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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  April 11, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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the only way the school knew how to do it, dropped him off in a big limo and the whole school turned out and threw a pep rally in his honor. >> in the game of life he just got a win. >> that is beautiful. what a great message. thank you, chs. time for "newsroom." >> good morning. did you say happy monday? that is not possible. you know friday is my favorite day of the week. happening now donald trump back on the trail, back on the attack. >> the people that don't like what is going on. >> his camp accusing team cruz of using gestapo tactics.
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bernie sanders says he is going all the way to the convention. >> we think we have a path towards getting more pledge delegates than secretary clinton. >> hillary clinton says not so fast. >> i intend to have the number of delegates that are required to be nominated. and now zeroing in on donald trump. plus -- road rage murder or something else? a super bowl champ shot dead after a crash. what we know about his suspected killer. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump returned to the campaign trail and elbows are sharper than ever. trump railing against the gop delegate system in colorado. the convention handing ted cruz a weekend wind fall without a single vote being cast in a primary or caucus. trump going on the attack this
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morning. >> this was changed in the summer to help a guy like cruz and it is not right. now south carolina i won by a landslide and now they are trying to pick off those delegates one by one. that is not the way democracy is supposed to work. they offer them trips and all sorts of things. and you are allowed to do that. you are allowed to offer trips and you can buy these votes. what kind of a system is this? i'm an outsider. i came into the system and i am winning the votes by millions of votes. the system is rigged. it's crooked. >> the system is confusing. it is sometimes convoluted and right now being owned by ted cruz and that is creating major problems for donald trump's campaign. >> we've got a corrupt system. it's not right. we are supposed to be a democracy. >> donald trump back on the campaign trail in new york after spending four days laying low.
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>> we have to have a system where voting means something. doesn't it have to mean something? >> reporter: criticizing the delegate system after a string of losses. issuing a warning to the republican national committee. >> you are going to have a big problem because there are people that don't like what is going on. >> reporter: trump's top adviser echoing the boss's concerns alleging the cruz campaign -- >> you see the tactics, we are filing several protests because reality is they are not playing by the rules. >> reporter: the cruz campaign calls it sour grapes writing it is no surprise that trump's team will lash out with falsehoods when face ag loss to distract from failure. trump taking to social media to express frustration tweeting people of colorado had their vote taken away from them by
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phony politicians. this will not be allowed. this back and forth coming a day after cruz went after trump over electability while courting top donors. >> if donald is the nominee poll after poll shows him losing by double digits. we are looking at a blood bath. >> reporter: these attacks coming as trump tries out a new strategy, playing it safe. the republican front runner was absent from the sunday talk shows yesterday for the first time in four months. >> one of the more amazing things is when colorado republicans change their state rules back in 2015 there was concern that they wouldn't be relevant anymore because of how they were moving away from the caucus system. they are now very relerant. what this under scores is this. this is very legal what the cruz campaign is doing. they are better organized, outplaying donald trump's campaign in everyone of these states. that is a major problem for the
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trump campaign as we look forward to can you get to the manager 1,237 number and if you can't those second, third and fourth ballots. they have a lot of work to do. >> phil mattingly, thanks so much. many voters agree with the question raised how is it possible that the people in the great state of colorado never got to vote in the republican primary? it is true no voter cast a ballot for trump or cruz. colorado republicans gathered at their state assembly to elect national delegates. each person who wished to be a delegate in cleveland had ten seconds in which to state their case. watch. >> patrick davis trump conservative. 114. >> 27. >> 38.
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number 38. please vote for me. we will go ted cruz all the way. he believes in god, family, protecting our amendments and just giving us a new government. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> look at that. >> you see how easy it is. they hear you and believe you and go for it. >> little taste of what happened in colorado. with me now trump supporter and cnn political commentator. and ted cruz supporter and executive president of the family leader. >> happy monday. >> i told you that is not possible for it to be a happy monday. >> accused of shady tactics. >> i can't in colorado because i'm just hearing about this
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today. but i do know since i was just reading before i came on about a delegate in virginia, the district went for donald trump. the delegate by law pledged to donald trump for one ballot but is a ted cruz supporter. he says if he can just get past the first ballot he will support ted cruz. there is something more than screwy about how this works. what donald is saying about delegates, i was at the last time we had a convention of this nature in 1976 i was there very well remember that there was one delegate undecided from somewhere in the midwest who found himself dining with queen elizabeth at the white house. you can offer these people just about anything except a federal job and it is all kosher. >> we did check it out, bob. is it possible cruz's camp could be offering incentives to delegates. it's not exactly illegal. there are limits but according
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to rules delegates can accept contributions for travel and rules are kind of murky when it comes to political packs contributing other gifts to potential delegates. was all of that part of senator cruz's strategy in colorado? >> absolutely not. his narrative is all he does is win and now cruz is winning and winning and winning. it makes it a happy monday for the cruz campaign. one incentive ted cruz is offering delegates is better leadership and someone who can beat hillary clinton. we are seeing the whole party unite around ted cruz. i think cruz is very legal, better organized. this makes for a quality candidate. >> on the other hand mr. trump's
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camp can read rules as i can. shouldn't mr. trump's team have known this all along and gone to colorado and rally the troops? >> it would have been helpful if they were there. no question about that. they do have paul mannafort on the job. i wouldn't be surprised if he was the one who had the guy to have dinner with the queen. he did it for president reagan. he knows how this works. he can play the political hard ball that the cruz team is playing. donald trump is not losing. he is ahead in delegates and votes. so he is ahead. >> it's true and i want to ask you this question because -- so, some americans might be questioning this whole system and might be saying donald trump is ahead in the vote count by 2 million votes. so why should ted cruz get the nomination if we head to cleveland if mr. trump is still
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ahead? but mr. cruz's team has done a better job of rallying the delegates? >> i used to coach basketball. you play within the rules of the game. these rules aren't new to jeffrey. they aren't new to me. they are not new to ted cruz. they may be new to donald trump because donald trump is new to the republican party and now trying to say he is a conservative. the rules have been laid out. whoever gets to 1,237 whether before cleveland or at cleveland will be the party's nominee. i think we are playing within the rules. i think ted cruz has a great strategy moving forward. i think right now most people see him as the likely nominee coming out of cleveland. >> jeffrey, do you still stand by the gestapo tactics thing that was thrown out? >> i'm sure they are doing some things here. i don't know exactly what is going on here with the tactics and all of this kind of thing.
