk."
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republican senators are budging on president obama's nomination to fill the empty seat on the supreme court. there's a nice live, beautiful picture of crystal blue day on capitol hill. looks quiet, doesn't it? there's not a lot of meetings go onning on. but there are some. the federal appellate judge garland set to meet with two democratic senators. so far only one republican has even decided to sit down with him. that republican is mark kirk of
9:58 am
illinois. that republican is also facing a tough re-election fight in a blue-leaning state. so maybe that makes more sense now. we are watching judge garland's progress such as it is on capitol hill. i think "politico" described it as a game of inches for the administration. would the first meeting be the first inch? >> what's what the white house hopes. they think pressure will mount, more defections and eventually the nominee will be confirmed. i can tell you there's not much movement on the republican side. mark kirk is in a difficult re-election race. probably the most vulnerable republican in the country right now. he wants to show independence from his party leadership and yesterday when we talked to him before his meeting he took shots at his party's stance on this issue. >> we need for rational adults
9:59 am
of open-minded consideration of the constitutional process in this judge garland is part of. i think when you say i'm not going to meet with him, that is too closed minded. >> >> the hope is more senators break ranks. we are not seeing that at this this point. senators from ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin who are in difficult re-election races do not want to consider the nominee. certainly not to vote for him. a tall order to see him confirmed this year. >> i would say a tall order to get more meetings on the agenda, too. thank you. hope you get some time outside today. it's lovely. we will watch the race for the white house today. a lot of campaigning in wisconsin and here in new york. the live shots will be fast and furious throughout the day. stay tuned to cnn for that. my colleague wolf blitzer has been extraordinarily busy preparing a spectacular show for you and it gets underway right
10:00 am
now. thank you for being with us today. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it is noon in milwaukee, 1:00 p.m. in washington, 7 p.m. brussels. wherever you are watching around the world, thank you for joining us. we begin with presidential politics in the united states. the candidates are fanning out across wisconsin in a scramble for votes, six days before the state's primary for the republicans 42 delegates are up for grabs next tuesday. donald trump is hoping to locking up the republican presidential nomination. senator cruz is battling to stop that from happening. both held dualing rallies at stops in wisconsin a little while ago.


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