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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  April 11, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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good evening, breaking news tonight, you just saw our town hall with john kasich and his family. this is a special edition of "cnn tonight," i am don lemon.
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the new york primaries are just days away. and with 95 republican delegates up for grabs the stakes are really high. so did governor kasich change anyone's mind tonight? as he answered questions from our voters. did he? or will he be a spoiler? those are two important questions. so let's discuss now with my political dream team, here they are, first up mr. michael nutter, the former mayor of philadelphia and a hillary clinton supporter. also cnn political commentator kayleigh mcenany is with us. she's a trump supporter, as you know. cnn's mark preston is here. all-around good guy. also cnn political commentators margaret hoover and bob beck ol and kelly ann conway, president of the keep promise one, whew, that's a long name, super pac supporting ted cruz. and joining me also is congressman charlie dent, a john kasich supporter. and you're going to have to really yell when you want to get in because i can guarantee you this is going to be a really raucous group. i'm going to start with you, margaret. how do you think john kasich dp
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tonight? >> he did great. who didn't like this idea of seeing his family and his daughters? it was a really intimate look at who he is as a man, as a father, as a husband. and that's what you want to see in all these political candidates. i think in other years that tends to be a little more important. you want to be able to have a beer with the guy you're going to vote for. this year not so much. this year because of the anger, because of the economic situation i think you have a little bit different sentiment in the electorate. but it's an important element to be able to see who is the character of the candidate you're voting for. >> now i want to go to charlie. how do you think your candidate did? >> i think governor kasich came off very well tonight. he's a very regular guy, wonderful family. by the way, he speaks english with a pittsburgh accent, i'll have you know. he spent the first 18 years of his life in pennsylvania. he's from mckees rocks. i think his tone and his temperament played well. i thought it was just a wonderful representation of john kasich, ohio, and ohio values. and he'll be a great president. >> i thought it was interesting to see him with his family. you get to see a different side.
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mark preston, it definitely softened him a bit, don't you think? >> no doubt. we saw governor kasich in a light that we haven't necessarily seen him. some of us here on the panel do get to see these politicians when they let their guard down or certainly with their family and really unscripted moments, but tonight, when you have him sitting next to his wife sitting next to his daughters and they're talking about their boyfriends, the girls' boyfriends and -- >> the guy in the driveway with the gun. the secret service. >> right. >> and then the girls giving it back to him. i think that's really important because we've gone through so many different levels of this is where he stands on this policy, this is where he stands on this policy, i think the voters want to see something else as well. they want to see the person inside. >>lee ann, what stood out to you tonight? >> voters ask themselves two questions about these candidates. do i like you? that's the classic living room test. i think the kasich family passes that with flying colors. the second question is are you like me? they want to know that the candidates have that connective tissue with them.
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do you understand my struggles? what do we have in common? that's a really difficult question for many of the candidates to answer. some that have stumble on the that question really are already a part of the graveyard, the political graveyard from this year. what stood out is this is a beautiful family and the measure of a man who he is at home and you saw that in john kasich. it's probably too little too late in terms of converting many voters because he's just not doing well among republican primary voters. he's got 14% of the vote in wisconsin. he's only won his home state of ohio. so converting goodwill into actual votes at this point when people want to win, they want to know who the nominee is and they want to win against hillary clinton in the fall. probably falls short on that but it was a lovely opportunity to see the kasich family. >> we're going to talk more about did he change any hearts and minds. but kayleigh, i want you to listen to this exchange. >> one of cruz's michigan delegates is suggesting your auditioning to be trump's vice president. in fact, trump in an interview in "usa today" said he likes
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you, likes marco rubio and kind of named you in a list of people he might even consider for vice president. >> you're asking me if i would be his vice president? >> would you? >> zero. >> absolutely not. >> i'm not going to be anybody's vice president. i would be the worst vice president the country ever saw. you know why? because i'm not like a vice president. i'm a president. >> you don't want to be second fiddle? >> well, it's not so much about that, anderson. look, i'm running for the top job. and if i don't get the top job, okay, i'm still governor of ohio. mayor koch one time ran for governor of new york and he didn't win and they asked him what he thought. he said, well, you know, i may not be governor of new york but i'm mayor of new york city and that ain't bad. so i will be governor. and that's what will happen. but i'm not even thinking that way because i do believe at the end of the day -- and our crowds are growing. we were in greece, new york. we had 4,000 people on saturday. for the first time, people are starting to finally hear the message that i have and we're growing. i'm optimistic going forward. >> so is that a real no? do you think he's running to be
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trump's vice president? >> i mean, how many times have we heard this from every politician who's denied that they ever want to be vice president? the fact is anyone running for president is never going to say yes, i want to be vice president. but i will say this about john kasich, any candidate that is running for president would be lucky and blessed to have a man like john kasich as their running mate. someone who can deliver ohio, someone with tremendous character and strength. someone well liked. i think trump would be honored having him as vp, i think cruz would be, whoever the nominee is would be honored to have someone like john kasich as vice president. >> he's saying no, but most people think he's the most reliable and steady candidate in the race. do you agree with that? >> he appears to be. you know, john kasich is a governor. he did, of course, win his state. he's certainly not as outrageous at times as two of the other candidates in the republican race. you have to take him seriously. >> but he hasn't won a delegate since march 15th. he is in fourth place in the
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delegate count following marco rubio. the question is, though, is he still relevant in this race? >> the real question is is anybody on this panel not the dream team? >> go ahead, charlie. >> absolutely. the governor is very much in the game. i don't believe any one of these candidates is going to receive 1,237 delegates prior to going into cleveland. we're going to have an open convention. what you saw tonight from governor kasich is everybody in the panel says boy, isn't he a nice guy? seems like a solid individual, somebody proud to be associated with him. the american people feel that way about him. look at all the candidates running for president, they're all under water. just the a.p. poll, ted cruz and donald trump are very high in the negatives, even higher than hillary clinton. john kasich is the only one who is viewed more favorably than unfavorably by the american public. of these serious candidates. so i will tell you that john kasich can go into that convention and make a very strong case. because ted cruz is not going to be able to get the majority of delegates going into
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cleveland -- >> okay, charlie. >> trump has a chance. i don't think he'll get there. >> i want everybody to stand back. i want to bring in anderson cooper. he's the one who moderated the town hall. you had tough questions tonight. you challenged him on a couple issues that we're discussing now. what did you make of john kasich's answers? >> look, i don't think we necessarily heard anything new from john kasich. he's been, you know, early on talking about that this is going to go to a contested convention. he maintains that, you know, on a second vote or third vote or even later on when delegates try to figure out who can beat hillary clinton in the opinion of john kasich, he's the one they will turn to. the question is will delegates pick somebody who's only actually won one state and that was his home state. but i think this was really more a chance for people to see the family together. i think that's whaech t each of these town halls is -- >> anderson, let's listen to your exchange with him about that particular issue. here it is. >> why would a delegate pick you if the only state you've
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actually won is ohio? >> let's see how many delegates we accumulate, but why would you pick somebody who can't win in the fall? let me tell you what the stakes are. i believe if you pick these other guys you're not only going to lose the white house, you'll lose the court, you will lose the united states senate, and you're going to lose a lot of seats -- >> why can't ted cruz win? >> because they're too divisive. they're too negative. look at how their negatives are. their negative ratings. and it's very hard to turn negatives around. believe me. >> considering what he's saying, anderson, and as you're saying, he hasn't won a lot. he's counting, sounds like he's counting on a brokered convention. >> oh, there's no doubt about it. he's been very open about it. now we're hearing senator cruz say that for the first time publicly, that that's what it's going toned up being. but john kasich has been saying that now for quite some time. i've done a number of interviews, i'm sure you have as well, in which he's talked about it. the question is is he right that they would actually turn to him given that so far he's only won ohio? he says wait to see what the delegate count is going into the conventions. >> you have done a few of these town halls and as i was sitting
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here in my office watching you, there's a different feel when you have a candidate's family up on stage with you. >> yeah. and that was the goal tonight. there's been plenty of times we've had contentious interviews with all the candidates. and you know, we wanted to have ten minutes at the top, and we're going to have that with donald trump and ted cruz as well to put the news of the day and questions of the day and challenge them on topics. with the families, we want to just kind of see the dynamic of the family. and that's something that, you know, a lot of voters like to see and a lot of frankly people get to see in town halls that aren't televised in various states, particularly like new hampshire and iowa, a lot of times voters don't get to see that. so we thought-u know what? let's do this. we put out invitations to everybody. donald trump's agreed first and everybody else agreed as well. so we're looking to the rest of them this speak. >> speaking of donald trump, his wife melania will be there tomorrow. let's see, ivanka, donald jr., and eric are going to be there. people do get to see him sometimes with his family in the boardroom on "the apprentice" or whatever, maybe out and about with his wife.