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clearly they are playing hard ball. when you listen to that colorado sign byte and then have ten seconds to state the deal and the voters don't get to vote, this is going to be a huge issue here moving forward. there is no question about it. if 50 different systems i am talking to you from pennsylvania. we have a whole different system in pennsylvania where the beauty contest is disconnected from the actual votes for delegates at the congressional district level. you have to have people here on the ballot. it is just their name. it is not the name of the candidate they support. you have to get into the weeds of this. there is no question about it. >> it doesn't make people very excited to vote. >> i have a lot of respect for jeffrey. i like him. the hard ball is ted cruz is playing to win. that is what we expect out of a candidate for president is play to win. he has given a great message.
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we had our convention saturday in the state of iowa. and the des moines register reported cruz has nearly a clean sweep in the state of iowa in the district conventions. that is a candidate organized, playing to win and can win in november. that is not on any gestapo tactic. that is on playing to win. i think americans want somebody who wants to win for the country. >> thanks to you both. beginning tonight a -- >> great monday. >> it is for senator cruz. a unique event. town hall with republican candidates, wives and kids. starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. still to come, bernie sanders or hillary clinton? who is more new york? 24 democratic battle for the empire state cred heats up.
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it's a dash across new york. bernie sanders and bill clinton both speaking. sanders and clinton will face off. perhaps the biggest battle proving who is more new york. clinton takes the subway and then this new ad. >> values. forged in new york. brooklyn born native son who knows what we know. we're all in this together. >> in rochester with more on this. good morning. >> good morning. bernie sanders and hillary clinton continue to barn storm across new york though they continued to down play their attacks at the other is unqu
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unqualified to be president. >> look, i have said repeatedly that i take him over donald trump or ted cruz anyway. i think people know that i will be a president who will follow through on what i have said. >> so clinton taking a swipe at bernie sanders there suggesting she is the president to get things done. sanders continuing to question hillary clinton's judgment pointing out voted for the war in iraq and a vote that clinton says she regrets. sanders criticizing bill and hillary clinton after president clinton defended his wife's use of the term super predator. >> i think we all know what that term meant in the context that it was said years ago. we know who they were talking about. it's exactly right.
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and i think that the president owes the american people an apology for trying to defend what is indefensible. >> bernie sanders is trying to cut into hillary clinton's lead among african-americans and minorities, constituencies that helped make her the front runner. in new york she is leading by double digits but bernie sanders campaigning hard in upstate new york to cut the deficit. hillary clinton will be in the new york city suburbs. we continue to see the battle unfold all day long. >> reporting live for us this morning. thank you. hillary clinton has taken herself out of the fray. her camp releasing a series of ads attacking not bernie sanders but donald trump. >> he says he would punish women who have abortion. >> reporter: that mexicans who
6:20 am
come to america are rapists and we should ban muslims from coming here at all. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. >> with me now to talk about this and more, the sanders supporter and democratic strategist. and patty doyle, a clint eon supporter. welcome to all of you. good morning. i want to start with you. so hillary clinton releases that ad yet bernie sanders intimates that she is a racist because she used the term super predators in 1994. which is it? >> bernie sanders didn't use that term. and he has run a very positive campaign, hasn't issued negative ads. >> hillary clinton should apologize. >> she should. >> because we know what that means. someone shouted out black
6:21 am
people. >> that is the audience. to be fair that was in harlem. they felt that they felt the effects of those terms when she campaigned in 1994. there has no no apology and should be especially running for president. >> when hillary clinton said super predator she meant it as a racist comment? >> i think disparaging comment. i think it is far too late for an apology. she continues to own that line and so does bill clinton. they are trying to go to the african-american community. let's keep this in mind, in 2008 when the recession hit the banking policies were policies protected by the clinton administration and hillary clinton. >> that is a serious allegation. i think hillary clinton has apologized for making that remark. >> she says she regretted using
6:22 am
that term thmpt idea that hillary clinton is racist is one of the most absurd things i have heard. this is a woman who has committed her public life, her public career to fighting systemic racism whether when working for the children's defense fund, when she worked as u.s. senator, as first lady. this idea is just ridiculous. also, i mean, the votes that she has garnered, hillary clinton is the one who has built a broad coalition of support across the country. african-american, hispanic women. so i think the attack is just ridiculous. >> let me insert this and i want to post this question to you. both clintons were here in new york. they talked about that crime bill. it seems they are a little worried about that. >> sure. it is a damming charge. protesters coming out you have
6:23 am
to have a response. there is the bill clinton response where he got into the back and forth. but also let's keep in mind there is this one phrase, one speech and then the underlying bill. president clinton signed it. hillary clinton supported it. bernie sanders voted for it. if we want to talk about moving towards the future and unpacking what was in this bill, there was a lot in that bill. there was the assault weapons ban which a lot of people liked. there was domestic violence, more cops on the streets at a time when crack was spinning out of control. there was a lot of crime. we had 2,000 murders a year around that range in new york. we are down to under 400. so it was a different world. it was a passionate debate. everybody was on the same side. bernie sanders voted for that very bill. if he wants somebody to apologize he don't need to apologize for having voted for the bill. >> and if like hillary clinton does keep racking up prominent
6:24 am
african-americans she just wrapped up the endorsement of elijah cummings. >> if you look at the numbers of african-americans under 50 the family members, children of parents put in prison. pour poured he has to do a better job explaining issues to older generations of voters. if we look at how wall street effected communities of color a lot has changed. a lot. we had a recession. communities of color have been -- housing prices have gone up. they lost their homes. $15 minimum wage which bernie sanders is for and hillary clinton is against. if we want to look at her record
6:25 am
and her policies they don't look very good for communities of color. >> last word. >> i just could not disagree more. hillary clinton has campaigned statewide in new york twice. she has won twice. she was with governor cuomo when he signed the $15 minimum wage and the way new york state is working it is it is phasing it in. that is what hillary clinton's proposal is. $15 in the city. upstate where economic times are a bit more difficult they are phasing that in. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. after all of this fighting hillary clinton and bernie sanders will meet on stage to fight some more just days before the new york primary, thursday night's debate the first time they are face-to-face in more than five weeks. it will be moderated by wolf blitzer. only on cnn starting at 9:00
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. saints fans mourning the death of shooting death of a super bowl champion. former defensive end will smith was shot and killed over the weekend after he was apparently rear ended by the suspect. smith's wife was also shot and wounded. smith just recently found out he had been elected into the saints hall of fame, hall of fame general manager spoke about it this morning on cnn. >> he got elected unanimously by our media selection committee and that doesn't happen very
6:31 am
often. that spoke volumes about quality of play on the field. what people talk about with will was the way he conducted himself off the field, standup guy with media, model teammate. this is a real tragedy. >> this morning we are learning more about the strange connection between shooting suspect and people close to smith. cnn sports correspondent is covering this for us this morning. good morning. >> i have been speak wg will smith's former teammates. last night i spoke to a former nfl player staying with will smith in miami. they were both getting excited about life after football. two-time told me they were completing an executive mba degree there and were scheduled to walk in graduation. will had a greater impact in the new orleans community. >> one life is over and another life is ruined.
