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tv   Americas Choice 2016 WI Primary  CNN  April 5, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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of the wisconsin republican primary. he has 50.2% to donald trump's 32.8%, kasich with only 14.6%. on the democratic side, 67% of the vote is in. bernie sanders 55.8%, hillary clinton 43.9%. he's ahead, bernie sanders, by almost 75,000 votes. a big win for bernie sanders in wisconsin. let's go over to john king. on the republican side, now that ted cruz has won wisconsin, it's going to be a little bit harder for donald trump to reach that magic number of 1,237, the delegates he needs at the republican convention in cleveland to automatically get the nomination. >> it is. and donald trump is the only candidate still in the race with a plausible scenario but difficult scenario. ballpark right now, wolf, donald trump needs 62% of the remaining delegates to get to the magic number of 1,237. ted cruz, who said he could do
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it, needs 90% plus, somewhere in the ballpark of 92% of remaining delegates. but an open convention looks much, much more like lly tonigh? why? let's assume we'll be generous tonight to donald trump and move forward, giving him 6 delegates and the bon us delegates out of missouri. we'll be generous in the northeast, new england, rhode island, connecticut, new york. let's just say donald trump wins pennsylvania, wins new jersey, down here, we hit maryland, hit delaware, we're over here, west virginia, give those all to donald trump. ted cruz has done well out here in the west. let's say ted cruz continues his march through the west and wins these states out in the west. we'll give him washington and oregon. look where we are, 993. ted cruz thinks he's going to win indiana. for the sake of this
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hypothetical, let's give it to ted cruz. so where are we? donald trump somewhere in the ballpark just shy of a thousand there. then we come out to california. if you won it all winner take all wouldn't be enough to get donald trump to the finish line. if they split proportionally, say trump wins california, cruz would have momentum, give them all to donald trump, he doesn't make it. this is a very generous scenario here in the east that i gave him. indiana, let's say for the sake of argument, never mind, donald trump gets those. even in those scenario, close but doesn't get there. is it possible donald trump can do better than this? it's possible. is it likely given so far he's winning just shy 46% or so of the delegates, he needs 62% going forward. ted cruz believes he has momentum tonight. even this map is generous to trump, i think it can happen and this has been a whacky year so rule out nothing but i think the odds of a republican open convention, contested convention fighting in ohio much more like live tonight.
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>> when ted cruz says he still can get to that magic number of 1,237 on the first ballot, you say that is highly, highly unlikely. >> i think it's unreasonable, no offense to senator cruz who does come out of wisconsin with momentum, you're heading to new england. he has momentum. i'm not ruling out some cruz wins but he needs 92%, 93% of the remaining delegates to get to 1,237. it's almost impossible. >> it looks like it's going to be an open convention in cleveland, a contested convention. we'll be watching it closely. let's go back to jake and dana. you're getting some more information from david chalian, our political director, on what happened tonight. >> that's right. right now one of the things we want to have david look into for us, and let me bring you in, david chalian, one of the things we want to know is how are the republican voters and democratic voters feeling about their possible nominees?
