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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  April 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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isis savagery was glimpsed in this video. they lined up opponents and detonate ad bomb below them. the man who speaks is survived by his nephew. >> translator: my brother called our father that death was on facebook. we couldn't bury him as we didn't have a body. ifts pieces probably still lining where he was blown up. >> reporter: decades of trauma here. it gets worse. nick paton walsh, cnn. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next we're counting you down the trump family live here in new york for a special town hall event. trump's wife along with his children only here tonight cnn. as we couldn't you down why the clinton white house was worried about donald trump 17 years ago and the clinton campaign calling out bernie sanders charging he's the one trying to rig the system. let's go "outfront".
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good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight we're counting down to the entire trump family. he'll be joined by his wife, his children. they are all going to be here answering audience questions in a special live cnn town hall event. here in new york this comes as donald trump has a commanding 43 point lead in the latest poll. trump is ahead 60% of likely gop voters say they will cast their vote for him. jacks second with 17%. ted cruz third at 14. more good news for the front-runner tonight almost a full month after missouri voters went to the polls trump declared the winner of the state of's 12 remaining delegates in the race to 1237. that's the magic number. 758 for donald trump. ted cruz 538. john kasich 145. trump's victory comes as he hammers the republican party claiming the primary system is rigged and he talked about that
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in upstate new york today upping the ante. >> we've already been disenfranchised because you look what's going on because if you think about it, the economy is rigged. the banking system is rigged. there's a lot of things that are rigged in this world of ours. >> donald trump the republican party tried to mend fences but obviously it sounds like that is now in the rear view mirror. >> reporter: whatever truce they may have reached was clearly very brief. donald trump is making it clear he's not happy with the way this nominating process is going. he believes the odds are stacked against him and he's saying it as loud as he possibly can to rile up his supporters. tonight donald trump is firing off his latest grievance. >> a republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phoney deal. >> reporter: the billionaire businessman claiming the gop primary process is fixed.
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after he came up short in louisiana and colorado. >> the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. they took the votes away from the people in colorado. >> reporter: as trump grows earn xasperated ted cruz is getting tired of trump's complaints. >> we know in the state of california wine is best served with cheese. donald loves to call people a loser. donald wakes up at night in cold sweats that people will call him a losing donald. that's his ultimate fear. >> reporter: hitting the self-proclaimed management expert for his shortcomings. >> donald's whole pitch is he's a great businessman yet his campaign right now it appears he can't run lemonade stand.
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>> reporter: reince preibus is weighing in. rules were set last year. nothing mysterious, nothing new. trump is eyeing the general election. >> her whole life has been a big, fat, beautiful lie. it's bean terrible, terrible lie. everything about her is a lie. >> reporter: telling "usa today" he's ready to forgive and forget and may ask a political rival like john kasich, marco rubio or scott walker to join the tickets a suggestion walker struggled to take seriously. >> i literally just heard it in the car. >> reporter: as for kasich he said he has noints in interest slot. >> i'm not a vice president i'm a president. >> reporter: if donald trump? republican nominee he's going to have to learn how to play nice with the republican party. he's going to want their fundraising mechanism and want their field organization. but at least for now trump and
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his campaign are betting it pays to bash the party. the man who many thought could be their white knight nominee, paul ryan said he will not be the party nominee under any circumstances. >> so let me speak direct try to the delegates on this. if no candidate has a majority in the first ballot, i believe that you should only choose from a person who is actually participating in the primary. count me out. >> before paul ryan became speaker he said i will not run for the job, i don't want the job. that's why people don't believe him this time. why is it different? >> he's saying -- we asked him specifically about that in his press conference and he said those were apples and oranges. during the speakership that was an effort -- he wanted to ed e