6:32 am
>> reporter: new details are emerging over apparent road rage killing of will smith. police say this man, 30-year-old cardell hayes, quote exchanged words with smith after rear ending the former nfl player's car. soon after hayes charged with second degree murder, pulled out a hand gun, gunning down the 2010 super bowl champion and shooting his wife in the leg. hours earlier the couple posting this selfie together, smith writing, having a blast. >> rocquel is at the hospital recovering and surrounded by family and we are praying she has strength to get through this. >> reporter: police are investigating whether relationship between smith and a former police officer who posted this photo on facebook dining with smith an hour before his murder had anything to do with the shooting. the reason, the former officer
6:33 am
was involved in the 2005 killing of the gunman's father in a decade old federal lawsuit hayes claims they used excessive force when they shot and killed his father after he allegedly lunged at them with a small pocket knife. >> we do not have information to suggest they knew one another. >> reporter: over the weekend an outpouring grief over loss of one of the most famous players flooded social media. reggie bush writing you were a great man and did so much good for so many people in new orleans. you will be greatly missed. >> players are very emotional over this. one player getting choked up as he was talking about will smith. one of his former teammates with the new orleans saints curtis loften said he hasn't gotten
6:34 am
emotional yet because it hasn't sunk in saying it could have been him in the vehicle with will smith. he can't imagine how smith's wife and three beautiful children are feeling during this time. >> i don't think anyone can. after a break from the campaign trail donald trump is back. hours from now the gop front runner is expected to hold a rally in albany, new york. all part of a final push to win voters. trump confident as polls show he is leading rivals in new york by double digits. >> i'm telling everybody in new york why wouldn't i? why wouldn't i? these politicians are all talk and no action. they'll tell you and they follow what i say. the other day i heard ted cruz say we want a wall. i said where did that come from? >> trump already playing up his
6:35 am
home state ties but still appears to be fighting hard for votes. with me now councilman, one of the co-chairs. thanks for being here. >> so last week mr. trump cancel ad trip to california. he is far ahead in the polls. why is he bothering? >> he has been ahead in the polls here in new york. that gives the campaign a unique opportunity to pick up a large portion if not all 95 delegates in the state. i think the trump campaign did the right thing to come home and focus on an area where they can have a huge win. >> who is he more nervous about? >> i would say potentially kasich. ted cruz people seem to focus on his new york values comment. combine that with vote against sandy flooding. kasich is a safe bet but seems to be a year where voters aren't
6:36 am
looking for safe bet but looking for someone loud and willing to stand up for party values. >> donald trump often talks about the friends he lost on 9/11 and over the weekend he paid a visit to the 9/11 memorial. he walked through it with his wife. there are a lot of people critical of that saying it was not appropriate because he is using the memorial for political purposes. did you advise him to do that? >> i didn't consult with him on that. i think it is a great idea to visit the 9/11 memorial. >> he had never done so before. >> sounds like a great time to do so. the reality is for things like hurricane sandy and 9/11 are very much alive for a lot of new yorkers. when you juxtapose trump's behavior with ted cruz i think trump is on the right path. >> let's talk about what happened in colorado because mr. trump is very upset about that saying that is not the democratic way. ted cruz didn't violate any
6:37 am
rules. why is mr. trump complaining? >> i think it is a fundamental philosophy that at least the voters get to have some say in who we elect as president. that's why it is so important for the campaign here in new york to almost guarantee not only that we win the state's 14 delegates statewide -- >> we know mr. trump will win new york yet he is here because he is fighting for every delegate. he understands the game by now. >> the way new york works is you have to not only win statewide but you have to win 50% of each congressional district. i think his approach of focussing on upstate may be the best choice right now. today we will see him in albany. there were 23,000 tickets sold in rochester but what margin can we say trump should not go for all 95 delegates? >> in light of colorado because each state has different rules, colorado is following the rules. why complain about it and accuse
6:38 am
other camp of gestapo tactic ta people have a right to be offended. but here in new york it is important not only for delegates here but we have a primary one week after the new york primary of northeastern states and by all accounts donald trump is leading in those. i think the better we do here the more that pivots us to do a better job. >> thank you so much for stopping by. i appreciate it. still to come plotting against paris. the brussels attackers planning to hit france again. why they change their plans next. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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no more waterboarding for the cia. director john brennan telling nbc news enhanced interrogation techniques are a thing of the past no matter who is elected this fall. >> i absolutely would not agree to having any cia officer
6:43 am
carrying out waterboarding again. >> president obama banned waterboarding in 2009. republican presidential candidates donald trump and ted cruz have both suggested they would end that ban if elected. this morning trump called brennan's statement ridiculous. prosecutors say the terrorists behind the brussels attacks originally wanted to strike france again but ditched that after the investigation into the paris attacks and switched the target to brussels as prosecutors announce terror charges for the so-called man in the hat. that is him on the ground. he was rounded up along with five other terror suspects in a series of raids on friday. cnn's kelly morgan live with more. >> reporter: it is quite a development since the arrest of
6:44 am
abrini on friday. we are hear degring detail abou french plot. apparently came from computer owned by airport suicide bomber. that computer was the same one that was recovered by police outside the apartment where the brussels attackers made their bombs. there was a data file, two targets mentioned, business district in paris. this is a center for business with banks and companies, thousands of people work in that part of paris. that was listed a target. police have had this computer for almost three weeks now. the timing is interesting that it comes days after the most wanted man in europe was rounded up, pounced on by police as he walked in plain sight. now we know that abrini is
6:45 am
cooperating with police or talking to police because he confessed to being the third airport bomber. he went as far as to help police with how he disposed of his diz guys saying he threw his jacket into a bin and sold his hat. he is talking to police whether or not they believe what he says is a different matter. >> kelly morgan reporting live from brussels this morning. hillary clinton taking plenty of heat for her e-mails. now is president obama trying to cool things down? when josh atkins books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some. he gives a hundred and ten percent!