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but you don't get to see a lot of him. do you think we'll get to see a different side of donald trump tomorrow? >> i don't know. i really have no idea what to expect. i try not to predict. as we know, aum predictions have been sort of off this year anyway. but i do think when somebody is on, you know, donald trump has repeatedly said, and i've interviewed melania who says she's been critical of donald trump for some of the language he's used, telling him to be more presidential. we've heard that ivanka trump said the same thing, donald trump said that publicly. it will be interesting once they're all on the stage together just to see the dynamic of how they'll interact, to see how they'll interact as a family. i think that's something a lost viewers seem to like. >> yeah, he's different with his family, anderson. i think you've noticed that a little bit at least. then i don't know if he follows their advice, he goes on twitter and he retweets and he doesn't always act that presidential. all right. thank you, anderson. i appreciate it. back with me now, my political dream team, you'll agree, kayleigh, he doesn't always act as presidential as melania would like him to and he doesn't always take the advice of his family. >> he's had to apologize for at
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least one of those things, the retweet of heidi cruz. i encourage donald trum top listen to the women in his family. i think you need a woman's advice sometimes, to say away from the retweets as his wife said. >> as anderson is talking about, you know, not getting the number of delegates and having some delegates come over to him. everyone in the room is going wait a minute, i want to get in on that. first you did, mayor. >> well, hoping that something different is going to happen at a convention just can't be a strategy. i mean, candidates should be as optimistic as possible, but there's no way in the world that when he announced, when he started that the vision was we're just going to hang in there and suddenly something magical is going to happen at a convention -- >> contested convention. >> and they're going to pick me. >> i agree. and look, past needs to be prologue. he's not doing well. but congressman dent, governor kasich is not doing well getting delegates at the conventions we're having now. it's ted cruz who has the
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infrastructure, the apparatus, the data analytics in north dakota, in colorado. he got all 30, swept all 35 delegates. >> let's see how he does in new york, though. these are states that predisposed -- >> we're talking about conventions. how can you show that you can perform at the convention if you can't perform at the convention in colorado. >> what's your best answer? >> well, let me say this, if we're going to say that the person who had the most delegates going into the convention should be the republican nominee, then dwight eisenhower wouldn't be the republican nominee or the president. neither would abraham lincoln. that is my argument. ted cruz is a very divisive figure. let's face it, so is donald trump. we're seeing large numbers in the polls of republicans who will not vote for either donald trump or ted cruz. i've seen as high as 30% to 40%. read today's wall street journal -- >> you should stop lumping them together, though. >> is that -- >> but i'm telling you. >> is that what happens at the convention? they're deciding on delegates. not the popular vote.
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>> the delegates -- but the delegates are going to be serious people. they're going to get there, they're going to see that on the first ballot, no one has a majority. >> so the voters in every state except ohio have not been serious people? >> the role of the delegates is to nominate the most electable candidate of good character. and if they look at that issue, they will support john kasich. how did dwight eisenhower defeat bob taft in 1952? how did abraham lincoln get the nomination -- >> i need you holding that thought. i need to get to a break. mark preston is raring to get in. everyone is raring to get in on this particular issue. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready.
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say? >> we're going to hear tonight some spirited arguments between the cruz supporters and the trump supporters about whether john kasich should stay in or get out. or you know, what you do, going to run for vice president. a couple things here. john kasich is hoping that donald trump and ted cruz destroy one another. and that he becomes the savior in cleveland that calms everything down, lowers the temperature and comes out in the establishment, which has still to get behind him and will get behind him. here's the thing about john casing, even though he says he doesn't want to be vice president. and i do agree he would be a very hard person to be vice president because he has to be the bass. the fact is he's from ohio, he's well-liked, he did win his state, and he's a smart guy, and if he's going to be your vice president, much like joe biden was barack obama's vice president on the issue of foreign policy, could you imagine having john kasich as your vice president wanting omb? someone who knows how to pass a budget. >> and his political future will
10:20 pm
be tied to cruz or trump? >> i think that until you're asked, that is a very difficult question to answer. >> there's a part b to kasich's play book that i think we should highlight. kasich could become the king maker in all of this. kasich has 100 something delegates. many of thm he has hand-picked. these are people that the kasich campaign has that are loyal to them and likewise he is loyal to these guys. in the event that trump is shy of the delegate count or cruz is trying to build up delegates, he takes on a very important role because he has a lot of delegates that are very loyal to him and if he encourages delegates to go a certain way, maybe to trump -- >> we've been talking a lot about likability, right, with the two candidates. ted cruz and donald trump. their likability factor is not high. what about kasich? republicans don't like him? >> no. republicans do like him. but when they look at these polls about the electorate that he's the only one who can beat hillary, first of all, that's not true. i noticed the kasich supporters
10:21 pm
like to lump trump and cruz together. that's also not true since mr. trump's neg among women particularly have been skyrocketing in the last three weeks. >> but the polls show kasich is the only one who beats hillary. number two, you like somebody who you don't know because you -- but he's undefined and unknown. don, in the night of the iowa caucuses, he was in new hampshire, came in third by the way. on the night of the wisconsin primary he was in new york. he was not even in the state fully competing. no, but if he can't, if he's not competing in most states, and he's only won one, most people don't know him, so you only hear from -- >> let's hear from the kasich supporter. go ahead. >> the whole point, the reason he should stay in, if you're a never trumper, i mean, ted cruz is not going to do well in new york. if you're a never trumper and your point is to keep the lid on donald trump's delegate math, you don't want him to get over 50% in new york, you don't want him to get over 50% in all of these congressional districts because in new york part of it
10:22 pm
is winner take all. you've got 14 delegates, however many delegates. if you win the state, get over 15%. then it goes by congressional district, very similar to wes which is. so kasich can pick off and keep delegates and keep a lid on trump's success here. that is the argument for him to stay in and then he has the delegates to trade at the convention. marco rubio, at this point has more delegates than john kasich. >> yes, he does. go ahead, charlie. zwlg look, some of us actually want to win the presidency. when you look at how john kasich performs in swing states, in ohio, he's defeating hillary clinton by over 20 points, in pennsylvania, just came out, he was defeating her by 16 points. in wisconsin it was about nine points. in new hampshire ten points. he performs very well in the states where the republicans must play. i hate to say this, but let's face it, donald trump's negatives are sky high and ted cruz's aren't that much better. i mean, he was i think ted cruz
10:23 pm
was in the a.p. poll, 59% unfavorable -- >> why's he beating kasich everywhere? >> how do you win a general -- not in the general election, he's not going to defeat hillary clinton. come on. >> hang on. i want you guys to listen -- let's listen to the candidate tonight talking about the fall and talking about general election. and then we'll continue to discuss. listen to this. >> why would i be the only one to beat hillary in the fall? why do all the polls show that? because basically i'm a person that tries to unite people. remind people we're an american before republican or democrat. i can attract blue collar voters and the independents and why? because i have a history of being able to solve the problems of economic insecurity, putting things in place to make sure our children can have a better life than we had from our parents, and i have the expertise in foreign affairs as well, so you put that altogether, and that's a darn good resume for fixing the country and i think people get a sense of that.
