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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 4, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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big sister. >> get back to work if everybody is fine. time for "newsroom" with poppy harlow. >> another baby on the way here very, very soon. >> should you be at work? >> yeah. i should be at work. >> christopher. >> for a girl? >> michaela is a nice way to go. >> have a good day. "newsroom" begins right now. good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow in for carol costello. so glad you are with us. we begin with politics and donald trump trying to rebound as ted cruz shifts into high
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gear. today the candidates are blanketing wisconsin ahead of tomorrow's critical primary. the stakes couldn't be higher. 42 delegates up for grabs. the battle there is fierce according to recent polls trump is trailing cruz by about ten points. trump says he is confident despite what many are pointing to as potentially his worst week last week. he is calling on rival john kasich to drop out of the race immediately in what could be a move to appeal the women. his wife who we have rarely seen on the trail will hit the campaign trail with her husband today in milwaukee. how will all of this play out with wisconsin voters? let's go to jason carroll in wisconsin. trump is holding an event there later this morning. let's begin on the focus on kasich. interesting considering he really needs to take out cruz in wisconsin. what is the thinking here? >> reporter: well, the thinking is that kasich is the one taking votes away from him at least
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that is what according to what trump is saying. he is saying a lot of things when he is addressing audiences over the weekend. he says i'm a man who is used to building buildings and not being asked questions about things like nato and abortion. he says when he tackles those subjects he uses what he calls good common sense. he says he has had bad weeks before and has bounced back. this time he says he is going to do the same thing. gop candidates making their final sprint to wisconsin's primary tomorrow barn storming the battle ground state. trump admitting to having a rough week leading up to primary day after a slew of missteps in his campaign. >> i took that answer and i didn't like it because i think a lot of people didn't understand it. >> reporter: at a town hall sunday the front runner trying to articulate his shifting stance on abortion saying if outlawed women who get the procedure should be punished. >> women go through a tremendous
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punishment of themselves. and i didn't like because i wasn't sure if people would understand it so i clarified it. it was just a clarification and i think it was well accepted. >> reporter: in a move to stem disapproval trump saying he regrets retweeting a mean spirited photoof ted cruz's wife. cruz says he is over it. >> it has gotten to the point where i could not care less about donald trump. >> reporter: fuelling the fire storm trump standing by his campaign manager facing battery charges for an alleged assault on a reporter. the billionaire fighting to make last minute gains on a state with an aggressive anti-trump movement. trump taking aim at rivals cruz -- >> he's a cheater. he's a dirty rotten cheat. remember that. >> reporter: and john kasich. >> everyone says he is such a nice guy. he is a nasty guy you want to know the truth.
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>> reporter: trump doubling down on calls for the ohio governor to leave the race arguing that kasich is taking his votes and has no chance of winning the nomination. >> the problem is he is in the way of me. not cruz. he hurts me more than he hurts cruz. >> reporter: another lingering issue, controversy over trump's suggestion japan and south korea develop nuclear arms to protect themselves. >> you don't go running around talking about using nuclear weapons. >> reporter: and trump telling supporters over the weekend that his daughter has asked him to try to be more presidential. trump telling the crowd i will be more presidential once these other two drop out of the race. he says at that point he will be so boring no one will want to pay attention to hipm. >> why do i doubt boring and trump could be in the same sentence? before i let you go milania is
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hitting the trail. i'm wondering if you have insight into the strategy play in terms of reinvigorating female support of donald trump which has been lagging? >> reporter: a couple of things. trump has said repeatedly that no one respects women more than he does. he says he will do great with women voters. later on in the weekend he admitted that comments that he made might hurt him. so perhaps it's part of the strategy to have this female presence out there with him on the campaign. it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference. if you look at polling one pole shows among republican voters his disapproval rating is up at something like 39%. we were talking to women in general almost double that in the low 70s. 70% plus disapproval rating among women in general. so it's clear after what
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happened this past weekend that he will need help in that department. >> we'll see if she can bring it. thank you. good to have you. the critical primary is there tomorrow. here is why it is so critical. victory gives the winner a major boost of momentum. this is the first contest, only major contest. a lot of experts saying this is a state to reshape the entire republican race. as for cruz this is all about keeping trump from getting to the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination ahead of the convention as the "washington post" writes a defeat for trump will be an embarrassing setback because of the state's blue collar makeup. let's talk about all of it with trump supporter jeffrey lord and joined by the founder and former economic adviser to president reagan and matt lewis, conservative writer.
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thank you gentlemen for being with me. jeffrey, i want to begin with you. when you look at wisconsin and i think especially when you look at northwestern wisconsin when you have the blue collar workers there, when you have the fact that the state has lost 35,000 manufacturing jobs since 2006, that is what trump has been hammering on, you think this would be a home run for trump. can he take it tomorrow, though? >> sure. we'll see. i think he is going to do a little better than everybody says. let me just call our attention back to iowa where there was a lot of hype that he was going to win. a lot of people thought he might win. he came in second and there were all of these headlines about the end of trump is here and this kind of thing. immediately after wisconsin we are heading to a whole slew of primaries where donald trump is ahead in new york and pennsylvania and others. so we will see what happens in wisconsin but no stretch of the
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imagination is it determinative. >> you are saying he can get to 1,450 delegates without taking a delegate in wisconsin. big headlines over the weekend about what donald trump told the "washington post" in terms of the economy saying the u.s. economy is heading towards a massive recession, saying the u.s. is sitting on a financial bubble and said he would be able to eliminate the national debt in eight years in office. to do that he would have to cut the annual budget in half. how realistic is this? >> that's not true. he would not have to do that. >> how did he get to that number in. >> by asset sales. you have properties, post office. >> who are you going to sell it to? >> southern california beachfront property still going nicely. you have oil reserves. you have gold. you have all of these assets.
