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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  April 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hello there. i'm john bermen in for ash lee ban fie oo -- ashleigh banfield today. donald trump says the process is unfair. it maybe the fact he is having trouble with the process. cruz swept up all of colorado's delegates.
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they hand cruz a victory all be it one without a vote cast in a primary or caucus. that is not sitting well with donald trump. listen to this. >> this was to help a guy like bruce. i won south carolina by a landslide, a massive landslide and they are trying to pick off those delegates one by one. that's not the way democracy is supposed to work. they offer them trips and all sorts of things and you are allowed to do that. you are allowed to offer trips and you can buy all of these votes? what kind of system is this? i'm an outsider and came in to the system and i'm winning by millions of votes but the system is rigged. it's crooked. >> joining us with more is fill mattingly. the trump campaign not only angry at the nominating process but now the convention manager paul manafort says the cruz team
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is using gus ttactics. >> they have worked harder through i their grassroots operation in these states than any other campaign out. there for donald trump's team that has become a problem. if you look at the last week alone, what's happened in north dakota a couple of weeks ago, what happened in colorado over the weekend, this was ted cruz's campaign working for months in advance to set up a system where they could succeed. now, the rules, as you pointed out, particularly in colorado seem awkward. voters don't have a say here. but the rules are what they are and ted cruz's team has set themselves up to take advantage of those rules. >> maybe work the rules if you are donald trump. some reporting over the week and donald trump was trying to lay low, trying to take a step back in the campaign. he did no sunday shows, coast in to the new york primary, especially with a poll showing he has a big lead in new york. how is this lashing out saying
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the system is rigged, how does that jive with the whole i'm taking a step back narrative. >> first time in almost four months donald trump hadn't done a sunday show. it tracks well with what his message has been all along. pointing to what happened in colorado and north dakota saying what's going on here is because i'm an outsider candidate and the establishment is trying to take advantage of me. that's a message that worked up until this point. that is a message his supporters subscribe to and even as donald trump started to take a step back the last couple of days it is one he he's willing to put out there again. make no mistake, what donald trump has been doing the last four or five days is having hard discussions with paul manafort, trying to blunt the momentum ted cruz has been able to get in the last couple of weeks. if you want to get to the 1237 number, the delegates are extraordinarily value able. more important, if you can't get
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to the magic number needed to secure the nomination, before the cleveland convention, these delegates are invaluable. donald trump and his team need to figure out it a way to right that ship and do it fast. >> maybe they need to figure it out before the middle of april. phil, thank you so much. a lot going on here at cnn this week. tonight the first of three special cnn town halls. a little wrinkle this time around. instead of just the republican candidates on stage talking they will have their families with them. here more to talk about this, the man behind it all, cnn politics executive editor mark preston. what's in store for tonight? >> when a candidate decides to run for president it's not a decision that's made in a vacuum. you have to sit down with your family and decide whether you want to put your fangmily throu the wringers. tonight we sit down beginning tonight with governor john kasich and his wife as well as
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their twin daughters. they are 15 years old. we will hear what they think of their father's decision to run, his decision to stay in the race, as well as what is the driving factor behind john kasich's bid. tomorrow night, we will see donald trump, his wife melania and donald trump's children. on wednesday night, ted cruz and his wife heidi. their children are actually very small, but they will be here, as well on wednesday. i think this gives us an opportunity, certainly gives the viewers and voters an opportunity to know more about these candidates right now as far as when it comes to policy it is an open book. let's get in to their personal life a little bit. >> could book the cruz kids. they are too young to be on the stage. although i have seen ted cruz and his wife with them. pretty adorable i have to say. thank you so much for being with us. let's talk about the town hall this week and the general state of the republican race.
