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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  April 9, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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we're happy to have you with us this morning as always. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm martin savidge in fehr victor black well. secretary of state john kerry is on ground in afghanistan this morning. another surprise stop in the middle east for him -- or a surprise for us, i should say. >> kerry is making a stop in the middle east to shore up relations with allies to fight terrorism. elise is on the phone with us. elise, he's planning to meet with you and afghan leaders at a
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pivotal moment in that government, right. >> this government, if you remember, about a year and a half ago kerry was here negotiati negotiating with the ceo. and since then they've struggled and they haven't really been able to formalize their government, so secretary kerry is here to talk to them to see if they can find some way at a compromise. as you said, he'll also be meeting with u.s. and nato troops here in kabul. the taliban has been leaking a lot of things with afghan forces last year and nato forces are critical. they assisted him to further draw down troops -- there will
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be about 5,500 come the end of the year. some u.s. military commanders do not think it's a wise move. they think it should be more condition-based and should stay for a little bit longer. and as we approach the season, they're in a strong situation, the situation deteriorating and isis is trying to get a foothold in the area. so really a pivotal moment for secretary kerry to talk to the government not only about finding compromise but about their effort to form a reconciliation process with the taliban. that's been stalled as well. and as they approach the fighting season, it doesn't seem as if the taliban is ready to talk, marty. >> elise labott there with the secretary of state. he's shown up for a surprise visit. we'll have a little more on this later on. thank you very much, elise. meanwhile this morning the
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battle for new york is heating up. who is qualified to be president is far from over. >> in this back-and-forth with secretary clinton about her qualifications, i know that you have said she is qualified. bill clinton today was asked about the comments and said, of course, you wouldn't have made the same charges if she were a man. >> oh, my goodness. >> and he said, i think there are some different standards for women. some of them are subconscious. >> i appreciate bill clinton being my psycho analyst, it's always nice, but the reality is thatter since wisconsin when that became the sixth out of seven states that we have won in either caucuses or primaries, i think the clinton campaign has made it public. basically they told the media here in new york they're about
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to become negative, about to beat us up. and i just want them to understand we have tried to run an issue-oriented campaign, but we're not going to be attacked every single way. our record is not going to be distorted. we are going to fight back. what i have said is a candidate like secretary clinton who voted for this disastrous war in iraq, who has supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement and who receives incredible amounts of money, we're talking about tens of millions of dollar from every special interest you can think of from the billionaire class, you know, i have my doubts about what kind of president she would make. >> it looked like they were calling a truce, walking back his comment. >> i thought an outstanding
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first lady in many respects, breaking the mold. >> do you think he's qualified for president? >> yes. as i said, i would take him over donald trump or ted cruz any day. >> all right. let's bring in maria cardona and cnn political commentator, and political strategist nomika konst. i want to talk about the comments of bernie sanders where he said i have doubts and he believes he has told the media they're going to be negative, they're going to, beat me up. know nomiki, this is a man who's staying above the fray. how important are these malicious jabs? >> there's the press
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communication that came out basically setting out their strategy to disqualify bernie sanders and qualify the party. i think bernie sanders is trying to focus on the issues. when he talks about the difference in record between himself and hillary clinton, that's a discussion of their records. and i think that's what democratic voters really want to discuss. so when this disqualification debate started, the debacle, you know, it really is a distraction from the issues but he's trying to point out the fact that democrats believe in a certain set of values and unfortunately based on who he receives the records from, it really is in conflict with the democratic voters, their core values, and more importantly, you know, in any other industry, if you're accepting money from that industry, there's a conflict of interest. so when she accepts money from the oil and gas industry or she accepts money from hedge funders or when hillary clinton accepts
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money from big pharma, how are you going to reform those fields when they're funding your campaign? it's just comical at this point. >> we know that was a discussion we had last week as well about where the money was coming from. but i do want to get back on subject here. maria, when we talk about this negative campaigning, it's something that we receive on the gop side. a lot of people have been very critical of it. is it detrimental to both of these candidates at this point? >> i think if bernie sanders continues to double down on this incredibly silly and dumb comment about it, i think it will be detrimental to his campaign. that's why we've seen him waffling back and forth, does he double down, does he not? and what we've seen is senator clinton is the adult in the room. he said very clearly senator san dors is qualified. but she'll continue to talk about why she is more qualified and it is based on her records and accomplishments and she did
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promise to run an above board campaign. >> that's not true. >> let me get this out. >> we need to get to something else is that was said yesterday that really caught a lot of attention and that's what bill clinton said when he was asked by a reporter in erie, pennsylvania, when he was asked if gender was a factor. he said, quote, i think she would be the best president and i think it's obvious by a country mile. and that's all that matters to me. yes, i think there are some different standards. some of them are subconscious. maria, is that something that's discriminatory? >> i don't know. frankly there is subconscious discrimination in the land. we saw it in 2008. we're going to see in in this campaign and we have seen it.
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i'm not going to paint bernie sanders with that brush. i don't know him. but i don't think that's something he believes. it doesn't matter. his comment was not a very strategic or smart comment to make accusing senator clinton of being unqualified. people do not believe that. if he talks about all of the reasons why he believes she is unqualified, then frankly he believes president obama is unqualified as well. >> oh, come on, maria. come on, maria. hillary clinton has attacked president obama for the exact same things in 2008. we're playing 2008 all over again. >> he has taken the money -- >> ladies, one at a time. we can't understand. >> let me finish. >> maria, finish. and then nomiki will get a chance. >> bernie sanders has taken all the standards. if he believes she's unqualified to be president, he believes it -- that president obama has been unqualified to be president and
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frankly what nomiki says is ridiculous in terms of democratic values and clinton not representing those because guess what? she's winning by 245 votes and across the boards she wins democrats in these primary, not senator sanders. >> we should point out she is ahead in new york. nomiki, how much does the percentage of the win mat never new york, whether it be hillary clinton or bernie sanders? does it have to be a huge gap and does it matter? >> i think it matters in delegate count, but i think it's going to be very significant regardless if bernie sanders wins in new york state where he is from. the reality is just three weeks ago, hillary clinton was up by 30% and now she's up by almost 10%. that is a problem. i mean the issue here is not just about democratic voters. it's about people who have left the democratic party because the ways have been completely sold out to corporate interest by the clintons over the past 20 to 30
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years. you have more independence, disenfranchised voters who are coming into the process due to sanders' political revolution. but to go back to that sexism point, when you start using sexism so loosely and especially bill clinton of all people, it dilutes the people, and as a feminist, you can understand why the younger feminists who really value the differences between just using it carelessly and using it willfully and purposely, that's why they're supporting bernie sanders. his record, when he fights for minimum wage at $15 an hour, there's a reason why. that's why women are hurting. single-parent household. they're the ones who are going to be affected by the minimum wage. the people lobbying against it are wall street. >> these are all the things we should be talking about. when he talks about her being unqualified -- >> you started it. why are you saying it?
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>> i'm sorry. we have run out of time. we appreciate both of your voices. thank you maria cardona and nomiki continues. let me tell you both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are appearing on state of the union with jake tapper tomorrow morning on cnn. they'll be facing off in a democratic debate live from brooklyn. wolf blitzer is moderating. again, you can find that right here on cnn. >> much more ahead on "new day." trump makes moves to grab gop nominees and ted cruz is wrapping up in colorado. also the final fugitive is taken down. and the u.s. will play secretary of state john kerry travels from iraq to
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. now he's changing his campaign staff and adding a campaign manager which is the most creative way i've heard described bouncer. get him out. get him out. >> he does do well. jimmy fallon poking fun of donald trump's newest hire. of course, trump is taken time off the trail as they're figuring out the delegate game but he's not off twitter, we should point out. he tweeted isn't it a shame that the person who will have by far the most delegates and many million more votes than anyone
3:17 am
else, me, still must fight. >> he does have a fight on hand, getting swept by ted cruz in colorado. cruz has picked up 34 delegates. the last of the 34 delegates will be elected today. so let's talk about the trump strategy with our cn commentators errol louis and ben ferguson. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with you. he's going out to colorado and staying in new york in a state that's leading by very wide margin. why has he been so quiet and why is he taking a little time away from the trail? >> well, i this i the trump campaign has figured out they have no idea what delegates are or how they work. and this line that's being stolen from us has kind of fallen on deaf ears when it comes to delegates and how a convention works. so what you're seeing is donald trump just now realized, wow, i
3:18 am
may not get to the magic number. remember, mitt romney got to the magic number to secure the nomination before the convention. so did bob dole. so did john mccain. two of the three, he's actually referred to as losers. those losers were able to win the nomination outright. why? because they were stronger candidates. donald trump who's obsessed about winning and being number one, he's not been able to secure this, and now you're going to go into a convention. the reality looks like. and you're going to have a convention fight. >> all right. hold on. hold on. cruze has been very strategic about win these delegates where trump and the campaign have clearly fallen short. what has trump learned about this going forward and ben has alluded to this, right, errol? >> yeah. i think they're learning a little late. you never know if it's going to
3:19 am
work out for him. even in new york, cruz haas been campaigning, even though he's terribly unpopular if you look at the overall polls. again, he's being strategic. it's a modified proportional delegate allocation system for the republicans here in new york, which means that even if in a district that's heavily, heavily democratic, and there's one here that has only 13,000 republicans f you can get half of them or close to half of them, you pick up a delegate or two. and so cruz has been here campaigning in some very heavily democratic areas of the bronx. by contrast, donald trump hasn't been here, although he lives in new york city. so, you know, he's learning, but he's really, really got to up the curve and i think the new hire is going to be one of the ways they try to catch up, but they've been very negligent about this whole process. >> let's talk thb new hire. he's hired paul maniford.