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his party. this time he said look there's virtually no situation in which the republican party could be united behind a late entrant. he said delegates should write a rule preventing anyone who has not run for president to be considered if this convention were dead locked but he said that doesn't mean it should be only limited to those three remaining candidates. potentially marco rubio, john kasich, jeb bush could be considered. but not him. >> might be a problem if it's jeb bush because you're hearing top republicans are skipping the convention. >> reporter: that's right. jeb bush told me. i asked him will you attend the republican convention. he said no. other republicans who are running for re-alexandria including senator ayotte said their time would be better served campaigning back home rather than dealing with a mess in cleveland. >> "outfront" now donald trump
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spokesperson, david gergen, and mark presser executive editor. david let me start with you. republican leaders skipping the convention. jeb bush saying that directly. they are afraid of a melee. who know what the final reasons are. should they be going? >> yes. i under why they don't want to be splattered with mud. on the other hand they are top republicans and i think they ought to be there to provide leadership for the party. you don't docket at a time for a crisis for the party. you step up to it. >> said direct slap to donald trump? >> i think what this is showing is that the projections of the complaining and the whining is coming from those who are the whiners and complainers. you have an opportunity to come together behind the republican front-runner and they want to take their ball and go home because they are losing. this is what the voters are looking at. this is what they are seeing. why so many people are excited about donald trump and his
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accommoda candidacy. >> donald trump is the front-runner. let's say that doesn't happen at the first ballot. paul ryan says only someone who ran for president should be the nominee. is he right? >> not absolutely. people who run for president should get first crack, obviously. if the job falls short he'll make another run on the second ballot. some will be released from their pledge to rub swro or others. ted cruz will make a run. if it's dead locked after eight or ten ballots. that's the system we have. either party can set up a system with a direct primary. everyone shows up on one day. >> you don't think it's undemocratic. >> trump has 37% of the vote so far. he's running 47% of the delegates. if it's rigged he's benefiting. seriously. if it were a direct primary there would be a runoff. between him and cruz. i'm not sure trump would win.
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he's benefitted the system towards winner take all. he's entitled to come to new york and get 53% of the vote and 85% of the delegates. >> seems like it's rigged for him not again him? >> i think the point everyone is missing of course it was rigged for the establishment. unfortunately it's backfired. they weren't prepared for a donald trump candidacy which is exactly why colorado changed their rules back in august. so this is what has happened. the rules can still change and people understand that. how can it not be rigged if the people who make the rules can change the rules in the middle of the game. >> that's a little bit strange. mark why should they be able to change the rules. >> is she talking about changing the rules about how you become nominated when you get to the convention because those rules can be changed and often are changed. we saw in 2012 they were changed because romney had the ability to do so and was able to keep ron paul, you know, out of the
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ability, his ability to be nominated on the floor. the rules to get to the convention are set. they've be set. they have to be submitted to the republican national committee. it's not as if these rules were changed mid-game. >> here's what ted cruz said today about donald trump. there's been a little shift. the shift is ted cruz is acting exactly like donald trump in one very specific way. here he is. >> donald loves to call people a loser. donald wabs up at night in cold sweats that people will call him losin' donald. that is his ultimate fear and every time the voters reject him, and they've now done so in 11 elections. if donald were an apprentice on his show, looking at their inability to show up and win elections donald would say to himself, "you're fired." >> losin' donald, lying ted.
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>> it doesn't work. you're either original or not. he shouldn't copy. he should have his own style, his own brand. he's on the verge. he could pull this off. the odds favor him to get the nomination especially if it comes down to two people at the convention. but, you know, it's quite interesting, he was right on the verge of breaking through about ten days ago especially like wisconsin. now trump, especially because he's come in to a favorable landscape like new york looks like he's coming back and cruz looks like he's flagging. do you think that? >> i tend to agree. he should make his case for why he should be president. this is a well qualified guy. very impressive person. serious person. too conservative for some people. he can pull together 60% of the people that don't want trump. if he gets in the game i am more clever than you i don't think he wins. getting in this whole fight, trump very clever.
