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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  March 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> he's up four points in wisconsin, you know those voters well, we will see how it all pans out in less than one week away. thank you very much for your time. thank you very much for joining me and it will continue with the legal view with ashley banfield right now. hello, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield, anybody who's running for president or anyone else, taking positions on socially divisive issues is not necessarily going to help you to please everybody. it may in fact tick everyone off instead, the case in point, donald trump, uniting the likes of ted cruz, hillary clinton and the national right to life committee. yes, those three, united against
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his top of the head response to one of those town hall questions that he got on abortion. not one, but two written restatements of that answer came afterwards. my cnn colleague phil mattingly scrambled to get it all put together like this. >> this is not something you can dodge. donald trump, smack in the center of another controversy. this time, abortion. at a town hall with msnbc's chris matthews, the front runner says women who get abortions should face some kind of punishment if the procedure should be outlawed. >> do you believe in abortion, yes or no. >> there has to be some form of punishment for the woman. >> three years, ten years, what? >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on
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everything else. it's a very complicated position. >> a fine on human life, which you call murder? a fine? imprisonment for a young woman who finds herself pregnant? >> what about the man who gets her pregnant? is he responsible for these abortions? >> it has different feelings, different people. i would say no. >> the backlash, fast, furious and bipartisan, trump's rivals on both sides of the abortion issue quick to bounce and reject the notion. >> of course women shouldn't be punished. i don't think that's an appropriate response and it's a difficult enough situation to try to punish somebody. >> donald's comments, they were unfortunate, they were wrong and i disagree. >> reporter: all the candidates lining up to criticize the comments. >> when he was asked if women should be punished, he said yes,
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and that is absolutely unacceptable, it is outrageous. >> to punish a woman for having an abortion is beyond comprehension. >> amid the firestorm, trump's campaign, uncharacteristically backlashing. this issue sun clear, and should be put back into the states for -- -- another statement, a complete reversal of the first, saying ifillegal, the doctor or other person performing this illegal act upon a woman would be held legally responsible, not the woman. the woman is a victim in this case. his son, when asked if it was illegal, shouldn't there be consequences for breaking laws? >> these comments came just one day after donald trump's campaign manager was charged
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with a misdemeanor for simple battery for grabbing a female reporter. putting all this together, donald trump with 70-plus percent disaproofl rating, donald trump trailing ted cruz by ten points, no question, donald trump heads into the wisconsin primary just five days from now as the front runner overall in this case. but now facing serious questions and potentially the most dangerous moment up to this point of his extraordinarily successful campaign. >> well, i cannot believe he told me it was only yesterday. it just keeps coming. can't wait to sound this out with my panel. jeffrey lord is a cnn commentator and a white house political director under ronald
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reagan, terry setmeyer is also smiling, but she is not a supporter of donald trump. she's an outspoken communicator and david gergen is a cnn senior political analyst, former advisor to four, court them, four u.s. presidents. he's also a professor at the school of government at harvard. you knew that i was going to come to you first on this. but one of your colleagues who was a backer of donald trump said that donald trump was misspeaking when he made this -- i think it's fair to say mistake yesterday because he certainly changed his opinion twice over in two different statements. but now that we're being told this is a misspeak, and you just said yep, i want to play that misspeak so that we can really
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look at him as he's speaking to determine if it's a fair cat gorization as a misspeak, so let's look at it. >> do you believe punishment for abortion. >> there has to be some form of punishment for the woman. >> 10 years, 20? >> that i don't know. >> you take positions on everything else. >> i do take positions on everything else, it's a very complicated issue. >> is the man responsible for these abortions? zblilt has different feelings for different people, i would say no. >> jeffrey lord, that looked pretty contemplative to me, it didn't look like it was misheard, in fact it was real clear. the statement that came up first, is its unclear, it was very clear to everybody watching and then the statement that came afterwards had no ambiguity at all, said, no that's not what i
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think. what are we to think of a man e who seems real clear and completely changes his opinion two hours later. >> it's like if you want your doctors you can keep them, and it turns out that's not the case. candidates have moments like this, donald trump has not spent his lifetime in politics, politicians hand m these things i must say a little better. although i would note there is a video out there now from cspan where senator cruz was asked a variation on this question exactly in january of 2016 and he dodged the answer. so you know, politicians, donald trump is a first timer at it. i do think it was a mistake and he's corrected it quickly. >> you say candidates have moments like this, i will give you that. but another candidate john kasich had something to say about what commanders in chief don't get to do.