10:24 pm
>> it sounds like he's saying i'm not as conservative as those other candidates, i'm more of a moderate and i'm going to win over -- no? >> but he hasn't been winning them. he hasn't been winning them in open primaries and caucuses. he did not carry blue-collar workers. he did not consider independents. donald trump and ted cruz have been beating him in open primaries so far -- >> there's something to be said about getting the heart and soul of a party. what he says is take all these pieces and put them together and i'll get a majority. a party has a heart and has theories and policies. and the problem with kasich, he's one of my best friends. the guy doesn't have an agenda basic republicans like. >> here's the problem. the problem is that the republican party has only won five of the last six national popular elections. if you actually take the popular vote, five of the last six national presidential elections. the problem is the republican party has a total inability to nominate a candidate that can win in a general election. >> because we nominate moderates.
10:25 pm
>> you know what, kellyann, that's the kind of thing that will take a ted cruz nomination to -- >> mitt romney, john mccain, how'd that work out? >> we'll lose. and then the -- >> honestly admit that it has broken the republican party and it is not a viable political force anymore. >> i'm sorry other people's -- >> would you guys like to change seats? >> charlie dent, go ahead. >> look, look, let's face it, john kasich has the ability to pick up votes from independents and many democrats. we should acknowledge that. ted cruz has spent much of his time in congress blasting guys like me, calling them surrenders, capitulators, because we understand the circumstances of the political dynamic we live in. he has. he's called us surrender caucus, capitulators, practically betrayal because we actually realize we have to govern and get some things done. john kasich understands that. he'll work with us. with respect, john kasich is in many ways a center right conservative.
10:26 pm
>> this sounds personal, is it personal between you -- is it personal between you and cruz? >> well, look -- well, senator cruz, he's got 98 out of 100 senators who seem to dislike him to varying degrees. that's quite an accomplishment. shutting down the government, i thought that was a terrible thing to do. it was bad for the country, it was bad for the party, it was wrong that he did that. and you know, john kasich is more of an adult. he wants to govern, and he understands he has to work not only with republicans, but also democrats to help move an agenda. >> i have to get to a break. hold your thought. everybody hold on. i know you want to get in, nutter. we'll get in on the other side of this break. the break. we'll continue our conversation right after this. stop... clicking around book direct at for the lowest price online
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next week's republican primary in new york, 95 delegates are up for grabs, donald trump is leading, but john kasich is campaigning hard to win some of those delegates here in new york. back with me now, my political dream team, let me ask you this, you said it was unfair to say that people didn't like ted cruz and you said that's the reality, people don't like ted cruz. >> i don't think it's heavily disputed, besides kellyanne would dispute it it's well known ted cruz is not a generally liked person. i think the other side of the coin is that people aren't voting this election because of who they like, there are real grievances with washington, sort of the inside er crowd, this notion that we want people from the outside to fix this system and then there's also this strong man appeal that donald trump has, washington doesn't work, you need a strong guy to come in and shake it up.
10:31 pm
so none of these things that i think are motivating this trump phenomenon and then this never trump phenomenon have anything to do with how likeable the candidate is. >> then how do you get people? you have to win people over. win delegates over and if you're not liked by people in the party how do you get that to that? >> ted cruz is doing it well. he's outorganizing everyone. he's gone to these state caucuses and state conventions and donate work. by the way, he has codified the never trump movement. a lot of people are not voting for ted cruz. they're voting against donald trump -- >> they come to the conventions and pick who they want to pick. that's why they have the same delegates to the conventions every four years. >> that's right. >> ts same people, every four years. >> you can perform well at the convention at the open contested convention in cleveland is how you're performing at these conventions now. and that is all cruz. margaret even admits it, she thinks i'm the only person in the world that likes ted cruz. which is not true of course. >> personally. >> you don't like ted cruz? >> because i actually try to look at the real person, not
10:32 pm
their caricatures, besides that, the way to prove you can do well at an open contested convention in cleveland is that you're doing well now. ted cruz went into colorado over two weekends and took all 35 delegates. john kasich said -- >> i want to hear john kasich talk about the rules, let's listen to that. then we'll discuss. >> you've been saying for a long time honestly in your belief, it's going to come down to a convention. >> i've said that for a long time. >> senator cruz is now kind of publicly admitting that as well. he was talking about that today on the campaign trail. one of the things he has said to me in the past is he's talking about rule 40, rule 40, which was on the books at the convention back in 2012 requires a candidate to have won the majority of delegates in eight states in order to be nominated. cruz says essentially you're not even going to be eligible to get the nomination. >> look, i can just tell you this. he spent a million dollars making stuff up about me in wisconsin. of course he's going to say that. >> are you going to be able to change the rules? >> there are no rules. the rules will get set.
10:33 pm
and you just mentioned when we were in michigan the committees got set better. i think the rules will be open. and even if they're not, i'm still going to go in there with significant delegates. but i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think the people are going to want a closed convention. i think they're going to want to give the delegates freedom to make good choices. >> your opponents are going to say a vote for you if those rules aren't change is a wasted vote. >> no, it isn't, because you still can accumulate delegates even at that convention. but we're not going to go there, andson. i don't want to get ahead of myself. i was the first one to talk about the fact that we're going to go to a convention. the pundits didn't think so. and by the way, you know god created pundits to make astrologers loorkt. you know. the pundits haven't been right on anything. anything. we're going to be fine. we're going to continue to develop momentum, get bigger crowds, get delegates, and go to that convention and make the case.
10:34 pm
>> so the rules are the rules. and listen, reince priebus -- >> no, they're not. >> don, you heard him say there are no rules. . >> reince priebus tweeted this out during the town hall tonight. he said "the rules were set last year. nothing mysterious. nothing new. the rules have not changed. the rules are the same. nothing different." >> let's just be clear about which rules he's talking about. he was referring to the rules i think in the colorado convention. but then there are also the rules for the convention, which actually have not been set yet. the rules committee for the convention meets one week before the rnc convention. the rules committee is 100 people, two people from each state, one man, one woman, plus some others, and they're going to set the rules. that was set last time by romney and rand paul voters. do you know why? rand paul -- >> ron paul. >> i'm sorry, ron paul. could not control his delegates on the floor. he knew he couldn't keep them from going to the floor and vague vote on the convention floor.
10:35 pm
we have to have eight states so that mitt romney will be the guy on the ticket and not ron paul. this year, could be entirely different, or they could keep it. the problem is, kasich doesn't have enough people on the rules committee to change that rule in his favor. >> go ahead. what do you say to that, charlie? >> what do i say to that? i agree with everything margaret said. i don't believe we have rules yet. the only rule that matters is getting 1,237 votes. that rule 40-b was really established to keep ron paul from somehow, you know, worming his way in. that was the whole point. but we're going to -- i think these rules can be changed. we have to establish the rules. margaret's right about that, kasich had a big victory in michigan the other day in terms of shutting out ted cruz and getting people appointed to key committee slots out there including the rules committee. we're work at this. we're working our delegates. i feel we're in play. >> if you have two rule fights on the floor of this convention, they never have rules fights. because it's so controlled.