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he lost wisconsin. he started complaining about the rules. he got us talking about the rules. in fact it's ridiculous. what does that have to do with anything? should the guy be the president of the united states? that's the issue that voters have to face and trump has everybody in a complicated debate about whether something happened with three delegates in colorado. cruz should not engage. he should say trump should not be president for these reasons. >> he highlight ad system that has build up in its arteries. a special live cnn event. tomorrow cruz. clinton campaign accusing sanders of rigging the system. we're counting down to our town hall. donald trump and his family in their first live interview. donald trump's obsession with the "d" word. >> disgusting. i don't want to talk about it.
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tonight the clinton campaign accusing bernie sanders of trying to rig system. the senator under attack for
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trying to win super delegates. many who have committed to hillary clinton. as clinton's campaign attack fair? >> reporter: as the battle for new york intensified bernie sanders campaign is hoping to close the gap. >> it looks to me like syracuse is ready for a political revolution. >> reporter: today the clinton campaign tourng a new tactic accusing sanders of trying make up ground by flipping super delegates. >> if anybody is trying rig the system to overturn the will of the people it's senator saernsd. >> reporter: both candidates laying a home state claim on the big apple. enthusiasm is key. >> leapt us have the largest turn out in democratic primary history here in new york state. thank you all. >> reporter: sanders is holding three large rallies today while clinton held a roundtable on equal pay for women.
4:18 pm
>> if talking about equal pay and paid leave and more opportunities for women and girls is playing the gender card then deal me in because these are -- >> reporter: gender and politics on the mine of president obama today though he did not mention clinton by name at the dedication of a women's equality monument what he implied spoke volumes. >> i want them to be astonished there was ever a time when women were vastly outnumbered in the boardroom or in congress. there was ever a time when a woman had never sat in the oval office. >> reporter: with clinton leading sanders 13 points in a new poll she's heading to florida for three fundraising tonight leaving her husband to campaign across the state in her stead. >> we have got to have a big vote for hillary in new york next week and if we do she will be your president and you'll be glad. thank you. god bless you. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign is celebrating the anniversary of its kick-off and also sparring today with bernie sanders over which candidate has the most credibility.
4:19 pm
and trading jabs over everything from firearms, oil and gas-drilling technique, immigration policy and, of course, wall street. the clinton campaign is banking on her strength with minority voters to help put her over to top while sanders campaign looks to close the polling gap in the final days as they have in final races with appeals to younger voters and working class americans. >> "outfront" the director of and our political commentator and hillary clinton supporter. david gergen and bill kristol are back with me. let's take vermont. bernie sanders won 86% vote. four of vermont's ten super delegates, 40% are currently supporting hillary clinton. is that fair? >> well, again, you look -- the question is what is fair. those are the rules. these are the rules that we are
4:20 pm
playing with. and, you know, a lot of people bring that up. here's what i say to those folks opinion let's remember who the superdelegates are. every single member of the congress on the house side and senate. that's how i'm a superdelegate. superdelegates are members ever congress. these are people that have been working with bernie sanders for more than 20 years. so it's not like they can say oh, we don't know him and we're just blindly going with hillary. for superdelegates you can choose whoever you want. now, they can switch. they are committed but they can switch. their vote isn't binding until the moment they vote. >> is that fair in vote? >> naturally it's not fair. i applaud senator leahy although he supports clinton he'll endorse anybody who wins the
4:21 pm
caucuses. ultimately the fight over superdelegates is a side show from the fight of the issues. >> i could not agree with you more. let's remember superdelegates have never overturned the will of the people. when clinton started in 2008 she had the majority of superdelegates. >> they switched to barack obama. >> couple of things. first of all, the fact that so many superdelegates have already come out in favor of hillary clinton has given her a big edge in this campaign. if it were even steven. >> let's put the numbers on the screen it looks overwhelming and lopsided. >> this has helped her. bernie is doing this awful thing about flipping. the very reason you said shouldn't make up their minds until the end that's why they are there. you know the republicans must just be -- >> they are wishing they had superdelegates. >> i'm impressed to be sitting