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let's have a quick listen to that. >> it appears as though when he does these events and people press him, he becomes unmoored and then has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out all the mistakes that he made and i have to tell you that as commander in chief and leader of the free world, you don't get do overs, you need to be able to get it right the first time. >> david gergen, you have advised four commanders in chief. it sounds like what jeffrey lorlord says is fair, candidates have these moments, but isn't that also fair what john kasich said, commanders in chief don't get that latitude. >> candidates do have moments, but i have never seen a candidate who has day after day of misstatements, and this is
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the most self-destruct tiff behavior that i have seen in a candidate that i can remember, to the point where i am beginning to wonder if he really wants to be president. does he have a death wish? most candidates would correct so quickly because they really want to get there. but he keeps going, he's revealing an ignorance that make him increasingly unelectable. the only explanation i can think of, other than the fact that he's just sort of headstrong, is that he really doesn't want to be president. >> one of his former advisor who is's now a defector wrote very extensively about this that he only wanted to show that he wanted to be a protest candidate and his ego has taken over and
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she's a defector now. when it comes to women, it's not such an easy story, vis-a-vis the abortion position, here are women voters and what they think of donald trump. 73% unfavorable rating, clearly that number drops significantly among republican women voters, but it's still about 40% of them do not like this man. can he surmount that fact, that number that keeps showing up poll after poll after poll. >> i think absolutely not, any one of us who are observers of politics, know that when you have negatives at this level, it's almost virtually impossible to overcome them, especially when you have 100% name id. the only time that that happens is when the electorate doesn't know you and you have an opportunity to get more visible and have an opportunity to redefine yourself when people aren't paying attention, that doesn't apply here with donald
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trump. when you have a presidential candidate who utters is words punishment and women when talking about abortion, that was a catastrophic misstep, and whether he believes it or doesn't believe it. this is an issue that is really emotional for the american people. it's very divisive, and the fact is that he continues with this willful ignorance on a number of issues, from foreign policy to now on abortion. it just demonstrates, i happen to agree with mr. gergen, reall president of the united states. running running in -- all of these things are very puzzling for someone who actually takes him seriously. hillary clinton already cut around ad last night on this.