3:20 am
what is a campaign or convention manager? what is his role really here? >> well, really, the role should be for any campaign to make sure you have a good relationship with your delegates so if you do have to go past the first round of voting that you know that those people are going to be loyal to you. the other thing is you have to be cordial and reach out to people that may have supported as delegates in the first round that were bound to someone else. the biggest issue that donald trump is going to have is just how nasty and negative he's been toward cruz's supporters, rubio's supporters, kasich's supporters. trump has a hard time getting over 30%, 35% in these states in polls in general. >> do you agree that's the role of the -- let me just get errol in here. do you believe he's going to get a role? >> that's right. we've all been to conventions. the rules and the parliamentary
3:21 am
rules and how all of this works and who's actually in the arena and who gets to cast a vote at what time and in what fashion is very arcane knowledge and it varies from state to state. yeah, it has been traditional that you find somebody who specializes just in that. so now trump finally has somebody. >> all right. errol louis, ben ferguson, thank you both. we'll be talking again. >> thanks. >> thanks. you all touched on it. we know colorado's votes are going to be crucial here. how they're picked is what we'll be talking about. we're going insight the delegate pick with you. plus, a terrorism suspect is captured on a sidewalk, the suspected brusless airport bomber. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto.
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well, two of the world's top terror suspects are captured this morning. the authorities believe they're linked to the massacres in brussels and in paris. one is believed to have been involved in the subway attack. the other mohamed abrini is one of the last ones. that's him on the ground surrounded by police officers. >> here's the big question. is he also part of the cell that has attacked the brussels airport? >> at the moment, investigators are verifying whether abrini mohamed can positively be identified as the third person present at the brussels national
3:26 am
airport. >> you heard him there. could this be the so-called man in the hat that we have highlighted here finally captured. remember him from the airport surveillance video you see here before the attacks. >> let's go live now to cn senior correspondent fred pleitgen live in brussels with the very latest. fred, what do we know? >> reporter: yeah. good morning, martin. there certainly is a sense of urgency here. i was on location when they captured mohamed abrini late last night. i can tell you there were forensic units on the scene well into the early hours trying to gather more evidence. the main thing they're trying to find out is indeed is he the person on that surveillance camera from the airport camera, whether or not he is the so-called man in the hat. right now i'm actually in front of the federal prosecutor's office where they're trying to determine all this. of course, there are other things on his mind as well.
3:27 am
what sort of lings does abrie in possibly have to the paris attacks. remember, he was seen in the video with salah abdeslam. also, generally, what sort of overall role did he play in the planning and logistics of all of this. and finally, and this is something that many people criticized the belgian authorities of doing in the past. they're going to find out whether or not any sort of attacks might be planned in the future, whether or not there might be other people at large who could potentially be dangerous not just here in bejum but in other european countries as well. as far as the second man, osama kray krayem, he's also particularly of interest because think think he might have been in the bombing at the metro station. the belgian authorities believe this is a big coup that they've
3:28 am
landed. they believe the terror cells that have been attacking belgium for a long time is disrupted. they know they face future attacks as well. >> they have to feel good about these two major arrests in just about a week's time. >> reporter: they certainly do. one of the things that happened yesterday is almost immediately after the arrest took place, the interior minister of the country came out and said, listen, this is a really big thing, we're really proud of our authorities. but one of the things, martin, we do have to keep in mind is the last time the belgian authorities arrested a high profile sbpt, salah abdeslam, who's believed to be the logistical mastermind between the paris attacks, only three days after he was arrested, is when the brussels attacks took place. this somewhere they believe they might be in a race against time to try to see whether or not any part os testify cells, any part
3:29 am
os thf network are still out there somewhere, where fuehrer attacks might have been in flanning, whether those captured might be related to that so nothing bad happens in the past weeks in the city that's been so ravaged by terror over the past couple of months, martin. >> thank you very much, fred. secretary of state, john kerry, is on the ground in afghanistan, and so are we learning more about the future of u.s. troops in that country. plus, does mississippi's controversial religious liberty law expand business owners' constitutional rights or does it discriminate against gay people. >> decline on servicing them because i believe a marriage -- the marriage is instituted by god between a man and a woman, and that is my belief. intelligent surn ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration. 33 minutes past the hour. secretary of state john kerry is on the ground in afghanistan. this is a surprise visit to the middle east following yesterday's trip to iraq, of course. secretary kerry's trip is aimed at shoring up u.s. allies in the fight against terrorism. in iraq, you see the focus is on isis, making sure they keep driving their forces back. then we move to afghanistan, that fight against the old familiar foe the taliban as
3:34 am
alliance fighters struggle. the taliban is controlling more territory than at any time since 2001. cnn correspondent nick paton walsh. i want to start with you. what is the status of what's happening there? >> reporter: two key issues. one is politically at issue is the government between president ghani and the senior ceo. that's having a lot of problems, a lot of turmoil about the issues its facing in kre meanting reforms and keeping things going and paying basic salaries. that's one key issue. the second one is security. as you said. the taliban hold more territory now more than any time since 2001. we have the fighting season ahead when it warms up and violence on the ground. that's imminent. the idea of the taliban,
3:35 am
frankly, being there and holding a lot would be unthinkable just years ago. as of last year according to the top u.s. official, the afghan forces lost 5,500 fighters alone. that's more than nato lost in the entire time they've been here and they're experiencing large levels of injury as well. the opium production here is as high as it was back in 2000. by every metric, really, you look at, this is a conflict that's going very badly indeed and the major goal here is peace talks with the taliban. that's something the taliban has said in the past weeks it's something they're not interested in. so it comes at an extraordinarily critical time. everyone talks about how each summer is vital. this one really is. if they don't hold themselves together by september or october, there's a political volume here. so many western officials say there simply isn't a plan b to
3:36 am
start to entertain, many slip back into warlording and an arcky. there's al qaeda, isis. taking a hit in the east. al qaeda getting back on their feet. it's one you can't address if you continue on the white house's trajectory. 9,800 troop this year and 5,500 here. if you do that, the afghan government won't have the foreign support it's had. it won't have the support, frankly, to hold itself together. >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much for giving as chance to understand what's happening there. general hurtling, i want to talk about that. how does it affect u.s. troops there. >> 2016 is a critical year, christy. as nick just said, it's an economy problem, government problem, security force problem
3:37 am
in iraq and at the same time we were planning on drawing troops down and at the same time nato is already starting to do that. the upcoming one is critical. nations have to pony up once again for troops they had to pull out. there have been a lot of people who have said 2016 is the year that will make it or break it for afghanistan and with some of the debates going on f you want to call them that, it's hatred between the two leaders. they do not like each other. >> the two sfleersd it's going to be tough. >> we've been focused isis. how critical is the fight against taliban? >> great point. the taliban were in peace talks with the afghan government for a while and then they left because they thought they could withhold their forces and announcement of withdrawal of u.s. forces came about. now they're standing by because they're standing by. isis is pulling fighters way. they're trying to survive as
3:38 am
well and there's no requirement to come back to the people. >> we have this new report here that the obama administrations to send 250 additional troops to syria as well. what would their role be, and do you agree it's necessary at this point? >> i do. these are special operations forces. sos and you have to differentiate between the special forces. these are the counterterrorism forces that will continue to fight for intelligence and continue the further defeat of isis in syria. >> when you talk about who they're going to be partnering with, these moderate syrian forces who are fighting isis, how accountable are these forces because syria itself is in such disarein terms of government. how trustworthy are these moderate fighters are they partnering with? >> there's an example we use called dots. it depends on the situation. it depends on who you're with.
3:39 am
there are some that are very strong, critically week. over the last year plus, we've been able to tell more and more the differences between the two. there are some fighters over there who want to retain their government and bring about a more plur is tick society. there are some that are flat out corrupt, part of gangs of al nusra. >> how confident are you about the fight in syria? >> in syria, it's slee progress. part of it is fighting intelligence, knowing where isis is, and that's what these special forces are going to do. >> general mark hertling is going to have questions as well. martin? >> all right, christi, thanks very much. pope francis has a message for the roman catholic church. be more welcoming.
3:40 am
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pope francis wants the catholic church to be more inclusive. he made his statements in a hefty 260-page document on family life. he implored the church to be more welcoming and less judgmental of gay and divorced catholics. what's the reaction so far from
3:44 am
there? >> reporter: well, martin, i think many people have been pleasantly surprised to see that really this is a kind of poetic reflection. he's using new language and that kind offer think language we've come to expect from pope francis, and many parts of this document are reflective of love and commitment and raising children in the modern world. then we look are there any changes, major changes in the document. the answer is no. he restates that marriage is between a man gay unions are not to be equated with marriage and no to reproductive technologies but he wants to change the way the doctrine is practiced, implemented. one of the big questions going into this was divorced and remarried catholics who could not receive communion.
3:45 am
the pope said i'm not going to issue a verdict on all cases. he said i'm going to put it back to the level of the couple in question and their priest. very importantly he says there should be no harsh judgment in the face of family life. this is what he says about divorced people and to divorced catholics. it's important that the divorced who enter a new union should be made to feel part of the church. they're not excommunicated and they should not be made to feel as such since they're part of the ecclesial community. he said, it's not the way of the church to exclude anyone forever. martin? >> delia gallagher talking about the new letter as documents issued by pope francis. very important. christi? >> it's described as chaotic, disorganized. messy. this is how colorado is picking its delegates in the convention
3:46 am
inside the wild west of all of it coming up next.
