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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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in afghanistan. remember, you can always follow us on twitter. please tweet me at wolf blitzer. you can tweet the show. join usere in "the situation room" tomorrow. until then, thanks very much for watching. next, donald trump appearing live this hour after losing more delegates in colorado. trump charging the system is corrupt and rigged. is hillary clinton getting ahead of herself? donald trump's years in a military school. his classmates remember his passion for baseball and good-looking women. let's go "outfront." >> good evening. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, the breaking news. donald trump about to speak live to thousands of supporters in albany new york. this after he called out his
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party for rigged system in selecting delegates. the doors do not open until many hours later. they waited. trump is hoping to get momentum after losing more delegates to ted cruz this weekend. those delegates at colorado selected by party insiders. trump taking to twitter once again saying, how is it possible that the people of the great state of colorado never got to vote in the republican primary? great anger. totally unfair. ted cruz firing back later today. >> when people vote against him, they're stealing the election. it's a really odd notion. well, what is this democracy of which you speak? >> we begin with sarah murray
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who is outfront at the trump rally. rigged? >> reporter: that's certainly what we're going to be looking for. we all know trump has gone out there on the stump and said he's an amazing businessman, an amazing manager, an amazing negotiator, but he has struggled in the wheeling and dealing that goes on behind the scenes in the fight for the nomination. tonight, ted cruz questioning whether donald trump even wants to be president. >> do you think he really wants to be president? >> that's a good question. i mean, i don't know. i'm not a shrink. a lot of people have speculated when he launched the campaign it was on a lark. then he suddenly found himself surprised that his brand of reality television attracted a lot of attention. >> reporter: from immigration to campaign finance to his own bankruptcies, donald trump has said he has always known how to work the system.
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wrangling delegates, trump is coming up short and crying foul. >> what we have going is a movement. what they're trying to do is subvert the movement with crooked shenanigans. we're just not going to let it happen. >> reporter: even warning the republican party that voters might revolt. >> i say this to the r nc and te republican party. you're going to have a big problem, folks, because there are people who don't like what's going on. >> god bless the great state of colorado. >> reporter: after being shut out by ted cruz in colorado this weekend, trump's new campaign manager is likening cruz's campaign tactics to the gestapo. >> donald has been yelling and screaming, a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing and some
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late night fever tweeting. all the characteristics i would note we would want of a commander and chief. >> reporter: the texas senator feeling increasingly confident and arguing if the convention goes beyond one ballot, he'll emerge victorious. >> we're going to have a ton of delegates. in that scenario, i think we will go into with an overwhelming advantage. >> reporter: now, erin, two votes donald trump will not be getting here in new york are those of his daughter and his son. they are not registered to vote in the new york republican primary, so they'll not be able to cast a ballot for their father. trump says they feel very, very guilty about it. >> thank you very much. on that note, the cruz campaign's new jersey state chairman is with me and jesse benton, mark preston, and mark
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morial. ivanka and eric not registered to vote in the republican primary. is it a concern about trump's organization? >> they're not politicians. they're just people supporting their dad. that's why trump has caught fire so much. people that are sick of politicians and want something different want something completely different, someone who is not beholden to washington and not a politician. both parties have been failing us. >> steve? >> donald trump's fire is more like a smoldering embers. this guy is lending new word to the meaning choke artist. forget the fact he got crushed in colorado. he told america over and over again he was the deal maker and the negotiator. he would put together a winning team. his campaign team has failed miserably because he's a lousy leader. ted cruz has put together a remarkable campaign. we won utah.