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with our panel donald trump supporter kayleigh mcenany. and former assistant to george w. bush. you heard donald trump say the system is rigged. is the system rigged? or is it the system. >> the system isn't rigged. this is typical of donald trump. anytime he doesn't get his way he throws out these bombs and says, it's not me. nothing to do with me. it is everybody else's fault. if this is the presidency and the way the rules work, come to play to win, you don't whine. all he does is whine when he dunn get his way. this system has been in place where you have to win the majority of delegates since 1856. 160 years. he didn't have a problem with the system when he was stweet twooeting in 2012 about delegates and what was going on. he seemed to be aware of that with copies of his tweets when
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he was criticizing rick santorum's operation. he was well aware of what was going on in 2012. now he is claiming ignorant victim role because he's not winning. he's been ill prepared and out organized and late to the game. these are the rules of the game i you don't get to switch them in the middle of the game. when you play football, you are going to blame your offensive line for not knowing the play book if you get sacked and walk off the field and say i'm not playing anymore. that's what is happening with donald trump and he needs to stop whining. >> is it that simple? donald trump nooe kn donald trump knew what he was getting in to. >> the rules are unfair and if you ask the viewers right now i think it is important to understand fwhapd colorado this weekend. let's look. colorado this weekend, 37 delegates were chosen and the people did not vote. why was there no vote in colorado? because august of 2015, the colorado gop decided they did not care about the people's
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vote. they don't care a what the people had to say they got rid of the preference polls because they decide they were more equipped than the american people and the people of colorado to choose their candidates. a lot of people say the reason they chose this is because they were unhappy how their state voted in the past. in 2012 their state opted to go with rick santorum. they discarded the will of the people and sorry, american people and if in reality, if you ask should the elections be about elevating people, yes. not diminishing the american people which is what is going on. >> colorado is a swing state. is in the best way for colorado to nominate a president at a convention without a single vote cast by the general public? >> i think it is. you are talking about organization. >> i understand what the cruz people are doing it fairly and playing by the rules. but in a perfect world is a convention like in the right
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way? >> i think the important thing is it is in place by the republican party of colorado. all of candidates said we understand the rules and that's what happened with the folks selecting delegates. i don't think that trump is getting stalled, if you want to be the person that gets the delegates you have to know the system and it proves he's not got the organizational strength on the ground in colorado or anywhere else. it is more about bluster than substance. >> it is clear this was the game going in. the question is it a right game to be playing in a perfect world if you had the choice. i want to talk about the next place to vote, it will be actual voters voting here in actual booths. you have new york and a lot of states around new york. connecticut, new jersey, delaware, maryland. do you see donald trump gaining steam perhaps. fox news poll had him far ahead in new york and pennsylvania, as
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well. >> i think as far as winning the vote in those states, yes. that's not news. everyone knew new york would be friendly to trump. it is a delegate game at this point. the fact that this trump supporters continue to say that the will of the people, thwarting the will of the people. donald trump garnered 37% of the vote and 43% 0 of the delegates. that means the majority do not want donald trump. this is one of those deflecting tactics they are using to say that we are thwarting the will of the people. the majority of the people do not want donald trump but it is a good talking point. a lot of americans don't understand how the system works. they don't understand it is not necessarily in a primary process, the delegates are the ones that cast the votes for the presidential nominee, not one vote, one person. that's not how it works. pure democracy is not what we have. we have a republic. there are checks and balances for a reason some trump supporters think we shouldn't have an electoral college but i
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don't see donald trump advocating throw out the whole system in 2012 when it didn't matter to him. >> first of all, the electoral college, that's a false comparison. in all of history, 167 electors have gone against the will of their party and gone against who they pledge to support. >> that's the system, though. >> second of all, second of all, if we go by your logic where you say donald trump only garnered 40% of the vote, therefore 60% are against him. by your logic, ted cruz garnered 30% of the vote. >> ted cruz isn't whining about losing. >> kasich 10% of the vote, so 90% against him that. is a false logic. >> no, it isn't. he is whieng the system is stacked against him. that's the difference. ted cruz understands the rules. donald trump is trying to turn it around and say the will of the people is thwarted. nobody else is using that argument but donald trump because he's not understanding the process and that's what he does. he whines when he doesn't get his way.