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3:49 am
so the only number is the delegate number that you keep your opponent from reaching. >> exactly. depending on if you're donald trump or ted cruz, this morning this fight is in colorado, a state that has its own unique take on this process. randi kaye explains. >> reporter: what you're looking at inside this colorado springs hotel is the campaign inside the
3:50 am
campaign where wannabe national delegates are making a push to get to the republican national convention, and campaigns are trying to win their support all behind closed doors. john culdara, who has yet to say which candidate he'll support, is one of them. >> why haven't you pledged a candidate? >> because this year is so fluid and so chaotic, i'm not sure what's going to happen. >> reporter: colorado chose not to hold a caucus or primary this year due to cost. instead it's holding smaller delegates. from what we've seen here, this is a messy process. >> it's a fun, wild, chaotic, and wildly disorganized process. >> reporter: here's how that process works. delegate candidates like john give a 30-second sales pitch. >> i'm running as an unbound delegate because it will be a
3:51 am
wild part. >> reporter: then they cast their choice nchl the end 37 colorado delegates will be send to cleveland. with a contested convention a real possibility. if they can get enough delegates to pledge allegiance to his side, it could literally give him the nomination. the campaigns are in hot pursuit. >> have you been courted by the campaigns? >> a million times. i'm so tired of the robocalls i near croaked. >> reporter: she was at another one thursday night in arvada, colorado. potential unpledged national delegate carl hoops was there expected to be heavily wooed by donald trump's campaign noting the campaign's deep pockets.
3:52 am
>> what do you think they'll throw your way? a duffel bag of cash, a rigde o the train? >> i don't. it doesn't matter. i can't be bought. here, john was supporting delegates on behalf of governor john kasich. >> nobody's minds are going to be changed by a fancy dinner. >> is it a wooing process or are you feeling pressured? >> i'm a wooing man. cnn is hosting donald trump's town howl with his wife on tuesday, 9:00 p.m. is he helping his wife's campaign or hurting? you know we said we'd take a look
3:53 am
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life feels a little lighter, potency probiotic, livelier, a little more you. ultimate flora probiotics. ♪ i was born in the usa i was born in the usa ♪ ♪ born in the usa born in the usa ♪ rock star bruce springsteen is shunning the greensboro concert in solidarity of the protest method. they want them to use the bathro bathroom corresponding to their gender on his or her birth certificate. and mississippi is facing one of the most controversial laws on the books.
3:57 am
the new laws deny. as a result the state's tourism and economy industry is taking a hit. >> this is what i do daily. >> reporter: jackie buchanan is a second generation seamstress in mississippi who stands by her belief. she says her faith is the foundation to her business. she says the doors are open for anyone but dressing a bible for a same-sex marriage goes against christian values. now she won't have to. >> i would probably decline servicing them because i believe a marriage is instituted by god between a man and a woman and that is my belief. >> reporter: from private business owners like buchanan and public employers who issue marriage licenses the law will allow them to refuse a couple if
3:58 am
it means services a same-sex wedding. some warn it could reach far beyond. >> also it will allow discrimination based on couples not married simply because there's one recognition in this mississippi law that it's, i guess, a respectable or legitimate religious belief that sex only occurs in the confines of the marriage. >> reporter: back in the bible belt jack leopold wonders why the law was needed in the first place. >> they're worried about maintains religious freedom in a state that ranks among the most devoutly religious states from the country. >> reporter: so far they've been less religious than they are economic. only days after it was signed into law tuesday the mississippi tourism association reported people are canceling or postponing trips to mississippi due to the national media
3:59 am
reporting on this new law. everyone's welcome here is the name of the new campaign launched by the state's restaurant campaign. >> with this threat of an economic fallout, some businesses here are take some steps of their own making it very clear that all customers are welcome. >> it's bills like this that are killing our economy. it's one of the reasons we're the pourist. >> reporter: this couple was the first to marry in mississippi. for them the new law is precisely why they'll stay in mississippi, to fight it. >> i have family here, i have my home here, i have friends here. and worked hard for that. i'm not leaving my home, my family, and my friends because some men in the capitol think that i'm a second-class citizen. i'm committed to fighting it and i'm staying here to fight it.
4:00 am
we have so much news to talk to you about this morning. which is why the next hoff our your "new day" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- 7:00 on the dot. so grateful for your company. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm martin savidge in fur victor blackwell. secretary of state john kerry is on the ground in afg n afghanist afghanistan, which is a surprise to people. >> kerry is making these stops in the middle east to shore of relations to fight terrorism. we'll check in with elise labott in a minute. she's traveling with the secretary of state. she'll let us know how the visit is going. less than two weeks before new york goes to the polls. it's getting mean and it's getting dirty.
4:01 am
presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders is lashing out at each other. even bill clinton is joining the fray saying sanders has different standards for hillary because she's a woman. let's take a listen to that. >> having bill clinton as my psych oh psychoanalyst is pretty nice. i think the clinton campaign has made it public. basically they've told the media that here in new york they're about to become very negative, about to beat us up, and i just want them to understand that, you know, we have tried to run an issue-oriented campaign, but that we're not going to be attacked every single day. our record is not going to be distorted. we are going to fight back. >> all this just when it seems like sanders was walking back from his comments earlier this week that he did not believe clinton was qualified to be president.
4:02 am
i want to bring in senior correspondent chris frates. chris, this hot and cold-relationship between clinton and sanders right now, think i a lot of people feel like they cannot predict. what are you learned there this morning? >> yeah. i mean you're exactly right, christi. i think we're going to see this continue because clinton and sanders, they're continuing slug it out on the campaign trail. that's all ahead of new york's crucial primary which is just ten days away now. remember, it all started when sanders said clinton wasn't qualified to be president. that was a jab bill clinton thought was sexist and one that hillary clinton said she had never heard before. >> you may have heard bernie sanders say i'm unqualified to be president. seriously, i've been called a lot of things over the years, but unqualified has not been one of them.
4:03 am
and this morning he finally acknowledged that, of course, he doesn't really believe that. this is all pretty silly. >> so sanders questioned it. >> does she have the experience? obviously she. does. she was secretary of state, a u.s. senator, i thought an outstanding first lady in many respects, breaking the mold. >> they're still questioning clinton's judgment and a law that prevented the federal government from recognizing same sex marriage. of course, clinton has since called her vote for the iraq war a mistake and has come out in support of same sex marriage and this all comes out. he's trying to upset clinton in her adopted state because even
4:04 am
after his big win in wisconsin last week, sanders still trails clinton by about 230 delegates and he needs to win 77% of the delegates remaining to clinch the nomination. clinton for her part needs 36% and sanders is campaigning hard with four stops. clinton has just one. i'll tell you, guys, it's unlikely the race will get any nicer any time soon. >> very good point. we appreciate it. thank it. cnn political correspondent errol louis with us now. errol, i want to ask you about this conversation with bill clinton and i want to read it to you so we have his verbiage just to be transparent. he said it's obvious by a country mile that she, meaning his wife, is the best candidate for president. yes, i think there are some different standards. some of them are subconscious. is there credence, do you think, to what he's saying about some sort of subconscious
4:05 am
consideration? >> think as a general proposition do, we still have sexism, yes, do we still apply different standards in this case to a woman who's running for president, probably. on the other hand i don't know if that's an excuse for them not performing the way bill clinton and the team would like to perform, and so, you know, it's just as the clinton team doesn't like to hear innuendo about, well, she took a certain amount of corpse money and therefore there's something wrong, they e demand that that be specified. i think the same standard should apply here. grab that. you've got to show how it applies or leave that kind of accusation alone because this is what i think is causing a lot of bitterness between the two camps. dhienlt like the innuendo. they don't like to be made to feel as if they've dub something fundamentally wrong. bill clinton trying to sort of mount a defense, but it's a
4:06 am
great example of how bitter this race has become. >> and they may also just be tired of -- i mean there may be some campaign fatigue. neither one of them might have thought the fight would last this long. when we look specifically at new york because these are two candidates because these are two candidates touting their ties to new york voters, how much does the percentage win in new york matter? whether it goes to hillary clinton, whether it goes to bernie sanders? do they have to win by a wide margin here? >> i think the burden is on hillary clinton to pull off the biggest win that she can. that it's not enough to win with 51%. that she's got to show some real strength here because this is her base. on the other hand, there is this matter of the delegates. and as we all discovered in 2008, it's all about the delegates. there are 247 delegates at stake. if bernie sanders can't get nearly all of them or at least three quarters of them as chris
4:07 am
just suggested, it's going to be very hard for him moving forward. hillary clinton, you know, she's got a lot to prove. she's campaigning very, very hard. they've made a lot of people available to the local media in a way they haven't done before. they're going to fight for every vote, every district, and try to hold off the sanders serurge if you want to call it that. a very tough contest over the next couple of weeks. >> errol, let me ask you about this conference that's happening days before the new york primary and that bernie sanders will go to. do you believe that to be a smart decision on his part? >> you know, it's very interesting. it will depend on how it all works out. in the finally days of the campaign, christi. for the most part, personal appearances by the candidate sort of matter, but at that point, it's sort of an air war in the state of 20 million people. you're going have a lot of
4:08 am
advertising. >> is that trip part of his strategy. does he think he's going to get something out of that in terms of how he deals with foreign policy or other leaders? >> there's a foreign policy angle to it. when i heard of it, i thought it more along the lines of the number one progressive politician in the world happens to be the pope. he's talking in the way that progressives like and respect. it also appeals to catholics who after all are the number one, i guess, by the plurality, the most popular religion in new york and in many other states. so it's a way to sort of do a little bit of double duty, to speak to catholics, to speak to progressives, to enter onto the world stage. very smart by the sanders camp. >> errol louis, always appreciate your insight. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> of course. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will appear on state of the union with jake tapper tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. on
4:09 am
cnn. and this thursday night, mark your calendars, clinton and sanders facing off in a democratic debate live from brooklyn, new york, that also 9:00 p.m. even. wolf blitzer is moderating and you'll find that right here on cnn. there's a whole lot more on cn including why donald trump is take break from the campaign trail. also fallout over bill clinton's clash with a black lives matter clash this week. people ask did he go too far and did it damage his wife's campaign. and then a major advance in the terrorist suspects and did they arrest a suspect from the bombing.