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we won north dakota. we won wisconsin. what is trump whining about? trump came into this race thinking it was one of his miss america beauty pageants. >> john kasich's campaign is saying the same thing about ted cruz. they're talking about michigan and how he is handling it. they're saying he's doing things that aren't appropriate. >> kasich is in the tank for donald trump. i think we all know that. >> in the tank for donald trump? >> absolutely. everybody knows that. >> let me come over here. mark preston. >> i don't think so. this is the situation we're in right now. >> that's all he's doing. >> donald trump is very upset because by and large he's winning the popular vote amongst republicans, and he's going to get denied because his team didn't play by the rules. ted cruz has built an operation that has put him in a position to take this to a contested
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convention. you're also going to have problem when we get to cleveland where there are going to be angry people. there's going to be potential violence in the streets. the fact of the matter is -- >> both of them knew going in what the rules were. it's an old game. when the rules don't work for you, attack the rules. this is not clever, but it is expected because it's maybe his best shot to sort of discredit what the republican establishment is really planning and that is an effort at the convention to take the nomination away from him. >> donald trump is freaking out because he's on a major losing streak heading into new york. if he doesn't get over 50% in new york, it's time for donald trump to drop out of this race, period. >> can't we all agree that what americans from both parties want is transparency and clarity in how we select our nominees? >> no, we want someone who can beat hillary clinton. that's what republicans want.
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if donald trump can't compete in the republican nominating process, how is he going to go up against hillary clinton and a billion dollars in spending? they will destroy him. he'll be out there tweeting away. >> there was a poll that came out today that shows donald trump ahead 54% in new york. when you ask republicans if you want donald trump to be the nominee if he does not have the majority, 64% of them said yes. >> i don't know what that poll means. that's not the rules of the republican party. that's not how we've operated since abraham lincoln and ronald reagan. >> the primaries never mattered because it was only recently delegates went to the convention pledged or unpledged and fight was on the floor and the process was changed in both parties in an effort to get the voters more involved in the process. it is a material fact who wins
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the popular vote even if the delegate map doesn't work for them. >> right. >> everyone knows going in -- and i think if you had a problem with the rules, people should raise it early in the process. not wait to see, well, do the rules work for me. >> most americans looking at these rules, it does seem rather sordid and off. >> there's no question it does. on the democratic side as well, there are issues with that and delegates and bernie sanders having problems with how that nominating process works. let's just look at it this way. the convention is just part of the process. whenever we have people out there saying it's time for somebody to get out of the race, john kasich, it's time to get out of the race, donald trump, it's time to get out of the race, let it play out. we're not playing five innings of a baseball game here. play the nine innings and see what happens. >> ted cruz was yelling about
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donald trump. late night tweeting, not what you want in a commander and chief. was trump's defeat in wisconsin a turning point? is that a concern for you right now? >> no. not heading into these atlantic primaries on the 19th and 26th. you're going to see trump do very well. >> he's toast. >> exactly. ted cruz is going to poll in the low 20% and not qualify for any delegates in new york. the 19th and 26th are going to be a major momentum surge for trump. we're going to see trump get back on course. >> cnn will host a debate between hillary clinton and the bernie sanders. america and voters will get to see what the candidates stand for. donald trump is scared to death. he will not get on a debate stage with ted cruz.
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he's scared to death. he'd rather tweet away. he can't talk in more than 24 characters. he's hiding behind his twitter account and losing over and over again. it is the worst losing streak probably in republican primary history. >> you caveated it correctly. >> he's still ahead. >> he should have wrapped it up a month ago. he's going down. >> given the fact that field was 17 candidates at one point, and the republicani establishment i probably saying if we had shrunk this field a little bit, we would be in a better spot. >> the town hall is with the republican candidates and their families. kasich's tonight, trump's is tomorrow, cruz's wednesday.
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bernie sanders is about to address a huge crowd. we're going to go through live. the mayor of new york rapping with hillary clinton how classmates say donald trump made an impression at an early age. >> in school, we would push chairs around and pass notes and pull girls' hairs in front of us. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen. i've heard it all.