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>> yeah. we're projecting forward as if the candidates were actually elected president, how would voters today, primary voters feel if the various candidates were elected president. in wisconsin ted cruz 13% of republican primary voters would excited about ted cruz being elected president, 47% optimistic, 26% concerned, 12% scared. those bottom two, look at they, 38% either concerned or scared. now take a look at donald trump. 23% excited, he's got more fervent support, we've known that, more excitement. 18% optimistic. now look at this, 20% concerned or 38% scared of wisconsin republican primary voters, 58% would be concerned or scared if donald trump was elected president. that is a warning sign. let's look at the democratic
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side. bernie sanders, 33% would be excited, 42% optimistic. now let's look at hillary clinton. look at that excitement number at the top. 14%, that is part of the enthusiasm gap we've been talking about on the democratic side. only 14% of wisconsin democratic primary voters would be excited, 54% optimistic, 23% concerned, 7% scared. again, this is a bit of a warning sign for hillary clinton here, just not as much out and out excitement, enthusiasm for her as for bernie sanders. >> no question, david chalian. no question, dana, that hillary clinton has been battling this idea of voter excitement. 14% of democratic voters excited about her being president, 33%
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for bernie. but the word scared is one you seldom hear when it comes to somebody in a party talking about a possible nominee from their own party becoming president. and the idea that 58% of republican voters in wisconsin are either concerned or scared and 38% are scared about trump as president, these are republicans. they're stunning numbers. >> it is stunning. let's just marry the two concepts. you have republicans who are scared and you have a democratic enthusiasm gap. if donald trump is the nominee, that enthusiasm gap is probably going to be gone. a lot of people are going to be enthusiastically voting against donald trump if they're that scared. so that is certainly one of the things that the democrats are banking on. a quick thing i want to add to what john was saying about looking forward. going into tonight sources i talk to in the never trump movement were admitting that this is going to be at least for
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the next month a high water mark for them and that they expect donald trump from here on out to have a pretty good month, not just in new york but other states in the northeast. so that is definitely something that they're preparing for, they're going to put money in there, they're going to try and bring him down a few notches but they're definitely thinking this is as good as it gets for the next couple of contests. >> one other note, hillary clinton 14%s are only 14% of the voters in wisconsin -- democratic voters -- say they would be excited about her being president. not surprising, she lost the democratic primary in wisconsin. ted cruz won the republican primary in wisconsin and his number is lower than hers. his excitement number is the lowest. only 13% in a state he won! he won! so these people are optimistic but -- >> that state is probably still upset that their governor, who actually was running for president, isn't on the ballot. it really does go to show that you have all of these people who
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have kind of rallied behind ted cruz extremely reluctantly because there were a lot of other candidates that perhaps they preferred but cruz and john kasich are the only ones left standing who are not trump. >> we saw how difficult it would be for donald trump to be assure of the nomination on that first ballot. what about bernie sanders? he had a big win tonight. how difficult of a challenge would he have to get the democratic nomination? we're going to assess that right after this.
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impressive wins in wisconsin. let's talk about an open convention. based on what we now know, what is it going to look like? >> good tv, anderson. >> no doubt about that. >> or maybe not. a week before the convention, you have the rules committee meeting. people are going to try to get their delegates on the rules committee. different states have different ways of apportioning that. they're going to talk about this controversial rule that was adopted in 2012 to keep the ron paul people from causing a ruckus on the floor which says you have to have won a majority of eight states to put your name into nomination. >> senator cruz is saying john kasich is not going to be able to. >> this is where there's an alliance between ted cruz and donald trump. both want to keep that rule.
8:14 pm
why wouldn't they? i don't think the rule is going to be changed. >> do you think the rule will be kept? >> i think it will until -- you can do anything from the floor. after you get past the first bout, this is what makes it so interesting, people are unbound, can you trade delegates, you can steal delegates, you can keep reconstituting your -- >> they haven't had a multi-ballot convention since 1948, which was the first convention that was televisetel. there's a potential for the person leading on the first ballot not to be nominated. that hasn't happened since 1940. tom dewey in '48, it took him a while but he won. you have to go back to wendell wilke -- i think the problem trump would have is these general election poll numbers. if you're looking at the kind of poll numbers he's facing, particularly among the key groups, millennials, minorities,
8:15 pm
college women, it's a big hurdle for him -- >> here's the question, can you bypass the number one finisher, the number two finisher and pick someone who didn't run at all and not have a complete revolt within your party? the party establishment may try and do that because they may reason that is less dangerous than having donald trump as the nominee, but -- >> and they're not sure cruz is much better. >> but it depends on the margin. if donald trump goes in to this convention 50 delegates away, i don't think anybody can deny -- it will happen. but if he goes in a few hundred delegates away or a couple hundred delegates away, i think anything can happen. and, by the way, you can't actually know how many delegates you have until you're there unless they're totally committed to you. >> i think the rnc and establishment republicans have set this up where donald trump
8:16 pm
can go in with 1,237 delegates and they're saying the clock resets when you get to the convention, he can lose on the first ballot, and somebody else could win on the second -- >> they've had an open -- if nothing else, what we've seen is a very angry republican electorate. what would certify their anger more than the party establishment saying thanks for participating, really glad that you cast your votes, now we'll do what we're going to do. >> that will be the final stage of the race. what we saw tonight was donald trump with vulnerabilities that already were there that were exacerbated and some new ones. this is only the fourth time he was lost vote that's were not college graduates, he saw the consolidation against him of the white collar voters that seemed to be out there through this whole race. ted cruz beat him by 20 points
8:17 pm
among voters with a college degree. if that pattern continues all the way through to the end, it's a different convention than if he's able to reestablish himself and win a bunch of states. >> you saw donald trump's statement tonight. he's putting everyone on notice, the party bosses are with ted cruz. that was a convention statement. and the party risks causing itself a lot of trouble and the party may decide to do it if they say to trump, okay, we're not going to go with you. what happens -- >> we have to go. >> what's more risky, trump as the nominee and face and head of the republican party and alienating these voters? >> and not just for this election. bernie sanders is touting his win. his campaign manager will join us to explain how he might find a path to victory. that's straight ahead.
