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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  April 3, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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good morning. welcome to sunday. so grateful to have your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> all eyes on wisconsin. twob days until the badger state heads to the polls. >> proving to be a real battle for republican and democratic front runners. today no events in wisconsin for hillary clinton. senator sanders holding a town hall at 2:30 eastern and a rally lgt tonight. >> trump a rally tonight after a busy day yesterday.
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he held three campaign events and despite coming off perhaps the most brutal week of his candidacy, donald trump says he's feeling very confident. sara sidner has more. >> presidential candidate donald trump coming through wisconsin and claiming to be here until the primaries, showing no signs of worry or tenseness after a rough political week. he talked to the crowd here. making them laugh. saying, hey, this is a really important state which everyone knows. 42 delegates up for grabs here. he says please do me a favor. go out and vote. and then he jokes saying well if you don't go out and vote for me too that's good because i'm go home and relax a little. wisconsin has not been as strong a supporter for donald trump as some of the other places he's been. but we did see hundreds of people in line who did not get into this event because it was absolutely packed. we also talked to some women because this week we talked and
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got into a lot of hot water for flip-flopping on surgeon issues abortion and we talked to women about that skpish what they thought about donald trump himself. >> i think he's real. he doesn't have a teleprompt. he just answers questions. do we not all change our opinion sometimes? >> they like that about him. that he's not on a teleprompter. that he hasn't been thinking through every thing he saysish. that he just speaks out and they are fine with him changing his mind, saying everybody else does it as well. also we talked to quite a few undecided voters who were coming here so they could see him in person and watch the process and see what he's like in person to try and decide whether or not they were going to vote for him or someone else. there are a lot of folks here coming out from all over the place but he is going to some small places. rothschild for example, is only about 5,000 people in this small
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village. so he's hitting a lot of different places here. not just big cities and there are quite a few people coming out to hear from him. >> all right. let's bring in cnn political commentator and donald trump supporter jenniferry lord and the cnn presidential historian douglas brinkley. good morning. jeffrey, i want to start here with this maureen dowd interview this morning in the "new york times." trump admits retweeting that unflattering photo of heidi cruz was a mistake. yeah it was a miss takes. if i had to do it again i wouldn't have sent it. a bit of regret there from donald trump. should he just apologize for it? >> you know, i think that probably constitutes an apology right there. you know -- >> there is a difference in saying mistakes were made and i'm sorry. >> victor, when we look at all the poms, the reuters tracking
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polls for this week have donald trump going up, not down. beating ted cruz by more. not less. and my point to you victor, when the media writ large ux when they get on these kind of kicks, the audience out there, certainly the donald trump audience looks at this as the guy being targeted by the national media and the kind of thing exactly they can't stand. so i think all of this pouring over should he do this or that? in the end i think that helps him. >> there is no targeting here. donald trump suggested he made a mistake. in fact he said yeah i made a mistake. and why not say for that mistake i'm sorry? >> the perception out here is that the media, whether it is donald trump or it could be any number of other people over the years that we get on these kicks and i include myself in these. we get on these kicks here and
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we're all talking to one another and meanwhile people out there who are making breakfast for their kids and trying to get on with their lives are look at at this and rolling their eyes and saying for god sakes get onto the real issues. >> let's talk about the real issue for the trump campaign. 73 percent of women polled who have a negative view of donald trump. and douglas, can he win with that number? and this maureen dowd interview he corrected her citing another poll saying it is 68%. so then it is two-thirds of women in that poll. can a presidential candidate win with those numbers? >> no, of course he can't. so donald trump has a lot of work to do in that regard. it is interesting that he did this on mea culpa about the tweet of ted cruz's wife with maureen dowd, who's a fierce feminist and very popular writer. he constantly tries to talk to her, she kind of smooths some of the edges on him once in a