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tonight, bernie sanders pulling out all the stops to upset hillary clinton in new york's crucial primary. these are pictures from buffalo, new york. a major rally for sanders as he crisscrossed the state to win over voters. the latest polls showing clinton with a 14-point lead over sanders. is he running out of time? >> reporter: hillary clinton says she's ready for thursday's debate on cnn, but she cast doubt about whether bernie sanders is. >> i have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in new york senator sanders has had trouble answering questions. >> reporter: and hitting her opponent on his immigration record. >> i think our records are very clear. i started cosponsoring the dream act back in 2002 and 03 and i consistently did that. bernie sanders was supporting
4:17 pm
minutemen on the board rder. >> reporter: but clinton not responding in kind. >> do you have doubts about what kind of president he might be? >> no, i don't. i don't have anything negative to say about him. >> reporter: despite polls showing clinton with a commanding lead, sanders telling new york voters today he can win with their help. >> if we can win here in new york state, i believe we are on our way to the white house. >> reporter: sanders taking his fight to the air waves with a new ad, voiced by actress susan sura surandon. >> bernie sanders is the only candidate who is against fracking everywhere. >> reporter: her team isn't making plans for a contested
4:18 pm
convention. >> i intend to have the number of delegates that are required to be nominated. >> reporter: clinton is out with a new ad too, focused on donald trump. >> it goes against everything new york and america stand for. >> reporter: telling reporters today she can take on trump while still fighting sanders. >> i think i can walk and chew gum at the same time. >> trump's rhetoric, his divisiveness, his incitement of aggressive behavior, even violence, is absolutely unacceptable and needs to be called out. >> reporter: and sanders about to take the stage now at any moment. when it comes to those poll numbers, sanders says he's closing the gap. he says it's not just going to be here in new york where he closes the gap, but in pennsylvania and california. he's going to do it by
4:19 pm
continuing to build on the momentum he has and by continuing to point out the differences between himself and hillary clinton. erin? >> thank you very much. outfront now, new york state assemblyman, hillary clinton supporter, and mark preston is back with me. hillary you see in that ad focusing on donald trump in the general election. of the most recent eight contests, she has lost seven of them. is hillary clinton counting her eggs before they hatch? >> the reality is that we're two and a half million roads ahead of bernie. they're smaller states. they're caucuses. there's only three caucuses left. mathematically, i think we're in good shape mere. when it is all said and done, this is the reason why i appreciate the fact that bernie sanders toned it down when he
4:20 pm
said she's not qualified because ultimately we have to unite the party so we can beat whatever republican in november. >> he said she was disqualified by her actions, but qualified by her credentials. >> first of all, on the issue of questioning the qualifications, it was hillary clinton that started along that path of questioning bernie's qualifications to be president. you see this race is lot closer than people portray. you still have over 900 delegate votes to go. you have some states where he won by double digits. i want to see if these superdelegates are going to maintain their position. >> you think they're going to switch over? >> i think that'd have to. >> the fact he doesn't have a response as to how he is going
4:21 pm
to solve the wall street problem. in other words, people realize with hillary clinton that she can identify a problem and come up with a solution. we came out of there with more delegates. >> back to the delegate process. when you win a state, you come out with the same amount of delegates. it's confusing to most people. >> the democratic process apportions the delegates by congressional district. do you have an obligation to who won the state or the congressional district? >> it's confusing. >> local elected officials, they're state legislators and mayors. they're not people whose constituencies are statewide. the superdelegates are important to balance the process. in one instance we have primaries were hundreds of thousands of people vote. in the other case, we have these caucuses where literally they're not fully democratic where small
4:22 pm
numbers vote. the superdelegates have been designed to balance out a process in terms of how the democratic nominee is picked. >> do you believe there will be some schisms that appear in the delegates? >> i just predicted the apocalypse in cleveland where i think there's going to be issues. i do think you'll see bernie sanders take this all the way to the convention. the superdelegates are going to have to pledge their support. there's not going to be a crowning of a nominee before we get to the democratic convention in philadelphia. that is not going to happen. what's interesting with this election cycle with the republicans and democrats, it has opened up a process that is held in the dark. the voters don't understand how it works. now they do understand how it works. the insiders do control it. >> which is something that is frustrating people, many people.