4:10 am
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4:13 am
he has canceled his stops in colorado and california. instead he's staying right there in new york while his campaign tries to figure out the delegate game and that is going to be krurchlt trump is at risk of getting swept by ted cruz in colorado. cruz has won that picking up 21 delegate this week, the last of its 34 delegates will be awarded or elected today. let's bring in cnn political commentators ben ferguson and jeffrey lord who's a donald trump supporter. he hasn't seemed to have figured out the delegates. what do you think? >> i think this is a very complicated game. i live here in pennsylvania, and we have a situation where -- we have a beauty contest and i think that might earn you 17 delegates.
4:14 am
all the rest of them run on a congressional district and their name is on there just as their name. if i were a candidate and i'm not but if it were, it would just say jeffrey lord, not jeffrey lord/donald trump. the voters have to figure out who is who. that's up to the campaigns to get the word across and it gets very complicated. you have to get into this and he's got paul maniford working on it and i think he will. >> and do you think it has exposed a crack on the trump ground game? >> yes. i also think the fact that trump's campaign thinks this is somehow very complicated tells you about the campaign and lack of leadership that donald trump shows here. thought this was going to be simple and easy. i'll go around the country, fly in on my big plane, a bunch of people show up, they're all going to vote for me, i'm going to be a winner and everyone else is going to be a loser. the fact is he's not winning
4:15 am
enough and he's not going to get this nomination outright and he's called others losers before including mitt romney. he had no problem getting magic number. they're saying -- wait, what are delegates? wait. how do we get some of them? i think this tells you about the leadership of the campaign and they don't understand exactly what they're doing right now, which is not surprising. >> ted cruz hasn't had the warmest of receptions in new york, which is where this battle is now. >> sure. >> his new york values comment is, i think, coming back to haunt him. is he seeing any success to try to turn it around in the big apple and beyond? >> i think you see the amount of time he's spending on the ground and he's making it very clear he's fighting in new york. but i don't think that the new york values comment is hurting him as much as people are implying with true conservatives out there. this was a line that was said
4:16 am
first by donald trump. he made it very clear that his values in new york are different than the rest of the country, different than other republicans. all ted cruz was saying when he said this was i'm quoting donald trump. donald trump has said his values are different. remember, he supported charlie rangel, hillary clinton, chuck schumer, for goodness sakes. these are not conservative candidates in new york. they're the most liberal candidates and it's come it out of new york. i don't think he re's regretting it. >> ben, look. where i -- the minute i heard senator cruz say this back in january, i thought he made a mistake. it reminds me very much of what barry goldwater said when he suggested he would sometimes like to see the east coast just sawed off and have it float out to see. that came ba to haunt him. they ran a television commercial in the johnson campaign in 1964.
4:17 am
he never really recovered from it. you want to be able to carry new york as ronald reagan did. you want to be able to appeal to delegates as ronald reagan did. he has no intention of appealing to these folks and, therefore, why would he want to? >> hold on, ben. let me read this trump tweet because this is what he put out overnight, quote, isn't it a shame that the person who will have by far the most delegates and many millions more votes than anyone else, me, excuse me, still in this fight. think what he's suggesting is somehow this delegate thing is a swinldle almost to take it away from him. do you agree with that? he's trying to put a spin on it? >> look. i go after one of the core things that donald trump has said. he's called mitt romney a loser, john mccain a loser. they were both able to secure the nomination before the convention. the point now is becoming very
4:18 am
obvious. donald trump is an incredibly weak candidate who cannot secure the nomination, and the process of a convention, he's not getting this stolen from him. i know it's the narrative that the campaign was trying to push, that somehow sh th was being stolen from them. no, he didn't win it and donald trump understands it better than anybody else. >> hold it there. jeffrey, you get the last word on this. >> well, i hate to say this. donald trump is ahead. i hate to remind ben of this. >> not far enough. >> well, you know, the race is not over yet. the guy who's ahead generally speaking has won. in every presidential nominating contest since 1960 in both parties t front-runner, even though he gets a heavy challenge from somebody in both parties again has always won the nomination, so donald trump is ahead. he's going to continue to be ahead. and the battle goes on. >> they got the magic number of 1,237. donald trump is not going to be
4:19 am
able to get that number. >> well, ben, we don't know that. >> he's a weaker candidate than mitt romney and john mccain, for goodness sake. >> gentlemen, look. >> that means anything -- >> we'll stop it right here just for the moment. i promise you both we'll get you back. jeffrey lord, ben ferguson, thank you very much, a spirited debate on donald trump and delegates. a programming note, hosted cnn town hall with donald trump at 9:00 p.m. on tuesday. that will include his wife melania and his family. two of the world's top terrorist suspects behind bars this morning. what were her to roles in the paris and brussels attack and what's to come? also, the pope is calling for more acceptance of gay people and divorced catholics. will his words be honored? that's all coming up. stay close.
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
behind bar this morning, two of brussels top suspects. >> one of the men allegedly took part in the subway attack. the other is suspected of driving the other attacker to his car. you can see him on the ground surrounded by police officers yesterday. >> now there's a new question for investigators. is he also part of the cell that attacked the brussels airport? >> at the moment, the investigators are verifying whether abrini mohammed can
4:24 am
positively be identified as being the third person present during the attacks at the brussels airport as the so-called man with the hat. >> remember these images from airport surveillance videos taken before the attacks? could that, as he referred to, so-called man in the hat be captured finally? >> to find out let's go live to cnn senior international correspondent fred pleitgen who's in brussels with the latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, martin. it think it's important to realize how important these two triftss are. especially if you look at mohamed abrini. he's not just thought to be in the paris attack but brussels as well. he drove salah abdeslam and others to conduct the shootings and bombings that took place there. really the main thing that the
4:25 am
authorities are now focusing on is whether or not he is that so-called man in the hat. of course, what they're trying to do is recognize to see whether or not the faces match and also, of course, trying to get information from him as well. that's something that the prosecutor said yesterday at the very short press conference that he gave. he said he hopes there might be some information that mohamed abrini would be able to give, authorities are willing to see whether or not he is that man and also to pinpoint whether or not there are still people out there from the cell that potentially is behind both of these attacks, the ones in paris and the ones in brussels as well, martin. >> yeah. they've got a lot they need to nail down. fret pleitgen in brussels, thank you very much. still to come, he's considered the powerhouse but is bill clinton doing more harm than good. this comes after the clinton campaign has to clean up another outburt from the former president. what clinton supporters and
4:26 am
civil rights activists are saying now in the showdown between him and black lives matter. can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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as your next supreme court i hope younominee.nsider me nominee 2: well, i have 19 years experience on the federal bench. nominee 3: steeped in jurisprudence. nominee 4: lot of qualifications lot of qualifications. senators 1 and 2: we're not considering anyone. jinx! nominee 4: anybody? senator 2: [burp] narrator: tell the senate: give merrick garland an up or down vote. stop acting like kids former president bill clinton is stumping for his wife. here's the question. is he helping or hurting his wife's campaign. once again they're under the
4:30 am
microscope. michelle kosinski has more. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> reporter: bill clinton losing his trard marc cool and it's not the first time he has made head lines on this trail, just two weeks ago stumping for hillary. >> if you believe we can all rise together, if you believe we've finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us -- >> awful legacy of president obama? problematic to the point that hillary carolina donn addressed it on jimmy kimmel. >> we're very proud supporters of president obama. president obama who doesn't get, i don't think, as much credit for the work he's done. >> recently the president admitted it's a difficult position he finds himself in. >> the hotter this election gets the more i wish i was just a former vice president and just a few months not to espouse at the next one. you know, i have to be pretty careful of what i say.