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while. but i think that for trump he maybe need to co-more kind of women's forums are, or talk more about women's issues. find a way to drive that number at least down to 50%. but when you are at 70 or 68, that's not a number that you can wane national election on. women after all are over 50% of the people that vote in the united states. >> so jeffrey, latest polls show ted cruz ahead by 10 points. how does donald trump close that gap? >> he just keeps at it. and victor, one historical point i think doug is probably aware oaf. bill clinton lost 13 primaries in 1992. ronald reagan lost four in 1980 and both still managed to not only win their nomination but the white house. you have a string of primaries upcoming where donald trump is favored. so were he to lose in wisconsin you just keep on going, and he'll get to new york and
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pennsylvania and california and other places where he's doing skrr well. >> so let me ask about what he told a group in wisconsin about the cbs interview in which he said and i'm paraphrasing, that abortion laws should stay the same. here is what he said. >> the truth is you can't, no matter what you do. no matter what you say. because they can take something you say and turn it around. like i'll be on the cbs "face "the nation"" what i said was perfect. what i said was so good. it was so perfect. and then they looked, oh maybe he should have added a word. well actually the way it came out they took words out that i said. >> jeffrey, you believe that? that cbs took words out that he said? >> i don't know. i haven't seen it victor. so i have no idea. but let me just say, that he's
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playing right there to exactly the kind of sentiment that i was just discussing with you. and frankly, that is not new. ronald reagan used to do this. george bush used to do. this both george bushs used to do this. this is gospel. if you remember when newt gingrich took on a member of the media in one of the debates the audience cheered him hn. and i think went on to help him win the south carolina primary. this is gospel about the media in general. so he's playing to that and he's not the first and he surely isn't going to be the last. >> i love this pairing. because douglas, every time i'm talking with jeffrey lord, he brings up ronald reagan. every conversation he brings up ronald reagan. now he's mixing in george bush, he's mixing in bill clinton. >> well they are the last three presidents. >> is that a fair comparison do you believe? >> well, all the republicans like to claim ronald reagan because he's become quite beloved and he's a successful
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two term president that many people were afraid would be too far right or too radical. and pretty much a pragmatic conservative. and i think dhaz what donald trump and all the republicans who have run want to be. but the key point this week is donald trump had a bad week. he seemed to have a lost momentum no matter what a poll may show. and looks like wisconsin will be tough the win. we'll see if he can get some energy there in the next few days. but as jeffrey rightfully says he has a pretty good fallback position in winning new york. new york, and pennsylvania and california. and then even come with up some delegates short by the time they get to cleveland. he's still sitting in the cad bird seat. even though there is a niagara falls of protest within the republican party to knock him off. >> good to have both of you. and together. we'll do this again.
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>> thanks. >> thank you both. also a programming note. stay with cnn for full coverage of the wisconsin presidential primaries for both republicans and democrats. all day. special coverage this tuesday right here on cnn. let's talk about hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they are still squabbling over a proposed debate in new york. before the primaries of course there. with secretary clinton now accusing sanders of rejecting her offers to debate him. >> plus brussels airport set to reopen today for the first time after a deadly terror attack there just a couple of weeks ago. >> and we are going to show you a drone's view of palmyra. the city in syria that's been taking back from isis hands. now a mass grave has been found there. details ahead.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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whatever. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. are battling this time over a still unscheduled debate. each side calling basically shenanigans on the other saying dates have been offered. they have been rejected by the other team. the clinton camp has accused the sanders team of, quote, playing gaims. while a sanders spokesman said that clinton's proposed dates were ludicrous.mes. while a sanders spokesman said that clinton's proposed dates were ludicrous. >> thank you both for being here. patty, the sanders team says clinton proposed this debate on the same night as the ncaa playoffs. a lot of people might go all right.
3:15 am
who's going to watch that debate? is he right? that is a ludicrous choice for a debate night. >> well it is my understanding that the clinton campaign offered three different dates. one on the night of the playoffs but either before or after. >> why would you even bother, really on that night? >> that they offered two other dates which he rejected. which the sanders campaign rejected. the bottom line is hillary is a really good debater. she think debated 26 times in ' '08. he's really smart. knows the issues backwards and forwards. this is a venue that really plays to her strengths. so the idea that she doesn't want to debate to see seems a little lludicrous. >> the clinton campaign says sanders will not sign on to a debate on good morning america. do we have that tweet?