4:23 pm
people in many cases who are looking at donald trump and bernie sanders. hillary clinton has argued bernie sanders' supporters have not done their homework. >> i feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this. they don't do their own research. i'm glad that we can now point to reliable independent analysis to say, no, it's just not true. >> i think that's a little bit condescending. these are young people who want to be involved in shaping the future of this country. >> condescending the way she put it? >> i don't know if it's condescending. i don't know if it is the right words, but it is legitimate to question the promises and commitments made in the context of a political campaign have beef behind them or substance behind them and for people to ask what the political practicality of it is. a presidency is about vision and
4:24 pm
the reality of governing. i think it is fair for hillary to question. i don't think it's about suggesting that young adult voters, you know, are somehow uninformed. i wouldn't use that choice of words. >> she feels sorry for these young voters. if young voters or voters were to review the record, most people would vote for bernie sanders because if you look at hillary's record, her record is same old politics. >> his record has been one of helping us in the bronx, one of the biggest comeback stories in the nation to create jobs. in the bronx, for instance, we're not feeling the bern. we haven't been berning for decad decades. >> we'll leave it on that note. thank you very much all of you. clinton and sanders facing off in the cnn debate in brooklyn.
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tonight, the white house weighing in with strong words of support for hillary clinton. vice president joe biden saying he would like to see a woman elected. could sanders growing momentum cost clinton her home state? jeff zeleny is outfront with the clinton campaign. clinton is ahead in the polls. important to note that, but you have been talking to the campaign. there are questions about whether they consider new york a slam dunk. >> reporter: no question, erin. one of the things the clinton campaign wants to see is a poll showing up them up 14 points. another poll says they're up 12 points. one adviser says that's a little sunny for us. they don't believe it's a double digit race at all.
4:30 pm
they are worried about how this will close largely because bernie sanders is really throwing everything at them. today alone he launched an ad about wall street. he launched an ad about how she supports oil and gas and fracking. they do believe they are in a much more comfortable position because new york is a closed primary. only registered democrats can vote. people cannot just show up and register on that day, but the clinton campaign is still campaigning so aggressively here they really believe the next eight days are critical. they don't have to win mathematically speaking, but politically speaking they know they have to win new york. the sanders campaign would get so much energy from this if they won. it is not as big as some of those polls might suggest. >> thank you very much. outfront now, the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio. he has endorsed hillary clinton.
4:31 pm
i appreciate you taking your time tonight. you just heard jeff report the clinton campaign isn't convinced her lead is that big. they're talking specifically about concerns in new york city, the biggest city in the country, your city. could she lose new york city? >> i think she's going to do great in new york city. i've been getting a very enthusiastic response. there's a real sense of connection. she was our u.s. senator for eight years. of course, it's going to be a close race, but the clinton campaign is doing a great job on the ground. >> so you're confident in this. over the weekend you and hillary clinton, of course, appeared at an event in new york. there were jokes. it was a comedy act. one of the jokes was why it took you so long to endorse her. you ran her senate campaign. you were one of the democrats in new york to endorse. it's now a joke between the two of you. here's a little bit of how it went. >> i heard my name.
4:32 pm
i just have to say thanks for the endorsement, bill. took you long enough. >> oh, snap. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cpt. >> i don't like jokes like that, bill. that's not funny. >> cautious politician time. >> of course, this was a skit involving an actor from the broadway musical "hamilton." clinton joked it was cautious politician time, but of course as the joke made clear with the black actor, cpt is short for colored people time. "new york times" just released racially charged joke by hillary clinton and bill de blasio earns scorn instead of laughs. do you regret that joke? >> it was clearly a staged show. it was a scripted show.