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>> who are you going to sell it to to eliminate $19 trillion in national debt? >> you couldn't eliminate the whole 19 trillion with asset sales. you wouldn't reduce it to zero but you can make a huge hit. the tax amnesty program by itself could probably bring in $800 billion. >> he wants to cut taxes. >> he wants to cut tax rates. he does not want to cut taxes. he wants to cut tax rates to bring economic growth back in and bring jobs back into the united states by having a corporate tax of 15% versus the highest tax and he is right on that. so is ted cruz completely right on that. everyone else is missing this. >> jump in here because trump said he wants to impose a 35% tariff on goods imported to the u.s. from china and mexico. ceos have come out and said that
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would drive this country into recession. do the economic numbers add up? >> as a free trader i'm against the tariffs and i think the problem with donald trump is whether it is isolationism or trade policies he is really harkining back to a preworld war ii era. we have learned lessons along the way. protectionism doesn't work. we are doomed to protect the lessons of the past. if you want to pay $5,000 for an iphone, if the american consumer wants to pay more and have a lot less purchasing power that is the way to do it. the one thing i agree with donald trump on is interest rates. if you keep them low for so long you can have bubbles. he is right about that. >> jeffrey, to you, when it comes to unemployment, another headline from this "washington post" article with trump is that he said unemployment is not at
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5%. it is in the 20s. if you go to the labor department statistics and count in all people on the margins who are out of work but not looking for work so they are not included in the formal unemployment rate last month less than 10%. i know you support him but telling the american people unemployment is something that it is not, how can you do that? >> poppy, i don't think the american people need to be told. i think the american people are experiencing this. i think this is one of the reasons why donald trump has such rocket fuel in his political tank here. as i may have mentioned yesterday, i know somebody personally looking for a job for three years and only found one in the last couple of weeks. people are really suffering out there. >> the numbers are what the numbers are. can you jump in here? >> i would love to jump in. if you look at employment we are worried about employment and not about unemployment and not about participation rates. if you go back to employment during clinton's era and
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employment was about 64%, 64.5. we are losing about 13 million jobs compared to where it was with clinton. that is both w and obama contributing to all of that. we have a terrible employment recovery. we are losing so much potential output. while donald trump's numbers may not be exactly right at 5% or 10% he is completely correct in the spirit of this as are all republican candidates this is a terrible recovery. the worst in u.s. history. so anyone who claims this is a good economy doesn't know the facts. >> let's lay out some facts. i do not disregard the pain for many americans. wage growth has been stagnant for far too long. at the same time you have unemployment at 5%. you do have gas at $2. you do have an 11% increase in home values over the last year. final word to you.
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>> the last thing i would say, it is easy to blame trade policy and globalization, easy to blame immigration but the other thing that hardly ever gets talked about is automation. the truth is that american businesses are becoming more efficient, able to produce more goods by paying fewer people to do it. robots, whatever it is, people who can refill a coke at mcdonald's without paying somebody to do that. this is a big problem that doesn't get talked about because it is hard to demagogue. >> i don't like ordering my lunch from an ipad. i still rather order from a person. thank you all very much. stay with us here on cnn all day tomorrow we have complete coverage of the wisconsin presidential primaries starting tomorrow morning. still to come here in the date newsroom democrats fighting about how to clash on the issue. the debate over the debate next.
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bernie sanders makes his final push in wisconsin today ahead of tomorrow's primary there. this as his debate dispute with hillary clinton explodes. both say they are ready to face off in new york. if you ask ms. clinton the ball is in sanders court. >> i'm confident there will be. i'm not the one negotiating it. that is going on between our campaigns. i know my campaign has been really trying to get a time that senator sanders campaign would agree with. >> sanders camp says the dates proposed aren't exactly fair. good morning, chris. what is the latest on the debate about the debates? >> reporter: good morning, poppy. this debate over the debates really dominated the campaign trail this weekend. it all started on saturday when the clinton campaign said they
6:19 am
proposed three different dates in april to debate bernie sanders in new york and sanders rejected the offers. the sanders campaign came back and said those dates don't work. one of those proposed dates is today. today is the ncaa men's basketball final. the people say people are going to want to watch basketball and not a presidential debate. another date was april 14th and sanders folks saying they are planning a huge dally in new york city that day. thanks but we are a little busy that day and countered with a slate of their own dates. here is how bernie sanders talked about it yesterday. >> we have been talking i think to nbc and to cnn and we are working on a number of dates. i'm glad the secretary accepted the challenge to debate in new york. i think we can work out a date that works for our schedule. doing it during ncaa finals
6:20 am
makes no sense and doing it in the morning makes no sense. i'm confident we will work out a time that is good for both of our schedules and when large numbers of people will be watching. >> reporter: so there you hear bernie sanders and hillary clinton pretty much on the same page saying they are confident there will be a new york debate. john weaver, campaign manager for bernie sanders saying he thinks this will get settled very soon. in new york there is about 250 delegates up for grabs on april 19th second only to california in the delegate cache. bernie sanders looks like he will do well here in wisconsin there is only 86 delegates up for grabs. there is no winner take all so bernie sanders needs to win about 75% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. hillary clinton needs just 35. he is looking to do well here in wisconsin and then wants to upset hillary clinton in her adopted home state. so when and where these debates
6:21 am
take place is going to be very important. >> keeps us all talking about it. thank you so much. let's talk about the debate dilemma and push it aside a little bit because when you look at hillary clinton she is taking another tactic. >> i am also a democrat and have been a proud democrat all my adult life. and i think that's kind of important if we are selecting somebody to be the democratic nominee of the democratic party. >> how many times can you say a democrat in 17 seconds? with me now to discuss cnn political commentators donna brazil and errol lewis. when you look at new york and the 12-point gap in the polling and look at their ties and that unmistakable brooklyn accent, the fact that her home is here, campaign headquarters in
6:22 am
brooklyn, how does bernie sanders close the gap? >> he is going to do what he has laid out. the notion of whip up excitement, have big rallies really push on some issues that his supporters really respond to and really get them motivated, energized and out because he is going up against the democratic establishment in new york as in many other places this means establish political clubs, elected officials who have a long history of turning out the vote, who have great voter lists who they activate every other year. bernie sanders is going to have to run around that. >> in 15 days. >> tall order. >> we heard hillary clinton there talk about basically saying my opponent isn't a true democrat. that on top of saying that his camp is lying over the weekend. he asked for an apology. you wonder how far she can go. i will ask you the same question. without hurting the party as a
6:23 am
whole and playing into exact attacks that the republicans will take against the democratic nominee. where is that line? >> we have a very contested convention, contested conversation right now in the democratic party. we don't have a contested convention because 44% of delegates have not been allocated. new york is a big hall of delegates. when you look down the road to the yankee primary on april 19th on the way to california on june 7 and end is d.c. they are going to continue to have the robust conversation, the differences that the candidates may have on big policy issues. i think overall the jockeying for the date will end soon and will have a debate to debate the issues. i still believe at the end of the day the democratic party is far stronger and better as a result of having this contested primary. >> you don't think that her making these points and saying
6:24 am
he is not a democrat, his camp is lying, et cetera, hurts the party at all in a general and tees up attacks for the republicans? >> there is no question that at the end of the day when primary season is over with we have to bring the two sides together. i want to work with both of the sanders camp and the clinton camp to ensure we have a strong united party to defeat whatever republican come out of the convention in cleveland. at the end of the day they will say things that alien ate some supporters on one side and maybe ignite passions on the other. we are going to have a united party at the end of the day. >> not even just the word of this election. to you same question. sanders talks all the time about her ties to wall street. he went after her hard on fossil fuels. i wonder if you think he is teeing this up in a way that hurts her if she is the nominee.
