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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  April 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello yen. two raises. democratic caucuses in wyoming are set to start in one hour. these are live pictures of people assembling in cheyenne. on the republican side, day two of the colorado state republican convention in colorado springs. senator ted cruz is delivering remarks there. so far he has won all of the delegates up for grabs in the last couple days in that state. the final 13 delegates will be up for grabs today and awarded. let's start with cnn's paul vercammen in cheyenne. it seems when i talk with the former secretary of state of wyoming, there's a lot of enthusiasm. describe how excited people are about caucusing. >> reporter: they're extremely
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excited. i'm smiling because you're not only going to see the enthusiasm, you'll hear it. we heard from a clinton supporter, time for sanders supporters, call them the bernie sanders singers, come on in, only in wyoming would they have crafted a song. what inspired the song? >> preschool teacher, very concerned about the future of our children. >> reporter: without any more adue, the bernie sanders singers and their song. ♪ ♪ >> paul, clearly so enthusiastic that they're putting it into song there.
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they are expecting record turnout in cheyenne and wyoming. early reports they're going to exceed 2008 numbers. in this gymnasium, 1200 expected to show up in cheyenne. as we said, a lot of enthusiasm for bernie sanders. if you use 2008 as a blueprint, hillary clinton of course going up against barack obama. barack obama got about 60% of the vote here in wyoming. that's 14 delegates are at stake this time, fredricka. back to you. >> all right, 14 delegates at stake there in wyoming. having a little fun, too. bernie sanders is campaigning in new york today. hoping to prove that he has the home field advantage over hillary clinton. earlier this week sanders ignited attacks that clinton was, quote, unqualified to be president. bring in cnn chris frates. a whole lot of back and forth
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over who's qualified, who said what, et cetera. chris, is sanders saying why he thinks, is there a new version or iteration of why she's unqualified or not? >> yeah, fred, he is. he is questning clinton's judgment. point to go her past support for the iraq war and all that prevented the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage. clinton since called her iraq war vote a mistake, came out in support of same-sex marriage. but sanders is hitting her on flip flops. >> i just want them to understand we tried to run an issue oriented campaign. i said that a candidate like secretary clinton who voted for the disastrous war in iraq was supporting every disastrous trade agreement which cost us millions of decent paying jobs,
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and who receives incredible amounts of money. tens of millions of dollars for a super pac from every special interest you can think of, from the billionaire class, you know. i have my doubts about what kind of president she would make. >> sanders defended his criticism, arguing it was clinton's camp that first questioned his qualifications to be president and the fight blew up when sanders said clinton wasn't qualified to be president. a jab bill clinton suggested was a double standard, one that clinton's camp saw as largely helpful. it draws attention they see as a key strength, that's her experience. this all comes as sanders is playing to the democratic base, trying to upset clinton in her adopted home state of new york where she leads in the polls. even after winning 7 of the last 8 contests, sanders trails clinton by 230 pledge delegates. needs to win 77% of pledge delegates remaining to clinch the nomination. clinton needs just 36%.
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and sanders is hitting the stump hard today, he's already hit his first of four stops in new york city, trading some of his trademark rallies for smaller retail stops. he will make it to the western part of the state early next week. clinton campaigned outside the city. both candidates face off for the first time in more than a month on thursday when they debate here on cnn. >> all right. that's expected to be quite interesting. thank you so much. chris frates we look forward to thursday night. ted cruz is hoping to lock up all of the delegates in colorado today. he already won 21 of 34 delegates at stake so far. colorado has a rather unusual method of awarding delegates over a period of days. and today, the final 13 delegates will awarded. cnn's ana cabrera joins me from colorado springs. from that audience, we heard people excited. a little quiet now, what's going
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on? >> reporter: there's just a lull between speakers. today is the state party convention. a lot of conservatives in the crowd. it will be a crowd that's very supportive of somebody like ted cruz who is expected to join this crowd this afternoon, try to rally, make his last pitch for supporters as they elect the remaining colorado 13 delegates that are still up for grabs in this state. 21 have been elected so far. that happened at the district conventions. so far they've all gone cruz's way. colorado's election process is different, which may explain why cruz has done well. there's not a traditional primary or national caucus where campaigns have to focus on getting voters to the polls. in colorado, it is about honing in on candidates that will play well at the district and state conventions where candidates are elected. we understand there are hundreds of delegate candidates in the running for all 34 spots in colorado to go on to the rnc.
