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tv   Americas Choice 2016 WI Primary  CNN  April 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> great to have you with us. it's 11:00 p.m. here in los angeles. welcome to the late show. 1:00 a.m. in wisconsin. >> that's where supporters of republican presidential candidate ted cruz are celebrating. cnn projects the texas senator has won his party's primary there. >> in the national delegate count, donald trump still in the lead with 743. cruz has 510. the magic number, 1237. >> indeed. cruz is determined to beat trump. off his wisconsin win, he told supporters the momentum is shifting in his favor.
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>> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. it is a call from the hard-working men and women of wisconsin to the people of america. we have a choice. a real choice. >> on the democrat side, cnn projects bernie sanders has won the democratic primary, beating rival hillary clinton with about 56% of the vote. >> clinton still leads sanders by 700 delegates. >> sanders has won six of the past seven state contests. he's already in wyoming where voters there will caucus this weekend. >> if you ignore what you hear on corporate media, the facts are clear. we have a path toward victory. we have a path toward the white
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house. >> let's take a closer look at the wisconsin primaries. we're joined by john thomas and democratic strategist dave jacobson. good morning. >> welcome to corporate media. >> thanks for having us. >> donald trump, stinging defeat at the hands of ted cruz for a man who's built a narrative. it wasn't to be on this occasion. his campaign put out a statement. it's eye-watering stuff. let's read some of it. ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he's a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. some familiar themes there. john, let me start with you. your thoughts on the statement and donald trump's loss? >> well, look, donald trump has to deflect from this loss. hifundamental message is he's a winner. he didn't win. this is the first time we've seen the anti-trump forces
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coalesce. if they couldn't stop him here in wisconsin, trump would inevitably be the nominee. this was a big win. his attempt to spin tonight was reinforcing saying, listen, republican electorate, i'm the only anti-establishment candidate in the race. >> ted cruz seems to be the establishment guy and donald trump is trying to do his best to paint him as much. tonight did ted cruz beat trump or did the never-trump beat ted cruz? >> both perform this was a life-line opportunity for cruz, it gave him the momentum he needs to create an argument moving forward that, he can prevent him from getting the critical 1237 number. scott walker just endorsed ted cruz the week before, it was a decisive endorsement. it deflates donald trump's narrative whose message is he's
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invincible. he's got problems with women and we saw that tonight. >> the exit polling, tonight it's not so much the story coming out for trump, it's not his support was eroded and his supporters left, he did okay with the peoplewho said he liked them. he didn't lose them. the story tonight it's not that donald trump is losing support, it's that ted is growing and donald trump is not growing at the same rate. >> we brought up the statement that the trump campaign put out. he makes further assertions on inappropriate action on the part of the cruz campaign and the super pacs. any truth to that? >> he says it's not legal. no, that is not false. to date there is not a shred of evidence. you don't see that kind of thing happen. >> this is the important number, 1237 is the majority needed.
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if there was a winner tonight, it's the open convention because that seems more likely than it ever did before. it's now really hard for donald trump to get to 1237. it's still almost impossible for ted cruz to get to that number. what are we heading for here? we're heading tore this convention where in a way ted cruz is the trojan horse. the party can say, let's send this over to convention and nominate paul ryan. >> there are two different kinds of conventions. there's a contested convention in which it goes to a first ballot, second ballot, third ballot and could be someone of the existing field and delegates organically decide who the nominee is. then there's a brokered convention. that's when you get to a convention and the party elders, whether it's special interests or the washington elite, end up plucking someone out of thin air like a paul ryan. we might see that scenario. it will be exciting whatever scenario it is. >> for the democratics, it must
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be like christmas has come early. >> the republican party is ripping apart at the seams. we're having a debate about substance. not so much about personal attacks. here you have these two extremes. the cruz, the donald trump, then the john kasich on the other end. these folks are doing everything they can to create this continued chaos. i think it's highly unlikely we'll have the contested convention. one thing in this election is to expect the unexpected. >> it's completely opposite. normally, look, republicans get in line in our primaries. they get behind who we should, who's owed the position. it's democrats that they like to fall in love, but right now, they don't -- they don't want to. the party line says, get in line behind hillary clinton and they're not ready to do that yet. >> let's look forward and the races that lie ahead on the gop side. the big focus on new york. what does donald trump do now going forward? what are the lessons to be taken from wisconsin. how does he pivot, how does he change the way he runs this