6:25 am
>> i'm sure republican strategists have that and much more. i don't think they need help from bernie sanders to figure out how to attack hillary clinton. they have 20 plus years of practice at that. donna's point is right. we have within the democratic party you can call it big ten but you have movement democrats. they get into politics because of black lives matter or occupy wall street. they have a certain kind of way of doing politics and then regular democrats, the people who year after year register voters and tell people to come out to the polls. they understand that what the democratic party means is not letting it fall apart every other year and fighting so that you have the basis to move a big initiative whether elections themselves or trying to elect a candidate. these groups don't normally get
6:26 am
along all that way. i'm expecting a little bit of fight that i see going on here all the time. >> i love new york because not only is it difficult to get on the ballot but to campaign in new york during my years this is the most exciting place to have a candidate and the campaign. i want to say one thing. erroll mentioned movement. 48 years ago today dr. king was assassinated. when you think about the democratic party dr. king fought to open doors for people of color to get involved in the political process. i hope both campaigns understand how important it is to raise these issues and continue to mobilize people to get involved in the politics process. >> thank you so much. good to have you both. coming up next to wisconsin. if wisconsin doesn't go for trump tomorrow are we looking at a whole new republican race starting wednesday? we'll discuss. shape. this... i can do easily.
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good morning everyone. i'm poppy harlow in today for carol costello. thank you for joining us this morning fierce denials and outrang pouring in over a leaked document that claim some of the world's richest and most powerful people created shell companies to hide behind billions of dollars. cnn has not been able to independently verify reports about the alleged documents referenced more than 100 current and former world leaders, politicians and public officials. we reached out to many of the high profile individuals and waiting to hear back from most. what are being called the so-called panama papers. what do we know at this hour?
6:32 am
>>. >> 11 million to be precise which were leaked about a year ago to a german newspaper which shared them with the commission for investigative journalism and other media outlets and there has been a year or so of digging to try to put together what the companies mean to try to get a handle on who is involved. pretty high profile names or associations to high profile names coming out of this. the biggest one vladimir putin. not named in the account specifically but associates who are very close to him are and the report says specifically that there was the existence of a clandestine network operated by putin associates that shuffled at least $2 billion through banks and offshore companies. there were deals involving a web of associates including one
6:33 am
where the rights to a $200 million loan were sold on for just one dollar. this stage as you said there has been a lot of denial and anger expressedologi also coming from russia. it is expressed finding anything they can to hurl at vladimir putin. that denial coming out of russia not just russia, the president being linked to this. the norwegian prime minister linked to this. these offshore accounts, it goes on and on. >>. >> absolutely the panama papers early reporting here we'll bring you more when we have it. live for us in hong kong, thank you so much. federal investigators trying to determine why two amtrak maintenance workers were killed
6:34 am
after they were on an active passenger train struck them. a forbes media chairman was a passenger in the last car in the train and told cnn it was about 30 minutes before he learned what happened. >> when our car, the coffee was flying everywhere and you knew something had gone wrong and there was a smell of smoke. first thought was there a fire. that went away quickly. we didn't hear anything for at least a half hour and so we were all speculating. there are rumors starting to fly around. responders came on and asked if anyone was injured and fortunately in our car no one was injured. >> the double fatality on that rail line yesterday one of three separate incidents within 12 hours yesterday involving amtrak trains. a pedestrian was hit and seriously hurt. and in illinois a driver was killed when an amtrak train
6:35 am
struck his vehicle. sara ganim has the latest in philadelphia. i know the investigators held a press conference but have they gotten to the bottom of the big accident that killed two people as to why the backhoe was on the tracks in the first place? >> scheduling and human error are among the factors that investigators are looking at as they continue to investigate that crash that happened on the tracks behind me. the lingering main question remains, how did an amtrak train and amtrak workers not know that they were on a path to collision? >> a frightening moment on board this amtrak train when it smashed into a piece of heavy equipment on the tracks causing the engine to derail. the train was enroute from savannah to georgia hitting a backhoe and crashing just south of philadelphia. two amtrak workers were killed.
6:36 am
passengers describing the heroing ordeal. >> i woke up to being thrown into the seat in front of me and the window blown out right beside me. it was a fire ball, kind of frightening few seconds. >> it was like a big explosion and then a fire. then the windows bursts out. >> the ntsb is now investigating looking into whether a scheduling error was a factor. >> we are looking at mechanical, operations, signal, track, human performance and survival factors. >> reporter: the derailment was the first of three incidents for amtrak on sunday. at about 3:00 p.m. a train struck a vehicle in illinois killing the 28-year-old driver. and then around 7:30 p.m. another accident. the incidents nearly a year after the deadly derailment in philadelphia when eight people
6:37 am
were killed and 200 injured due to speed on a curved section of track. as for yesterday's crash outside of philly the ntsb says it is still too early to know exactly what happened. >> we have recovered the event data recorder, the forward facing video and the inward facing video from the locomotive to send to our laboratory in washington, d.c. >> now, yesterday one of the passengers told cnn he knew something was wrong before impact. he could see outside the window and it felt like they were riding on gravel. many passengers described coming to a stop and did not feel right. it was an impact. these are all things that investigators will be looking into to give you an update we have seen trains running through on these tracks pretty regularly
6:38 am
today. there are 750,000 people who ride on the northeast corridor every day that cause major delays on sunday but it does appear trains are up and running today mpt. >> sara ganim live for us in pennsylvania. coming up next we return to politics. blue collar white men voting for donald trump in droves, right? why is he trailing ted cruz by ten points in wisconsin? next. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. the wisconsin primary one day away. it should be prime territory for someone like donald trump and his anti-free trade message. the state has seen a lot of manufacturing jobs disappear over the last three decades. just about 35,000 manufacturing jobs in the badger state have been cut over the last decade alone. despite his antifree trade push this is what the poll shows that
6:43 am
cruz is leading trump by ten points. a new tv spot by cruz hitting the state's job losses. >> stand up for fair trade and bring our jobs back from china. we will see wages going up. we will see opportunity again. we will see a president who will stand with the people of wisconsin and americans everywhere. >> reporter from the milwaukee journal sentinel. what do you make of the fact that you would think that wisconsin was tailor made for trump especially northwestern wisconsin, all of those manufacturing jobs. trump has been hammering at those. why is cruz beating them in the polls? >> we have seen a very vocal never trump movement here, our governor scott walker endorsed ted cruz. there has been a real push to try to stop trump here in wisconsin seeing negative advertising blitz targeting him.