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>> the fact you are saying ted cruz doesn't like the system has nothing to do with your mathematical argument that donald trump has 60% of people against him. by your own argue ament, ted cruz has 70% of people against him. how do you just that fi that? i'm using your argue and you are denekting by saying ted cruz is not saying this is unfair a. you are changing the subject because by your own argue you are losing the argument. >> not at all. >> we have more weeks of the campaign to hash out the argument. thank you for joining us. tonight on cnn, we have the kasich family. beginning of a three-night town hall event. john kasich live in new york with his wife karen and their twin daughters. tomorrow night the trump family and on wednesday ted cruz and his wife. each of these town halls begin 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. up next, donald trump not the only one complaining about the way delegates are handed
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with a big push just days before a big cnn debate in brooklyn. the candidates scheduled to face off on thursday night. senator sanders continuing his criticism and his complaints about hillary clinton saying -- well, questioning her judgment to be president. hillary clinton has her husband, the former president clinton rallying votes. >> secretary clinton has given speeches behind closed doors to large, wall street financial institutions for a tiny $250,000 a speech. now, i kind of think you are going to get $250,000 for a speech it must be an extraordinary, brilliant speech. it must be a speech for 250,000 that will probably solve all of the problems facing the world.
9:18 am
>> we have to win. i was raised to fwlooef every competition i was ever in that the worst mistake you could ever make is to look past the fight you are in to the next one. we have to win new york on april 19th. joining us cnn political commentat commentators. give us the state of the race right now. for days, we had both candidates basically agreeing the other was not qualified to be president. now they backed off a little bit. they have caveats, maybe a little qualified. where are we? >> they have dialed it back a bit because they said at the same time the other person isn't qualified however, i will support them if they become the nominee. that contradiction played out and they decided what's going to win it for them is what former president clinton was talking about, to actually win it. they are coming down the home stretch. they have some complicated math
9:19 am
they have to do to try to win by congressional district, as well as to try to sort of do the hoopla, the big ads and line the pockets of voters and get them energized to vote. i think they are parting aside harsh rhetoric. leaving it to the talking heads and the organization on the ground will tell the story. >> it is interesting bill clinton said you have to fight the fight you are in. i want to show you a couple of campaign ads. a hillary clinton ad that doesn't talk about bernie sanders. there is also a new bernie sanders ad. let's watch and discuss. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other. it's wrong and it goes against everything new york and america stand for. >> with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop donald trump. >> values forged in new york. brooklyn born, native son who knows what we know, we are all
9:20 am
in this together. >> brooklyn born native son. what struck me more is bill clinton, moments ago, said focus on the fight you are in. not the one down the line. hillary clinton has an ad talking about drumpb. isn't that focusing down the line. >> it is a classic clinton slight of hand. say one thing so the voters aren't disrespected but you want to signal to the voters, this is done. let's move to the next big fight which is donald trump or ted cruz, whoever. >> she is tried to pivot five times since the fall. >> it looked like she was going to walk to the nomination and suddenly she loses eight out of nine and it's a different game. the math is in bernie's favor but he could win if things don't go well. >> you want to keep in mind it is an argument in clinton's favor to say i'm the person, if you are scared of donald trump, i'm the person that can beat him. the polls don't necessarily show that to be the case. they are making an emotional
9:21 am
appeal. when i talk to john the other day, interviewed him and he said picture on january, donald trump in the limo, riding to the capitol to be sworn in as the president of the united states. they are making this sort of an anti-trump movement and that pushes aside the fact that it is right in front of him and tries to position her as somebody who can k take on the big fight ahead. it is part of her appeal to the voters right now. >> it is obvious hillary needs to win new york. the polls have her ahead of bernie sanders in new york. not as far as she was but what does bernie sanders need to do in new york? if he doesn't beat hillary clinton here f he loses, look at that margin 16, 12, 10 points, is that a fatal blow for bernie sanders? >> i don't want to say fatal. never say never in american politics. anything could happen a. however, if you get trounced in new york by 16% and you don't have the math in your favor, it stops the momentum you have gained. the only hope bernie sanders has