4:31 am
>> reporter: days later raised eyebrows by saying. >> we're all mixed race people. >> reporter: it also happened in '08 when hillary clinton was running against then senator obama. he attacked him saying a few months ago he would have been getting us coffee. >> give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairytale i've ever seen. >> reporter: so could bill clinton be a liability for hillary clinton? it's certainly been suggested. some of his policies on wall street, crime, gays in the military, they're a stark contrast to hillary clinton's biggest threat bernie sanders, who has both defended hillary and blasted both of them. >> look. hillary clinton is not bill clinton. what bill clinton did, i this i
4:32 am
we can all acknowledge was totally totally totally disgraceful and unacceptable. but i am running against hillary clinton. i'm not running against bill clinton. >> reporter: it was said the trail is tough and even the people most known for communicating not always at their best under such scrutiny and constraint. seeing the former president yelling at these protesters in philadelphia was absolutely the most unusual thing to happen on the trail this week and that is saying a lot. you saw a day later he gets out there, feels he should use the word "apologize," saying he almost feels like he wants to, but clearly not apologizing. martin and christi? >> all right. thank you so much j let's talk about this with political come menl tater errol louis who will, by the way, participate in the democratic debate right here on
4:33 am
cnn and also democratic strategist maria cardona. thank you, guys, for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> let's get right into this "black lives matter" exchange between the protesters and bill clinton. i just want to take a look at it just to remind everybody what we're talking about, and then we'll talk about it on the other side. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders ghot 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out in the street to murder other african-american children. maybe you thought they were good citizens. she didn't. she didn't. you are defejding the people who kill the leaves you say matter. tell the truth. >> maria, i want to ask you first of all, were you surprised by that exchange? >> i was a little bit surprised, but then, again, i think we have to put it in context. i think one of the challenges for bill clinton being on the
4:34 am
road for his wife is that it's hard for him to separate his emotion from his gift at explaining everything from a policy standpoint and from a substantive standpoint. he's also normally a master at reads his audience, which i don't think he did very well here. the stuff he said were true in terms of what the crime bill was able to accomplish. now what he should have done is under who the protesters were and go back to what he has said about that crime bill, which is that he realizes it went too far, he has apologized for it, and he understands it was the root of some of the biggest problems with mass incarceration. criminal justice, and it keeps her from focusing on what she's going to do, which is the key here. again, bernie sanders has said this. he is not running. it's her. he has to focus on what she has said about the same bill and
4:35 am
what she expects to do it with respect to ending the encar serration. that's what the campaign needs to focus on. >> you know, errol, for the longest time, bill clinton was seen as the most strongest and influential forces in hillary clinton's camp. do you believe that is still true? >> oh, absolutely. i think on bill clinton's worst day is better than most politicians in america, look. what we didn't show because we didn't have the time is in 2012 when president obama brought him to the national convention and we all watched in charlotte as he did really a stark turn and both explained and helped that campaign in immeasurable ways. i would halfway think, and there's been some commentation, ily was a so-called sista soulja
4:36 am
moment. i think right from the beginning it's always been. if you don't like clintonism, maybe you don't like both of them. if there's daylight between them? i don't buy that. >> i want to get to a comment clinton made earlier this week that caught some people off guard from the real dicey debates we've seen between her and bernie sanders when they give their speeches. listen to what she said here. >> well, that will be up to the voters of new york and the other states that will be passing judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's kind of a silly statement, but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> is he qualified to be president? >> here's what i believe. i believe voters will be look at both of us, but i will take bernie sanders over donald trump
4:37 am
or ted cruz any time. >> for one rival to say that about another, it's pretty gracious. some say it shows a lot of confidence, maturity. errol, you first. >> they both said that about each other. you can't simultaneously say, this person is unqualified and yet i'll support them if they become nominees. this is a logical point. >> it adds to possible images of being disingenuous, certainly, maria, right? >> oh, absolutely. think i this helps her. i think it tell straights she's the adult in the room because even though bernie has gone back to saying, yes, compared to republicans, he would take her any day of the week, he actually uttered the words that he believed that she is unqualified to be president. she has never said that about him, will never say that about him, and she will continue to focus on her record, her achievements, her proposals
4:38 am
moving forward, and i do think this helps her. >> all righty. errol louis and maria cardona. so glad to have both of you with us. >> thank you. for a lot of people paying close attention rngs in our next hour we're talking to a black lives matter leader and a former hillary clinton campaign manager and how this latest impact could affect her campaign and what black lives matter really wants to see done. coming up on "new day," pope francis is calling on the church to change its ways. his plea to roman catholics to be open to all kinds of family structures, gay and straight. and the latest iraqi crisis has nothing to do with military strategy. we'll hear why leaders are concerned over this dam on the river tigress. don't let dust and allergies get between you
4:39 am
and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont.
4:40 am
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4:42 am
pope francis wants the roman catholic church to do a better job of embracing the gay community. he also wants it to show more empathy and comfort to nontraditional catholics. the document is called the joy of love. it wants the catholic church to move from unbending ways and rules of rigid conduct. joining us the analyst john allen. i should point out, john, this is not an edict, but i wonder how seriously the clergy will
4:43 am
follow the pope and his message here. >> you're right. the pope has not issued a new mandate or new decree. in fact, he made clear in this document that he is not changing -- he's not creating new church law or repealing any existing church law. that said, he clearly has given a fairly strong indication of the direction he wants the church to move. he wants the application of law, what's often known in catholic parlance to be catholic pastoral. are they all going to own that message starting tomorrow morning? probably not. but, you know, this is how cultural change in the catholic church works. the pope sets a tone and sooner or later people again to follow. >> and i'm wondering if there is some perhaps contradiction that
4:44 am
the pope ask the church to be accepting of gays but then he draws a line at gay marriage. >> yes. well, francis has made it very clear from the outset he's not a doctrinal revolutionary when it comes to teaching on marriage. and you're absolutely right. this document strongly reaffirms the catholic classic teaching that marriage is between a man and woman and permanent and open to new life, which is no to birth control. so there's clearly not going to be any movement on the doctrinal level. but what francis is talking about is the church is open to people who may disagree with certain aspects of its teaching b but nevertheless want to be part of the church in some way. he's setting the tone. his idea at least in his mind is if you meet people where they
4:45 am
are and make space for them in the church, over time perhaps they'll come closer to the ideals that you've set out for them. >> there's a lot to contemplation, 256 pages. john allen, thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. millions are at risk in iraq. this time it's not because of fighting. they're in the paths of waters controlled by the land. ou are p. the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? for a limited time, get cash back for 15% of the msrp on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles while they last. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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4:49 am
it's been called the most dangerous dam in the whole world. >> according to the report, if the dam would submerge an entire iraqi city. here's cnn . >> reporter: it's been described by some as the most dangerous dam in the world. the mosul dam, it's built on a foundation of soft gypsum rock making erosion a constant challenge. we enter the underbelly of the dam to see how it is even still standing. completed in the mid-1980s, what keeps it all intact is a process. this will go down 150 meters or
4:50 am
around 550 feet. drilling that particular distance takes about a week, and the machines go up and down along the length of the dam, breaking up and then >> it's a process called grouting. when isis briefly took over the dam in 2014, this was halted for 45 days. intense around the clock routing reversed those weaknesses. the u.s. recently issued a stark warning describing the potential for collapse as quote, serious and unprecedented. a catastrophic vent that would see mosul, iraq's second largest city entirely submerged with flooding as far down stream as baghdad. that warning said the lives of up to 1.5 million iraqis could be at risk. but the dam's manager insists that disaster is not imminent.
4:51 am
[speaking foreign language]. >> translator: if the dam were to collapse when the water level is 330 meters above sea water, yes, mosul would be flooded but with current levels, there would be minimal damage. >> reporter: the seep age is a reason why the u.s. is so concerned but claims his team is derped the dam is not impact the foundation. last year, the u.s. installed an early warning system they monitor regularly and there is urgent need for repairs. many are reliant on the mosul dam in one way or another but years of neglect by the iraqi government due to politics, b r bureaucracy and corruption are being felt. couple that with international companies taking the job. an italian company is contracted to repair and refurbish the dam
4:52 am
and in iraq where nothing is entirely predictable, it is always the best plan for the worst. arwa damon, cnn, mosul dam iraq. >> you can see they are not just fighting isis but this ageing infrastructure and also, the political alliances that are there. lieutenant general mark hurtling joining us again. as we look at this, general hurtling, how detriment l are those political gaps in the leadership between the sunnis and shiiteshiites? >> the dam is direct reflection of the iraqi government now. they are trying to plug holes and keep it from crumbling. different politics are fighting each other and leaks springing out all over the place. he is trying to hold it together but having a difficult time because he has mr. maliki and
4:53 am
contributing to the turmoil there. he's trying to fight corruption, build the infrastructure, take the fight to the enemy and a lot of people going against him. >> is u.s. assistance a lost cause until the political system or there can be cohesive leadership there? >> there has to be someone supporting him and that's what secretary kerry was doing, trying to property him up. it's a difficult challenge because there's been decades of this kind of turmoil and decades of this kind of trama within the government they are trying to fix. >> all right. general mark hertling thank you. martin? still ahead, just two weeks before the new york democrats go to the race, that race is getting dirty and right after the break, it's out with the old at the masters and in with the new. ronic sound effects]
4:54 am
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jordan spieth is half way to winning back to back titles and tom watson played his one round. >> andy has more from this morning's bleacher report. >> reporter: the big question is can anybody slow down or catch up to jordan spieth and keep him from winning back to back masters? spieth shot the over par round of his masters career yesterday but able to hold onto the lead. spieth led for six straight
4:58 am
rounds at the masters tieing arnold palmer's record. spieth has a one-shot lead over mcilroy. rory looking to complete the career grand slam by winning the masters and golf fans are in for a treat as spieth and mcilroy will be paired together for today's third round. >> i'd rather be someone less -- would rather be playing with someone less threatening to be honest. he's certainly proven himself in majors. but i think it's going to be fun, really fun challenge. >> i really need to focus on me and focus on everything i need to do well to, you know, hopefully be sitting up here on sunday with one of those on. >> mcilroy and spieth tee off at 2:50 eastern this afternoon. yesterday, second round was emotional for tom watson playing the final round ever at the m s masters and the crowd gave watson a huge ovation as we hawked 18.