6:44 am
they have been at war. he has been criticizing republican establishment and had real criticisms for governor walker and his record here. it has gotten pretty nasty here in wisconsin. >> when you look at issue number one for voters in wisconsin i'm interested in what it is for the republicans and democrats because national polls show the economy for both. what do you get the sense it is there? >> i think it is the economy although we have been fighting about each other's wives here. trump made comments about abortion that obviously got national attention. there have been quite a few distractions as they travel. but i do think that people across the state are obviously very concerned about jobs and wisconsin has been lagging when it comes to employment and bouncing back from the recession. >> talk to me about the power of talk radio in your state because i understand that that has
6:45 am
really been hurting donald trump. >> there's a very powerful conservative talk radio network here. donald trump called in last week, he really did three major conservative talk show hosts early last week and did not get a warm reception from any of them. he seemed a little caught offguard by it. i had a chance to speak with him here in milwaukee which is a common stop for politicians. he called on a prominent wisconsin talk show host a low life and said he is not a real believer and is with the establishment. >> we'll see how it all plays out. thank you. i know you have a busy day ahead certainly covering it all tomorrow. thank you so much. >> thanks. still to come, greece putting hundreds of migrants on
6:46 am
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the first boat carrying migrants supported from greece has arrived in turkey. the deportations are part of a controversial new deal that was struck between the european union and turkey to try to ease mass migration. amnesty international calls it a violation of international law. that's something that turkey denies. this all comes amid the largest migration crisis since world war
6:51 am
ii with more than a million migrants arriving in europe last year alone. many of them desperate after being displaced by the civil war. phil black is live with us from turkey. what are you seeing? >> what we've watched today are three vessels arrive in this port. and from them, they have disembarked around 202 migrants that are being sent back from greece here to turkey. mostly people from pakistan, some afghans as well and two syrians who at this early stage of this program volunteered to make the journey back. these are people who have left behind back in greece the dream of a peaceful future in europe. that's what drove them to cross the sea in the first place. that's not going to happen. this is now necessary. the european says, because as individual european countries bordering greece shut their borders to the migrants, it created a backlog in greece.
6:52 am
there are 50,000 migrants there in camps and in desperate, terrible conditions, and there are more making that journey. the idea of the agreement is to reduce the numbers, ease the burden for greece, but also send a clear message. it's not worth the effort, the journey. it's not risking your life to, to deter more people from trying to get to europe in this way. it's controversial with some people because they say europe is abdicating their responsibility to take people. and critics have concerns about turkey as the country that these migrants are being sent back to. they say that turkey is not in a position to give them the care and the protection they need. turkey refutes this. but much of the international community, human rights activists and so forth will be watching turkey's actions in the coming weeks and months to see how these migrants are treated. >> absolutely.
6:53 am
phil black live for us in turkey. thank you so much, phil. keep us posted. checking top stories for you. thousands have lost power in the midwest and northeast as several states get wind gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. in massachusetts, a tree falling on a car and killing two people. trees came down in ohio and new york. people all over the state said they woke up to the same sound. >> i woke up to a big crash, and my house shook. >> i heard a big crash and my mom went downstairs and looked out the window and said the neighbor's house fell down on us. >> at least 370,000 people lost power from wisconsin to maine. the worst outages were in pennsylvania with over 80,000 homes hit. two state governors will raise the minimum wage to $15. california and then new york. d california's bill applies
6:54 am
statewide. in new york the bill will raise minimum wage to $15 and hour first in new york city followed by the neighboring areas after that. then up state the wages will be raised to $12.50. for the 18th time, atlanta has the busiest passenger airport in the world. more than 100 million passengers came through the airport last year. dubai's airport has the most international passengers. still to come here in the news room, it's come down to this. wildcats versus tar heels. andy shols having the time of his life. who is your pick tonight? >> nif north carolina orville nova in my bracket. my opinion doesn't matter. we're hoping for a good one. we'll hear what both coaches are going to tell their team before the game. we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
the big game is final lly here. villanova versus north carolina. andy is joining us from houston. we hope it's a close game. who is your money on? >> reporter: we sure do. we had those two blowouts saturday night. chances are we'll get a good game between north carolina and villano villanova. the tar heels are trying to win their first national championship since 2009. roy williams trying to win his third national title. for the wildcats, they're looking to win their first title since 19 85. it doesn't get bigger than this game tonight. i sat down with both coaches last night and asked them what are they going to tell their team tonight before they hit the floor for the biggest game of their lives. >> i'm going to tell them this is like every other game for us. you know, we're not playing for
7:00 am
the national championship. we're playing a basketball game to beat north carolina. we love that. >> i let the moment and the hopefully the experience of being there for would help me say the right thing. you never know. if at the end of the game, if we win, i'll say i said the right thing. if we don't, i'll say i screwed it up. >> the tip off is at 9:19 p.m. i mentioned real quick in the bracket standings, they don't call it the lead with jake tapper for no reason. he already won the cnn anchor bracket pool even though we haven't played the championship game yet. >> i came in 12th. i'll keep my day job. what do you think? good idea? >> yeah, probably so. i got fourth. i needed oklahoma to win. a little disappointing for me. >> have fun tonight, andy. >> reporter: all right, thanks.