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trump's campaign acknowledged they may not have approached this state as effectively as they could have. cruz's campaign on the other hand has been here for months, working the phone, sending robo calls, e-mails, meeting with people in person to try to get their delegates in position to get elected from colorado. so far that seems to be working. >> ana cabrera in colorado springs, thank you so much. so it is a big week for politics on cnn. tomorrow on state of the union with jake tapper, bernie sanders will join the show with hillary clinton. that's sunday, 9:00 a.m. eastern. tuesday, donald trump is speaking with voters in a cnn town hall moderated by anderson cooper. tuesday, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. and in five days, cnn hosts the democratic presidential debate. don't miss hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off live from new york thursday night, 9:00 eastern on cnn.
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we are following breaking news. police in belgium charged mohamed abrini for participating with activities of a terrorist group. prosecutors won't say if he's the man in the hat seen at the brussels airport before the bombing there. they've also identified osama krayem as the second person present at the subway attacks in brussels. police are carrying out new raids today in the brussels neighborhood. john kerry met with afghan leaders. it is another surprise stop by kerry. he spent the day yesterday in baghdad talking about the fight
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against isis with iraqi leaders. he will meet with g 7 ministers for talks as well. and north korea making a new claim about its weapons development program. according to the state run news agency, north korea has tested a new engine for an inter continental ballistic missile. so far there's been little confirmation of that report. earlier this year, the regime claimed it conducted a hydrogen bomb test. lots to chew over. let's get more on the developments with lieutenant general here in studio, cnn military analyst, former u.s. army commanding general. often we are used to talking via satellite and skype. nice to have you in house. welcome. >> thank you, fred. >> let's talk about the arrests and raids in belgium and what this says. is it a significant development as it pertains to intelligence gathering, trying to get to the bottom of what happened in brussels and the paris connection? >> this is a continued fight for
9:13 am
intelligence. that's a key phrase you have to keep using with this kind of operation. once you start peeling things back and get one person to give you information, more people giving information, it gives up a network. that's what we are seeing in belgium and other countries. >> breaking up a network means cooperation of suspects. is there a feeling, any indicator that the suspects that have been arrested would be willing to talk to share more when there were missed opportunities of at least one other suspect in custody where the question wasn't asked. there wasn't ffgs divulged on the next potential attack. >> good to get in ter allegation, you find a lot searching apartments, getting clu clues, connections with computers and cell phones. it becomes a crime scene. all those things lead to intelligence, one snippet of information can give all kinds of information about a cell or
9:14 am
network. >> there has been criticism leading up to the latest brussels attack and the conversation heightened about intelligence sharing, how so many nations aren't doing enough of that. you dispute that? >> i do, fred. having been assigned in europe, spent nine years of my career in europe, last couple years as commander of u.s. forces in europe. there are some countries in europe that don't have capability or are lacking in intelligence sharing or have disconnects between federal and local and government. but that's not all of them. there are 48 countries in europe. some of them have extremely good intelligence networks, some exchange great information with countries across borders. >> is there a competitive nature or trust that keeps nations from wanting to divulge more? >> no, it is more intelligence elements who say hey, i have to hold onto some of this information. i can't share it to break my case. or it is different languages or
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different parts of europe. you're talking about multiple borders, 48 of them, multiple languages, 78 languages in europe, and federal and local officials that sometimes aren't as giving as they should be with this kind of information. >> secretary kerry made a stop in iraq, now he's in afghanistan, soon to be leaving afghanistan before going to japan. talking about his presence in iraq and afghanistan which clearly are showing many signs of instability, iraq is a great worry with isis being able to take over cities there. what's the message behind the secretary of state mission there. is it to rattle the leaders of those countries to say you've got to get it together? or is it a promise of more support, even though we are in the final year of the current administration? >> little of both. in iraq, you have one message, you talk about mr. al abad ee
9:16 am
came into power after maliki was opposed. he was in my view the instigator of much of the trouble. you have a new shi'a leader trying to pull together parts of the government. you talk about the sunni, shi'a divide and put the curds in the mix, too. as mr. al abody attempts to bring the country together, build the economy, it appeared that the iraqi army was getting better and taking the fight to the enemy. then there was evolving back to the old sectarian state of shi'a and sunni militia fighting each other. i think mr. kerry going there was basically saying don't lose it now. don't let the gains that you've made start deteriorating. that was the message in iraq. >> is it reassurance that prachs leaders of an afghanistan and iraq feel like they need to --
9:17 am
wouldn't there be great worry at the end of one administration, beginning of another, nobody can call now? i don't know if it is a democrat, don't know if it is a republican in the white house. there has to be some anxiety. >> there is, definitely. whenever you deal with these kinds of engagements with countries, they're looking at our politics, too, seeing what's happening here. promises made today many countries are very concerned with the rhetoric of the political candidates that those might not be the promises we keep tomorrow. so yeah, mr. kerry going to both countries, even though they're dissimilar in terms of approaches and what's going on in iraq versus afghanistan, the fact he is there doing a shuttle diplomacy quickly, it is saying we still support you. we will continue to support you. we will get things in place that will allow you to continue through so-called fighting months of the summer as we head into election season. there's support behind this, but also a message that the government of the united states is behind the countries. >> potentially meaningful.