10:36 pm
the last time there was one was ronald reagan against gerald ford. and they lost. and then gary hart -- >> let's be clear. the rules, by the way, are a lot of times made in an effort to keep certain candidates out. so in colorado, for instance, there was supposed to be a vote of the people. there was last time around. they voted for santorum. the colorado executive committee got together and said we don't like what our people said, so this time we're not going to allow our people to vote. so when cruz won those delegates, he didn't win them because the people said they wanted cruz. he won them because he lobbied and jockeyed -- >> go ahead, mark. >> learn the rules, and then -- >> let mark get in. >> well, kellyanne is correct about that in the sense that those rules were made back in august -- >> when trump was leading and carson was leading. and they didn't like that. >> right. >> they're learning the rules. he said oh, this isn't fair, you're stealing, the gestapo tactics. it's called #soreloser. >> you have donald trump who is going to have quote unquote the will of the people. they're going to be angry, and they're going to show up in cleveland and it's going to be very, very messy.
10:37 pm
and then you're going to have the rules that are going to stay intact and whatever comes out of the rules the nominee will come from, it's going to be -- >> stick around everyone, much more on our town hall tonight with john kasich. we'll be right back. discover your family's immigration stories at "we sailed on the aquitania. i can still picture the smokestacks." "i had an old coat, a pair of shoes, maybe 20 rubles. that's it." "the door to america was open, for our whole family." don't miss your chance to relive your ancestors' journeys, with free access to our entire collection of immigration records. ends monday.
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10:41 pm
john kasich taking questions from votes on cnn's town hall tonight. back with me now, my political dream team. we've all come to the agreement, the rules are there are no rules. >> no, no. >> said no. the rules can be crafted any way they want. ron paul is trying to take advantage of the rules. they can be crafted to stop ron paul. if they don't like people -- >> there are rules for states and national set of rules. each state has their own rules. that was what happened in colorado. >> let's boil this down. there are two sets of rules. there are the rules that govern the primary process, and that's what chairman priebus was saying. and then there are the rules of how you actually get nominated which will be addressed the week
10:42 pm
of the convention. and i have to tell you it's usually pretty quiet to watch television in the summer and it is going to be very loud -- >> you haven't been in smoke-filled rooms cutting deals, have you? >> me? no. >> you're a super delegate. >> i am. >> those elusive super delegates. >> all ready to go. the one thing and i generally try to make my business not to disagree with members of congress, but you know, congressman dent has mentioned twice now that governor kasich will beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania. i can assure you that the governor will not beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania. >> charlie? >> my good friend. oh, my good friend the mayor -- >> that means it's coming right now. >> i disagree. i respectfully disagree. and by the way, philadelphia is a great city. my wife was there with anderson cooper on saturday night. a great thrill for her. that said, every poll i see john kasich's tone, his style, his temperament play very well in the collar counties of philadelphia. the lehigh valley, the capital region. suburban pittsburgh. and i guarantee you he will win the team. he will win the northern areas
10:43 pm
of the state as well as the central areas. >> i think as we all know, pennsylvania often purple for a while, closes blue, you look at the results from the last two presidential races, it's clear as democrats we will do well. >> i want to talk about the issues. i want to talk about the issues. this is john kasich talking about same-sex marriage with anderson. listen. >> i'm a traditional marriage guy. okay? i believe a man and a woman. but i went home one day, i said sweetie, we've been invited to a gay wedding. this was after the court. i said what do you think? she said, well, i'm going, i don't know if you are or not. and we went. and look, here's the thing. we may disagree with something about people's lifestyles and all those kinds of things. we may disagree. but you know what? let's try to understand each other a little bit. what are we going to do, write a law -- i read about this thing they did in mississippi where apparently you can deny somebody service because they're gay?
10:44 pm
what the hell are we doing in this country? i mean, look, i may not appreciate a certain lifestyle or even approve of it but i can -- that doesn't mean i've got to go write a law and try to figure out how to have another wedge issue because one of the things that's happening he on this issue itself is that there are politicians that are using it to get publicity, which ultimately divides us. we had a supreme court ruling, and you know what, let's move on. let's move on from where we are. [ applause ] >> does that jibe with the average republican voter in the primary? >> here's what it does. you know what? i'm so glad you asked. because i've actually done some very specific polling on specifically that answer, when the scotus -- when the supreme court same-sex marriage ruling came down, and 53% of republican primary voters said, while we don't agree with the supreme court's ruling for same-sex marriage we do believe it is time for the country to move forward. they don't believe in a constitutional amendment to overturn the supreme court decision. they don't believe in continuing to litigate it and make it a
10:45 pm
wedge issue. >> so what's happening in north carolina and mississippi with all these crazy laws -- >> i'm happy to tell you what's happening. i work on these issues. what's happening is you have a very conservative legislature who got in, passed a bill in the dark of night without anybody knowing what was going to happen. and the bill it turns out has caused significant loss of funds for the state. and by the way, there are very strong republican leaders who will be coming out in the coming weeks saying this bill has to be repealed and fixed. >> it's not fair to lump together all the state bills into one category. they're all different. some of them are viable. some are not. >> neither north carolina nor mississippi are viable. they are both draconian laws -- >> let me finish speaking margaret. every one is different. some are viable, some are not. but what is not viable is the states openly rebelling against the supreme court. who in their right mind as a constitutional scholar who went to harvard law school thinks it's a good idea for the states to rebel against the supreme
10:46 pm
court when they say this is the law of the land. >> there is strong republican support for laws based on sexual orientation. i worked with margaret on this issue. the country is evolving, demographically and socially. john kasich clearly stated that. >> so why don't we hear about it? if there is strong support, why don't you hear about it? >> this is a really big chance -- >> charlie, go ahead -- charlie, why don't we hear about that? >> he's one of the leaders on non-discrimination in the house of representatives -- >> why don't we hear about republican support for nondiscrimination laws? >> i believe many do. we've had votes on non-discrimination in the house and the measures have passed. granted the democrats vote much more overwhelming than republicans do for it, but there is republican support for it. it will continue. i've been working with margaret and other leaders on this issue in the house because we believe it's the right thing to do and nobody should be discriminated against based on sexual orientation. and absolutely, this is where i get concerned about senator cruz, frankly, i think he's
10:47 pm
taken more of an absolutist hard ideological view which is not in step with where much of the country is, and many republican voters particularly younger republican voters. >> you say there are no republicans who are in favor, but 66 republicans in the house of representatives have taken affirmative votes affirming the rights and freedoms of lgbt people. part of the reason you don't hear about it is we don't talk about it, don. >> let me say something very clearly. this is a real change from your boss george w. bush running for re-election. in ohio making sure traditional marriage was on the ballot in ohio -- >> but that was 2004. come on. the country changed very quickly. people have evolved. >> that's correct. however, let me just say this. the reason john kasich can't beat hillary clinton in the fall, back to your original question on issues, is he's too much like her on obamacare. he's too much like her on guns. you saw -- >> but what about these wedge issues that we -- >> oh, come on. >> you need somebody who's different. >> i've got to get to a break. you guys are yelling at me and
10:48 pm
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10:52 pm
daughters at the town hall. he talked about family values. but also, political dream team, his daughters talked about something, how quirky he is and basically saying that he is -- he can't dance. listen. >> most dads have a slightly weirder, quirky said to them, especially around their kids. does your dad have a quirk or humorous side. and if you have any stories along those lines. >> he just tries to tell jokes that he thinks are funny, but they're mostly just funny to us because they're dumb. >> spoken like every 16-year-old child about a parent. >> and he also thinks he's a really good dancer. >> uh-oh. >> north south. >> north south. that's exactly right. >> north south, that's his move? >> you've got to go north and south. you can't do this overbite. you've got to go north south. >> wow. >> yeah, yeah, it's very -- and
10:53 pm
i'm really, really good. i'm just kidding. >> just ask him -- >> don't you think, reese? i've gotten better. >> yeah, but you're not going to go on "dancing with the stars." >> it's funny though when you're a kid how everything -- i remember my dad used to sing loudly at church. and it so -- it just mortified me. >> another thing he does. >> really? okay. >> how dare they perpetuate that stereotype that white men can't dance? >> wow, you ticked me off. >> listen, this is why this was so important tonight and i think it's going to be important over the next couple of nights, right? i'm a father. i absolutely try to embarrass my 10-year-old and my 11-year-old, and i am very successful at it. okay? i do a very good job. but more importantly, it showed that john kasich is a goofy dad just like everyone else is in america. and we will hear from his wife in a little bit. and she really was a superstar tonight. so when we look beyond the candidate on their policy
10:54 pm
positions, we talked about this at the 207, you're actually seeing someone who is human. and the breakout stars are the girls. they spoke just like every 16-year-old. >> they are like the family next door. go ahead. >> speaking of that, whether 16 or 21, in the break my daughter called me from cuba, where she and her friends from columbia are on a semester abroad, to say saw you on tv, we were looking at don lemon, and she would say many of the same things that governor kasich's daughters said about jokes, dancing and other -- >> that was my daughter. >> charlie, go ahead. >> i was saying that when i heard the girls say that about their dad, jokes not being funny, that's exactly what my daughter says to me. she's 21. i have a 20-year-old son and a 16-year-old. those are my kids. that's exactly what they say about me. dad, you embarrass me. dad, we love you but stiemd sometimes you need to stand in the corner. >> further away from the entrance, please. when they were little, right to the front door.