7:01 am
the next hour of news room begins right now. i'm poppy harlow. thank you for joining us. it is the final sprint for wisconsin. today donald trump and ted cruz blanketing the battle ground state as they gear up for tomorrow's primary. next hour they'll hold competing town halls. the stakes are high. 42 delegates up for grabs and the battle is fierce as trump tries to bounce back from a rocky week. he's doubling down on calls for john kasich to drop out. ted cruz now launching his own offensive against the ohio governor with a new add. >> after kasich became governor, that same company received 619 grand in state tax breaks for job creation. last year the company laid off 100 ohio employees, even as the ceo cut a half million check to kasich's superpac. john kasich is not for us. >> let's get to jason carroll
7:02 am
who is live in wisconsin where trump will speak next hour. what is his strategy here to get back the votes that the polls have him down 10 points? >> reporter: well, one of the things he wants to do, you heard there, is try to get john kasich out of race. he says it's time for him to go. when he was speaking to a group of supporters last night at a rally he said that kasich is, quote, littering up the race. he called it a disgrace. he said kasich is basically taking votes from him, not ted cruz. he also said kasich doesn't have the track record to be able to move forward. >> kasich is now 1 for 30. it's good if he gets out. i don't want him in. i don't want him in. why are you in? he's not a nice guy. do you remember the first debates? he came at me so strong. i said wait a minute you were a managing director of lehman
7:03 am
brothers which almost took the entire economy down. give me a break. he's not a nice guy. he's a nasty guy, you want to know the truth. >> ted cruz, as you know, and you saw from the ad also calling for kasich to drop out. they want this to be a two-man race, but so far no sign that kasich is going anywhere. >> yeah. i don't think that's happening, especially before tomorrow from everything kasich has said. jason before i let you go, when it comes to the female vote, this is something trump has struggled with, perhaps may have gotten worse with the back and forth with abortion. his wife hits the trail today. how much is she a play for the women's vote? >> i think they're hoping it will help. something to sort of buffer some of the things that he's said in the past week. as you know his wife and daughter have both said to him, try to be more presidential when you're interacting not only with the president but speaking at rallies like the one we're about
7:04 am
to have right here today. so far it doesn't -- hasn't seemed to work. when you look at some of the percentage points which show that republican female voters in terms of republican female voters are 39 disapruproval ratg with donald trump. that's something they're going to have to figure out a way to deal with. perhaps having his wife on the campaign, maybe it will help in some way, but clearly they have ground to make up, especially considering what happened last week. >> exactly. jason carroll, thank you so much. how will this all play out in wisconsin with the voters tomorrow? let's bring in ben ferguson. also with me is john phillips. nice to have you on, gentleman. ben, let me begin with you. we have seen cruz spend so much
7:05 am
time in wisconsin, more time than trump playing up the ground game. this looks a lot like the iowa strategy where he won, the iowa offensive. if cruz wins, your guy, how damaging do you think that is for trump? does that really turn this race? >> i think it does. i think at this point donald trump thought he would probably have this wrapped up and be able to say, look, i am going to be the nominee. it's time for everybody to move together. he's not been able to do that. what you see is there's a big difference here in the way the two campaigns are being run. ted cruz is on the ground and doing the old school shake hands, smaller events. donald trump is used to coming in on a jet and having a rally and immediately flying back out and saying i'm done here. so i think that is the big difference you're seeing is the ground game moving forward. i also think it comes down to another issue. that is the fact that donald trump is having a really hard time explaining his stances on important moral issues. abortion last week is a prime
7:06 am
example of it. and wisconsin voters paid attention to that. they realize donald trump is sound biting trying to speak pro life talk. he got it wrong, and you can't make out wisconsin voters that way, and it's costing him in the polls. >> john, to you, i want to give you a chance to defend your candidate and also speak to that issue that ben brings up, a critical issue when it comes to -- to many voters across the country is abortion and the fact that he had four positions in one week. are you concerned about what that does to him in wisconsin? >> well, he certainly flubed the abortion question, and walked it back, but this has been the worst week of the campaign so far for donald trump. i don't know what his secret service code name is, but it should be dalah, he's taking twice as much incoming fire as $0.50. he has to mitigate the damage of the state of wisconsin and move to friendlier ground. there's a new poll that came out
7:07 am
this weekend that has him north of 50%. there's a new poll out in the state of pennsylvania that has him ahead. other states haven't voted. >> are you conceding wisconsin? >> i don't know if i'm conceding it, but i'm acknowledging that he's behind in the polls and it's a tough pot. if he were to win, that might be the death blow to cruz. he's winning out of states with a lot of voters that are predisposed to like his brand 06 republican politics. >> wisconsin was an ideal state for donald trump going in. this was not a place he was going to do poorly. this is a place where he had a shot at winning in fa. the reason he flubed it is his four different positions on abortion but to act like this is
7:08 am
a state they're not going to be concerned with, the trump campaign, him losing. he was supposed to do well here, and he did not do well or is not? >> can i respond to that? >> yes, in a moment. i also want to respond to this report this morning that has a lot of people talking. it says that basically behind the scenes trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski's role is shrinking, especially after being given the misdemeanor simple battery charges last week. should lewandowski's role be diminished? >> okay, first on the midwestern states. that's the one region of the country where we haven't seen any sort of pattern. you had rubio win in minnesota. you had cruz win in iowa. you had trump win in michigan. you had kasich win in ohio. it's been all over the board. i don't necessarily know if any midwestern state is a home game for any of the candidates. if terms of lewandowski, look, i'm an athlete.