4:22 pm
at the same table. superdelegate. wow. superdelegate like batman. >> i need my cape. >> which campaigns are raising the rigging issue? clinton and trump. the front-runners. they want an endless discussion that no one will follow up with silly charges because they are scared of having a debate on tissues. i agree with ben. sanders needs to say all this stuff is nonsense. let's get back to the fundamental issue. is hillary clinton a tool of wall street or not. put up a picture of trump and having hillary clinton at the trump wedding. >> you're doing work for pro hillary clinton super p.a.c.. your firm is. is ben wrong say how can you be a superdelegate. >> because i'm a member of the dnc. so, again -- >> those are the rules. >> you're right to exercise your
4:23 pm
consi conscience within the rules. once people have select ad candidate and what kinds of fight they want to have and the kind of direction they want to lead, that winner, so bernie sanders or whoever it is. >> we can have that conversation. to your points, david the clinton campaign never focus on her being ahead by the superdelegation. their focus is always she's ahead by pledge delegates, more than 200 and that math becomes harder every time that there's a win for her and even for him because it's proportional. >> the press has been playing this. she gets all these extra superdelegates. i happen to think superdelegates are a good idea. they are like a checks and balances in the constitutional system. you say that to people have a voice? there are checks and balances about that. it makes sense. this is a peer review. no institution, major institution in the country that would choose its next ceo or next leader without peer review.
4:24 pm
>> her lead, again her lead the clinton campaign focus on two critically important things. the lead in superdelegates and the lead in votes. she's ahead by 2.4 million votes. >> he pulls out a michigan, wisconsin style win in new york, it's clear superdelegates should come in line with the people of the country. >> we'll see what happens. >> you're voting for bernie sanders. >> things become harder for bernie to win. >> thanks to all. clinton and sanders facing off in the cnn debate in brooklyn thursday night at 9:00. next we're counting down moments away from the entire trump family live here on cnn. the family patriarch with fatherly advice.
4:25 pm
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tonight we're counting you down a special cnn republican town hall. in a few minutes donald trump taking voters questions. he'll be joined by his wife and all of his children. this is a side of donald trump you never see and anderson cooper is going to be moderating tonight's town hall. trump and his entire family, obviously never seen this before. what can we expect tonight? >> the format is similar to what we had last night. donald trump will come out first. ten minutes store ask him questions directly. obviously there's a lot to hear about, he's been having tough
4:30 pm
talk about the battle for delegates. then we'll take a break. his family will come out after that. a couple of questions for them. then top the voters who are in the room, republicans who are trying to make up their minds. have a lot of questions from a lot of diverse group of people. the rest of the hour is conversation with donald trump, with his wife and with all of his kids. it's going to be, you know, interesting night to actually see this family and -- there's something to see a candidate with his family. it gives it a different dynamic. we saw that last night with governor kasich and i look forward to seeing that with donald trump as well. >> everybody does. side we don't often see. thank you so much, anderson. a side that doesn't fit with a lot of the public persona of donald trump. it's clear from listening to trump that he's incredibly proud of his family from his children to his wife melania. >> when this began melania and i, said i got to do it.
4:31 pm
she was very supportive. tiffany is a terrific young woman. just graduated from penn and did mostly a's. >> eric and don have been work so hard. >> my panel is back with me now. so, this is just -- we've never seen donald trump like this before with the whole family, with his wife, all of his children, taking live questions. this is not pre-recorded. this is going to be live tonight. how do you think this will play to people at home who always see the guy yelling, disgusting, or, you know, on one of his rants or beautiful whatever it might be on the podium. >> an important moment in the campaign. this is a wonderful opportunity for him. it's a chance to warm himself up. instead of the blufter and bluff and everything we get from him showing more as a caring person.