10:55 pm
by the time they're teenagers you're back three miles. you say i can drive you there. no, no, dad, you just stay right there. >> you can't take them on the campaign trail. >> i told the boyfriends -- >> here's what happens now. especially if you're a new york city kid. you have the driver or the uber. so it doesn't matter. mom and dad -- >> we raise them in the suburbs. >> i've got to run. >> 24 straight years of just daughters in the white house with three presidents. and it's been really cool to watch. president -- yes, president clinton, george w. bush, and now president obama. all daughters for the last 24 years. i think it's something very special. >> when we come right back, the final five candidates battling for every vote. we're going to show you what they're saying out on the stump tonight. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time. staples. make more happen.
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10:59 pm
just days away and the stakes could not be higher. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. republicans and democrats out on the campaign trail tonight, fighting for each vote. >> this is a campaign which in the last cnn poll was ahead of trump by 20 points. a lot of what you hear from trump and cruz is not only offensive, it's dangerous. >> take a look at bernie sanders, okay. you can have him, i don't want him. i don't want him. but take a look at bernie sanders, running against, you talk about liars, i think
11:00 pm
hillary might be worse than ted. >> donald has been yelling and screaming, a lot of whining, i'm sure some cursing, and some late night fever tweeting. >> and meanwhile, john kasich right here on cnn, along with his family answering some tough questions in our town hall tonight. >> do you need to up your game in terms of reaching out to delegates? >> we're reaching out, anderson, all over. and it's a bizarre process. i'm not really in the middle of it because i, i've got to prepare for people like you and i get out and do town halls and all the things that i do, yes, we have -- >> do you need to focus more? >> yes, that's what we are focussing on. >> why would a delegate pick you if the only state you've won is ohio? >> let's see how many we accumulate, why would you pick somebody who can't win in the fall? let me tell you the stakes. if you pick these other guys,
11:01 pm
you're not only going to lose the white house, you'll lose the court, you'll lose the united states senate and a lot -- of seats owe >> why can't ted cruz win? >> they're too divisive and negative. owe their necessaritive ratings. it's very hard to turn negatives around. >> one of the cruz's michigan delegates is suggesting you're auditioning to be vice president. he likes you, likes marco rubio, and kind of named you in a list of people, might even consider for vice president. >> you're asking me if i would be his vice president? >> would you? >> zero, zero, i'm not anybody's vice president. i would be the worst vice president the country ever saw, because you know why? i'm not like a vice president. i'm a president. >> our goal is to beat hillary, i think. so wouldn't you pick somebody to beat hillary rather than somebody who loses all the time. wouldn't you also want to pick somebody who has the record and
11:02 pm
accomplishment to be president? that's not a radical idea. >> we're going to hear more from john kasich and other candidates. i want to start with you in the cruz campaign. donald trump and his campaign surrogates have been accusing him of buying delegates and using quote, gestapo tactics to woo them, unquote. what is his reaction? >> well, he is detracting from the failures, we really saw senator cruz lay into that hard today on the campaign trail on donald trump bringing up specifically colorado, where the cruz campaign was able to scoop up all of those delegates over the weekend.
11:03 pm
and ted cruz just moments ago in san diego brought that up again after repeatedly doing some today on the campaign trail. and he said look at donald trump's response to all of that. look at what he had to say. >> look, what we know in california, wine is something best served with cheese. and donald trump has this very idea of colorado, he has been on tv all day long saying colorado was terrible. they stole the election. donald trump 65,000 people voted in the state of colorado. they just didn't vote for you. they voted for our campaign. or to put it more simply, donald trump, it ain't stealing when the voters vote against you.
11:04 pm
it is the voters reclaiming this country and reclaiming sanity. >> so ted cruz there really mocking and taunting donald trump's reaction to what happened in colorado. and his response to the delegate process at large, cruz also starting on his official twitter account tonight, the hash tag, whining is not winning. so really trying to capitalize on this moment. >> we're just eight days away from the primary, nine states away. what is cruz doing in california? >> that is a very good question, the primary here is not for months. it's actually the last primary on the calendar, not until june, so really ted cruz looking ahead holding his first big rally here today. he said you know, california could be pivotal, he told the the voters they could have an important role in determining the anyway knnominee of the par
11:05 pm
certainly, cruz being on the turf today said they're looking ahead to the long haul. but also to put on the broadcast, put it on display showing their muscle that they are here on the ground in california. that intended to draw a big contrast with the other campaigns. >> he held a big rally tonight in albany. what is he telling his supporters at that rally tonight. >> reporter: that is right, don, the supporters, his message to them was the game is rigged. look, donald trump is having a moment of reckoning within his campaign. he won a number of primaries and is leading in the delegate counts, but the sort of behind the scenes wheeling and dealing in colorado where there was a convention, the things that happened in louisiana, the trump campaign has not been strong on this front. take a listen to what he had to say tonight. >> it is a corrupt system.