7:09 am
i grew up playing basketball. sometimes one team drops 12 points on the other, there's a scoring run and you have to stop the bleeding and move on and you have to come back out at halftime and do better. and that's what's going on right now with the donald trump campaign. they had a horrible week. i am acknowledged that right now. it's a new week. it's time to move on. it's time to mitigate the damage in wisconsin. it's time to run up the score in new york. >> what are you saying about lewandowski? is he a safe bet for trump going forward? >> if those reports are true, that would probably be reflective of the bad week hay they're had last week. if you're donald trump, you want to put the baby to bed. you don't want the process to linger on. cruz does not have a path to the white house outside of a contested convention. if it's a contested convention, it's going to get ugly. if you're donald trump, you want to win this thing outright. if what you're doing doesn't allow it, you need to make changes. >> getting the wrap, ben, i have
7:10 am
to leave it there. >> let me say this -- that's fine. >> you'll be on again, you know it. thank you both so much. soon bernie sanders will meet with more wisconsin voters. he's hosting a rally next hour as he makes a mad dash ahead of the primary tomorrow. county clinton hillary clinton is in new york. >> i'm confident we'll work out a time that's good for both our schedules and when large numbers of people will be watching. >> i'm confident there will be. i'm not the one negotiating it. that's going on between our campaigns. i know my campaign has been really trying to get a time that senator sanders campaign will agree with. >> chris freights is live with us in wisconsin. good morning. he's a little bit ahead in the polls and clinton is not in the state today. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. and what's really dominated the
7:11 am
campaign trail this past weekend was the debate over debates with the bernie sanders campaign and the hillary clinton campaign blaming each other for refusing to lock down a date to debate in the empire state, and then there's a little dr. suessing. clinton was first saying we proposed three dates. he rejected all of them. bernie sanders saying those debate dates don't work. one of the proposed days was tonight and tonight is the ncaa basketball tournament. they're saying people want to watch the game. another date is april 14th. the sanders are trying to have a huge rally that day expecting 10,000 to 20,000 people. they said thanks but no thanks we're busy that day. they countered have dates. they both said their confident this debate will happen. a campaign manager for bernie sanders saying this will get
7:12 am
settled soon. hillary clinton and bernie sanders still slugging it out on the campaign trail. take a listen to what hillary clinton had to say just a few days ago. >> i'm also a democrat. and have been a proud democrat all my adult life. and i think that's kind of important if we're picking someone to be the democratic nominee of the democratic party. >> reporter: so no surprise why hillary clinton hitting bernie sanders. he expected to do very well in wisconsin here tomorrow, but there's only 8 6 delegates at stake here. he is lagging clinton by about 240 delegates. he's really looking to upset hillary clinton in her home state where there's 250 delegates at stake. although important to note this is not a winner take all primary. it's proportional. bernie sanders needs to win 57%
7:13 am
of the delegates left. hillary clinton needs just 35%. and that's why this debate is so important. when and where it is will help democratic voters in new york decide between sanders and clinton. that could have a huge impact on this race. >> you know, if it was going to be tonight versus the game, you and i would geek it out and watch the debate. >> reporter: i might have to go split screen. >> all right. spoken like a true basketball fan and a political reporter. chris, thank you so much. still to come here in the news room, clinton takes a swing at sanders but hits young voters. how will her comments play out with millennials? you'll here them next. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage
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7:17 am
of people getting her record on fossil fuel corporate donations wrong, but did she insult young voters in the process? take a listen. >> when people make these kinds of claims which now i think have been debunked. "the washington post" said so and also "the new york times"
7:18 am
analyzed and others have said they are misrepresenting my record. i'm not going to -- i feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this. they don't do their own research, and i'm glad that we now can point to reliable independent analysis to say no, it's just not true. >> let's talk about this. i'm joined by the host of the bill press show and the author of "buyer's remorse", and the president for t-- also ner a ta. hillary clinton said she felt sorry for some of the young people who don't do their research and believe this stuff. does that hurt her? >> i really don't think so. i think if you look at the facts, if you step back and look at the situation, the sanders
7:19 am
campaign, i have deep respect for senator sanders, but he pledged from the beginning of this campaign to run a positive campaign, and yet his campaign and he himself have launched attacks on hillary, on her record, saying she's essentially captive for -- because of captive to the fossil fuel industry because of his donations from actual people who work there, not the companies themselves. then it turns out he himself has taken the same kinds of donations. that's why he got three pinocchios. >> what about what she said about the young voters saying i feel sorry for them that they believe them. >> i think the reality is it's too bad that anyone believes this. young people, old people. we should say it's wrong since he's launching a false attack. it's wrong and it's too bad anyone believes it. i think that's what she's saying. >> bill, how did you read those
7:20 am
comments? >> i think it is condescending, and it is insulting to young people and to old people. the question that hillary clinton should be requesting is not why -- feeling sorry for young people who support bernie sanders. she should be asking why 83% of young people across the board, men, women, black, white, brown, whatever, support bernie sanders. that's the issue. and she doesn't do herself any favor, i think, by saying she feels sorry for them. i'm going to come back to the facts. the facts are two questions. did hillary clinton take money from the fossil fuel industry? okay, here's an article with the huffing ton post. hillary clinton's biggest campaign bund lelers are fossil fuel companies. 4 $.5 millions. this is a talking point from the clinton campaign. >> bill, i've got to jump in
7:21 am
there. i want to set the stage for the viewers and then we should move on. the numbers that are out there are the 4.5 million comes only from green peace and it talks about lobbyists who work for many industries to her superpac, not to her campaign. the center for responsibility -- >> the numbers are 300,000 roughly for clinton's camp in terms of people who work for the fossil fuel industry in the selection, and 54,000 for bernie sanders from people who work for the industry. moving on, i want to talk about the debate. those are the numbers. moving on, i want to talk about the new york debate. the back and forth, does clinton want this debate to happen? >> absolutely. the problem we're having is bernie sanders campaign can't take yes for an answer. he offered dates. he accepted them. we can have a debate about facts and not about innuendo and errors, and bill, i'm a big fan
7:22 am
of yours, but shame on you for providing false factings. >> what's a false fact? >> $4.5 million does not come from the fossil fuel industry. it comes from people associated and lots of other money as well. >> bill, finally to you. >> whoa. poppy. >> bill, finally to you on this debate, bill. that's the one thing that bernie sanders has to do on the stage to make up the 12 point gap? >> okay. i'm going to tell you, but i have to say you can't accuse me of getting my facts wrong. go to the center for responsive politics -- it is my turn. >> i'm trying to provide clarity. >> it's an independent organization -- >> that's disagreeing with your campaign. >> it reflects what hillary clinton reported. >> i'm out of towime. >> we'll get a debate. there will be a debate before
7:23 am
april 19th. >> i think you guys need to go to lunch and duke this out at lunch and come back. thank you very much bill and nera. we appreciate it. coming up, the wisconsin presidential primaries, critical matchups were republicans and democrats. cnn all over it all day tomorrow. still to come here in the news room, donald trump calls nato obsolete and says he wouldn't mind if the alliance broke up. wonder if that will come up next hour when president obama meets with the chief of nato. we'll talk about it all ahead. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico.