4:33 pm
the whole idea was to do the counterintuitive by saying cautious politician time. every actor thought it was a joke on a different convention. that was the whole idea. i think people are missing the point here. >> you think people are missing the point on this. you talk about your endorsement of hillary clinton. when you look at some of your stances and what you have said in the past, i have to admit it sounds a lot like clinton's opponent. let me play it. >> we need free tuition at public colleges and universities. >> in new york city, full day pre-k for free all over the city. >> we are going to raise the minimum wage to $15. >> today we announced that we are raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. >> today, in america we have
4:34 pm
more income and wealth inequality. it is worse today in america than at any time just before the great depression of 1929. >> at this moment, the fact is most intense income disparity we've had in this city since the great depression. >> you sound a lot alike in terms of your passions. was it a hard choice not to endorse the vermont senator? >> i have a lot of respect for bernie sanders, but i know hillary clinton will get the changes done. i understand better than most you have to roll up your sleeves and figure out how to make change. that's who you we got to pre-k for all in this city. hillary clinton has a long history of effective, processive advocacy. long before we were talking about paid family leave, hillary clinton is one who brought us family and medical leave. she knows how to take on the
4:35 pm
health insurance companies. she did that on health care reform. i'm convinced the progressive changes we need, things like universal pre-k, nationwide, i have faith that hillary clinton will get it done. one more point. in the general election, hillary is as vetted as anyone in the history of politics. she can handle anything at her in the general election. there is no question hillary has proven she can handle that cauldron. >> donald trump is going through that process now. it was very interesting. we found that back in 2013 he had good things to say about you. that might surprise some of our viewers. what's donald trump saying good things about you? well, he did. he praised you in a radio interview saying you would be a good mayor. >> what is it going to mean for
4:36 pm
donald trump to have bill de blasio as mayor? >> i think he's a smart guy that knows what's really going on. >> smart, big league. nice things donald trump had to say about you, mayor de blasio. can you say the same about him? >> i've made clear there's a lot wrong with donald trump. his campaign has become more divisive. doesn't represent what the majority of the american people want for sure. i've been very blunt. he's running a race this campaign. it's going to be rejected by the american people. i don't care what he said back then. he and i have never known each other. he's shown himself as to be someone who is unacceptable as the president of the united states. trump threatening a challenge of the republican
4:37 pm
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tonight, ted cruz exploiting a weakness in donald trump's campaign. he swept all 34 available delegates in colorado. trump's campaign hinting it will challenge the results and tom foreman is outfront. what happened in colorado? >> in simple terms, ted cruz yelled victory and donald trump yelled foul. that's what happened. take a look at the delegate count right now as these candidates try to race toward that magic number to clinch the nomination before the convention. if nobody gets there, as it looks like they may not, then you have a contested convention. you're going to hear more of these circumstances with people saying somehow something's not right in denmark. colorado, as you mentioned, erin, is a good example because what happened there is they had these 37 delegates there. 34 of which are actually decided by the voting there. the others are party officials. they could have had a statewide vote.
4:42 pm
they could have had all the republicans the colorado vote on who they wanted to get those delegat delegates, but these delegates are unbound. they don't have to follow the state vote. instead they had smaller meetings of republicans in precincts all over the state. maybe if they'd had everyone vote, donald trump would have done better. but under this scenario, which all the campaigns knew about, people on the ground say ted cruz did a better job and as a result he got a big win. he walked away with all of the delegates and donald trump is very upset about that. >> even though he is crying foul in colorado, the cruz people are livid about michigan in which they got out maneuvered this weekend. what happened? >> michigan is an interesting case here. look at the vote of what happened up here in michigan. in this case, there was a split of the delegates. trump got 25, kasich got 17,
4:43 pm
cruz got 17. this is not in dispute. the dispute is what came afterwards. the delegates had to select among themselves eight people who would serve at the republican national convention. cruz thought he had a deal with kasich to block trump out and that all of these people would be cruz delegates, which would be very important to him. but at the last minute kasich and trump made a deal and suddenly kasich took three of them. trump got five, including two on the all important rules committee, which could be a big difference maker at a big convention out there. the bottom line is, erin, the closer we get to a potential contested convention, i think you're going to see a whole lot more shenanigans like this and a whole lot more people saying they don't like it much. >> all right. thank you very much, tom foreman. outfront now, our political director. it's embarrassing as an american
4:44 pm
in many ways because the rest of the world says you're supposed to be the paragon of democracy. donald trump 0 for 34 in colorado. trump's campaign manager said trump could get there if he wins new york, new jersey, california, and pennsylvania. >> on paper, technically he could if he won all the delegates in those states. >> but that's not going to happen. >> ted cruz has taken a pretty big bite out of trump's overall delegate lead. at one point, donald trump had a 300 delegate advantage. now it's 208. that's a pretty big bite out of that delegate lead. however, if donald trump wins all 95 new york delegates next week, he bounces right back. listen, yes, that is a way to get to 1237. i don't think it's the most likely avenue we're going to see.