3:16 am
basically saying listen, we were told that sanders was willing to debate on gma. then when we accepted he buggied with bulked. it is a creative idea. why not take that option? >> well i think to your point you have sort of answered the issue -- the answer is the sanders campaign wants to have the maximum audience. and bernie has always wanted to debate. he'd be happy to debate every day. i think the clinton campaign donald this because respectfully i think they don't want -- same reason hillary clinton has dodged press conferences. she doesn't want to be before the new york voters. because every time she does something happens. for example i'm pretty sure it was a debate where when she was asked about taking the $225,000 for a speech from goldman sachs
3:17 am
she simply answered that is what they offered. and i think that kind of thing is what the clinton campaign is panicked about approaching the primary. it is all about we're going to win in wisconsin and there is a great fear that she's also going to lose in new york. >> patty, what's your reaction to his assertion that she's dodging the press conferences or the interviews. or the debates? >> the idea that the clinton campaign is panicked right now, again, ludicrous. right now she is beating bernie sanders. she is ahead of him with the popular vote. she's ahead of him with delegates. hi hillary clinton has run in new york statewide twice and won. the idea that she's hiding from new york voters, ludicrous. >> you keep using the word ludicrous. but it is just a fact. and let's have a debate in prime time. >> she wants to have that
3:18 am
debate. >> sure. -- as we have before. not on an ncaa night. >> -- >> why is it so hard? we've got two weeks before the new york debate. why is it so hard for both camps to look and say this is the day, this is the debate. why is it so hard to do that? >> well speaking as the scheduler for a campaign for many years. i did it in '92, '96. scheduling is hard. i'm sure -- look. in all honesty, i'm sure both campaigns are trying to find the right date for each of their schedules. they are campaigning hard. they are going right knew to wisconsin. they are campaigning in wisconsin and new york. finding a mutual date that works is hard. that is the given. but you cannot say that hillary clinton is dodging a debate. she's offered three dates. >> and so let's remember how this all came about.
3:19 am
the clinton campaign refused to debate and the bernie sanders campaign has repeatedly asked for the debate. finally the clinton campaign, partly i think pressure from the republic and reporters asking the question has now decided okay we have to have a debate. but if they had they are druthers they wouldn't want to debate because they are concerned as bernie sanders has always prooud that he closed fast when there is one state to focus on. by the way looks like he now may have won the nevada caucuses based on the results yesterday that happened at the next level. i agree we should have a debate. let's have multiple debates between now and new york. >> we have some common ground. you both want debates, you say. hillary clinton yesterday in eu
3:20 am
claire wisconsin. let's listen. >> i'm also a democrat and have been a proud democrat all my adult life. and i think that is kind of important if we're selecting somebody to be the democratic nominee of the dmok party. >> we know what she's getting at here.emocratic party. >> we know what she's getting at here. they have some things in kmocom policiwise. but are these the distinctions here? yesterday she was focusing on guns. obviously trying to get to sanders kind of being a johnny come lately because he was an independent. we know not necessarily working for donald trump either. is this really a good argument to make that perhaps -- that he -- that sanders hasn't always
3:21 am
ban democrat and that that's a short fall for him? >> i think sanders will tell he's a democratic socialist. i think that is fine. i think an issue here that is not fine is he's refusing to raise money for any democrat other than himself. and he has to commit to raising money for senators and members down ballot and he has yet to do so. and i think that is a problem. >> and the last word. >> it's ludicrous. democrats would not have passed things if bernie had been part of the democrat caucus. i think these things are kind of irrelevant. bernie is running as a democrat. period. and the thousands of people turning outlet to his rallies, they see him as a democrat. they want hinl to be the
3:22 am
nominee. >> we appreciate you both being here. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> and a programming note. bernie sanders is jake tapper's guest this morning on "state of the union" right here on cnn. this morning we have new video of the brussels airport as officials prepare to reopen it after those deadly terror attacks in the city. you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites
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25 minutes after the hour now and for the first time since the terror bombings in brussels the city's airport has now reopened but it is an on extremely limited schedule.