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>> i'm going to move on to that shortly, tara. but i want to read a tweet that donald trump's son sent out that admit this is whole debacle. it said be fair, was asked if it was illegal should there be punishment? should there be consequences for breaking the laws. even his own son's tweet flies in the face of the correction that he put out later. it sort of seems like a mad tangle of flying by the seat of your pants. and jeffrey, i've got to say it's very troubling to hear him also say, i don't know, 10 cents, 10 years, but he was damned sure that the man who impregnated the woman shouldn't be given any punishment. >> them say something about don
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jr., family members are not the candidates, the candidate is the candidate. hillary clinton is a staunch supporter of obama care, and there's chelsea clinton saying the health care costs are crushing people. you're going to have this with children. i remember vividly the late maureen reagan and president reagan kind of rolled her eyes, but on a number of occasions, she gave him heartburn. so that just happens, you've got to focus on the candidate. the candidate gets held accountable for what he or she says, there's no doubt about that. >> hold on a second, i wanted you to answer the man part, you didn't touch that, the fact that he was absolutely definitive that the man should face no punishment whatsoever. >> i'm unsure, was that coming from don jr. or from donald trump himself. >> that came when he was asked by chris matthews, 10 cents, 10
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years, he wasn't sure, but when he was asked about the man who impregnant natured the woman, he should not face any punishment at all. i'm asking for your assessment of the candidate's answer. >> i think he made a mistake and i think he's corrected it, absolutely. >> he corrected the woman part, but he didn't touch on the man part. >> and this is why he'll be the disaster if he's the nominee in the fall. because he doesn't have any convictionin ings on this issue. the abortion question he should have been prepared for, when you run for president, you're always asked about that, for people to continue to make excuses, oh, he was attacked, he was unprepared. that's not an excuse for someone running for president of the united states. >> listen, the reason that donald trump should be held to a high standard on this is that he
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did switch his position, he was pro choice most of his live and then he switched over to pro life. one would assume that a person that did that had thought deeply about the issue. he needs to understand if there's going to be any punishment at all, it should be on the physician, not the woman. and for him not to understand that, reveals a depth of misunderstanding and ignorance and not taking issues seriously, if you're going to be president of the united states, it is a serious job. >> if you take that bold step and say you have evolved, what made you evolve? love having all three of you, coming up later this hour, former presidential candidate ron paul's going to talk about the current reason race. up next, hillary clinton's
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our breaking news here on cnn about deadly terrorism overseas and how those who are accused of being behind it are being dealt with. salah abdelslam, he's about to be extradited from belgium to france. he was the one believed to be one of the planners of the paris shooting attacks back in the fall that killed 130 people. i want to go live immediately to london. that's where nic robertson is standing by. there was so many things about abdelslam, he was going to fight the extradition to france, now he's going there. what are we expecting this might actually yield? >> i don't think this is going to be the end of the controversy over what salah abdelslam is telling his attorney what is he wants to do.
9:21 am
his lawyers' first appearance before the judges today midday, here in brussels five hours ago. he's saying he wants to cooperate with the french authorities, he's saying now he's ready to be extradited. so what we have here is the belgium authorities saying, yes, he can be extradited, the french have given us anw arrest warran for him. it's not clear when this transfer is going to come, and we have already heard from the french prosecutors here, about what he thinks about salah abdelslam's cooperation so far. he said riling after that abdelslam was arrested 31 days ago, he said he was claiming he wanted to be a suicide bomber in paris, but he chickened out or whatever. we already know when he's
9:22 am
questioned, there's going to be a huge level of mistrust there. and one of the questions that you have to assume is being factored into when this extradition actually physically takes place is, is he helping the belgian authorities right now? will his lawyer refuse to answer that question, because obviously the belgians have a lot of questions because of the shootings last week. a lot of it is not clear at the moment, actually. >> one thing that is clear, is that they're working out the security for the short transfer from belgium to france. up next, what the latest polls are showing about new york, new york.