4:45 pm
>> not the most likely. then they're saying they could contest the delegate rules with the rnc. he's threatened lawsuits before. he could go ahead and file lawsuits if he wanted to. all of this opens up the possibility, does it not, that at the convention we don't know who is the nominee if there is pending lawsuits? >> he walked back from the lawsuit notion. most of that will take place the week before the convention. all contests about which delegates are seated at the convention, about the adoption of the rules, all of that will get worked out the week before and on the floor of the convention. i was in cleveland last week. somebody raised the question is it possible that we leave cleveland and there is no nominee. one official said totally not possible. balloons may drop. >> balloons may drop, but that does not mean -- >> i think you're going to leave cleveland with a nominee, but never before did i think we
4:46 pm
would be talking about the credentials committee and the platform committee and the rules committee. all of that doesn't matter. >> i hope it doesn't. it hope they can figure it out before that. the donald trump you have not heard of until tonight. we are going to talk to his former classmates and take you inside that military school. >> he was known as fiercely competitive, and i underscore the word fiercely competitive. >> the way to a new york voters' heart is through their great restaurants. like to show off their strengths: 13 name brands. all backed by our low price tire guarantee. yeah, we're strong when it comes to tires. right now during the big tire event, get a $120 rebate by mail on four select tires. when your ford needs service, these are the specialists.
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and learn about a free trial offer at a brand-new poll just released shows donald trump with a commanding lead in new york. trump has a 33-point lead over john kasich, and a lead over ted cruz. while most associate donald trump with new york, he also has a link to central new york. >> reporter: long before donald trump was pushing his way through a crowd on a presidential campaign trail he was known to push his way around the schoolyard. >> in school, we would push chairs around, pass notes and pull girls hair in front of us. >> reporter: paul, a grade school classmate says he and donny had a hab itd of causing trouble. >> i would say we got detention once a month, on the average. >> reporter: they even had a special name for their
4:51 pm
punishment. >> we used to call it the donny trump because he and i used to cut up enough times that we both got dts to the library after school. >> reporter: to straighten him out, his parents sent 13-year-old donny to the new york military academy where we got an inside look at the school that trump himself admits played a huge role in his success. writing in his 1987 memoir "art of the deal" that it taught him a lot about discipline and about channeling my aggression into achievement. >> we raised the flag every day, fire the cannon. >> reporter: a retired master sergeant fletcher bailey says many cadets today are learning the same principles drilled into donald trump. >> we push them, too chief more than they think they con. >> reporter: in a military style setting with strict rules and high expectations. george wyatt attended the ama
4:52 pm
with trump and said he always liked to win. >> played hard ball stthere. >> reporter: playing football and soccer and his passion baseball. trump was named captain of the varsity team. >> he was known as fiercely competitive. and i underscore the word fiercely competitive because i think that he had to win. >> reporter: that drive may have helped trump secure a promotion late in his junior year to commanding officer. a move that some of his classmates found surprising because of how quickly he achieved one of the highest ranks in campus. >> he was taking a huge leap in responsibility and huge leap in rank. >> didn't -- isn't the type of thing you paid a donation and became captain. definitely not. he earned it. there for quite a few years. >> reporter: another one of trump's classmates ken stemmer says that trump seems the same to him. >> friendly.