4:59 am
at 66 years old watson says he can't keep up with the young guys anymore. he won the masters twice during his career. many guys at augusta are trying to find a way to slow down jordan spieth. there is a creative idea. he posted this picture of his daughter on instagram with the caption alice told me don't worry about spieth, daddy, he's going to be late for tee time. spieth was not late. he made it on time. i guess alice's mission was thwarted. >> andy has a tough job, doesn't he? look at the background. >> rough, got to be rough out there in augusta. >> houston last weekend, have a good time, andy. >> reporter: i make it work. [ laughter ] >> someway. someway i make it work. >> thank you. so much more news to tell you about this morning. >> next hour of your "new day" starts right about now. >> this is cnn breaking news.
5:00 am
>> good morning and let you know we're so grateful for your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge in for victor blackwell. >> we can confirm there is a sixth suspect arrested in the belgium raids as of late, and now of course, six suspected terrorists behind bars. >> authorities believe they were involved in the bruszsels and paris attacks. frederick pleitgen is headed to the seen about an operation underway this morning in belgium. >> a raid going on right now in a brussels neighborhood. he's on his way there as martin said and we'll bring you the latest as soon as he gets there. these are, i believe, pictures from the neighborhood where this arrest is, where the raid is happen thing morning. we'll keep you posted, of course. let's talk -- i'm sorry, we do
5:01 am
have fred pleitgen, i'm getting word. what can you tell us what is happen thing morning? >> good morning, christi. the latest information we have gotten from the belgium authorities literally a couple minutes ago they are saying there are six people in custody from these anti-terror raids. they are saying that they have five people in the two original raids and two prime suspects arrested. on one hand mohammed who could be the mastermind and osama who played d ed log gis -- logistice and now a jihadist, well-known jihadist from belgium was sentenced to five years in prison in 2015 for being a member of a terrorist organization, however, he was let go prematurely. he got out of jail early, and apparently, was arrested as part of that major sweep of
5:02 am
operations going on in the afternoon hours of yesterday, christi. >> and so do we know what part he played in all of this, this latest person whose been named? >> it's absolutely unclear. we just know he is someone whose a very well-known jihadist and someone who here has been convicted of being a member of a terrorist organization. he is someone very well-known in the jihadist scene but of course, we know is very dangerous here in brussels. it's unclear what sort of role he might have played and unclear whether or not he's a suspect that might be brought into custody for question and be released at this point in time. very fresh. not clear what exactly they want to do, what sort of questions they will be asking him but certainly want to know more about the wider plots that have been taking place and whether or not he might be implicated in any of them. >> all right. fred pleitgen, we appreciate the
5:03 am
very latest there on what's happen income bruing in blesrus. thank you so much. meanwhile, a lot of words being be changed in the race in the new york primary and getting diceyer and diceyer it seems by the day. hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigning there in the state today but the war of words between who is more qualified to be president is heating up. it's just far from over. >> in the back and forth with secretary clinton about her qualifications. i know you said she's qualified. bill clinton today was asked about the comments and said of course you wouldn't have made the same charges if she were a man. >> oh my goodness. >> and he said i think there are some different standards for women, some of them are subconscious. >> well, i appreciate bill clinton being my psycho analyst,
5:04 am
it's always nice. but the reality is that ever since wisconsin, when that became the sixth out of seven states we won in caucuses or primaries, i think the clinton campaign made it public and told the media that here in new york, they are about to become very negative. about to beat us up. and i just want them to understand that, you know, we have tried to run an issue-oriented campaign but we will not be attacked every single day. our record won't be distorted. we'll fight back. what i said is that a candidate like secretary clinton who voted for the disastrous war in iraq and supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement and who receives incredible amounts of money. we're talking about tens of millions of dollars through a super pac from every special interest you can think about and the billionaire class.
5:05 am
i have my doubts what kind of president she would make. >> this just when it looked like both sides had called a truce with sanders walking back comments from earlier this week, that he didn't believe the clinton is qualified to be president. so let's bring in cnn investigation's correspondent chris fratz. this is a hot relationship between sanders and clinton. where do you think it's going to go? >> yeah, i don't think it's going to get any cooler any time soon, martin, you have both sanders and clinton. they are slugging it out on the campaign train and that's largely because new york's primary is taen den days away a critical. this started when sanders said clinton isn't qualified. it was a jab clinton seemed to suggest was sexist and clinton said she never heard before. >> you may have heard senator sanders say i'm unqualified to
5:06 am
be president. seriously, i've been called a lot of things over the years, but unqualified has not been one of them. and this morning he finally believes this is pretty. >> so sanders defended that criticism about his qualifications to be president, i know you are but what am i? he's essentially walking his comments back. >> does she have the experience? obviously she does. she was secretary of state, u.s. senator, i thought an outstanding first lady in many respects breaking the mold. >> sanders and his campaign are still questioning clinton's judgment and the past support
5:07 am
for the iraq war and a law that prevented the government from recognizing same-sex marriage and called that vote a mistake and came out in support of same-sex marriage and this comes as sanders is playing hard to the democratic base and trying to upset hillary clinton in the adopted home state where she continues to lead in the polls because after his win in wisconsin, he still trails clinton by 230 delegates and needs to win 77% of the pledged delegates remaining to clinch the nomination. clinton for her part needs 36% and sanders is campaigning hard today. he's got four stops in new york. clinton so far has one event scheduled and i can tell you this guys, it's unlikely this race will get any more gentle. >> chris fratz, thank you very much. thank you. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton will be on state of the union tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern here on cnn.
5:08 am
want to talk with former hillary clinton campaign manager and senior media advisor for the bernie sanders campaign. thank you both for taking the time to be with us. >> good to be with you. >> wanted to start with you. when i hear bernie sanders say i have my doubts what kind of president she'd be, when you're in a primary election, is there, how do i say this, an undefined line that you do not cross, shall i say because saying something like this, if she were to secure the nomination, it would be very hard for him then to say i back her, would it not? has he backed himself in a corner in any way here? >> no. think of 2008. we can remember hillary clinton's saying shame on you barack obama and all the things that happened in that campaign. president clinton, secretary clinton. listen, i'm sure when this is over we'll find common ground. right now there are big differences between the candidates on issues like
5:09 am
fracking, whether or not we should have it, on wall street money and whether or not they should pay for campaigns. these are issues we need to debate and if we do, whenever voters decide the nominee of the party, i'm sure both sides will come together after that. >> all right. bill clinton of course is joining this battle so to speak in indirectly saying sanders is sexist. let's listen to what bill clinton said himself. >> i think she would be the best president. i think it's obvious by a country mile and that's all that matters to me. yes, i think there are some different standards. some of them are subconscious. >> credence to anything he said about some sort of subconscious discrimination and what does that do to her campaign? >> i think he was reacting to the absurdity of the claim she's not qualified. this is a woman, a person who served as secretary of state for four years. she was a senator for two terms
5:10 am
and first lady for eight years. she has a breath of knowledge and competency on the issues of the day and i think he was really mostly speaking again to the absurd did of the claim that she's not qualified. >> so tad, we know that bernie sanders announced he's taking this trip to the vatican, to vatican city for this conference on social justice. it's happening four days before the new york primary. smart move? >> listen, you know, this is something a campaign does not to have political consequences. bernie was invited there. these are issues he feels strong about whether or not we'll have an economy that works for people and stops sending the wealth to the top and pope francis spoke out about that top pick. bernie relates much to that and received this invitation. so he's going to leave the campaign trail really for about a day and a half and in the meantime he'll be vigorously
5:11 am
campaigning in new york and other states, as well. it's not a political calculations here. when he received this invitation, he cares deeply about the issues and decided he would take the opportunity to speak to the body out of respect for pope francis and also to talk about issues that he cares deeply about. >> patty, i have a couple seconds but if clinton does not win new york, what does that mean for her campaign? >> she'll win new york. she's been a senator for eight years, she lives here with her husband, her family, vibrant members of the community. real concrete relationships with the people here. she knows the political intra kasak state, she knows the city. she knows long island. i think she'll win new york. >> thank you. >> thank you. the next debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is a few days away this thursday night moderated by wolf blitzer starts at 9:00 eastern
5:12 am
on cnn. second thoughts for president bill clinton? >> i did something yesterday in philadelphia, i almost want to apologize for. >> but he's not apologizing to black lives matter protestors. we'll talk to a member of the group ahead. plus, ted cruz making his case to potential delegates in colorado. could he get the clean sweep in this key battle ground state? also, secretary of state john kerry making a surprise visit to afghanistan. can he help sure up that country's deteriorating security.
5:13 am
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the only number that matters in the republican presidential race is this one, 1237. that is the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. this morning the fight to get to that number is in colorado. 34 delegates at streak but republicans won't be voting in a primary or a caucus, no, no,
5:16 am
instead state party members are the king makers here. cnn's anna cabrera joins me from colorado springs. senator ted cruz is already dominating. how can that be? >> reporter: well, 21 of the elected delegates here from colorado have already been chosen. that happened at the district conventions, which wrapped up last night and it's pretty much been a ted cruz clean sweep here in colorado. 17 of the delegates elected from the state officially pledged to support cruz on those forms they filled out when they applied to run as ade delegate candidate. four others marked unpledged on those forms but have said they plan to vote for ted cruz at that convention, the national convention come july. the reason ted cruz seems to be doing well in colorado is he had an established ground game for his campaign here early. we talked with the colorado chairman of his campaign.