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so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back to cnn's coverage of the wisconsin primary. it wasn't long ago a guy name jeff weaver retired from politics and opened up a comic shop and he got a call from his old front bernie sanders to be his campaign manager. jeff weaver is here. not bad for a guy who just a few months ago was separating the
8:23 pm
"dare devils" from the "teen titans." john king has some question for you about the math going forward so we have an actual map here. >> it's like oprah. you get to take it with you when you go home. >> but i want the car. >> everybody wants the car. wisconsin, looks like you're going to win 55-45. if that happens, net gain of 8 tonight. you might do a little better than that. that would get you here in the pledge delegate map. the question is you know the math. you got to win, a, you're going into knock nenew york next. can you win in new york? >> we're going to go to wyoming next. new york is a tough fight. the secretary has a lot of political fight in new york but i think we can win it.
8:24 pm
>> bernie: do y >> do you think if you do win, it's going to be 51-49? you know the skepticism. i'm not doing this to be a jerk. but can you make it up? >> sure. >> pennsylvania? >> yeah. >> secretary clinton thinks she's going to win that. i'm going to give it to bernie sanders. she's getting under the democratics party rules, it's helped you in states you lost, you get 40 something%. can bernie sanders win connecticut? >> absolutely. >> a lot of guys that work on wall street live in connecticut. >> a lot of guys on wall street are voting for bernie sanders. >> we're just having fun here. i'll give you that one. we're on a roll. the clinton supporters watching are already mad at me. >> their heads are exploding. >> they've been mad at you a long time. here you go, 55-45. i started my career in the great state of rhode island, can bernie sanders win there? 55-45. we go on and on.
8:25 pm
for the sake of argument, i'm going to give them all to you. this is like "the price is right" or whatever it is. if we give it all to you at 55-45, you almost catch her but you come up a little short. obviously especially in some of these big states where there are a couple delegates at stake, you have to win by bigger. >> and some smaller states, we have won a lot of these states in the last couple weeks by 60%, 70%, 80% in the alaska. in some of these states we'll have a big are margin. >> in a state like alaska, you win huge but you get a net gain of ten. you need better than that. >> as we saw in nevada, many of these caucus states, senator sanders will net many more delegates than what he gets initially. >> now i'm going to go back a few. since we're playing devil's advocate, let's consider hillary clinton wins pennsylvania, say she wins new york.
8:26 pm
maybe she doesn't win by this margin. but this is even, you know, i'm still giving you a bunch of states and the clinton people watching are saying there's no way new jersey, there's no way west virginia. but if this happens. i guess the question is in terms of pledged delegates and i haven't done the trick where i bring out the super delegates, if you do something like this, some of those super delegates are going to change their mind. the question is how many. how do you change the map so that you catch her? not just get closed to her but catch her. >> in some of these states we're going to have bigger margins. west virginia, bernie sanders is 20 points ahead -- >> but it's 37 delegates. you're not making big math. >> it's slow and steady wins the race. this is the number here. everybody is talking about a republican open convention. the democrats are going to an open convention. >> you sincerely believe that?