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race? can he change? >> he has a potentially bad two weeks ahead of him because the story from tonight is going to be, is this the night donald trump started to implode? donald trump has to either figure out how to flip that narrative or hang in there until new york, win decisively, win over 50% and claim all of the delegates out of new york. he probably will win new york. this is coming to california. that's where the gloves come off. >> if i can jump in real quick, tonight underscored the fact that ted cruz can perform not just in southern states, among hard core religious voters. he can appeal to more moderate voters. like milwaukee suburbs. i think that's a message he'll carry to states like philadelphia, which are rich in delegates where you have moderate republicans and philadelphia suburbs. i think he'll take his case to states like that in order to pick up delegates like that. moving forward, i don't think he'll get near the 1237 he needs for the convention. there is a chance he can put into more of donald trump's lead moving forward. >> during his victory speech, really long, victory speech from
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ted cruz, he made it really clear who he thought would end up being the democratic nominee. let's listen to this. >> so, let me just say, hillary, get ready, hear we come. god bless you. >> he never mentioned bernie sanders by name. so, this is -- obviously, they're preparing for hillary clinton. let's get to bernie sanders, though, because he has made it fairly clear that he has a path to the white house and it involves super delegates. >> i think that a lot of these super delegates are going to be looking around them and that are going to be saying, which candidate has the momentum, which candidate is bringing out huge numbers of people and creating huge -- which candidate
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can bring out large numbers of people. >> is this a bit of hypocrisy here of the bernie sanders campaign? he's been critical of the super delegates and now he's going trying to get them to support him? >> not hypocritical . hillary clinton went in as the candidate who was supposed to be the nominee in 2008, similar to 2016. all the super delegates very early on lined up against her and then after the consecutive wins barack obama had, they started peeling away from hillary and went to barack obama. it's much more unlikely to happen in this campaign. >> the clinton campaign is saying -- the campaign manager robby mook said, the sanders
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campaign -- their latest strategy involves a combination of trying to flip pledged delegates at state while also convincing superdelegates that he deserves their support. >> i have a lot of respect for robby mook. i think he's one of the best operatives in the country but i think it's somewhat disingenuous for him to say that. hillary clinton competed against barack obama and barack obama beat her when it came to delegates. this strategy has happened before and happened again. >> it's the only play they have at this point. >> how likely is it that sanders will actually win those superdelegates over should it come down to that? >> it's extraordinarily unlikely. he has the wind at his back. he's won 7 out of the last 8 contests. he continues to out-fund raise her by kroerd amounts of money. $14 million the last month. he keeps winning. he needs to win consecutively and decisively every single time
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and he's closed the gap in big states like new york. he's closed the gap to ten points. >> here's sanders' fundamental issue, sanders has a lock on the white, liberal vote. no question about it. time and time again -- >> bask weaving group. >> but unless he can start to change that democratic arc and show he can win african-american support in states like pennsylvania and california and win latinos, i just don't see it. >> let me ask you this for hillary clinton, seeing has won 6 of the last 7, what does she do now as we approach new york? does she have to shift and focus her attention on sanders? >> we saw that today. she took the gloves off and she's starting to hit him on issues like foreign policy, on issues like gun safety, gun control laws. i think she'll do everything she can to beat him in new york. she has to engage in the brass knuckle tactics. we've seen a pund lum change in this race where hillary clinton has never wanted to embrace a primary candidate. she wanted to be the general
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election candidate. we've seen this back and forth, and now we're seeing the pivot back to taking the gloves off on bernie sanders. >> enthusiasm message, you know, it's no replacement for math and delegates. >> no, that's right. hillary has math and delegates on her side. she has enough money to compete, even though sanders has enough -- sanders has enough to keep going but he doesn't have the math, the delegates on her side. if hillary wants to put this away, she needs to have barack obama weigh in. >> let me say this, david, you delight in tormenting john. >> that's an understatement. >> you know, as we talk about brass knuckle tactics going forward on the dem side, what are we looking at in terms of the unity of the party on the democratic side? >> that's hillary clinton doing
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the brass knuckle tactics, because she doesn't to want alienate the base vote, young people, very liberal voters. her chief objective was, i'm going to run a general election campaign, ultimately lock this up because i have such an insurmountmentable when it comes to the delegate vote, but with the wind at his back, i think she's pivoting back to him and saying, look, chief objective is to be the nominee. i have to bury him six feed under and i'll do whatever it takes to do that. >> scary stuff. >> i like to watch the gloves come off. >> you have enough -- >> i don't think you need to be worrying about -- >> gentlemen, thank you. we're going to take a quick break. ahead on "cnn newsroom," why donald trump is blaming conservative talk radio for his loss in wisconsin. we'll be right back.