9:18 am
and then take a look at this. something else we're keeping a close watch on. this is mississippi's tourism magazine. who is on front? robin roberts who is a lesbian. the state passed a law that allows businesses to deny services to the lgbt community. what is the message that mississippi is sending really?
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♪ ♪ bruce springsteen cancelled a concert because of the bathroom law. it requires transgenders to use bathrooms with the gender on their birth certificate. critics say it discriminates against lay, lesbian, transgender people. springsteen is not the only one to call for a boycott. when i was covering the ncaa championship in houston, i spoke with nba great charles barkley who said this type of discrimination cannot be tolerated. >> you've also made strong comments about say indianapolis last year, the ncaa. >> yes. as a black man.
9:23 am
>> all of the anti-gay legislation. now it is north carolina under the microscope. >> yes. i think the nba should move the all-star game from there next year. you know, as a black person, i am against any form of discrimination against whites, hispanics, gays, lesbians, however you want to phrase it. and it is my job in a position of power that i am in, able to be on television, supposed to stand up for people that can't stand up for themselves. so i think the nba should move the all-star game from charlotte and we can figure out. atlanta wants to host it. but they should move it out of charlotte. >> the nba said plans in charlotte are already under way for next february's event, but they were, quote, deeply concerned that the law would impact its ability to host the all-star game. back lash against the north
9:24 am
carolina law is going on across the south. one of the most controversial laws is now in mississippi. gay rights supporter, point to the irony of news anchor, spokesperson robin roberts is on the cover, she's lesbian, and the magazine was published before the law made headlines. cnn polo sandoval reports on the battle lines over this law. >> so this is what i do daily. >> reporter: jackie buchanon is a second generation seamstress in mississippi who stands by her christian beliefs. she says faith is the foundation of her business. >> this is the time of year when weddings occur. >> reporter: she says the doors to her shop are open to anyone. dressing a bride for a same-sex marriage goes against her christian values. now she won't have to. >> i would probably decline
9:25 am
servicing them because i believe marriage is instituted by god between a man and woman and that is my belief. >> reporter: from private business owners like buchanon to public employees that issue marriage licenses, the law allows them to refuse a customer if it means servicing a same sex wedding. some warn the law's reach could extend far beyond. >> it will allow discrimination based on couples who are not married simply because there's one recognition in this mississippi law that it is a respectable or legitimate religious belief that sex only occurs within the confines of marriage. >> reporter: in the heart of the bible belt jackson bartender mark leopold wonders why the law is needed in the first place. >> they're worried about maintaining religious freedom in a state that ranks among the most devoutly religious states in the country.
9:26 am
protection from who? >> reporter: the laws effects are less religious than economic. days after the governor phil bryant signed it into law tuesday, the mississippi tourism association reported people are cancelling or postponing trips to mississippi due to the national media reporting on the new law. everyone's welcome here is the name of the new campaign launched by the restaurant and hospitality association in response to the controversy. >> with this threat of economic fallout, some businesses in jackson's neighborhood take steps of their own, making it clear all customers are welcome. >> bills like this are killing our economy. that's one of the reason we are the poorest. >> reporter: they were among the first gay couples to marry in mississippi after the supreme court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage last year. for them, the new law is precisely why they'll stay in mississippi, to fight it. >> i have family here, i have my home here, i have friends here.