8:27 pm
>> absolutely. >> do you have think can you make the argument successfully to super delegates that they should change their vote, even if hillary clinton enters the convention ahead in the pledge delegates? >> this is what super delegates have to grapple with. they want to win. many of these people are elected officials, party insiders. at the end of the day they want the candidate who will be able to beat the republicans. the polling consistently shows that's bernie sanders. he has the momentum on the second half of the primaries and caucuses. i think their desire to win as he continues to demonstrate that he's the strongest candidate i think will be very powerful with super delegates. >> i want to go to jeff zeleny, who is with the clinton campaign in new york who has new reporting fresh off the bernie sanders' victory in washington. jeff? >> reporter: the clinton campaign has been watching these wisconsin results come in and the delegate race is tight there but the reality is they're
8:28 pm
running out of patience. they're going to run a new strategy called disqualify him, defeat him and unify the party later. the clinton campaign has been ignoring bernie sanders and dismissing and now they're going to go head long into him beginning in new york in two weeks on his gun record. one aide told me that party unity will come later. so that scenario you saw play out there on john's wall does not come true. the clinton campaign is running out of patience. they want to stop bernie sanders and move on to the fall campaign. jake? >> let me go back to jeff weaver. campaign manager for bernie sanders. it sounds like the clinton campaign is saying they're going to get a lot tougher. there have been some bitter moments between sanders and clinton but generally it's been fairly above board. >> absolutely. >> are you prepared -- especially compared to the
8:29 pm
republicans. are you prepared for a brass knuckles, tough campaign, more difficult charges and accusations from the clinton campaign is. >> absolutely. the senator has tried to run an issue-oriented campaign. the contrasts have become sharper of late. we're fully prepared to engage in that environment if they want to. this is what i would say to them. don't destroy the democratic party to satisfy the secretary's ambitions to become president of the united states. we want to have a party at the end of this we can unify. let's have a tough debate, let's talk about the issues. there are sharp contrasts between the two but let's not denigrate other people's supporters and tear the party apart. >> if i could play devil's advocate, the clinton campaign would say you -- not you but bernie sanders has been impug impugning clinton's character for months. she calls it an artful smear. i think the idea that she's going to start attacking and you would say that the democratic party shouldn't be sacrificed for her ambitious, they would
8:30 pm
take umbrage at because they think that sanders has been artfully smearing, in her words, hillary clinton for some time. >> it's not artful smearing. how you raise money and who you raise money from is an important substantive campaign issue. bernie sanders raises money, $27 from over 2 million people, over 6 million contributions. the secretary, we just had this whole debate about debates, right? we moved a giant rally where we're we were going to have 10,000, 15,000 people in new york so accommodate the secretary's high dollar fund-raising schedule as she jets and the country raising money from rich people. if you raise money from wall street, from the private prison lobby, from the gun lobby, when you raise money from all those people, how are you going to be in a position to really regulate those people at the end of the day? >> jeff, you just said something kind of extraordinary. you said to jake that we shouldn't destroy the democratic party but jake's right.
8:31 pm
the senator has been pretty aggressive. until tonight paul begala noticed he really in his speech tonight senator sanders didn't even allude to hillary clinton. was that part of a strategy that you hope to begin to shift back to back to basics? and do you think you're going to be able too do that given what jeff zeleny is reporting? >> look, if the hillary clinton campaign tries to come at senator sanders, obviously he will defend himself and his record. certainly we are going to continue regardless to talk about the issues contrast between the two candidates, you know, who is going to be willing to take on wall street, who has the record of standing up for middle class families, bad trade deals, so on and so forth. that's all fair game. it's an electoral contest -- go ahead. >> as a campaign, did you all make a very calculated decision for the senator not to do what he has done more and more on the campaign trail tonight, which is really go after hillary clinton
8:32 pm
on the issues you were talking about? >> look, the beauty of bernie sanders is he's an authentic guy. what he said tonight is something he wrote. he makes these decisions for himself. he's not reading off a teleprompter like most candidates do. that was bernie sanders i think celebrating a big victory from wisconsin. you could see the margin is quite large, i think larger than anybody thought it was going to be. just last week we were down 5 points in washington. celebrating in the end with an enthusiastic crowd. i think he was in the moment. >> on the cover of tomorrow's "new york daily news," "bernie sandy hook shame." this is from the "new york daily news" editorial board meeting. this is the tip of the iceberg of what you're going to be
8:33 pm
facing as you go into, a, new york, which is rough and tumble and, b, clinton's home turf. >> it's also bernie sanders's home turf. the clinton campaign tried to insult the people of brooklyn by saying he was going to campaign like a brooklynite. well, he is going to campaign like a brooklynite. >> thank you. >> it seems to me the two campaigns are circling each other but they still don't want to throw a punch. they've spent millions and millions and not one negative yesterday from hillary's campaign and not one from bernie's campaign. i've been in a lot of campaigns. you get all juiced up and make
8:34 pm
all these chest thumping statements, but i'll believe it when i see the ads. they're not going to do it. you want my trprediction? they're not going to do it. >> because? >> it's not in their interest. democrats are kind of happy, they love their president, they really like hillary and really like bernie. both in exit polls said 70% it would be great if they were my nominee. >> what about the idea of an open convention? >> preposterous. you have to eat magic rush rooms to believe that the democratic party will deny hillary clinton. 2.5 million voted for hillary clinton. she ends 2.411 million ahead. she had a lead of 685 delegates.