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when we have a vision. >> tonight wisconsin has lit a candle, guiding the way forward. tonight we once again have hope for the future. >> welcome back, everybody. that's u.s. republican presidential hopeful ted cruz celebrating a win in wisconsin. he needed a win there to remain a viable candidate. cnn projects he wins winning 48% of the vote. >> for the democrats, bernie sanders can add wisconsin to his list of recent victories. cnn projects he beat hillary clinton in the state's democratic primary, winning about 56% of the vote. >> assistant managinging editor joins us, and this is in your wheelhouse, let's start with the situation in wyoming with the
11:19 pm
talk show, the conservative talk back radio host in the state, six of them in the state of wis wishgs galvanized together, they're all speaking from the same page of stop donald trump. how did that play into this campaign? how influential was that in the outcome? >> it's very influential. we've never seen an effort from talk radio this big in any of the states but we've been seeing it on a smaller level across the board going back to iowa where steve dais, the most conservative talk radio host there who came out against cruz for donald trump there. we've seen that state by state by state. for right-wing radio, there are the rush limbaughs and shawn hannities, they care about conservativism, they care about electing people who they believe to be died in the wool conservatives. they believe that about ted cruz because they believe he's
11:20 pm
fundamentally a conservative. like charlie sykes in wisconsin, they believe donald trump is a trump. as you see trump racing closer and closer to the nomination, you get those conservative radio hosts banding together. >> talk about that operation we saw in wisconsin, amongst the talk radio people, but beyond that, what this win means for the never trump coalition going forward. >> it starts with money. you know, ted cruz himself said he raised $2 million over the last 24 hours. it sort of looked like he was going to win and he had the momentum. we'll see if we're donating to jeb obama administration a lot of them right here in california, where do they go next? what kind of decision are they making? a lot had been sitting back. do they start to open their wallets? we're seeing super pac from the never trump movement, people saying, we'll find a way to stop him f we do it with a brokered
11:21 pm
convention or gavel nlvanize be ted cruz right now. quite a few of ted cruz's colleagues who admit they don't like him, they say, we'll go with him, lindsey graham being the most primary example of -- >> endorsing donald trump -- or ted cruz. it's late. >> the support we see going to ted cruz has less to do with cruz and more to the fact that he's the only embodiment for that anti-trump -- >> let's put up exit polling data for you. as we look at the groups that did respond to cruz, we'll put up this one group across -- basically looking at education and the various classes. when you look at whether it's those who never attended college, those who attended some college, those who are college graduates, post graduates, across the different classes as it was broken down, cruz won all of them. they all responded to him. >> even the fully educated. >> even the fully educated.
11:22 pm
>> as donald trump would say. >> this is key. you see cruz making gains in those demographics that trump has traditionally won. there was a conversation on our own network earlier tonight about was wisconsin a state that was good for trump or not? the trump campaign is saying, no, no, he was never going to win wisconsin. the he didn't win those demographics -- >> and john kasich also said wisconsin would be good for him. he didn't win a single delegate. the calls for him to get out of the race will increase. the minor numbers you saw marco rubio got in the state, he did get some votes, it will be interesting to see what he ends up doing in this race. >> there was no gender gap here. donald trump -- this was donald trump's really awful, terrible, horrible bad week by any stretch of the imagination. but yet after all the controversy with women, there was no essential difference there between cruz and trump.