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7:28 am
a source close of the federal investigation into a fatal amtrak crash says a ka losl mistake is to blame. were they on the correct set of tracks. we are joined now from philadelphia right near the crash site. what are they saying? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. we're learning new information from a source close to the investigation that it appears that the two workers, one in a backhoe and one near the backhoe, were on the wrong track. they were on an active track when they weren't supposed to be. the source stressing that there's a 12-step process when amtrak conducts construction like this near an active rail line like this was. it's not clear where along the 12-step process the mistake was made. clearly there was a mistake, and
7:29 am
as these questions linger, how did an amtrak train and the two amtrak workers not both know they were on a collision course. you know, you could see from pictures of that train yesterday, the force of the impact throwing that engine off the tracks, clearly causing a lot of damage to that train and passengers who were on board said at least one of them said they knew, they could tell in the moments leading up to the crash that something was wrong. one describing seeing a dust cloud outside the window, feeling like they were riding on gravel. another passenger describing his experience. quite frightening. take a listen. >> i woke up to being thrown into the seat in front of me and the window got blown out right beside me. >> i woke up to a boom and a hesitation, and spoky kind of nasty smelling smoke started coming in the train.
7:30 am
it was scary. >> now, construction work for amtrak, we're told, is typically done on sunday, but it's not clear if this was scheduled construction. we know investigators are looking into scheduling and a possible human error as one of the many factors as part of their investigation. >> really tragic mistake. two people dead, 35 injured. sara thank you so much. we're following breaking news at the supreme court on voting rights. what have we learned? >> reporter: the supreme court has just come down with an important voting rights case. it has to do with how states draw their legislative lines. the court said in the 60s to use the one person one vote saying that state districts had to be equal in population. but it never said whether that's based on general population or the voting population. today it came down and said that those lines can be based on
7:31 am
general population. that's a loss for conservative challengers who lived in a couple of districts in texas who said that their votes were being diluted. they wanted the court to look at voting population. it's a victory for the obama administration and some civil rights groups who came out and said, look, this prisoners, undocumented workers, children, they need to be represented too. it's a loss for conservative challengers and a unanimous result from the supreme court today. >> with the headline out of the supreme court. the decision just being handed down. coming up next, president obama moments away from meeting with nato's chief. a meeting coming as donald trump calls the alliance, quote, obsolete. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered
7:32 am
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7:36 am
next hour plaum resident ob meets with the head of nato at the white house. they're expected to discuss many things. in this meeting comes as donald trump doubles down on his criticism of nato. athena voejones is following th story from the white house for us this morning. >> reporter: good morning. some could see this as a rebuke of donald trump's criticism of nato. the president says he's doing his job. i'll read part of what the white house has said. the president will reit tate the united states stands together with nato in the wake of the terrorist attacks in brussels, the site of nato's head
7:37 am
quarters. we expect isis to be a big topic of conversation like last week at the nuclear summit. they'll talk about the efforts to contain and fight isis in syria and iraq. this is something the president brought up in his recent weekly address. he said isis is losing ground in syria and iraq. they're losing their oil infrastructure and revenue. the coalition is taking out isis leaders. the group is low on morale and lashing out in areas like turkey and belgium. those are the big topics on the agenda in addition to ukraine and preparing for the nato summit this summer. >> a lot on the table. thank you athena. we appreciate it. in the meantime, donald trump is doubling down on that criticism of nato. he says it needs a major overhaul. >> we have 28 countries, many of them on for a free ride. we're paying for tremendous amounts. i mean, people say 72 %. with nato, i don't say get rid of nato. but we're going to readjust it.
7:38 am
and if they won't do it, bye bye, that's it. >> all right. with me now cedric blaten. thank you for being with me. he says if nay knto breaks up, breaks up. yesterday he said perhaps another organization is needed that can fight terrorism. what are your thoughts on doing that? >> well, i think that the way in which he's characterized it has caused a lot of awill remembers in europe to go off. you're looking at an alliance that has been in existence since the end of world war ii. what it has done is it has not only served as a bull work against the communist block and the warsaw pact and the soviet union. after the demise of those, it served as a way in which the u.s. could leverage european
7:39 am
help for other things such as afghanistan. there are problems with nato. there are problems with the way people have paid for nato, and the fact that there certainly is a lot of bipartisan support for ramping up other people's contributions to nato. but nato as an organization itself has really proved its value even in recent times. >> can you walk us through how that would really happen? let's put ourselves in a hypothetical situation. let's say donald trump is in the oval office and says that's it, i'm done. nato is not benefitting us enough. how would he actually separate the united states from nato. what would that take and what position would it put the u.s. in on a global scale? >> it would involv abrogating treaties, and there are bilateral treaties with other members, other countries. those treaties would probably be called into question as well.
7:40 am
in a case like this, it could very well diminish the standing of the united states by europe and the rest of the world. if that's the case, then you have a situation where we have even less leverage than we have on the world stage currently. >> on sunday, trump doubled down on the comments that the u.s. should, quote, do a better deal when talking about japan and south korea and other allies and sort of them protecting themselves or the u.s. protecting them from, say, north korea. he talked about america's protection as well. let's listen. >> nobody has them. so north korea has nukes. japan has a problem with that. i mean, they have a big problem with that. maybe they would be better off if they defend themselves from north away. >> with nukes? >> including with nukes, yes. >> and south korea with nukes? >> south korea is right next door, just so you understand. >> a nuclear arms race in the
7:41 am
korean peninsula? >> you already have a nuclear arms race. >> what do you make of that? what's your reaction to what he's saying, we already have a nuclear arms race there? >> well, we really don't. if we have an arms race on the korean peninsula, it's a race of one. the north koreans are the ones doing that. you know, we could possibly say okay, because the chinese have nuclear weapons they're kind of part of that mix in northeast asia. that would be true. however the south koreans have nuclear power, but that's different from nuclear weapons. when you look at this in totality, what you're doing there is abrogating the treaties we have with japan and south korea. they would in essence come out from under the u.s. nuclear umbrella, and that means they would go their own way, and that would increase the chances of nuclear proliferation which has been something that is antithetical to u.s. foreign
7:42 am
policy over the past 50 years or so. >> gop representative over the weekend who is a kasich support ere told me on my show that he does believe that president obama, democrat is stronger on foreign policy than the republican front runner. do you think there are concerns within the party on this? >> i believe so. historically the republicans have touted their national security credentials. they have been part of a create consensus on national security issues. they have taken policies such as containment which were started under democratic administrations and moved them further along and some under nixon were started under republican administrations. so what this risks is the fraying of the bipartisan consensus on national security, and that could have some significant implications not only to our internal politics but also to our foreign
7:43 am
relations. >> thank you so much for your service and for your time today. we appreciate it. >> you bet, poppy. any time. >> still to come in the news room, donald trump saying that he can eliminate the nation's $19 trillion national debt in just eight years if he's president. economists say not so fast. also big gains in the stock market last week. will it continue? let's take a look at the dow right now. market open for just about an hour. right now we're down slightly six points. one stock surging this morning. that is virgin america after they are bought in a $4 billion deal.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
like all candidates and all presidential hopefuls, donald trump is making a lot of promises. but his latest promise is a very big one. he told "the washington post" in a 96 minute interview that if he is president, he will be able to eliminate the $19 trillion u.s.