9:22 am
is to win states. to make up super delegates change their minds and make them remember eight years ago when she thought she was inevitable until she wasn't. >> bernie is up to 11. questioning hillary clinton's judgment yesterday, talking about whether he is qualified. if he doesn't win new york do you think he will continue with that path? >> an interesting question. something the "new york times" did a month-by-month analysis of how he ratcheted up the rhetoric to get to the point. in the end, if she a quasi incumbent favorite, darling of the party, you have to do what challengers do to incumbents. you have to say this person should be fired, this time not as an office holder but the darling to the institutional favorite of the democratic party. we want to do something different. he is picking a fight within the party. he has ever right to do so. there are numbers that suggest it is a fight that was going to
9:23 am
happen sooner or later. he just happens to be the person leading it and he can't give that up if he wants to win. >> we will see what happens thursday night. the debate will be interesting to see. great to have you with us. appreciate it. do not miss the democratic debate on cnn live from brooklyn thursday night. it starts 9:00 eastern only on cnn. we'll be right back.
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all right n. the next hour, jury selection underway in the georgia hot car death case. this is a big case. a lot of people have been watching it a long time.
9:28 am
justin ross harris charged with murder, for leaving his 22-month-old son in the car. the temperature outside that day in the 90s. inside the vehicle, it was more like 120 degrees. harris says it was an accident. again, this is the beginning of this trial. jury selection begins. a number of jurors want out today. when you hear the details of the case you may not blink. >> thursday, june 18th, 2014. justin ross harris pulls in to a strip mall in georgia. he exits the car screaming at the siekt of his 22-month-old son cooper harris dead in the back of the car. industrial strapped in his car seat. >> he just screamed what have i done loudly. >> that day harris said he had breakfast with his son cooper before getting back in the car and driving off. harris drives a half mile to his
9:29 am
job at home depot and exits the car to start work. leaving cooper alone in the car under the blistering sun for seven hours. experts say inside the car, temperatures could have reached 140 degrees. harris tells police he forget his son was in the backseat of his car. for police, harris' story of being a forgetful father doesn't add up. their investigation leads them down a troubling vortex of sex, infidelity and on-line searches of how to live a child-free life. prosecutors accuse harris of being a calculated killer and charge him with murder in the death of his 22-month-old boy. authorities say harris sected several women from his work computer and a 16-year-old minor while cooper died in the car. some of the texts are so racy we condition repeat them on air. >> he asked her to bend over. he asked do you like me being a perv, ha, ha. show me more. make me a naughty older guy. >> reporter: the messages are
9:30 am
disturbing, but do they mean he intended to kill his child. harris' family and friends say no. >> it is hard for me to imagine that that's the sweet ross harris, the sweet little funny boy that we knew. >> reporter: police say harris was unhappy in his marriage and that he read four articles on a website forum called child free. evans, they say, is proof he did not want his son. he allegedly searched the internet for "how to survive in prison." prosecutors say harris paid women to have sex with him, just weeks before cooper's death. >> he was actually seeking out i and meeting up with prostitutes and paying for sex, again, actions speak louder than words. >> harris' defense attorney says his internet searches and relationships with women outside of his marriage have no bearing on his relationship to his son. and there is no evidence that harris intentionally killed his
9:31 am
child. his attorneys say he is a good dad, living a nightmare. just months before, harris appears on top of the world. i'm now in my dream job, have a beautiful 6-month-old son and love going to work every day. i couldn't be happier, he says. so who is justin ross harris really? the answer could help to solve the question that f cooper harris' death was a tragic mistake or something more sick and twisted. cnn, atlanta. >> thank you, nick for that. legal analyst is joining us from atlanta. he practices law in cobb county, georgia. a prosecutor there knows all of the players in this case. give us a sense of what is going on right now. so many cases won and lost in jury selection. talk us through the process today that may last the next couple of weeks. >> you are right. i personally believe that cases are won or lost during jury selection. who winds up on the jury is a