9:27 am
and i worked hard for that. i am not leaving my home, my family, my friends because some men in the capital think i am a second class citizen. i committed to fighting it and i am staying here to fight it. >> reporter: polo sandoval, cnn, jackson, mississippi. the republicans gearing up for what may be a contested convention. this wouldn't be the first time. coming up, we will look at the last time there was no clear nominee. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t.
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he is working on taking snowboarding to the next level. this is an indoor training facility. >> my 360, 180 and grass. >> it is the brainchild of kyle henley who wanted to bring extreme sports of the colorado mountains and parks into a gym. >> we cater to everybody here. we've got from one-year-olds learning to ski and snowboard to professional athletes coming in to train for their sport, competition, older athletes looking to get in shape. we are always adding different
9:32 am
features. >> like a synthetic snow hill for beginners and action landing pad. they say it is the first indoor one in north america. >> i come to work on coming off the ramp, doing my flips, really getting a feel of the air. part of what brought this idea to fruition, able to develop techniques and bring them someplace else. let chance of injury here than being on the resort. all right, the battle for presidential delegates continuing to heated up. republican party insiders are meeting at this hour in colorado, deciding which delegates to send to this summer's gop convention and as you know, each delegate is, of course, always critical to win the nomination outright, a candidate needs 1237 delegates. if that does not happen on the first ballot and the convention becomes contested, the delegates' personal preferences
9:33 am
matter even more. it's happened before. chief political analyst gloria borger looked at the last time republicans faced a contested convention in 1976. >> reporter: after millions of votes, dozens of contests, and heaps of mud flung along the way, the republican presidential race has a bit of everything except a nominee. >> we will win a majority of the delegates. >> reporter: the last time a contested convention happened was in 1976, when former california governor ronald reagan was the outsider challenging the president, gerald ford. both men claimed to have the votes heading into the convention, but nobody was sure, not even jim baker who was then ford's top delegate. >> we had no assurance whatsoever that he would get the majority of votes necessary to
9:34 am
be nominated. >> reporter: but he did, winning the nomination and earning baker headlines. but it was far from easy. >> mr. president. >> reporter: governor reagan almost knocked off an incumbent republican president. we had to get in there, scramble for it, fight for it. as donald trump gets ready to rumble at the convention, baker has little sympathy for the argument that trump is closest to the finish line going in, he should be declared the winner. >> it is mathematically unfair. >> is that the way it works? >> that's a good political argument for him to make but that's not actually the way the process is supposed to work. >> 20 votes for our fellow texan. >> it is supposed to work in a vote or series of votes by the delegates on the floor of the convention. they select the nominee. it is, after all, a party's nominating convention. >> reporter: good news for trump
9:35 am
is that his supporters, like ronald reagan's 40 years ago, are die hard. >> reagan had the benefit of the movement. his delegates were really committed to what he stood for. >> just the same way trump's delegates, by the way, are very committed to donald trump as the outsider. >> provided trump can get them selected as delegates and not have his delegate slots filled by a kasich or cruz person. >> reporter: in other words, winning the most delegates primary night is not enough. winning states is one thing, but keeping your state delegates is another matter entirely. not only on first ballot but hanging onto them if there are multiple votes leaving delegates free to roam, even defect. that's where trump's anti-establishment campaign is playing catch up. if you were running the trump
9:36 am
delegate selection process now, what would you be doing? >> well, i think they need to be ramping up a sophisticated delegate selection process. i'm not sure they have been paying attention to the ground game. >> how do you keep track of it. >> what you have to do, first of all you need to know everything there is to know about a potential delegate or a delegate. most important thing to know is what turns them on, what turns them off, what they believe in, what they favor, what they disfavor, no smear, okay? you make a point to learn everything you can about each delegate. then you massage that delegate, stay in touch with them. you work them, protect them to keep them from being stolen by the other side. it is a zero sum gain and as people say all the time, it
9:37 am