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staying out of the clinton e-mail scandal. in an interview obama saying he guarantees he'll have no influence over the investigations. athena jones has more this morning from the white house. >> reporter: good morning. the president defended hillary clinton's use of the e-mails and seemed to down play the e-mail issue altogether. he said that while secretary clinton shows some carelessness when it comes to managing her e-mails, he did not believe she put national security at risk. take a listen to how he put it in the interview. >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. now, what i've also said is that -- and she's acknowledged -- that there's a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has
6:51 am
owned and she recognizes, but i also think it is important to keep this in perspective. this is somebody who served her country for four years as secretary of state and did an outstanding job. >> and so the president saying that secretary clinton did an outstanding job. it's not a full throated endorsement, but he does not believe that any of her actions when it comes to her e-mails jeopardized national security. some might argue he's prejudging the issue at a time when the investigations are still going on. we'll have to see the blow back on this. one more interesting point he raised is he made the same point that clinton folks made all along which this is a case of classification run amuck. sometimes a e-mail labeled classified might be sensitive and others might not be sensitive. so interesting to see the president weighing in on this
6:52 am
here. >> all right. athena jones reporting live this morning. checking other top stories this morning. john kerry made history today becoming the first active secretary of state to visit the atomic bomb memorial in japan. he did not apologize for the use of the atomic bomb, he said the memorial was a stark reminder of the horrors of war. >> anybody who's been in war, and i have been in war, knows the insanity of it and knows how complex it is with respect to loss of life and innocent civilians and people caught up in it, and so we all have to work to avoid that. >> kerry is meeting with g7 foreign minister in advance of the summit last month in japan. the navy revealing one of the senior officers is behind
6:53 am
bars charged with espionage, adultery and paying for a prostitute. the officer known only by his rank of lieutenant commander was arrested eight months ago while trying to board an international flight. his arrest came to light during a preliminary court hearing a few days ago. the court papers are heavily redacted. more negative fallout on the mississippi religious freedom law. brian adams says he's cancelling a show in mississippi on april 14th because the new law discriminates against gay people. he said he'll return only after the state rescinds the new law. still to come, it looked like jordan spieth would coast to back to bas victories, but there's a different story this morning. >> that's right. he was so close to back to back green jackets but an epic
6:54 am
multidown on hole 4 changed everything. we'll show you how it all went down. you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena® 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare. that's just how we roll. neutrogena®. see what's possible.
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only with xfinity. at first jordan spieth looked like he had the masters in the bag. instead of defending his title, cue the melt down. handing golf's first major to someone who almost skipped the entire tournament. andy is in augusta with the sad story. >> good morning. boy, did we have some drama in the final round yesterday. as you said, it looked like spieth was rolling. he birdied the last four holes of the front nine. most thought he was going to cruise to the green jacket. things fell apart on the back nine. bogeyed ten and 11.
6:59 am
then in 12 a melt down. finished with a quadruple bogey. he tried to make a comeback. he tied for second. and to make it worse for spieth, as the defender champion, he had to put the green jacket on the winner, danny willet. >> i can't think of anybody else who may have had a tougher ceremony to experience. it was very tough given that it's so soon after the finish, and it was tough, but i thought that he handled it with extreme class. >> reporter: while spieth was faltering, danny willet was playing the best golf of his life. he shot a bogey free round to win his first major of his career. willet was lucky to be at the masters. his wife was due to have their first child, and he said he would be there for the birth of his baby, but the baby came early and now the rest is
7:00 am
history. while willet was winning the masters, his brother was winning twitter. one of his tweets read dark green makes you look fat. refuse the jacket. in another one he said, quote, if the boy does what he should, i will be able to say i've shared a bath with a masters winner. and we actually got to ask willet about these tweets, and he just laughed it off saying his brother is just such a character. cool story for danny willet being able to win when he might not have been at the masters. he was the last one to arrive on monday. >> andy reporting live from augusta. thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the news room, donald trump back on the trail, back on the attack. >> i say to the republican party, the people that don't
7:01 am
like what's going on. >> his camp accusing team cruz of using gastapo tactics in the delegate race. plus bernie sanders says he's going all the way to the convention. >> we think we have a path toward getting more pledged delegates than secretary clinton. >> but hillary clinton says not so fast. >> i intend to have the number of delegates that are required to be nominated. >> and now zeroing in on donald trump. plus road rage murder or something else? a super bowl champ shot dead after a crash. what we know about his suspected killer. let's talk live in the cnn news room. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. right now it seems that bernie sanders and hillary clinton have one mission in mind, proving who is more new york. it's the former new york senator pitted against the new york
7:02 am
native. and what's more new york than subways and hot dogs at cony island? both of them blitzing the face. in minutes bill clinton is set to stump for his wife in the big apple. sanders is using his popularity with millennials to take a swing at clinton after she said she felt sorry for his young supporters. >> i think that's condescending. my experience with young people, man, and i see them every day because they're coming out to rallies, these are young people who want to be involved in shaping the future of this country. they're proud of the country and want to make it better. i think they do a whole lot of research. >> chris frates is in new york with more. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, carol. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are barn storming across new york and softening their attacks at the other as unqualified to be president. in fact, hillary clinton starting to take on republicans and sounding a lot like a general election candidate.