4:53 pm
a good athlete. a good looking chip. i guess that didn't stop. he was known as a ladies man and the yearbook does no justice to the topic because he did have -- i did see a lot of very pretty women coming there. >> reporter: as for his potential to succeed in politics -- >> i knew this man had potential to be famous. >> reporter: but can he impress voters the way he's impressed some of his fellow classmates? >> i have been all over the map from being a democrat, republican, liberal, conservative and i've voted that way. i'm leaning towards donald trump as president. >> that's really interesting. former classmate saying he's impressed. he's leaning toward him as president. is trump still involved with that school? >> well, the president of the school tells me that trump routinely calls to check in and that he's been a very generous
4:54 pm
donor to the school. despite that, the academy has gone through serious financial difficulties. they went bankrupt last year and had to down. eventually they were purchased by chinese investors for almost $16 million. they reopened and they've had an increase in enrollment. speculation is that the chinese investors are looking to recruit students from china and overseas that want to study in the u.s., erin. >> ironic, isn't it? donald trump's proposed policies toward china. outfront jeanne moos on the candidates trying to take a bite out of the big apple. woo! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. that's what i'm talking about! and try new glucerna hunger smart with 15 grams of protein to help you feel full.
4:55 pm
glucerna. steady ahead. ]a... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. r...on every plate - and we're about to keep it going. yeah, you've got two more weeks to try the largest variety of lobster dishes of the year... lobster lover's dream... and new dueling lobster tails.
4:56 pm
this party can't last so hurry in.
4:57 pm
apparently the way to win
4:58 pm
new york votes is through food. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: when it comes to food photo ops -- candidates almost have to say cheese -- cake or hot dogs or spaghetti or motza. bernie sanders inhaled a couple of nathan's hot dogs so fast it looked like he thought he was in the fourth of july hot dog eating contest. for a second we thought his wife jane was going to have to do the heimlich. but john kasich is the one who ate as if it would add to his delegate count rather than his calorie count. >> grandma's recipe. >> beautiful. great. >> reporter: he ate two plates of spaghetti, a salami sandwich and pasta fagoli. don't try taking anything away. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: eat, drink and be merry. but hillary refused to touch her
4:59 pm
cheesecake. instead of an actual bite all we got was a sound bite. >> i learned early on not to eat in front of all of you. >> reporter: back at the iowa state fair she nibbled at a pork chop on a stick. but now she's resisting the call of the cheesecake. >> i'm sitting here just pining, pining for a bite. >> reporter: snl poked fun at hillary for not eating. >> my favorite dinner. a classic new york city street hot dog. personally, i worry more about what i'm eating rather than how bad i look eating it. a hot dog wrapped in a twinkie, drizzled with cheese wiz? dog food made from human grade ingredients. >> i can swallow it. >> reporter: but what new yorkers can't swallow is when kasich or trump dare to use utensils on pizza. >> are you eating it with a fork? >> the pizza came skalding hot, okay? >> reporter: through the years, candidates have learned that
5:00 pm
food can burn you. jeanne moos -- >> a guy's got to eat, right? >> reporter: watch and learn. >> kasich eats a lot, has a glass of wine. thanks so much for joining us. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. we have something special for you tonight. a 360 town hall, the first of three this week. governor john kasich, donald trump, ted cruz and their families as well. we hope it gives you, the voters, a chance to see a difference side of thoue candidates. john kasich is coming up at the top of the hour. wednesday night is ted cruz. and tomorrow night is donald trump and his family. he is speaking tonight in albany. he and senator cruz escalating their war over delegates and a system that donald trump is now calling


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