11:23 pm
so, at least for the trump campaign, that's some good news, right? >> another exit poll i was paying attention to was the roughly six in ten voters who said they wouldn't vote for the other guy. so six in ten, you know, voters said they're not going to vote for trump. six in ten said they're not going to vote for cruz but they're all republican primary voters. those numbers aren't great when you think of wisconsin potentially being a battleground state. it's something republicans like to say they have an opportunity to swing it in a general election doesn't usually happen. >> let's look ahead to the democratic side of things. of course, it is upcoming race in new york on april 19th. neither -- trump was a no show tonight but his campaign put out a blistering statement that basically took shots at ted cruz. there's no hillary clinton either in front of the camera. she put out a tweet. let's share that with our viewers. congrats @berniesanders on winning wisconsin. to all the voters and volunteers who poured your heart into this
11:24 pm
campaign. forward. but not to appear for the cameras, was that a bad move? how do you read that and in terms of the associated risks? >> i meant to go back and look at my notes from 2008. remember, that primary campaign lasted all the way until the very last contest in june. there was a point where they stopped calling to concede. there's just sort of the mechanisms of the early states you just sort of stop doing them because you're already in the next state. bernie sanders was already in wyoming. he didn't bother to celebrate in wisconsin. >> there's a general sense of fatigue. like what donald trump said about the debates, how many times do you need to. but for hillary clinton, what it is she's looking -- she is running a general election strategy when she can. she's not engaging bernie sanders when it's not advantageous for her to do so. when will we debate, what would the venue be, the terms of that debate be? for hillary clinton it's not
11:25 pm
advantageous to come out and give a concession speech now. >> secretary clinton is running this election campaign because we heard from her tuesday and she was attacking donald trump. let's listen. >> too many voices out there, too many people are trying to divide americans against americans. i wish they'd all come to new york and spend some time. the guy from new york, i wish he would get out of his tower and walk the streets and spend time with the people of this city! >> given the results in wisconsin, does this now mean that hillary clinton has to change her tactics? she has to refocus been on bernie sanders? >> i don't think so. she's had her surrogates out there attacking sanders, that's the ads or the statements, while she's kept a strong focus on the republicans for the last number of weeks. i don't see that changing. we get a lot of people frustrated that are sanders supporters saying, why do you
11:26 pm
treat her like she's the nominee already, which we're not. but have you to look at the numbers and the fact it's a very difficult lead for him to overcome. even though you had jeff weaver on cnn earlier saying we're taking this to a brokered convention, the numbers don't say that. she's operating under that. tonight ted cruz was taking it right to hillary clinton. that's not going to change the fact there are a number of contests left, including right here in california. >> let's just focus on new york as the next big one for hillary, she needs to win it, obviously, but she needs to win it big, dylan. >> she needs to win it big. you need to win your home state big. ted cruz needed to win texas, rub yoe needed to win florida, and that's not way he's not in the race anymore. i will say this as the resident media reporter, we are heading into not only the nation's biggest media market, we're heading into a very robust, gossipy, fun, fiery, fast-paced media market. you saw with bernie sanders'
11:27 pm
interview with "the new york daily news," which was a disaster for him, we'll get to a point where it's not just "the new york times" and the "wall street journal," the tabloids will be going after these candidates and you'll have sanders from brooklyn, hillary clinton having served in new york, donald trump in new york, i mean, this is really going to be a fun week. >> for ted cruz and his criticism of new york values. >> which we just saw hillary clinton embrace. >> yeah. wonder how that will come back to bite him. we'll see. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> thank you for staying up late. we'll take a short break on the late, late show. coming up, john kasich finished far behind. his prospects and who he may be hurting staying in the race. stay with us. you're watching cnn. it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself,
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welcome back, everybody. just aft 11:30 here in los angeles. >> i'm isha sesay. you're watching special coverage of the wisconsin primary. >> as cnn projects ted cruz will win on the republican side. the polls had him leading donald trump by ten points going into tuesday, and john kasich finishing a distant third. >> wisconsin win is big for cruz and tough for donald trump. we take a look at how the two campaigns are reacting. >> reporter: senator cruz in celebrating his big win in wisconsin is making clear he's already looking forward and making something of a rhetorical pivot toward the general election, not mentioning his rivals donald trump or john kasich much during his speech here. rather, going after hillary clinton, ending his speech with the words, point blank, hillary clinton, we are coming for you.