7:03 am
>> i expect to be the nominee and i hope to have a unified party so we can turn our attention to the republican nominee either donald trump or ted cruz would be a terrible choice for america. >> reporter: so sanders, for his part, still questioning hillary clinton's judgment pointing out she voted for the war in iraq. that's a vote she has said was a mistake, and sanders hitting bill and hillary clinton after president clinton defended his wife's use of the word superpredators which some see as a racist swipe. bernie sanders trying to cut into hillary clinton's lead with minorities, constituencies that helped make her a front runner. she's leading sanders by double digits in some polls. bernie sanders is making three stops in upstate and western parts of new york. hillary clinton campaigning outside new york city.
7:04 am
we'll continue to see the battle play out all day long, carol. >> all right. chris frates reporting live for us this morning. so bernie sanders has dialled back on the attacks on clinton. as you heard chris said, she's appeared to move on releasing new ads in new york attacking donald trump, not bernie sanders. >> he says we should punish women who have abortions that mexicans who come to america are rapists, and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong, and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. >> with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. >> oddly enough, bernie sanders is getting support from donald trump. mr. trump says both he and sanders are being robbed of the
7:05 am
party's nomination because of the delegate system. here's what trump told fox news. >> the system is rigged. when you look at bernie, i'm not a fan, but every time i turn on your show, bernie wins, and yet bernie is not winning. i mean, it's a rigged system. it's a rigged system. >> it looks like it. >> with me now is tad devine. welcome, sir. >> good to be with you, carol. >> nice to have you here. does senator sanders feel he's being robbed of the nomination? >> no. you know, i think trump will invoke bernie when he thinks it's good for trump, and that's what it's all tonight. the rules are the rules. we're prepared to play by them. we only ask they're enforced fairly for everyone. we understand hillary clinton has a huge superdelegate advantage. we hope to make the case that bernie sanders would be the strongest nominee for the democratic party, particularly if trump is the republican
7:06 am
nominee. bernie is beating him in almost every state poll. we're not charging that the process is unfair. >> just to be clear, you don't believe that the system is corrupt as mr. trump charges? >> no. bernie believes the economy is rigged in america. it's sending new wealth to the top. we believe that's rigged. but we're not alleging that the system on the democratic side is rigged. there's some unfairness here, particularly if he wins 82% of the vote like in alaska and delegates decide to go against the will of the people. we'll make the appeal to the people. >> on the subject of hillary clinton saying superpredators in the mid 90s. bernie sanders intimated that term was racist. is that what he meant to say? >> well, i think what he meant to say, and we believe there was a deliberate strategy. if you look back in the 90s in both clinton campaigns in 1992
7:07 am
with the sister soldier ins accident, in 1996 with the political strategy which was authored by a republican stunlt, they decided they were not going to be the democrat versus the republican. they were going to get between them and use issues like welfare reform, for example, and other issues, crime, to gain advantage, political advantage, and push off democrats in the process and push off the base of the democratic party in the process. so i think now some of that rhetoric was very heated. it was also part of their political campaign. if you look at the ads, for example, they ran on conservative radio in 1996. you'll see they used the issues to gain political advantage. >> let me ask you this, because i was an adult during those times. i was a reporter and crime was terrible during that time which is probably part of the reason that bernie sanders himself voted for that crime bill he's now complaining about. >> well, the reason bernie voted
7:08 am
for that crime bill is because like a lot of legislation, there were good things in it. the violence against women act, for example. he supported. the assault weapon ban. over the course of his career he's been for banning assault weapons. it's the reason he lost his first race for congress in vermont was his opposition to assault weapons saying they shouldn't be in the streets, and there were aspects of that bill that were bad. and bernie sanders at that time went of the floor of the congress and talked about it. >> but bernie sanders did voted for the bill, in good conscious, i would think. >> he did, but like a lot of legislation, like i said, there were some good things in it and bad things in it. what bernie sanders did and what the clintons did not do, they did the opposite. at the time he said i support this legislation because there's good things in there what we need, but let me tell you what will happen if the legislation is implemented.
7:09 am
he pointed to all the problems, including mass incarceration. >> but he still voted for it. couldn't you say that about any bill. there's a lot of stuff in it -- isn't that compromise? >> well, sure. >> isn't that unifying? >> listen, when bernie sanders was the chairman of the veterans committee in the senate, he led into law along with john mccain and the republicans of the house, a fundamental reform of the veterans administration and added more resources for veterans health care than we've seen in a generation. he was not 100 % happy from the bill. he wanted to do more and do it differently, but he understands the way the process works. that's why he worked with others and found support for the bill. the legislative process is messy at times. bernie sanders, 25 years service in the congress has taught him that sometimes you have to make compromise. that's why he passed more amendments on role call votes than any member of congress. >> couldn't you say the clintons also had to compromise to get a
7:10 am
crime law passed? >> i would say certainly, but they didn't have to exploit the issues they did for their political advantage by using terms like superpredators. by saying that we need to bring them to heel, talking about young african american kids. they didn't have to do that, but they chose to do it to gain political advantage. i think this is well documented and i think senator sanders is correct to point it out now. >> thank you so much for stopping by. i appreciate it. >> good to be with you. as the battle for new york intensifies, both candidates are trying to court black voters. sunday the clintons visited six african american churches in harlem and in queens. their tour coming days after bill clinton was confronted by black lives matters protesters angry over hillary clinton's use of that term, superpredators back in the 90s when she was first lady. sanders says it is clear who clinton was referring to.