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president obama just met with south korea's president and japan's prime minister, the main focus a place very close to both of them, north korea. it's a two-day summit, and it gets under way in washington today. 50 leaders from all around the world and this morning the president gave some brief remarks after starting some of those meetings, we're expecting to hear some of those remarks at any moment. our white house correspondent eagerly awaiting it as well. >> what's most on our minds is the issue of north korea, and we
9:28 am
are united in our efforts to deter and defend against north korean provocations, we have to work together to meet this challenge and we also recognize that it is important to the entire international community to visually enforce the strong u.n. security measures for the ballistic missiles that pyongyang has been engaged in. we have agreed that bilateral cooperation with essential to maintain peace in southeast asia and the potential of nuclear proliferation as a consequence of north korean activities and in our meeting we discussed ways to deepen that cooperation, we directed our teams to work dill gently in the coming weeks and
9:29 am
months to elaborate additional steps that we can take collectively in order to ensure that we have a denuclearized korean peninsula and that we can restore a sense of stability and peace to the region. as well as hopefully promoting the kind of opportunities and prosperity for the north korean people that have been suffering so severely because of human rights abuses in north korea. we also had a broader discussion about global changes. we shared her commitment around the paris agreement on climate change, we are committed to working together on combatting isil and at the end of this
9:30 am
nuclear security summit, there's going to be international focus on what additional steps need to be taken in light of the terrible tragedy that took place in brussels, both the republic of korea and japan has been stalwart allies in that process. and finally, we talked about some potential area of collaboration between our three countries on more positive agenda items such as the president's vice president's moon shot to cure cancer, there's already collaboration between the republic of japan and south korea on research, and we're going to be combining our teams in a try lateral fashion to make strides in this area. so i want to thank both president park and the prime minister for their outstanding work with us, their significant
9:31 am
progress in their bilateral argument and their shared commitment to a more peaceful world. and with that, let me turn it over to president park, the president of korea. >> 50 leaders as i said, and there is a pretty robust agenda, just today alone, the president was speaking with leaders from china as well as france and on to a working dinner where the leaders from other countries as well as canada and the uk will be president as well. our michelle kos zin sky has been making a laundry list. just off the top of my head, terrorists getting their hands on nuclear weapons, accidents happening, hot head leaders, accidents and cyber threats and i can't imagine which one of these is number one on the
9:32 am
agenda. >> reporter: right, it's depressing. these are the top picks they want to handle. there are 56 countries represented. what comes out of this, it's not so say that there's anything necessarily that we're going to see a difference in our daily lives. but analysts say this has been important and just getting countries to agree to better standards on keeping nuclear material and because of isis, because of north korea's continued prove indicatioocatioy en -- what they're concerned about is not just kind of the obvious, isis getting their hands on nuclear material and building some kind of bomb, it's also radiological material thatthat e that's fairly readily available in industry, in the medical
9:33 am
arena and academia, so there's really talks on how to keep that material safe. especially on countries that don't have tight controls like the u.s. does. >> and i'm sure that people at that summit have overheard some of the republican campaigning of late talking about creating a nuclearized zone for south korea and japan. michelle, keep your eyes out for more news from there. just ahead, my next guest, a former presidential candidate himself says that when it comes rights down to it, there's not a whole lot of difference between, are you ready? donald trump and hillary clinton. that's what ron paul has to say, and why he'll also say moving the goal post when it comes to convention rules, is not the right idea no matter what anyone thinks of donald trump. sometimes, maybe too hard.
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a few states have primaries and caucuses in the coming days, wisconsin and wyoming for the democrats. but one of the biggest prizes for the political season is new york, and new yorkers will vote on april 19. former new york senator hillary clinton is heavily favored to win the democratic primary. donald trump also expected to dominate in new york his home turf. little while ago, democratic hopeful senator bernie sanders spoke in a labor union family in pennsylvania and compared his record on organized labor to hillary clinton's record. i promise you that he really did that. i'm not making it up. it's just that the tape isn't
9:39 am
ready. but i will have that for you in a moment. but in the meantime i have something better. you're going to have to paraphrase it for us. so characterize this for me. i do recall hearing a lot of hillary clinton's backers and campaign spokes people say, we'll have this thing wrapped up by march. and i want to say tomorrow is a bit of an april fool's because she's not wrapped up and now she's starting to dispatch some pretty heavy h.r. into the state of new york to make sure that she doesn't lose this very critical state. she's a former senator here, this is her home. >> it's her home, she was elected once, re-elected senator in new york. and somebody in her brooklyn headquarters just before coming on with you reminded me that she did better in 2006 than she did in 2000.
9:40 am
but if you take a step back, you cannot forget who she is, her front runner status, where we are on the calendar, this should bchbt much of a race, but it is. you talk about the new quinnipiac poll, it does have her up, but not by as much given her status as a home state senator. you see the numbers there, clinton 54%, sanders 42%. what are they saying in new york right now? they're taking it seriously, they're going to work hard, they're going to make sure that they win, not just because of the fact that it would be a huge psychological blow to her to lose her home state, but also because it's a very delegate rich state. it's among the highest in new york. the only one that's going to be the highest at the end of the calendar, at the political calendar is going to be california.