5:17 am
it's congressman ken buck from colorado, knows this state well and says they began making phone calls, sending out e-mails, robo calls full throttle effect going into effect as early as december. listen. do you feel like the cruz campaign on the ground in colorado has out maneuvered the other presidential candidate's campaigns? >> i think the cruz campaign has been successful in colorado because we started earlier. we identified more of the grass roots supporters. i don't think the other campaigns took this process serious ly early enough and i think that's what the advantage is in what is happening right now. >> reporter: 13 delegates at steak today and they could go cruz. he is cruz is the only candidate coming to colorado to speak to this assembly and by the way, donald trump had planned to visit colorado earlier this week. he cancelled his visit, which was scheduled for thursday and a
5:18 am
senior advisor for his campaign tells us if he comes away with any delegates from colorado that would be an added bonus. tells you the expectations here in colorado. martin. >> very interesting, anna cabrera, thank you very much for that. you heard anna talk about how donald trump is taking time off the trail as the campaign figures out the delegates game. he tweeted last night, it's a shame that the person who will have by far the most delegates and many millions more votes than anyone else, me, still must fight. unquote. cnn jeremy diamond joining us now. we know vent polls have him leading in new york by a wide margin. why would you step off the trail at this point, do you think? >> certainly. this is kind of a time for donald trump's campaign to recalibrate. you know, but first, to twitter. he is tweeting more since that last tweet you read. he tweeted this morning bernie sanders says hillary clinton is
5:19 am
unqualified to be president based on her decision-making ability i can go along with that. you see donald trump firing off early morning punches. as far as why he's off the trail. his campaign brought in paul maniford a delegate campaign election expert and donald trump is expanding his role in the campaign putting him in charge essentially of this new delegate focus strategy. this is what we're seeing from the campaign is moving from this kind of mass communication focus strategy to something that's a little bit more targeted, to something where donald trump, you know, is kind of coming to realization that if he doesn't get the 1237, he's going to need a team in place to make sure he can rangle those additional delegates he needs. the campaign saying they can come close to the 1237 number, maybe even make it before the convention but certainly this new effort is signaling that donald trump understands this problem a little bit better now
5:20 am
and he's putting the resources, he's shifting his resources to kind of account for that change and for a new strategy. >> all right. jeremy, we appreciate it. thank you so much for the explainer here and we'll let you know about tuesday night here on cnn a town hall with donald trump, his wife and his daughter. it's moderated by anderson cooper starting at 9:00 eastern. a new raid is underway in belgium. a new bneighborhood there and te connection in brussels. the top diplomat trying to save the unity government in afghanistan he tried to bring together. secretary kerry's surprise visit. that's just ahead. when work takes you across the globe, your unlimited data travels with you to 140 plus countries and destinations at no extra charge. and that's not all. because with t-mobile there's no overages. ever. switch your business to t-mobile at work. and get four lines. with 10gb of 4g lte data each for just $35 per line.
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5:24 am
getting breaking news right now there is a new raid underway as we speak in the brussels neighborhood. this is day after authorities arrested six suspected terrorists. >> we want to go live to fred pleitgen live in brussels where this is going down. what are you hearing and what do we know and we'll have michael weiss joining us but let's go with you, fred. >> reporter: yeah, martin this operation is still very much on going. if you look around, you can see this street is blocked off. the residents in this immediate area have been told to leave their houses to go outside. you can see people sort of waiting out here. there is a big police presence, we believe, around 50 police officers that seem to be involved in this operation. i want to show you the house apparently searched. it's the one -- still is being
5:25 am
searched. the one you see here, this residential building. we've been seeing police officers go in and out of that building. also about 50 cops involved in going in there. it's unclear what or who they might have been looking for. they did search this vacant lot seemingly looking for something. at this point in time, we don't really know whether or not they think there is another suspect here, whether there might be suspicious material here but of course, all of this very likely is very much in the realm and conduction with the raids taking place here in brussels over the past almost 24 hours that of course, nabbed the high-level terror suspects, mohammed abrini. which the police say is important. it's unclear the information these two might have given that led to the police coming here but with the amount of cops here, this is a very, very big operation taking place, martin. >> that was exactly the question
5:26 am
i have, whether they were getting intel as a result of the people they captured. >> fred, we had the breaking news a while ago of a sixth arrest, what have you learned about that other person that's in custody, as well? >> yeah, yeah, that's actually very interesting because the first thing we heard is there were five people arrested. three people arrested when mohammed abrini was taken into custody and another person taken into custody with osama. a sixth person was arrested last night. he is someone very well-known jihadist here in belgium. he was actually convicted of being a member in a terrorist organization, a very prominent trial that took place here in belgium in 2015. he was sentenced to five years in jail, however, he was released early and now apparently taken into custody again. also in this case, it's unclear
5:27 am
how he might be related to all of this, whether or not they believe he might be implicated in either the paris attack or brussels attack or a wider network they are trying to come to terms with but certainly, this is something belgium police are making an effort to tell us he was one of the people we're very, very interested in and that's why we have taken him into custody. >> hold on. we'll keep you and bring in michael weiss, cnn contributor and author of the book "the army of terror" and join us on the telephone. michael, what do we make of all of this going on? there seems to be a lot happening in brussels or in the neighborhoods? >> the good news is every time you arrest one person, it leads to the knock on raids and arrests buecause that one perso will know or be akwinlted with several others. this is similar to what happened in the region.
5:28 am
they kaup tour a member u captul qaeda or iraq and many others are taking place because they work backwards to see his confederat confederates. in a sense, it's better to have people alive you can interrogate than shoot them and kill them in a counterterrorism raid. now you got, what, three or four suspects including salah abdeslam, one of the main ringleaders of the paris massacre. you know, this is going to enable the belgiums and also frankly the french because to consider these two different cells or networks as separate. they are the frank a phone network. there is no border between belgium and france when it comes to isis operatives. it will allow them to capture many more people and cnn reported paul cruickshank there are a dozen running around that belong to this broader isis network and no doubt they are
5:29 am
planning future attacks and will want to accelerate the time of those attacks because they know that the neiuce is closing around their neck. the more that is caught, the more is given away and more numbers of the network will run scared. >> michael, looking at this from the outside, a lot of people might think with all the arrests that have been made, why would they stay in brussels? why would they not branch out? are you saying they stay there because they are getting ready to plan another attack? >> well, that's one reason and another reason is, you know, even in the free travel system, you do kind of run a risk when you cross a border. there was an interview given to isis' propaganda magazine well
5:30 am
before the paris attack he boasted. there was a european wide dragnet because he was implicated in about half a dozen other thankfully aborted terror operations and boasted some official stopped him in his car, took a look at him, compared him to a wanted list and photograph known and let him go and he said, you know, allah looked kindly on me that day. they stand a risk of being caught going out than on ground in their own communities. salah abdeslam was living for four months one block from his childhood home. that is telling yo u how safe he felt until the area. in iraq and syria, the irony is these are the areas i refer to as the briar patch for isis. this is where they are most secure because they have the support of the local population in iraq and syria, the local
5:31 am
population being sunni arab triable members in bruszsels an paris, muslim communities off from the broader society don't trust the police and law enforcement and anyone that comes knocking at the door will not get very far because they would rather keep an international terror suspect in their midst than cooperate. after salah abdeslam was caught, there was text messages going around saying don't talk with the police and cooperate with the infidelity. that's not saying everyone in etterbeek are jihadists. there is a guy arrested and tried in 2015, sentenced to five years, a well-known jihadist and let go within a year and now he's caught in these counter terror raids presumably because
5:32 am
they see him as a fellow traveler to an isis plot. this is how ridiculous it is. i'm sorry i keep coming back to the point, american count terrorism officials, american intelligence thinks the europeans don't know what they are doing. >> thanks very much for joining us on the phone talking about the latest activity raids we're see income a brussels neighborhood. for more on how you can help victims on the brussels terror attack, log on and in the political arena, bill clinton says he all most wants to apologize to black lives matter protesters, but would an apology work at this point? we'll ask a member of black lives matter. catholics worldwide now reacting to a major shift by the church. the pope wants gay and divorced catholics to feel welcome. father beck joins us ahead.
5:33 am
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don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. if you had a spinal injection while on eliquis call your doctor right away if you have tingling, numbness, or muscle weakness. while taking eliquis, you may bruise more easily... and it may take longer than usual for bleeding to stop. seek immediate medical care for sudden signs of bleeding, like unusual bruising. eliquis may increase your bleeding risk if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis treats dvt & pe blood clots. plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. form r presideer president clinton almost apologized after sparring with black lives matter protesters. >> i did something in philadelphia i almost want to apologize for but i want to use it as an example of the danger threatening our country.
5:37 am
half of us are so mad all the time because we think the game is rigged, the question is how do you unrig it? are we going to do? >> protesters heckled him thursday shouting black youth are not super predators, that was in reference to a comment then first lady hillary clinton made in 1996. now she says she should not have used those words for the latest feisty exchange grabbed a lot of eyeballs in the spotlight of his wife's campaign for president. let's show you what happened. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out onto the street to murder other african american children, maybe you thought they were good citizens, she didn't. she didn't. [ cheers ] >> you are defending the people who killed the lives you say matter. tell the truth.