7:11 am
>> i think we all know what that term meant in the context that it was said years ago. we know who they were talking about. >> black people. >> that's exactly right. that's who it was. and i think that the president owes the american people an apology for trying to defend what is indefensible. >> with me now, chairman of the congressional black caucus who supports hillary clinton. thank you for being with me this morning. >> good being with you, carol. >> should president bill clinton apologize for the crime bill and his wife's use of the term superpredator? >> look, i think you had it exactly right in your interview just a few seconds ago. people need to look at what was taking place in the 90s. in fact, when i listen to what was just said, some of what i
7:12 am
think is insulting to african americans, you're saying that african americans don't know who or why they vote for individuals. you go back to 1994 and 1996, african americans voted for bill clinton 88% of us. are you saying that black people don't know who talk and move in their best interest? it's almost insulting. and so to come some 20 years, almost to years later, i think what they are doing and what he's trying to do is exploit black people to say either you all did not know what you were doing 20 years ago in the 90s. >> you think bernie sanders is exploiting african americans? >> i'm saying that if. what they're trying to do is cherry pick issues, and a statement that was, i think, that clearly that hillary clinton has said she wished had used another word. it's clear, but it's clear also in the 90s who was doing more. when you look at the african
7:13 am
american community, if you look at the wage gap, it was decre e decreasdecreas decreasing under bill clinton. if you look at the unemployment gap, it was decreasing under bill clinton. the wealth gap, more african americans were gaining. look at participation in american society as african americans in the clinton administration at that time, more than anybody in history. i don't hear them talking about that. what he's trying to do is to pick certain things out and imply that african americans were being taken advantage of by the clinton administration. that's not the case. >> tistill, when the black live matter shouted at bill clinton, and bill clinton chose to engage, over the weekend he said he wished he hadn't done that. do you think bill clinton should have gone farther than that or? >> no, i think bill clinton did not have to, but i think individuals because when you think about what took place and what was taking place in the 90s, mr. sanders voted for the bill. i was not there at the time, but there were some that voted for
7:14 am
the bill because of the high crime rate going on at the time. a lot of it was in the african american community when those guns that are being used, 33,000 million americans die because of guns. mr. sanders has been on the wrong side of the gun issue. that's a problem. if you look at the crimes committed, let's talk about mr. sanders when he is defending the gun lobby and the gun manufacturers. >> putting aside senator sanders for a minute. are the black lives matters protesters wrong? >> well, if, in fact, they are saying that the clinton administration took advantage and was not advantageous for the african americans of the 90s, yes, they are wrong. i would say they were not there then. i was there then. i lived it. i lived through it. i was in the state legislature at the time. i know times were much better in the 90s than it ever had been. i know when times went wrong is when we began to have a
7:15 am
republican administration in 2000, and we had that for eight years and six of that with a majority senate and house that was republican. and i know that hillary clinton was out there fighting the try to reverse that. she was working for democrats to get them elected so we could get back the majority and take back the presidency. i know bernie sanders was not one of the big individuals going out around the country supporting democrats to get us elected so we can win and the majority and dictate with the policies of the united states. we went backwards in these eight years. we were not going backwards in the 90s when clinton was the president. we were moving forward. we had a regression in those eight years and now when we had barack obama elected we started moving forward again. clinton was part of that administration. barack obama had confidence in her and her ability, and we'll continue the movement forward that barack obama has taken us
7:16 am
in 2008. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining me this morning. coming up on thursday night, it's the democratic presidential debate live at 9:00 p.m. from brooklyn. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. hillary clinton and bernie sanders face to face. only on cnn. still to come in the news room, donald trump firing back at the boston globe over its front page dis. the gop front runner saying this publication belongs in the trash. the editor of the boston globe joins me next. hyeah?m. we've got allstate, right? uh-huh. yes. well, i found this new thing called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? you just take photos of the damage with your phone and upload them to allstate. really? so you get a quicker estimate, quicker payment, quicker back to normal. i just did it. but maybe you can find an app that will help you
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7:20 am
the boston globe went where no newspaper of record has gone before. it devoted the front page of its opinion section to satire imagining what the country would be like under a president of donald trump. as you might expect, mr. trump is livid. >> it's sad for the paper. it used to be considered a major paper, and now it's like a supermarket throw out.
7:21 am
they don't want to see strong boarders or all the things that you talk about over there. they don't want to see good trade. they want bad trade deals that's all we have in our country. we have the worst trade deals now that i've gotten into it. we have the most incompetent deals i've ever seen. our country is going to go bust. >> in the paper's editorial the globe explains the move. quote, it's an exercise in taking a man at his word and his vision of america promises to be as appalling in real life as it is on the page. the boston globe isn't the first institution to imagine a trump victory. it cites the atlantic. and other editorials have given front page to push issues. with me is the editor of the boston globe. >> hi, carol. >> nice to have you here. critics say the boston globe is
7:22 am
not the onion. why do this? >> like you said, this is really an exercise in taking donald trump at his word. we've spent the last few months listening to his speeches, read his policy positions. we've considered who his advisors are. and we reported it out just like we do our editorials every day, and the vision that we came up with is one that was deeply troubling to us, and we wanted our readers to see it in black and white. >> but why use satire? you're a paper of record. you cover the news. you don't make the news. why risk your reputation? >> as you know, every day the editorial page works separately from our news room. it's gone on at american newspapers for generations. this is just an extension of that. a unique way of commenting on politics and other news events that we do all the time. >> but i think that when people saw that -- because it looked like the front page of the boston implo boston globe, i think a lot of
7:23 am
people around the country took it that way. >> we were clear with readers. we were hoping that people would read our editorial which was on the next page. yes, this is political satire but also political commentary. it's serious. we want the gop to pause and to reflect and consider whether or not this is the direction it wants to move in for our country. >> i know part of the editorial you pushed for mitt romney or paul ryan, but the boston globe, it didn't support mitt romney in 2012. >> we actually have endorsed john kasich in the republican primary this season. we don't see john kasich making it to the end of this, so we're hoping that the gop's natural leaders including romney and ryan will step up. >> and i guess my final question is this. aren't you just feeding into the notion that the liberal media is ganging up on republicans?