3:26 am
>> cnn's alexandria field is live this morning, and as we understand it just three flights today. is that correct? >> reporter: right. they are sort of symbolic flights. as you can smaj this is going to be an emotional return for some people. particularly the people who work in this airport, who secured this airport. who are here this day in day out. this place has been closed 12 days now but way want to begin to try to return to some sense of normalcy here. it isn't normal by any stretch. they used to do 600 flights a day and they are starting with just three but it is a place to start. there are much heavier security levels being enforced here at the airport. you are seeing a lot of armed officers and military who are out here. that is probably giving some comfort we hope to the passengers who are going to make these flights. this they have been assured that this is a safe place to be. they are doing screenings of the
3:27 am
passengers but there is security even before people get to check in. check in is become done as the temporary facility because the check in desks were destroyed in the attacks so it will take time to rebuild and restore the terminal to the way it looked before the attacks. and we're told that rolle probably won't happen in the end of june or beginning of july. you will see them adding flights to the schedule daily, but as for fully repairing that building itself, probably not until the summer. >> we appreciate it. thank you alexandria. >> still to come with donald trump's comments on abortion and immigration, what happens next? donald trump says he can be presidential if he wants. so why isn't he? and is he hurting his chance to actually become president? we'll ask a presidential hist y
3:28 am
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donald trump is coming off what some say is one of the toughest weeks of his presidential run thus far. let's count back. first critics accused him of flip-flopping on his position on
3:32 am
dorgs. several answers in the span of just a few days. then president obama took direct shots of trump's knowledge of the world saying he doesn't understand foreign policy. and yesterday trump admitted he made a mistake when he retweeted an unflattering picture of heidi cruz. he he's trying to turn everything around before wisconsin. douglas brinkley is back. i want to go to this interview with maureen dowd and the times. and donald trump said this. you know there are a lot of people who say don't change. i can be as presidential as anybody who ever lived. i can be so presidential, if i want. so i ask you, do you see a strategic advantage to a presidential candidate not being presidential? people like a fighter, but this suggestion that he doesn't want to be presidential? >> well i'm an old writing teacher at heart.
3:33 am
and the line show, don't tell. if you are going to be presidential, show yourself as presidential. don't tell us that you could be. i think this is the albatross around the neck. people are starting not to be able to see him as the commander in chief. some of the fun of watching somebody unhinged and unscripted has been lasting months but he really truly has to pivot on this last week. it's been murderous on him and he's probably going to lose wisconsin and he's even going to lose more momentum. so he's got to kind of start tacking in a different direction. and i thought he used the "new york times" maybe as the pivot point for himself but he can't control himself sometimes. and that retweeting has cost him an awful lot the last few months. >> how long before he says he can be so presidential if he wants. how long can we hate?
3:34 am
to the general or the inauguration day. >> oh no. >> he says he can make that pivot. it's been 10 months now. this campaign. >> it's worked for him not to be presidential for a while. but a great politician of franklin roosevelt for example knows when that moment comes that you have to change your game slightly. you have got to act a different way. the key to all of his problems is how women are disgusted by him. you have 75% of the women in america that want nothing to do with him. he's got to fix that number. and you don't do that by just shooting off the cuff and saying things. he also has a problem, donald trump, at first it seems admirable. he answers every question thrown at him. but you don't always have to answer something. just say not going there. that is what presidents do. they constantly don't answer a question that would get you into a deep hole. so he's got to be a little bit smarter than he's been in the
3:35 am
last few weeks. otherwise he is a sinking ship and you are going to see the republicans, if he doesn't get the delegate, just reject him out of hand when it gets to clifld. >> so it is good i you with us this morning. the presidential historian. i think one element where he says he made a mistake by retweeting that unflattering picture of heidi cruz. to say i made a mistake without apologizing is something that is quintessential politically. this is what politicians say. they don't policy for it often. should he apologize? >> as the good question, victor. and i think he did what we'd called a half-baked apology. he's got to go the full load
3:36 am
here. e just needs to say hey look i apologize to heidi cruz. she felt insulted. i can see why. i'm not going to do anything like that. i had my dander up and it wasn't me at my best and i'm sorry. if he could do that i think it would two a long way. we'll see whether he can pull that off today or tomorrow before wisconsin because i think more than anything that is that photograph he put of heidi cruz up, which was directly from him. not a super pac. i think that's cost him probably than the flippant abortion ore - comment with chris mathews! let me ask you finally, new interview, donald trump predicts he could rid the country of the debt in two terms as president. i want your response. >> bill clinton was able to work with congress and get us a
3:37 am
budget plus after his two terms so it is doable. i think when trump talks like that, that is when he sounds the best, when he's focusing on economic issues and how to get rid of our national debt. i think that is trump at his best. when he gets into social issues and becomes the insulter in chief and takes the low road, i think that is when he starts being closive and loses voters. >> a balanced budget and surplus, but to pay off $19 trillion in two terms. you think that's possible? >> well i don't think it's possible but it is worth trying. we are going to have to pay some of it off. so he's just saying i'll find ways to do it. i think something like that, we can't prove that he can't until he's elected. so he's on safer realm when he says on major economic issues than when he dooets into talking about latinos and the wall and, you know, not denouncing the
3:38 am
clan and on and on. at least it gives us a policy imperative backing his verbiage. >> all right douglas, always good to have you. >> thank you. well the lgbt community is reacting to north carolina's controversial bathroom bill as are so many people. we're going to talk to a trans gender woman who has a lot to say about this and who is very open about how it will effect her. stay close.