11:32 pm
cruz is still behind in the delegate count and the results push this potentially more towards a contested convention. but cruz said this is a path he is confident of. >> either before cleveland or at the convention in cleveland, together we will win a majority of the delegates and together we will beat hillary clinton in november. >> reporter: and donald trump did not have an election night event, but his campaign has issued a response to the results in wisconsin, which in part say, quote, ted cruz is worse than a puppet. he is a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. and the cruz campaign is responding to that trump campaign statement already. basically casting donald trump has being a sore loser. a top cruz aide telling me they believe donald trump is in full meltdown mode.
11:33 pm
sunlen serfaty. bernie sanders is the projected winner over hillary clinton and sanders did it convincingly. topping clinton by 13 percentage points. >> sanders has already moved on to wyoming for the next caucuses. he addressed a rally there after his big win in wisconsin and cnn's brianna keilar is there. >> reporter: bernie sanders in wyoming, celebrating his win in the wisconsin primary. he was here at the university of wyoming in laramie, riling up supporters, a number of students who he will be relying on when democrats caucus in wyoming on saturday. he's hoping to add the caucuses on saturday to a string of recent wins, create some momentum and head into the new york primary on april 19th and give hillary clinton a run for his money. >> please keep this a secret.
11:34 pm
do not tell secretary clinton. she's getting a little nervous and i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. >> reporter: his campaign citing the ability to reduce her pledge delegate lead recently by 80 or so delegates. there's still a considerable spread, 200 or so delegates but sanders and his campaign are insisting there is a path to the white house. brianna keilar, cnn, laramie, wyoming. >> before that path to the white house, let's take a closer look now at the wisconsin primaries. we're joined by matthew litman. let's look at the delegate count on the democratic side. hillary clinton has about 1743 delegates right now, including pledged delegates as well as the superdelegates. 1778, sorry. bernie sanders trailing by about 700 delegates here. a lot of people on the bernie
11:35 pm
sanders' side, can hillary clinton stitch this up with pledged delegates alone? does she need the superdelegates? >> she's ahead by a lot and looks like some of the states coming up are pretty favorable to her. i think she'll do fine on the delegate count but the superdelegates, keep in mind these are members of the democratic party. bernie sanders isn't a democrat. he's a socialist. part of the work he should have done is get some of these people to support him, but he chose to not. if he were to be elected president, ed need the support of those people to get anything done. they don't support him now so i think it speaks very well for hillary that she has that support. >> how much would you like superdelegates right now? >> i'm certain there's a lot of candidates left in the dust that would love to have had those superdelegates, who would have been in a different situation. one of the senators said, it's
11:36 pm
like either being poisoned or shot with cruz or trump. the reality is there are many in the establishment, which is funny because now hillary clinton is the establishment on your side, it really sweating it out. we're trying to figure out what's going to happen after the convention, most importantly, because we have to look at that dem ticket, how to protect those governors, senators and congressmen that are trying to talk to the electorate and we look at -- they're going to be picked. we already starting to see municipal races. republican candidates in the municipal races being attacked for being trump supporters because they're republican. those are tactics we'll see throughout from here to november, besides the presidential campaign. how do we protect those down-party ticket ballots? like anything that's broken, it can always be put back together. i remember clearly when the democrats won, when bill clinton
11:37 pm
won, i remember saying the republicans were in the weeds for two generations. soon enough, we came back and did some amazing things. i think it's -- >> those when karl rove declared -- >> let me say those amazing things, if you mean by getting george w. bush elected, the things -- >> let's not relitigate -- >> yeah, where are we going? >> we have a couple of contests on this. bernie sanders is making a lot about these wins, a string of wins which he's notching up, and is likely to continue to notch up. and, you know, if we look at what he did tonight by this big win in wisconsin, he's going to walk away with maybe eight or nine delegates. let's take a look at how many delegates he might get in new york. because you look at the current polls right now, in this match-up, hillary clinton will probably walk away with a net gain, i think, of around 32 or 31 delegates here, which will wipe out pretty much all of his gains in those other states. so the problem that bernie