7:24 am
>> no. we wanted to create a conversation with this and we have, and we couldn't be more pleased with it. >> some people might say you just did it to sell newspapers like the new york daily news or the new york post and you're no better than the tabloids. >> you know, again, this is the editorial page making political commentary on the news. it's not part of our news operation. and this is something that we do all the time. we've just done it in a new way. >> all right. thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you for having me. zblnc still to come, cruz sweeps up in colorado and donald trump throws down in the fight for delegates. the shifting battle lines and tactics just ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:25 am
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7:29 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. turning to the republicans in the latest shots fired in the bitter gop contest. donald trump lashing out this morning at colorado's delegate system. over the weekend rival ted cruz swept every single delegate in the entire state. that's without a single vote being cast by a voter in a colorado primary or caucus. let's bring in phil mattingly to explain the confusing process in colorado. >> always got to love the campaign rules, right? this is what it's all about. last year colorado republican officials changed the process. no longer a premps vote. the delegates would be elected through congressional conventions. ted cruz intent all of those yesterday. this is completely legal, and this is something we've seen
7:30 am
over the last couple of weeks. cruz is taking advantage of the rules and picking up delegates in a big way. donald trump not so thrilled about this development. this is what he had to say. >> this was changed in the summer to help a guy like cruz and it's not right. now i won south carolina by a landslide, a massive landslide, and now they're trying to pick off the delegates one we one. that's not the way democracy is supposed to work. they offer them trips and all sorts of things and you're allowed to do that. you're allowed to buy votes. what kind of a system is this? i'm an outsider and i came into the system and i'm winning the votes by millions of votes, but the system is rigged and crooked. >> carol, a couple things to unpack in that statement. donald trump refers to south carolina. south carolina is a state he won. he takes all 50 delegates but over the weekend they had their district conventions as well, a
7:31 am
few of them. five of the six delegates elected this weekend were ted cruz supporters. when they go to the convention, they have to support donald trump on the first ballot. if they move into other ballots, they become cruz voters. >> in colorado they'll be voting for cruz on the first ballot. but it's confusing and problematic for donald trump's operation is there are dual treks. there's the top line primaries. new york, 95 delegates. then the state conventions electing delegates directly. and then the battles for placing delegates that have already been won. ted cruz right now on the second and third treks has been dominating, and for donald trump this is a problem. this is why you've seen his campaign retool and threatened a little bit. ted cruz's campaign about what's going on going forward. it's complicated. >> one more clarification about
7:32 am
colorado. why not hold a primary or a caucus? why not? why not give the voters a chance to vote? >> there are a couple of different ways to look at what happened last summer. part of the reason they had a problem with some of their caucuses is they weren't voting for the candidate who was going to end up being the nominee. they lost some of their influence. caucus process brings out more hard core republicans. this allows state officials to control in a better way their process, make sure their their opinion, puts them in a position to have more influence when you get to the primary. again, we talked about this last hour. one of the drawbacks is they thought colorado, no longer going to have any influence because we don't have a preference vote. it turns out that wasn't so true. >> it wasn't. phil, thank you so much. coming up next, trump called colorado's delegate picking process crooked. you heard it for yourself. what do you think?
7:33 am
we'll have -- i'd say it'll be an argument, don't you, phil? i'm terrible at golf.
7:34 am
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oh. nice shot. new ensure enlive. always be you. donald trump not just complaining about the colorado delegate process on television. he's going it on twitter. how is it possible that the great state of colorado never got to vote for the republican primary. great anger. totally unfair. it is true, no voter cast a vote for trump or cruz. instead, colorado republicans gathered over the weekend to elect national delegates. each want to be delegate had 10 seconds to state their case.
7:38 am
>> patrick davis, trump conservative. patrick davis, trump conserve n tive. >> vote jolly rampncher. >> please vote for me. we're going to go for ted cruz. he plooefs in god, family, protects our amendments and giving us a new government that we need. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> sure. >> look at that. >> you see how easy it is? they hear you, believe in you, they go for it. >> i know. it's confusing. joining me to discuss justin philips, a ted cruz surrogate and tjason johnson and john philips. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> good morning. >> okay. let's talk colorado. john, mr. trump accused senator
7:39 am
cruz of shady tactics in colorado. can you be more specific? >> yeah. look, not a vote was cast by a voter in the state of colorado. i understand why ted cruz is doing this. the little john rocker moment is causing him to get smoked in new york. the only way he wins in this. there's one problem with his theory. if he's successful and if he's able to collude with the establishment to take this thing from donald trump in a back room deal, how does he expect to win in a general election? the very people you're screwing over are the people you need to then come back to you in november, and i see hurt feelings that last throughout the political season. >> interesting. so, it is possible cruz's camp could be offering incentives to delegates. it's not ill 4r50e8 illegal.
7:40 am
rules are murky when it comes to political pacs contributing gifts to donors. do you suppose that is right part of the strategy in colorado for cruz? >> no. what's going on in colorado and other places is simple. senator cruz knows the rules. he has people in place who understand the system. last time we were on john said donald trump is doing a campaign on the cheap, and he's right. trump is doing the campaign on the cheap. he doesn't know the rules or have the people in place who know the rules. he says i'm hiring the best people. no, he's not hooiring anybody w knows what they're doing. that's why cruz is winning in the caucus states. >> jason, maybe john has a point. he can read rules as easily as i can. >> i hear both sides here. you can't complain about bill
7:41 am
belichick. just beat him. these rules are pretty much set up to make it easy for people in the establishment to win. on the other hand, if you want to be a winning candidate, you have to actually know all the rules. this is a largest problem for the republican party, though. i think what's happening in colorado is a microcosm of what happens at a contested convention. >> on the subject of mr. trump, he was off the campaign trail for several days. he was absent from the sunday talk shows for the first time in four months. is he lying low? although he was on television again this morning. >> well, it's a grueling schedule in the he's been changing time zones, living on airplanes and out of hotels. i think taking time off and recharging the battery is certainly a smart thing today, especially with the break between the last election in
7:42 am
wisconsin and the state of new york. look, we're hitting the home stretch here. he has to win in new york and pennsylvania and those other north eastern states that are going to vote, and he has to win in the state of california. he needs to be tanned, rested and ready. he has the tan. he needs the rest. i don't have a problem with it. >> does it appear to you that mr. trump might be nervous about garnering the percentage of votes he needs here in the state of new york? >> i think he is. that's the only explanation for his irrational outbursts. every campaign has enterinterna polling. i think trump is getting the word things don't look as rosy as he thinks in the empire state, and it's going to be bad news for donald trump when new yorkers vote. >> jason, i'll just -- you're laughing. why? >> because that's just wishful thinking. donald trump is going to win new york. it's his home state. just like hillary clinton is going to win new york.