4:32 pm
someone who does love his family. he's very proud much them. in wouldn't be surprised if they bring in his grandchild. that would be a play. the other thing that's very important here, erin, he's so far behind with women that if he can show respect for women and show they respect him this can softens this opposition. right now he's unelectable given this group of women. >> he needs progress. >> obviously. charlotte you have sat down with the trump family twice. you did a cover story. you were there with melania, with donald trump, with his youngest son. what is the one thing you still want to know more about? >> you know, i think every single one much his kids and one thing that s-you know, kind of, you know, the unforgettable detail is what they think about his politics. they are very adept at evading that question. ivanka and eric neglected to
4:33 pm
register to vote in new york. when asked who they are going to vote for oh, no i'm not voting. they have been always been very supportive and maintained he's a great father. they talk about him a great businessman and great employer of people. ivanka is married to a very famous democrat. she was friends with chelsea clinton. it would be very fascinating to see what her true opinions are. >> i wonder whether we'll be able to glean on that tonight. ivanka just had a son three weeks ago. one thing that's amazing about ivanka she will look amazing tonight and most women, i can say this i recently had a child do not have the ability to come three weeks after having child. she will do it and still be seen relatable. here's donald trump speak about her. >> ivanka just had a baby and ivanka will start campaigning.
4:34 pm
>> everybody knows ivanka. very hard-working. very smart. very good person. she's doing a great job. >> she's perhaps his most valuable asset. >> i could not agree more. to david's point she as well as melania are his secret weapons in terms of softening his image with women. his negative points with women continue or get worse there's no way he's going to get to the white house with those kinds of numbers. if we think that the gender gap was bad at 11% with mitt romney, between mitt romney and obama this is the grand canyon of gender gaps. but the problem is as wonderful and dynamic and beautiful and intelligent as ivanka is and she's got great clothes and i have a lot of them, i don't know that's enough to close that gender gap. >> i have met his children over to years, doing some apprentice work with don jr. they are hard-working and gracious people.
4:35 pm
i had a chance recently to talk to don jr. and eric and ask who takes after their father the most. here's how they answered it. >> who is most like your dad? >> ivanka is very much like him in many ways. i sort of have a little bit of his sense of humor and the way i like to rib. eric has his natural construction and via sasualizat. >> what's more important at a time when the american family is in crisis he's sending a message family is your team. this is my team in life and business and this is my team in this campaign. that's what he's saying to americans tonight. i think that's great. they trust each other. they respect each other. they work together. they are building an empire together. they want to make america great again together. i think that is important. it's a message that i think
4:36 pm
we're missing in america. most important team you can have is your family. and that's the message that trump family gives out. they travel together. >> they do do all those things together. yet it's a far from normal family if you look at norm jam family dynamics. look no further than melania. she's a super model. this is not a normal family but it's a close family. david let me play for you donald trump when he gave his advice something a lot of americans don't need to do. but here's what he said you need to do when you get married. >> so have a prenup in every relationship. >> if you're going be poor you don't have to have a prenup. fount poor, if you don't think you'll never make money it's not worth the effort. if you're going successful and people i speak in front of are usually people that to be successful or are successful. if you're going be successful are or successful you have to have a prenup.
4:37 pm
>> honest advice. >> if you want to be poor? as if some people dhoobs rich. other people dhoobs poor. >> that was 11 years ago right after he married melania. >> the other thing is i agree. coming out with his family is a v-very good thing. on this team business wait a minute he's changed teams fairly often here. there are different teams at different times. >> different teams at different times. >> it's an important message for america. >> i want to thank you all very much. >> i think this will also help him. a lot of people say the apples don't fall far from the tree. if they see their kids and they are intelligent and articulate and well mannered then they can say well maybe he's not that bad. >> thank you all very much. to charlotte wlos did that interview for "people" "outfront" next. he says we should punish women who have abortions. >> 70 million in anti-trump ads.