11:38 pm
sanders has now is that he has to change the dynamic of his campaign. can he do that? >> there are some big states coming up. have i to say for your audience, if they haven't read it yet, he gave a big interview in "the new york daily news," which was not favorable to bernie sanders. as he gets into new york, foreign policywise i think he'll number a lot of trouble. new york is a state that really -- they care about foreign policy, especially in new york city. it's going to be tough for him. i think wyoming is up next. and i think wyoming, which he'll have now eight of the last nine states, something like that, but the delegate math does not add up for bernie sanders. it's almost impossible for him to win at this point. i like senator sanders. i think he's won an amazing campaign. i think ted cruz has run an amazing campaign but i don't see how sanders can pull it off. >> do you anticipate that the chorus or a chorus calling for him to drop out? >> he has so much money, he's not going to --
11:39 pm
>> he raised something like -- >> will people still call for it? will people now -- >> we could. as clinton surrogates say -- >> the truth is, he's not. hillary didn't drop out when she ran against barack obama. >> one of the quick points is something i heard on cnn earlier today, is comparing to barack obama, when barack obama beat hillary, you know, hillary supporters were older and barack obama had the young ones. it was easier for the older ones to turn around and support barack obama. i don't know if that same dynamic applies with the bernie sanders supporters to be able to switch off and just be part of the kum-bi-ya song with hillary clinton. >> how much longer before john kasich has to get out of this contest? >> he's not getting out. he's going to run it all the way through. >> who is he hurting the most? >> i think he's probably hurting ted cruz the most. at this point. >> why? >> because he is getting the air off it and being able to point out dwishltcys in the cruz campaign and putting out the
11:40 pm
deficiencies of a cruz candidate -- remember, ted cruz isn't a liked guy in the republican party. >> while ted cruz, kasich -- i like kasich. i think kasich is a general election candidate that could beat hillary. right now cruz is getting the never trump vote. a lot of people just voting for cruz because he's not trump. i like kasich. he shouldn't be running anymore. he needs to drop out. >> as we talk about how it could play out at the convention, what about this paul ryan question people keep talking about? talk to me about that and your view of what's going on behind the scenes. >> i had a nice conversation with the u.s. representative from florida a few weeks ago. we had this conversation that was really interesting, how the elected officials in washington, d.c., are truly looking at this strategy as a viable strategy to actually make sure they bring the party back together, knowing they may not be able to compete -- >> so, the question becomes --
11:41 pm
so the question becomes, what's the objective. is it just to beat hillary or bernie sanders may be the candidate, but the question is, is it to actually protect, once again, the down-ticket ballot or create some avenues where you can still go back to the party and rebuild as we go forward into future -- >> this is what's wrong -- >> he's shaking so badly -- >> sh this is what we refer to as the establishment in washington. paul ryan is popular. in america he's not. this idea that america is clamoring for paul ryan is false. there is no one -- you hear this from people in d.c. only, that paul ryan is possibly going to save them. no one else is saying that. no one is asking for paul reason. >> even paul ryan. he's said repeatedly, just like he said he wouldn't be speaker of the house. >> and there he is. >> right, right. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. >> see. >> across the aisles. >> we can work. >> indeed. time for a quick break. donald trump defeated in
11:42 pm
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11:46 pm
sanders. he tops hillary clinton with about 56% of the vote. there in wisconsin. >> let's take a closer look at the results and what they could mean for the race going forward. >> cnn politics reporter is live in washington this hour. let's go back to that statement. i'll read a longer version that donald trump put out earlier. donald j. trump withstood the onslaught of the establishment yet again, lying ted cruz had the entire apparatus behind him. not only was he propelled by the anti-trump super pacs, which is illegal, who totally control him. ted cruz is woerrse than a pupp. is he a trojan horse being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. wow. i guess the bottom line here, so much for that truce between donald trump and, you know, the establishment there, the republican party.