11:06 pm
it's a totally corrupt rigged system. you know, i give the example in louisiana, which i was not supposed to win. in louisiana, i went there, i campaigned for four or five days. we had rallies just like this, thousands and thousands of people. i end up winning louisiana. and then when everything is done i find out i get less delegates than this guy who got his ass kicked, okay? give me a break. really disgusting. so it's a very sick system. and i'll tell you what. maybe in addition to winning maybe we'll clean up the system so that in future years we can have an honest contest. we might be able to clean up this dirty rotten disgusting system. >> now, despite donald trump's colorful language there he won narrowly over ted cruz in louisiana. but the reality is ted cruz is
11:07 pm
more organized on the ground there and if it does come to a second ballot he could be in a better position to defeat donald trump. that is why the trump campaign is working so hard to show up in cleveland with 1237 delegates so it does not become a contested fight, don. >> so sarah, here is the latest fox news poll, showing trump with a double digit lead in new york and pennsylvania. but he is still complaining about ted cruz, i mean, what is donald trump saying tonight about this delegate fight? >> well, i think the reality is that the trump campaign and donald trump know it's going to be a narrow path to get to 1237, yes, he is leading in new york, but they want to get all 95. that is a tough thing to do. and even if he is leading in the points, a number of delegates are unbound. so they have to work to get them
11:08 pm
on board. i think it is really the sort of re-calibration his campaign is going to. they're trying to figure out how to get to the 1237 by the time they get to cleveland. they're saying look, this process is unfair, you should pick the nominee who gets the most votes and look, we encourage you to go to the polls and convince them that they should be on your team. because that is what the people want by the time you get to cleveland. >> here they are, my political dream team, they need no introduction, except for one guy. can i introduce you? michael nutter, former mayor. and trump supporter, cnn's mark pre presston is here -- president of
11:09 pm
keep the promise one pac, a super pac supporting ted cruz. what, what? >> what, do we have one for every state? >> you heard trump saying this is a dirty rotten process, do you agree with it? >> it's going to get real dirty. >> they spent more time on tv this week and learning the rules. >> this delegate process that he is saying is so unfair, trump has won 45% of the delegates in this process, but he only won 37e37 e 37% of the popular vote. he has to get smarter about the rules. >> heres the thing, as sarah just reported most of those delegates, many of them are local party leaders, republican people, and i wish mentor would
11:10 pm
would -- i wish cnn would pay attention, because many feel betrayed. and trump has a crushing lead for new york, 69%, mark, of primary voters think whoever has the most delegations going into the convention, which is what donald trump's campaign is saying as well should get the nomination. do you think republicans across the board agree with it? >> i think they don't understand the system, quite frankly, and whether or not you like the system there actually is a system. but i think something that donald trump said was very, very important. if you want to look smart, this is what you need to see, he said if i get in maybe i will change the system. i will try to change the system. now the democrats tried to do it in 2008, barack obama and his team tried to change the super delegate system because it didn't work to their advantage. he was able to overcome the
11:11 pm
super delegate situation. the hillary clinton people stopped it as to the dnc people. after this election will we see the republicans and democrats try to revamp the system? >> saying the same thing -- >> but nationally, it is the same way, because the monmouth poll said the voters showed, whoever has the most should be the nominee. >> but that is a desire, and we hope it does not rain tomorrow. >> you hope it doesn't rain -- >> people have been saying that from the beginning. >> at least from the democrats, i am not representing them -- the super delegates represent about 15% of all the delegates. we had our chairwoman, debbie wasserman-schultz, was on cnn talking about the last number of
11:12 pm
elections that were all decided by the the pledged delegates. the super delegates have no impact on those races. so the candidates and their followers know the rules -- this is not a reality tv show, and the delegates are not your employees and you just fire people. mr. trump, when he is winning, everything is fantastic, i'm great, we're great, the polls are great, et cetera. when things don't go his way, the system is this and that. and he and senator sanders are starting to sound alike. >> the last rules fight was ford/reagan, this is the way it's been. mayor, you know and i know there are going to be delegates going there. they're going to be introducing the candidate. by the way, the candidate -- that is what happens i have been to these things, it is
11:13 pm
smoke-filled rooms still to this day. >> that is not an argument, bob, it falls on deaf ears, because the voters want an explanation -- >> why didn't the trump campaign figure this out last august? >> i wish the party would listen to their voters, that is why we're in this scenario, that is why trump is doing so well. the voters don't like the rules or the party. >> the point that kelly is making will only end up making the trump group bolder. part of the animus is that the system is broken, washington is not representing me and now the republican party rules, they didn't know the rules. >> i think we can all agree that it will embolden the trump
11:14 pm
voters, everything does, right? any time there is controversy -- it just makes him stronger. new york's primary is just days away, stay with cnn for town hall, anderson cooper hosts donald trump, melania trump, and his children, ivanka, eric and donald, jr. heidi cruz takes center stage on wednesday. and we'll top it all off with our brooklyn debate, with hillary clinton and bernie sanders. at 9:00. what -- >> don't understand a word. listen to trump. trump sounds more new york -- >> because he is campaigning in new york, they all do it. everybody does it, everybody does it. stick around everybody, when we come right back, john kasich goes face to face with a protester and what happens next may surprise you. ♪ ♪
11:15 pm
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while you're mastering life. we'll be with you shortly.. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. weekend rally in rochester, new york, john kasich was
11:18 pm
interrupted by right's activists who were determined to get his attention, here it is. >> no, no, no, just let me back here, let me just -- let me speak. let me just tell you -- don't be angry at me. you don't know what i've done. the single biggest increase in my budget in the state of ohio was to help the disabled. >> after the rally was over, kasich met directly with the protester. >> do you know why i want to do this? because jesus wants me to. you think i'm going to die here and go up there and the big guy's going to ask me, the lord's going to ask me what did you do? and i'm going to say i didn't do anything, i was just too busy. >> well, michelle friendly was
11:19 pm
one of those protesters and joins me now on what governor kasich had to say. thank you for joining us. how are you? >> oh, i'm very well, thank you. >> you were protesting for the right of the disabled, so those that need long-term services won't be discriminated against. john kasich came back to meet with you and talked about his commitment to your issues in very strong terms, are you satisfied with what he had to say? >> absolutely not. i felt i was met with broken promises. he promised me that his top guy would call me and i haven't heard anything. you know, we just really want to know will he endorse the disability immigration act? we want to know that from all our candidates and it's something he's avoiding. he still hasn't let the disability community know whether he's going to endorse the disability immigration act. >> how are you treated at the kasich rally? >> not treated well.
11:20 pm
i felt very discriminated against. he knew ahead of time we were coming. we waited out -- we were the first in line. waited out in the freezing cold, 7:00 in the morning, the doors open at 10:30, we were the first ones in. and we're escorted to the back of the gym, the auditorium there where he was. standing room only. we were standing room only where thousands of people stood in between us and wheelchairs. we couldn't see him. we saw nothing but people in front of us. and i know -- he knew ahead of time we were coming. you know, put us in a place where we weren't seen or and couldn't be heard from. and, you know, we had to make our voices heard. we want to know does he support the disability integration act?
11:21 pm
we want to know that from all of our candidates. >> are you doing that to ted cruz? >> absolutely. we want to know where our future president lies on this. and it's important for the disability community to know which candidate's going to support us. we need to get out of nursing homes. there are people stuck in nursing homes. kasich, the things that he's done to limit and cut spending for people in ohio bernie -- >> what about the other candidates, are you okay with what they're doing? >> well, bernie sanders has already co-sponsored the disability integration act and hillary clinton supports it also. >> what about cruz and trump? >> we have reached out to them. we haven't heard anything back from them we are going to see which candidates are going to have our back and free the people from nursing homes. >> michelle, thank you. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. yeah.
11:22 pm
back with me now the political dream team, you have to give her credit -- >> kasich made that little bit on tv, remember, the kid who was worried about his job and hugged him, going back a month ago. going back and meeting them is the right thing to do. bill clinton, if he saw anybody who was in the trouble, he'd talk to them. but it was a message. kasich did that. >> i mean, he's supposed to be the kinder, gentler candidate, as bob referenced, hugging and everything. why do you think margaret was not happy with his response tonight? >> well, i can't speak out for the protester, what i can tell you is john kasich has spoken about the physically disabled and said they don't have advocates or lobby that people like him have to stand up for them. it's not like this is, you know, i think if somebody were just tuning in, they might think that john kasich had a bad record on disability, and that's not the case at all. there are protesters as we all know at every single one of the events. there is always somebody to get attention for their issue. and so you know, and they
11:23 pm
should, that is their right, we have free speech in this country. >> do you think we would see donald trump treat protesters the same way? >> get him out, get him out. >> tried to beat down his door, i've seen this on the air, beat down the door. blockaded roads to get into the events. this woman came, a woman like this who clearly was rational, logical in what she wanted to achieve, i do. the protesters that he has had to try to stop to keep peace are very different in quality and in quantity really than this fine lady. she seems very logical. >> they are there to disrupt. >> she was there to be heard, yes. >> this point in time in a campaign does give us the opportunity to see someone like this woman come out and try to get her voice heard. otherwise, we're not going to hear this woman's voice, we're not going to hear -- i would have never known about that to be perfectly honest, i'm not sure anyone else on the panel, maybe except for margaret, right, that you've talked about it. would be really tuned into this issue is.