9:32 am
key importance in the case. what is happening now is the judge is taking up the people who say, look, i can't set my life aside for this long, or people who say i can't deal with the subject matter. people who say there's a hardship and want to be taken out of the jury pool. she's going to hear from those people and make decisions. and jury selection will begin tomorrow in ernest with the jurors filling out various questionnaires so the lawyers can have information before they go in groups of 18 or so to be individually questioned. >> all right. the details of this case, justin ross harris told police he kissed his son when he strapped him in the car seat after eating breakfast. after two minutes he forgets his son is still in the car. that alone has a lot of people, a lot of parents saying no, never. i don't see that happening, not ever. is that evidence in and of itself? is that strong enough for the prosecution and how will the defense counter it? >> just before he made that two
9:33 am
minutes or less drive, depending on traffic that morning, he was, according to the testimony, we have heard in court, he was involved in a conversation on a social media app known as whisper. you can anonymously chat with people and he was chatting allegedly with a woman who was unhappy with her status in life as a mother and spouse. he responded back with words to the effect, i love my son cooper and all but sometimes we just need an escape. prosecutors can argue his son cooper was -- and it it could have been then he made up his mind that i'm going to get my escape today. on the other hand the defense will say these words are ambiguous. just because he said i need an escape doesn't plan that he is planning to murder the child. he could say i am stressed as a father and husband and sometimes we need a little time away. it is an ambiguous statement and not a smoking gun.
9:34 am
but prosecutors will play that and they will use that as a strong piece of evidence in this case. >> a lot of circumstantial evidence that the jurors will hear and see. it will be fascinating to watch. thank you so much. coming up, former saints star will smith gunned down in the street after a car crash, but why? is there more than a case of road rage? we'll discuss the details after a quick break. discover your family's immigration stories at "we sailed on the aquitania. i can still picture the smokestacks." "i had an old coat, a pair of shoes, maybe 20 rubles. that's it." "the door to america was open, for our whole family." don't miss your chance to relive your ancestors' journeys, with free access to our entire collection of immigration records. ends monday.
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every homeowner age 62 or older. i believe this is a smart financial tool and i recommend that every homeowner who qualifies consider getting one now. call one reverse mortgage right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. a case of road rage led to attempted or alleged murder or something else? new questions surrounding the death of former new orleans
9:39 am
saints star will smith. he was shot and killed and his wife wounded over the weekend after rear ended by the suspect. hayes has been charged with second-degree murder. they say they exchanged words after their vehicles collided. jean casarez is here with us. what happened? >> everybody is asking why but the facts, the alleged facts are simple because will and his wife were having dinner saturday night at a french quarter restaurant with friends, enjoying themselves. people said they heard the table laughing and having a great time. they leave the restaurant 11:15, shortly before it closes. police say ten blocks away is where the smith's mercedes suv was rear ended by a vehicle. police say words were exchanged. the person in the rear vehicle, who is the person charged, kordell hayes took out a handgun
9:40 am
and came and shot multiple times will smith. he was declared dead at the scene. here's writ gets murky. the question is why? motive. according to a complaint that we were able to receive this morning, kordell hayes who is the man charged in this filed a lawsuit against the city of new orleans in 2006 in regard to the death of his father. you see police officers from new orleans shot and killed his father in 2005 and he names john as one of the defendants, the police officer that will smith was having dinner with that night. the former new orleans police officer. he names him as a defendant saying he killed his father and used excessive force in doing it. we want to say hayes sr. had a knife. police tried to pub sue him in 2005 with pepper spray but ended up shooting and killing him. >> that's the connection they are looking in to right now.