4:38 pm
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tonight targeting trump has bean record presidential are primary for negative contiguous. already a record. a new report shows half the money spent has been focused on one thing bringing down donald trump in ads like these. >> he says we should punish women who have abortions. >> there has to be some form of punishment. >> mexicans that dome america are rapists and we should ban muslims from coming here at all. >> trump refuses to denounce the kkk. think about that. for president? >> real quotes from donald trump about women. look at that face. would anyone vote for that? it doesn't matter what they write as long as you got a young and beautiful piece of [ bleep ] that must be a pretty picture dropping to your knees. >> tom foreman is "outfront". how much money has gone towards these sorts of ads. >> reporter: enough to get a
4:43 pm
billionaire's attention. the numbers from our analysis by the "new york times" $132 million have been spent on various types of negative ads out there, and more than half of those have been aimed at donald trump. some of them directly attributed to him others comparison ads. negative ads targeting trump which in a weird way any candidate might say is a bit of a compliment because it shows everyone is concerned about him. among those targeting him, gop super p.a.c.s out there. these are people trying to get somebody else to grab the republican nomination. they've spent $23.5 million trying to defeat trump, and as a simple matter the reason they are doing this is because negative ads as much as the public says they don't like them, they do seem to work and it's a way for these groups to try to push back against trump as he so successfully seems to grab the limelight time and time again away from other
4:44 pm
candidates. it's not going to stop. i want to mention this. the pro clinton super p.a.c. out there are holding back $70 million to use after the democratic convention to election day presumably if he becomes the nominee to go after donald trump. >> which is stunning. as you point out he does things differently and it isn't -- people watching okay he does things differently. he gets free media. not just free media. he does do ads. he does it differently. >> he does. he does some official ads. but he also is just a whole lot better than really anyone out there in grabbing headlines and using social media to spread his word. take a look at this. [ barking like a dog ]
4:45 pm
>> really that's from instagram and one of those captivating things that people will share over and over again. overall spending look at this. this is shock. think about where he is in the delegate race and look at the money he's been spending compared to the other big candidates. sanders $41 million. clinton 31.6 million. cruz 17.5 million. and trump according to the records, only $9.5 million spent on apds. more money waiting out there to fight back when they come after him in the general election if he's the nominee. >> thank you very much. next bill clinton and donald trump. why the white house was worried about trump back in 1999. we found out some totally new things about that relationship. and jeanne moos on trump's use of one particular word. >> it was disgusting. disgusting. really disgusting. most disgusting thing.
4:46 pm
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could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges counting down to a special presidential town hall. you're looking at live pictures. donald trump and his family will be answering voter questions. trump is looking towards the general election repeatedly going after hillary clinton this afternoon. >> i sort of had my heart set on hillary to be honest with you. i hit her and bill so hard and when you look at the mistakes that hillary has made. how about libya. that was a hillary clinton taft. >> tonight we're learning new details about the decades long
4:50 pm
relationship between the clintons and trump. the clinton presidential library today released hundreds of pages on the gop front-runner. >> reporter: political enemies prepping for their general election brawl. donald trump hammering hillary clinton. >> >> reporter: clinton flinging fighting words right back. >> his trafficking in prejudice and paranoia has no place in our political system. >> reporter: oh, how times change. 464 pages of newly released documents from the clinton presidential library reveal a decades-long complicated relationship between new york titans. >> you're fired. >> reporter: trump helming the "apprentice" craved a life beyond celebrity and the clintons braced for it. this white house memo cited a field poll in an open primary in 2000, trump barely registering. 1999 briefing before a cbs interview, president bill clinton practiced a response to a possible trump run for
4:51 pm
president. the political process will sort out the wheat from the chaff, i'm not concerned about it." but publicly they were friends, trump calling hillary clinton one in 2008. >> she's a very nice woman. people think tough, tough. i guess she's tough, but she's a very nice woman. >> reporter: inviting the nice woman and her powerful husband to his third wedding to now-wife melania. trump golfed with president clinton and donated to hillary clinton's senate campaign. trump sent the clintons six years of holiday cards, a card exchange not returned by the clintons. this e-mail between white house aides from 199 asks "what are your thoughts on sending a birthday letter to donald trump? reply, "cancel letter to donald trump." >> there is a kind of warped celebrity cult aspect of this troeb. >> reporter: the documents dig deeper into the relationships of two families that strikes many as, in a word, weird, like the