7:43 am
this is the bigger issue here. donald trump has run this campaign in a nontraditional way. eventually you have to learn the rules and you can't keep flounding the establishment when it's what's necessary to win the campaign. that's what this whining is about. we don't know if he's going to win enough delegates to avoid a contested convention. >> i have to leave it there. the js here with me. thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you, carol. a three night cnn town hall event begins tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern. this time there's a twist. the republican presidential candidates and their families will be answering questions. tonight it's john kasich and his wife karen and their twin teenagers. and donald trump is tomorrow, and wednesday it's the cruzs. i have a bit of breaking news to share from the investigation into the brussels and paris attacks.
7:44 am
a source close to the investigation telling cnn that the same terrorist cell had planned to attack the euro 2016 soccer championships in france. now, this source says this comes from captured isis terrorist suspect mohamed abrini. and that investigators are trying to investigate his plan. it was also indicated a paris shopping mall and a catholic group were potential targets. still to come, a super bowl champ gunned down after a car crash. what we're learning about the suspect, next. ok team, what if 30,000 people download the new app? we're good. okay... what if a million people download the new app? we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company
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the shooting death of former saints star and super bowl champ will smith. a fender bender escalated into a verbal argument and then gunfire. when it was over smith was dead and his wife wounded. smith just recently found out he'd been voted into the saints hall of fame. now we're learning the gunman had a connection to a person close to smith. coy wire has more for you. hi, coy. >> reporter: investigators are
7:49 am
looking for a possible motive in this case. 28-year-old cardell hayes has been charged with second degree murder of will smith and bond set at $2 million. the two sides eventually settled the federal lawsuit in 2011. one of the officers named in that suit was william sravalo with whom smith and his wife had dinner before the shooting. police say there's no indication of any connection. smith and his wife were shot late late saturday night after they were rear ended and exchanged words. smith died at the scene and his wife has had surgery and is recoveri recovering. police are looking into whether or not smith and hayes knew each other. smith was a dynamic player. a first round draft pick out of ohio. he played all nine of his nfl seasons with the new orleans saints where he was a pro
7:50 am
bowler, a super bowl champion and a team captain. he was just recently formed as carol mentioned n informed, rather, that he was to be named to the new orleans saints hall of fame. >> he stumbled through his comments and just said this is fantastic. i can't tell you how much i appreciate this. and you could tell how genuine his reaction was. some guys cry. some guys laugh. some guys have other reactions, but this was typical of will. he hesitated before he responded, and when he did, he maintained his low key voice but let you know how excited he was. >> nfl players are emotional over this tragedy. i spoke to a former player who told me he has a knot in his stomach because that could have been him at the time. he can't imagine how his wife and children are feeling at this time. another told me that will smith was excited about his life after
7:51 am
football. they were rooming together in miami as they were completing executive mba degrees. he'd spoken with smith the day before his death. they were scheduled to walk in their graduation in less than a month. drew brees tweeted mourning the loss of a great friend and teammate. such a senseless tragedy. please pray for his family. a huge outpouring of emotion from players around the league. a lot of unanswered questions remain. >> coy, thank you so much. still to come, music lovers in dixie missing out on big name acts. who is boycotting over the new religious freedom measures. first the markets. the dow up slightly, 74 points as the price of oil prizes. yahoo is gaining ground on the news they could be sold or merged. the daily mail is one of the
7:52 am
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ohio governor john kasich weighing in on north carolina's bathroom law. saying in an interview on cbs that no such legislation has e merc merged in ohio and he would not have signed the controversial bill. >> obviously, i don't want to force people to violate their religious convictions. i wouldn't have signed that law. i wouldn't studied it, but the governor of georgia vetoed another one. >> and there is more backlash after mississippi passed it own controversial religious freedom law. brian adams announcing this sunday he was cancelling a show
7:57 am
in the state in protest of the new low. and now gay rights advocates are calling on nashville's country music industry to speak out against two bills making their way through the pipeline in tennessee. we have more on that. >> reporter: good morning. the law essentially, in mississippi protects people with more traditional views on marriage and different gender roles. it's prompted a battle for business as well as the fight for equality among members to the lgbt community. brian adams saying -- i'll read you a portion of the statement saying that i cannot in good conscious perform in a state where certain people are being denied their rights due to their sexual orientation. robin roberts also adding, the broadcaster appeared on mississippi's tourism guide which was printed well before
7:58 am
this controversy. again, she spoke out over the weekend saying it's always been a deeply held belief of mine that everyone, everywhere should be treated equally. in her own words, carol, i am proud that my beloved mother and father taught me as a child growing up in mississippi to focus on many things we all have in common not on our differences. again, that coming from robin roberts. and still, despite the two high profile voices speaking out, there is support. we spent several days in mississippi last week. i can tell you there are people who believe this law will protect their religious values. you speak to critics who call thatdiscrimination. and a bathroom bill expected to be debated by people this week. there are several people calling on the country music industry to speak out against that as well hoping there won't be any potential economic backlash in tennessee as well. >> no word from country music
7:59 am
stars? >> not at this point, but i can tell you there is tremendous pressure on them to speak out. we are expected to hear from gladd a little later today where they're expected to renew the law. it's going to be interesting to see when we get closer to decision from lawmakers who if anybody on the country music front will speak out. >> all right. thank you. checking some other top stories. jury selection begins today in the ross harris murder trial. harris is accused of leaving his 22 month old, cooper to intelligencely, rather, to die inside his suv. harris faces multiple counts malice murder and actual exploitation of children. harris also faces charges relating to sexting to underage girls at the time his son was
8:00 am
dying in the car. >> an unidentified navy officer is charged with spying. officials say he was arrested eight months ago and just faced his first hearing on friday. we'll keep you posted. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. this morning no one told me there would be math. >> i'm sorry. no. >> or more importantly, apparently nobody told trump. trump blasted the selection process that handed ted cruz all of colorado's delegates. trump called it totally unfair. which for once is mild by comparison. his new convention manager accused ted cruz of using gastapo tactics. >> that's the first we've heard from trump in four days. that might be a record in this


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