9:41 am
>> they are looking to see if it is a coincidence or a connection? >> talk to us about will smith. this is a guy he was captain for the saints when they won the super bowl. hearing from his former teammates and they seem broken up up about the loss. >> quite emotional. as a former nfl player we'd get emotional when a teammate was cut from the team. a lot of emotions going on. he is a firster first round draft pick. part of the national championship team n. the nfl he spent all nine seasons with the saints where he became a pro bowler super bowl champion and found out he was going to inducted in the saints hall of fame. as big of an impact on the field perhaps an even bigger impact off the field. hence all the emotions from former teammates. i have spoke to one of his
9:42 am
former teammates curtis lofton who say i cannot fathom what has happened. i was driving home from the wedding and that could have been me in the vehicle with will smith. i can't imagine what they are going through at this time. i spoke to reyes, who is rooming with will smith at miami. they were pursuing their executive mba degrees at the university of miami. how many former nfl players do you know of that are pursuing an executive mba? this is the type of man he was. he was excited about his life after football. huge impact in the community. as much as you see about the charity work he did for his community, there in new orleans. he did so much more behind the scenes. he was a humbling, caring man and hope as a former nfl player i hope i say for all former players we hope his death is not in vain, that can be can be learned and attention brought writ needs to be brought and his
9:43 am
legacy can live on. >> i can hear the emotion in your voice. i'm sure the football community agrees with what you are saying. gene, hue is the wife doing right now. >> she was shot multiple times in the leg and will be fine. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. up next, president obama says he's staying out of the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. but is he really? a few words from the president have a big impact.
9:44 am
9:45 am
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9:47 am
president obama says he is staying out of the hillary clinton e-mail controversy and will not interfere with the justice department investigation. in an interview with fox news on sunday, the president, however, defended the former secretary's use of e-mails saying she did not jeopardize national security. cnn's paul kalben is with us and athena jones is joining us. lay out what the president said here. >> as you said, the president defended hillary clinton's use of the e-mails from the e-mail system she was using. saying though she may have been careless in the management of
9:48 am
the e-mails he doesn't think it affected national security and down played the issue all together. listen to how he put it in the interview. >> i continue to believe she has not jeopardized america's national security. now, what i've also said is that and she's acknowledged, there's a -- there's a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned and recognizes. but i think it is important to keep it in perspective. this is somebody who served her country four years as secretary of state and did an outstanding job. >> so you hear the president defending the former secretary. some may say he is prejudging the outcome of the investigations by insisting more than once he doesn't believe she put national security at risk. >> john?
9:49 am
>> he is making in some cases a similar argument you are hearing from the clinton campaign itself that there's classified and classified. he literally said pretty much that, when it comes to e-mails. >> he did say pretty much that. he said i'm a person that deals with a lot of classified information. something maybe labelled top secret and maybe quite sensitive and other things maybe labelled sensitive or classified and not. it might be something you can find from information available to the public. that's in line with what we have heard from the clinton team talking about classification run amok and debate whether these e-mails should have been classified. we are hearing him weigh in on that side as well. >> stand by. paul, is there any legal definition to the term classified? >> there is a legal definition in the sense the statutes which the justice department is looking at here, they have a
9:50 am
classification, documents that fall in to certain categories are classified. is there a statute that says what things are classified no, there isn't. if it is labelled as top secret or classified for the purpose of criminal law that is what it is. the president is saying there's kind of classified and not classified. how would you prosecute anybody, like a real traitor to this country, who released damaging classified information if it was sort of like a moving scale as to how you design classified? >> the president commenting as much as he did. he only went so far but said quite a bit. does that prejs the case? >> i'm surprised he went as far as he did. i understand him supporting hillary clinton. she was his secretary of state. however, he's also the chief prosecutor in the country. as the president he appoints the attorney general. he controls the justice department. does it sound like he's sending a message to the justice
9:51 am