3:39 am
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you know the fight continues
3:42 am
in north carolina over this law the critics say limits the rights of trans gender citizens. >> you have heard from protester, lawyers and legislator on both sides. now hear from a transgender woman who feels she could be in danger if she has to obey this law. here is nick valencia. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it's saturday in raleigh, north carolina. and this is a midday drag show. a fundraiser for lgbt awareness. >> ms. candace cox. >> candace cox is the woman of the hour. >> the most important thing for me personally is every time i close my eyes and i say prayer and i ask my god, as that person of faith how he feels he seem to have a problem and my parents don't have a problem with it. >> black woman in north carolina. i'm used to be stabbed.
3:43 am
just in my tobaccback, not in m >> reporter: a new state law requires trans people to use the public restroom related to the gender on their birth certificate, not how they identify. >> this law effects us. because it puts us in danger and it is open discrimination. it is no different than the jim crowe laws we had here in the south. >> reporter: at home, candace and her husband say they worry she'll be physically assaulted or worse. >> i would say most of the attention is because the people doesn't understand what the bill actually does. >> reporter: stam says the law is not about limiting the protections of the lgbt community but rather not giving them special rights. >> we have lots of accommodations in the bill for those in special circumstances. but we are trying to protect the
3:44 am
reasonable expectations of privacy of 99.9% of our citizens. who think when they are going into a restroom or changing room or locker room that they will be private. >> that's you as a boy. >> yeah. >> reporter: 19 surgeries, two trips to thailand and more than a hundred thousand dollars laird she's postop transit gender. >> we're all literally the same. and we're all fighting for the same thing. we all just want to be accepted and we want to know that we are not going to be discriminated against. >> reporter: nick valencia, cnn raleigh north carolina. >> nick valencia. thank you for that. coming up next on "new day" a mass grave uncovered in palmyra.
3:45 am
the ancient city in syria that's been taken back from isis. we've got details next.
3:46 am
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enter the x1 voice remote. now when someone says... show me funny movies. watch discovery. record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting 48 minutes past the hour and new evidence this morning regarding how isis conducted it's ten month occupation of palmyra. this is drone video of just some of the damage. look at this. syrian forces seeing this also found a mass grave with at least 40 bodies inside. many of them were women and children. now, they retook the ancient city from isis just last week. cnn military analyst mark
3:49 am
hertling with us now. general, what it is significance of them being able to take palmyra back? >> well the syrian forces with russian air contributions, close air support were able to expand the reach of mr. assad's army and his government to palmyra. what's important about this particular area, palmyra is to the east of the city and district of homs which is an important sector for several reasons. it has a great number of syrian population there. but it also connects the roads to the eastern boundary, specifically the town of --. these border towns are critically important for stopping the flow of isis fighters into syria. it acts as the block christi. and this is all beyond the fact that palmyra is a unesco site with all of these antiquities
3:50 am
that isis has destroyed over the months. >> when they do retake a city like this, are all of the isis fighters gone already? do they capture any? are they still there? i'm trying to understand what resources and information and intel they can get from taking a city like this. >> it really depends christi. and there are indicators they captured quite a few fighters in the town of palmyra and that will be critically important for intel. there is also the interesting dynamic that many of the isis fighters that are being captured are talking about the organization and its state right not. i the fact that they have been reduced in pay, their leaders have been killed. the fact they no longer want to fight for the organization because of the depravities of what they have seen once they get there, especially the foreign fighters. so all of these things are indicators that isis is faltering in both syria and iraq. but also what's important when you go into the town, they booby
3:51 am
trap the houses, they mine the roads. they put sniper positions in the various facilities. so all of those things require the syrian forces and truthfully the indicators are the syrian forces took quite a bit of sashlts going into this town. all of this is below the noise level of international media but there are desperate fighting on. >> base on the intel about the lack of finances and morale. how do you see the fight against isis at this point? >> well you can never see we're winning against a force like isis or any terrorist organization. what you have to say is we are gaining and actually helping them to deteriorate. it's came in with a proclamation they were not only going to conduct terror prass but they are going to govern.