11:47 pm
>> yeah, talk about gracious in defeat, right? we've seen this from donald trump before. on the one hand, he's sort of talks about being the grand you nighter of the party and how once he's the nominee, he'll bring everyone together. and then at the same time, we see that he can still be quite rough on the party, on any of his opponents. he's shown time and time again, he'll go there. there's no love loss between him and ted cruz. they've been at it for weeks. there was the spat over their wives. tonight we saw ted cruz strongly embrace his wife on stage. it was quite an exceptional moment, as he called her out in the crowd, chanted her name, sort of raising her up after this rough week. and so, you know, donald trump is sending a message. he will not be intimidated by the establishment, by the anti-trump forces. it's full steam ahead for donald trump. and anyone who gets in his way is sort of on warning with
11:48 pm
donald trump. >>. >> speaking of sending messages, the president spoke out about some proposals being floated by republican candidates. i want to play a little bit of a clip for our viewers and have you give us perspective on the other side. >> i think that i've been very clear earlier that i'm getting questions constantly from foreign leaders about some of the whackier suggestions that are being made. i do have to emphasize that it's not just mr. trump's proposals. i mean, you're also hearing concerns about mr. cruz's proposals, which in some ways are just as draconian when it comes to immigration, for example. >> the president calling out donald trump and ted cruz by name there. the president also knows whenever he does that, it just kind of boosts the gop side of things and kind of galvanizes
11:49 pm
their base, so why does he continue to weigh in on the race? i know he was responding to a question here, but the way he chose to do it, how are you reading that? >> it's interesting. the other day he said he welcomes questions about donald trump. he welcomes these sort of political game questions in a way that in a lot of the time current politicians say, no, you know, i'm not going to play pundit. president obama is sort of saying, let me play pundit. let me trash the republicans. you know, he hasn't come out and endorsed hillary clinton. but he has sort of subtly signaled he does support her and he has said that he will be behind the democrats 100%, willing to hit the campaign trail. vice president biden the same way. i think they in the white house, the democratic party in general really feels like their party is on the line, his legacy on the line in a very existential way every time the republicans speak. so, i think you're seeing him
11:50 pm
respond to that, that sort of fear of what may come next, personally and then for his party. >> cnn's tal kopan joining us from washington. appreciate the perspective. >> thank you. >> does seem the president is just itching to get into this primary fight in one way or another. we'll break. when we come back, the primary contest gave bernie sanders more mow machine item. we'll have a final recap in a moment. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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welcome back, everybody. six minutes before midnight on the west coast. the wisconsin primary had everything from losses for the party front-runners to an amusing comment about the name of a wisconsin county. >> here are the highlights from tuesday's big presidential primary night in 90 seconds. >> the republican race, will donald trump face a new loss to ted cruz or will the gop front-runner bounce back from a series of controversies? in the democratic race hillary clinton is facing a tough fight against bernie sanders? will he add to his winning streak?
11:55 pm
>> this is really becoming a race for every single delegate. >> 1236 delegates needed. depending on what happens in wisconsin, that can be critical. >> most expect ted cruz will win. this is about momentum for bernie sanders. he comes in with these wins in the midwest. momentum at his back. the math still in secretary clinton's favor. >> this republican elector rat in wisconsin is different. it's not as fiery as we've seen in some of the other contests this season. >> i believe hillary clinton is a better candidate. i think she's more in touch with the base of the democratic party than she was starting this campaign because bernie sanders. >> ted cruz will win the republican presidential primary. >> bernie sanders will w the wisconsin democratic presidential primary, beating
11:56 pm
hillary clinton. >> we won in wisconsin. >> the conversation with republicans tonight is they believe we are going to an open convention. that's not guaranteed, by any means, but i would say it's much more likely. >> what a night. >> still a long way to go. thank you for being with us. you have been watching cnn's special election coverage live from los angeles. i'm john vause. >> i'm isha sesay. we'll have more after this quick break. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. we shouldn't sweatlife, the small stuff. but when you're building a mercedes-benz, there really is no small stuff. every decision... every component... is an integral part of what makes the 2016 c-class
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welcome to our viewers in the simprats arouunited states e world. i'm isha sesay. >> i'm john vause. midnight here in l.a. and the voters are spoken in wisconsin, after the state held primaries for the republicans and democrats. the front-runners from both parties are rattled. >> let's start with a big night for this candidate,


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