4:52 pm
friendship between ivanka and trump and chelsea clinton but others saw similarities. in a 1993 letter from president clinton from a radio talk show host saying the two men have much in common, age, broadvision for the future to make america bigger and better. donald trump so chummy with white house staff he autographed a copy of his book to a clinton aide. >> politics is a blood sport. there's a lot of debris on the superhighway of political life. and their friendship has been thrown under the bus. >> these docs also reveal the savvy clinton political radar. if you took donald trump seriously this presidential cycle, in the 1990s and 2000, even fewer thought of him as a possibility yet the clintons somehow thought it could happen. >> they did and ended up, of course, being rather opreciant. back in 1999, bill clinton is
4:53 pm
worried donald trump is going to run for president and he's going to send him a birthday card and they cancel the card is. >> you have to wonder for two gentlemen who are very competitive was the birthday card canceled because of bill clinton lost to him in golf? what a weird relationship these two powerful families have had. >> certainly friendly. not the daughters just friendly but donald trump and bill clinton friendly. we were talking in the commercial break, i interviewed clinton this fall and he was laughing and smiling at donald trump all the way saying he took him seriously, thought he could be the nominee. >> he certainly saw something in donald trump the republican party establishment did not but it goes to show you just how much it is a blood sport right now where politics can trump, you know, close ties or friendships and can really deteriorate them. look it, the clintons went to his wedding, went to the trump wedding. >> that's right. >> you have to wonder what happened along the way. maybe the easy answer is that donald trump really wants to be president. for what he said about hillary
4:54 pm
clinton how her life has one big awful lie, well, he was part of her life in some way, shape and form. >> yes, as friendly, and saying how wonderful she is. i can remember then this fall when he said she's the worst secretary of state ever when he earlier said something very different. thank you, mark preston. "outfront" next, jeanne moos on all the people and things that donald trump finds disgusting. >> disgusting. disgusting. honestly, it was disgusting. disgusting people. disgusting. disgusting windmills. disgusting guy. disgusting dirty system. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
donald trump finds a lot of things beautiful but a lot of things he finds disgusting, nomination system, reporters, and sometimes bathroom breaks and that's not at all. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: you can tell how upset donald trump is by how many disgustings he uses per rally. >> it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. it's disgusting. really disgusting. clean up this dirty, rotten, disgusting system. >> reporter: the fact that he was so disgusted at the electoral system got us wondering, what else disgusts the donald? plenty. starting with us. >> disgusting reporters. horrible people. sure. some are nice. >> reporter: by now, we all know that donald thinks -- >> rosie o'donnell's disgusting. she's disgusting. >> reporter: but bette midler
4:59 pm
also got the rosie treatment as did barney franks. brace yourself. disgusting nipples protruding in his blue shirt. when it was suggested trump has cheated at golf, he told "people" magazine that's disgusting. disgust has been the suggest of academic study. disgust sensitivity researchers call it people with more conservative viewpoints were found to be more easily disgusted by things like touching toilet seats. and the one thing the donald really finds disgusting, bodily fluids. remember when hillary returned late from a debate break? >> sorry. >> reporter: the donald went off. >> i know where she went. it's disgusting. i don't want to talk about it. >> reporter: then there was the attorney who got in a fight with trump about taking a break from a deposition to breast pump. >> he shook his finger at me and he screamed, "you're disgusting, you're disgusting." >> reporter: and the donald was always mocking marco rubio for
5:00 pm
sweating. >> honestly, it was disgusting. all right? >> reporter: talk about tilting at windmills. >> disgusting windmills. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn -- >> its disgusting. >> reporter: -- new york. all right. thank you so much for joining us. anderson starts now. and a good evening to you, thanks for joining us. as you can see behind me, we're getting ready for another "360" republican town hall. second of three this week. at the top of next hour, donald trump and his family, taulking how hometown voters. the new york primary coming up. with it the chance for a badly needed big win. tomorrow night, ted cruz, his main rival, safe to say his arch rival. the two embroiled in a delegate battle facing a potential contested convention, a gop race that seems to grow more contentious every single day including today which sawal