5:38 am
>> black lives matter leader joining us now and cnn political commentator and hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign manager patty solice doyle. >> good to be here. >> thank you. good to have both of you here. when we watch that clip, is it fair to say the frustration is growing because the argument that bill clinton is making while valid certainly is not what black lives matter is the -- it's not the point they are trying to make, black lives matter is about reforming the criminal justice system, is it not. >> to be clear, bill's statement is unforced error he is defending a comment seems like hillary clinton distanced herself in, instead of defending the crime bell or super predator crime comment he could have said people thought this was the right thing to do then and we now know the impact was not what
5:39 am
was intended, but instead, he did a whole -- he was dismissive of people's concerns that introduced mandatory minimums and a host of things. i think people's concern is about the dismissiveness and the lack of understanding this led to a host of things that were really bad for black people across the country. >> patty, what do you say to that and especially as we watch the video and hear the cheers in the audience as he makes his comments? >> actually, i very much agree and the fact of the matter is, he has expressed, bill clinton has expressed regret for the unintended consequences of that crime bill. look, you know, i think, first of all, i think it has been a long year on the campaign trail and everyone is tired and tempers are flaring, but i also think, you know, bill clinton is a master politician, and a
5:40 am
master at talking to folks, but when it comes to his wife and his wife being attacked, he no longer becomes the master politician but becomes a husband defending his wife. i think that's what you saw there because i think both hillary clinton and bill clinton have expressed regret for the unattended, you know, of that crime bill. >> the '96 -- yes, i wanted to point out hillary clinton, too, has come out and said that 1994 violent crime control and law enforcement act needs to be modified certainly. so a lot of people naturally, i gus -- guest link the argument but how do we all get beyond this and get to the fact that maybe these are two separate issues and make it understandable so everybody feels their voice has been heard and we can move forward, that we can progress here?
5:41 am
>> yeah, so remember, so much of this is about acknowledgement and i think when people are pushing the clinton's, hillary or bill on these issues, it is about acknowledging what has happened and the impact. when we met with hillary clinton, it was about saying acknowledge there is racial injustice at a systemic level. when people push bill it was about acknowledging he was part, whether he intended to be or not, part of the system really detrimental to blackeople in terms of creating mass incarceration pipeline. how we move forward, i think that we need leaders at all levels who understand race deeply and committed to the work of racial equity, why i'm running to be the next mayor of baltimore and i'm hopeful the platforms will continue to grow to be really concrete around racial justice and equity and that's what the movement is working for from sanders and clinton. >> okay. let's talk about that 1994 crime bill a little bit more. critics argue that it
5:42 am
contributed to a disproportion number of african americans being incarcerated and snared in the criminal justice system. is this a major talking point, patty, i'm wondering among minorities that support bernie sanders and because of that, could it cost hillary clinton some votes, even though she's come out and said there need to be modifications made? >> you know, i hate to reduce this very important topic to talking points on behalf of any of the candidates. in terms of where hillary stands, he started this campaign with a major criminal justice reform speech. she has devoted, you know, pretty much her adult life to advocating, defending children who have been, who have been given a lot of barriers and can't really advocate for
5:43 am
themselves and that includes african american children, hispanic children who have been living through systemic racism for the last decades. so i don't want to minimize it to a political talking point. i think hillary clinton's record stands for itself. >> durae, i'd like to hear the last word from you. how do you think we can truly move forward not just politically but what is your hope here? what is the hope of the black lives matter movement? >> it's about ending racial injustice as a systemic level. bernie was quick to come out to address issues. questions about how in his priorities at this point. i think hillary was slower to come out and address issues when she addressed them, she's addressed a small set deeply and people are continuing to press about plans how to deal with mass incarceration and police
5:44 am
violence and in saying that the candidates should be able to talk about these in a deep level, when we think about the crime bill, not only did it feed a system of mass incarceration but most importantly, a model for local government and states and we saw it replicate key parts of the bill that were really detrimental to people of color and people are asking for an acknowledgement not only because it's important but can lead to the disentanglement. >> you brought up bernie sanders, i want to be transparent at the clinton camp points out he's not immune here. he did vote for the 1994 bill, as well. so a lot of talk going on in terms of what happened back then and now. appreciate your voices, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. a more open church, the pope trying to spark a major shift in the catholic church doing more to welcome divorced and gay parishione parishioners. how is it being received and afghan's deteriorating security
5:45 am
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pope francis is trying to get the catholic church to loosen up and be more accepting of non-traditional family lifestyles that includes catholics who are gay, divorced or in straight domestic partnerships. the pontiff outlined his message in his paper that's called the joy of love. joining me now is cnn religious commentator and host of sunday mass, father edward beck. we heard how the faithful are receiving the message, but what
5:49 am
about the clergy? >> the clergy is hopeful because what it's saying is it's treating people like adults and saying look, clergy don't tell people what to do or whether or not they are in a state of sin. it their individual conscience and your task as a clergy person is to help people in the formation of their conscience. so what is remarkable about the document in my eyes is that the pope says there is no longer a state of sin so take an example, we used to say people living together. they are living in sin if they weren't married. the pope says hold on, maybe they are moving towards sa s sa mental marriage and whether than saying they are living in sin, deal with them and help them through the process, lead them to samarriage and become part o the community rather than saying get your act together, you're not fitting into the norm then come join us. he said no, no, no be with them where they are and maybe they come more into the fold that way
5:50 am
so atracttract more bees with h than vinegar. >> does it come down to each priest how they wish to interpret and enforce? >> i don't think so. i think the pope is clear about what he's saying here and expecting priests and bishops to get in line. he is saying it is your task to be merciful, accepting and help people in their struggles, especially gays, divorced, those on the fringe so i don't really think it's a matter of if the priest doesn't like it, he throws it aside. this is where the leader says they have to be. >> why not change doctrine here. that doesn't seem to have happened. >> i didn't think the pope saw a need to change doctrine. he believes in the church doctrine and the truth of the church doctrine but what he's saying is you can't look at it up here and apply it. you have to look at the situation and say how do people respond to that and how can you help them respond more fully to
5:51 am
it? it's looking at the situation of people and saying that's the live reality. can we apply the law to the live reality rather than saying here is the law you have to conform to. >> father beck, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, martin. well, secretary of state john kerry is in afghanistan as we speak. an unannounced visit coming as the government he helped broker is in danger of collapse now. can this trip help keep the peace? woman: it's been a journey to get where i am. and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options. kept me on track. and through it all, my retirement never got left behind. so today, i'm prepared for anything
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we may want tomorrow to be. every someday needs a plan. let's talk about your old 401(k) today.
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>> afghanistan prompted secretary of state john kerry,
5:55 am
in the middle east to massage relations with the u.s. and his trip to afghanistan follow ls a day spent with iraqi leaders. nick, give us insight into the situation there. >> reporter: well, i have to say, you know, john kerry himself said every year is critical as he arrived but no more so than 2016. if the afghan government simply survives this year, that would be quite an achievement. that's how grave the crisis is there. john kerry was quite clear in his speech an hour or so ago that that government led by the president but the man he fought an election against, it's really struggling to get unity together and get things to happen but john kerry's message every day in the weeks and months ahead. the problem they are facing, martin, is firstly on a
5:56 am
political level, this is massive internal dispute about how effective this government is and to popular discontent, the government isn't able to act because how much of a compromise at the heart of it but the bigger problem is security. the province in the south so many troops died to defend and push the taliban out of, that's increasing the taliban control and threat and territory according to the u.s. government. since 2001. afghan casualties and security forces today in just last year were five and a half thousand. that's way more than nato lost and the well over decade of involvement here. the crisis is enormous and the facts simply is that al qaeda get a stronghold here, increasingly said and renewed partnership with the taliban and isis remain a real security
5:57 am
threat. their presence hit by a lot of u.s. air strikes but still coming back. the clock is really ticking because many think if the government doesn't continue to keep itself together, there is no real plan b. you get chaos, the void and nothing more than a taliban and isis manage to benefit from that kind of thing. so this capsule itself nervous like it hasn't been for years. >> nick paton walsh with a bleak assessment. thank you. >> let's bring in cnn military analyst mark hertling. this is what we're hearing about syria, and about iraq and fighting isis on so many different fronts. is afghanistan the next syria and iraq in the sense are they that vulnerable to the taliban and isis? >> they are struggling to be sure. you talk about the classic. you can't get security until you get the government and economy working.
5:58 am
you can't get the economy and government working until you get security. this is back and forth. afghanistan right now don't have a very strong security force. it's improved but not great. they have a government where there is massive fighting as he said between the two collateral leaders. those are contributing for the taliban to rise up and ms. stis on the part of the united states, the numbers how many forces as opposed to an end state. when you talk about numbers, that's not a good strategy. that's just numbers. that gave the taliban hope they could come back and continue to fight and it's allowed isis to get in there, too. this is a difficult situation. >> if numbers aren't the strategy for the u.s., what is? >> end state. excuse me, the afghan government standing up and being strong, the fact they got to work out difficulties. the economy growing. that's going to be problematic and tamping down of the taliban
5:59 am
in various providences like helman, they have not achieved that yet. they are trying desperately but just not strong enough. they need assistance. >> are the isis members in afghanistan, are they actual isis fighters do we know or isis simp simple thiezers. >> they reinforced with fighters. this is an expanding organization trying to get surrogates all over the world. they are looking for places to grow, syria, yemen. >> because they are being pushed out. there is progress being made in both syria and iraq. >> that is part of it but also a lot of other organizations trying to join their brand. it's a message. so yeah, they are growing in strength but not as strong as we think they are. they are not 10-feet tall. >> all right. general, appreciate it. thank you for your insight. that is it for us.
6:00 am
we'll see you back here at 10:00 eastern for an hour of "newsroom". >> don't go anywhere, "smerconish" starts for you right now. ♪ ♪ i'm michael smerconish, just 100 days from now to the republican convention in cleveland and a week later democrats gather together in philadelphia and still, nobody knows what is going to happen but we're here to try. where do all the disappoiffecte voters go that have been rallying to trump and sanders if their candidates don't get nominated this summer? and why are many college students who support donald trump literally afraid to show their faces? plus, how one trump supporter's


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