department that i don't think you should prosecute hillary clinton? it sounds like that. he should have, i think, said she was a great secretary of state. i can't imagine she would damage deliberately the interest of the united states, but i'm leaving it entirely in the hands of the justice department because i haven't read the e-mails. that's the other thing, he says none of these -- he said i would doubt she'd damage national security. did he read all of the e-mails involved? or is he just talking off the cuff. we don't know because he left the statement vague. >> she a former law professor and knows the law in theory and he knows the potential impact of his words. >> yes, he does. he knows enough to know that presidents should stay clear of this. richard nixon, to harken back to a republican example, he was charged with manipulating investigations. >> no one is suggesting that the president is doing that. >> not at all. but when you get no a situation where the chief executive
9:52 am
officer of the united states is commenting onion going investigations it is generally not a good thing. >> could his words be used in a trial? >> no. everything he said would be inadmissible in trial and really just sending a subliminal message to the investigators. >> the question is, is he putting he finger on the scale of the investigation? >> i think so. up next, bruce springsteen and bryan adams take a stand. will the music industry join the fight against the new religious freedom legislation that critics say actually discriminates against the lgbt community? lovi' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. ♪ some people know how to make an entrance. ♪
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many big businesses and celebrities lining up against bills that critics say are anti-lgbt. brian adams and bruce springsteen cancelled shows over
9:57 am
the bills. ga rights advocates are calling on the country music industry to join the fight. we are joined by cnn correspondent. >> this is a fight for equality we have seen on behalf of lgbt groups and now a battle for business, as you mentioned, with several high-profile artists bowing out of performances and now glad, this group that pushes for equal rights is responding, hoping to put pressure on tennessee which is the next state that will be debating with these religious bills. i want you to hear from the head of glad saying she has hopes big business will respond to support their cause. take a listen. >> we need the many, many businesses that thrive on the music industry in the city to speak out against these bills. so i'm here today to call on them to stand alongside the television network and film studios who stood with us in
9:58 am
georgia, and join our call for these bills to be defeated. all of the way up to the governor's desk, if necessary. >> of course nashville america's music capital of the world here. obviously we see some of these labels jump on board. we could see a significant voice. if they contribute $10 billion to tennessee's economy. and last thing i should mention, recently 95 writers from that state submitted a joint letter calling this new law a violation of civil rights. but then you hear from supporters, some of which we spoke to many mississippi last week. they will tell you this new law simply defends the rights of individuals that have traditional views when it comes to marriage. >> next state is tennessee. country music industry being pushed right now. has it responded to the request? ? >> no specific artist or labels have come out yet supporting
9:59 am
this request. i can tell you, if you look back we have seen several big names including carrie underwood, miley cyprus come out in support of the lgbt community. they want it to take ate step further. not just the artists but the labels as well calling out what they believe is an unfair piece of legislation that is scheduled to be debated later this week. >> it could come down to dollars and cents a lot of businesses have come out against these laws that could mean for financial losses for these states. >> $10 billion in tennessee that the country music scene contributes to the state. when we spent time in mississippi last week, there were several people concerned about the image of the hospitality state now this is now a law in the books. so much so that some businesses have gone through the step of making sure they put support via sticker in the front saying everyone is welcome. >> now the nba saying it won't hold the all-star game in north
10:00 am
carolina unless it changes what is going on there. this could have serious reverberations as well. >> thank you for joining us. that's all for "legal view" today. thank you for watching. jim sciutto in for wolf. he starts right now. >> hello, i'm jim sciutto. wolf blitzer is on assignment. 7 p.m. in paris. 9:30 in kabul, afghanistan. wherever you are watching from around the world, thank you for joining us today. we start today with the republican race for president and the return to the trail of donald trump. after a few days off the campaign trail, he came back with a flourish in new york. not before taking a bad beating in colorado, losing all of that state's delegates to the senator ted cruz. it was a sore spot for trump who called the system unfair during the weekend stop in rochester, new york.


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