9:41 am
>> i'm looking at my chicken scratch, 95 delegates for the republicans and 247 for the democrats. >> exactly. exactly. it's just short of what we saw in florida and texas. now i will also say that, you know, sort of the clinton spin, which has the benefit in this case of also being quite true, even if bernie sanders comes closer than the clinton team would like, in the new york primary, it is all proportional and he would get, you know, delegates but he's got to do pretty well to get a significant number of the delegates in new york. >> but for total trump in republicans, it's only proportional up to that 50%. and if he does, he gets that whole 95. >> right now, that same poll on the republican side, it shows that donald trump is over 50%. but it is still, what, three weeks away. >> man, is he ever.
9:42 am
56% to cruz's 20% and kasich's 19%. >> i hate to put you on the spot to ask you to do your best pennsylvania campaigning, but i won't do that. efforts by the so-called republican establishment to stop donald trump from becoming the party's nominee for president is facing a lot of hurdles. chief among those hurdles the calendar and the mood of republican voters, but there's also this persnickety rule 40 b. each candidate for nomination for the president of the united states shall demonstrate the support of a majority of the delegates from each of eight or more states. key words, majority of delegates from eight or more states. and this is why. that guy.
9:43 am
and those cheering fans. in 2012, ron paul did not win a single state, but his campaign was pretty darn good at using state and local party rules to pick up delegates. party leaders wanted to spare mitt romney even the appearance of a divided convention, so they greased the wheels of the front runner with the rule, who now is someone they dearly hope to derail. that front-runner, being donald trump. my next guest, ron paul, former republican senator from texas. thank you so much for joining me, i do appreciate this. when you say that the gop deserves every bit of the mess it's in, do you truly believe that? >> well, i do. but i don't think it's all that important.
9:44 am
because, you know, rules are there, they change them, they have done it. i think the interesting thing is that there was so much concern about me, we had a good following, there was a lot of strength there. but they didn't need to do all that and they hurt themselves by changing the rules, but they showed that they were strong and they control things and they had more attorneys and more money, so they would. even allow me to appear and give a little talk and i think it hurt them in the general election so they sort of brought it upon themselves. they never dreamed they would be on the receiving end of this. so they're in the situation i was in, that they made it more difficult for somebody to challenge. and ordinarily over the years, these things have happened and behind the scenes they have been able to change it. but they change things even in the primary, in the primary races going on now, they're trying to desperately to knock down trump's vote, they may end up doing it, or they will try it. there will be technicalities, it
9:45 am
will continue, but they're in a real bind, because just to change the rules won't go over so easily now. because -- >> now everybody's watching. >> everybody's watching. >> and who knows? who knows what he'll do? >> good point. you're right, who knows what he'll do. let me ask you this, though, because it looks pretty clear at this point, barring any major rule change, and barring any complete change in the way things have gone until now, that donald trump's going to be the nominee. and it looks like it's quite possible he will face hillary clinton in a general election. you have said in the past, that you think there's no meaningful difference between clinton and trump, that they both support the military industrial complex, the federal reserve deficits, entitlements, an invasion of privacy, so i've got to ask you, as a red lettered american, who probably cherishes the right to vote. who will they vote for if you think they'll vote the same?