ain't bean bag. >> with very few rules. >> you have to be careful. you can't buy votes. >> what can you do? >> we took great advantage of it in 1976, the head of the party was the president of the united states. >> that helps. >> dinner for the queen of england, get an uncommitted delegate, invite him to the white house for a state dinner, queen of england, don't think you have a good chance of getting his vote? you have a good chance of getting his vote. >> did you? >> i did. i bet i went to more state dinners with the exception of betty and gerald ford. >> reporter: some delegates brazenly ask for favors, crossing the line. >> got a lot of inappropriate requests, outrageous one, jobs, federal jobs. >> federal jobs? >> yeah, federal jobs. if i'm not mistaken there was a
9:38 am
request to layoff a relative of one of the delegates who had been prosecuted for a federal crime. things like that. >> reporter: improper requests aside, what's to stop a few friendly plane rides to mar-a-lago or hunting trip to texas. >> game wasn't only played on our side, it was played on their side too. we had better inducements to offer. >> reporter: still, it was close. when it came to a head on the convention floor, ford beat reagan outright by just 117 votes. >> we must go forth from here united. >> reporter: but this fight could be more bitter and last longer. and baker warns if it does and the rules start changing in the middle of the game, there could be hell to pay for the entire republican party. >> if you have a candidate who's within 100 or 150 votes of
9:39 am
getting majority and you start changing the rules to screw the candidate out of the nomination, i think you're going to buy yourself some grief. you're going to buy yourself some grief in the general election because his supporters, all of them thought they were voting for significant change might stay home. >> reporter: that sounds pretty ominous for the republican party. gloria borger, cnn, washington. >> all right. that's an incredible, insightful view of what may potentially be ahead. coming up, prosecutors say former speaker dennis hastert abused young boys and his legal team issues an apology? nick is covering the story. >> hey there, fred, federal prosecutors release documents five case fs sexual abuse on minors. what it has to do with his breaking banking laws case after
9:40 am
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court documents reveal new details about sexual abuse allegations against former house speaker dennis hastert. federal prosecutors say hastert abused at least four boys during days as wrestling coach in illinois. he served as speaker of the house. for more on the court documents, bring in nick valencia. prosecutors say he violated a trust between the young boys and their coach. he is not facing charges as relates to these allegations, right? >> right. >> but there are documents that federal authorities released. why? >> they're laying out the case for sentencing. we should remind viewers how we got here. back in october dennis pled guilty to breaking banking laws. two days ago his defense team
9:44 am
released the request for sentencing. federal prosecutors released court documents that detail what they say are five cases of sexual molestation of minors at the hands of dennis hastert. how the two are connected, the recent crime of breaking banking laws is recent. federal prosecutors say it is rooted in a dark part of dennis hastert's past in the 1960s and '70s was a wrestling coach. money he was pulling out according to feds he was using to pay off one of the individuals who was an alleged victim of sexual molestation, essentially hush money. want to get into details listed in court documents. before we do that, should say it could be uncomfortable for some of you home listening. this reads individual d, one of the victims, 17 at the time, recalled the defendant put a la-z-boy type chair in direct view of shower stalls in the locker room where he sat while boys showered. one day when individual d was 17 years old, he stayed after
9:45 am
practice to cut weight. defendant had the individual d lie down face down on the table, he soon removed his pants and told individual d to turn over on his back. he then performed a sexual act on individual d. at least four other young boys allege similar things happened to them at the hands of hastert. he has never specifically admitted to any of these sexual molestation cases, only responding a couple days ago through his attorney saying mr. hastert is deeply sorry and apologizes for misconduct that occurred decades ago and resulting harm caused to others. he won't be facing charges. statute of limitations passed. prosecutors say banking laws have to do with these cases in the past, he was trying to cover it up. >> with the details, now with the apology from hastert's attorney, we have to ask our legal guys that are coming up after a break about whether this could potentially open up some sort of legal case down the
9:46 am
road. we will be right back. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at all it takes...... turn the tables. crest 3d white toothpaste... ...removes 5 times more stains... ...than the red box. for a smile like that, crest 3d white...