7:48 am
national debt in eight years. to do that, though, you'd have to cut the annual budget of 4 trillion in half, basically to 2 trillion. that's not all. our chief business correspondent here with me to break down how realistic, how can i ask it that way? >> it's not realistic. look, the cutting the national debt would be a good thing. there are a lot of people who have wanted to do it for a long time. it's a lot of money. i've heard this fabulous fiction, fabulous not being a big word. impossible. i'm calling it the magical mystery tour of math. it's impossible. eight years, $19 trillion. if you sold all the oil in the strategic oil reserve right now. some say sell assets. you'd raise $5 billion. real estate, who would buy it? the chinese?
7:49 am
isn't donald trump going to be at odds with the chinese? i think it's a good thing to think about how to cut america's debt because the more debt we have, the less room we have after paying for interest on the debt for other important things to do, but cutting it in eight years is impossible. >> yesterday on my show i said he's not an economist. i got a lot of flak for that saying economists aren't the only ones who can predict this. but president candidates almost steer away from saying things like this because it risks rattling global markets. >> it does, and none of his comments rattled global parts in part because they're so outrageous that people don't think he could cut the debt, eliminate the national debt in eight years. but you're right, i have never seen a presidential candidate, a serious one, make such claims that trashing the u.s. economy saying that heading for a mass i ha
7:50 am
have -- massive recession. >> what about the unemployment claim? he says 5% unemployment is not correct. it's more in the 20s. he previously said 42%. i get that 5% is not reflective of the pain of unemployment in this country, but 20 % and 42 % isn't as well. >> let me show you the numbers. when you look at people above 16, 37% of them are not working. that's people in graduate school, people elbowed out of the labor market. 37 % not working. all of that also because a lot of people are retiring. 5% are unemployed. those are people actively looking for work. this is the other number, underemployed. we have to do better for those. that number has been coming down. donald trump is wrong on the 20 % number. if you want a number that reflects more of the pain of the pain american in the job market, that 10% number is better.
7:51 am
>> christine romans, thank you so much. it's important when you're talking about the u.s. economy and what it can do to global markets when you're talking a about this. switching gears here to cracker jacks and beers, it's basketballbasketbaleball's opening day. but look at the snow. st. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company. ♪ one totally focused on what's next for your business. a true partnership where people, technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. i'm terhe golf. people say i'm getting better. no one's ever said that. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can.
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checking top stories. two state governors will sign bills gradually raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. california and then new york. california's bill will apply statewide. it calls for the 15 mark to be reached after several years. in new york, the bill will raise minimum wage to 15 an hour in new york city. it will be raised to $12.50 an hour upstate.
7:56 am
for the 18th straight here, atlanta's international airport remains the world ea's busiest. it's up more than 5%. china's beijing airport could become the world's busiest in the next few years. at least 370,000 customers in wisconsin and maine lost power dow to high winds. people were killed when that tree fell on their car. wind gusts reaching 60% at times. the cold front bringing in snow and freezing temperatures. a winter advisory from new jersey to connecticut. it takes a nasty rainstorm to hold back the yankees but that's what's happening in new york. opening day at yankee stadium postponed until tomorrow thanks to the rain and possibly snow
7:57 am
heading into the northeast. on deck, we have coy wire to talk about opening game and opening days. but first, chad, yuck, it is spring and now the yankees aren't playing. >> it doesn't feel like opening day, but it never does. i've spent so many frozen days at tiger stadium waiting in winds like 30 miles per hour and a windchill around 10. the problem in new york city is the rain, and it's 41. just an ugly day to play baseball, and you don't get enough try time. it's going to rain all afternoon. rain coming into new york city. here's what the camera looks like right around central park. that's the trump hotel, columbus circle at cnn center. there's a shot across into the -- it looks like that's the reservoir across central park. can barely see the other side.
7:58 am
low clouds and slow airports. there is a game in baltimore later today. astros, going to see some rain coming into that. i don't see many hours of dry. if you're going to sit there for a while, have a poncho on. there may be a three hour rain delay for baltimore. the rest of the country looks high and dry, maybe not high temperatures but at least dry. >> we'll take it. we'll take some of the heat and dry weather here as well as soon as you can bring it our way. thank you, chad. coy, to you. no opening game today for the yanke yankees. what else are we seeing? >> reporter: how about pittsburgh? they had their opening day. last year it was in the 70s. yesterday it was snowing. in the mid 30s at the start of the game. hay h they had to get plows out. they were hosting the cardinals
7:59 am
yesterday, and we're talking about the two teams with the highest win totals in all of major league baseball last year. standing room only. almost 40,000 fans came out to weather the cold, and boy, did they get quite the show. the pittsburgh pirates won this game 4-1. as you can see, it turned out to be a pretty nice day to look at, at least. it was freezing, though. how about the defending world series champs who had theopenin day, the royals, and they played the mets. the schedules came out before the world series happened last year. it was a great coincidence and a great game. the mets have waited six months for redemption against the roya royals, but no, they shut down the mets. royals end up winning 4-3. poppy, your twins start today at
8:00 am
3:05. >> how are they going to do this year? >> they're a young up and coming team. they're looking pretty good. i think we'll have lots of good conversations about them. >> i love to hear that. go, twins. thank you for being us today. i'm poppy harlow. carol is back tomorrow. at this hour with berman and bolduan begins right now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. happening now. >> we're back together. >> it is all happening now. this very hour the campaign trail is on fire. all five candidates speaking hours before wisconsin votes. the contest shaping up to be a possible turning point. and there is also new york looming. any minute now hillary clinton, she will be in this state with new york's governor. they will be speaking at a rally. new york votes in a couple of


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