9:46 am
>> what i would like to have on all the ballots is none of the above so we can vote for none of the above. but i'm not going to vote for one of those two for sure, they're too close together. there's the dreamers, there's even the independent type republicans that were on my side, someone said, yeah, but he's better. but you know, this whole idea of the lesser of two evils, there's something okay about it. but i don't think anything can be improved, because once the person is in office. obama ran as a true progressive. he became a militant, he liked the war in afghanistan. he supported the overthrow of the ukraine and he's sending troops back to iraq. so si don't think he believes that. so even regardless of who wins, will there be enough pressure to do exactly what we have been doing. they won't have the fear to deny
9:47 am
them power to take negative interest rates and all this that needs to be done. >> i may have lost you on your piece for a short moment. but i'm not sure i got the answer, if donald trump is the republican nominee, would you vote for him? >> no, no, i was very explicit about that, i wouldn't vote for donald trump. would you not vote for, or would you vote for the democratic ticket? >> i had mentioned that we should have none of the above, and then you should pick another candidate, if you can't stand any of them and you happen to be a democratic progressive, then you should vote for a democrat and if you're part of the libertarian party, you should vote for a libertarian. absolutely, trump is so far superior, but quite frankly i'm not sure exactly what he'll do and that bothers me as well. he can give two positions in one
9:48 am
speech, i don't know if you noticed that or not. >> i saw it just yesterday. i saw three petitions yesterday. ron paul, i have to leave it there, but thank you very much, i really appreciate you being on today. say hello to the great state of texas for me. what was your favorite 1980s television show? was it dallas or cheers? don't change the channel, we're going to take you back in time, it's going to be awesome. i think that's when the word awesome got awesome. professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours.
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okay i love this. countdown clock on your screen. eight hours and some change until cnn is about to blast your
9:53 am
brain with a totally awesome decade in american history. the reason why i know that is that i loved through it and i watched these shows. every child knows the '80s "cheers" bar. now about that lady on the left. oh, my god. okay, first of all, don't ever let your sister, if she asked you to be her maid of honor have a hairstylist come in to do your hairs in the '80s because that's what you end up looking like. dang. okay i'm over that. in the '80s, "cheers" was that place where everybody knew your name. >> in case i like it. >> another day, another dollar. >> 50 cents after taxes.
9:54 am
>> oh, i always wanted to be in that bar, because i was actually a bartender and a cocktail waitress when "cheers" was on. taking you live now, not to dallas and larry hagman, but to the cheers bar. you're really there? you're in the actual place? >> i'm in the actual place, actually ashleigh, this is the bar that the show set was based on, they actually built it out and filmed it out in hollywood. but they took pictures of this bar that was called the bull and pitch. this is lisa my bartender. she's going to teach me how to make drinks because you know how to do that already. >> this pub has been open as cheers for about nine years, you said? >> this bar has been cheered for about the last nine years, yes. >> pour us a beer, i'm going to
9:55 am
show you my new skill. >> she looks just like diane. >> do you get that a lot? watch this, ashleigh, i have learned this new skill. >> dang, you're good. >> i got only half of the beer on there. it's all in the catch, don't worry, carol, it's not your fault. >> here's the anchor reporter quiz we're going to do. she gets trivia, and she wants to ask you a couple of questions and we're going to test you on your cheers knowledge. what is the first line of every cheers episode. >> cheers is filmed before a live studio audience. >> that's a perfect title sequence. that's not fair. >> how did harla's husband die
9:56 am
on the snow. this is for you my canadian friend? >> what was the question? >> how did carla's husband get killed on the show? he was killed from a zamboni. >> i want this to go on and on, but you know how wolf blitzer wants his show. goodbye to diane and woody and everybody behind you. the eightiy ies series is cominp tonight. >> the original series the eighties is brought to you by men's warehouse, no matter the decade, men's warehouse can help you rise to the occasion.
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. hello, i'm wolf blitzer, it's noon in milwaukee, 1:00 p.m. here in washington. 10:00 p.m. here in lahore, pakistan. we begin this hour with the political firestorm over donald trump's controversial comments on abortion. today a rare admission from the trump campaign that he misspoke when he said that women who had abortions should be punished if the procedure were made illegal here in the united states. we're going to hear from the trump campaign live in


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