11:24 pm
what we are seeing though, unfortunately, is that we are seeing tensions get a little too high. not only on the republican side, but the democratic side as well. and the temperature does need to be lowered just a little bit. >> worse every week. >> as a democrat, mayor, when you see, you know, kasich reaching out to people like that, as a democrat, do you say you know what -- we could do worse than this guy? >> he did the right thing as a candidate, as an elected official. more important than that, as a human being. you can take that moment, which may be the most critical thing going on with that individual or the group, take the time. everyone should at least be heard. and little less politics, little more humanity would be able to get things done. >> to mark's point about taking it down a notch when you see the protesters who interrupted the former president last week and you see this, can we -- do we need to take it down a notch when it comes to -- >> let's be realistic, numbers are going to get bigger.
11:25 pm
when we used to do protests, we'd drive around in buses. we even crossed state lines. >> the closer we get -- [ laughter ] >> i like that. >> am i right? >> the good old days. >> stay with me everyone, when we come back, why donald trump says the process to avoid delegates is corrupt. just house messy could this convention get? stop... clicking around book direct at for the lowest price online and... start playing start relaxing start loving book direct at and start saving.
11:26 pm
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11:29 pm
donald trump is complaining loudly about the process the gop uses to award delegates calling it corrupt. back with me now, my political dream team. you heard the talk about the tactics and do you think the system is corrupt? >> hell yes. i've been involved for a long time. i can't imagine -- >> democrats. >> okay. you got paul manafort, please, he hires paul, good idea. paul knows how to do every trick. never would touch it. not new york. the word gu gestapo. >> i think ted cruz won them fair and square.
11:30 pm
the other two candidates didn't show up. and mr. trump admitted he had no idea that if you want won a state meant that you weren't going to get the delegates that you want. >> engaged and involved in politics all of us could go -- when the campaign started, everything was about states and votes and votes, and a couple of times there were really two races going on here. the voters can go, they do what they do. and then the delegates. we see the conversation flipping. more and more discussion about delegates. so you talk about where we are in the race. the stakes become higher, the
11:31 pm
candidates are tiring of each other and they're recognizing at some point in time and different version of musical chairs, someone's not going to have a seat. >> and they're realizing that the system is corrupt. at least donald trump voters are. i think if we could all extract ourselves and our personal loyalties from this situation, corrupt, corrupt. >> define corrupt. i'll define it right now. delegates can be bribed. i guarantee it would probably be 80% of people watching would agree -- >> is that what happened? >> there has been a lot of consternation, as well, about super pacs. >> a little different. fair point which is that there are no rules governing -- >> i'm trying to move on here. i'm trying to move on now. >> we're just talking about production. >> come here, you want to stand here? >> sure. >> anderson asked john kasich
11:32 pm
about this ad that ran on his behalf. take a look. >> your super pac released an ad that started running in new york city. i want to just play it, and ask you about it. >> told by his father, he was anointed by god to obtain a powerful position, said women should be punished for having an abortion. police the neighborhoods, is that the best we can do. no, it's not. john kasich, stable, presidential. >> crazy's patsy cline. >> why not like that ad. i have told my campaign people. i can't communicate. >> legally.
11:33 pm
>> patsy cline? >> the song in that context. >> i thought you know, i objected to some of what they've done a couple times here. >> we talked about that. i don't want to and frankly that's why until about a month ago, people didn't know who i was. >> do you think if you had been more aggressive and more tension? >> oh, i would have gotten more attention. people smear, and then you get a sound bite. oh, guess what he said about them? >> all the debates were about who can you smear? who can you yell at? then you get a sound byte, guess what he said about them? you know, and i wasn't going to do that. and have the money other people have, but guess what, i'm still standing. you know, we're like the little engine that can. >> and embarrassed him or he would like -- >> is that staying above the fray? >> did you think that ad was staying above the fray? did you think that ad was staying above the fray?
11:34 pm
>> governor kasich's answer -- >> yeah? >> it is, don, but governor kasich also said he wishes the super pac would take down that ad and that they wouldn't run ads like that. let's see if the super pac follows the very specific request to do so. right. >> and they will not. >> they don't get distribution. >> mine doesn't. there's no way. we can't vet it. >> you have to know your candidate. you get direction by watching what he does and says. there are two functions of the super pac as we see it. first of all we took a gamble, ran differently. the model select check after check after check. we had a ground game in ohio. digital, direct mail, a lot of talk to the voter activity. right to rise, conservative solution gives billions of dollars out of the race. >> voter activities. what does that mean? >> rallies, we pay for some of the rallies. we do direct mail. we get out the vote.
11:35 pm
phone calling. in addition to broadcast and cable ads. a lot of ads on talk radio are not the grass root he's only been in the senate for s candidates. three years. >> if you believe that john kasich's campaign did not see that ad before it hit the air -- >> time -- i'm against kasich winning the nomination because i'm for cruz. that is unfair to the professional >> oh wait a minute. s. >> they coordinate. saying they broke the law. >> it happens all the time. >> no, it's very serious charge. i know these guys involved. >> to be fair, i run a super pac, kelly ann runs a super pac. you were in the game, citizens united, people have been in the game understand if you have a super pac, you cannot coordinate with a committee. that is totally against the law. the way these people end up communicating is by having a press release and having the press write about it. everything is communicated, but they don't show them ads before they run. here's the thing. the reason you have a candidate super pac and do this is to run negative ads against your opponent.
11:36 pm
negative campaigning works. nobody likes to do it, but super pacs can come in, this is where outside money comes and they can run negative ads against candidates they're running against and the other candidate has deniability because they actually weren't coordinating with that payment. >> it's complicated. this is very complicated. this is pretty easy. stay with me everyone, the democrats going to take center stage in the brooklyn debate thursday night. and they're mixing it up on the campaign trail tonight, but is john kasich the republican with the best chance to beat them? that's the question. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you...
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where you can use all of our latest products and technology. and find out how to get the most out of your service. so when you get home, all you have to do is enjoy it. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. things are getting tense between bernie sanders and hillary clinton ahead of our debate. back with me now, the political dream team. tonight in albany, trump had harsh words for hillary clinton. he called her guilty as hell. let's listen. >> i don't think the e-mails will take her down because she's being protected by the democrats, it would take anybody else down, but it's not going to take her down because she's being protected by the democrats which is a disgrace, but she's
11:41 pm
going to have to live with that when she runs because everybody knows that she is guilty as hell. okay. everybody. her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful lie. its been a terrible, terrible lie. everything about her is a lie. >> wow. what do you think? >> well, it's what they thought about o.j. simpson as a matter of fact. hillary clinton picks up her pitch against trump, against what your guy's name, cruz? that's right. they're going to start staking out the general election stuff, and hillary clinton is over trump. which isn't hard to do. >> this is what trump should have kept doing, when he was in mid-december, i could tell you as a cruz super pac person, trump was at his best. the cruz supporters loved it. no, but he took off four months doing other things. and picking on hillary is what the base wants to hear.
11:42 pm
>> nobody better than trump to change the political dialogue. >> donald trump is a, worried about hillary clinton, and b, demonstrates why we need a very strong and well-tested candidate on the democratic side to take on donald trump. in the general. >> hillary clinton has shifted her focus and released a new attack ad on donald trump, listen. >> he says we should punish women who have abortions. >> there has to be a form of punishment. >> mexicans who come to america are rapists. and that we should ban muslims from coming here at all. >> total and complete shutdown. >> donald trump says we can solve america's problems by turning against each other, it's wrong, and it goes against everything new york and america stands for. >> with so much at stake, she's the one tough enough to stop trump. hillary clinton. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> is this where the battle begins? between hillary clinton and donald trump? is that what this is? >> certainly a part of it.