8:35 pm
she'll go to bed with a lead of 676. >> so the idea that it will change -- >> it can change but it won't change. all politics is personal. i talked to one last week. they jumped ship to go to barack obama because they saw a once in a lifetime talent there and i didn't blame him. they saw barack obama and say i can run with this guy. >> i hear you but i was a little bit taken aback by jeff zeleny's report. if i were advising hillary clinton, i'd say you're going to be the nominee of the democratic part. >> she's not in a brawl. let's wait and see. hillary clinton ran a thousand ads of attack -- >> somebody told jeff that. and i also would say about jeff
8:36 pm
weaver that this notion that bernie has been with clean hands, he's been pounding her hard. it's politics and he's hit her on the speeches and he's hit her on various other issues, certainly on her campaign financing. so, you know, he's taken some shots. and i'm sure that's not sat well with hillary clinton. but she's the one who is likely to be the nominee and she ought to take that into consideration. i think she's doing the right thing by focusing more on republicans than on bernie. >> how long can everyone else stand and watch these candidates dance around each other and not land a blow? i think that the new york daily news editorial is a preview. we're going into new york and new york, it rough and tumble. the media will do all they can to draw them into a fight. at this point it's april. we want to see a fight. >> bernie sanders has undermined the momentum coming out of wisconsin with some of the
8:37 pm
things he did in new york. that "new york daily news", his answer on sandy hook, when it already a vulnerability for him. >> which has already come up at several debate, particularly the sandy hook lawsuit. i brought it up at the last debate. >> and his answer when they pressed him on how in fact he would dismantle the banks, they asked him some good and tough questions that he really should have been prepared for at this point and he flailed. even if hillary clinton doesn't go after him, the new york press will go after it. >> why should she? let the new york press do it. now bernie sanders is going to be under the microscope in new york, which is difficult, so -- >> wall street is a hometown industry. people will be asking about it in a different way. >> i think the big test will be thursday. they'll be on a stage together in new york for our debate. we'll see what they do. >> coming up how bernie sanders won tonight. the secret to their success when we come back.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. welcome back to the cnn election center. let's get a key race alert. ted cruz the winner in the wisconsin primary election. he's just under 50%, 49.3% for cruz, 33.9% for trump. kasich with only 14.4%. he's up by almost 130,000 votes
8:43 pm
on the republican side. on the democratic side, bernie sanders the big winner, 56.1%, hillary clinton with only 43.6%. he's up by almost 100,000 votes in wisconsin right now. big win forebernie sande bernie win for ted cruz. how did they do, it jake? >> good question. we looking at these big margins of victory for bernie sanders and ted cruz. ted cruz up about 130,000 votes over donald trump and bernie sanders almost 100,000 over hillary clinton. let's go to david chalian, our political director, who is at the decision desk. david, let's start with the republicans. how did ted cruz pull off such a huge victory? >> two-thirds of the voters today, jake, were republican.