3:52 am
and any time you talk about the --. all of the things associated with government. it is very difficult to do. so when there are indicators their funding is going down and what they are paying fighters, that is huge. and we knew about this about two months ago. several reports came out. also, talking about the depravity and what they are doing to the people they are trying to govern and their leadership being killed all of those are indicators they are faltering. >> lieutenant general hertling, we so appreciate your insight on this. thank you. ahead on "new day," hillary clinton is telling voters in wisconsin that she's always been a democrat but pointing out that bernie sanders has not. is that resonating. we'll have more on that next hour. plus history made at the final four. but as the record one school probably want nos part of. what are you doing right now?
3:53 am
making a cake! ayla reminds me of like a master chef and emiana reminds me of like a monster chef. uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like i am not actually cleaning it up what's that make mommy do? (doorbell) what's that? swiffer wetjet. so much stuff coming up. this is amazing woah. wow. now i feel more like making a mess is part of growing up. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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college basketball's final four now cut to two. >> and sleepless andy scholes live in houston with the bleeper report. i guess there are worse things to have stayed up all night for. >> not touching that. andy? [ laughter ] >> i walked into that one. >> reporter: -- hanging in there though. you know what guys, sometimes the ncaa tournament we get those nail biters that come down to the last second and other times, well, we get what happened last night. both games ended up being blow outs. villanova put on a shooting exhibition against oklahoma. one for the ages. 11 for 18 from three point land. a ridiculous 71% from the field. and oklahoma's star picked a bad
3:57 am
time for his worst game of the tournament. villanova crushing oklahoma in this one 95-51. the biggest blow out in final four history and the wildcats go to the championship game for the first time science is the 85. >> that was just would have been those games that could happen to anybody. and i feel bad for oklahoma that it a hpd to them in the final four. i'm happy we have one of those games where we just make every shot. >> they played really well today and one of the best teams i ever played in college. so just got to give them credit. they made it hard for us to guard them. >> reporter: the night cap, one seed north carolina having a little trob with syracuse. syracuse never able to make a serious one. north carolina are now one win from their first title since 2009. it is going to be one seed north
3:58 am
carolina taking on two seed villanova. monday night at 9:19 eastern. north carolina a slight favorite to win it all. vice president joe biden and his wife dr. jill biden we are here last night. routing on their schools. vice president biden graduated from the syracuse college of law from doctor biden got her masters from villanova. at least one was a winner last night. before the game the vp joined the show and gave his thoughts on the current race for president. >> there is a lot to look forward in the country. the thing that bothers me about both the parties right now is there is not enough optimism. america is better positioned than any country in the world to control the 21st century for real. and i just think the kids out here are going to see more change and more progress than any generation's ever seen. >> so guys are, you know with syracuse losing last night i guess the bidens will at least get to cheer together both for
3:59 am
villanova in the championship game monday night. as opposed to being a house divided. >> thank you so much andy. the headlines here. at least two from an activist group face fines today for smoking marijuana in front of the white house. they weren't alone. about 200 others are ding the same thing. they gathered to protest the federal classification and send a message that the drug should not be considered dangerous. >> let's go to california now woo where a small plane made an emergency landing on the interstate. the plane slammed into a car full of people stopped on the shoulder. one woman was killed. five orest hurt, including the pilot who suffered life threatening injuries. >> two weeks into spring and winter not ready to go. >> one more taste. >> northeast is getting win last blast of cold and wind. today and tomorrow.
4:00 am
baseball fans have to bundle up if for opening game between the pooirts and cardinals. going to barely break into the low 40s today. and stay with us. thank you so much. we're glad to have you here this morning. >> a lot more coming up in the next hour of your "new day" next hour of your "new day" starting right now. -- captions by vitac -- two days until the badger state head to the polls. >> today the republicans candidates are making their final push. senator cruz with two stops. donald trump with just one rally tonight after a busy saturday. trump held three campaign events yesterday and despite coming off what some say was the most brutal week of his candidacy, ld


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