11:43 pm
hillary clinton knows she's in the democrat primaries. so it's a battle for everyone in new york, but she has to anticipate the possibility, a, that she could be the party's nominee and b, anticipate who the republicans are going to put up and for the moment, donald trump will be the candidate. getting ready. >> have you seen somebody use the other party in the middle of an intense primary, bring them in and attack them like that? i mean, i think that was a dangerous ad. dangerous, dangerous. >> bernie sanders got into her head, because she probably wants donald trump to be the nominee, why attack him now? >> he has called her qualifications into question then he walked it back. but still now, you know -- >> he is also winning these contests. >> i just think it's incredibly pertinent and relevant that she's not going after the person she's running against, why is she doing that? because bernie sanders still presents a really significant problem for her. the left loves him. there are really fault lines that are beginning to form. millennials, it's shocking the number of millennials, african
11:44 pm
american millennials prefer bernie sanders to hillary clinton. by 20 points. you know, ditto latinos, 13%. maybe they'll come back, but these are impending fault lines in the democratic party i think that we'll see again probably in four years. but she can't run against bernie. that will hurt her. >> i agree. >> still a democratic party, she does have to run -- >> but the ads against trump -- >> i understand that. she has been talking about donald trump for sometime. hillary clinton has also demonstrated that she can do more than one thing at a time. and there's going to be a general election. she's doing before. >> this is dangerous, she has not been questioned by bernie sanders at least about her e-mails in the clinton foundation. there are all of these untested
11:45 pm
things that bernie sanders will not bring up, i can guarantee you donald trump will. good, bad, ugly coming out -- >> she knows -- >> everything. >> not by him. he holds back. >> the reasons, first thing is that she's got to prove to the liberal base that she will go after donald trump. more importantly, and margaret touched upon this, it didn't pit her against bernie sanders in this primary fight that is getting ugly that she does not want to divide and alienate them. that's why it's important. >> this stage of the game it doesn't look at how you are going to bring it together in the fall. and the democrats got a hell of a lot easier time coming together, hillary clinton or bernie sanders -- >> and doing two things at one time. trying to keep the democrats focussed on winning in november, we'll take on donald trump and i'm the person to do it. that's the message right now. >> starting a fight with bernie sanders. >> he's totally in her head, bernie sanders. >> why would you want to do that? >> because. talk about a process, bernie sanders --
11:46 pm
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we are back now with my political dream team. mark preston, this is for you, latest nbc news poll, clinton is crushing sanders 55% to 41%. that's among likely democratic voters, primary voters. is that enough time for bernie sanders to make this up? >> you know, i don't necessarily think that bernie sanders has to win new york or -- look, he probably won't win new york, the way the democrats are apportioning delegates, it's not going to matter. bernie sanders has won seven over the last eight, but the delegate total has been about the same. this is what is important. this is why bernie sanders should not get out of the race. bernie sanders goes and he holds rallies, and 10,000 people show up. bernie sanders goes, 5,000 people show up, 15,000 people show up. bernie sanders is clearly reaching a part of the democratic party that the democratic party is going to need. the nominee is going to need, whether it's him or hillary clinton to win in november. you have to keep the basic out. you saw that happen with obama and clinton. >> new york, indiana, california, and one other, pennsylvania. and think they can win three out
11:51 pm
of four. >> the wife seemed so competitive with her in the home state. >> because she has had the dog beat out of her -- >> vermont was, he won that. he wasn't -- bernie sanders won vermont by a margin that hillary clinton will never win by. >> i understand. she was born in illinois. >> what's the debate? >> i think we're at a critical point in the campaign. new york by itself and then what i've called kind of the atlantic tuesday, with those five big states and a lot of delegates at stake. but you know, some of the stuff that's happened over the course of the last week, whether represented in new york, born in new york, whatever the case may be. the only thing going on. it's significant from a delegate standpoint.
11:52 pm
>> it's just one week before the primaries. >> it's the highest number for any states this far. >> we've seen bernie sanders waiver and go back and forth on the qualified, not qualified, here's what i meant. this debate, he's going to be squarely asked, do you think hillary clinton is qualified, and he's going to have the choice, do i go negative or rise above and kind of take the road hillary clinton did? >> but she signalled today, she's going to go negative based on the editorial board that he had with the daily news, she said today today. -- where he wasn't able to effectively answer questions about wall street. >> and running for office, you should be able to explain your own stuff. >> it's complicated, man, it's complicated. >> seven over the last eight contests. >> that's over. >> the question is where do his voters go? but ladies and gentlemen, the idea that his voters, bernie sanders voters are just going to say, you know what, this was fun, but i'm for hillary now, i think that's a dream.
11:53 pm
>> bob, say out loud what you're whispering. >> the problem for bernie sanders is you caught on later, and i can't, any way i do it, i cannot add up a majority. cannot do it. the only thing is the strategy. which is to try to keep them below the 50% mark and get the second -- >> i find it interesting that you say something. i hear lots of people, in the beginning and i like that kind of thing, a lot of people have said it's mathematically impossible for bernie sanders and it's also mathematically impossible for donald trump to win in a general. because of the demographics of the country. >> there's no way bernie sanders can get the nominee. no way. >> not mathematically impossible -- >> no, but -- >> demographically. >> especially when you consider, not all bernie sanders voters are going to march over to hillary clinton. 37% say they can't see themselves voting for her. trump has a real chance at courting some of the blue collar workers. in places like pennsylvania --
11:54 pm
>> and many republicans are not voting for donald trump if he's the nominee. and will go over to hillary. >> i don't see that. >> because of the demographics of this country, demographically impossible -- >> it's why republicans can't win the presidency. >> here's the thing, mitt romney won 59% of white voters, most of any non-incumbent republican running for president. he still lost by five million votes. you have to bring more groups of people to the table to vote for you besides white voters. and so we have to win more. we have to win more. >> we have to win -- >> we will be right back. we'll be right back. s? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better.
11:55 pm
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as we count down the new york primaries next tuesday make sure you stay with cnn for the town halls. with all the gop candidates and their families, anderson cooper hosts donald trump, melania trump and his children ivanka, eric, and donald jr. that's tomorrow night at 9:00. th ted cruz and his wife heidi cruz take center stage on wednesday. also starting at 9:00. and then we'll top all of that off with our brooklyn democratic debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that's thursday night at 9:00. that's it for us tonight. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. if you missed any of our town hall with john kasich and his
11:59 pm
family you can watch the whole thing starting right now. [ applause ] and with primary day fast approaching, new york voters have questions for all three republican candidates. tonight, tomorrow, and wednesday night they join us in a first for this election cycle. so will their families. we hope it gives you the voters a chance to see a different side of each candidate, starting with john kasich. >> tonight. he's been pounding the pavement. and i feel like i'm getting younger every minute that i'm in new york. >> hungry for votes and a little something on the side. >> i had the baked clams. i had the calamari. >> learning the menu and the ropes. >> i will make you this promise. no more eating pizza with a fork. >> an ohio governor with steel town roots and the iron determination to make a difference. >> i'm fighting for the guy that lived across the street from me,
12:00 am
who got up early in the morning and was clean and worked all day and came home and was dirty. >> a fight he says about people, not politics. >> i don't play politics. i don't have time for it. >> yet now running third in a race unlike any before with politics like never seen before, can he somehow take his fight all the way to the white house? and how does he manage being a husband, a father and a candidate? it's the voters' chance to ask his family. this is an anderson cooper 360 cnn republican town hall. candidates and their families. voters seeking answers before making a choice that could make history. [ applause ] good evening. thanks for joining us. we're simulcti


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