8:44 pm
cruz beat trump 54% to 32% to kasich's 12%. they divided evenly with independents, by the way. cruz and trump totally tied with independents, normally that's a trump strength. this cruz margin helped them win. take a look at dissatisfied with the federal government, cruz wins these voters very big, 52% to 29% for trump and 17% for kasich. they made up 54% of the electorate. the angry voters divided instead of giving their votes overwhelmingly to trump as we've seen before. and experience in politics. 45% of republican primary voters were looking for somebody experienced in politics. ted cruz won those voters 68% to kasich's 21% to trump's 8%. >> fascinating. what about the democrats? how did bernie sanders pull off such an impressive victory? >> first, there is this issue of
8:45 pm
young voters, 18 to 29-year-olds sanders demolished hillary clinton with this voter group, 82% to 18%. and who is more inspiring about the country's future? sanders does much better there. take a look at women voters. almost evenly split. 50% to 49%. usually women voters hillary clinton has won. here sanders edges her out by one point, but that is a group that usually clinton relies on to get her victories. that did not happen here in wisconsin, jake. >> that is fascinating. thanks, david chalian. dana bash, 50/50 with the women democrats, that's a big recipe for disaster for secretary clinton. >> no question about it. you combine that with how well bernie sanders did with his natural constituency, the young people, 18 to 29. those are just some of the ingredients for bernie sanders'
8:46 pm
win. but i think that the fact that david pointed out that this was an open primary, meaning democrats didn't have to vote in the democratic primary and republicans didn't have to vote in the republican primary, it's more mixed up. on the republican side historically these are the place are where donald trump does well, as he likes to say, he brings people into the fold, independents and even some democrats. it didn't happen here. and maybe -- it seems to be just part of the overwhelming victory of ted cruz but it also maybe is a telltale sign to come because there are a lot more closed primaries on both sides of the aisle. so at that definitely will and has shifted the dynamic for both parties. >> that will be interesting. obviously one of the other considerations, wolf blitzer, is the fact that ted cruz is able to still win the votes of those who are looking for somebody to reflect the fact that they're
8:47 pm
dissatisfied with washington. that seems to be one of the reasons that he has emerged as donald trump's chief challenger. >> certainly he had a very, very impressive night in wisconsin. when we come back, we're going to take a look ahead to new york, two weeks from today. it's all about new york state. can donald trump come back in his home state? what about hillary clinton? how will she do in her adopted home state? much more right after this. today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at hey, we're opening up and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake?
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a big win for ted cruz. you've been going through the delegates. what's the latest tabulation? >> ted cruz had a very big night. let's explain why very quickly. let's look at how many delegates ted cruz has won this evening. 33 delegates as we speak right now at this hour, ted cruz has picked up. donald trump has picked up three. john kasich shut out, has picked up no delegates tonight. quick explanation why. he did so well statewide, he picked up 18 delegates just by winning the state. he won 5 of the 8 congressional delegates. donald trump only won one district at this point. two of these districts are still too close to call. and we're still looking at them. let's look at the race for delegates to date right now. donald trump still in the lead
8:53 pm
743 delegates at this point. ted cruz at 507. john kasich way behind at 145 delegates. you need 1,237 to capture the nomination. but, wolf, after tonight there is more clarity in the fact that we are headed towards a contested convention. >> it certainly would appear that is increasing. thanks very much. let's go over to john king at the magic wall. wisconsin a fascinating contest tonight. ted cruz emerging a big winner. he's got a lot of those delegates, 42 at stake. he's got most of them. >> looks like he may win all but six, nine at the most. the green line, we brought a congressional district map over. this is too close to call, here too close to call. looks like trump will get six, possibly nine. this is impressive for ted cruz. he's just shy of 50% right now. that vote total likely to go down just a little bit because
8:54 pm
most of his vote is in. you see in the milwaukee area, the suburbs, eastern part of the states, some rural counties still coming in where trump might close the gap a bit. it's a pretty resounding victory for kasich saying i'm going to stay in the race, get some delegates, make me viable at an open convention. that's a disappointing performance for kasich. they thought in the madison area, a more liberal part of the state, ted cruz won convincingly, john kasich third. >> let's look at the democrats. >> the democratic side. watch when i switch this map. boom. that's a thumping. bernie sanders winning just about everywhere. the reason this margin isn't even bigger is because of milwaukee. milwaukee city here down, you come down, 17%. this is where the bulk of the relatively small african-american population. you see her winning this category only by 3 points.
8:55 pm
this kept her to the game to the degree she's keeping it ballpark. sanders will get an 8, 9 delegates out of wisconsin. he's winning just about everywhere. >> we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, the road ahead two weeks from today. it's new york state. we'll be right back.
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we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. this is live cnn special coverage. we're here for the republicans ted cruz has won in wisconsin and a contested convention in cleveland in july looks not only possible, but may even now be probable. bernie sanders upending the front-runner hillary clinton. sanders says his win tonight means the war for the democratic nomination will be decided at the democratic convention in philadelphia. to get there sanders needs to beat clinton by big margins again. sanders is calling his w


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