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9:50 am
believe that money was hush money paid to at least one alleged victim of child sexual abuse, but hastert hasn't been charged in connection with sexual abuse allegations, prosecutors revealed in just released documents. let's talk about the legal aspects of how this is connected. joining me now, avery freedman and richard herman. good to see both of you. >> good to see you. >> always good to see you. avery, hastert pled guilty to violating federal banking laws, withdrawing in increments, low enough to avoid reporting requirements, that's what was thought. federal law enforcement officials say he withdrew it to pay off someone he molested decades ago. if prosecutors have no intention of pursuing sexual assault charges because, you know, statute of limitations has run out, then why release these lurid details. what's going on here really?
9:51 am
>> well, it is the power of the sentencing brief by both parties. the defense team in this case, fredricka, in a case that's thermonuclear, being that he used to be speaker of the house, they're looking at essentially justice. they want to make sure that from the standpoint of the justice department's prosecution, they want to maximize the sentence. the defense team again is looking for probation. the reason the details are included in the sentencing memorandum is to make sure the judge understands how egregious the behavior is. this is $3.5 million paid to -- there were five people, one of whom is passed away, but the purpose of it essentially is to make clear to the federal judge that probation is not the appropriate sentence in a case like this. >> so then richard, federal prosecutors want maximum penalty
9:52 am
for that banking violation, and as i mention, no charges would be pursued for alleged sexual assault allegations involving what were children at the time because of the statute of limitations expired. is it that prosecutors want a sex offender evaluation conducted? what would that mean? how would you be able to do that without conviction on a sexual assault charge? >> that's a great question, fred. it's always the basketball coaches and the wrestling coaches. this is the most powerful, one of the most powerful politicians in the country who now is really going down in flames. when you say that the government wants maximum penalty here, they don't. maximum penalty for the financial crime was five years. in the plea agreement, the government agreed to ask only for six months. that was the inducement for him to enter into the plea. great job by defense counsel.
9:53 am
so that's it. defense counsel is arguing no time. the government will say we agreed to only ask for six months. now the judge that ultimately is the final person to make the ultimate determination on sentencing, this judge may get really, really upset over what he's hearing, maybe ask the government to get into that a bit, may reject the deal and impose, two, three year sentence. your question, fred, the government wants him to be on a sex offender registry, that's for conviction of sex crimes. this is not a sex crime, fred. the conviction is not a sex crime, it is for financial fraud, financial structuring with the bank. i don't think they're going to get it. i don't think the judge can order it. it is not in the cards, while it should be. >> then, avery, as pertains to hastert and his attorneys, the apology coming from hastert is perplexing because there's an apology without an admission that the sex offenses have taken
9:54 am
place, but then it also doesn't sound like the attorneys are wanting to put up a real fight because they say instead that the public warmth he once felt will be replaced with public shame and that is penalty in and of itself. what is his counsel saying here. that sounds very unusual. >> you need to walk into a sentencing of this nature to accept some responsibility and again, this is sort of a nonapology apology. it's true. he's arguing, the defense is arguing we don't want any jail time. i'm betting the federal district judge will look at this whole thing, i think you can take this to the bank, dennis hastert is going to jail. >> richard, your final word on what potentially is next? >> i think, fred, i think maximum of six months. i don't think he will get more than six months. very, very powerful political guy. two sets of rules in this country, believe it or not.
9:55 am
right or wrong, that's the reality of it. one of the most powerful politicians is going to get a slap on the wrist for something that could have been much more devastating, much more devastating had it been prosecuted timely to the fullest extent. >> richard herman, avery freedman. good to see you. i never see you enough. >> we missed you, fred. >> thanks, guys, appreciate it. coming up in moments, the wyoming caucuses getting started. we'll take you there live. plus the manhunt continues for terror suspects, we are live from brussels when the newsroom continues. first, at cnn we recognize people who go above and beyond. we call them cnn heroes. now i want you to meet one hero who introduces kids to the ocean. >> when you're in the third grade and they come on our field trip, they come over the hill on the bus, they see the ocean and
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hello again, thanks for joining me. i am fredricka whitfield. there are delegates on both sides up for grabs out west in the race for the white house. as we speak, democratic caucuses in wyoming have just begun. live pictures of people there in cheyenne and in colorado it is day two of that state's republican convention in colorado springs. senator ted cruz will be delivering remarks there momentarily after others who are on stage now finish. so far cruz has won all of the delegates up for grabs in that state


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